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#i swear ive seen the original of that post :
peachy-chulanont · 12 months ago
hey just a heads up, ahr-reevey is a serial reposter
ugh yikes ok thank u
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omgtoomanyfandomsme · 3 months ago
I'm like 2 mins into the first episode of Fate: The Winx Saga... and there's a swearing farmer and a sheep with its guts ripped out.. wtf.. where is the campy, innocent, easy to watch Winx??????? Do I even bother continuing.. ive seen shit posted bout their wardrobe and the lack of diversity compared to the original, but where are my campy fairies at??????
More like the Wonx not the Winx
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livisthename · 4 months ago
Shanks is the yakuza of the underworld
Credit to Arturrcantspeakjapanese on worst gen
TLDR: shanks is the underworld boss. That’s why he has connections to the gorosei. It ties into things like his famous “guns are for actions” and his crew referring to him as boss. Read it for a lot more info.
Yakuza cut their left pinkie finger. Shanks lost his left arm. Traditionally, like from medieval times, the finger-cutting is meant to cripple your swordsmanship, as the pinky finger grips the handle the most tightly. We know Shanks is a swordsman and lost at least some level of ability in this skill because of Mihawk refusing to duel, and from how he uses it in flashbacks, his left arm was his dominant arm. And actually, even earlier than the yakuza, finger-cutting comes from medieval japanese gamblers. Losing a finger was seen as a way to resolve a bet if you didn't have another way to pay. This really makes that "I bet it on the next generation." line come across a different way to me. It's not the focus of this and ive posted it before, but in my opinion, Shanks losing his arm was an intentional act to cement his influence over Luffy, because Shanks could see what Luffy's future might hold.
The marines don't call him "captain" by the way, they call him "ogashira/大頭", or "big boss". like he's the head of a criminal organization. His crew just uses "kashira/頭", a more informal "boss". the yakuza organization structure IRL places the "wakagashira"/"young boss" right under the oyabun/kumicho, so shanks' title is alluding to the yakuza without being one of their real titles. rather than the group leader, hes the head of the family. same idea, different phrasing.
we also have the father/son cups sake ritual. the yakuza use the sakazuki cups to cement organization structure and loyalty. the grand fleet start calling Luffy "ogashira" after it, even though they don't do the "real" exchange of cups. Kyoshiro's family in Wano use it to swear loyalty, so it even has explicit ties to the yakuza within the world of One Piece. I imagine Shanks and his crew did the same father/son cups ritual as any other yakuza family when forming the red hair pirates, considering their deferment to his rank and level of respect. Also, Shanks is from the West blue, where the best sake comes from, and he's always got a supply. Coincidentally, the west blue is overrun by underworld mafia figures under the Five Families of the West, and any importing of booze probably goes through them, so Shanks probably has ties to and influence with the Underworld. How far does it actually go? Well, we know the Underworld business goes all the way to the top of the government. We know Shanks can just walk into the holy land and discuss whatever he wants with the 5 Elders. We know the underworld is acting as a go-between for the WG, the yonko, and other weapons dealers and criminals across the world. Everyone called Doflamingo the most influential man in the Underworld, but he was just one broker. After Dressrosa we find out that the underworld is much bigger than just one country's exports, and see guys like Giberson the Hider the warehouse kingpin, "god of fortune" Du Feld, "shipping king" Umit, Big News Morgans, etc. But even these guys most people dont know about specialize. The organization structure has to lead up to something, right? Who's pulling the strings?
Akagami (red hair) is written like this "赤髪" but if you say akagami and write it like this "垢神" it means something like "dirty god" or like "god of filth". akagami no shankusu. What if Red Haired Shanks is also Shanks the Dirty God, the man at the top of the underworld?
i started looking for more puns after this and figured Oda likes doing stuff with bounties. shanks is 4,048,900,000. its got 489 (shi-ya-ku) in it and this led me in some wild directions. first off 師役(shiyaku) could mean "playing the role of teacher/master", like the example wiki gives is saying something like "suzumiya haruhi-yaku, aya hirano." so, playing the role of teacher, shanks. (or playing the role of Death, ooh spooky) then theres a bunch of gambling references! yaku means your hand in mahjong, for one. but then the other one , a japanese gambling card game literally called "89". turns out its the origin of the word yakuza.
so i wanted to see if there were any notable connections between the syllable "shi" and the yakuza and got - most famous yakuza in history - adopted - life has no recorded notable incidents between the death of his father and becoming a young adult - became a gambler and criminal and started building a private navy - played the revolutionary army and the government against each other - swordsman - folk hero/robin hood figure in japan - famously made sure people were buried properly after a war and defied the government in doing so - was known to be able to settle major conflicts without casualties
"The pistol is cold. The pistol is a mechanism. There is no personification in it, and the sword is an extension of the human hand, human flesh, and I can convey the entire depth of hatred towards the enemy when the blade of my sword pierces his body, plunging the hand-sword into the body of the enemy. Then there is no greater pleasure to say: "Shinde moraimasu", that is, "I ask you to die." Shimizu Jirocho
"its dangerous to point guns." Shanks
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astral-enchantress · 4 months ago
Final update on my blind DAO playthrough:
-Yes! I finished the game! But oh man, do I feel like I messed up :/
- So I killed Flemmeth, as I said I was gonna do, amd that sent Morrigan's approval way up. If you havent seen my past posts, I had been trying to romance Zevran for most of my playthrough. For some reason, this made Morrigan jealous, even though I really havent done much when it came to romancing her?
- The issue was only made worse by everything with the child, and killing the archdemon, and all that. I decided to go through with her plan, mostly because I had put so much effort into Zevran's romance, that it felt like a waste to just die at the end of it all.
- I think my theory on what Morrigan is planning is to do what Flemmeth did to protect herself from her. I dont know if this is something elaborated on in the later games, but Ill be interested to find out.
- I swear, there were so many times where I thought I was finished. Like id be on my last few HP, and all my other party members would be dead. Then Sandal shows up, and saved my party.
-I think the archdemon may be one of the hardest boss battles Ive ever done. Not saying much about me, but it made me pretty happy nonetheless.
- Hhhhh, its like 3am where I live rn, but I really wanted to beat the game before I went to bed. So worth it tho.
- I think if I do play the other two games, Im not gonna do more posts like this. Or maybe I will, depends on if I have any thoughts I want to share.
- That being said, I think Ill do one last post thats a little more thought out explaining my thoughts and opinions on Origins.
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hyunjun-jpeg · 4 months ago
Hwang Hyunjin Fic Recs
**bold = personal favourites, MUST READ
All credits to the original writers! I just want to share and recommend some of the texts that I really loved reading. All the information about each text is taken directly from the post, written by the original author.
Last updated: 2021/02/21
(please let me know if the links don’t work <3)
Tumblr media
Never Take Your Eyes Off The Target by @narika-a
Mafia!AU, Angst, One-shot (3K+)
Summary: He was here to do to his job, not question what and why. It was all supposed to end tonight but not with the target like you. aka assassination attempt gone wrong 😂
Warnings: Mentions of suicide and death, violence, strong language
Downpour by @honeybammie
Angst, 2/2 parts (Word Count Unknown)
Summary: in which your timing with hyunjin is never quite right
Erubescent by @cle1024
Angst, Fluff, Bad Boy!AU, Florist!AU, High School!AU, Enemies to Lovers!AU
Summary: why are my cheeks erubescent? i shouldn’t be feeling this way about you; i’m not supposed to trust you.
Warnings: swearing, underage drinking, cigarettes
**Normal by @skzsauce01
Hyunjin Dragon!AU, 5/5 parts
Summary: For more skilled maneuvers, dragon shifters need a rider to help them out. After rejecting multiple riders, Hyunjin, a traumatized and handicapped shifter, is assigned to you. To add a cherry on top, you’re deaf, so how are you supposed cast spells to free him from his limitation, let alone the anger in his heart? Some HTTYD influence.
I literally LOVE this one SO MUCHFkjhdjfhjdsfnjdsnfkj
**The Study of Relationships by @hanflix
Fluff, Angst, Volleyball!AU, Freinds to Lovers!AU, Roommates!AU, One-shot (15k+)
Summary: college team’s volleyball captain and your roommate-cum-best friend, hwang hyunjin argues with you over guys being better than girls in relationships to help you out of one. or in which hyunjin is in love with you for years now and he finally decides that maybe he doesn’t want that best friend tag anymore.
[8.45] by @lettersfromaphrodite
Angst, Fluff, Royal!AU, Idiots to Lovers!AU, One-shot (5.4k+)
Warning: smut
Everyday Job AU by @moonblssm
Fluff, Delivery Boy!Hyunjin, Bullet imagine
To Protect Our District by @feel199x
CEO!Hwang hyunjin, Mafia!AU, Series (Unfinished)
Warnings: angst, alluding to death and assassination, branding
This is one is kinda really intense??? It makes me feel so many emotions at the same time. I was such a mess after reading this.
**Two Types of Fireworks by @chanluster
Fluff, companions to lovers!AU, Long Haired Flynn Rider!Hyunjin, Tangled!AU, One-shot (21k+)
Summary: when you find a notorious thief wounded within the woods you wondered, you heal him, not realising that the same man will lead you to your destination, and the few feelings you’ll develop along the way.
PIck-up Lines by @blueprint-han
fluff, drabble (1.9 K)
warnings: none except one (1) teeny tiny kiss (just a peck nothing too suggestive), lot’s of fluff and pickup lines and that’s a warning.
**The Strange Man on Monterrey Manor by @quirkjeno
mystery, suspense, horror, angst, smut, historical drama, strangers/enemies to lovers!AU, slow burn, arranged marriage!AU, regency!AU, series (3/3)
synopsis: Willoughby, 1799 - Life as a heiress of a disgraced house has not been kind to you. You’re neglected, unwanted, and used as a bargaining chip for your father to weasel his way out of the debt he owes the moment you come of age. It takes a turn for the stranger when you’re chosen to wed the owner of the manor atop the mountain - a mysterious, eccentric, cruel lorn no one has ever seen. Whisked away to the dark and cold house and wed to a stranger, your questions become more and more. Why is Hyunjin the way that he is? What are the stange noises that echo through the house late at night? And why does your heart begin to beat faster whenever he’s nearby?
warnings are posted individually for each chapter
Backseat Driving by @vernosaur
street racer!hyunjin, racer au, flangst (fluff & angst), one-shot (10k)
summary: When your excitable friend introduces you to a street racer to help you get your driver’s license, you have your doubts. But Hwang Hyunjin is nothing close to dangerous. Oh, no. He insists on teaching you how to drive in a mom van.
warnings: profanity, suggestive themes, substance abuse (alcohol), make-outage.
 01:06 by @wooluvv
drabble, asshole!hyunjin
this truly got my gears turning i wish it was longer I feel like this would be such an interesting plot to work off of
**crush culture by @nakyngs
fluff, angst, comedy, series (44/44 parts completed)
summary: there are a few rules to follow when you’re drunk, sleep deficit, or dangerously bored: never create fake social media accounts, never use those accounts to incite general chaos and mischief, and never ever lie about your identity, especially if it’s to the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen. unfortunately for him, hyunjin’s broken all three.
this one is so filled with uwuws i love it
Back in time by @changbeanie
fluff, angst, time travel au, one-shot (5.2k)
summary: You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.
lots of scarlet heart energy and I'm living for it
 *****worn out jackets by @scxrlettwxtches
badboy!hyunjin x class president!reader, fluff, angst, series (10K+)
Description: When you accidentally find yourself monitoring the detention of the school’s bad-boy prince Hwang Hyunjin, it leads to a path of personal discovery that neither of you could’ve foresaw. 
Warnings: cursing(?)
here’s pt 2
NO AMOUNT OF WORDS CAN DESCRIBE MY LOVE FOR THIS ONE. it’s probably one of my favourite things that i’ve read on the entire app I love it so much!!!!!!!
 **shoot your shot by @sparklingskz
fluff, basketball player! hyunjin, one shot (3.9k)
description: the evolution from being on your phone during basketball games to staring at a certain hwang hyunjin.
warnings: swearing
so cute. so fluffy.
**** the valentine trials by @jeonginks
friends to lovers au, fluff with angst, mutual pining yay, one shot (17.3k+)
description: it’s always fun to be stuck in a valentine themed check-point game with your crush, not to mention your hands are taped together the whole time.
warning: hyunjin being a high school boy and making occasional suggestive jokes.
okay so i know 17k words might be a doozy.... but i promise you it’s 10000000% worth it 
 forget me not. by @hhjs
angst, fluff + hanahaki au, one shot (8,8k)
summary: Hyunjin’s unsure of the tingle in his gut, why it’s happening. But he thinks, just for a second, it feels a little like hope.
wherein, putting your heart in the line for the sake of doing favours isn’t a frequent component in your schedule. But what happens when this favour is asked for by the boy you may or may not have fancied for far too long?
You accept it.
For a very embarrassing reason, really, which is — you think Hwang Hyunjin needs you.
warnings: suggestive content, vomiting, mention of blood. allusions to depression and heartbreak.
*********************bits of stardust by @jeonginks
historical au, fluff, angst, strangers to lovers, one shot (16.8k+)
Description: traveling back in time is fun, especially when hyunjin wants to know all about modern day life.
