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#i'm so tired
yeahwellimthelordoftime · 14 minutes ago
Damn sometimes you wish there were no “inviting” headlines. Stop trying to get my attention. I just want the news. What’s going on. No more manipulative headlines please just basic information. It’s about the vaccines? Don’t try say figures in a certain way just call it “Article about COVID vaccine” and move on. Someone got a cochlear implant? New research about blindness? Cool no ableist headlines about “the miracle of x” or “finally they can do x” please and just say what actually happened.
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farfarawaygirl · an hour ago
I haven’t been able to sleep in two days, sleeping pills aren’t working, lying in the dark with an eye mask on in a cool, dark room isn’t working. I’m so tired. My body is fighting of an auto immune flare, and will. Not. Let. Me. Sleep.
I’m miserable.
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chibishae34 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦ pairing: fushiguro megumi x reader
✦ genre: angst 
a/n: surprise everyone i give you an angst drabble! it’s my first time writing for jjk and i’ve been wanting to write for it for the longest time. i’m not sorry for hurting you ❤
Tumblr media
Megumi sighs, feeling somewhat annoyed, “Why was I the one dragged here to help carry your shopping bags, Nobara. What about everyone else?” 
“Everyone was busy, and it’s not like you have much to do other than playing with your shinigami.” Clicking his tongue because he knew she was right. He wasn’t in the mood to be going out even if it was a beautiful day; all he wanted to do was read some books or wait to be called in on a mission. What could all his senpais and Yuuji could be possibly be doing? In the back of his mind, he felt a rush of worry. His intuition tells him to get out of there, uncertain and wary of his surroundings why he feels this way, continuing walking beside Nobara. 
“Hey Fushiguro, what do you think Maki would like? I want to buy her something. Are you okay? Wait, is there a cursed spirit around here?!” Nobara was looking at the direction her companion was looking. 
Megumi seeing you a few distances away, his heart crushed in a matter of seconds. Is this a nightmare he can’t escape? You were smiling so genuinely, not remembering the last time he saw that smile. It hurt more, seeing you with someone else that wasn’t him. 
His memories of you came flooding into his mind; why did you guys break up in the first place? Oh’s because he held so many secrets hidden from you about his life as a sorcerer. He’s always lived a double life, especially around you, not wanting to drag you down into the world of curses. If he brought you into that world, your life would be in constant danger. The fear of losing you to a terrible curse would ruin him; he never thought he would lose you from keeping this secret from you. He’s lost many family and friends in this twisted world. 
It was a battle of him carrying baggage on his shoulders. All you wanted was to help him carry that burden; you knew he’s the type to keep his problems to himself, not wanting his loved ones to worry. 
You were the one that brought color into his in his black and white life. He just needed you when life itself was too tough for him to handle. Your company allowed him to forget and be a normal person, a life that could be taken away in a split second when you told him you were done waiting for him to open up. You stormed out of your house, Megumi left alone in your apartment, hoping you would come back, but you never did. It was all blissful thinking as he welcomed the black and white world once more.
Megumi coming back to reality, you disappear from the crowd in the metropolitan streets of Tokyo. Smiling to himself, but on the inside, his heart was ripped out of his chest. At least you were happy, even if it’s not with him.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @lovelytarou @kenmasgameboy @loisuke @bbymilkbread @softesyoongi @howcanisey @bukojuiice @nakizumie
© chibishae34 2021
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agoddamnsupernova · an hour ago
God, I can’t believe I have been dealing with chronic pain for so long. My meds make it mostly bearable to get through the day, they make it easier to cope. I’ve been dealing with this since I was 13 and it’s never gotten better, it only gets worse and worse and I’m just expected to deal with it and go about my day. How fucked is it that I’ve literally spent half of my life in constant pain? How much more fucked is it that my pain is rarely ever taken seriously by anyone because I’m ‘too young’ to be in this much pain. Don’t you think I fucking know that? Don’t you think I wish I didn’t have to be on five different medications? God I’m so sick of the world.
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angelagenda · an hour ago
i think when you know someone... in the beginning, because it's only surface level, you can choose which sides to show, and you may only want to show the best sides and detached yourself from your flaws or like hide them. but like, eventually, as you know someone more closely and for a longer time, you interact with them more and more, and sure enough your flaws will also show. this is natural because you are human. and also all of them are you. they are all a part of you. but during those times, i get scared and be like, "oh nooo please only see parts of me that is likeable!" because i don't know if they can accept those parts of me. those parts of me are not pretty, for sure. and to hide my flaws i get a bit distant instead. it's contradictory because i actually value intimacy and emotional connection the most and those are very important to me and what i want in life, but it is also scary because... i am used to being alone so incorporating another person in my life throws me out of my loop. but honestly i do not want to be alone and i want to be warm and open and keep those around me close. but i think sometimes i mistake being warm and open with only showing my sunshine side. it is easy for me to accept the people close to me for their flaws, but it's hard when it's the other way around and i end up concealing those parts. i hate asking things from people, at first it's because i thought i do not want to want. but i do want. i am just afraid to be troublesome to those around me and also more afraid of someone disappointing me even before i try. but i must stop thinking of the worst case scenario and how the rug is gonna be pulled from under me.. like how that one post said about how everyone's a burden actually, but they are also lovable. and also like that cancer moon article said on the prev. post, i have to make choices, but my problem is i make choices based on fear. because it's familiar. while i have to make choices based on clarity.
