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#i’ve literally never seen a show do that before
kimberly-spirits13 · 12 hours ago
Batfam with Blue Lantern S/O HC (Request)
Requests are coming out slower than usual since I’ve had a ton to do and just have had to prioritize and get my schedule together. Thank you for your patience and have a great day!
Dick Grayson:
I think Dick would go the best with a Blue Lantern
So when you meet it’s at a league party that Hal dragged you to since apparently you need to get out more
You’re literally always out saving things and people but that’s not what he meant
There’s not really anyone your age since everyone there are established adults
You already know some of the Batfam and so your first instinct is to hang out with them
A new one was there and that was Nightwing
You guys start dating after a while and the rest is history (cliche line ik)
Dick really liked Green Lantern as a kid and thought that the entire things was really cool but he’d never met a blue lantern before so be prepared to answer questions and show off for the guy
The two of you are entirely compatible because of your personalities
In order to have the ring, the wielded must have a beyond average standard and foundation of hope
This doesn’t mean that you blindly walk into things “hoping” it’ll turn out well, it’s just that you’re always finding the better outcome for the endgame and working for that whether it be in alternative plans or doing whatever you can to forward something
Dick always does this and it helps to have the support from him and then from you for him
Jason Todd:
The idea of Jason being paired with a blue lantern is interesting
Honestly I’m pretty sure that Jason is more of a “hopeless” guy
Like he’s going to try the hardest to do whatever is possible to help
But like he’s been through a lot so that doesn’t help
When you met he probably thought that the lantern thing was cool but like
What does the entire hope thing entail
Once he figures it out it clicks and he thinks that you’re really cool
You’re also really good to talk to
There’s no negative vibes in that apartment
You’re always sure to talk him through things and he’ll do the same for you because he knows what happens when you lose hope for too long
Basically the mental health buddy of the century
Tim Drake:
He knows all about the lanterns
It’s really really common for him to know about that kind of thing and once he meets you basically fan girls
Blue lanterns are so rare that it’s just something he wasn’t prepared for
Even better when you struck up conversation with him
And he found out that you’re really smart and funny
Being a Blue Lantern you’ve been many places and seen many things that he wants to ask about
he’s like Dick and asks lots of questions
What’s the difference between your ring and this this and this
Can’t you also technically be a Green Lantern
That kind of thing
Tim is the kind of person that will not give up on something
You admire that a lot
When Bruce goes missing, you and Kon are the only ones that believe him and let him talk about this
He’s just grateful that you’re there for him and understand his perspective
Damian Wayne:
Damian really doesn’t understand what the whole Blue lantern thing entails
he just thinks that you’re some naive lantern that only has their ring to spread cheer
That’s not it at all
Pretty sure that he doesn’t truly understand the ring until he sees it in dramatic action
he doesn’t really understand you until he sees you in action under dramatic circumstances
When he finally grasps the depth of this, he’s basically enchanted
Tries to dig up all the information about it and wants to understand before you date
He’ll admire your strength for afar and simp
You always make sure that he’s alright
He just really appreciates you and always wants the best
He knows that it gets hard to do what you do especially with the darkness that surrounds but you always seem to make it through
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wojira · 13 hours ago
Nya’s funeral from Cole’s pov because I’ve only actually seen people talking about Jay and Kai’s, I feel like we forgot how everyone’s been affected, there’s also implied glaciershipping ✨
Cole knew the feelings of grief well, he could tell he was in that strange part at the beginning where it doesn’t feel real, he found familiarity in it, and in watching how everyone else was reacting.
It was Nya’s funeral, a cool summer evening with a light breeze. He and the others had just finished the part of the ceremony where they poured water into the urn, Cole wondered wether Nya had become the whole ocean or just a small part of it, wether the water was actually her or just regular water. He decided it didn’t matter, it didn’t make a difference, he was just thinking about trivial things anyway.
They should all be celebrating their victory over Kalmaar and Wojira right now, Nya and Jay should’ve been able to show them all that new dance move they were so exited about, instead of Jay going on a tangent about it through tears. Nya and Kai should’ve been bickering like usual, instead of Kai sitting alone and silent, he really had been quiet since her death, Cole could tell he wasn’t taking it well.
He wasn’t sure what Zane and Lloyd would be doing if she was still here, maybe they wouldn’t be working themselves so hard. Cole remembered Zane’s death, how Lloyd was the only one who didn’t even take time to process what had happened and just continued being a ninja as though everything was fine. Nya had once told him that Lloyd broke when he and the others disappeared to the first realm. Cole imagined that Lloyd was throwing himself into training like after Zane’s death, and that if he was feeling like how Nya saw him, then he was hiding it, and that he didn’t want the others to see him like that.
As for Zane, he really wasnt sure, he’d never seen Zane grieve before, he was quiet like Kai, but Zane was always quiet, so it was difficult to tell. Maybe Zane was like Cole, they both seemed to watch others rather than themselves, no doubt because of Zane’s ability to change his mood at the literal flick of a switch, and Cole’s uncanny ability to just feel numb to these things. Cole knew Zane would have to let himself feel those emotions eventually, and he hoped Zane would let someone be there for him when he did.
Cole began to think, maybe it was because he never dared become that close to Nya, not after that dreaded time when he and Jay fought over her, he found himself always distancing himself. Sure they were friends, but it was nothing like the friendship he had with the others, it felt superficial. He regretted that.
Master Wu stood up to give a speech, a toast to Nya’s life, Cole wondered how many speeches Wu had given over the years. Being alive for millenia must have drawbacks like that. How many Nyas had there been before her? Cole guessed that there were a lot.
Wu’s words felt distant, unintelligible. Like someone trying to explain something when you’re half awake. He wanted to pay more attention, this was Nya’s funeral after all, but he had a hunch he wouldn’t be ready to hear what Wu had to say.
So he didn’t, he let the words blurr together, sitting there in a bit of a daze of calm disbelief, just watching the others to make sure they were okay, occasionally whispering to Jay that it’d be alright or trying to make eye contact with Kai, Zane and Lloyd, without really thinking about it.
He knew he’d miss Nya, and that this was the calm before the storm. In a couple days he’d wake up and feel the need to cry just as much as Jay seemed to right now, Cole guessed he’d just have to deal with that when it happened. He was notorious for disappearing off up a mountain when he got like that, it was a running joke between him and the others because its so specific. It always seemed to make things better, maybe that’s what he’d do.
“You’re thinking of running away.” Zane’s analytical tone of voice always caught Cole off-guard, it felt like he could see right through into everyone’s head, maybe he could, because he was right. Cole stayed silent.
“Wu once told us how you’d distanced yourself from your remaining family and friends when he found you,” he continued “and the others told me about how you did the same after my own death by the overlord, and then again in the never realm.” Zane said it like a simple observation, but Cole could tell it was something more like a warning.
“And so what if I am?” Cole retorted bitterly, and a little more defensively than he intended.
“You’ll end up hurting for way longer.” Zane said matter-of-factly, like they were discussing the weather.
It was then that Cole looked up at Zane and realised the whole funeral had ended, everybody had left or gone inside, Cole was just sat there, alone and lost in thought.
“I just, I don’t know.” Cole stood up abruptly wrapped his arms around Zane, as though afraid he’d disappear. “I’m meant to be sad, but i just don’t feel anything”, his voice muffled, buried into Zane’s chest, and realising as he said it that the fact that he was even having this conversation showed that what he was saying wasn’t true, he really was sad about it all.
They stayed like that for a little while, with Cole’s arms around Zane in the monastery courtyard, occasionally exchanging words. The sun had mostly set, it was getting dark and a little cold so they went inside.
They came in to find the other 3 sprawled over the couch playing video games, Jay’s face still tear-stained, Lloyd looking tired out of his mind, and Kai just quietly immersed in the game. Cole made a vow to himself then and there that he’d be there for them, they had to be there for eachother, this especially included Zane who he was becoming increasingly worried for.
Cole watched as he nagged at Lloyd to go to bed and told the rest of them that they should probably do the same. Zane really never did stop caring about other people over himself, and Cole knew that was mentally unsustainable. Zane was a ticking time bomb, and he really hoped he would let Cole be there for him when that bomb went off.
