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#i'm probably more nervous i want people to like me
aceademic6 days ago
no it鈥檚 because i wanna me moots w you so bad you seem really cool but im really shy and 馃憠馃徎馃ズ馃憟馃徎
i鈥檇 love to be mutuals with you! just send me a message and honestly dont fret over it, i鈥檓 just happy to get it :)
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romanticwriterfrom93a month ago
I don鈥檛 know why but things involving babies and their mothers have been especially affecting me lately. I鈥檓 not a mother but I probably would have been if I lived in the past (going by my age and social class). I鈥檓 guessing this is an age/hormone thing that eventually effects many women. :/聽
There was a video (a Tik Tok I think)聽 where a horse mother lost her baby and another horse baby had lost his mother. They were put together and the horse mom adopted the horse orphan as her own son. It just hit me right in the heart so hard. I鈥檓 glad they have each other. <3
I just can鈥檛 imagine being a mother myself. So overwhelming. Babies crying is like torture to me. I want to help them even though I鈥檓 not their mother. Since I can鈥檛 help them, it makes me panic. (Yes, I鈥檓 aware this is not a normal reaction).聽
Horror movies with children or babies would absolutely work on me. And some of the horror/paranormal stuff I write sort of reflects those fears/anxieties that I have.聽聽
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yeoldotcom3 months ago
hello! i鈥檓 planning to start an (exo) writing blog in the future and i feel a lil nervous... i was wondering if you had any tips on how to get started/gain an audience?? sorry if you鈥檝e been asked this before, and i really love your bubbly personality and your blog!! thank you so much! 馃ズ馃挅馃挅
ABODJFJF AAAA omg i've never been asked this before !!!! i will try my best 馃槍馃檹馃徏 pls lemme know if this is the shittiest advice you've ever got NEKDNDK
i think my biggest tip for like how to get people to read your stuff is just tags. put a shit load of tags for as many things that have to do with your post !!! use popular tags too that you yourself would search when trying to find fics that are similar to yours !!!! tags will really get your stuff out there !!!
my next tip would be just try to be consistent with it !!! i learned the hard way that if u just dip no one really is gonna interact with your stuff because they think you left 馃拃馃拃 but also being consistent with your posts and stuff also helps with your writing so that's cool too !!!!!
last tip is just be yourself !!!! post what u want !!!!! don't let the numbers get to your head !!!! as long as you're posting what you want then someone will come and read it !!!!!! we're on a rock anyways !!!!! floating through space !!!!!! do what you want in life bro don't let anything stop you !!!!!!
thank u for asking me for advice i hope this helped 馃槶馃槶 i suck at giving advice but these were the main things i thought about when i started out !!!! good luck on your blog !!!!! i hope it goes well !!!!!!
#when u post ur first fic can you tag me in it ???? or send it to me ???? i wanna read it i'm so djdjjdjd we love exo content in this house#but yea !!!!! tags is like the main thing dude my first fic was ass n i just had a cliche idea n wrote about it#but i added as many tags as i could (the limit is 30 so u really gotta pick and choose) and posted it#and a few people read it which really made me happy so i kept writing more n posting more#and then the more i wrote the more people would read my stuff and the better i got at writing#then i just fucking left and haven't written in almost a year but we don't talk about that#it's important to remember tho don't write for the numbers !!!! u gotta write because YOU want to#not because you wanna get notes because then you'll just get discouraged when u see the likes to reblogs ratio :( so write because u wanna !#before i posted my jaemin smau i had to keep telling myself that i wanted to post this For Me bc i was super discouraged and it helped a lot#but !!! back to the tags !!!! for exo content i think the main tags u definitely want is like exo fluff exo fanfic and then the members name#and those tags so like example chanyeol fluff u know ??? like just write a big list of tags that u think are super popular exo fic searches#n then throw the 30 most popular to u in there and then BAM#because there's no other way people can see your post unless they search the tag you used so yea tags are 1000% the most important thing#but !!!!! i hope this helped you !!! thank you for asking me for advice 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ u could've picked anyone else bro i appreciate it#also thank u for saying you love my personality and my blog 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 literally bouta cry a river no one has ever told me that i'm going inSane#good luck on your writing journey !!!!!! i can't wait to see what u post !!!!!!#fuck i really hope this helped i'm nervous 馃槶馃槶馃槶 but this is the shit i went by so like ???? but also i'm a dumbass so like ?????????#i hope im not the only one u asked 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 JSKSNODNFJF IM KIDDING BUT YEA PROBABLY ASK MORE PEOPLE TOO AHAHAKDNDKJF#my good friend jae (account j-pping) would have lots of good advice i'm sure !!!!! WITH THE TAGS I WOULD LOOK AT MORE POPULAR WRITING PIECES N SEE WHICH TAGS THEY USED AND THEN PLUCK FROM THERE THAT REALLY HELPS#SORRY I KEEP GOING BACK TO TAGS#THEYRE THE MOST IMPORTANT IM SO SERIOUS DJFNKCJF
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guillemelgata year ago
(Late) January Language Goals / Update
I just realized that I made a goals post for the beginning of the year, but not for the beginning of the month! I鈥檝e actually been doing a lot of language study this month, so I figured I should make the post and update y鈥檃ll on how language things are going.
I鈥檓 trying to do one language per month, which will allow me to cover all my languages and add one new one as well. This month, I鈥檓 working on Romani, which I鈥檝e been meaning to work on for the past two years and just haven鈥檛. I鈥檓 reviewing and drilling all the lessons in Ronald Lee鈥檚 Das-duma Rromanes, which is what I used to start learning the language and which covers a lot of bases for a basic understanding. Every Sunday, I鈥檝e been making a stack of flashcards and exercises based on the lessons, and I鈥檝e been doing one lesson every day throughout the week. I think it鈥檚 definitely helping, at least to expand my vocabulary. I鈥檓 really excited about how it鈥檚 going, but then again I would literally die for Romani so I鈥檓 pretty sure I would ever not be excited to be studying it. The goal is to get myself to a level of confidence where I can actually use it to talk to people (God forbid I talk to people!) but that鈥檚 a high bar so it might be a while. Either way, I think the month is going fairly well so far, so we鈥檒l see!
As for the blog, I know I鈥檝e been terrible about posting and I鈥檓 not sure if I鈥檒l be much better this quarter, but I鈥檓 going to try my hardest to finish the IYIL posts (SIDE NOTE BUT DID Y鈥橝LL SEE THE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT WE鈥橰E GETTING A DECADE OF INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES STARTING IN 2022?? BECAUSE IT鈥橲 ABOUT GOTDAM TIME). I also have a few translations that I鈥檝e been meaning to post, so hopefully I can get those out too.
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daringherringa year ago
I鈥檓 the last anon. I know you follow me and it makes me happy. I鈥檓 just worried I won鈥檛 stand up to your expectations especially as I鈥檝e seen your ooc posts recently. Like what if my muse is too tame or not tame enough? What if I don鈥檛 play to g1 or any canon? I don鈥檛 want to let you down in rp ya know?
[[ hmm. Okay, well, I'm extremely picky about who I follow so if you're on my dash it's because I looked at your blog, I like what I see, and I want to rp at some point. I run a well curated experience for myself here on the tumbls dot com, and that's a fact.
Also like...... I straight up do not care who's following what canon or whose blog is based entirely on headcanon or etc.? I don't. The only reason it ever matters is if someone intends to roleplay as native to Jazz's universe, but we have the multiverse for a reason. I will happily toss anything and everything from outside of Jazz's universe at him and either a) delight in his absolute refusal or inability to understand, or b) force him to change his expectations bc the world is a weird and crazy place. ]]
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morwensteelsheen9 hours ago
I鈥檓 starting grad school this autumn and honestly I鈥檓 getting nervous. Like yes I am v excited about the whole prospect overall and I do miss being a student but am intimidated by 3 hr long seminars and thesis writing and massive amounts of reading鈥 everyone keeps saying it鈥檚 gonna be very different from undergrad so okay, but how specifically? Is it the large amounts of reading? I already had insane amounts of reading (humanities degree hurrah) especially in my last two years but could you expound on your own experience and how you take notes/read quickly/summarize or just how to deal with first time grad students?
Oh, yeah for sure! A necessary disclaimer here is that I'm at a certain poncy English institution that is noted for being very bad at communicating with its students and very bad at treating its postgrad students like human beings, so a lot of these strategies I've picked up will be overkill for anyone who has the good sense to go somewhere not profoundly evil lol.
