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#i wanna... draw that au but i cant draw animals
nastronde · 5 days ago
that 200k word long mdzs daemon fic is making me feel some kinda way
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Tumblr media
Hope you don't mind but this is a small rant about art/content thieves...
I was around on Deviant art back in 2008 when it was bare bones, and let me tell you back then it was a lawless land (think art thief's everywhere). I learned how to code on basic sites that were set up back then like myspace (actually Archive of our own is still set up like the old classic deviant art too tbh) The nostalgia for old sites I get from going on Ao3 makes me happy. Lol anyway this meme is to say I had like a younger sibling of my friend message me (think they are around 16-17) and they asked me about the anime I liked and about what video games I like. When I told them about Undertale they said “Oh do you know what Archive of our own is? its a fanfiction...”(etc.) They started explaining Fanfictions to me and I was SWEATING lmfao. It got me back to thinking about when i was 16 the absolute power I had in my teenage emotional mess years was way too OP. If you know how to hack old sites, you know how easy it is even with the new code. Then she started to tell me about her art thief on DeviantArt.
I've encountered quiet a few people in the world over the last few weeks that be testing my patience, and my constant disassociation episodes/state are making me ascend to a new level of ‘try me’ xD Its one of those the real kindness isn't having the skill to filter IP addresses for the soul reason to block someone's whole Wi-Fi from access to a site, to effectively cut off all their devices from their bullshit... its choosing not to call upon those powers and abuse them. xD I CANT STAND THIEVES I've learned to control myself and give warnings first. But my siblings friend is having problems on DeviantArt with art thieves (Honestly I thought people would stop that by now) And I swear I'm having flashbacks and panic attacks cause they are using the same tactics. (but now most of them are sneaky, at least in my day they were mostly trolls who would think crediting a re-color made things okay) Its not just her art, its her Photography AND her writing. Of course I’m outraged about all of it, but as a fellow writer? It hit a cord and I was so mad. Whatever little brat is stealing my friends little sisters stuff and only barely changing things up...stars help you >.< See, I told her I would keep an eye on it, as she said she wanted to see if she could get them to stop herself, and I applauded her for that. However, I am not afraid to take down any account that girl tries to make for a year if she seriously thinks stealing ANY form of art and making it her own is okay. -^- little amounts of Inspiration and small coincidences are okay, I just encountered a few other writers who said they were inspired by me, BUT THEY ARENT RIPPING OFF ENTIRE PLOT IDEAS AND ELEMENTS, BECAUSE THEY HAVE RESPECT. Even if you forget to credit at first, if you recognize it and correct it its way better than just refusing?? From experience I know that shit is PAINFUL in any amount more than a handful of coincidences. She put so much hard work into her art and then this person takes it and posts somewhere else with a recolor and gets views or people thinking their the original artist of the fanart. Its not just ripping away credit, and hard work its spitting on it. Its why taking art from someone's page and posting it on a Facebook group with no credit or link to their work its not good, ITS STEALING. Its hard to justify this to younger artists/authors/photographers/musicians (etc.) but especially with fanart, (my friends little sis draws sonic fan art) where its her original drawings (she did not use a base or trace) when this someone steals it, its so painful to defend. ( I guess from what she told me their saying ‘its fan art you don’t own it Sega does’ and I'm sitting here like, If someone took all of the Twilight books and set it in a different universe it would still be their art, their story. OH WAIT THAT DID HAPPEN ITS CALLED 50 SHADES OF GREY AND ITS A WHOLE DIFFRENT THING.)  For example, my fanfiction uses the appearance and general backstory of characters, with the personality's of the characters being a wide gathering of many different degrees of influence. Sure all humans have souls, but I implemented and expanded greatly on the lore. I once read a fanfiction that mentioned the MC could shoot bullets out of her soul (a nod to the first fight with mettaton) and it was wonderful. I sat there thinking how cool it would be to use that element, but I came to the conclusion It would be my responsibility to ask them for permission first. I was too nervous to ask but I went with the basic respectful rule, If you think the original artist wouldn't be okay with it, THEN DONT DO IT.  