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m4yoshino · 7 minutes ago
UEHEJD I KEEP FORGETTING TO FINISH STUFF IN MY DRAFT I'M SO SORRY EVERYONE <//3 I finished my bp and am waiting for it to refill so I'll go work on some asks and actually finish them !!
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blueeyesatnight · 7 minutes ago
Me: Let's write Pero!
Brain: Oberyn.
Me: Pero?
Brain: Oberyn.
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salemruinseverything · 7 minutes ago
free infodump coupon!! infodump about whatever you want :]
anon i love you for this but i need something more specific than this
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beckaroo · 7 minutes ago
not to be controversial, but in my humble opinion I don’t see this Loki out of character. And here’s why:
I mean, as I said before in a previous post, in Thor and in Avengers, we have saw only one version of Loki: the one who is hurt, angry, who is blinded by jealousy and his own need for revenge and power and getting what is his by his birthright (and I mean, I understand the poor guy).
The TVA context is a new one, - a different one- and it’s clear how Loki needs to play the part of someone who is willing to help them just to stay alive. It’s also clear that he has other reasons to act that way. PLUS we have never seen his entire personality, because in the other movies there wasn’t time for that and his plots completely revolved around grief, anger, revenge and all the things we know. It would have been weirder if this Loki was the same as the Thor Loki, to be honest.
Also, I actually see this series as a mcu rewritten version of Loki Agent of Asgard, and the Loki from these comics is very similar to this Loki. They are literally two smart dorks with a dark broken shadow and sadness inside of them. 
And lastly, the first episode literally told us that Loki was NEVER mind controlled by Thanos. And people, it’s only the second episode, we don’t even know what Loki’s actual plans are - because please, try to read under the lines, not everything must be open and blatant- I think there is a reason why Loki didn’t use his powers against that variant (who I’m not sure is Lady Loki). 
You are judging harshly something just because it doens’t fit your own headcanons. Just give it some time, at least until the series is over. 
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zukoscalzones · 8 minutes ago
1 month used to feel like such a long time, but anymore 2 months pass and I don't even notice... 😔
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gusu-emilu · 8 minutes ago
my creative process lately has been
-write 2k of one wip in one day, three days of nothing, write 2k of a new wip, three days of nothing
-redo the entire outline of a fic for the third time and still not start it
-lying awake thinking how to work out an AU that doesn't make sense just because i want a very specific cuddling scene
-getting excited about a premise/vibe that has no plot and will be impossible to write well
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setaflow · 9 minutes ago
Wonder if Johnny was so whacked out and freaky when he was alive that he just sort of became a Night City Cryptid from like 2005-2023. Like, say it's 2018 and you're hanging with a bunch of your friends at a bar. Somehow, the conversation turns into a discussion about the times you and your friends saw Johnny Silverhand live and in person. They include:
One friend who was nearly run off the highway by Johnny gunning his Porsche at 110 mph. They if no idea if he was drunk or high or crossfaded, but all they know is that Aerosmith was blaring and Kerry Eurodyne was shirtless, hanging out of the shotgun window, and chugging a 40.
Another who saw Johnny in a bar. He proceeds to buy four rounds of drinks for everyone throughout the night and gets into a shot for shot competition with the DJ (he wins). Your friend left early the next morning and returned the following night, where a big "Johnny Silverhand is Banned from the Premises" sign now hangs in the doorway. The staff won't tell you what he did to earn it.
One time, another friend saw him lying on the end of the Northside docks, staring up at the sky. They thought he was just enjoying a moment until he sat straight up and puked off the pier; turns out he'd just decided to pass out there after a bender instead of going back to his place. He proceeded to vomit five more times before leaving.
There was a night where a friend saw him arrive at a club early one evening. Said friend proceeded to watch Johnny make out with five different girls and three different guys (they counted) before he departed. He then showed up the next day with Rogue and proceeded to beat his previous nights' record by three more men and women apiece.
A friend's sitting in some bar one night. Johnny's there with some of his Samurai mates in the next booth over, drawing a crowd. But over in the corner is some dude who's being really, really disrespectful to his uncomfortable-looking date. Invading personal space, being overtly creepy, that sort of fuckboy stuff. Your friend sees it, and apparently Johnny does too, because he gets up, shoulders through the crowd, calmly removes the fire extinguisher from the wall, and uses it to chase the guy off. Later in the night, the friend goes into the bathroom and sees Johnny and the guy's date...yeah.