So I'll just preface this by saying that I am a very poor student in terms of doing what you're supposed to. I'm very bad at taking notes, I never learned how to do it properly, and I really, really struggle with reading dense literature. That said, I'm probably (hopefully?) going to get through this dumb degree just fine. Also 鈥 my programme is a research MPhil, not taught, so it's a teensy bit more airy-fairy in terms of structure. I had two classes in Michaelmas term, both were once a week for two hours each; two in Lent, one was two hours weekly, the other two hours biweekly; and no classes at all in Easter. I also have no exam component, I was/am assessed entirely on three essays (accounting for 30% of my overall mark) and my dissertation (the remaining 70%), which is, I think, a little different to how some other programmes are. I think even some of the other MPhils here are more strenuous than that, like Econ and Soc Hist is like 100% dissertation? Anyways, not super important, but knowing what you're getting marked on is important. I dedicated considerably less time than I did in undergrad to perfecting my coursework essays because they just don't hold as much weight now. The difference between a 68 and a 70 just wasn't worth the fuss for me, which helped keep me sane-ish.
The best advice anyone ever gave me was that, whereas an undergrad degree can kind of take over your life without it becoming a problem, you need to treat grad school like a job. That's not because it's more 'serious' or whatever, but because if you don't set a really strict schedule and keep to it, you'll burn yourself out and generally make your life miserable. Before I went back on my ADD meds at the end of Michaelmas term, I sat myself down at my desk and worked from 11sh to 1800ish every day. Now that I'm medicated, I do like 9:30-10ish to 1800-1900 (except for now that I'm crunching on my diss, where, because of my piss-poor time management skills I'm stuck doing, like, 9:30-22:30-23:00). If you do M-F 9-5, you'll be getting through an enormous amount of work and leaving yourself loads of time to still be a human being on the edges. That'll be the difference between becoming a postgrad zombie and a person who did postgrad. I am a postgrad zombie. You do not want to be like me.
The 'work' element of your days can really vary. It's not like I was actually consistently reading for all that time 鈥斅爉y brain would have literally melted right out of my ears 鈥斅燽ut it was about setting the routine and the expectation of dedicating a certain, consistent and routinized period of time for focusing on the degree work every day. My attention span, even when I'm medicated, is garbage, so I would usually read for two or three hours, then either work on the more practical elements of essay planning, answer emails, or plot out the early stages of my research.
In the first term/semester/whatever, lots of people who are planning on going right into a PhD take the time to set up their applications and proposals. I fully intended on doing a PhD right after the MPhil, but the funding as an international student trying to deal with the pandemic proved super problematic, and I realised that the toll it was taking on my mental health was just so not worth it, so I've chosen to postpone a few years. You'll feel a big ol' amount of pressure to go into a PhD during your first time. Unless you're super committed to doing it, just try and tune it out as much as you can. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a year (or two, or three, or ten) out, especially given the insane conditions we're all operating under right now.
I'll be honest with you, I was a phenomenally lazy undergrad. It was only by the grace of god and being a hard-headed Marxist that I managed to pull out a first at the eleventh hour. So the difference between UG and PG has been quite stark for me. I've actually had to do the reading this year, not just because they're more specialised and relevant to my research or whatever, but because, unlike in UG, the people in the programme are here because they're genuinely interested (and not because it's an economic necessity) and they don't want to waste their time listening to people who haven't done the reading.
I am also a really bad reader. Maybe it's partially the ADD + dyslexia, but mostly it's because I just haven't practiced it and never put in the requisite effort to learn how to do it properly. My two big pointers here are learning how to skim, and learning how to prioritise your reading.
This OpenU primer on skimming is a bit condescending in its simplicity, but it gets the point across well. You're going to want to skim oh, say, 90% of the reading you're assigned. This is not me encouraging you to be lazy, it's me being honest. Not every word of every published article or book is worth reading. The vast majority of them aren't. That doesn't mean the things that those texts are arguing for aren't worth reading, it just means that every stupid rhetorical flourish included by bored academics hoping for job security and/or funding and/or awards isn't worth your precious and scarce time. Make sure you get the main thrust of each text, make sure you pull out and note down one or two case studies and move right the hell on. There will be some authors whose writing will be excellent, and who you will want to read all of. Everything else gets skimmed.
Prioritisation is the other big thing. You're going to have shitty weeks, you're probably going to have lots of them. First off, you're going to need to forgive yourself for those now 鈥 everybody has them, yes, even the people who graduated with distinctions and go on to get lovely 拢100,000 AHRC scholarships. Acknowledge that there will be horrible weeks, accept it now, and then strategise for how to get ahead of them. My personal strategy is to plan out what I'm trying to get out of each course I take, and then focus only on the readings that relate to that topic.
I took a course in Lent term that dealt with race and empire in Britain between 1607 and 1900; I'm a researcher of the Scottish far left from 1968-present, so the overlap wasn't significant. But I decided from the very first day of the course that I was there to get a better grasp about the racial theories of capitalism and the role of racial othering in Britain's subjugation of Ireland. Those things are helpful to me because white supremacist capitalism comes up hourly in my work on the far left, and because the relationship of the Scottish far left to Ireland is extremely important to its self definition. On weeks when I couldn't handle anything else, I just read the texts related to that. And it was fine, I did fine, I got my stupid 2:1 on the final essay, and I came out of it not too burnt out to work on my dissertation.
Here is where I encourage you to learn from my mistakes: get yourself a decent group of people who you can have in depth conversations about the material with. I was an asshole who decided I didn't need to do that with any posh C*mbr*dge twats, and I have now condemned myself to babbling incomprehensible nonsense at my partner because I don't have anyone on my course to work through my ideas with. These degrees are best experienced when they're experienced socially. In recent years (accelerated by the pandemic, ofc), universities have de-emphasised the social component of postgrad work, largely to do with stupid, long-winded stuff related to postgrad union organising etc. It's a real shame because postgrads end up feeling quite socially isolated, and because they're not having these fun and challenging conversations, their work actually suffers in the long term. This is, and I cannot stress this enough, the biggest departure from undergrad. Even the 'weak links' or whatever judgemental nonsense are there because they want to be. That is going to be your biggest asset. Talk, talk, talk. Listen, listen, listen. Offer to proofread people's papers so you get a sense of how people are thinking about things, what sort of style they're writing in, what sources they're referring to. Be a sponge and a copycat (but don't get done for plagiarism, copy like this.) Also: ask questions that seem dumb. For each of your classes, ask your tutors/lecturers who they think the most important names in their discipline are. It sounds silly, but it's really helpful to know the intellectual landscape you're dealing with, and it means you know whose work you can go running to if you get lost or tangled up during essay or dissertation writing!
You should also be really honest about everything 鈥斅燼nother piece of advice that I didn't follow and am now suffering for. The people on your courses and in your cohort are there for the same reasons as you, have more or less the same qualifications as you, and are probably going to have a lot of the same questions and insecurities as you. If you hear an unfamiliar term being used in a seminar, just speak up and ask about it, because there're going to be loads of other people wondering too. But you should also cultivate quite a transparent relationship with your supervisor. I was really cagey and guarded with mine because my hella imposter syndrome told me she was gonna throw my ass out of the programme if I admitted to my problems. Turns out no, she wouldn't, and that actually she's been a super good advocate for me. If you feel your motivation slipping or if you feel like you're facing challenges you could do with a little extra support on, go right to your supervisor. Not only is that what they're there to do, they've also done this exact experience before and are going to be way more sympathetic and aware of the realities of it than, say, the uni counselling service or whatever.
Yeah so I gotta circle back to the notes thing... I really do not take notes. It's my worst habit. Here's an example of the notes I took for my most recent meeting with my supervisor (revising a chapter draft).
Tumblr media
No sane person would ever look at these and think this is a system worth replicating lol. But the reason they work for me is because I also record (with permission) absolutely everything. My mobile is like 90% audio recordings of meetings and seminars lol. So these notes aren't 'good' notes, but they're effective for recalling major points in the audio recording so I can listen to what was said when I need to.
Sorry none of this is remotely organised because it's like 2330 here and my brain is so soft and mushy. I'm literally just writing things as I remember them.
Right, so: theory is a big thing. Lots of people cheap out on this and it's to their own detriment. You say you're doing humanities, and tbh, most of the theory involved on the humanities side of the bridge is interdisciplinary anyways, so I'm just gonna give you some recommendations. The big thing is to read these things and try to apply them to what you're writing about. This sounds so fucking condescending but getting, like, one or two good theoretical frameworks in your papers will actually put you leaps and bounds beyond the students around you and really improve your research when the time comes. Also: don't read any of these recommendations without first watching, like an intro youtube video or listening to a podcast. The purists will tell you that's the wrong way to do it, but I am a lazy person and lazy people always find the efficient ways to do things, so I will tell the purists to go right to hell.
Check out these impenetrable motherfuckers (just one or two will take your work from great to excellent, so don't feel obliged to dig into them all):
Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels (I'm not just pushing my politics, but also, I totally am) 鈥斅燿on't fucking read Capital unless you're committed to it. Oh my god don't put yourself through that unless you really have to. Try, like, the 18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon for the fun quotes, and Engels on the family.
