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#i think i’m going back to night mode
eremiie · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
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the-hidden-writer · 8 hours ago
And Into The Fire
Chapter 6: Robo-bonding
Summary: Months after the Mitchells saved the world, Linda gets a phone call asking if she’s seen two defective Pal MAX bots. Powerful people are after Eric and Deborabot 5000, and it’s up to the Mitchells to protect them.
Check reblogs for AO3 link!
Rick usually loved the sound of crickets at night. On camping trips, he’d make it his mission to get his family to sit outside and appreciate them for at least one night. Truly, the aura of peace and serenity they brought was unmatched.
But now, he’d give anything for them to shut up and stop adding to the awkward atmosphere.
It was their first stop after a full day’s worth of driving. The route to Silicon Valley would take at least two days and the Mitchells had decided to break the journey.
Usually they’d stop at a motel for the night, but ever since they’d technically been harboring fugitives that was no longer an option. Or at least that was the case for the moment, since Rick was happy to leave the bots in the car overnight as long as they were both awake and feeling responsible.
His wife and son were currently in the backseat together, curled up closely against one another as they slept. Monchi was snoring away on his back beside them. Rick had quickly pulled out his camera and snagged a quick photo of the heartwarming sight.
They’d put Eric (actually, Deborahbot had since he was much too heavy for any of them to lift) into the trunk. Deborahbot himself had sat in silence next to his robot friend for most of that first stretch of the journey. He’d only spoken when Linda had asked him directly if he was alright, and once again when the family were saying goodnight to each other.
But when it was clear that Deborahbot wasn’t going to sleep (or go into rest-mode or whatever those robots did) when everyone else was, Rick had listened to his inner Linda and asked him to join him in the front.
Even without his wife’s guidance, Rick knew deep down that it wasn’t healthy to not take a break from watching his brother like a hawk.
So that’s where they were. Rick sitting in the driver’s seat, Deborah sitting in the passenger’s seat, and between them only the crickets had something to say.
“So, uh,” Rick eventually began in a low voice, knowing that the android wouldn’t start a conversation himself, “this is all kinda sudden.”
Deborahbot didn’t reply.
“...Right.” Rick was at a genuine loss for words. He’d obviously talked to the bots before, but never really talked to them. They came as a pair and were always sort of doing their own thing. You could guide them and give them instructions and stuff, sure, but they only really got into deep conversations with each other or maybe sometimes Linda. And even then, it was Eric that tended to do most of the talking.
“It must be hard, huh?”
Deborahbot did not lower his voice when he replied. “What do you mean?”
“SHHH!” Rick pointed at his sleeping family.
Deborahbot 5000 hung his head slightly. “Apologies, Mother’s Husband.”
“No no, you’re good.” Rick wished he’d stop calling him that, though he couldn’t think of an alternative.
“But I mean, um…” he continued. “You bots never leave each other’s side. It must be tough with him gone.”
“But he is not gone.” Deborah said. “He is in the trunk.”
Rick sighed. “That’s not what I…”
The problem with robots is that they weren’t great with picking up on subtext. But to be fair, neither were the Mitchell family.
“Still, you’re worried, right? About him? Heck, even I’m worried and I barely know you guys. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. If you do... feel.”
There was a short pause. Rick had never realised that robots needed thinking time. Or maybe it was just a defective robot thing.
“I am worried about us, yes.”
“Aw shoot I totally forgot they’re after you too!” Rick exclaimed quietly. “Have you had any more attacks since, or..?”
Deborahbot turned his head to face forward before answering. As far as Rick could tell, he didn’t have any cameras on the side of his head so the gesture must have just been for dramatic effect. “Not since this morning. Now that my brother is turned off, they can access him without resistance.”
Deborah said it so casually that Rick almost missed the implication of the words.
“Wait, wait wait wait, hold on,” he said as he shuffled to face Deborahbot better, “what does that mean? You mean they can still get to him when he’s like this? They’re, what, doing stuff to him as we speak?”
“Yes.” Deborahbot answered bluntly.
This was bad. All this time, Rick had assumed that the reason Eric was switched off was to stop Pal Labs from hacking him (or whatever the technical term was). But if that just made it easier for them…
“So then why are we even doing this?” He asked, his voice raising a little. “If he’s just gonna get mind-controlled anyway, why are we taking you guys right to them?!”
Deborahbot’s head turned to face him again. “We are going to ask them to stop.” He said it firmly but there was an edge of doubt creeping into his voice.
“But that was to stop them before they took over Eric, wasn’t it? What if they can’t change back what they’ve already done or something? It might already be too late- I don’t know how this works!”
“Wh-What if…” Deborahbot’s voice was barely audible.
“Yeah, man, what if?!” Rick whispered angrily. “You should’ve thought about this beforehand! We should’ve thought about it before we went along with this spontaneous plan!”
“What if…”
It was then that Rick realised what he’d said and who he’d said it to.
“Oh, Deborah, I-”
“What if they delete his memory?” Deborahbot started to speak faster. “What if they reset him? What if they fix him? What if they break him completely? What if-”
This was a mistake. Rick shouldn’t have brought it up, or at least not in front of the poor android. The two were like twins, practically joined at the hip, and were so childish at times that catastrophizing in front of one of them regarding the other was probably the worst thing he could've done. Even though his own concerns about Eric were very real and genuine, Deborahbot didn’t need to hear them.
It had taken 18 years to start getting things right with Katie. He wanted to have another chance to get it right with the bots.
“Listen, that’s not what’s happening.” Rick said, putting a lot of effort into sounding as convincing as possible. “They probably just want you guys back. But once we get there and show ‘em you’re harmless, they’ll let you go! Don’t listen to what I said, you know how I get angry for no reason, haha.”
Deborahbot seemed to think it over. Sometimes, Rick wished that they had proper faces so that he could gauge their expressions properly. It would make his life a lot easier.
At some point during that conversation, the crickets had stopped chirping. He hadn’t even noticed.
“...Do you really think so, Mother’s Husband?”
Rick smiled reassuringly. “‘Course I do, Deb.”
They sat in silence for a few minutes. Rick sincerely hoped that he’d mended the pit of fear he’d opened within Deborahbot. It was funny, the rift that had once been between him and Katie was caused by technology. Now he was trying to fix a rift with a piece of technology itself.
Deborahbot seemed content to just sit in silence like that for the rest of the night, but Rick wanted to get some sleep.
He nodded toward the trunk. “Hey, you might wanna get some rest. Don’t stay up all night thinking about this.”
“Ah ah, no buts.” Rick waggled his finger. “That’s an order.”
Dangit, for a moment there it had felt so much like he was talking to another human being that he’d completely forgotten to mind his language. He didn’t want it to seem like he was forcing him.
Deborahbot had already opened the door to move back into the trunk with Eric. "Goodnight, Mother's Husband."
“Deborah! Before you go-” Deborah stopped mid-motion to listen to him- “maybe cut it out with the whole ‘Mother’s Husband’ thing.”
Rick couldn’t believe he was about to do this. It was a step that Linda wanted him to take but he’d never quite felt ready for. But the bots needed family now more than ever, and who else was going to give it to them?
“Just call me ‘Dad’.”
Deborahbot cocked his head for a second (long enough for Rick to consider backtracking) before he exited the car and stood up straight.
“Goodnight, Dad.”
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neferkheperure-waenre · 14 hours ago
I think I’m alright where I am. I’m obsequious to gratitude now. It tends to make the mundane much more copacetic. Before I leave my bed, I can list a lot that we are grateful for; fills me with a mutable joie de vivre. But it also feels like a petit mort ya know? Thanking something for it all. Tuning in to that vibration. Bouncing back to the universe. What if this is co-creation, but subconsciously? I.e,
us: thank you for all of this
Universe: oh, you like this? I’ll give you more. Just keep being thankful for what you already have.
Us: okay! -throws more sincere thank you‘s like they’re dollar bills being thrown in a strip club-
Universe: here’s more!
Dark nights of a soul aren’t always so dark too. Sometimes it feels like letting go of a belief when you’re zapped by brilliant intuitive flashes. Like shedding a skin from a particular part of your body. Inner or outer.
I’m remembering a particular past life too. As in I can physically go there, feel things and see exactly what I need to. I’m reliving those circumstances in this one. My veil of forgetfulness is partly down. Which is nice but slightly terrifying because...cus I recollect what I did. And why I did it and maybe I’ll expand on this as the days go on.
My spirit guides and higher self are a bit louder too. They tend to make use of snapshots of images, brief flashes of light in my periphery. There’s a peculiar mode they use which is now my go to, to truly know or hear. if you’ve ever ever held Moldavite, the Crystal, it feels like a warm, semi-invasive Naga creeping up your arm, then uncoiling around the heart. Sometimes the knowing feels like this.
I don’t know what my point is. But it sounds like this: Gratitude may be the secret to everything. The key of keys. The gateway into samadhi. The ecstasy in enlightenment before you gotta go and do the laundry. Gratitude is the philosopher’s stone. It can transmute anything into light. It changes you. All your subtle bodies. Turn your bad days, years, decades into great, exhilarating ones. It transmutes. And once you master this, along with whatever form of spiritual practice you deify, everything tastes like pure nectar. I suppose if you’re willing to metaphorically drink/eat from the tree of life, do just that. See what fruit bears.
ankhu djet e
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wastehound-voof · 21 hours ago
1, 12, 17, 21.
1. what’s your favorite way to dress? 
Jeans, shitty graphic t-shirt (I have way too many), sneakers. Add hoodie. Killing it on easy mode.
12. is there someone you have mixed feelings towards? 
Of course. That is a very human trait. For me, it’s mostly co-workers. I could get along with them, but I hear some shit that they said about me and I’m just done. But, gotta work with them.
There’s really no one on this site that I can think of though. 
While I’m on the subject of having mixed feelings towards someone, I think it is way too often that people will stop being friends with someone simply because that person doesn’t agree with every view they have. It’s really weird. Of course you’re not going to agree 100% with someone else, but if you actually like the person are you really going to throw them away because you believe or like different things? Nonsense. Anyway, I digress.
17. what form of government do you like the most? (capitalism, socialism, etc.)
Not communism or socialism. I wouldn’t say I “like” a form of government; it is what it is. I do believe, however, that capitalism is the best we got, even though it is, of course, flawed.
If you’re mad about that last answer, reread number 12.
21. is there a song you can’t handle listening to, even though you like it? 