Yet another friend is walking through Santo at night when they get jumped by three drunk gang dudes looking for cash. Before they can rob your friend blind, a silver and black blur rushes in, fights the guys off, and fires some warning shots over their heads as they run off. It's a minute before your friend recognizes Johnny Silverhand as their savior. The first thing they notice is that he's absolutely smashed: the second thing they notice is that he's not wearing any pants. (They later learn that Johnny was playing a gig that night, which means that he somehow lost his pants after performing. Or worse-- during.)
And on and on and on.
You and your friends assume that these all happened weeks or even months apart, but eventually, you all connect the dots and realize that all of these instances happened in the last week or so. Four of those stories happened on the same day. Two of them happened within an hour of each other.
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jade-parcels · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
🌊A seaside vacation together!🌊 Pt. 2!
With Childe, Diluc and Albedo! Pt.1 here!
@wowsiepowsie !! I am so sorry!! I deleted your ask by accident!! It just happened to be the same as this one thank goodness!! Tumblr is also being annoying so…I had to screenshot this ask instead of answering directly *sigh* sorry guys ;-; technology isn’t my strong suit 😅
Ajax is used to the bitter cold of Snezhnaya so I’m sure we can all imagine his utter childlike joy as he jumps around in the sand and bodyslams waves as they crash ashore lmao
He’d love to go anywhere with you! And you picked the beach?? Even better!!
There’s so much to do at the beach! You won’t be laying out in the sun for long cause you’ve got a big man-child running around :) he wants to dunk you in the water, give you a piggyback ride, build a sand fortress, dig a hole and stand in it, he just won’t sit still!!
You gotta pay attention to him though cause he’s a ginger…He’s gonna burn real bad. Please…PLEASE slap some sunblock on him (or whatever the genshin equivalent it 0-0) cause he will be miserable the next day if he’s all burnt to a crisp
He’ll lay and relax with you in the sand if that’s what you really want but he’ll be shifting positions constantly and talking a lot. When he comes to the beach…he doesn’t wanna lay around lmao he’s a busy bee
Ajax will catch a fish for you guys and set up a fire so you can cook outside together! You guys can have dinner while watching the sun set over the waves :)
^ watch out cause once he catches a fish, he’ll chase you around with it “Come give it a kiss!!” “Quit it!! That’s so gross!” “Okay fiiiine! Give me a kiss then~” “Not when you have slimy fish hands”
His earlier antics will catch up to him though, he’ll fall asleep the second you cuddle up to him for the night! He wore himself out lol
So overall??? He would LOVE getting to go anywhere with you! He’ll make it loud, fun and maybe a little dangerous :) as a treat
As long as the beach is secluded and it’s just the two of you, he’ll have a good time
He’ll want to lay in the shade instead of tan when you want to cause he’s yet another ginger. He’s paler than Childe is. He won’t just burn, he’ll evaporate lmao
The second you step on that beach you better get this man to take his shirt off. He’s a beefcake, he’s gotta show it off every once in awhile ;)
Diluc does enjoy domestic activities at the beach like searching for pretty shells or laying in the shallow water together. He also wouldn’t mind cuddling too :)
He’s always hot to the touch though, cause of his vision and whatever genetics made his body temperature run hot anyways. So being in the sun too long will kinda make him over heat! So he’ll go dunk himself in the water when he feels hot and will encourage you to come too :)
His idea of a vacation is not running around or being loud. He’s content to lay beside you in the sand all day long! He’d also love to take a walk along the shore with you too, he’s a hopeless romantic after all
As long as you two feel well rested and refreshed when you go back home, he’s fine with whatever you want to do! Ugh what a simp
He’s so loveable…but so annoying
Who in their right mind comes to the beach with a trunk full of mason jars and art supplies? This man. He’ll take sand samples, seaweed samples, he’ll collect a crab or two, strange rocks, all of it and stick em in jars to take back to his lab
He’ll also bring his art supplies to paint/sketch the scenery! And you of course
You’ll be laying in the sand, telling him about a commission you took out here once before and when you open your eyes to see his reaction, he’s fuckin gone lmao
He isn’t far away but he just got up amd walked away
“Albedo!!” “Yes? Is there something you need, dear?” “Why did you walk away??” “I can hear you perfectly fine from here, please do finish your story. I’m quite interested fo hear how it ends” >:/
He isn’t very interested in swimming or sunbathing but if it makes you happy, he will :) though it won’t be long, he’ll lose interest in it pretty fast
When it comes to seashell collecting he’s all in but expect him to bring a few jars with you to fill up with plants or ‘specimen’ of all kinds
Albedo will eventually settle down right before nightfall, pulling you down to sit on a rock beside him to watch the waves “thank you for bringing me here. I know I kept saying that taking a break was not worthwhile but…I think coming here with you today was the best choice I’ve made for myself in a long time” awwww
Now that he’s done ‘collecting samples’ and ‘observing the scenery’ he’s content to hold you in his arms and chat about anything and everything
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mllorei · 12 minutes ago
I had this math tutor. We still talk sometimes, and had it not been for the pandemic, I’d surely visit him.