Warning: none
okay listen... this one is long too.... but I PROMISE YOU IT IS SO WORTH READING!! it hit’s all the right emotions and it’s probably one of my favourite piece of writing that ive ever read on this blog. I just 100000000000000000000% recommend it!!! there’s also a little part 2 somewhere on their blog it has stardust in the title in case you were wondering...
[NEW] i’ll hold your hand (don’t let me go) by @kim-seungmine
angst, slice-of-life, high school au, series (2/2 approx 18k)
synopsis: hwang hyunjin wants to fall in love. what you’re afraid of isn’t falling in love, but falling out of love.
warnings: mentions of bullying, language, beware of sudden Friends reference, in this house we support day6, this is super long :( and unbetaed 
i will not lie... this was kinda a nightmare to read cause it was so long.... but i think it was very much worth it. This fic really exudes coming of age web drama but in like written form. I can 100% picture this on screen. It’s so fulfilling to read and it just gives you that inexplicable warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach. Pt. 2 isn’t as long (only 7k) so i most definitely recommend!!!
[NEW] haven by @starrytxt
enemies to lovers, crazy rich kids, gang au (kind of?), too much angst, sometimes there’s fluff, social media!au, series (completed)
synopsis: you expected this semester at jyp academy to be like any other but when you cross paths with the resident “bad boy”, hwang hyunjin, your life gets a bit more complicated. warnings: lots of swearing, occasional suggestive dialogue, mentions of violence, others will be mentioned in specific parts
[NEW] **Enemies-to-lovers!(demigod) by @taelme
enemies-to-lovers!au (kind of, i feel like it wasnt that extreme but more of a dislike-to-lovers lol), demigod!au (fluff, slight angst? its rly not much, a lot of confusion on reader’s part), one shot (18k)
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jaegerboob · 5 months ago
i was tagged by @trashpocket​ (hey bae ;)) and since im lonely here on tumblr and have no one but the void to yell at, i won’t be tagging anyone :((
okay let’s start off with my published WIPS lol i have quite a collection and boy do i regret posting most of these, but anyway that’s here’s my hot girl shit
"i’ll figure it out with a little more time” - (if u knew me at my thai BL phase no u didn’t :)) anyways this was a supposed to be a pretty short fic that features an oblivious Sarawat not knowing how to navigate his feelings towards Tine and Tine being an equally giant dumbass. their school is hosting a school dance and Sarawat’s emotionally constipated ass doesn’t know how to SPEAK and just ASK Tine to go w/ him. i swear i might be the author of this story but i also get mad at these fuckers
“we’re boyfriends?” - ah yes another Thai BL fic, i will admit. i have NO idea where to take this story lmao. i still wanna finish it tho cuz i hate disappointing ppl. the fic starts with Ae and Pond making a dumb bet so Pond will stop jerking off in their shared room and promises that he won’t do that as long Ae dates someone random and based off of Pond’s choosing. sweet bby Pete wanders into their campus accidentally  and gets picked. Ae does the deed and tells Pete they’re dating. Ae thinks that Pete and Pond are scheming to make his life a living hell but lo and behold Pete has actually fallen in love with him (heheheh) 
“i wanna ruin our friendship” - hello lgbtq+ community :). we all know where this fuckin title is from don’t be sneaky. so here’s my KilluGon college fic. I initially wrote this like two years ago and uploaded it on wattpad lmaooo then i edited it and posted on ao3 and once again i have no idea where to take this (ive forgotten what my original idea for this was lol) so basically Killua and Gon are really close friends and Gon is sortof a player in this AU idk why khdkadha but anywayz all of Gon’s exes have left him bc they’re jealous of Killua but Gon would never pick his current S/O over him so HAAA. it all goes to shit tho when Retz decides to trick Gon to taking her back for the school dance and idk what path to go for T_T 
AIGHT now for my UNPUBLISHED WIPS buckle up yall this is a LOT. all the titles are WIPS so that’s why theyre iffy lol
“pussy talented”- (don’t mind the title lmao i just wanted a cat pun in there somewhere) basically, Bokuto is a firefighter and Akaashi an editor. They work near each other and Bokuto often visits Kuroo, who works with Akaashi. Ofc Akaashi falls in love at first sight but then he overhears that he has a "Kenma" waiting for him at home. Akaashi assumes that he's probably Bo's boyfriend and then leaves him alone, making Bo confused as hell. Little that he knows that Kenma is actually a grumpy calico cat.
“killugon flower shop AU” - Wing owns a flower shop and Killua helps out with Zushi along with Alluka out of boredom and one day Alluka asks Killua to help out with her client then he meets Gon and is immediately smitten until Gon says that he's looking for something that he can give to a girlfriend (it was actually Ging's request lol), lots of misunderstanding, Killua being too shy to ask the handsome stranger out and Alluka and Zushi being done with his shit 
“rice isn’t the only thing getting crushed here” - Osamu falls in love with one of his most loyal costumers—Akaashi and he thinks he might just have a shot at it until one day while Akaashi is ordering a bunch of riceballs, Bokuto Koutaro of Japan's National Volleyball team enters the restaurant and sweeps Akaashi of his feet, unexpected angst and a generous helping of unrequited pining :)) dw this fic can go two ways: Bokuto is just Akaashi's best friend who he hasn't seen in months or b. Bokuto is actually Akaashi's fiance maybe i’ll write both endings heehee
“killua is sad and gets lovebombed” - while staying in Whale Island, Killua thinks he that he doesn't deserve Gon and tries to leave him while he's asleep but his plan is stopped when Gon wakes up and they both end up revealing their true feelings for each other
“excuse to write charles getting fucked by two delicious men” - Erik and Charles have been in a relationship for years now and basically fell out of love so when Erik gets promoted and has to move, Charles agrees and so they break up. Charles turns to Logan (who harbors a giant crush on Charles) for companionship and sleep together once. Logan says it was an accident but Charles wants more and they establish a FWB situation of sorts since Charles isn't ready yet. But then Charles gets into an accident and can't remember what happened the past year and a half so he still thinks he's with Erik. Meanwhile, Erik is living a luxurious yet empty life and when he gets the call from Raven about Charles' situation, he immediately goes back running.
“killua in whale island” - KilluGon are like 20-ish and Killua visits Whale Island and Ging just happens to be there as well. Killua thinks about how even though Gon and Ging are near identical, Gon just looks so much more handsome. (probs just a oneshot) 
 “another horny cherik fic” - Charles is a demon who was accidentally summoned when Raven, Hank and Ororo uses Erik's blood to perform a demon summoning ritual (as a joke) they didn't know it would actually work so now Charles is stuck with Erik because the human absolutely refuses to sell his soul
“IwaOi overboard AU” - Oikawa is a rich pretty boy and Iwa a college dropout who works at his uncle's repair shop with his younger brother Tobio and cousin Kyoutani ( both 5 yrs old). One day he gets called over to fix one of Oikawa's cars and after a failed and disastrous encounter with a drunk Oikawa, Iwa leaves the mansion fuming. Later in the day, it's discovered that Oikawa got in a car crash that took away his memories and since Oikawa apparently lives alone, he has no one to get him. not until Iwa comes ofc and with a malicious and vengeful intent, he tells Oikawa that they're dating and live together in his crappy apartment
“dancer Akaashi” - Akaashi is a dancer, Osamu is a bartender at the bar he works at and has also been in love with Akaashi for the past two years. He doesn't confess since he knows Akaashi doesn't like romance but then enters a bright eyed cheery Bokuto who sweeps the unreachable Midnight Moon off of his feet, bokuaka but im leaning towards bokuosaaka since akaashi deserves two boyfriends
“watch me be poetically horny for Akaashi Keiji” - Akaashi is a vampire and Osamu, a skilled artist. Akaashi posing nude and delighted at how beautifully Osamu portrays him. Osamu says otherwise. 
Cherik College AU - drift by great gable.... late teens cherik... Erik being a misanthropic horny bastard and Charles a snarky piece of shit.... they get paired up for 7 minutes in heaven... turns out Charles has been ogling him for a while now..  hmmmm,,,.,. ( i wrote this when i was drunk and my og draft is too long so take this instead lolz) 
“ BokuAka (NSFW) ” - Bokuto pushing off a guy who tried to hit on Akaashi while they're at a club. Akaashi gets so turned on he immediately drags Bokuto to the bathroom where he gets his facefucked in one of the bathroom stalls or Akaashi getting his face fucked in a dirty alley at the back of a bar after Bokuto gets into a fistfight.
“KuroKen (NSFW)  ” -Kenma does top during sex but but he's just really lazy to put in the effort 
aight that’s it oh damn i just now realize how much i have T-T bruhhhhhhh and this isn’t even all of them damnnn 
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catnippackets · 7 months ago
have you seen/would u recommend pacific rim 2? ive heard some things about newt and idk lol
I feel like Im in the minority that actually did think pru was fun but that being said it ended SO abruptly and with like three separate plotlines completely abandoned that I was really frustrated for days after watching it until I had processed everything and had time to think deeply about it lol it just seemed rly unfinished?? it feels like it was deliberately made as 1/2 of two sequels and there needs to be one more to tie everything up. actually I’m gonna ramble abt this bc I have a lot of thoughts (obvs spoilers under the cut)
the thing about the second one was that I genuinely was enjoying it right up until it ended because I swear to god the moment the end screen went up I yelled "what the fuck, that's it?" out loud into my bedroom bc I was so SHOCKED that THAT'S how it all ended, because it just seemed so incomplete?? Like it seemed like one half of a story, that will only be made whole if there's a third one to tie up all the plotlines that they didn't go through with in the second and if that's the case then I will be completely fine with it but if it doesn't or if they dont have a third one at all I will stay so frustrated lol. one silver lining to this is that the vibe of this movie was so different from the first that it almost feels easy to separate it and just imagine it as an AU if you prefer which is sort of nice; usually if a piece of media I like does something bad I feel all gutted and anxious and terrible that this is the canon I have to accept, but something abt this movie just made it feel like it was sort of a totally separate deal. maybe cuz only 3 of the original characters were in it idk
to start off: I felt like there were a couple of plotlines in it that were just sort of introduced and then never seen through which was very ????? Amara & Vik's weird hate-rivalry thing was one of them; Vik instantly has it out for Amara bc she’s jealous, which is a very interesting concept, and then this prompts Amara to become hostile right back at her, which is also a very interesting concept, and then it never got resolved at all? like they couldve done something really cool with those two but it just never went anywhere. and then there was sort of a weird love triangle thing happening between Jake and Nate and Jules that felt so weird bc it had no significance to the plot at all and it felt like it was only thrown in there for the sake of having ~romantic drama~ idk maybe I wasnt paying too much attention and there was more to it than that but it really just seemed like they wanted to put romance in there and didnt want to bother to put any work into it
BUT the thing about romantic sub plots is that THERE ALREADY WAAAAS OOOOOOOOONE which brings me to the biggest frustration I have w this movie because--and DISCLAIMER, this was also my favourite plot point of the movie bc it was by far the most interesting, the biggest reason for me enjoying the movie at all, and the bit I feel like should have had WAY more attention--Newt and Hermann were like legitimately in love in this movie I swear to god I was watching it and thinking “this is GENUINELY the most blatantly gay thing I’ve ever seen in a feature film and I know that straight ppl are very talented at writing gay romances completely by accident so it’s possible that they just accidentally did it this way but also it is REALLY goddamn obvious oh my gooood?” (and then I did a lot of frantic googling and found out that I was right and Charlie Day & Burn Gorman knew what the fuck they were doing and I felt so validated lol), and yet despite this, the movie had them speak for the last time almost at the halfway point of the film and then spend the entire second half apart and not talking at all and even at the post-credits scene where Jake and Newt talked for a bit Hermann wasn't there?? not even behind Jake to give Newt any searching glances?? Nothing??
dude...Newt being possessed by the precursors is a HUGELY interesting concept that actually makes sense and I wish it had had more attention. I’ve seen a lot of ppl say that pru butchered Newt’s character and I don’t 100% agree bc like...being possessed will change you lmao so while yes I’m obviously sad that he wasn’t himself, I feel like it made sense that he had a slight personality change, because it...wasn’t him anymore. we don’t really see the Newt we all fell in love with in the first movie. we THINK we’re seeing him, but halfway through we find out we’re wrong.
my critiques with that plotline are basically that I wish the reveal had happened a little bit later on, and I wish that it had been a little more obvious I guess?? like, we definitely get hints of it (when Hermann excitedly asks Newt to help him with a dangerous unorthodox project and Newt says “dude why are you doing something so risky when we’ve already got a good plan in motion? just wait for that to be done, it’s fine” and Hermann IS us, he IS the audience when he reacts, because this is a completely insane thing for Newt to say. Newt, who, in the first movie, was so obsessed with finding knowledge that he went behind the marshall’s back to literally risk his life doing something incredibly dangerous just to see what would happen? being given the opportunity to do the same kind of dangerous frivolous act and refusing? this is blatantly out of character, and Hermann is all of us when he’s shocked, “what, you mean you...won’t help me??” which means it wasn’t bad writing on their part, it was purposefully supposed to stand out as something that was wrong and something that we needed to pay attention to. that was a really good scene to hint that something was Not Right with Newt), and I wish there had been a bunch more like it. I think the reveal should have been saved for the end of the second act; I think that should have been the moment that act 2 of a story usually has, that dreadful event that happens that leaves the main characters feeling completely hopeless and unsure what to do.
