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#i wanna make strange mermaids :)
elrena · 6 days ago
ooh!! i should draw mermaids for mermay...
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spooberdoober · 5 days ago
I'm actual deadpool.
Went from 1 hole in my heart a centimeter long, to 8 holed in my heart from 2 inches, up to the size of a pin.
My "new doctor", god bless him, said, "You need to go into surgery right now, I don't know how you're alive, but you have a big enough hole in your heart I can put three fingers in there."
My current on record best for hole in my heart is about half of it, it'll heal to about the size of a pinhead then rerip.
It looks like the Marianas Trench on earth.
But I still don't need surgery. I just need to get my seizures back under control and stop having a diet of mainly bread.
They mostly feed me bread at this shelter and I need fruit.
I also have my eating disorder back because the portion size of food isn't- safely livable.
It's about enough to keep you at about 115- 120 lbs as a 5'5"-6'0", adult LADY.
Because it's about the quantity of food I ate as a model, and strangely also about the same kind of you stuck to one week and never varied it.
I went for stuff like unsweetened partly uncooked oatmeal (so you'd get more vitamins and texture, you never want something like glue texture if you went from bulemic to anorexic, because if you eat too much or at the wrong time, your stomach can hurt so bad it can make you throw food up like poison. I just wanted to be thin, I didn't want my bones or hair to disintegrate like other girl's, ya know?), I ate really healthy.
But no fruit because fruit has too much sugar in it.
This is that exact diet, and people don't get that I feed wild birds (pigeons, wrens, jackdaws, starlings, robins, crows, ravens, hawks, falcons, a handful of owls), and local cats, squirrels, and that bones only husky I wanna buy, because animals in a city don't get much more than what humans throw them.
I need living birds and seemy living husky and my living friends around me even if we, like the "thing" out of the little mermaid, sit around and mutually stare at each other all day, not the least bit boring.
I'm probably eating enough at the moment to be that 90 lbs bad- BAD people have tried to get me down to, back when I modeled.
I had a handful of good artists who were GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS, and they were good people who quit when they found out I dropped down to 119lbs when I have a genetic disorder for my bones to be really dense; it's like they're three times as dense as normal bones, so they weigh more, when I'm "dieting", I'm a STICK.
Tried to get in a movie, it turned out to be a porno, and "I looked like a lady pulled out of world war two", and " if you could go home and cut your arms up a little and bruise your face a bit, you're perfect".
I should have stuck with the good guys. The director tried to do the "self-harm" and facial injury to me because I went back for my jacket.
Did deck him, did walk another lady out, I think the police closed the whole thing down.
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ourtype · 23 days ago
3 boyfriends in minecraft headcanons
newest maladaptive daydream between me and my alters while we're busy traveling is the 3 of them that are dating in minecraft and therefore we now have to create 100s of headcanons to make everything perfect
i just started this last night and so it will be updated every time i get adequate amounts of new ideas
+piglin and 'humans' (players, pirates & villagers/kind of pillagers/vindicators) and enderman are all civilized creatures but everything else is a mob or animal
+additionally piglins and humans and enderman can't speak each other's languages because their anatomy limits them but they try sometimes and they always sound very strange so they usually just communicate with sign or writing
+splash potion of fire resistance is extremely flammable and you will catch in fire as soon as you come close to some but it's ok because it's fire resistance (it runs out when your stop burning)
+there's tumbleweeds that roll around the desert and hurt you like a cactus if they touch you but if you destroy them you can get 1-3 sticks depending on the size
+forests have lots more mulch
+steve ans herobrine are used as fables and legends to keep children behaving and nobody actually knows if they exist (ex. "don't go near that lava pit, herobrine will get you! steve wouldn't go over there")
+there's pirates with pirate ships and ghost pirates around the sunken ships
+there's also end pirates who fly around in the end ships and are willing to trade you some hot valuables for an elytra (however, these guys are extremely hard to find and are often flying between islands and almost impossible to reach)
+there's also another civilized species of mermaids that live deep underwater and are extremely hard to find (sometimes they sink pirate ships)
+desert and jungle temples are pirates' traps and sometimes the pirates come back to steal the stuff of people that died trying to take the treasure
ice castles/yetis
+in the ice and snow biomes there are ice castles with yetis (which are larger now and more dangerous) which drop a diamond and some leather + the usual ice when you kill them but they also have 40 health so it's a challenge
+in these ice castles there chests with iron and (less common) diamond armour and enchanted books
+ice castles have those big ice spikes for side towers and stuff with fancy ice walls and whatnot between them and they're multiple floors
the end/endermen
+you become more skilled the more you practice with eating chorus fruit so the first times you try you'll be teleported a few blocks in a random direction but the more your practice you can go further and in the way you want (chorus fruit is activated by stomach acid and ergo you have a few seconds to manifest where you wanna go / larger amounts get you further)
+the ender dragon bleeds end acid as it's flying around after you've hit it
+end cities are like farmers markets where a bunch of people congregate and sell crops and whatnot from their dimension/biome (also they are built much lower to the ground and way more open because i do not like how end cities look that much)
+endermen don't wear clothes and can't touch fire or water because their skin is extremely sensitive and will be damaged and ergo they clean themselves with weird endermen sweat
+the nether is really hot and the end is really cold so piglin have to bundle up or drink potions when they visit
+endermen make ender pearls with their endermen magic and you have to either steal them or do whatever the enderman bids to get them because murder of another advanced species is bad
+there are multiple ender dragon islands and even islands with entire hoards of dragons
+you can tame and ride dragons you hatch from eggs and endermen do this a lot
+endermen also live literally 100s of years or longer
+swamp biomes are renovated to have new special swamp plants and also be able to generate basically the same but in caves (except in cave swamps there's more witches and they have bats instead of cats)
+swamps also can only grow the poisonous variety of potatoes
+but also sugar cane is more common in them now and it's still good
swamp plants include :
+thornbushes which are like berry plants but without the berries / they only take up one block but are usually in clusters that range from 1-2 to 50-75 blocks depending on the biome size (also there are bones hiding beneath the thornbush fields)
+rotting wood which has beetles that will infest and rot whatever you build with it (can bite you and do a half heart of damage)
+moss and lichen that make whatever is growing within a 5 block radius grow faster/give you bonus crops if you are growing crops
+truffles which you can get by smacking the ground with a shovel and perchance one will come up (this is also in any forests with mulch not just swamps)
+strings of algae in the swamp lake that will tangle and drown you if you are not careful and also snag/break your fishing rods
+moonflowers that are found in swamps, cave swamps, and nasty little cave forests, that glow in a brightness directly correlated to the moon phase. you can also make them into glow ink if you so wish
+cave biomes :
caves have their own biomes now. they don't always correlate to the overworld biomes but they're usually similar
cave biomes usually extend ranging from 50-100 or so blocks deep to all the way down to bedrock and start about 25ish blocks below the surface
+nasty little forest :
grassy floors, non-food vegetation (ferns, flowers (glowing flowers because those are cool [see swamp vegetation]), etc.) shoddy trees come in sizes ranging from small to big giant and twisting around the entire environment. live and dead leaves all around. occasional vines on the walls. usually are smallish and contained to one or two sections ranging from 1-10 or so chunks. various hills. occasional waterfalls and lakes. you can't grow crops there unless you get a light source
nasty little forest comes in all the same forest types in the overworld (oak, spruce, etc.) + a dead version of petrified wood that requires an axe to mine and is grey-brown both inside and out
+clay/terracotta :
like the mesa/badlands but extended down into the cave. also found commonly underwater but with unbaked clay. spacious and open except in the mineshaft parts. gold is extremely common and coal and copper are there but other ores are rare. quite a few mushrooms (mushrooms can also grow underwater now because they're cool) and a few giant mushrooms as well. mineshafts and complex mineshaft systems extending all the way through the biome are common in the land version. cobwebs are everywhere. dead bushes are everywhere. maybe tumbleweeds? there may also be bricks/brick blocks in mineshaft chests or just around for a spooky indication of past life. sometimes also there's random masses of glazed terracotta
+swamply swamp :
big giant swamp. huge lake(s) in the cave with lily pads that are surrounded by land. witches galore. similar forests to the nasty little forest with various tree sizes and scattered vegetation. same vegatated areas as land swamps (thornbushes, algae, etc.) cave spiders everywhere. witches also have bats instead of cats down there
+spooky dungeon :
a big maze made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone with occasional open areas with chests and spawners. sometimes there's the occasional accent block of chiseled stone below spawners or making up the end of walls. scattered cobwebs all around and the odd iron bar window between walls. very dark, light sources work less here. all sorts of mobs around with the spawners and a higher chance of wardens. vines on the walls sometimes too
+snowy cold place :
you walk slower here due to the cold. it's also pretty dark. lots of iron. diamond is more common here and also emerald but less. the floor is snow or ice with ever occasional dirt. random lakes around. there are yetis down here also but way more. there are more ice structures with chests with not quite as good stuff (igloos, little ice houses, connected ice houses) there's also a yeti disc and it has a cool song with bells
+hot heat :
you need special boots or fire resistance to get around here because it is mostly magma blocks and lava lakes. diamond and emerald and less so gold are very common but also very hard to get because of all the lava. short little tunnels 2 blocks highish or so between bigger opener rooms. very annoying to navigate
+sand :
long winding caves like a giant snake slithered through and left a cave behind. little to no vegatation or waterfalls/lakes. lots of lava lakes/lavafalls going down multiple layers of the winding snake trail. sandstone instead of stone. lots and lots of spiders and cave spiders. fires last a long time here. lots of rarer ores but less coal
+cave cave :
similar to regular minecraft caves as of current but more intense. tighter tunnels, bigger openings, more ores in the walls where you don't expect them. lava and waterfalls making obsidian. all the cool cave stuff. more bats
this is all as of current
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springtimebat · 24 days ago
The Autumn Meeting (3/4)
Abram bounces up and down on the spot, his scales dancing across his forehead, his mouth a giant grin, teeth as sharp as knives.
“You’re gonna love it so much guys! You don’t understand! It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever conjured.”
“Just get it over with Abe,” Emil whines, checking a small clock in his breast pocket, “We’re already behind schedule.”
Abe stops dead and wraps his fins around his chest.
“Are you always this mean?” The Queen asks, shaking her head at Abram who stares at the floor. 
“You’ve read about us, or so you say. Why don’t you tell me?”
The Queen rolls her eyes. Abram gives a wistful sigh. Gus, a disembodied head in the leaves, squeaks in a strange nonsense language that makes his friends smile. 
“Start from the beginning this time Abram. I don’t want a repeat of the mermaid incident.”
“The mermaid incident?” The Queen asks
“He started from the middle. The girl already owned legs, yet she still longed for them.”
“That was one time!” Abram huffed, “Now is everyone settled? Or do you need to shout at me some more?”
All three attendants nod.
“Okay, now I’ll start.” He turned to their guest, “Your majesty, you might wanna cover your ears for the first few minutes. The beginning may be a bit muffled but many have been known to go deaf when I slip into my other voice.”
“Another voice?” 
“You’ll see,” He grins. And so the third tale of the night begins at four in the afternoon:
{The Two Beings}
There were once two beings
One was of greys, blacks and whites
He lived amongst royalty 
Survived in their courts 
He never quite belonged 
So he also held company with lower beings
Of slime and muck and grit
As the first being grew strong on their discarded remains
He left the royalty and the courts 
And ruled along the paper margins of Fairy
Soon after he developed an interest in humans
A hobby many found unhealthy 
He’d follow them around 
Watched them
Children seemed to be the only humans that would listen to the ruler’s prattling
The being did not mind
For they were interesting
They filled a void that slime could not
One day
The ruler met a second being
The second being was one of light
Of blues, greens, reds and pinks
She was human
She belonged to the upper wall
And she lived her life in chains
As bright and as ordinary as the ruler was dark, stark and strange
She spent her days alone 
Hiding her beauty from the rest of the world 
An assistant to twin brothers
She was left to feed off of scraps 
And to be whipped by a cruel guardian
The first being found his counterpart one night 
One lonely night
Peering through his window 
He caught her exhausted in rags 
Torn at the hem
Hair bushy
Face muddy from soot
And of course 
He immediately fell in love with her
So he began his pursuit
Observing her from his own realm
She was everything he was not 
Everything he lacked 
A great regard for life danced in her forget-me-not eyes
It was a short
Almost too short
before the ruler of the muck and slime was certain she would be a suitable bride
And his determination grew
He’d leave tributes on her bedroom sill;
Pine cones, leaves, twigs and rocks
Each one she took from him 
A special pieces of his soul
She tucked them all away
Never to be seen again
The girl ignored him
Acted as if he were not there
And so the challenge went on...
 Abram smiles, looking around the campgrounds for a response. Guy whistles and The Queen gives her second clap of the day. Emil, unchanging, shakes his head. Before he can respond, Abram begins again.
“I’m working on the middle...and the beginning…and the ending.”
“Obviously,” Emil snarks.
“Wait I’m confused,” The Queen stutters, “Was there an ending?”
“No,” Abram replies, confused, “Why would there be?”
“This is a workshop, your majesty. A story doesn’t need an ending if you don’t want it to.”
“I know it’s awful,” Abram frowns, anxious tears forming in his eyes like beads of smoked glass.
 “I was thinking of adding a subplot with some gremlin people. Like, a parallel romance story line to kinda act as a comedic escape from all the existentialism-”
“Ah yes that would be very fine,” Emil grins, “Very fine indeed Abe my boy!” 
“Y-yeah! I also thought could help me with uh… some world building and structure and stuff. So it flows naturally.”
“Hmm, good idea. Good idea Abram.” Emil rolls his head back to the fire, which is starting to die out, “Say Abe, can you answer a question I have about your story?”
“Is your story, perhaps, based on a particular person in this group tonight?” 
Abram rolls his eyes, “It ain’t about you Emillian.”
“No not me you fool! Is it based on our guest of honour over there?” 
The Queen’s eyes grow wide. Abram says nothing and begins to stare down at his feet again. 
Emil smirks triumphantly, “Thought so.”
Gus’ thigh gives a little creak in the darkening wilderness.
“I know that Gus, but how many of those queens are sitting down here with us tonight?” 
Gus shrugs a shoulder, giving up. 
“Last year, you told me to be spontaneous,” Abram mumbles, “Now here I am, making up prose as I go, and you hate it.”
“I don’t hate it, Abe my boy! I just find it intolerable.”
Abram groans. The Queen sighs in annoyance.
“I’m terribly sorry for existing, sir.” She mutters. 
“Good. You should be. But since you’re here you can give Abram some pointers for his story. Make yourself useful.”
“Pointers? What pointers could she give me?”
“She’s a queen you dolt! She knows all about rulers! She’s gonna marry one!”
“Oh yeah! Hey I do need help on the characters innermost fears and desires! Being stuck underwater most of the year makes you miss out on courtly endeavours.” 
With that, Abram shuffles closer to the Queen’s makeshift throne. As the group reorganises, a high screech flies through the air above their heads, causing them to lift their eyes to the treetops. The Queen shudders and pulls her shawl tighter around her shoulders. Her dress shifts slightly. Only slightly. But it’s enough for the men to notice how her stomach swells underneath the fabric. 
“So that’s it then,” Emil grimaces, “A bouncing baby boy. That’s why he’s marrying you.”
The Queen gives a warm smile and strokes her stomach with one hand, “He’s three months old.”
“A big thing for three months.”
A softer, yet hungrier scream pierces the forest and the queen goes back to hugging her cloak. 
“It’s the corridors.”
“The corridors?”
“Yes. They’ve discovered I’m gone. They’ll be coming soon. How long will this take?”
“As long as we want it to.”
“My husband will be here soon and-”
“Exactly! That’s what we want to talk to you about. Now quick fussing! Abram! Ask one question now. We still have one story to get through.”
Abram grins, “What do you think of purity?”
“Purity?” The Queen repeats, taken aback. 
“Yes, purity.”
The Queen swallows, “Purity, at least the ideas most people have about purity, are phantoms. Babes, the pure ones, the prideful ones, can handle cruelty in their stride. They hold glass shards in their eyes. Beware the little ones; they’ll devour your heart with knives, forks and all. The phantoms, these small shadows of ideas, lead you on and ensnare you in a pretty bear trap marked with flowers. Mark my words, the pure ones will eat you clean.”
The men stare at her. She shrugs her shoulders.
“It’s something my mother used to say to me.”
“Hmm,” Emil turns to Abram, “That has nothing to do with the King my boy. Ask another one about the king.”
“Oh no, please don’t! I don’t think-”
“Why? What do you not want us to find out? That he eats babies too?”
“Nothing! It’s just he told me things. Important secrets you only tell the person you wish to marry.”
“What things? What important secrets?”
“We were sat on the screen porch one day-”
“The what?”
“The screen porch. It’s a balcony in the castle, hidden away with an invisible tarp.”
“What’s its purpose?”
“The glass hides the rest of the world. Puts it on its side. And it keeps the insects out. The panels are covered in their eyeballs and guts-”
“How gruesome!”
“The king, an insect grower!”
“And a competent one at that!”
“The nerve of the rogue!” 
“The view makes up for it. On that day of secrets, we were watching a sunset, spying on the angels.” 
“Hmmph, angels!”
“Yes. The King was talking about angels, demons and the like-”
“Typical monarch!”
“He likes to discuss things that he can’t keep in cages.”
“Particularly to things he’s managed to trap.”
“Indeed, I suppose some would see it that way. I find talk of immortality fascinating.”
“You would, you immortal.”
“Future immortal. We were just finishing dessert when the king grabbed my hand and began to stroke the creases in my palm. When I looked up at him he said, “You know what I wish for? More than anything in the world?” I just said I could guess but I’d probably be wrong.”
“How humble of you.”
“He stopped for a moment and gazed up at the sun, on its last legs. Then he swallowed and looked back at me. He told me his biggest secret then.” 
“And now you will tell us, three old pedallers. You will tell us an immortal’s Achilles heel?”
“Yes, I don’t see why not.”
“Very well child.”
“He turned and said-”
“What? What girl?”
“Isn’t it obvious? A soul.” 
“A soul?”
“At first, I thought he had something caught in his throat. Like, he meant to say “soldier” or “solar panels”. Anything other than a soul.” 
“Oh how perfectly ludicrous! An immortal obsessed with souls! That explains you finally. You’re his pet soul. A human girl he can point and laugh at.”
“I point and laugh at him much more than you realise. I didn’t laugh at him on this particular day. On soul day. I just hugged him.”
“And that right there is why he tolerates you. That’s why he wraps you in cotton wool and keeps you locked up with him. That’s why he smothers you with heavy brick walls.” 
“Maybe so. It’s also the reason he asked for my hand.”
“That’s why he asked for your wrist. What’s your reason?”
“For our marriage?” 
“Yes, sod it all, what was your reason for saying yes to him?” 
“Well, I said yes because I love him and I was lonely. And he loves me and is lonely. That’s how these things tend to work.” 
“Why do you love him?”
“Obviously because he’s the grower of insects!”
“I suppose that’s a requirement then? To love a king?”
“That and a pretty sunset.”
“How trivial.”
Suddenly, Abram gives a giant huff. Everyone turns back to him, kicking his legs in the dirt.
“Sure! Sure! It’s fine when Emil interrupts me but when I interrupt his story to ask a simple question. Oh no! Blasphemy! I’m a degenerate! You know what Emillian? I like my story as it is! No subplots, no ending, no superfluous detail, nothing! I don’t need any of this nonsense! What kind of king just sits in a giant flytrap all day, eating babies and wishing about souls and angels and demons and…ugh! I’m done with this Emillian! It took me twenty years to be invited here and I always get treated like mud. But this takes the cake! Enjoy your new companion. I’m going to where I’ll be respected. That’s what I’m doing! Hang around the royalty you despise. Enjoy yourself.” Abram starts stomping away, then stops, picking up a piece of Gus’ chest plate, “And I’m taking Gussie with me!”
He gives a growl then leaves, ignoring the groups’ stunned silence as he gives himself to the shadows.
“Should we go after him or-” 
“No. He’ll be back. He just needs to cool off.” Emil replies, gazing up at the sky. The sun was beginning to set and the shadows were getting stronger. 
“We haven’t got much more time,” The Queen explains, “The king will probably start searching the woods soon and he hates it when I go out on my own-”
“Very well,” Emil interrupts, calmly, “Start your story now. Abram will have to miss out just this once. Poor old guy.”
The Queen sighs with relief and rests back into her throne. 
On the outskirts of the never ending forest, encased in smoke, shadows and carcasses, the city of tomorrow outstretches a wary leg. It has waited patiently. It has called her name for hours. Now it will wait no more. After a moment of hesitation, it slips into the trees, merely a grotesque silhouette. 
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speckledstripedswarm · a month ago
Tumblr media
01. ALIAS/NAME: Molly, Turtle
02. BIRTHDAY: December 8th
03. ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius
04. HEIGHT: 5′5
05. HOBBIES: drawing, writing if I can, 3-D rendering/putting models together in Blender, being in nature, biking, crocheting ,painting
06. FAVORITE COLOUR: I like teal, aqua blue colors and black, or silver.
07. FAVOURITE BOOK: Life As We Knew It (That was so many ages ago, but it was good and the first thing I remembered xD
08. LAST SONG: Good Days-SZA
09. LAST FILM/SHOW: watched Godzilla vs Kong (great movie btw)
10. INSPIRATION: animals/insects, Kaijus, fantasy and sci-fi type aspects.
If you haven’t noticed or know this, the design inspired on Nola is based of the kaiju Megalon. She’s not the only Kaiju based character I have, as I’m a huge fan of oversized powerful creatures. They’re something that I always loved ever since I was younger, I just loved dinosaurs and anything dangerous. Anything unique, and non human also catches my attention. (Not that I don’t like human characters I just always been that way with making my own.) I love things that really stand out from the crowd and might be considered “weird” Because I guess that’s partially how I’ve always felt throughout my life.
I’m very fascinated by insects. Many people think they’re strange and it’s understandable that people are scared of them and not too fond of them (not all of em may be nice looking and pretty but still) I think they’re beautiful, odd, and unique type of creatures in my eyes so I’m easily drawn to them, and they make fun inspiration too.
Now for the fantasy and sci-fi stuff part, Nola’s home world/the verse she comes from is all my own. I’m still writing things for it and trying to build it up, but Yammutika is all a whole mix of things: aliens, dragons, mermaids, immortal shiz, etc. it’s there. It’s somewhat of a crossover world and anyone can end up in there somehow by strange shenanigans. So yes, I had Cell join up in there, he has a good amount of potential and I wanted to include some creative aspects to him from migrating to another world, and I wanted build up on him a little. BUT ALSO stay true to his character as well.