I honestly miss our classes. He is a good teacher, or perhaps our personalities just clicked - I don’t know, although there are more sentences than I’m willing to write down, all explaining why those classes were different and how they were better in those non-standard ways.
But, one of the biggest things was that, my tutor did not particularly care about societal norms. For once, I was not a girl, not a student in the common school-type dynamic, quite honestly - I was not really anything. I cursed like a sailor during those classes sometimes, and so did my tutor, but at the end of the day, there was not a single task we touched and did not end up solving eventually.
My tutor did place some expectations upon me, but it was more so... Joking? And if I failed, nothing ever happened. It was okay. I was not his best student, some damn sort of representative, and eventually I ended up realising the expectations were more of options than anything else. Looking back at it, nobody was his best student. He did not care.
I don’t remember what it was exactly about. I only recall being made aware of some norm, and not understanding it at all. I remember my tutor telling me my life would be hard.
I think I understand now.
First, I’m a girl.
I’m a student.
I’m a daughter, a sister, a woman - and although single, all assume I will definitely want a conventional sort of family one day.
But, when confronted with what any of those mean, with what the expectations are to fit into those... It is not me. And I don’t care enough to make myself small and to change myself for those to entail me.
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turn-for-yote · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes you look at a photo and know when it was from without really being told. In twenty years people are going to look at photos like this and intuitively know it was taken in the late 210′s and early 220′s because of the white-yellow patchwork of streetlights. High pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs burning out one by one, replaced by LED. HPS spectrum has a huge overlap with our daytime vision and that’s one of the reasons it was used for so long; this running assumption that they made things visible because they cast light the way our eyes could see. The problem is that our night vision works different than our day vision and they were truly an awful choice for lighting streets. Shadows get lost. Shapes get obscured. Color is all but absent. The spectrum only *just* glances off of what we can see at night. Even in this photo you can see the relative obscurity of the bushes under the HPS compared to the clarity of the trees and grass under the LED.
I spent most of my childhood on the road.Yellow lights and blurred shadows walking across the inside of a car one-by-one-by-one-by-one as my dad drove a truck across interstate overpasses and through empty city streets. It feels like some kind of eternal place; a 90′s purgatory somehow insulated from the wider cultural forces at the time. Dancing light as seen by people just living their lives.
I having a hard time separating the transition from culture. HPS streetlights went in around 1970 and the last of them will be burning out in the next ten or so years. There have been better, safer, options since at the 90′s but it would have been a little more expensive.
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For ViridianEmeralds on Ao3 who asked for soft my hero head cannons, also sorry for stopping with share your pride, I haven’t been able to get online for a while.
Anyway, here’s some soft head cannons and let me know if you want more :)
Todoroki is afraid of Midoriya’s scars because as much as he loves that Midoriya helped him find himself and not be afraid of his fire quirk, he hates that his fire hurt someone like his father hurt him and he’s afraid that Midoriya will someday realise that it’s Todoroki’s fault even though Midoriya would never think that.