Frantz Fanon 鈥斅燱retched of the Earth. Black Skin White Masks also good, slightly more impossible to read
Benedict Anderson 鈥 Imagined Communities. It's about nationalism, but you will be surprised at how applicable it is to... so many other topics
Judith Butler 鈥 she really sucks to read. I love her. But she sucks to read. If you do manage to read her though, your profs will love you because like 90% of the people who say they've read her are lying
Bourdieu 鈥 Distinction is good for a lot of things, but especially for introducing the idea of social and cultural capital. There's basically no humanities sub-discipline that can't run for miles on that alone.
Crenshaw 鈥斅爐he genesis of intersectionality. But, like, actually read her, not the ingrates who came after her and defanged intersectionality into, like, rainbow bombs dropped over Gaza.
The other thing is that you should read for fun. My programme director was absolutely insistent that we all continue to read for pleasure while we did this degree, not just because it's good for destressing, but because keeping your cultural horizons open actually makes your writing better and more interesting. I literally read LOTR for the first time in, like February, and the difference in my writing and thinking from before and after is tangible, because not only did it give me something fun to think about when I was getting stressy, but it also opened up lots of fun avenues for thought that weren't there before. I read LOTR and wanted to find out more about English Catholics in WWI, and lo and behold something I read about it totally changed how I did my dissertation work. Or, like, a girl on my course who read the Odyssey over Christmas Break and then started asking loads of questions about the role of narrative creation in the archival material she was using. It was seriously such a good edict from our director.
Also, oh my god, if you do nothing else, please take this bit seriously: forgive yourself for the bad days. The pressure in postgrad is fucking unreal. Nobody, nobody is operating at 100% 100% of the time. If you aim for 60% for 80% of the time and only actually achieve 40% for 60% of the time, you will still be doing really fucking well. Don't beat yourself up unnecessarily. Don't make yourself feel bad because you're not churning out publishable material every single day. Some days you just need to lie on the couch, order takeout, and watch 12 hours of Jeopardy or whatever, and I promise you that that is a good and worthwhile thing to do. You don't learn and grow without rest, so forgive yourself for the moments and days of unplanned rest, and forgive yourself for when you don't score as highly as you want to, and forgive yourself when you say stupid things in class or don't do all of (or any of) the class reading.
Uhhhh I think I'm starting to lose the plot a bit now. Honestly, just ping me whatever questions you have and I'm happy to answer them. There's a chance I'll be slower to respond over the next few days because my dissertation is due in a week (holy fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I will definitely respond. And honestly, no question is too dumb lol. I wish I'd been able to ask someone about things like what citation management software is best or how to set up a desk for maximum efficiency or whatever, but I was a scaredy-cat about it and didn't. So yeah, ask away and I will totally answer.
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six-of-brides12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I look to see whom I hurt, and my heart sinks to my stomach.
Destroyer is clutching his side, vomiting blood. And Mourner is bleeding from his ears and nose.
I go from feeling like we鈥檙e going to win to feeling like I鈥檓 going to hurt someone I shouldn鈥檛 be hurting.聽
鈥淭hought you could beat us, didn鈥檛 you?鈥
you鈥檙e just a failure. Might as well go away. No one wants you.
鈥淵ou think these people like you? You鈥檙e weak. Pathetic. A freak show of a human being. If you can even call yourself that."
I鈥檓 losing control of my powers, and if I can鈥檛 get away from everyone else, I鈥檓 going to really hurt one of our people, which is the last thing I would want to happen. How would I expect to be on the winning side if I can鈥檛 even stop myself from hurting our own fighters.
Now I see why they didn鈥檛 want me fighting. Prophet probably knew that I was going to be out of control, so he didn鈥檛 want me fighting, and Savior knew that too. They told me not to do this, I guess I should have listened.聽
stupid. You鈥檙e just an idiot.
鈥淲hat is going on?鈥
Abigail runs over, fear in her eyes.聽
鈥淎bigail, Run back to the tent!鈥
鈥淵ou should be in the tent!鈥
Sensibly, she runs back.
I鈥檓 so out of control, and at this point I鈥檓 not even hitting people, I鈥檓 hitting the ground or dead bodies. I occasionally hit someone, but it always comes so close to missing, and I can鈥檛 seem to aim towards anything or anyone anymore. This is bad.
Suddenly, as soon as I feel like I鈥檓 far away enough from everyone, I see Prophet standing in front of me. He isn鈥檛 super close, but he鈥檚 still close enough for me to hit him. I start trying to get away from him, but I can鈥檛 move fast enough. I wind up sending a blast in his direction, and I instantly scream towards him. 鈥淟ook out! Get out of the way!鈥 He turns around right in time for it to hit him. He clutches his chest, clearly in pain. No no no no...
I look to my side as I see a few of our own people rushing away from FEAR. To my shock and dismay, I see Prophet lying unconscious on the ground.聽聽
I run past the small crowd of fighters that surround him and kneel at his side. He鈥檚 bleeding from the abdomen.聽
"Prophet, can you here me?"
"Who said that?"
"Savior. I'm right here, Prophet. Do you know what happened?"
"I just feel pain in my side.
I know that I can fix this, but I need peace to make sure I don鈥檛 accidentally poison him.
"Mystic...he's the only one who could've done this."聽
"I gave him strict instructions to stay at the tent."
Prophet's voice is raspy. Barely a whisper.
"He lives to be useful. If he can't help, he.."
Prophet stops speaking, and I fear the worst.
If I get too stressed out, my powers will see him as a danger and poison him. Its happened before. During my valedictorian speech, they had to cancel the whole event because I was so nervous, I poisoned the wires.
"What Happened?" one of the fighters exclaims.
"I don't know. Just... grab the bandages. They're in the first aid kits."
They run off, and just when I think I鈥檓 okay to start, I see bodies being thrown to the other side of the desert and destroyed as if they were nothing as Destroyer sends all of the FEAR officials in his path flying.聽
"Good job, Destroyer!"
"Thanks! Do you know where Mystic is?"
"He should-"
"Believe me, he probably isn't there."
I want to ask more, but Destroyer returns to fighting officials.
That鈥檚 good, but not my situation. I need to get Prophet somewhere safer.
I pick him up and start running away from all of the chaos. When the sounds of the battleground start to become distant, I know that we鈥檙e safe for now. I place him on the ground and start running my hand across his wound.聽
"Papa, what happened?"聽
I look, and Abigail stares back at me.
"Prophet got hurt, sweetie."
"That, I don't know. But he's going to be fine."
She looks at me. "You don't know that, don't you?
I look for something in myself to tell her that I know he'll be fine, but I can't.
"You're right, Abby. I don't. But I need to try."
She looks at me for a little while, them walks back to her tent, a little slower than usual.
There鈥檚 a lot of bleeding, but it doesn鈥檛 seem to be anything that can鈥檛 be fixed. Still, it鈥檚 something that was enough to knock him out, might slow him down in the long run. I hope that isn鈥檛 the case, but there鈥檚 only so much I can do right now.
I can鈥檛 just leave him here, and I can鈥檛 leave him alone on the battlefield. That would be just what FEAR needs to destroy us entirely. But that means I鈥檓 not going to be able to fight anymore. I guess that鈥檚 still the better option, because we need Prophet a lot more than he realizes.聽
"I'm sorry."
"Sorry for what?"
"Don't you dare say you're slowing me down. All you did was get hurt. The other three are kicking ass on the battlefield."
"I have my doubts."
"Please rest."
I know he鈥檚 the best person for the job, no matter what he says, and we need him in order to stay strong and keep marching on.
I pick Prophet up again and start moving closer to the battlefield to see how things are going.聽
"Savior, flying official at ten o'clock!"
I look to my left, and the horns are two inches from my neck before I manage to get off the ground.
"AHHH" the official screams.
I can't read his expression, but I know he's terrified.
"What, scared if a little magic?"
As I float away, the official is crossing himself repeatedly.
Despite the fact that we were both gone, it looks like things are still going well for us, and the number of FEAR soldiers is growing smaller by the minute. It鈥檚 just a matter of time before this battle ends. Whatever happens, I need to stay by Prophet鈥檚 side until he wakes up, leaving him like this would be a mistake.
As I watch the scene playing out in front of me, I notice someone that catches my eye. Mystic! That bastard! I told him not to go out, I told him to stay put! What is he doing out here? Did he not listen when I told him he needed to stay away from the fight?
We鈥檙e not going to make it if Mystic gets hurt too, and that could happen so easily right now, does he even realize that?聽
As the battle starts thinning out a bit, I notice that Prophet is starting to move around, and his breathing is starting to become normal again.聽
"Where am I?"
