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#i want movie nights or book clubs
academiquewilde · a month ago
Sometimes i feel like i'm bad in managing friendships and keep them up, i just want to have fun times with people online because due the pandemic i can't even see people so the times i can spend with people are making me happy ugh
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chibsytelford · 3 days ago
Not Usually Like This
Tumblr media
- Gif credit to creator - @thedevilsmoonshine
A/N - this is based of the song 'not usually like this' by Cian Ducrot. He is my newest obsession and I recommend you listen to his music. ❣
You can join my group chat HERE for updates.
We used to be like the lovers, the ones that you'd see in a movie, I felt like I was your Noah and I thought that you were my Allie
When you and EZ first met it was like a page from a book, a scene from a movie where you just lock eyes and instantly click. It happened exactly like that. EZ holding the door open for you to exit La Carniceria like a proper gentleman. You looked up to thank him and the moment you made eye contact you knew there was something special about him. And he thought the same about you. He soon realized you were smart, trusting, caring and loyal. Or so he thought. He trusted you quickly and soon told you about the ruthless Mayans MC. You had seen them around town a few times, riding their bikes like they owned the town and they did in a way. Most people were scared of them, most people hated them. And you understood why.
You and EZ made it official after a few months, and the club took you in under their wings. Made sure nobody messed with you, made sure you were looked after which you were thankful for. They were a good bunch on the most part.
It took EZ 6 months to say the words 'I Love You'. You hadn't said it back, telling him you really liked him but you weren't quite at the love stage yet. He smiled and said 'take your time' and he was great. He didn't push you to say it. He was thankful for your honesty.
But we weren't out of a book,
And I never wanted to hide it
But I had my heart set on you
When I guess you still hadn't decided
It was around the year mark when EZ realised you still hadn't told him you loved him. He didn't normally push, but he needed to know that you felt the same way he did. You were the one for him, yet you hadn't reciprocated his deep feelings. He showed you every day that he loved you. Made sure that every guy who walked through the clubhouse door knew you were his. He was quick to tell any hangarounds that he was taken, that he was in love. If only you did the same.
When he approached the subject - one night as you both sat having a drink - about if you loved him yet, you laughed. You once again told him 'I really like you EZ. You're a good guy'. He had sighed and given you a smile that never reached his eyes. He didn't bring it up again, too scared that he'd lose you for good.
But I was so fucked up when I saw the way you looked at him
Did you fall out of love? Did he give you something I couldn't give?
One night he finally broke. Finally admitted to himself that you were never going to feel the same way he did. He sat with Angel who tapped him on the shoulder and pointed in your direction. The brothers looked at you and saw you chatting with a guy from another charter, but EZ didn't recognise him. Angel had asked him "bro, you gonna interfere?" And EZ had shaken his head saying "Nah, leave her. She's never looked at me like that". Angel had looked at him sympathetically. "You can do better than her anyway" and EZ being the ever loyal person he is told him off. "Stop it Angel. I couldn't, she's amazing and everything I've ever needed". Angel had shrugged and walked off, leaving his younger brother with his thoughts.
EZ had watched you for the next 30 minutes - looking at the way you touched the guys arm when you were talking to him, how your smile lit up your face when he made you laugh, how that there seemed to be nobody else in the room except him. He was jealous. Sad. Hurt. He wished that he could have been that guy.
What did he have EZ didn't? They were both in Clubs. The other guy couldn't offer safety anymore than EZ could. He couldn't promise a life without pain or hurt, just like EZ couldnt either. So why him? Why had you ignored EZ for the last few hours, throwing away the past year for a guy who was very similar to himself?
No, I'm not usually like this
And I don't think I'm ready for change
You know I could usually fight this
EZ had spent the rest of the night just watching you and this guy. You had even looked over at him a few times, offering a small smile before turning back to the man who had all of your attention. Any other time EZ would have stormed over, grabbed the guy and laid into him before whisking you away. But he knew that it was pointless this time. He knew that you wanted the man to talk to you, to give you attention. EZ should have confronted you, called you names, been angry with you but he respected and loved you too much for that. So all he did was sit back and watch. Watch his lover love someone else.
And I know it's hard sometimes
But I wish you could stay for a moment
He wished he stood a chance. He wished that he could turn back time a few weeks and change himself. But honestly, he didn't know what we could do differently. He listened to you when you said he was spending too much time with the club, so he made effort to get home early and have some days off as hard as it was. He did everything you asked and still that wasn't enough. He would kill for one last touch from you, one last kiss but inside he knew it wasn't going to happen.
I thought I got over this feeling
'Cause it's been six years now
But I saw you last week on the street and
I caught myself turning around
Six years later and EZ had just about managed to stop thinking about you everyday. It took him a while and multiple interventions from his brothers to finally stop chasing after you. To let you go. It was hard but he got through it and felt like he could finally move on. He might have only known you for a short time but the impact you made on him was instant and he would always remember you, for the good and bad times.
As he waited to cross the road to check on his pops, he saw you exit the shop with the same guy from before. He stopped in his tracks and just watched you. You looked madly in love and extremely happy as you laughed at something the guy said. He didn't have his kutte on and EZ wondered if the guy had left for you. Maybe that was something he offered that EZ wasn't sure if he ever could. Did you know that before him? Did EZ know for sure himself that he would have chosen the club over you?
The memories of that night came back to EZ. The night that he had just about managed to bottle away and keep closed and deep down in his heart. He mentally scolded himself, remembering what his brothers had said. "The club comes first Ezekiel" "You will find someone else who loves you for you". He didn't believe it at first but as time went on he slowly accepted that you were not coming back, and that someday he would have to move on from you.
And he did. Eventually. A year ago he met someone. He was hesitant at first to open his heart again, but he managed to. He had learned his lesson and he was taking it slow, this time not saying the special 3 words until he was 100% sure that the girl felt the same. He thought it was coming soon. It was like night and day between you and his new girlfriend. She treated EZ like he deserved to be treated, and he accepted it - hesitantly at first - but he was getting there.
EZ composed himself, shook you from his thoughts and crossed the road going into his pops' shop. He never wanted his new girl to feel the way he did, so he vowed to never think about you again. He wouldn't do that to anyone. He knew how much it hurt him.
@rebelwrites @encounterthepast @yourwonkywriter @everyhowlmarksthedead @pancakeisreading @phoenixhalliwell @angelreyesisdaddy04 @angelreyesgirl @lauraashley93 @louisianalady @withmyteeth @mayans-sauce @jasminee97 @calif0rnia-lovers @gemini0410 @rocketqueen @kid-from-new-zealand @est1887 @meteora-fc @mrsmarvelous1995 @multiyfandomgirl40 @destynelseclipsa @lovebishoplosamiguelgalindo @starrynite7114 @scuzmunkie @blessedboo @sheeshgivemeabreak @elcococruz @anangelwhodidntfall @talicat713 @i-love-scott-mccall
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artzee-bee-writes · 4 days ago
Partner? | Rory Keaner x reader
Fandom: My babysitter’s a vampire
Request: “ Could you please write something for Rory from My Babysitters a Vampire? Where like Rory tells Benny and Ethan who hes dating and they think hes joking until they meet his partner (Btw if you could use gender neutral pronouns that would be amazing!)”
Pronouns: they/ them
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Rory assumed that a ‘guys night’ at Morgan’s would be the perfect place to break the news of his new relationship to his friends. He was excited to tell them about his new favorite person in the world, who just so happened to also be his lover. Sometimes, he still couldn’t believe his luck! 
Rory knew it would be a big surprise but he didn’t exactly expect his 2 best friends to start laughing uncontrollably
“I’m serious guys!”
“Dude, calm down. We don’t have girlfriends either, you don’t have to make things up.” Ethan said, trying to sound reassuring. Meanwhile, Benny was wiping invisible tears at the corners of his eyes
“But I AM dating someone!”
“On sims?”
“Nah, I think he’s had a dream about that witch from his comic again”
“I’m talking about a real person from our school!” while others would have been fuming at all the teasing jokes Benny and Ethan were making, Rory couldn’t care less. He somewhat understood where they were coming from, he didn’t expect to get in a relationship anytime soon either and yet, you walked into his life when he least expected you
“So what’s their name?” Benny asked, finally going back to his more serious self, even though his face was still red from laughter.
“Y/N Y/L/N”
“Never heard of them” Ethan said quickly
“Yeah, cause they’re not part of your stupid laser chess club”
Ethan and Benny both looked up at their friend, amused
“Well, are they part of any club?”
“They’re actually on the soccer team! Nothing that you two would be familiar with!” Both boys burst into laughter
“Ok, so you mean to tell me” Benny started “ That you charmed one of the fine folks on the soccer team with your...what? Your vampire puns?”
“Or your obsession for crappy horror movies?
“For your information, it was my good looks and top tier personality”
Benny suppressed a laugh while Ethan got up and left the room
“Course it was” he added on his way out, with a giggle
“You’ll see monday!”
“ I mean” Benny said, raising his glass of orange juice, as if he was giving a toast “I can barely wait!”
The weekend passed by quickly. For you, it had been a very busy one, spent at your desk, catching up on all the homework and assignments you put off for far too long. It got to the point where the idea of a normal and unexciting day at school felt like a relief after the hectic hell you lived through.
Rory was waiting for you at the bus station, just as he had promised last night during your video call.
“Hi love!” he greeted you enthusiastically once you got off the bus. He pulled you in a tight hug and swayed you from side to side. Everytime he hugged you, he made it feel like you hadn’t seen each other in forever. He would wrap his strong arms around your waist and pull you to his chest, leaving you almost breathless, but you didn’t complain. It was one of the many ways he loved to show affection.
He laced his fingers with yours and led you on the short walk to school. He told you about his weekend and about how he wanted you to meet his friends, which made you very nervous. 
“Don’t worry” Rory said, reassuringly, “You are like, 10 times cooler than both of them combined!” you laughed at his silly joke. It did make you feel better. Rory always made you feel better.
Once inside, Rory dragged you though the sea of students, until finally he reached 2 brunette boys. One of them was taking books out of his locker and stuffing them into his bag, while the other one seemed to be waiting for him to get done.
