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#i talked w my mom for lit a minute
cooperdaysgf · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
"1 minute. " y/n thought looking at the time. one minute until summer holiday starts and they can just stay and do nothing all day. y/n shifted in their chair, looking at cooper who was at the back of the class, writing something down. "coop" they said, quietly. but no response. "cooper!" this time they said it loudly. maybe a little too loud.
"... unlike SOME people who don't care as much as the rest of the class" the teacher continued the sentence y/n didn't hear. and they could easily tell it was about them, so, turning back around, y/n tried paying attention to the only few seconds left. but that attempt failed, so they started doodling in the corner of the notebook. why was this minute passing so slow? it felt like it was 1:59 pm 10 minutes ago and now it’s still 1:59.
but then, the bell finally started ringing, interrupting y/n’s thoughts. ‘’and don’t forget to read the books i told you to!’’ their teacher exclaimed before leaving the class. ‘’i hope you have a great holiday too’’ y/n mumbled, rolling their eyes. ‘’hey! wait for me’’ the brown haired boy spoke, walking over to his friend. ‘’no actually i can’t wait for you i was gonna run away and hope you don’t come after me.’’ y/n joked as they put their school bag over their shoulder. cooper rolled his eyes. ‘’very funny. ok now look, my parents told me to tell you that you’re invited to din-’’ ‘’AGAIN? oh my god it’s the 5th time this week.’’ y/n glared at their friend who was struggling to get all the books fit in his bag. ‘’-okay look, i swear, if my mother will ask you questions about who you’re dating again you have my permission to literally just stand up and run out of the house . and if you come i’ll let you do my eyeliner after.’’ cooper spoke, hesitating to say the last sentence. y/n’s face lit up. ‘’YES YES YES YES FINALLY AFTER ALL THIS TIME. AFTER ALL THIS TIME OF TRYING TO CONVINCE THE COOPER DAY THAT I WON’T STAB HIS EY-’’ ‘’okay, you can stop now’’ the boy spoke. ‘’i was having a moment but whatever.’’ y/n replied. ‘’oh and i would get up and run out of your house without your permission, cooper.’’ 
walking out of the class, the two continued talking about random stuff that came to their mind, and unlike in history class, time passed by so quick they thought they got to their houses in less than one minute. ‘’mom, i’m going to the days’ house tonight. wait that sounds funny.’’ y/n laughed, walking over to their mom. ‘’and when are you gonna have dinner with us? when you’ll be 30 or something?’’ y/m asked. ‘’that’s a question only cooper’s mom knows the answer to.’’ 
entering their room, y/n went to the drawer where they kept their mp3 player and put it in the pocket of their jeans and went back to where their mom was. ‘’i’m going out. then i’m going to cooper’s so i’ll probably be home at like 10? or 11? or maybe i’m gonna move in there. either way it is, you’ll find out tomorrow.’’ ‘’who are you going out with?’’ their mom asked. ‘’alone.’’ y/n replied, grabbing their keys and leaving the house. 
so for 4 hours y/n was just walking around their neighborhood while listening to music. but then , their phone rang- it was cooper. ‘’yeah?’’ y/n replied. ‘’do you have eyeliner? cause i ran out .’’ the boy said. ‘’yeah i do, but i left it at my house and i’m too lazy to go back. i think i have some money with me so i’ll go and buy one. wanna come with me? i’m at the park next to emma’s house’’ y/n suggested. ‘’ yeah sure.  i’ll meet you there’’ cooper replied, then y/n hand up.
after a few minutes y/n could the brown haired boy getting closer to where they were standing so they stood up from the swing and started walking in cooper’s direction. they greeted each other then started going towards the makeup store. 
‘‘race you?” cooper asked, when they were a few meters away from the store. ‘‘no.’‘ y/n replied. ‘‘but-’‘ the boy protested and y/n smirked. ‘‘okay fine!’‘ they spoke then started running towards the door. ‘‘hey no fair! we didn’t say 3 2 1 !’‘ cooper shouted , catching up with his friend. 
they got in the store and bought eyeliner, then went to cooper’s house. surprisingly, at dinner his mother didn’t bring up y/n’s dating life and natalie didn’t complain about them talking too much. 
and at about 9:30 pm, they got in cooper’s room. ‘’alright!!! sit down on the chair and i can finally do your eyeliner.’’ y/n smiled, walking over to cooper’s chair. ‘’do i close my eyes?’’ he asked. ‘’no , what the fuck? do you close your eyes when you do your eyeliner?’’ y/n laughed, slightly leaning over the boy. ‘’n-nO’’ he gulped. ‘’okay, don’t move or i will intentionally stab your eye.’’ they said. ‘’you are scaring me.’’ ‘’good that was my intention.’’ y/n opened the makeup product and brought it under cooper’s eye, slightly drawing a line on his skin. ‘’STOP BLINKING BITCH YOU’RE MAKING IT HARD’’ y/n exclaimed, jumping. ‘’okay sorry’’ cooper quickly apologized. when y/n was finally done with one eye, they started smudging it a bit then made a step back to look at what came out. ‘’hold on, are you crying?’’ y/n raised their brows, looking at cooper. ‘’ you told me not to blink and my eyes are watering’’ he replied. ‘’cooper you- you really are something else,, you can blink just not 300 times a second,’’ they said, slightly laughing at the boy. ‘’okay now the other eye.’’ y/n started doing the same thing , as cooper was looking up at them. ‘’why are you making that face’’ he whispered. ‘’what face’’ y/n asked, confused. ‘’ OH. it’s just my concentrated face.’’ they continued, making cooper chuckle. 
‘’aaand, done!’’ y/n exclaimed, after finishing smudging the eyeliner on his right eye. cooper turned around to look at the mirror. ‘’okay, but why does this look better than when i do it?’’ he asked. ‘’ because i am perfect and do everything better than anyone else.’’ y/n replied ironically. ‘’but aghhhh!! you look so cute!!’’ they said, squishing cooper’s face. ‘’mwah!’’ y/n softly said, while kissing his nose. cooper smiled then looked away. ‘’hey wanna listen to music?’’ he suggested. ‘’sure! but uhh i can’t find my headphones.’’ y/n replied. ‘’who said we need headphones? ‘’ cooper smirked. ‘’your sister is going to murder us.’’ ‘’oh i know’’ he replied, as never wanted to dance by mindless self indulgence started playing loudly. 
‘‘oh you are dead!’‘ natalie’s voice could be heard from her room , as she got closer to the room the two teens were in. ‘‘continue singing maybe she will get hearing damage and leave us alone’‘ cooper said, as he continued screaming the lyrics. ‘‘you two little shits-’‘ his sister started saying but she was intrerrupted by cooper and y/n. ‘‘NEVER WANTED TO DANCE WITH NOBODY BUT YOU- HM COOPER DO YOU HEAR SOMETHING CAUSE I DEFINITELY DON’T’‘ y/n shouted. ‘‘NO I ONLY HEAR YOU AND THIS AWESOME SONG WE’RE LSITENING TO’‘ cooper replied, ignoring his sister. ‘‘mom!’‘ natalie exclaimed, shutting the door. cooper ran over to his laptop to turn the volume down. ‘‘we are, in fact, dead.’‘ he said. ‘‘oh yes we are.’‘ y/n replied, sitting down on cooper’s bed, waiting for his mom to come. ‘‘what if we leave like, out of the window’‘ y/n said. ‘‘ok look, even though we are already dead, i don’t want to break my neck’‘ the boy replied. ‘‘sounds fair, y/n shrugged, smiling at their friend. 
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agirlwithdemonblood · a month ago
Amnesia Chapter 7- Revenge Doesn't Help
Pairings: Dean x Reader
Chapter Summary: Everything becomes clear, but the answer you were searching for was not the one you were expecting.
Warnings: Angst, injury, sad dean, knife, assault/abuse.
Full Amnesia Masterlist here!
A/N: I will be making one last chapter after this one, more of a closure/fluffy chapter!
Tumblr media
Cigarettes and whiskey, that’s what you smelt when you finally came to. Your eyes flickered open, adjusting to the darkness in whatever room you were in. You looked around but there was nobody with you. When your eyes finally got used to the eerie dark room, you realized where you were. You were back at the worn out house, but who brought you here? You tried to move your body but you were being held down. Glancing down, you realized you were laying on a table, arms and legs tied to the posts.
Nearby footsteps made your heart almost jump out of your chest. You prayed it was Dean and Sam, that they found you. When you saw a figure turning the corner towards you, confusion filled your being. It was a short blonde woman, her hair was knotted and she looked dirty, like she has been living in her car for a month, granted she probably was doing exactly that while tracking you. You didn’t remember her right away, she didn’t click in, you didn’t understand why you were here, but as she got closer and said those magic words, “I’m back!” It clicked in causing your heart to stop almost completely. “It’s you…” You whispered out. She giggled at your response as she came closer to your face, a dark look spreading across her. “You remember me now? I noticed you had lost it for a while.” She mocked. Horror spread in your eyes as it all made sense.
“You.. You are the one who kidnapped me and brought me here, you are the one who let that evil man hurt me and touch me..” A tear dropped down your face as you were facing the woman who ruined your life. Her face turned red as her hand swung down, laying a hard smack on your cheek causing you to cry out. “That man.. Was my husband, and you killed him, well the other bitch killed him but you helped, he was all I had left and you took him away!” She screamed, her hand coming back down on your cheek even harder this time. You coughed before turning back to face her. “He hurt me! You were going to kill me and I don’t even know why.. Why did you kidnap all these women, what have we ever done to you?” You shouted back. Before she could respond, a rumble of a car nearby pulled her out of her thoughts, the sound of shut doors made her smile. She quickly came to your side as she leaned in to whisper. “Darling, it was never about you, you were just the bait.”
She shoved a cloth in your mouth before running to the next room, hiding behind the wall to wait for whoever was showing up to come in. The sound of large footsteps filled your ears, you slammed your eyes shut in fear of what was about to go down but the sound of a familiar voice pulled you out. “Sweetheart?” Dean whispered. Fuck, shit Dean is here that’s not good, you thought to yourself. You screamed into the cloth to tell him to leave but it came out mumbled. Dean followed the sound before noticing you lying on the table. He lowered his gun as he ran over to you, concern and worry filling his eyes. Before he could reach you, the woman hit him over the head with a crowbar causing him to quickly drop unconscious. You couldn’t help but wonder why Dean came alone, where was Sam?
When he woke, he tried to get up to get to you but he was handcuffed to the radiator beside where you were. His eyes glanced to yours, fear radiating off of you as you waited for the woman to come back. What did she mean you were the bait? Was Dean bait also? Her footsteps caused Dean to freeze, watching the woman approach him with an evil looking smile on her face made you want to climb off the table and slap her.
She walked right up to Dean, swinging a hard punch to his face causing his lip to bleed. You yelled in the cloth which only made her laugh. She stopped to turn towards you, slowly approaching where you were as she took the cloth out. “Your right darling, this isn’t about you seeing him in pain, it’s about him seeing you in pain.” She smiled amusedly, quickly laying down punches on your face causing Dean to scream out. “Stop! Stop hurting her! Why do you want me to see her in pain?” He shouted, his breathing becoming rapid as he watched blood drip down your cheek and mouth. She walked up to Dean, crouching in front of him before grabbing his face in her hand. “My name is Joanne, do you recognize it? Joanne Walker.”
Dean scrunched his eyebrows as he thought about the name, his eyes lit up when he realized who she was. “You're the girl who called for help about the… uh the vampire kid?” He whispered. She scoffed before laying a punch to his stomach, causing him to groan. “That vampire kid was my son, and you didn’t help him, you sent some hunter to exterminate him!.” She shouted, standing up to pace the room. “With all due respect ma'am your son was a monster, he already drank blood. There was no cure for-’ Dean started but Joanne let out a loud scream that stopped him in his tracks. “You didn’t even try! I called to ask you for help and you told me you had another hunt but you would send some hunter, I expected him to come in and talk to my son, figure out a way to help but one look at the kid and he takes him out back to kill him! He was 15!” She shouted, Dean’s eyes filled up in tears as guilt hit him. He knew there was no helping her son, but maybe if he did go and explain it better, she would have been more prepared for this. “I’m sorry.” He whispered out. You sat up as much as you could, turning to the woman to get her away from Dean, also you had to find out how you were involved. “Wait, if this had nothing to do with me, why did you kidnap me? Why did you hit me?” You questioned.
She smiled as she turned towards you, getting uncomfortably close to your face. “Like I said you were the bait. I kidnapped you and a bunch of girls to get his attention but of course, he didn’t come running to figure out why they were going missing. The night that my husband was murdered, I found out from a friend where he was. When I got back, my husband was murdered and the girls were gone. That’s when I panicked, I lost my shot at revenge. But, after I hit you, I drove to the hospital to make sure you weren’t alive. Imagine my shock when I saw that car drive up, seeing Dean carry you inside like you were a fragile little doll. That’s when I had a better idea, I’d let Dean fall in love with you, form a bond with you before taking it all away in front of his eyes, just like you both did to me.” Her hand came up to press the knife to your throat, moving away to show Dean what was to come of tonight.
Dean gasped for air, he couldn’t breath. This was all his fault, this was why you were in trouble, you were hurt? All because of him? He hoped to death that you would still love him if they got out of this. Your eyes glanced over to Dean, noticing the fear being written all over his face causing your heart to shatter. He was obviously blaming himself but it wasn’t his fault, she is a mom in grieving she's not thinking straight, this wasn’t dean’s fault.
“Dean..” You whispered out. His head slowly made its way to face you, tears ghosting in those bright green eyes. You smile at him, tears forming in your own. “It’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong. Remember what you taught me, first rule of hunting, you can’t save everyone.” He nodded at you before the woman starting pressing the knife down. You clenched your jaw to try and not scream out but that only made her more motivated. She moved the knife to your stomach and started cutting small lines all over, causing you to shriek. Dean couldn't help but cry out, beg her to stop, beg himself to wake up from this nightmare. She continued slicing down your arms, legs and stomach, Dean lunged forward on the cuffs causing them to become loose. He moved his arms to try and squeeze his hand through, after a bit of turning and pulling he finally managed to get a hand out. His free hand easily get himself out of the cuffs. She raised her knife higher back to your throat but when she turned to see Dean’s reaction, she froze. He was here a minute ago. She dropped the knife from your throat before running to find him. She checked the exits that were still sealed off, he was still here.
The door to the basement was open, confusion filled her as she stepped down the first two steps. Dean quickly jumped out from behind the door, slamming and locking it before running to your side. Your head was slightly dropped, the pain was too much for you. His hands quickly untied the ropes before picking you up and making his way to the back door. When he managed to get there, the woman was standing in front of the door, anger radiating off her as she realized her plan wasn’t working as great as she hoped. He quickly ran to the front door, unlocking it as fast as he could before jumping into the grass. He tripped as he fell, your body laying next to his. She quickly followed, running to your body to end this, but Dean jumped on top of you. “NO!” HE screamed as he felt the knife being penetrated into his lower back. Everything seemed like it was in slow motion, Dean resting his forehead against yours, the scream from the girl as she swung her knife to get Dean once again, but everything came back normally when the sound of gunshots rang through his ears.
She dropped to the ground in shock, clutching her shoulder as she bled all over the grass. Dean lifted his head to see the person who shot her, a smile spreading on his face when he saw his little brother standing over them. “Hey, you guys alright?” Sam questioned softly. Dean turned to face you, your eyes were flickering as they met his. “W-what happened?” You questioned, looking around to find the girl on the ground beside you. You slowly dragged yourself out of Dean’s hold, inching your way towards the woman. You put your hand on hers as she looked up at you, tears rushing down her face. You couldn’t help but feel for her, she lost everyone. “I’m sorry you went through this but revenge won’t make your son come back, he wouldn’t want you to torture yourself like this. You are not a monster, you are a grieving mom.” You whispered. She nodded, more tears rushing down. You patted her back as you stood up to make your way to the car, Dean stopping you in your tracks.
“Wow.. I’m so in love with you. You are the most caring human I’ve ever met. I just.. I’m worried you won’t love me after all this, you know, it being my fault and everything. Maybe fate wasn’t a factor in this?” He said sadly, shaking his head at himself like he broke his own heart. Your hand caressed his cheek as you moved his head up. “Dean, none of this was your fault. You can’t save everyone. As for fate, it definitely was a factor in this. I felt that strong connection at the hospital and I know you did too. That wasn’t just a bond that was falling in love, that was meeting our other halves. You were brought to me by the universe and I am so in love with you.” Tears escaped your eyes. He pulled you in a tight hug before lightly kissing your lips.
A little while later the cops arrived to take the woman away. Sam watched and thanked the cops as you and Dean stayed back to clean up your wounds. Luckily, they weren’t too big or too deep. Sam sat beside you guys before wrapping his arms around the both of you. You couldn’t help but feel grateful in this moment, you had two men who would die for you, who would protect you through anything.
Did you like it? What was your favorite part? Last Chapter coming soon! Feedback Fuels me! Reblog, Comment and Like please! Let me know your favorite part, let me know your thoughts!
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harcourtholmesii · 2 months ago
Unintended Purpose (Part II)
Pairings: As Of Yet; Unknown
Warnings: - Swearing - Slavery (Whether Characters Realise It Or Not) - Mentions of Violence
Words: 2110
The ride to breakfast was a strange one. ‘Connor’ had taken a seat in front, staring ahead and with back ramrod straight. Hank had been worried the thing had broken the moment they had entered the car, but he was relieved to see it turn its head as he switched on his music.
 In the backseat, Cole was excitedly asking about what working as a police officer was like, and even if the android was about to answer, Cole was quick to ask something else. Hank watched the android with some suspicion, a little frustrated that it had not even attempted to answer Cole’s questions or humour the kid even a little. He had to keep reminding himself that this was not your standard model. Fucking thing probably didn’t understand the concept of ‘small talk’.
 Hank pulled up to Chicken Feed, Cole dashing out of the car with a wave at ‘Connor’, barely waiting for Hank to stretch his legs. He turned, opening his mouth to order the android to stay behind, but decided against it when the damned thing didn’t even turn its head to acknowledge him. It reminded him of some pompous blue blood from the higher ranks in the force; some cock-sure asshole who ordered officers around from the safety of his desk.
 He met Cole by the food truck, lifting him up so that he might have a proper view of the menu. Gary was a close acquaintance, always willing to shirk some dollars off the bill in return for Hank not taking him in. Not that Hank would. The Chicken Feed truck served only the best burgers in Detroit, and he wasn’t going to let the police force take it away.
 With their food in greasy paper bags, Cole and Hank returned to the car. And to ‘Connor’. It confused Hank why, of all times, did the android wait until they had left to turn its head and acknowledge them. Warm, brown eyes peered at the bags in their hands, and for a moment, the LED blinked a bright yellow.
 As they took a seat in the car, ‘Connor’ finally spoke.
 ‘Lieutenant.’ Hank nearly jumped in his seat, glaring at the android beside him. How the fuck did he know about his rank? ‘I would not recommend eating what food you have purchased. The food has been prepared in an unsanitary environment, as the owner, Gary Keyes, has a criminal record of violating hygiene regulations.’
 Hank just stared.
 Cole just gaped.
 ‘The food may not be toxic to the human body, but the calories are twice the amount recommended for a man of your age, and may cause indigestion for Cole Anderson. I understand that you have a history of minor egg allergy, suggesting that you may have passed the condition onto your son. The condiment, mayonnaise, has egg as its base ingredient, and may cause illness if either of you should ingest it.’
 ‘Connor’ reached across and grabbed the paper bags from Hank’s hands, the man too stunned to say anything. The android returned them just as quickly, running leftover grease from the bags between his fingers and licking it from his synthetic skin. Hank felt a little sick.
 ‘It appears that Gary Keyes had been drinking before-hand. He has also left traces of blood in the grease from an open wound, presumably from a cut on his hands.’ The android’s mouth snapped shut, as it tilted its head to look at Hank, almost innocently. ‘Perhaps you should arrest Gary Keyes, as he is still operating the establishment without a license.’
 The android returned to peering straight ahead, Hank just completely astounded by what he had heard. Yes, he was familiar with the conditions the Chicken Feed worked with, but he never knew so much detail. In fact, he still didn’t understand how the Hell this fucking android knew half of what he did. He shouldn’t have access to those kind of files.
 Cole was suddenly pushing himself half into the front seat, babbling on at a hundred miles a minute.
 ‘How did you do that?! That was so cool! How did you know my dad works with the police?! Did you work with him?! Can you tell me about the criminals you busted?! Did you use a gun?! Can you do that again?! What do you know about me?! What do you know about Dad?!’
 Hank felt a little guilty when Cole shut his mouth, and slowly slipped back into the backseat. Hank would apologise later, but he just wanted to get the android’s attention and work out what the fuck had just happened.
 ‘Hey!’ No answer.
 ‘Connor!’ Those eyes turned onto him. They seemed so emotionless; cold. It unnerved Hank. He didn’t trust this thing. Not even a little bit, and normally Hank’s gut was pretty good to trust. ‘What the Hell did you just do?’
 ‘Are you referring to what I said, lieutenant?’
 ‘What else?’ The android tilted its head once more, seemingly confused by the response. ‘Yeah, what you said. What was that?’
 ‘I simply relayed to you the details of what I scanned of the premises and the staff. It is my duty as your assisting android to aid you in what ways I can; including preventing you from causing potential harm to yourself and your son, or potential endangerment of your career.’
 Hank couldn’t believe this. This fucking robot thought that a couple of burgers were practically poison and that ignoring this one man was going to get him fired from his job? That was rather insulting. Hank may no longer have been as popular or as young as he used to be; he had gotten a bit lazy as to who he would bother to bring in, but that didn’t mean he was about to get fired over something minor.
 ‘Do you scan everyone you see?’
 ‘Of course. If there is the potential that someone is a threat to you or your son, lieutenant, I must be ready to act. If I fail to search for threats and you are placed into danger, I will have failed my purpose, once again.’
 Hank had forgotten about that. If the thing was human, he wouldn’t have been surprised if failure scared it. A human failing once was not often the end of the world. Normally it meant something minor, such as answering a question on a test incorrectly, or mistaking how many steps in an apartment stairwell, causing them to trip. But for an android, failure often meant deactivation, and being torn down for parts.
 ‘Can you scan me?’ Cole asked, peering up at ‘Connor’.
 ‘I already have. If you wish me to relay to you what data I found; you are nursing a slight limp in your left leg. Still recovering from a minor shock and minding what pain is there. Perhaps you tripped. Your hands have traces of isopropyl alcohol, and minor stains to your fingernails would suggest you were using a colouring book, specifically, a paper-back book. Fine hairs on your clothes, primarily white, bare the DNA samples of a St Bernard, and from the wear on your trousers, one that is small and excitable. A puppy.’
 Holy shit.
 ‘I am correct?’ It sounded more like a statement than a question, but Hank nodded slowly all the same. Instead of bursting into another round of uncontrollable questions, Cole simply sat there, mouth agape as Hank pulled off the curb.
 The drive was a slow one, almost drawn out by the silence in the vehicle. Hank really wasn’t sure what to think. On the one hand, this android was far more advanced than the ones that worked at the precinct; able to gather such in-depth information with a single glance. It was beyond impressive, and Hank would have given most anything to have that power.
 On the other hand, he was pissed. The android hadn’t spoken a word since he introduced himself and then he was suddenly telling Hank that he was putting his son in danger?! Well, whilst it had not been specifically stated, it seemed implied. Could androids even imply things? Either way, Hank wasn’t sure how he felt about an android being able to ‘scan’ Cole or himself.
 When they finally pulled onto Michigan Drive and then up the driveway, Cole rushed out of the car and practically pulled Connor out with him. Silence broken, he started babbling like mad about how ‘mom’s gonna love you’. Hank doubted it.
 Entering into the house, Hank was thankful for the smell of crispy bacon and the sweeter scent of pancakes. He hurriedly tossed out the paper bags full of burgers, and let Cole run over to the kitchen to greet Renee. Cole practically dragged her out by the hem of her skirt, until she was facing Hank. And ‘Connor’.
 ‘H-Hank…’ Oh, fuck. He knew that tone. It was one of some disappointment. ‘W-What’s this?’ She crossed her arms, indignant at the sight of their new android. Before Hank could answer, ‘Connor’ had stepped forward.
 ‘Renee Anderson née Tuppens. I’m the RK800 android as made by CyberLife. Intended purpose; a failure. New purpose; home assistance. May my work be satisfactory to you.’
 One dark brow arched, red lips pursing as she all but glared at ‘Connor’. Her lips stretched to accommodate a strained smile as she gestured Cole to the kitchen table and then took a step forward, around ‘Connor’ and over to Hank.
 ‘It’s ‘intended purpose’? And what exactly was that?’ Hank should have known she would latch onto that. It was why he had hoped to speak first. Perhaps, knowing from him that the android was once a police detective, she would have considered it another layer of protection, or some shit. But then the idiot bucket of bolts had to open its mouth.
 ‘It… It was a police android.’
 ‘A police detective; a prototype for the new RK900 models due for release in December.’
 ‘Oh?’ Renee turned her angered gaze onto ‘Connor’, and Hank cringed for him. ‘And, how exactly did you fail your original purpose?’
 Hank, admittedly, was just as curious. But he didn’t want it to become another argument between himself and Renee. The last thing he wanted was for her to stress for Cole’s safety because the android had failed some multiple choice quiz.
 Both pairs of eyes on ‘Connor’ took notice of how the LED ring lit up almost immediately neon yellow, and then briefly flashed red. Hank knew that was never a good sign. He raised one hand to rest it on Renee’s arm as if to pull her behind him. Of course, she just shrugged it off, too pissed to care.
 Sumo, though excited to greet them at first, had slunk away, and was hiding beneath the kitchen table and Cole’s dangling feet. Cole was watching the confrontation, mouth half stuffed with pancakes looking between the three of them.
 ‘How did you fail your original programming?’ Hank asked, resting one hand over his jacket where his holster would have been.
 A moment of silence.
 ‘It was my first mission; I was supposed to capture a deviant android for questioning and eventual deactivation.’ Hank knew about deviants; very few people didn’t. Androids that ‘broke the bonds of their masters’, or just ‘completely snapped’. Most deviants turned violent, triggered by something that would be traumatic for a human, and sometimes killed their owners.
 ‘I found them. However, I made a mistake when I confronted them.’ Deviants were often unpredictable, and had the power to turn the tables of a confrontation or the ability to blend in once the LED was removed. Perhaps, an android that was not turned deviant would struggle to predict most courses of action, even one as advanced as ‘Connor’.
 ‘There had been a human officer that was injured in the crossfire. Though the deviants were incapacitated and eventually destroyed, it was determined that it was a miscalculation on my part.’ Hank didn’t like where this was going. Suddenly, Renee was clinging tightly to his arm, when before she had been so willing to ignore it.
 ‘I had shot him in the shoulder. He was in critical condition when they shut me down to be wiped of my programming.’
 ‘Oh my God.’
 ‘I do not know if I killed him. But I did cause him damage, and as an android, I was fortunate not to be scrapped immediately.’
 The LED was bright red.
 ‘Thank you for allowing me into your home.’ By the way Renee’s fingers tightened, and how her nails dug into his skin even through the jacket, Hank knew he had fucked up.