I hope that makes sense :’ D I tried to explain the best I could.
11. STORY BEHIND URL: Because of the patterns on my muses. Cell and Ceru got spots, Nola has stripes. I hate I made such a long and probably annoying username. It was something that hit me first :’) hopefully in the future it’ll be better. I don’t wanna keep changing shit and confuse people. It’s really stupid I know it.
Also I was tagged by @potas-time-patrol
(Y’all don’t have to do this if you don’t want, but I just felt like tagging ya today.)
Tagging: @targetgoku @synthetixviola @yesterxmorrow @risingsouls @berscrker
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thiswasinevitableid · a month ago
1. Siren Indruck NSFW, Duck is hauling supplies for the small town of Kepler on a tiny boat. Due to dangerous storms, Duck takes a longer but safer and less traversed route. He doesn’t know he’ll be passing through a Siren’s territory. A siren who is looking for a strong and sturdy mate
Here you go!
Duck never tells anyone what he finds on the beach that day. 
He’s fourteen, looking for useful flotsam and jetsam tossed onto the sand by an ongoing storm. What he finds is an empty boat and a merman, silvery tail impaled with a spear in a piece of driftwood. Each time he tries to free himself, he winces and is unable to pull the weapon from his body. When he sees Duck, his red eyes widen and he bares sharp teeth in a hiss. 
“It’s okay” the boy kneels in the bloody sand, “I ain’t gonna hurt you. Or, uh, this’ll hurt for a sec, but it’ll be better than tryin to ease it out bit by bit.” He grabs the end of the fishing spear and pulls. The merman shrieks, quickly clamping his hands across his mouth as Duck pulls his handkerchief from his pocket to bandage the wound. 
“There, you should be able to-”
The creature is gone with a whip of his tail, sliding down the sand and into the waves. As Duck stands, a strange song floats from the foam for the briefest instant. A seasoned sailor can tell a siren from a normal mer on sight; Duck has never been to sea. It’s weeks later that he wonders what events resulted in the wounded siren and an empty boat. 
Any other day, Duck would put off this run until the black clouds no longer hung over the horizon. But the supply run last week didn’t come, so the isolated, coastal town of Kepler is running low on, among other things, the medicine needed to treat an illness spreading from house to house. He could put this off until tomorrow, but he won’t sleep well tonight if he does.
The boat loaded, he starts out to sea under unfriendly skies. Today is a day to follow the coastline and then circle Greenbriar Island to reach Kepler, rather than trying for a straight shot.  It’ll double his travel time, but it’s far safer in a storm and no one but a few locals know how to navigate it. Duck takes this route once or twice most years. This summer alone he’s had to take it six times, with today making a seventh. The abnormal number of storms weighs on the minds of coastal residents. Duck tries not to obsess over it, given that it’s solidly out of his control and there’s no use fussing over wind and rain; there’s only getting through them. 
Halfway through his journey, a rogue swell catches the underside of the boat and drags it along a rock, springing a leak in the hull. He ties off on a thin spire of stone, clambering onto a rock to try and repair the damage. It’s not a big leak, but it’ll be trouble if he lets it go. 
As he’s laying awkwardly with water lapping up his legs, a human head rises from the water a few feet from him. Silver hair, red eyes and, when it smiles, very sharp teeth. Harmless mermaids have teeth much like his own, which means he’s alone in the ocean with a fucking siren.
Duck’s learned many things since that day on the beach; how a song can paralyze a man better than poison, how the bite marks on the skin of certain bodies that wash ashore are called siren kisses
The siren begins swimming closer. Duck sighs, “If you’re gonna drown and eat me, can you do it on the way back?”
Red eyes blink, confused, but the siren stays where he is. 
“If I don’t make it to Kepler, lotta folks’ll get sick, some will even die. And I don’t think you got much use for medicine and canned food.”
The siren shakes his head. 
“Glad you understand.” Duck finishes his repairs under watchful eyes. At one point, the siren swims all the way to the rock Duck is perched on, resting his chin on his hands, as if enjoying the view. 
Duck scrambles back into the boat the moment he’s done, but no cold fingers try for his ankles and no splash announces something lunging upwards after him. A cautious glance as he starts the engine finds the siren sitting on the rock, silver-blue tail still half in the water. When he notices Duck looking, he waves. 
The rest of the journey goes as planned, the relief on folks faces when Duck docks worth the peril. When he reaches the siren’s territory on his return, no song tempts him. A lithe shape keeps pace with the boat, fin breaking the surface now and then. When he hits open water, the siren turns back, disappearing from view. 
There are sex dreams, and then there’s whatever the fuck Duck is having right now. Fingers stroke his hair, cling to his shoulders. Kisses coat his face and a voice whispers his name as the speaker offers themself to him again and again. He sees himself tangled with a man, face always just out of focus, who spreads his legs and lips so Duck can sink himself into the heat of his body. The dream is endless and he doesn’t care, doesn’t ever want to wake up. 
Saltwater in his lungs renders that desire useless. He snaps back to consciousness as another wave hits him; he’s up to his neck  in the cove below his house. 
“The fuck?” It’s only his footprints visible in the moonlight in the sand, so no one dumped him here. 
“Oh dear.”
“Jesus!” Duck stumbles back as glowing eyes peer around a rock. It’s the siren from yesterday, swimming purposefully as Duck wades backwards. 
“Look, uh, when I said I wanted you to wait to eat me, I wasn’t bein serious. Or, uh, I was, but I meant I didn’t want to be eaten ever, not just then. It was a, uh, a joke.”
“I am aware.” The siren stops as Duck topples on his ass in the shallow water, “and I am sorry. I, ah, I did not mean to lure you from your bed. I was not aware my mindless singing was enough to wake you. In most futures, you slept until dawn.”
“Uh huh, sure, because sirens are known to just serenade folks without wanting to drown ‘em.” 
“We do it more often than you might think.” The siren sighs, “I came here to keep you safe, and succeeded only in making you afraid.”
Duck, having scooted inelegantly onto dry land, watches the tan upper body of the siren sag. It’s awkward, a word not associated with this kind of mer. That suggests he’s telling the truth. 
“You gonna tell me why you’re playin watchdog at my house?” 
The siren chirps, intrigued, “In all but one future you told me to go away.”
“That’d just leave me with more questions. And so far, you ain’t done anythin other’n watch me; if you say this was an accident, I’m willin to hear you out.”
“Wonderful!” The siren claps his hands together and the tip of his tail flips out of the water. Then he clears his throat and recites, “I am known as Indrid Cold. As you noticed, I am a siren. I am also a gifted seer, artist, and lifeguard when humans are unconscious and thus will not try to kill me for rescuing them. I am an excellent fisher, and well-liked and/or feared by the larger creatures of this coastline. This is why I think I would be an excellent mate.”
“O-kay. Did you call me out here to practice your personals ad?” Duck smirks, charmed by Indrids earnest tone.
“This is not practice. I did a great deal of that earlier today. This is my formal declaration that I would very much like you to be my mate.”
“Ma--hold on.” The images from his near-fatal dream return, “were you singin’ to hit on me?”
Indrid crosses his arms, “For the last time, that song was not for you. It was about you, because I was daydreaming and my formless melody unintentionally conveyed the contents of said daydream into your mind.”
“So everythin in it, all that wild fuckin stuff, that’s stuff you wanna do with me?”
A nod, accompanied by a flash of white light under the water. 
“Because you are strong, and handsome, and capable on the water. I watched your futures yesterday and today and saw you are kind as well, well-liked by other humans but a little lonely at night. You are very nice to that small land-otter that lives in your house.”
“You mean the cat?”
“That’s the word! Yes, you are nice to your cat. You are not brash or cruel, and you look so very nice without a shirt. I...I like you, Duck. You are everything I want in a mate.”
“Feel like I might be missin’ some gills and fins.” He jokes to cover the fact he’s scanning his mind and body for the same dreamy lull he felt during the song. What he finds in it’s place is his ego purring from praise and wondering exactly what a siren would do for his mate.
“There is no rule that says I must choose only my own kind for such activities. I, ah, I know it is strange, given how little we know of each other, but I thought that, ah, since humans will have casual sex with each other maybe we could, or, ah, that is…” He’s watching Duck with such unconcealed hope that the human almost joins him in the water.
“Indrid, I’m real flattered. But I’d be a damn fool if I didn’t point out this feels like a fuckin trap. Pretty easy for you to drag me to my death once we’re, uh, in the middle of things. Not that I’m sayin you would.” He adds when the sirens smile dims. 
“A sensible concern. May I join you on land for a moment? There is something I want to show you.”
Duck pats the sand beside him, eyes following the ripples of Indrid’s tail as he swims, slithers, and slides onto the beach. It reminds Duck of an oarfish, though when Indrid spies him looking the scales flash deep purple. 
“Look there” Indrid points toward the end of the silver ribbon of scales; a round, white scar stares up at Duck. The details of a day over two decades in the past return to him.
“You’re the siren I found when I was a kid.”
“Indeed. I remember you by your eyes, though your face has some echoes of that day in it’s curves. You saved my life, showed me mercy when I expected none. Sirens do not forget a favor, and we do not kill those who once spared us. I will never harm you, even if you turn me away tonight. You will be safe, whether that is in my arms or merely in my territory.”
Duck avoids the stranger sides of life by the sea, citing a lifelong incompatibility with the weird. Turns out all he needed to find his exception to that rule is a handsome siren looking at him like he set the tides in motion. 
The human runs a finger up the sirens tail, sparks of purple and pale blue light igniting in it’s wake. 
“Didn’t know y’all changed colors.” He pets Indrid’s hip and the whole tail lights up this time. 
“I am a deep-sea siren by birth, we use light to communicate emotions.”
“Mind, uh, loopin me in on the conversation?”
“Purple means desire. It’s a common color in mating displays.” Indrid watches Duck’s hand  glide along his scales, and a burst of pale blue reflects across their faces. 
“And that one?”
“Submission.” Indrid murmurs, “it is, ah, not the most desirable color to show. My kind value strength and power; enjoying the opposite is an invitation to mockery.” The siren’s eyes stay downcast, even when Duck smooths silver hair from his face.
“Now, I like to joke as much as the next fella, but that don’t seem like somethin to tease about.”
“No?” Indrid’s gaze flicks onto Duck the instant before the man straddles him. Duck doesn’t even have to push him onto his back; he goes instantly, hands flat on the sand and tail twitching excitedly in the shallows. 
“No. Seems to me a sweet thing like you oughta be takin care of.” 
Indrid snickers, “That is not usually an adjective one uses for meAHahnn” he arches as Duck tugs his hair.
“Let’s get one thing straight, sugar; I decide what you get called. I wanna call you the most perfect creature in the sea, I will. And if I wanna call you a needy little mer who’s good for nothin but gettin fucked into the sand, you’re gonna nod and say ‘yes.’ Understood?”
The blue light flashing up his tail brightens, “Y-yes but, but why do you call me sugar? That is a food.”
Duck giggles, leans down to brush their noses together, “It’s a nickname, call you it because you’re sweet and I can’t wait to get my fill of you.”
“Ohhhh, I see.” 
“You wanna see somethin else?”
“Very much soOH, oh goodness.” Indrid gasps as Duck forces his gaze towards his cock attempting to free itself from his boxers. He grinds on the supple muscle of his tail to take the pressure off, chuckles when the siren whines and tries to kiss his chest. 
“Since you’re the only siren I’d ever even consider fuckin-” Duck pauses as Indrid moans loudly, digging his fingers into the sand, “you gotta show me how to go about it.”
“If, if you just continue as you are a little higher upyes, yes right there” He rolls his hips, purrs with such a blissful expression that Duck is powerless to do anything but kiss him. His affection grows when he notices Indrid clearly restraining his kisses so as not to catch Duck’s mouth or tongue with his sharp teeth. The last guy he fucked shoved his tongue down his throat without any build-up or finesse, and now all he can think is if only Indrid had made his feelings know sooner, Duck could have done away with shitty human dates and had an obedient, eager mer instead. 
“Mmmmm” Indrid licks his lips, runs his fingers up Duck’s sides, “kissing is nice. It is not something sirens often indulge in, so my chances to do it are few and far between.”
“Ain’t that a shame” Duck kisses the corners of his mouth, “lips like these were made to be kissed sore.”
Indrid purrs, wiggling his tail, and Duck looks down to see a slit opening where his clothed cock has been rubbing. 
“Huh. Kinda figured you had-”
“-I have both this and an appendage below it much like your own.”
“Handy.” Duck, in no mood to climb off the purring, otherworldly man, eases the waistband of his damp boxers just under his balls. 
“This, uh, this ain’t gonna actually create a, I mean, I don’t wanna accidentally-”
“Nono, there is no chance of procreation”
“And you’ll be okay with so little of you in the water?”
“Yesyes I will be fine.” Indrid tugs at his hips, bucks his own into the air in frustration. 
“Just checkin’ oh, oh fuck” Indrid is tight and ridged around his dick as it slides in, “fuckin christ, no wonder sailors’ll crash into rocks at the offerin of fuckin a siren, wait, fuck, that was probably rude.”
“I will let it slide” Indrid teases, the end of his tail curling around Duck’s left ankle, “on account of your body is so lovely I would beach myself and die gasping on your doorstep for a chance to touch it.”
“No need for that. All you gotta do is wait here like a good little mer and I’ll fuck you as much as you want.” The slit pulses as Duck slowly fucks in and out, and he knows he’ll have to throw out all his fleshlights after this because nothing will ever compare to the deliciously alien feeling of Indrid around his dick. 
“Do, do not joke about such things.” Indrid whimpers, clinging to his shoulders.
“I ain’t. You wanted a mate, right?”
“Yes, you, so very badly.”
“Well, you got one, and you feel so goddamn good on my cock I ain’t inclined to let you swim off and be someone else’s.”
“I do not want to, I only want you, please, please let me stay.”
Duck stills his hims and the siren writhes as he leans down. The human cups his cheek, “I want you to stay, ‘Drid. I wanna get to know you. Long as you promise you ain’t gonna fuck me unless you want to, and not because you’re scared I’ll turn you loose.”
“I promise.” Indrid initiates the kiss this time, purring when Duck takes his time kissing back. 
“Good. Now that we got that cleared up” Duck sits up, “be a good mate and take what I give you.” He fucks in as hard as he dares, dives back down to kiss Indrid’s lips and throat as the mer’s cock emerges. Duck finds he can grind his ass along the twisting shaft at the same time he drives his own into Indrid’s body, resulting in a wail of pleasure and teeth sinking into his shoulder. 
“Sorry!” Indrid squeaks, hiding his face in Duck’s neck, “it, it is a reflex-”
Duck yanks his head back to his shoulder, near the first mark, and holds it down, “Do it again.”
Indrid trills and pain lights up Duck’s body, the perfect counterpoint to the pleasure coursing through him with each roll of their bodies. The siren chirps and moans, nips his arms and ears, slides his tail along his legs as his cock pumps frantically against his ass.
“That’s it sweet thing, cum for me while I fuck you. Show me just what my mate is for.” Duck bites Indrid’s neck and cum splatters the backs of his thighs as Indrid’s repetitions of his name drown out the noise of the waves.  Duck’s orgasm follows fast, sweeps through him like the crescendo of a song carried on the night air. 
Duck stays buried in him well after he’s finished, mind already conjuring images of tying Indrid down in shallow water and keeping his cock warm all day.
“Yeah, sugar?” 
“I, ah, I need to get back in the water.”
“Oh shit, yeah, sure.” He pulls out, tosses his sea-soaked boxers up the beach as Indrid slides into the sea. Duck wades in, stopping where it’s waist deep as the siren swims lazily circles around him. 
“Such a perfect mate.”
“Glad you still think so.”
Indrid curls up to him, rubbing their cheeks together, “Thank you for indulging me. you wish me to come back tomorrow? Or to stay tonight? There are no other mers between here and my territory, so there is no reason I cannot count this stretch as mine.”
Duck kisses one of the hickeys blooming on tan skin, “How’s about you stay the night. We got some things to talk about. And, if you’re real good, I might let you fuck me when we’re done.”
Indrid grins, “My dearest one, I believe we have a deal.”
Nowadays, if you ever go near Kepler and the surrounding islands, you may hear people talk about Duck Newton, beloved native son, skilled park ranger, and the only man receive siren kisses and live to tell the tale. 
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Right people at the wrong time p.IV
Part I | Part II | Part III 
Pairing: Stiles + reader   Prompt: Perhaps, we were the right people at the wrong time Summary: Reader and Stiles finally get to talk things out and figure out if they are, finally, the right people at the right time (of course they are, I’m not cruel) A/N: HELLO, HOLA, BONJOUR. This is it. This is the thrilling conclusion. It’s long, it’s cute and every chic-lit lovers dream. Fair warning, it’s not proofed at all so be ready for some mess- ups here and there. I did my best. Hope y’all aren’t too disappointed! Thank you for all the kind comments on the other parts, they’ve warmed my heart so much. Anywho, enjoy my lovely friends.  ♡
[ :: ]
“So… are we just not going to talk about you and Stiles?” Kira was laying on your bed, flat on her stomach, supporting herself on her elbows. Her eyes were practically twinkling with curiosity. It was the end of your first week and the two of you were cooped up in your room, eating chips straight out of the bag with a sappy soundtrack playing in the background. With a sigh, you lifted your gaze from the toenail you were painting. You could tell the curiosity as to why Stiles and you had been avoiding each other like the plague was eating Kira alive.
“It’s…” you began, searching for the right words to describe the situation. You really wanted to tell Kira about Stiles but where would you even begin? It wasn’t as simple as just ‘we had a fight two years ago’. There was so much more to it. Explaining it all would take time, and a lot of energy. It would mean having to tap into old feelings, insecurities and heartaches and you just weren’t sure you could deal with that right now. “Complicated?” Kira asked, interrupting your train of thought. Your lips curved into a soft smile. “Something like that”   Kira let out a breath and rolled over on her back. “Yeah, I’d know a thing or two about that” “Oh?” you questioned, pulling your knees up to your chest. “It’s Scott” she exhaled loudly. “I don’t really know where we stand” You nodded thoughtfully. You’d sensed that there was something between Kira and Scott. They’d get… mushy when they were around each other. Kira would get all flushed and Scott’s gaze would always linger just a little too long in her direction. “I mean not that we’re…we’re not dating or anything, or I mean, I don’t know if we are… it’s all confusing and when we’re talking” Kira stammered. “Hey” you interrupted calmly “Don’t worry, I get it” Kira let out a breath of relief and rolled over on her stomach again. Her eyes met yours and she curved her lips into at silent conclusion. “Complicated” You nodded in conformation, your smile mimicking hers. “Complicated” [ :: ]
“Uh… Apparently there’s a party going on” Kira exclaimed in the middle of the romcom you were watching. She angled her phone towards you so you could read the words on the illuminated screen.
From: Scott Received 9.42 pm. Hey I know it’s late but there’s a party at Danny’s. You coming?
You lifted you gaze to meet Kira’s. “You wanna…go?” she questioned slowly, biting down on her lip. You knew she wanted to; her body language practically scream it. You suspected it had something to do with the opportunity to be close to Scott. “Uh...” you made an indifferent gesture with your hand. “yeah sure” you said with a pressed smile. Truth was you’d rather stay home. You wouldn’t really know anyone at the party except for Kira and you really didn’t want to be third wheeling it with her and Scott, especially if they were trying to figure out their “are we or aren’t we” situation. So while they did that, you’d probably end up squeezed in on a couch between some passed out kid and a couple making out. Great. Kira must have sensed your unwillingness because she suddenly got up on her knees. “I mean-“ her voice was anxious “we don’t have to! Seriously! I love what we’re doing…” she stressed. You felt bad. If Kira had the chance to… evolve or clarify her feelings for Scott, you didn’t want to be the one to stand in her way. “Kira” you began with a calm smile. “It’s fine, I want to go” Her entire face lit up in a smile. “Really!? Cool” she jumped off the bed and started pacing like she didn’t know where to start or what to do. “Wait” she suddenly said, her smile fading. “I don’t really…”. She looked down at her leggings and zipped hoodie. “Don’t worry” you grinned “I got you”
[ :: ]
Stiles POV
It was crazy how often he thought of her. He wanted to reach out but didn’t know how. It wasn’t as simple as just walking up to her and going ‘hey sorry for being a dick two years ago’. He needed to show her he meant it but how was he supposed to do that when he could barely even look at her without the guilt taking over. Hell, just being near her fucked him up. His hands would get sweaty, his pulse would rise, and his ability to get out a coherent sentence would momentarily non-exist.
Once again, Stiles eyes searched the crowded room hoping to catch even a glimpse of Y/N, but she was nowhere to be seen. All he could see was a bunch of kids playing beer bong over a trashed kitchen table, a guy from the team puking in a corner while his friend filmed it with their phones and a girl from English making out with a guy who wasn’t her boyfriend.
“She left ten minutes ago” a familiar voice declared. Scott appeared beside him, red solo cup in hand. Stiles considered playing dumb but knew there was no point. Scott was his best friend and brother; he didn’t have to be inside his head to know what he was thinking. Besides, he’d been picking up on his emotions all week. “I’m not sure she wants to talk to me” Stiles answered truthfully “Wouldn’t be so sure of it, man” Stiles let out a deep sigh. “I wouldn’t even know what to say” Scott curved his lips into a crooked grin.
“Then figure it out”
[ .. ]
Y/N POV You’d convinced Kira to stay at the party. Not that it took a lot of effort. Scott and she had been talking non-stop ever since the two of you walked through the door. You on the other hand had been hit on by some drunk guy in a Hawaii shirt, offered molly from a girl who looked like she went to Sunday school and had your favorite top ruined by a freshman with shaky hands. He’d apologized and offered to have it dry-cleaned but everyone knew beer stains were a real bitch, even for professionals.
Slipping into a pair of printed sweat shorts and a hoodie, you tied your hair into a messy bun and made your way to the kitchen. You hadn’t eaten anything besides the bag of chips you’d shared with Kira. You’d planned on ordering pizza but got to busy  getting ready for the party.
Raiding through the fridge you realized pretty quickly your parents hadn’t stocked the fridge before leaving for their “healing retreat” this weekend. It was some stupid trip their therapist had advised them to take every month to “heal the hole” in their marriage.
Closing the fridge, you grabbed a box of cereal with way too much sugar and made your way over to the couch. Taking a few seconds to flip through the different titles on Netflix, you ultimately settled on some new original series and watched passively while digging your hand into the cereal box.
Getting back up, you were just about to grab something to drink when there was a knock on the door.
What the hell was Stiles doing here?