“Guys, check this out! I told you I had a lover!” your face turned red at how loud and obvious your boyfriend was acting but you were slowly growing used to these kinds of things with him. The 2 boys in front of you looked shocked above all else. They shared one look, as if to say “You're seeing this too, right?” before glancing back at you
“Hi! I’m Y/N!” you said, reaching out your hand to the boy with the school bag
“I’m Ethan” he shook your hand lightly
“And I’m Benny'' the other boy said, reaching out his own hand for you to shake. As you shook his hand, he looked at you curiously, as if he wasn’t sure if you were just a product of his imagination
“Nice to meet you guys!” 
“So you are Rory’s partner?” Ethan asked in an innocent voice
“Like, romantic partner? Not just a video game partner!” Benny asked, making you laugh
“Romantic partner”
“Ha! Told you!” Rory waved his arms in their face, enjoying this little victory. 
The bell rang immediately after and you were forced to say goodbye and leave for your first class. You kissed Rory’s cheek quickly, promising him you’ll see eachother again at lunch. The last thing you heard before turning the corner was Benny’s voice
“I can’t believe you got a relationship before me!”
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oranjis-shipping-mess · 6 days ago
ABC Challenge ~ Jihan H is for Haven (I know its crazy, but marry me, part 1)
"Babe? You're home early." Joshua smiled from the couch where he was sitting, book in one hand, cup of tea in the other. He placed both on the table as he got up to greet Mingyu with a kiss. "I'm only here to pick up some files that I forgot earlier." Mingyu went to his little office to get the files he needed. "Hey Mings, I saved dinner for you, you can take it with you?" Joshua smiled as he handed Mingyu a bag with the food. "I'm not hungry. Look, I need to go now. Don't wait up for me." Mingyu ranted as he made his way outside again, followed by Joshua, who waved him goodbye, bag still in his hand. "I love you, Mings." Mingyu was already back at his car, "bye." Was the only thing he said before he got in and left.
Joshua sighed as he put the bag with food away, he figured he could just have it for lunch tomorrow. Sitting down back at the couch, turning the tv on, trying to find something intresting to watch. Mingyu had been tense lately, it was only three days before their wedding, and ofcourse, Joshua was nervous too. But he barely recognized Mingyu anymore. Maybe it was because Joshua didn't feel comfortable hosting bachelor parties, and Mingyu was still angry over it. Or maybe it was because Mingyu's boss was giving him a hard time at work. All by all, Joshua wasn't sure, and he wished that Mingyu would open up to him about it.
Barely an hour had passed, and it was still early in the evening, too early to go to bed, that was. So Joshua got his phone and called Jeonghan. "Hey, my love. What's up?" The older answered, loud noises coming from the background. "Jeonghanniee, are you really busy tonight? Maybe we can watch a movie together?" Jeonghan had his phone on his shoulder, pressed to his cheek, as he tossed several drinks to the costumers. "Aah, Joshuji, I am very sorry, but its incredibly crowded tonight. I can come after my shift though? Or you could come here, if you want." Joshua shrugged, even though Jeonghan couldn't see him. "Maybe. I'll think about it. But we're still on for tomorrow, right?" Joshua had turned off the tv, as nothing intresting was on. "Yes, ofcourse. 8:30, your place. I can take breakfast with me from that place you like, but let me know if your soon to be husband, will be joining breakfast." Joshua bit his lip at the mention of Mingyu, "ya, I'll let you know, Han. See you in the morning, maybe tonight." And they said their goodbyes.
Joshua and Jeonghan had known each other since kindergarden. From the very first day, no one was ever able to seperate them. Through the years, they would barely pay attention to anyone else, as they knew they had each other to count on. At an early age, Jeonghan already knew he was in to boys, and he wasn't afraid to be open about it. He didn't care about the haters, and only cared about the people that were close to him. As for Joshua, he had always been more confused. He respected Jeonghan so much, but he could never see himself like that. Be openly gay and okay with it. He was afraid of the judgement and the haters, that was, untill he met Mingyu. He was head over heals for this guy, and Jeonghan had helped him with everything, from asking Mingyu out for their very first date, to how Joshua had proposed. And Jeonghan was happy for Joshua, even though he was broken inside. He always knew that Joshua was special to him, as when they grew older, he fell in love with him, but didn't want to ruin their friendship. They even kissed, more then once. Usually on nights when they were out, clubbing, and too wasted to remember it the next day. But that came to an end when Joshua and Mingyu started dating. But untill this day, Jeonghan was still in love with Joshua, and in just a few days, he would be the best man at Joshua and Mingyu's wedding.
Now, Mingyu was a very different person compared to Jeonghan. Where Jeonghan was outgoing, not afraid of anything, Mingyu was a very closed person. He would barely talk about his emotions, and he definitly was a work-a-holic, meaning that sometimes, or most of the time, he would prioritize his job over Joshua. And Jeonghan hated it. He absolutely hated the way Mingyu treated Joshua. He would sometimes fantasize about what could have happend, if he had told Joshua about how he felt. They could have been a perfect match. A match made in heaven, as they called it. And that one time, when he did feel ready to talk about it, Joshua had come to him, asking advice on how to get Mingyu's attention.
But now it was three days before Joshua and Mingyu were to get married. Tomorrow they would go to the venue they had hired. It was a very large building, beautiful garden in the back. That's where they'd hold the ceremony, the party would follow inside the venue. Now, tomorrow they were gonna start on the decorating, but Mingyu had to cancel due to work. So Jeonghan, Joshua's best man, was to accompany him, together they would decorate everything the way that Joshua and Mingyu had discussed.
Joshua looked once again at the time, it was still early, but he didn't feel like going clubbing, neither did he feel like staying up till God knows what time for Mingyu to get home. So he decided to take a warm bath, scented candle on the side and just go to bed after.
"Mingyu?" Jeonghan mentioned his name, suprised to see him in the club. "Where is Josh?" Mingyu shrugged, looking like he wanted to die at that exact moment. "Home, sleeping? I don't know. Now get me your strongest drink and mind your own fucking business." Jeonghan rolled his eyes as he got Mingyu his drink. "You do realize that you're getting married in less then three days, right? And that your fiancée is currently stressing about everything, alone." Mingyu took hold of the glass, "what do you not understand about minding your own business? Anyways, what time does your shift end? Or am I stuck to you for the rest of the night?" Jeonghan rested both his hands on the counter, "not that it is any of your business, but my co-worker should be here any minute, and I'm free to go." Mingyu nodded as he made his way through the club, ignoring Jeonghan's answer completely.
"What the fuck?" Jeonghan looked at the two man in front of him, one of them definitly being Mingyu. "Mingyu!" He screamed as he ripped the two appart. "God damn it, Jeonghan. For fucking once, can you just mind your own business?" The other guy just stared at them, not sure what to do. "I wanna say i'm sorry, but i'm not." His voice was stern as his fist made its way to Mingyu's jaw. But Mingyu was quick to respond and took hold of Jeonghan's arm. "Now, here is what you'll do, Jeonghan. You will turn around, walk away and forget that you saw us, okay? Oh, and if you even think about telling Joshua about this, think again." Jeonghan tried to get out of Mingyu's grip, "ofcourse I will tell Joshua, how long has this been going on, Mingyu?" Mingyu grabbed Jeonghan by his collar, "if you really must know, this is Vernon, my fiancée, and we've been together ever since highschool." Jeonghan's jaw dropped in disbelieve. "Then why are you with Joshua? Do you have any idea how much he loves you? How much he cares for you? And now you're telling me you have another fiancée? When are you gonna tell him?" Jeonghan struggled to get his feet in the ground, as Mingyu's grip was tight. "Simple, I'm not gonna tell him. And yes, ofcourse I know how much he loves me. He promised me, that when we're married and grow old together, and if he were to pass away first, he'd leave me all his money, and the big villa out of town that his parents left him. So, guess who's gonna have to plan a funeral soon? No worries, I'll invite you, so you can say your last, pathethic goodbye." Mingyu chuckled as he let go of Jeonghan, who immedeatly pushed him. "You fucking asshole, what are you planning? You can't do this! I will tell him everything, you're not gonna get away with this!" Mingyu stroke Jeonghan's cheek, "you can tell. But who do you think he's gonna believe? His fiancée or his pathetic friend? Oh, and no, don't worry. It won't be painfull for him. Cause of death? There probably was something wrong with the food on our honeymoon." Jeonghan couldn't believe anything of what Mingyu was telling him, he looked at Vernon, "and you are okay with all of this?" The guy just nodded, "its not the first time one of us got married while we were already happily engaged." He explained, as he smiled at Mingyu. Jeonghan felt like he was gonna pass out any time soon, "you're both fucking twisted." He managed to say as he finally made his way outside, in need for fresh air.
The next morning, Jeonghan was at Joshua's place at 8:30 sharp. Breakfast with him, as promised. Joshua smiled tiredly as he opened the door and greated Jeonghan with a hug, "I missed you, Hannie." Jeonghan hugged back tightly, "I missed you too, Jiji." Jeonghan had been awake almost all night, not sure how he had to tell Joshua, because he knew this news would crush him, and he couldn't bare to see that happen.
Over breakfast, they had small talk, but Jeonghan couldn't help but notice how tired Joshua looked. "Josh, isn't Mingyu joining for breakfast?" It almost looked like Joshua had stopped breathing for a moment, "uhm, no. He already left for work before I woke up." Jeonghan sighed, "when we finish, you should get dressed soon, so we can go to the venue. Did you already try on your suit? Because if anything needs to be changed last minute, we have to get it to the store today." Joshua nodded, "I'll try it on quickly before I get dressed."