Whenever someone in 1A has a nightmare, they visit Aizawa and he’ll make cot chocolate and sit with them. He lets them talk, sit in silence or watch something on TV until they feel better because he knows that being a hero is more than just saving people, it’s being there for them and he wants to teach his students that.
The first time one of Dabi’s staples fell out when he was around Hawks, he was scared that Hawks would be grossed out but he just asked if he was ok. Once Dabi sorted it, Hawks kissed his scars and told him his scars are beautiful because they showed that he’s strong and brave enough to keep going. That’s when Dabi tells Hawks about his past and opens up because, for the first time ever, he feels safe around someone else.
Bakugo is terrified of hurting someone because of the way his mother hits him and makes him feel like he’s not good enough so once he’s in a relationship with anyone, he refuses to hold their hand without washing his hands incase his quirk accidentally hurts them.
Aizawa gives Denki the right support he needs in class so when he does a test Denki is just so surprised with himself when he realises that he isn’t stupid or behind his classmates, he just has a different way of learning. At the end of class he just goes up and hugs Aizawa who awkwardly pats his back telling him he’s proud of his progress.
After the festival, Jiro always plays music in the dorms because she knows it’s how she can express herself so she wants people to know that if words aren’t enough that doesn’t invalidate their feelings or emotions and they can find other ways to express themselves. It also means she gets to annoy Bakugo even though he secretly enjoys listening to the music.
He gives the best hugs whenever anyone in 1A is feeling homesick or upset in the dorms, he also wakes up whenever anyone has a nightmare because he hears them so he’ll go and make sure they’re ok and take them hot chocolate. He also gives the best hugs.
Everyone thinks he’s oblivious when they talk about him but he understands, it’s just because he’s taught himself not to react that he acts like he doesn’t know so it’s easier to deal with them. He’s always been afraid of not fitting in but the deku squad always try and make him feel welcome, sometimes they over explain things but that’s how Todoroki realised he had real friends.
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anna-scribbles · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
"In the photo, him and Ladybug - decked out in their Hero’s Charity line wear, of course - have their knuckles pounded together, and Ladybug is caught mid-laugh, her eyes squinted shut, her free hand up as if she had meant to cover her mouth but forgot mid way through, her smile bright and warm. Adrien, as always, is looking at her."
- ch 6 of @peachcitt's fic double dare for ladrien june which you ABSOLUTELY should be reading as just like. a favor to yourself. literally the best ladrien content i've ever consumed READ IT ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
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uchihashisui-kun · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@grumpyoceanbitch​ I hope you’re ready because this is gonna be long XD I have so many things to say about Kotoamatsukami and everything that has been said/shown about it
And I have proofs!
It feels so good to have proofs ♡
Anyway, under the cut because it really is long, and I know that too long posts might be annoying to have on your dash
Let’s try again and hope that Tumblr won’t eat it away this time...
The most clear thing is that I find the ten years cooldown a total bullshit, alright? It just doesn’t make sense, why would it be there? There is no reason whatsoever
“But Mar!”, I can hear some of you saying, “Kotoamatsukami is so strong and over powered! It’s only fair that it has a cooldown time!”
Well, yes. But also, no
Kotoamatsukami is not the only strong and terrifying technique out there, and only talking about different the Mangekyō Sharingan we know so far we have a clear reason as to why that is bullshit
Let’s go from less terrifying to more terrifying:
Kamui, a technique that makes you intangible and basically invincible if you learn how to dip in and out the Kamui dimension at the right moment like Obito does. You can literally walk in a protected place without making any alarm sound. You can disappear and appear from thin air, teleporting from one place to the other in the blink of an eye. You could sto weapons in your personal dimension that no one can access. You could steal a nuke and no one would be able to take it back as long as you keep in inside the Kamui. And you can use it all day as many times as you want as long as you have enough chakra for it
Amaterasu, black flames that only the caster can extinguish. You could decide to burn the whole world down and you would be able to do it. You could start fires all over the place without anyone being able to put them out. You could incenerate your enemies with a single glance, meaning that it’s also very hard to kill you. You could also threaten everyone and have everything at the ready, because I honestly doubt anyone would ever want to die in flames, I don’t have any experience with it but it sounds pretty fucking painful, alright? And you can use it as much as you want as long as you have the chakra for it
Tsukuyomi, my second favorite Mangekyō technique (the first one being, of course, Kotoamatsukami). You can trap someone in an inescapable genjutsu that tortures them for 72 hours straight, and from the outside it looks like it lasted as long as the blink of an eye. Because of the heavy brain damage you can put someone in a life-long coma, unless you have a Sharingan strong enough to break out of the Tsukuyomi before the 72 hours have passed (like Sasuke does against Itachi) or you have someone like Tsunade around with enough skills to heal all the damage and wake you up. And Itachi can use it once a day (even if I’m convinced that he could have used it more times if he hadn’t been sick and dying)
And you’re gonna tell me that Kotoamatsukami deserves a ten years cooldown, but all the listed techniques above don’t? So I can damage someone’s brain once a day enough to put them in a life-long coma, but I can’t brainwash someone once a day? It’s still brain damage and it’s still fucking terrifying, alright? I would fist-fight God but I would never want to cross paths with a pissed off Uchiha unless I’m an Uchiha myself, and even then I would probably be one step away from pissing myself
I also have proofs that Kotoamatsukami doesn’t need ten years to recharge, and its from the novel
In this household we count the novel as canon! There! I said it!