Full of panic, you stood in hallway like a moron, chewing the mouth full of sugary flakes you’d stuffed your face with only moments earlier. Why. WHY did he have to show up the one night you’d chosen to wear the shorts with fricken mermaids and seashells on them!? For a moment you considered pretending not to be home but realized pretty quickly that you couldn’t. The lights were on and your car was in the driveway. Besides a part of you was kind of curious as to why he was at you house 11 p.m. on a Friday night when there was a party going on. 
Running your hand over your mouth, you sure to get rid of any crumbs or powdered sugar before opening the door.
“Y/N!” Stiles exclaimed, almost surprised. He’d been running a hand anxiously through his hair but moved it towards you when you appeared in the doorway. “You’re…You’re here” You furrowed your brow; you were determined to act cool even though there was a storm of emotions raging inside you. “Yeah… I kind of live here” you said, going to fold your arms over your chest only to realize you were still holding the cereal box in your hand. Sigh. For once. Could someone give you a goddamn break
Stiles shifted his gaze and started flexing and unflexing his hands. “yeah, no, course” he cleared his throat. There was a moment of silence between you.
“so, you’re uh… probably wondering why I am here” Stiles said with a nervous chuckle. You nodded slightly; lips pressed together. You still couldn’t hold his gaze for more than a few seconds.
Stiles cleared his throat again. Seems his plan of action only stretched as far as showing up at your house. “Yeah, so I came to say…wait, are you… eating that out of the box?” Stiles asked, nodding towards the cereal. “Yeah, so?” you asked defensively. “I happen to not like milk” Stiles furrowed his brow. “What? You used to love milk? You literally drank like half a gallon when Melissa baked those fudge cookies for Scotts twelfth birthday” You remembered that party. You and Stiles were the only ones there.
“Please, it was hardly half a gallon and I only drank it” you began, suddenly lowering your tone to a whisper “because those cookies were dry” You were acting as if Melissa was around the corner, risking to hear you bash her baking skills.
“They were well-baked” Stiles whispered back. “More like burnt. They were literally black Stiles” For a moment it was like the two of you were kids again, sitting in Stiles room, discussing which superhero was the strongest. Stiles eyes searched yours and for the first time since seeing each other again, none of you looked away. “I’m sorry” Stiles mumbled softly. It was strange, and insanely cliché, but something inside you seemed to happen when he uttered those words. You wouldn’t call it heal but it was definitely along those lines.
“For what?”
The muscles in Stile’s jaw flexed. “everything” You looked down for a moment. Stile’s voice was low, and you could tell by his tone that he was being genuine. “I didn’t mean it” he continued. “I was mad, and…” he threw up a hand before letting it fall again “I snapped. I shouldn’t have but I did. But none of it meant anything”. “It’s fine, I get it. I shouldn’t have said those things about Lydia..especially since the two of you are....” For a moment it looked like Stiles had absolutely no idea what you were talking about. “Oh” he said as the realization hi. “No, no me and Lydia aren’t... we’re friends. No, you were right about us” He paused for a moment. “My feelings, what I felt for Lydia...It wasn’t-” he searched for the right words. “Real. I made this, I had this idea of who she, of who I...” he shook his head. “anyway it doesn’t matter. What does though is that I never should have said the things I did. I ruined everything and...” He looked at you with such an intensity you wanted to advert your eyes but forced yourself not too . 
“I’m sorry” You leaned your body against the doorframe. You hadn’t realized how much you’d craved an apology until you got one. Suddenly it was like your hurt and anger didn’t matter as much as it used to. Perhaps it was the raging crush or mere wishful thinking, but you believed him. Believed him when he said he hadn’t mean it. A part of you must have always known, or at least hoped, that your friendship had been to real to not have meant something to him.
Your tone was low and soft. “It’s okay”
Stiles shook his head. “No, it’s not. But I’m going to make it up to you. I’ll do...”
You had a feeling the sentence was going to end with something along the lines of ‘I’ll do anything to fix our friendship’ or something equally as cheesy and you had to stop him. Not because it would be awkward as hell but because he needed to know you still had a crush on him and that being friends probably wasn’t the right way to go. You wish you could handle a friendship, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t be around with him without being with him. Your heart ached for him and knowing he didn’t want you in the same way you wanted him made it impossible to be near him. 
“Stiles…” you began, creasing your forehead. “I don’t think we can be friends” Your words clearly took him by surprise. “What? Why? Is it because?... I mean is it because of what I said? I swear, I really didn’t…” “It’s because I’m still love with you” you blurted. There was a moment of instant regret and you could feel every fiber of your body wanting to slam the door in his face, dive into bed and hide under the covers for the next two years.
Stiles stood there looking at you for what felt like hours. You sucked in a breath, feeling the panic in your chest “So… yeah that’s why and…”. Warm hands found their way to your cheeks and before you had a chance to finish your sentence, Stiles had pulled you in and pressed his lips to yours. It took a few seconds but when you were finally able to wrap your head around what was happening, a rush of ecstasy ran through you and you eagerly kissed him back. 
“Stiles” you whispered after a while. You didn’t want to end the kiss but knew you had to. Stiles, however seemed to have other plans and started trailing his lips down your jaw down to your neck. 
“Stiles, I’m literally standing on my front porch, dressed in mermaid shorts, holding a box of Frosties”
With a laugh Stiles pulled back. “Yeah, I meant to comment on those mermaids” he said. Rolling your eyes, you turned around to walk back into the house.   Stiles arms instantly found their way to your waist and he pressed you to him as he walked behind you. “What? I was going to say there are very fashional” “It’s fashionable, and I know” you said, not being able to hold back your smile. It was insane.
Seems like life had finally decided to give you a break.
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The Rock
It’s a sunny day, the first sunny day after weeks of rain. Leila and Claire are walking to 7-11 to get slurpees. It is such an ordinary day, that is until Leila trips and falls flat on her face. They look to see what it was that she tripped over, finding that it was a rock. But not just any other rock, it appeared to be a magical glowing rock. 
“Whoa, what is that?” Claire exclaims, immediately crouching down to touch it. As soon as her finger touches the surface of the stone, her whole body starts glowing like the rock. 
“Wait, I wanna glow too!” Leila drags herself over to touch the stone as well. They both glow together for 10 seconds. Annette from across the street watches them disappear into thin air. 
Leila and Claire find themselves suddenly in a forest, right in front of Harry Styles and Tony Stark making out against a tree. 
“What the fuck is happening here…?” Leila says slowly. 
Harry Styles and Tony Stark jump away from each other and turn to face the two teenagers who interrupted them. 
“Oh, we’ve been waiting for you,” Tony Stark says. 
“Uh, for what?” Leila asks. 
“You two have been chosen. You will start to notice your magic powers soon,” Tony answers. 
Claire blinks, only one thing on her mind as she looks at Tony and Harry. “Wait. You two were just…” 
Harry looks her dead in the eye. “Wot about it, bruv?” 
“Oh, uh, nothing, just…wasn’t expecting that,” Claire says quickly. “So, um...what’s this about magic powers?” 
“We have some tests to help you discover your powers,” Harry says. “Follow us.” 
“Aight, bet,” Leila says. 
They follow Tony and Harry to a giant tree with a door in it. The door opens to a humongous mansion that somehow fits inside the tree. They continue through the mansion to a back room filled with odd contraptions. 
“Uh, I don’t think kinky is magical,” Leila jokes. 
Harry laughs, but Tony rolls his eyes. 
“Anyways...We’re going to hook you up to some machines to test how you react to things,” Tony explains.
“Is this gonna hurt?” Claire asks warily. 
“No, it won’t hurt,” Harry assures her. 
“But it might kill you,” Tony adds. 
Leila shrugs, “Well, as long as it doesn’t hurt…” 
“Yeah, alright,” Claire agrees. 
Leila and Claire let themselves be hooked up to the machines, while Tony and Harry press a bunch of strange buttons. They immediately black out. 
When they wake, they find Duke Duke and Cleo Sertori watching over them. 
“I must be dreaming…” Claire mutters when she sees the beautiful mermaid looking at her and promptly passes out again. 
Leila looks up at the giant cucumber, “Is it really you?” 
Duke Duke takes off his hat and bows, “That’s me!” 
“Do you feel this instant connection?” Leila asks dreamily. 
Duke Duke looks into her eyes, “Yes, of course.” 
Cleo finally shakes Claire awake, and the first thing she sees is not Cleo’s lovely face, but her friend making out with a cucumber. Leila’s lips are occupied, but Claire can somehow hear her voice: I can’t believe I finally found the love of my life.  
“What the fuck…? Why is a cucumber the love of your life?” Claire says, staring in disbelief. 
Leila pulls away and looks at Claire strangely, “How did you know that?” 
“Um, I heard it? I think I might’ve read your mind?” Claire says, clearly confused about this whole situation. 
“Oh, cool, you found your power!” Leila says excitedly. 
“And you found a cucumber…” Claire says. 
Then she gets distracted by distant music: Pizza Angel, please come to me. Tomato sauce and cheese so gooey. Pizza Angel, you’re all I need… 
“Where is that music coming from?” Claire asks. 
“Oh, sorry, I sing songs in my head,” Duke Duke says. 
“Oh, okay,” Claire says, because at this point nothing is really surprising. 
She turns back to Cleo, and the world fades away and it’s just the two of them and Cleo’s thoughts that are filled with nothing but thoughts of Claire. The two of them finally kiss. 
However, they are soon interrupted by a phone ringing. Everyone checks their pockets, but no one’s cellphone is going off. 
“I think it’s coming from over here,” Duke Duke says, turning towards a mysterious phone booth in the corner. 
Leila goes over to answer the phone. It’s Tony Stark. 
“Hey, guys, we just got news, we’re going to be on the Jimmy Fallon show and you all need to be there because something feels off about it,” he says. 
“Okay, we’re on our way.” Leila hangs up and tells the rest of the group what he’d said. 
“Okay everybody, touch the top of my head and I’ll teleport us all to New York,” Duke Duke says. 
They all appear backstage and only have a few seconds to collect themselves before they hear Jimmy Fallon calling them all out to the stage. 
The crowd goes wild to welcome the magical people Tony was just telling the world about. They smile and wave before sitting down on the couch. 
“So tell us about your powers,” Jimmy says, directing the question towards Leila and Claire, “How did you find them?” 
“Well, it all started when I tripped over a glowing pebble,” Leila starts. 
“And then I touched it and started to glow too,” Claire continues. 
“Then I wanted to glow, so I touched it also,” Leila says. 
“And then we got teleported to a forest where we met Tony and Harry,” Claire adds.
Leila is about to mention the testing Tony and Harry put them through, but the whole show is interrupted by the sudden appearance of John Mulaney. 
“Oh, John, you’re not supposed to be here ‘til next week,” Jimmy Fallon says, surprised. 
John Mulaney just laughs. I’m only here to kidnap Harry and Tony and take over the world. 
Claire hears his malevolent plan in his thoughts and stands up, “Wait! He’s not the real John Mulaney, this one is evil!”
As if on cue, all the lights go off, and Leila and Claire can hear sounds of violence and struggle. Confused and unsure, they do nothing. When the lights come back on, John is gone and he’s taken Tony and Harry. Jimmy and everyone in the audience are asleep. 
“Oh no, where did they go?” Claire says, looking around. 
Cleo pulls out her phone, “We can find out. Tony has a tracker in him specifically for situations like this.” 
Leila looks at the phone, “It says they’re in Alaska.” 
Duke Duke then teleports them all to Alaska. It’s freezing. The first thing they all do is buy winter coats. Only then can they start searching for their missing friends. They follow the tracker to an abandoned boat. 
Evil John Mulaney appears the second they step foot on the boat. “How did you find me? I didn’t leave a trace.” 
“Trackers,” Cleo says, “That’s what you get for kidnapping a techie billionaire.” 
Leila walks up to him and shoves him. “Bitch.” 
“Ow! What the-?” John Mulaney rips open his shirt to find the source of the pain, revealing a deep wound where Leila’s hands had touched him. 
“Oh, nice power,” Claire comments. But Leila backs away, suddenly depressed. 
John Mulaney roars in rage, grabbing a sword hanging on the wall and swinging at Leila. Leila ducks just in time, but the sword slices Duke Duke in half instead.
“You should turn that sword on yourself,” Claire mutters angrily. To her surprise, and to John’s too, John starts to turn the sword around and stabs himself through the stomach. With a gasp, he falls to the floor, dead. 
Then something starts to glow in Claire’s pocket. It’s the rock from the very beginning. Confused, she takes the rock out of her pocket, but it burns her hand and she drops it. As soon as the stone hits the floor it starts to grow and change. Soon a fully formed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is standing in front of them. 
“Congratulations, you’ve passed my test,” he says. 
Leila looks up from where she’s been crying in the corner, “But all I can do is hurt people?” 
The Rock shakes his head, “No, you can heal, too. Go to your lover.” 
Leila drags herself over to her fallen cucumber boyfriend and cries over his body. Slowly Duke Duke begins to heal and come back to life. Leila’s tears become tears of happiness now. 
John Mulaney begins to stir, and everyone looks over, suddenly on edge again and prepared to fight. Cleo, who has now returned from freeing Tony and Harry, immediately readies herself to use the water around the boat to attack. 
“No, no,” The Rock says before they can all jump into action again, “the curse has been broken. John Mulaney is himself again.” 
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x-lesbivee-x · a month ago
This ain’t love it’s clear to see; but darling, stay with me.
1. coffee mugs, teacups, wine glasses, water bottles, or soda cans? All of them minus teacups, depending what I’m drinking. I drink tea out of bigger coffee mugs too. I’m not big on teacups.
2. chocolate bars or lollipops? Chocolate. I’m not much of a candy person.
3. bubblegum or cotton candy? Neither.
4. how did your elementary school teachers describe you? Respectful, conscientious, studious, quiet, loner.
5. do you prefer to drink soda from soda cans, soda bottles, plastic cups or glass cups? I usually drink it from the can/bottle if it’s cold. If not I put it into a glass or a cup with my reusable ice cubes.
6. pastel, boho, tomboy, preppy, goth, grunge, formal or sportswear? None of these really describe me in any major way I don’t think, but I’ll go with pastel. I do like some pastel colours.
7. earbuds or headphones? I’ve used both. Currently have (and prefer) headphones.
8. movies or tv shows? Usually TV series. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie though if it’s something I think I’d be into.
9. favorite smell in the summer? Fresh cut grass, lilacs, gasoline, the smell after a light summer rain, BBQ’s firing up, bonfire pits, certain suntan lotions.
10. game you were best at in p.e.? I had physio in place of PE for most of school. 
11. what you have for breakfast on an average day? Lately it’s usually been oatmeal with different toppings like I said in a previous survey, but I switched it up today.
12. name of your favorite playlist? I don’t have a favourite playlist. I usually just click one of the automatically generated ones on Spotify or YouTube, depending which app I have open.
13. lanyard or key ring? My keys are on a ring.
14. favorite non-chocolate candy? Fuzzy peaches are the only ones I really like, but I don’t eat them all that often. I bought two bigger bags off Amazon quite a while ago and gave over half of one to my nephews and haven’t even opened the second. Still sitting in my snack drawer in case I have a craving for some, but I haven’t. Non chocolate candy/sweets are really meh. I could take ‘em or leave ‘em.
15. favorite book you read as a school assignment? Uhhh?? I remember really loving A Single Shard in younger grades. About grade 5, I think? Lots of Jane Austen in University Level English in Grade 11. I’m also one of those people who always really loved poetry. I hated Shakespeare when we were required to read it, but I enjoy it as an adult.
16. most comfortable position to sit in? BRUH, when you have to sit all the time.... NONE OF THEM. Ugh.
17. most frequently worn pair of shoes? Usually my slippers or men’s Velcro sandals because they’re the ones I can take on/off by myself. Need help with either pair of runners.
18. ideal weather? Summer. 
19. sleeping position? Everywhere. Like, the entire bed. Fight me. I have to move a lot or my hip is like GGHHGGBRGBRHFGH... SOS. :/
20. preferred place to write (i.e., in a note book, on your laptop, sketchpad, post-it notes, etc.)? It depends. If I’m home and want to legitimately write, I usually sit down in front of the laptop.
21. obsession from childhood? Sitting in front of the tv and singing all the songs from the Original Annie. I still start singing Tomorrow or Carol Burnett’s version of Little Girls when I think about that time lmao. It’s almost involuntary. 😂 Also The Little Mermaid 1 & 2.
22. role model? I don’t know that I really have a particular person I’d describe that way. I admire lots of different traits/qualities, though.
23. strange habits? I eat French fries with mayo or Lighthouse cesar dressing as a dipping sauce. I also love sour cream to the point I’d eat it by the spoonful if I let myself. I’m not big on Doritos, but the Cool Ranch are my favourite and they’re SO GOOD dipped in sour cream. I also love sauerkraut which I know a lot of people hate. And pineapple on pizza. I’ll die on my strange little hill. Fight me to my death if ya wanna lmaoooo. 
24. favorite crystal? I don’t really have a favourite.
25. first song you remember hearing? I don’t know about specific song, but Patsy Cline has been my top favourite vocalist since I was about eight and her voice is one of the first I remember hearing and being really struck/touched by. Always gave me chills that her death day was my birthday.
26. favorite activity to do in warm weather? Sit outside and read/tan. About the only activity I get to choose to do when it’s warm. I can’t go much further than my own parking lot/yard.
27. favorite activity to do in cold weather? Pretend it’s warm weather? lmao. I don’t know. Bundle up and read or make some kind of hot drink or something.
28. five songs to describe you? Stupid Girl - Jennifer Nettles Big White Room - Jessie J Remain - Jennifer Nettles Band Drag Me Down - Jennifer Nettles Band Little Miss - Sugarland
29. best way to bond with you? Look into my eyes when I speak and listen Don’t treat/talk to me like I haven’t got a brain or infantilize me because of disability. It’s sickening how often I experience this. Most often from people who should know better. Automatic turn off. Don’t be on your fucking phone the whole time you’re around me. I don’t know. Just don’t act like everything I care about is stupid and I/my thoughts don’t matter. Genuine time and attention goes a long way with me so does the slightest bit of actual physical affection. I’m starved for that in a huge way. If you’re political/have depth/substance, we appreciate some/a lot of the same things, same values. Music is a big one too. Driving and talking is cool. I take a while to open up, but if you show me you’re worth it and I can actually trust you I open allllll the way the fuck up and I’m loyal unless I have serious reason not to be or you show/tell me you don’t want/need me. If we can’t have 2-3 AM conversations about life/where we’ve both been and you haven’t been with me at my worst when it’s not all that convenient for you to be there or show support, I don’t really fuck with you. I’m not much for really flaky people /superficial connections. Also if you have/love children is a really good one. Gentle, compassionate, emotional, thoughtful people. Animal lovers.
30. places that you find sacred? My body? I don’t fucking know. I would love to be having sex with someone, but I can’t/don’t just give it to anyone for a lot of reasons. In terms of churches or things like that I have no attachment. I’m not religious anymore. Usually in the mindset that there is no god. Nan’s paintings that I have are sacred - especially the one I want tattooed on me eventually -  as well as all the old pictures of her/her and Pa’s life together.
31. what outfit do you wear to kick ass and take names? I file things away in the instances I hold grudges so I guess in some sense I ‘take names’ but I absolutely do not kick ass. Ever. Doesn’t matter what I wear, lmao. I just wear what I like. It’s  not that deep. I’m still lame as fuck, lmao.
32. top five favorite vines? I was never into vine.
33. most used phrase in your phone? Probably fuck, honestly, lmao. Or a lot of things in Spanish. I’ve a multilingual keyboard application on the tablet. I don’t have a cell. 
34. advertisements you have stuck in your head? None.
35. average time you fall asleep? It varies a lot. Anywhere from 7 PM to like 4 AM.
36. what is the first meme you remember ever seeing? I have no idea.
37. suitcase or duffel bag? Doesn’t matter. I don’t get to travel so don’t use either.
38. lemonade or tea? Hot tea.
39. lemon cake or lemon meringue pie? Neither. Key Lime Pie is my absolute favourite pie. I’m not really a fan of lemon anything in most cases. I really dislike meringue. I don’t know why.
40. weirdest thing to ever happen at your school? I can’t really think of anything weird. We sadly lost a couple students to suicide in both middle/high school.
41. last person you texted? I don’t text much. Maybe Brittany when she told me she failed her G2 and had to rebook it. 
42. jacket pockets or pants pockets? Jacket pocket. Pants pockets are useless to me always having to sit down.
43. hoodie, leather jacket, cardigan, jean jacket or bomber jacket? Hoodie all day long.
44. favorite scent for soap? Irish Spring For Men (don’t ask, just does somethin’ to me. I don’t knowwwww lmao) or shea butter type scents.
45. which genre: sci-fi, fantasy or superhero? None, usually.
46. most comfortable outfit to sleep in? Nude or loose oversized/long shirts.
47. favorite type of cheese? I rarely eat cheeses aside from the shaker parmesan at this point, but feta or gouda.
48. if you were a fruit, what kind would you be? Blueberries because I’m sad as shit. Or strawberries. I’m sweet once you really get to know me and show me you deserve it. 
49. what saying or quote do you live by? There isn’t one in particular I really live by but I find a lot that resonate when I’m reading things or looking through some. I have Amor, fuerza y recuerdos (love, strength and memories) tattooed on a forearm. Used to be kind of a mantra.
50. what made you laugh the hardest you ever have? I don’t fucking know.
51. current stresses? Life.
52. favorite font? Constantia, usually. If not then Verdana or Garamond.
53. what is the current state of your hands? Dry and cracked as fuck since the pandemic started.
54. what did you learn from your first job? My first “job” was a placement and it reiterated my skills with/desire to be around children.
55. favorite fairy tale? Does Little Mermaid count? That was my favourite Disney movie, so I’m going with it.
56. favorite tradition? None.
57. the three biggest struggles you’ve overcome? Major surgery, being forced to leave my mum’s, shit that happened because of Dad’s alcoholism, Nan being gone and having to be without her, being disabled in general, feeling like a fuck up literally all the time. There’s a lot. I’m not gonna write a novel.
58. four talents you’re proud of having? I don’t know? I don’t think I’m all that special. I used to sing a lot. Used to love musical theatre. I’ve been told that I write well, but I haven’t in forever. I’m not passionate about much anymore. I definitely do think I’m an old soul. I don’t belong here. Never felt like I fit in anywhere with anyone around me at all. Very much a nurturer. I’m really good with babies and children. That’s one thing I’ve always been confident in.
59. if you were a video game character, what would your catchphrase be? Peace out, club scout!
60. if you were a character in an anime, what kind of anime would you want it to be? I’m not into anime at all so I have no idea.
61. favorite line you heard from a book/movie/tv show/etc.? There’s a pretty poignant scene from Children of a Lesser God that I like, a couple from Sling Blade. And “I’m kickin’ my own ass, do ya mindddd?!” From Liar, Liar always gets me.