Jeonghan quickly cleaned whatever was left from breakfast, as they made their way to Joshua and Mingyu's bedroom. Jeonghan sat down at the edge of the bed, waiting for Joshua to get his suit. As Joshua removed his tshirt, Jeonghan's eyes immedeatly fell on the bruises on Joshua's back, "Josh, what's that?" Joshua immedeatly turned around, "what?" Jeonghan got up and stood behind Joshua, placing his hand on Joshua's hips. "Did Mingyu do that to you?" Joshua sighed, "he was just a little pissed off when he got home during the night. Jeonghan, its okay. He was gentle this time." Jeonghan carefully hugged Joshua from behind, "gentle? Josh, I'm sorry, I really didn't want to be the one to tell you this. But you can't marry him." Joshua frowned as he turned around, Jeonghan's arms still around his waist. "What are you talking about? If its about the bruise, its nothing to worry about. Its just a small one." Jeonghan shook his head as he gently stroke Joshua's cheek, "Joshua.. Can't you see it? He's not good for you. This was not the first time he hurt you like that. He didn't-", Joshua shook his head, "no, don't worry. We didn't have sex. You know that. Mingyu knows how important it is for me to wait till the night of the wedding." Jeonghan sighed, "that's literally the only promise he's keeping, Josh. Joshua, last night.. Last night I caught Mingyu making out with someone else. And it apparently wasn't the first time." Joshua frowned, "what? Jeonghan, what are you talking about?" Joshua started feeling hot inside, waiting for Jeonghan to explain.
They were both sitting on the bed now, Joshua was crying, Jeonghan comforting him, arms around him tightly. "But J-Jeonghan, what do I do now? He's about to get married to someone else? But what about our wedding? I can't cancel everything, I just can't.." Jeonghan slowly stroke his hand over Joshua's back, "simple, you let everything go through. You won't even tell Mingyu that you found out."
"What? Jeonghan, I c-can't do that. I don't want to marry him. What do you want me to do?" Joshua wiped his tears away as he looked in to Jeonghan's eyes.
"Marry me, Joshua Hong."
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5lazarus · 7 days ago
Favorite Authors
Magda Szabo
Natalia Ginzburg
Hilary Mantel
Zadie Smith
Qiu Miaojin
Roberto Bolaño
Italo Calvino
Yoko Ogawa
China Miéville
John Williams
Walter Tevis
Wolfgang Koeppen
Dorothy Parker
Anaïs Nin
John Dos Passos
Tana French
Patti Smith
Vladimir Nabokov
Raymond Queneau
Arundhati Roy
Emile Zola
Anne Brontë
Graham Greene
David Mitchell
Jane Austen
Favorite Poets
Frank O’Hara
Attila Josef
Andras Gerevich
Bertold Brecht
Victor Serge
Vladimir Mayakovsky
Rainer Maria Rilke
Constantine P. Cavafy
Favorite Playwrights
Anne Carson
Luis Alfaro
Favorite Essayists
Vivian Gornick
Arundhati Roy
Mike Davis
Patrick Leigh Fermor
Paul Avrich
Marcus Aurelius
James Baldwin
Favorite Directors
Wong Kai-War
Favorite Movies
Kaili Blues
Chungking Express
Three Colors Blue
My Best Fiend
The Tale of Princess Kaguya
The Guard
In Bruges
O Brother Where Art Thou?
La Notte
Nights of Cabiria
Last Year in Marienbad
Band of Outsiders
Goodbye First Love
Army of Shadows
I Don’t Want To Sleep Alone
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
The Third Man
The Thin Man
The Secret of Kells
Favorite Books
M Train
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
Difficult Loves
Invisible Cities
Wolf Hall Trilogy
Manhattan Transfer
USA Trilogy
The Likeness
Signs Preceding the End of the World
The City & the City
Zazie in the Metro
Death in Rome
An Unhappy Affair
Katalin Street
The Door
Butcher’s Crossing
The Quiet American
The Queen’s Gambit
The Heart of the Matter
Margary Kempe
Isa’s Ballad
Sense & Sensibility
White Teeth
Kino’s Journey
Pictures of Hollis Woods
Favorite Music
Goodnight, Texas
Explosions in the Sky
This Will Destroy You
The Libertines
Johnny Flynn
Laura Marling
The Killers
KT Tunstall
Rhiannon Giddena
The Tallis Scholars
Patti Smith
The Clash
Florence and the Machine
Charles Mingus
Kaia Keter
Glenn Jones
William Tyler
Edgar Meyer
Bela Fleck
Tsirani Tsar
Maneli Jamal
Esbjörn Svensson Trio
Suga Shikao
Morten Laurissen
Joaquin Byrd
Leonard Cohen
Favorite TV Shows
Wolf Hall
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Black Books
The Expanse
Babylon 5
Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Terror
Derry Girls
Kino’s Journey
Kids on the Slope
Favorite Comics/Manga
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ouran High School Host Club
Favorite Video Games
Disco Elysium
Kentucky Route Zero
Pokemon Emerald
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age 2
The Sims 2
Harvest Moon
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dadsbongos · 7 days ago
Bnha (Masterlist 3 - Heroes/Villains/Extras)
Just a reminder
Please do not re-upload it or my other works anywhere :) ). I mainly stick to she/her pronouns in writing but that’s just because I’m an ignorant thot with a mostly feminine base of readers. There’s not a problem if you want me to re-write something with he/him or they/them, just feel free to ask!
-Happy Birthday
Keigo gives his girlfriend something special for her birthday but it’s not sex, I know that sounds like sex, it’s not.
-Would You…?
Even in a group of villains, she knows that life is the best it could be.
-DabiHawks Headcanons
The boys going on a road trip.
-Sixteen Boys/Two Options
Titties or bitties? Bitties meaning ass.
-Saint Peter Wears a Straight Jacket
Hawks tries to interrogate the lady with a God complex.
-Bunny girl costume (headcanons)
Their s/o has a hero suit but the twist is that it’s sexy.
-Confession Headcanons
General headcanons (V-day special ig)
-Coraline AU
I made a Coraline AU based on the movie/book and it took nearly a month.
-Sixteen Boys/Two Options
Titties or bitties? Bitties meaning ass.
Shota’s distraught, just take the break and go.
-Get Some Rest
(Y/n) brings her father dinner, completely unaware of all the turmoil the distant man holds inside him.
Enji helps his granddaughter pack for college.
All Might:
Toshinori’s always been a monster to the people, but even through the taunts, (Y/n) knew that was anything but true.
-Leave a Message
(Y/n) calls her old man before her flight; he doesn’t pick up. Toshinori gets a voicemail from his treasured daughter; he’s reminded just how much he loves her.
Present Mic:
-Coraline AU
I made a Coraline AU based on the movie/book and it took nearly a month.
Tomura Shigaraki:
-Hand in the Wrong Nest
During their meeting, Overhaul refuses any deal unless he has (Y/n) - an experiment stolen by AFO - and Tomura finds that all his hands are tied. For now.
-Unhealthy Obsession
Tenko never claimed to be healthy, especially when it came to his latest little obsession. Entering the photography club certainly did not help.
-Would You…?
Even in a group of villains, she knows that life is the best it could be.
Everybody starts somewhere.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
-Sixteen Boys/Two Options
Titties or bitties? Bitties meaning ass.
-All We Do
Everything Kurogiri and his wife do… it’s all for Shigaraki, Tomura.
-Liar, Liar
Tomura finds a friend in the basement.
-NSFW Alphabet
Horny thots, that’s all.
-Don’t Be Suspicious
Dabi has to go undercover in a risky save to keep hidden from his old family.
Himiko finds out that Dabi identifies as morosexual.
-his apprentice
Dabi takes up an underling, somebody’s gotta make sure the fire in the League never goes out, after all.
-A Basement Warrior
(Y/n) just wants to help her big siblings with dinner in the best way she knows how.
He wants his daughter to be strong, to take care of herself in this dark world, he just didn’t realize he was turning into his father while he did it.
-Would You…?
Even in a group of villains, she knows that life is the best it could be.
Everybody starts somewhere.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
-DabiHawks Headcanons
The boys going on a roadtrip.
-Brown Sugar and Fig
A quiet, though late, night in.
-Sixteen Boys/Two Options
Titties or bitties? Bitties meaning ass.
-Brother’s the Bitch
Dabi and his sister fight for Magne’s affections.
Serial killers come with signs, you know?
-NSFW Alphabet
Horny thots, that’s all.
-s/o with ball python
General headcanons
He’s everywhere.
-this is too short to warrant a title :)
Touya just really happens to like his dad’s secretary.
Himiko Toga:
-Would You…?
Even in a group of villains, she knows that life is the best it could be.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
Everybody starts somewhere.
-Six Girls/Two Options
Boobies or booties??? Who’s to say???
-Would You…?
Even in a group of villains, she knows that life is the best it could be.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
Everybody starts somewhere.
-Sixteen Boys/Two Options
Titties or bitties? Bitties meaning ass.
Dabi learns how much Jin and (Y/n) love their precious little boy.
-From the Heavens Above
Angels hold power over everyone, Jin should know that best.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
Mr. Compress:
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
Everybody starts somewhere.
-All We Do
Everything Kurogiri and his wife do… it’s all for Shigaraki, Tomura.
All for One:
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
All for One was cleared for visitors. He’s excited to be reunited with his daughter.
Aizawa tries getting rid of (Y/n)’s new, mysteriously sent guard dog. Little does he know, (Y/n) is an activist in Nomu rights.
-Would You…?
Even in a group of villains, she knows that life is the best it could be.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
-The LOV + Hawks as lyrics from my emo playlist
I put lyrics on the villains.
Natsuo Todoroki:
-A Basement Warrior
(Y/n) just wants to help her big siblings with dinner in the best way she knows how.
He’s everywhere.
Fuyumi Todoroki:
-A Basement Warrior
(Y/n) just wants to help her big siblings with dinner in the best way she knows how.
Rei Todoroki:
-Her Hands
She knows it’s wrong, to look down at a child and see only a monster.
-Coraline AU
I made a Coraline AU based on the movie/book and it took nearly a month.
Masterlist 1 (Students)
Masterlist 2 (Students)
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lindsaywesker · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Good morning! I hope you slept well and feel rested? Currently sitting at my desk, in my study, attired only in my blue towelling robe, enjoying my first cuppa of the day.
All of a sudden, it stopped being spring yesterday! My God! All of a sudden, we were thrust back into mid-winter; blustery wind and swirling rain. It forced me to be an English man. I looked at the long-range weather forecast. It stops raining on Friday, for just one day, then it carries on raining. Depressing. Especially for those hoping to do a little outside drinking and dining. It won’t affect me. If I want to go out and walk I will.
