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#i should have added a gif
rose-color-boy · 16 hours ago
As a pansexual maybe I should say this here but I’m going to continue to use the original pan flag.
I disagree with some of the opinions of the flag maker, but I really don’t think that we should feel like we have to use a new flag bc of like one or two opinions. It’s an integral part of the identity of many pan people, including myself. I feel zero connection to the new flag being passed around. To be entirely honest, I don’t like it in the slightest. I don’t like the colors at all and I don’t like how people are like. Forcing pansexual people to use it. I just. I’m not going to entirely change a flag that represents me and has for years bc one person has opinions that some groups of people find shitty
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ssa-m-187 · 3 days ago
Spencer Reid x Fem!BAU!Reader
WORKING TITLE: ????????????
- top of my wip doc
why am i like this
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bisexualise · 3 days ago
one time i was wondering what the english equivalent of “lying down to win” was and then i felt stupid when i realized it was like. “being carried”
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wtf-am-i-doing · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 8: favorite LGBTQ+ playlist
I made this little playlist myself when I was thinking how to come out to my friends, just looking for songs that fitted the message. In the end I didn’t use it but now and then I still listen to it and it always gives me a cozy feeling :) 
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sailormakoto · 4 days ago
some of u on here rlly just open your mouths and for what...
like,,, i ma one who talks w/o thinking but god some of the things ive seen hiding behind that anon click........ please grow up or try to use that logic u can obtain v easily. the human race didnt evolve for ages for you to simply Not use your brain after all....
it literally costs NOTHING to not go out of ur way to tell people rude things and make assumptions about them...
#this is lowkey abt that anon on nics blog#but also idk even tho i avoid dramas n all ive seen a lot of uncalled anon hate or just hate going back n forth n just... why#like PLZ yes u dont have to like certain things but insulting ppl over a difference in opinions is just... not it#and fr fr u dont have to have experienced a similar situation to EMPATHY or put yourself in someones shoes#bc GUESS WHAT i suck at social clues i suck at picking up things and i laugh at the most uncalled moments like ITS UNREAL u'd not believe#but i try to go n ask myself often 'how would a normal/typical person feel abt this or at this' i suck at empathy so i try to make -#conclusions with LOGIC!!! its so simple and free!!!!#everyone has their own way of dealing w things. and just bc one usually bottles everything doesnt mean they may never talk abt certain stuf#bc ye ill keep my mouth shut for the most part but w a specific event i may bring it up or talk abt it often. a certain norm never applies#ALL THE TIME#and this is normal!!!#and anon should look up what 'milking X thing' means bc nicole isnt using her mothers death as a way of ad/promoting herself#shes not like going around and throwing a pity party about it n pulling a 'i went thru X at a young age so u should give me Y'#and i rmr how she didnt even say it on her blog for a long while that most symbolism in her fics are about her mother and their shared -#memories#so no there is no 'milking the situation' here. go learn what words mean before you say things perhaps <3
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pleasuresofexistence · 4 days ago
been on tumblr for almost 11 years now and I’ve finally reached my limit and blocked a tag
#I don’t really have serious triggers that I’ve had to deal with on this website#which probably comes down to good following choices#and in the past even if I didn’t like a show I just kept scrolling#cause downloading an add on (or going through the settings after they added filtering) just seemed like#so much more work than I was willing to do for something that slightly bothered me#but I swear to god ive seen so much from that pile of shit show over the last two days that I literally cannot take it#maybe that’s unfair cause I haven’t seen it but!! I don’t care to!! it looks bad!!! it’s looked bad every year for the past six years!!!#you’re telling me a show that legitimately has ‘speak of the me!’ as a line of dialogue is good??? no I refuse#I have abnormally strong feelings for a show I haven’t seen but sweet jesus#my dislike for what I’ve seen is so intense and immediate that I’ll probably never watch anything with Tom Ellis in it ever again#the fact that Netflix PAID MONEY to keep making THIS SHOW and we can’t get a final season/a movie wrap up of GLOW????? despicable#changing the tag because apparently tumblr shows your post in a tag even if the ACTUAL tag is just a word in your sentence#and that’s just rude#like I’m not trying to jump down people’s throats for liking it - HENCE WHY I DIDNT TAG IT WITH JUST FUCKING L*CIFER#people like different things I’m personally a fan of many things that can be easily and widely considered garbage#but also I’m allowed to irrationally hate your stupid ass show as much as I want 😃#especially if the sum total of my hatred is one tumblr post with nothing identifying in it#changing the tag again to be safe I’m talking about l*cif*r#that should be fine anyone who’s tracking the l*cif*r tag is going out of their way to engage with posts meant to avoid them
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pixlh3art · 4 days ago
Hi just wondering did you delete birds of a feather?
I did! It was quite a long time ago - I planned to, and still plan to, publish a very revised version of it as a full novel, and therefore pulled it from AO3. Honestly, the two "versions" of it are by now incredibly different, but I still felt like this was the best decision in an overall legal sense. I made sure to give readers plenty of time to download the work initially, and added a chapter announcing as much so that they'd know to download it if it was one of their comfort fics- something that I still have no problem with, for the people who did. I apologize for anyone who was disappointed and wanted to read it, but I'm standing by my decision - and have since written several hundred thousand more words of fanfiction that I hope readers can enjoy.
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