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weebish-girl · 2 months ago
I loved that last one you wrote for me!!! Maybe this time could I get something where the reader gets together with Tamaki ? Maybe after reader gets kidnapped or something by the LOV? I just simp 😔
ooooh yes this is a good one. I simp too- like so much and I love writing for Tamaki. Ok here we go. I’ll do my best :)
I’m not sure when this was supposed to be set but let’s say it’s 2 years after Tamaki graduated from UA (so Deku and the others are third-years rn) and ur the same age as him so like 21/22
Tamaki Amajiki x Fem!Reader
Wordcount: 1.6k
Quirk: Toxic (Adding any of your cells to water makes it very poisonous.)
Warnings: Kidnapping
Sometimes you wished you had a different quirk, or even no quirk at all. Your quirk was dangerous, but since it was pretty easily controlled, you weren’t bullied as much as some people you knew. Of course, there were always people who seemed to be angry at you for simply existing, but they never bothered you too much because you knew that you would never hurt someone on purpose. You’d always admired heroes, but you knew there was no way you could be one with your quirk. It might have worked if you could control the toxicity of the poison created from your cells, but you couldn’t. It was immediately fatal, and there was no cure.
Your mom was quirkless and you had the same quirk as your dad. Growing up, you and your dad had to be incredibly careful not to touch water, and clean it up as quickly as possible. The poison you made wasn’t toxic to either of you but it would be to your mom. Thankfully, you had never killed anyone with your quirk. Your grandma on the other hand- she was the first one to be born with the quirk, then your dad, then you. Your grandma accidentally killed her dad when her quirk first manifested. She had to figure out how to keep everyone safe from her quirk on her own.
You were older now and you lived on your own. You were single and ready for a relationship, the only problem was that you were in love. ‘How is that a problem if you want to be in a relationship with them?’ you ask. Well, you were in love with the pro hero, Suneater. He had saved you when your work burned down, and ever since then you’d followed all his cases. Not in a stalker kind of way, but simply to learn more about him. As soon as you first saw his face through the smoke, you knew you wouldn’t be able to forget him. You knew you should move on because, ‘hey, he’s a pro hero. He’s famous. He probably doesn’t even remember me anymore,’ but you just could not get him out of your head.
Little did you know, Tamaki couldn’t get you out of his head either. Why? It wasn’t like he knew you well or anything. You had only talked briefly that day. Why couldn’t he stop thinking about you? ‘Should I try to find her somehow?’ he asked himself. Even if he did manage to find you, would you think it was weird? Would you even remember him? He didn’t know what to do.
You were walking home from work. It was dark outside, but you didn’t live far. You passed by the same shops and the same houses as every other day. The same dark alleyways. However, one thing was different today. The person who’d been patiently watching and waiting was ready to make their move. You felt a hand on your shoulder and tried to cry out in surprise only to have your mouth covered by a cloth. You tried to hold your breath, but quickly failed and sucked in. Your vision was fading. Everything was going dark.
Tamaki flopped down on his bed still fully clothed in his hero costume. He’d just gotten off patrol. He rubbed his face,‘Ugh, I probably smell terrible. I should shower.’ He lay there with his eyes closed for a moment. All of a sudden, his keen ears picked up what sounded like a woman’s scream. His eyes flung open and he ran out the door. He reached the alley just in time to see a long, leather coat whip out of sight. He followed. It was a white-haired man carrying an unconcious, (h/c) woman. He followed close enough to keep sight of the man, but not so close that the man would be able to sense him. The man looked left and right, and Tamaki recognized him. It was Dabi from the League of Villains! ‘What does the League want with that woman?’ He asked himself. ‘Whatever it is, it can’t be good. I should let someone know where I’m going in case things go south.’ He quickly texted Mirio the situation. Dabi stopped and entered a building. Tamaki pressed his ear to the door, it would be dangerous to barge in without knowing who or what was in there, so he waited, listening.
You started waking up. In your groggy and disoriented state you could feel cold metal around your arms and legs.
“What’s happening? Where- where am I?” you asked. 
“Ah, y/n! Finally awake are we?” you couldn’t see anyone and you didn’t recognize the voice. Who could’ve brought you here?
“Who are you? How do you know my name? Where am I?” you repeated. Dabi stepped out of the shadows, “Don’t you know me? I think my group and I have become quite well known,” you gasped. You did recognize him now. He was-
“Dabi?! From the League of Villains?!” He bowed, “The very one,” you didn’t know what to do. You were completely in shock.
“But- what does the League of Villains want with me? I don’t have money or power or anything...”
“Oh, but you do have power, y/n. We’ve been watching you and we think you could be very useful to us. We could use your poison in many different ways, if you’ll join us, of course?” This left you more shocked. The League of Villains wanted you to join them? What?
“I would never join you. I decided a long time to never use my quirk. It’s too dangerous,” you said.
“Too bad,” he sighed, “We’re going to have to keep you here until you change your mind,” now you really didn’t know what to do. Should you say you’ll join them and then escape? Should you wait for help? You chose the latter. You stared determinedly into Dabi’s blue eyes.
“I won’t change my mind, you know,”
“I wouldn’t be so sure. You might after you get to know us better,” at that moment the door was blown in. A hero! You were saved! Then you saw which hero had come. Your heart started pounding until you could feel it in your fingertips. Suneater. He looked you in the face and you saw his eyes widen. Did he remember you? He shook his head and turned toward Dabi. “Let her go,” came Tamaki’s quiet voice. “You really think I’m gonna let her go just because you asked?” Dabi rolled his eyes,
“Get ready to fight, hero!” Dabi’s hand lit up with his fire and Tamaki’s fingers turned into tentacles. They started fighting fiercely. You knew that you should or be paying attention to the fight happening in front of you, but your thoughts were on Tamaki. How did he find me? Did he follow Dabi here? Was that look because he remembers me? What kind of look was that? Oh, no! What if it was bad! What if the look was because he does remember me but doesn’t like me! Why would he not like me?! We only talked for a minute! Was my first impression really that bad? Thoughts like these swirled around in your head, making you dizzy. Or maybe that was the smoke and chloroform, you weren’t sure. Eventually you felt a soft hand on your cheek.
“Hey. Hey! Are you alright? Did he hurt you?” Suneater was talking to you!
“You- you’re here! I- I’m okay. He didn’t hurt me just knocked me out with chloroform and brought me here,” you said, rather breathlessly. “Where’s Dabi?”
“He ran.”
“Can I h-help you out of those chains?”
“Yes, please,” he cut the chains with a crab claw, you tried to stand but your legs gave out. He caught you.
“W-woah, hey, take it easy. You’re shaking,”
‘That’s because you’re so close to me!’ You thought. He was so close. He was holding you in his arms. You had dreamed about this. Even if this isn’t exactly how you planned, you were so happy and excited to see him again.
“We should stop meeting like this,” you heard him say.
“Oh, I guess you don’t remember. I saved you from a burning building before. About a year ago. I’ve been hoping to see you again but I didn’t know-“
“Wait you remember me?”
“W-well yeah. If I’m being honest, I haven’t been able to get you out of my head,”
“Really? I... well I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you either,” you were both blushing like crazy.
“Can I take you out?” He asked.
“YES! Uh-um I mean yes, I would like that very much,” you beamed at him. He beamed right back. He was feeling very good. You both couldn’t wait.
~Le time skip~
You and Tamaki have been married for a year now. You had never been happier. Everything was going great. You lived your life worrying about your husband but you were confident that he’d always come back to you. Everything was perfect. That’s how it seemed anyway. Dabi was back. The League still wanted to use your quirk. Be careful.
I FINALLY FINISHED THIS I’M SO SORRY I kept forgetting about it and I finally finally finished it! I probably won’t write a part 2 to this cause I’m lazy but I might. Thanks so much for the request :) (also I would’ve said u and Tamaki were gonna have kids but personally I want to adopt so I just didn’t put it in there at all) I hope y'all like it! The end is maybe a little rushed but (as I've mentioned before) I'm too lazy to do anything about it.
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Tumblr media
Wednesday, 14th April 2021
Picture : you know what it is.
Peepssssss.. I start to forget things.. a lot! I can’t find a check made by the nuns.. and on Monday at aumonerie, I found the bag of coins at the door of the safety box..  unattended, just like that. The safety box was not lock.. This is all curious.. because I didn’t touch any of it, on Friday. I don’t get it at all.
Was it me who forgot? Did I take that coins bag out on Thursday? I don’t remember doing so. BUT who then if it was not me? Then again, it seems crazy to me, that I was the one who took the bag out and didn’t put it back? I don’t see the reason of why I had to take it out and then it doesn’t sound like me to take it out without putting it back.. Then who? Did anyone take it out on Friday or Saturday or Sunday? 
Am I getting that old, that I start to forget things and details that much? BRrrrRr
This morning, I was looking for a ring that I had -- have. And I couldn’t find it anywhere.. huhuhuhu sniffff..  It’s not just some dizainier hein, it’s a golden ring with diamonds hahaha  This is completely crazy. I don’t wear it often, and I remember that I put it back.. but it’s nowhere to be found huaaaaa sniffff.. 
Is my brain leaving me? hahaha This sounds scary.. as I was looking at my jewelries, there are some that I don’t remember where I got them hahahha scaryyyyyyyyyy.. 
I told mom recently that I might bring jewelries back to Jakarta as soon as I get the chance to fly again.. I don’t want to keep them, better selling them away.. I will keep some only, those that I got from my parents when I got married, or from my grandparents.. but little ones are too many .. 
What I regret most would be my cross that got robbed at Place des fetes .. snifff.. it was a huge cross with medal and it was from my uncle when I got married huhuhuh..
Now I am wearing a wooden cross with a really smalllll medal. The medal is not blessed hehehe, I took a new one last Summer, the smallest of all .....I am not going to ask for medal blessing anymore hehhee my last experience of asking for medal blessing was not that nice at all..  I can bless it myself hahaha it’s better than having a priest blessed medal but full of irked feeling.
Anyhow.. I don’t know if I am having early sign of Alzheimer.. but I really start to forget things.. But it’s probably good too, to put something away and forget.. Do you think we can sort memories out? hahahaha.. 
But please let me remember all happy moments, sweet memories in details kekekeke.. pffft .. as if my brain can sort it out ..
Anyway, back to work. 
———— 2 PM
My Becc who forgot to tell me that she still has Chinese class today.. geeezzz ..
She’s online now .. it’s aaaaaaa to get a call from the Chinese teacher ..
----------------- Evening
Hubby’s dad is in the hospital.  Taken in urgently, because he has pain in his heart. Hubby’s uncle is a famous kidney specialist in Reunion island, he then got a cardiologist to deal with my father-in-law. Dunno yet what’s happening.  I sincerely hope he gets well soon.. From in-laws.. my father-in-law is THE person who likes me the most .. I fear my sis-in-law and mom-in-law hehehe.. They don’t like me.. huhuh..
Well, what will be, will be.. such a horrid season for all.. Sylviane’s father got admitted to hospital because of Covid and her mom is losing her mind too, old and all.  She has to fly to Madagascar while having health problem herself.. yeap, such a horrid season. Sylviane is one of  French grobies.
My sis is still on cranky and moody, we try to adjust ourselves to her mood.. Mom is being patient, holding her tears and all. Dad sometimes does well, sometimes forgets a lot. How getting old is scary? Dying is not scary but getting old is...
Catherine called me today, sounded fine, told me that she’ll organise something to officially say goodbye..  Saying that Diocese is doing a huge reform etc.. Then I read a while ago, Pope who said that people who want to reform Church, have to start it with prayer kkekekkee.. Agree! For once I agree. I don’t know if we all pray enough or are we just talks and talks?
Mgr Mich, Fr Fred and anyone at all who think of reforming Church, let’s start it with more prayers and fasting.
---- oh, I am fat now hahaha.. I need to stop Ice cream for good.
What is happening? Have I missed out an episode of Church gossip? hahahaha Is it the reforming season? hehehe I am saying this, because I read about reforming too in Fr Thierry’s last homily! Is he referring to something? Why am I clueless? hahaha
To whom I shall ask? kekkeke.. I need insiders...
I really miss the old days when Fr Thierry is only 10 minutes away from home hehehe.. a walk to parish, to ask him about anything.
Of course I can message him, but it’s different, it’s not as if he can answer me with 10 pages of SMS hahaha. it’s easier to explain things directly.
Well, it’s fine too, to NOT know everything hahah
Work today was ok, I was a bit annoyed hahaha as always.  But thank God, I managed to solve the mystery hhehehe 
After work, I went to presbytery to print our new schedules. But Fr Bapt was having appointment and we didn’t have time to talk afterwards, because it was him on duty today at Accueil.
I went home to cook and went back again for evening mass.
Meanwhile, between all that hahaha.. I asked the girls if they want to go to St Albert this Sunday haha.. Elisabeth said ok if it’s Fr Thierry.. I don’t know yet, hahaha I don’t know if he’s home or he’s on vacation. He’s not on WA.. he was on Skype, but Skype is doable from anywhere hehhee.. I’ll message him to ask.. Elisabeth would cut me into pieces if it’s Fr Edmond for Sunday mass hahahha She has pain in her legs a lot and going far is not her thing anymore.. Last Saturday she went home after morning mass, because her legs were aching much, didn’t stay for flowers.
Anne is ok, she always says yes whenever I ask her to go to St Albert kekeke.. Vero has not yet answered my message. She’s slow as always.
Peeps..  look what I did? 
Tumblr media
Messy hein? heheheh it’s a draft, nothing fixed yet. I just made the whole year program .. will pray and rethink.. and I need to discuss with Fr Bapt too. We will have 3 dates where we’ll have catechism for Tuesday kids only, while the Thursday ones won’t have it, because of Armitices, Maundy Thursday, and Ascenssion..  We’ll have film or activities on those Tuesday.
This coming year, we are going back to our usual schedule, meaning... To have “La Rentrée” in mid-September.. This year, we started at the last week of September, because I meant to go to Japan, remember? HAHAHA and Fr Bapt didn’t want to start KT without me. And he said Aumonerie starts later too.. we could start at the same time as them..
So, this coming year, we are going back to old schedule hehehe.. BUT I don’t know yet..  We will have longer year.. because the First communion will happen on 19th June.. which means we will end KT year the next week after the First communion kkekekekkee.. such a looooooooong year.
BUT well, I am going to do this with all my heart, Fire up, Holy Spirit, onward Christian soldier! hahahah  Lord, I hope to keep this flame burning until I die. Give me oil in my lamp to keep me burning until the end of my days.
See I put codes TQA, P/W and A/O? At every Catechism session we have about 20-30 mins time for Fr Bapt..  This coming year, we want to make it more specific. Because Fr Bapt is mostly unprepared hahaha and this is not good. I’d love to make it official.. And last time we talked about having Ecole de Louange! hehehe.. Peeps, I want sooo much to have children/teenagers (youth) praise worship group.. We can have aumonerie kids involved too.. Since we have already Ecole de prière.. which goes to Oraison direction.. we think we shall do something for kids praise and worship too.. I hope we can bring children to this great habit, praise the Lord, worship the Lord freely, through songs and dances.. play music for the Lord!
So, we’ll start this with catechism. Instead of giving free-program for Fr Bapt hahhaa I think we are going to fix it hihih.. One week for TQA (Talk/teach, Question and Answer) then another week for P/W (Praise and Worship) then another week for A/O (Adoration or Oraison --- interiority type prayers)
I hope to do more for our catechism, dunno what though.. I have soooooooo much that I want to share with these children, it feels like my heart is about to explode! hahhaha Diana = someone who has experienced God’s love in her life personally hehehe 
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa I trust in You, Lord.. See the nobody me, without talent and fearful... still,  use my flaws, my shortcomings to glorify Your name.. Take my offering, my good will and this burning heart.. Holy Spirit, breathe new life into my willing soul, bring the presence of the risen Lord, renew my heart and make me whole... Inspire me, be my strength, to toil with untired zeal for Your glory and the good of Your people.. Let Your Word to come alive in me and may Your Joy be seen in all I do..
Let’s walk with fire lit up, peeps! Onwardddddddd! hahahhaha
Geezz, I need to sleep hahaha.. midnight already...  I have real meeting tomorrow.. money talk with priests.. Then after visits, I need to go home quickly to have Zoom meeting with everyone from aumonerie.. annoying? yeap hahahha.. 6.30 PM the appointment.. My laptop is at presbytery.. sniff.. annoying yeap, I need to get it before going home..
Tumblr media
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look at my son (spencer reid/reader)
Tumblr media
Title: look at my son 
Request: no
Couple: dad!spencer reid/fem!reader
Category: fluff w/ a side of angst
Content Warning: spencer’s pov, mentions of an absent father, mentions of child birth, crying, anxieties about parenthood, new parents, talks about spencer’s past (prison, addiction, kidnapping), brief mentions about past suicidal thoughts, mentions of drugs (Dilaudid) and needles
Word Count: 3,957
Summary: spencer has a heart to heart with his newborn son while his wife sleeps.
A/N: totally based on dear theodosa from the hamilton soundtrack. I am not afraid to say that. Definitely big feels happening and there’s no regrets. this is possibly my favorite thing i’ve ever written. my best friend said it was soft and adorable, and so sweet she needed a dentist. i love it so much.  thank you all so much for the love and support! check out my masterlist!
“Go to sleep, please, you need rest,” I whispered as I looked down at my overly-exhausted wife. Although her face was looking up at me, her eyes were somewhere else. They were on a small figure just to the left of me. Her eyes had a certain glossiness over them, and it was most certainly from her exhaustion or the hours of pain she just endured to bring our son into the world. 
“B-but,” she finally looked away from the figure and up at me. “What… What if he wakes up… And, and he needs me.” Her voice was soft and cracked at the end of her words. I smiled softly as I tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.
“It’s a good thing I never sleep. Please, you really need the rest. I’ll be here,” I returned the whisper before pressing my lips to her forehead. Her hand gripped mine as I went to move away. I looked down at her, appreciating the way the dim lamp lit up her face. Even though she was extremely tired, she still looked beautiful to me.
“If he wakes up… Or… Or cries… Or moves the wrong way… Please, wake me up," she whispered, her eyes still on me. The grip she held on my hand wasn’t super tight, but it was tight enough for me to keep my hand in hers.
“Please trust me… He’ll be fine and I’ll be fine. If I need help I’ll get a nurse,” I lifted a hand and gently held her face. She slowly blinked and nodded. “Everything will be okay for an hour, okay?” 
“Okay, okay,” she looked between me and the sleeping baby, “An hour is so long,” she whined. I smiled before laughing softly. 
“Get some rest,” I pressed my lips to her forehead, again, before to her lips, “I love you,” I looked down at her with a soft smile.
“Go to sleep,” I stared at her. She grumbled a little bit before pulling the blanket further up her body. I finally pulled my hand from hers and went back to the chair. I kept my eyes on her for a few minutes, watching as she tossed and turned before eventually falling asleep. I felt a little bad for forcing her to go to sleep, mostly because I knew she wanted to spend every waking moment with our son. But when she was actually awake, she was so exhausted that it looked like she’d pass out at any moment.
When I was sure she was asleep for a little while, I flipped my book open and began to read. Of course, my attention only lasted for so long when a soft sound came from the bassinet beside me. I pulled my eyes off the book and looked towards my son. He was wiggling slightly in his spot, but just a little bit. If you were just looking in the room, and not right at him, you wouldn’t have noticed him moving. But my attention was solely on him, so I could see his movements.
I looked over at my sleeping wife, noting that she was stirring slightly. My eyes stayed on her for a moment, waiting till she got comfortable again before I stood from the chair and walked over to the bassinet. 
“Hey there,” I looked down at the wiggling form. I know he wasn’t looking at me, but my heart grew as he moved his head to face me. “Your mom is asleep right now. So, you’ve got me. Your dad,” I whispered as I carefully rested my hand on his body. He was so small, my hand was almost the size of him. “I’m your dad.” 
I stayed silent as I stared at him. I didn’t want to pick him up, in case he went back to sleep. Of course, luck would not be on my side. Because the second I pulled my hand from his body, he started screaming and crying. 
“Oh, please, please don’t,” I cringed as I quickly looked over my shoulder at my wife. She had begun stirring again, slowly waking up. “I got it, it’s okay,” I spoke loud enough for her to hear. I turned and looked back at the screaming boy. 
“Shhh, it’s okay,” I whispered as I picked him up, holding him close to my chest with both my hands. The second he was close to me, he calmed down. A small sigh of relief came from me as I turned to sit back down.
My wife was still, her eyes on me with a small smile on her lips. “Go back to sleep, I got it,” I looked back at her as I adjusted my hold on the baby. 
“He’s so little in your arms though…” she whispered as she kept her eyes on me. I looked up from our baby and at her. “Just a widdle man,” she closed her eyes before sighing deeply. 
“Yeah, he is, isn’t he?” I asked, bringing my hand to his face. My fingers gently brushed across his cheeks before down the bridge of his nose. 
I was happy I didn’t get an answer from my wife. I was even happier when I looked up at her and she was asleep. Actually asleep too. I could only hope it was a restful sleep this time. 
My attention was drawn back down to my son when he started crying a little bit. I was instantly looking at his face. The longer I stared at him, the more my heart swelled or fluttered or whatever it was it was doing. I knew a lot of things. But, I didn’t know the feeling I was having for my son, my own child. Of course, I felt this feeling before with my wife. But this was somehow different.
“So, anyway, I’m your dad… That’s so weird to say… that I’m someone’s dad now,” I whispered as I brought my hand to hold the back of his head. “I never thought I’d ever say that, but we’ll keep that between you and me, okay?” I smiled softly. My body carefully swayed back and forth to try to keep him quiet. 
I stayed quiet as I stared at him. I wasn’t scared that I’d wake him up. No, I was just scared I’d say the wrong thing. But can you really say the wrong thing to a baby who was 12 hours old? I wasn’t entirely sure, but it was one of my fears.
“You know, growing up I didn’t exactly have a dad. He left me when I was just 10,” my voice was hardly a whisper as I stared at him. I could feel tears begin to well in the corner of my eyes. There was nothing I could do to stop them either. I just had to let them roll down my cheeks.
“I just had my mom. And, well, my mom just had me." I brought my hand back to rest on his body. The way he breathed seemingly calmed me down. But I think it was the fact that he was okay that was calming me. He’s been okay since the first day we knew about him. In fact, he was more than okay. He was perfect.
“But I promise,” my voice was shaky as I stared at him, “I’ll be around for you. You’ll have a mom and a dad.” I tried to keep my voice from cracking, but it was hard not to let the emotions show. 
I pressed my head back into the headrest behind me. Just as my eyes closed, he started moving around against my chest. I looked down at him and saw him looking back up at me. 
“Hey there,” I laughed as I looked at his eyes, “You have your mom’s eyes,” I wrinkled my nose as I stared at him. 
I tried to not think about all the monsters in the world outside of our hospital room. All the horrors and terrors his mom and I have gone through to get to this very moment. I’d do whatever it takes just to make sure he’s safe and sound. The thoughts of the monsters made me scared. Is this what parenthood would be? Being scared every waking moment, while simultaneously being in love, and embracing the ups and downs of everything? 
Was I prepared for this? Was I prepared at all to be a father? I mean, I didn’t have a father figure till I was 22, but even he left me. I tried to not think about it, but it was becoming increasingly harder the more I sat in silence.
With a deep sigh, I looked down at him. I was happy he was quiet. He had a long day too. Being born can do a lot to a person, well to more than a person. I think I’m more happy than tired, to be honest. That he’s here, and he’s perfect, and no one would ever be as perfect as he is to me.
I’ve waited for this moment for… I don’t even know. I don’t think there was a starting point, the feeling was just always there. 9 months ago just fueled this feeling. And, now he’s here. It took him a long time today, too. He really wanted his first appearance to be grand. Just like his mother.
“I’m a dad,” I whispered, this time letting my words break. My eyes stayed glued to him. It was impossible to say how much time had passed, but I knew it was a while. And his mom stayed asleep the whole time. Just like how he did. 
If I had known I’d become a dad 15 years ago, when I was kidnapped by Tobias Henkel, when I thought I’d die then… I probably would have been safer and stayed with JJ. I wouldn’t have split up with her. Or, all those times after I was kidnapped, sitting in a bathroom stall with a needle in my arm while Dilaudid ran through my bloodstream, waiting for the high to kick in or take me for good. Or… Or my time in prison, where there were the times I almost got killed… I could go on, really. I have too many near-death experiences to count.
“I can’t wait to tell you all the stories I know, you’ll love them,” I ran my finger back down his nose before resting it gently on his lips, then on his chin. “Russian folk tales… Chaucer, like my mother told me… Stories of cases your mom and I were on,” I smiled as his nose twitched slightly. I sighed deeply before pressing my head against the chair behind me. “Maybe someday I’ll teach you chess.”
Even though all he did was just be born, he still went through some traumatic stuff. All of that can do a lot to a person. And when he was finally here, and in our arms, he cried. He cried to let his long awaited parents know he was finally here. It made my wife cry, and it made me cry. But it was the way he cried that broke my heart. The sharp ear-piercing screams resonated in the room, and I knew for sure I’d never forget it.
My arms stayed still, holding him close to my chest. I couldn’t stop my eyelids from shutting, like miniature garage doors closing. My body was yelling, shouting for sleep. Even though I never slept before this, watching my wife give birth, and all the moments leading up to this moment here, were exhausting. But they’re precious moments. All 3 of us may be exhausted, but it’ll be worth it all. 
Although, it was this moment that I decided every day was going to be for him. He was going to be the reason I’d return home instead of staying at the office late. Before his birth, and even before we found out about him, I never envisioned my life turning domestic. To be honest, even though I longed to be a parent, I never truly envisioned myself adopting a domestic life-style. 
 As long as he stayed still in my arms, he could stay with me while I slept. I think even if he squirmed a little bit in my arms, he couldn’t get very far. His tired little body was wrapped tightly in his blanket. Thankfully he was fast asleep, not a care in the world. He was still entirely too little to have anything to care about, other than eating and sleeping. 
It was early in the morning, or some would say late at night. Our room was dark, the only light coming from the small desk lap on the nightstand beside me. Outside, the sun was just starting to rise, making the sky a dark pale blue. Usually I’d watch the sunrise, but… my son. 
The quietness of our room mixed with the whispers of the nurses out in the halls, and their squeaky shoes, and the whirring of the hospital machinery became my soft lullabies, lulling me to sleep. The three of us slept peacefully, not a bother in the room.
But what it was that actually got me to sleep was the thought of him growing up. I thought I was smart, but the images and thoughts of him older, and even now, made me so… happy that I felt dumb.  
“When did you say they were coming?” my wife asked, looking between me and the baby. I looked down at my watch, trying to remember when the team would come over to visit. It wasn’t that I forgot when they were coming over… I just had other things on my mind. Like my son and wife for instance.
“I think, any minu-”’-te now.’
“Alright, where’s my precious godson!” a woman exclaimed, cutting me off, as she entered the room. I looked over at the door for a brief moment, watching as 4 people walked into the room. A small smile grew across my lips as I recognized the 4 people as Penelope, Luke, JJ, and Emily. 
“Hey,” my wife looked at everyone with a big smile and exhausted eyes. 
“Good morning, mom and dad,” Penelope looked between us. The smile she wore was bright and cheery, like usual. She carried a balloon, a stuffed animal, and a few large gift bags. 
“It’s so nice seeing you guys,” my wife smiled as she spoke.
“It’s hard to believe that you just had a baby. You look… Amazing,” JJ laughed as she looked at my wife. My wife looked over at JJ with a certain exhaustion in her eyes. 