Here at Wesker Manors, we are wrapped-up warm and, like most modern families, everyone has a laptop, tablet or television; four people all watching something different. Having said that, I miss us all sitting down as a family and watching TV together. I rather like that ‘Black-ish’ idea of Family Movie Night. Maybe they’re too old and too fussy for such an idea? I will try and tempt them with hot dogs and popcorn. It needs to be something truly iconic like ‘Airplane’, ‘The Blues Brothers’ or ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’? but agreeing on a movie might be a major problem?
I love being a creative person. Down the years, I have created stage plays, radio plays, TV scripts, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, magazines, radio shows, TV shows, TV stations, songs, re-mixes, edits, live events, award shows and club nights. The No. 1 occupational hazard for creative people is people stealing your stuff but, as I say, it’s an occupational hazard. For a creative person, what’s the option? Stop having ideas? I couldn’t do that if I tried! Throughout my life, people have taken ideas from me, made a business and virtually made a life for themselves. It’s cool. My gift to you.
The diary is starting to look very eventful again. Invites to parties and gatherings all over the place! So looking forward to being reunited with all The Beautiful People again. I have my photos and my memories but I long to be in their presence. I know we all feel the same but I have to say it anyway: my friends are just the best!
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of my status. Pucker up! Special snogs for you. Have a tremendous and tumultuous Tuesday! I love you all.
And, if you’ve read any of my books and enjoyed them, please go back to Amazon and leave a little review.
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doorweapon51 · 9 days ago
Don't lose where we all came from, those open air raves and great times of the nineties
Remember where we all came from, those open atmosphere raves and good hang-outs of this 90s. Xxx.I do not know where you are out of and what age you was raised at, I am one of creation Y borderline Y, LOL... In any scenario I climbed up in rural locations in which clubs didn't really exist. My very first club night hangout had been around a brand new Years nighttime once I was 20, also I did too many distinctive uppers and downers to remember such a thing very. But my buddies said I had a good moment. This had been my first time, even more like baptism, pushing my total self into the waters of club night . And that I have hooked. And of course this trapping of the life, but also to how matters were at the evening time. . For a few years that I dwelt in bar to club. Can you remember the track about"who's gonna offer me a trip to the after show?" Well, that had been mepersonally, getting out of the club with first day lighting merely to leap in to an automobile and keep rebounding at a person's location, get yourself ready to get night...
Tumblr media
A few days we didn't sleep at all, filled with daily living, elevated in energy that over-filled our own bodies. 1 morning we said good byes into the last BOO celebration and proceeded off to Central Park to walk about. . We dropped some lingering acid, also genuinely walked. I remember covering myself with anti perspirant mind to feet, also rubbing forehead and also sweating within my forehead for 2 hours, then just the forehead. . We saw Alice at Wonderland a exhibition of copper statueswe handed atop the bunch rather than seen these again, but we spent after months specifically going there to obtain these figures, figurines, however to no avail, they all certainly were gone forever. . more info Just that lovely summer morning they demonstrated their rusty sides to us. This night was stored forever because of video clip, which my good friends put on Youtube... Largely to conserve it forever for the team. . We have since gotten divided and I chose one night to obtain this video. In my big surprise that it was shot down, as I learned after, there clearly is some party sound recording which was claimed by a label, etc, you know now maybe not to place any tunes to youtube movies, and we didn;t even understand straight back then, differently I understand there's 2conv, my own remarkable internet web site that for free offers to download videos from Youtube and change them into mp4 or mp3 file on your own laptop or Mac book. It performs on your own smart phone also. . All I'd want to do is bring online movie clip URL to 2conv and put in video into my PC. . It was late however , so I had to contact the prior 5 years to member of our bunch, but it was good in the ending we'd a pretty fine conversation. Nowadays everyone needs to be careful not to place anything possibly claimable in their own videos or soundtracks. . In the event you use someone's job or likeness, they can finally cause one , take your video down, or even worse claim that you earned funds from fabricating this video, after which to all 3 countless views they desire one dollar... and also you also go off on the bender, then delete video, drink for 2 weeks, hoping that everything is abandoned... Do not do so, simply select Cartoon free new songs that comes totally free and won't mess up your life...
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true-crime-cryptid · 9 days ago
Hello, people of Tumblr!
I'm Logan (he/it pronouns) and I'm here to talk about true crime!
Here's my schedule here on Tumblr:
- a new case of true crime every 2 weeks
- until the next case, I'll answer your asks
- if you want to read more details about the cases, go to my Instagram @ true_crime_cryptid
- hashtags: #TrueCrimeSunday and #TCS
- I'll post it every time I listen to a new song, album or band about true crime
- it'll not be regular
- it'll replace TCS and for 2 weeks I'll write down your suggestions about more true crime music
- hashtags: #TrueCrimeMusic and #TCM
- I'll post it every time I see a new film or tv show about true crime
- it'll not be regular
- it'll replace TCS and for 2 weeks I'll write down your suggestions about more true crime movies/tv shows
- hashtags: #TrueCrimeMovieNight and #TCMN
- I'll post it every time I read a new book/comic book about true crime
- it'll not be regular
- it'll replace TCS and for 2 weeks I'll write down your suggestions about more true crime books/comic books
- hashtags: #TrueCrimeBookClub and #TCBC
My other profiles:
Tumblr @until-i-devour-you
Twitter: @ AnxiousLocal_
Instagram: @ anxious_local_cryptid and @ true_crime_cryptid
Morbid's Art
I'm writing a book in which me and my oc Selene talk about serial killers!
Warning: slow updates.
Read it for free:
Tumblr: @morbidsart
Wattpad: @ AnxiousLocalCryptid
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Thanks @thebirdandhersong
Rules: tag 9 people you want to catch up with or get to know better!
fav colour: forest greens and soft pinks :)
last song: OBSESSED with Achilles Come Down by Gang of Youths
currently reading: The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells (and supposed to be reading Good Omens for my book club which was my pick and I'm hosting tonight, but, uhhh, oops. I've read it before so it'll be fine, right?).
currently watching: The Mentalist, just finished The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and I love Sam and Bucky more than I love Steve and Bucky and that's saying something, and Leverage always because I love it.
last movie: I think the last movie I watched was Crimson Peak during a knitting night. Del TORO ARE YOU OKAY??? I mean, it was weird and creepy, and yet compelling and clever. Either that or it was a marathon of the Escape Plan movies with Stallone.
sweet/spicy/savory: sweet and salty
currently craving: pfft. cereal. because I need to actually eat breakfast instead of answering emails/ checking Tumblr this morning.
tea/coffee: TEA. I will never say no to a cuppa. If I'm ever poisoned, check the tea.
Tagging: @feenyxblue @thegoldensoundtwice @itspileofgoodthings @awesomebutunpractical @coldswarkids @tinycatholicbean @motleysaint @thelonelybrilliance @magpie-trove @autumnhobbit
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autistickimkitsuragi · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello due to life stuff I’ve decided to open writing commissions. I can write both fandom and original fiction and have been writing for several years. More info under the cut as it’s a long post
To commission me just message me here or on my twitter @autisticredhood. Examples of my writing can be found on AO3 under the username JayEclipse and/or by messaging and asking.
All prices in USD.
I get paid upfront before any writing.
Payment through paypal or ko-fi.
1$ per 100 words  (So 10$ for 1000 words).
+5$ for a fandom I am unfamiliar with that is easy to research (a good wiki, one-shot manga, etc).
+10-25$ for a fandom I am unfamiliar with that is hard to research, the full price depending on the length of the work.
+5$ for low scope original fiction (few if any fantasy/sci-fi elements and minimal world building).
+10-TBD$  for high scope original fiction. The full price depending on how much world and character building has to be done and the length of the work you want.
Info I Need From You
Character(s) you want in the fiction.
Theme, genre, & setting. Example: Reconciliation, hurt/comfort, canon divergent.
Length. I will do my best to stick to it and if I go over the word count you wanted you will not be charged extra.
Triggers/squicks. I don’t want to write something that will make you uncomfortable so please tell me any topics that could come up that you don’t want to come up..
I have ADHD so focus can be difficult for me but I will do my absolute best to get you your fiction in a reasonable time frame for the length requested.
I will provide a link to the google doc I am working on with the comment function turned on. If you don’t like something or want it changed you need to tell me while it’s still a draft.
Giving an exact date for when I’ll be done due to the unpredictable nature of my life but expect for each 1000 words for it to take a week. I’ll update you if things change.
It will be up to you if you want your fiction shared publicly. If it’s a fan fic I may share it only as an example of my work to other clients; If it’s original or OC it will not be shared at all.
I will talk with you about what you want and possibly ask extra questions.
What I’ll Write
Ships between any genders
OC x Canon
Self Insert x Canon/You X Canon
Gen fic
Dark subjects
Headcanon posts
Character Bios
TTRPG Prep (NPCs, settings, traps, etc)
What I Won’t Write
Anything for proshippers/anti-antis
Sexual N/S/F/W & Anything meant for kink/fetish purposes. Kink requires consent and I don’t consent to write it.
For ships: incest, pedophilia/minor x adult, grooming, abuse, erasure of canon queer identities
The following fandoms: Attack on Titan, Hazbein Hotel/Hellva Boss, Camp Camp, Hetalia, Ouran Host Club, Killing Stalking, Friday Night Fuckin, Pathologic, Harry Potter, Any Porn/Hentai
The following AUs: Omegaverse, Harry Potter
Real people
Cis Swaps
School Work
Fandoms I am Familiar With
The DC Universe
Critical Role
Dead By Daylight (+ A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010, Halloween)
Steven Universe
Payday (+ Hardcore Henry, The 1st John Wick Movie, Point Break)
Disco Elysium
The Sims
Heathers The Musical
Be More Chill
Dear Evan Hansen
The Young Elites
The Legend Trilogy (I have not read the fourth book)
The 1st Hunger Games Book
World Of Darkness/Vampire The Masquerade
Good Omens
Six of Crows
And many fandoms to small to list. Feel free to message me to ask if I know much about a fandom!