I also wish that he had managed to break through more than That One Scene, I think it would’ve been more dramatic if he’d had a few moments where he managed to take control for a second to remind us that he’s still in there and still fighting, and I’m sad they didn’t do that. I saw a fan comic that touched on this idea and I think it’s brilliant, even the idea of him suddenly getting a nosebleed and acting distracted to show that that’s the Real Him trying to fight through would have been sooooooooo good.
I also feel like it didn’t make any sense for Nate to be the one to subdue him in the end, I dont even think those two interact at all so like, why was it him?? it would have been so much more dramatic and heartbreaking if Hermann had been the one to confront him so they could’ve had a little conversation on the roof where Newt could once again break through for a second before getting taken over and then Hermann could like idk have a taser hidden behind him that he uses to subdue him and THAT wouldve been a way sadder and more interesting way to do it. I also think Hermann shouldve been the one to speak to him in the post credits scene, or to have him in the background behind Jake just watching him sadly so we can get a couple shots of intense eye contact like UGH I just wish there had been more interaction between the two of them after the reveal happened!! When the movie was over and I realized they never spoke again I felt so upset!!! they're soulmates!! they're literally in love!! this has been CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and segueing in from the soulmate thing, another thing that made me sad was that nobody came in pairs anymore :( aside from Newt and Hermann, they were the only ones gjdfk but in the first one every character had another character that they were paired up with, both for drifting reasons and just for plot reasons (except Chau and Tendo but I’m pretty sure there's actually significance to that too), and in the second one it just sort of felt like everyone was drifting with each other with no strong connection needed and that made it feel way less special. granted, the movie takes place ten years after the first one so in that time maybe technology advanced to the point where you didn't need a strong neural connection to drift anymore, but for the sake of the story it would have been way better if they'd kept the whole soulmates concept from the first one, it made it way stronger and more special
so yeah in conclusion I did think pru was enjoyable and I probably would watch it again some time but also it definitely pales in comparison to the first one and I’m desperately hoping we get one more so they can tie everything together and FIX THINGS KFGH it’s not too late!!!!! I wish I could write Pacific Rim 3 I genuinely think I would do a good job I love storytelling and I’m very passionate about these characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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meowstea · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Paring: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (Fem).
Disclaimer: BTS belongs to BTS. I just like to play with all of them in my imagination. I do not own BTS in any form; I just write these stories that are called FANFICS for my own enjoyment. Reviews, comments, mean the world to me♡ But always spread positivity, please. Every negative comment will be deleted♡ REMEMBER: EVERYTHING IS WELL RECEIVED IF IT’S MADE WITH RESPECT.♡
Summary: You and Jungkook are about to become parents.
Rating: R.
Genre: Idol!AU, Married life!AU, Fluff
Warnings: some swearing, some sexy innuendo, but mostly fluff.
Word count: 1.3+K
N/A: I originally planned to post this (+ other smutty JK os) for his birthday, but because life and sad things happened, I took my time to post this. Hope you guys like it!💖 And happy birthday Kookie~💖!
Also, a huge, super, extra big THANKS to @kerikaaria​ for beta reading this💖💖 ily!💖 I learnt so much from you and your corrections!😊 Thanks a lot!!😘
Tumblr media
‘Come on, Y/N. Be brave…’, you thought encouragingly, sitting on the toilet seat cover as your chest rose and fell rapidly from your anxious breathing. Your hands and legs trembled, the anxiety and nervousness you felt were consuming you with every minute you had to wait. 
Five minutes. The box stated that you had to wait only five minutes. But, fuck, it felt like five hours! And time passing that slowly only made your head swell up with so many questions. What would Jungkook say? Would he be happy? Would he… reject you? Would he reject both of you? Your baby?
You knew. You had felt your body acting quite strange for a week, as if something had changed its usual functioning... And when your mind cleared, you didn’t hesitate. A baby. It was the only explanation. However, to be sure, that same day you went to buy a pregnancy test.
Jungkook wasn’t home because of work. His idol job was something you had to balance with your relationship, but with time and patience, you both managed it pretty well. And you couldn't be more proud of what you had. Meanwhile, you had finished college, getting a Major in Visual Arts and Design; you even had a big project coming and very much in process, to which you devoted almost a big percent of your time, leaving the rest all for Jungkook.
But, now, everything would change. You would have to split your time into three…
Your chest tightened at the thought of that, not with sadness, but with a strange anxiety. How would it feel to have a baby? What would it feel like when the baby kicked from your womb or when he or she moved? Would it hurt? Would the delivery, the birth of your own child hurt? Would you be a good mother? Would you manage to raise him or her well?
The alarm you had set, after five minutes went off, completely distracting you from your questions, and almost desperately, you knelt in front of the counter next to the sink where the test was. You took it while reading on the box that two stripes indicated ‘positive’, and one, ‘negative’. Your gaze went to check the result; eyes widening as your jaw went slack at what you saw.
You stood up, body turning to the full-length mirror; your gaze, and one of your hands --the one that didn't hold the test-- flew to your belly.
A baby. You were going to have a baby. You and Jungkook would have a baby. 
Your heartbeat quickened when you heard the front door open, but you couldn’t move.
“Y/N? I'm home, honey.”
You didn’t answer. You felt a lump in your throat and your eyes clouded with tears. You wanted to cry, although you still didn't know if it was of happiness or worry. How would Jungkook take the news? You two were still young; you had a bright and surely prosperous future. Still, you could see this amazing future with your baby, and that made you smile with love for this tiny human being that was growing inside you.
“Babe?” Jungkook asked from the other side of the bathroom door. “Are you okay? Can I come in?” His voice sounded concerned as the bathroom door opened, giving way to a curious Jungkook with a frown on his face. "Y/N, what's going on? Why are you crying?" He asked, confused to see you almost petrified in front of the mirror, in your underwear and crying with the biggest smile he had ever seen in your face.
His eyes went to the counter, where the test box was; then back to his wife, more specifically to the hand that was holding the test, and then back to your face.
"Y/N..." He called almost in a whisper when he realized what was happening.
“A baby,” you repeated, only this time out loud and not in your mind, as your eyes strayed to him waiting for a reaction.
For a few seconds you stared at each other without moving, until he couldn't take it anymore and ran towards you. He hugged you, taking your feet off the ground, both laughing with happiness and emotion. But for him, that hug did not demonstrate all the adoration he felt for the woman in his arms, so he kissed you. He smiled delighted, smothering you with kisses all over your face. He hoped to show you all the love he felt for you like that.
You giggled at his actions, completely pleased by his joyful response. All questions were already answered at that moment. Nothing else mattered. Absolutely anything, except you two and that tiny, little person that would only bring more happiness into your lives.
"A mini-Y/N," he whispered without letting you go, resting your foreheads together and tears now sliding over his cheeks like yours.
"Or a mini-Kookie, we don't know that yet." You both laughed, hugging each other again, enjoying your happiness completely.
Nine months later…
“Jeon Jungkook.” 
He was sitting in the waiting room, his forearms over his knees and his head in between his hands. His bandmates were there too, supporting their youngest member at that moment. Something went wrong. You had already known that first-time mothers used to experience this kind of inconvenience; still, Jungkook felt desperate, like he was going to die of worry.
When he heard his name, he raised his head and rapidly stood in front of the same doctor that had delivered your child into the world.
"It’s me." His voice trembled, as did his hands and his entire body. The doctor smiled at him before speaking again.
"Congratulations. Your wife gave birth to a beautiful, strong and healthy girl. You can go see them now.” Everyone cheered for him, Jungkook felt his soul come back to his body.
He smiled, feeling his vision blur with tears as he headed toward where the two most important people in his life were. Where his family was.
You were still connected to the IV, and you looked tired and sleepy, but the happiness and love with which you looked at the baby who slept in your arms peacefully was even greater than any other feeling.
"Babe…” His voice broke, and you smiled at him, knowing exactly what feelings were running through your husband. 
He had been fucking scared. Afraid of losing the two most important people in his life. He had felt so lost during the hour in which he didn’t know what was going on with you. Now, seeing his wife and his baby girl breathing contentedly, adoration and love filled his chest so much that it was overwhelming.
Jungkook approached you both, hugging you as gently as possible. You snickered lightly when you saw tears running down your husband's face as he looked lovingly at his daughter.
“We are okay.”
"She's beautiful..." He whispered before kissing his little girl's forehead, gently so as not to wake her up. Then his gaze met yours, his beautiful wife, and he couldn't help but smile back at you. “I love you.”
“And I love you,” you replied, unable to stop the tears from starting to slide down your face as well. He lovingly kissed your forehead, before kissing you on the lips.
Jungkook still couldn't believe that everything was real. After all the things you had both been through, you were now a family. He could not explain the happiness he felt at that moment, with the love of his life and the fruit of that love in his arms.
You, without hesitation, returned the kiss until you felt him smile against your lips.
"I won, you know? We had a mini-Y/N…” You laughed quietly with amusement.
"Do you think a mini-Kookie will arrive soon?" 
Jungkook smiled. "Maybe. We could practice, though..."
He winked at you, making you laugh again before kissing you, promising in that kiss, a future mini-Kookie in your small family that was just beginning to form.
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noro-noro-noro · 8 months ago
more ror2 spoilers
i am scrounging for scraps of lore by reading all the currently uploaded descriptions for items & enemies on ror2 & trying to piece it all together. the further i go the more info i find. this is a very long post. 
I’m separating this into chunks so it’s hopefully easier to read.
this is common knowledge by now, but holy shit dude the final bosses of ror & ror2 are bros...
Tumblr media
providence LOVES his worms. they’re part of his final boss fight. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so like. did providence get so mad at mithrix for putting worms in the gravity well that he banished him to the moon??? like what’s going on? “bitch why the fuck you put my worms in the gravity well? fuck you bitch” FWOOP & now mitrhix is the moon. 
Why did the moon blow up when mithrix died? Why does Mithrx hate me so much? Providence seemed like a protector of the planet or something & he blew our ship up for. A reason?  
Providence's title is “Bulwark of the Weak”, which really seems like a protector thing. The whole planet was hostile to the survivor.
Despite their powerful combat abilities, the golems are gentle to everybody but me, and can be seen 'playing' with wildlife.
All species that I have encountered have armor on their shoulders and wrists indicating a high intelligence [...] From what I've briefly seen they seem to enjoy song and dance.
While I've seen 'deactivated' masks all around this world, the only time I've spotted Wisps is around me, as if someone creates them specifically to kill me..
When they are not busy hunting me, the Jellyfish have been seen sunbathing and absorbing the strange fumes from the ground.
This Vagrant, as I've come to call it, seems to wander amidst the skies, followed by many jellyfish. On occasion the clouds part, I swear I sometimes see hundreds of vagrants up there. What are they looking for?
These are all examples of monster logs from the planet in ror1: when they’re not being openly hostile, they’re living peacefully. I get the feeling Providence sent them to kill me, especially considering his field notes. 
Tumblr media
Mithrix’s official title is “King of Nothing.” All that’s on the moon are Zenith Chimeras. here’s mithrix. they’re similar. they have one big eye, a weird shaped head, & an oversized weapon they teleport with. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when mithrix dies he calls out for providence tho :(. “next time”. what are they trying to do? are they close? “Next Time...” Are they aware of the multiple tries? 
The Lunar item transcendence refers to this, sort of. 
Tumblr media
this describes the gameplay. this & mithrix’s comment seem to be the only thing so far referring to anything meta.
Tumblr media
In the description of Halycon Seed, “Brother” is mentioned. Mithrix refers to providence as “Brother”, as evidenced by his death call. So are Mithrix & Providence like gods? Why does Providence want to protect the planet so badly? 
"I will build the rest of our guardians; by my hand, they will be weak, but at least they will be loyal.”
Stone colossus are teleporter bosses in both games. The Titantic Goldweaver is new to ror2. Is the Goldweaver Mithrix’s creation & the stone colossi Providence’s? I don’t have the Gilded Coast environment log. 
When Providence dies, he’s just mad. If he truly is the protector of this world I bet he’s not too happy that you slaughter your way through the levels.
Tumblr media
I wanna come back to this, though. 
Tumblr media
Why DID they have a teleporter from this planet in the cargo hold of the Contact Light? Did the captain have ulterior motives? This one might seem to suggest so,.
Tumblr media
The captain of the Safe Travels, the playable character, also commented that this planet wasn’t supposed to exist. This is from Gasoline.
Tumblr media
Here’s an excerpt from Fireworks item. Alien death planet? Is this from the perspective of a survivor, or from a complete stranger? They do that.
Tumblr media
This is from predatory instincts. Is this referring to one of the original surivvors? I don’t think so. I’ve shittily cobbled them together from screenshots. 
Tumblr media
The Imp Overlord boss has 2 arms, 2 legs, & a lot of red eyes. Not 22, though. He’s a demon. It’s probably him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Their monster description is written from their perspective. They showed up here & they’re trapped. I want to know about the “Unnaturally regular eclipses” & I want to know about “The Master Of This World.” I assume they’re talking about Providence, since Providence is the man on the planet. 