Is this a scene he鈥檚 going to want to wake up to see? I mean, no one wants to wake up in the middle of a battle, but at least our side is doing well, right? I-well, doesn鈥檛 have a choice anyway, but it would be best for him to wake up in a low-stress environment, soooo....not ideal
I keep my eyes glued to the fight to make sure no one else is hurt on our side. This happened while I wasn鈥檛 watching, so who knows what could happen if I turn my head again? I mean, looking at what happened with Prophet, I guess the possibilities are endless鈥
聽After what seemed like an eternity of fighting, the battle is finally over, and we won. The few remaining FEAR officials retreated. I try not to look at the bodies on the ground around me, that isn鈥檛 going to do anything but freak me out and make me lose track of what I鈥檓 doing.
"Where's鈥" I can't get the words out before I'm vomiting again.
So, I walk over to where Prophet is. He was hurt during the battle, and while I know that Savior has it under control, I still need to check in. Whenever Prophet goes down, I鈥檓 pretty much in charge. How that happened, I'll never know. I need to see how long that鈥檚 going to go on for this time.
When I get over to them, I see Savior cleaning up the blood around the now sewn up wound on Prophet's abdomen. Prophet looks fine, he鈥檚 just unconscious at the moment.聽
鈥淒o you think he鈥檚 going to need time to recover?鈥澛
鈥淣ot much, just some time to come to his senses. And I know you need help with that." He points to the blood stains on my shirt. I'm fixed up in a few minutes
Lord above knows I wouldn鈥檛 be a good leader. One freakout would be all it would take for me to destroy so many lives, someone like me should never be put in charge. I explode so easily.
"Is everyone OK over here?"
"Yeah. Actually, I wanted to show you something."
The fighter quickly takes out his spear.
"I found this material in a supply chest FEAR left behind during the retreat.. This twine-"
"How much of it do we have?" I say quickly.
"Um, a fair amount."
"Great! Okay, you'll need to run the idea by Prophet, but I love this!"
"You've seen this before"
"Yes-back in the city. This stuff is legendary. I'm so glad you found some!"
We鈥檙e getting stronger, we must be doing something right. We鈥檝e been spending a lot more time training. We need our fighters to know exactly how they can attack and defend those who need it. That one battle. So many hurt that we weren鈥檛 sure how to go on. Not this time. This was nothing like that. Most of our casualties were small wounds that can be fixed easily, the deaths were massive, and all were FEAR officials.
Now that Savior doesn鈥檛 have to tend to Prophet, he鈥檚 doing his own thing, and that thing is marching over to Mystic and yelling at him. I try to move away, but Savior's voice carries. I close my ears tight and pray it works. Mystic wasn鈥檛 even in good condition for fighting today, and Savior warned him to stay down during the battle. Mystic is trying to defend himself by saying that we won anyway, but that鈥檚 just making Savior angrier. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 understand! You could have gotten seriously injured, or worse鈥斺澛
鈥淏ut I didn鈥檛.鈥澛
鈥淭hat doesn鈥檛 matter! You can鈥檛 just ignore orders like that! What the hell were you thinking?!?! You could've gotten hurt in your state. It's a miracle only Prophet got injured!"
He swallows hard. "Mourner.."
"Now's not the time to being him int-"
"I hurt Mourner, Savior! His nose and ears are bleeding. I am positive there is damage I can't see."
His eyes are filling up with tears.
I don't think Mystic wants to live without him.
Puppy love at it's finest.
He takes a deep breath.
"Why did you leave the infirmary when I gave you strict instructions not to."
"I wanted to help."
His voice is small, childish.
"It would have been better if you just stayed here."
Mystic goes quiet.
Mourner starts walking over to them, and I know that he鈥檚 just going to make things worse. His face is filled with dried blood. He is just going to defend him over this. I need to stop him. I walk over to him and grab his shoulder.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 go over there. Stay out of this, Mystic will be fine.鈥 He stops moving, but I see that he鈥檚 still tempted to go over there and make Savior shut up.聽
"What do you think worked for us this time?"
"Our weapons were in better condition. We used our powers more."
"We also knew the area. They didn't."
"Just when we have that advantage, we have to move."聽
We talk about that for a few minutes, and Savior is still yelling at Mystic. Mourner鈥檚 starting to get distracted by that again, so I know I should go over there and stop him. So, I start walking over to them, and Mourner follows me.聽
鈥淪tay here, Mourner.鈥澛
鈥淵ou鈥檙e just going to make things worse, stay. Leave Mystic alone for now, he鈥檚 not happy.鈥澛
I walk over there and stand in between them. Mystic is on the verge of tears, and Savior is red in the face. I honestly never thought that boy had the capacity to be so angry, but then again, he is pretty much a single father, I guess "protective" comes naturally.
鈥淚 think he gets it, Savior. You can stop now.鈥澛
鈥淣o I can鈥檛!鈥澛
鈥淵es, you can. Go see Prophet, he鈥檚 going to need you when he wakes up.鈥澛
He storms off, and I look over at Mystic. He's barely holding back tears, and is quietly repeating something over and over. He looks like a child getting left by his parents. 鈥淵ou good?鈥澛
鈥淔uck off,鈥 He says before stomping away and over to his tent.
I wish he would tell us what the hell happened in his life to make him react this way.
He just looks pitiful. Wow. I look around the room. Everyone looks tense, I have to at least try and keep things calm until Prophet gets up.
Now that we鈥檝e won the battle, we have to leave. We have to move on and find more territory that they occupy out here. They know exactly where we are. Most people are already packing up, some are ready to go. I just need to get my things and get going. I want to get out of here, the sight of the bodies is making me sick.
As soon as I get to my tent, I hear Savior yelling. 鈥淕uys, he鈥檚 waking up!鈥 I run over, and Mourner comes over with me. I told Mourner to leave Mystic alone, so he鈥檚 probably going to stick with me. I see Prophet moving around slightly, and then his eyelids flutter open. Savior has calmed down a bit. Thank God.聽
Prophet already looks upset. I know he鈥檚 got something on his mind right now, which is never good. Given the abilities He could be foreseeing someone鈥檚 death, for all I know. Either way, he鈥檚 super tense about whatever it is. It's going to be difficult working with him鈥
I wake up in a tent. Everything around me looks blurry at first. When my vision comes back, I see that I have Savior, Mourner, and Destroyer at my side. 鈥淲hat happened?鈥 "You were hit with stray power. Someone-" he glares at Mystic "thought it would be a good idea to fight when he was told, explicitly, that he was in absolutely no position to do so."
Mystic looks extremely guilty, and tightly holding onto Mourner, who has dried blood around his nose and mouth. 鈥淭here was a wound on your abdomen, but I fixed that. How do you feel?鈥澛
鈥淔ine. How did the rest of the battle go?鈥澛
"We scared them off after we murdered 戮 of their army. Only a few fighters on our side
we're injured." Mourner goes more in detail about the battle itself. Thankfully, after everything that happened we won. I still got hurt, apparently the worst loss. "I took control after you blanked out."
"Thank you."
"No problem!"
"What should we do next?" Mystic asks, words quickly spilling out of his mouth.
For a moment, I have no idea what to say. My mind is still a bit foggy, and I鈥檓 drawing a complete blank.聽
Train for what will come next. Look at what worked, that helped us win.
Just as I go to talk about that, a horrible image appears in my mind. We stay here and FEAR brings a bigger army, and they corner us. They destroy us instantly. The vision makes me sick to my stomach.聽
"Prophet, what's going on?" Mourner untangled himself from Mystic's arms and walks over to me.聽
The only way to prevent this from happening is to run. We have to leave ASAP.
Before I can get the second word in, I throw up, and every minute wasted on cleaning it up is another minute wasted.
"We need to go. NOW. Pack lightly. Leave what you can. It doesn't matter. I want to be gone from this place by midnight."
With that, they go to alert everyone. I get up and make my way back to my own tent. I spend some time sitting and collecting my thoughts.
Thirty minutes to the nearest city
You'll never be successful
They can fit everything into their cots
Why don't you ever listen!聽
Mystic has nothing With with him
I hear a knock at the door, and Destroyer faces me
"Can I come in?"
He sits on my trunk. No way in hell I'm leaving that behind.
You'll just drag everyone down
"If we move too slowly, they鈥檒l catch up to us, so we have to move swiftly."
"So, what's the plan when we do get out of here?"
"There is a FEAR headquarters building. If we're careful, we can move safely towards one of the FEAR headquarters, and plan a sneak attack. This is our only hope, so all I can do is make sure everyone gets up on time. But I will need your help. Will you be okay with this?"
He takes a deep breath. "I think so."
"If you feel uncomfortable at anytime, please let one of us know."
Usually no one has an issue with getting up on time, so I should be able to calm down, but if I let my guard down and ease up, something will go wrong.聽
You're so useless, something will go horribly wrong regardless
"I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 your turn to stay up and watch for attackers. Savior's on duty."
"Who's watching Abigail?"
"Mourner. I'm helping."
