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#i think theyre just neat
r3ver1e · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ID: An transparent animated gif of a humanoid creature with a long worm-like head, grey skin, and white eyes, smudged with dirt. It’s kneeling and leaning forward, digging intently below it with its claws. /End ID]
excavation in progress... please do not disturb
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toosmallortootall · 17 hours ago
Existential crisis OVER now I'm just thinking about how hot my shoulder dimples are lmaooooooo
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edwardslostalchemy · 22 hours ago
Whenever someone goes through my platonic todo//--//momo tag, I gain like 20 years on my lifespan. Their friendship is great and gives me life.
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trolltango · a day ago
gav makes FOUR midblood ladies i need to work on </3
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mxmaelstrom · a day ago
okay ive figured out how to do those funky little moodboards so ill start doing this for every fic update
the inspo for me to do this was @xyours-eternallyx
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you-said-yes · a day ago
colin being an idiot (affectionate) and chasing a lead by himself but getting in over his head so he calls mare and she shows up at the last second to save him and his heart eyes EXPLODE out of his head
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tapefish · a day ago
Dear mx tapefish your reblogs and posts are like my daily fuel muah 💕
BUT- quick question: fav Fab Four? Or fav DD universe character?
thank u <33 and these two respectively!
Tumblr media
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heavy-lobster · a day ago
sansby (sans and grillby)
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twigglesz · 2 days ago
ok a real ask, which sleepy boi do you think would have the most symbolism(?) stuff that can symbolize them(?) idk like wings, swords, etc...
either mr. philza minecraft or techno
with one of them being hailed as the literal angel of death and the other as the blood god, or at least someone directly connected to it, it’s pretty safe to say they got some interesting imagery going on xD
and i’m all up for it :)
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transarsonist · 2 days ago
Ok hot concept:
Some sort of redwall inspired book series, but at some point in the series the characters must make their way through a strange land.
Human readers might recognize the dissaranged spikes, the screeching towers, and they might even recognize the poem that a strange sect of creatures tells them before they attempt to cross the land.
The creatures forestall them at the border, and try to agress the travelers before it is made clear that they only wish to pass Through, and Quickly.
"this place is a message and part of a gathering of messages, listen well! Remembering and telling this message is important to us. We were taught by a powerful culture."
The strange monks chant in unison
"This is a place of dishonor, no esteemed deeds will be remembered here. Nothing can have value here. All that remains is Dangerous and Repulsive. This message is a warning about that danger"
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magpieve · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s not moomins but bear with me
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vanroesburg · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
a peaceful jon and mog(black cat) for a scene from @lymazhu's fic Away From Prying Eyes for the @podcastbigbang!
please do check it out for hurt jon, soft jmart, and Mog the cat
ID below cut
ID [ Digital drawing of Jonathan Sims sitting down. The room has warm colors. In the background is a window and the sun is shining though. In front of the window are plants hanging from the ceiling. There's a red curtain pulled to the side. In front of the window is a table. On the table is a potted plant, a lamp, and Jon's cane. On the sides of the drawing in the foreground, stacked books of varying colors are visible. In the center right of the drawing is Jon in a plush chair. He's a South Asian man with dark skin. He looks tired but is smiling down at a cat in his lap. He has a beard and long braided black and grey hair. He's wearing a green sweater and has a book in a gloved hand. His pants are dark blue and in his lap is a black cat that he's petting. ] End ID
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