Yes. There are a couple songs that will make me cry. Incidentally the two that I can think of right now are both sung by Nina Simone: Strange Fruit and The Desperate Ones. While the subject matter of both songs are gut wrenching, her voice takes it to another level — I recall someone saying that Nina Simone kills you and then brings you back to life, and I couldn’t agree more. She is honestly one of the greatest singers to have lived.
There was also a long period of time where I couldn’t listen to Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come, because it had once stopped me from killing myself and thus reminded me of that terrible time in my life. It still makes me cry... I am grateful it played that night.
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mrsren · a day ago
Hi!! What does your writing routine look like? Do you write with or without music? What is something you like to do for each of your stories (outlines, character blurbs, etc)?
Over a year ago, my hobby of writing took up my life 24/7. I’ve since set some boundaries for myself and my habits look a lot different now. So while no one routine fits all, here’s how I manage my writing. 
I don’t set word count goals anymore. 
I had heard people say they didn’t, and I just could not let go of my tracker, or goals. Then I realized how it was draining me, and since I picked it back up, I didn’t set a real goal. I put a number there of what would be nice to do, and then found I surpassed it by just enjoying myself. 
In my mind, goals have always been more of a I better hit this or I will have failed type of mentality. So goals just aren’t for me. 
I tend to write with music. When I was sprinting in groups or with other fic writers, sometimes I got the surprised reactions. I’ve been asked how I write so quickly. Here’s what I do and it’s not for the faint of heart. Step one is the listen to music that is fast. Personally, I listen to Eminem. I tend to type as fast as the words. Step two, I use the most dangerous writing app and set the timer to three minutes (because I’m a chicken) and if you stop writing, it will delete everything. 
I wrote three thousand words in 30 minutes just my muscle memory alone. It’s an excellent way for me to spit out rough drafts. The three thousand words I wrote was for Wanderlust, in the chapter where Hermione goes on a road trip with Pansy, Luna, and Ginny. 
I always outline first. I write oneshots by accident because I always tend to want to write longer things. Outlining is different for everyone, but my first outline is always written by hand. I have found the ideas flow better for me when I’m putting pen to paper. I finished an outline last week and started another last night. 
Outlining for me is structured like this on the page. (usually) 
What are the core conflicts? 
What are the cause and effect of these conflicts? 
How do these characters know each other now versus the past. So, this part is where I put down minor things. Like events in the past, inside jokes, small details that you don’t have to tell a reader, but they will bleed in naturally if you know them. 
From there, I start to tell myself the story. I tend to go in chronological order (or what I think it may be) but I almost ALWAYS end up rearranging plot elements, So, it’s one building block on top of another for me. And I keep going up, trying to make it more stable as I do or it will all fall down. 
After, I type it. I don’t think I’ve ever had an outline under five thousand words. The one for Kismet is 10k (which that story is now hidden because it has not been updated and is potentially facing a rewrite). When I type it, it helps me remember the story. 
Then I share it with someone who helps me storyboard. We usually call each other, arrange the plot, and create what I think of as the final outline. 
Scrivener is what comes next. I break up the bullet points of an outline and form them into scenes. Each scene has a card, and when I’m writing in full screen mode, all I can see is my words and the scene card. 
I don’t tend to do character blurbs but did use them for Hogwarts: Summer Camp. And this was super long but I love hearing about other writing routines and also talking about myself. 
Here is a mild example of an outline. This one was for Fortuitous. If you’ve read the story, you might see how these are the bones for what was actually published. Thanks for asking me things!
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xgiannax · a day ago
i love your stories so much! 😊 nobody else really writes mha x reader ticklefics :<
i was wondering if you'd be willing to write one with dabi? 👉👈
no particular scenario :3
This is the best thing because I’m such a Dabi simp😭 I feel like I write ab Bakugou the most but I’m literally in love with Dabi so yes absolutely here ya go lol (there a little bit of angst)
You turned off the light in the bathroom, griping your towel around you and shuffling into your bedroom. Your eyes flickered over to the clock and the later it got the more worried you became, after picking up your phone and seeing no text or anything from Dabi your mind started to race. Every day at 1:30 am, he would sneak into your house for the night. If he was late he’d usually text you or something, it’s now 9 am. Nothing. Because he is a villain and he knows how dangerous it is, he hates when you worry about him so he would never just forget to tell you that he’d be late. You slipped into some shorts and an oversized t-shirt, not bothering with anything else since you had nothing to do today.
“Where the fuck are you?” You mumbled plopping down on your bed clutching your phone in your hand, a loud thump coming from somewhere in your house made your head whip in the direction of your closed bedroom door. Immediately your mind raced to all the worst explanations as to what it could be, none of those explanations made you eager to investigate though.
“Nope. I refuse” you mumbled finally, that’s how people die in- thump
“No. Nope, no ma’am” You panicked quietly as you scrambled around your room to find the baseball bat Dabi insisted you keep, behind you the bedroom door ripped open and you screamed in surprise wasting no time whipping the bat as you turned around
“What the fuck-damn y/n it’s me!” Dabi ducked, quickly jumping forward to grab you in his arms
“Hey! Will you open your eyes?!” You paused finally looking up into his intense blue eyes, you breathed out a sigh of relief letting your arms drop “Damn. At least I know you won’t go down without a fight” he mumbled chuckling a little
“Oh, Dabi-Dabi” You repeated his name again, your sigh of relief turning into a glare. He quirked up an eyebrow a slightly worried expression flashed across his features for a second
“Yeah? You’re fine now can I have the bat-no? Okay-“ you stepped back out of his reach in full on glare mode now
“Where the hell were you??” He crossed his arms sighing
“What do you mean?” He said, and your mouth dropped open only slightly.
“You didn’t call or text or anything, I’ve been here worried somebody took you out or something like that. I don’t care if you decided you didn’t want to come over at least let me know you’re alive Dabi” he scoffed a little raising an eyebrow
“So you want me to check in? Like you’re my mom? You’re not, so I don’t have to. And you really think someone could take me out. Use your fucking head next time maybe?” he leaned down for a kiss, his face inching toward yours
“Fuck off, don’t talk to me like that you ass” You palmed his face pushing it away and he let out a muffled noise of surprise that if you weren’t so annoyed with him, would’ve made you laugh. You dropped the bat in its place beside the bed and padded around him with crossed arms, of course he followed you hot on your heels
“So no good morning kiss?” He asked following you into the living room. He sat on the couch and You scooted away from him, crossing your arms.
“You’re really going to treat me like this?”
“Treat you like what-“ you whipped around to face him, pausing when you saw the shit eating smirk on his face. He’d made you talk, you internally face palmed for not even lasting 5 minutes. You groaned getting to your feet and storming into the kitchen, again he followed much to your dismay
“You can’t ignore me for much longer, baby” he said lowly. You ignored him pulling down a glass to get some water, making him frown at you back. Dabi pressed his chest again your back, putting his hands on the counter in front of you to trap you. “You look really good in my shirt right now, y/n” the way your name rolled off his tongue so close to your ear made your face hot, and you quickly lifted to glass to drink so he wouldn’t see your flustered expression. Dabi smirked knowing your were trying your hardest to ignore him and slowly failing
“You know you never last long when you give me the silent treatment baby, just give it up and talk to me.”
He teased moving from kissing your cheek to your neck, making you instantly scrunch up your shoulders like he thought you would. He moved to wrap one of his arms around your waist keeping you from running
“Huh? Did you just giggle, y/n? What’s funny?” He nuzzled your neck and you squeaked nearly dropping your water
“Mohohove” You sneered pulling at his hair, he laughed at your weak attempts to get him off you
“Harder, y/n” he mumbled and you let his hair go completely flustered and not able to hide it now
“Gohoho away-AHHAH!” Dabi blew a loud raspberry in the side of your neck and you couldn’t hold back the laughs that escaped you, struggling harder and soon escaping his grip to run away
“Dabi stop! I’m trying to be mad at you right now leave me alone!” You shouted over your shoulder, slipping over the back of the couch to put distance between you two
“All you have to do is accept my apology and I’ll leave you alone, kitten” he said smugly slowly trying to inch toward you without you noticing
“First off, no you won’t you’re lying and second you didn’t even apologize” you squinted at him
“Fine. I’m sorry” he said rolling his eyes
“Whatever” you dismissed, waving your hand at him. He raised his eyebrows, giving you a warning look
“Oh yeah?” You screamed as he rounded the couch so quick you didn’t have time to run and was instantly thrown over his shoulder
“Should’ve just accepted my apology, now I have to take drastic measures” the playfulness in his raspy voice quickly eased the tension between you two, of course you accepted his apology but you couldn’t tell him that you forgave him that easy!
“Dabi Im not kidding, leave me alone!” You tried to sound serious, but failed miserably when he dropped you on your back on the bed
“You’re not kidding, huh?”
“No! I’m seriouHAHAHAHS STAHP!” Your hands shot down to try to grab his wrists, but his hands jumped from your hips to your thighs too quick for you to catch
“Mm I don’t know babe you don’t seem so serious-“
“FUHUHCK OHOOFF!” You screamed clamping your arms to your sides when he dug his hands into your under arms, he smirked down at you
“We wouldn’t be here if you would just accept my apology-“
“OKAY OKAY I ACCEPT IT!” Dabi pulled his hands away, laughing and trapping you underneath him. He grabbed the front of the shirt you were wearing pulling it to turn you on your back so he could kiss you, you kissed back realizing that you missed not having him home with you last night. He pulled away rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly
“Seriously though, I guess I am sorry for talking to you that way. I had a long night and the only time I’m able to sleep is when I’m laying next to you so-I was just tired and irritated”
“It’s okay I forgive you. Also, can’t believe you’re actually apologizing to me this adorable” he rolled his eyes plopping beside you on the bed
“Shut up”
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safertokiss · a day ago
Letting Loose, Hanging Tight
Tumblr media
A/N: Hola muchachos what’s poppin? I’ll tell ya what’s’s another fic swap! Hooray! This time around I’m writing for the coolio @vellichor01​ and unfortunately my brain only functions on sub spencer mode currently so here we are with another baby gem. Season ½ boy is a national treasure and I don’t wanna hear anyone arguing with me because you will lose and you’ll be embarrassed for life no cap. Ok that is all. Woohoo.
Category: SMUT and cute shit too
Word Count: 2.8k
“Ugh, not again!”
A distinct gurgling sound could be heard coming from the break room, accompanied by that of small hands hitting plastic. 
“Woah there, tiger. Why don’t we step back and take a deep breath, yeah?”, Prentiss chuckled after walking in on Y/n presumably battling with the coffee machine. 