Not everyone counts the novel as canon, but I do, both because it’s pretty cool and because it has the only version of Shisui’s death that doesn’t make me cringe as much as the other two (because, did you know? There are three different versions of the ShisuiVSDanzō fight! Yay...)
Anyway, in the novel Shisui gives us many info about Kotoamatsukami, one of which is its ability to put people under a basically unbreakable and undetectable genjutsu. This is also the reason why I’m fully convinced that Danzō was not able to use its full potential
Shisui’s words are these (straight from the novel):
“It puts the person trapped in the genjutsu into a state of total unawareness; then, you can make them fo what you want.”
Itachi understood that this was basically what visual jutsu was; whether or not the target was aware of what was happening was determined by the ninja applying the jutsu.
The ninja incited an awareness in the target that they were caught in a jutsu, leading the target to doubt everything, and get caught up in the jutsu. Or else the target unconsciously sank bit by bit into the jutsu, and by the time they realized what was going on, there was nothing they could do about it.
This Kotoamatsukami fell into the latter category, which wasn’t particularly uncommon for visual jutsu.
And then:
“For the visual jutsu of a normal Sharingan, your gaze has to intersect with the gaze of your intended target to some degree. You need that direct action, and the flow of chakra. But the Mangekyō Sharingan allows me to sidestep all that a bit. I just have to look at my target’s eyes, and I can pour my chakra in, even if our gazes aren’t intersecting. And the amount of chakra is several times more than with a normal Sharingan. So the target falls into the visual jutsu instantly. They have no idea anything has even happened.”
“So you mean by the time the enemy sees you, they’re already in the jutsu?”
“That’s exactly it.”
“And you’re going to use that on my father?”
Shisui nodded forcefully. “If I can just get him in Kotoamatsukami, I can make Lord Fugaku tell everyone that the coup is off. And I can make Fugaku himself believe from the bottom of his heart that it was his own idea.”
“You can write over the mind of the ringleader?”
“It’s only the fact that he’s your father that makes me hesitate.”
This bit right here is very important. Itachi doesn’t ask if Shisui can manipulate Fugaku, but if he can write over his mind, and that’s straight up brainwashing, not simply controlling
Also, when Kotoamatsukami is triggered by Itachi’s Sharingan, during the war, Kabuto says that not even Edo Tensei can control Itachi anymore
Tumblr media
And then
Tumblr media
Kotoamatsukami is strong enough to cancel Edo Tensei. Something not even Tobirama, the creator of the jutsu, had been able to do when Orochimaru had summoned him to fight against Hiruzen
Tumblr media
Let’s notice also that Kabuto recognizes Shisui’s technique as soon as Itachi starts talking about it, meaning that he somehow heard about it somewhere
And yes, Kabuto was once in ROOT, but I highly doubt that Danzō would ever willingly talk about Kotoamatsukami with anyone, no, he would keep that secret tucked closely to his chest so that no one else can know about that power and wish to have it
Tumblr media
Ao also recognizes Shisui’s eye, he sees his chakra in Danzō’s eyesocket and is able to add things up
Tumblr media
Then tells everyone about it, also giving an explanation about Kotoamatsukami, even if he doesn’t know the name of the jutsu
(And look, I also found where is it that Ao says about Yagura’s genjutsu)
But how would Ao know about that? Personal headcanon about Ao/Shisui aside, there should be no way for him to know
Well, I think that Shisui has used Kotoamatsukami during his years as shinobi enough times for some people to know about it and link that ability right back to him
But, uhm, if Kotoamatsukami needs a decade to recharge, and he saves it to use it on Fugaku, how is that possible?
