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#i wanna post more fanart tho
free-edex-art · a month ago
Tumblr media
[ID: a three panel comic featuring kaikaina and tucker from red vs blue. they are reciting a funny tumblr post.
Panel 1: kai is posing with her hands on her hips. she is a hawaiian woman with long brown hair, dyed yellow at the ends, pulled into a ponytail. she is wearing a light yellow crop top and sunglasses. she has multiple ear piercings. she’s smiling widely and saying “I have disco cabin fever this rules”.
Panel 2: tucker is looking at kai (who is offscreen) with one eyebrow raised. he is a black man and his hair is shaved at the sides, with energy sword-esque shapes cut into it. he has turquoise lines on his face, starting at his jaw and ending between his eyes. he is wearing a light turquoise tee shirt and saying “What are the symptoms?”
Panel 3: kai has her arms in the air with her hands facing downward in peace signs. her nails are painted yellow. she is excitedly yelling “To BOOGIE down and then die shortly thereafter”.
End ID]
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lemonfreak · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“Does it not peak your interest? To be with a God?
*Awkwardly peeps into the Void*
Hey, here’s some new art!
Some fanart of Alder from @killerkissed​‘s Beach Please! Which y’all should read because it is amazingly hot (she also has a really rad Masterlist, I love her stuff, but it’s very +18, so be warned)! And, uhhh, confession--I was the anon for the prompt as well...*sweats nervously* I honestly anon a lot on here (because I’m a hella shy wimp), but I’m trying to get over that??? (I also didn’t expect a full fledged fic! I kind of was just saying things because it said requests open and she was asking and I was like, “okay”--then this happened and then I died--I’ll shut up now)
Underneath is a gif of me making this thing!
Tumblr media
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prismatic-artcake · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Might as well post these funky things; Here's an og sketch + super unfinished digital render once planned for a FR dragon
Couldn't figure what to do w/em unfortunately & after repeated redos and such, I ultimately dropped the art ┐(´∀`)┌
Still, I liked the weird design well enough, esp in pencil there, & rly loved the way I did morph digitally so wth I'll post
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lilly-of-the-liger · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
It's Atla era once again, and my love of Suki has been rekindled. This bitch is beautiful and I would die for her.
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pannacottawarrior · 11 months ago
god i love the filtering system on tumblr and xkit but at the same time hhhhhhhh i wish that ship wasn’t popular or ever existed XD
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seleneslyre-writes · a day ago
6 - 10 ask writer game
ahhh ty so much for the ask, anon!! let’s see, let’s see... 6. How do you find new fic to read? Where do you primarily read fanfiction? - i actually follow lots of rec blog for this!! i am Awful at finding what i want by myself so those really, really help. if i want, i also type in (shipname) fic’ into tumblr, i’ve found so many good fics like that!! sometimes i even see fanart based off a fic on my dash and i just go read it, never found a bad fic that way. if i ever don’t really care what pairing to read, i just scroll through the fandom ao3 page until i find something that seems interesting!! tho... be careful with that or at least filter stuff you don’t wanna see... the amount of disturbing pairings (*cough* sk8 fandom *cough*) i’ve seen this way is scarring. 