Groaning under her breath, the young woman placed her palms on the countertop, breathing heavily through her nose, unable to stop herself from laughing a little. 
“Sorry Em, I was just already having a bad day and then this stupid machine decided to stop working again. I will admit I was overreacting a bit”, she chuckled, still slightly out of breath from her quarrel with the cheap machinery. 
“Don’t sweat it, here just take mine. I definitely do not need anymore caffeine today, that’s for sure.”
“God Em you’re a lifesaver...a goddess among earth!”
“Yeah yeah, enough with the flattery they’re looking for us and we mustn’t keep Reid waiting. You know how excited he gets when it’s time to review a new case, plenty of opportunities to interrupt JJ and tell us something new.”, she teased with a slight smirk on her face. 
“Indeed I do”, she chuckled, accepting the outstretched coffee before following the older woman out of the room. 
She really hadn’t been lying when she told Emily that her day had been had been. Not only had she been up all night, occupied by not so innocent thoughts of a certain young doctor, but she had also unintentionally slept in because of her exhaustion, resulting in her practically running to get to the Bureau, forgoing her usual morning coffee shop visit on the way. 
While at first Y/n maybe felt a little bit guilty for thinking about him while she satisfied her needs, she certainly had outgrown the shame. Sure, it was probably a little fucked up to be thinking about Spencer that way without them having any real romantic relationship, she often thought to herself, but he had always acted more shy than usual around her and she certainly never shied away from flirting here and there with the good doctor. 
So harm done. 
“Ahhh look who it is. The women of the hour”, Morgan drawled, smirking playfully as they walked into the room, his words snapping the rails of Y/n’s risky train of thought. Her teasing glare didn’t go unnoticed by the other agent, a slight chuckle escaping his lips. 
Lowering herself into the seat directly in front of her, she pushed away her previous irritations and prepared to give her full attention to the case at hand. However, while JJ was finishing setting up the projector and board, Y/n caught the gaze of a certain young man across the table. 
She could tell he had been a bit embarrassed from being caught staring as he immediately turned red and whipped his head back down to the case files on the table in front of him, that is before seemingly realizing how the action in itself was even more suspicious than the initial staring, slowly lifting his gaze to meet hers once again.
Openily amused about the predicament she had found herself in, but feeling sympathy for him nonetheless, Y/n just gave him a small wave and grin, mouthing the words “good morning”. 
She could see the relief flooding his features after he realized she wasn’t going to call him out for staring, an equally matched smile reaching his lips as he returned the kind gesture before clearing his throat and turning towards the front of the room where JJ had just begun her spiel.
Y/n tried her best to focus on whoever was speaking at any given time, letting the details of the case wash over her, hoping her brain retained them for later when they were actually important. She was present enough to hear the basics, however, the bodies of prostitutes and homeless people had been dumped and discovered throughout the alleyways of New York City, just another Sunday walk in the park. 
Her mind was still elsewhere even as she boarded the jet, completely oblivious to the longing puppy dog eyes she was receiving from a certain member of the team. 
The case hadn’t been that terrible...well as good as a murder investigation could be in retrospect. They had been able to apprehend the unsub fairly quickly, mainly because of Garcia’s geniusness, but what else is new? 
Unfortunately for Y/n, her mind was still in shambles. Especially after seeing Spencer talk down the unsub before anyone else could get hurt.
She was so proud of him. She knew that it wasn’t always easy for him to step out of his comfort zone and take control of a situation, but he had really outdone himself and saved the day like a true knight in shining armor. It was refreshing to see the kid have self confidence. 
It was sexy.
But of course those weren’t the exact words she used as they walked through the doors to the bureau, aiming to speedily finish their paperwork. She didn’t want to give him a heart attack.
“Hey Spence! Wait up!”, she called, wanting to properly praise the boy genius’s work. Her words must’ve caught him by surprise because his body visibly jolted, cautiously pivoting towards the sound, a meek smile on his face.
“Oh h-hey Y/n. What’s up?” 
“Nothing much, just wanted to let you know how proud I was of you back there. That took some real guts and we definitely couldn’t have done it without you pretty boy.”, she gushed with a warm smile adorning her lips.
Spencer, on the other hand, had never turned red faster. He couldn’t stop the flush from taking over his features, letting basically the entire world know just how affected he was by some stupid words of kindness. But in his defense, the prettiest girl he had ever laid eyes on had just uttered them. He just wasn’t used to it...but he really wanted to be.
Watching him crumble at the very seams was endearing, and of course entertaining, for Y/n. It was encouraging to know that he could be so affected by her words, but at the same time it made her sad that he seemed so shocked by her adoration. The poor boy just wanted some praise...which was always a good thing to know.
“Th-thank you Y/n, that really means a lot, more than you know really.”, he muttered bashfully.
“Of course. Anytime Spence, you deser-”
“Hey! Pretty boy! Pretty girl! We decided we deserve a little fun tonight to celebrate! You guys in?”
Looking away from Morgan, Y/n glanced at the flushed man beside her, eyes still a bit wide.
“What do you say, pretty boy? I’ll go if you go?”
“O-okay.”, he gulped, a bit apprehensive as to where the night was going to take him.
She grinned at his meek response, eager to see where the night was going to take her. 
“Yeah! Count us in!”
About an hour or so later after running home real quick to change, the majority of the team, minus Hotch and Rossi who had complained about being too tired to get fucked up, had infiltrated one of the local bars, desperate for a reprieve from the everyday stress that came with a job like theirs. 
However, while pretty much everyone was out on the dance floor letting loose, a certain someone was looking on from the corner booth, more wound up than he had ever been before. 
He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She looked sinful. Donned in an all black get up, the pumps and fishnets an added bonus, he had never seen someone more beautiful in his entire life. 
So there he sat staring. Watching the way her hips swayed to the rhythm of the music that was pumping out of the speakers, his insides heating up at the sight. Watching the way a couple droplets of moisture beaded on her hairline before getting the honor of cascading down her glistening skin, his pants tightening involuntarily at the tantalizing vision. Watching the way she pivoted her body slightly, making direct eye contact with his trembling form, a grin creeping immediately on to her face.
Watching the way she was now stalking towards him, eye contact unwavering. 
Looking up at her with wide eyes, he gulped, unable to find the strength to cover up the problem in his pants, too distracted by the goddess of a woman who had just plopped herself down in his lap, arms curling upwards to wrap around his neck. 
He could feel her warm breath tickling his ear and was sure that she could feel just how much he was trembling underneath her frame. 
“Hey there, Spence. I couldn’t help but notice your staring all night. See something you like?”, she giggled, teasingly rotating her hips around and making him squeak. 
“I-I um...h-hi.”, he whimpered, the friction of her moving hips making contact with his arousal,  rendering his brain useless as he tried to process whether or not it was actually happening. Without even sparing a second thought, his hands darted out to grasp on to her hips, successfully tethering her figure to his, quickly realizing he wasn’t really ready to ever let her leave.
“Mmmmm yeah, that’s what I thought handsome. Do you wanna get out of here baby boy? Hmmm?”
Yeah he most certainly was not expecting her to call him that based on the low whine that escaped his lips as he bucked his hips upward, frantically nodding his head.
“Y-yes please.”
Only giving a sly smirk in return, Y/n bounced off of his lap and grabbed his hand, effectively pulling the young doctor to his feet with a yelp, and through the bustling crowd to the building’s exit. The burst of cool air that collided with their skin after stepping outside was delightful, only heightening their senses and the goosebumps that had without a doubt already formed on both of their skin. 
“Ok Spence, here’s the deal.”, she spoke, caressing his cheeks softly as his blown out pupils danced all over her face. “See that car over there?”, she questioned, turning his face slightly so the car she was referring to was in his direct line of sight. After seeing him clearly nod his head in agreement, she relayed her plan. 
“ I want you to climb into the back seat. Can you do that for me?”
Nervous eyes flashed between the automobile and Y/n’s beautiful face. “Y-yes. I can do that.”
The grin that immediately spanned her face made the poor boy weak in the knees, a condition made even worse by the praise that followed without a hitch.
“Such a good boy for me.”
To say he practically ran to the car door would be an understatement, his excitement and arousal almost palpable throughout the cool night air, eager to please and make her proud of him once again. Spencer was able to successfully situate himself on the middle seat before she also joined him, immediately mounting his lanky frame and straddling his cute, little hips.
Not even a second had passed before he had launched forward, sloppily attaching their lips together in a combination of saliva and passion, the longing between the two evident as ever as his little moans filled the small space they currently occupied. 
Pulling back from the kiss, Y/n once again caressed his face, admiring the flushed and shivering boy below her. “Hi.”, she giggled, leaning forward to press a light kiss to the tip of his nose.
“H-hi.”, he shakily responded, a wide grin adorning his features from the blatant shock and excitement still coursing through his veins at full force. Unable to help himself, he leaned closer to her, nuzzling his face into her neck like a little puppy would to its owner. 
“Someone’s eager, hmmm?”, she chuckled. “Do you wanna be my good boy, Spence? Do you wanna make me proud?”, she whispered as she reached down to pull her own shirt off, exposing her bare chest to the fine specimen before her.
“Y-yes. More than a-anything. Please Y/n.”, he whimpered, desperate for any attention she was willing to give him.
“Well how could I say no when you asked so nicely?”, she smirked before leaning forward once more, reconnecting their lips as her hands rapidly unbuttoned his dress shirt and successfully unzipped his slacks, encouraging him to lift his hips so she could pull them down, along with his boxers. Her jack went slack when his excitement sprung loose.
“What? W-what is it? I-Is something wrong?”, he nervously questioned, confused by her silence and apparent shock.
“Oh’re such a beautiful boy.”, she breathily exclaimed while grasping his cock in her small hands, eliciting the most beautiful whine she had ever heard as she slowly began pumping it up and down. Taking a break to work on her own bottoms, Spencer breathed heavily, eagerly anticipating the moment when they would finally be joined. 
Both at last bared to each other, the finality of the situation settled throughout the inside of the car, the sounds of heavy breathing the only thing audible.
“Are you sure, Spence? You ready?”, she questioned, giving him one more chase to back out if he wasn’t completely on board with the situation. 
“Yes. P-please Y/n, please.”
Getting the final go-ahead she needed to feel confident, Y/n raised herself up so she was hovering over his cock, taking her time slowly lowering herself until she was all the way seated on top of him. 
“Oh god, Y/n. I-it feels so, so good.”, he moaned, overwhelmed by the sensations her body was eliciting from his own. 
