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#i sweep under their cage like twice daily
uwua3 · 2 months ago
puppy love!
🌸💌 usui masumi
summary: masumi adopts a dog at the end
dedication: kmf anon 💍 — masumi loves you so much!
warnings: enemies to lovers (very light mention), falling, swearing
author’s note: i decided to write this adorable fluffy piece for my friend about masumi & reader volunteering at an animal shelter together~ (꒪ω꒪υ) please enjoy this puppy love ft. a very cute dog who plays matchmaker between you two!
word count: 3,859
music: this side of paradise – coyote theory
let’s make one thing clear: masumi didn’t like dogs
they were too loud, they ran around all the time, and they were way more trouble than they were worth. masumi didn’t like dogs, dogs didn’t like masumi, it was a mutual understanding
so how did masumi end up adopting a dog? well, it involved a park, a dog gone wild, and one veterinarian-to-be at an animal shelter
like every day after school, masumi took the shortest route to the mankai dorms: straight through veludo way’s park during its busiest hour
unfortunately, it was crowded nearly every time his acting sessions were finished. kids played silly childhood games before eventually crying about a boo-boo only a mother’s kiss could fix. teens masumi couldn’t relate to held picnics with their friends to savor the last fleeting memories of their youth. even grown elderly were practicing their afternoon yoga on decade-old mats. overall, every single age group was present right when masumi needed to head home
it was nothing soundproof headphones couldn’t fix with his volume turned up (it was no longer at maximum, he winced at the memory of how loud his music was as a moody teenager) (now, he was a moody young adult, but still)
but, maybe if he didn’t have such high quality headphones, he’d be able to hear a very alarmed voice call out to him and the sound of four paws running
“sir! watch out for—”
masumi quickly was knocked off-balance, his headphones flew off his ears and were replaced by the texture of a wet tongue. gross... masumi cringed as he tried to keep hold of a wriggling, fluffy mess and its wagging tail slapping his face
“oh my gosh, i’m so sorry for chocolate!” masumi tried to keep his eyes open as two black eyes and a happy grin greeted him. this... was chocolate?
“chocolate?” masumi murmured, to which the rather large chihuahua barked back a reply as if it understood. a figure blocked the sunlight streaming down upon the duo, a flash of a white coat momentarily distracting him from the constant panting from the dog in his arms
“ah... i’m sorry once again. she’s usually never like this, i promise.” you promised, bending down to reach for chocolate. yet, when you attempted to gather her entire being, you struggled as chocolate seemingly clung to masumi with a whine
masumi couldn’t even complain as he stared at you with wide eyes. who were you and how did he not know you yet? he was so distracted by your presence that he almost forgot there was a dog desperately attempting to lick his face all over
you were about to call for chocolate before you met masumi’s eyes, pausing before a light blush settled across your face. why was he looking at you like that?
“a-are you okay, sir? did you hit your head on the way down?” you waved your hand in front of masumi’s face before he snapped back to reality, blinking as he held out chocolate to you
“no, i’m fine. but... uh, your dog won’t let go of me.”
you held onto chocolate’s stubby legs and pulled. she didn’t even budge as she started growling at the mere threat of being removed from this stranger. you raised both of your hands defensively, trying to appear like you were totally okay with chocolate practically being attached at the hip with a random person in the park
“i... honestly don’t know why she’s doing this. she hates people, well, except me.”
masumi didn’t find that hard to believe. who wouldn’t like you? barely a few minutes into meeting you and he wanted to know everything about you
“she’s not my dog, by the way. i volunteer at the local animal shelter nearby.” when you introduced yourself, masumi barely registered he was suddenly holding your hand and hoisting himself off the ground (it seemed impossible, but chocolate cuddled into him even more)
“are you interested in adoption?” masumi was thinking anything but that
“it’s—” “she.” masumi blinked again, looking back down at chocolate then you. “uh... no but she, she’s... nice?”
you couldn’t help but laugh, successfully prying chocolate off in the meantime as you didn’t have it in you to be upset with his half-assed attempt. “you don’t like dogs, i assume?”