but my usual go-to for fics is ao3!! some of the fics on there are as well-written as published stories, if not even better. for shorter fics (like drabbles or under 1k) i love tumblr!! all of y’all posting your fics on tumblr, i see you and i love you
7. Do you prefer to read short fics or long fics? - ahhh, that,,,, is a tough question ngl,,, i guess what i’m in the mood for that day?? sometimes i have the mental energy to get through a 300k word fic, sometimes i Do Not. in general tho, i prefer medum lenght fics i think!! those from 10k to 50k, they’re not short enough that they have me craving for more but not long enough that i can’t focus on them after a while. but i love all fics!! even those that are 100 words, fic writers honestly amaze me 8. How often do you reblog/comment on fics that you like? - i reblog every fic that i read on tumblr!! it helps reach the audience plus i get to find it again later on if i ever want to reread it! as for comments,,, not as often as i’d like ngl. don’t get me wrong, i comment on MOST fics but sometimes i just forget until it’s too late,,,  i do try my best to comment on every chapter of an on going multi chapter fic tho!! don’t read those much but when i do yknow, i know how demotivating writing those can be. so yeah!! not as often as i’d like but i’m working on it!! 9. Tag 3 fic writers you think are underrated/unknown in the fandom/fanfiction community. - @mariola-writes​ yknow i gotta tag you, your fics are AMAZING, everyone go read them. she writes for bsd, yoi, haikyuu, banana fish (and a few more) and i’m even trying to get her to start on a given fic <333  speaking of, go write it bestie, i’m waiting
@plaggtastic SHE WRITES AMAZING MLB FICS THAT MAKE ME CRY, HER WRITING STYLE IS *CHEF KISS* ahem but yes, love you, hope you’re doing ok!!
@vitya-z i’ve read all her yoi fics and i love them all so much!! definitely my fave yoi writer (also i hope any of y’all don’t mind being tagged haha, if you do you can tell me and i’ll untag you! but yes, they’re all amazing, everyone go read their fics) 10. What’s your favorite fandom, pairing, or character to read fic for? - i mean i read fics in basically every fandom i’m in so i guess all of them?? but if i had to choose, rn it’s bnha cause for the bad reputation that fandom has, their fics are AMAZING. i really love reading sherliam (sherlock and william from yuumori) fics rn, but in general i love reading for tododeku, shinkami and momojirou the most!! as for character, i really love fics that explore shinsou’s characterization the most. idk he’s just my fave and it’s so interestinhg getting inside his head haha oops sorry this is so long!! i tend to ramble,,,, a lot haha
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yourhourisup · 4 days ago
hey! saw you rb'd my post- i need a new blog to use for the dig because the one i was using accidentally deleted in November 2019, nuking all posts beyond that. it would help if u gave me a former smpblr blog (preferably now inactive/non-posting) to look thru
no pressure tho :~D
Oh dear god
Volunteers? Anyone?
I wasn’t really too active in the smpblr fanbase at the time, I mostly just stuck to my circle, but I know a handful of more active ex-smpblr look at my blog, so if y’all see this and wanna help just leave a comment. If you dig hard enough you can probably find some old fanart accounts as well, and if you start seeing art of old wilbur collabs you’re probably heading in the right direction my friend. Good luck on the quest!
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scribblemetae · 13 days ago
Idk about you, but every single time when I commented on a fic with "aww I love this fic so much and I especially like the scene where xy... " I never get a replay and it honestly makes me anxious...commenting something in public is already nerve wracking and rebloging is something i don't do anymore since I've spent 2 days regreting it...i was too nervous and I nearly threw up because people can see immediatelly what I read or liked... so commenting is kinda easier since other people have to look into the comment section to find it...idk I'm dumb lmao. I started sending fanart for the authors too, because I want them to see that I appreciate what they do...I still feel bad tho since I'm not THAT great at it and they deserve more and oof...idk I feel like I'm not doing enough...
sorry if there are mistakes in that whole ass text and my little ramble 😶 What are your thoughts on all this? 🥺
sorry for the bother too omg ~ ❄️
Okay so, I love every single comment I get like, I get so excited when somebody leaves me one and it doesn't matter how long, small or nonsensical the comment may be I get butterflies <3 So never, ever feel anxious or worried about leaving any kind of comment.
I find replying to comments a lot harder than asks or reblogs simply because sometimes they get lost, a lot of the time I post before I go to sleep and when I wake up I can have anywhere between 10-50 comments on the post making it really really hard to reply to all of them. I also hate picking and choosing who to reply to because I don’t want people to feel i’m ignoring them and not another. If i’m on when when the comment is there I will always try to reply but I know I don’t always manage to reply no matter how hard I try, but, i’m STILL extremely grateful for the comment like, I promise every comment I’ve had has made me smile so please never question if you should comment, if I didn’t get comments I could promise you I wouldn’t post in all honestly.