“He stands in the open, transfixed by the moon.” Can they not see each other anymore? What’s ths deal!!! 
Tumblr media
They also mention The Great Emperor. I bet it’s from these imps that the natives of the planet in the Predatory Instincts item excerpt talk about the overlord. That’s a mystery solved already!
I think lunar items would add to lore, but I never take them because of their downsides, so I only have transcendence & strides of heresy in my lorebook. I also haven’t unlocked all of them. Lunar items are new to this game. thanks mithrix. I wonder how the newt relates to him, if he does?
Tumblr media
So Providence is the “Bulkwark of the Weak”, huh. This belongs to him.
Tumblr media
Here’s what an ambry is. Is this where they started creating? I think htis is good because the Artifacts (the game changing unlockables) are stored in the ambry.  Was Providence the one who “found the compounds” & Mithrix was the creator? I feel like it’d be the other way around, honestly. Providence has been shown to love his creations & care for them. Mithrix is the king of nothing. All he has around him are two types of machines - the chimera guards & the blue air wisps.
Tumblr media
Mithrix made a beacon & Providence put it on the moon. It seems like my idea of Mithrix designing & Providence being the maker was correct. 
I don’t know what he means by “The Doomed.” Providence probably had failed experiements? dead creatures? But it seems like they’re trapped on the planet (it’s their prison), & this teleporter would have freed them. “We can cross the dark sea without succumbing to its sickness if we simply do not travel at all.” Is that asphyxiation? Is that they’re allergic to space? Is it aging/time? I feel like they don’t age. I guess they felt sheer loneliness being the only two of their kind, so they want to find more? 
I do not have the environment log for A Moment, Whole, but according so someone on reddit, the log was blank as of 7 months ago. Could’ve changed. 
I have no idea who “SHE” is or could be AT ALL. Risk of Rain 3 final boss?? Would it have been the person that’s referred to in Strides/Visions of Heresy?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is the only “She” I can think of. Let’s get it, Kur-skan!
“She” is mentioned again in the item description for Brittle Crown. As a contrast to the tone of A Moment, Fractured, Mithrix (this is definitely mithrix , “I have watched you for ages from my dead rock”) seems fucking pissed. 
Tumblr media
There’s A LOT to unpack here. 
The Dunepeople definitely reefers to the people who live in the abandoned aqueduct - in the Environment Log for the aqueduct, the text is a logbook from the point of view of someone that fell in the tar, started leaking black liquid from their orifices, became inhuman to the point that a healing drone didn’t recognize them, & started going CHI CHIT CHIT CHIT until the report concluded. Parasitic influences. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Clay Templars [description pending]
Tumblr media
Clay Dunestrider (teleporter boss). 
For context, here’s the aqueduct summary. 
Tumblr media
I think the tar & potentially the pots lead to some kind of parasitic relationship. Look at “Mired Urn”, the Dunestrider boss special item.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Goo can articulate into functioning appendages. Intelligence of subject indeterminate at this point.” Whatever’s in the tar is SENTIENT, & according to the aqueduct lore, it just kills people. The original dunepeople worshipped this. 
Mithrix also mentions the Lemurians, the beetles/beetle guards/beetle queen, & the bronze automatons. All of these species should have died on their own time, but Providence saved them & protects them. Are those species not native to the planet? Did Providence not create these??? I’m sure the stone golems & titans are native, but clearly not everything else.
Providence also apparently doesn’t let any of them LEAVE. 
Why do you forbid your guests to leave? To pilot? Why do you fashion great walls and gates? Why do you weave constructs of destruction, if your role is protection? They are entries in your collection. You slaver. Gatekeeper. Hoarder.
He brings all these creatures and species here, possibly against their will, under the guise of saving them, but never lets them leave. Is this a zoo to him? Is this an ark to save species? This also explains that passage from the imps - they can’t leave. “Curiously, it is in his presence that we find ourselves the most weakened.” It’s because of him. 
Mithrix also says She should have died for me. Her gift was wasted on you.
If this IS the heretic mentioned in those items, there’s a chance the “Heresy” she committed was daring to try & escape, & Providence punished her by tearing her apart & throwing her four pieces onto the moon, where Mithrix found them. 
However, I think Mithrix was the one who did that to her. I kind of get the feeling he wants to be worshiped. 
Tumblr media
Beads of Fealty seem to resemble prayer beads. That might be a stretch, though. With these beads, when you obliterate yourself at the monolith in [A MOMENT, FRACTURED], you get to [A MOMENT, WHOLE], where you get to fight one of four unique scavengers. 
Tumblr media
Like a devotee. 
This makes “Heresy” look much more likely because that term has religious connotations. 
At the end of the Brittle Crown passage, Mithrix states that the planet belongs to him, & he will take it back once his brother dies. King of nothing wearing a fragile crown, huh. 
I think Providence sealed Mithrix up on the moon. That’s why he seemed so troubled in the A Moment, Fractured scene. After Mithrix went to the moon, P destroyed the teleporter & trapped him there. He’s the king of nothing because he’s separated from the planet he helped to create. This also would explain how Mithrix went from actively cheering his brother on to becoming spiteful & hateful. Centuries on the moon will do that to you. 
At the end of Risk of Rain end credits, you hear a teleporter sound. I assume that has something to do with Mithrix? On the other hand, ROR2 takes place after the first one, & Mithrix was still trapped on the moon. 
We don’t have much to go on with her. What was she? 
Tumblr media
She has many of these. 
Tumblr media
One on the north pole of the moon & one on the south.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here’s an Alloy Vulture. I’m not sure how relevant they are. Their lore is that their intelligence is on par with humans & they’re hostile & they’re allied with the solus control unit. Nothing particularly mentioned about the brothers conflict or anything heretical, though these do have 4 eyes, if that counts as “Many”. 
Tumblr media
Some rando on reddit suggests there might be a boss fight with her. I’m taking this witha grain of salt, but if this was something that was being planned, that’d be so cool. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- why did three billion of them show up after mithrix died on he moon?
- do they live there? was he keeping them from spawning?
- i think they’re naturally from the secret purple area in the bazaar. you can see some of their corpses by the cells. 
- what’s that area
- what’s the text mean? spying for mithrix or just a third party causing problems
homies used to be tight shits fucked
Tumblr media
In the Halcyon Seed excerpt, we also now know that Providence was the one who created the Titanic Goldweaver. The Goldweaver was considered a failure because it was created from “an abundance of soul.” (& also not enough strong materials.) In the Bulwark’s Ambry excerpt, Mithrix says “I’ve heard you discuss this - something you innately understand. What you describe as soul. Don’t you love soul?” We can conclude that Providence is close to “soul”. Not sure how this is relevant for the future, but it’s a cool fact. 
If you look in MUL-T’s lore, he’s “related” to Chef. I like Chef. 
The Artificer’s lore says she hails from a race that believes Heaven is a physical real planet. I think that’s interesting &I wonder if This planet has anything to do with that. 
Based on the very rare elite activatable item drops, N’kuhana’s abilities also relate to Malachite. 
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cosmic-connor · 10 months ago
okay. okay i said i was gonna share my 90′s au so here goes
(its more of a vague idea than a linear plot for anything, and its also still very open to change. i made this a few weeks ago for pure self indulgence but i found the community here and figured I’d share lol)
(also, feel free to add some of your own/take inspo from this!!! its totally fair game for anyone, if you wanna borrow some headcanons, add some headcanons, draw/write about it, go ahead!)
- This is an au where Fry never goes to the future, but the rest of the main cast already exists in 1990′s New York in time period appropriate ways; Fry is, well, Fry; Leela is a pilot-in-training and a member of the Manhattan Flight Club; Amy is an NYU grad student, etc, etc. 
-They’ve all met before New Years, 1999, at different times that are still yet to be decided, but somewhere around college age. Bender has known Fry the longest, followed by Leela, and then the rest of the crew.
- All non-human characters are human, however many of the traits of their original species will be integrated into their character (Leela was born blind in one eye, Bender excels at menial physical labor and has an incredibly high alcohol tolerance, etc.)
- Fry and Bender share a shitty cramped apartment in Brooklyn. Fry lived with Michelle for a little while before this, but they were so on-again off-again that Bender offered for him to stay at his place. 
- Bender is an up-and-coming musician, or at least, that’s what he tells people. He doesn’t really play gigs, he just throws parties and plays for friends, and they rarely ever give him money if he plays at one of their parties. The way he manages to pull an income is puzzling, but he manages; usually by doing odd jobs, showing up to Fry’s work at random, get-rich-quick schemes, and a wide array of illegal and/or immoral activities. Y’know, typical Bender.
- Fry has Seymour in this au, but he typically stays at Pannuchi’s overnight, as Fry and Bender’s apartment doesn’t allow dogs. Also, Bender pretends to be allergic to dogs and holds a grudge against Seymour, but its really because he doesn’t like sharing Fry’s attention. Leela calls him out on it constantly, but Fry believes him anyway.
- Fry and Bender totally fuckin like each other, but they’re also both oblivious as shit. Bender flirts with Fry and he hardly ever notices (but everyone else does). He has several pet names for Fry that seem casual (he calls him “red” a lot). Despite this, he gets extremely thrown off guard if Fry ever catches on and jokingly reciprocates or pays him a genuine compliment of any kind. 
- Bender’s full name is Benjamin. If you call him this he will hurt you. (Unless you’re his mom. Fry can get away with calling him Ben, but he’s on thin fucking ice.)
-Bender is MEXICAN DAMMIT. He has some other stuff mixed in, but he isn’t really sure what it is, so he makes it up as he sees fit. (The 90′s equivalent of the “I’m 40% __!” jokes come from this. On St. Patrick’s Day he claims to be 40% Irish, on Oktoberfest he claims to be 40% German, etc.)
- The nickname Bender comes from a few things, from the literal meaning of a wild drinking spree to his favorite sex position (which he details loudly and often, I’m sure you can guess what it is).
-Bender’s family speaks fluent Spanish, but his is shit. He only knows enough to communicate with family, flirt, talk shit and swear. Fry is impressed by it anyway, and Bender teaches him obscenities disguised as normal phrases, and gooey romantic crap disguised as obscenities. (Bender once taught Fry “Me cautivan tus ojos” and told him it was a rude phrase. He almost immediately forgot about it, so later when Fry repeated it back he had a fucking heart attack).
- He tells everyone he’s from Tijuana, but he was just born there. His parents are from Tijuana, and his mother went into labor early while visiting her sister back home. He was raised entirely in New York, but moved from borough to borough. He lived in the Bronx before the Brooklyn apartment.
- He’s actually pretty talented, but he’s not serious or focused enough to get anywhere with his music career. He loves to gas on about music and the rockstar lifestyle though, and sometimes when he’s drunk, he’ll tell Fry elaborate tales of how they’re gonna live once he’s made it big. 
-  Leela was still orphaned as a child. Her parents were immigrants, and they came to NYC to let her to get a good life while struggling to get a green card to come over themselves. In her adulthood they finally succeed, allowing her to build a relationship with them like she always wanted. I’m unsure of her cultural background just yet, but one that states the last name before the first name like in canon.
- Her parents traveled a lot, as her mother has her doctorate in linguistics and her father was a thrill seeker and sight seer. They decided NYC was the perfect city for Leela to experience the American dream in. They always knew she was going to be something brilliant, and while they observed and worried from afar, they never doubted she would be great.
- She’s smart and tough as hell, and manages to juggle school and several jobs. She’s always felt the need to prove herself, and is terrible at asking for help or allowing any kind of vulnerability show through. She’s extremely career motivated, but she has to work the same dead-end job as Fry and Bender, at least temporarily, to make enough money for flight school. 
- She has black hair naturally, but nobody’s ever seen it in person. She dyes it purple so habitually that you hardly ever see her roots. 
- She’s involved in a lot of charity work and activism (1990′s NYC was rough man).
- She was a star soccer player in high school, but didn’t make the cut in the high intensity world of college sports. She is constantly bitter about this.
- Amy’s an NYU grad student, studying applied physics under Professor Farnsworth (who they later find out is a distant relative of Fry’s). Her parents are rich one-percenters on wall street, but she was smart enough to get into NYU without their connections. 
-  She was spoiled as a child, but also damaged by her parents insanely high expectations of her and comments on her lifestyle and appearance. She decided to get her doctorate mostly to spite her parents, who just wanted her to marry someone rich and expand their business, but discovered her love for science. 
- I also hc her as ambidexterous for literally no reason.
- Leela had a one-sided feud with her in college, mostly due to Leela’s need to prove herself. She always deeply respected her and her intelligence, even if she played along and teased back. She’s a strong believer in women building up other women, but that doesn’t mean playful teasing and friendly competition isn’t allowed in her book.
- Everyone is gay because I said so (but there are specifics and nuances to everyone’s sexualities). There’s some implied internalized homophobia and compulsory heterosexuality bc the 90′s but I probably won’t focus on that very much (fiction is for escapism!)
-Fry doesn’t like to label himself, but he has the potential to get a crush on anyone. Early on, he thinks of himself as a straight guy who just happened to have a few crushes on guys, and later just opts not to call himself anything. 
- Leela is mainly sapphic, and is attracted to some guys, but has incredibly high standards for them in comparison to girls and generally leans towards those who present more femininely. 