“they don’t usually like me, that’s all.” masumi lied smoothly, forgetting he just had an anti-social dog attack him like they were family. you raised an eyebrow at that obvious fib, but didn’t press anymore after getting a secure hold on the dog’s leash
“of course. well, i’m sorry again for chocolate, mr...?” you trailed off, half paying attention and half struggling to keep the dog from running towards masumi
“it’s masumi, usui masumi.” he said, subconsciously stepping away whenever chocolate lunged towards his ankles. you frowned at this but didn’t mention it, apologizing again before taking your leave
was this it? was this the last time he was going to see you?
masumi watched as chocolate kept looking back at him with her pleading eyes. why did that little dog like him so much? he didn’t even have any food on him...
maybe, dogs weren’t so bad after all... especially if you were there
“wait!” masumi called out this time, jogging up to the bench where you were gathering all the daily necessities when walking a dog. you almost let out a sigh of relief when chocolate became masumi’s issue to handle
masumi didn’t know what exactly made him detour his normal schedule even more, but here he was, taking up every excuse to talk to you. you, with the large chihuahua
“do you need any more volunteers at the shelter?”
you couldn’t believe what you were hearing, you almost let go of chocolate’s leash again! trying to figure out whether this was a revenge prank or not, you couldn’t tell based off masumi’s serious expression
“what? i thought you didn’t like dogs?”
“no. i love animals!”
Tumblr media
masumi didn’t love animals, especially dogs
but, of course, an animal shelter always needed more volunteers. after getting a very hesitant reference from you, they didn’t even do a background check on masumi before taking him in. apparently, “corg-key to your heart!” had been understaffed. lucky him!
conveniently you and masumi were scheduled around the same times for training, meaning his impulsive commitment wasn’t a huge waste of time. except, there was one thing
chocolate wouldn’t leave his side ever since his first day of volunteering
it’s like masumi was made of every food possible and chocolate was a hungry person looking for a buffet. it was impossible to separate the two, even when you were there!
(you pretended it didn’t hurt when you were no longer chocolate’s favorite, but it was very obvious)
apparently, ever since you started volunteering years ago, chocolate had already been there. she was practically ancient now and was still looking for her forever home
but she had never grown to like anyone, making it hard for people to adopt her. she only liked you (and now masumi)
so volunteering at veludo way’s animal shelter, “corg-key to your heart”, wasn’t on his to-do list, but here he was. all because of you who he wanted to get to know more
but... that was becoming hard when you were suddenly competing against him for chocolate’s love & devotion
but, not only did he adopt a dog, but he had won the key to your heart as well. all it took was four simple steps!
Tumblr media
#1 — clean the cages
masumi had never smelt anything worse in his entire life. walking into the back of an animal shelter made him stumble back from how awful the stench was. you strolled in, apron on, as if it was nothing, greeting the animals by name at the beginning of the day
“what are you doing?” masumi pinched his nose closed, narrowing his eyes at the sudden barking when they sensed there was a new person in the room. you rolled your eyes at how wimpish he was being, ruffling a dog’s fur as you gestured towards the cleaning gear in the back
“these cages won’t clean themselves, you know.” you tossed a sponge and bucket at masumi, who caught it easily, much to your dismay. when he glanced at both of them, you tilted your head as he seemed confused
“have you never scrubbed the floor before?” — “wh-of course i have!” — “doubt.”
masumi pressed himself to the wall as you let all the dogs out, letting them run out into the field so they could get their morning meal time in. he huffed as you laughed, knowing you didn’t warn him on purpose
“get to cleaning or we’ll have to smell this forever.” you didn’t have to tell masumi twice before he started scrubbing, holding his breath for a minute at a time
after making the beds, sweeping, and cleaning up any other messes, you turned around to ask about the floors before seeing masumi nudge chocolate away. she had somehow escaped from her pack to sit by his side, to which he ignored
this was so unfair! you love chocolate! she was your favorite but she was completely ignoring you for someone who didn’t even like dogs!
when masumi looked up, he tried to smile but you looked away, suddenly very annoyed. masumi frowned, glaring at chocolate and her giant eyes
damn it! he was almost going to have a moment with you, but chocolate blew it! why did she keep getting in between you two...
masumi quickly became the only person capable of floor duty since chocolate would trail after him obediently
you mumbled about how masumi didn’t even deserve that love! how could anyone even love him like that anyways?