Yay, I have the chance to sleep tonight. I need to rest well, because we need to leave as soon as the sun rises鈥
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charnelhouse13 hours ago
I don't know if you already answered that, but what would it be like to introduce the boys to the family? Like 鈥榟i mom hi dad, these are my 4 boyfriends鈥 hskahsjahsaj my mom would probably think I was chosen as God's favorite but my dad would disinherit me 馃槀馃槀馃槀 and which one would be more nervous?
lmao jesus christ i honestly dont know about this one because most people are going to be like what the fuck??!!!
This isn't sister wives.
That's probably something you keep a secret for a very long time because idk how it would work. Maybe - eventually - you do tell them because children are involved and you're like hello we've been together for quite some time and it works.
I'm sure some families will judge and not accept it and that's just shitty, but who doesn't have some shitty relationships with family members. Once kids are involved - it's like well you can see them but you can't say shit about our lifestyle.
I see the Miller's family being super traditional soooo hopefully they're like well if i want to see my grandkids then i'm going to have to suck it up. IDK about Frankie and Santi....hopefully their parents are super old and no longer give a shit or maybe hippies.
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teyuukaa day ago
Hi June! I'm kinda lowkey stalking your blog and noticed something. It says in your faq/info that you speak very little Japanese and yet your translations are pretty good. Does this mean you've never practiced speaking the language but understand it instead? Because I sort of have this dilemma myself. I'm actually nervous because my Japanese grandma is moving to our place next year and while I can understand her, idk if I can have a conversation with her. Any tips for this?
I am gonna be utterly embarrassing here and admit that I got my Japanese skills mostly from anime and other media such as mafu鈥檚 chaotic cooking videos etc. You know that theory about picking up languages from observation blablabla. Subs help a lot in enhancing your vocabulary, but IMO the part that helps the most is actually listening and analysing how the language is spoken.
I鈥檇 suggest not only sticking with anime, but also watch/listen to non-voiceacted or non-scripted media such as youtubers or variety shows? Because anime has professional voice acting, but that鈥檚 not necessarily how people speak in daily life. Since you鈥檙e gonna talk to your grandma irl, it鈥檇 help more to know how the language is spoken in real life.
In 2019 I subscribed to a free JP course bc I wanted to take JLPT the following year, but guess what, the pandemic happened and that helped to fill in the gap in terms of grammar and the like. I still struggle with forming coherent sentences in speech because I don鈥檛 use the language daily, though I can speak basic level when I need to, such as when travelling.
(also thanks for the kind words! This actually made me go back to my older translations and notice tons of odd phrasing and mistakes LOL so I鈥檒l probably re-edit when I鈥檓 free 馃槀)
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best-of-the-veina day ago
random oc asks nr. 10, 16, 32, 35?
Thanks for the ask! I swear this is the last thing I do before I finish off requests... then some long needed Blackwall content.
What is their 3rd favourite colour?
Red! Despite it being Karrie's hair color and a rather bold and marking part of her appearance, she isn't as fond of it as other, calmer colors. She likes deeper blue and greenish tones way more, but red is a good color. Red also happens to be the blood of her enemies.
If they had the chance to go in a hot air balloon, would they?
Karrie's recklessness outweighs her skepticism in situations like these without a clear major outcome. Though she'd be nervous, she'd also be excited and get on, eager to prove she's brave enough. And once she's up in the air she would realize her grave mistake and start freaking out, begging who ever is flying the thing to get her the fuck down. Yeah, she's not a huge fan of heights. Prefers stable ground.
Your OC has access to a boat and 5 million dollars, now what?
My initial answer to this would probably land me on an FBI watchlist, so we'll go with something less extreme. Maker, Karrie would LOVE to have a boat, specifically an avvar longship. She's all dwarfy and stuff, but she can't deny that she has a longing to sail in the vast cold seas to other lands, explore the world, even if the sea can be frightening and dangerous. Now, the 5 millions dollars, or Thedosian currency? Good question. She'd probably outfit a good crew and ship, with plenty of supplies and gear. But that wouldn't take even a chunk out of that total amount of cash. Hmmm I don't know, maybe she'd sail to some huge trading port or market and buy everything just to fuck with the 'stock market' in Thedas, if you will. We do a bit of trolling. Which, now that I'm thinking about it more, would probably fuck a lot of people over, a lot of noble wealthy people. So I guess she'd sail around giving stuff to people who need it more. Go big or go home man. Or, as a less chaotic alternative, perhaps she'd just donate the extra cash to people who need it more that she encounters on her journey.
A frog appears out of nowhere and starts to critize their life choices, what does your OC do?
Karrie would laugh it off at first, scoffing at the frog's remarks. Then as they slowly start to get more personal and critical, she get's angry and flustered, in a way. She ends up fuming, yelling at the frog. "Yeah well I'd like to see you not have an alcohol addiction after your family disowns you and you have magic shit on your hand and a heretical cult wants you to be their leader! Fuck you! I...I.... Your mom!"
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feelingsinatrashcana day ago
June Prompts, Day 15 - Stream
"What are you doing?" The voice that spoke was strangely accented as if it was used to a different shape of words. Whoever they were, Steve was instantly annoyed.
This was his hidden spot in the woods, how had this kid even gotten here?
With all the disdain a twelve years old could muster, he glared over his shoulder at the bespectacled kid standing behind him. He was wearing a sweater patterned with junk food despite the weather being awfully hot.
"Who are you?"
Steve saw him fidget, clearly nervous now that he was being steadily glared at. Good. Maybe that way he would forget about this place and never return. He didn't like people being in his secret clearing.
"Um... I-I-" His gaze dropped to his hands where he was pulling insistently at the bottom of his sweater. "D-Dwight Fairfield. I uh... live in the house next to yours."
"Oh." Yeah, Steve knew who he was. Mom had stopped him this morning to let him know that the neighbors had moved in the day before. "You're one of the new neighbors."
The k- Dwight seemed to perk up at that, probably relieved that Steve wasn't glaring at him anymore. "Y-Yeah! Da, my little brother, and I moved in yesterday."
"Hm," It's not that he was ignoring him, except that he was. He just wanted the guy to leave already, so he could keep looking for rocks and shinies inside the stream.
Dwight didn't seem to get the hint because, after another moment of silence, he stepped closer and crouched next to the edge of the stream watching as Steve walked in the shallow water. He wasn't saying anything though, so maybe he could stay.
And then he spoke again.
"You never answered my question. Or told me your name."
Honey brown eyes turned to glare at him briefly before he sighed and resigned himself to putting up with the guy. Mom always said he needed more friends.
"Steve Harrington. And I'm just looking for rocks."
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searching4ema day ago
鈿燭his is seriously going to get personal, you ready? Go for it
鈿營f you were caught cheating, would you fess up? I wouldn't cheat period. There's no point of doing it. But yeah, if I was in an alternative universe, I'd confess.
鈿燭he last time you felt honestly broken? These past couple of days, today ... probably tomorrow too and the next day and the next day and the next day *Patrick Star voice*
鈿燗re you craving something? Yeah
鈿營f you could have one thing right now what would it be? Peace of mind
鈿燱ould you rather have ten kids, or none? 10
鈿燱hat do you hear right now? Some dude singing on t.v
鈿營s your bed against more than one of your walls? Uh .. find out?
鈿燱hat鈥檚 on your mind right now? Mesothelioma
鈿燗re you there for your friends? I try my best to be. I cant help others if I'm a mess. I mean what do you say? It'll make them worse bro. I'm not with it. It's either I come correct or dont come at all.
鈿燣ast person to see you cry? Somebody watching a public camera
鈿燱hat do you do when you get nervous? Idk. I'm sure I do something but I can't remember. I shake my leg without being nervous though.
鈿燘e honest, do you like people in general? People Suck, Animals are awesome, Cats are forever. Make note of it.
鈿燞ow old do you think you will be when you finally have kids? 35 maybe. Thats IF I decide I want them. I love kids but I'm just not mentally or financially prepared for one.
鈿燚oes anyone completely understand you? Not really.
鈿燚o you have a reason to smile right now? Amazon prime van is ganna pull up to the crib sometime today and drop off a package. Sexy a**.
鈿燞as anyone told you they don鈥檛 ever wanna lose you? Nah
鈿燱ould you be happier if life had a rewind button? Sometimes. I feel like if I hadn't gone through hardships I wouldn't have grown stronger but because I've been through what I've been through I wouldn't be struggling with any brain damage.
鈿燚o you tell your mum or dad everything? No. What tf is a dad?
鈿燚oes it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes? Yeah. I cant stand the smell. Plus if we decide to get into a relationship I'd want you to be with me for a long time. Not lose you because of a bad habit.
鈿燗re you going to get hurt anytime soon by someone? This is a cruel world. Anything can happen.
鈿燭his time last year, can you remember who you liked? Nobody
鈿燚o you think more about the past, present, or future? Present and future
鈿燞ow many hours of sleep do you get a night? 2 hours
鈿燗re you easy to get along with? Yeah, but people think I'm a weirdo. I'm mad nice though.