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bastardbvby · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
transcript of dream’s twitlonger undercut
starting my onlyfans:
Okay the title is a joke, but another day another "drama", although this is the dumbest one to date as it really shouldn't be a 'drama' but it is. Recently there has been a lot of people willingly spreading "dox" information that is claimed to be about me or my family. I think this is disgusting and harmful and should never be done in any capacity. Spreading potential information about someone's family is horrible, and not to mention is against basically every single sites terms of service. I've seen commentary channels show full names and addresses under the guise of "it's news" which again is just disgusting and those people should be publicly shamed and reported for even thinking about doing something like that. I've had people spread fake pictures of me, whether they be photoshopped to be with people 'close to me' like Sapnap (as if we've taken even a single photo) or deliberately planned in a way to appear as believable as possible. Including saying things like "they were found on his moms/dads facebook" when neither of my parents even have facebook and that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, as if I wouldn't tell my parents to remove pictures of me. Things like using a photo of Karl facetiming me he posted to say "look how big he is!" when the photo is literally just another photo of Karl that we photoshopped, which is extra funny. Obviously no one is going to or can fact check these things so it's just touted as fact regardless of how ridiculous it sounds. This started a long time ago and I made a pastebin about it, as it was something being perpetuated along with lots of horrible things by someone who used to be close with me. I don't want to bring it up again, as that was months ago and I don't want unnecessary attention on it. The people saying these things are people with ill intentions with the purpose of "forcing me to face reveal" to prove I'm not 'ugly', as there's 'no other way'. They're the same people who have attempted to harass my family and friends for months because of how "manipulative and horrible" I am for "cheating in a block game". Spreading things about me having "kids locked up in my basement", which is disgusting for a million reasons, and it's Florida they're not even smart enough to realize no one has basements. Or other things about "wishing I'm a pedo" which is equally as disgusting. On another note, as someone who has gone through weight problems in their life (I was a homeschooled gamer, no surprise there), I think it's disgusting to see people fatshame and ridicule a random person just because they "could be Dream!!". I've been fairly open about the fact that I eat fairly specific and healthy things, and the reason for that is because I sit inside doing nothing 99% of the time. I've been like that for a few years. I would be incredibly unhealthy if I wasn't strict with my diet. Sapnap dropped 70 pounds in a couple months after moving in with me because he started eating healthy food and being a skater boi (lmao). (He gave me permission to say that, and good for him he looks fucking amazing and did before as well). I don't think that anyone should be ridiculed for their looks, and anyone that does that is a piece of shit human being. I will say that it's pretty funny seeing people who hate me spread these things and get more and more frustrated as people who watch me don't give a flying fuck, I play Minecraft with my friends, not model on playboy. Also, all the creators saying "dream's fan base is so horrible for doing this", get your facts straight before you look like an absolute idiot. I haven't seen a single fan of mine spread or even give the time of day to any of the bs. It's only people who despise me and think it's some kind of win to say "dream might be fat! LOL!". Felt the need to defend my fans completely on that front. I'm not going to let anyone "force me into doing a face reveal", especially not by expecting me to be offended by being compared to a guy that is bigger than me. At the end of the day, who the hell cares? I've been "fat" at certain points in my life, who gives a shit? I've said for a very long time that I plan to do a face reveal at a meet and greet type of event, something I've said for over a year, and something that hasn't been possible due to covid. I've recently actually been planning this though and will definitely have announcements regarding it soon, so I'm looking forward to that :) Also, thanks for the added mystery to it all, now even the people who don't like me will care about it, and hopefully feel humbled when they realize how ugly they actually are on the inside (lmao) Anyway, I just felt the need to say something due to how ridiculous the whole situation is, and how willing people are to "dox" people and put people in danger just because they "don't like them". Just to reassure people who may be feeling upset with themselves or insecure after seeing all the hate recently: you are amazing and if you are happy with how you look that's all that matters. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are beautiful! End note; I'm just a normal looking guy and I've never claimed otherwise. If someone calls me "hot" it's not because of my "god like facial structure and beauty" no one even knows what I look like. it's because I'm good at block game and have a massive green dump truck that even your mom likes ;) love u guys keep being awesome :)
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melancholy-pal · 2 days ago
Alone in my house with no one to talk to
I struggle so much with posting anything because I feel like my problems are stupid. I’m not suicidal anymore, I’ve made my choice to live, and have cut way back on my drinking, but this week I haven’t been doing very well. Already drank 3 days out of the week, and I feel like the progress I made is going down the drain.
I had to move to my boyfriends place that’s over an hour away from the city, due to a new person in my building literally going crazy and harassing me to the point police had to be called and he was taken to a mental ward for a few weeks. I have ptsd from my ex husband who physically, sexually and mentally abused me, and this roommate guy they had move in was diagnosed with the same paranoid delusions. I have trouble feeling safe anywhere I go because of that and I don’t have a solid family foundation, and this guy freaked me out pretty bad. I had a mental breakdown after he was taken, I went to the mental health clinic myself to talk to someone, I started carrying knives in my purse and keeping them by my bed, shaking and jumping at every noise and peeking around corners etc, didn’t sleep for a few days after as I had no idea how long they would keep him and I just feared him coming back and trying to kill us for calling police. He wrote “bad guy” on his face when cops showed up, super manic, leaving notes on my door/window, laughing and talking to himself, just mentally fucking with me listening to my conversations etc. and those are fucking serial killer types. I’m sorry not to put down mental illness on here, part of me has compassion for him but I was scared for my life.
The other shitty thing is my cat went missing literally the day before all of this happened. She was in the guys room and as soon as I started to not trust him and told him I didn’t want my cat in there, she goes missing. That is highly suspicious and I still haven’t found her. I don’t know whether to keep looking or cry because she’s dead, I’m stuck in the unknown and unable to process emotions properly. Part of me felt like it’s my fault and maybe she’d still be here if I hadn’t said anything to him about my cat being in his room. I hate myself and now I lost my other cat.
What’s making me crazy is the fact that I had to move an hour away due to this asshole who pushed me out of my place because he refused to leave, and lost my first cat in said city, had to quit my job, and now I haven’t seen my second cat in a couple days. They are outdoor cats 5 years old never had issues and now they both suddenly vanish around the same time. I’ve been alone before and those cats were my life, came from my divorce with me, on a plane to where I’m living now, and they’re gone.
I’m feeling pressure to get another job and I feel like I’m not ready at all. I’m in a basement suite where my bfs sister lives upstairs, and i can hardly function still around new people. Feels like all of this trauma has made me a bit avoidant, like APD, and people here think I’m being rude or stuck up when I’m really just scared. Now I feel like they’re judging me even more rather than coming to me to ask me what’s going on in my head. I feel stuck down here alone when my bf goes to work, and his sister is not the friendliest person to begin with, so I know it’s not me.
I feel like we’re in the same situation we left with the crazy roommate, where we get bitched at for having one dish or shoe left out in the common area, but the person bitching can do whateber they want and leave stuff anywhere they please, and I’m tired of walking on eggshells around bully’s. I’m not scared of her, I’m more scared of what I will say to her if she continues to be passive aggressive, so I stay away. I tried to befriend her and was rejected so it confirms my fears of rejection all over again.
This is why I’m cynical toward family. Nothing but unnecessary drama and conflict, even my bf is pissed with her and her fiance isn’t happy with her. Yesterday I had a job interview, I took a cab because don’t have. A car , bf at work and it’s a 35 min bus ride vs 7 min drive, too early and buses suck out here. I had to even call a cab from the next city over fml. After my interview, no cab here and I had no idea where this bus would take me, never lived here before, stupid me runs out of data and can’t google anything. So I walked an hour across town myself, just walking until something looked familiar and I was lost, kinda scared. My bf called his sister but she was “sleeping” and still sleeping when I got home. Boy, I’m sure glad family is there for you when you need them…I live with 3 people who have vehicles and I’m walking rn…I just feel alone and upset with myself because I chose to drink instead of sit through my feelings this time. I’ve been crying all morning calling shelters and checking online, I’m tired. If you got this far, thanks for listening.