Some artists are TOO NICE TO TELL YOU STRIGHT OUT THAT YOU ARE PLAGERIZING/COMMITING ART THEIFT. You are taking their work and saying “okay I’m gunna pass this off as my own for as long as I can before people realize its a recolor/stolen/repost. Its DECEATFUL and its LYING you are hurting a hardworking artist. My friends sweet little sister being one of them, 😭 So listen, most artists/authors/songwriters would not mind if you did a spin off, but there is a reason we don't have to say sonic belongs to sega and undertale belongs to toby fox on archive or deviant art, BECAUSE ITS ALREADY TAGED SO EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. However NO ONE KNOWS A SMALL ARTIST/AUTHOR/MUSICIAN. Therefore If you want to use the same pose, clothes, color schemes (this one is debatable and it gives me a headache) setting, vernacular, AU (that isn't just like mafia, school, futuristic a.k.a the common obvious ones) magic systems time period, etc. YOU CREDIT AND LINK THE CREATOR. even if it is another mafia AU setting or for example a new sonic species someone came up with, If it walks, talks and quacks like a duck ITS A DUCK so SAY THAT.  Its one thing if it really is a coincidence, there are only so many combinations of things, so I understand it can happen. BUT IT IS OBVIOUS WITH RECOLORS, not to mention this thief of my friends little sisters art came out and SAID SHE STOLE IT??? LIKE??? If you know its someone else Ideas/species/pose, for the love of god ASK THEM OR LINK THIER ART PAGE/ART THAT INSPIRED YOU. Its hard to gauge with new comers to fandom stuff but basically you could argue she isn't being original because her art is fanart of something, but we all know that isn't right. Her art is art too, but her art is nothing that's been done before its a new style and species entirely. Its ORIGINAL ART, BECAUSE its separated by the source material in at least 4 degrees, in the art world this makes it considered Original again. Its something many novice creators don't understand in the beginning and that's why I’m here to educate. If It gets to the point where its matter of opinion, so I’ll say this....Speaking from experience again, my friends little sis, me and every other artist I'm sure, WE WOULD RATHER YOU COME TO US AND ASK FOR THIER HELP ON YOUR OWN ART/PHOTO/STORY/WORLD-BUILDING. I swear some of these people spreading hate/ignorance on all kinds of sights really do make me wanna be a internet vigilante again idk. Its one thing to be kindly inspired and credit and ask and not copy ideas that aren't just part of the fandom, but new and original ones the small hardworking artist makes, she would be mortified if she knew I went on this rant, she is shy but that's exactly why i felt so passionate about this. Anyway long story short if you couldn't tell by this rant I'm fucking unhinged and I and my army of bored adults with knowledge of code and nothing better to do will take your stolen art down. Message me if you got a troll that need’s de-platforming/bootin’ lmfao
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travesty-majesty · 3 months ago
here's a thing if you're interested in talking about ocs, danganronpa, mcyt, anything !!
think of [could be a category of people in danganronpa, a certain group of people, ships, or even one person] and type five songs that you associate with them
if you can, associate the songs with sonething matching, such as colours, maybe activities the person/people do, emotions, etc!!
personally it helps you think of circumstances with the character[s] and come up with writing prompts, or drawing ideas !!
plus i think your type of music is pog :]]
Stxrryy thank you for this
I-im v happy
I'm gonna go w killjoy/tgolf because I've been thinking abt them alot lately and wanna animate something with them so these also double as animatic ideas :}}
So 5 songs i associate w them
(Only you know these characters, so I'm referring to them as Yellow, Green and Red! You know who they are ^^)
1. Lavender by Penelope Scott
Mainly Yellow focused, in a mm!yellow+mm!green au
We were discussing a while ago about a double mm au and i remember you saying that green might've been unstable, almost relying on yellow to keep herself sane
Imagining the song from yellows perspective, shes thinking about liking green but knowing green is unstable and she shouldn't like her
it makes more sense in my head, you gotta take my word for it it's better than it sounds ^^'
Lavender isn't as polished as sweet hibiscus tea or lotta true crime or anything, but that's why i like it!! It's very good and i recommend it
2. Godspeed by Shayfer James
Gotta thank a villain themed playlist for this one haha
Green focused, with yellow focused in certain bits
The main reoccurring line is "Good luck. Godspeed. I know I'll see you again..!"