The not wanting to reblog does make complete sense. Reblogs are really good for Authors but don’t feel bad if you’re unable to do so you don’t owe us anything, but if you can’t reblog or aren’t comfortable then I do think you should try and comment, but again, not always possible, I know I don’t reblog and/or comment on EVERY fic I read, but I try my best to support. Maybe if you’re not having any luck with them you could try asks on anon? You don’t every have to do that but nothing makes my heart race more than an excited anon.
Its strange for me to say because honestly I don’t tend to get people going into my fics and sending me detailed stuff on what they love about it (I have had a few here and there and they stick out in my mind but they are far in between) and thats 100% fine but I would honestly be so grateful if somebody did that for me <3
Ive also never had anybody ever send me fan art but I would DIE If somebody did that for me, no matter how good or bad the love and effort or somebody actually thinking about me and/or my fics wanting to do something like that honestly my heart would double in size so never ever feel that way baby <3
In short, you don’t have to go to far out to support writers, comments are all you have to do to make us feel good about that work and even if you dont get a reply that doesn’t mean they aren’t appreciated but the fact that you attempt to do fan art and more is actually incredible and you’re already doing a lot more for us than other people.
TL:DR, You don’t actually owe us anything, just like we don’t owe our readers anything, but the more love you give the more you will get out of writers, when people talk about TYB It makes me wanna write more. If you’re doing everything you can and everything you’re comfortable with that’s all I will ever ask out of my readers. 
I’m not really good at expressing myself so I really hope this made sense and makde you feel a little bit better, never think you’re a bother and know I adore asks like this, its awsome to be able to talk to you guys slightly deeper. 
Ily, and thank you for your support <3
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iamafrigginfungus · 20 days ago
so i have this idea for an object show, it might be something on deviantart because i dont wanna risk making profit off it because basically
it's an object show, but the contestants are all hosts from other shows
we got
Tumblr media
Announcer from BFDI
Tumblr media
Mephone from II
Tumblr media
Four from BFB
Tumblr media
Chocolate Bar from EE
Tumblr media
Bracket from Minutely Object Show
Tumblr media
Vegan Gains from THANOS
it would be posted as comic pages on tumblr to have the lowest risk of making profit and getting sued because im a small child addicted to soda with no law experience
also idk how copyright works i cheated my way through design tech
lowkey afraid to do it tho because i have a tendency to get so excited about getting noticed/replied to by popular people that i kinda lose my shit
srsly tho whiteimator commented on a fanart video i made and i kinda almost exploded
i feel like if one or more creators comments something, let alone approval, i will actually implode with enough force to turn the planet earth into a red giant
anyway lemme know if this seems cool
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cassthecri · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
special thanks to tumblr user lesbincineroar. time to go crazy re jolyne cujoh (im putting a break tho so those who dont wanna see me lose my marbles dont have to) anyway with that
jolyne cujoh string symbolism (part 6 spoiler warning)
first things first i would like to give credit where credit is due and say first hand i would not have been able to piece this interpretation together without seeing this gorgeously tragic fanart so take a look at this first everyone:
okay. u see that? great. now let’s rlly begin
for those who do not know, jolyne’s unique stand power is strings. she/her stand can unravel to become a mass of string that is all ultimately connected. this has many uses. she can use this ability to wrap around someone with multiple thin strings, slicing into their skin as easily as a knife (we see her do this to her lawyer LOL). but beyond just offensive abilities, unraveling some of herself into strings is also effective in expanding her senses (we see her use this expanded range when she’s listening to hermes get interrogated by cops on the prison bus). this also helps her avoid severe injury, as you can’t really gouge into strings like you can a human body (we see her use this to her advantage during the fight with c-moon, where she unravels her core into string to avoid being pulled inside out. she even uses her strings once to do makeshift stitches, when she gets stabbed by pucci but still wants to save emporio)
so. cool power right?? it definitely is. it’s def one of the most interesting stands in the main series in my opinion and is a very versatile ability. but, at the risk of overanalyzing araki’s big men go punch manga, i say that this appeal is not the only reason she was given this ability
stands are stated multiple times throughout the series to be a representation of one’s soul -- the culmination of a user’s being, if you will. because of this, stand powers are never just given because theyre “cool”. theyre also given because they fit a character on some level. there r numerous examples of this, including jotaro, abbacchio, fugo, bruno, josuke, kira, etc etc etc. this shit is not coincidence, is what im trying to say
so if stands’ unique abilities say something about the character, what do jolyne’s strings say about her?