Well, it shouldn’t be in that case
However, we know for a fact, thanks to the novel, that Shisui uses Kotoamatsukami at least once before the night of the Uchiha clan meeting:
“There’s no way that sort of obvious genjutsu is going to work on me,” Mukai said, turning his face away from Itachi.
Before the man’s eyes was Itachi’s friend’s face.
“Mangekyō Sharingan,” Shisui murmured. The eyes of his friend, now crimson, took on a shape unlike any other Sharingan Itachi had ever seen.
Normally, the Sharingan had a small black dot in the center of the eye, and in the circle around that, the snake tails of the magatama-shaped specks popped up. The power differed depending on the number of magatamas, but the form itself was common in the entire clan.
But Shisui’s was different.
The three commas of the magatama were enlarged and connected, and the small black dot in the center had disappeared, leaving a crimson hollow. If the ratio of red to black in a normal Sharingan was eight to two, then Shisui’s eyes at the moment appeared to be a fifty-fifty struggle for supremacy.
Most likely, the intersection of gazes of Shisui and Mukai had lasted less than a thousandth of a second. For a normal Sharingan, the used couldn’t be certain of capturing his opponent in a moment that short.
Shisui had not missed that fleeting instant.
Mukai had definitely been ensnared in the genjutsu.
“Mukai!” Shisui shouted, dumbfounded, the hand around his throat releasing him at last. Before his eyes, Mukai fell, a spray of blood shooting from his stomach.
Itachi stared, rooted to the spot.
Mukai had cut his own stomach. The instant Shisui’s Sharingan had been activated, Mukai had stiffened slightly, and pulled a kunai from his pocket to slash a cross into his own belly.
“Hold on, Mukai!” Shisui shouted, crouching down to cradle the ninja’s head.
“I’m a spy for another village. Any interference with my brain, and a jutsu that makes me end my own life is executed. You can’t save me.” Mukai coughed, and blood spilled out of his mouth. “I-I’ve never seen anyone caught in a genjutsu in that shot time before... What the hell was that?”
Shisui didn’t answer.
“Uchiha secret jutsu, huh?”
Shisui uses Kotoamatsukami on Mukai, supposedly to convince him to both let him go (he was keeping Shisui from the throat) and to tell them the truth about his spying work
But how would that be possible? Shisui uses Kotoamatsukami ere, and then not too long after he wants to use it on Fugaku? Because I honestly doubt ten years passes between this moment and the ShisuiVSDanzō fight
It simply doesn’t make sense, just like the fact that Danzō can use Kotoamatsukami once a day thanks to Hashirama’s cells
Danzō can’t even use Kotoamatsukami’s full power, because when he uses it on Mifune the genjutsu seemingly breaks away as soon as Ao points it out. Mifune understands that he’s being controlled, and apparently snaps out of it
Out of a genjutsu that can cancel Edo Tensei
Shisui would never rely on such fickle technique to stop a coup, because it would take a single person voicing their doubt about Fugaku’s behavior and he could snap out of it
Tumblr media
Itachi is also completely convinced that Kotoamatsukami is strong enough to completely change Sasuke’s mind about wanting to destroy Konoha, so... Things don’t really add up here
And he also says about Kotoamatsukami needing a decade to be used again, but why does he says that? He repeats it again shortly after
Tumblr media
And yet Itachi knows that’s not true. He was there when Shisui used his Mangekyō on Mukai, and he was there when Shisui told him about his plan of using Kotoamatsukami on Fugaku
But Itachi also doesn’t personally know how that power really works, he doesn’t have it in his own eyesocket and he only knows what Shisui once told him about it
And even if he did have it, it would be just like Kakashi and Kamui. Kakashi later learns what Obito’s Mangekyō can do, but he’s never able to use it full power like Obito does. We never see Kakashi using the Kamui to avoid hits like Obito does, both because it would probably take too much chakra and because that Sharingan is not his, so no matter how much he trains, he would never be able to use it full potential and the only time we see him using it like they’re his own is when Obito gives him both eyes for a short period of time against Kaguya, but no more than that
I think that Kotoamatsukami is a very expensive technique, in terms of chakra usage. It needs a certain amount to work properly, and the less amount you pour into it the weaker it is
Danzō cam use it once a day because Shisui’s Mangekyō feeds off of Hashirama’s cells, giving it enough power to be used once a day but as a weaker technique instead of full-on brainwashing (in fact, Mifune snaps out of it as soon as it comes out that he was being controlled)
While Itachi uses its full power because it had had a full decade to build up the chakra needed to be used correctly
Tumblr media
This right here means that Itachi wasn’t able to use Kotoamatsukami on Sasuke before, because the Mangekyō was still unable to be used properly
But if the moment of the war is when Kotoamatsukami can be used again... When Naruto and Sasuke are 16... Ten years before... When Sasuke was 6...