I imagine this is green saying her goodbyes to yellow and red before her own execution, with yellow/red being the focus of the verses
I wanna expand on this but i cant do words
Godspeed is a v good song but it took me a few listens to warm up to, but the aesthetic is good! Shayfer james has a lot of good songs and they very much fit greens aesthetic, with some songs that Red would like too
3. Look Away by The Dear Hunter
(Killjoy again)
I feel very self centered writing this eheheheh
Again, greens execution focused! The main line in the chorus is "Look away, shade your eyes. Don't. Stop." which i imagine is green telling the others to just leave her, but at the end the line shifts in one last moment of desperation before she puts back up the act
I don't know if I'd ever animate this but i really like the song and i want more people to hear it
I've changed my mind i wanna ramble about other fandoms
4. Madness by Ruelle
(Dream SMP)
This is more of a general one about the SMP but the song fits so well
It'd probably focus around Tommy Tubbo and Dream but the others would feature too, with a highlight on the egg plotline
I might animate this one at some point because i think it'd fit!! Idk how to type things lol
5. If I'm Being Honest by Dodie
Estrella centric because comfort oc send tweet lmao
Kinda like a love song to Aeja, kinda lamenting her self worth, kinda both, y'know
The line "I'm used to being a joke..." Is what made me think of it and the rest kinda spawned from there
But like 
Man someday I'll ramble all this to you in person if you'll let me, mark my words
And i have other ideas too
But for now I'll stop here because words are hard apparently haha
Thank you for the ask though!! I've been feeling kinda upset lately and this has really helped, rambling about ideas/characters makes me v happy :)
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jotarosbelt · 10 months ago
Colorful Camboys, 2.
a/n: hi!! i'm back! i finished up school and got a bit of my writing inspo back, so, i thought i'd write another Colorful Camboy's chapter for you guys <3
hope you're all staying safe! enjoy~
p.s. i haven’t written smut in a HOT minute and lowkey forgot how to write for josuke, but i tried! i’m sorry 😭
p.p.s. i didn’t proof read :) we die like men, fuck it
Summary: A Modern AU where your favorite boys are just trying to get off and make money.
You're one of their viewers and happen to catch their attention.
18+ content ahead!
Tumblr media
Josuke - Pink
You’d come to the point where porn was honestly just boring.
It didn’t hurt to want to try something new! Maybe a new genre, a different site? But, all of it was the same old same old. And the disgustingly cheesy, clickbaity titles didn’t do much to turn you on or catch your interest either. You pursed your lips as you scrolled, coming across a camboy website.
You blinked. ‘A camboy website?’
Curiosity had ultimately gotten the best of you as you clicked the link. Almost immediately, tons of live-streams came up, thousands of boys right at your disposal.
‘This is gonna be fun.’
You scrolled through the plethora of streams in search of a boy that appealed to you. For the most part, a good chunk of them were your type. In shape, good looking— there weren’t many bad apples on the tree you were picking from.
Your eyes landed on a certain pompadoured boy by the name ‘ShiningDiamond1999.’ The username definitely raised an eyebrow or two, and the boy sure was good looking, so you simply clicked the stream to see what was up.
He wasn’t popular for no reason. He was cute! It was the oddly ‘adorable, yet super hot’ combo, and girls (and guys alike) were eating that shit up.
You sat back as you watched the boy palm himself through pink boxers.
“Oh? We gotta new person, huh?”
He leaned forward, hand still on his cock as he narrowed his eyes at his monitor. Part of you was embarrassed that he caught you so quickly— he had so many patrons there already! He must’ve been an attentive host.
You liked that.
“A guest, eh? How about you give me a name to call you by, cupcake? You don’t have to make an account for me to take notice of you, yanno.”
You couldn’t help but smile. He seemed sweet; he gave off the aura of someone who’d take care of his partner no matter what, and you had to admit that it was comforting. Not only was he easy on the eyes, he was someone who gave off the impression that he wouldn’t break your heart despite the fact that everything he said was meant for both you and the thousands of other viewers he had right now.
He really must’ve been good.
You splayed your fingers out across the keys, typing out a response. ‘Just call me [username].’
You could see him raise an arched eyebrow. He smiled brightly and leaned back into his chair. “[Username]? I can do that for you, babe.”
Teasingly, he ran his fingers down his torso to the waistband of his boxers. He simply smiled mischievously at the camera and popped the band against his hipbone. “Enough with the chit chat, yeah? I don’t wanna bore our new guest, so let’s get this show on the road, babies!”