well. ever hear of the string of fate?
jolyne’s whole story and arc is due to her being a victim of the string of fate, and her stand power represents this. everything she ended up involved with, everything she died for, was due to a centuries old feud that did not involve her. she did not know dio. she did not even know jotaro for a long time. she did nothing to pucci that warranted his antagonism. the only thing she happened to be was a joestar, and as a result, became shouldered with this burden
much like jolyne can wrap her strings around and constrict an opponent, the string of fate wraps around and constricts her, not giving her the chance to do anything other than what it guides her to do
it sucks so fucking bad because jolyne didn’t fucking ask for any of this, she committed no sin, but she still had to pay for the culmination of dio and jotaro’s choices simply because of the blood she had (there’s a fun add on i can do because we also see this reflected in the fact pucci didn’t start the attaining heaven process, but only got the idea from dio, his friend who was NOT blood, but that juxtaposition is for another day)
it’s just so tragic and we see this even MORE when we just simply look at jolyne’s design. right across her CHEST she has a spiderweb pattern on her top, with a fuckin HEART EMBLEM. NOT TO MENTION THE HEART EMBLEM HAS A BUTTERFLY ON IT!!
jolyne has been related to butterflies all throughout stone ocean, the fact that a butterfly is on her heart emblem and her having a tattoo of one being part of that. but also a part of it is her literal death scene, upon which dozens of butterflies take flight
and since webs are literally made of strings, it’s not hard to relate that back to the string of fate, esp since spiderwebs are made of many strings that are all connected, just like the string of fate theoretically is,,,
so how does this relate. well, how do a percentage of butterflies end up losing their lives? getting tangled in a spider web, helpless and left for dead. d. do you see how this relates back to jolyne and the string of fate. the ensnaring was when jolyne first got thrown into prison and she was struggling all throughout stone ocean like a butterfly would struggle to break free, until finally jolyne has to lay down and die, just like our theoretical butterfly, once she/it accepts the entanglement is great than her/its efforts. do you understand. d
jolyne got trapped in a fate that wasn’t even HERS, just the culmination of her family’s (which again goes back to how the string of fate is made of connections like a spiderweb) and while she tried her utter damnedest, she wasnt strong enough to break out. she was stuck.
god im fkjnej;nd im literally lsoing coherency im so sorry but jolyne cujoh makes me so so so fucking sad cause she didnt choose any of this it wasnt her fate it wasnt her fault it wasnt her mess but she still had to pay for it for no other reason than it was easiest for her to pay. she got pinned with the blame in the same way she got pinned in the string of fate and itnjfnjdn; it makes me so fuckign sad. it makes me so fucking sad. she never even had a chance but she didnt know that so she kept fucking trying until she couldn’t even do that anymore, upon which she just made sure one person she loved would survive, before she accepted her fate and laid down and died. fuck. fuck fuck FUCK
anyway basically. jolyne string symbolism = string of fate and how it fucked her over and this is expanded upon with the butterfly symbolism in how the string of fate is the web that tangled jolyne and gave her no other choices
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somewillwin · a month ago
You are the only wlw artist I know who has ever been recognized by Pixelberry's team more than once. A lot of wlw players and allies follow your blog. You inspired many wlw players to reach to PB. Your campaigns for Poppy and the emails/posts about Jackie worked wonders for the characters and changed the way the writers were writing their relationships. Could you please help Aurora stans to make some noise on twitter of fb? Any tag or fanart helps.