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I am going to have an idea that is so idea-
okay so idea
mattie is watching. she literally knows everything. she is watching. she also made you some donuts, have some, they’re homemade!! but also she knows literally everything. because she is watching. and listening. and if you have a gluten allergy she’ll bring you gluten-free bagels! but she is silent and talks very little and there’s something... different about the new girl on the cheer team.
sure, the tigers are... weird. they’re strange, from their over-eager captain to the almost-Olympian to the Christian girl whose boyfriend shows up at the strangest times. but the new girl... is even stranger. she’s quiet, but when she speaks she seems to have the hyperactivity of a child. and she is a child, really- but there’s a weight behind her eyes and a tiredness she carries that confused everyone to no end.
what does she know? they think. what has she seen that made her this way, why is she so... odd?
mattie is odd. that’s the best way to put it, she muses. because she isn’t actually odd, and she isn’t actually 12/13/14/15/how old is she in this life, again? she can’t recall, because she is, in a way, immortal. and every life she lives, she can remember everything that came before.
she knows even before riley is holding the knife that chess is going to die, knows even before reese finds farrah in the bathroom that clark is somewhere he shouldn’t be.
she knows. it’s her curse, to know what came before and what comes after and to see it happen, time and time again.
one day, mattie wakes up in yet another life, goes to the sleepover, gets drunk in a dare. she watches as chess chases after kate, counts down the minutes before the almost-olympian “takes a breather.”
she’s not as drunk, this time, somehow.
so she finds riley right before the girl reaches for a knife, before she heads off to kill chess.
kill me instead, she monotones, as riley stares at her with mixed emotions. if you’re going to kill the others, take me with them. because I have seen this happen, every time, and I’ve never been able to stop you before. kill me so that I’ll never see it again. please.
and riley stares at this girl, so young and yet no longer innocent- what has she seen? and riley is struck by the realization that this girl has seen her, has seen riley, has seen the terrible thoughts racing through her head come to life and-
riley doesn’t realize she’s crying, a strangled, pitiful noise coming out of her mouth, doesn’t realize she’s grabbed a knife, doesn’t realize what she’s doing until mattie grabs her hand- the one holding a knife- and speaks again.
this is the last time you’ll be able to change, mattie says, grip firm. I won’t stop you. but you won’t get another chance.
mattie doesn’t know what’s running through the red-haired girl’s mind. she feels slightly guilty for lying, though. riley can change, and probably will, a thousand lives down the line.
mattie just doesn’t want to bear witness to another thousand lives of pain, because she’s lived these lives long enough to regret living at all.
and all she needs is for someone to kill her.
another life later, the sleepover arrives. nothing changes, except for one thing.
the freshman never goes to prison.
there is no freshman at all.
-🍵!! (I’m too lazy to sign in to tumblr lol but you know who I am... does this make sense? probably not, but I’m tired have a thought)
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thebeaubar · 2 days ago
It’s fucking hilarious seeing the CR Reddit completely back track after they predicted a new long running weekly campaign to now them thinking this is the test (half cast members) for another test (no cast members) for a new weekly campaign. Them thinking the entire cast is leaving the show and retiring because twitters a toxic hell hole. Marisha got death threats in C1, nothing they get is literally on that level from what I’ve seen. They’d never quit over some morons on twitter.
The CR cast will be around for a very long time in my opinion, I could see them doing seasonal type content to give themselves breaks before they full on retire. Marisha is only 32 years old and Matt is only 38 they’ll be around for a while don’t worry.
Again nothing fills me with more joy then seeing the sub Reddit be completely wrong about almost everything and then act like they were right the entire time. Getting banned from there was the best thing that ever happened to me, fuck that misogynistic racist place.
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hauntedelation · 2 days ago
TFATWS!Bucky Concept: Dating
Tumblr media
Description: Bucky was never told what Netflix and Chill meant.
Pairing: Black Female Reader x Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 2.1k
A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve seen the films Bucky is in. I watched some clips from the new show and fell in love with how he was presented. I hope that he and Sam don’t sound too ooc. This is a bulleted format, something that I've thought about lately w/ TFATWS!Bucky.
A friend of mine (here's their Tumblr! Thanks Vic <3) was expanding on this with me last night and their additions are marked in bold. No beta, really, I apologize for any errors! 
Warnings: minor descriptions of smut, Buck’s got a praise kink, unspecified age difference (the man is 106 y’all), fluff, warm feelings and anxiety, Sam is his literal wingman
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
Bucky Barnes meets you on a dating app. And of course, Sam had done a large part in helping him set it up. The man’s profile appeared a little different. There were nicely taken photos, but many he didn’t smile much in.
You were drawn, despite his rigid nature. You figure it was something about the energy put out. But you had no real explanation. 
Upon meeting, and after much encouragement on Sam’s part (including his therapist), Bucky realizes that he can’t outright explain everything to you. At least, not so soon.
Those words are a full stop on his tongue, and he found a way to change his story into something that isn’t a total lie. He wasn’t sure when he would be comfortable.
All that mattered was that with you he had all the time he needed.
He remembers stiffening one day when you reached out to gently touch his left hand, you were lost in speaking about your day then.
Knowing he can’t feel a thing, he was inaudible when he watched your thumb brush over his gloved fingers.
You appeared completely perceptive as if all you needed to do was look at him. There hadn’t been once where you pressed him on any topic.
The message he tried to put out is more than well-received. He is reserved, distant, but he inches just close enough for you to spend longer dates with him.
Close enough to where he learns to text you, starting out rather confusing for him. Eventually, the man calls, preferring to hear your voice.
In the beginning, you had the idea that he intended for both of you to take your time. So, you treated this bond as a friendship during the first few months.
You would coax him out of his own head, gradually showing him your favorite things and asking him about his. You noted a fair amount about Barnes.
His excuse (lie) to you of why he hasn’t seen any films or other media seemingly ever, was that his lifestyle kept him busy.
You didn’t question him when most of his music choices were from the forties. He remembers you complimenting him, “I like it, Buck. Your taste seems to be for the more meaningful things. You’re like an old soul.”
He found himself smiling at you, adoration spilling into his lungs watching you look over his favorite books, Billie Holiday playing on the speaker.
Around you, he could feel his nerves stand on end but it was not as if he was overwhelmed.
He was losing himself in you, everything about you who you were, and what made you happy. He tried to hold all of that back and keep it to himself. What if she found it was too much?
The man didn’t want to ruin what he had begun building with you. Unknowingly, Buck didn’t see that the feelings were very much mutual.
So you show him things he may have missed, you watch his reactions. You couldn’t get enough of the softness in his eyes when he finds something he likes, or his pensive reflections on another piece of media.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
One day, nearly a year after meeting you, Bucky brings you up casually in a conversation with Sam.
He sits back, using a rag to wipe at his hands and he thinks back to the time he spoke to you last.
You mentioned something about “Netflix” and he thinks he’s heard it before only he wasn’t quite sure what it was. Not ready to admit he didn’t, he agreed to the proposition.
Buck had recalled how you seemed to coyly play with a loose string on your shirt, your body language open.
“She’s showing me what ah…Netflix is the next time that I see her. Isn’t it a television channel?”
Sam stops tightening a bolt on a screw and he sets the tool down. His brows pinch together for a split second however Bucky witnesses a simper grow over his face.
“ do know what that means right?” Sam tilts his head and leans against an object when he looks at him. The man had a twinkle in his eye.
Bucky frowns at Sam, he doesn’t particularly like the way Sam says that, but he says no. 
His friend shakes his head and breaks it down for him, “Bucky, you’re going to get some ass.”
Bucky’s face hardens straight away. He counters, “Don’t talk about her like that–” The younger man peers down at that vibranium hand clenching around the dirty rag, and he sighs.
Sam has to hold in a laugh. That’s not what he was insinuating.
Eventually, Bucky gets it. He tries to wrap his head around the idea, but in a way, it made sense to him. Buck remembers back to those nights at the drive-in, a pretty girl on his arm with fire in her eyes.
He’s thinking about it with you, how you would look at him, touch him or what you would sound like. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel dizzy. You had him on clouds even during the occasions he would kiss you.