Tumblr media
#2 — dog walks
masumi by no means was inactive. he was the typical athlete; he could throw a ball, run a mile, swim laps, anything under the sun. but, walking multiple dogs at once was a whole different league of its own
no one told him he’d have to make sure ten different leashes didn’t wrap around his legs and cause him to fall over. nor did he think all these dogs had this much strength to drag him over every square inch of the park he frequented on the way home. unfortunately, he was beginning to spend way too much time outside
masumi didn’t know how, but he’s been getting better at remembering everyone’s names. the dogs had their own distinct personalities and appearances, with a coordinating rainbow of leashes
apparently, you found this very amusing. at first, masumi only walked chocolate to get practice in, but he’s unfortunately leveled up to even more dogs. you got back chocolate, but you began to understand why her attention always went back to masumi
even if he wouldn’t admit it, masumi was a natural with dogs. he remembered their favorite treats like it was nothing and had a guiding presence, making even the most hyperactive breeds calm down every now and then. masumi was fast enough to catch any rogue dog and threw every frisbee far enough to catch their breath
masumi figured out you weren’t as annoyed at him when you had chocolate, so he was 100% willing to manhandle hundred-pound dogs to get your satisfaction
even if it meant falling over in the middle of the field when the dogs decided to merry-go-round his legs
when you looked up from your spot underneath the tree, you tried your best to stifle your laughter seeing masumi fall for the second time in this lifetime
when masumi dug himself out of the pile of dogs happy to be with him, he was faced with an open hand and a teasing smile on your face
“having fun down there?” you joked, before masumi took your hand, about to pull himself up before freezing. you wish you weren’t so obvious with how much you stared at him right then and there
both of you caught each other’s gaze, seemingly lost in each other’s eyes before you realized there was one less leash in your possession
“wait... where’s chocolate?!” (after a moment of panic on your end, all masumi had to do was call her name and she ran over. it’s like she planned this whole thing on purpose...)
you two made sure not to touch again to avoid another distraction, even if your shoulders and hands kept brushing on the way back to the shelter. whenever you two exchanged leashes, all you two could remember was the accidental hand hold
walking the dogs with masumi became much more difficult all of a sudden. if you looked at him, you wouldn’t be able to look away. masumi didn’t question why you stopped meeting his eye
Tumblr media
#3 — welcoming homes
chocolate had been at the “corg-key to your heart!” shelter for the past decade or so
but, you were allowed to take her home every weekend so she could get a break from everything. when it was your daily time with chocolate, you exited the break room only to find masumi already with her
masumi, who was always reluctant to get too close to any of the animals, seemed to throw caution to the wind as he slowly patted chocolate. she laid in his lap, her head propped up on his thigh as she sighed contentedly
you knew you were always jealous of masumi and chocolate’s instant connection but this time, you felt an indescribable amount of feelings seeing your best girl with your favorite co-volunteer (did you just think that? when did that happen?!)
masumi looked up from his seat on the floor, a red hue tinting his cheeks as he looked away, unsure of what to do next. “sorry, seems like she doesn’t want to move.” masumi looked anything but sorry but you let it slide
you sat next to the pair, reaching over to fondly massage chocolate’s ears. she leaned into your touch and your heart practically melted at the sight. you were so consumed by love you didn’t notice masumi’s small smile at your affection
“today’s my day to take her home. though, i don’t know how she’ll react without you.” you laughed, knowing it was going to be hell to separate these two
somehow, someway, masumi and chocolate had become the ultimate duo. after chocolate laying on masumi scrubbing all those floors, the park playtimes (which were the only time she moved more than a few feet ever), and everything in between, they began to become friends
(yes, it was cute. yes, you were still envious. though, this time, you didn’t know of who)
“then you should let me visit tomorrow.” masumi suddenly said, his words rushed as if he didn’t mean to say them. you paused, unable to comprehend the fact masumi wanted to come to your house
“u-uh... why?” you watched as masumi ducked his head, fiddling with chocolate’s collar as if embarrassed. you had never seen him react so physically, you wondered if you were reading too much into things
“chocolate will miss me. plus, i... i want to see you outside of work, too.”
ba-dump! your heart swelled up with love again, this time a very childish and innocent type that came with crushes. did you like masumi? was this okay to feel when you two were technically not even official friends?
“fine. but, make sure to bring something as a gift for chocolate or i’ll kick you out.”
“i’ll bring her favorite treat, promise.”
when you brought chocolate home, you stared at her as she lounged around
“i don’t like him... right?”
even chocolate seemed unconvinced, and she was a dog
Tumblr media
masumi somehow knew chocolate’s favorite treat, believe it or not
when he showed up with that premium type of ham, it made you feel some type of way. how much did he know about chocolate? about you? just how perceptive was masumi actually?
“i know we weren’t apart long, but... here, take this.” when masumi gave you a box of your own favorite food as well, you felt everything in your system shut down as you tried to comprehend how he knew this. when you thought about it some more and realized you also knew masumi’s favorites, you blanked
did you two just skip the friends part completely? how did you already know this much about a total stranger?