“I don’t feel like I look amazing,” she laughed lightly. The baby in her arms wiggled slightly, causing everyone to look at him.
“Oh, look at him,” Penelope cooed as she looked between me, my wife, then finally at my son. I smiled as I looked at the small baby in my wife’s arms. “You must be so proud, Spence." “Well, I wouldn’t say proud is the word I’m looking for,” I laughed as I peeled my eyes off my child and looked at Penelope, Luke, JJ, and Emily. Although I was half expecting them to be looking at the sleeping baby, they were looking at me. How did they not want to look at my baby? He’s all I wanted to look at. He had my undivided attention now. 
“It’s so weird that you're a dad now,” JJ laughed as she walked around the other 3 guests and came to stand closer to me. I smiled, watching as she placed a small, pale blue gift bag on the small table. 
“Do you want to hold him?” My wife looked up at JJ with a smile. JJ looked down at the baby before up at my wife. 
“Are-are you sure?” JJ laughed lightly as she looked between my wife and child. I smiled as I looked at JJ. I laughed lightly at her hesitance. To be fair, she just wanted to make extra sure it was okay, since we’re new parents. 
“I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t sure,” my wife laughed as she carefully held out her arms. JJ smiled as she carefully picked our baby up from her arms. I smiled as she sat on the edge of the bed, holding my baby close to her body.
“He’s… precious,” JJ whispered as he looked down at him. “He has your nose,” she looked over at my wife, who was lovingly looking at our baby. A small smile grew across her lips as she nodded. 
 “Well, he has his father’s eyes.” My wife looked up at me with a small smile. If we hadn’t already argued over his little facial features, I would’ve argued with her that our son looks the most like her. That was why he was perfect. 
“Has Derek come by yet?” Emily asked as she looked away from the baby and at me.
“He said he’d visit when we got back home,” I nodded as I looked over at her. Emily nodded before returning her gaze back to the baby. Everyone was looking at him, and I didn’t blame them. 
“You guys… You take all the time that you need. Don’t rush back to the office,” Emily nodded. 
“But please come by and visit us all you want,” Penelope spoke as she looked between my small family. I laughed and nodded.
“We’ll definitely come and visit you guys.”
“You all know Spence. Can’t stay away from the office for a long time,” it was my wife’s turn to talk. She looked at me and lifted a hand. I looked back at her, adoring the way she smiled at me. I lifted my hand and placed it in hers. When she finds out that my days of staying late at the office are over, I’m sure she’ll be more than excited.  
“Maybe those days are over,” I shrugged as I looked down at the baby. I smiled softly and felt a sudden wave of calm wash over me. Everyone looked away from the baby and up at me with mild shock on their faces. 
“Really?” My wife asked as she gently pulled on my arm. I looked down at my wife, noting the way she was looking back at me. 
“I’ve been thinking about it. No hard answers,” I spoke as I looked back at Emily.
“Take all the ti-” She was unfortunately cut off by her phone ringing, “time… I’ll be right back,” she nodded before leaving the room. 
“I can’t wait to spoil the little sucker,” Penelope clapped her hands together as she looked between us. I laughed, watching as Luke looked at his partner. 
“Sure, spoil,” he nodded. The moment was ruined by our son unexpectedly screaming. JJ looked over at my wife, an apologetic look on her face.
“It’s okay. You know how newborns are,” my wife laughed as she took the baby from JJ. 
“With that, we should probably go. Little guy’s probably hungry,” JJ nervously chuckled as she stood. I shoved my hands in my pockets and stepped over to the three. 
“Thanks for stopping over. You guys seriously don’t know how much this means to me… To us,” I gestured over to my wife as I spoke.
“Oh, Spence, of course! Wouldn’t miss visiting you guys the first day as parents,” JJ smiled as she hugged me. I hummed as I hugged her. 
I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep, if I had slept at all. I wasn’t even sure if it was a restful sleep either. But what I did know that one second later my body jerked awake when the loud sharp cries of a baby. 
My eyes snapped open and I looked down at the screaming figure. I cringed as I glanced at my wife, who I hoped was sleeping. But she was awake. Her eyes were glued to me and the baby.
“What are you doing awake?” I asked as I looked over at my wife, who was looking at me with wide, dewy eyes. Her exhausted smile told me that she’d been awake for a while. I looked down at the screaming baby in my arms before looking back at her. “Figured that one out myself.” I laughed when I realized the redundancy of my question. I stood up and lightly bounced to try to quiet the baby.
“I can take him.” My wife smiled as she looked up at me and lifted up her hands. Her eyes were glued to the small figure in my hands. I looked down at the baby and nodded.
“Yeah, I knew you were about to say that.” I laughed as I stepped over to her. She finally looked away from the baby and up at me with a smile. “How’d you sleep?” 
“Well, I slept.” She sighed deeply as she held the baby close to her. She looked down at him and smiled. “Hello, little man," she whispered as she brought her finger down his nose. “How did you sleep?” 
“To be honest, I don’t think I did.” I wrinkled my eyebrows as I sat back down. “Just… I’m not sure anymore. I didn’t sleep before he was born… But now I think I’ve lost all chances of sleep with him.” I chucked as I looked over at them. 
“Well… I mean, I’m sure your 12 cups of coffee a day won’t help that situation.” She laughed as she glanced at me. I slouched back in my chair, resting my head on my fist. “Or, well, I take that back. Keep drinking your 12 cups. I don’t want to wake up at 3 in the morning for diaper changes.” She sighed as she looked at the baby.
“Guess I’m going to need all of the time off in the world then,” I spoke through a yawn. My wife smiled at me and nodded. “Surely Emily won’t care if we’re both off for a while. She’s got plenty of help with the team.”
“I think I’ll need the help more than Emily,” my wife chuckled lightly. “You should get some rest, Spencer. You look more exhausted than me.” 
“How do you know what you look like?” I furrowed my eyebrows. She glanced at me before patting the small space beside her. I looked at her hand before yawning again.
“Just a guess. C’mere,” she looked at me as she moved her hand back and forth on the space. With a deep sigh, I stood up and moved so I was sitting beside her on the bed. “There, now you’ll sleep better.” 
“And where’d you get this science from?” I asked as I rested my head on her shoulder. She chuckled lightly and shrugged.
“On the science that I’m your wife and I know you sleep better when you’re beside me instead of a crappy hospital chair.” She looked down at me. I looked back at her before blinking lightly.
“Okay, that’s pretty sound logic.” I nodded as I looked down at the baby, who was back to sleep. It was amazing what a mother’s touch could do.
“See, like father, like son," she whispered as she brought her hand back up to her face. I furrowed my eyebrows before smiling. “Please get some sleep.”
“Beginning to sound like me there.” I lifted my head slightly to look at her. She looked back at me before pressing her lips to mine. 
“Sleep tight.” She ruffled my hair slightly. I smiled before resting me head back on her shoulder. 
I was happy when sleep came to me. It felt more restful than before… Maybe my wife’s scientific logic made sense...
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
↳ na jaemin may be head over heels for you, his best friend of all time, but you’re not his. not until a certain something forces you together and shows you all you’ve been missing out on.
pairing :: best friend!jaemin x reader, boyfriend!donghyuck x reader
genre :: fluff, angst, humor, mystery, high school!au, friends-to-lovers!au
warnings :: swearing, a kiss scene, lowkey cliffhanger
a/n :: alright, this is it fellas, 2k for the climax of the story. i’m sorry about the length but i hope you enjoy <3 mwah, tell me what you think of the...ending?
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Tumblr media
It takes you a moment to process the world around you when you hear a soft knock at your door, signaling that Jaemin has arrived, as you have your head in your hands with a steadily increasing heart rate. You gulp rather loudly, dragging your feet to the front door and hovering your hand over the doorknob. He knocks again.
As you open the door, your best friend stands there with possibly the biggest smile on his face, his hands fastened behind his back. “Hi, love.”
“Hi,” you nearly stutter over your words, brushing off with a small giggle. “Oh! Uh, come in, come in. Yeah, it’s like—you know—cold outside, so.”
Jaemin raises an eyebrow at your words—clearly catching on to your nervousness—following in after you step away from the entrance. You’re busied with closing the door when he pulls his hands out from behind him, producing a bouquet of white roses and smiling brightly. Though you pass around him rather quickly, missing the gift, and mumble something about your parents not being home for the night. 
“—my mom would’ve been so happy to see you, though! She baked you cookies the last time you came over, but like, after you left. I can get them out now if you want!”
“Y/N, I—”
“Or not!” You say without a second thought, already feeling stupid with your feet sliding towards your living room. “We can just, like, hang out! Whatever, yeah, we can watch a movie or something. You know I recently—”
You’re cut off by a sudden yank to your hoodie, eliciting an ungrateful yelp from your mouth as you nearly fall backward. Jaemin holds you up at the last moment, chuckling under his breath as you let out a breath of disbelief. Just as you attempt to push yourself forward, his arm wraps around you, holding the roses out in front of you. You nearly gasp.
“Are you gonna take them or are we gonna stand like this for a while?” He jokes, and you apologize in a whisper, brushing the tips of your fingers over the petals before taking them from him. “Do you like them?”
Though your heart is going through severe palpitations at the moment, you turn around to face him—well, without looking into his eyes—and nod slowly. You can’t even remember the last time someone gave you flowers this beautiful, and even though they’re white, you still find it oddly mesmerizing.
“Thanks, Jaem,” you finally allow yourself a glimpse, and you nearly explode at the way he’s looking at you in adoration. You resort to playing softly with the petals once again, leaning in to smell them. “They’re really pretty.”
“You’re really pretty.” Freezing, you dart your eyes back to your best friend, who looks mildly horrified that he just said that aloud. He shakes it off when you giggle nervously. “Sorry.”
“No! No, uh, thanks? Yeah, thanks.”
If someone was watching the two of you right now, it would most likely look like an extremely awkward encounter between strangers. You and Jaemin have known each other for years, however, and all of your actions were pointing more towards ‘this is super awkward’ rather than ‘I’m in love with my best friend.’
You both settle on your couch, set apart by various pillows and cushions, with a thick cloud of visible tensions between the two of you. Neither of you decides to speak up first, but the thoughts running through your heads are fast enough to win every track and field competition. A moment of silence passes before you decide to glance over at Jaemin, who’s already looking at you. Maybe another minute of silence is okay. 
Just when you determine that enough time has passed, Jaemin’s phone buzzes in his pocket, and he reaches to pick it up. After glancing down at the glass for a while, presumably reading the text message he just got, he laughs.
“Jisung’s wondering why I’m here right now,” he tells you, tapping at his phone. “You know he’s more of a shooter for us than we are?”
“Yeah, I guess,” you trail off, and he looks up at you. “What?”
“Jeno told you, didn’t he?” He asks with a small smile, and you already know what he’s talking about. “Of course he did, that little piece of rotten cloth can’t keep anything to himself. I can’t believe he got to say it before I did.”
You scrunch your eyebrows in confusion, turning to face him. “Say what?”
“That I love you.”
“What?” It’s like you repeat the same word again into a blank void, even though you heard him loud and clear. He’s told you this many times before, so why does it sound different? He doesn’t respond and smiles widely at your expression. “Huh?”
“I love you, more than a friend, Y/N.” He continues, and you wonder how he’s so nonchalant about it. “But you already knew that, right? Jeno told you already.”
“W-Well,” you stumble over your words, now drawing your knees to your chest for comfort, “yeah, he did. He just said that you’ve liked me for a long time, and so did Jisung. And they both know you pretty well, so—well—yeah.”
“Yeah? But don’t you know me better, love?”
His voice dips lower than you initially expect it to, though you think it’s just your brain fooling you. You do know him, very well too, but if you knew him so well from the beginning, how come you never realized that he liked you? How come you never considered the possibility that Na Jaemin, out of all the boys you’ve met in your lifetime, could be in love with you? You wish you saw it earlier.
“I guess,” you find yourself whispering back, now feeling shy under your skin. “I never knew, though.”
Jaemin shifts in his seat, running a hand through his hair. “That’s on me, love, I should’ve told you. I wanted to, but you were always so happy already. I couldn’t ruin anything by saying something stupid like that. I just want to see you happy, sweetheart, that’s all.”
You look down into your hands at his words, face growing hot. “I’m sorry, Jaem. I-I would’ve—”
Chosen you, you want to say, but your voice doesn’t allow you to. Would you have? Would you have chosen him over Mark Lee, the star ice hockey player and model student? Would you have chosen him over Lee Donghyuck, the wealthy boy who played with hearts for pay? Would you have seen past all the stupid obstacles life put in front of you? 
Maybe, you think, this is why you aren’t surprised to feel your heart speed up around him. He’s been by your side, stuck since day one, and he’s finally ready to sacrifice years of a near-perfect friendship for more. Would you really have chosen him, over all others, if he had just told you how he felt back then?
“No regrets, love,” he rests a hand over your wrists, signaling for you to look up. “The past is the past, let’s leave it there, okay? I’m glad you know now, truly, and it’s okay if you can’t accept it. It’s hard, I know. I’m still here for you, regardless, alright?”
You can’t help but feel the ache in your heart from the way he speaks so softly to you, delicate with every syllable that leaves his lips. Jaemin is selfless, you’ve always known it, but you think about it the most today, having known after all this time that your best friend is in love with you. You rest your own fingers atop his, running them over his skin as you usually did.
“What if I said I like you too?”
Jaemin outright stops breathing—from what it looks like—his eyes staring deep into yours without a single inch of movement. Perhaps you’ve surprised him, because he doesn’t respond for a moment, before he’s returning back to reality with a smile grazing his face; a smile that you’re sure you’ve never seen so brightly lit on his face.
Instead of saying anything, he slips his fingers under your palm, pulling up your hand until his lips rest against your knuckles, applying the lightest pressure. Butterflies erupt in your stomach at the action, and you find it hard to contain the giddy laugh that leaves your throat.
“Then,” he pulls back, still grinning like a man infatuated, “may I kiss you?”
“You may kiss—uh, um—what?”
“May I kiss you?” He asks again, and you hear him loud and clear. But your mind doesn’t process it well enough. “Y/N? You don’t have to say yes if you’re not ready.”
You shake your head. “No! I mean—no, I’m am, I’m just—you can kiss me. I’m...okay with that.”
And so he does. He leans in gently as you squeeze your eyes tightly, with your heart speeding up when his hand cups the side of your face. His lips are as soft as you expected them to be, and you find yourself yearning for more, pushing forward instinctively until your arms are winded around his neck. It’s slow, quiet, and full of a love that you’re sure you haven’t felt before. It sets a fire inside of you.
Your fingers run through the strands of his hair until there’s a distance sound attempting to tug you away from your trance. Jaemin pulls away from you, glancing over sideways with a worried expression on his face, and you raise an eyebrow. When your ears finally register the world again, you hear the sound of sharp knocking on the door. 
“Are you expecting someone else?” Jaemin asks quietly, swiping his thumb over your cheek to catch your attention. You shake your head. “Maybe your parents are here early?”
“Maybe,” you mumble, jumping when the knock grows increasingly louder. “Sounds like my mom. She might’ve forgotten something.” You make your way out of the room, telling Jaemin to stay seated as you’re sure that the encounter isn’t going to take long. 
Though when you open the door without a care, you wish you hadn’t, as your eyes fall upon a figure you didn’t think had the nerve to come to your house; your eyes widen at the sight and you’re about to shout profanity in its direction, but you don’t. 
“Get the fuck out of here,” you say as steadily as possible, your voice rising with every passing word. Your hands push to close your door, but a foot stops you. “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.”
“Y/N, please, just listen to me—”
“Love? Is everything okay?” Jaemin’s voice resonates from inside the house, and you hear his footsteps coming towards you. “Sweetheart?”
“Is that Jaemin?”
“Leave me alone,” you say weakly, glancing over your shoulder to see Jaemin close on his way to the foyer, a worried expression on his face. He nods questioningly, but you only shake your head. 
The stubborn foot between the door and the wall doesn’t budge, even as Jaemin’s questions are finally answered as he stands beside you protectively, glancing through the small crack of the door. You watch as his expression darkens rather dangerously, and you grab lightly onto his arm, drawing his attention to you. You shake your head again, silently asking him to leave it alone as well. 
He presumably ignores you, wrapping an arm tightly around your waist before pulling your hand away from the doorknob and opening the door fully, allowing you to open up to the night outside. You haven’t seen such a look on his face before, and frankly, you aren’t quite fond of it, but as his grip tightens, you’re sure that it isn’t going away for a while.
You don’t blame him; your heart sinks to your stomach, either way, having been drained of all the flutters of young love from earlier. You don’t want to see what comes next. 
“What the fuck are you doing here, Huang Renjun?”
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A Twist in Fate
Chapters 1-3 (originally written in 2012) (if it gets enough love I’ll continue it)
"Mr. Fenton and Mrs. Walker, I'll have you know that my bio-mechanics classroom is not a place for fairy tales or works of fiction!" Mr. Ripley growled out. "Put that blasted hunk of junk away! Better yet destroy it!"
Maddie walker frowned. "But sir you asked us to come up with a realistic future source of alternative clean energy. This proto portal and proto ecto-converter is my team's response to your challenge."
"Yeah," Jack Fenton chimed in. "All we have to do is start this baby up, stick this wire from the ecto- converter into the portal, the wire collects the natural radiation that ectoplasm gives off as a byproduct and sends it back to the converter itself, which will then convert the radiation into electricity and power the light bulb that we have connected to it!"
Mr. Ripley looked like he was about to blow a gasket. "For the millionth time! There is no such thing as ectoplasm, which in turn means that ghosts are not real and that the ghost zone is fabricated as well! So this will not work!"
"That's not true! Just because you haven't seen a ghost doesn't mean they don't exist! I mean take atoms, for example, they're all around us! In fact, everything in the universe is made up of them, but yet we can't see them with the naked eye!" Maddie argued.
"But we have scientific evidence that Atoms exist!" Mr. Ripley defended "we have no evidence that the souls of the departed walk around on earth. I mean come now, do you actually believe that there really are creatures that can defy gravity and phase through solid objects? It's just not possible!"
"It is so possible, we already know that if molecules vibrate fast enough then they can phase through solid objects and even shift to a lighter density so they can… float, in a sense! It's basic Quantum Physics!" Maddie snapped.
Mr. Ripley sighed before turning to the last person in Maddie's team. Who had been predictably quiet throughout this whole ordeal. "Mr. Masters do you truly believe that this….. Contraption will work?"
Vlad masters glanced up at his Professor before returning his nervous gaze to the floor. "Well…I…uh," Vlad swallowed before glancing up at his two best friends who were looking at him expectantly. Jack sent him a nod of encouragement but that wasn't too effective. Vlad's eyes then settled on the face of his long time crush, Maddie. She had her hands clasped together—almost as if she were in prayer—with a pleading look on her face. Vlad felt his heart skip a beat at the realization that she needed him to defend her. Vlad smiled at the thought of being her hero, even if it was for doing something as small as lying to their Bio-mechanics teacher about what he believed. "Well, the calculations behind the portal are sound Sir… Could you at least give us a chance to show you that we are not nuts? I mean come on what's a five-minute presentation going to do? After all, we are the only three students in your class so it's not like we're going to hold anyone else up."
"Ugh," Mr. Ripley sighed in defeat as he dragged his hand down his face. "Fine."
"Boo-Ya!" Jack bellowed as he powered up the machines and was about to throw the switch.
"Wait jack! I didn't activate any of the safety measures yet!" Maddie cried as she tried to stop Jack from flipping the on switch but she was too late.
The portal turned on, small bolts of electricity jumping from the metal frame. Then there was a very bright flash of light and all the occupants in the room had to hide their hands behind their eyes.
But just as quickly as the light had come it faded away.
The three students stood there dumbstruck, not entirely sure what to do with the fact that their 200pt project just failed miserably.
Mr. Ripley applauded. "I must say, that was more than I was expecting. Though regardless I still have to fail all three of you now."
"Fail…. You can't fail us! That's totally bogus!" Jack complained as he watched his professor turn to leave the classroom.
"Well, I'm sorry Mr. Fenton but…." Mr. Ripley stopped short when the room was suddenly cast in an eerie green glow.
Everyone turned their attention to the proto portal once again to find that there was now a green swirling hexagon within the frame of the machine.
"IT WORKED! Whaoooo! IT WORKED!" Jack bellowed from the top of his lungs as he did a victory dance. Maddie screeched in excitement and joined Jack in his fun, while Vlad facepalmed at his friend's antics.
Mr. Ripley's eye twitched. "That's amazing…. How…did…." The professor was at a loss for words.
Vlad was the only one who stayed level-headed throughout all the excitement and he noticed something that worried him. The pencils and other small objects that were on the desk next to him began to shake and slowly move towards the portal.
"Uh…..Maddie… what exactly were the safety measures meant to prevent?" Vlad asked nervously.
Maddie stopped her joyful dancing and looked over towards Vlad.
"Well there was the slightest possibility that the portal could create its own gravitational pull, the measurers were meant to prevent that. Why?"
Vlad didn't get a chance to answer her question because she figured it out for herself when a hoard of random small items began to fly from their place in the room and straight into the green swirly portal.
The small group watched in horror as the portal's frame sparked and then broke, allowing the portal itself to expand in size. Soon the small 1ft by 1ft portal became a 6ft by 7ft vortex that began to pull Vlad, Maddie, Jack, and Mr. Ripley into it.
They all blacked out.
Vlad groaned as he sat up and glanced around him. He was sitting in the middle of a park, small items from the classroom were scattered around him with a few large desks as well. He looked behind him to see Maddie and Mr. Ripley sitting up slowly, Jack was pinned under a desk.
"Heh… Uh, think you could help me out V-man?" Jack asked.
"Uh sure hang on," Vlad said as he got to his feet and made his way over to Jack's side. "Ok ready? 1, 2, 3!" Vlad moaned as he pushed the large desk off of Jacks back.
Maddie helped her professor up off the ground.
"Where the hell are we?" Mr. Riley asked out loud as he dusted his hands off on his pants.
"I don't know, but look at this," Maddie said as she pointed toward a statue that was sitting on the top of a near hill. It was the only area that was lit.
Mr. Ripley looked up at the statute; it was of a young boy holding up what appeared to be planet earth. The boy had a determined look on his face and an interesting stylized 'D' on his chest.
"That's a big statue…" Jack gasped out as Vlad helped him stand up.
"Thank you for your brilliant observation, Mr. Fenton." Mr. Ripley said dryly.
"Well don't just stand there come on let's go see if the statue can tell us any clues about where we are!" Vlad suggested as he ran up the side of the hill.
Maddie laughed and followed Vlad with Jack and Mr. Ripley hot on her heels. When they got to the top of the hill they noticed a gold plaque at the base of the statue.
"This statue is a memorial of the day that Danny phantom saved the world. A statue like this one stands in every capital of every country all across the world because without him we wouldn't have this world." Mr. Ripley read out loud.
"Who the heck is Danny Phantom? I've never even heard of him!" Jack bellowed in confusion.
"Uh…. Forget that look at the date on the plaque! It says it was commissioned in 2009!" Maddie stuttered out. Now coming to a sudden realization that they had somehow ended up in the future.
"Well…" Vlad said with a nervous laugh. "At least we now know the world won't end in 1999."
------Chapter 2-----
A 17-year-old Danny landed in the park with a yawn.
'Alright honey, the scanners say that the fluctuation in ecto-energy came from the park. See anything out of the ordinary?'
Danny pressed the Recall button on the Fenton phones.
"I'm not seeing anything Mom…. Can I please come home now! I have an English test tomorrow and I'm super tired." Danny whined to his mother over the electronic device.
'Danny you just got there, could you please just look around.'
Danny sighed. "Fine, but I'm not going to find…."
Danny looked down to find that he had stepped on a small pile of number 2 pencils. He then quickly lit an ecto-blast; its green unnatural light was cast along a few desks and other random items.
"What the….. Mom I'm going to have to call you back." Danny said as he turned the Fenton phones off and gained a little altitude to see if he could see anything else out of the ordinary.
Danny surveyed the park and spotted a few figures hanging around his statue. He thought that that was a little odd so he flew in closer to get a better look.
His stomach dropped when he saw what appeared His parents back in their college days. An older looking man was with them and so was a younger-looking Vlad. Danny's eyes flashed a brighter green and Danny quickly flew towards the young billionaire and pinned him against the base of the statue.
"Vlad!" Danny growled out, ignoring the screams of fright from the others of the group. "What are you doing here!? I swear if you even so much as hurt anyone!"
Vlad looked down at the white-haired boy with a panicked expression.
"I-I –I w—wou—would n—never d-do that!" Vlad stuttered out as he loosely kicked his feet around trying to find the ground only to realize he was about three feet above it.
Danny growled and tightened his grip on Vlad's shirt.
"You certainly didn't have a problem with hurting people about a month ago! I don't know what sick evil plot you have spinning around in your head right now, but I promise If you even try anything I'm going to kick your sorry ass so hard that you won't even be able to sit on it for a week!"
Vlad gulped and flashed the young halfa an innocent smile. "I—I really don't understand what you're talking about…."
Danny let loose another low growl and was about to light an ectoblast when he heard someone shout 'No' from behind him. He turned around to find his parents, well his younger parents, standing there with looks of total fear.
"Please let him go, I promise V-man didn't do anything," Jack said with worry as his eyes flicked from his best friend to the white-haired boy that had him pinned to a wall.
Maddie just stood there in shock, not entirely sure what to make out of the situation. She had been friends with Vlad for years and she knew that he would never hurt a fly, so she was confused and curious as to why this boy treated him like he was a monster.
"Please listen, I know this might sound nuts but my friends and I, oh and our professor, are not from this time period. We somehow got transported here when our proto portal blew up into a swirling vortex and we got sucked in." Maddie explained as she rubbed her sore shoulder, she had hurt it when she fell from the green vortex.
Danny's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, he knew that the proto portal was supposed to give Vlad his powers not send his parents into the future! But then a scary thought struck him, what if someone had gone back and metaled with the time stream? If they had then this could be an all-out disaster, it could completely change the future as he knew it! He was also feeling incredibly grateful that his mother had made him get up to check on that ecto energy surge. That vortex that the younger Maddie was talking about must have been an uncontained artificial portal that gave the high energy signature off when it opened here.
Danny paled and glanced over at Vlad once again. "So that means you seriously don't know what I'm talking about….."
Vlad looked at the white-haired boy with utter disbelief.
"What!... You mean you actually believe what she just said?"
"Uh…. Well yeah, ghost portals are known to lead to other dimensions and sometimes even different time streams." Danny said as he put Vlad down. "Sorry about banging you around before, you didn't deserve it; well at least you didn't deserve it yet."
Vlad gulped and quickly ran over and hid behind the already freaked out biomechanics professor. Whom of which, finally had regained enough control over himself to ask his first question.
"Who the hell are you?!"
"Well that was eloquently put," Danny said with a laugh as he mock saluted to the small group. "I'm Danny Phantom."
Vlad went bug-eyed.
"Wait," Vlad said as he pointed up at the statue. "You're him?"
Danny blushed a bit. "Uh….Yeah, that's me."
---Chapter 3--
Professor Ripley stared at the white-haired being in front of him.
"W—wh—what are y—yo—you" He stuttered out with wide eyes.
Danny raised an eyebrow.
"What am I?" Danny reiterated with a laugh. "You should ask your students there, they would know."