He knows he’s rusty. And, even though you seemed to understand, it had to have been far longer than he realized since he’s felt all of that. Much longer since he could comprehend that degree of touch. He’s been deprived.
Anxiety fogs his mind, thinking about “what if” or any possible negatives.
Sam remains there for him, he places a hand on his shoulder and looks him in the eye closely, “Just be real with her. From what you’ve told me about her, she will be understanding.”
What follows has to be one of the most embarrassing trips to the drugstore that he’s ever taken, Sam insisting that he was present just to give Bucky advice.
Really the man was looking to tease light-heartedly. How couldn’t he be happy for his friend?
Inside, Buck isn’t entirely calm. He mentally prepares for meeting you once again, speaking with his therapist hesitantly.
‘Do you feel ready for her to see you, James? Intimacy is trust, and the experience can be a lot of not thought over tenderly.’
Buck waited a long time, allowing the woman’s words to sleep into his mind before he placidly said his answer.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
He finds himself at your house the next day, dressed in his normal dark clothing. His dog tags hung under his shirt, bushing against his pounding heart.
You invite him in with the most beguiling outfit the man had ever seen. Under your shorts, your tank top, more of your smooth skin had been exposed to him. He felt like a leper for taking you all in.
Soon you catch him staring midway through a movie, those blue eyes soaking you up. You carefully made a move.
Your soft hands glided over his body, focusing on his hair, his chest, stomach. Bucky’s eyes fluttered shut the lower you went.
He pulled you over him, letting your thighs surround his being and his erection press against your heat.
It took a long time for Bucky to convince himself to remove his shirt. You had already worked yourself down to almost nothing, your breasts exposed to him and pressing so close to his body.
He gazed up at you and knew that all wanted was to feel you.
The scar tissue embedded in his shoulder rubbed against the fabric uncomfortably. He shifted, and he could feel your hands start to wander under the hem of his shirt.
“Wait-Wait, doll, hold on—“ Bucky pants.
Your angelic face contorted to somewhat cautious, aware. “What’s wrong?” His hands settled on your hips, held you there to him.
“Nothing, nothing. I just…I haven’t exactly…done this in a few decades,” he professed.
Your dark eyes flash with something unreadable within, a perplexing look or maybe amusement. Within a few seconds, he feels you lax against him, untangling your fingers from his hair.
He swears you had to be reflecting on how crazy he sounded Why did he say a few decades?
“Oh…so you…don’t want this?”
Buck’s hands fall on your thighs perched over his. You’d begun to place more distance between you both, following his uncertainty.
However, when your body moved away, your hips dragged against his, against him. He breathed out a curse and shook his head.
“No, no! I mean—yes! I mean—Fuck, I want this, I want you, doll…I’m just sayin’ that…I might not be any…y’know, good.”
You find it difficult to believe, but your hand reached up to cradle his stubbly cheek. You let his arms pull you closer to him, placing short kisses on his mouth. “I understand. I’ve got you, don’t worry.”
When you worked him up to where he couldn’t take it anymore, where he was pulling that shirt over his head before any realization.
The air in your home prickled his exposed skin, and he looked away once your eyes fell to his shoulder.
He was sure he was close to passing out then, everything building and the dark feelings surrounding his arm not aiding. Bucky was frozen.
Yet as the seconds ticked on by, your face was amorous. You didn’t try to touch the mangled bunches of tissue or ask any questions about it.
You brushed your palms against his chest and guided him back into the couch. Your full lips left trails all over his neck and jaw.
He watched you pause, how you met his eye before placing feather-light kisses where his body met his arm. You moved over the whirring metal, shutting your eyes as the coolness of its surface felt pleasant on your lips.
Buck's heart pounded against his ribcage, almost painfully and he swore that you could hear it. He held in the surge of emotions that entered his body after beholding that.
“You’re so handsome, Buck. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to meet you." Your breath warmed over his skin as you whispered to him. “Look how wet you’ve got me.’
The man’s cheeks flushed and surely the color bled down his neck. You let him take a deep breath into his lungs, but then your words continued. Every syllable blanketed him.
“Are you alright with...moving forward?”
He fights himself to not answer too eagerly.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
Bucky doesn’t return home until the next morning. He found it difficult to pull away from you after a long night.
He knew that he had to, he cursed to himself recalling that he told Sam he would be back before the end of the night.
There is a glow to Bucky that you had never seen before that early morning. The man had been up all night with you, falling asleep for a few short hours before he woke again and repeated everything.
He felt drunk in bliss, overcome with everything that was you. And you felt it, in his bones, watching it drip off his body. 
You couldn’t help your shy smile when you saw the relaxed expression on his face. You said to him, “Feel free to call me when you want to hang out again. I…really enjoyed my time with you.”
He graciously accepted, kissing you lazily at your front doorstep before he dragged himself away.
Bucky knew he was in for it the moment he unlocked the door and there Sam was cooking breakfast in the kitchen.
He bit back a grimace when Sam turned around, eyes taking in the man’s current state.
His hair was a mess, clothes wrinkled, and a warm aura surrounding his body. Bucky feigned a nonchalant expression on his face, sometimes clenching his jaw to avoid all eye contact.
Sam turned the fire on the stove-top down and crossed his arms over his chest, examining his old friend playfully.
“I can’t believe it, man.”
Buck went to the other side of the kitchen looking for a glass, he filled the cup with water and took a few sips. “What do you mean, Samuel?”
His hand rubbed at his stubbled cheek and Sam laughed heartily. “Told you that you were gonna get some ass.”
Bucky had gone to say something but was caught up in his words. 
“Sam I—" His face burned dark crimson.
He shook his head and quickly excused himself for a shower, ignoring Sam's exuberant voice as he sauntered down the hall.
His friend returned to cooking. The smirk on his face was not going to leave anytime soon.
Sam knew he would ask Buck after his shower when the man was planning on introducing you.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
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napsor4 · 3 days ago
Bi thoughts?
Ok this might be long ... soooo I have been straight all my life . I admit I've had some mad crushes on some girls I've seen over the years but the attraction usually never lasted over a month so I always just brushed it off as just admiration of the same sex and nothing more . However these crushes are getting stronger as time goes by.
So a while ago , I got a new job and from the get go I spot this cute female co-worker who is a year younger than me , short, super pretty, has these cool piercings and I've started to have a huge crush on her . I tried to put the crush out of my mind but I subconsciously wanted to know more about her and if she liked girls so my gay-dar was secretly working overtime . So she finally came up one day and introduce herself and since then I think she's low key trying to flirt with me .For example she always seems to find a way to work near me, always stops and asks me alot of questions about myself whenever she passes , has loud enough conversations with other coworkers near me telling them about she's tired of dating younger girls and she's wants to start dating older women while giving me the side eye. This girl has some mad piercing eyes and it always feels like she's staring right deep into my soul whenever we have a conversation . I mean I don't know what it is but it feels like this girl literally sweats pheromones and I'm over here dying because in my head she makes me want to risk it all 😩.
However, here are the problems. 1. I'm in an almost 3 year relationship with my boyfriend and I love him even though we had alot of issues over the years . However I realised since early last year I haven't been so interested in sex , I've become somewhat numb which is one of our ongoing issues. I mean hes not bad in that department or anything but sometimes it feels like a chore and I try not to worry him too much and I've pretty much solved the issue this year by just bussing it down whenever he's in the mood but truthfully, internally I'm just doing it to please him and show my love and not really to please myself. However last night we were making out and I just had a flash of her in his place and my body just melted away. I just don't know why I'm feeling this way. 2. Ever since this job started I've been questioning my sexuality . Like.. am I bi ? This crush over passes any of the ones I had before . Like I actually feel nervous and excited to go to work everyday just to see this girl. 3 . I want to discuss it with my boyfriend about how I feel but he can be quite homophobic sometimes so I don't think he'll take it well. 4. Sometimes I have nagging thoughts where I wish I was in an alternate universe where I was single but either way in the real world itt would be stupid to break up with him just so I can figure out these new emotions that I feel , especially for some random girl I just met and for feelings that might be temporary . I mean at the end of the day she may not be thinking about me the same and is just a flirtatious women. As people say the grass isn't always greener on the other side. It may just because I work all the time and I don't get enough time to spend with my bf . 5 .Even if we were in some alternate dimension, I think there would still be problems because I live in an homophobic country , with homophobic family members who are Christian including me who also has a position in the church😔 . So even if I do call" risk it all " I don't think I would have the courage to come out tbh because i don't think I could handle the pressure of all those elements going against me and crashing down on me just because I changed my sexuality. I'm truly scared. She's fully out , even if in that imaginary dimension I did somehow shoot my shot it would be pure stress for her because she would have to deal with my closeted ass after she probably dealt with her own backlash when she came out and I don't think that would be fair to her .