Tumblr media
Did it really tho??? I feel like the treatment of female LI is worse than ever. And about the poppy thing we won’t actually know if it worked til QB2 comes back.
BUT! Yeah of course I’ll help you guys. If you guys have any base email like the one that we send before??? Like a general email that people can just add their view into? That would be cool. You guys could make one and I can help spread the word and send emails too.
If you guys have any tags you use for this and any ideas for me to do some fanart that would be cool too and my inbox is open.
You guys just need a bit more organization about it. It’s not just sending emails and tagging PB in stuff. It was everyday. I did the poppy challenge for 22 days in a row and other people were participating too, submitting fics or other art or edits or playlist or any content really! But PB probably need to see different people, not just the same 3 people always asking for it.
So yeah I can help! I can make fanart and post it in whatever tag you guys tell me. And I can also spread the word here, on twitter and Reddit.
Oh! Tiny piece of advice. I always see this fandom complaining to the void. stop doing that, if you wanna be heard stop writing your complains in your blog and do something about it. Tag PB, go to their comment section, send DMs, send emails. BOTHER THEM! if you don’t receive answers in any of them, use the suppport thingy in the app where they are forced to answer. Stop complaining to nothing.... (don’t tag Pb here tho, or do, but they never check here)
Also make the writers know you love the character WITHOUT pressuring them.
We made both cath and chelsa known that we loved poppy. We shared memes with them, art, tag them in stuff. Not the same stuff you tag Pb in tho! Like I always did this:
Tumblr media
I tagged Pb with the poppy challenge pressuring THEM.
and then
Tumblr media
I have thanks to chelsa and cath for the content. Also don’t tag the writers in everything cause that would be super rude and bad. Just once in a while on something positive!
And this got long so I’ll end it here. Just send me your stuff to spread the word guys! I’ll 100% help on anything I can.
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artbyflor · a month ago
I always heard that Red White and Royal Blue was such a good book. Then I heard that it included GAY RIVALS TO LOVERS (which, in the humble opinion of a queer, is always a huge win) it immediately went on my to read list.
But then when I saw your fanart—I finally bought it on whim and Flor I literally cannot thank you enough for being the final push that prompted me to read what is now my favourite novel. The way you perfectly captured the dynamic is just...mindblowing. Your style compliments the vibes in RWRB so well I literally cannot imagine any other perfect fanart to go with the book.
ahhh this warmed my heart so much!! i’m so happy you liked it! in my humble opinion, it had all the good lgbt representation i was craving. i still get so giddy when i think about it!
i’m still low on rw&rb content tho. i’m still working on commissions and some Harry Potter pieces to post here, but my love for that book is still intense, and i wanna do more about it! in the mean time, i can recommend you check out @kidovna ‘s art. she’s been making amazing firstprince content, and her mind is *chief kiss*, i love her <3
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whatareusernames · 2 months ago
Ight, I’m getting off Tumblr for today
Scrolled too far down on my TL and found people yelling about how Tommy’s death was too short, how the plot should’ve been left in more capable people’s hands etc
On one hand, I agree (not with the second part tho, because they are very much capable). Should’ve let people mourn and actually FEEL it. It definitely needed more angst before Tommy was resurrected. Now it doesn’t really mean much, or hit that hard. It’s just a small blip in the system.
On the other hand, s t o p y e l l i n g. Yeah, they screwed that part up, but you don’t need to go on an entire 30 paragraph (exaggerated, but barely) rant about it. Just say they did a sucky job this time and get on with your day, please and thanks.
I’m tryna look at fanart and incorrect quotes, not people being pissed at the way a part of the plot was a sort of failure. And no, that does NOT make me a non-fan, for not wanting to participate in that. As much as I hate to say it, my life isn’t dedicated to the plotline 100% of the time. There are already a bunch of people mad about it, and I don’t wanna add to that.
Anyways, that’s just me saying things. Whether you decide to listen or respond with an equally long post about how I’m wrong and being hypocritical, that’s up to you. Adios :) I’ll be working on fanfics and art if you need me <3
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scarcitti · 2 months ago
“gaming asks”
🎈 original post 🎈
First game you can remember playing?
either tetris or skifree or space cadet pinball
Last game you played?