Yes, I’m about to say what you might be thinking: I’m fully convinced that Itachi used Kotoamatsukami on 6 y/o Sasuke after the massacre, probably to reinforce the hatred and make sure that Sasuke won’s tray from the path of vengeance Itachi just put him on
That would also explain why every attempt of making Sasuke see the truth and change his mind never worked, because Kotoamatsukami is unbreakable
However, I do believe that the fact of the ten years has some truth, but not as everyone seems to think
As I said before, I’m fully convinced that Kotoamatsukami needs a ton of chakra to work correctly, meaning that Shisui does indeed need some time to build up enough of it to use it without accidentally kill himself of total chakra depletion
But then, why does Itachi say that? Simple, because the eye is in a crow
When Shisui takes his left eye out and gives it to the crow, the crow disappears, meaning that it was probably a summon, likely Shisui’s main one
Summons are different from humans, and they don’t have the same chakra networks. A summon as big as Manda, Gamabunta or the likes can probably use as much and even more chakra than a human, but one as bit as a regular crow? That little body’s not made to have much chakra stored in it, is it?
What I mean is, Kotoamatsukami is feeding off of the crow’s very limited chakra reserves, so it takes longer for it to build up the required amount for the technique to be used, hence why it needs ten years to properly work again
Shisui probably wasn’t able to use it once a day, but maybe once a week if he’s well-rested and with enough chakra to use it
Besides, if he needed to wait ten years to use it again then why use it at all? How would he know if he needs it for something more important in the future?What if he had already used, say, five years before the Uchiha meeting night? Oops. I need to stop the coup but I can’t for another five years. What a shame
That’s simply bullshit, it doesn’t make any sense at all
I think Itachi knows about the ten years because, after using Kotoamatsukami on Sasuke, he started keeping a close eye on the crow, waiting for when the Mangekyō pattern would appear again, and when it happens he shoves that same crow down Naruto’s throat with the order to activate and react to Itachi’s eyes with the order to protect Konoha
People think that not much is known about Kotoamatsukami, but in truth the technique is plenty explained between manga and novel
Everyone simply take Itachi’s words like the ultimate truth without considering all the pieces that make the bigger picture. Even the fact that Shisui doesn’t need to make direct eye-contact but simply look at his enemy without his enemy looking back at him in the eyes, that’s often ignored and left out
Kotoamatsukami is a very complex technique, probably the most complicated Mangekyō jutsu known to this day, because there are many factors to take in that people don’t count when they talk or write about it
And yes, everyone can look at Kotoamatsukami and give their very own interpretation, but there are also some factors that should not be ignored
That’s also why Kotoamatsukami is my favorite Mangekyō technique, and why the ten years thing is total bullshit
And I think I’m finally done! This came out way longer than expected, and I almost want to thank Tumblr for destroying the first post I wrote yesterday night, because this second post is even longer and it has more things in ti XD
I always love talking about Shisui, but his Mangekyō has a special place in my heart  ♡
And for you, who had enough patient to read until the end, here, some happy Shisui for you  ♡
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