My heart truly hurts and I'm just being quiet and trying not to get too invested or close to her and pushing myself to work harder on my relationship so I don't hurt any parties involved .
So yeah that's all I have to say. I don't know if I'm really asking for advice here but just really wanted to get this off my chest.
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ziracona · 3 days ago
The thing people don’t understand is that Mission Impossible is unequivocally one of the best franchises just ever.
You think it’s just a popcorn action flick if you haven’t seen them but you’re so wrong; it’s a found family of the best people ever, amazing writing and dialogue and characterization, full realization and development, and amazing execution for a character-centric spy series that absolutely dazzles on the stunts. The cast is better developed and written than most full length /shows/ with 29x the runtime. Ethan is introduced as a baby having the worst day humanly possible at like age 20 and then it just gets worse until he snaps and is like “Fuck you im going to win I don’t give a fuck you killed everyone I love infucking hate you you betrayed us I fucking hate you so much you’re awful and you need to go down” and straps a hellicopter to a bullet train he’s /on/ as it goes into a tunnel. Then literally smacks a bomb to its windshield while making eye contact w the person who ruined his life. Fucking love that funky little man; there’s literally /nothing/ he won’t put himself through to protect other people. Literally the only reason Ethan Hunt ever survives period is he does the wildest balls to the wall shit you ever saw and /God/ goes “Oh worm? 👀” Ilsa is /the/ best written blockbuster fighty lady I’ve ever saw. Her character intro in Rogue Nation alone *cheffs kiss* MI /invented/ “Put on a Cruise Ship”—the much better sister trope to “Put on a Bus,” where instead of sending them away, a character written out of their previous role is sent to personal fulfillment, happiness, growth, and still loves and is connected to everyone from before.
PLUS you have a great cast, incredible comedy moments, and the added horror of watching Tom Cruise actually do shit like hang off the Burj Khalifa for real, or hold his breath for six minutes, or halo jump, and you cry because not even the people who /built/ the Burj Khalifa should have ever been on the outside of that thing it’s fucking BIG. If the item is high enough you can fall and recite a whole Shakespeare monologue before you hit the ground it’s too fucking high. You can watch Tom Cruise break ribs in real time. Ethan runs like a man /going/ somewhere that alone. Never seen someone I was so sure I could never outrun. The whole Russian spy enemy-to-bro in Ghost Protocol, Carter’s whole getting the tragically fridged love interest tough spy character as a lady. MI3 is like a Romance I love and I don’t even fucking like Romance as a genre. But I cry. Fuckinnnnn GOOD movies. Ethan’s always ping-ponging between kicking ass and getting his ass kicked someone help him, but the only person qualified at all is Luther the Team Mom and Ethan sadly can’t be stopped. It’s so cute. Ethan gets traumatized at age 20 and then is like “I LOVE my friends and would never hurt them” but as a still really effective spy and the weird dichotomy there. He’s so good. Man drinks respect women juice too; never loved a man like I love Ethan Hunt. And Benji, Brandt, Luther, Ilsa, and Julia are all so good. The lack of a need to do /anything/ to up the ante or make it darker or lighter and instead just strict adherence to the story they want to tell? Benji Dunn alone??? The Vibes the family of spies has?? It’s just—It’s so good I don’t have words. I got dragged to MI Rogue Nation in theaters and it was the first I ever saw and I was expecting it to just be American James Bond, but instead I got a thoughtful, brilliant, wonderful work of art
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amelinkendgame · 3 days ago
Meredith’s Little Sister
A/N: Hey everyone, I’ve seen people asking for Lexie and Amelia content over on @afsalta and @amelnk accounts. I’ve written Lexmelia before so this isn’t my first time, but I do want to write more ships on here so I wrote this quick.
Amelia visits Derek after being ignored for months, where she meets Meredith’s little sister, Lexie.
For the first time Amelia was visiting Derek. He had been ignoring her the past few months and she was finally over with it. She got on a plane earlier that morning. No one knew she was coming at all.
“How’s you and Mark?” Meredith asked her sister.
“We’re okay I guess. I mean we’re on speaking terms but not dating at the moment.” Lexie said as she shoved food in her mouth.
“Who’s not dating at the moment?” Derek asks as he walks in.
“Mark and Lexie.” Meredith sadly smiled.
“I’m getting over him. I’ll be fine. I promise.” Lexie said.
“Somehow I don’t believe you.” Meredith shrugged. The door bell rang interrupting the conversation. Before anyone can answer they heard the door open.
All three of them exchanged confused looks. “Long time no see.” Dereks sister, Amelia comes around the corner.
Meredith looked at Dereks expression before greeting Amelia. Meredith went up the room to give them space.
“And who may you be?” Amelia looks to Lexie. She rushes chewing the rest of her food before answering.
“Lexie Grey.” She introduces herself.
“Meredith has a sister?” Amelia looked to Derek.
“I have to go to work so I’ll see you when I get home.” Derek rushes out with Meredith once she comes back.
Amelia sits down at the kitchen table with a water bottle. “I feel like he hates me. Like literally hates me.” Amelia sighed.
“I’m sure that’s not true.” Lexie gives a sad smile to the girl.
“It feels like it’s true. He never wants to talk to me. And he’s all I have and if I don’t have him… I don’t know who else I have.” Amelia said.
“I know we just met but I’ll always be here.” Lexie promises. Amelia looks up to her holding into tears. “And if you want we can spend the day together? I mean I’m off from work and have nothing better to do.” She says.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude.” Amelia asked.
“I’m sure. You can wear some of my clothes, they’ll be more comfortable than what you’re wearing now.” Lexie suggests.
“This sounds great. Thank you.” Amelia smiles. Lexie takes her upstairs and gives her a pair of pyjamas. Lexie put on a show to binge with her new “friend”
“So what kind of surgeon are you? I’m assuming you are a surgeon that is.” Amelia asks so Lexie turns off the tv.
“I’m not exactly sure. I’ve been thinking about doing neurosurgery though.” Lexie said.
“Oh really? Well maybe I can teach you. I happen to be a neurosurgeon myself.” Amelia smiles.
“So I’ve heard.” Lexie giggled, “So is there any reason that Derek was ignoring you?” She asks.
“I don’t know if there’s a specific reason but I- um we just got in some sort of fight.” Amelia said.
“Im sorry. He shouldn’t ignore you.” Lexie sighs.
“Don’t say sorry, it’s not something you did.” Amelia tells her, “Are Meredith and Derek ever getting engaged? It feels like they’ve been together for ages.”
“He’s planning on it.” Lexie says before thinking, “oh my god but don’t tell anyone please. I keep accidentally telling people and soon it will be out before he even gets a chance to propose.” Lexie stressed out.
“I’ll keep it a secret.” Amelia shrugs, “only if you do me a favour though.”
“What favour Amelia?” Lexie asked.
Amelia looked at her innocently. “Kiss me.” She says quietly, “Ever since I saw you I wanted you.”
“You did?” Lexie asked.
“Yeah. You’re beautiful.” Amelia said.
“You really think so?” Lexie smiled.
“Yeah. And cute. And adorable. And everything.” Amelia went on. Lexie connected their lips before she can say anything.
Amelia shut up letting it all happen.
“You know I’m Meredith’s little sister right? Are you sure we want to do this?” Lexie said.
“I don’t care who you’re related to. I just want you.” Amelia pushes hair behind Lexie’s ear.
Hours and hours went by of steamy make outs and possibly even more.