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melkuuu12 · 16 days ago
Going on a date with HxH characters:
Tumblr media
Gon is definitely taking you so many places! He would take you to Disney even though I wouldn’t call it a date because Killua, Kurapika and Leorio would be there.
He would buy everything for you!
Another place he would take you is to the amusement park/fair. He loves going there but he always get sick and throw up.
He would buy you all the stuffed animals you want.
Unlike Gon, Killua won’t let anyone tag along. He loves Gon but he wants it to be special.
He definitely is taking you skating or ice skating. He would be such a show off too.
After you two are done skating together, he would take you to McDonalds and buy you lots of fries.
After that, he would buy you ice cream then take you home. He really wants you to be happy.
He will take you to cafe and read books and talk about your week.
After that, he would walk around the mall and see what interests you. Once you find some things, he would buy it for you.
Then once you guys get home, you two would cuddle up and watch a movie you want.
He is most definitely taking you to a club or party. Dancing and drinking.
OR if you don’t want to then he will take you to the movies and you get to pick whichever movie you want to watch.
He would buy all the snacks you want. Then maybe later you two will go out for a late night walk.
He would either take you to a killing event or take you to a fancy party and end up killing everyone.
But if you don’t want to do that then he would get you anything for the entire day.
Want a diamond ring? Got it. Want a pet lion? Got it. Want expensive shoes? Got it. Want a car? Got it. Lots of food? Got it.
Really just depends what kind of relationship you have with him.
If he doesn’t love you then why would he go on a date with you?
But if he does care about you then it’s similar to Hisoka. He would get you anything you want.
Then he would take you to the most expensive restaurant ever.
She would take you to a romantic picnic. Flowers everywhere, so much food, music playing, fluffy dogs everywhere.
She would have all your favorite foods there.
100,000,000% a mall date. Can’t change my mind.
She would just drag you everywhere buying lots of things.
Then after you two would go on an expensive trip.
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izzielizzie · 16 days ago
can you do headcanons for the bayview four & co and what you think they would do/how they act when they hang out?
yes! okay I feel like there are also groups within their small group? 
I feel like the only time they all end up doing stuff together is when they have dinner at Contigo.
They love to joke around 
”hey remember the last time we were here and Evan thought it would be a good time to flirt with Bronwyn?” 
“And Jules kissed Nate?” 
“Fun times”
(A conversation brought to you by Maeve, Addy, and Cooper respectively)
A lot of jokey arguments 
“Hot take: Maeve and Luis are much cuter than Nate and Bronwyn”
“No one asked you Addy” (as said by an annoyed Bronwyn)
Random games like charades and twenty questions that usually just end up being Bronwyn and Knox trying to out do each other with occasional attempts from Maeve and Phoebe
Lots of laughter and jokes and games because they’re just one big found family and I love all of them
The Bayview Four:
Movie nights in Bronwyn’s basement
They throw popcorn at each other
They’re always talking over the movie
Especially if it’s a mystery
They’re so invested in solving it before the detective
They get lunch at Glenn’s diner
They guess each other’s orders
They never get them wrong
Sometimes they’ll go for long drives
Sometimes they coerce Kris into driving
They never, ever talk about the beginning of their senior year and the events that caused it
Knox Phoebe and Maeve:
They have a corner of Contigo to themselves
Like everyone knows it’s theirs
They do a lot of homework there
Lots of teasing Maeve when she gives up on homework to stare at Luis
They get a lot of coffee
They never go to a mall
Too many bad memories
But they love window shopping in downtown Bayview
Mostly because Knox hates it
A lot of their hangouts are intricately planned by Maeve so she can get them to date
Lots of sitting in the theatre club room behind the stage in a tangled heap while they eat lunch and listen to Knox’s arsenal of showtunes
Let’s be honest they come up with ways to annoy the heck out of Sean Murdock & co.
Oh also Knox and Maeve hang out with Owen don’t even try to tell me otherwise 
and I have to do this one because I love the idea of this::
Maeve, Luis, Kris, and Cooper
Can we talk about how AMAZING these double dates would be???
Cooper and Luis would be all excited to see each other
Like how often do they actually hang out?
I have a headcanon that they live in an apartment together during off seasons when Cooper starts playing for the Padres
But anyway
They’re just so overjoyed to see each other and they can’t hide it
They play catch for like a straight hour
Kris and Maeve talk or do school work or watch their boyfriends
God imagine Maeve and Kris bonding over their ridiculous boyfriends
They always get food after
And ice cream
Oh my god imagine Maeve and Luis sharing ice cream while watching Kris and Cooper try (and fail) to steal the other person’s dessert
When I say I want a third book I mean this specifically
Okay that was fun, feel free to request other groups of people I didn’t give headcanons for
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twig---verginix · 17 days ago
Rules: tag 9 people you wanna get to know better/catch up with
I was tagged by @skeleton-rodeo :D thank you!!!!! sorry I took so long with it, I saved it as a draft so i wouldnt forget about it and then. i forgot about it. you know how it is
Last song: actually listening to Quetzacoatl Eats Plums by tmg right now! It's the first time I've heard it– I'm going through some old(er) mountain goats albums that I haven't heard of before. I'm not really listening to the lyrics but I like the vibes
Currently reading: My roommate got me to join book club bc the club got enough sga funding to buy us the books without us having to pay dues, so I'm reading The Authenticity Project! It's like, a little preachy? But not terrible! And it's free, so :P
Currently watching: Oh geez. I haven't watched in a while, but I'm about a season into Hannibal!
Last movie: Howl's Moving Castle!!! The first half of it, anyway. I put it on for background noise one night when I was in the middle of reading the book, and I tried to stop it when I got to *around* where I was in the book (when Sophie met Mrs. Pentstemmon).
Currently craving: see I've got a big box of crackers next to me right now and I've successfully stopped myself from eating them to the point of getting grossed out, so I think what I'm craving is to be back where I was maybe a half hour ago, stomach contents-wise, so that eating another cracker would fill me with joy instead of ennui. I'm craving the ability to crave.
Now, only do this if you want to: @mollymauksandtealeafs @crtter @sweet-frog @theoriquewitherseld @runefactorynonsense @witchofbreath @ultra-trash-nerd @jeremytheblack @ndrogyny @1990scandy and you
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jewels2876 · 17 days ago
The Next Mark
A/N: This is my first time writing Thomas Sharpe and I watched a bit of the movie last night to get me in the right mind - I forgot how much ghost stories creep me out! This is for @the-th-horniest-book-club​ for their theme day Sweet Sharpe Saturday
If you’ve seen the movie, I decided to consider what could have happened had the events in Buffalo hadn’t happened as they did
Word Count: 759
No warnings
Tumblr media
The air crackled around you; you could feel a pair of eyes on your head but you kept it down. The words on the page were enticing and whoever was trying to get your attention would just have to wait. You turned the page carefully.
A throat cleared and a thigh gently knocked against yours. Annoyed you lifted your eyes over the end of the book, ready to give the person bothering you some choice words. A pair of kind green-grey eyes looked back at you and your breath left you. Your gaze was suddenly riveted on a handsome face, guileless and clear. His long dark hair was combed back, but the ends were still in wild curls. Your right hand suddenly itched to move from its grip and run through those curling hairs. You could feel the heat on your face as he spoke, his words lost in your ears as your gaze dropped to his mouth. A hand to your knee brought everything back into focus.
“Are you alright?” His British accent didn’t surprise you. His eyes raked over you, his hand still resting on your knee. He seemed to notice the contact and pulled his hand back reluctantly. “I apologize for startling you.” The glint in his eye suggested otherwise.
Your brow furrowed as you tried to place this handsome stranger. “May I ask what you want?”
“I was simply looking for a place to sit.” His hand patted the dark red cushion. “You seemed to be enthralled with your reading; I didn’t mean to interrupt you.”
Your brow deepened at his small smile. “I don’t believe you,” you murmured. “But no matter, I shall continue reading; it was nice to make your acquaintance.” You relaxed your brow and turned page to the open pages.
“Thomas.” You looked up at him again. His hand stretched out across his lap. “Thomas Sharpe.”
You didn’t want to be rude so you took his hand. “Y/n y/l/n.”
His smile widened slightly as he pulled back his hand, settling deeper into his seat. “Lovely name, y/n. May I ask why you’re headed to New York? My sister and I are headed home.” He nodded shortly; your gaze followed his and you noted the fierce redhead who dipped her head in return.
“You look nothing alike.” You regretted the words that tumbled out but Thomas merely chuckled.
“She looks more like our mother, and I our father,” he explained. You dared another look at the redhead before turning back to Thomas.
“My mother died in childbirth with my younger brother; I don’t remember if I look like her or not anymore.” Your voice dropped to a whisper; remembering her awakened the heartache you had stamped down so long ago. Thomas sensed your mood shifting and ran his thumb over your knuckles. The touch thrilled and scared you. “Are your parents with you as well?”
Thomas shook his head. “They died some years ago. We’re here trying to find investors for our ancestral home.” You looked at him blankly. “We sit on a deposit of red clay and wish to mine as much as we can. It seems to be a key factor in newer buildings that are going up.”
You tilted your head slightly to the left, thinking. “You have no investors now?”
Thomas shook his head again. “We were just up in Buffalo and failed. So we are making our way home.” His gaze flitted back to your face, another smile teasing at the corners of his lips. “You aren’t by any chance a wealthy heiress that wishes to humor a man, are you?”
It was your turn to offer the tease of a smile. “Maybe I am?”
Thomas sat up a tad straighter; even from a distance Lucille could tell her brother had found a willing victim. Thomas leaned to his right, his hand moved up your arm; Lucille felt the bile rise in her throat.
You leaned into Thomas’s space, closing the distance between the two of you. “I’m surprised you didn’t react to the last name I gave you. We were well known for our…”
“Ah yes,” Thomas grinned. “I apologize for not making the connection sooner. Might I interest you in a drink? Coffee or tea? And we can talk more about your new investment?” 
“Tea please.” Thomas signaled for the cart. Lucille followed behind the cart carefully as she carefully dipped into her hand under her dress, looking for the poison she cultivated. My brother certainly does his job well.