BLACK BIRD by onion games for nintendo switch!! it’s basically “defender” but with that great onion games/lovedelic art style. it’s really great tho there seems to be some occasional slowdown on the switch.
Games you’ve played?
i have played “virtual boy wario land”, “pac-man VS.”, and “rockstar games presents table tennis”, among others.
Game(s) you’re currently playing?
this is too long a list but: i’m currently playing BLACK BIRD, super mario 3D world, bowser’s fury, hitman 3 (which i “beat” but am nowhere near finished with), nioh 2 (only just started but rly liked), golf on mars, ACNH. (also unfinished: ghostrunner, RDR2, prodeus, “the dark pictures: man of medan”, sludge life, metro exodus, tony hawk pro skater 1+2 (finished 1 but not 2))
Game you plan to play next?
more BLACK BIRD! i think i might have been at the final boss. that might put me in the mood for some MILLION ONION HOTEL or maybe restarting DANDY DUNGEON(, both from onion games).
Games on your to-play list?
i just bought “The Ninja Warriors Once Again, or: The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors”, ODDWORLD: stranger’s wrath HD, and “Sky Racket” when they were on sale on the eshop recently. i also downloaded SINE MORA EX, might load that up whenever i’m done with BLACK BIRD. i might try to play more cyberpunk 2077 before tim rogers’s review hits (though i didn’t really like the game at all). i rly wanna play more nioh 2 as well. generally, prey (2017), sekiro, RE4, pathologic 2, and rain world.
Game you’d get if time / money was no object?
chess, netrunner, magic the gathering. or rainbow six seige
Favorite game?
DOOM (1993), or TETRIS EFFECT, or moon: Remix RPG Adventure (or donkey kong: jungle beat)
Favorite game franchise ?
donkey kong, “souls”, or mario
Favorite game in a series?
mario 3, f-zero GX
Favorite game to play?
f-zero gx or god hand. maybe sekiro. using those gamecube shoulder buttons to slide side to side in F0GX and then pulling both for those 90° turns feels amazing. no dodge has ever felt better than using the right stick in “god hand”.
Most frustrating game to play?
tetris 99 is just not what i like abt tetris. dirt 5 feels like competitive plastic chewing. forced TAA, crashes, jerkweed voice fuckers spitting in your ear constantly, gross dutch angled race countdown, bogus music 😑 bogus! rockstar games also frustrate me (tho i like RDR2 & table tennis (& i probably like the manhunt games)); those awful menus do nothing but clunk. (having to hit “A” scroll the map in the map tab in GTA V? when the map is the only thing you can interact with on screen? 😑)
Comfort game?
mario kart 8 dx, puyo puyo tetris
Underrated game?
moon: Remix RPG Adventure, kane & lynch 2: dog days, rock band unplugged
Game that reminds you of your childhood?
lego star wars, “star wars battlefront ii: the 2004 one”
Game you’re really good at?
guideline tetris. i’m also good at star wars battlefront ii but only on mos eisley and only against bots
Game with the most playtime?
across different versions, tetris. on my switch ACNH takes the cake over BOTW, puyo puyo tetris, and mario kart 8 dx. on steam it’s dirt 4.
Favorite console?
PS2 & GBA SP (which just both happen to be the first consoles i had as a kid). honorable mentions to the gamecube, the personal computer (which is the actual best but does not count, i suppose), and “the switch pro”.
Favorite game ending?
nier automata or moon: Remix RPG Adventure or APE OUT
Favorite genre / kind of game?
racing games (see: f-zero GX, burnout 2, outrun 2, dirt 4, mario kart 8 dx, hotshot racing, etc.), “stylish character action” (god hand, bayonetta 2) or “hard action” (god hand, ape out, disc room, tormentor X punisher), platformers
Favorite side games / quests?
the baker in moon: Remix RPG Adventure, siegward in dark souls iii, dark souls/bloodborne quests in general
Favorite cheat codes / glitches?
my fav cheat code is the one in lego star wars that changes all guns to coffee mugs. in super mario land 2: six golden coins you can make mario fall into the game’s memory and walk directly to the end of the game.