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laufire · 3 days ago
claire novak
three facts about them from my personal headcanons:
It’s probably very cliché to say she’s a Buffyverse fan, but c’mon. She clearly is xDD. Everyone expects her to love Buffy, and don’t get me wrong, she ADORES Buffy (and Bangel; she’s cried a lot with Bangel), but she has a soft spot for Willow. And very mixed and intense feelings about Faith, likely. Also, the absent fathers theme? Hits her hard, definitely...
She keeps the angel sword and Castiel’s stuffed cat next to each other. The gifts brought to her in her fatidic 18th birthday.
She would NEVER cut off her hair. Not that I don’t like butchy hair cuts, but I don’t think they’re her thing; have you seen how she styles it, even on hunts? This girl is VAIN ASF about her beautiful curls, I’m telling you.
a reason they suck: not. a single. one. She should’ve gotten to be a protagonist on her own show, though.
a reason they are great: I love literally everything about it, but what absolutely destroys me is how kind and empathetic she is. Like, the REAL deal, not the Elena Gilbert-type. The fact that she has it in her to not only forgive Castiel and the Winchesters but to bond with them (when they so do not deserve it, and she might be better off if she didn’t. Hell, she bonds with anyone to an uncanny degree, especially after all the shit she’s gone through) is so beyond my understanding. But instead of looking down at it or being skeptical towards it I’m marveled by her.
a reason I relate to them: we’re both hotheads lol. Also the hair thing xD, and finding Kaia adorable.
(what I consider to be) the top tier otp/ot3 for that character: Claire/Kaia/dark!Kaia is THE dynamic. I mourn the lack of content and I plan to remedy it as soon as I have the time (so, not in a while, but whatever).
five things that never happened to that character that I believe should have happened:
Meeting dark!Kaia (and being unable to even fight her).
Meeting Jack. These two are some of the kindest characters I’ve ever seen on tv and my heart would’ve grown three sizes.
Getting impossibly giddy and happy when Jody and Donna get together (it’s happening, people, I believe this).
I personally think Castiel was doing the right thing extricating himself from her life, letting her go and find what she needed on her own... but I find their dynamic heartbreaking and fascinating and I wouldn’t say no to more of it.
five people that character never fell in love with and why: the real answer for why Claire didn’t fall in love with non-Kaia people is that they aren’t Kaia lol, but let’s see.
Alex. Not Kaia. And also, ew. Alex is a pain in the ass and like a little sister even if Claire would be caught dead before saying that out loud xDD
Patience. Not Kaia. Even if she hadn’t already met Kaia, and later being consumed by grief and revenge, nothing would’ve grown between them like that, IMO. Patience is similar to Kaia in some respects that should count, but there’s no *spark*. Claire likes the spark.
Krissy. Not Kaia. I think if they met they’d get along, but that they’re a little to similar for Claire’s brain to even go there.
Alicia. Not Kaia. If they met, and it was BK (Before Kaia), Claire would’ve found her cute and nice and all. But again, no spark.
Dark!Kaia. This is where it gets complicated, because no, she’s not Kaia, she’s (or at least acts) different than the Kaia she knew. But in a lot of ways, she is Kaia. Kaia and her are one, are the same. And I think if they’d crossed paths, Claire’s feelings (especially since this is Claire, the girl who connects even with the people that destroyed her family) would’ve reflected that. The transference issues would’ve been through the roof. And both Kaias would have their own complicated dynamic; “What I was to her, she was to me. You wouldn’t understand.”, and it’s really a surprise she’s drawn to both? Ugh. What this could have been. You have no idea how much I mourn this.
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ratmonky · 4 days ago
HOLY SHIT SO i’ve written to you before and i’ve been on your blog for a quite a while now like.. last year or more? i was always too shy to write even with anon on but i’m trying really hard to write comments to you! idk if you’d want comments even on your older docs or writings but im gonna try and make an effort to write to you more! ANYWAYS, YOUR ENGLISH IS SO GOOD!! i always wanted to say this— but like, you literally write so much better than many native english speakers. LIKE YOU WRITE SO WELL I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT— YOU’RE ONE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS. also, when you write for jjba, i was so happy because you wrote for a fandom i found relatively hard to find good writings about. and then when i got into jjk, I FOUND OUT YOU WROTE FOR IT TOO AND I’VE BEEN IN LOVE WITH ALL OF YOUR WORKS. i literally even read the five you make of fandoms i don’t even know because your writing is *THAT* good. and lately, i’ve been getting into using AO3, and then i also became really obsessed with gintama. i was searching for gintama fics on ao3 cause it was so hard to find any on other platforms and i read multiple really good ones AND THEN FOUND OUT IT WAS YOURS. I WAS SO HAPPY YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND. anyways— i don’t know where im going with this ask, i’m sorry that it’s getting too long. BUT I REALLY LOVE YOUR GINTAMA FICS OMG. THEYRE LITERALLY A MASTERPIECE. the shinsuke one literally was so GOOD. like i re-read your works on the daily. YOUR SAKAMOTO ONE IS SMTH I READ BEFORE I SLEEP i really hope you make some more sakamoto ones in the future or maybe even katsura. i don’t really care, i’ll read everything you write anyway. sorry for the bother! please stay safe, healthy, and happy! thank you for writing for us! 💗
a lot to unpack here ahh, first of all thank you for this ask!! it made me really happy!!!
please, you don't need to force yourself to comment! sending an ask is fine too and OMG getting comments on older fics are sooo wonderful for me cause i get to go back and reread my stuff! i post so many fics that sometimes i forget about the things i've written lol
thank you!!! i try to listen to audiobooks and podcasts to learn more words and improve my english!! i am so happy that it's working!!!
i write for many fandoms and like you can't predict which fandom i'll write for next, it's like a gambling without knowing the rules but still going all out hehe
i'm so so happy you've enjoyed my works and i'm so glad i've been able to provide you some sort of entertainment with different fics from different fandoms.
ok now fangirling time. gintama is the only fucking fandom i will never be able to leave, it had me in its clutches. it's the first anime i've ever watched, it has characters that made me into who i am today and if you met me irl you'd actually see the similarities. whether it be me being bullied (lovingly) by friends for being a munkey, me being unable to go a day without smoking or putting mayonnaise into food that shouldn't have mayo in it, me being emo and doing cool stuff my friends make fun of me for and lastly just me being the exact person gintoki is like. gintama is really and literally just me, as if it was made for me lmao (i know i don't make sense i just talk so fucking much when it comes to gintama because i love this show wayy too much and i hate that i will never be able to experience it for the first time ever again. i was fucking 8 when i watched this shit it's amazing how i'm still so invested in it)
okay okay back to the ask, uhhh i loved writing smothering silence omg, it was my favorite work in gintama before that shinsuke fic i wrote recently. ahh, don't worry, i'll definitely write more for gintama and omg... zura... i forgot about his goofy ass. hit me up with requests and i'll choose my favorite to write for him, it's so hard coming up with stuff for him when his whole existence is about wanting to fuck forlorn wives and having an ntr fetish???? like idk anymore this guy is too much for me hjwefbrgjr
again, thank you so much for this ask!! i... it reminded me of why i like posting here. it's just that i enjoy talking about the things i love and someone talking back. idk. i don't have weeb friends irl cuz i hide that part of myself (like toshi lol sorry i had to)
anywayyy i'm talking too much but yes thank you so much, you made my day!!! <3 <3 <3
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zemenipearls · 4 days ago
You seem to be a bit wyaln critical and I’d like to know why if possible? I’ve never seen much dislike of wylan and more infantlization of his character and always love to see more reads on him!
I'm way Wylan critical. I've done posts about it before so I'm gonna keep it short! If you search his tag on my blog you might find more but basically
He's dating someone from another country and shows no interest or even commentary about that fact
He's pretty boring
He's financially controlling of Jesper at the end of CK
Again, at the end of CK he doesn't do anything to include Jesper's culture or traditions or lifestyle into their home. He just... moves Jesper in to his awful dad's shit.
He was rude asf to Kuwei, who was a literal 15 year old political refugee who's dad just died.
There's more I'm sure but I don't wanna think about him too much right now tbh. I'm on a real Nadia / Anatov / Adreoni / Poppy kick
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That... sure was an episode of Holby City, I guess?