Encouraged by the raw moans that were escaping his mouth and enticed by the way his eyes were rolling back into his head, Y/n increased her pace, now bouncing wildly on his lap, unable to contain her own excitement, throwing her head back as her hands tangled into the roots of hair. 
“Oh you’re such a good boy, Spence. Such a good boy. You just wanna be loved don’t you? Just wanna be appreciated, huh? Oh baby boy you’re so perfect inside and out. Such a sweetheart.”
Her words threw him into a hurricane of emotions. He didn’t understand how she was able to know exactly what to say to make him feel so complete and happy. She was perfect for him, made just for him. On top of the praise that was surging through his veins, the pleasure from her wild movements was driving him insane, pushing him to enable all of his restraint so he didn’t explode too soon. Which was proving to be a huge problem for him.
“Y/n I-I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. I’m kind of losing control of my body at the moment.”, he shakily chuckled as the pleasure built up at an even greater rate within himself. 
Delighted with his reactions and truthful words, she reached between them, speedily rubbing circles around her clit, desperate to make them cum together. 
“It’s okay sweet boy, it’s okay. I want you to cum for me. You’ve been so good for me Spence. Please cum for me.”, she exclaimed, her hips moving out of control.
That was about as much as his body could handle, almost instantly clamming up and feeling the band snap within him, the pleasure skyrocketing throughout his veins and making him squeak out her name as he finished deep inside of her.
“That’s it Spence.”, she praised as she reached her own end. ‘So good for me, so good.” 
She couldn’t take her eyes off of him as they both sat panting in the car, bodies leaning against each other to catch their breath, utterly spent after their somewhat spontaneous adventure. The sated grin on his face eased the guilt that had creeped up on her and reassured her that he wanted it just as much as she had. Slightly worried that she was crushing him, however, she began to get up from his lap before his slender finger dug into her hips, holding her in place.
“Don’t move...p-please...let me stay inside of y-you.”, he begged, nervous to break the spell that had been placed on the two of them, unaware of how much the words warmed her heart.
“Don’t worry, Spence. I’m not going anywhere.”
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Tumblr media
Hey hey! I had a little better day today. Still didn't sleep, woke up in a panic and then felt worthless all day. But my parents picked me up for dinner and I feel a bit better after I got out for a few. I'm watching some Ink Master with them before I go back to my nightmare so I thought I'd take this opportunity to write when I'm not around my husband. We are going to talk about about what my brother AJ did my senior year.
My brother AJ is a funny, loving, energetic, lights up the room when he walks in kind of person. From the outside looking in, he would seem like he was one of the happiest people. When they may be true at times, my brother also suffers from depression. During my senior year, his relationship with his girlfriend of 4 years ended because she cheated on him. He was struggling with that, the way we grew up with my dad and the rest of my family and community thinking AJ was a terrible kid. He wasn't a bad kid at all he just had a lot of energy and his brain made it hard for him to focus. My brother was always the class clown or the person that would be making everyone laugh. He's always been a comedian and such a good story teller. So when he was going through all of that we knew he was having a hard time but always thought with time he'd heal. 3 days after I graduated I got the worst phone call of my life.
My brothers girlfriend called me saying he was saying all of this really scary things and that he was talking about killing himself. She hadn't been able to get ahold of him for over a half hour and couldn't get ahold of my mom either. So I called my mom and told her what was going on. I could tell right away she was worried since she said AJ asked her to run down to the store for stuff he needed. She was 20 minutes from home so she left her cart and sped home. I got a call about 25 minutes later saying AJ had tried to commit suicide by taking a whole bunch of pills and that he was being rushed to the hospital for an overdose. I was 45 minutes out of town at my best friend, Faith's house and about an hour from the hospital. I immediately grabbed my keys and Faith and I got into the car. I was going about 100 mph the entire way. It was the only time that I have ever driven that fast. At this point I wasn't crying yet, I was just trying to get to my brother as fast as I could. Once I walked through the hospital doors and saw the entire family in the waiting room I collapsed to my knees and started crying. Just seeing them there kind of made it all real for me. My brother had really tried killing himself. I almost lost my brother. I just couldn't believe it. It was touch and go with him for a bit. But by the next night he made it out of the woods enough for us to go see him. It was the worst condition I've seen my brother in. He was so drugged up from the medication that they had to handcuff him to the bed because he kept trying to pull his catheter out and was really combative with the nurses and doctors. When he would come to, he was confused and scared so he was in a fight mode. He was in that condition for about a week. Once the medication he took wore off and he was very apologetic and regretful of what he did. I never once blamed him or was mad at him for what he did. I have always been mad at and blame myself because I didn't see it. I wasn't there for him.
I wanted him to have a welcome home gift so that was he knew he had support and people that loved him. I posted a post on Facebook asking everyone that knew and cared for my brother to meet me before school to get a picture of all of them holding a sign saying "We love AJ" and "We are here for you". I got them printed out and had everyone write a message on a sign for him. I had that and a few things he was interested in at the time waiting for him on his bed. He was always there for me growing up. Acting more like a big brother than my little brother. I appreciate him so much for everything he has done that this was my chance to be there for him. To this day it is one of the things that I'm most proud of. I hope he can hold on to that feeling of support forever. The world would definitely be a dimmer place without him. I'm so thankful he wasn't taken from us that day and we had the opportunity to show him that we could be there for him no matter what.
Alright, I think that's enough for today. I'm getting hungry and kind of want to play a bit. I'll explain what playing means a bit later. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.
Signing off with love,
<3 Ellie
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Finally Closed Yesterday! 2 Months of Hell Over! The Next Questions to Come/ Recommendations~
Hello, so, My first time Home buying story is that my husband and I finally decided to go house hunting in another state and after several houses falling through, we finally decided to take the risk of bidding the highest offer on a home we loved. And we won the bidding war.! This was all in March. We were chosen on March 12th. Anyway, we immediately booked the inspection and everything was perfect, came back clean, the loan was going very smoothly, it felt wonderful and I was full of confidence! The lender kept telling us that we didn't have any red flags. We should be approved for the loan in no time. PERFECT!
Until about 5 days before the closing date, they asked for more information regarding a discrepancy in my husband's Employment Verification YTD and his paystub YTD earnings. One was much higher than the other and my husband's company did not want to waste their time figuring out why. Our original closing date was supposed to be April 27th. After this, many other issues occurred and my husband's company did not want to help. So we could not get the appropriate letters needed for the underwriter to approve the loan and things began changing DRASTICALLY. To the point that they could only approve a partial loan because they could only approve an average of my husband's earnings. They wanted us to pay a 50% downpayment on a $300,000 home. 0-0. And they wanted us to decide that night if we could do it. By this time, we had extended the contract at least twice. After thoroughly discussing with our parents our decision, we decided we were already so far, and we had the money for that amount and would still be able to pay the monthly fees as well. We also can see ourselves living there for the rest of our lives. Having kids, a great neighborhood, and great schools. We figured this sacrifice would be worth it. We are all in. We say yes. Okay, the closing date is moved one more. the night before closing, the lender reaches out to me and says we have to liquidate our stocks and have all the money in the accounts by tomorrow... I'm back to terror mode because there is no way the money will be in our account that quickly, why would they even think that? Anyway, because of this, we yet again have to move the closing date. Finally, it is moved to May 12th. All the money finally gets to our accounts, we signed our papers with a mobile notary and everything arrived in time. We CLOSED!!!! We received our keys in the mail this afternoon! It really feels like such an achievement after this roller coast! (My typed words definitely don't describe how much things changed or drastically, I cried one minute, smiled the next, screamed, and cried another time. It was definitely a roller coaster, all in a manner of 2 weeks haha.
So, here come the questions. We are going to move in slowly as soon as we properly get jobs in the state that our home is in. I have prepared lawn care and other security measures, but one thing that I have thought about is, should I turn on the utilities of the house, or wait until I move down there to do so. I have multiple mixed reviews. On one side, my husband kind of wants to leave them off, thinking why should we pay those while we are not living there. Our realtor mentioned that we should at least pay for the electricity, and she offered to turn the AC on to 78 degrees just to keep the home cool and climate. There is no refrigerator or washer/dryer hooked up, so they won't be running. The final thought from my father was to turn on all water, gas, and electricity because it might cost a fee to turn them back on again after being shut off. He also figured, if you don't have water or gas running, you might just have to pay on the taxes instead of on the usage. But he wasn't sure about that information either. The temperature is very hot normally where the house is, so any advice or tips? Please let me know! Have a nice day and take care!
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The Toothache
I hate opioids. Right now I’m on opioids, because I just had to have a broken molar surgically cut out of my jaw, because it broke last year, and I put it off until I had a golf ball sized lump on my jaw making me look like I had a walnut in my cheek. I went to the dentist yesterday when it swelled up practically overnight, and they basically told me they needed to get me in with an oral surgeon as soon as possible, because it was dangerously infected and I have hooked roots in my molars per the scans, so it cannot be pulled the old-fashioned way.
So they gave me antibiotics and got me in the next day. I am still a little twinkly from the sedation and whatnot, and I’m still swollen, still sore. I finally ate soup, and it hurt because of the salt. I’ve already lost about 30lbs, maybe the bright side is this suffering will result in further weight loss? Always trying to see the bright side, but I haven’t lost this weight on purpose from the same source of self-neglect as my tooth getting infected without my knowledge and because I did not get it addressed as soon as it happened. Always my mode of operation it seems. I put everything else in front of myself, and then once I’ve finally had it, I say something and people freak out. “Why are you acting like this? You’re normally a doormat who helps me with anything I ask you to help me with? This is so unfair!.”
Is it? Or is it that you take me for granted like everyone else in the picture lately? I got up and handled my own tooth issues, and I would have driven myself home if they would have let me, but they actually won’t even operate if someone is not waiting in the lobby to take you home when it’s done. I told her someone would need to take me, and apologized. She acted like I asked her to give up everything she ever held dear for something that didn’t even matter.
She also has been avoidant and her emotions and reactions are misplaced since I went to the hospital. We have always said that when she came to live with us, we were surprised at how well it was all working out. I don’t think it is anymore. Now that I’m back on my feet, she’s acting very unappreciative, vindictive and blind to what my husband and I gave up in order to save her from her prior situation. For nearly four years she’s been with us and all under the agreement that she would eventually want to move on to her own home. She pays no rent. She only helps maintain her own area of the home although she agreed that she would help us and only does it when she feels like it, not when it needs it.