Mr. Ripley glanced behind him at his three cowering students. Unfortunately, they seemed to be just as scared as he was. Maddie was the first to break from her self-induced paralysis.
"You're a ghost…" She gasped out in wonder after her mind pieced all the info together.
"Ding, ding, ding, you've won a prize!" Danny mimicked a game show host's voice.
"What?" Mr. Ripley blurted out. "But, but, but there are no such things as ghosts!"
Danny frowned.
"Do I look fake to you!?" He shouted as he flew up to the professor's eye level.
The professor's legs went out from underneath him and he nearly crumpled to the floor, thank heaven that Vlad caught the man before he did.
Danny laughed "Relax Dude I was only messing with you."
"Wh-what?" The professor sputtered.
Just then a flash of lightning followed by a rumble of low thunder darted through the sky, causing everyone to look up.
"We should probably head for shelter soon; I don't want to be stuck out here in the rain," Vlad mumbled out loud to no one in particular.
"Good point V—man but we got no place to crash. So how's that gonna work?" Jack exclaimed, his eyes still nervously locked on the young white-haired ghost.
"Well I—uh," Vlad scrambled for an answer.
"Well, You guys could stay with me and my family…" Danny offered.
The group of four stared at Danny with confusion.
Maddie was about to say something but she was cut off by the loud motor of a very big silver and green R.V.
"Oh no…" Danny muttered as he watched the GAV screech to a stop. The word 'Fenton' was proudly displayed in green lettering on the side of the vehicle. Danny dragged his hand down his face knowing it would be a very bad thing for his past parents to meet their future selves.
Jack stared at the green logo on the side of the vehicle.
"Fenton? Hey, that's my last name!"
Danny shook his head realizing it was too late now. He watched as his mother climbed out of the GAV and rushed over to him.
"Danny! Are you ok!" She called before she engulfed him in a hug, completely ignoring the other four people next to him. "Why did you hang up on me like that!? I was so worried that a ghost had hurt my baby boy!"
A blush crept up on Danny's face as he hesitantly hugged his mother back.
"Sorry, mom….I was kinda…. Occupied…" Danny replied slowly before he scrunched up his face. "And what do you mean hung up on you? I told you I had to go!"
Maddie pulled away from Danny slightly.
"Occupied by what?" she asked, ignoring the last part of Danny's response
Danny just pointed.
Maddie looked in the direction that he was pointing to find what appeared to be herself, Vlad, and Jack in their college years and her Biomechanics professor?
"Danny?" she asked her complexion unusually pale. "Are they….?"
Danny shook his head yes.
"I don't know how they got here but I can tell you how it's possible later. As for now, do you think we can head home? There's about to be a Thunderstorm."
Maddie just simply nodded.
Vlad stared out the window of the G.A.V. Water was streaking down the glass from the pouring rain outside and at the pace that they were moving he really couldn't make out his surroundings. So really he was using this brief time to catch up on his thoughts.
The ride so far had been eerily quiet… Not Maddie or his professor or even Jack had said a single thing since they had all climbed into the vehicle, and THAT was saying something. Especially since Jack never knew how to shut up. All he ever did was talk and talk and talk.
The only sounds that could be heard were the pitter-patter of the rain, the squeaky sound of the windshield wipers, and the faint whispering of the strange blue-suited woman—Who apparently was named Maddie, Vlad found that to be quite ironic—As she whispered to the white-haired boy. Vlad knew the boy's name as well; he just didn't really like it. He couldn't, for the life of him, figure out why; if you had such a cool name like Daniel would you shorten it to Danny?
It just gave the nameless command; it made it less intimidating…Not that the boy had issues in that area. He had already almost caused Vlad to wet his pants at one point, heck he made professor Ripple's knees buckle out from underneath him and that man was as hard as stone!
Vlad jumped slightly when he felt someone poke him in his side. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that it was only Maddie. She had decided to climb in the back and sit next to him when everyone had first piled into the large car. Jack and Their professor were occupying the seats in front of them and Maddie was in the driver's seat with Danny sitting in the passenger next to her. So in all technicalities, Vlad was sort of sitting alone with Maddie….. in a way.
Vlad shot Maddie a wary glance.
"You know you just scared me half to death Madeline."
Maddie scrunched up her nose at the sound of her full name. She really hated it when Vlad called her that.
"Oh, sorry I didn't mean to." She quickly apologized while running a hand through her thick red hair.
"It's perfectly alright," Vlad answered. An awkward silence passed between the two for a few minutes before Maddie finally said something.
"So… what do you think of our new friends?" She asked as she sent a wary glance towards Danny and Maddie.
"Well, Maddie seems to be ok… But that ghost kid…. Danny…. Well…..He kind of scares me." Vlad answered truthfully.
Maddie raised an eyebrow. "You mean that Maddie person doesn't give you the creeps?"
"No, why?" Vlad asked.
Maddie's face scrunched up in disgust.
"It's just….. Did you see how she was treating that ghost, Danny? She called him her son and she was hugging him…..Treating him like he was human…like he was alive. It's just so wrong!"
Vlad blinked "How is caring for your son wrong."
"It's not; it's caring for your dead son that's wrong. I would bet you that he's still a ghost because his family refuses to let him go, He probably can't cross over because of that…" Maddie explained while shaking her head sadly. "It's just so wrong."
Vlad loved Maddie, he really did, but sometimes he didn't understand her. This was one of those times.
"Don't you agree?" She asked.
"Uh, yeah it's totally wrong….." Vlad said with slight hesitance.
"I know right?" Maddie said as she nodded her head in agreement. "It's almost like it's a less drastic form of necrophilia."
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fairyoftbz · 2 months ago
Retrouvailles | l. hyunjae
Tumblr media
💐 pairing: florist!hyunjae x fem!reader  💐 genre: cliché fluff 💐 word count: 2.6k 💐 tw: i think i swore once or twice? 💐 synopsis: you are back in your hometown after living in paris for years with your family and a special encounter won’t make you regret your decision. 💐 requested: yes from kyu! i hope you’ll like it!! 💌 💐 a/n: i am so sorry but i absolutely love writing for florist!au, i promise it’s the last one ! (of this series) constructive feedback is always appreciated!!
Looking around you as you got off the bus, you scoffed in utter shock as this neighbourhood hadn’t changed at all, even if you left eight years ago. All the shops and cafes remained the same, just two new ones got added to the ones that you always found welcoming and cute.
You got a weird sensations when you came back from school a few years ago, your parents stopping you in the entrance and asking you to follow them in the living room. Your siblings were already there, and they all looked down, your little sister on the verge of crying. You were fourteen at this time, and you had imagined the worst.
“Mom, Dad, what’s happening?” you worriedly asked, trying to catch your older brother’s gaze, but his head remained low, a visible disappointed look on his face. “It’s a bit complicated, sweetie, but Dad found a job in Europe. We are going to receive more money and live more comfortably, but we have to follow him,” your mother tried her best to explain you the situation without hurting you, but it was to no avail. You couldn’t control the tears submerging your eyes and cried uncontrollably, your mother rushing to take you in her arms.
“When are we coming back, Mom? Are we going to keep the house? I don’t want other people to live here,” your mother soothingly rubbed your back, trying to ease your pain, and she nodded. “I don’t know baby, but your grandparents are going to live here, it’s better than the house they currently have,” you pouted as you kept on crying, your mother resting a reassuring hand on the back of your head as she drew you closer, but immediately abandoned her arms as soon as your little sister started crying, rushing to hug her instead.
The move was hard, packing all your stuff had you feeling extremely sad to leave all your memories behind, unsure about the future years. The next day, you bid farewell to all your friends, hugging them tightly as you spent your last day at school trying to find solace in your friends and classmates’ presence before leaving. You cried in your best friend’s arms right in front of your mother’s car, and waved at her until she disappeared from the rear-view mirror.
Paris was a wonderful city, not quite like in the movies, but it was still charming. French was a tough language and you kind of struggled go get yourself understood because the other students didn’t really speak your native language, but with many months that turned into years of trying, you managed to now have a decent level in the language of love.
Despite your passion and admiration for this city, creating landmarks in the surrounding neighbourhoods as well as making friends were not easy tasks. However, with the help of your siblings and your parents, you had managed to make a bunch of friends, and that did you good when you didn’t have to think too much when you were talking since you were conversing in your native language.
Your time is France was amazing, you created great memories with awesome friendships, but you couldn’t help feeling nostalgic sometimes. You missed your neighbourhood, your grandparents, and your other relatives, only being able to see and talk to them via Skype or FaceTime. Years passed, and finally, at 22 years old, you decided to let your family in France, where your siblings had already constructed things with people, and come back where you grew up, where you felt like your heart truly belonged.
The shock on your face had to be very visible since some bystanders threw you a weird look as you stood stoic in the middle of the pavement. Spontaneously walking inside the kiosk that was as old as you remembered it, you warmly greeted the owner, an elderly woman that hadn’t changed a bit. Still the same hunched shoulders, long, white hair secured in a tight bun by a flower pin, her wrinkled smile was still as warm and as wise as you knew it when you were buying sweets from her.
You exchanged a few words with her, giving you a pack of the sweets you used to buy and the prepaid card you asked for. You still had your French number, so it’d cost you a kidney if you ever decided to call your relatives with it. The old woman looked extremely happy and somewhat pleased to see you, because she admitted that she got worried when you suddenly stopped passing by and buy sweets.
“And you decided to come back, how wonderful,” she said with her shaky, warm voice while handing you what you just bought. You smiled at her and nodded, eyes slightly widening when she grabbed your wrist. “If you need anything, my husband and I will be happy to help. I’m glad to see you back by us,” she said, and you felt your heart flutter. It was truly where you belonged. “Thank you, I really appreciate it,” you answered as she winked, wishing you a great day.
The fresh air welcomed you once you got out, feeling it clear your lungs from the slight more polluted air from Paris. You opened the bag of sweets and munched on a few, feeling the memories rushing back in your mind as you started wandering around the neighbourhood. You quickly texted your cousin that you were near their house, but he was probably too busy playing video games or napping, so you decided to go grab something more consistent to eat and wandered around, walking further into different areas.
The beautiful, light colours of a shop window caught your attention, not remembering its existence when you were younger. You got near the window and observed inside, discovering a jungle of beautiful flowers arranged by species. A manly back was working behind the checkout, assembling a bouquet of what seemed to be roses. You were tempted to go inside the shop to know more about this new place, but you quickly hid from the window when the man turned around. His face looked familiar, a tingling sensation appearing in your stomach as you tried to remember him. You knew him from somewhere, you were sure of it, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it.
The young man inside the shop slightly frowned as he saw someone suddenly disappearing from the window, the hems of their long brown coat lingering in his gaze. He slightly shrugged with a smile and petted the cat at his feet, who was demanding cuddles and attention. His hands were occupied with the order he had just finished preparing and he wrapped the flowers in some brown paper craft before placing it in the back office, where all the other orders were ready to get delivered by his co-worker Juyeon. He finished his cup of now cold coffee that was forgotten on the main counter, hearing the bell above the door chime.
Much to his great disappointment, it wasn’t the young lady that vanished before his eyes, it was Juyeon’s mother, who was here to pick up flowers for his sick grandmother. Hyunjae hid his dismay behind a warm smile, quickly pacing back and forth to give her the bouquet and bank her total.
A middle-aged woman walking out of the shop looked at you from the side as you still hid, tugging on your lower lip, rummaging your mind in order to find who this man was. You were getting frustrated as you stomped the floor with your foot, getting tired of your brain playing tricks on you as you were sure that you knew this man.
“Fuck it, I’m going in,” you said as you pushed the door open, the intense smell of flowers and pollen attacking your nostrils. It smelt really nice and welcoming, but your allergies said otherwise. 
You sneezed once, twice, and one last time before you could properly greet the man in front of you. He looked as curious as you were, he must have seen you since you weren’t the best at hiding.
“Welcome to the Butterfly flower shop, how can I help you?” the voice of the man sending a nice wave of chill down your spine, feeling yourself smile at who seemed to be the owner of the shop. “Hello, I’m just going to look around for a while,” you said while gesturing to all the flowers around you, sniffling to try and hold a sneeze in, but it didn’t help at all. It actually did the exact opposite that you had wished.
Hyunjae empathically smiled as you kept on sneezing, trying his best not to vocal how cute you were when the pollen seized your entire nostrils. You apologised profusely, mentally cursing yourself for being so curious. Maybe, just maybe, you should have stayed outside and admire him from afar, you wouldn’t be embarrassing yourself just like you were doing right now. But it was so tempting, you had to take a look. He was nice enough to hand you a pack of tissues, which you gladly took with a nod.
“I’ll be in the back office for a minute, don’t hesitate to ask me if you need any help,” he said with a warm smile and you nodded, holding a tissue to your face. “I appreciate it, thank you,” you answered as you started looking around the shop. All the flowers were beautiful, it was really tempting to just buy one of each without even caring about the prices. Since this was impossible, your eyes landed on some daisies, whose petals looked really nice and healthy. You felt bad to have made your choice just a few seconds after the man left for the back office, so you decided to wait for a bit.
Yet, another bad idea. Your nose felt ticklish, no matter how hard you rubbed your finger under it, it only became worse.
“Hum excuse me?” you politely said, and the man reappeared almost instantly, close to scaring you. His whole face lit up just with a smile, and you felt your heart skip a beat at the sight. Staring at him for a few seconds, mouth slightly agape as you detailed his face, his smile and manners hitting you like a truck.
This man was none other than Hyunjae, the young boy you had a crush on during the late years of middle school, right before you left for France. He grew up so much, yet his facial features had barely changed, they only matured. His smile was the thing that made you fall for him, his personality and physical features not helping the hopeless romantic that you were. You barely talked to him when you were younger, only when you were assigned in groups with him since he always hung out with the athletes and dancers, a group that you were dying to join but never did. Hyunjae was an incredible dancer, always performing for the school team and even outside.
“Ma’am? Are you okay?” you heard his voice bringing you back to reality, feeling embarrassment invading your body as you’ve probably been staring at him for long, way too long to not be weird. “I’m-I’m sorry. Can I have a bouquet of those daisies over there, please?” you asked, and he nodded. “Sure thing,” walking around the counter, you followed him to the said daisies, the man gathering a good portion of his stock. Your eyes widened a bit but didn’t dare to say anything, only to follow him back to the counter.
“Are you from here? My usual customers are my acquaintances or the people living in the neighbourhood,” his voice trailed as he arranged the flowers, briefly looking at you with a smile before busying his hands in the plants again. “I was actually born and raised here, but I had to follow my father abroad for his job,” you said while delicately touching the petals of a peony right next to your head. Hyunjae’s hands stopped, and he looked up, eyes going wide. “You are from here? Where in the neighbourhood?” “I grew up in the house right at the corner of the street, the beige one with the burgundy wooden shutters and the garden.” “Hold on. Y/N?” his voice sounded so light-hearted as his eyebrows raised in shock. It was his turn to look at you with a surprised look on his face, his mouth stretching in a wide smile.
You offered him a smile and you fell in a comfortable silence. Thousands of questions were trotting in your head, dying to ask the other, but you were both trying to find a topic that didn’t sound too curious and invading. And it was hard because you both became suddenly very shy, your attention focusing on the flowers. It was normal for you, but Hyunjae wasn’t the type of guy to get intimidated this easily.
“So-” you both said at the same time and chuckled together, the florist gesturing you to go first. “No, no, go ahead.” “So you decided to finally come back? I understand if you missed this town, I would too,” he said and you smiled, approving his words. “I was too tired from France, plus I missed my family that stayed here. I just wanted to pay them a visit and maybe stay over until I find another place to stay on my own,” you explained while observing your former crush wrapping the flowers you had chosen. 
He secured them in the same crafted paper he did for the previous bouquet, placing it on the counter closer to you. Handing him your credit card, you stayed with your hand hanging in the void, Hyunjae typing something on the cash register. He religiously ignored your card and handed you the bouquet, giving you the brightest smile he could.
“Take this as a gift to welcome you back in town,” he said and your eyes widened, hand slowly moving away. “I can’t accept this,” you said, suddenly feeling nervous. Hyunjae encouraged you to take the flowers by placing them right under your nose with a smirk, tickling your nose. “Please do. Welcome back in town, Y/N,” he said as he noticed some fallen petals stuck on his dark green apron, wiping them away before offering you a smile. 
You took the flowers away from your face and sheepishly smiled, thanking him for his generosity.
“Thank you, really,” you said with a shy voice, struggling to look at him in the eyes. He shook his head, indicating you that it was nothing, and he cleared the counter. “Have a lovely day, Hyunjae. It was good to meet you again,” you said as you walked to the door, hand on the knob. “Wait Y/N- would you like to get some coffee sometimes? I’d love to hear about your time in France and… get to know you a bit better and make up for lost time?” His offer wasn’t something you had expected, but who were you to refuse getting closer to your former crush. 
This random encounter with him had your heart fluttering like it did when you watched him perform in front of the entire school a few years ago, when you were still a young teenager hopelessly in love. It was hammering in your chest, warmth travelling in your entire body as a radiant smile appeared on your face.
“I’d love to.” You said with a smile as you walked back to the counter, only to take the business card he was handing you. Your eyes landed on the black ink scratching the phone numbers, only to find another one messily written at the top of the small card. You thanked him and walked through the front door, waving at him with a smile as you walked away, clutching the piece of paper tightly in your palm, excited of what this reunion was going to offer you.
╰☆☆ Les retrouvailles nous font rappeler de vieilles histoires, mais elles consentent également à en créer de nouvelles. ☆☆╮
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iwaisuke · 3 months ago
Haikyuu boys finding you eating their favorite dessert
w/ atsumu, osamu, suna x fem!reader // timeskip!hq
genre: fluff
-» masterlist
-» ˚⸙͎۪۫⋆
Tumblr media
-» ATSUMU MIYA ˚⸙͎۪۫⋆
» I am a firm believer that atsumu loves strawberry shortcake puff pastries.
» Atsumu came home from practice and was so tired. It was rougher than usual with the drills they’ve been doing in prep for their upcoming match with the alders. All he wanted to do was to shower and have you stroke your fingers through his hair while falling asleep on your chest after telling you about his day.
» As he walked through the house, he smelled the faint scent of a buttery aroma coming from the living room. His mouth watering as he knew what that smell was
» There you were. Cuddled up in a blanket in front of the tv watching your favorite show looking so cozy.
» He watched as you took a bite of the delectable pastry on your plate. Cream stuck on the corner of your mouth. Savoring the taste. You just looked so content eating it
» … eating it without him that is
» “Babe what ‘er ya doin!!!” atsumu pouted as he draped himself behind your shoulders.
» “Oh hi tsumu I didn't hear you come in! How was practice?” you quickly tried to cover up your dessert as evidence was still on the plate.
» “How was practice?! You’re asking me how was practice when YOU’RE eating MY favorite dessert?! Without ME?! Do you realize the damage you’ve done to our relationship? I’m heartbroken babe” atsumu was not having it as you let out a giggle. 
» You knew atsumu could be overdramatic sometimes, but this? Yeah, he was being REALLY over dramatic, but you decided to keep playing along
» “Whatever are you talking about ‘tsumu? I really have no idea” you smiled back.
» “You really have no idea huh? Well what about this cream on the side of your mouth then?” Atsumu leaned in close, licked the corner of your mouth and dragged his tongue across your lips into a kiss.
 » He could taste the buttery-ness of the puff pastry on your lips and the faint taste of cream and strawberries as well
» As he pulled away he frowned at you, “were you really not gonna share it with me?” he said in a quiet voice.
» You gave him another quick peck on the lips as before standing up and dragging him into the kitchen.
» “This is for you tsumu!” you smiled as you pulled out a whole tray of strawberry shortcake puffs from the fridge.
» You knew Atsumu LOVED eating these as every time the two of you would go out, the first thing he’d suggest is going to the bakery around the corner to get some. So you took it upon yourself to learn how to make it yourself just for him and ate one just for a taste test, but he caught you in the process
» Atsumu was rendered speechless. Mouth agape.
» “So about the damage i’ve done  in the relationship…” you smirked
Tumblr media
-» OSAMU MIYA ˚⸙͎۪۫⋆
» You hadn’t planned on eating osamu’s pudding he had in the fridge. Heck you didn’t even know he had a pudding in the fridge.
» Today you were watching your 5 year old niece, yuko, while your sibling went to their doctors appointment.
» It was after dinner and yuko had just finished eating her onigiri. You had to run to the bathroom real quick so you left yuko to roam around the house.
» You weren't even gone for 5 minutes, but when you came back out, you found yuko sitting at the table like a good girl eating a pudding. You didn’t know where she got the pudding from but just assumed her mom packed it for her in her snack bag for later.
» Caramel sauce on her face, she looked so proud of herself for even just getting the lid open. You let out a soft chuckle at the sight disregarding the mess you’d have to clean later.
» Yuko offered to share her pudding with you and you happily obliged
» Osamu had a long day at work, and he knew your niece was going to be over still so he made some extra onigiri’s for the two of you
» He walked into the house and heard laughing coming from the kitchen which warmed his heart
» Making his way to the two of you he couldn't help but admire the scene before him. Sticky handprints on the table. Yuko sharing her food with you and your smile radiating throughout the room. This was something he wished for in the future with you.
» The longer osamu stared at the two of you he couldn't help but realize… that was his pudding he was saving
» Osamu let out a groan. He was really looking forward to that pudding after work.
» Yuko turned her head after that groan. “Unco samu!!!” she yelled pointing her spoon at osamu
» “Osamu! Welcome home!” he walked over to the two of you, gave you a kiss and sat on the other side of yuko who was still eating the pudding.
» “Auntie y/n say ahhhh” yuko held up her spoon with pudding on it for you which you ate. “Mm thank you for sharing yuko! it's so delicious huh? Why don't you share it with Uncle Samu too?” you suggested.
» “Unco samu say ahhhh” and with that, osamu couldn't be mad. How could he when the sight before him was even better than the pudding he was hoping to eat.
» He happily accepted the offer and savored the pudding as the caramel flavor overtook his senses.
» "it's so dewishous huh unco samu!" yuko's eyes sparkling, mimicking you
» osamu smiled gentley, "sure is princess" he said while leaning into the palm of his hand as he propped himself up on his elbow.
» Not long after, Yuko went home and it was now just osamu and you laying in bed cuddling together.
» “You know y/n…”
» “Yeah samu?”
» “You owe me now”
» Genuine confusion took over. “What are you talking about samu? Did I do something wrong?”
» “That puddin yuko and you were eating earlier… I was savin that for later” osamu’s grip on your waist tightened as he pulled you closer, burying his face into the back of your neck.
» Pulling away and sitting up in bed, you turned to look at your boyfriend.
» “Oh my gosh i didn’t know! I'm so sorry samu!! That explains where she got it from…” you mumbled the last part.
» Osamu decided to take advantage of the situation at hand and pushed you down, now hovering over your small frame.
» a smirk was plastered upon his face, you knew you were gonna be in for a long night
» "don't worry love, i know something that's even sweeter than puddin'"
» ah yes. a long night indeed.
Tumblr media
-» suna rintarou ˚⸙͎۪۫⋆
» i too, love chuupet's. its actually unhealthy the amount I eat :')
» suna always had some chuupets in his backpack. at least one of every flavor, if not, 2
» this habit Actually still carried on past highschool and everyday when you pack him a lunch, he always looks forward eating them on his breaks
» you on the other hand, believe it or not, out of the 5+ years of dating suna, have never actually tried one. let alone have the urge to try one
» BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT. for some reason, while suna was out at practice you had the urge to eat one.
» you walked into the pantry, reached up into the chuupet jar and picked out a strawberry flavored one to try.
» "OH MY GOSH WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO OPEN" you cried as you struggled to open the tiny jelly stick with your teeth. "how does rin do this??"
» sooner or later you managed to get it open. and do i dare say, the way your eyes sparkled while eating it- you practically inhaled the whole thing in a second.
» reaching up to grab another one, this time lychee flavored, you again inhaled it in a second now that you know how to open it
» the procees continued as you tried all 5 flavors, green apple, grape, and pineapple. your brain was telling you "just 1 more should be ok right?"
» before you knew it, 1 turned into 2. 2 turned into 4. and 4 turned into 8... you couldn't help it now that you knew how good they were
» suna got home from practice a little earlier than usual, but as he walked through the door, called your name and was only greeted with an erie silence that filled the house. he began to get suspicious of your whereabouts
» "y/n?" "y/n are ya home?" he walked throughout the house and noticed all the lights were off... except for the pantry light
» suna opened the door and the sight in front of him had him laughing. he whipped his phone out to comemorate this occasion. ah yes. more blackmail material
» you, sitting on a stool in the pantry with the door closed. chuupet jar in your lap, the contents now empty with only leftover chuupet wrappers inside. in your hands, the last 2 jelly sticks.
» see, suna would've been mad but seeing you like this really made everything better. you looked like a little kid who successfully got into the candy jar you weren't allowed to be in and who was he to ruin this moment for you.
» "rin! i didnt hear you come in" you chuckled nervously *chuckles* im in danger
» "and what do we have here princess?" suna smirked as he leaned up against the pantry door frame. you were caught red handed so what was the point of lying.
» you cheekily handed him one of the last 2 chuupets. "uhh... the apple one is your favorite right? :)"
» "you can have it. seeing that you ate that whole jar" suna teased. "who would've thought I'd catch you eating my favorite snack since you usually turn them down when i offer them to you"
» "ok but in my defense, you never told me they were THIS good rin." you shot back. suna ruffled your hair in response.
» "i think im gonna have to start hiding them up at the top of the fridge where you cant reach if you're eating them this fast y/n. thats what my parents did when i was a kid" he laughed.
» suna went back to the door and you followed. "rin where ya goin?"
» "get your shoes on y/n we're going to get more chuupets" he smiled and put his hand out for you to take.
» your face lit up with excitement and quickly got everything on for your grocery store trip
» "hey rin?"
» "yeah princess?"
» "can we get 2 jars..."
» "what? don't wanna share with your boyfriend now?" a pout formed on your face.
» suna chuckled at your cuteness. "of course we can" he said as he placed a kiss on your head.
-» ˚⸙͎۪۫⋆
enjoy your order! have a good day~!
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supremethunda · 3 months ago
Recruit IV (Peter Parker/enhanced!black!reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Peter Parker/enhanced!black!reader
Word Count: 2576
Warnings: Tooth-rotting fluff, Peter being an awkward yet adorable bean
Other Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3
A/N: I think this is going to be my last chapter to this series. Unless, I happen to get a bunch of requests asking for a continuation on this. I feel like I hit a good stopping place for this series. As always, if you want to be included in my tag list, feel free to send me an ask or shoot me a message.
Taglist: Thekrazykeke, Jewel2876, Browngirldominion, merceret, bestofbucky, @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog, @whisperlullaby, @wintersoldierslut, @kelieah​
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Tumblr media
Your decision to patrol with Peter for a few days had quickly evolved into patrolling with him for a solid two months. In the two-month time span you patrolled together, you got the chance to learn more about each other. You learned about his love for Star Wars films and using pop culture references whenever he got the chance, and his love for science and building computers. The more you learned about Peter, the more you found yourself wanting to spend time with him. You weren’t sure how Peter managed to worm his way into your life and heart the way he did.
Maybe it was the way he’d smile that goofy smile of his or the way his face would resemble that same shade of red from your powers when you said something that embarrassed him. Whatever it was, you enjoyed spending time with Peter. Since you went to different schools, the only time you saw each other was when you were patrolling together. It got to a point that those patrols became the highlight of your day, even though they took place at the end of it. When Peter asked you to come over as you sat on the rooftop of a building after finishing up an evening patrol, you began to question where the direction your ‘relationship’ was going.