Not gonna lie, I felt that episode peaked about 8 minutes in with the scene in Henrik’s office, and it was really all downhill from there. It was a weird episode. I’m not even sure who wrote it. Everywhere on the internet said it was Michelle Lipton, but the opening credits of the episode itself said it was by Joe Ainsworth.
I still hate how Henrik is magically fine now, but I’ll admit that returning him to the ice-queen CEO role has resulted in some very funny scenes. I’m still not over him just straight up telling Dom “it’s your mess, you deal with it, I’ve had enough for one day” a couple of weeks ago, and him trying to sort out the details of what was going on with Josh and Ange and then clearly wishing he’d never asked in tonight’s episode was hilarious. I’m glad I had the subtitles on, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have even been able to hear the dialogue over my laughter.
Henrik’s little scene with Max was also enjoyable. I’m glad they’re friends now and I’m glad he cares about her opinions now. I like this setup much better than his weird takeover attempt last year.
Speaking of Max, she seemed weirdly well for someone who had literally just had surgery? Or did the writers forget this episode was supposed to take place only 1 day after the last one (remember, Kian said last week that Andrei’s operation, which we saw in tonight’s ep, was “tomorrow”)? They probably forgot, because that’s the state of continuity on Holby these days. :/ (Also, that whole scene with her and Ange was... weird.)
Eh on the Josh and Ange stuff. I’m not particularly invested, but they’re a cute couple. And I am interested to see the drama that will go down over the next few weeks now they’ve been found out. I do love some good ‘our relationship has been found out and no one approves of us, oh no’ drama.
I have nothing to say on the Dom and Sacha stuff, but I will admit that, in hindsight of the news about the show’s cancellation, I have an extra appreciation for the fact that we’ve recently seen Dom become a consultant. I’ve wanted to see him become one for a long time, and I’m glad we managed to get there before the show ends.
So... the Lucky, Kian and Andrei stuff. This is a thing, and if I’m honest, I feel like I only take in about 50% of what’s going on in this storyline, if that. All I can say is that Lucky looked so incompetent tonight to the point that I couldn’t even be mad, I just pitied her. These characters, and their actors, deserve better than to be stuck in this storyline.
Oh, and seeing Daz from Emmerdale crop up as the social worker was amusing. Haven’t seen him in anything in ages.
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benthelastskywalker · 4 days ago
Another thing I have seen many people accuse Rey of is of being “self-righteous.” When does Rey ever say or doing anything to show that she believes herself to morally superior? When has she ever treated Ben as if he were somehow less than her?
By not taking Ben’s hand at the end of TLJ? One doesn’t have to be self-righteous to realize that taking his hand would be a bad idea. Not taking his hand was not only the best thing for Rey, it was also the best thing for Ben. Ben didn’t need her to join him in the Dark. 
There seems to be this belief that Ben returned to the Light purely for Rey and while she was part of it, he also did it for himself. He needed to do it for himself. I’ve said it before, but remaining in the Dark wasn’t doing him any good. He literally said he was “being torn apart.” Returning to the Light was in Ben’s own best interest.
And Rey knew that. She could feel his pain and how he felt while he was in the Dark. She knew it was tearing him apart. Which is why she tried to reach him, to get him to come back to the Light. And when he didn’t, she realized she couldn’t force him. He had to make the decision on his own. It was up to him to come back to the Light, not her. So she walked away. She wouldn’t, she couldn’t compromise her own soul for him.
There seems to be this focus solely on Ben, his POV, his wants, his needs to the exclusion of all else. But when analyzing a story, you cannot focus simply on one character, no matter how big a role that character might play. Everyone character has their own voice, their own thoughts, their own needs and desires. Viewing Rey only through the lens of how her actions affect Ben, for better or worse, reduces Rey to a tool instead of realizing she is her own person. 
Rey has her own needs independent of Ben. She cannot jeopardize her own well being for Ben’s. Saying otherwise only feeds into this dangerous idea that self-care is selfish and that people should always put others first even if that means neglecting their own needs. 
And what about Ben? He’s constantly putting his own desires above those of Rey, trying to get her to turn to the Dark side when that’s not only not what she wants but what neither of them needs. He often acts like Rey is weak for trying to stay in the Light. Yet, I never see anyone demean him for doing so. Somehow he manages to escape criticism for his flaws and yet that’s all Rey receives.
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thedeathdeelers · 5 days ago
yo i might get rant-y in this ask and need to send multiple and i’m so sorry in advance but i saw your post about letting people like/dislike whatever characters they want and then specifically addressing bobby in the tags and it brought up FEELINGS for me. like i lowkey feel like you made that post bc you saw the same one/ones i did and i just - i need to get it out there ... i don’t understand - people being upset at bobby antis/people not liking bobby ... like y’all do realize that ... all the fanon stuff you think up for him ... isn’t real? like - canonically ... we see the dude for 10 minutes total? maybe? of screentime. and all we really know about him is that he in the band with the other boys and then betrayed them ... like ... that’s literally it. i know they all wanna make up all these excuses and backstories for him and stuff but - to anyone who isn’t a bobby fan, that isn’t how we see him? like i’m sorry it upsets you but ... you can’t make people follow your fanon and view this character the way you want them to when ... the show tells us what kind of character he’s supposed to be ... like. the show gives us the narrative he is not a good guy ... so that’s the narrative i’m gonna follow. sorry not sorry. and people aren’t bad because they don’t like him or stan him or whatever??? like we’re not /supposed/ to - like i-i just ... i don’t understand. and getting so upset at people not wanting to include him in sunset curve in fics or as the boys’ best friend and such ... do they not also realize also in canon ... the boys themselves don’t really seem to consider him a part of sunset curve or a best friend? they introduce themselves to julie as sunset curve and don’t say “sunset curve minus one”, they ask julie to join sunset curve and they never once say anything like “we need a new fourth member”. bobby is an afterthought to them, that gets briefly brought up and then forgotten about until ep4 where we find out he BETRAYED THEM!!! (also like w that brief mention, that right there is a prime example bobby wasn’t as close w the boys as everyone wants. luke is going on about how the three of them have each other and that’s all they need. you think if bobby was as close then he would’ve mentioned him them especially considering they had just done so minutes before???). like - i just ... stop getting mad at people for not wanting to follow your fanon and for literally following the ideals the show itself tells them. i’m sorry it sucks that not everyone loves the same character you do but you only love him so much because of the ideas and headcanons and stuff that YOU’VE made. you can’t expect everyone to just follow that, it isn’t fair. and if bobby antis/people who don’t like him bother you that much ... block and move on? i don’t know. again i’m so sorry for this rant in your inbox but i needed to let this out and i’m far too nervous to post this publicly. also please note none of the “yous” in this ask are directed to you - they’re all general “yous”. anyways i hope you have a lovely day/evening/etc and again i’m so very sorry for this!
aw please don’t apologise! you have a right to your opinion just like everyone else in this fandom, and you shouldn’t be attacked or argued with just because of those opinions (as long as they’re not harming anyone/are not racist/sexist/etc)
i’m glad you went on a rant because i get it - sometimes we just need that lmao l. my post was a long time coming seriously - i’ve seen quite a few in the last few months and sometimes you just gotta...let it out 🤷🏻‍♀️
i wasn’t attacking anyone per se- i just wanted to remind people that you have a right to enjoy fandom the way you want to enjoy it. you have a right to enjoy the show and its characters the way you want to enjoy them
i mean i’m friends and mutuals with a lot of people who love their version of bobby and idm!!! good for them!!! i’ve even enjoyed a few fics and their portrayal of bobby. i just don’t appreciate it when people get aggressive saying you have to include him in your fics and hcs etc
like i’ve said it plenty of times, i have no real opinions on bobby, (genuinely don’t care about him as a character) we barely know anything about him in canon so imma leave him out of my fics most of the time! and that’s my choice! doesn’t mean i’m shoving anti-bobby propaganda everywhere or purposefully being malicious just by doing that
i’m literally just. vibing. in my own fics and on my own blog, surprisingly enough
(also ya i get u. the thing that always hits me is how much of an afterthought he is to the they get angry when they find out trevor stole their songs but then that’s it...::they barely think about him so i HC that he was just a later addition to the band and not a very close one at that. but again that’s a headcanon because we know nothing about it. at all.)
but again- lmao that’s me y’all. you do you just as long as you remember this IS A HOBBY. A FICTIONAL SHOW ABOUT FICTIONAL CHATACTERS
like gaddamn
anyway. hope you have a good morning/afternoon/night anon!! 🥰
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insummerair · 5 days ago
Favorite Taylor lyrics : evermore (deluxe)
willow : WILLOW MY BELOVED!!! 