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writing-my-mind-off · 18 days ago
Between Iron And Silver (Chapter 2)
Summary: Spencer gets into a D/S relationship with [y/n], the girlfriend of friend Ethan. What he doesn´t know is that she soon will be more than a ‘No Strings Attached’ - Relationship for him.
A/N: Altough it´s a fem!Reader story, I matched her characteristics slightly to Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs, since this idea came to me after reading Every Me and Every You and watching Silence of the Lambs. And yes, Reid is bisexual. No, we´re not going to argue about that. Mercí
Pairing: postprison/Dom!Reid x fem!Reader
TW: BDSM undertones, SMUT, phone sex, masturbations instruction, mutual masturbation, masturbation (male/female), orgasm control, nicknames (Babydoll, princess, little/good girl, slut...) 
✨click here for chapter one✨
🦋click here for the Masterlist🦋
✨click here for the soundtrack✨
💜MAIN TITLE - Unholy by Hey Violet💜
Tumblr media
Spencer had decided not to go home with [y/n] and Ethan today. It wouldn’t have been very smart. They needed time to overthink, maybe they would realize that some of the stuff they said they wanted tonight, actually wasn´t for them.
He and [y/n] had exchanged numbers and he had told her that she could write him, should she have questions or was bored. Hugging both of them goodbye, Ethan whispering a small ‘Thank You’ in his hear.
Now Spencer was sitting in a club, Emily had send him the address, drinking his second beer of the night. He had told Emily about how nice it was to see his old friend again and now watched her and Penelope dance to the music.
As always feeling a little out of place.
His phone buzzed and his gaze fell on [y/n]´s name.
Just wanted to say thank you :)”
 “No problem.
You guys home already?”
 “Nope. Ethan is at his apartment.
I´m in a cab.”
 “Though you lived together.”
 “No, too early.
I live with my uncle at the moment. :)
Are you home?”
 “Nope, out with friends.
Watching them getting drunk.”
 “Why don’t you?”
 “I like to stay sober with a collected mind.”
 “You have no idea ;)”
 “Ethan mentioned you´re a genius…
BTW how would things between us work?
I mean…would we normally talk and spend time together…
or is it just a hit and run?
Sorry for the pun.”
 “You´re cute. Luckily for you, I like puns.
What we do is up to us.
There are couples having 24/7 dynamics and some just have a playtime, where they…
 “I like how that sounds. ‘Play’ sounds like fun :3”
 “Oh it is! Since you already are with Ethan though we won´t have a 24/7 dynamic.
But playtime. In which we will have rules you´ll need to follow.
But everything in time.
We still need to figure out if Ethan wants to be there.”
 “Like a Babysitter? XD
I don’t think he will like watching it.
He tends to get jealous.”
 “Kinda. But can you hold it against him?
You´re beautiful. If you were mine, I would be the same way.”
 “Looks are an accident.
‘Silence of the Lambs ‘-quote :)”
 “If comeliness were earned, you´d still be beautiful. ;)”
Well, hello Dr. Lekter.
Did you google your answer?”
 “Eidetic Memory. Read the books a few years ago + movies, Starling-Darling”
So you´re not smart. You´re SMART! :o
Brains, funny and looks 10/10
Why are you still single?
Are you even single?”
 “Yes I am. Single and genius. IQ 187. ;)
Looks…I would give me a 5/10.
Not bad, but not a looker.”
 “How dare you!
When you´re a 5, then I´m a 2!
Lower your standards, Sir!”
 “No. You´re an 14.
At least clothed ;)
Number might just be going up…
I have a feeling.”
 “Are we allowed to do this?”
 “Flirting. I know we´re joking around and all,
but Ethan may just get jealous.”
 “Well, without at least some form of attraction, no playtime…
We´re just testing the waters, see if this could even work between us.
It´s not like we´re not sticking to the limits he set us.”
 Yes, sexting hadn’t been talked about, but Ethan was willing to let Spencer spank, bite, kiss and make [y/n] cum. This was nothing compared to the things that were already greenlight. Spencer looked up, Emily and Penelope were still dancing. He took a sip of his beer and looked if [y/n] had replied. She had.
 “Well then…
What are you wearing, Dr.? ;)”
 “Jokes on you. I have 3 BA´s and 3 Phd´s.
So calling me ‘Doctor’ is the least you could do, young lady.”
 “Pinky promise you´re not lying?”
 “Pinky promise.”
 “Don’t know why I am surprised.
What else would you do with an IQ of 187.
Spanking people and collecting Phd´s & BA´s like stickers. ;P”
 “Little bit sassy, huh?”
 “You should be careful.
You could catch yourself a punishment. ;P
Are you home yet?”
 He finished his beer, waiting for an answer. Penelope and Emily were now sitting next to him. It startled him a little, not having noticed their return.
“Who are you chatting with?, Garcia asked drinking a colorful cocktail.
“A friend.”, Emily grinned and both women made on ‘uuuuhhhh’ sound. “Stop it. She´s really just a friend.”, they still made some jokes about how it was time for him to finally get his game on again.
If they only knew.
Spencer´s phone buzzed again, immediately grabbing his attention.
 “Just got home.
Lying in bed already :)
Punishment, huh?
What would that look like?”
 “Hmm bed?
I could just ask for a selfie as proof ;) JK…
I could start counting hits, for the pretty butt of yours.
Cashing them in, the next time I see you.
Letting you count and thank me for each one of them.
Or have you crawling around the floor…naked…the whole day,
like a little dog on a leash.”
 Before his eyes appeared a mirror selfie. [y/n] sat on her bed, wearing little pink shorts and a black crop top. Her hair messy around her shoulder. One hand making the peace-sign, tongue out.
The picture itself was harmless. The intention wasn´t.
 “What would I need to do to get a punishment?”
 “1.) You didn’t need to send one, but I appreciate how obedient you were.
I will definitely make you do that in the future again.
Probably naked.
2.) Being disrespectful, not following my orders etc…
Or maybe I just give you a task, I know you can´t complete.
And then punish you for not being able to. ;)
 “Oh that´s…kinda mean?
Not bad mean…just mean. But fun.”
 “Most likely. Especially when you´d get turned on by it.”
 “I wouldn’t just hurt you.
It´s the thin line of pain and pleasure, we´re going to be dancing on.
I often had my submissives dripping wet after.
Spread out in front of my, begging me to be taken.
Until I finally started fucking them.
Would of course not happen in our case.
The ground rules.”
 “But touching is allowed…”
 “I can imagine, you wouldn’t just want to be touched, though.”
 “I shouldn’t like this so much. :/”
 “Because it feels like cheating.”
 “It isn’t though, princess.
We follow all the rules set by Ethan.
I´m not inside you, now am I?”
 “It probably just feels like that, because it´s new for you.
We don’t have to keep doing this if you´re uncomfortable.”
 “Have you done this before?”
 “A little more specific, please.”
 “Being the Dom of your friend´s gf.”
 “No. Completely new.
Not complaining though.
Can I ask something?
You don´t have to answer.
And tell me when I am crossing a line.”
 “Are you feeling guilty because you´re aroused?”
A little.”
 “May I ask what caused it?”
What you wrote about punishment, your subs…
And the way you´re talking to me.
Just everything together…is kinda hot.
Sorry :/”
 Spencer grinned to himself. It was a dirty grin and he was happy that nobody saw it. He got up, slightly having to adjust his pants and winked his friends goodbye, who were dancing again. With fast steps he started walking down the block to his apartment.
 “Don’t be sorry.
It is hot and that´s just the beginning. ;P”
 “Is it, doctor?”
 “Are you trying to be a little tease?”
 “What are you doing, right now?”
 “Texting you, lying in bed & you?”
 “Just entered my apartment building.
Walking up the stairs.”
 He let himself in and took of his jacket and shoes. Walking into the bedroom putting on his pajamas. When he crawled into bed he had already missed four massages.
 “Are you sleepy?
Notice me!
Heyyy, What are you wearing? ;)”
 “I´m wearing my pajamas.
Pants could come of however.”
 “Too much?”
 “Kinda hot.”
 “Yeah. I like the way you talk…”
 “Would I go too far, if I´d call you?”
I don’t know.”
 “We don’t have to do anything. You say stop I´ll stop.
Your decision, I won´t be mad.”
 A few second later his phone rang. [y/n].
 “Hello, princess.”, he said with a calm voice, hiding his excitement.
“Hey…”, she sounded a little shy.
“You´re comfortable?”
“Yeah…just kinda…nervous…does that make sense?”, she let out a nervous giggle.
“What are you nervous about, Babydoll?”
“I don’t know. Maybe about us talking…in bed…”, he chuckled.
“Are you fearing that it´ll get sexual?”
“Not fearing…”, she probably flushed, oh she most definitely flushed.
“Do you want me to make it sexual?”, her breath hitched. Bingo.
“Would that be bad?”, she sounded worried.
“I don’t think so. To be honest…the thought of it does turn me on.”, she giggled.
“So I´m not the only one?”
“No. Now tell me, princess, are you wet?”
“…A little.”, she admitted.
“Do you wanna play? No pressure though.”
“What would we play?”, she asked, a little more playful than before.
“Well, what do you know about orgasm control?”
“Not a lot, except that you´d decide when I cum.”
“You could also practice it when you are alone. It´s basically holding back your orgasm, staying at the constant high, not having it completely released. Do you wanna try that, [y/n]? Remember that you can say no. We can always just start talking about movies.”
 A while there was silence on her side of the call and Spencer started to worry. Had he already crossed a line? Found her first hard limit?
 “I´m starting to worry. Are you still there?
“…yeah…yes. Sorry. I was thinking.”
“We don´t need to do this, [y/n]. It-“
“I want to. I- I just don´t know how…”, he smiled.
“Oh, don´t worry, princess. That´s why I´m here. Do you trust me, [y/n]?”
“Y- Yes.”
“Then just follow my lead. You´re gonna feel good really soon.”, Spencer started playing with the waistband of his pants.
“Okay. I want you to push your little top up and expose those pretty tits of yours. Do you think you could do that for me?”, he heard her move.
“Yes.”, her tone of was calm and yet he heard a little excitement coming through.