“Do you want to come over for dinner tomorrow?” Peter asked you.
“Dinner?” You repeated, your brows knitting together in confusion.
Peter looked down at his hands, suddenly feeling nervous about continuing the conversation. He managed to push through his nerves and finish speaking, well, babbling.
“My Aunt May wanted to have you over for dinner and meet you tomorrow. It’s nothing formal, so you don’t have to dress up or anything.” Peter stared down at his hands. “But, if you want to, that’s okay too. I know this is short notice, so you don’t have to come if you don’t feel up to it and—“
“Peter!” You said, your voice effectively cutting him off. “Jesus, did you breathe when you said all that?”
“Sorry…” Peter exhaled softly, releasing the tension and nerves that had been building inside him.
“I’ll come over.” You agreed.
“You will?” Peter’s eyes lit up.
“Yeah, can’t disappoint May if she wants me to grace her with my presence.” You said, shooting a smirk at him.
“Yeah, you wouldn’t want to do that.” Peter rolled his eyes, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.
Tumblr media
“Don’t be nervous. It’s just dinner. It’s not a date.” Peter rehearsed aloud as he stared at himself in the bathroom mirror.
“Peter!” May’s voice spoke from behind the bathroom door. “You doing okay in there?”
“Yeah, I’m fine!” Peter shouted in reply.
“Okay, well, don’t be in there too long. Your friend should be here soon.” May reminded.
“I know, I know.” Peter sighed, adjusting the collar of his dress shirt.
Even though Peter told you that you didn’t need to dress up for this dinner, he felt the need to if he was going to impress you. For the last two months, the only thing you had seen Peter in was his Spider-Man costume and he wanted to show you that he looked just as cool and handsome in nice, but regular clothes. He brushed away any lint or hairs that lingered on his dress shirt or pants before he stood with his chest out.
“You got this.” Peter affirmed.
He felt his anxiety creep up and his heart hammering in his chest when he heard May greet you at the door.
“(Name), it’s so nice to finally meet you. Come in! I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding the place.” May greeted you.
“Not at all. Thanks for inviting me. My mom taught me never to come to a house where I’m a guest empty handed, so I brought over some wine for you to drink.” You smiled, holding out the bottle of wine.
“Aw, that’s so sweet! Thank you, sweetheart!”
Peter took a deep breath before he exhaled and exited the bathroom. When he stepped out of the bathroom, his plan was to approach you and promptly greet you at the door… until he finally saw what you were wearing.
Tumblr media
He suddenly felt breathless when he drank in your appearance from head to toe. You wore a knee-length dress with matching flats and your hair was even styled differently in a way he almost didn’t recognize that it was you standing before him. He had told you that you didn’t have to dress up, and yet here you were dressed to the nines. It wasn’t until May spoke to him that he realized he had been staring a little too long.
“Peter, aren’t you going to say hello?” May urged Peter with a strained smile.
“I-I’m sorry, what?” Peter coughed awkwardly.
May sighed before she turned to you. “You’ll have to excuse my nephew. Please, make yourself comfortable. I just need to go check on a couple of things in the kitchen.”
“Sure, take your time.” You nodded, watching May rush back into the kitchen.
You approached Peter, doing a quick once over in his choice of attire. “I guess I made the right choice in dressing up tonight. You clean up pretty nice.”
“Thank you.” Peter felt the heat rise to his cheeks, feeling a sense of pride from your compliment. “You look really pretty tonight.”
“Thanks.” A smile tugged at the corners of your mouth, feeling a bit bashful.
You and Peter stood around for a minute in silence, not sure how to move the conversation along. Thankfully, May’s voice broke the silence from the kitchen.
“Dinner should be ready in about ten minutes.” May said.
“Thanks, May.” Peter said before turning his attention back to you. “So, do you wanna…maybe hang out in my room for a bit before we eat?”
“That’s fine with me.” You shrugged.
Peter smiled softly before he motioned for you to follow him to his room. You stepped inside his room before you sat down on the edge of his bunk bed while Peter leaned against the wall. You took a moment to take in the décor and belongings in Peter’s room. It was cleaner than you expected.
“So, this is Spider-Man’s HQ, huh?” You joked. “I’m surprised you don’t have any giant spider-webs on the ceiling for you to sleep on.”
“I actually cleaned them up before you got here.” Peter played along.
“How considerate of you.” You stand up before approaching his vintage Macintosh computer in the corner of his room. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this model. You built this, right?”
“Yeah, I did.” Peter nodded, now standing beside you. “It took me a couple of months to put it together.”
“This computer is crazy old. It’s even got a place for those old disks. What were they called again?”
“Floppy disks?”
“Yeah, those. Where’d you get the parts for this computer anyway?”
The last thing Peter wanted you to know was that he was a dumpster diver. So, he figured telling a white lie where he got the parts wouldn’t hurt.
“Uh…internet?” He lied.
You stared at Peter before you nodded your head and took a seat in front of his computer. “Cool. Mind if I play around on the computer for a bit?”
“Sure, uh, go for it. Lemme turn it on for you.” Peter stood behind you before turning on the computer.
As the computer booted up to life, you started moving the computer mouse around, getting a feel for the old piece of hardware. “Jesus, this stuff is ancient.”
“I know, right?” Peter chuckled. “It’s the Macintosh Plus model, and these babies were made in 1986.”
“How do you get logged in?”
“I’ll show you.”
Peter placed his hand on top of yours that rested on the computer mouse as he guided you on how to log into the computer. You looked up at Peter, your eyes meeting his focused brown ones. He quickly jerked his hand back when he realized what he was doing.
“Oh, um, sorry.” Peter’s face burned that familiar red color you had grown to enjoy seeing on his face.
“It’s okay. I don’t mind.” You reassured.
You and Peter continued to stare at each other, the computer now long forgotten. Peter swallowed the lump in his throat before he uttered something to you.
“You look…really pretty tonight.” Peter confessed again, but this time his voice was barely above a whisper.
“You already said that.” You giggled.
“I know, I’m just… I’m really glad you’re here tonight.”
“Me too. I’m glad you invited me.”
You turned around in the computer chair so that you faced Peter. For some reason, you couldn’t help but want to stare into those big, dopey brown eyes of his. Before either one of you could say another word, May’s voice called you from the kitchen.
“Dinner’s ready.” May shouted.
“W-We’re coming!” Peter took a step back from you and stood upright. “We should probably head back out there.”
“Yeah.” You stood up from the computer chair and followed behind Peter and into the dining room.
Tumblr media
The dinner had turned out better than Peter had expected. You had no problems keeping a conversation going with May when she asked you about how school was going and how things were at home. He’d occasionally join in the conversation, but for the most part he enjoyed observing you and May talk and laugh with each other. He couldn’t help but wonder how differently your dinner plans would’ve turned out if May hadn’t been there at all. Would something have happened? Would this dinner have turned into a date?
“Peter, you still with us?” May’s voice broke Peter’s train of thought.
“Oh, yeah. Sorry, I’m just a little tired is all.” Peter lied. “(Name) and I were out patrolling last night.”
“Totally boring patrol by the way. No bad guys to catch.” You chimed in.
“Well, I think that’s a good indication that you two have done an amazing job watching over our city if the crime rate is low around here.” May smiled. “But please remember that you need to make sure you’re getting enough rest. You’re both still in high school after all.”
You and Peter nodded silently before you continued eating your dinner. After finishing your dinner, you helped May with the dishes, despite her protests.
“You’re our guest, (Name). You don’t have to help with the dishes.” May dried off another dinner plate.
“I promise I won’t lift a finger. Watch.” With a wave of your hand, the dinner plate glowed a bright red before it floated out of May’s hand and into the cabinet above her head.
“Wow. Are you sure you can’t come over for dinner and help with the dishes every night?” May joked with a laugh.
You looked down at your phone resting in your dress pocket as it began to go off. “Excuse me, I have to take this.”
“Sure, go ahead.” May urged you out of the kitchen.
You nodded before checking your screen to see that it was your mom calling. You answered the phone while walking out of the kitchen. “Hey, Mom. Yeah, I’m still at Peter’s house.”
Peter watched as you walked out of the kitchen before he stood beside May as she finished up the dishes.
“I like her.” May smiled at Peter, gently nudging him. “I’m glad you invited her over.”
“Yeah, me too.” Peter felt his face grow warm at the thought of you.
“So, you like her?” May turned to face Peter, her smile turning into a playful one.
“May!” Peter whined, his face burned hot with embarrassment.
“Sorry, I don’t mean to pry. Okay, I do. It’s just you two look so cute together.”
“Okay, yes. I like her. I think she likes me too, but I’m not entirely sure.”
“So, what’s your plan?”
“To be honest, I didn’t think I’d make it this far. So, I don’t exactly have a plan up my sleeve.”
“Have some confidence, Peter! You’ve made it this far. Why not take her home and see where things go? Just trust your instincts, oh and maybe your Peter-tingle.”
"Please don’t know what, it doesn’t matter. The point is you’re right, May. I’ll take her home and trust my instincts.”
“Atta boy.”
You strolled back into the kitchen a few minutes later, shoving your phone in your dress pocket. “Thanks for having me over for dinner, May, but my mom wants me home. So, I gotta head out.”
“Of course,” May smiled at you. “You’re welcome anytime. Say hello to your mom for me.”
“Will do. I’m gonna call a Lyft home.” You nodded.
“I can take you home.” Peter walked out of the kitchen with you. “Just let me get changed into my suit.”
“Cool, that works for me.” You shrugged.
“Cool, cool.”
After bidding May goodbye, Peter changed into his suit in the bathroom before you and Peter climbed out of his bedroom window and onto the fire escape together. “Hold on tight, okay?”
You wrapped your arms around his neck as he picked you up in a bridal carry. “It’s funny. You haven’t held me like this since you saw me falling from the sky.”
“You’re right. I haven’t, have I?” Peter smiled underneath his mask as he thought back to your first meeting.
He wouldn’t have guessed that the girl he caught falling from the sky would be the one he’d end up falling for.
“One might say you fell for me.” Peter said, laughing nervously.
Instead of answering back with a sarcastic remark at his lame pun, you answered him without a hint of sarcasm in your tone.
“Yeah, I did.” You looked at Peter earnestly.
Peter felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and his heart start to race as he processed your words. “W-Wait, are you…are you messing with me? Or are you being serious right now?”
“You tell me.” You removed one arm from behind his neck and reached up to gently pull his mask up so only his lips were showing before you pulled Peter’s face down and kissed him.
Peter stood frozen as firmly pressed your lips against his for a few seconds before you drew away from him. “Still think I’m messing with you?”
“No, uh, you’re not. Could I, we…um, try that again?”
You couldn’t help but laugh before you nodded. This time, Peter set you down before he took your face in his gloved hands before kissing you sweetly, your lips naturally melding with his own. You allowed your hands to slide down to Peter’s waist as you pulled him closer to you as the kiss slowly became more passionate. You slowly broke the kiss before giving his lips one final peck.
Tumblr media
“I…I really like you. So much.” Peter whispered as he pulled away from your lips.
“I like you too, dork.” You pressed your forehead against his.
“Dork? Wow, what a sweet thing to say.” Peter snorted, gently shoving you away playfully.
“Hey, you should feel lucky. It’s my term of endearment for you. Plus, you’re the only person I call that. Nobody else can have that title except you.” You said, gently poking him in the chest.
“I guess that makes me your dork, huh?”
“Exactly. Now, take me home, you dork. I still got a curfew.”
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yourbucky084 · 3 months ago
a frankie morales x reader fanfiction
Tumblr media
summary: after failing at all attempts to take things further in the bedroom, you devise a plan to finally get your boyfriend frankie to snap.
word count: 3.7 k
warnings: car sex ( could be considered semi-public?), age cap, dirty talk, santi being a bit of a dick ( you’ll see ;), probably horrendous spanish
a/n: hi hi i’m back :) i’m so sorry it’s been so long, these last few weeks have been hell but i’m finally getting back on my feet and back to writing! huge shoutout to the discord ladies @grumpyeagle @sergeantkane @darthdameron @propertyofabelmorales @witchyavenger @writefightandflightclub @propertyofpoeandbucky @waatermelon-sugaar  @myconversearecooler @nathan-bateman @veuliee2 @millllenniawrites @houseofthirst @tintinwrites @woakiees​ ( and probably more i’m so sorry if i forgot you!) for getting me through my slump. I hope you all enjoy this fic inspired by this song , and as always any likes/comments/reblogs are GREATLY appreciated and make my day. so happy to be back y’all- shannon <3
ps: i take AP spanish at my school and tried very hard to make the spanish correct, but if you are fluent/native PLEASE let me know if i messed up and I will gladly fix it :)
You were sitting on Frankie’s lap, your chest flush against him. Your hands were tangled in his hair, his signature cap long discarded. He gripped your hips, hard, pushing you down against him, where you could feel he needed you most. He was already half hard, and just from making out? You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips, which were attached to Frankie’s. You two had been making out now for the better part of twenty minutes, and you were aching for more. 
Slowly, but surely, you took one hand from the back of his neck, trailing it down his chest, towards the bulge in his pants. You kept kissing him, your tongue slipping in as you found him, and softly palmed him in your hand. You continued to work up and down his length in your hand through his jeans, slowly finding his zipper and-
“ I….I think I heard Luci crying, I’m gonna go check, ” Frankie said, voice hoarse and rushed as he jumped up. 
“Frankie, I didn’t mean to overstep, I-” You immediately backtracked as you could feel the embarrassment flood your cheeks. 
“Mi vida…” Frankie mumbled, walking over and placing a soft kiss atop your head.
“ I seriously heard her crying. I’ll be right back, mi amor.” And with that, he was gone.
How much more of this? You asked yourself as you collapsed back into the couch in defeat, thinking back to when you two started dating. When Frankie finally confessed his feelings, he told you he wanted to take things slow, bedroom wise. He explained that since he was a lot older than you, and you two met due to you being his daughter’s nanny, he wanted to make sure that you never felt pressured into doing anything. The circumstances were unusual enough, and he wanted to take his time. Make you both feel more comfortable. You assured him that he could never make you feel pressured, but he insisted. So you respected it.
But it had been a month. One whole month, thirty long days, without anything more than a kiss on the lips and a little grinding. You’ve been hinting for a few weeks now that you were ready, but Frankie spurned all of your advances without almost any explanation. You couldn’t help but let your mind wander to dark places. 
Did he even like you at all?
Did he not find you attractive? 
Was he gonna break up with you? 
You audibly groaned, head swirling with bad thoughts. You knew that the best option was to just talk to Frankie, but for some reason, you couldn’t bear the thought. Plus, you technically had already had that conversation. You were just waiting for him to make a move. 
Who said he had to be the one to make the first move? Something in your brain said as the gears started to turn. Maybe you could do something to turn him on, something to prove you were ready and wanting. And god, were you wanting. 
Interrupting your train of thought, Frankie stumbled down the stairs, a crying Luci in his arms. Guess he really wasn’t lying, you thought to yourself as you jumped up, meeting Frankie halfway to see what was the matter. Immediately at the sight of you, Luci reached her arms out.
“She wants you, I-” Frankie shrugged as he handed her off to you.
“Mama!” She lit up, as you took her in your arms. You placed her head on your chest, and you slowly sat down as her breathing slowed. She was out cold in no time. Frankie had no problem with her calling you Mama, even though you were a bit hesitant at first. Her real mom was long gone, and probably would be forever. You were her mom, at least in Frankie’s eyes. And he was sure he was gonna keep it that way for the rest of his life. 
Frankie took a seat next to you, pulling you flush to his chest. You hummed in contentment, placing your head on his chest as Frankie’s phone chimed. He held it up so the both of you could see, as he always did. Frankie never hid anything from you; not a text, not an instagram post, not a thing. To him, everything that was his was automatically yours. And you loved it. 
You could see that Pope had texted in the groupchat, notifying the boys he had found a bar that had karaoke, and everyone was required to attend tomorrow. 
“Typical Santi.” You whispered, and Frankie chuckled in response. He closed the screen and put his phone down, using his now free hand to play with Luci’s hair, as she was still sound asleep. 
“You want to go?” He asked, eyes looking down at you hesitantly. 
“I don’t think I’m invited, babe. Plus,” you tilted your head to signify Luci in your arms. 
“She’s going to my mom’s for the weekend, remember? She’s coming to get her tomorrow afternoon.” 
“Oh yeah, I forgot.” 
“So you wanna go?” Frankie asked again. 
“Isn’t it boys night?”
“Yeah but…” Frankie continued to fiddle with Lucy’s hair, avoiding eye contact: a true sign he was nervous.
“ I want you there. Plus, the guys love you.” 
Frankie’s phone buzzed again with another text from Pope.
Bring y/n or don’t come pendejo. - Pope
Agreed. You’re too boring on your own. - Will 
She’s nicer than you too. - Benny 
“See?” Frankie smirked, as you chuckled. 
“Plus, you love these type of things. You’ll pick a good song.”
Suddenly, an idea popped into your head. You knew how to make your move, something to show you were ready for Frankie to want you. Your lips curled into a shy smile, unable to contain your excitement at the prospect of your plan working.
“So that’s a yes?” 
“Yeah, I’ll come. It’ll be fun.” You smiled as you got up to take Luci back to bed. Deciding to give Frankie a taste of what was to come, you bent down, and pressed your lips to Frankie’s. You only stayed there for a second, catching his bottom lip between your teeth before you pulled away, something you knew he loved. 
“I’m gonna put this one to bed. I’ll see you up there Frankie.” You winked as you walked up the stairs balancing the little one in your arms. You glanced back just for a second, to see Frankie squirming, cheeks flushed red and dumbstruck. 
Yeah, you thought as you reached the top of the stairs, your plan was going to work. 
“¿Llegaste sana y salva? Bueno, te veo el domingo. Si, si, te amo también.” Frankie muttered something about his mom as he hung up the phone. 
( You arrived safe and sound? Good, see you sunday. Yes, yes, I love you too.) 
“They made it to her house ok?” You called from the bathroom, putting the finishing touches on your makeup. 
“Yeah, after a stop at Starbucks and Target. I swear, she’s gonna spoil my Lucicita to death.” He sighed, collapsing on the bed. You had been getting ready for about an hour now, and you could tell he was getting bored. But you pushed his peril out of your mind, telling yourself it would all be worth it tonight.
Your plan was to get all dolled up in an outfit you knew Frankie would like, tease him under the table all night, and choose a sexy song at karaoke to top it all off. There was no way he could resist all of that, right? Plus, Luciana was gone. Frankie didn’t have the excuse of a crying baby anymore. If Frankie still didn’t want you after all this, at least then you’d know he didn’t want you at all.
You slipped on the outfit you chose, your all black party outfit from your college days. The top was low cut, showcasing your cleavage, and the skirt was tight, hugging your ass in a way you knew Frankie would swoon over. You did one last once over in the mirror, running your fingers through your hair, before you opened the door to the bathroom and shut off the light.
“Ready?” Frankie asked, his back still turned to you as he grabbed his hat from the dresser, having heard you come out of the bathroom. As soon as he turned around, you watched as his face flushed red and his bottom lip got caught between his teeth. His eyes trailed up and down your body, then up and down again, as you tried to hide your smile. 
“Let’s go, Fish!” You said excitedly, walking over next to him to grab your purse, making a point to sway your hips. You started to walk out the bedroom door, but stopped in the door frame when you realized Frankie wasn’t behind you.
“W-what are you wearing?” Frankie asked, voice breathy and definitely higher than normal. 
“This? Is it bad?” You motioned to your body, deciding to play dumb.
“No, no, no… it’s just... i’ve never seen you wear this before hermosa.” Frankie muttered sweetly, walking over and placing his hands on your hips.
“It was my going out outfit in college. You like?” You said with a sway of your hips as Frankie grabbed tighter.
“ Te ves caliente, mi amor.” He said as placed soft kisses along your jaw and down your neck. 
(You look hot, my love)
“Frankie, we gotta go hun, we’re already late.” You said as he continued to kiss up and down the side of your face, his hands still tight on your hip. Frankie pulled away, gave you one last once over with a smirk, and grabbed your hand to head out to the car.
Yeah. Your plan was going to work.
“GO FISH!” Pope yelled over the noise of the bar, the boys clapping and whooping along with him. You had been at the bar for a few hours now, everyone having gone up for karaoke except you and Frankie. Sitting by his side, you had been gently teasing him all night; a touch on his knee, your breath hot on his neck as you asked him a question, or a passionate kiss as you got up to go to the bathroom. But so far, it seemed like Frankie wasn’t taking your hints to heart. He gave you a wink as he waited to choose his song and you smiled, unable to contain how he made you feel despite your frustration. 
“He treating you ok?” Will asked, taking a sip of his beer as you nodded.
“He’s treating me great. Seriously, he’s the best.” 
“Is he keeping you satisfied? In all aspects?” Santi winked, indicating what he meant. You paused, unsure of how to answer. You were close with the guys, sure, but were you that close? You had only gotten to know them briefly over the last few months, and you didn’t exactly know what level of friendship you were at.
“I’ll take that as a no then. I’ll give him some pointers.” Santi winked again, earning him an elbow shove from Benny. 
“No, it’s not that. It’s… we haven’t… you know…” You were cut off by the dj announcing Frankie’s name, and his song choice, Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. 
“ I knew he was gonna choose that one!” You smiled, giving Frankie a wave and a thumbs up as he grabbed the mic. He was nervous, but he knew that you wanted to see him do a song. He would do anything for you.
“So you haven’t fucked yet?” Santi whispered, earning a back of the head smack from Benny this time.
“No, Pope, if you must know, we haven’t.  But I have a good feeling about tonight.” You said as you smiled again at Frankie, who was singing and trying his best not to look too awkward. 
“Oh. So that’s why you’re in this little get up honey.” He motioned to your outfit. 
“Want us to help you score?” He titled his head towards Will and Benny, who smiled at you, indicating they were in. 
“Seriously?” You said, not taking your eyes off Frankie, who was almost done with his song and eager to come back to the table. That meant you were next.
“We’ll make sure Frankie gets the hint, y/n. No problem.” Will said as he smiled at you while Frankie got off stage.
“You did great babe!” You got up and gave him a huge hug, pressing your chest flush up against him. Frankie looked down at you and smiled, happy at your happiness. The boys also sang praises, Santi, as always, throwing in some teases. 
“My turn!” You called happily as you sauntered over to the DJ, ready for the last piece of your plan to fall into place. You scrolled through the songs, trying to find one that would do the trick. You could overhear the boys giggling, and at one point even heard Frankie let out an exasperated ‘pendejo,’most likely directed at Santi. Finally, you found exactly what you were looking for.
You told the dj your song choice, to which he raised his eyebrows, but happily handed you the mic. You walked to the center of the floor, adjusting your skirt slightly as you gave a wave to the boys, and a wink directed at Frankie. He blushed, and you giggled slightly, the sight of him all flustered himself calming your nerves. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. 
“Alright everyone, and now we have y/n doing Maneater by Nelly Furtado!” The dj boomed into the mic as you glanced around the room, a little nervous. You had to remind yourself that this was for Frankie and Frankie only: none of these other people mattered. 
You tapped your foot as the beginning of the song played, and then suddenly, you snapped into character, the hottest and most confident version of you. You flipped your hair up, running one hand through it as you sung the first few lyrics and swung your hips.
Everybody look at me…
I walk in the door you start screa-ming…
You started to filter through the tables, earning some hoots and hollers from some eager drinkers. But you didn’t care. Your attention was on one man and one man only. 
I wanna see you all on your knees, knees…
Either wanna be with me or be me… 
You finally reached you and the boys table as the chorus to the song kicked in. Taking a bold move, you did a bend-and-snap type number as you sang the lyrics, never taking your eyes off Frankie.
Maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard…
Make you want all of her love… 
On the last line, you ran your hand down Frankie’s chest, getting in close, earring cheers from the crowd. You got close enough to kiss him, but just as he leaned in and closed his eyes, you walked away, looking back as you swung your hips and headed back to the stage area. 
You finished the song to a big round of applause from the bar-goers, most likely taken aback by your confidence. As you approached the table, you watched Santi lean in towards Frankie and begin to speak. 
“Si no te la follas, lo haré.” 
( if you don’t fuck her, I will) 
Something snapped in Frankie, you could see it. Flames danced in his eyes as he abruptly got up from the table and wrapped his arm around your waist in a protective grip.
“Y/n and I have got to get going, right honey?” Frankie said, giving your side a squeeze. 
“I thought we were gonna stay for a few more drinks?” You asked, eyes aglow, still keeping up your innocent act.
“ I just remembered we have that thing tomorrow. At that place.”
“Oh yeah, that place.” Santi said, voice riddled with sarcasm. He knew the real reason Frankie wanted to leave, as did Benny and Will. Looks like Santi had kept his word to help you out.
“Cállate, tu hijo de puta. Anyways, night guys. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Frankie grabbed your hand and started to pull you away.
( Shut up, you son of a bitch.) 
“Night!” You shouted as Frankie practically dragged you out to the parking lot and into the car, closing your door with a huff and sitting in the passenger seat. He tried to put the keys in the ignition multiple times, constantly missing.
“Frankie, baby, what’s the rush?” You said, hoping you could finally get him to snap. Maybe he’d fuck you in the parking lot, you thought as you looked up at him.
“Nothing, mi vida, nothing.  Just wanna get home is all. Just wanna get you home.” Frankie said as he finally got the keys in the ignition and ripped out of the parking lot out onto the main road. You were pretty sure he was going twenty over the speed limit, but he didn’t seem to care. 
Without even noticing, you started to hum the song you did for karaoke earlier, the song having made its way into your brain. 
“That’s it.” Frankie said, pulling over in an abandoned parking lot and parking the car. His lips, his hands, his everything was on you in a second, pulling you onto his lap. You immediately deepened the kiss, your hands cupping his jaw firmly. Frankie thrusted his hips up into you and you whined, overwhelmed by his new boldness.
“This what you wanted, cariño? You wanted me to fuck you?” He said as he placed sloppy kisses along your jaw and neck, occasionally biting over the sensitive skin and swiping over the wounds with his tongue.
“Answer me,” he said as he broke contact and looked up at you with dark eyes.
“Fuck, yes Frankie, please, cógeme duro.” You whined, using one of the phrases Santi taught you and rocking your hips into him. 
(fuck me hard.) 
“Oh, really? You want me to fuck you hard?” His voice had a slightly condescing tone to it, something you had never heard from him before. But in this context, you adored it. 
Frankie fiddled with the bottom of your top, always the gentlemen as he waited for your consent to continue. You nodded, eyes still shut, overwhelmed with the anticipation of what was to come.
“That’s what I thought.” He ripped your top open, your breasts flying out immediately. He groaned, unable to contain himself at the sight of seeing you like this for the first time. Sure, he had walked in on you naked once or twice, but he always felt guilty. But now, he took pleasure in the fact that this was all for him. That nearly everything you did tonight was all for him. 
He trailed his fingers down the center of your cleavage, a stray hand finding your nipple and giving it a pinch. Your hips bucked into his involuntarily, and he chuckled. 
“You like that, cariño? Want more?” He said, continuing to fondle your breasts.
“Want you, Frankie.” You whined again, desperate to feel him within you. All this foreplay could wait for another time; right now you needed him or you were pretty sure you were going to burst. 