Thumbs slipped under the elastic and pushed his underwear down his muscular thighs. His cock sprung out, slapping against his toned stomach and you couldn’t help the groan that escaped your mouth. No wonder he was so loved— he was sculpted by the gods themselves.
His bottom lip wrung itself between his teeth as he gripped his member with a large hand. Up, down, up, down— the motion was hypnotizing as it was erotic, and you could’ve sworn the way he looked at the camera while he did it brought you to the brink of an orgasm alone.
“I hope you’re touching yourself, too, baby girl. I don’t wanna be the only one getting off.”
His hand left his cock to push his boxers the rest of the way down. Without the restrictions the garment brought, he spread his legs wider. You could see everything from the way his balls tensed whenever he teased his head, and the way his asshole clenched around the pink buttplug on the downstroke.
Your eyes widened. ‘Buttplug? He's into that?’
Your eyebrows relaxed and a sly grin took form on your face.
The things you’d give to ruin this boy.
“God, fucking—“, he keened desperately, “I wish you were here right now.”
You subconsciously rubbed your thighs together. You were here to get off, but his performance was so goddamn captivating that you didn’t want to take your eyes off of him for even a second. So, you did what you could to strip yourself of your shorts and panties while still watching, reaching over to grab your vibrator.
“You’d be taking care of me right? Stroking my cock till the head turns red— shit—“
The soft buzz of the toy filled your room and you gingerly placed it on your clit. You jolted at the sensation. It had been a while since you had a nice session for yourself; you didn’t have much time to draw it out and really make yourself see stars. This was nice. Being able to sit back and watch somebody get off to help you get off wasn’t something you had seen yourself doing, but you really might have to make it a more common occurrence.
Your eyes snapped open and met his, despite the fact that he couldn’t see you. You switched the vibrator over to your non-dominant hand and let the other reach out to the keyboard to type out a quick “yes?”
“Since it’s your first time here, I’ll let you choose.”
Well, this was interesting.
The man on the other side of the screen reached out of frame for a moment to grab something. When his hand entered view again, he had a hot pink dildo in hand.
“So, love, buttplug or dildo? What’cha in the mood for?”
You narrowed your eyes at the screen best you could in the midst of your pleasure-filled haze and typed out your answer.
You didn’t miss the inkling of a grin that lied on his lips. The ravenette leaned back in the chair and pulled out the plug, replacing it with the pink toy.
“Hah~, fuck. Good choice, babe—!”
His eyes rolled backwards into his skull as he sank the silicon toy further into himself. You whimpered and leaned back further into your seat, bumping up the intensity of the toy. This was gonna be a good session, if you said so yourself. You’d have to bookmark this page for later.
“Fuck, I bet you look so good right now. All flushed and panting and wanting to cum, right?”
Your breathing sped up, chest heaving as your hips canted into your hand. “God, yes please—“
Almost as if he heard your pleas, he continued right after you finished speaking. “Then lets cum together. S-Shit, cum with me baby, I’ll count.”
As if on instinct, you grown the vibrator into you, putting it on its highest setting. It was enough to make you jump out of your skin. You had goosebumps everywhere, cold sweat was running down your forehead, and your thighs were shaking like mad. How could a stranger have so much power over you?
You forced your eyes open to look at your screen, eyes locked on the streamer and his hand furiously jerking himself off. You watched as his adam’s apple bobbed in his throat.
Your vision began to blur. You were so close yet so far from your orgasm, and in all honesty, you could’ve came right now. But, finishing with this stranger seemed a lot more appealing than doing it on your own.
“Ah, fuck— three—“
The veins in his arms bulged and he reached around to grip the base of the dildo. He threw his head back as he fucked himself it, his jaw falling slack and hanging open.
At this point, both of you were chasing your releases like animals. There was something so primal about this— backs arched and hips spasming as you both selfishly chased euphoria. You gripped the side of your desk chair bruisingly, waiting for him to finish counting and—
“One— fuck, one, I’m cumming—!”
Your moan mixed with his as it came out of your laptop speaker. He whined, you yelled, and you both were riding your orgasms like a wave. You hadn’t cum that hard in a while. It was the kind of finish that makes you see stars and make your scalp tingle, and when you came down, you saw the camboy covered in his own release and strands of his hair out of place.