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draconisxmalfoy · 3 hours ago
so sorry I’ve been MIA lately 😞 I’ve been super busy with work and life. If you tag me or anything for potterblr I’ll try to get to it as fast as I can 🥺
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lunahasatumbler · 3 hours ago
It’s 2:38 in the morning
I can’t sleep, so I turned on one of PMSeymour’s mega binge compilations
It’s actually lulling me to sleep, but it’s very bright and I don’t know how to turn the brightness down on the tv and my tired brain doesn’t wanna bother
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severushed-toslytherin · 3 hours ago
You guys can blame that writing encouragement reblog for this. It was supposed to be a 3 sentence idea, but my mind wandered. Since my brain can’t shut up tonight… heres another Renga AU.
Imagine a thief/night guard Renga Au: where Langa is hired to work as a night guard for an art museum. On his way into the museum he bumps into a red haired boy who drops his sketch book. Langa picks it up for him and can’t help but glance and admire the intricate and unique artwork. Langa quietly says “w-wow did you draw these?”, The red-haired boy with glasses nods quickly as his cheeks tint a light pink, and he quickly grabs the sketch book out of Langa’s hand. Shyly pulling his hood over his head, the red-haired boy mutters a quick “thanks” then turns to leave. Langa swears he saw the red-haired boy’s lips pull in a smile, before he turned the corner and left. Langa’s alarm goes off and he rushes into the washroom to change and get ready for his shift. Langa couldn’t help but think of the red-haired boy as he walks down the long hallways of the museum. At 2 am, Langa heard the drop of a bag and soft footsteps at the end of the hallway. Langa quickly pulled out his taser/stun gun and made his way over to the source of the sound. Langa saw a flash of red before his eyes could make out the shape of the thief. Langa pulls out his flashlight and scans the room to make sure all the artwork was left untouched. But one of the paintings were missing, and he heard the sound of a buckle “click”. “HEY! FREEZE!” Langa shouted and saw the mysterious figure freeze with his hand’s in the air; his belt was attached to a thick black rope. It seemed that Langa caught him JUST before he made his escape. The thief turned around and chuckled, the bandana on his face muffling his laughter. Langa flashed his flashlight at the red-haired boy’s face to see, then recognize, the talented shy-artist from that evening. “YOU!” Langa pointed at him accusing, the red-haired took a step forward and pulled down his bandana, revealing a black lip ring that Langa hadn’t noticed earlier. Langa’s train of thought was broken when the red-haired boy tilted his head, and took a step closer. Raising an eyebrow at Langa, the red-haired boy said “I’m not ‘you’, and come on sweetheart, lets me honest. We both know you’re not going to do shit”. The red-haired boy was dressed in a fitted black shirt with pockets all over and da— Langa stopped his mind from wandering and slowly made his way over towards the boy. “I-I’m serious!”. Langa pointed his taser at the boy and said, with confidence, “Just surrender the artwork before I hurt you!”, the red-haired boy took a step closer and grabbed Langa’s tie, suddenly pulling him close, before muttering “awww you’re so cute…but what if I hurt YOU first?”. Langa didn’t have time to say anything before the red-haired boy pressed his lips against Langa’s cheek for a quick kiss. Langa’s mouth dropped almost as fast as his stun gun, due to shock caused by the kiss, and watched as the red-haired boy pulled away. Flashing his pearly-white teeth momentarily, the red-haired boy made a finger gun and pretended to shoot Langa’s heart and said “BANG!”. As if on cue, Langa’s whole face flushed red. Knowing he wasn’t being very professional, Langa quickly snapped back to reality and rushed over to pick up his stun gun. But the red-haired boy was faster and pressed a button on his buckle and was zipped upwards to the emergency window exit located on the ceiling. The red-haired boy gave a quick salute to Langa before shouting out “My name’s Reki! Thought you’d like to know the name of the thief who stole your heart”. “AHAHA THAT’S MY BOY” shouted a deeper voice of the green-haired accomplice who was waiting at the emergency window exit. Langa clenched his fist while shouting “YOU COCKY ASSHOLE!”, before the red-haired boy’s laughter and shadow vanished; as the green-haired man pulled him up and out the window.
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cyancaat · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
my legs hella hurt from heavy lifting at work yesterday, so the plan is to chill, put on some music, and RP w/ Felix-muse.
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