Frankie groaned again, as he motioned for you to raise up on your knees. His hands fiddled with his belt, taking it off and discarding in the back. It was clear; he was just as needy as you were. He unzipped his jeans, his cock springing out, red and wanting. He was much, much bigger than you imagined, dripping with precum. Frankie reached one of his hands below your skirt, teasing your sex through your already arousal soaked panties.
“This wet, all for me hermosa?” 
“J-Just for you Frankie.” You stuttered as he pushed your underwear aside, thumb circling your clit. He slowly pushed two fingers in as you audibility gasped, the stretch more than anything you had felt in a long time. He scissored his fingers slowly, pumping in and out, getting you ready for him. Once you wrapped your hands around his neck, and started to match your hips to his rhythm, he knew you were ready.
He slowly lined up his cock with your slit, pushing the tip in gently as you rested your forehead on his. His eyes met yours, those beautiful honey brown eyes aglow with desire. He slowly pushed in, watching in bliss as your eyes fluttered shut, overwhelmed with the feeling. It didn’t hurt; only stung a tiny bit as he slowly pushed in. Once his hips met yours, he groaned, muttering something in spanish you couldn’t quite make out. You both paused, taking in this moment in time. You desperately tried to take in everything: the smell of his sweat, the feeling of him so deep inside you, the sounds of his breathing. It was perfect. 
“Fuck… I-I’m n-not gonna last long, hermosa.” Frankie said, breathily, starting to thrust up into you.
“I’m already s-so c-close, Frankie. J-just let go.” You said as you matched his rhythm, grinding your hips down to him. Frankie took the hand that wasn’t holding you flush against him down to your clit, rubbing in small fast circles, occasionally changing pace to see what you liked best. Once he found what made your walls clench, his hips and hand took up a brutal pace, slamming into you unrelentingly.
“I’m g-gonna…. Frankie… I-” You stuttered out, nearly reaching your peak.
“Ser mío, mi amor. Corré.” 
(Become mine, my love. Come.)
At the sound of his voice, you came violently, your walls clenching him tighter than he ever thought possible. He came almost immediately after you, burying his face in the crook of your neck with a groan. You both stayed silent for a minute, recovering from your highs as your labored breathing filled the car. Eventually, Frankie started to place small kisses along your chest, collarbones, and up your neck. You grabbed his face and kissed him passionately, teeth clashing. Frankie leaned into you, accidentally knocking you back and turning on the radio, the lyrics to a familiar song flooding the car. 
“Maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you want all of her love…”
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lucigucci · 3 months ago
grand romantic life
part eighteen of the precanon chronicles (grand romantic life by mom rock)
want to start from the beginning?
continue to the next part?
fandom: the arcana
word count: 2096
warnings: mentions of gore
Julian didn’t tell Asra what happened in the dungeon. How could he? How could he explain that some kind of shapeshifting entity told him to break up with Asra over the rituals that Julian still did not understand? He mumbled something about “must’ve left it on my desk” and left it at that. 
And so began a period of relative peace. Relative, in the sense that nothing was untroubled in these turbulent times of unchecked disease, and peace, in the sense that Julian found a simple routine to be the most pleasant way to live. 
Routine had never been Julian’s style no matter how much he longed for it. After all, going off to seek his fortune in the medical profession by hopping on the next merchant ship out of port wasn’t very orthodox, and the subsequent kidnappings from pirate crew to pirate crew (while informative) didn’t help either. He was accustomed to being tossed from place to place, person to person. All this to say, the fact that he could enjoy the pleasures of simple domesticity with Asra Alnazar was nothing short of bliss.
In the morning, he would wake, wash up, and head to the library. Asra had taken to stopping by the kitchens on his way to work and shared the spoils of his thievery with Julian. After breakfast was studying, punctuated by Julian’s mostly unanswered ramblings out loud and Asra’s occasional (if off-putting) questions. (Once, Asra asked Julian about blood types, and inadvertently stumbled into an ecstatic ten-minute lecture). 
A few days in, during a silent period when Julian scratched feverishly away at a drawing of a platelet, Martzel Morell made an appearance, placing a gentle hand on Julian’s shoulder and making him jump out of his seat. “Ah-- beg your pardon!” Martzel chuckled. “I was dropping by for some blueprints, and wanted to say good morning.”
Julian’s face lit up like a scarlet beacon. He hadn’t forgotten about how he had left things with Martzel, and, despite Martzel’s polite smile, Martzel hadn’t forgotten either. The effect was not lost on Asra, who glanced up from his book in the corner to watch. “Mr. Morell, I hope you’ll forgive me,” he said.
“Oh, doctor, really--”
“I mean it. The last time we talked-- I was in the wrong. I-- I feel dreadful about it, and if you could find it in your heart to ever forgive me, I would be--”
Martzel clasped Julian’s hand in both his own. “I know. I’m not angry. You weren’t in your right mind, and nobody can fault you for that.” He brushed his lips against Julian’s knuckles, and the doctor blushed even harder.
“Thank you,” he whispered.
From the corner of the room, Asra cleared his throat to announce his presence. “This is a surprise, Mr. Morell,” he said.
Martzel’s eyes widened. His kind smile flickered, but he recovered quickly, released Julian, and backed a few steps away, golden earrings flashing in the rising sun. “Mx. Alnazar! I knew you were employed at the palace, but I have not had the pleasure of seeing you!”
“What are you doing here?”
“Ah-- it’s a bit of a funny story! Nadia-- the Countess, I mean-- I broke into the library a few weeks ago when the quarantine was too much to bear, and when I was reprimanded, she helped to pay my bail. She said the library ought to be public anyway, ha! Now I have full clearance and brunch with her every wednesday!” Martzel chuckled and even Julian cracked a smile, but Asra remained stony. “Ahem. Anyway. What are you studying?”
Asra unfurled from his corner and prowled to Julian’s desk, sliding into his lap without warning and wrapping a protective arm around his neck. “Those earrings are very pretty,” he remarked coolly. “Where did you find them?”
Now it was Martzel’s turn to flush red. He crossed his arms over his chest. “I… have to go,” he muttered. “It was nice to see you.”
And before Julian could stop him, he was speeding back out of the library without a goodbye. “Asra!” Julian reproached.
“What was that about? Mr. Morell was just stopping by to say hello!”
Asra stroked down Julian’s cheek and gave him a languid kiss on the lips. When Julian moaned, Asra’s tongue slipped past his teeth and licked softly at the roof of his mouth, until neither of them had the breath, and breathed against each others’ lips. “Don’t trust him,” Asra whispered.
“He’s a rake. He boozes himself up and sleeps around to tear couples apart in his free time. Trust me, Ilya, you don’t want to tangle with him.”
Julian was about to ask how Asra knew that when another tender kiss swallowed his words whole. That was the end of it.
Apart from that interruption, research continued at a steady pace. Julian had discovered a strange carnivorous beetle in his office that piqued his interest, so he switched his attention from studying bloodborne plagues to insect-borne ones, which was far out of his field of expertise and took up still more of his concentration. 
When the studying was over, usually as the sun was just beginning its descent, Asra would pull Julian away from his work no matter how hard he protested and lead him to the kitchens for a meal before they went their separate ways.
After about a week of this, however, over bowls of tomato soup shared on one of the grand balconies, Asra brought up an interesting point. The weather was beginning to cool for the first time all season and the soup was a perfect way to herald it in. “I never see you leave the palace,” he said. “Why is that? Don’t you have a home?”
Julian set his soup in his lap. “I do-- two, technically, but-- oh, it sounds foolish. If I slept anywhere but the palace, I’d feel terribly guilty. The commute takes time, you know? Valuable time that could be spent helping people.”
“But that isn’t fair,” Asra replied.
“Er-- no?”
“No! Callie told me that almost all of the doctors go home every night! You don’t deserve to sleep down there with-- with all that death and decay!” Asra shuddered and put his bowl aside so he could cover Julian’s knee with his hand. “Why don’t you give yourself this one comfort, Ilya?”
Julian sighed. As much as he was supposed to feel guilty, his spirits lifted at the thought that Asra cared about him enough to tell him this, that he deserved more. “My apartment is too far to walk every day,” he mumbled.
“What about your other home?”
“Mazelinka’s place? I couldn’t, I… she’s done so much for me already, I couldn’t just take up space…”
Asra took his hand with a smile. “Is that the woman who raised you, the one you told me about? I’m sure she would be more than happy to see you! You don’t have to move there, but you ought to take advantage of the fact that you have a safe place to go. Ask her the next time you’re in town.”
Julian swallowed and squeezed Asra’s fingers. “Asra, would you… come with me?”
“She’d love to meet you. She’s always, um, telling me that I need to make friends.”
Now it was Asra’s turn to hesitate. Julian thought for a second he might have crossed a line, but Asra nodded and replied, “okay, I’ll come with you. Tonight.”
“R-really?” Julian yelped.
“Really. Anything to get you to relax.” Asra poked Julian’s cheek playfully and released him to finish his soup.
To Julian’s bemused delight, Asra really did accompany him to Mazelinka’s house. Mazelinka was thrilled to meet Asra and insisted on feeding both of them a second dinner. (Asra chatted with her over this stew for at least an hour about what Julian assumed were herbs and seasonings). And Asra… he seemed to fit perfectly. Not just in Julian’s arms, as they fell asleep entwined in each other's limbs in the single bed, but in Mazelinka’s home, in Julian’s family, in his heart.
He didn’t even think to ask Asra if he wanted to do anything more than sleep. It might be awkward anyway, considering that this wasn’t even their bed, but he was all but enraptured when Asra stripped down to his underwear and cuddled into Julian’s back, warm and velvety, and he was asleep before he knew it.
It was the most natural thing in the world. Julian promised to come back to Mazelinka’s house twice a week, on the condition that Asra would come at least one of those times, and Asra readily agreed. 
So it went. Shared meals, working in the library, spending the occasional night in the same bed… Julian was convinced he had succumbed to the plague and entered a brand new heavenly world. 
Even his odd encounter with the shapeshifter slipped from his mind as time wore on. Calamity commented that he was finally putting weight on his rail-thin body. Even the chiding from Valdemar and Lucio wasn’t enough to throw a damper on his good mood. Sure, Martzel wasn’t coming around to the library anymore, but Nadia came in his stead, and she was just as fine company. Nobody commented on Martzel’s absence anyway. He was still a sore subject with Asra and Nadia knew to leave it alone. 
Weeks turned into a month, then two. Fall was setting in and days grew shorter and shorter. Asra had grown tenser lately. He would disappear for an hour or two, to wander the gardens and watch the bending branches of a grand weeping willow, then come back distant and sleepy. If a walk didn’t work he resorted to climbing into Julian’s lap, where Julian would run reverent fingers through his hair and kiss his face until he grumbled something along the lines of “I’m so close this time” and trundled back to his corner to take a nap. This became such a habit that Julian took to bringing his overcoat to the library every morning in order to blanket Asra during his afternoon break.
Then one day, without preamble, Asra put his book down, sat up straighter, and declared, “tonight.”
Julian glanced up from his notes. “Er-- what’s tonight?”
“The ritual. I’m doing it tonight.”
“That’s wonderful! When shall I--”
Julian’s face fell. He put his quill down. “You said you would let me help you, darling. It’s too much for you to handle on your own.”
Asra heaved a sigh. “That may be so… but it’s also too much for you to handle.” Before Julian could even open his mouth to interject, Asra continued. “You remember how last time turned out. I can’t let you go through that again.”
“Asra, we’ve talked about this!”
“And I’m changing my mind!” Asra snapped.
Julian rose from his desk and approached Asra’s reading corner (now lined with pillows, courtesy of Nadia) but Asra stood up too and began hurriedly stuffing books and notes in his satchel. Faust lifted her head from her coils to check the commotion. “You told me that blood is the key,” Julian pressed.
“Well, I have plenty of extra blood, don’t I? And I can always make more!”
“Ilya!” Asra barked. The sudden ferocity in his voice made Julian cower. “I am not cutting you open like-- like you’re a piece of meat! This is my burden to bear!”
Julian made an attempt to take him in his arms, but Asra ducked around him, scooping Faust up in the process. “I can’t let you do this alone!” Julian whimpered. 
“You must!”
“Asra, think about this, really think about this, please! I know how you feel! I’ve been in your position, and I-- I’ve pushed people away who were trying to help me--”
“This is different,” Asra interrupted. “You push people away because you have grand delusions of helplessness and deservingness. This ritual is designed to harm people. I’m grateful for all your help, really, but it would be selfish of me to ask you to give so much of yourself for my needs. Now, I need to go home to prepare. Move out of my way.”
Under the harsh glint of Asra’s eyes, jagged and ruthless as diamonds, Julian quailed, and allowed him to sweep past, Faust diving into his satchel to hide. He was almost out the door when Julian plucked up the courage to call, “if you aren’t here tomorrow morning, I-- I’m coming to your store. No matter what you say.”
Asra paused. His shoulders relaxed and his head bowed. “Have a good night, Ilya.”
“O-okay. Good luck.”
The magician vanished through the doors with a flash of his coat.
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1-800-dreamteam · 3 months ago
4 w/ mr Alex quackity??
Tumblr media
bee movie
quackity x reader
tw: planes?
gender neutral (they/them)
hey bubs! this took some time because it’s a little longer than usual, and i’m still not happy with the ending, so if you guys want a part two please send me an ask! love u <3
Tumblr media
When Larray asked you to fly out to L.A, you said yes in a flash. I mean, who would say no to new friends and more clout? Exactly, no one. So you bought plane tickets for the next flight out and began packing, forgetting a crucial detail. You were afraid of airplanes. You must’ve forgotten this in your haze of excitement, adrenaline making you feel fearless and ready to go. Now, you sat in one of those uncomfortable waiting chairs, staring at the big white plane right outside the window. Oh how you wish you didn't agree to this. I mean, you could just leave… Right? No one was making you stay, and you could just say that the flight was overbooked. Yeah, that was it. Breathing out a sigh of relief, you stand up and grab your suitcase.
Oh, fuck. People behind you began to push you into line, grumbling at how slow you were. you didnt have a choice now. The stewardess at the booth stuck her hand out and you hesitantly gave her your ticket.
“Alright, here’s your ticket, and you may now board. Have a nice flight, honey!” She handed you the ticket, her words hollow yet somehow endearing. You knew she didn't actually care about your comfort, yet she still pitied you because she could tell you were afraid. Brushing it off, you walked into the hall that led you to the plane. Was it shaking beneath you? You didn't know, and frankly, you didn't want to.
‘Don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about it.’
Chuckling at how stupid you mustve sounded, you reached the door of the plane.
“Welcome!” a crew member stuck his hand out to lead you in. Shaking, you grabbed onto him tightly.
“My name is Elijah, but you can call me li’.” Instead of letting go, he continued leading you through the seats.
“You can tell i’m nervous, cant you?” you laughed, embarrassed that he had to help you with this.
“We all can. Don’t worry, though. None of us are judging you, it’s a common fear.” he smiled. “What’s your seat number?”
“16A. Ah, shit. I’m by a window, aren't i?”
“Yeah. Sorry, honey. We’re here.” He led you through the row, all the way to the end. The other passengers were loading in near you, so he left with a small wave.
“Okay, okay. Uhm, window.” You shut your eyes, sliding the window cover all the way down.
“Just don't look at other windows.”
The people around you must’ve thought you were psycho, whispering to yourself like that.
“Alright. You’ll be fine, just.. Try falling asleep.”
Alex made his way through the boarding hall, just wanting to get in his seat and take off. He wasnt scared of flying, he just didn't especially enjoy being squished between dozens of people for hours on end. Making his way towards seat 16B, he noticed a pretty stranger fiddling with their fingers. They looked extremely nervous, legs shaking and eyes watering. He felt bad for them, they must have a fear of flying. Shoving his baggage into the overhead slot, he sat down beside them and tapped their arm.
“Hey, you okay?” his eyes showed concern.
“Uh, y-yeah. Just a little nervous.” You blushed, your actions so obvious that they concerned such a pretty boy like him. He chuckled, bringing his arm back in. god, his laugh sounded like heaven.
“Ahh, i see. Can i.. Can i help with anything?” he looked back at you, admiring your glossy eyes. You looked so pretty crying, but he bet you looked prettier happy.
“Just- just talk to me, i think that helps.” you laughed a little at your request.
“Why, do you like my voice?” Alex smirked jokingly.
“It reminds me of someone, I just can't remember who.” you looked at him, glasses covering his eyes. He felt so familiar.
“C-Could you take your glasses off?”
He obeyed, taking them off and setting them in his lap. Your eyes lit up, recognizing him almost immediately.
“Yeah. We’ve met before, right? I think we played among us with Larray together once.” he smiled.
“Yeah.” you mumbled, remembering how you two interacted during the game. He kept shamelessly flirting with you, even going as far as asking for your number, but you never took it seriously.
“Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention while I demonstrate how to buckle your seatbelts.” the stewardess spoke into the loudspeaker.
“Oh, god.” with trembling hands, you began trying to buckle it. Strings of curses came from your mouth with each failed attempt. Alex, who had already buckled his, looked over to see you struggling.
“Need some help?”
“Please.” you breathed out in relief, hands going back to your armrests. He chuckled and grabbed it, pushing the head into the buckle.
“Are you comfortable? Is it too tight?” his hands moved around the inside of the belt.
“N-no, it’s fine. Thank you.”
Removing his hands from your waist, he smirked at you. It’s like he knew what he was doing.
“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy your flight,” The woman finished her demonstration and walked up to the cockpit.
“Oh, fuck. Okay, calm down.” your lungs suddenly felt tighter, not letting any air in or out.
“Hey, hey, y/n, look at me. You’re gonna be okay. You got this, chica. Do you have any music to listen to?”
You shook your head.
“Alright, do you wanna share mine?” he pulled his earbuds out of his carry-on. “I have a few songs saved. Look around, see if there’s anything interesting.” he handed you his phone, smiling softly.
“D- Dj yer- yeroc? Is that how you say it?” you giggled at his spotify username, clicking on the first playlist and playing shuffle. The familiar tune of Despacito began playing, and your eyes met. He obviously knew the lyrics, but did you?
“Ayy, Fonsi!” he started.
“Ohhh, oh no, Oh nooooo, Oh!”
‘If he thinks i don't know spanish, he’s dead wrong lol’ you smile. “Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote, Tengo que bailar contigo hoy!”
His eyes widen, but without time to spare, he begins the second line.
“Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome, Muéstrame el camino que yo voy, oh-”
“Together!” you whisper-yell.
“Tú, tú eres el imán y yo soy el metal, Me voy acercando y voy armando el plan, Solo con pensarlo se acelera el pulso-”
At this point you’re just straight vibing, quietly singing the lyrics to each other and dancing in your seats. You noticed how much Alex calmed you down, and so did he.
The end of the song arrived just as you were taking off. Quickly he switched to his non meme playlist, clicking on ‘SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK’ and looking over to you for confirmation. Nodding, you look down to your feet.
“Still nervous?”
“Want to hold my hand?” he grinned.
“Do you jerk off with it?” you let out a small chuckle.
“I mean, if it makes you want to hold it more.”
“Ew, no, I’m not a pervert like you.”
“I’m not a pervert, i swear!”
You both laughed.
“I’ll take you up on that offer though.” you hoped it wasn't just a joke. He let out a pleased breath and turned his palm up in waiting for your hand. You grabbed hold like it was nothing and looked away, a small blush forming on your cheeks.
“Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff.” The captain’s husky voice sounded through the plane, and Alex's hand was suddenly in a death grip.
“Alright, Alright, y/n. I’m here, you’re safe. You’ll be fine, chica.”
“Give me reasons we should be complete, you should be with him, i can't compete, you looked at me like I was someone else, oh well, can't you see?” Your voice synced with Joji’s as you sang along quietly, trying to get yourself to calm down.
“You like Joji?” Alex hummed.
“Mhm. i’ve met him before, he was on tour in cali.”
“Was he.”
“Yeah, he was pretty cool. We still talk a bit now, actually. He asked his manager to get my number.” you smiled, remembering the concert.
“That’s cool. Are you guys like, talking?” he loosened his grip on your hand.
“No, no. He’s into, uhm, what’s her name… Claire, i think? Why, you jealous?” you teasingly shoved his shoulder.
“Uh-huh, yeah. Totally. I’m so jealous of him, y/n! Please, i’m desperate, please!” He laughed.
The plane moved forward and you yelped quietly, hanging onto him for dear life. It took you a moment to stabilize yourself and get your breath back. ‘You’ll be fine, it’s just a few hours. A few hours with him.’
You nodded. The plane sped up, turned a corner and began lifting off the ground. You tried focusing on the song, on Joji's voice.
“You look cute when you concentrate.” Alex chuckled.
“What? Oh, shut up.”
“Just being honest, perrito.”
“Coño.” you muttered. “uhm, can you talk to me again? I- i don't like this.”
He nodded and started talking about why he was going to L.A, his career, his mom and her soup, and some other things. You didn't even notice you were already in the air until the captain announced the distance and altitude.
“And she still wont give me the recipe, and it’s not even hers!”
“Try searching it up, i’m sure it's on the internet somewhere.”
“I didn't think of that. Why didn't i think of that?” Alex said to himself.
“This is Captain Fererra, we are at an altitude of ____, cruising at around ___ mph.”
“How long have we been in the air? I didn't even notice.” you looked around.
“Around ten minutes.” he explained. “Do you want anything? Maybe a snack or a drink?”
You were hungry, but you didn't want to waste his money.
“Just water, thank you.”
“You sure?” He pressed the flight attendant button. You saw Elijah walk towards you two with a cart.
“Hey, honey. What would ya like?”
“Just water, ‘lijah. Thank you.” you smile gently.
“Alrighty. Who’s this? Is he your boyfriendddd?” He teased, pouring you a cup of water.
“Uh- no, w-we’ve met once, through friends. He’s just helping me calm down.”
“Mhm. “ He eyed your joined hands. “Anyway, here’s your water, honey. Have a granola bar too.”
“Oh, no, i-”
“From me, babe. I’ll pay for ya’.”
Alex grabbed the water and chocolate bar, placing them on your tray. He sent a small glare at Elijah.
“Dont worry honey, i’m gay.” The flight attendant winked and walked off with his cart.
“Your gaydar is terrible, alex.” you laughed, taking a sip of water.
“Shut up.” he said, embarrassed. You looked at the seat in front of you, noticing a movie selection. There weren't many great picks, but some classics stuck out. Putting the cup down, you click on ‘E.T’.
“You want to watch with me?”
Alex looked at your screen, visibly cringing at your selection.
“Ew! He looks like a wrinkly dick, hell no!”
“I bet you know what a wrinkly dick looks like.” You say and begin looking for another movie.
“What’s that supposed to mean? I was just being honest!” he pouts. “Oh, wait, I just saw the bee movie. Go back, I wanna watch it.”
‘I don't want to sit through Jerry Seinfeld voicing a horny bee for two hours.”
“An hour and thirty five minutes, actually.”
“What the hell?” you stare at him.
“What can i say? I’m smart AND sexy.”
“Fine, fine, whatever.” You scroll back and click on the title.
“The headphones.” He unplugs them from the phone, passing them to you.
“Alright, come closer, i don't want the headphones getting ripped out of my ear.”
“Alright, y/n, i see you, i see you.” he smirks, lifting the armrest and moving closer to you.
“Shut up, movie’s starting.”
“I thought you didn't want to watch it-”
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𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔠𝔦𝔞 ℭ𝔩𝔞𝔯𝔨 | 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔖𝔦𝔱𝔱𝔢𝔯
this is @dreamer-queen​‘s fault
also I couldn’t stop grinning as I was writing the beginning :D
story playlist
warnings: swearing, kinda slow burn-ish but like not really but kinda if you wanna think of it like that, m o t o r c y c l e w i t h n o h e l m e t b c t h i s i s t h e 8 0 s a n d t h e y d i d n ’ t c a r e a b o u t s a f e t y
word count: 7.6K
taglist: @dreamer-queen, @pearplate, @rainbow-hedgehog, @sapphicsarahpaulson, @sarahp-stan​, @lostlastsforever756​, @waverlysdump​, @fand0m-obsess3d-g33k​, @angelxsarahp, @mildolynwaltzedintomyheart​ (I’m pretty sure at one point you asked to be added to the list??? idk maybe not but you’re here now so deal with it)​
if you want to be added to the taglist, just message/ask me and I’ll be sure to do so! :)
enjoy xx
Tumblr media
You giggled wildly as you rolled on the ground with Trevor and Travis, all three of you laughing uncontrollably. Currently Travis was on top of you, having somehow managed to tackle you at his mighty three-foot-four height, and had proceeded to tickle you like you had tickled him, his brother soon joining in on the fun. “Tr-Travis, stop it stop it, I-I’ll--” you were interrupted by another bout of giggles, your attempt to bat him away proving unsuccessful once again. Trevor cackled and found his way onto your arm, holding one of them down as the other still flailed at Travis.
All of a sudden, a clear voice rang out through the room; “Boys, get off of y/n, please.” At once, the two children stopped their attack and leapt off of your body, launching themselves into their mother’s arms with a shrieked “Mama!” You rolled over and did your best to reign in the last of your laughter, before finally pushing yourself onto your hands and looking over to the other three. Marcia, stood in the doorway, or more so crouched, holding her two sons tightly with a bright smile on her face.
You sighed happily and straightened your skirt out as you stood, tucking your shirt back into the tight waistband and crossing your arms loosely over your chest as the three parted. When they did Marcia stood and made eye contact with you, her smile somehow widening even further. She strode over to you, coming to stop a couple feet away and asking if you were alright. You chuckled and grinned, ruffling Trevor’s hair when he came to stand next to you, wrapping his arms around your left leg. “I’m fine, Ms. Clark, but thank you for the help. These two little monsters sure are something.” Marcia chuckled as well and nodded, hands coming up in an “oh well” gesture as she said “That they are.”
You soon broke eye contact to look down to the two boys and say “You two should be in bed, so don’t think that you’re just gonna get away with that stunt of yours, boys. Come on.” You then looked back up and said “You want me to help them into bed, or you wanna do it?” Marcia nodded and mumbled “I can do it,” leading them away and out of the front room. Before she turned the corner, she called out “Y/n, wait here. I want to talk to you.” You swallowed before nodding quickly and sitting down on the sofa as soon as she disappeared.
It only took five minutes for the brunette to return, a thick sigh falling from her lips as soon as she entered the living room. You looked up and smiled, beginning to stand up before Marcia waved you down, coming to sit next to you. She leaned her head back for a moment before looking at you with a soft smile. You returned the gesture, folding your hands together on your lap. “So how were they?” The prosecutor asked, and your smile got a little bigger as you told her what you’d done with the twins that day, their mother practically beaming. It made you happy to see her so happy, especially with the shit she was dealing with in her job. “So, how was work, Ms. Clark?” “Please, y/n. I told you to call me Marcia, we’re both adults here.”
You could feel yourself blush, but still murmured “Alright.” under your breath, after which the woman continued; “But it was....well, it was something. That man is just such a...” “Monster?” “Yes. And we have so much evidence that he did it, and yet somehow Cochran continues to dispute it all. I just don’t understand!” It wasn’t often that Marcia Clark admitted to not knowing something, so you just nodded and hummed in agreement, not really getting it all yourself, either.