鈿燚o you hate the last girl you had a conversation with? No. Never hate anyone. Even if they hurt you.
鈿燱hat was the last drink that you put in your mouth? Red Bull
鈿燱hat size bed do you have? Full
鈿燚o you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in? Before
鈿燚o you like the rain? I LOVE the rain
鈿燚o you think someone is thinking about you right now? Nah. I'm easily forgotten.
鈿燞ave you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn鈥檛 do? Nah
鈿燱ould people refer to you as a goodie goodie, bad news, or neither? Goodie goodie
鈿燱ho were you last in the car with, besides family? Some Uber driver named Steve
鈿燱hat鈥檚 the last movie you saw in theaters and with who? Ted and with my best friend, Nana
鈿燞ave you ever kissed someone who had a boyfriend/ girlfriend? No
鈿燞ave you ever been hurt by someone you never thought would hurt you? Yeah. You live and you learn though. Growth.
鈿燳our parents are out of town. Would you throw a massive party? Nope. I'd rather stay home and eat fast food in the dark in my underwear.
鈿燚o you regret a past relationship? No, they were life lessons.
鈿燱ould you rather spend a Friday night at a concert or a crazy party? Crazy party.
鈿燚o you tend to fall for the same type of person over and over? No.
鈿燞ave you made a joke about somebody that made them cry? No. I remember there was this girl in grade school that was cross eyed and because I was the class clown they expected me to make fun of her but I didnt. They tried to pressure me into doing it but I never joked to hurt people. When they saw that I wouldn't they took it upon themselves to make fun of her. She cried and it broke my heart. I spoke to her after and she felt better 鉂 it doesnt matter how different we look, we're all human beings. We are all beautiful in our own way. Theres too many ugly people that cant see that which is why they're easily identified as shitty people. Look at your manager. Ugly asf on the inside right? Right.
鈿燚o you care too much about your appearance? I love myself. But people call me ugly or call me a man because I dont have the girliest features I guess. I ignore most of the time but sometimes it hurts because well ... I'm human. I love the way God made me though, dont get it twisted 鉂
鈿燗re you a jealous person? No
鈿燞ave you bought any clothing items in the last week? Yeah, Nike shorts. #SummerTimeReady
鈿燚o you miss anyone?Yeah
鈿燣ast person who made you cry? Nobody
鈿燚oes your ex piss you off? No
鈿燱hat are you doing tomorrow? Working
鈿燗re you the type of person who has a new boyfriend/ girlfriend every week? Nope. Its 2021. My last relationship was in 2016.
鈿營s there anyone you want to come see you? Nah
鈿燞ave you ever been cheated on? Not to my knowledge
鈿燛ver given your all to someone who walked away? Story of my life.
鈿燚o you like cotton candy? Sometimes. I have to crave it.
鈿燱ho was the last person you had a serious conversation with? My little brother
鈿燚o you have siblings? Do I?
鈿燞ave you ever fallen asleep on someone? No, that's mad rude.
鈿燞ow has the past week been for you? Rough. Extremely rough.
鈿燚o you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to? My little brother
鈿燱hat鈥檚 on your mind right now? Food
鈿燱hat were you doing at midnight last night? This lol
鈿燱hat is your current mood? Empty
鈿燱ho was the first person you talked to today? My grandmother
鈿燱ill this week be a good one? Hopefully
鈿燗nything happen to you within the past month that made you really happy? My baby niece smile always makes me happy
鈿燱ho was you with last night? Idk officer
鈿燚id you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night? No
鈿燦ext time you will kiss someone. Yeah okay lol
鈿燱ho should start the kiss, the girl or the boy? Doesnt matter and long as the feelings are neutral.
鈿燚o you have any plans for the weekend? Idk clean something
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hacked-by-jakea day ago
I finished writing a Duskwood fanfic about a couple of weeks ago, but I'm too nervous to post it because I'm still so new to writing and all, so I'm looking for advice from one of my favorite Duskwood writing blog; how did you get the courage to post your writings? Especially when it's your first few writings?
Wow, hard questions. Where do I get my courage from? Should I be honest? I ask myself that in front of every post I post. xD
My first story I posted here was the first one I ever posted, and the very first one in English. I always only wrote in German which made it really hard. Well, I was a little lucky that fandom was still very small at this time and didn鈥檛 exist that long here on Tumblr (I think three months)
Honestly, I was just absolutely in love with Jake and wanted to get rid of my thoughts. So I wrote it, translated it, and just posted it because I was just really so much in a Duskwood movie in my head at the moment.
I have to say, when I think of the first stories today, I would like to delete everything (But I will not because that was my beginning)
But there were people here who at least, probably found the idea great. The support gave me courage and somehow I had the feeling that what I do is not so bad.
Well, and now it鈥檚 been almost a year, and I鈥檓 still here. :D
I can鈥檛 really give you tips but I can tell you that the fandom is really wonderful. It鈥檚 so supportive and just so collaborative. I can only advise you to overcome and post it. Every beginning is difficult and also exciting. But if you don鈥檛 dare, you鈥檒l never know what it would have been like if you published it. I would be very happy to be able to read it and am curious what you have written.
I know it鈥檚 really hard to take the courage, and in the end, no one can know how it ends, so post it. And I mean, we鈥檙e all here because we love the same game. You鈥檝e brought your thoughts and your ideas into it so it can鈥檛 be bad. And no matter what your writing is, over time you will improve yourself, but at some point you have to start with something. You wrote the fanfiction, you spent time and effort, so do it.
We ourselves are always more critical of our own works. We ourselves are our greatest critic and we will probably never abandon that either, which is not a bad thing either, but it can stand in our way. Trust yourself and the things you do, then it will be good.
I don鈥檛 know if it will help you at least a little bit, but I hope it will. I just want to say, trust yourself. If I hadn鈥檛 had the courage to do it without thinking about it, I wouldn鈥檛 have been lucky to have met such wonderful people. I know you can do it. Don鈥檛 think too much about it and do it, or you鈥檒l end up regretting not having done it!
I really wish you the courage to trust yourself and I would be happy to read something from you.
And now at the end: thank you very much for your compliment. I'm really glad you like my writing! <3<3<3
If you are still unsure, I offer you to send me a message and I would be happy to talk to you.鉂わ笍
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akami-senpaia day ago
What can you do about it huh?!
Ellie X reader
Summary: On family party in Jackson Y/N and Ellie were disturb by Seth and Y/N don't like it especially because she is a big drunk
Warning: swearing, meaning of alcohol, homophobic Seth (ofc xd)
Tumblr media
"Soo are we going or not? You really spend the most time in the bathroom do you know that?,,
I hear Ellie yelling some comments about how I take care of my self well you know what? I'm not ready- yet I still have my hair wet and a towel is wrapped around my body. Well, the towel wasn't the only thing that wrapped around my waist. Ellie showed up in the bathroom and how I said her hands frame my waist.
"heyyy- what are u doing here I'm still not ready!,, I said with giggles, feeling her warm breath on my soft neck with some bruises-well she really loves to mark me as well. I turned around put my hands around her neck and then pull away to find some clothes. Well, I found some t-shirt and Ellie's flannel shirt and pair of pants. I get dress and dry my hair. Elli was sitting on the couch so I call her if she is going or delaying.
We walk through the snowy street holding hands giggling at some jokes it was a magical moment and I don't want to end it just by going to some stupid party. But we have to.
When we enter up the party I felt eyes on us. Well, don't get this bad, people in Jackson didn't put hate on us because we are girls. But it's still unusual for many.
"I never felt comfortable at this party's everybody look at us I feel it,, I softly grumble and order some alcohol for me and Ellie. "Y/N it will be okay I hate it too but Maria begged me to come here I couldn't resist y'know it,, She grabbed her drink and lean onto the bar as me. We took some more shots and chat until Dina interrupt us.
"Ellie! Y/N! I'm so glad to see you there! Why aren't you dancing this was supposed to be fuuun,, Dina was really excited about all this stuff and we both knew it. "Jesse! Hi!,, Dina said loud. Jesse just pops behind us. Dina grabs him and they left on the dance floor.