62. seven characters you relate to?
Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty (obvs hahahaha. :/) Elena Alverez from One Day at a Time Hermione Granger from Harry Potter I’m not listing more right now. There definitely is, I’m sure.
63. five songs that would play in your club? I don’t know. A good mix of everything. My tastes are everywhere. Country is my favourite though.
64. favorite website from your childhood? None really. 
65. any permanent scars? The ones from my hip surgery, hernia surgery as a baby, a few from when I self harmed, but they’re barely visible anymore. Some little ones that just didn’t heal well too.
66. favorite flower(s)? White roses and lilacs.
67. good luck charms? Don’t have one. Don’t believe in them.
68. worst flavor of any food or drink you’ve ever tried? I don’t know but the brand of garam masala seasoning I have on hand right now isn’t very good, and I usually like garam masala.
69. a fun fact that you don’t know how you learned? I don’t know about one specific fact. People always ask me how my memory is so sharp and how I just remember stuff really well but I’m like... I just do? I didn’t ask for it and I can’t really control it. It just is. 
70. left or right handed? I’m right handed. I wish I were ambidextrous. 
71. least favorite pattern? Florals.
72. worst subject? Math and science.
73. favorite weird flavor combo? Cool ranch doritos and sour cream is probably the most recent one. But those doritos don’t really taste like ranch to me. I hate ranch dressings and I don’t think of them when I taste the doritos at all. 
74. at what pain level out of ten (1 through 10) do you have to be at before you take an advil or ibuprofen? I take extra strength Tylenols, but, I’ll fight not to take anything. 10+ usually.
75. when did you lose your first tooth? Kindergarten, probably?
76. what’s your favorite potato food (i.e. tater tots, baked potatoes, fries, chips, etc.)? Bruh, just GIVE ME ALL THE POTATOES. When I went back to being vegetarian and people were all like, “but why tho?” “How?” “Is it hard?” I’m like, HAVE YOU ENCOUNTERED THE POTATO?! The VERSATILITY. *chef’s kiss.*
77. best plant to grow on a windowsill? I don’t have a green thumb, like, at all. I don’t keep plants. If they needed direct sunlight then I’d obviously keep them there.
78. coffee from a gas station or sushi from a grocery store? I don’t eat meat/seafood anymore, so gas station coffee wins by default. The one closest to here is expensive, but not awful in terms of taste. One grocery store has pretty good sushi too, so had I not gone vegetarian I would’ve said both, but sushi isn’t something I miss much. Never ate it very often. 
79. which looks better, your school id photo or your driver’s license photo? Neither, I’m ugly, lmao. I have two pieces, but they’re not school ones at this point. My second piece of ID is the one people get in place of a license though.
80. earth tones or jewel tones? Depends on/used for what?
81. fireflies or lightning bugs? Fireflies.
82. pc or console? PC.
83. writing or drawing? Writing.
84. podcasts or talk radio? Podcasts.
84. barbie or polly pocket? Barbies.
85. fairy tales or mythology? Both.
86. cookies or cupcakes? Cookies.
87. your greatest fear? Dying misunderstood, alone, unloved. The fight for this level of independence being for nothing. Losing this apartment and having to go back to living with people/in situations I have no desire to live with or be in. My life never improving beyond this. Always wanting in the depths of my bones to be dead even when I don’t say it because my life is not a life at all but an existence.
88. your greatest wish? Not to be disabled anymore or to be a Mum, neither of which can/will happen.
89. who would you put before everyone else? My children. Always. I would never, ever have my daughter feeling how I feel with my Mum and just... not care/change/do anything about it.
90. luckiest mistake? I don’t think I have anything I’d describe that way.
91. boxes or bags? Both are useful depending what you need them for, I try not to use plastics wherever possible, though.
92. lamps, overhead lights, sunlight or fairy lights? Lamps, sunlight or fairy lights, preferably. The kitchen has a fluorescent overhead one and it’s... a lot. 
93. nicknames? Vickie. My given name is Victoria but Nan was the only one who got away with calling me that without it bugging me. I hate my name. I hate my middle name too.
94. favorite season? Summer.
95. favorite app on your phone? I don’t really have a favourite on the tablet. 
96. desktop background? Cindy Crawford half naked (no shirt, blue jeans) leaning over the side of a truck. 😍😍🍑👅
97. how many phone numbers do you have memorized? A handful.
98. favorite historical era? The Kennedy and Clinton presidencies, some things about the 70s/80s too.
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heyyyharry · a month ago
Deep End - Chapter 2: Birthday Boy
…in which Harry gets the birthday surprise he didn’t ask for.
Tumblr media
Word count: 4.7k
AU: famous!harry, siren!mc, adult modern retelling of the little mermaid? lol, fake dating, enemies to lovers.
All chapters / Synopsis / Moodboard / Playlist
Wattpad link
A/N: Thank you for all the love for Harry and Ezi after chapter 1. Please let me know what you think about each chapter so I can be motivated to write faster 😆
“Humans are so funny. You make up false stories about us and refuse to believe anything that isn’t the same as your imagination,” the siren said.
Harry tossed his head back and laughed. He held out a finger at her. “No, mermaids aren’t supposed to exist. You’re not supposed to exist.”
The siren narrowed her sharp gaze, and Harry quickly moved back a bit in fear of her grabbing his leg and pulling him into the water. To his surprise, she said, “And who are you to decide that? A useless human with a useless tail–”
“Okay, enough with the tail joke.”
“–can’t even survive the drowning deep. You don’t want to believe we exist, so you won’t have to carry the guilt of trashing our homes and murdering our kind.”
Baffled, Harry worked his jaw while silently cursing himself for never taking part in those debate classes back in school. Well, to be fair, he couldn’t have known that one day he would have to debate with a deadly siren in a cave on his goddamn birthday!
He shut his eyes and sucked in a breath. “Look, lady. I’m only one small human, with a bigger than average human tail, FYI.” The siren eyed at his crotch in disbelief, so he quickly crossed his legs. “But that’s beside the point! What I was trying to say was that, if you’re seeking revenge, I can’t satisfy you because I’m not responsible for trashing the ocean or shit like that. I’m a singer, alright? And I don’t even live here. I’m from London. A land far away. If you wanna murder a human, I suggest looking for Elon Musk.”
The siren stared at him like he was the mythical creature. “I’m not familiar with all the names you mentioned,” she said, folding her arms across her chest, which had been a big distraction for him. Good to know that he could still get horny while facing death.
“Don’t you guys have fish Wikipedia?” he asked, and she tilted her head, looking rather confused. Harry pinched the bridge of his nose. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed that you should know all the facts about humans. That sounded like discrimination against sirens.”
For the first time since Harry met this siren, she actually smiled at him. “You have a lot of funny words, you strange creature,” she said, her eyebrows knitted in fascination.
“You know what?” Harry exhaled sharply. “Since you’re my kidnapper, I’m gonna stop arguing with you in case you still wanna kill me. But today is my birthday, so I can’t be kidnapped. I haven’t posted a thank you message on Twitter yet, and I might get cancelled for that. Celebrities get cancelled for literally anything nowadays. It’s annoying.” The siren blinked at him, her pink lips slightly parted. “Right,” he breathed. “You don’t have a Twitter account.”
“You said you were a singer.”
“That’s all you got from my long speech?”
“What is it? Singer.”
Harry bit his dry lip and frustratedly combed his fingers through his damp hair. “I sing. Use my voice to entertain other people.”
“Oh, like sirens.”
“I guess.”
“Except that we use our voice to kill people.”
“Sing for me,” said the siren despite Harry’s horrified look. She seemed excited as she rested her folded arms on a boulder and gazed up at him with a twinkle in her crystal clear blue eyes. “Let’s hear it. I didn’t know humans could sing. Let’s see if it’s good.”
“Fine.” Harry blew out his cheeks and cleared his throat.
He began to sing.
“Walk in your rainbow paradise–”
“What’s a rainbow paradise?” the siren asked, but he didn’t stop singing to answer her.
“–brown skin and lemon over ice.”
“Why are you singing nonsense words?”
Once again, he ignored her, this time, closing his eyes. “I get so lost inside your eyes. Don’t you believe it? You don’t have to say you love me.”
“Love,” the siren repeated the word as if she had never heard of it in her whole life.
Harry opened his eyes and found that she was looking at him as if she could see right through him. He went on, “You don’t have to say you’re mine. Oh honey, I-i-i-i walk through fire for you. Just let me adore you.”
“Why would you walk through fire for someone?” the siren wondered out loud as she stared off into the distance, her strong brows knitted. “That's stupid. Fire is hot. I saw the humans on the boats use it one night. I almost burned my fingers trying to touch it.”
“Yeah, don’t play with fire.”
“Then why would you walk through it?”
The siren pouted, and Harry caught himself smiling at her naivety. “It’s supposed to mean that you’d do anything for the person you love. Even risking your life.”
“That’s stupid,” the siren repeated her earlier remark. For a second, Harry saw a curious little girl and not a dangerous sea creature from earlier.
“Well, it’s just a song,” Harry told her. “I personally wouldn’t do that for anyone, either, but some people do love with all they have, and would sacrifice everything for the one they love.”
An angry frown had replaced the siren’s previous perplexed expression. “Some humans murder the ones they claim to love,” she said in a cold voice. Harry felt a chill running down his spine, but then the siren went on with a softened expression. “Sirens are not supposed to love. Love is a weakness for my kind.”
Harry nodded. “Bet you don’t even have a heart.”
The siren cocked her head; a corner of her mouth raised subtly. “Every living and breathing thing has a heart. Sometimes it’s valuable. Sometimes it's not.”
“Only valuable if it’s the heart that you want,” replied Harry.
For a long moment, the siren looked into his eyes as if she was trying to read his thoughts. Could she do that? Read his thoughts?
Beads of sweat were trickling down his back as his heart began to race; he could hear it in his ears. Suddenly, the siren was pulled beneath the water. Harry stiffened at once. The ocean was still for a moment, then two sparkling tails burst through the surface. Harry’s jaw fell slack with a soundless scream when he saw another siren sinking her fangs into the first one's neck.
The other siren had bright red hair and a silver tail. There were visible scars all across her pale, lanky arms, and he couldn’t see her face. Legs too stiff to run and hide, he stood on the edge and watched in absolute terror. The scene in front of him was madness as the sirens screeched, their tails flapping, creating violent waves as they sank their claws and teeth into each other’s flesh. Harry could see blood. The first siren was not as strong as the one that was attacking her. He must save her. Maybe a part of him knew that she wasn’t entirely evil. Maybe because she was the only hope for him to get home. Either way, he couldn’t just stand by and watch her die.
Before Harry could even think of a way, a bony hand wrapped around his ankle and dragged him into the sea.
Harry’s dreams were thick with blood and haunted by the siren’s face. He’d been in the dark water, drowning, and the last thing he’d seen was her sapphire eyes glowing with the sunlight above as she’d stretched out her arm to grab him before he sank deeper. He woke up gasping, still feeling the saltiness of the ocean on his tongue and the pressure of water on his lungs.
He found himself lying on his bed, fully naked under the covers. Had he been dreaming?
Kneading his temple to chase away the headache, Harry scanned his sore eyes around the room and screamed when he saw her sitting in the corner. Naked. He looked away as soon as he caught her ocean blue eyes staring back.
The siren was in his room. And she had legs!
“You’re alive!” she exclaimed.
He heard her standing up but couldn’t bring himself to look. She sat down on the edge of his bed, smelling like the ocean. Not the fishy kind of smell; one that was unique, and Harry liked it even though he shouldn’t.
“This is a dream. This is a dream. This is a dream,” he mumbled to himself while clutching the duvet to his chest.
The siren, now a human girl, let out a sigh. “It’s not. This is real. I’m real.”
“You’re not.”
“Look at me.”
“I can’t.”
Even though Harry wasn’t looking, he could feel her questioning gaze pinning on him. He grabbed the covers and shoved them at her. “Cover yourself.”
“Oh...okay.” The siren did as she was told as Harry quickly placed a pillow on his private part. He finally looked at her, and she smiled while covering her upper body and the area between her legs with the duvet.
Harry let out a sigh of relief. “Better. Okay, why are you here?”
The siren’s eyes widened. “You don’t remember?”
Harry shook his head.
“We were talking when my sister attacked me, then dragged you into the water. You were lucky I saved you twice and brought you back to where I’d found you. This is the only palace on this beach, so I assumed it was yours.”
Harry sat and stared her face, trying to detect a lie but failed.
The siren rolled her eyes. She seemed disappointed as she swept her long black hair over her shoulder, exposing the huge bite mark on her long pale neck. The skin had healed, and the blood had dried, but the area was still bruised. Harry fought the urge to touch it. There was no way this was really happening.
The siren shot a glance at his ankle. And that was when Harry noticed the red claw mark around it. He shivered at the flashbacks of a siren with red hair and a silver tail charging straight at him with her mouth wide open, her sharp teeth ready to tear off his flesh.
“Sorry about my sister. She could be very...deadly,” the siren in front of him said, looking remorseful.
Harry eyed her up and down once again. Finally, he broke his silence, “What happened to your tail?”
The siren refused to look him in the eye as she said, “My mother found out that I saved you, a human, so she cursed me.”
“Cursed you?”
The siren said nothing; the corners of her mouth lowered as she stared down sadly at her legs.
What kind of The Little Mermaid plot is this? Harry thought to himself, yet didn’t say it because it shouldn’t be a joke. She’d lost her tail, which meant she couldn’t go back to the ocean. Ariel from The Little Mermaid had wished to become a human. This girl had been cursed with the life she never wanted just to save him twice.
Harry buried his face into his palms. “Shit. Fuck. I’m sorry. This is all my fault.”
“It is your fault.”
His head whipped up at her honest response. “You always say what you think, don’t you?”
“Why shouldn’t I?”
Harry sighed and ran his palm over his face. “Never mind. do I get you back to your mermaid form?”
“Sorry, siren. How do I help turn you back?”
“I don’t know,” she said sadly, clutching the duvet to her chest. “But I need a place to stay until I figure it out.”
Harry thought for a moment and nodded. “I’ll pay for your hotel room.”
“What’s a hotel?” the siren asked, her eyes round. “And why can’t I stay here in your palace? It’s big and you live alone.”
“This is a house, not a palace,” Harry said. “But I’m going back to London tomorrow, and I can’t take you with me.”
“Where is London? I want to see London.”
Seeing her so excited made Harry laugh. “No, you don’t; trust me. It’s not sunny there. Always dark and gloomy and raining.”
“It’s not sunny underwater, either.”
Harry held up a finger and kept his mouth open for a moment as he pondered over what she’d said. “Good point. But I’m still not taking you to London. That’s not a good idea.”
The siren’s eyebrows drew together. “It was your fault I’m in this situation.”
Harry gasped. “You’re so manipulative!”
“I don’t know what it means.”
“It means you say things like that to get me to feel sorry for you, and so I have to help you.”
“Oh, then, yeah, I’m manipulative,” the siren said. “Take me to London with you, or I’ll find you in London and make your life hell.”
Harry tossed his head back and groaned. As if he hadn’t been traumatised enough by all the events that had happened today, now he had to take responsibility for the life of a mythical creature. If he had been a bad guy, he would have just let the government have her and keep her in a lab like that Oscar-winning movie about the dead girl and her fish lover. But Harry wasn’t a villain. Sure, he could be an asshole, but he couldn’t betray someone who’d risked her life to save his. Twice.
Maybe if he’d just say yes and then leave quickly in the morning, he wouldn’t have to deal with her. He’d ask someone to take care of her, pay for a place for her to stay and her food. Her mother would have to take her back eventually. He didn’t know about sirens, but even in the animal kingdom, mothers never abandoned their children.
“Fine, I’ll take you to London,” he said. Seeing the smile on her face, he was lowkey thankful that he was so good at lying. “First, you have to put some clothes on. Wait here.”
Carefully, he slipped out of bed, holding a pillow in front of his crotch and one behind him to cover his butt, then padded awkwardly to his closet to change and get her something to wear. When he returned, she was still sitting on his bed, humming a familiar song and kicking her feet as if testing out her new body parts. He found it endearing, but of course, he wouldn’t tell her.
He handed her a bathrobe. “Put this on. I’ll find some real clothes for you later.”
The siren accepted the bathrobe and stared at it as if she’d been told to put it in her mouth and chew. She glanced up at him. “I don’t understand the purpose of this.”
“To cover up your private parts.”
Suddenly, she seemed sad. “I think I’m broken.”
Harry blinked. “What?”
She looked at him again, pouting. “I don’t have a tail.”
“I can see that.”
“No, I mean, a tail like yours.”
When Harry realised what she meant, his face burned, and he cleared his throat into his fist. “You’re not supposed to,” he said awkwardly. “You’re...a female. I bet male sirens don’t look the same as you, right?”
“There’s no male sirens,” she told him.
Harry cocked his head to the side, squinting his eyes. “Huh? Then how do you know?”
She blinked innocently at him. She didn’t know.
“Mate.” The word made Harry cringe. “How do you mate?”
“Sirens mate with mermen. We only need them for children.”
“Okay, that’…”
Harry would be glad to find out more, but this was definitely not the right time. He waved his hand, urging her to hurry up. Clumsily, the siren got to her feet. Harry didn’t intend to stay here while she changed, but since she could barely keep her balance, she had to hold onto his arms. He stood there, staring at the ceiling as the duvet dropped. She was completely naked in front of him now and so dangerously close. The voice inside his head was telling him not to peek. Fuck. Why did she have to be sexy?
“Do you need help?” he asked as she seemed to be struggling with the bathrobe.
“No, thanks. I got it!” she said between ragged breaths, then, “Hey your tail is growing!”
Harry’s eyes dropped to the front of his boxers, his face heating at the sight of his erection. He gently pushed her back onto the bed and rushed to the bathroom.
“Where are you going?” she shouted after him. “I need to see it in its full form!”
“This is its full form!”
“It’s still small.”
“Shut up! It’s not!”
Ezili felt bad for lying to this human.
Well, lying was the whole point of her mission, but he had been so nice to her when he found out she couldn’t return to the ocean. She blamed her new human heart for these emotions. Siren Ezili would never feel sorry for this ugly creature. No, wait, this one wasn’t ugly. The mermen were ugly. As much as she despised humans, she must admit that most of them were beautiful.
When this human wasn’t looking, Ezili would regard him with as much curiosity as he had regarded her in secret. The way his brown curls swept back messily. His defined jawlines. The deep dimples in his cheeks. The look of wonder in his eyes. He looked about her age, but his eyes were innocent, greener than seaweed.
She looked away as he caught her gawking. They were sitting at a small table on the floor. The room was darkly lit by the light in the corner. On the table was a mushy pile with little fire sticks on top.
“What is this?” Ezili asked, inspecting the object.
The human smiled at her, the firelight dancing in his leaf-green eyes as he said, “It’s a cake. We’re celebrating my birthday.”
“You told me not to play with fire.”
“We’re gonna put it out anyway.” He winked at her. “A little fire won’t hurt.” Ezili watched the human take out a little black thing and flick his thumb. Fire flared out, making Ezili flinch. “Relax,” he chuckled and the fire vanished. “This is called a lighter. It makes fire. This is a cake. These are candles.”
“What do we do with the cake?”
“We eat it.”
“You eat fire?”
The human laughed at Ezili’s distressed look. “No, silly. We blow out the candles, then eat the cake.”
“Oh,” she said, making him laugh harder. She found it disrespectful and annoying. Was this creature making fun of her? “What’s so funny?” she asked through gritted teeth.
The human stopped laughing, yet his dimples were still visible. “I can’t believe I’m celebrating my twenty-fourth with a siren,” he said.
“Who do you usually celebrate with?” Ezili asked.
“My friends or family,” the human said. “My friends were supposed to be here but their flight got cancelled due to bad weather.” The sadness in his eyes disappeared as he gave a dismissive wave and laughed. “Oh well, it’s not bad being alone. In fact, I’ve been alone my whole life.”
“That’s sad,” Ezili murmured, mesmerized by the candles.
“It’s not,” replied the human. “Some people live their whole life surrounded by others, and yet, they’re still lonely.”
As he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, smiled, and blew out the candles, Ezili sat there and pondered over his last words.
They didn’t eat the cake right away, because the humans said they ought to eat it after dinner. Apparently, humans ate three main meals a day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sirens ate when they were hungry, so this was very new to Ezili. She picked up the small shiny thing that shaped like her mother’s trident and pushed around the foods on her plate. “What is this?”
“Fish,” the human said with a smile.
“You expect me to eat alive fish?”
Ezili scowled at him. “That’s what we eat.”
“You’re human now. Try cooked fish.”
When she didn’t do anything but stare at the plate, the human nudged her hand with his knuckles. “Come on. If you don’t like it, I’ll get you the raw fish in the fridge.”
Ezili doubted that this imbecile creature would poison her with these colourful foods to get away with his responsibility, but at the same time, nothing was impossible.
However, she would probably faint if she didn’t eat. This dinner actually smelled good, and her stomach was rumbling because she hadn’t eaten since yesterday. And so she stabbed the fish’s burned flesh with her little trident, closed her eyes and put it into her mouth. It was soft, salty and a bit spicy, and...surprisingly delicious. She quickly took another bite, and another, and another.
“Wow, you’re really hungry, huh?” The human chuckled. “You like it?”
Ezili nodded fast, unable to answer because her mouth was full.
The human seemed satisfied. “Good. Means I’m a great cook.”
Ezili chewed fast and swallowed as the human began to eat. She tried to copy the way he held the little trident and the knife, and felt like she’d changed. Her mother would hate her so much for enjoying this. And Koa would make sure everyone in their kingdom knew and turn her into a laughing stock.
“Do you have any questions for me?” she said, breaking the silence, mostly to distract herself from thinking about the mission and her family.
The human thought for a second. “Hmmm, I have a bunch so I don’t know where to start.” Then, after a pause, “Why did your mum do this to you? Doesn’t she love you?”
Ezili wished she could stab him for bringing up the topic she’d been trying to avoid. Instead, she sucked in a breath. “She does. It’s just...the way sirens show love is different from humans. We teach our children to be strong from the moment they are born. Sirens live dependent on one another to survive, and so we always have to look out for one another. I guess that’s love for us. My mother is the Sea Queen. She’s very powerful, and so she has high hopes for my sister and I. My sister is better than me, though. I’ve always envied her.”
“Your sister is scary as hell,” the human remarked. “But if your mum is the Queen, you must be a princess.”
“Wow, so does that make me Prince Eric?”
“Your name is Eric?”