I am a great housekeeper when I’m well, but I haven’t been well for a year off and on due to whatever evil illness I had last year while everyone else was getting Covid and the string of complications resulting from it right up until today having a tooth cut out of my face from residual inability to care for myself when I wasn’t well. Apparently, she was walking around in a daze in her little illusion and fantasy world where all the icky details of life like money, for example, are just simply taken care of, because no matter what I was going through, I think she thinks “She’s always been fine. She’ll be fine.” Yes I will, but it’s a damn shame I had to learn to be that resilient the way that I did, isn’t it? Thanks for protecting me all that time. Thanks for teaching me how to be a doormat, so I can absorb nearly anything without breaking instead of teaching me how to avoid the stuff that tries to hurt me. I’m figuring that last bit out on my own, but... seriously. She taught me many good things, but she did not teach me that. Thanks, ma.
The tantrum she threw over being asked to take me to an office that is five minutes tops from our home is ridiculous, and admittedly I came up breathing fire, because I’m sick to death of her walking around like a 59 year old teenager and acting like she recovered all on her own. She said as much last night. She also asked me why I couldn’t take an Uber. Really? When a simple reasonable request in an emergency situation is made from an immediate family member, my first response is “Okay. I’ll figure it out. No problem.” Her first reaction is “I can’t do that, because (blank).”
I wonder what would have happened when she needed somewhere to go, someone to live with  to get away from the shithead she failed to protect me from as a kid… I just wonder what would have happened if I had said, “I can’t sorry. I’m busy.” This is a prime of example of the things she has done my entire life that when I try to tell her what she is doing and tell her why it is wrong, she shuts off and avoids and emerges later to pretend it didn’t happen.
And why did I ask her first instead of my husband? Because my husband just had to take a week and a half off to stay with me until I felt safe to be in my own home alone after the bullshit I was put through. My husband ended up taking me today instead and told her she needed to go away until she can apologize, and she said she didn’t need to apologize, and he said “Then go away until you figure out what you need to apologize for.” He said she was acting like a rude teenager and so he would treat her as such.
She’s not an apologizer. She’s a denier, and any small criticism or reflection on something that happened that has affected me deeply in my life, gets met by spinning it back inaccurately at me.
It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway. For all of her bullshit, she’s a good person and she didn’t do everything wrong, but this particular bucket of bullshit is not something I intend to tolerate.
I think the loose plan is to not stoke the fire for the next month and see how it goes and then sit down and come up with a time frame for her to move closer to her sister or get her own place here somehow. I’ll forgive it, but she’s not healthy for me at this time, so I need to set some boundaries.
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justmypartner · 3 days ago
Better - Post 8x14 One Shot
Summary: After her conversation with Voight, Hailey is left thinking about what he told her, and she makes her way to Jay’s place to talk things through.
Hailey got in her car, letting the door fall closed behind her as she stared blankly at her steering wheel, trying to process what Voight had said to her.
We need Jay just the way he is.
The statement played over and over again in her head. At first, it confused her. It wasn’t like she was actively trying to change Jay, and she certainly wasn’t forcing him to do things her way. But she soon realized that wasn’t what Voight meant at all. Jay was the perfect combination of loyal and by-the-book and as proved that night, at least when it came to her, he would choose loyalty if there ever was a choice to be made between the two. Voight was just trying to make her realize that whether or not she was aware of it, her way of doing things could lead him to lose that balance that gives him a voice of reason when lines begin to blur.
Eventually, she started her car and pulled out of the lot. Her brain was acting on autopilot as she drove to his place. He usually spent the night at her apartment, but she knew he would’ve gone back to his place after the night’s events. So many times, he had shown up at her door, she knew this was a moment when that role needed to be reversed.
When she made it to his building, she climbed the stairs instead of taking the elevator, taking small strides and using the extra time to think through what she wanted to say to him. She made her way to his apartment, all of her regrets and mistakes from the past few days weighing on her. Everything she needed was on the other side of the door, and all she wanted was to make things right. She took a deep breath and brought a fist up to knock, but before she could, the locks clicked, and the door swung open. Jay stood before her, jacket in hand and a look of surprise on his face.
“Hi,” Hailey said sheepishly as she peered over at him through the doorway.
“I was just coming to see you,” he said. There wasn’t anger in his voice despite how upset she knew he had to be over the position she left him in earlier that night. There was sadness, maybe even disappointment there which made her heart sink deep into her chest. She knew anger. She grew up with it. So, when faced with it, she felt equipped to manage that and everything that came with it. But this? The quiet, solemn look he was giving her? It stung way more than harsh words or raised voices ever could.
“I didn’t think you were going to want to see me tonight,” she replied, pursing her lips together as she fought back tears that were welling up deep behind her eyes.
“I didn’t like the way we left things,” he told her. “Come in,” he said quietly, turning and leading her into his apartment. He dropped his coat on the back of a chair as she closed the door behind her. Jay planted himself on the armrest of the couch as Hailey leaned against the back of the chair across from him.
“I’m sorry,” she told him. They were the only words that entered her mind and they fell right out of her mouth as she forgot everything she had rehearsed on the entire drive. He stayed silent, looking at her with a tight jaw as he waited for her to continue. She took a deep breath, her eyes glued to the floor as she tried to capture her thoughts.
“Kim is the only one in the unit who knows about this, but when I was promoted to detective, I was dating a sergeant in my district. As you know, the case that got me promoted never closed, so I was never able to talk about it. That led to a whole slew of doubt and questioning concerning my ability to do my job, all because people wanted to define me and my role as a cop by who I was dating. When Voight came to me, using our relationship to question my instincts, I guess it just sent me back to that part of me that was constantly in survival mode, pushing myself to prove that I deserved my rank and my job despite what everyone thought or said. I guess with all of that and seeing that Sinclair boy’s body, I just lost control,” she admitted, her eyes remaining on the floor before eventually raising to meet Jay’s. They were glossed over, and she could tell the gears in his head were turning, trying to figure out how to respond.
“I get it,” he finally said, his brow furrowed as he spoke. “Look, Voight was totally out of line, but so were you. I hate that people doubt you because you are one of the best cops that I’ve ever known. From day one, you’ve put Voight in his place and shown him your worth. You don’t have to prove yourself to him, because you did that the second you met him, and you’ve done it every day since. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to have to prove yourself like that, and I especially hate it that you felt like you had to because of me… because of us. But you can’t keep crossing lines the way you did tonight, and you also can’t drag me into it either. I know we don’t always think the same way when it comes to the job, but what happened tonight was not just a matter of disagreement. It was a matter of putting our jobs and our lives at risk. I don’t say this just for me, but I say it for you too. As upset as I am that you jammed me up the way you did, I’m more concerned about what could have happened if I wasn’t there. Doing things Voight’s way, this whole ends justifies the means way of thinking is dangerous. We’ve already lost people because of it, and I won’t lose you too. Pleasing Voight…closing a case? Those are two things that should never be more important than your job or your well-being, and I don’t want to lose you because you’ve lost sight of that,” he told her, the emotion in his voice stern, yet sincere. She noticed tears and redness at the corners of his eyes, and his words hit her. She swallowed hard as her own tears that she had been desperately fighting back escaped her eyes.
“You’re right, and I should have never put you in that position,” she told him, her voice breaking with each word. “When I got out of the car tonight, I didn’t do it thinking you would follow me or even expecting that you would. I was just so in my head that it was the only way to nail the guy that I didn’t even consider the way that I was backing you into a corner. Jay, I don’t want to change you. I also don’t want you backing me because of what’s going on between us outside of work, and I certainly don’t want you to feel like you have to. That’s not how I want this relationship to work. Your heart, your ability to do what’s right even when it’s not the easiest choice, that’s what I admire about you as a person, but more so as my partner. That perspective is what I need, especially when I’m so blinded by my own way that I don’t see it. So, even when it may not seem like it’s welcome, I want you to put me in my place. The same way we did before we were dating, and the same way we’ve done every time one of us has screwed up during the 4 years that we’ve worked together. I know Voight’s way of doing things is dangerous. Hell, he sent me away because I lost sight of that. I’m still working on being better, and it’s not easy… certainly not during cases like today’s, but I know with you by my side it’s possible,” she told him, the tears in her eyes making him a blurred figure before her.
He simply nodded his head as silence fell upon the apartment. In that moment, she wasn’t sure how to read him. He had that same sad look on his face, but it was clear he had nothing more to say. The silence was eating at her with each passing second.
“I appreciate you coming by, but I think I still need some space tonight,” he said benignly. His voice was quiet, and as much as she wanted, needed to be held in his arms and told that they were okay, she understood that he needed space. She nodded, pushing herself off the chair before turning and heading towards the door. As she drove home, her heart felt like a heavy weight in her chest. As exhausted as she felt, she knew she wouldn’t be sleeping that night. When she made it to her place, she quickly changed and climbed into bed, anticipating a long night of wandering thoughts and what-ifs. She missed the warmth of his body next to her, his arms wrapped around her making her feel safe. That, and the constant flow of thoughts kept her awake long into the night. After a while of staring at the ceiling, she finally began to doze off, but her phone buzzed on the nightstand beside her and startled her awake. It was a text from Jay:
I love you.
Those three words were all he said, but they were all she needed. She smiled and tears pooled at the corners of her eyes, bringing her the reassurance she needed to finally be able to rest.
I love you. So much.
She sent back before falling back onto her pillow and finally drifting off to sleep.
The next morning, she went into work early, needing a fresh start. She was already at her desk, checking emails when Jay came into the bullpen with two coffees in hand.
“Morning,” he said quietly, placing one of the cups on her desk.
“Morning,” she replied, flashing him a light smile.
She went to pick up the coffee and as she did, she saw something written under the cup sleeve. She pulled it down to read the words written in black marker, clearly in Jay’s handwriting
We’re good. And we’re always going to be good.
A huge smile erupted across her face, and she looked up at him as he smiled right back. It was something he told her years ago. It was so simple, but it stuck with her all those years, and she often went back to it every time they fought or disagreed and every time they patched things up after. Even back then, Jay was her rock, her constant, and that’s how she knew that as long as he was in her life, she had everything she needed to be better.
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Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In September Flower Shirt
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Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In September Flower Shirt
Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In September Flower Shirt .besteestores That’s where Fendley’s next suggestion comes in. “I think the but in fact I love this biggest change—if we’re clever—is how do we start giving cities back to people who are walking and cycling? Cycling is very low social contact. Walking, if you’re careful, is very low social contact. Anybody who can walk or cycle to work can go whenever they like.” He continues: “Walking or cycling is never going to handle the but in fact I love this numbers of what buses and trains carry. But you’ve got to do as much as possible with these other modes to try and put the least pressure on the heavy modes as you possibly can. That future may be closer than we think: In late April, New York mayor Bill de Blasio announced he was creating 100 miles of pedestrian-only streets.