- Bender is bisexual and is attracted to different things when it comes to different genders, but he’s generally pretty attracted to anyone. 
- Amy is pan and poly, and the most open about her sexuality. 
Oh uhhhhh I should probably mention more of the PE crew
- Zoidberg is a sketchy doctor with a history of malpractice that for some reason the Professor trusts to be his assistant.
-Hermes is head of the science department. No one knows why the fuck he puts up with Zoidberg and the Professor, but they all seem weirdly close. (Possibly because they all have blackmail on each other and tolerating each other is the best arrangement).
- Kif is an exchange student and Amy’s partner. They met when she was studying abroad, after which he transferred to NYU to be with her.
aaaaand there’s probably a lot more but this post is getting super long lol
anyways yeah ive had this idea in my head for a while and ive actually done some art for it so if i decide to post that here’s some context!
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veiledpeaches · 11 months ago
chance encounters | part ii: i just want to be untangled
Summary: Between pages of meddling friends and societal expectations, all she actually wants is to find a happily ever after with Doyoung, even if it feels like that is no longer possible.
part i x part ii x part iii x part iv x part v x part vi
word count: 3.5k
Tumblr media
GIF originally posted by @lukhei​
Johnny’s laugh rings loud and infectious in her ears, and Haewon squeezes her eyes shut as the glare of the morning sun shines into the passenger seat. She had forgotten her damn sunglasses. They had left their apartment at barely eight in the morning, but the sun was relentless nonetheless. It’s still too early to think, and Johnny hasn’t even had his morning coffee but he remains energetic as ever, his pink aviators jovially perched on the bridge of his nose.
“He really said that?” He turns to pull down the passenger seat visor for her, “that the kid won because of how he looks?”
“There’s no way something like that could win!”  Haewon mimics, “the emotions are too raw and the writing is too unrefined. He doesn’t even know his tenses!”
Johnny erupts into raucous laughter once again, “he’s such a literary snob!  I swear, for someone who preaches about discovering young authors’ works and all that future generations stuff, he’s a hell of a hypocrite.” Johnny’s shoulders are still shaking from laughter as he shakes his head.
Haewon smiles, “well, he’s thorough.”
“That’s what makes him so attractive to you, isn’t it?” He turns to wink at her playfully, but his face falls into concern when he hears a long sigh escape from her lips as she sinks deeper into her seat.
“So how’re you doing there kiddo?” He’s deliberately being generic, but Haewon can tell what he’s referring to.
She inhales deeply, and then lets it go.
“I don’t know,” she replies truthfully.
“It’s a month and a half to the big day,” Johnny softens his voice, slowing down to switch lanes. “Doyoung told me you haven’t RSVP’d yet.”
They don’t say the word ‘wedding’ in their conversations anymore, not since they got their invitations in the mail and Johnny watched her sink into their couch, her shoulders bunched and jaw tightened. Because Haewon doesn’t cry – not sober, anyway – and Johnny doesn’t have the heart to ask her to let it out, knowing how obstinate and prideful she can get about her feelings.
Three years ago, in a conversation with Mama Suh, Johnny unintentionally found out that his childhood friend was planning a move to Seoul. Upon further probing, it seemed that she had left a difficult relationship two years ago and really needed a change of scenery. While she’s only three years younger than him, Johnny has always felt protective over the shy girl who likes to read and who used to live two houses down from his, and had reached out to her without qualms. A month later, a place and a position was ready for Haewon.
What Johnny wasn’t ready for, was seeing the look on her face when Doyoung dropped off some food from Mama Kim at their house – that expression that revealed that she had fallen too deep and too fast, before Johnny had told her anything personal about Doyoung.
“What would you do if you were me?”
“I wouldn’t go. You don’t have to do this to yourself, Haewon.” Johnny clucks his tongue, signaling a left turn to the driver behind. “He’s just your boss, you don’t owe it to him. Just make something up.”
That’s true, she thinks. After all, he’s just my boss.
And in a couple of months, maybe even something less.
Finding Doyoung in a sea of dark-haired, frustrated travelers isn’t easy, so Haewon is thankful when she hears his voice saying her name. She swivels around, and Doyoung is standing in front of her, hair down in a natural center parting with the biggest, silliest grin on his face. Haewon thinks he’s most breathtaking like this; his striking brown eyes and the slope of his cheek catching the light in the airport as he smiles handsomely, and Haewon can’t help but smile back. She doesn’t usually get to see him like this, in a green shirt tucked under blue ripped jeans and a white denim jacket pulled onto him, complementing his wide shoulders.
“I knew you’ll be lost,” he teases smugly, “you hate crowds as much as I do.”
She laughs, unzipping her bag to hand the file over to him. He looks through the documents quickly, humming as he counts the papers in his hand before stashing it in his Valentino crossbody.
“Will there be someone waiting for you at JFK?”
He nods, “yeah, the company is sending a representative. Don’t worry about me! I’ll see you next week…”
A familiar face catches her eye and Haewon thinks she sees Doyoung’s fiancée standing a few feet away from them, smiling radiantly at the person next to her. She’s surprised, finding something strange about seeing Inhee here but being unable to put her finger to it. It doesn’t register in her brain that Inhee was only supposed to be back the following Sunday until another figure steps into her line of vision and wraps his arm tightly around her shoulders.
Haewon’s feels her blood run cold. She vaguely hears Doyoung saying her name, but is unable to respond as she all but drags him towards the departure hall without a second thought.
He’s frantically asking her what is wrong, but Haewon can’t seem to hear him against the thumping of her own heart. She doesn’t want to believe what she had just seen, but the scene flashes in her mind repeatedly, each time clearer than the last.
“You can’t be late for your flight, boss!” She fakes a laugh, “I’ll see you when you’re back!”
Doyoung still looks befuddled and unconvinced, but he gives her a smile and wave as he enters the departure hall obediently, checking the time on his watch.
She watches his silhouette become smaller and smaller before he completely disappears into the crowd, her mind whirling with images. She doesn’t forget the way crippling fear had flashed in Inhee’s eyes as she watched Haewon pull Doyoung towards the departure hall, her lover’s lips still in her ear.
Doyoung hadn’t been interested in dating in high school, until he met Inhee in his last year. According to Johnny, Doyoung’s mindset towards high school had been different from many others. He saw high school as a transitional phase, a time to try out as many things as possible and fill up his portfolio with accolades before university. He was student body vice president, chief editor of the school magazine and a short distance runner on the track and field team. He was far too busy dealing with entrance exams and early college applications, until Inhee came into his life.
Inhee was the president of the dance club and obnoxiously popular, acknowledged for her good looks and good heart. And unlike his schoolmates, perhaps Doyoung would never have even given her a second glance at that point in his life, if she hadn’t slipped him her number after his event on their school’s sports day.
The first time Haewon formally met Inhee was three years ago on Valentines’ Day, a month after she joined Dam-il. Johnny had already informed her of Doyoung’s attached status, but she couldn’t put a face to the name – until Inhee walked by her desk with a big beautiful smile, all red Lancôme lipstick and smelling like Chanel, into Doyoung’s office and encircled her arms around his neck, planting a generous kiss on his mouth.
(“She kind of looks familiar,” Haewon had whispered to Yuta on the phone that day after Inhee had lowered the blinds around Doyoung’s office and locked his door. “I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere…”
Yuta had scoffed into his phone. “Like, on every, single, Korean Air poster?”)
Inhee is difficult to hate – this is something Haewon had quickly gleaned after a short interaction with her. Her beauty is dizzying, her confidence making her even more charming without making her appear conceited, and she takes care of Doyoung so well. She is constantly showering the office with late afternoon snacks, visiting Doyoung for lunch on days she doesn’t have to fly. And while she hates books and anything to do with writing, and they don’t arguably have that much in common, she has always supported Doyoung in his career to a fault.
Haewon wishes she could hate Inhee, but she makes him so happy.
(Sometimes, on nights she feels particularly petty, Haewon counts the number of compatible traits she has with Doyoung, comparing it to that of him with Inhee. Truthfully, she does this to comfort herself, wistfully hoping to feel less pathetic given the knowledge that these things don’t matter when they all know who has Doyoung’s heart.)
“You have to tell him.”
Haewon looks up from her plate in surprise, meeting Johnny’s eyes. After Haewon had blurted out what she had seen at the airport, Johnny had fallen awfully silent, concentrating on the road ahead of them and only asking factual questions. Haewon had never seen him so serious before, watching his expression morph from disbelieving to crestfallen as the news gradually sunk in.
It had taken four hours and a whole pot of fettuccini for Johnny to say something.
She looks at him for a moment, twirling the pasta with her fork and making endless bolognese sauce circle patterns.
“Don’t get me wrong – I think he should know. But you don’t think that would be overstepping? It’s not really any of my business.”
“I’m over it.” Johnny comments abruptly, until he catches Haewon’s judgmental look. “I meant the betrayal. I’m over it. She’s not my fiancée, I’m not going to invest any more of my emotions in this.
“But practically, have you thought about this? If she can cheat so close to the wedding, do you think she’ll stop even after?” Johnny’s voice is low and measured. “God, I’m so glad I RSVP’d no. I don’t think I’d have been able to stomach it, especially now knowing this.”
Unlike Haewon, it had only taken Johnny two days to respond to Doyoung’s wedding invitation, citing an emergency company conference happening in London. This hadn’t sat well with Doyoung, at least not according to what Haewon had overheard when she had reached home a little earlier that day.
(“Look, why on earth would I want to miss your wedding, Dons?” Johnny had been facing the living room window, his grip firm on the windowsill. “You’re- No, you don’t need me there, Doyoung, I am one person. You’ll have your whole wedding party there, all your high school friends and your entire family. You won’t even realize I’m not there.”)
Johnny has never been the biggest fan of Inhee – an opinion he has never hid from Doyoung since day one. While likening Inhee’s personality to an annoying yellow cartoon character, Johnny had been frank with Haewon about his inability to hold back from cringing at how extraneous, overblown and unnecessarily exuberant she is. To top it off, her fiancé happens to be practically Mensa level intelligent, while Inhee…
(“I was telling Doyoung about a new accounting system the company had decided to adopt, how I had thought that it was offered to us at a price that was too good to be true,” Johnny had recounted to Haewon at dinner one night, “and he told me maybe we needed to kick the tires on that offer first.”
“And she went,” Johnny had started to imitate her voice and gone up to a vocal inflection that was uncalled for, “oh, maybe you should kick the trunk too!’”
Haewon had almost choked on her dinner.
“I thought to myself, ‘what about kicking the bucket?’”)
The hilarity of his condescension aside, Johnny has always been at least respectful to Inhee, an implicit understanding of their respectful roles in Doyoung’s life at the forefront of his interactions. From her understanding of Johnny, she had been pretty sure that the reason he had given was legitimate, that he wouldn’t intentionally miss Doyoung’s wedding for any reason, but now there seems to be room for second guessing.  
“I don’t know, maybe I misjudged the situation-”
Then she saw the look on Johnny’s face.
“Okay fine,” she picked at her food, “but I can’t ruin their relationship.”
“You’re not ruining their relationship; the relationship was ruined the moment she decided to cheat! You’re doing him a favor, you’re-” Then he realizes. “You’re projecting.”
Johnny gnaws at his bottom lip, turning ideas over in his head. “You know what I’m thinking?” He continues when she doesn’t reply. “I think you want to tell him, but you think that the part of you who wants to tell him is the same part of you who’s in love with Doyoung.” He sighs. “That’s the real reason you can’t tell him, isn’t it?”
“Yes, but it’s not just that.” She takes his empty plate, scooping more pasta for him.
“The whole time we were in the car, and then back home, I’ve gone over so many scenarios in my head, of how this situation may turn out. The conclusion is always the same – he needs to know.
“I don’t need to be the person who tells him, but if I were in his position, I would want someone to tell me. Even if she ends it – which I really hope she does – it’s unfair to him if he doesn’t know that there was a time her heart didn’t belong to him. It is definitely cruel, but far less cruel than the idea of living in an illusion.
“It’s just that… I can’t think of a way to tell him without hurting him.”
Her phone rings, saving her from the conversation with Johnny, but his eyes are steady when he mouths to her “we’re not done” as she picks up her phone.
“It’s me.” The voice on the phone is quieter, gentler and wearier than ever, but undoubtedly belonging to Doyoung’s fiancée.
“Hi Inhee.” Johnny’s head whips up, his eyes widened.
“Can we talk?” She asks for them to meet later in the afternoon, then tells her that she would text her the details. Johnny has a resigned smile on his face when she puts down the phone.
“So it was her you saw at the airport.” He says lamely.
“Seems like it.”
“At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I’m just going to say what we’re both thinking – that if Doyoung had met you before he’d met her, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. If he’d met you a bit earlier, she wouldn’t even have been an option.”  
Johnny’s loyalty is touching, but not especially helpful in light of the present situation, when she’s faced with the quandary of meeting Doyoung’s fiancée at a café two hours later. Even across the street, she can see her perched against the window of the café, wringing her hands nervously. Her hair is brought up into a high ponytail today, and she looks stunning in a baby pink tweed dress and short white boots.
Inhee’s gaze meets hers as she crosses the road towards the café, pursing her lips together as Haewon smiles casually back.