“No,” the human chuckled. “It’s a reference from The Little Mermaid. You should watch that film. You’d probably hate it though. Anyway, it’s so weird that we don’t know each other’s name. I’m Harry.” The human, well, Harry, put his hand across the table. Ezili didn’t know what to do with it so she just stared.
“I’m Ezili.”
Harry smiled, picked up her right hand and shook it. His hand was bigger than her and warm. She liked it.
“Cool name. Can I call you Ezi?”
Ezili instantly pulled her hand back. “No, you filthy creature. That’s not my name!”
“Ezi is short for Ezili.”
Harry ignored the look of confusion she was giving him. “Or I could call you Bubbles. That’s a cute nickname.”
“Why Bubbles?”
“Because…” He tossed his head back and groaned. “Damn, woman, you gotta read the story, too. I can’t make these jokes if you don’t get the references.”
Ezili had so many questions. Just as she was about to ask, the black thing on the table lit up and started playing a song that startled Ezili.
“Sorry. My mum’s calling,” Harry said as he picked up the thing and swiped his fingers across it. “Right on time.”
“Is your mother trapped in that thing?” Ezili asked, clutching the hem of the shirt Harry had told her to wear. It was too big on her but she loved that it was comfortable and kept her warm.
“No, this is a phone,” Harry said, shaking the magical device with light coming out of it. “So my mum’s in London, and when she calls me on the phone, her voice gets transferred through it, and I can hear what she says.” He pushed himself up and told Ezili, “I’ll be right back.”
Once Harry was gone, Ezili sat there and tried her best to process all the new information. It was only her first night on land and she was already going through it. This mission was harder than she thought. Still, she had no choice but to continue. She must have that heart, and her mother would be so proud.
When Harry woke up this time, he was on his private jet.
He screamed, causing Ezi to fall back into her seat in front of him. He whipped his head around and saw that they were the only two people in this cabin. Before he could even come up with a question, Ezi got up, her hand resting on either side of his seat as she leaned forward, until her face was so close to his that he could smell the vanilla scent of the cake in her breath.
Her eyes sharpened at once. “I know you were trying to get rid of me.”
“No...I didn’t.”
“You did, Harry. You were going to leave me at your beach house. I heard you talking on the phone last night with someone else after talking to your mum. You mentioned a hotel room.”
Harry had booked a room for her on the phone last night. He should have done it on the website.
“But guess what?” A corner of her mouth lifted. “I might not have the ability to control tides anymore, but I still have my voice. And so I can control humans with it. I sang you to sleep last night. Then when your servants came to take you to this metal bird, I made him carry you to the magic black carriage and I came here with you. You think you’re one step ahead, you’re wrong. Try that again. I dare you.”
Harry swallowed hard. He could feel his palms sweating as he rubbed them against his thighs. “Okay, I’m sorry for that,” he said.  “But you can’t control people like that. If someone found out what you’re capable of...what you’d be in big trouble.”
Ezi arched an eyebrow as she slowly backed away and stood straight with her arms across her chest. Thank God, Harry’s mother called just in time. He immediately got up and excused himself to answer the phone. He left a pouty Ezili in the cabin and went to the exit to talk to his mother.
“My precious boy, are you on the plane right now?”
“Yes, Mum,” Harry sighed.
“Good. I just need the name of your date for the seat arrangement.”
Harry stiffened for a second then quickly glanced over his shoulder to check if Ezi was eavesdropping. Fortunately, she was distracted by a magazine.
“Like now?” he asked his mum.
“Yes. Last night you told me you found one.”
Yes, Harry remembered that part, but he’d only said that so his mum would stop pestering him.
He took a deep breath. “Yeah, I did.”
“Her name?”
He hesitated before saying, “Ezili Hans.”
Hans as in Hans Christian Andersen. The writer of The Little Mermaid. If he had the energy to be happy, he’d give himself a pat on the back for the creativity.
“Great,” his mother said, sounding as if he’d just told her he was getting married. “I’m so excited to meet this girl.”
“No, you’re not.”
“Yes, dear?”
“I-I said ‘Well, of course’,” Harry said and covered it up with a nervous laugh.
When he got off the phone with his mum, he felt a light tap on the shoulder and turned around to see Ezi. Shit, had she listened to–
“I promise I won’t use my singing voice to control you again,” she said, to his surprise. "Please. I cannot survive on my own." She twisted the hem of his band-tee uneasily. Even though she looked super cute in his t-shirt and joggers, she was still too underdressed for someone that was travelling on a private jet.
“Fine. You can stay,” he heard himself say while trying to imagine her with actual clothes that fit her.
Ezi’s blue eyes lit up, and the smile that rarely showed up on her face caught Harry off guard. He almost forgot what was happening.
“Yeah.” He nodded. “But we need to set up some rules.”
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thiswasinevitableid · 2 months ago
idk if i missed the boat on monster march but mer + indruck + nsfw? maybe something like that scene in from the depths where duck is rubbing off on indrid's tail but... not interrupted by abominations? with treasured human pet talk?
Nope, the boat is not missed. I’m pretty much taking these until the last few days of the month. Here you go!
There are rough days. There are bad days. There are terrible days. 
And then there’s whatever kind of godforsaken day Duck is having. 
It started with Winnie coughing up a hairball right on his pillow. Then he was out of coffee, trudged to the store to get some only to discover he left his wallet at home. Saying “fuck it” and spending the rest of his day at the beach seemed the best call when it came to turning things around.
Turns out his ex thought the same thing, and what started as an attempt to be pleasant while crossing paths ended with some thoroughly unkind comments about Ducks suitability as a partner, including his temperament, laugh, and appearance. 
His first spot for decompressing in the sun was overrun by seagulls, the second by a group playing New Wave hits at full volume, and on and on until late afternoon, where he trekked up the boardwalk to discover the Wolf Eel Bar and Grill was out of french onion soup. He went for a conciliatory sandwich at Amnesty Lodge instead. Barclay, saint that he is, gave him a two-scoop cone on the house when he went to pay the check. Duck retreated to the most secluded seaside spot he knows, the one where if anything happens to him, no one will see it, to enjoy his rocky road in peace. 
Then the cone toppled, the half eaten top scoop falling into the water and the bottom one hitting the rock. 
This is why Duck is now on his back, on the tidepool dotted rock, muffling a frustrated scream in his palms.  A tap on the shoulder interrupts him. 
“Don’t be sad. Look” two tan hands hold the now-gritty ice cream out to him, “I could not save the one in the water, but this one is only a little sandy. “
“Uhhh” Duck blinks at the merman bobbing in the waves, “no that;s, uh, that’s fine. Don’t feel like gettin sand in my mouth.”
The mer glances at his hands, back up at Duck, “May I eat it?”
“Knock yourself out.” He decides not to linger on whether this counts as feeding the wildlife. The merman is mid-bite before he even finishes his sentence. 
As the creature of the deep happily stuffs his face, Duck wonders why he chose this of all moments to talk to him. The merman first appeared a month ago, observing Duck while he was doing tide checks. A day later, he swam parallel to the shore as the ranger went for an evening walk. After that, Duck saw him whenever he was near the ocean. 
Duck prefers a life without too much weird, and thus ignores the strange and unusual unless it whacks him upside the head. Even then, he tries to shake it off and go about his day. So when the mer hauled himself onto the rock closest to the patch of beach Duck was reading and snoozing upon, the human gave him a cursory nod and went back to his novel. He only glanced up once, to see the merman sketching on a pad of paper; the mechanics of this happening in or near the water intrigued him, but not enough to make him talk to a fucking mermaid. 
“Mmmmm” the merman licks his fingers, “I like the little white bits in it best.”
“The marshmallows?”
“Yes! That’s the word.” He paddles his hands in the water to clean them, “you have very good taste in iced cream.”
“Uh, thanks.” Duck scrubs his face, not wanting to leave his oasis of solitude but not sure what’s going on here, “is there somethin I can do for you?”
“I was about to ask you the same thing. You are clearly having a bad day, and I wanted to improve it.”
“Man you don’t know the half of it; shoulda seen what happened when I wasn’t near the water.”
“I did. Oh, oh dear, that sounded creepy. I’m a seer and enchanter by trade, which means I can see timelines as they unfold. And, ah, I kept an eye on your futures today in the hope they would improve. Especially after that conversation between you and your former partner. I did not like how they spoke to you.”
“Not like I was a model of dignity and calm.” Duck scratches the back of his neck. 
“True. Nevertheless, were you my human, I would say far kinder things.”
Duck lays back down with a snort; he appreciates the sympathy, but today it feels like the universe has made it clear how little kindness he deserves.
“It is the truth. I would tell you that you are patient and kind. That your laugh reminds me of the shorebirds when they are joyful. That I have seen sunken ships laden with jewels and pearls larger than my eyes, yet when I hear the word ‘treasure’ I think of your face.”
The human rolls slowly onto his side, facing the waves. Rock digs into his shoulder as he studies the merman. He’s staying close, but seems to be waiting for permission to be in Duck’s space. 
“Why are you sayin all this?”
“Because it is true, and I like you.”
“You barely know me. Hell, I don’t even know your-”
“-Name. Ah, apologies, I am always a bit ahead. I’m working on not interrupting as much. And my name is Indrid.” The mer rests his arms on the rock, sets his chin on the back of his hand, “You are right, we do not know much about each other. I do not know where you grew up, but I know you take great pride in showing groups of small humans the tide pools and teaching them about the sea. I do not know what you like to read, but I know that I can sit near you and draw without you fleeing in fear or trying to take a photo of me.” 
Duck reaches out, presses silver hair behind Indrid’s ear, the lilting voice seeping under his skin, suggesting that maybe he’s not as terrible as he thinks. Like maybe something better is waiting for him “now you gotta tell me somethin’ about you.”
Indrid purrs, rubbing his cheek into Duck’s hand, “I used to live in Atlantis, but I took on a role that let me travel and see more of the world, both my own and that of humans. I settled here recently because the nearby mers are not territorial and the fishing is good.”
Rock catches his clothes as he scoots the last inches to the edge of the stone, “How come your drawings don’t get ruined by the water?”
“Enchantments. Though I did get Dani’s human to bring me waterproof paints.” He mirrors Duck’s arm, reaching out to play with the humans’ hair, his tail keeping him easily afloat in the water. 
The ranger closes his eyes to focus on the cool fingers stroking his forehead, “you really wanna spend your evenin’ playin’ twenty questions with me?”
“Yes and no. I came to see what would make you happy. If talking with me is the answer, that is what we can do.”
Duck groans at the reminder of why he’s hiding among the hermit crabs, “Gotta be honest, not sure what’d cheer me up. Everything I tried today backfired.”
“Let me try something.” Indrid’s face goes worryingly blank, then he grins, “I foresee an option that might help, though you will think it self-serving. I have a vision of you joining me for a swim.”
“Water’s a little chilly for that.”
Indrid zig-zags his finger through the waves, “Try it now.”
It’s like sticking his hand into a warm bath, “that ain't gonna mess with the fish is it?”
“Not at all. The spell only applies to you.” Indrid swims backwards as Duck strips down to his trunks, “here, there’s a sandbar where you can stand as long as you need.”
“Plannin on keepin me in the water awhile?” Duck teases, paddling over to join him. 
“If you will let me.” The mer circles him, and for the first time Duck notices the gold-red fan-shaped fin on his lower back, “I have many other things to tell you. For instance, if you look at that kelp raft, you will see otters in the next twenty seconds.
Four well-camouflaged bodies surface to their left. As they splash about, Duck remembers the time he mistook one for a piece of driftwood in the dim light of morning, tells Indrid the story as the otters play.
Something smooth and strong brushes his leg. Indrid is floating close enough that his tail keeps bumping Duck as they talk. 
“Hey, uh, could I, uh, could I look take a look at, uh, um-”
There must be timelines where he asks, because Indrid turns onto his back and adjusts so the last third of his tail waves in front of Ducks’ torso. The mixture of yellow-green and burnt burnt umber reminds him of an Undulated Moray, though the tail ends in a V instead of a point. Stroking one side leads to a splash and a sigh as Indrid twitches in the water. Duck continues the motion, the skin like that of a ray, and relaxes more with each pass. It’s soothing him and, judging by the tension leaving the muscles under his hands, Indrid as well. In fact, the merman is now so limp, his head is under the water and looks to have been for some time.
“Fuck” Duck lets go, moves to fish him out only for Indrid to contort and swim so they’re chest to chest.
“Oh right, gills.”
“Indeed. That was lovely. May I, ah, examine you as well.” There’s a purr in his voice. Duck nods, and the mer slips beneath the surface. His fingers trace along Ducks legs, then drag up the back of his thighs, pressing more firmly when they reach his ass. Duck barks a laugh, so the Indrid does it again before gliding his hands up to his shoulders. 
“Mmm, all of this feels as supple and strong as I hoped. Such a sturdy treasure I’ve found.”
“Jesus.” Duck gasps as Indrid nuzzles the base of his neck.
“A perfect treasure, sitting on the shore with no one to look after him.”
“Indrid.” His dick twitches in his trunks as the mer curves around to meet his eyes. 
“Will you keep talkin like that?” 
Indrid loops his arms around Duck’s neck, “So polite. Perhaps I shall take my treasure back with me, keep you as I would a spoiled pet. Caress this wonderful body, see the most handsome face above or beneath the water whenever my heart desires.”
“Nnngh.” Duck whimpers, wrapping his arms around Indrids waist and hiding his blush in the crook of his neck, “M’not worth that kinda talk.”
“On the contrary, you are worth more than all the wealth of Atlantis, my treasure.”
Duck makes weak sounds of protest, the cruel words of the morning and his own mind drowned by Indid’s whispers. The merman is smiling at him in a way no one ever does; like he’s seeing Duck with all his flaws, fears, and hopes laid bare and wants to keep looking instead of turning away.
“You deserve so much more than this day gave you. Will you let me offer something better?”
Duck nods, raises his head, “c-can I kiss you first?”
Indrid dips his head down. His saltwater kisses wash away the miserable day, replace it with curious lips mapping his own. A low, soft hum emanates from Indrid as cool scales stroke his legs. The tail starts low, petting his calves, but as the kiss intensifies it drags up to his thighs, flicking and teasing his crotch. 
“Fuck.” He’s groaning, bucking his hips in search of more as the mer smiles, indulgent and wicked. The next tailstroke is drawn-out, undulating across his folds and rubbing his dick. 
“Does that feel good, pet?” Indrid pecks his cheek.
“Don’t those visions show you the answer?” He tries for casual, even cocky, and it comes out as a gasp instead as the tail grinds side to side.
“Yes, but answers can change. I want to do as you wish, treasured one, not as my foresight tells me.”
“It feels so fuckin good, sugarAHfuck, ahnnnyeah, hell yeah.” He squirms as the tail thrusts, the tip bumping his ass when Indrid angles it for a better pressure. Then the mer stops.
“Remove these, sweet one.” He snaps his waistband, “I want to feel my perfect human slick and warm against me.”
Duck braces on a nearby rock to pull the trunks off, having only time to set them out of tide range before the mer slithers around him once more. The alien texture of the scales sets him moaning, his hips pumping erratically in hopes it might envelope his cock entirely. All he manages is a rhythm that brings him out of sync with Indrid. Panic circles his stomach at the possibility that this will be yet another part of the day that goes haywire. 
“You needn’t work so hard, my treasure.” Indrid coos, “plant your feet on the ground. I will take care of the rest.”
The ranger does as he’s told, Indrid wriggling so Duck is straddling him a few inches from the start of his tail. Satisfied with their positions, the mer cups his ass with an appreciative “ooh,” then uses it to force Duck up and down the colorful ripples of his tail. 
“Fuck, fuck, that’s so much better darlin, thank you, fuck, keep doin’ that and your human will do whatever the fuck you want ‘im to.”
“I want him to enjoy himself.”  Indrid kisses each of Ducks arms when they drape over his shoulders.
“Mission fuckin accomplishedfuck, god I wanna feel you on every fuckin inch of me, wanna kiss this fuckin stunnin face of yours until the sun comes back up, wanna--uh, Indrid, what the fuck is that?” A slit is opening in the upper part of his tail and something of considerable size is emerging from it. 
Indrid smirks, “Do you think you’re the only one getting off on this, pet?”
“Oh holy fuck” Duck goggles at the “was not expectin’ there to be two.”  He slides a hand between their bodies, runs his thumb from the head of one cock down to the base where it joins the second one in the world's most obscene “V.” Indrid trills, thrashes his tail when Duck treats the other side the same way. 
“ThaAAAaat’s wonderful but, but you needn’t do it on my account. I c-can attend to it once you are satisfied.”
Duck circles one shaft with his hand, gives it a firm, determined stroke, “Sugar, I won’t be satisfied until you’re as fucked out as I am.”
“Oh” the mer looks surprised, “in, in most futures you were too perplexed by them to want such a thing, goodNESSgracious oh, oh Duck, that’s exquisite.” He fucks the human up and down his tail in earnest, “I should have known it would be, you’re so talented my pet, so thoughtful AHgods below and above the next time I am going to spread you on the nearest patch of sand and take you in whichever way you choose, make my perfect pet go mad with pleasure.”
“Dunno, might make you use that sweet-talkin mouth on my dick instead of lettin you fuck me.”
“You say that as if it is a bad thing and not a delicious outcomeoohhh” the mer rolls his hips in time with Duck’s, “that’s it sweet one, right at the base between them yes, yesyesyes” cum spurts into the darkening water. Duck releases his hold, only to be dragged back and forth so roughly he grabs Indrid’s hips for dear life. 
“Fuck, right there sugar, lemme rub off on you like that, yeah, fuck, fuckme that’s so fucking good ohfuck, Indrid, ‘Drid!” He cums, heat shooting through him so intensely it’s amazing the water doesn’t boil. He clings to Indrid like an anemone to rock, pressing breathless kisses into his neck.
 When he looks up, his hiding spot is coming closer, Indrid swimming them there with ease. The merman retrieves his swim trunks from where they were cast away, presents them to him with a flourish.  Duck laughs, pulling them on before pulling a towel from his little reusable bag. 
“Don’t know about you, but I feel a hell of a lot better.” Duck lays down on the fabric, rock beneath it still warm from the sun. 
“I was alright to begin with, but I take your point. That was wonderful. And I am glad I could make you feel better.”
There it is again, that smile that makes Duck feel more seen than he has in months. 
“Don’t suppose you’d be up for makin me feel better tomorrow too? Not that I hope it’s as shitty as today, more that I get the sense seein’ you will make me feel better even if I already feel pretty damn good.”
Indrid raises up enough to kiss Duck once, tenderly, on the lips, “I would like nothing better, my treasure.”