“Good girl. Now I want you to carefully caress them. Do you like touching yourself, [y/n]?...I expect an answer.”
“Y- Yes. I- I like it. It´s nice.”
“Take your index and middle finger and wet them with your mouth. When they are nice and wet I want you to play with you nipples until they´re hard.”
“They already are.”, both chuckled a little.
“Really? Well then pull them a little for me.”, he listened closely a little moan escaped her mouth. That sweet little sound, send an electric shock straight to his cock.
“Does that feel good?”, he asked palming his crotch, where excitement started to brew up.
“Yes.”, she ever so faintly whispered.
“Slide your hand under those slutty, little short. If you´d dare wearing them near me, you would already be naked. With my fingers roaming your every inch.”, she was now whimpering into her phone.
“Slide your fingers up and down your slit. Tell me, are you wet, little girl.”
 Spencer lifted his hips a little, pulling his pants down to get a better grip of his now semi-hard member. Carefully starting to stroke it.
 “Yes.”, she answered him, shallowly breathing.
“Yes what, princess?”
“I- I am wet.”
“How wet?”
“S- So, so wet, Spencer.”, he grinned at the way she said his name.
“Be a doll and start rubbing your little clit for me.”, her breathing hitched, soft sobs escaping her lungs.
“Does that feel nice, Baby?”, he asked pumping his now hard member.
“S- So good.”
“Mhmm…I bet you´re quite the sight right now. A moaning little mess, legs spread widely. Needing nothing more right now than to get fucked.”, he let out a deep growl, making [y/n] whimper in excitement.
“You wanna know what I´m doing right now?
“Mhmm…yes, please.”, he chuckled darkly.
“So well behaved. Well, I am right now in the midst of stroking my hard cock to your beautiful, little moans.”, she let out a loud moan.
“You better be a little more quiet. We don’t need anybody to know that you´re masturbating to my voice like a little slut.”, she let out another even louder one.
“[y/n], remove your hand.”, his voice was instantly cold.
“W- What? Why?” “Do it. Now.”, he demanded. Calm and with authority.
 Spencer heard her in protest. Oh he was going to have fun with her.
 “Why did I have to stop?”, [y/n] sounded almost in pain due to the lack of friction.
“You were too loud. I don’t want you to get into trouble, princess.”, she sighed.
“I know. Thank you…Can I touch myself again?…please?”
“Yes, but try to be a little more quiet.
“But it feels so good.”, a silent moan escaping her.
“Fuck…I know, Baby…I know.”
 For the next minute he just listened to her moans, while pumping his cock.
 “Okay, let´s increase the level of difficulty here. [y/n] I want you to rub your little pearl faster. If your moaning to loudly, you´re going to stop and go to sleep without cumming, understood?”, he himself tried his best to remain as calm as possible, waiting for her answer. Only hearing her whimper.
 “[y/n] answer me or I´ll swear to god, I´m gonna drive over to your house and fuck the living daylight out of you.”, he heard a slight giggle.
“I´m sorry. I- I promise I behave. P- Please don’t make me stop.”, Spencer held back an aggressive moan.
“Good little slut, but remember that you´re only allowed to cum once I´ll give you my permission.”
 The pleasure he deprived from [y/n] desperately trying not to moan loudly while trying not to cum made Spencer feel high. God, he had missed this. She was absolutely perfect.
 “Spencer…”, she moaned, almost crying. “Spencer, please.”
“What do you want, princess? Tell me what you want.”
“Please, please…Am I allowed to cum? Please.”
Her begs made him pump faster and harder, chasing his own release.
“Not yet. Just a little more, you´ll have to wait for me.”
 He listened to her frantic, muffled moans.
 “Ah…please…ah-ah…please Spencer…fuck.”, Spencer could hear her, she was definitely crying right now.
“You have no idea what I would give just to see your pretty face when you cum…Fuck!”, [y/n]´s moans and breath became irregular.
“Such a good girl…Fuck. That´s it…Make yourself come. Come for me, [y/n].”
 As her name left his lips he came, hearing her yelp, moaning a mixture of begs and his name over and over again. A minute or two they just listens to each other´s breathing normalizing.
When their high ebbed away, Spencer could her [y/n] giggle.
 “That…- wow...”, she was clearly lost for words, making him chuckle.
“You did amazing, princess. How are you feeling?”, he asked while getting up and pulling off his shirt, which had caught most of his, not really thought through, ‘Happy Ending’.
 “I´m sleepy…but I´m feeling great…relaxed. What about you?”, he heard her yawning, whilst pulling a fresh shirt over his head and crawling back into bed.
“Also tired…but that was so…worth it.”, Spencer pulled his blanked over himself.
A pleasant silence hung between them.
“Just out of interest. Anything you didn’t like?”
“Everything was perfect.”
“Perfect?”, he asked surprised.
“mhmm…Can I tell you a secret?”, [y/n] voice sounded nervous.
“Of course.”
“That- That was my first…orgasm since weeks...Ethan and I don´t have a lot of sex and when then I don-… Is- I´m sorry. I shouldn’t have told you.”
“Does Ethan know?”, Spencer asked, trying to make her feel safe and understood.
“The last time we talked he got really sad and upset. I love him, so I don’t want to hurt him and just try to fake it as good as I can.”, a sad sigh escaped her lips.
“Your secrets is safe with me, but I am glad you trusted me with it.”
“…Because I like you, Spencer.”, she was already in the midst of falling asleep.
“I like you too, [y/n]. You should really go to sleep now. Let´s talk tomorrow, okay?”
“Okay. Goodnight, Spencer. Thank you.”
“Always, princess. Goodnight.”
 They hung up and Spencer started to smile like a fool to himself. That was the most interesting and captivating thing he had been part of since months.
Her beautiful moans still stuck in his head, he grabbed his phone. Sending both [y/n] and Ethan a list of book about BDSM that he could recommend.
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brightwoodhq · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Our seventh Guardian up on the bidding docket is student Presley Wilcox! Presley is a 27-year-old sixth year student here at Brightwood Academy. His peers have described him as being sincere, intelligent, and creative. Presley can often be seen around campus drawing or enjoying the bright sunshine! He is also involved in the Art Club, Book Club, and Cooking Club!
Tumblr media
1.) What is your astrological sign? Aquarius 2.) What are your top five favorite movies? Joker, Guardians of the Galaxy, Desperation, Red Dawn, Night of the Twisters 3.) What are your top three favorite books? Dante's Inferno, Unseen Academicals, Frankenstein 4.) If you could pick any career, far-fetched or not, what would it be and why? My dream career would be as an artist. Teaching isn't really my style, but it's hard to make money and survive off of art alone. I eventually would teach, if I had to, or work design for commission. But the ultimate dream would be just me and my studio, making living wages. 5.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I wish I had an answer for this question, but I don't. Nothing solid anyway. I'd love to say I'll be bonded, have a nice house, a couple of dogs, maybe a 9-5 but the truth is I really don't know. None of us do. And, I try not to think to hard or dwell on the future too much. Those who do often end up losing their present. 6.) What are you looking for in a partner? I don't have a specific set of rules or standards. I'm not the kind of guy with a bunch of boxes that need to be checked. If we vibe, we vibe. If we don't, we don't. 7.) Are you interested in a family? Do you want marriage? Children? Maybe, I guess. Really that's part of that whole "not thinking too too much about the future thing". I guess if it happens it happens. But I'm not seeking that out specifically. And, a lot of that would be up to my Guarded, too. I don't want to get hooked on a decision or thought only to find out my soulmate isn't interested in pursuing the same thing. 8.) What are your biggest pet peeves? Lacking manners, lacking common sense, lacking empathy, lacking understanding.   9.) What are your biggest turn-offs in a relationship? Over-dependency, being too clingy/moving too quickly, setting unrealistic expectations would be another. 10.) If you could have any power/ability in the world, what would it be and why?  That's a tricky, tricky question my friend. I think communicating with animals would be pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want that?
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desiredmalfoy · 20 days ago
hey bae ur one of my all time fav acounts on here! I love ur writing sm it hurts u dont understand. I was wondering if i could get a ship 🌼! Some things about me areeee i am bisexual, i am tall, green eyes, blonde mixed with auburn and platinum hair? i love to read im conatantly reading books, i am a gemini INFP, and a ravenclaw! I love to listen to music i always have my earbuds in and i play four insturments myself main one being the flute and ukulele! I mainly listen to indie rock bands. I am an editor on instagram i love to make edits of my fav charcters and people! I love acting its really my passion it takes away a lot of stress and harsh feelings i deal with. I love rings and crystals and astronomy. I personally love the stars i find comfort in talking to them sometimes (thats weird but whatever). Im very introverted and shy i really only have three friends. a lot of people tell me i look extremely intimidating at first but when they meet me im real nice (in short words i have an rbf lol). i may not appear it on the outside but im always talking to myself in my head wether im judging people (i cant control it sometimes promise im not mean😁) or just noticing everything around me. I always can settle for a good coming of age movie i always find comfort in them. my faves are call me by your name, lady bird, and breakfast club. (all amazing movies). I also love to make people feel happy? especially if i know someone is going through a tough time i make them feel better by writing letters or making things. I love to draw and paint i love anime as well and i adore animals especially cute kittens. annnddd yeah! im sorry if its a lot omg.
A deal breaker for me would be when my s/o touches me or something without my permission and proceeds to do it or makes you feel bad about something you arent supposed to be sorry for. Also wanting to know where i am every second it makes me feel untrustworthy. I also like cuddles but i dont like being super public about a relationship handholding is fine but bragging about it every minute is annoying i just like it to be a sweet thing between me and the person where we make our own memories. :)
omg you are so sweet!! this literally made my day! thank you so much for loving my stuff. ♥️ can i just say i relate a lot to what you wrote. i also have a rbf which people think im always mad. i used to be an editor on IG too!
I ship you with... Draco Malfoy
okay so i see you with draco! like he would bond with you over your love for astronomy. you met after one day he saw you late at night at the astronomy tower talking to what he thought was someone else. but he quickly realized you were talking at the night sky. since you’re shy, draco would protect you at all cost. he would be making sure no one would do anything to you. plus he would love your art and would constantly cheer you on.