“t-thank you, come in!” when you invited masumi in, he seemed to fit right in. it didn’t take long before chocolate was all over him, immediately leaping into his arms and ignoring the ham completely (until she came face to face with it, then she couldn’t resist)
you two spent the majority of saturday’s afternoon together, retelling horror stories and all the craziness that came with the week’s volunteer work. unlike before when masumi was disinterested, his eyes lit up as he recounted his encounters with the animals
you leaned forward, eager to see him talk so enthusiastically about a subject you loved. when masumi finished questioning how active the dogs were, he did a double take when he noticed your stare
were you looking at him the same way he looked at you? masumi held in his breath, eyes flickering down to your lips then back up. before you two could move, chocolate barked, demanding more attention from both her closest workers
you two quickly snapped out of it, going back to coddling chocolate and making sure she was taken care of
next, you two decided it was time for her walk. as you held the leash, masumi walked ahead to make sure there were no sticks or stones in her path. chocolate trotted happily, enjoying the views of the quieter parts of veludo way
you two held easy conversation, the words flowing naturally and the tension that came with work faded away. you almost forgot why you were always irritated with one another at the beginning. as you were about to say something, chocolate stopped
you lost your footing and tripped over chocolate, about to crash land before a pair of strong arms caught you. you understood how all those dogs didn’t get away as masumi made sure you were okay, holding you up as you stared up at him
(chocolate sat there satisfied, looking at her two favorites and making sure to hide her smug face)
“be careful next time, i don’t want to see you hurt.” masumi revealed almost in a whisper, his voice soft as you nodded meekly. unlike before, you two didn’t separate in a flustered rush. instead, when you forced yourself off his chest, masumi took your free hand like it was second nature
“i’ll make sure you don’t fall again so don’t let go.”
when you looked down at your conjoined hands, you were certain you had fallen without him noticing
if only you knew masumi had fallen for you the moment chocolate knocked him over
Tumblr media
#4 — fundraiser
you and masumi were workers at the animal shelter’s fundraiser of the month. each month, “corg-key to your heart!” promoted their animals to the public in order to raise adoption rates
you two arrived to find yourselves where it all started: the park. at the center of it all were colorful posters advertising the pets and a pristine white booth guaranteed to be stained by grass in a few hours
for the past few weeks, you both have been passing out flyers and posting news on social media to attract potential adopters. not only did that, but the funds would be helpful for the electricity and food bill coming up
turning up to a forming crowd was nothing short of excitement. you both sat down at the booth, clipboards ready and energy buzzing in the air over the possibility of the pets finding their forever homes
as the blue sky passed by and the conversation in veludo way’s park grew, you and masumi worked together to make sure this fundraiser would be better than the last
“come meet our furry friends! you’ll find your best friend here at ‘corg-key to your heart!’” — “you’ll love these dogs and cats! come meet them today!”
although both of you were typically more on the quiet side, you and masumi made sure to attract as much attention as possible for the animals. slowly but surely, people began stepping up and asking questions about the pets
everything was going smoothly. you and masumi went on & on about all the traits about each animal you both have grown to know and love, donations were coming in at a consistent rate, and the staff were managing the excited dogs well. everything was great, until...
“how about this one?” a man had come up to the pair, gesturing towards one of the few dogs who wasn’t receiving that much attention. chocolate pouted in her cage, eagerly looking for someone to play with as she wagged her tail
masumi stopped himself from frowning, instead crossing his arms and forcing his voice to remain neutral. he couldn’t let down the animal shelter like this
“her name is chocolate. she’s a 13-year-old chihuahua who loves food and sleeping more than anything.” after going into a whole spiel about how wonderful chocolate was, the man seemed even more convinced that she was the one
“well, is she up for adoption?” you were about to respond with an enthusiastic ‘yes!’ before masumi shook his head, putting on fake sympathy as he shrugged
“no, she’s not. you just missed her, sorry.”
when the man went away, you dropped your customer service smile and slapped masumi’s arm. “hey!” masumi quickly lowered his tone, looking around to make sure no one was disturbed
“why did you say that?! chocolate has been looking for a home for so long now. she could’ve had an owner!”
“but, i want to be her owner.”
you couldn’t believe it, you were unsure of how to respond. was this real life? did masumi actually just say he wanted to adopt chocolate—
“yes, i am interested in adoption. i know if she went away with him, we’d never see her again. i always want to be with her, i’ll adopt her.”
you threw your arms around him, pulling masumi into a tight hug. a part of you was sad you’d see chocolate off, but now this meant you two would be able to see one another even more! this was the best-case scenario!
“masumi, thank you so much! i’m so happy, i could kiss you right now!”
silence (even if the park was crowded). then, masumi leaned back just like that saturday walk back then
“then, kiss me.”
when you met him halfway, masumi realized maybe he didn’t dislike dogs as much as he thought
you were too loud, you ran around with the dogs all the time, and you were way more trouble than you were worth. but, masumi likes you, you like him, it was a mutual understanding now
dogs weren’t so bad. after all, masumi had to thank a certain dog for making him fall for you at the park
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