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surveys-at-your-service · 2 months ago
Survey #326
“life by life  /  waste to waste  /  i'm the harbinger: the master of decay”
When you get married what do you think you’ll put most of your focus and money into? Do you mean like, for the wedding? Probably the venue. Or possibly the photographer. Have you ever had a teacher that also taught your parents? No. What’s something you complain about frequently? My legs. Are you afraid of falling in love? Very. Are you close to any of your aunts/uncles? Not very. Do you hate it when people smoke around you? Very much so. Do you own anything that is special edition? Yeah, things like DVDs. Do you have any funky bookmarks? I have this one meerkat bookmark where the image moves when you tilt it. Did you ever watch Pokemon? Hell yeah I did. Are there more females or males in your family? Females. Does anyone in your family snore loudly? My mom does due to having gerd. Dad did too when I actually lived with him. I wouldn't know nowadays. Do you own a camera tripod? Yes. Did you ever believe in mermaids? No. Have you ever purchased alcohol? Yes. Any essential quirks/interests/other you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner? Similar interests, like being a metal fan and gamer especially, as well as a serious animal lover for sure. Any romantic gestures you really like? Okay if someone did that little bow thing while reaching out for my hand to dance, I'd melt, lol. I also appreciate love interests holding open doors, SHOWING INTEREST IN HOW I FCKN FEEL, asking permission before doing anything in sexual exploration, stuff like that. Any sexual fantasies? Are you daring enough to share one? Yep, not sharing those lmfao. Have you ever been in love? Twice. What is your favorite/least favorite word? My favorite is "serendipity/serendipitous," and my least favorite is "retarded." Have you ever been skinny dipping? No. If I actually had a body I was confident in, I probably would in privacy tho at night lmao. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Oh yeah. What is your favorite thing to do? Probably RPing with my favorite OCs when I'm in a really creative mood and during a great scene. Did you go to your senior prom? Yeah, I did. Prom's honestly pretty damn overrated, but I did it and his senior prom anyway. It's the picking out a beautiful dress and taking pictures that I loved. What did you do after graduation? I don't remember. We probably went out to eat or something. Favorite home cooked meal growing up? Spaghetti. What item most embarrasses you to purchase? Nothing, really. Do you give cards to people for holidays or events? No. Name the coolest thing about one of your grandparents. Uhhhhh idk. Name two things you put whipped cream on? I hate the texture of whipped cream. Do you ever eat peanut butter straight from the jar? Sometimes if I want a snack but am trying to be healthy-ish, I'll eat just a scoop. What was the last pill you took for? Pain. Do you prefer your clothes loose or close fitting? Loose, 100%. Favorite thing you’ve ever painted? Meerkats grooming. I did it in high school on a large piece of burlap. Are there any songs that remind you of your mother? "Take It Like a Woman" by Alice Cooper, for one. How did your elementary school teachers describe you? Very smart, sweet, friendly, and nice. Game you were best at in PE/gym? Pf, none. Obsession from childhood? Dinosaurs and Pokemon. Best way for someone to bond with you? Let's talk about deep stuff regarding the world or about how awesome animals are. Top 5 favorite Vines? Oh boy. There are just way too many. I'll try to name a few: 1.) the "I can't find my berries" saga guy; 2.) *in drive-thru, asked what he would like to order* "I wanna FUCKIN DIE"; 2.) "i cOUldA DROPpeD my CroISSAnt"; 3.) "it's Wednesday, m'dudes"; 4.) "a d a m"; 5.) "I WON'T HESITATE, BITCH." God, I miss Vine. What is the first meme you remember seeing? Holy cow, I have no idea. Sci-fi, fantasy, or superheroes? Fantasy. Favorite tradition? Dressing up for Halloween, even though I don't do it anymore... Talent you’re proud of having? Writing. Favorite website from your childhood? Webkinz was unbeatable. I was obsessed. Any good luck charms? I don't believe in those. Favorite potato food? French fries. Tell me the color of your eyes, without using the name of a color: Uhhhh a cloudy sky right before rain? Ever been through a goth phase? Goth is my fucking AESTHETIC. I wish I could afford a truly gothic wardrobe, because you bet your sweet ass it's all I'd wear out. Can you remember your first phone? If so, what kind was it? I think so? It was a Blueberry, I believe. Who is your favourite character from Alice in Wonderland? Obviously the Cheshire cat. What is your favorite type of YouTube video to watch? Lately, it's been tarantula and snake channels/pet YouTubers. I still think my overall favorites are let's plays, but right now it's just stepping back a bit. What’s the next project you are excited to start? I have this pretty cool drawing I wanna do of a morbid meerkat doing a big toothy smile, doing a peace sign (but his fingers are syringes) with a crown blinking over his head. Inspired by the "Professional Griefers" lyric of "lab rat king." I just really wanna make it perfect and am procrastinating in fear of failing... Have you ever experienced a miracle? I don't think I believe in miracles. What are your top three names you like for a daughter? Alessandra, Justine, and Chloe, to name a few. Which did you like better: high school or college? High school, at least in most ways. What is the theme of your bedroom? It doesn't have a theme. My interests just kinda threw up everywhere, haha. Have you ever lived in a dorm? No. Were you raised religious? Yes. Do you do your own taxes, or do you hire a professional? I don't have to do taxes yet. What was the very first thing you ever saved up to buy with your own money? Venus was the first big thing, I think. Describe your favorite Christmas ornament: I don't know what that would be, honestly. We have so very many. What jobs did your parents have when you were growing up? Dad's always been a mailman, and he also had a second job as a carpenter for a while. Mom worked with special needs children at my elementary school as a teacher assistant. She also worked at the hospital at one point, doing some computer work. I don't remember her actual position. Are you taller than your mom? We're the same height. Would you marry someone if they were unable to have sex? Sure, that's not a big deal to me. Last reason you went to the ER? For myself, a suicide attempt/overdose. What was the last word document you typed? This survey, actually, so I could save progress as I combine them. What’s something you don’t think people take seriously enough? Global warming. Have you ever dated someone who had a child from a previous relationship? No. Is there any drama currently going on with your family? No. What was the last fruit or vegetable you chopped/sliced up? An apple. I wanted apple slices with peanut butter. What is your favorite Hostess/Little Debbie snack? Holy SHIT that is impossible. Maybe the devil cakes, but I really don't know. I love most of them. Do you/your family buy loaf from the bakery or bagged on the shelf? Bagged. White, wheat or other? Mom buys white bread, but my favorite is pumpernickel. What was the last non-fiction book you’ve read? (Not a school textbook!): I ain't got a clue. I don't really read non-fiction. What color are your headphones/earbuds? These are blue. Would you be embarrassed to find out you snored loudly in public? Yep. Thankfully, I don't snore. Do you feel guilty about killing bugs? Yep. How do you feel about coconut? Not a fan. ^ Ever cracked one open? Ha, I've always wanted to. Who did you last worry about and why? My mom. She's getting a CT scan ASAP due to chronic headaches and stomach pain, so I'm worried her cancer might be re-emerging. When was the last time you ate/drank something gross just to be polite? I don't know; I struggle to do this. If I don't like something, my face shows it. I can't help it. When did you last make up a baby’s bottle? Never. Do you have any framed black & white photos in your home? Who are they of? No. What’s the most expensive thing your car needed to get done? N/A If you had a thousand dollars to spend on a pricey brand you like but can’t really afford (until now of course), which ONE brand would you chose? I don't know. Real talk, I find most luxury brands to sell pretty ugly stuff... Do you like candy canes? Yeah. Do you still talk to any of your old teachers? Yes; one is my landlord. What color was the dress you wore to your senior prom? It was black. Ever go to another school’s prom? No. Do you like burning candles or incense? I love incense. Do you ever venture into the woods? What do you normally do in there? When I used to live in the woods, I did every now and then to take pictures. Does your significant other ever make you mix CDs? Single, but that would be so romantic. /swoons How did you dress your freshman year of high school? I was this emo/metalhead/goth creature. What is the best present you have ever received? My dog Teddy. <3 What is the best present you have ever given? I put the most effort into a scrapbook thing of well over a hundred reasons I loved my then-boyfriend Jason. Even though we're done, I honestly hope he still has it, just to remember. What is the best surprise you have ever had? Sara's parents paying for a flight up there to be with Sara for her birthday. Have you ever been robbed? No, thankfully. Ever kiss someone on the first date? No. Ever sleep with someone on the first date? Definitely a nope. Ever give someone a wrong phone number on purpose? No. What’s the strangest thing you have ever witnessed firsthand? I have no idea. It's... very morbid, but possibly dogs twitching after being euthanized. Seeing Teddy do it was such a strange, painful experience. Like there was still life in there... even though I know it was just his nerves doing their final hoorah and he was already dead. Ever seen a psychiatric ward? I've been in a mental hospital five or six times, so I'm uncomfortably familiar with them. What is the last thing you did that you didn’t want to do? Group therapy. I'm really burning out on it. Thankfully, I don't have it on the weekends. What is the last thing you convinced someone else to do? I dunno. If you could live in a different time, would you? When? Nah. Do you prefer to sleep alone or with someone else? Sleeping alone is more comfortably physically, but I usually prefer sleeping with a partner because there's this amazing feeling of safety, love, and companionship. How many pillows do you sleep with? Two. Do you prefer cold air and blankets, or warm air and no blankets? Cold air and blankets by ten miles. I can't sleep if I'm even remotely hot. How often do you dust? Sigh, not as much as I need to. What is the most "extreme" activity you have ever done? I haven't done very much that fits that description... so idk. Dr. Pepper or root beer? Dr. Pepper. I hate root beer. Last room you cleaned? Mine. Last thing you did that made you feel like an adult? Checked into the doctor's office by myself, haha... Talk about sad. What’s your favorite picture of your mom? Dad? It's not my business to actually share those pictures, but I can describe them. I fucking ADORE this candid photograph I took of my mom laughing; I will forever cherish it. It's morbid to think about, but it's absolutely a picture I'll frame of her once she's passed away. I don't have many pictures of Dad, but I do really like this picture we took together at Red Lobster once. Are you subscribed to anything (Magazines, monthly boxes, streaming sites, etc.)? Mom pays an Adobe Creative Cloud photography bundle subscription for me, but that's it. Last TV show series you finished? Fullmetal Alchemist with Sara. It was a rewatch for me, but she'd never seen it. What’s something exciting that’s happened to one of your friends recently? A childhood friend got engaged a few days back. Do you have any board games? If so, where do you keep them? We have a few somewhere. What were the last things you glued together? I don’t recall. What are your friends’ pets’ names? I'll just use Sara here since she's my best friend. She has two family dogs, Buster and Beesly, a cat named Winter, four ball pythons named Martha, Crowley, Little Dot, and Jane Marie, and Doris, a bearded dragon that I personally adore most. :') What all did you do today? I played World of Warcraft early this morning, but not for very long. I've been in a phase of being very uninterested in it lately. I've mostly just done surveys... lots of surveys. I'm just in the mood to. I've also been listening to music and watching John Wolfe play Amnesia: Rebirth periodically. If you live in a house, how many floors does it have? If you live in an apartment building, how many units does it have? It's just one floor. Would you like to live in a world with mythical creatures, even if they turned out to be evil or dangerous? Honestly... I probably would, haha. Are you scared of heights? Yes. When was the last time you lost something of great sentimental value? Did you ever end up finding it again? Never, I think and hope. What food do you find to be the most filling? Is this something you eat a lot of? Eggs or oatmeal. Not really. What do you think of people who purposefully train their dogs to fight or to be aggressive? They're fucking garbage human beings. If you suffer/have suffered with acne, do you squeeze your spots or do your best to just leave them be? Ugh, I was so bad (and still am if something pops up) about picking at it. Does your father have any hobbies? What are they? Sure. He loves sports, fishing, idk if he still plays video games, fantasy football... and I can't forget playing with his grandkids. It's hard for me to know all of them when I don't live with him and see him rarely. What did the last face mask you wore look like? It was just a white cotton one. Is there a specific song that you always request at parties? What is it? I don't go to parties. Would you rather read poetry or write poetry? Write it. Have you ever had any really infected injuries? I've had infected piercings as well as a badly infected pilonidal cyst. Is there any band out there that you like every song by them? No. Are you popular on any websites? No. What was the last song you listened to? Aaaaand now I'm hooked on "NIHIL" by 3TEETH. Are you currently texting anyone right now? No. When was the last time you played jump rope? Yikes, probably not since I was a kid. I used to love it. Who was the last person you offended? I dunno. What’s the earliest you’ve ever had to wake up for work? Not early. Do you know anyone who has changed their first name? I know trans people who have, yes. Do you know anyone who has been on life support and survived? No. At least, I don't believe so. Do your parents have a strong relationship together? They're divorced, and Mom at least can't stand him. Dad doesn't really care. Do you ever feel like you’re sharing too much about yourself online? Oh, I absolutely used to. I still might, idk. I've tried to reel it back some. How many windows are in the room you’re in? Eight, but they're just small, vertical rectangles stacked together, so it's not as revealing as it sounds. What was the last necklace you wore? My spiked choker, I think, for pictures. Or maybe the one I have with a bunch of big silver skulls. Do you think there are more dimensions than what we’re able to perceive? I don't think so, no. Does anyone in your family have schizophrenia? My half-sister on Dad's side that I've never met. Have you ever been in an abandoned house? A shack, yeah. Do you like art? I positively adore it. I could NOT imagine life without it. How about theatre? I don't care for it. Have you ever made breakfast for someone? Yes, for Sara. Do you talk to your crush? If you have one. Yeah, she's my best fren. If yes, what do you usually talk about? Nowadays I ask her almost daily how she's doing in regards to her progress of recovering from both serious physical and mental stressors. I try to always be an available ear if she ever wants to vent. Would you rather read or watch a video about something? Watch a video. In what ways have you fulfilled some of the hopes and dreams you had as a teenager? I've fulfilled none of those. What’s one stressful thing you’ve been trying to deal with lately? How have you been dealing with it? Inexplicable, chronic boredom/serious anhedonia. I've just... put up with it. I get pleasure out of essentially nothing most days, and it sucks big time. I just try to distract myself and force myself to do things I usually love, though I've been bad about actually succeeding in making me do said stuff... Is there a regional chain of store/restaurant/etc. in your area that you feel very loyal to? MOTHERFUCKIN BOJANGLE'S, BITCH. You think YOU have good fries somewhere? Oh hunny, sit down. Oftentimes, people warn us against getting tattoos or body modifications or dying our hair unnatural colors because we could be judged poorly for them. But has a more “alternative” look ever worked out in your favor? Well, I like myself better with my piercings and tattoos, and that's all that really matters to me. Do you have any daily routine/habit of that you’re really proud of keeping up? No. .-. Pick one of the following activities to do in a forest (assume you would be equally good at each one of these): Foraging for mushrooms, identifying trees, searching for specific types of bugs, trying to build something out of fallen branches and logs. Searching for bugs w/ my camera!!! But that all sounds fun. What’s the hardest class you’ve ever taken? My most recent math course that I failed horribly.
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the-alleged-mr-uncle · 2 months ago
an “are we done yet?” quarantine playlist but it’s just disney (if your read on “disney” is things that definitely are made by disney, and another that gets mistaken for a disney production) songs:
OUT THERE the hunchback of notre dame
Out there among the millers and the weavers and their wives / Through the roofs and gables I can see them / Every day they shout and scold and go about their lives / Heedless of the gift it is to be them / If I was in their skin / I'd treasure every instant / Out there
PART OF YOUR WORLD the little mermaid
I've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty / I've got whozits and whatzits galore / You want thingamabobs? / I've got twenty / But who cares? / No big deal / I want more / I wanna be where the people are / I wanna see / wanna see them dancing
Every gesture / every move that she makes / Makes me feel like never before / Why do I have / This growing need to be beside her / these emotions I never knew / Of some other world far beyond this place / Beyond the trees / above the clouds / I see before me a new horizon
Then after lunch / it's puzzles and darts and baking / Papier-mâché, a bit of ballet and chess / Pottery and ventriloquy, candle making / Then I'll stretch, maybe sketch / Take a climb, sew a dress / And I'll reread the books if I have time to spare / I'll paint the walls some more, I'm sure there's room somewhere / And then I'll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair / Stuck in the same place I've always been / And I'll keep wonderin' and wonderin' / And wonderin' and wonderin' / When will my life begin?
There'll be actual real live people / It'll be totally strange / But wow, am I so ready for this change!
Someone holds me safe and warm / Horses prance through a silver storm / Figures dancing gracefully / Across my memory / Far away, long ago / Glowing dim as an ember / Things my heart used to know / Things it yearns to remember
ALMOST THERE the princess and the frog
And I'm almost there, I'm almost there / People gonna come here from everywhere / And I'm almost there, I'm almost there / There's been trials and tribulations / You know I've had my share / But I've climbed the mountain, I've crossed the river / And I'm almost there, I'm almost there, I'm almost there
I’VE GOT A DREAM tangled (did you guys think I was done with the film? NO. tangled is the king, queen, and prince consort of the polycule when it comes to isolationist characters wanting to reach out and reintegrate into community and society instead of living stagnant in the roles that life and destiny forced them into)
I've got a dream (he's got a dream) / And I know one day, romance will reign supreme / Though my face leaves people screaming / There's a child behind it, dreaming / Like everybody else / I've got a dream / Tor would like to quit and be a florist / Gunther does interior design / Ulf is into mime / Attila's cupcakes are sublime / Bruiser knits, Killer sews / Fang does little puppet shows / And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns
Look at the world, so close and I'm halfway to it / Look at it all, so big, do I even dare?
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honestsycrets · 2 months ago
Extra Hands [ Ivar x Reader, Ivar/Hvitserk Platonic ] VD7
Tumblr media
❛ pairing | ivar/hvitserk, ivar x reader
❛ type | drabble for @youbloodymadgenius​ ‘s 1k event that I’m so, totally, late for. i’m so sorry that i’ve been slow, cat. i’ve been in a strange funk. other requests filled: you’ve never had a Valentine’s date and right, like you could do so much better. / You bet your ass I could.
❛ summary | hvitserk knows when his brother is nervous.
❛ tags | implied first date, modern ivar
Tumblr media
“I dunno why you’re making all of these. Is that a homemade box?” 
Hvitserk picked the chocolate chunks out of Ivar’s drab vanilla cookie mix. It was the first time that he had tried this particular recipe. It was a painfully simple recipe of chocolate chip cookies, but that was the point. He made a note to use sea salt to give it some life. Who, after all, disliked chocolate chip cookies? Ivar gripped the wheels of his wheelchair, scooting himself around the kitchen. 
“Bro, this is a fuckin’ homemade box!” 
“Stop eating the dark chocolate,” Ivar lurched up, smacking his elder brother’s knuckles. Hvitserk sneaks his fingers back in to take three morsels back with him. “You’ll throw off the proportions.” 
“So what? It’s just for us, right?” 
“As if I would put this much effort into something for my brothers.” Ivar oils an ice cream scoop. He digs into the dough, scooping pieces that were-- of course, the perfect size. “It is for my woman.” 
Hvitserk about chokes on his chocolate morsels. 
“A girl?!”
“Yes, a woman, Hvitserk.” 
But you’ve never had a bitch for Valentine’s!”
“Don’t call her that,” Ivar bobs his head toward Hvitserk in a nod. He spent the better part of the afternoon in preparation for his date this evening. It was his first-- with a mother like his-- it had been previously impossible to date. But the ever-growing litany of questions that Hvitserk had for him began to pile up. 
“I gotta see this. Is she hot?” Hvitserk laughed, bouncing up and down in the question. “That why you’re making so many fuckin’ cookies? Chocolate chip cookies, thumbprint cookies, sugar cookies. Sweetheart, you can’t buy the necessities of life--err dick-- with cookies.” 
“Don’t Burton me. Why don’t you go fuck another one of your failed film students and leave me alone?” Ivar bit out. It was easier with his help, no doubt, but this was something he did with the express intention of seeing your smile. It had been years. Years that he spent changing your mind about dating your boss. He wasn’t about to ruin this now. 
Hvitserk swept the cookie sheet from the granite countertop and eased it into the oven. Ivar’s mind swims in the vast lake of his mind, wondering exactly how he could make sure that nothing went awry. It was, after all, his first date. 
“I just wanna see what she’s like. I mean, when have you brought a girl home? Suddenly you open up this publishing company, and bam, pussy.” 
Ivar looks at the other steaming cookies. They would have to cool first. His kitchen was perfumed with the scent of vanilla, almond, and delicious brown butter from the oven. Ivar eyes Hvitserk sharply, reaching for the glittery homemade box. “She’s not just pussy. She’s--” 
“Look at you being all romantic and shit.” 
“You are annoying me.” 
Sometimes, he wished he was an only child—most days. Today was one of them. His hands trembled around the box of delicate cookies. His brother’s expression was hooded for a moment before Hvitserk took the handles of his wheelchair, dragging him out of the room with nothing more but Ivar’s booming complaint. Hvitserk knew how much he hated it when he did this. It was like a mother dragging a child by the braids! 
“I’ll come check them fuckin’ cookies, don’ worry. What’re you gonna wear?” 
They come to a stop in Ivar’s room. He looks toward his crutches, settled on the wall, and decides to reach for them so that he could stand. Hvitserk rustles in his closet. He had a wealth of handsome suits-- it happened when you needed to impress a good author or attend an important meeting-- but they all seemed wrong. His practiced expression melts off his face. He thought it all through: the date, the dinner simmering on the stove, but when it came to himself. He dropped his eyes to the floor before returning Hvitserk’s look. 
“That suit, I suppose.” 
“That shit is ugly,” Hvitserk returns.
“Right, like you could do so much better,” Ivar hisses. 
 “Bet your ass I could. You gotta wear something hot. You want her to fuck you, right?”
“I told you--”  
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not jus’ some pussy. But you wanna fuck, don’t you?” 
He would be lying if he said he didn’t. Something hot ends up being some black slacks that contrast against a burgundy button-up and a tight, black vest. He feels more exposed than he has in a while when Hvitserk comes back from taking out his last batch of cookies. He likes it-- and he hates it.
“That’s hot,” Hvitserk clapped. Ivar runs his finger under the rolled-up sleeves, noting how they formed to his muscles. “No way she doesn’t fuck you.” 
“This isn’t about that.” 
“It’s Valentine’s day,” he told him. “It has to be about that.” 
His phone trills. What he hates, but truly hates, is Hvitserk’s nosiness. He lurches toward it before Ivar could even move. He produces Ivar a decent nod. “She’s beautiful,” he flicks the phone at Ivar on his way out of the room. “Has a pretty smile, too.” 
His heart pounded in leaps in his chest. You must be here; already. He’s not yet put the cookies in the box. He makes his way toward the front door with the bundle of flowers against his chest, cognizant of the sound of a scratching spatula dragging across his cookie sheet. 
Well, Hvitserk is good for something.
Ivar isn’t sure of what the etiquette for Valentine’s Day is, but he could hardly care, knocking the door open to let you in. You slip in beside him, drawing your fingers over the v of his waistcoat. 
“Is this new?” you asked. “It looks… amazing.” 
Hvitserk, of course, is skittering somewhere inside. Ivar can hear the stifled giggle marked by the painfully unapologetic, I told you I could do better. You draw your head toward the inside, peeling the edge of your mask off. You roll your ruby red lipstick in, then out, and smile at him once again. 
“Is someone inside?” 
“Sadly,” he sighs as he hands you the flowers under his arm. “That is my brother Hvitserk. I don’t expect him to stay in the kitchen long.” 
Ivar lingers on the word stay. You laugh, drawing the flowers up to inspect them more carefully. It’s a full bouquet of romantic red roses: painfully cliche, but painfully Ivar. They are his favourite shade. 
“He’s kicking me out of my own kitchen,” Hvitserk calls back. You make your way into the house, drawing the bottom of your skirt lower: if you could manage such a thing. It wasn’t necessarily short: but the slit on the side of your leg was something Ivar knew Hvitserk would point out later. 
Evidence, he’d shout. Evidence of nothing, Ivar would say back. 
Your fingers graze Ivar’s free hand, clipping around the corner where Hvitserk stood with cookie crumbling in between his fingers. Ivar’s forehead creases, the anger bubbling up in his stomach into a roiling boil. At that moment you snatch Ivar’s hand, lacing your fingers together, and throwing cool water to the boil. 
“You must be her,” Hvitserk mumbles. “Ivar’s first date.” 
“First date? Really?” He’d kill him. He’d kill him, he’d drag him out to sea, throw his body over to the bottom of the pond and-- you lean up, planting a kiss at his jawline. “I like being the first.” 
“Yes. This is my older brother Hvitserk. He likes to eat anything he can get his grubby little fingers on. Including things that I did not make for him,” Ivar returns. He leans against the cabinet and slams his crutch on the countertop. At times his brother can be overbearing. Today, like most days, Hvitserk needed his company. Unlike most days, Hvitserk doesn’t have the patience.
“Why don’t you,” he rubs his twirls his hand in a spin. “...fuck off, Hvitserk?” 
“Don’ worry about it. He’s just all wound up because he’s brought me home a girl to meet.” He wiped his chocolates fingers over his basketball shorts and extended his hand out— “Name's Hvitserk.”
“I heard,” you smiled, bringing the hand not cupping Ivar’s hand to squeeze his bicep. “You’re Ivar’s lit agent?”
“One of them.” 
“Ain’t that like— sexual harassment?” Hvitserk folds his hand back in, quickly catching on that you’re not a touchy type. At least, not with him. Fair enough. 
“Why don’t you take a bottle of wine to your room, Hvitserk?” Ivar grumbles. 
“Ain’t that for your date?” 
“We don’t need it,” you shout.
“Huh. Well if you insist.” At last, he folds, taking the bottle and a stolen plate of food with a bounce. Although he doesn’t say anything— he has that dopey smile. He waits until the door slams behind Hvitserk to exhale an apology. Ivar began to think that he would never leave. 
“I made those cookies for you.”
Your lips curl into a smile, resting your head on his shoulder. Hvitserk hollers something from the back room about having helped— and you pat his chest. His cheeks pinken as he looks over the dinner he’s made and the cookies he baked. His nosy Hvitserk— always killing his mood. 
“Take me to your room.”
“Hm?” he asks. “You’re not hungry?”
“Not for pasta.”
Oh. For once, Hvitserk was right.
Tumblr media
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transhitman · 2 months ago
Nobody asked but I wanna talk about my OC universe. Specifically the biology of the human species because I think it’s cool as fuck. Basically, homo sapiens is extinct after nuclear winter and all the fantasy races are the different evolutions of the human species with adaptations that allowed them to survive. There are 6 total and they’re all sort of like combinations of two or more more traditional fantasy races so yeah.