"So what about us? Are we going on the dance floor too?,, Ellie asked and I responded to her with my drunk tone. "Of course we are going~,, I grab her by her wrist going on the dance floor. She pulled me closer by my waist. I put my hands around her neck, giggle at her looking deep into her leafy eyes. "Ellie, how much can you see that I'm drunk as fuck?,, I slept out these words and then put my chin on her shoulder. "You go voluntarily on the dance floor everybody can guess that u are completely drunk darling,, she chuckled and kissed the crown of my head. "Oh shut uup I'm not that druuunk,, "yes you are baby this is the time that we should go back home,, Ellie added with an amused yet caring look. "Okay o will go but only if you kiss me now~,, "oh Y/N o didn't expect this is it really necessary in front of all these people?,, She looked a bit nervous but I didn't have time to beg her a bit. Her finger lifted my chin my E/C eyes closed and then I felt Ellie's warm chapped lips on mine soft ones. she pulled away smiling at me and let her hand fall off my waist to grab my hand. when we tried to leave the party I heard some people talking bullshits about us bud mostly they don't care so I try to don麓t mind about it. but all of it I hear someone yell 麓麓 Ah just what town needs another loud-mouthed dyke!,, Ellie sharply turned around stepping closer to the man who said it- Seth 麓麓what the fuck did you said?,, Joel stepped between them and then Maria I tried to stay away from it but something in me move me forward. So I walk to them and said something I probably won't say if I'm not drunk as fuck. 麓麓what if I am huh? what can you do about it?!,, a single tear fell off my face 麓麓 Ellie can we go? please...,, I wipe a tear off my face. I'm not strong in these situations so I usually broke down later maybe all of the shots I have made it happened faster. Ellie looked at me her eyes usually kind yet sad now filled with anger at someone insulted me. 麓麓I'm- I麓m sorry of course we can go.,, she turned around, pull me closer to her by my shoulder, and then we walk out. when we arrived at home. Ellie helped me to get into my pajamas which is formed by Ellie's old shirt and some shorts I found it kinda cute but still clich茅 a bit. then I somehow get into a bed I figure out that Ellie is the one in our relationship who is responsible. She sits on the bed next to me. 麓麓 are ya going or just sit here like a body without soul darlin麓 ?,, She slightly chuckled and lay next to me. I sense that's she needs cuddles even if she jokes about how she hates it. Feeling her hands around my waist then, caressing my back. I dive my fingers into her hair playing with them. "Are you okay Ellie?,, "To be honest? No... I'm so damn angry I don't care if they talk shit about me but when they talk about you like this? I can't stand it...,, She said diving her face in my neck. "Oh Ellie this is so nice of you but I don't care too no need to be angry about it okay?,, "I will try it,, I heard her giggling, crawling on top of me, her hands on my hip and the other on at the transition of the neck and shoulder. Slight pink glow over my nose and cheeks"I don't know if I'm not too sleepy for these things~,, setting my hands on her waist moving them up and down she continues talking "oh don't worry bae we are not going to do that I must go to Joel uh thank him and talk about what happened,, Ellie get of me dressing up in a jacket. "I will be back soon okay?,, She opened the door and leave "I will wait for you...,, With these words, I fall asleep.
@andvys @anotherwasteland @ellieswife @retroellie @ellie-william @ellieunbroken
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ohh-goddamn2 days ago
Hello, Nat, Darling.
I have been remiss yet again in replying to your response in a timely fashion. I do apologize.
Thank you for your compliment. Sometimes its hard to see the forest when I'm surrounded by all these trees. Its always nice to be reminded that I'm strong. So thank you.
I have been to two Taylor concerts. I'm spoiled. I went to 1989 and Reputation. We've talked about so much, even I don't remember if we've discussed the concerts! Taylor Swift is the only performer I've seen live outside of musicals and symphonies. I was blown away from how amazing it was. I was lucky enough to be at the Glendale show the night she sang Ronan. I also was at opening night for Rep. It was a last minute birthday present. I had nose bleed seats but honestly I didn't need to be closer. It was perfect. I had amazing seats for 1989. Not too close to the ground and not too high up. I was just happy I got to go to rep. Unfortunately, when Loverfest was announced, I wasn't able to plan on going. It would've been to hard for me financially and logistically to go to California for the weekend to attend. I was upset for a brief minute when I realized I was acting ridiculous. I've been to two tours. That's two more than most international swifties. I was actually really excited that she was going to try and put more focus on places she hadn't been before or in awhile. I thought it was exciting for those swifites who hadn't gotten to have my experiences. I was really disappointed for everyone when she had to cancel. But I was also really proud of her. I've been really proud of her for sticking to social distancing. That can't be easy for someone who's entire lively hood is based off public appearance. Especially since there were so many examples of lesser people out there acting like the pandemic wasn't a big deal. *coughkardashianscough*
I've never met Taylor, but if I ever did I don't know what I'd say. If you ever have, or ever do, is there anything you'd say or do? I've met celebrities before and never lost my mind, but I've never been impacted by a celebrity the way Taylor Swift has impacted my life. So, honestly I don't know what would happen. I'd be afraid the first sentence out of my mouth is "you scare me". Which would be a not so great first impression. I do know that if I ever saw her out and about I probably wouldn't make a big deal out of it. Celebrities are people just like everyone else and I'd want to respect her privacy. I'd be nervous I was making her nervous. She gets so many stalkers and unhealthily obsessed fans who think they are owed a part of her that I'd be like "nah. you go about your day."
I hope your week treats you nicely, Nat. Since I don't have my emojis right now, I'll specify its your INTHAF anon. Let's just also call me August for now. Since that's one of my favorite Folklore Songs. That way, I have another way to identify myself than just emoji!
Hii, my love 馃挄 I loved your choice of name/song, I love august and I did the same thing with the person I'm sending asks to, just another name from taylor cinematic universe
Again, don't worry about it, your well-being is more important than talking to me, and there's no need to thank me, whenever you need to be reminded of how strong and wonderful you are, I'm here, and I'll gladly do that 馃挄 because you are a beautiful, strong, amazing and wonderful person 馃挄
1989 and rep??? Omg that's amazing, I'm really happy that you got to do that 馃挄 What are your favorite moments of each? Which one you liked the most? why? Of those you haven't been to, do you have any you wish you'd gone? Why?
I was going to lover fest, but yeah covid happened, and I don't know if she will come back bc things are not good here, ppl are not getting vaccinated fast enough, and I don't want to talk about covid. Also I don鈥檛 know if/when she comes I'll be able to attend bc of my internships/work/whatever I'll be doing with my life I'll have less free time than I have now
And yeah being a international swiftie just sucks sometimes, like merch is something impossible to buy, bc of shipping and my money is worth a lot less than yours, so everything is just soooo expensive, and Brazil's store only has the cd's, anyway, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining I love being a part of this fandom and I found so many amazing ppl here, that I hope to meet someday, so I'd rather focus on the good things
I was also sad that everything was cancelled, but she made the right choice and I'm glad to see the good example she has been in the middle of so many bad ones, it must been really hard on her, and even so she maneged to give us folklore and evermore, sometimes I feel like we don鈥檛 deserve all that, she spoiled us
If you said something like 'you scare me' I'm sure she'd laugh and say something funny to make you feel better. I probably wouldn't know what to do or say. Maybe just a casual convo, and when/if I were less nervous I would like to say that she inspires me to be a better person, that I am grateful for her and for all the people I have met because of her, and not to quote taylor swift to taylor swift鈩 but ppl haven't always been there for me but her music always has and I'll be forever grateful for that 馃挄 also this reminded me of this post. But about meeting her, I'd rather be realistic and not get my hopes up, bc I know the chances are soooo small.
Random questions: If you could choose an animal to be what it would be? If you could choose a superpower what it would be and why?
Thanks for your lovely words and I wish you the most amazing week 馃挄 I'm sending lots of love on your way 馃挄
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faulty-writes2 days ago
Hello, I have a headcanon request and it's really sad. If you don't answer this sort of stuff then I understand, but I just lost both of my dogs to poisoning and we believe it wasn't an accident. I've been switching from anger to despair for the past few days, back and forth over and over again, and I'm so sick inside knowing that the person responsible will probably get away with it.
I'd really appreciate some love and comfort from Bakugou, Tamaki, and Mirio. I'm angry and frustrated and sad, and reading and thinking about these three has been making me feel just a tiny bit better.
That sounds horrible, I'm sorry for your loss. I actually lost both my dogs to cancer a few years back. So I understand and I'm also holding onto my kitties for dear life. But I enjoy making comfort pieces, so here we go.
Tumblr media
When you first came to Katsuki with tears running down your face, you expected it to be less awkward. But he just stood there staring and otherwise completely lost as to what he was even supposed to do or what you were upset about.
While a hothead, you knew Katsuki had a soft spot. This was especially true when it came to his friends, but he had never faced anyone with this problem before. But he did know what it felt like, at least partly, to lose someone. Especially considering his own personal experience of almost losing Best Jeanist.
He also knew what fear and sadness felt like, he had experienced those emotions more times than he wanted to admit. But still, he wasn't sure what he could possibly say when you told him you were crying because you had lost your dogs. He hadn't grown up with a pet and knew nothing of what kind of attachment you could get to them.
But he still tried, "What the hell do you want me to do?! I mean, I could blast the extra's face off know...or whatever," his words were mumbled as he reached up to rub the back of his head. He knew he wasn't helping, but he knew he had to figure out a way how.
Words weren't his strong suit and while he wasn't too keen on physical affection. He did offer you a hug or rather he decided to drag you out of the classroom and down the hall, around a corner where no one was before wrapping his arms around you.