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  Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In September Flower Shirt .besteestores I’ve never left New York. I’m not one of those people who went to seek their fortunes elsewhere. I grew up in New York, both my parents grew up in New York. My children are growing up in New York. This is not a phase for us; it’s a pathology. We are more New Yorkers than we are Americans. But the in contrast I will get this New York of right now is not the New York that we have known for all our respective lives. It’s more like post-nuclear-explosion Chernobyl. We’re the in contrast I will get this epicenter of a pandemic. We’re Milan. We’re Wuhan. We’re a cautionary tale. Every day around 11 or so, Andrew Cuomo tells us what’s happening in our broken city, “New York is your future, New York is a warning.” The warning is that other cities could soon drown in a sea of bodies, the way we are. Our morgues are almost at capacity. Our hospitals have lines that snake around the block. Our doctors are on TV every night begging for 99- cent masks to shield their faces. “The apex is higher than we thought and the apex is sooner than we thought,” Cuomo told us on Wednesday. “New York is the canary in the coal mine, New York is happening first, what is happening to New York will happen to California and Illinois, it is just a matter of time.” You Can See More Product:
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thinkillwatchitburn · 3 days ago
Could you write a Beni/Konro sickfic, but with Beni being the sick one? Please and Thank you
HI ANON! I have to say, this request is cute AS HECK and I thoroughly enjoyed writing this!! I think this may actually be the first actual story-ish thing I’ve written and posted in a long time! I really hope you like it!!
Benimaru had almost fallen again. Konro sighed, watching from a short distance as Waka stumbled from his room toward the kitchen, his valiant display of strength falling far short of its intention. Beni groaned and stumbled again, bracing himself against the nearest wall and burying his face in his hands. Konro rushed to his side.
“Not feeling well?” Konro said as he grabbed Beni’s left hand and slipped his shoulder under his arm, a familiar stance usually following a night of partying on Beni’s part.
“I’m fine,” Beni slurred, looking pathetically up at Konro with glassy, bloodshot eyes.
“Oof, fine is a stretch. Come on Waka, let’s get you to bed.
Benimaru tried to shove Konro’s shoulder away as he scoffed: a quiet, rasping spray of spittle followed by a coughing fit. Konro had to bite back laughter, trying to spare his friend *some* dignity. Once Beni could breathe, Konro slipped his shoulder under his arm again and hoisted him up a little, finding Beni finally acquiescing as he sighed against Konro’s side.
“Come on, Waka,” he urged again, softer this time. “Let’s go to bed.” Beni just nodded, exhausted and miserable and begrudgingly relieved to be in Konro’s strong, stalwart arms. When they tried to take a step forward and Beni stumbled again, Konro leaned down and swept the back of Beni’s knees over his arms, lifting him with an ease similar to their youth. Beni snorted aloud, “didn’t think you still had it in you, old man.”
Konro grinned wide, his love for his companion overpowering the singing ache surging through his spent shoulders. “Thought you were past being surprised at this point.”
Beni laughed again, this time a soft, humming sound. “You never stop surprising me, Konro.” Konro could feel Beni’s eyes burning into the side of his face and he cursed the blush rushing to his cheeks and the heavy ba-dump of his skipping heart, which he was sure Beni could feel.
When they reached the door Beni automatically reached out his hand to open it, entirely familiar with this mode of transportation to his room after almost a lifetime of Konro helping to fix his fuckery. Beni quickly set the torches alight and prepared to be deposited onto his mat.
As Beni pulled the blankets around himself, shivering despite the unusually high heat radiating from him, Konro knelt at his side and swept the hair from his face, staring down at him with an expression that made Beni’s heart skip a little. “Are you ok? Do you need anything?” Konro asked, genuinely concerned.
Beni smiled, nuzzling harder against his pillow, and lifted one side of the blanket. “I’m kind of cold,” he said, hiding his grin beneath the blanket he pulled up, “mind helping me with that?”
Konro laughed aloud at the cheek as he slipped the robe from his shoulders and the slippers from his feet. As he slid under the blanket, tucking Beni up under his arms and as tight against him as he could, he murmured into Beni’s hair, “spoiled brat.”
Beni smiled ear to ear, snuggling back against Konro’s bare chest and belly. “You made this.” The puff of air from Konro’s chuckle against the tender hairs behind his ear raised goosebumps over Beni’s skin. “And you love it.”
As they relaxed against one another and started drifting into pleasant unconsciousness, Konro whispered against the soft skin at the back of Beni’s neck, “More than anything, my Waka....”
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dontlooktoohard · 4 days ago
Brothers React to an Aro/Ace MC
I’m very shy but I wanted to contribute 🌼 GN!Reader. You love them, but as family. Lucifer
-This changes very little for him, but he’s supportive of you who you are. -If anything this is a great relief. He doesn’t like competing with his brothers, and knowing that it’s not a ‘king of the hill’ type of game anymore is a weight off his shoulders. -Probably becomes slightly more affectionate in that older brother way. -Still mostly acts the same around you because he figures you’ve already been treating him the way you’re comfortable with. Happy to change anything that you ask, though. -Asks if you want to be referred to as a sibling. He’s considered you family for a long time, but wasn’t sure where to place you. Letting you choose how you want to handle this is another weight off his shoulders. -Not that he wasn’t before, but is very protective of you and won’t stand for slander.
-BIG. BROTHER. MODE. ACTIVATE -Also very quick to back track and apologize if he ever made you uncomfortable. -Please hug this boy he doesn’t know what to do with this information. -Will do his best to sit down and have a conversation on what you are/aren’t okay with. He has trouble changing the way he thinks about things sometimes, but you’re so important to him that he needs to nail it down early. -Will tease you a bit more now, but one shot of The Look and he’s done. -You can still puppy-eye your way into getting him to do damn near anything. -He’s still your First Man but now this means Your Favorite Big Brother, which he tries very hard to rub in Lucifer’s face sometimes. Usually to little avail. -Most likely to just buy pride flags (including anything besides Aro/Ace that he knows you identify as) and just quietly pin them to your coat or bag. He’s bad at gifting things directly but you’re always on his mind.
-He’s already aro/ace and you can’t change my mind. -This changes nothing for him. He still wants to do matching cosplays to next month’s con, and if anything he just checks to make sure that this doesn’t mean he has to change the raid night. -If you’re looking for support, however, he’s there- if not a little awkward. He’ll absolutely listen to whatever worries you have, and find all the games he can that don’t focus on romantic love or sex. If you’re okay with fictional romance then he’s still going to tell you all about the latest dating game he played. -Doesn’t really offer but if you ask to be referred to as a sibling he’s down for that. You’re his Henry- so whatever makes you happy.
-Sorry did you NOT want 400 papers on the history of asexuals and aromantics? Or of historically significant aro/aces? Too bad, he put them on your bed already. -Might have some questions for you but is most likely to do his own research so most of his questions are about how you want to handle this. -If you’re at all worried about ‘not fitting in’ if you want to be referred to as a sibling, oh boy does he know how that feels. -Also the most willing to throw down for you. Mammon barks, Satan bites. -You might have to ask him to Stop Going Off About Historical Asexual People At Random Times unless that’s your thing, but let’s not lie it’s a bit charming to know he looked into this.
-Although he is a very sexual person, if he thinks there is even the HINT of you being worried about telling him about this, he doesn’t even make a joke. Yes, ASMO is being serious right now, please appreciate him. -He’s the most thorough in his questioning of what you are and aren’t comfortable with. He already teases his brothers and he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable if he does the same. -Second most willing to throw down. If anyone tries to crack a joke about an aroace hanging out with the Avatar of Lust there is going to be some sharp words and potentially blood. Satan will back him up. -Figured out how to do some fun pride-themed nails and makeup. -You’re still down for those mud masks at the spa though, right? Those appointments were so hard to get.
-Highkey wants to know if that means you’re a sibling now. Super excited if you want to be. -He’s very emotionally intelligent so he probably noticed that you weren’t ‘chasing’ after any of his brothers before now, so this is likely not surprising to him, he’s just proud you told him directly. -”You’ll tell me if you’re ever uncomfortable, right?” That’s about as much ‘questioning’ of you he’ll do, but he’s never been a particularly invasive sort. -Not as willing to fight as Asmo or Satan, but if anyone starts saying anything he makes his presence known. He’s Big and he’s Strong and he Knows That, so he’s willing to be your wall if anything comes up.
-He highkey wants to know if that means you’re a sibling now, too, but he asks all his other questions first before he gets around to it. Second most thorough questioning after Asmo. He’s also a very clingy person so he wants clear lines of what you are or aren’t comfortable with. -Gets pride blankets and pillows. They’re not for you, they’re for him, to remind him of you when you’re away. -Ok if you WANT pride blankets and pillows... he’s willing to share. -He won’t fight for you, but oh. He heard it, and whoever said it will pay. -Unless you tell him it makes you uncomfortable- you are still not getting out of Being A Pillow duty.
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gismonews · 5 days ago
Mi Smart Band 6 (Global Version) UNBOXING and DETAILED REVIEW
This is my unboxing and detailed review of the me smart band 6, in which i’ll be covering everything it has to offer, as well as all its new features compared to its previous me band 5., the global price at the top right hand, corner exchange rate currently Converted from the euro – and we do have a magnetic charger in the box as well as the band itself and a manual which i guess is pretty interesting here – is the watch itself. It’S, nice and small, like i said before, it comes in six different colors, with a heart rate sensor, as well as an sp02 sensor at the back and the magnetic charge over there. It can charge up the 125 milliamp hour battery and last about 14 days. The strap is antibacterial, but only for the black color and putting it on is very similar to other smart watches around just pop straight into it four different sizes. My wife tried it on and she has pretty tiny wrists. So even kids could wear this and you can use the mi fit app found in the play, store or the app store on ios, and it works with both android and ios, and pairing is a breeze to do. The main feature here is that 1.56 inch amoled display it is all display all day and the physical dimensions are similar to its predecessor, but remember that one is just a rectangular 1.1 inch, amoled display with hefty bezels at the top and bottom with a home screen Button at the bottom, the brightness is the same over here 30 pixels per inch has increased.