H. magus -- HUMANS -- Only named as such because they’re the only ones that don’t have a major outward change in physiology. They look pretty much the same but are a little bit taller on average and can have gold or purple eyes. They survived via the magic of invention and Literal Magic, and mostly stayed in one spot. They sat on resources and created pretty capitalist-leaning societies, and thus didn’t have to undergo any major changes. However, there are still enough small differences to qualify them as a different species than H. sapiens, namely that their bodies conduct magic really REALLY well.
H. bucerus -- OGRES -- Sort of like a mix between tieflings and orcs. They’re descendants of the people who were ostracized from the Human communities for whatever reason, and had to deal with radiation, harsh weather, and GIANT FREAKING SHADOW MOSTERS. Since the Human ancestors were sitting on all the resources, the proto-Ogres were forced to become nomadic. In order to survive the Badlands, their muscles became much more dense, granting them super strength. However, they also weigh twice as much as a Human of the same volume and require twice as much food. They also developed methods of dealing with cancer caused by the radiation of the world. They basically integrate tumors into their bodies as horns. They have a special type of white blood cell that specifically targets cancerous growths and forces them to the surface of the skin, where they can be removed. They also have tails, which suit their environment. There are different variants depending on the global region they’re from, each with different horn and tail types. Probably the sexiest species. They’re tall ^__^ But their size is limited to like 7ft since being too big and dense would be DISASTEROUS in the food-scarce Badlands.
H. gurges -- DWARVES -- Ok so they’re honestly more mermaid-like, but I’m trying to fit a theme with the names here. They are short, though. And most of them live in cities that are below the surface, just not a solid surface. The Dwarves are descendants of the seafaring survivors of the Pacific Ocean. There is actually a wide variety that could count as dozens and dozens of separate species, but for function’s sake they’re all under the same category. They have convergently evolved with different types of fish, getting less and less human-looking the deeper in the ocean they live. On the surface, they’re just people with fluorescent skin tones. In the Abyss, they’re barely even human. They are able to withstand enormous pressure, and notably can form symbiotic relationships with sessile sea life. Sponges and barnacles and the like often grow on their bodies, sometimes in a very stunning, very beautiful way. Though the people closer to the surface are short, those deeper in the water grow to be gigantic. One of their subspecies includes the Extremophiles, who live in the deepest part of the ocean. They can reach about 20ft in length when counting their tails. It’s unknown weather these Extremophiles age, or what they really do down there. The Dwarves outside of the deepest Abyss usually live in underwater cities, on the coast, or on floating oil rig-type things. They’re all normal.
H. hiems -- ELVES -- Elves are sort of a combination between elves, giants, and general undead creatures (skeletons lol). They’re fucking massive, and live in only the coldest areas. Their skin is usually a shade of grey, tinted by the type of mineral that is the main staple of their diet. They eat rocks. Yeah. In fact, their bodies are so fucked up and adapted to their barren environment that normal food can easily kill them. Sugar specifically is HIGHLY toxic. Because they don’t process food the same way, they’re skeletal. And 12ft tall. Basically, slenderman. Though they aren’t bald. They have pale down-like hair on their heads. They also have another strange diet habit, which developed as a result of food scarcity during the beginning of the apocalypse. They have a very different culture surrounding cannibalism. Though the consumption of entire bodies is Not A Thing anymore, having your loved ones consume small parts of your body after your death is a very important ritual. It is an acknowledgement that the soul has gone, and the body has become empty matter. The other big thing about them is their special Suit Magic, in which a symbol of one of the playing card suits appears somewhere on their body when they go though puberty. The different suits grant them different abilities, and the four suits have divided into factions which were once at war with each other. (Blood (hearts) is healing. Edges (diamonds) creates shield constructs. Blades (spades) is bolts of energy. And Fists (clubs) is bludgeoning-type weapon constructs.) However, Elves are now extremely isolated up in their mountains and tundras. Very territorial. People honestly sort of hate them cause they’re also a little bit specist.
H. invictus -- MONOS -- Mono stands for monochrome. Predictably, Monos are monochrome. Arcane albinism overwrites their natural skin tone, and instead turns them a sickly white color, tinted by their subspecies hue. Everything else on them is jet black, including their blood and organs. Or, it’s that same hue color. They’re really fucked up, honestly. They’re sort of supposed to be a mix between vampires and orcs. They’re an artificially created species, made via eugenics and dark magic. Their creators were aiming to make an unkillable army, and they sort of succeeded, but at the cost of prevalent genetic defects. Around 70% of the Mono population has some sort of disability, which really isn’t a huge problem. They’re more than capable of providing medical care and creating accessibility deceives like prosthetics and magic medicine. You can do crazy shit with technology these days! In fact Monos were engineered to be compatible with tech- oh their creators were fascist eugenicists who abused them and treated them like disposable garbage specifically because of the disabilities they themselves caused though carelessness and forced inbreeding? Well. Alright. Not how I would have done it but... Anyway, long story short, the Monos pulled a 180 at some point and broke free of all that shit. Because they’re sort of a genetic mess, they have really great healthcare out of necessity. They’re the most technologically advanced species on the planet rn, but all of their scientists are engineers and doctors, not warriors, so they’re at constant risk of being annexed by Humans. Monos also have a very low fertility rate, so the percentage of whole-blooded Monos is going way down. They’re close to being endangered at this point. Luckily, some guy figured out how to grow babies in tubes but that’s a story for another day.
H. unicus -- DOWNDEEPERS -- Ok, Downdeepers are just all the miscellaneous designs I came up with that didn’t make sense as one of the other species lol. They’re the decedents of the people who fled to the newly-formed Downdeeps cave system, which is a global system of caverns that goes really fucking deep underground. The high concentrations of magic there cause Downdeepers to mutate rapidly. No two of them are the same. They all just live in tha caves... hell yeah...
The last human species are the CHIMERAS, which are really just the people who are a cross between two or more species. They were rare at first, but they had a population boom after global travel was reestablished (somewhat, anyway).
There are a couple other inorganic races I could talk about but I’m gonna leave it there. Yeah nobody asked for this but I hope you thought it was neat. I am honestly really proud of this world I think it’s cool as hell : ) yeah. And if you’re wondering how all the species can be cohesive despite their ancestors being isolated in different parts of the world (specifically Ogres, who live on every continent and don’t have a common ancestor), that’s because of some meta shit that has to do with how magic and human will interact. Collective subconscious shit. And that would take like 3 pages to explain so like. Just go with it for now lol.
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rogue-durin-16 · 2 months ago
Summary: the sexual tension of George and Y/n's weird friendship is getting the best of their friends, so when Harry suggests a trip to the Black Lake, they become adamant about getting them together.
Pairing: George Weasley x Reader
Genre: fluff
Permanent taglist: @elia-the-bibliophile @randomparanoid @karlthecat15722 @thebutchersdaughtersblog @amourtentiaa
Warnings: language and a bit of makeout
A/N: BITCH I THOUGHT THIS WAS A SHORT ONE??? I needed some fluff for this boy since I'm torturing him, so here it goes an idea I had half asleep in the bus, enjoy <3
Rogue-durin-16 masterlist
Tumblr media
"They're literally— her legs are wrapped around his hips— are you kidding me?!" I whispered-shouted in desperation. "This is unbearable!"
"Fred relax, they just need a little push." Hermione's words sounded ridiculous even for her own ears.
"I brought her here!" Harry backed me up, equally annoyed. "If that's not one hell of a push, then what is it?"
"Shush, boys." Ginny spoke, her eyes still closed under her sunglasses as she laid on her towel. "We have hours ahead of us for them to make a move."
I puffed, my eyes returning to George, whose arms were wrapped around Y/n's middle from behind, making her squeal before throwing her to a deeper part of the lake.
They would not make a move.
We had moved to the dock in order to see the sunset better, and, now that the sun was low and the light lacking, we began to pick things up.
"Why the long face?" George questioned when he saw my gaze.
"I'd have enjoyed a night swim, if I'm being honest." I got up and went to grab my bag. "Another time I g— George!" I couldn't help but cry out when his arms picked me up and threw me into the water. "You fucking plonker!" I yelled, moving my wet hair away from my face. "This was the only dress I brought!" The lake wasn't as deep there, so I could easily stand on my feet and climb up, but I was already drenched.
George was bent over himself, laughing loudly, so he was helpless when Ginny pushed him into the lake.
As he resurfaced besides me, I couldn't help but burst into laughter at his shocked, betrayed face; it was priceless.
"Have fun you two." Ginny spoke as the rest laughed. "C'mon guys." The redhead grabbed my bag and Hermione picked George's, and soon it was just the two of us there.
"Aren't you going to thank me?" George broke the silence, crouching to dip his body underwater, protecting it for the blows of wind.
"Why?" I moved deeper into the lake, seeking the protection of the chill temperature too.
"You got your night swim."
"My dress is soaked!" I exclaimed, splashing him right in the face.
"Oi, so is my shirt!" He replied, following my lead and diving in. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, idly swimming and floating until George stopped moving and spoke. "You know? You kinda remind me of a mermaid."
"You've seen a lot of them?" I quirked an eyebrow, giving up the swimming to stand on my feet.
"Git." He send a splash of water in my direction, making me giggle. "I mean like the one in the perfects' bathroom."
"You're not allowed into the prefects' bathroom, Weasley," I moved my hands on the water's surface, creating little waves around me. "Unlike me, you're not a Prefect, because only prats become Prefects." I quoted him in a mocking tone.
"Are you gonna rat me out, Y/l/n?" He teased, eyebrows raised as he circled me.
"I would, but I don't get anything out of it." I shrugged, sinking into the water once more until the only thing over it was my face. "Sooo..."
"Sooo..." He mocked me, making my eyes roll.
"A mermaid." George hummed, taking a look at the moon, which was shinning more than it usually would. "Is it because I'll lure you into the depths of the black lake?" I inquired, his eyes meeting mines when my hands found his underwater tugging him towards me as I stepped back, deeper into the water.
"I'd follow you without question." He dramatically replied, doing as he had said with a smile on his face until his feet couldn't reach the bottom.
"How romantic." My fingertips traveled up his forearms, reaching his shoulders as he moved even closer to me.
A wicked smile slipped through my gaze and he didn't have time to step back before I shoved him down in repay for dunking me earlier. I was quick to rush in the shore's direction, but not quick enough.
"Oi, not so fast!" He half swam half ran after me, taking a hold of my leg and pulling on it, and, given that I was standing on my tiptoes, consequently dragging me back to him. "You're a nightmare."
"I think you mean a dream." I mused, spinning to meet his gaze.
"Nah," His hands had left my legs after I catching me, and now rested on my hips. "I'm pretty sure of what I mean."
"Is it because I haunt your dreams in the night?" I laughed at my own joke, my fingertips toying with the hem of his shirt, slightly floating due to the water. "Can't sleep with the thought of me on your mind, huh?"
It was meant to be another playful tease, but by the way his hands' hold tightened ever so slightly, it dawned on me that maybe I had taken a too accurate guess.
My heart hammered against my chest as I have his shirt a tug. "If you wanna kiss me so bad, pretty boy, why don't you?"
He snorted as if I was joking; I couldn't blame him, though. We were always joking about that. "Why don't you kiss me, if you want it so bad?"
I went for a laugh and a shake of my head as a response, not trusting my voice. A particularly cool blow of wind caught us and he shivered; the temperature had gone significantly lower in the last couple of minutes. "C'mon, I don't wanna freeze to death, and we got a long way to the common room." I caught one of his hands as they left my hips and led him back to the shore. "They took the towels?!"
"Don't worry," the ginger said, taking off this drenched tee to wring it out. "We'll kill them later." He assured me, throwing the clothing back on as I wringed the hem of my dress. "C'mon, love." This time it was him taking my hand to lead the way.
We walked in silence, cracking a joke or two as we made our way to the castle. Finally reaching the stairs of the boat house, we began to climb them.
"Oi." George gave my hand a tug, his eyes scanning our surroundings. "You heard that?"
"Stop it." I chuckled, playfully bumping his chest before attempting to pull his hand to resume our walk; he had been pulling the strange noise card the whole walk. "C'mon—"
"I'm not gonna fall for it." I climbed off one of the steps to meet the ginger. "I'm cold so—" and then I heard it. "What...?" My gaze left the boy to scrutinise the darkness over his shoulder.
"Told you." He whispered, prompting me to come closer to him with a squeeze on my hand.
"You've been joking about that the whole time!" I scolded in an equally quiet tone.
"Who said I was joking?" the eyes of us both fixed at the bottom of the stairs trying to discern something.
"You think we should go check...?"
"Darling, I think that's the worst idea you've ever had." He responded. "It could be anything— we're out here at night."
"Yeah, but we're almost in the castle." We had come incredibly closer, partially because of the unnerving feeling that something was watching us, but also because of the wind that hit our still very wet clothes.
He seemed to think for a moment before turning back to me. "Walk before me." He instructed, already pushing me upstairs. "I'll keep an eye behind us."
The paranoia in my mind increased as we went up— we were outside the castle, it truly could be anything, and I didn't exactly enjoy the idea of George at the back.
That noise again.
I huffed, frustration and fear growing inside me.
"Don't worry." George, who until now had been at least three steps behind me, rushed up, holding my waist and giving me a gentle squeeze. "It's probably nothing, alright?"
"Walk by me." I requested, in a mutter.
He seemed to understand the nature of my plead and his hands left my waist so he would be able to fall into step with me. "Can't take your eyes off me, huh?" He successfully lightened up the mood, but right when I was about to tease back, the damn noise sounded again, this time making us jump. "What the hell..."
"That sounded close." I pointlessly observed. George groaned when he went to grab his wand and realised it was in his bag, most likely in the common room already. "Running to the boathouse is very tempting." I joked, leaning on him with my eyes still looking for the source of our fear.
"Blimey, Aurora!" we had to refrain our yelps when Professor Sprout's voice ended the tense silence we had fallen in. "Didn't think I'd find you here."
As the Professors seemed to descend the stairs and consequently come closer, George and I shared a panicked look. In a rush of adrenaline, I tugged him to the edge of the stairs and made him jump out to the raw rocks with me right after him; we made it just in time for Sinistra and Sprout to walk down the place where we had been an instant ago.
Y/n peeked over the rail to see the two women chatting, following their path without any sign of suspicion. With a sigh of relief, her eyes fell on me, crouched besides her with a hand on the stone rail to steady myself. I raised my eyebrows, surprised at her resolution, and then proceeded to chuckle, which earned me a kick on my leg.
"Shut it." She warned me with a smile of her own.
Silence fell among us once again, and, when she stood up, propping herself on the railing, my mind decided it was a good time to stare.
She was always a sight for sore eyes, but now with the moonlight reflecting on her hair and skin, she seemed to glow. Her dress, though it was meant to be flowy, had stuck to her torso due to the water, and hugged her curves in the most delightful way. Oh what I would give for her to realise I wanted to hold her tight in a different way as she allowed me to.
"I'm gonna pretend you're not ogling me." She informed me, her eyes still fixed on the path our Professors had taken. I only smiled to myself, standing up to jump back to the stairs before offering her both my hands.
"C'mon darling." She took them in hers before climbing up the railing and jumping down in front of me.
Her words had been echoing in my mind during the whole walk.
-If you wanna kiss me so bad, pretty boy, why don't you?-
Did she mean it?
"What is it?" She questioned with a confused smile, staring at me. "What?" She repeated, but my mind was somewhere else.
My mind was at the lake, where her hands had roamed over my bare skin several times; where I had held her against me in nothing more than our bathing suits; where we had been left alone and she had found a thousand different reasons to take my hands or pull me closer; where her tone had dropped as she said those words at mere inches of my lips.
"George," she snapped her fingers in front of my eyes. "we gotta go."
Not yet, I thought, taking a step towards Y/n that felt like a leap of faith. Though she took a step back, her hands held my forearms, taking me with her just like she had done moments ago at the lake.
And just like it had happened before, her eyes lured me into drowning, and I followed without question.
The kiss was as deep as the black lake, my hands finding the rail behind her for some extra support —I had become weak on the knees, my legs feeling as if they were about to give out—, and her hands going from my arms to my chest without pulling away from my body.
The synchrony of our lips was unbelievably perfect, sending shocks through my whole body.
My lips detached from hers to pepper kisses down her jaw to her neck.
"George..." My name came up of her as a quiet moan and I felt dizzy, not noticing the moan that came out of my own mouth. "George," she called again, this time with a more steady voice, clearing her throat before pushing me away with her hand on my chest.
"Something wrong?" I inquired, trying to get a grip on myself. "Did I—?
"No— I'm very much enjoying this," She assured me. "but a moment ago we were scared shitless because—"
That noise.
Whatever that was, it was nearly in front of us. That time, along with that weird noise, something like whispers were heard.
We both yelped when Harry's Cloak of Invisibility was thrown to the ground before us, revealing three grinning idiots, them being Fred, Ron and Harry.
"On Merlin's beard..." My cheeks started to burn and I felt the imperative need of hiding my face. "What are you doing?"
"We needed to see if you'd finally make a move." Ron explained.
"We even bet on where would it happen." Harry confessed, making my cheeks go even redder. "Now we owe Ginny money." He grunted. "Ugh, you were so close on the lake, I almost won."
"For a moment there, Georgie," Fred was biting back a laugh. "I thought we would witness you two shagging." Ron grimaced at the thought. "Poor Harry panicked and threw the cloak down."
"I'm gonna murder y'all." Y/n jumped in, nearly as mortified as I was. "I finally got him to kiss me and you go and kill the mood! Why don't you piss off so we can do it again?"
Fred got the memo thanks to Y/n's death glare and they rushed upstairs, my twin brother whispering a quick 'congrats' as he passed by me.
"Well that wasn't like I expected our first kiss to go." She confessed, letting out a laugh at the sight of me. "You're as red as a beetroot."
"Shut up." I bumped her arm, a grin twitching the corners of my lips. "So you want me to kiss you again?"
"Of course." Her arms wrapped around my neck, bringing my closer. "If possible, without involving voyeurism." I snorted, tugging her hips to mines before leaning on to kiss her again.
Little did we know that Hermione and Ginny, ever the smart and subtle ones, were watching from the top of the stairs.
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dadplease · 3 months ago
☆ softie - part five ☆
last part | softie masterlist | next part
Ransom Drysdale is the last person anyone would suspect to be a doting father. But when a paternity test reveals his relation to four year old Georgia Pine, the man finds himself turning into quite the softie for the peculiar little girl who’s been in such desperate need of his love and care.
Warnings: mature themes related to child abuse/neglect, ptsd/trauma symptoms in a child (developmental discrepancies, de-humanized behavior, detachment, extreme fears). loss(mother) and gain(father) of custody. unknown/secret child trope. soft!ransom, soft!dad!ransom. lots of hurt/comfort.
As the credits of The Little Mermaid begin to roll, Ransom can see Georgia’s eyes growing droopy as she stifles a yawn. At some point during the movie, when the frightening visuals and sounds of the sea witch were causing the poor child to tremble, the quiet man behind her found it in himself to join her where she sat on the floor. He was hesitant to; it wasn’t going to be the most comfortable seat in the house, but something inside him compelled him to do it. 
Now as they sit just a few feet apart, his heart softens at the tired little girl; he realizes it’s been a long day for the both of them.
Glancing at his watch, Ransom sees that it’s nearing 8:00 pm. Seems like a reasonable time for bed, he shrugs to himself. “You gettin’ sleepy?” he asks the little one, his voice coming out a little too soft for his own liking. 
Georgia gives a hum and a nod in response, her eyes trailing over to the man sitting beside her. An expression of uncertainty forms on her face, something Ransom isn’t too alarmed by. Always a little strange sleeping in a new place, he reminds himself. “Alright. Well, maybe it’s time to put on your pajamas and brush your teeth?” he suggests.
The girl turns herself slightly on the carpet, looking over to where her bag was tossed onto the sofa. “Here,” Ransom says as he rises to his feet, grabbing the bag for the child and bringing it back to her as she sits on the ground. “The stuff you need in here?” Georgia nods. “Okay, you wanna get ready for bed in the room upstairs?.” The little girl’s eyes widen at the offer. Chuckling slightly, Ransom encourages, “C’mon, stand up. I can show it to you.”
Tentatively, Georgia hoists herself onto her feet, her little knees wobbling below her as she struggles to gain her balance. Ransom waits in front of her, trying to find it in himself to scoff at her clumsiness, but for some reason in this moment he can’t; he can only feel pity. “You okay?” he asks, his brow raising in concern. 
Georgia’s cheeks turn pink as she nods quickly, mumbling a frightened apology. As her eyes stay locked on the ground, she can’t see the man in front of her as he looks her over with worry this time instead of impatience. “It’s okay,” Ransom tells her, feeling guilty for how certain she is that he’ll be upset with her. Makes sense, though, he reminds himself. You two didn’t get off to the smoothest start.
“Here,” he tries to regain her attention on getting to see her room. “Let’s go see the guestroom, hmm?” Deciding to carry her bag for her, Ransom heads towards the stairs, not surprised at all when Georgia falls right in line behind him silently. “It doesn’t have much of a definitive style; I was figuring maybe you could help me out with that if you decided to stay here for good,” he rambles as he leads the way up the up the stairwell. 
Once they reach the landing, Ransom heads for the door on the right, twisting the knob with his free hand and pushing the sturdy wood open. “Here it is,” he says as he hits the lights and takes a few steps in, expecting the little one to follow shortly behind him. “It’s not much, but it should have everything you need,” he adds hopefully as he drops the girl’s bag down onto the carpeted floor. 
Turning back to hear Georgia’s response, Ransom’s surprised to see she’s still standing in the doorway, peeking in shyly as if she’s not sure if she’s allowed to enter. “You coming?” he asks, causing the child to jump. The man frowns. 
Georgia’s eyes scan the entirety of the room, taking in all the furniture and simple design features. The walls are a soft white, a few simple pictures of beaches forming a square on one of them. Under the art is a short dresser with a floor mirror tucked beside it. On the opposite wall, a queen sized bed sits low to the floor with nightstands on either side. A gentle cascade of string lights falls over the window behind the bed’s head, another window positioned on the third wall to the left. As the little’s wide eyes absorb the simple space, Ransom realizes this might be the first time the child’s ever had a room of her own. 
“You can come in,” the man says, keeping his gentle eyes on the girl in the doorway. As he gazes over her hesitant expression, an image flashes in his mind from when he was about her age; standing before him was his mother, trying to get the little boy to do something he had no courage to face. In the vision, the lady crouches down in front of him, her evened height helping a bit to ease his worries.
Taking in a deep breath, Ransom bends his knees, lowering himself to the ground before the wary child in front of him. Georgia’s eyes widen slightly at his actions. But to his surprise, she decides to take a few steps forward, now standing only feet from the man as her bag sits on the floor between them. “What d’you think?” Ransom asks as he looks around the room once more, almost seeking some sort of approval from the little girl. 