But the two of you kept talking for a while, and suddenly minutes turned long, and before you knew it an hour and a half had passed. You glanced up at the clock and hissed in shock, quickly turning back to Marcia and saying “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry, it’s gotten so late--” “It’s fine, really. I enjoy talking to you.” You paused with your mouth still slightly open and once again you blushed lightly, dropping your gaze to your lap with a shy smile and quiet “Well I like talking to you too, Marcia.” The woman smiled as well and rubbed your arm gently as she muttered “Well I should let you get home...”
You nodded and hesitantly stood up, Marcia doing the same, and you bit your lip, unsure what to say and still unable to fully meet her eyes after what she said. Eventually you mumbled “I’ll get going. Will I see you tomorrow or will you be gone already?” Marcia bit her lip as well and seemed to think for a moment before replying “You might, depends on what time you get here.” So you said “Probably my usual, 6. Does that still work?” Marcia nodded and said “Then you probably will. I leave at quarter-after.” The words involuntary brought a smile to your lips and your tongue swiped over them for a split second, and you almost missed the fact that the motion caught Marcia’s attention, her eyes darting down to your lips for just a moment. But it was so quick that you figured you just imagined it.
So, you simply nodded and stuck your hand out for her to shake, which she did, only to then pull you into a quick hug, which made your breath hitch slightly. You returned the embrace before the two of you pulled back as Marcia said “Thank you so much for doing this for me, y/n. The divorce has been so...and the case...” You nodded, understanding what she was saying. “Well it is my job, but your boys, though annoying at times, are wonderful children. I really wouldn’t mind helping out even after this whole thing is over, if you’d ever need my services again.” The brunette nodded once and smiled, and the two of you feel silent until you finally murmured “I’m gonna go. See you tomorrow, Marcia.” And began walking away, pausing to smile when the woman returned the sentiment. You left with a content grin on your face.
The next day, you contemplated whether or not you wanted to drive your car that day. Eventually you decided that, no, you did not, so you instead hopped onto your motorcycle, figuring the boys would like to see the thing anyway. (literally shut up you have a motorcycle now this was an impulse decision and will come in handy later if you know what i mean ;)) It didn’t take you long to get to the Clark residence and when you did you turned the thing off, hopping off and trying to fix your hair as you walked towards the house. You knocked on the front door, and a minute later you heard familiar voices and smiled as a more feminine one called out “Wait for me, boys.” before the door was opened and all three family members were revealed, the boys immediately running out and tackling you, making you stumble with a surprised laugh.
You somehow managed to not trip as you patted the boys heads, looking back up to Marcia with a grin, who was eyeing your bike, which was visible in the driveway, curiously. When she also looked back her first words were “What in the world...?” This made you laugh, an eyebrow cocked playfully. “May I come in?” you asked, and you were quickly allowed inside the house, and turned back to face Marcia. Before she could say anything, Trevor piped up with “What’s that thing out there, y/n?” You chuckled and replied “It’s a motorbike.” Both boys gasped and their eyes lit up as they began asking questions rapid-fire, not stopping until their mother managed to say “Hey hey, come on, one at a time. Don’t overwhelm the poor girl.”
But you just shrugged and laughed again, crossing your arms loosely over your chest as you watched her calm them down as best she could, and muttered “It’s fine, they can ask questions. I don’t mind at all.” Marcia glanced up at you and quickly said “Well they should still be polite. I’m trying to keep their manners up, y/n, come on.” You laughed; “Alright. You should probably get going, I can manage the boys.” The older woman nodded and hummed, standing back up again and looking around for her briefcase, finding it after a moment and picking it up, grasping it tightly in her hand as she turned back to you one last time.
Before leaving, she thanked you again and explained a few things that she wanted you to do with the boys, namely help them with their homework as she hadn’t had the time to do so. Since this was easy stuff, the boys being young, you were totally fine with that and agreed instantly. This earned you another one of Marcia’s bright smiles which made you even happier. Soon she was gone, and you and the twins waved as she drove out, noting the way she looked at your motorcycle with a curious smile. Once she was gone you turned to the twins and said “Alrightf, we should probably get your homework done so we have more time for fun. That way your mom won’t yell at us, and we can do whatever in the afternoon. How’s that sound?” They nodded quickly and you laughed, allowing them to pull you towards the table where they already had their things laid out for them. You sat down between the two, explaining and checking their work, enjoying yourself more than you figured you would, honestly.
Homework was done before you knew it, and you were currently outside, explaining your bike to the boys who were more than curious and excited to hear everything you had to say. You told them all about how it worked, and any questions they had, which was a surprisingly large amount. You allowed them to sit on the thing and pretend to drive, but had to tell them no when they asked if you could take them for a ride. They didn’t have protection, nor did you want to get in trouble with Marcia for taking them out without her permission. Though you doubted she’d be too upset.
They were disappointed, but you explained to them why you couldn’t and promised that you’d talk to their mother and perhaps find out a way to get them on a ride with you. So, the three of you went back inside and you made some lunch for them, allowing them to help you with the less dangerous tasks, aka no knives or other sharp objects, nor did they get to touch the stove. They did get to put the stuff in the pot though, which was good enough for them for they soon got bored and requested to go and play in the living room. You laughed and dismissed them, watching with a fond smile as they raced each other to the other room, wrestling around as boys do.
Lunch didn’t take long to finish, and when you called them in they ate quickly, wanting to get back to playing as fast as possible, which made you giggle.
The rest of the day passed rather quickly, and before you knew it Marcia was unlocking the door and walking inside to the sight of you, legs stretched out in front of you with both of the boys cuddled up close against you as you laid with your back pressed against the couch, your own head resting on it as all three of you slept. Your arms were wrapped around both of the boys, and Marcia couldn’t help but to smile affectionately, biting her lip and watching the scene silently. She didn’t want to disturb this little moment, so she crept into the kitchen and put all of her things down before returning to the living room, all of you still asleep. And as much as she hated the idea of waking you up, she knew her boys should be getting into an actual bed.
So, the brunette walked quietly over to your sleeping forms and knelt down next to you, and without thinking raised her hand to your cheek, cupping your jaw and running her fingers over your cheekbone. You began to rouse a bit, and subconsciously pushed your head into her hand, the warmth a welcoming feeling as you awoke. The action made Marcia’s smile soften even further, her eyes twinkling with some foreign emotion that she hadn’t felt in a long time. A deep breath later your eyes fluttered open, and they took a moment to focus on the world again.
When they did the first thing they saw was none other than your (technically) employer, her face only a few feet from yours and a gentle smile resting on her lips. You then registered the hand that remained on your cheek and quickly pulled back, realizing that you were still leaning into it, and this prompted Marcia to pull it away with an awkward clearing of her throat. She replaced it on her lap and, words whispered, murmured “How did they behave?” You gave her a lazy, lopsided smile and glanced to either side of your body where both twins were still sound asleep. “They were wonderful. As always. I swear, these two are some of the best behaved kids I’ve ever worked with. You raised them well.” You replied, sending her a playful wink at the end and celebrating inside when a light pink flush appeared on her cheeks.
Biting your lip, you once again glanced at the boys and finally mumbled “We should get them in bed, probably.” And Marcia nodded, so you offered to take Trevor while she took Travis, picking them up slowly as to hopefully not wake them, before heading into their bedroom and placing them down on their respectful beds. Once they were tucked in you and Marcia shared a glance across from each other and a smile as you carefully crept out of the room. You closed the door behind you as quietly as you could before leaning back against the door with a heavy sigh. Marcia catches your eyes and she smiles, an unfamiliar glint in her eyes that you couldn’t quite figure out.
But you blinked and it was gone, replaced by a decidedly determined look as she said “It’s dark.” You glanced out the window to see that it was, indeed, very dark. So she must have gotten home later than usual, and you bit your lip. It would be dangerous driving home at this hour. And it seemed that Marcia had that same thought as she said “It’ll be dangerous for you on that bike. You can stay the night, if you’d like.” Your face heated up a bit in embarrassment as you spluttered out a denial, but Marcia was having none of it as she shushed you and said “No no no, I don’t need you getting into an accident because you can’t see three feet in front of you.” You sighed, knowing you weren’t going to get anywhere with this woman, so, though extremely reluctant, you nodded and mumbled “Alright, alright.”
And with that her smile returned and she nodded once in satisfaction, before the two of you walked into the kitchen, pretty much just because she did and you just decided to follow her, suddenly feeling very awkward. As you walked you said “I’ll stay on the couch, but do you have--” “You will do no such thing. I own a bed for a reason, don’t I?” You stopped dead in your tracks, unable to speak as you didn’t trust your own voice not to crack. Did she just...? Marcia seemed to notice your sudden stop and turned around with a questioning glance, and all you could do was stutter something along the lines of “A-Are you su-sure?” And just as you suspected, your voice did indeed break a little.
Marcia chuckled and shrugged nonchalantly, replying “I wouldn’t have offered otherwise, now would I.” It wasn’t posed as a question so all you could do was hum in agreement and try to swallow through your suddenly very dry throat. Your lack of a response made Marcia smirk, but she schooled her features enough to look back at you and make sure your silence wasn’t due to you being uncomfortable. And just by the look on your face, and the bright blush that had crept up your neck and onto your face, she knew it wasn’t. So, the woman finished putting her things away and, without a word, began walking towards her bedroom, soon hearing your hurried footsteps behind her. She laughed quietly to herself.
The brunette entered her room first and you followed, still timid, and closed the door when she gestured for you to do so. Once it was closed you turned back around, though you stayed close to the door, completely unsure of what to do next. You were snapped out of your reverie by Marcia’s voice calling out “Do you want to change into something more comfortable? I probably have something in here...” her voice trailed off, but you shook your head quickly, assuring her that you were just fine. You’d made the good choice to wear leggings and a loose shirt that day, so you were comfortable already, since you knew you wouldn’t be going out. Marcia hummed and nodded, grabbing something from her drawer and mumbling something before disappearing into her bathroom.
Once she was gone you let out a breath you didn’t realize you’d been holding, shoulders slumping slightly. Your eyes closed and you leaned your head back against the door for a moment before finally taking a few steps further into the room, until you were at the bed, where you perched yourself on the edge of the mattress and waited patiently for the prosecutor to come back. When she finally did you looked up from your lap and your breath caught, eyes involuntarily raking down her form, legs bare from mid-thigh down due to the sleep shorts she wore, and her arms wrapped loosely around her waist, a light dusting of pink on her cheeks at your speechless state. You managed to tear your eyes away from the woman’s form, not wanting to make her uncomfortable, and clear your throat, biting your lip and trying to think of something to say.
Luckily you didn’t have to because Marcia made her way around to the other side of the bed and smoothly slid under the covers, prompting you to do the same, both of your cheeks still tinted red. Eventually you mumbled “Thank you. For--For letting me stay, I mean. I don’t really like driving after dark on that bike.” Marcia nodded and responded, just as quiet, “I understand. How long have you had that?” You made yourself as comfortable as you could with the woman that you’d had a crush on for months in such close proximity, until you could face her, though you still didn’t make direct eye contact. “A few years. It was kinda an impulse buy, I was earning a decent amount of money at my job and decided that I might as well use it on something I’d use. So now I have one of those.”
You paused; “The boys had so much to say on the thing, lots of questions. Like...more than I thought they would,” you chuckled breathily, shaking your head and smiling gently. Marcia had a similar expression on as she watched you, nodding along with your words. “They practically begged me to take them on a ride, but I didn’t want to take them without your permission. Not to mention they don’t have proper protection.” Marcia hummed appreciatively, happy that you had the common sense to not take her children out without telling her first. One of the many things she liked about you. But she eventually, after a few minutes of silence, said “Perhaps someday you can take them. If you want to, of course.” You smiled widely and rolled onto your back, looking up at the ceiling as you muttered “I absolutely would, they were so excited when I said that I’d talk to you about it, you know.”
The other woman hummed again and chortled quietly. Again you two fell into comfortable silence, only broken when you murmured “Goodnight, Marcia.” into the empty air, which was returned to you by the brunette. So you closed your eyes, taking a deep breath and doing your best to fall asleep. It didn’t take as long as you thought it would.
The first thing that you registered was a familiar, flowery scent floating around you as you awoke. The next was the feeling of what was definitely an arm around your waist, and definitely very soft breathing on the back of your neck. You hummed under your breath, so quiet it was almost inaudible, knowing all of this except for the fact that you had stayed over at Marcia Clark’s house, in her bed, which meant that this was most likely her arm around you, and her soft breathing against your skin. No, that didn’t dawn on you for another several minutes, when you finally began to wake up fully and your brain started to work, at which time you froze and stopped breathing completely.
Not knowing what to do that wouldn’t make things awkward, you simply stayed silent and still, trying to keep your breathing even and not disturb the woman who you now realized was basically pressed completely against you, chest pressed against your shoulder blades, legs slightly tangled with yours, and face nuzzled into your neck. It was a compromising position for sure, and though you had to admit that you didn’t particularly mind waking up like this, you also knew you should get up before either of the boys walked in on you quite literally tangled up in their mother.
So you sighed quietly and murmured “Marcia”, trying to wake her up gently and not really wanting her arm off you quite yet. However when she didn’t do anything besides grumble quietly into your hair, you chuckled breathlessly and carefully moved your hand to hers, which rested on your stomach, and rubbed her knuckles a little bit as you repeated the woman’s name, a tiny bit louder this time. But you felt a shiver wrack your whole body when instead of getting up, Marcia pushed her face further into your neck and murmured “No”, which meant that she was clearly awake enough to speak, and flipped her hand over to lace her fingers with yours.
“Marcia, your children,” you whispered, hoping that it would help inspire her to get up. It was the weekend, which meant that she didn’t have to go to work, but she still should be up and adulting by now, as one glance at the clock showed it to be 7:47. Finally, this seemed to rouse the woman, and she took a deep breath, her hold on your hand tightening ever so slightly as her body tensed. Apparently it didn’t take her long to realize how she was laying. And as she did she was quick to pull away from you, jerking her body off of yours in an instant and removing her hand from yours. You sighed a bit at the sudden loss of contact, but rolled over to face a now panicked Marcia, a teasing smile already on your lips.
Her hair was slightly mussed from sleep, her fingers already being raked through the dark brown locks and a sheepish look on her face, along with a very obvious blush. After a second she spoke, words falling from her vocal cords rapid-fire as she attempted to apologize. But you just smiled in amusement and waited for her to see that you weren’t upset. When she finally realized that you were being completely silent she stopped and looked back over at you with a confused expression. Now that she was quiet you could finally say “I don’t mind.” That was all it took for the woman to groan and hide her face in her hands, blush darkening further.
Before either of you could say anything more, the door opened suddenly with an exclaimed “mama!” before two blurs flew at the bed and leapt onto it, one tackling you and the other tackling Marcia, making both of you let out an oof and fall back into the mattress with a thump. While Marcia began to scold them for jumping onto the bed you just cackled along with the boys, managing to get the upper hand on Trevor and reach his side, wiggling your fingers and tickling him until he was begging you to stop. You said “This is revenge for Thursday, boy.” and continued to attack him. His brother soon joined in, and with the two of them against you, you eventually had to surrender before they started doing the same thing to you. Which they did anyway, for a little bit.
The absolute humiliation that Marcia had felt moment earlier disappeared watching you interact with her children, how domestic this whole situation was. “Mama, mama, why is y/n still here?” Travis asked, and Marcia smiled and said back “It was late and I didn’t want her to get hurt going home, so I let her stay over.” “Like a sleepover!” “Sure, Travis. Like a sleepover.” You giggled and fell limp back against the bed again, allowing the twins to climb onto your body, one on your legs and the other laying across your stomach with his feet on one side and his head on the other of your body. It was quite the sigh to behold, you figured.
Sighing, you turned your head to face Marcia and gave her a lazy grin, making grabby hands at her in a silent invitation, which she raised a single eyebrow at, crossing her arms and shaking her head. But you just stretched your arm out and grabbed hers, pulling her towards you and, with a yelp, she fell forwards and onto the ever growing pile of bodies. The woman ended up with her head on your shoulder and, after you managed to convince Trevor to move and lay properly on the bed next to you, her arm draped over your stomach. “I’ll admit, this is all very domestic,” you mumbled, and Marcia hummed quietly, that thought still having yet to leave her mind.
None of you really knew how much time passed with you and Marcia just laying silent and the twins either playing with your hair or your shirt, which Marcia eventually ended up joining them in, her fingers idly running over the hem. But eventually the two youngest got bored and began to stir, sitting up and requesting food. You chuckled; ‘The hunger of young boys will never be satiated.’ So, you hummed and gently pushed them off of you before grasping Marcia’s arm and, without thinking, placing a quick kiss on her knuckles and murmuring “Stay here, I can make them breakfast”. And before she could protest you were up and calmly ushering the boys out of their mother’s room and closing the door, leaving it slightly ajar.
Marcia actually listened to you and did stay in bed for ten more minutes, needing the rest after getting up at five a.m every morning for the past two weeks and dealing with her job. But she did have to get up eventually, so she dragged herself out of bed and quickly found something to wear, changing efficiently before heading out, making sure her hair looked at least decent. And what she found was positively endearing. You, pattering around the kitchen with the twins hot on your heels, a spatula in one hand and a plate in the other, which already had at least six thick, fluffy pancakes sitting on it, three more being flipped and placed on top of the pile as you went to the stove, placed them down, and went back to the table to set the plate down. And smacked Trevor’s hand gently when he tried to sneak a bite.
Soon, you returned to the pan, pouring a little more oil into the thing and waiting a minute before picking up the batter and scooping it onto the hot surface. As you waited for the new pancakes to cook, you asked the boys if they could help set the table, which they did immediately. Marcia was almost jealous of how well they listened to you, really. It also worried her a bit just how much she wanted to come up behind you and wrap her arms around your waist and push her face into your hair. She refrained from doing so, but just barely, by instead walking to the table and leaning against it, still watching you carefully.
“Take a picture. It’ll last longer.” you purred, and Marcia quickly averted her eyes, blushing hard. You chuckled and mumbled “I’m just kidding, Marcia. Kind of.” before returning your focus to the pancakes, which had to be flipped by now. You repeated this process a few more times until you had used all of the batter and were left with more than a dozen pancakes. Once you were completely done you set the full plate down and rinsed your dishes, telling the three to start eating so you could wash the greasy pan before it got hard. Though Marcia was reluctant to start without you, you assured her that it was fine, and after a minute she mumbled an agreement and sat down next to her children, helping them to cut their food.
You finished quick enough and put the thing back where it belonged, leaving the rest for after breakfast, and sat down, taking Trevor’s plate from him to help him before Marcia could get to it, which she thanked you for. You hummed and nodded, finishing up and pushing the boy’s plate back to him before getting your own pancakes and cutting them up swiftly. Marcia did the same right about the time you did, and let out a quiet moan at the first bite, which made you giggle and flush slightly at the sound. Marcia also felt her face heat up a bit, biting back a comment that would probably just embarrass her further, and continued to eat, exchanging small conversation with you which her children would sometimes pop into only to stop when they no longer were interested.
“Just let me help you, y/n, stop being so stubborn!” “Marcia, I made the dishes, I should be the one to wash them.” “Yes, and you’re in my home so I should at least help you.” You sighed, placing your hands down on the counter and closing your eyes in exasperation. “Marcia. Please.” you mumbled, but the woman would not concede. You tried again to convince her to just leave you alone and do the dishes yourself, but you’re interrupted by a finger on your lips, and you froze, eyes going wide and darting to Marcia’s in an instant. Your lips parted under her touch automatically, and you went silent. Once she was sure you were going to stay quiet she mumbled “I’m helping. Now come on, we’re wasting time.” She had yet to remove her finger from your lips so, figuring you’d let her win this time, you gave her a teasing smile.
And opened your lips a little more to bite down gently on her finger.
It only lasted a second, yet you held her wavering gaze with your own the entire time. And within an instant you were gone, releasing her finger and twirling away and back to the sink. By the time Marcia snapped out of her paralyzed shock, you had already started washing, hands moving speedily from place to place as the prosecutor walked, on shaky legs, to your side and began drying the already finished dishes. No words were exchanged, as your face still held a smug little smirk and Marcia’s had yet to cool down.
You ended up leaving an hour or so later, using the excuse that you had to get some stuff done, so as much as the twins begged you to stay a little while longer, you still got out of the family’s hair for the day. Marcia got a little bolder and snuck a kiss on your cheek past before you could walk out, leaving you flushed and somewhat stuttering.When you got home you sighed and dropped your jacket on the floor, falling with a thump onto your couch and closing your eyes, trying to banish that same person from your mind that refused to leave, no matter how much you tried. Specifically how natural it felt to have her arms around you, how comfortable it was just laying in bed with her in silence.
Eventually you huffed and sat up, going to occupy yourself with some menial tasks that would hopefully take up enough of your brain space that you could think of something other than the attractive prosecutor for a while.
“How’s that ride sound?” Marcia had gotten home early that day, since someone had a problem and the court had been dismissed for the day. She was allowed to come home for her kids, and apparently even her protesting would keep her. So she got home at least four hours earlier than normal, just a few hours after you’d fed the twins, and as she complained told you why she was back already, you could tell she was tired. So, deciding you would do something nice, which you knew the twins would like and would get them out of the house, you offered.
A few days back you’d gone out and found a small side-car for your motorbike, which you knew would fit both the boys and you wouldn’t have to figure out how to fit two children on the main bike while you drove. So, you managed to convince Marcia to allow them to come, making sure they wore their bike helmets since there were no real bike helmets out there that would fit them, so that was the closest you got. When you told the boys what you were going to do, they were more than excited and practically dragged you and Marcia outside, one on each of you making both of you laugh.
Once you were outside they gasped and let go of your hands to run to the newly modified bike, inspecting this new addition. As you walked forward, Marcia tagged along a few feet behind you, so you turned once you got to the bike to face her again and said “You wanna come along? I’ve got room on the back,” thumbing your hand towards the long seat. The older woman just shook her head and muttered for you to go on without her. But her children must have heard you as their eyes lit up and they ran back to her, grabbing her hands and basically begging her to come with. She closed her eyes and sighed in exasperation, shaking her eyes at the fact that she was agreeing to this.
And she did. Which made all three of you very happy. So you walked around the other side and called out for the kids to come back, at which point you helped them in, buckling them up carefully and making them to promise to keep their hands and feet inside the ride at all times, which they giggled at and agreed. As soon as you were done you stood back and and gestured for Marcia, who was still standing awkwardly by, to get on the back, with a flare of your hands and low bow. “M’lady.” you mumbled, and the woman scoffed, pretending the comment didn’t make her blush.
She made her way over to the bike, narrowing her eyes at it and rolling her shoulders back. As you went to help her she batted your hand away, easily swinging her leg over the seat and getting herself situated on the thing. You cocked a single brow and smirked; “Alright Miss independent, I see you.” you said as you mirrored her action, getting on your bike yourself and tapping your fingers on the handles a moment before calling out “Everyone on?” When the twins laughed and nodded, Marcia simply humming affirmatively, you breathed out “Alright” and kicked the kickstand back as you turned the bike on, the transmission growling as it warmed up. Before you began to move back, you turned your head and mumbled “Give me your arms”, and though hesitant, the prosecutor did so, and you casually wrapped them around your waist, making sure they were secure before turning back without another word.
As you began pulling out of the driveway carefully, you turned your head to look behind you again, making sure to not hit anything (though there was nothing behind you anyway) and also to see Marcia still flushed from her position against you. The view made you smirk, though you tried (unsuccessfully) to disguise it as a smile. Once you were out on the road you kicked the bike into gear and zoomed down the street, making sure to go the speed limit until you got to the highway, at which point you called out “Hold on tight, kids!” to all three, relishing in the way Marcia’s arms tightened slightly around you.
Once you knew they were good, you sped up, zooming down the street at 60 mph, making the boys squeal and Marcia gasp sharply in surprise, somehow holding you even tighter in her shock. You laughed wildly at their reactions, leaning forward slightly (effectively taking the brunette with you in the process) and grinning widely, enjoying yourself immensely. A few minutes in you felt Marcia push her face into your neck, probably a reflex , and said “You alright?” not having to yell since she was right by your face. She nodded and murmured “Yep,” and you chuckled. Her fingers were drumming against your stomach and fiddling with the metal buttons of your jacket absently, finally beginning to loosen her tight hold and enjoying herself.
Eventually she leaned away from you, removing her face from your hair and allowing her hands to fall away from your stomach and slide to just rest on your hips, and you couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down your spine at the feeling, her hands fitting perfectly around the bones of your hips, creating a comforting and strangely familiar weight. You brushed it off and returned your focus to the road, turning a sharp corner and laughing when the twins shrieked and Marcia’s nails dig into your skin, the bike straightening back out quickly. The ride lasted for ten more minutes, the woman behind you returning to her spot against your back, relaxing onto your body and once again wrapping her arms around you. Her chin rested on your shoulder, which made you smile shyly and lean your head against hers slightly, which the woman noticed and found adorable.
Once you were done, your hair messed up and flowing freely behind you as at some point your elastic snapped and flew away, much to your discontent. So when you finally got back to the house, you were out of breath and wild, hopping off the bike first and fluffing your hair back into place, missing the starstruck look Marcia gave you at your slightly unruly appearance before you’d fixed it again and were with the twins and helping them out and onto the driveway. They were already bouncing on their heels and making excited talk, stumbling over each other as you help their mother off the bike, even as she gives you a soft glare.
Once you were all out, you brushed yourself off and grinned, crossing your arms and saying “Now wasn’t that fun?” And the boys, obviously, shriek “Yes!” and attack you, hugging you tightly and, after some prompting from their mother, thanking you rapidly. You laughed and ruffled up their already wild curls, looking to Marcia who was still watching you with a soft smile and rather dreamy look on her face. After a moment, Marcia muttered “Boys, go inside. I want to talk to y/n for a moment.” The children listened and ran inside, racing each other to the door (after stealing the keys of course) and leaving you and Marcia alone outside.
Settling back down onto your bike, still facing the older woman, you gave her a curious look, gesturing for her to go on. With a deep breath, she finally did; “Look, I....” she paused, collecting herself and trying to get her words straightened out, “Things have been really crazy lately, and I, um...wanted to thank you for...helping out.” You smiled and nodded, supporting yourself on your hands as you leaned back more onto the seat, knowing the bike was held well with the kickstand and you could sit on it like that.
Somehow you knew she wasn’t done, so you waved one of your hands again and said “Is that all?” and watched as she worried her lower lip, eyes wavering and leaving yours for a few long seconds. You waited patiently for her to do something, closing your eyes and lolling your head back, cracking your neck easily. But your eyes opened back seconds later when you felt hands on your hips, familiar and comforting, and your eyes darted from Marcia, who was suddenly very close to you, and her hands, lips parting in shock. When your gaze returned to hers you found yourself unable to look away as both of you flushed slightly.
And with this sudden close proximity, Marcia’s legs coming to settle between yours when they spread automatically, your mind went completely blank and all at once you were on her, right hand flying to the back of her neck and pulling her to you until your lips could press against hers. Your eyes fell closed for a split second before your head caught up to your body and you shot back, letting her go and hissing in a sharp gasp; “Oh my god I’m so fucking sorry,” you spluttered, eyes wide and terrified. You watched as the woman blinked once. Twice. And just as you closed your eyes, fully expecting a sharp slap to your cheek, you instead felt soft, full lips crash against your own, hurried and firm.