There are also over 60 watch faces that you can choose from in the store and you can even create your own one using a custom wallpaper and when paired with your smartphone wallpaper, i think it looks pretty darn neat. Of course, you can also customize the smart watch faces to show different things, such as your heart rates, battery life and weather, etc, and it does a great job and it looks really good pretty much like any other. Smart watch would do and you can of course, change the brightness. We have two megs of ram 32 megs of rom. Definitely a big jump up from its predecessor and within the app itself we can enable lift wrist to show the display to wake it up and it’s pretty responsive. Like many other smart watches out there. You can also set whether you use your left wrist or your right. You can have vibrations notifications for pretty much any app on your device, also an idle alert which tells you, if you’re being a bit lazy, and you can set your heart rate, monitor to automatically record between one and ten minutes or you could just do it yourself. Right over here, i’m pretty relaxed at the time being. We also have an option to share it with other devices around and we do have sleep breathing tracking, which is something new, as well as spo2 oxygen levels within your blood over here, which is something new for the me band 6 and healthy.
I guess i’m pretty healthy 96. We also have a stress measure tool over here, but i couldn’t really get it to work, but thankfully they do have a breathing exercise to relax me after not getting that to work, and you do have a bunch of different status alerts that can alert how you Have done in your past week, as well as a personal activity indicator which measures the heart health impact of physical activity? You can, of course, also set custom alarms, though it can sync with your phone as well as add any events which can remind you also have night mode to dim the display, while you’re sleeping and you can customize, which things pop up on your watch in your Regular vertical scrolling menu, as well as your shortcut settings when you go horizontally, which is nice and neat to jump into something on the fly here, is the weather options within the app, and it shows quite a bit of detail within the watch itself, and you can Also use it as a shutter button when popping your phone in a distance as well as change the tracks in any music app of your preference. We can also find our phone when it’s gone missing and find our watch too, and once you do decide to find your watch, you are welcome to 30 workout modes, 19 of which are completely new. Coming up from the me band 5., we can do the most obvious one which is tradeable running over here and if you’re too lazy like me, you could just move your arm up and down.
Don’T tell health insurance companies, this pretty sure they know about it already, but it works really well, it picks up your distance as well as your time, your pace and more and of course, we can’t forget about the 5 atm 50 meter deep underwater water resistance, which Is a great little bonus on top for when you decide to take a nice swim with your new activity, tracker buddy, the me smart band 6.! So that pretty much covers everything for this review. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below. I think this is a very nifty little smart band that can do all the functionalities of a fully fledged smart watch. I’M, definitely going to be using it for the visible future. Let me know if you guys decide to pick up yours for one great price.
The article was originally published here! Mi Smart Band 6 (Global Version) UNBOXING and DETAILED REVIEW
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gismonews · 6 days ago
Fossil Gen 5E Men's Smartwatch – Review
Are there it’s slightly heavy, but otherwise every other feature is so good. It’S, very sleeky. To handle very easy to learn usage everything is very good and extremely real time in performance. The best thing that i could tell about this watch is the werewolves. It comes with google wear os and that’s the best thing about it in indian money. It costs you somewhere close to 19000 rupees and you have various offers that you can look into if you are planning to buy and amazon is selling it at 18.5 k. Almost this watch is so good. What are the features that you must learn about? This watch? The first one is the power of wear os: it works fine with iphone and android phones, and the battery life also is so good, so it takes about eighty percent or it takes about one hour time for it to be charged with eighty percent. So, on the whole, if you charge it for about one hour and fifteen minutes or one hour and twenty minutes, i think it’s, all okay for you, it gets 100 charge and one full day it works fine one full day with all the functionalities being used. It works fine heart rate and activity tracking is there? Google fit is integrated built in gps for distance tracking and swim proof design is there and responses for google assistant i’ll show you that as well, we can get the google assistant used on the go and it’s really very good the size.
The case size is 44 millimeter, the band size is 22 millimeter interchangeable with fossil 22 millimeter bands and the screen size is too good, as well. 1.19 inches display with ‘0 cross ‘0 resolution. The touch screen is so good, so so good and the connectivity comes with a bluetooth and wi fi and it’s syncing very nicely with the wi fi. When you connect it. The warranty comes for two years and it’s, an international warranty that you get for this and the charger is magnetic and it’s very sleeky, too it’s it’s, very good overall it’s. A good buy is what i could say and we can use even nfc and wi fi. Gps, bluetooth, all these are supported. There are three or four types of models that are available. The one comes with the stainless steel like this. The second one is with different colors of scrap with leather. Stabs are also available, let’s go ahead into the functionalities, and if you could see that the design is too good and you can see that it’s very sleek in the design and they have taken extreme care for it. The only thing that you need to do for this to be used is you need to install wear os before that before i go and open up the wear. Os i’ll show you the features of this the moment. You click this and hold this. You get multiple times available for you, you can use any of this and it comes with beautiful, available options for you to use, and this one.
If i select this becomes your screen, so you can select anything and there are multiple options. Real cool options are available and it’s really very nice, and when you click it like this, you get all the options for usage of the phone in different aspects. It has got a cardiogram, you can click, it i’m, not wearing it right now. I wore it before three minutes and you could see that it was 85 bpm. So when you click it back, it comes back and when you click it again, it’s just like touch screen and it’s so easy for somebody to use the agenda. The alarms, the cardiogram the context everything is available here, phaser find my phone fit, breathe, fit goals, fit heart rate, fit workout and you could see that here a hand wash timer, nike, run club noon, light phone play, store access, reminders, settings, spotify, stopwatch timer touch and When i click the task, you could see it immediately and all these are i mean i have picked something else it returned to translator. I need to click it right, so that starts when i click it. It gets you the tars, light mode, and you could see that this is sufficient light for somebody to use it in the night and translate. I have already shown you the weather reports, all these are available, and this comes just just so beautifully and it is easily usable for anybody and i need to sign into google fit for for me to do that.
I need to tap it and i need to authenticate properly for me to get it connected to my google fit, and the next thing that we need to learn is the usage of the assistant. Yes, you can do that. Can we see a small demo out here? Yes, what’s the date today. If i ask it, it will be able to say what’s the date today, that’s it you’re using it it’s, fantastic isn’t. It will it rain today today that’s it. So you could see that this is all phenomenal, isn’t it and the in the watch they have brought in the features of the phone, every feature that the phone must have has all come in the watch and there are two other keys here. Let me press this when you press this, it takes you to the default screen, which is nothing but shows puzzle, and when you press this, you know this key. This is the center key and you’ve got another option where this is for fitness before tracking your first workout take a minute to finish, setting up the fit i made to set it up, and once you do it, i think it’s going to be phenomenal. It’S time for us to see how exactly the app looks like on the app is designed – and this is overall, a very nice watch isn’t it. Let me open the app right now for you and the app is called the wear os.
You can download it from the play store or if you have apple, you need to download it appropriately, and you could see that here. The app is all available here and multiple faces are available and you can even set the faces out from here which can get you connected to the phone. So, for example, if i said this i’m selecting this defender so that’s what i had earlier i’m going with the digital mode right now, and you could see that immediately, it will get reflected here when i press it for the next time. So if you see that carefully it’s all very easily doable – and this app is very simple to use the app is no complex. The app is very, very simple to use and it’s well designed other than watch faces. There are multiple other features which are available, which we are going to see right now, notifications agenda settings, the google assistant, the advanced settings are there, which can help you again connecting with your google accounts. Uh the screen wake up till to wake the screen. All those options are there which are connected to power, save power, saving options, watch battery watch storage watch app data usage, for example. When i click the watch battery, it gives me the complete stats about the watch battery and the app is pretty good. As i told you, they have designed the app very nicely the storage. What are the options for the storage? How much is the storage that we are using it’s 4.
5 gb available totally and the total space free right now is 4.5 gb and it comes with 5.43 gb total, which is sufficient for us to use the smartwatch. So you can see that all the apps that i have installed, which have come by default, are all displayed here. And here the watch has gone to the sleep mode already, which you can see that the time is alone displayed and it is not using much of the resources. So, overall, if i need to give a rating for this for 10, i would give easily 9 or 8.5. So this is such a nice watch and try it out. If you have time – and if you have any questions on this watch, ask me i’ll be able to clarify i’m using it for past almost 10 15 days and it’s really really very cool, and i hope you like this session. If you have any questions suggestions, please go ahead and type in the comment box. I’Ll be happy to answer. If you like the channel please subscribe.
The article was originally published here! Fossil Gen 5E Men's Smartwatch – Review
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groovedigitalonline · 6 days ago
Elon Musk Reveals That He Has Asperger's On "Saturday Night Live"
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX founder, admitted that he has Asperger's while hosting Saturday Night Live, this weekend. The polarizing billionaire discussed the neurological disorder during his monologue on the show.
“I’m actually making history tonight as the first person with Asperger’s to host SNL,” he told the audience. “Or at least the first to admit it. So I won’t make a lot of eye contact with the cast tonight. But don’t worry, I’m pretty good at running ‘human’ in emulation mode.”
Maja Hitij / Getty Images
He continued by reference to his popular Twitter account: “Look, I know I sometimes say or post strange things, but that’s just how my brain works. To anyone I’ve offended, I just want to say: I reinvented electric cars and I’m sending people to Mars on a rocket ship. Did you think I was also going to be a chill, normal dude?”
Musk is, in fact, not the first SNL host to be diagnosed with Asperger's publically. Dan Aykroyd, who hosted back in 2003, has previously discussed his own Asperger's diagnosis.
Musk also discussed the booming cryptocurrency Dogecoin during the show's “Weekend Update” segment and joked that the coin is "a hustle." Additionally, his SpaceX company has announced they are launching a lunar mission funded with Dogecoin titled, “DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon."