He looked so out of it. He was panting heavily with red airbrushed over his chest and cheeks, and pieces of his once perfect hairstyle stuck to his forehead. He was definitely not present in that moment in time, still on Cloud 9, but you didn’t mind watching as his vision came back into focus and his breathing slowed.
Slowly, he reached down to pull the toy out of his ass and place it some place out of frame. He laughed airily, his large hand running down the expanse of his throat momentarily before speaking.
“Alright, that was really fun. I gotta go clean up now, but I’ll be back to tomorrow, same time!”
You followed his hand as it moved to his mouse to end the stream.
”Oh, and I hope to see you again tomorrow, too, [Username]. I hope you had fun, love.”
This user is now offline.
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kuroishinigami-moving · a year ago
List of Tokyo Ghoul-related things to do during the quarantine
I saw a list like that 4 the onceler floating around and i thought: “hey, a list like that 4 tg would b cool!!!” obviously u dont have 2 do all of the things (soem of them r jokes anyway), theyre just ideas if ur bored and u dont wanna get in2 new media like me, also feel free 2 rb w/ ur own ideas,,,,
(re)read tokyo ghoul and tokyo ghoul:re
(re)watch tokyo ghoul and tokyo ghoul:re
(re)read the novels
(re)watch the ovas!
watch the anime in another language (its rllly good 4 practice if ur trying 2 learn new languages!)
learn how to write your favorite character’s name in kanji/hiragana/katakana
find a new tg blog to follow
try to get your friends in2 tg
draw your favorite characters/ships
redraw a manga panel/anime screenshot! (it doesnt have to be “good” as long as you have fun! you dont even have to post online)
color some manga panels, if you don’t like digital art you can print them out to color them (the wiki has a lot of panels in the characters’ gallery pages, tho the dialogue has been removed)
write about your favorite characters/ships
create a tg oc!!!
create a tg au
imagine new ways to make the unfortunate protagonist kaneki ken suffer
make edits and moodboards
learn the lyrics of unravel to sing it (or any of the other songs in the anime really! unravel is just more well-known)
make an amv!!! anime-raws has the episodes and the ovas :3
watch old amvs!!!
make coffee
reread ur favorite fic and leave a nice comment on it
reblog the creations of other tg fans and say smthg nice abt it
make playlists!!!
try to do a closet cosplay of one of the characters!!!
imagine what one of the humans would be like as a ghoul/one of the ghouls would be like as a human
cosplay one of the characters in animal crossing (use custom designs!)
(re)read the tokyo ghoul oneshot!! (it’s like beta tokyo ghoul)
create ur own tg ask blog!!
make an “everyone lives” au 
change ur blog theme and url 2 make them tg-related
reread/watch ur fav scenes/chapters/episodes until u know the dialogues by heart
make some tg memes
think abt the quinque/kagune/mask you would have if u were in tg
make masks!
tell all ur friends that ur a ghoul and that ur gonna eat them eventually ur just waiting 4 the right moment
watch tg with some friends! you can use discord’s screenshare function 4 this
knit/sew/stitch smthg tg-related!!!
wear an eyepatch
yell abt how ur fav character deserved better 
print a bunch of tg pics and use them to decorate your house!
watch some cool tg tiktoks!
create a crossover between tg and another thing you like!
compare the different kanekis to know which one is the superior one
post some hcs!!!!
make some pride icons of ur fav character!
put vines over tg characters and create a vine compilation
count backwards by 7 from 1000 and see how long you last
read the wiki page of ur fav character and look through their gallery
learn how to swordfight and become a ghoul investigator
create some gifs!
paint ur nails black!!!! just like kaneki!!!!
join or make a tg discord server!!
make a tg-related quizz
write a theory abt tg!!!
play tokyo ghoul :re call to exist
dye your hair white
put a centipede in your ear (DONT ACTUALLY DO THIS!!!!! SRSLY DONT)
try to crack ur knuckles like yamori (it hurts)
commit cannibalism until ur powerful enough 2 turn in2 a kakuja
bitch abt the characters u hate w/ ur friend
learn how 2 draw like ishida sui
make a tg kin help page
we ran out of ideas but uh. doesnt mean u cant suggest some!!!
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