“I got Americanos for both of us,” she blurts immediately when Haewon pushes the door and the wind chime tinkles brightly.
She takes a deep breath. “I’ve seen you drink cups of them every day.”
“Thanks.” Haewon pulls out the chair and takes a seat.
It’s close to a minute later before Haewon speaks again. Clearly Inhee isn’t going to broach the subject, but she refuses to either. “Cool nails.”
This brings a small smile to Inhee’s lips. “Thank you.”
The waitress arrives, placing hexagonal marble coasters down onto the table and then the drinks onto the coasters. Haewon sips on her coffee, looking at the way the patterns converge on the coaster.
“I won’t make this long, I have a flight to catch…” Inhee gestures towards the luggage sitting next to her, pressing her lips together. It doesn’t take a genius to know that she was meeting her thick-lipped lover.
“Did you… Did you tell him?” Inhee’s voice is softer this time.
Haewon looks up at her, watching flecks of fear dance in her eyes, and shakes her head.
Inhee nods her head and inhales, as if expecting this response.
“Are you… going to?”
She licks her lips and places the coffee back down onto the coaster. “I don’t want to, but yes if I have to.”
Inhee let out a laugh with an edge. “Of course you would.”
“What do you mean by that?”
She scoffs quietly, lifting her gaze slowly, her lips pulling back to resemble a scowl and her jaw tightening. Haewon had never seen her like that.
“You think I don’t see the way you look at my fiancé?”
Haewon swallows, unable to reply.
“Kang Haewon, I know that you’re in love with Doyoung.”
Haewon concentrates on her breathing, falling silent in favor of Inhee’s calculated monologue.
“You're not fooling anyone. You are constantly around him, you’re close to Johnny-”
“I’ve never tried to do anything.” It’s like a dam has broken, and the words rush out of her mouth before she can stop them. They’re not the wrong words, they just seem self-centered, like she’s attempting to justify herself when there’s a relationship independent of her that’s at stake.
“I’m just saying, don’t factor me into the equation. It’s always been professional. It’s my job to be around him, and when it’s not, when he wants to be around Johnny, I always excuse myself.”
There’s something cruel about being so self-righteous as the lips and hands of her boss’ fiancée tremble uncontrollably, but Haewon lets her words cut through. It feels like with every word, she’s slowly regaining the breaths that had been stolen from her all these years. She watches as something hard darts around in Inhee’s eyes, the same eyes that reflect her own rigid posture.
“He was attached even before I knew him, and passionately in love. I could never take that away from him-”
“You don’t think I know that you’re the reason Johnny isn’t coming to the-”
“You flatter me too much.” Haewon chuckles humorlessly, tucking strands of hair behind both her ears. “So is this why you asked to meet? Because if this is it, I would like to leave.”
She gets up from her seat, placing way too many bills that the coffee could be worth on the table before turning to leave, but stops short at Inhee’s next statement.
“Things haven’t been okay for a while now.”
Even as she sits herself back down, Inhee’s gaze remains far away from her.
“Doyoung works late every night. We hardly spend much time in the same room anymore. We don’t even talk anymore, about our lives and our work.” Something occurs to her, and she lets out a laugh somewhat verging on hysterical, “do you know we haven’t had sex in four months?!”
She looks at Haewon, like she’s searching for an answer she knows she can’t give her. And Haewon, she tells herself not to avert her eyes as Inhee squeezes her hands together. The whole scene feels vaguely invasive, bearing witness to the chipping of a stranger’s carefully polished veneer.
“You don’t need to tell me this-”
“I kept telling myself it’s wedding jitters, but…” Inhee bites back a cry, “I think he doesn’t love me anymore.”
She bursts into tears, shaking and crying into her hands. It’s like the glossy, rosy façade of the airline poster girl is slowly being lifted off, the remains of an embittered, desperate shell of a person sitting in front of her.
Haewon doesn’t know what to do, but can’t find it in herself to completely retract from the situation, so she pulls her chair towards Inhee, not even blinking when Inhee throws her arms around her and sobs even more mournfully.
“I know I don’t deserve to say this… but I just love him so much. I don’t want to lose him, Haewon, I’m so scared.”
“He’s my whole world, he has always been…”
It feels like hours later when she leaves the café, hailing a cab for a broken-hearted Inhee to take her to wherever she might want to go. She feels the tell-tale buzz of her phone in her pocket, knowing instantly that Johnny must have grown impatient of waiting for her update on this meeting.
But as she checks the notification banner on her phone, as her brain wraps around the curves of the letters forming the name of the email sender, her heart almost skips a beat.
Nothing, however, can prepare her for the first line she reads on her locked screen.
Congratulations! I am delighted to inform you…
w/n: last week’s update was intentionally postponed to this week; there will be regular posting (shifted to Saturday, 11pm KST) from now on.
also, I’m sorry for my long and sometimes convoluted sentences. i try my best, but we all know fic!doyoung would never give any of my work a second glance tbh. unlike the young author, however, i willingly apologize for my tenses.
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xoxomyah · 11 months ago
important - myah
hello tumblr <3 i want to take some time to write out some thoughts that ive had for years now; about this website and my journey on it.
i have had several tumblr accounts. xoxomyah is not my first. i have been using tumblr since i was in middle school, i believe. i have always used tumblr as a coping mechanism for my ongoing OCD issues. it makes me feel better when i spend long amounts of time, organizing things by color and aesthetic. in my head, pinks and blues, all things girly and angelic, and dont forget strange fit nicely together ( according to my brain cells. ) things reminding me of myself, making me smile, that are precious, that are weird... i’ve learned all those things together on one page sometimes doesnt come across in the best way. i never thought that what i would reblog would be offending or hurting ANYONE. it has been years since i have seen any criticism of my blog... but that doesnt mean i am not hurt that i, at some point, hurt someone else with my tumblr page ( not on purpose of course. ) i never would want to privately or openly offend those who follow me with any of my actions- and its a nightmare of mine to know that at one point or another, i have. i didnt think i was crossing lines because in my head, i didnt see it that way. i didnt realize what people could have been taking away from the odd mix on my page. not everything in life and online has to be sexually charged. ive always been open about how im not that kind of person... ive admitted on numerous occasions that i struggle with sexual intimacy. all of it simply grosses me out and i have a hard time with it in my personal, real life... so people thinking that my blog personally is a sexual fantasy for me blows my fucking mind. then again, not everyone knows that i have considered myself an A-sexual for nearly 22 years. i dont expect everyone to just know that firsthand, so i have to be the one to behave accordingly and give off the correct impression of who i actually am. i just resonate with strange and girly things... as i am too, strange and girly......... i guess to most people, an old man pissing through his panties is a sexual thing; whereas i thought it was interesting in a bizarre way. ive never found old men attractive they literally terrify me. just because i reblog one doesnt mean im trying to pipe him. please dont think thats what i want. ive never even had a sugar daddy before because the thought of older men perving on me scares me. not to mention i do have a petite frame, a fact about myself that is hard to accept because how others treat me for it. i feel like its creepy for old men to find me attractive when i am small, and the way that most men talk to me about my shape makes me uncomfortable and sad. that is a story for a different day. also to note that i rebog petite ladies because i myself AM ONE. i just want to feel comfortable in my skin but its hard when the world makes me feel like im gross because im small; or makes me feel weird when i try to hype up other women who are petite like myself. its a touchy subject.
but back to the weirdo shit i would reblog, i often found myself laughing at my posts, not EVER being into them inappropriately. not to shame anyone who WOULD find an old man pissing hot, but that is not for me. i will stick to my semi emo thug daddies or d1 athletes. even when i would reblog a literal vagina, i still didnt see it as “hot” in a sexual way. i found beauty in it and i liked the aesthetic which might sound SOOOO FAGGAYYEEEE but i swear on my life i am being serious. i feel like people throwing that im some mega perve in my face says more about how they think, rather than how i think. honestly, when im comfortable with someone ( which i NEVER EVER EVER HAVE BEEN ) in an intimate way, i am open to some different kinds of things; but that has zero to do with my literal public as fuck tumblr page. my tumblr aesthetic consists of pretty sweet little earth angel xx yet weirdcore pinky and bluey color organization. i loved 2000s culture and princesses and little angelz and cute anime girls saying weird as fuck shit.. i still have the same vibe, i am just more respectful and understanding now... more than i was before when i was accidentally being ignorant. ignorant, meaning lacking information. i never thought i was doing anything wrong. why on earth would i publicly ( or privately obviously ) do fucked up shit on a popular platform where people who i know and love follow me on; attached to my literal government name?!?! ..............
not to mention, by all my mutuals and shit suggested by tumblr, i was seeing disgusting-ness every time i was on here ( specifically from gore pages ) ... and because i wasnt reblogging the literal death and real life harm to people that i saw on the site, i didnt think my blog was offensive. i found THAT shit offensive, which im sure gore blogs could argue it too is a form of coping. there are many eyebrow-raising posts on tumblr. alot of young adults / teens come on here to work through traumas and shit. i expect websites to regulate their users / posts; which is why i was down for the NSFW ban ( being that it would eliminate breeding grounds for creatures from hell ) because tumblr should be a trustworthy, safe platform. i know that ban made alot of users mad- but how could they be when tumblr was doing it to safe lives. its not good to see graphic as fuck content all the time. that shit fucks you up even when you think it aint.
im not one to give much of a fuck if i offend people, but i DO care if i am hurting  my supporters. i will repeat myself once more, i simply never saw any of my posts as offensive because I PERSONALLY didnt think of reblogging things in an offensive way; or in an inappropriate way. i was just trying to express myself and assist my OCD agitations. but looking back, i can see where some of the things i reposted could have been looked at in a way that i just didnt see it. i never wanted to hurt anyone, truly, and im so sorry if i did. i didnt think my blog was even important to anyone aside from me. so please, from the bottom of my heart, know i meant no harm and im not a nasty fuck. id like to say my blog is tasteful now a days. i wish i could take back reblogging anything that made someone think less of me.
i am also distraught at reading the absolute foul ims i get from sick men on here. i thought that after the NSFW ban, these losers would leave me and my mutuals alone. because of them i stopped reading messages. i also took into consideration that these sick fucks are looking at my page, what i reblog, and E W i dont want them getting off to what i post or even associating me with anything sexual at all that makes me feel like i need a decontamination shower session at a hospital. it is heartbreaking knowing what kind of filth is lurking on this website. i wish they would all be taken away. this world has true evils living among it.
i remember one time i reblogged a picture of justin bieber and usher in the studio off of a tumblr page where it didnt show the original caption posted with the photo and it was LITERALLY THE WORST THINGS ANYONE COULD EVER SAY and i had NO IDEA until AFTER I REBLOGGED IT!!! the caption stayed attached to the picture and showed up in the tumblr feed, but not on my page. i literally just thought i was reblogging justin bieber and usher my fucking luck the post said the craze. after that day i knew i needed to be WAYYYYYYYYY more attentive to what goes on, here on tumblr. it IS a sketch ass site and not everyone is on here innocently. that post literally TO THIS DAY HURTS MY HEAD and i WISH i knew who had written that caption ( which probably was a joke to them but wasnt funny at all to me ) it made me look like a SCUMBAG and i want to cry at the thought of it. sometimes i do cry when i think that people would EVER think thats something ID FUCKING SAY OR SUPPORT. a fucking nightmare. i havent touched on this topic because it is RIDICULOUS but i want those who do remember that shit to know how i feel; because how i feel is not how people are assuming i feel. i tend to not give attention to “scandals” but i mean this one haunts me in my sleep and i try to laugh about it but it literally makes me cry. theres no way i can laugh about it at all. it was such an L and embarrassment. there are things i can count on one hand that i have done wrong and they all make me feel like i am worthless. but i have to remember my fuck ups werent intentional... and i am no longer a person who would allow that kind of mistake to happen. i think my actions show my growth and attempts at being the best person i can possibly be, day by day.
i hope my tumblr within the past year or so, maybe more, shows that i am not trying to be a cockhold. with every reblog, i think about who will see it, and how it will be perceived. my worst nightmare is people getting the wrong impression of me, or hurting those who respect and love me. it is my fault that i was naive to this site. me being like 17/18 at the time doesnt excuse me for being slow. yall know my goal is to grow and mature constantly, and id like to stick to doing that. this post makes me feel like im working towards a better and more clearer me. these thoughts plague me at some fucked up ass hours of the night. i hope yall can forgive me. and to those who do follow me, thank you!
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kpurereactions · a year ago
Love Shot
Tumblr media
A/N: Hello lovelies, Ive been working on this piece for quite a while now and im finally ready to post it. This was inspired by one of my favorite fics of all time, Good Girl, but given my own little twist. I hope you all love Love Shot as much as I do.
Pairing: Exo x Reader
Rating: Drama, Angst, Smut, Fluff
WARNINGS: Language, Eventual Violence, Lots of Smut Later on
Chapter | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
I let a smile touch my lips before taking a deep breath in, nodding once at the crisp evening air before turning to lock the door of my new combined studio and apartment. It was the first day where fall really felt like fall. The scent of rain lingered under the dense clouds and the sun was already halfway gone.  I had moved back to Seoul only three months ago after being gone for only a little under a year. I had originally came to Seoul to get my masters in painting and painting theory,  though I quickly gained enough local fame and connections that no one could quite understand why I left. So I came back.