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mrcifci · 7 days ago
WATCH: Here’s Elon Musk’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue
If you went to bed early on Saturday night, allow us to catch you up to speed on the bizarre string of events you missed, which all occurred in pretty rapid succession starting around 10:30 pm Eastern Time. Elon Musk hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live, and the network decided to make this particular broadcast with the self-styled Technoking CEO of Tesla and SpaceX available to viewers around the world via a YouTube livestream. At one point during the broadcast, Musk disclosed for the first time publicly that he has Asperger’s, and he also participated in a skit about Dogecoin during the regular Weekend Update portion of the show. All of that came, by the way, about an hour or so after debris from China's Long March 5B rocket was said to have re-entered earth's atmosphere, a little after 10 a.m. Beijing time on Sunday. The remains of the rocket ultimately splashed down near the Maldives, which of course the Weekend Update hosts tied back to Elon, joking that this was the reason for his hosting duties in the first place (that he needed an alibi for this particular rocket crash). Oh, and we also can't neglect to mention the TV spot that Tesla rival Lucid Motors ran during Elon's SNL episode (here's the ad, in case you missed it). You can check out Elon's SNL monologue in full below (which is definitely a sentence I never expected to write). In it, he basically runs through the full Elon, poking fun at his strange tweets, smoking weed on Joe Rogan's podcast, his son's strange name, sending rockets to Mars, and much more. In the monologue, he also pokes fun at people who don't understand him and who think he's off-putting or strange. “I reinvented electric cars and I’m sending people to Mars on a rocket ship,” Musk told the audience, which applauded and laughed throughout the segment. “Did you think I was going to be a chill, normal dude?” This was, to be sure, by no means the extent of how bizarre a night this was. The Robinhood trading platform, we should add, apparently crashed at one point during the Elon SNL broadcast. Dogecoin also began to plummet during the broadcast: If you didn't catch the show live, SNL episodes are available to stream on Hulu and Peacock starting on Sundays. All of this, as noted above, also came not long after debris from China's Long March 5B spacecraft finally re-entered Earth's atmosphere and started its uncontrolled descent, leading to widespread speculation about whether Elon's SNL hosting duties might be overshadowed by a rocket crash, of all things. According to the South China Morning Post, aerospace experts as well as government leaders around the world have criticized China's space program for allowing such a large rocket body to engage in an uncontrolled re-entry of the atmosphere. “For those of us who operate in the space domain … there should be a requirement to operate in a safe and thoughtful mode, and make sure that we take those kinds of things into consideration as we plan and conduct operations,” US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said in public remarks on Thursday. from BGR via IFTTT
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fandom-puff · 8 days ago
John Watson dating a younger woman would include...
Requested by: anon
Warnings: older man/younger woman, some smut, suggestive stuff throughout
Notes: I haven’t written for John in literally like a year so thank you for requesting this!
Gif creds to owner
Tumblr media
Oh my god he absolutely dotes on you
Sherlock can be as snarky as he likes, but John draws the line at him being a dick to you
I’m just gonna say this now: dad bod 😩
Best cuddles ever
Honestly he’s so warm and he makes an excellent pillow especially when you’re snuggling on the couch while he types
You two are such nerds together like he is the kind of boyfriend you could binge watch a box set with and he wouldn’t watch an episode without you bc he wants to watch it with you 🥺🥺🥺
He’s protective of you anyway, but as you’re younger than him that’s ramped up by like a million
Has lots of pet names for you
His wardrobe becomes your wardrobe
“I’m not getting that jumper back am I?”
“Not a chance, Watson,”
He holds you so tightly in the night 🥺
Goes into full doctor mode if you so much as sniffle
If he notices you haven’t really eaten or drank much today he’ll make you little snacks and cups of tea and glasses of water
If he notices that somethings not quite right, the first thing he does is check your forehead for your temperature and honestly it’s so cute
Forehead. Kisses.
Hugs from behind when you’re doing literally anything
Likes walking with his arm around you
At first he was conscious of people giving you dirty looks (he does look older than his years thanks to his army years) and people are so quick to judge and assume the worst
You, of course, Assure him that you couldn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks; you love him, and he loves you, and you’re both adults so what does it matter what other people think?
You sometimes call him ‘old man’ especially when he listens to music that came out waaay before you were born or if he asks you to help him with his computer
He gets you back by calling you a ‘youth’ (in the way that I imagine grandma’s do when they watch the news 😆)
Smut below
Okay he has a bit of an innocence kink?
It just rlly gets him going when you act all sweet and innocent (even if you’re not)
This leads to lots of kinky role playing in the bedroom
Only when Sherlock is out, especially after last time
Wear a pair of thigh high socks or a tiny skirt and John Watson will be on his knees
Remember how I mentioned the dad bod?
Yeah, while he may not be the tallest, he somehow still towers over you when he pins you to the mattress.
King of aftercare (regardless of who he’s dating)
Showers together 🥺
“Knock, Sherlock!”
He’s just an utter sweetheart okay 😭
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 8 days ago
The Dark Team (part 1)
<<Previous part   Masterlist   Next part>>    Join the taglist in here
Tumblr media
“You’re terrible with that neutral face”, you said to Peter, who was about to burst out of laughter. “We’re so winning this”. Bucky sighed as he leaned over to watch your terrible cards, but said nothing.
“Hey, that’s basically cheating”, Steve protested. “You guys are good at the mean-neutral face, and I got the kid. These teams should’ve been set up based on age”.
“Yeah, no. You old men have way more experience in poker, so it’s actually alright like this”, you excused, knowing damn well you and Bucky were together because of the awesome team you made. Bucky stayed silent but drew a competitive smirk across his face.
The rain pecked on the windows of the compound’s common room and the only noises you heard were your chattering, the storm and the bag of chips. Or whatever you could call those things; rich in protein, but definitely not rich in flavour.
“Don’t we have any better kinds of chips?” you finally asked the thing Peter was too scared to. Steve and Bucky weren’t even aware there were different types of chips; they thought the modern ones just sucked.
“I don’t think so, these are the kind Tony likes” answered Nat from the couch, not paying attention to the cards game.
“Well, he’s not here, might as well go get some better ones” said Bucky getting up, ready to get lost in the store. You and Peter got up as well, to join him and guide him through it. “Where’s he anyways? He never misses a Friday Game Night”. You shrugged your shoulders and looked around.
“Must be in the lab with Banner”.
“Oh, yeah. They’re working on the next mission, and they’re being extra secretive and mysterious about it”, said Nat once again, not taking her sight off her phone. Peter and you glanced at each other mischievously. “Why did I even say anything? Kids, you can’t go. They’re actually being careful with it”.
“Sounds like a dangerous mission, then”, said Peter.
“My favourite kind”, you answered with a smirk. “Let 's go. Maybe they even let us get in”.
“Not even in your dreams”, said both Bucky and Steve, grabbing both of you by the arms. “We’re the ones supposed to take care of you two, so if anything happens…”.
“We’re Avengers too, you know? What other fifteen year old can lift a bus with his bare hands, huh?” dared Peter. Bucky laughed as Steve sighed and sat back down on his chair.
“Don’t be imprudent, guys. And you have a harder mission now; to teach me how to get chips on that Hellish place”.
“Come on, I’m sure you can figure out the store by yourself”.
“Let me tell you, it’s anywhere near what they looked like back in my days”.
“Your grandpa-mode is showing, James”, you said bumping his shoulder. “Come on, let’s go”.
But as soon as you grabbed your coat and got ready to leave with your team-mates, Bruce showed up at the common room and asked both you and Bucky to join them. You blew a strawberry to Peter and walked out of the room victoriously.
“That’s childish!” he said before you were out of sight. You answered mockingly with a “I might be childish but I’m the adult going to the mission!”.
Once in the lab, you were surprised to find more than just Tony and Bruce playing around with chemicals. Thor was standing there with a mortifying look on his face, grabbing someone else by the shoulder, as to make sure he didn’t escape. This man (was he a man?) was not only escorted by two security guards near him, but also handcuffed on his back, with cuffs that looked only decoratively, since he seemed he could break them with two fingers. Dressed in a huge leather and metal armor that gave you the cue he might be from Thor’s world (Asgard, was it?). Tony didn’t speak just yet as you arrived, so you gave yourself some more time to inspect around. And “around” meant this new member. Was he with Thor? Didn’t look like family or friend. Completely different from the God of Thunder in every aspect, except in that imponent vibe only a God could pull off so casually. He had his eyes fixed on the ceiling, or at least very far from any conversation that could be happening in that lab. Looked nervous, or very quiet. It was not an easy person to read at all, and you felt your abilities were useless.
“Alright”, said Tony, finally pulling his eyes off the microscope “mission. Quite easy, actually, if done with the right team. My old friends from Hydra have a stick full of information we absolutely need to have away from them. It’s in the wrong hands, believe me. You three are going to take that stick and bring it to me. Simpler to say it than to actually do it, but I’m sure you can pull it off”.
“Sounds fine to me,” says Bucky, and you nod. “What about that dude?”.
“That 's… Thor’s brother; God of Jokes, or something childish like that, I don’t know. Is also sort of a popsicle and a maniac, if you ask me. Not relevant, he’s good with being bad and that’s what matters for this mission”. Tony’s vague introduction allowed you to make a bigger profile of him on your head. A God. That explained why he was so damn attractive. Even more than Thor; he had an elegance you’d never seen before, a charm that couldn’t go unnoticed. Tony kept talking about the details of the mission but you couldn’t pay much attention, for you had your eyes fixed on him.
He rolled his eyes discreetly at the violent introduction of Tony; they seemed like they already knew each other and it didn’t go well. You then realized he said ‘he’s good at being bad and that’s what matters for this mission’, so… he would be the third one? Not Thor, as you assumed?
“You know, it’s usually me the soul-gazing one. You’re stealing my job”, whispered Bucky, pulling you out of your thoughts.
“I’m not doing such thing”. You so were, but you wouldn’t admit it, not even to Bucky.
“You so are”.
“Hey, could you quit the chattery, damn teenagers? We’re gathering the Dark Team in here”, interrupted Tony.
“Teenagers? I’m twice your age, man” says Bucky with a plain tone of voice, and you snorted. Tony scoffed. “Alright, keep going. What did you say about the team? Or… Dark Team, did you say?”.
“It’s like a subunit we’re planning, inside the Avengers team, we could have tiny teams divided by some sort of special distinction, very personality-based. You three would be the Dark Team. We’re also adding agent Romanoff and Clint at some point, but in this mission you three would do”, he explained.
“What about Mr. Criminal in there?” you asked, pointing at Thor’s brother. You just realized they haven’t said his name yet.
“Criminal?” he finally said. His deep and velvety voice twisted something in your stomach. Damn, he was hot. You played it cool (or so you thought).
“Why is he handcuffed?” you ignored him completely, asking Tony.
“Well, he kind of tried to take over the planet once, long ago. You weren’t in New York, I think you were on another mission” he cut you shortly, and kept going with other details you didn’t really care about.
“I thought your face seemed familiar, I saw you on the news the next day, after the whole New York thing”, you finally talked directly to him, and went back to Tony “where was I, though? Can’t seem to remember, and I remember everything”.
“I don’t know, can you please pay fucking attention to what I’m saying? This is especially for you; you’re in charge of the planning”.
You took your head off Thor’s brother and paid attention to Tony’s words. But the new God showed up on your head later that day, before going to bed. You knew him from somewhere else, didn’t you?
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