Life was a willow and it bent right to your wind They count me out time and time again
Wait for the signal and I'll meet you after dark Show me the places where the others gave you scars
champagne problems : This song sounds like you could waltz to it... like a first dance at a wedding.. It’s literally so fucking genius I don’t have the time to properly describe it to you and even if I did I wouldn’t make any sense. 
"This dorm was once a madhouse" I made a joke "well, it's made for me" how Evergreen, our group of friends Don't think we'll say that word again And soon they'll have the nerve to deck the halls That we once walked through One for the money, two for the show I never was ready, so I watch you go
goldrush : And the coastal town We wandered round had never Seen a love as pure as it And then it fades into the gray of my day-old tea
‘tis the damn season : So I'll go back to LA And the so-called friends who'll write books about me if I ever make it And wonder about the only soul who can tell which smiles I'm faking And the heart I know I'm breaking is my own To leave the warmest bed I've ever known
tolerate it : I made you my temple, my mural, my sky Now I'm begging for footnotes in the story of your life
no body, no crime : Good thing my daddy made me get a boating license when I was 15 And I've cleaned enough houses to know how to cover up a scene Good thing Este's sister's gonna swear she was with me
happiness : 
The lyrics of this song are insane please love it more oh my GOD
Dorothea : And damn, Dorothea They all wanna be ya But are you still the same soul? I met under the bleachers
coney island : this fucking song unlocks emotions in me that I never knew existed. I still don’t know what they are. Another song that’s absolutely genius. The lyrics are incredible. like..... fuck it 
"coney island" (feat. The National) Break my soul in two Looking for you but you're right here If I can't relate to you anymore Then who am I related to? And if this is the long haul How'd we get here so soon? Did I close my fist around something delicate? Did I shatter you? And I'm sitting on a bench in Coney Island wondering where did my baby go? The fast times, the bright lights, the merry go Sorry for not making you my centerfold Over and over Lost again with no surprises Disappointments, close your eyes And it gets colder and colder When the sun goes down The question pounds my head "What's a lifetime of achievement?" If I pushed you to the edge But you were too polite to leave me And do you miss the rogue Who coaxed you into paradise and left you there? Will you forgive my soul When you're too wise to trust me and too old to care? 'Cause we were like the mall before the Internet It was the one place to be The mischief, the gift wrapped suburban dreams Sorry for not winning you an arcade ring Over and over Lost again with no surprises Disappointments, close your eyes And it gets colder and colder When the sun goes down Were you waiting at our old spot In the tree line by the gold clock Did I leave you hanging every single day? Were you standing in the hallway With a big cake, happy birthday Did I paint your bluest skies the darkest gray? A universe away And when I got into the accident The sight that flashed before me was your face But when I walked up to the podium I think that I forgot to say your name I'm on a bench in Coney Island wondering where did my baby go? The fast times, the bright lights, the merry go Sorry for not making you my centerfold Over and over Lost again with no surprises Disappointments, close your eyes And it gets colder and colder When the sun goes down When the sun goes down The sight that flashed before me was your face When the sun goes down But I think that I forgot to say your name Over and over Sorry for not making you my Making you my Making you my centerfold
ivy : My most played song on Spotify of all time! Granted I've only been using Spotify since 2019 but still. Fucking love this song!!
So tell me to run Or dare to sit and watch what we'll become..
cowboy like me : Takes one to know one You're a cowboy like me And I'm never gonna love again
long story short : And he's passing by Rare as the glimmer of a comet in the sky
marjorie : Oh look! Another song I cannot listen to. 
I should've asked you questions I should've asked you how to be Asked you to write it down for me Should've kept every grocery store receipt 'Cause every scrap of you would be taken from me
closure : I know everyone hates the metallic slap slap sounds at the beginning but this song is it. It’s so healing. 
- Don't treat me like some situation that needs to be handled -
evermore : I love this whole thing but this lyric is my favorite Taylor lyric of all time. I’ve definitely said that a million times by now but LISTEN.
And when I was shipwrecked (Can't think of all the cost) I thought of you (All the things that will be lost now) In the cracks of light (Can we just get a pause?) I dreamed of you (To be certain we'll be tall again)
right where you left me : 
I could feel the mascara run You told me that you met someone Glass shattered on the white cloth Everybody moved on
it’s time to go : The entire song. It’s so fucking good. 
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hungerpunch · 5 days ago
if a bruise hurts, press on it right?
8:37 AM · Aug 10, 2020
The worst thing in my life has happened. My dad died
1:11 AM · Aug 14, 2020
thank you everyone, you have all been so kind. i wish i had energy to reply but all i can do is cry and not sleep and arrange his funeral and clean out his apartment and cry. here are some beautiful photos of found of him and my mom in seattle
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1:52 AM · Aug 15, 2020
my dad's family (who excommunicated us for 13 years) has made this terrible week so hellish and awful. they have bullied my family and been unhelpful and selfish and thoughtless.
tn i had a full blown panic attack after attempting to deal with them for several hours. now here i am the night before my dad's funeral, heartbroken, exhausted, and to top it off, incredibly nauseous bc of the stress they have caused.
i have not even had a spare 30 minutes to sit down and cry for my dad since i got home. nobody tells you how fast this moves, how much has to get done, that you can't even grieve until after the bloody funeral is over and done with.
i hate that i lost my dad but most of all i hate that I hadn't seen him since Christmas bc of covid and then it turns out we can't have open casket bc his body is not viewable so I will literally never see my dad again and having that taken away from me hurts so much
today i: wrote an obituary ($189 for just his name and 3 lines of text!), scanned 40 photos for a slideshow, moved his furniture out of his apartment and into a storage unit, called 3 credit card companies to close accounts and wrote my eulogy. and there is STILL more to do.
2:04 AM · Aug 15, 2020
i wish you all could be there w me tomorrow to face down his wretched family. i wish you could wreathe me like guardians and not let them even glimpse me much less utter words at me. i wish you all could be a shield and sword. i need so much strength. i cannot do this.
dad please watch over us tomorrow. Please protect me from their horrible judgment. Please be a wall of fire between me and their hateful gaze. Please reach down from heaven and touch my head and bring me calmness and the ability to get through this. I just want to honor you.
10:30 AM · Aug 17, 2020
all week long as i've heard new stories about my dad or met someone he knew, i've wanted to turn around and tell him. i keep forgetting i can't pass any of these loving messages or funny stories onto him. i hope he somehow knows.
we had a short hour-long public visitation for him (masks required) and a woman showed up & told us that when she was a 20 yo she had been crying in a courthouse w her baby, about to be evicted, and my dad saw her and represented her on the spot. got her three months' extension.
she said that three months changed everything and though they didn't keep in touch, she always remembered my dad's name. so when she saw the obituary she knew right away. i could not believe it. it was so fucking moving.
10:50 AM · Aug 19, 2020
first day back at work and trying to write professional emails to people and focus on things feels like the biggest joke of all time.
can i change my email address to
2:55 PM · Aug 21, 2020
so far i've dealt w this by compartmentalizing every emotion deep down into my own personal void and uhh wearing my dad's tee shirts
don't want to admit how many days ive been wearing this one but it was one he wore so often and it still had the faintest bit of his smell on it. u can't tell but it's very fine blue stripes. blue was always the best color on him.
Tumblr media
my favorite inherited possession
Tumblr media
8:24 PM · Aug 21, 2020
It's just wild 2.5 weeks ago I had just decided what song my dad and I would dance to at my wedding and was getting ready to visit him and then he died before I could tell him or see him.
it would have been this btw. ik everyone roasts the beatles (which is fair) but some of my earliest memories are my dad singing me this song to soothe me to sleep as a child.
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