Favorite game mechanism?
the directional dodges in GOD HAND. the push/grab in APE OUT. looping level design, like doom or dark souls or metroid. getting a tetris.
Favorite characters from a game?
wario, bayonetta, everyone in moon, donkey kong, the guy from panic restaurant 
Favorite boss battle?
beauvoir from nier automata during route B. also a fan of the final boss in dark souls iii. 
Favorite game soundtrack?
katamari damacy, moon, mario 3, botw, ape out
Most calming game soundtrack?
tetris effect, DKC, firelink shrine theme/DS1 menu music
Most energetic / pump up game soundtrack?
ape out, those digital hardcore songs in TAIKO NO TATSUJIN
Favorite boss fight music?
something from splatoon or bloodborne probably
Favorite game aesthetic?
megaman legends, sonic mania, mario 3, the wario land games, moon
Favorite character designs?
moon, chulip, the wario land series, katamari, panic restaurant
Favorite game fanart / fanartist?
Favorite game fanfiction / author?
those splendidland comics where mario says fuck or where smash brothers characters are gay for each other. also this CYELATM
Tumblr media
Do you make fancontent for any games?
i got ok at drawing wario a while ago. i should practice again
What streamers / playthroughs would you recommend?
jerma985: jurassic park trespasser, saw 1 & 2. giant bomb: “giant bomb makes mario”, “hitsmas”. aurateur.
What skins are on your controllers?
my own :-(
Are you a completionist?
no, i do play slowly though. as far as being a series/franchise completionist, i am bad about thinking i need context for new games by playing old games in the same genre first
Has anything made you ragequit a game?
ornsein & smough :-( bad menus, slow tutorials in lots of games
What do your customizable characters look like?
green skinned ladies with mustaches, balding or with a bob
What game would you suggest to a non-gamer?
golf on mars, bad chess
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star-of-nobility · 2 months ago
Welcome to my hellhole of a blog. This is where I rant about my fandoms and annoy my friends :D
I’m Stella, the swaggy mass producer of “my beloved” gifs, and have memes for every situation.
I also adopt ppl and make them my siblings. Beware :]
If you dare lay your hands on anyone on this list I will come for you
I procastrinate homework on here and have sexuality crisises :)
Stuff about me:
I use she/her pronouns, I don’t mind they/them pronouns tho
Hobbies: Writing, singing, piano, reading, drawing (not good at it tho) and editing.
Interests: Psychology, astrology, history, science, geography.
Fav fanfic trope: Angst. But not too much. Hurt NO comfort and fluff as well
My nationality is Canadian, and my ethnicity is Filipino.
I wanna be a therapist when I grow up! Maybe become a youtuber and streamer on the side :D
I’m obsessed with Disney Channel! Currently binging Austin and Ally and Wizards of Waverly Place
I get post limit a lot
I’m homeschooled
Bcuz of above I am sheltered, so if I don’t understand smth blame it on that
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Harry Potter (Imma Ravenpuff)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Tangled the Series (I’m on s2 so no spoilers pls)
Disney Channel
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ROTBFTD (a crossover fandom that is very dead but oh well)
The book fandom I guess. I love old classics like Anne of Green Gables and Little Women :]
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dreamrecorder · 2 months ago
Genshin Characters as the Major Arcana
Gentle Reminder: I just based this on a surface knowledge I have about the Arcana from my fave game Persona 3^^ As such, I paired the characters to the arcana with the help of my sis bcos there were some characters that I don’t know much about~ And again this is just fanart :))
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That was long ksksks Imma add a commentary under if you feel like reading my thoughts hahaha
Fool: Obviously i was gonna pick the twins since they’re the main characters ksks but other than that- it has to be them because they’re special in a way like they can wield different elements. Zero is an empty number but with vast possibilities.