I don’t ship you with... Fred Weasley
i say this because i think fred would be all about pda. he is more outgoing and an extrovert who loves the attention. i just don’t see the two of you in a relationship
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reneehearts · 20 days ago
1: Top 3 ice cream flavors - mocha, cookie dough, s’mores
2: Top 3 Disney Movies - the lion king, frozen, 101 Dalmatians
3: Top 3 vacation destinations - key west, San Antonio, Germany
4: Top 3 places to shop - target, Victoria’s Secret, Etsy
5: Top 3 subjects of study/classes to take - English lit, memoirs, child development/social work
6: Top 3 make up products - glitter eye shadow, brown eye liner, mascara
7: Top 3 music artists - pierce the veil, jonas brothers, Taylor swift
8: Top 3 spices/herbs - cinnamon, garlic, salt
9: Top 3 drinks - coffee, iced tea, water
10: Top 3 apps to use - tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat
11: Top 3 months of the year - December, august, November
12: Top 3 clothing items - leggings, sweatshirts, bralette
13: Top 3 binge perfect tv shows - new girl, himym, friends
14: Top 3 romantic dates - intimate dinner/drinks, beach at night, hot tub
15: Top 3 kinds of flower - lilac, sunflower, tulip
16: Top 3 christmas movies - the Santa clause, the grinch, Christmas with the kranks
17: Top 3 OTPs - nick and Jess, Winston and ally, Ted and Tracey
18: Top 3 quotes to describe your life - spread kindness like confetti, and idk
19: Top 3 characteristics you love about yourself - friendly, kind, caring
20: Top 3 kinds of candy - dark chocolate nonpareils, Milky Way, maple cream
21: Top 3 ways to exercise/ be active - abs, dance, walking my dog
22: Top 3 spirit animals - monkeys, bailey, lion
23: Top 3 petnames - babe, boo, my love
24: Top 3 books read outside of school - water for elephants, the likeness, gone girl
25: Top 3 most used websites - gmail, google, target
26: Top 3 people you last texted - Jamal, Christian, chris
27: Top 3 hashtags you use - I really don’t
28: Top 3 instagram accounts you follow - Aussiesdoingthings, xomissdanielle, sophieturner
29: Top 3 guilty pleasures - old school Selena Gomez music, beets, asparagus
30: Top 3 summer activities - walking bailey, driving with the windows down, beach
31: Top 3 things to draw/doodle - hearts, flowers, stars
32: Top 3 aesthetics - pastel, rainbow/bright, princess
33: Top 3 things you'd buy if you gained three million dollars - house, private jet, pay off student debt
34: Top 3 ways to treat yourself - shopping at target, new underwear, Starbucks
35: Top 3 celebrity crushes - chris evans, ryan gosling, Aaron judge
36: Top 3 books from your childhood babysitters club, baby sitters little sister, Disney girls
37: Top 3 accents to hear - British, Australian, italian
38: Top 3 scents - pine trees/Christmas trees, lilacs, apple candle
39: Top 3 "Friends" quotes - PIVOT, they don’t know that we know that they know, soup I mean noodle soup, I mean soup!!!!
40: Top 3 cupcake flavors - yellow, chocolate, funfetti
41: Top 3 fruits - banana, strawberry, raspberry
42: Top 3 places you've had amazing pizza from - little Vincent’s, rosa’s in penn, Timothy’s
43: Top 3 sports teams to watch - Yankees, Yankees, Yankees
44: Top 3 crayola colors - I only really remember one specifically, razzledazzle, the pink one!
45: Top 3 things you hope to accomplish in college
46: Top 3 fanfictions you've read
47: Top 3 people you miss right now - Nick, Tony, Emily
48: Top 3 fears - burning alive, house fire, heights
49: Top 3 favorite literary devices - foreshadowing, symbolism, irony
50: Top 3 pet peeves - ppl who don’t use their blinkers, bad grammar/spelling (two, too, to etc.) ppl being late
51: Top 3 physical things you find attractive - abs, calves, smile
52: Top 3 bad habits - ED behaviors, over drinking when out, getting too attached
53: Top 3 pets you've had/wish to have - more Aussies, a monkey, lion
54: Top 3 types of foreign food - Italian, German, French
55: Top 3 things you want to say to someone in your lifetime - I just want to be able to talk to NG again 😔
56: Top 3 dog breeds - Australian shepherd, yorkie, German shepherd
57: Top 3 cheesy romance movies - pretty woman, the notebook, the last song
58: Top 3 languages you speak/wish to speak - Italian, French, Spanish
59: Top 3 series (book, movie, television) - friends, new girl, svu
60: Top 3 pizza toppings - just cheese please
61: Top 3 youtubers you're subscribed to
62: Top 3 tattoo / piercing ideas - astrology/Leo tattoo, finger tattoo, peacock feather
63: Top 3 awards you want to win - I don’t really need an award lol
64: Top 3 emojis - 😂🙈😍
65: Top 3 cars you dream of owning - pickup truck, Dodge Charger and 🤷🏼‍♀️
66: Top 3 authors - Tana French, Gillian Flynn, Sara gruen
67: Top 3 historical figures - MLK JR., Abraham Lincoln, Rosa parks
68: Top 3 baby names - hazel, violet, Ella
69: Top 3 DIYs - 🤷🏼‍♀️
70: Top 3 smoothie combos/flavors - peach, pineapple, strawberry banana
71: Top 3 songs of this month - mr. Perfectly fine, shake it out, dark horse
72: Top 3 questions of this post you want to be asked
73: Top 3 villains - scar, hades and 🤷🏼‍♀️
74: Top 3 Cities you want to see - Berlin/Munich, Sydney, Montreal
75: Top 3 recipes you want to try
76: Top 3 dream jobs - ice cream/candy store owner, school social worker, stay at home dog mom
77: Top 3 lucky items - my dog, my rings, my pop pop’s pocket watch
78: Top 3 traditions you have - Christmas Eve matching pjs with sister, reindeer food, and gingerbread cookies
79: Top 3 things you miss about being a kid - carefree, no bills, no responsibility
80: Top 3 harry potter characters
81: Top 3 lies you were told - only teenagers have acne, adults know what they’re doing/have it figured out, you can achieve anything you want with hard work
82: Top 3 pictures in your camera roll right now
83: Top 3 turn ons - hot body, nice smile, good sense of humor
84: Top 3 turn offs - disrespectful, rude, inconsistency
85: Top 3 magazines/news papers/ journals to read
86: Top 3 things you wish you had known earlier - what I wanted to study in undergrad, how bad heartbreak hurts, how complicated life/relationships can be
87: Top 3 spongebob episodes
88: Top 3 places to be in the world - northport, key west, Bahamas
89: Top 3 things you'd do differently - look more into options besides college, go to grad school right after AmeriCorps, have “the talk” with Nick
90: Top 3 TV shows from your childhood - Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, Gullah Gullah island
91: Top 3 meals you love - ice cream, acai bowl, fries
92: Top 3 kinds of tea - just black please
93: Top 3 embarrassing moments - putting my foot in the muddy tree, getting sick from drinking while out, car accident
94: Top 3 holidays to celebrate - Christmas, New Year’s Eve, thanksgiving
95: Top 3 things to do in the rain - read, watch tv, snuggle with my dog
96: Top 3 things to do in the snow - stay inside and read, have hot chocolate, watch tv
97: Top 3 items you can't leave the house w/o - phone, ID, keys
98: Top 3 movies you'd like to see - last Christmas, hot tub time machine, zoolander
99: Top 3 art mediums - dance, watercolor, singing
100: Top 3 museums you've been to - museum of natural history DC, MOMA, Alamo
101: Top 3 school memories - leaving lmao
102: Top 3 things you don't/Won't miss - I’m not really sure
103: Top 3 pick up lines
104: Top 3 sports to watch - baseball, basketball, hockey
105: Top 3 taylor swift songs - mr. Perfectly fine, happiness, august
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tea-pettiest · 21 days ago
Hi! I loved the perfect day with the Axis headcanons- can I request what the Allies perfect day would be with their s/o? Tysm! 💕💕
america: a quiet, lazy one, that allows alfred to indulge in the domestic bliss he’s so grateful for.  really, all he wants is more time with his partner, so his perfect day could be almost anything -- even chores -- so long as they’re together.
at the end of the day, they might skip dinner and go straight to dessert, returning to the diner they went to on one of their very first dates, and splitting a large, strawberry milkshake, their hand in his as the jukebox plays something sappy in the background.
russia: a cozy, quiet stay-at-home day where ivan gets to keep his lover entirely to himself.  blanket forts in front of the fireplace, marathoning their favorite movies with a romantic dinner and a nice bottle of wine (or something stronger.)
their bodies cocooned together in blankets, their skin sticky and feverish from their drunkenness and mingled body heat, the lights flickering over their faces as their lips disappear against each other, tucked in the other’s shadow.
england: a day spent out on the open road, on his motorcycle, his lover’s arms tightly wrapped around his waist, their hair whipping around them in the wind, and the sun at their backs.  
he doesn’t even really care where they end up -- be it some dingy, old motel or back at home.  all he wants is the chance to be alone in the wide, wide world with them, the scent of leather on their skin, and the heat of the sun warming them from the inside out.
france: a night out dancing.  francis and his lover dress up in their most dapper attire and go to one of those old, jazz clubs to dance.  
francis finds that in his experience, it’s the best things that can’t be said with words, and so he spends the entire night whispering sweet, long-lasting, romantic somethings to his lover as he spins them around the room.
china: he’d like to spend the day locally, eating at his favorite hole in the wall, walking the streets, or through the park, and maybe even watching the closest middle school basketball game.
yao loves supporting the kids and has come to think of most all of them as some of his own, to some extent, as it takes a village, and he is, sort of, that village.  likewise, doing such provincial things with his lover at his side intensifies this familial feeling, which yao cherishes above all.
canada: he and his lover are actually writing their own recipe book together, which are filled with favorites they’ve tried and recreated as their own throughout their relationship.  
it can be difficult to find time to work on this, so his ideal day would be working on this book with them for its productive, reminiscent, and delicious tendencies.
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