You sucked in another small gasp, but kissed back, refusing to open your eyes lest this all be a cruel dream. You almost feared this to be fake, that you’d open your eyes and Marcia would just disappear and you’d wake up back in your bed as you had so often before. so you just squeezed them shut and moved your arms to the woman’s neck as her fingers tightened on your hips, nails digging into your skin slightly. She pressed her body even closer to yours, raising one leg to place her knee on the seat between your thighs, and you whined against her lips, making them tug into a small smirk.
The little sound seemed to only spur Marcia on even more as the kiss quickly became even more heated, your tongue moving to tangle with her own and your heavy breathing mixing between the two of you. You only parted when your lungs began to burn from lack of oxygen, at which point the brunette continued to place quick, chaste kisses on the corner of your lips every few seconds and making you giggle breathlessly. “You don’t long I have wanted to do that.” you breathed, finally getting air into your body correctly. Marcia hummed and mumbled “Really?” her forehead leaning on yours as you nodded subtly.
Again the brunette hummed and smiled softly, opening her mouth to say something else when she suddenly jumped away from you, straightening her hair as best as she could when Travis’ voice rang out from the front door of the house, “Mama, what are you doing?” Marcia cleared her throat and choked out “Nothing sweetie, go back inside. I’ll be in in a moment.” Her son squinted suspiciously at his mother, but eventually turned around and returned to the house, and as soon as the door slammed shut Marcia let out a heavy sigh and you burst out laughing.
“Oh, so I’m ‘nothing’ now, huh? I’m offended.” you uttered, still chuckling and grinning. But that grin was wiped from your face when the woman was on you again in a half second, her lips attached to your collarbone and ripping a gasp from your throat as she was quick to graze her teeth against the sensitive flesh and begin to suck a bruise onto it. You brought your hands to the woman’s shoulders, clawing at her as you couldn’t stop the low moan that managed to claw it’s way past your lips. Once she was satisfied, Marcia pulled back with one last little kiss to the now darkened skin and took a few steps back, an obvious smirk on her lips. “No. And I haven’t ‘done you’ yet.” And, without another word, she spun on her heel and walked inside, her hips definitely swinging just a little bit more than normal.
Oh no.
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witchy-mel · 3 months ago
Pt.8 of iBerleezy's funny/relatable Bully quotes
Episodes 14-15
"Mr. Hattrick be on all types of bull."
"What did he just say? He said: 'I just broke up with my chick and I'm gonna take it all out on your face'? Huh? What you mean by that? Explain it."
"How was I supposed to tell that lady that her dog just got abused and attacked? I can't tell her that. Sorry I can't find him I tried...👀"
"He was finna get really disrespectful. He said: 'You ain't in Bullworth no more! Tell yo momma-'. I'm like woooah, what do you know about my mom? I haven't seen her in a year. What do you know that I don't?"
"Did y'all hear him? SoMeTiMeS, mY fArTs SmElL lIkE wEt HoTdOgS. Why? why? stop."
"Think about all the things that Jimmy do that is illegal. If somebody saw you up here, Jimmy, you're going to juvey."
"The gym is burning, what the hell? Is it? IT REALLY IS! WHAT?"
"...Um...That's kinda serious, don'tcha think? Like somebody who don't even go here came to the school and lit the whole gym on fire, putting everybody life at risk. And y'all idiots just back in here throwing some pig skin. Here, take this*sprays Juri w/fire extinguisher*. You take that too*sprays Bo w/fire extinguisher*. Y'all some dumbasses."
"So just because y'all think I did it, I gotta really go around and fix everything. Like that's crazy to me. This is not in my tuition."
"I hate that I have to hear all of their insults. Like I can't just ride by and not care..."
"That's booboo all over his fresh shirt, shorts, and face."
"What y'all think he smell like? ...uH,sH*T! wHaT dO yOu ThInK bErLeEzY?"
"Look at how much doodoo is just sittin' on his shoulder though..."
"'I always get my man. That didn't sound gay, did it?' What???"
"Ok, we get it Clint. Good move. You're hilarous. You get all the b*tches..."
"Do y'all hear these square bears talking to me? ThAt TaTtO wOn'T lOoK gOoD wHeN yOu'Re A gRaNdPa!1!1!1 I don't care when I'm a grandpa! You think I'm gonna be worried about tattos? I'm gonna be worrying about BOObooing and breathing properly. Both them functions will be difficult. I don't care about how I look...change my dipaer."
"'Oh yeah they do, everyone hates, you're all awful.' I definately hate y'all(preps)..."
The end. I'm guessing part 9 will be the last one of the series. For parts 9, I might not include the episode 17 because it's only 17 minutes and it's a continuation of episode 16, but idk. Depends if I need more quotes to fill up the post if ep.16 doesn't have a lot.
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sunalma · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
-> once again i am not respecting the ‘coming soon’ section of my navi post but anyways~
-> includes : kuroo, suna, semi, atsumu, tsukki
Tumblr media
« tetsu, would you still love me if i had no skin ? »
kuroo looked up from the biology textbook he had been staring at for the past fifteen minutes. slumped down on his bed, you were desperately trying to grab his attention. and it seemed like it had finally worked.
arms crossed and eyebrows raised, his answer flowed out of his mouth like an evidence, « well, your muscles and guts would collapse, your bones would dry and crumble due to exposure to the air so you’d basically be a puddle. in other terms you’d die. so the answer is yes.... ‘cause i’ll still love you after you die, sweetheart » he finished with a cunning smirk, laying back on his desk chair to have a better look at your jaw that had dropped to the floor.
« you are... incredibly smooth, you know that ? » you uttered once the surprise had passed. and based on the satisfied smile that started to stretch on his lips, you deduced that he definitely knew.
« if i was abducted by aliens, how long would you wait for me to come back before you started dating again ? »
suna was used to your dumb questions, but he had to admit that today was particularly dumb... so for once, he played along. his tired eyes kept staring at the tv screen as he responded very calmly « i don’t know. time is different for aliens anyways. if i remember well, one month for them is like a second for us »
you lifted your head from his chest, eyebrows knitted in confusion as his eyes finally met yours. « ‘if i remember well ?’ » you repeated, dumbfounded. but his only response was to put a shushing finger over your mouth, and to whisper a faint « quiet, they’re listening » as he looked around with wary eyes.
obviously you knew he was just messing with you. but still, his eyes were too convincing to take the risk of answering too loud. « rin what the fuck ?! » you just scream-whispered, his finger still pressing on your lips.
« would you still date me if your mom and i swapped bodies ? »
the timing was terrible. semi had been getting more and more in the heat of the moment, trailing kisses down your neck, but you had been zoning out and thinking about this question for the past minutes.
« WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ?! » he yelled in disgust, his burning lips immediately leaving your skin. « W-WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT NOW ?! »
a slight feeling of guilt rose in the pit of your stomach when your eyes laid on his profoundly troubled expression. you tried to shrug it off and cut this conversation off as quickly as possible. but the harm had been done. he quietly laid back down next to you, staring at the ceiling and avoiding any contact with you for the next hour. he had things to forget.
« would you get a tattoo of my face on your thigh if i asked you to ? »
it was an innocent question, really. and also very hypothetical. but atsumu granted importance to everything you said, even the dumbest things. « only if ya agreed to have one of mine ! » he exclaimed very naturally, but sounding a bit too excited for your own taste.
« ok, fair enough » you smiled, still keeping a careful eye on him as you tried to guess what was going on in that little blonde head of his. but surprisingly enough, he kept quiet and it seemed like he forgot about your question in a matter of minutes.
but no less than an hour later, as you were laying by his side with an arm swung over his chest, your eyes darted to his phone screen which was too bright for you to take a nap anyways. « tsumu... please tell me this is not the website of a tattoo artist » you asked apprehensively.
the proud smile that lit up his face at your words was so endearing that for a split second, you actually considered getting that tattoo as well. « this one has very good reviews... just sayin’... » he smirked before placing a playful kiss on your forehead.
« would you still love me if i was just a rock with feelings ? »
it was actually the third time you were asking this question to tsukishima. you knew that he was probably going to ignore you until you’d drop it - but you were extremely bored. and he happened to be the person you wanted to bother the most.
« ok- one, this is harassment. two, i should dump you for asking such a dumb question. three, no i would not » tsukki sighed, flicking your forehead with two fingers as he laid down on his side, facing you.
since he considered that he had already given too much attention to this discussion, he took his glasses off - a very obvious sign that he was going to try and get some sleep.
« kei ! i would still have feelings ! you’re a horrible person... » you let out an offended gasp.
he heaved another heavy sigh, « actually, you know what ? rocks don’t talk... so i might consider it ». and on these words, he pulled the blanket over your head to shush you, decided to finally start his well-deserved nap.
Tumblr media
🏷 taglist : @toworuu @catwithangerissues @miyumiya @livy384@k0u-minamo2 @fullsundear @hsjvwq
click here to be added to the taglist <3
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crybabycit · 3 months ago
(TW for yelling and talk of child abandonment)
Tumblr media
Elise never expected to actually go through with Driver’s ed, let alone actually pass the tests. She figured once she got past the written test, the fact she physically had to drive would foil her ability to pass.
But, to her (and, well, everyone’s surprise), she actually made it. Pratically with flying colors, as a matter of fact. The disbelief on her face was priceless when she was told to go get her picture taken for her Driver’s License, definitely one for the books.
Sitting on a bench outside of the building as Robin finally finished with her picture, Elise looked up at the sky as she fidgeted with her license.
“Man,” Robin sighed, “I can’t believe we’re actually done”
“Yeah, no kidding. Felt like it took forever to study and practice, then the actual driving test was like a blink,” Otis stated as he scootched over for her.
“I totally thought I’d screw up during parallel parking. They wound up having me skip it after a few goes since a lot of people avoid it, anyways,” Robin said, flopping on the bench as she flipped her hood over her head.
“Yeah, my mom said that happened to her, too,” Otis added.
Robin hummed before she leaned her head back and took in the sun.
As February was weaning out, Spring was begining to make itself known in Sleepy Peak. After a harsh winter that delayed school and work, the sun was back in swing, melting all the snow and warming the forests in anticipation of the new season.
“So, when are your folks coming to pick you guys up?” Robin asked, leaning forward as she checked her phone for any messages.
“My mom gets off in about 7 minutes, I think. She said she might be a little late, so who knows,” Otis stated.
“Ah, that sucks. What about you, Elise?”
Elise glanced over at her with a shrug, “David and Gwen are at work, Daniel’s not allowed to drive, so I wound up texting Cody”
“Woah, you texted him by choice? That’s new,” Robin said with a light laugh.
Elise rolled her eyes. “It’s better than walking. Besides, I wanna... talk to him... About stuff...”
Robin and Otis went quiet for a bit, before Robin finally spoke up.
“Is it about your perio-” "No, Robin.”
Robin shrugged, “different ‘stuff’ then, got it.”
Elise sighed as she unscrewd the cap from her water bottle.
Otis stretched in place, scuffing the heel of his sneakers against the sidewalk.
“Man, I can’t wait til spring break,” he states.
“Why’s that?” Elise asks.
“Well, now that we got these bad boys-” he holds up his license, “-we’re free to drive out basically anywhere. Except we uhh... Can’t get a hotel, not til we’re 18. But we can go basically anywhere regardless”
Elise hummed, “yeah, that’s true. I never really thought about the fact we can do that, now”
“Yeah,” he says. “We can drive to the movies whenever we want, late night gas station snack runs, drive out to go watch the sunset, we can even go into the city literally whenever we want!”
“Damn, you’ve got a point there,” Robin notes. “We could even go out camping if we wanted to”
“...Robin,” Otis says.
“We work at a summer camp”
“But it’s not summer right now, is it?”
“That’s true,” he admits.
“I just can’t wait for the summer. I wanna give that Carnival another go,”
“Robin, you literally had a panic attack!” Elise stressed.
“Well, that was the old me. Besides, I didn’t even get to try all of the carnival food! I saw you guys hype up those corndogs, and I know I don’t like meat, but they just sound really good!!” Robin whined.
“ can get corndogs literally anywhere. Even at the store. Although, they do taste better at the fair, I guess” Elise said with a shrug.
“Robin, you need to drive yourself to therapy,” Otis stated.
“Excuse you, I’ve been to therapy. I don’t like it, though. Sitting around and talking to a stranger about my feelings and trauma sucks. Besides, it’s easier to open up about that stuff with you guys”
Elise let out an “aww!”, and Otis simply rolled his eyes with a smile.
Soon enough, Robin’s dad showed up, later on followed by Otis’ mom, and evenatually, Cody showed up.
Rolling down the window, he was nicely dressed up. A nice business casual look, complete with a tie that probably took him longer than neccesary to put on. He had a travel mug in the coaster next to him, probably filled with coffee.
He looked... Professional, to say the least. As professional as her brother could manage to be.
“Hey, bugger. How’d the test go?” He asked, opening the passenger door (which was easy, dude has long arms)
Elise forced a smile looking at him. “It uh... It went great, actually,”
She dug out her brand new license, and his face lit up. “Oh my God, look at that! Congratulations, kid!”
He was being so nice, he looked... proud.
Her expression strained as she sat in the car, putting the license back in her wallet before she put it back into her backpack.
He pulled out of the parking lot, and briefly glanced over at her in the passenger seat. Her expression had dropped while he wasn’t looking, and he could sense something was off.
“Is everything alright?” He asked.
“I... Yeah. I’m just tired, is all”
He exhailed quietly, he could tell that wasn’t it. “No, seriously, talk to me”
She looked out the window, her fingers drumming against her backpack. “Well, uh...”
She didn’t know how to talk to him. She didn’t just want to be like ‘hey, you care more about your family that isn’t even all there yet than your little sister who you abandoned then stuck around with. Isn’t that fucked up?’
But it was how she felt. Lost and abandoned, but he was right there. He was in her life, but he didn’t want her there initially. She was simply just a background character in his new life, someone that was just there to be there.
He didn’t stay at camp for her, he stayed because he met a girl, then he dated her, knocked her up, and married her. Now he wants to play happy family while she’s just there?
She drew her knees up carefully, “Well, um...”
They reached a stop sign, and the road around them was basically empty. He could afford to stop for a moment, so he looked at her.
“Hey, it’s okay, I’ll listen”
She sighed. “I know you will, and... That’s kind of the problem...”
His brows raised, “what does that mean?”
“Well...” She sighed once again. “I don’t know, man! You’re confusing me! Over a year ago you didn’t really want much to do with me, then you meet Octavia, and since we were friends, you came back into my life, but... You don’t feel like you’re supposed to be my family anymore...”
His heart dropped. He went quiet as he pulled into an empty parking lot nearby, they needed somewhere to just stop. 
“I... I’m sorry you feel that way,” he stated quietly, unsure what to say in that exact moment.
“I... y-yeah...”
“You know I don’t mean for you to feel that way...” he said.
“I-I know... I think...”
The two of them went quiet, nothing much said for a good two or three minutes as they just tried to figure out what to say.
“You said... You said ‘we were friends’ when talking about Octavia... Do you not consider her to be your friend anymore?” He asked softly.
“I... I-it’s not like we’re not friends... We just... We’re not that close anymore, I guess...”
“Why’s that?”
“Because she focuses more on you, I guess”
“You ‘guess’ a lot, is that how you actually feel?”
She went quiet again, and Cody sighed into his palm.
“Octavia still loves you, did you know that?”
“I know... She likes a lot of people, though”
He puts a hand on her shoulder, “Elise, I’m pretty sure Octavia would lay her life down to save you if she could. You’re family to her”
Her expression fell again, and Cody pressed his lips together.
“A-And you’re my family, too”
Elise’s eyes started to gloss over and she looked away from him. His expression fell and he tried to scoot closer. “Come on, Elise, I didn’t mean it like that!”
“Th-then how did you mean it?” she asked, and her voice started to hic.
“I-I... I dunno... I wish I knew, honest! I...”
He went quiet again, palm pressed against his face to prevent himself from saying something to make the situation worse somehow.
Elise forced a sigh, probably to try and breathe the best she could. “I just wanna know why... W-why you were so happy to have dad’s side of the family back, b-but you can’t even call me family naturually!”
“Wh-what?” he asked.
“Your instinct was to say that ‘I’m like family to Octavia,’ not to the both of you. You gave up costudy of me, you only really refer to me as your sister, but do you even consider me to be your family?”
Cody’s mouth was ajar, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything.
“A-and now you’re having your own family with Octavia, and you’re gonna be a dad and suddenly your life is soooo perfect! And you’ve got his new job, and you never even bothered to tell me you got fired in the first place! I had to learn all of this from your wife.”
Yikes. That one hurt. His expression had fallen big time, and there was nothing he could do about it.
“I’m just... I’m just tired of being a secondary thought to you, man... What are you going to do if you and Parker get into a fight, are you gonna ditch him, too?”
“You know for a FACT I wouldn’t dare do that!” he screamed as he pounded his fist against center divider, and Elise quickly shut her mouth in a panic.
Elise cowared her seat, and the two of them went quiet again. Cody took a few shakey breaths as we watched Elise shrivel in fear next to him. It hurt to see. It hurt him to see that he did that.
“E-Elise... I-I’m sorry...” he states quietly. 
He isn’t sure what to say in this situation, he wants her to calm down, he wants her to stop looking so scared. He wants to see her smile like she did when she entered the car... But... She’s scared. And of him, no less.
She... She thought he was going to hit her. It didn’t help that he just yelled at her. His first instinct when he felt threatened was to scream at her.
“Y-You said we could talk...” She reminded him with a stutter.
“W-we can! We can totally talk! Please, talk to me-”
“You yelled at me! You said you’d listen, you said nothing about you yelling!!” Her voice raised. Her hands clenched into fists, and she feared having to actually use them against him.
But... She was prepared to do so. She wouldn’t let him run, and if she had to fight back, she figured she could manage that.
But Cody didn’t want to fight. Already, he wished he could take back what he had said. He felt horrible. 
“Listen, Elise... I didn’t mean to yell-”
“But you did.”
“I- I know... A-and I’m sorry...”
“Are you really sorry, or are you just saying that?”
“I... I really am sorry!”
“Last time you told me you were sorry was after you abandoned me. And now you yelled at me! When’s this bullshit gonna end, Cody?”
“What bullshit?” He asked with a strained expression.
“This bullshit about being my damn brother! You abandoned me when I was 14, man! You lost any rights to be in my life, but now that you essentially fucked your way back in through Octavia, you think we can just be a family again?”
“Please don’t bring her into this,” he asked.
“Why not? You were the one who started dating her!! You knew we were friends, I’ve known her way longer than you have!” she pointed out.
“She doesn’t have anything to do with this, Elise!” 
“But she does!! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have you straggling onto me!! God damn it, Dakota, you’re smothering me!! Do you want to abandon me or not?! Do you hate me or not?!”
“I DON’T!” He yelled.
The car went quiet again. Cody didn’t dare say anything as Elise sobbed to herself. He wouldn’t bud in this time,  she needed to cry.
Truth be told... He wanted to cry, too. He was so excited when she’d asked him to pick her up from Driver’s ed, but it just turned into a shit show, and he deserved it.
It had been at least 8 minutes. He was surprised she could cry that long in a sitting without her voice going out. He felt like pure shit.
Cody looked at Elise finally, his hand gently hovered over her shoulder as he was unsure if she’d let him touch her.
“Listen... I... I think we should get some help... L-Like family therapy, or something. Or even seperate counseling, a-anything, really... I’ll admit... We-we do have some issues... And if I’m going to be a dad soon... it’d probably be best for me to get some of these worked on...” He stated, now looking away from her in shame.
She looked over at him quietly.
“I... I don’t want you to be mad at me forever,” he says.
“...I... I don’t know if I want to be mad forever...” she stated quietly. “I don’t like being mad...”
He sighed. “Thanks... Thanks for talking to me, at least...”
She went quiet again.
“...I know it probably doesn’t mean much right now, but... But I really am proud of you... U-um... Sis...”
Elise snorted.
“Wh-what was that?”
“You sound gay.”
“...Elise, my last ‘serious’ relationship was with a dude, you know that, right?”
“I know, I know. You just don’t say ‘sis’ a lot, haha...”
The laugh was so dry, like her voice was finally wearing out. She wiped her eyes, and her nose sounded stuffy after crying so hard.
He sighed with a light smile. “You want to go grab something to eat or drink? I think there’s a drive in down the street calling our name”
“...Only if you get me a milkshake,” she insisted.
“...Alright, I can work with that.”
Starting up the car, Cody looked straight ahead, and Elise seemed to settle quickly as she relayed her order to him.
While things between them weren’t the best, the future seemed to have a light in the end of their chapter’s dark tunnel.
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saturntamoki · 3 months ago
Where's Your Homework?
Where's Your Homework?
Warning: Smut, hybrid, sub reader, teacher jungkook, size kink
FOR NEW READERS!: Y/N (your name), Y/L/N (your last name)
Member: Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook; Mr. Jeon)
Words: 1,363
Edited: No; Reason: This oneshot is my longest written oneshot I've ever done XD AND it's the first Jungkook smut, that's a first timing for me!
Suggestion Song: Defqwop; Heart Afire
Update: I ended up actually editing due to a mistake and my bad!
Notes: Yes; I hope all of you guys enjoy this, please comment if you want to suggest something, send hate or opinions, or even a request on a oneshot.  
Second un-related (extra) Notes:  I'm doing this like three days before my birthday lol, I'm probably gonna finish this on my birthday or a tiny bit after it; I'll be surprised if I finish it before my birthday.  (February 5th)
     You went to a  high school in Busan, South Korea.  Mr. Jung was by far the hottest teacher you've ever seen in your life!  And since you were in Busan, a lot of people were beautiful, so seeing your teacher like that was not much a surprise.  But still a surprise none the less!  
                                                                    * * * *
You were in language arts, always your easiest but least favorite class.  Mr. Jeon happen to teach language arts, which was a bummer for you.  And probably the rest of the students.  
"We're gonna have a lesson on the Titanic!" Your face lit up automatically, students raising their hands as high as they could.
"Nina?" He questioned her hand in the air.
"Are we gonna watch the movie?"  Nina asked, her voice as bright as your emotions hearing your lesson.  
"No, we are actually going to watch some clips."  He knew she was disappointed.  "The movie isn't family friendly, Mr. Field wouldn't be proud of me."  Mr. Jeon chuckled.  Mr. Field was your principle, strong and kind.  
"Wait, there was footage of the Titanic?" A girl named Maci asked in your class,
"No, we're actually just gonna watch a short clip of a man talking about a journal and etc." He continued, "But we are watching the clean trailer first."  He smiled.  
                                                                     * * * *
    After the clips you watched, they were about ten or so minutes, Mr. Jeon came up to you and kneeled down and whispered in your ear,
"Meet me after class, okay?"  You nodded your head at Mr. Jeon and he smirked and walked over to his desk.  "You guys can study for your signpost test coming up or you can just read to self, we only have eight minutes of class left."  You gulped, thinking you were in trouble.  You quietly unzipped your bookbag next to your desk and got out your read to self book.  "Also! You can work quietly on hom-"  He was cut off by the bell ringing.  You gasped and shot up for your desk, shutting your book; forgetting to put your book mark in.  You tried to act like you forgot about having to stay after class.  Luckily, Ashleigh, a girl in your class, was distracting Mr. Jeon.  You ran out the door and got ready for your health class, stopping by your locker to put your binder back.  
        Going down the stairs you hear a beep on the intercom,
"Y/L/N Y/N please come to the office."  You sighed, knowing that was probably Mr. Jeon wanting you.  You went back up the stairs, no matter how many people were on the steps with you.  Heading near the front door next to the office you see Mrs. Lee smiling.  
"Hey Y/N, you have to go to Mr. Jeon's room, he wants you for a couple of minutes."  She ran on, "He says you have work to finish for him, and don't worry, I alerted Mrs. Juris about you not going to health for this hour."  You nod your head, sighing and walking back to the language arts room.  This time half the lights on, it looked really relaxing.  
"Hey Y/N!  We're gonna go head to Mrs. Jamison's room  to finish your long paragraph, okay?"  
"O-Okay, argumentative long paragraph writing?"  You opened your mouth a tiny bit, it hung there for a tiny bit.  Mr. Jeon nodded his head, resting his hand on your back, leading you to Mrs. Jamison's room.  "Well Mr. Jeon, I actually got that assignment done!"  You gasped feeling his hands go lower down your back.
                                                                    * * * *
           Once you're in Mrs. Jamison's empty office Mr. Jeon pins you to the wall.
"O-Oh my god!" You close your eyes feelings his lips on your collar bone.  "Mr. Jung oh my- A-Ahh!~"  He slipped his hand in your panties, rubbing your clit.  Your hips squirming against the wall, he smirks and chuckles.
"Want me to rub your little pussy?"  You widened your eyes at Mr. Jeon's comment.  "Wow!  It's so wet..."  You gasped as he slipped a finger inside your pussy, you then let out a mewl as he started thrusting his pointer finger in and out.  
"P-Please, no!"  You gasp and squirt on his fingers, he looks you in the eyes and licks his lips.  
"Wow, you have such a small pussy, can I fuck into it?"  Shaking your head frantically, he smirks. "Aww! I know you want me to..."  
"P-Please Mr. Jeon!!!"  You mewled watching him tease you by taking off his belt and laying it on Mrs. Jamison's desk.  Mr. Jeon slips his pants down and starts stroking his cock, purposely trying to make you feel scared of it.  Scared of it's size.  You back away slipping your hand to the door handle, trying your best to turn it.  He grabbed your wrist and placed your hand on his growing-longer cock.  "W-Why-"  Not being able to finish your sentence, Mr. Jeon pumps his cock with your hand following his.  Gasping, with his every move.
"Take off your pretty little panties."  He demands, you shake your head no shyly.  "That wasn't a question, and leave your skirt on with it."  You do what Mr. Jeon says and you slip your panties down. "Such a beautiful little girl, bend over that desk baby-girl."  This time you can tell it wasn't a question, he had a lot more of a demanding-tone in his voice.  More than the last time, a lot more.  He lifted your skirt and spread your legs.  "It's so cute and  small?  Can daddy stretch it out?"  You frantically tremble in fear, of course you were still a virgin.  And god knows what your mom would do to you if your language arts teacher, Mr. Jeon, would take it from you.  
"M-Mr. Jeon, please let me go..."  You said helplessly, knowing the answer would most likely be no.  Okay, it will be no.  He only chuckled darkly before slapping your pussy lightly. And even if he slapped it lightly, you still jolted forward in shock.  Not exactly knowing what Mr. Jeon was trying to do.  He crept up behind you and pointed the head of his red cock to your hole.
"Get ready little baby-girl!"  He himself didn't get to finish his own sentence, before forcefully shoving his cock all the way into you.  Screaming and yelping, you try to kick him away with every thrust he does.  "Stay still or you're going to hurt yourself, we don't want that do we?"  He grunted and groaned as he spoke to you.  Not a single hint of shame and guilt in his voice.  
                                                                         * * * *
All of a sudden he hits that spot that makes your whole body shake and quiver.  You mewl and wail, feeling the over-whelming feeling to now have become painful.  "I-I M-Mr. Ah!!!!"  You spray a second time, this time around him.
"Congratulations for getting your homework done!"  You gulped, knowing more was coming.  And he was not going to stop.
Ending Notes:  I'm really surprised I finished this before my birthday, now exactly four days from it.  ALSO make sure you comment and request more Jungkook ones, I'm making all the members so don't worry.
Date finished:  2/1/2021
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