I stood on the side of the road, my arm outstretched as I wait for a cab. My closest friend from school in the city was opening his gallery tonight and from the posts on my snapchat I could tell a lot of old classmates were already there. Song Mino was the first friend I made when I first moved here. He was talented and refused to fit into the art box the professor tried to force all his students into, as if art should be something someone else tells you to do. It should be your own thing. We had that in common. My style is simplistic. Aesthetic. Easy to look at, but the more you look the more you see behind the top layer. We both strived to challenge the viewer, and because of that we grew really close in our attempt to stick it to the man.
The first show is always the biggest event of an artist's career, and knowing I was seconds away from Mino’s brought another smile to my face as excitement seemed to run through my toes. I couldn't believe how hard he had been working, despite him refusing to let me see anything he had made to showcase.
The gallery itself was breathtaking, I couldn't help but note the obviously more ‘manly’ stain he had chosen for the wooden columns that broke the continuous glass of the front of the gallery. I was the one who helped him make his mind up. I took it in as it was its own work of art before I even walked up the short staircase to the front doors. The tall white walls were similar to my own space, but his had matching wooden floors and walls that were scattered around the room that broke your vision from seeing everything at once. I gave myself another smile as I noticed familiar faces of old classmates and Professors.
It didn't surprise me when I first walked in that I was being asked about the past year and how I’ve been. I was hard to miss, not just because I stood taller than a majority of the women in the room. The constant questioning reminded me why I chose to fail at reaching out when I got back. I made a point to keep trying to catch eye contact with Mino, who only seemed to mask the chuckle from escaping his lips, choosing to leave me to struggle with the boring repetition of the conversations I was having. I finally found the opportunity to excuse myself and all but power walk over to Mino, pretending not to see anyone else I recognized.
“American style!” He said excitedly, pulling me into a hug.
“Don't you ever leave me to the wolves like that again” I whispered in his ear before pulling back. “Mino this is awesome, I’ve only seen a few pieces but im so proud of you!” I said covering up my mild threat before hugging him tightly again. He chuckled with bright eyes before giving my arms a squeeze.  His eyes widened as he remembered the man standing next to him.
“Y/n, this is Junmyeon. He is a curator who graduated a few years before us. I've been telling him about your work.” He said as my attention moved to the slick haired man.
“You were talking about me at your own opening?” I said reaching for his hand to shake it.
“I actually asked specifically about you.” Junmyeon said with a soft smile that slowly grew.
“Oh, wow.” I tried to get out past the sound of my heart fluttering at his radiant smile. “Its very nice to meet you then.”
I was informed that Junmyeon was planning on stopping by my studio in the next few days, which brought on a new wave a nerves I've never experienced before. It wasn't until Mino placed his hand on my back to excuse the two of us could I finally breathe.
“Jesus, why is he so intimidating?” I said looking back over my shoulder as he dipped his chin to take a sip of his drink.
“If you think he’s intimidating your crazy” Mino said, leading me over to the first piece he wanted to show me.
“Did he asked to buy any of your work?” I asked before he could change the topic.
“All of it.” Mino said with a big smile.
“All of it?!”
“Yes. He’ll probably buy a lot of your stuff too. It’s more his style anyways.”
“Oh my god.” I said shaking my head.
I let Mino take control of the conversation as he began to explain the clay molded figure in front of us. I spent the rest of my time there following Mino around, while sipping on my wine and listening to him talk. Even though, as much as I was paying attention, it was hard to get your mind off of Junmyeon.
“Promise me you wont sell this one. I know you promised everything but see if this one could be an exception. I want to buy it.” I said pointing at a tall, organic figure of a woman. The memory of when Mino had made it flooded back as it was my first time to ever pose for another artist.
“Ill ask.” he said smiling before taking my hand and leading me to the next piece.
I tried to stay as late as I could. Mino was off somewhere talking art leaving me once again to be interrogated by my former classmates who all seemed to be very smug about the fact that I had yet to have an opening. It didn't matter what valid excuse I would give, they only cared that it hasn't happened yet. Thankfully I must have looked as uncomfortable as I felt since a hand wrapped around my arm to pull me back. I was just about to thank Mino for coming back and saving me when I turned to face Junmyeon.
“You didn't look too excited about that.” He said looking back over to the three girls who were all staring with confused and almost jealous looks in their eyes.
“Good to know it was obvious.” I said taking a sip of wine. Just as I was about to say something else Mino walked up.
“I think I'm going to head out. I have a pick up early in the morning.” I said, trying not to make it sound like I was at my ropes end with the girls who had added whispering to their staring. I smiled and quickly kissed Mino’s cheek softly before turning to Junmyeon and shaking his hand again, trying to do so without having to hear a protest from Mino.
The air outside sobered me up a little, and because of how nice it was outside I couldn't help but smile and start to walk down the sidewalk. Mino’s studio wasn't that far from mine, just a few blocks down and a horseshoe turn away, so I placed my hands in my coat pocket and began to walk. I let my eyes wander from the fashion that was passing me to the way the lights reflected off the puddles left from the rain that morning. Just as I was really starting to enjoy my walk the sky opened again, soft raindrops falling from the sky.
I sighed, of course this would happen. Clocking where I was I dipped into an alley, deciding the fastest way to get out of the rain in my heels would be to cut through the alleyways. Usually this idea was fine. I would maybe run into one or two strangers, but they were usually restaurant owners who were taking the trash out or sweeping their areas so the sound of voices deeper in the alley didn't really bother me.
“Kai come on! Oh my god no.” I heard a man laugh deeper into the darkness of the alley. But as I got closer to my studios back door I realized the figure I could hardly make out at first were men. Multiple men. Usually this wouldn't bother me but as I got closer the feeling of fear in the pit of my stomach started to deepen and deepen.
I took a deep breath when I started to pass them, my heart beating a million miles a minute while trying to keep a poker face to seem unphased so they wouldn't pay me any mind. Until they did.
“Hey wait!” I heard one of them call. I quicken my step slightly. Not to show I was scared, but just incase. “Wait, where are you going? I’ll walk you home.”
I looked up to see a half lit face walking backwards in front of me. I squinted slightly to try to get my eyes to adjust to what was under the ball cap he wore, but there was no use.
‘Shit’ I thought. I was staring too long. I looked away and quickened my step again.
“Oh come on! At least tell me your name!” He shouted after he stopped, his voice now behind me.
I was able to breathe again once my key was in my door, officially sure he stopped following me. But still the shape of the man's mouth was enough to stay in my brain as I flicked the lights to my gallery on and made my way upstairs to my bed.
“Mino I swear they were so scary.” I said pushing my denim painting shirt up past my elbows before wrapping my hands around the coffee cup that sat in front of me.
“I just don't understand why you didnt call a cab when you left.” He said sitting back in his chair, obviously taking it out on himself for not seeing me off safely.
“I just wanted to walk. I didn't plan on going through the alley.” I grumbled. I hated when Mino tried to school me. He was only a few months older than I was, and although I knew here it meant something different, he also knew that where I’m from it didn't.
“Do you at least remember what they looked like?” He asked, noticing my mood change.
“Um.. kind of. There were like five or six of them, but I only got a good look at one of them. He was a little taller than you, pillow lips… he was wearing a hat so I really didn't get a good look at his eyes. But he had to have been an athlete of some sort.” I said, my words getting quieter as I realized I would have had nothing to go off of if something bad had happened.
The coffee date ended with Mino once again scolding me, which I knew I deserved, but there was only so much I could take without pouting all the way home. I couldn't help thinking about the man in the hat. Why he was there in the alley with his friends. Why did he follow me, but then give up so easily? It's not like his friends were calling him back. If he was going to bother me in the first place, why give up? The more I thought about what had happened the more I worked myself up. They probably saw me unlock my door. What if they showed up in my studio? What if they came back with more people?
I half thought about texting Mino, but knew there was no point. He would be more worried about it than I was and he had better things to do then baby sit me in my own home. So instead, the moment I got inside I turned my windows down, making sure no one could see inside my studio incase they were passing to see if I was there. It was weird, though, this new set fear was enough to put me into overdrive. My inspiration hit me in my face and I couldn't pull a fresh canvas out fast enough to get the blurred images of last night down.
Music played loudly as I was lost in my own world. A galaxy of light and dark colors swirled and blended into one another across my canvas creating the confusing, but exciting pattern that seemed to get better with every stroke.
I was pulled out of my own head when the sound of someone's voice yelling over the music made me look up. I smiled to see Junmyeon and two other men trailing him into the room.
“Oh! One second please!” I said trying to press pause with the clean part of my palm. “Sorry, I didn't realize how loud that had gotten.” I said wiping my hand on my shirt before shaking Junmyeons hand.
“Its fine, good to see your working so hard because I brought with me two potential buyers.” He said gesturing to the two men on his left. “This is Byun Baekhyun and Kim Jongin.” He said.
I smiled shaking Baekhyun's hand, but the moment I met Jongin's eyes I felt my body stiffened slightly. He was familiar. Almost to familiar. I forced the feeling to be shaken off though, there was no reason why he would have possibly been brought into my studio if he had been hiding out in the alleyway behind the building the night before. Or at least I had hoped. But there was something about the way he smiled at me that made me feel like he knew it too. That he had seen me the night prior too.
I tried hard not to think about it. If Junmyeon was there, I was safe and if he was the man he probably wouldn't try to do anything with two other people there to witness. I turned my attention back to Junmyeon who asked if he could look through my paintings.
“Oh of course. And the racks on this back wall have more in it. I rotate them so the ones that are up are only there because they have a similar theme.” I said before trying to smile as normal as possible and turning back to my easel.
My drive was gone. I was too busy focusing on Jongin, who stood there supporting his chin in his hand as he listens to Junmyeon explain why he liked a certain piece. I took this opportunity to text Mino. Now if any would be a good time to alert him.
Mino, I think the guy from last night in the hat is in my studio with Junmyeon. I don't know what to do.
“Y/n, were looking to fill a room. Do you have any others with these same earthy tones?” Junmyeon said, pulling my attention away from my phone.
“Oh, yes. There over here.” I said smiling, slipping my phone into my back pocket before leading the men over to the opposite wall. I walked them through my color schemes, explaining to them the way I had everything organized just incase they changed their mind on a color or style they wanted. I was surprised Junmyeon and Baekhyun were able to distract me from the thoughts swirling in my head for the rest of the time they were there, but it helped that Jongin stayed behind us, obviously not trying to chime in.
“Y/n, thank you once again for taking us in on such short notice. We will take the one on the wall and the two that have been stored if they are not already spoken for.”  
“Of course, Ill wrap them for you so they’re ready to be taken.” I said turning to make a mental note as to which ones it was.
“Thank you again. We will be in touch.” He said, bowing his head slightly before taking my hand in a soft, yet firm hand shake.
“Thank you.” Baekhyun said sweetly as he took my hand next.
“Good to see you again. I hope to see you in the future as well” Jongin said with a small wink before taking my hand and giving it a firm shake.
The moment his hand touched mine my heart dropped. There couldn't be a way that was really him. The moment the door closed I reached for my phone again only to see Mino hadn't responded. It didn't stop me from quickly typing out another message, though.
It was him. It had to be him. Why else would he tell me it was good to see me again before winking if it wasn't him?
I looked up to see their backs bending one by one to get into the large black vehicle they came in, and once I was sure the door to the vehicle was closed and they weren't looking I quickly walked forward and locked the door again before backing up to my easel where I desperately tried to finish my work before deciding to just give up.
I couldn't focus. Not while finishing, not while making myself dinner, and not while I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I rolled to my side and reached for my phone. 3:00am. I sat up, swinging my legs over the edge of my bed, taking my blanket with me and wrapping it tightly around my shoulders. I made your way up to the railing of my room slowly which allowed me look down onto my gallery. I wrapped the blanket closer over my shoulders before letting my elbows rest on the railing so I was more comfortably looking out the window. I smiled to myself finally feeling calm again. I loved how quiet the streets were at night. How all the colors of the lights around seemed to mix together on the rained on asphalt that laid below them.
It felt calm. But as my eyes were scanning I couldn't help but see two figures standing across the street. I squinted my eyes to try to catch a reflection of who the people were only to realize it was Jongin and Junmyeon. I stared at the two in shock as they talked across the road. They seemed to be laughing. I tried to calm myself down, telling myself they were probably just out getting drinks and just so happened to be standing across the street from my apartment. But then I remembered what the time was. I couldn't stop myself from panicking, and just as I was about to turn to hide myself, my eyes met with Jongin’s.
I didn't know it was possible for my heart to drop even further into my stomach as he gave me a devilish grin and wink. I scrambled back to my bedside table where I quickly reached for the remote that controls my space, knocking it off the table before I was able to press the button that made my windows go solid.  
Chapter 2
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littlemiss-rio · a year ago
fuck shit im going to answer all of these questions for my pleasure askdfjh
didnt reblog original post because i accidentally posted on my fucking main like a stupid bitch
1. when did you first meet your tc?
2018, she was me and my girlfriend’s director, gf was the lead and i was tech, and she yelled at me for being late to stuff and told me to never give up on myself blah blah inspirational bullshit
2. what’s your tc’s relationship status?
single, will probably never marry. ever.