Maybe it was the fact you were so small or maybe because he knew you were hurting, but he enjoyed holding you close and gently nuzzling you with his head. He happened to tremble a little when you buried your face into his chest, but part of him knew you wanted to hide from the world.
"Maybe...I don't know what to say, damn it but..." Katsuki was a little pissed words weren't coming to him easy, but if he learned anything from Eijirou. It was to speak from your heart, "It's'll be okay and stuff just, don't let it get to you and I know it's sad and all. But we'll figure out something together, and...fuck the extras," he stated before he pulled you close once more.
Tumblr media
"Uh...I d-don't," Tamaki was a stuttering mess whenever someone came to him with a problem, he much preferred pushing them onto Mirio, but the blond wasn't around the day you came to him which meant he had to handle it on his own.
He was always shy when it came to physical contact of any kind, he hardly welcomed a friendly touch. But when he heard the rumors of what had happened to you, part of him felt angry. Why did people, no, villains do things like this?
Still, Tamaki offered a gentle hand on your shoulder. "I-I'm sorry, um, t-that probably d-doesn't uh, f-fix anything but...y-you're sad, a-aren't you? I k-know how that feels um..." he didn't say anymore as his mouth was growing dry.
But he still tried to comfort you the best he could, losing someone wasn't easy. He was lucky he had never experienced it. Still, he made it a point to ask you every day if you were okay and offered you a hug even if it made him nervous beyond all hell.
"It's o-okay or u-uh...i-it's going to b-be..." he gently began to rub your back, trying to take deep breaths to prevent himself from going into a panic attack. "I-I'm h-here um, i-if you want to t-talk about it o-or not. Uh...w-whatever you p-prefer."
You took him up on his offer, but he went stiff as a board when you used his shoulder to cry on. At least he was a good listener. "Mm, I...n-never had a p-pet but I-I'm sure...t-they are in a b-better place and uh...t-they s-still love you...I mean y-you're nice and k-kind and..." Tamaki trailed off due to the fact his cheeks were bright red.
Despite his shy nature, he felt like it was his duty to save you even if he couldn't technically do that. But, he tried in his own way. "I um...s-saw pictures of I made you t-this," he handed you a bento, it looked like a regular meal apart from the fact the rice balls were in the shape and likeness of dogs.
"I h-hope, I m-mean I...l-like food and i-it's okay to miss them," he almost wished he could manifest into a dog himself to bring you extra comfort but instead, he initiated another hug. "I-I'm sure t-they miss you t-too."
Tumblr media
Mirio was always there for people. After all, it was his job as a hero. But in general, the students of Yuuei were like a family, which meant when one of their own was feeling down it spread between members like wildfire. That's how he ended up finding out about your troubles.
While he wanted to directly ask you if there was even a chance what he heard was true. More than anything, he seemed to make it his own personal mission to make sure you were alright. He vowed he would give you a reason to smile again. Even if that was going to be difficult given your current circumstances.
When he first presented you with a pair of stuffed animals, not just any animals. Dogs. He had the hope that it would act as a memorial gift of sorts. "I heard about what happened, I'm sorry sunshine! But I'm here to make sure you smile again, even if you're sad. I hope that doesn't sound too strange," you were sure Mirio had said stranger things.
While the gifts brought you a sense of sadness since your loss, Mirio kept his promise. Every time he saw you, he'd immediately embrace you in a hug. Of course, it was a little embarrassing that these hugs would take place wherever he happened to spot you. In the hallway, classroom, in public. But part of you didn't care.
Mirio always made himself available to you, even if that meant hearing your knocks on his door in the middle of the night. His shoulder was beginning to make a good pillow which caught your tears and while part of you felt embarrassed. It was nice to know Mirio was there to listen to you and the dreams you experienced which as of late were about your dogs.
While Mirio was a hero and dedicated to helping others, you did get a little offended when he mentioned welcoming a new dog into your life. "Sorry, sunshine! I know you're still upset. But I bet you were the best dog parent ever and I'm sure your dogs were super lucky to have such an awesome person like you taking care of them. Maybe you could give that treatment to another dog in need...someday?" you knew he meant well.
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miwvampire2 days ago
Hi, I'm bad, because of my crises, can i ask something with my vampire boys with a shy and kinda antisocial reader? Having trouble interating with other people, she prefers to stay alone, singing, reading or listening to music and it's quite sarcastic to defend herself. Maybe the boys meet her friends and when it is time for her introduce herself, she gets nervous, unable to say a word, stuttering a lot and very red. Since then, she always tries to run away from them in shame.
I myself am like this too. Took me forever to make the friends I have today because of it 馃ゲ. I wish you luck because I know how hard it is to deal with this. 馃枻馃枻
Tumblr media
Alright so. Dwayne and David totally get you with being more introverted. They love hanging inside- but when you distance yourself from them, they get kinda confused. Which we all know David would smell bullshit in the air.
They鈥檇 show up to your house once they notice you鈥檙e not around. David would just bust up in there pissed off. Dwayne would take it in a little kinder manner but Paul and Marko, they鈥檇 just be so offended. Why don鈥檛 you wanna hang out with them??
When you stutter, Marko would be one to never let you live down to it. It鈥檚 a problem he has sometimes and will tease you just to make himself feel better about it (deal with the boy, aight?)
Paul will be sticking his bottom lip out and just look at you with puppy eyes, he really doesn鈥檛 understand the social anxiety cause he basically has no shame. So David would have to explain to him what鈥檚 going on, and once it clicks, Paul will swing an arm around your shoulder and will just tease you about it too. Just deal with the two little devils.
David now, when he realizes you have social anxiety, he totally will sit down and will literally explain to you that he understands and will help you over come your fears. He doesn鈥檛 want to feel like you can鈥檛 be around them. They will love you anyway you are. And he will also say it鈥檚 okay to have social anxiety, people are just -motions to nothing- people
Dwayne is probably the most understanding. He鈥檚 not socially shy or anything, he just doesn鈥檛 want to put you in situations where you feel like you can鈥檛 breath. He wants to make sure you鈥檙e in a comfortable environment
Onto happier topics, concerts home alone with Paul are awesome. He鈥檒l bring the radio and just blast music as you too hold air microphones and sing on the couch, hopping around as if on stage. Just hopping around and screaming your lungs out. You will also get many solos from our glamour rocker.
David will come to your house and just read books with you and watch television if you鈥檙e up for it. Maybe he鈥檒l sneak a rom-com in. He loves being able to slide his arm around the top of the couch and 鈥渃asually鈥 let it drop to your shoulders as you snuggle up closer to him
Marko will literally set up a painting room for you two just to become your own Picasso鈥檚. Also he might even sneak some paintings onto your bedroom walls. Even a 鈥淢arko was here鈥 signature above your bed.
Dwayne will literally go through all your cook books and ask you to bake some things with him. He鈥檚 a major foodie and loves to see what you two can come up with to bake or cook. He鈥檒l even have some smudged food on his face ;)
When it comes to being sarcastic, you have David鈥檚 attention. He is a living (undead) being of sarcasm
Marko loves it when you get snarky with anyone. He鈥檒l just stick his thumb to his mouth and chuckle as the person stands back in shock
In totality, get ready to have four vampires over al night long to bug you and to chill out :)
Hope that was okay love!! 馃枻馃枻
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killercobweebs2 days ago
Headcannons for proposing to Mikasa
a/n: I have been putting of writing for a few days but i'm here. sorry about that but please enjoy the headcanons i have for you here!
sweet girl loves you so much
the only thing with her is that she never imagined anyone ever proposing to her, let alone caring about her as much as you do
so she always been super shy with you when you do nice things for her or take her to nice places
in this case, you probably take her to the place where you two met for the first time to do this
she doesn't know where you two are going but she is really shy and her face is tinted red
she sheepishly gets dressed in something nice and goes with you
you finally arrive at your destination and she practically has stars in her eyes
"wait baby, why did you bring me here?"
she kind of confused until you finally hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek
she gets all red and even more shy
you two take a seat some where and just talk until the sun starts to go down
it was getting chilly so you placed your jacket over her shoulders, much to her excitement
she likes her significant others clothes, even if they may be too big or too small for her
when you finally get down on one knee and tell her all you want to tell her, she's shocked
once you finish and let her speak, you notice the tears in her eyes and how nervous she looks
"are you sure this is what you want, my love? you want me? me of all people?"
she starts to cry and you have to comfort her and tell her how much you love her to calm her down
she finally accepts with a meek, whispered "yes"
you finally get to slide the ring on her finger and she just watches it twinkle in the light of the setting sun
she spends days on end, after that moment, attached to you
she doesn't want to loose you
she wants you to make good on your promise to marry her and wants you to stick by her side forever
please do so
(i hope you enjoyed this! please request headcanons and matchups for aot, hq, bnha, sk8 and jjk!)
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