Magician: It was supposed to be Albedo at first- but persona says magician speaks about immaturity and power. And those two words just fit Klee so much in a good way!! Although-- Klee was supposed to be fortune too but i stuck with magician
Priestess: A woman of wisdom- Ganyu. that’s it haha I was supposed to add Ayaka too but she doesn’t have an official art yet :(
Empress: Lmao do i have to explain why i chose Jean and Ningguang
Emperor: No questions asked- Zhongli is an emperor bow. I didn’t have second thought choosing him lmao
Hierophant: So this one here symbolizes education, authority, and something about divinity and understanding the world. I chose Albedo because as an alchemist he took it upon himself to uncover the truth of the world~
Lovers: EHE no explanation needed~
Chariot: We’ve got victory, self-confidence and command!! I dont think i should explain this that much bcos Diluc is pretty straight forward haha My sister said I should Amber here too and I was about to but didn’t put her here Chariot also means war and Amber is not a war person for me
Justice: I chose xinqiu bcos of his display of justice in his story quest :))
Hermit: This means self-honesty and forging your own path- pretty fitting for Mona and Fischl right? As for Beidou, “why is a pirate a hermit?” Yeah that’s what i asked too when my sister said Beidou should be a Hermit. It makes sense tho- Beidou is a pirate and pirates stay on the sea and far from land and land is where civilization is
Fortune: Qiqi is basically the Preserves of Fortune ^^ As for Bennet, why is our unlucky boi in Fortune? Im soft for Bennet okay I just want to give him more luck and fortune on his way T-T Bennet was supposed to be hanged man but no- My sis said hanged man bcos everything Bennet does might result to more injury and eventually death. So--- NO
Strength: Pretty self-explanatory ^^
Hanged Man: Originally was supposed to be Hu Tao but again- no official art sigh So I chose Chongyun (was supposed to be fortune) This arcana means to take the time necessary for self-reflection and this fits our exorcist bcos he really reflected on how exterminate spirits without the use of his positivity- he wanted to stand by the traditional ways of an exorcist bcos ppl doubt his status as exorcist- yes, reflection for self-improvement
Death: Mr-Bane-of-all-Evil obviously (im so sorry xiao) (I was thinking adding qiqi but thats too cruel for my heart)
Temperance: Balance, synthesis, and harmony- all those for our best girl Sucrose
Devil: Childe- because he was mean in the golden house. Yes he seems to be a good guy but his eyes speak otherwise and i kudos mihoyo for that bcos when i was staring at his eyes in his official art- Dude those eye are empty- you cant read whats he thinking and it bring a sense of mistrust and malice in my way--- Even if I already did his story quest with Teucer that malice is still there for me Fun fact: Lumine was supposed to be the Devil bcos canon-villain but meh still a Fool for her
Tower: Pride and arrogance- a symbol for bad omens (im sorry kaeya) I dont know... something about Kaeya’s aura just tells me somthing bad will happen to him considering his origin- be it bcos of his pride or other things, Kaeya sends me red flags sometimes
Star: A hope in the dark. Barbara is self-explanatory and Diona is a personal experience ahaha- my first time fighting a ruin guard gone wrong and diona saved my ass ksks
Moon: Creativity, inspiration, dreams, and fantasy- all of these which Venti personifies as a bard and the Archon of Song
Sun: Xiangling and Amber brings joy to everyone and anyone, making them the sun
Judgment: I had difficulty picking for this arcana- but it all came down to Keqing. Keqing is a very serious person. She basically personifies logic and rationality- Whenever she declares that the time of the adepti are over- I know she speaks this without baseless judgment as she observes the progress of liyue and humanity in general
World: Dainsleif knows everything and anything and i was kinda spooked out by that in his story quest
AAAAAAAND THATS IT- this was one long post but hey i enjoyed this mini project of mine. I lost my sanity cleaning these cards and characters but thanks to my sugar high I managed hahahaha if you have some thoughts, feel free to share them and if you feel like you wanna speak about your perspective which conflicts mine- pls be gentle commenting ahahaha again this just fanart
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