3. what’s the age gap between you and your tc?
30, going on 29 in a couple days ayyy
4. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done/said to your tc?
uh ive said so MANY things but i guess i say a lot of bullshit then realise shes much older and smarter than me . i guess ive also told her a lot about my “trauma” (i did camming as a 14 year old ksdafjh it didn’t bode well for my psyche)
5. How old are they?
uhh 47 i think
6. Do your friends/family know?
all my friends know loll, my family knows shes a teacher im friends with i think, also she knows i “like” her
tbh because of my own experiences with my past relationship, id say im relatively? more mature? when it comes to crushes. i love her, and if she asked me to date her i would 100% say yes, but i have no expectations, i would never ask her to date me because that’s stupid, but i am extremely content with what we have now which is a quite intimate friendship
7. What’s their favorite color?
… i dont know. black??
8. Describe them using only emojis
all cat emojis. god will she stop using cat emojis.
9. What HP house would your tc be in?
she’d be a hufflepuff but everyone but her closest friends would think she belongs in slytherin
10. what subject do they teach?
11. have you ever heard your tc cuss?
SO MUCH. god she swears a lot when shes not at work, i usually zone it out because im not familiar with chinese swears (yesterday i was there while her friends were also there, and she yelled at her friend for swearing while her student was in the room, but i yelled back that i was technically graduated and i did not care). shes starting to swear even more around me i love it
12. are they tall or short?
SHES SO SHORT but her aura makes her feel so fucking tall
13. what’s the most intimate thing you’ve ever done with your tc?
i mean, shes seen my tattoo thats on my ribs, i’ve sat on her lap, ive put my face in her neck like a thousand times, she joked about kissing me once?
14. are they serious or silly?
silly but at work, serious as fuck
15. what music do they prefer?
… hey actually i never asked
17. have you ever gotten in trouble with them? was it serious?
so much. i also made out with a girl and got caught by her once kdjfha
18. have you ever dreamed about your tc?
not much tbh
19. had your tc ever complimented you? how so?
a lot askfdj i MAKE her complement me. i make her tell me im pretty a lot
20. do they play any instruments?
she played the piano as a kid!
21. do they have neat or sloppy handwriting?
neat but with lots of character
22. have you ever heard them sing? was it good?
yes and it wasnt bad but im not sure i want to hear it again
23. do they dress well?
NO for the last three times i have seen her!! she has worn!! the exact!! same!! shirt!! she literally only owns ONE of this shirt i know i designed it for our team
24. have you ever cried in front of your tc?
yeah loads crying used to be the only way to shut her up while she was yelling at you
25. what’s their best feature?
tbh i love her eyes (i tell her they’re ugly a lot aksjfdh but no actually i love her eyes) i like her nose, her lips are too thin but they’re nice anyways, i like her voice (shes smoked for 30 years and you can hear it), i like her collarbones??? basically i like HER (i do NOT LIKE HER TEETH THOUGH)
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Writer’s Never Have I Ever
I was tagged by @lemon-writings​!! thank you!!!
Rules: Bold the things you have done and tag a few other Writeblrs!
PS: commentary is struck through  because i like talking. 
First Person  Second Person  Third Person (i dont like 3rd very much but i have done it) Omniscient POV Past Tense Present Tense Future Tense A complete story
A story longer than 1K A story longer than 5K A story longer than 10K A story longer than 50K A story longer than 100K A story longer than 150K A story shorter than 1K A story shorter than 500 words (might post it at some point) Fanfiction   Original Fiction Fantasy Science Fiction Historical Fiction Dystopian (fantasy dystopia but yes) A story in the Romance Genre A story With No Speculative Elements At All (some of my specfic can be seen as metaphorical, but it’s supposed to be taken in a literal sense) Non-fiction A children’s book (that was a really fun German IV project) A story about vampires (hello firebreathers book 3) A story about werewolves A story about robots A story with a non-human protagonist (@ ehlverse. @ 2 other unspecified wips. hell, @ a few of the Switched universe wips) A story with a main character based on yourself (what do you MEAN some people dont???) A story with a character based on somebody you know (cough NIMBUS cough) Male POV Female POV A POV character a different gender from yourself Animal’s POV (hunter is testing my patience) Multiple Viewpoints (aka all of the Ehlverse stuff) POV character under age 15 (aforementioned vampire) POV character over age 30 (tired Dad tm Emerald Corona) A story told in non-chronological order (does a super-long-past story interspersed with current events count? its not really memories...) Story with a happy ending Story with a sad ending (that short story?? yeah. my DAD cried.) Death of a minor character (essential but like. shows up in 1 scene in a WIP i have not mentioned here yet.) Death of a major character Death (offscreen) Death (onscreen) Antagonist death Protagonist death Villain gets redemption arc (hehehehehehe im excited to flesh this one out more. soon. SOON.) Kissing scene Sex scene (offscreen) Sex scene (onscreen) (entirely self indulgent fanfic of my own characters.) Swears (Mild) Swears (Heavy) (ember says fuck a lot.) Violence (PG or under) Violence (PG-13 or over) (the WIP with the minor chara death is VIOLENT. like. ridiculously detailed gorey violence. its v fun to write) Fight scene Torture scene (watch out) A flashback (vampire girl keeps coming up.) A dream sequence (VAMPIRE GIRL KEEPS COMING UP.) A scene that made you cry actual tears (im emotional ok) A scene that made you laugh at your own joke (at least I think im funny) A prologue An epilogue (hehehehehe watch out) A story with more than 30 chapters A chapter with fewer than 100 words A poem (a bunch. in iambic pentameter. because i had A Phase last year) A prophecy (hello main antagonist of Firebreathers) Story that takes place in the future Story that takes place in the past Story that takes place in a planet that is not earth (1 sci fi and 3 fantasy settings. im kinda obsessed with worldbuilding) (also that 3 means 2 oTHER THAN EHL) An anti-hero An anti-villain (he’s an ass but he does just enough good to be alright. just enough. i personally still hate him.) A parody Description of male character’s scent (elemental magic maKES A SCENT WHEN ITS FIRE. YOU CAN PRY THIS FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS.) Description of female character’s boobs Character with eyes of a non-natural color (ehlves have wild design choices but i thank 12 year old me for being brave enough to make those choices.)
sweet doofus i talk a lot. anyway im tagging @keen2meecha​, @akanorskwritblr, @themillionthdraft, and @yogurt-writing!!!
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sailorbellewrites · a year ago
Fools Rush In... IV
Tumblr media
characters — yoongi x reader (ft. members of bts and other original characters)
summary — min yoongi, music executive and perpetual bachelor, marries a las vegas stripper he’s only known for six months. chaos ensues.
inspiration —  fools rush in (1997 rom-com starring salma hayek and matthew perry)
information — a drabble series loosely based on the 1997 movie fools rush in. drabbles not posted in any linear order and written as a creative writing outlet.
warnings — mentions of sex work; age-difference; light sugar daddy themes; smut (in some drabbles); light angst.
I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X - XI
IV  — dinner.
Yoongi fucked up.
Or at least that’s what he thinks as he sits next to you in the private dining area of La Scala, hand gripping your thigh in a quiet warning as you pick at the variety of Italian food littering the table with clear disinterest. He supposes he shouldn’t be surprised—in the two months that it had been since you moved in, you had made it more than clear to Yoongi that you had no interest in being a real part of his inner circle. You weren’t business minded in the same way that he was, nor were you a fan of putting on airs outside of work. Yoongi recalls a moment at a nightclub in Miami when you ran into members of a video production team his company often worked with. Your eyes quickly glazed over as Yoongi spoke to them and you excused yourself to the bar quickly, only to return five lemon drops drunker and much more handsy than before. “Talking to them,” you later explained, “felt like a night at the club.” 
Still, you could have at least tried to be interested in what Namjoon and his wife were saying. The couple was, after all, the whole reason you were at the resort in the first place. The Kims enjoyed nothing more than displaying their extreme wealth at the expense of other people’s discomfort. Yoongi couldn’t exactly say no to the impromptu getaway, as there was a music festival happening and it would be the perfect opportunity to connect with some up and coming artists—or at least, that’s what Namjoon said over the phone two weeks ago. However, you were less than thrilled when your husband explained this to you. You were still getting used to your new neighborhood, your new life, your new country. While a vacation with him was a nice thought, you just didn’t feel settled enough to enjoy it. You weren’t having a good time at the resort and it was obvious to Yoongi.
“You’re not too hungry, are you?” Namjoon’s wife asks you, dark brown eyes soaking in your bored form. Yoongi squeezes your thigh tight because he knows the look she is giving you. He’s seen it a thousand times before, though it is usually reserved for the married men in suits attempting to butter her up with flirtatious compliments at various banquets and galas. Most don’t look at the subtle warning for what it is, taking her small stature and gentle tone of voice at face value. Even Yoongi has to admit that she looks like a porcelain doll in her black and gold Versace dress, but he knows better. Kim Hana is literally a hell hound in heels.
“We had a big lunch.” You offer up dryly, not even looking up from the salad you shuffle around your plate and Yoongi swears he’s going to make you regret it later on tonight. 
“Interesting.” Hana responds in a tone suggesting that she is not at all interested.
It’s not that Yoongi doesn’t like Kim Hana. Just the opposite in fact—they were great friends before he married you. They often stood back from the crowd together, making fun of the men and women that Namjoon was all too good at schmoozing with. Namjoon was one of the first artists he worked with and Hana had been overlooking his contracts since before she even passed the bar. But when news of his marriage broke, Hana reacted with vitriol; when she found out he didn’t have a prenup, she almost stabbed him with the heels of her Loubotins.
“So… my husband tells me you’re a stripper.” Hana starts, a small smile on her face that is the picture of innocence even though her question is anything but. Yoongi freezes at her words and Namjoon chokes slightly on his wine, but your only reaction is to sit up a bit straighter and drape a hand over the one Yoongi has on your thigh.
“My love,” Namjoon begins, resting a hand against the back of his wife’s neck, “I don’t think this is appropriate dinner conversation.”
“But why not?” She persists. “We’re just talking about our jobs, honey. What’s inappropriate about that?” When no one says anything, Hana continues. “We don’t have children to dote on, we just travel and work. Since we’re traveling currently, we might as well discuss work. But the three of us,” she waves a manicured finger between Namjoon, Yoongi, and herself, “know just about all there is to know about our jobs. I want to learn something new. What’s so wrong with that?”
“Nothing,” you speak up for the first time that night in a voice much calmer than Yoongi had anticipated. “And to answer your question, I was.”
If Hana was shocked by your honesty, she doesn’t show it. Instead, her face reflects excitement and she leans into you. “Really now? That’s so different.” You shrug. You shrug like it’s not that different at all. Hana’s face falls a bit, but she recovers quickly and asks, “So what did that entail? Spinning on a pole and taking your clothes off for men?”
It’s meant to be a joke—Yoongi knows it’s meant to be a joke, but Hana asks the question with such sincerity that he kind of wants to puke because it’s a classic Hana set up. Answering seriously will only make you the butt of the lawyer’s jokes for months on end. He can feel himself heating up, anger on the tip of his tongue. 
But you just smile gently and say, “No, I prayed with them.”
Yoongi snorts. Namjoon laughs. Hana pouts and sits back in her seat. “I’m being serious you know. I am interested. I would never be mean to my friend’s wife.” Yoongi rolls his eyes at her well rehearsed lie.
“Yes I took my clothes off for money,” You answer, leaning up against Yoongi, “and I danced on a pole. Gave lap dances too. Any more questions?” 
As it turns out, Kim Hana has plenty. Most of them are traps, set ups for jokes and snide remarks to make you feel insecure; but you answer each of them with a grace and charm that catches everyone off guard. You speak as though you are talking to a child, using simple sentences to explain things like nipple tassels and pole rash. Even Namjoon’s curiosity gets the better of him and he starts asking questions about your former profession too. It’s all going so well that Yoongi begins to think he didn’t fuck up after all.
Later that night, you sit in the bathtub singing along to a song that has been constantly playing on the radio when Yoongi slips into the bathroom to praise you for how well you handled yourself. However, you stop his affectionate act. “You can’t possibly think that this was the first time someone’s questioned my career.” You tell him, arms coming up to rest on the cool porcelain edge of the tub.
“Is it not?” He questions, leaned against the counter.
You roll your eyes. “You’re not my first boyfriend.”
“I’m your husband.”
“Might not even be my first husband,” you respond back sarcastically. Yoongi scoffs, but you continue, “I’ve answered every gory question out there. Hell, I’ve met every curious mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, best friend, and in-law that you can imagine.” Yoongi knows by the way you say curious that you really mean hateful. “Hana wasn’t doing anything special. I’m used to it.” Anger flares through Yoongi’s form at the thought of people harassing you so much that it became a routine. He never liked to think of your life before him, to think of the ways in which people took advantage of you before he could protect you. It sickened him.
“I don’t like it,” He states somberly. Then, carefully, he crouches beside the tub and puts his hand on your neck to pull you closer. You lean into his touch, a small smile on your lips. “Never again, okay? I promise. If anyone even starts, I’ll end them.” He only kisses you when you nod, soft and slow.
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