Georgia’s big doe eyes widen even further as she begins to speak, “’s really pretty,” she says, the swell in her voice validating her words. “Never seen a room like this, sir.”
“Well, it’s all yours, kid,” Ransom tells her with a quick nod, trying not to get hung up on the thoughts of where she must’ve come from, what kind of neglect she had to have endured to be so impressed at a simple bed and dresser. As he glances briefly at the girl’s face, Ransom can see those same bambi eyes from the pictures on his computer earlier, belonging to the poor creature locked in that wretched cellar, clothed in nothing but dirt and blood-
“My PJ’s are in here,” Georgia’s little voice cuts off the man’s morbid train of thought as she crouches down, unzipping the bag and beginning to shuffle through it. Glancing down as she does so, Ransom can see that she’s seriously lacking in possessions of any kind. I’ll have to take her shopping; she needs new clothes, at least. Could probably use some new toys, as well. She seemed to like books... movies, too. Could start an order online and- Shaking his head he cuts himself off. What’s got him so concerned with all this so suddenly? Though he hates to admit it, deep down his biggest urge is to just spoil her with new things. Is that how she’ll get that I like her? Do I like her? New questions begin to swirl through his mind as the child below him pulls out an old white t-shirt with some faded logo on the front and a pair of purple flannel pants.
“These’re all I have,” the shy girl admits sheepishly as she holds the clothes in her hands, gaze fixed on the floor. Ransom nods, feeling bad for embarrassing her even though he’s not sure he could’ve done anything to prevent it.
“That’s okay, we can get you some new stuff tomorrow,” he tells her, not wanting her to question whether or not he’ll be providing for her materialistically. Georgia’s head shoots up at the man’s words, her eyes filled with what almost appears to be alarm.
“N-new? Don’t have any m-money, sir,” the child mumbles warily, causing Ransom’s expression to soften. 
Offering her a tiny smile, he asks, “Now, who said anything about money? That’s something for adults to worry about. And I’ve got plenty to spend on you.” Noticing the faint trembling beginning to rise up through the girl’s body, he continues, “What is it? Don’t you want some new things?”
“Don’t have anything to repay you with,” Georgia replies defeatedly, her eyes drooping in worry. 
“Repay me? I don’t expect you to repay me,” Ransom brushes off the idea. Growing uncomfortable with what the child’s words could mean, he decides to end the conversation, rising to his feet and causing Georgia to wince. “You get dressed while I step outside,” he tells her, only earning a small nod before he exits through the wooden frame, closing the door behind him.
“Jesus,” the flustered man breathes to himself as soon as he’s by himself. Repay him? What on earth with? What was that look on her face; she acted like I might’ve wanted some flesh off her bone! Running a distressed hand over his face, Ransom tries to calm his nerves. Relax, he tells himself. Clearly she’s come from a terrible situation where basic necessities weren’t provided - or at least, maybe not without an unfair price. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. It won’t be that way anymore.
After a few more minutes of silently collecting himself, the door in front of him opens back up to reveal little Georgia, all changed into her pajamas. Ransom’s heart sinks as he notices the marks littering the child’s arms and neck, no wonder why she insisted on keeping her coat on for as long as she could. Noticing the pink and blue toothbrush in her hand, the man asks, “You ready to brush your teeth?” The girl nods.
Ransom leads her to the bathroom next door, switching on the light of the olive-green room and stepping back by the toilet to allow the child to access the sink. “Don’t have toothpaste, sir,” Georgia peeps. 
“Alright, not a problem,” he says as he swings open one of the cupboards under the vanity, digging around through some supplies until he pulls out a new tube. “This stuff’s not made for kids, but I guess for tonight it’ll have to do. It’s just mint, that okay?” Georgia nods, not surprising Ransom in the least with her inability to be picky. “Here,” he says, holding his hand out. The little girl hands him the toothbrush, allowing him to squirt some paste out onto the head and run it under the tap. “You know how to do it by yourself? I’m not sure what age kids learn these things at.”
“Mhmm,” Georgia hums, “can do it all by myself!” Ransom can’t help but soften at the child as she looks up at him proudly, taking the toothbrush from his hand and beginning to work it against her tiny teeth.
“All by yourself, huh? Wow, that’s pretty great,” he agrees, slightly impressed at how his words are completely void of sarcasm. After a few minutes of scrubbing, Georgia stops, prompting Ransom to grab her a paper cup from the dispenser positioned on the wall. The little girl spits out the paste, offering the cup back to the man. “Here, I’ll rinse this off, too,” he says as he takes her brush as well, running it under the water before placing it on the counter and throwing the cup in the trash.
“Alright, jammies on, teeth brushed, anything else you need to do before bed?” Earning a simple shake of the head, Ransom nods, turning off the light as the two head back to the bedroom. Once inside, Georgia hurries over to her bag, pulling out a small quilt that looks to be barely big enough to cover the child’s body, along with a stuffed lamb, the animal’s fur visible well worn and loved. “All set?” Ransom asks, earning a small nod. “Okay, kid. Hop into bed,” he instructs. I wonder if she wants a bedtime story, he thinks to himself.
At the man’s word, Georgia does something that catches him completely off guard. Quickly, without making a sound, the little thing scurries to the corner of the room, laying herself down on her side before draping her quilt over herself. Tucking her lamb under her head, she stills, looking back over at Ransom silently.
Ransom freezes. “Georgia?” he asks, earning a flinch from the girl as her eyes grow wide, her bottom lip beginning to tremble.
Across the room, her soft voice hums, “Hmm?”
Sucking in a deep breath, the heartbroken man asks, “What are you doing?”
Georgia can’t help it as a whimper rises in her throat, her words coming out with a wary tremble. “Going to bed.”
Swallowing dryly, Ransom’s brain buzzes, not sure if he should be more worried or angry. “On the floor? In the corner?” The little girl nods, an almost pleading look plastered on her face. “We- I- that’s not where you sleep. Get up,” he instructs. The imploring look on her face only worsens at Ransom’s words, but Georgia does what he says, rising to her feet shakily as she clutches her blanket in one hand, lamb in the other. Tears well up in her eyes as she fights back sobs. Ransom’s far too stunned to say much of anything useful.
“P-please,” the child’s voice quivers, her fear of begging evident in her eyes. 
“You’re not sleeping on the floor,” the man tells her firmly.
“Please, s-sir,” she tries again.
“Georgia, I said no,” Ransom insists. Chest heaving, Georgia submits to his orders. Head hanging low, the little girl nods, her tears falling freely down her cheeks before dripping onto the carpet below. “Well?” he asks, unable to keep his venomous anger from seeping into his tone. A part of him wishes he could apologize, tell her it’s not her that he’s upset with, but he can’t seem to find the words as the small girl trembles before him, jumping at his command.
Not wanting to anger Ransom any further, Georgia keeps her mouth shut as she makes her next move. To the man’s complete surprise, she turns and walks right past him, straight out the bedroom door. “Georgia,” Ransom says, his voice growing dangerously low as he follows her out. 
The child remains silent as she descends the stairs; Ransom’s too alarmed to say anything other than her name. Georgia trails through the living space as the livid man follows shortly behind her, a million words caught in his throat as he tries to see where she could possibly be going. Turning, Georgia reaches the tall set of sliding glass doors at the entryway of the home. Standing on her tiptoes to switch the locks, she slides the door open, stepping out into the freezing Massachusetts air and turning back to face Ransom.
“Georgia,” Ransom breathes, tears building in his eyes as he watches the girl shake violently from the cold. “What are you doing?” he asks for the second time of the night.
“G-going to bed,” Georgia chokes through sobs, tears and spit covering her face as she shivers uncontrollably. “N-not allowed to sleep on the f-floor. Have to sleep o-outside.”
Squeezing his eyes shut, Ransom does his best to not fall apart at the seams. So many feelings are rushing through him in this moment; it’s hard to focus on anything other than the pounding of his heart in his ears and the terrible ache in his chest. “Georgia,” he states, unable to make his voice as gentle as he knows he should. “Get in here. Now.”
Fumbling for words, the little girl obeys, stepping back inside as Ransom opens his reddened eyes, slamming the door shut and locking it behind her. Turning to face the child, he uses all his strength to hold in his overflowing emotions. Tears slip down from the corners of his eyes as he says her name again. “Georgia.” It’s all he can manage to say.
“S-sleep here? Inside? Please,” the crying girl begs as she lowers herself down onto the scratchy welcome mat and covers herself up with her blanket, easing her head down onto her lamb before looking back up at the man above her.
Unable to fight the child any further on the matter, Ransom surrenders. “Fine,” he says as he turns and leaves the little girl there to cry herself to sleep on the mat, switching off all the lights as he heads for the stairs.
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iconastrology · 4 months ago
So, I decided I waned to start a blog, I wasn’t really sure about what, I just knew I wanted one, so, here I am, trying this thing I’ve never even thought of before. I think I will start introducing myself so here it goes: I’m 13, I live in Argentina so I also speak spanish (for some reason I feel more comfortable communicating in english but if you want, we can talk in spanish), I love reading, I am a huge fan of Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman and a million more actresses I could just go on and on about, but I don’t wanna bore whoever is reading this. I curse a lot, I’m very impulsive, I cry in secret because I am actually ashamed of having feelings, I despice them; I like writing, but I don’t think I’m really good at it. I am an astrology nerd and I live associating people, books, movies, characters with zodiac signs. I love space, the sky, the stars and evetrthing that has to do, not only with astrology, but also astronomy. Since I was like 5, I’ve been a One Direction fan and the obsession everybody thought was a phase has not faded away. I am a feminist, I talk about that a lot and I feel like it’s an extremely important movement. My favorite book authors are Stephen King, Virginia Woolf (who, I just found out, died on my birthday but some 70 years before I was born), John Green, Isabel Allende, Jane Austen and Vladimir Nabokov. My favorite animal is the octopus, I have a giant one painted on the wall behing my bed. My least favorite is the snake, I actually have Ophidiophobia, which is the irrational fear of said animal. I want to travel to Italy and England more than anything, I hope someday I’ll live in Europe. Now, to really talk about me as an astrological individual. I am what people would say, a textbook Aries: Yes, I am the stereotype of my zodiac sign, an impulsive hothead who is also a huge softie on the inside. I get angry easily and I also am extremely agressive, sometimes without meaning to, but I can say I am working on that. I tend to obsess over stuff like books, movies, celebrities and scientific facts a lot which would also mean I am extremely intense. My mind is working constantly, I am doing maths in my head 24/7, for example, right now I am calculating the average of words I’ve written basing on how many there are per line. Some of the words people have frequently used to describe me are: Crazy, smart, violent, kind, funny, nice, obsessive. I always say the phrase “not to brag” and I end up bragging. My favorite zodiac sign is Capricorn and despite my former hate towards Leo, I now find myself loving its qualities; even though I have a least favorite I will not share it because I don’t want to hurt anyone. I keep a journal but not those pretty ones you find on pinterest, it’s just a way to let my messy feelings out. Some of my favorite movies are The dead poets society, Call me by your name, La La Land, Black Swan, The Rocky saga and multiple Disney movies including Tangled, Beauty and The Beast, Mulan, Little mermaid and Hercules. I wish I were a lesbian, but I can’t control my feelings, so for some strange reason I could say I am either straight or still not sure. I keep watching Brooklyn 99 over and over again, it is my favorite show and I feel I shoud say that, unlike many many other people, I hate the TV hit show Friends, I just cannot stand it (I love Monica and Chander tho). I want to meet a Gemini so bad, but I still haven’t so, if you are a Gemini and you are willing to stand me for a little while, please let’s have a conversation. People usually say I have a lot of self esteeme but I atually think that’s a cover for all the horrible things I think about myself. Whenever I find something good abut my own person, a trait I like, I can’t help but highlight it constantly, but I don’t think that tiny bit of self love makes up for all the other self hate. Weirdly, I am not an anxious or depressive person and lately, I have been strangely happy. I love talking, as you may have noticed and I so strongly hope this blog thing will work out. Well, I believe there is not much more to say since I have written a gigantic paragraph full of whatever that is. Nobody follows me but it’s nice to get this all out not only to yourself, with the hope that somebody will read it. Anyway, I still don’t know how to use this app but I suppose there are direct messages or something like that, so, whatever way there is to communicate, mine is aways open.  Ps. I’ll see what I’ll post as we start moving on, I can’t plan shit.
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whitecrowns-blackthrones · 4 months ago
Verses I’ve considered Making but Haven’t made up my Mind Yet
Pretty Tower Princess Ann 『v!PTPA』 Revamp
Tumblr media
Nothing super serious, just a rebooted version of an existing verse, just so it suits the ‘Magical Girl’ theme, seeing as the first one doesn’t suit what the verse tag implies. Which probably means some new fcs & a new plot line
Of course this requires a lot more thinking, considering how difficult reboots around here have been, ex: finishing the new plotline first
Tumblr media
Goddess 『v!Goddess』 Expansion
Tumblr media
An expansion on an existing verse, to include other Chosens & make this more like a godly pantheon, rather then just two goddesses existing on their own. This could be made into a whole different sort of verse in itself, since just the verse as is allows of things like ’divide champions’, priests & priestesses to come & exist.
Tumblr media
The House of 20 Royals 『v!House of 20 Royals』 Inspired by: Barbie & the 12 Dancing Princesses
Tumblr media
At some point I randomly decided to go back & watch a bunch of different movies that I really enjoyed as a child(spoiler alert: a lot of them were Barbie movies & I have no shame in that). This particular one was one of my favorites.
The way it goes is, there is this particular kingdom(for sanity’s sake, let’s just say it’s Camellia for now), who is known for their royal family for being very, very large(due to the 20 royal children[not just daughters exclusive either]), as well as having a wide & strange variety of special abilities. This family, while not completely divided, do get into spats often, as they all wish to be the next king/queen of the kingdom & try to sabotage each other’s chances for that(by assuring that no one gets married, as to be in line for succession requires them to be married). Slowly, these 20 royal children, must get over their differences & disagreences, to over come a common enemy & save their slowly dying father.
For this particular verse, it is recommended that participates are one(or more depending on how many characters you wanna involve) of the 20 royal children, or a servant to the royal family to get the full experience, they can also have a single magical ability of their choosing(if they don’t already have one[they would just have to check it over with me so we can make sure it ain’t op or something]). Many royals from the main world will also be shoved into this verse for the sake of saving myself hours looking for fcs.
Tumblr media
The Princess & the Oblivion Scepter 『v!Oblivion Scepter』 Inspired by: Barbie & the Magic of Pegasus & the existing PTPA story
Tumblr media
Another verse taken from the inspiration from a childhood favorite, as well as twisting an existing story of mine.
The Princess Annalise never knew what life outside the castle walls were like, until one day, she snuck out to see the world for what it was, only to discover a dark secret her family had been hiding from her. Or rather, that she was the secret her family had been trying to keep from someone. Soon after, a curse is cast upon the kingdom & she disappears from her home completely. It’s up to you to find the missing princess & bring her home, as well as break the kingdom’s curse.
For this story, participates can be anyone, from a member of the royal family, to a servant, to a mere commoner, however, you will have a pre-mandated relationship with one character: the Magician of the Royal Court.
Tumblr media
Modern AU 『v!High Schooler』
Tumblr media
Nothing particularly special about this one, just an AU where Ann & Sue are turned into completely normal high school girls. Probably be good for the people who aren’t into all this ‘royalty’ stuff... which appears to be a lot of folks.
Tumblr media
Swapped Chosens 『v!Swapped Chosens』
Tumblr media
Also pretty much what it sounds like, what would happen is Suzanne had been Yang’s Chosen, & Ann would have been Ying’s Chosen. It’s had to say whether or not is their personalities would change to an extremity, though there certainly would be some changes there, & it would definitely require a change in fcs for them both.
Tumblr media
Maid AU『v!Servants』
Tumblr media
Again, one of those things where it is exactly what it sounds like, making Ann & Sue the servants to the royalty in which participates are likely to be the royals/nobles they serve. I guess this could TECHICALLY include a maid café au as well, but that one will only go so far.
Tumblr media
Mermaid AU 『v!Mermaid』 Inspired by: Mermaid Melody
Tumblr media
Stop getting me into fandoms I don’t belong in.
‘The Pure Pearl Voice’ & ‘The Dark Pearl Voice’, both very young & considered to be extremely unusual as far as mermaids go, as they are usually ‘colored’, where as Ann & Sue are simply white & black. It’s unclear why they are not colored, it’s possible this is because they are not fully grown, & thus their powers are not fully grown, or if this is a sign that they are some how stronger then your standard mermaid. The fact they are unable to transform into a human guise would suggest the former.
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stingiez-archive · 4 months ago
Could we have an aftermath for the Mermaid!reader and Prince Gonta? I loved it so muchh....HAVE A NICE DAY/NIGHT!!
Author’s Note: Oh god, you all really want a part 2? Well, who am I to deny such a request! Probably will make a part 3 out of this too! And let this be my Christmas gift to everyone this holiday season!!! ENJOY!
I Wanna Be Where the People Are: A Gonta Gokuhara x Reader Fic (Little Mermaid AU) PART 2
You had to see Prince Gonta again and you would do anything in order to gaze upon the prince one more time. You had to sing to him once more. You didn’t care that your father Jin destroyed your human belongings collection, it didn’t mattered – you would see the prince, no matter what. The sea witch Celestia had offer such the thing you needed to see Prince Gonta; a pair of human legs. Yet, this offer came with a price; the cost of your voice. 
Three days, three days you had to make the prince fall in love with you and receive true love’s kiss. If you succeed, you remain human with Prince Gonta, but if you fail... your soul belongs to Celestia.
“I’ll do it,” you answer the sea witch, as you sign the contact, “Ready when you are, Celestia.”
“Hold still, darling!” she chuckles with an undertone of malevolence, “Now sing for me!”
You begin to sing a sweet melody, one of peace and love.
“Louder!” the sea witch urges you.
“La la luh lah la luh!” you sing louder and louder.
You sing as loud as you can, watching helplessly as the sea witch takes your voice and golden light begins to swirl around you. In a flash, you feel your tail disappear and be replaced with two odd appendages – human legs.
Then the darkness hit you, full force.
“(Y/N)! Oi, fish lips!” the familiar cackle of Miu the seagull snaps you out of your slumber. You blink a few times and notice you’re on shore with Kokichi, Miu, and surprisingly Byakuka watching over you. Kokichi barks to you, “You gave us a real scare, stupid!” while Byakuka adds in annoyance, “Do you have any idea what you have just done!?”
You open your mouth to reply but no words come out, your eyes widen with panic and look for your tail... only to find a pair of human legs instead. You let out a mute shout of glee, leaping to your feet and stumbling about. Miu and Kokichi watch in surprise, as you flop unceremoniously onto the shoreline. Byakuka thens adds with pressed lips, “Maybe you should... get dressed.”
You were so caught up in the excitement of having human legs that you didn’t notice that you were naked!
“Take this, fish lips!” says Miu, grabbing some tarp and covering your body with it. You tie the tarp around your body and make a dress out of it, modeling it to Kokichi and Miu. Kokichi rolls his eyes while Miu cackles at your silliness. Suddenly footsteps could be heard approaching the shoreline, Kokichi swims away and Miu flies off to hide while Byakuka climbs on your shoulder. 
“Hello?” a familiar voice calls out to you, as the form of Prince Gonta approaches. You turn around and look up in awe at the prince, who looks down at you with surprise. His surprise soon morphs into contentment, “Oh! Hello! What are you doing here, miss?”
You try to reply but you remember that Celestia has your voice. Gonta furrow his brow with disappointment, “Have you lost your voice?”
You nod sadly. Gonta gives you a smile and informs you, “Well, that’s alright! Would you mind coming with me? I know someone who can help you!” He offers a large hand to you.
You take his hand, smiling at how warm and calloused it is, and follow Prince Gonta. Soon, the two of you reach a castle and enter inside, the cries of another familiar voice making way to your ears, “Prince Gonta! Where have you run off to this time!?”
“Ah, Shuichi!” Gonta greets the worrywart of an advisor, “Can you fetch the maids for me?”
“Whatever for–” Shuichi cuts himself short at the sight of you, clearing his throat and continuing, “Right away, Prince Gonta.” The advisor scurries off and soon, a handful of maids whisk you off to clean you up. 
A whirlwind of activity occurs and you find yourself all dolled up in a lovely pink dress, much to the maids’ satisfaction. You return to the main hall to find Shuichi waiting for you, nodding in approval at your new look, “Good, good.. much more suited for a lady. Follow me, please - the prince awaits you in the dining room.”
Shuichi leads you into the dining hall where Prince Gonta stands with a smile, happy to see you in clean clothes, “Welcome! Thank you for joining us for an early dinner!”
You nod and give the prince a smile, wishing you could thank him for his hospitality. You take a seat at the grand table and turn to look for Byakuya, finding that he’s missing. Where could Byakuya have gone?
“Please,” Gonta gestures to the spread before you, “Help yourself to an appetizer!”
You look before the strange objects before you when your eyes set on a familiar dohickey. Miu had informed you that this dohickey was used by humans to brush their hair! You pick up the dohickey and begin combing your hair, much to Shuichi’s horror and Gonta’s bewilderment.
“Miss,” answers Shuichi, “The fork is for eating.”
Blushing red, you set the fork down and pick up a new one, digging into an appetizer. Meanwhile, Gonta and Shuichi converse among themselves while you eat your appetizer, “Prince Gonta, are you sure about finding the woman who saved you? I’m eternally grateful for saving you but isn’t marriage a bit... extreme?”
“Not at all!” Gonta chuckles warmly to the advisor, “I fell for her the moment I heard her voice.”
You look up from your appetizer and smile to yourself, all you have to do is tell the prince that you saved him from the wreckage.. if only you could speak. 
Suddenly a crash echoes throughout the dining hall, the castle chef barging out of the kitchen with Byakuya attached to his nose and letting out a stream of French curses. The chef crashes into the dining table and sends the dishes flying everywhere, much to Shuichi’s horror. 
You and Prince Gonta exchange a look before the prince suggests to you, “How about we.. end dinner here?”
You nod in agreement and stand up, hovering about the prince for a bit before grabbing Byakuya from the chef. The small lobster angrily huffs to you, “Never leave me in that man’s presence again!” 
Gonta smiles at you and adds, “The maids will escort you to your room for the night. Tomorrow morning, allow me to take you to explore the town,” his expression softens, “Is that alright with you?”
Your heart skips a beat and you nod rapidly in response, much to Gonta’s joy, “Wonderful! I await for tomorrow eagerly,” the prince takes his leave, leaving you with butterflies in your stomach.
What awaits tomorrow?
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