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#i seriously cannot wait to make some friends on here
namjooningmoonchild · 8 hours ago
Monsta X as your room mates
{ Hello everyone! I'm currently on a re-watch marathon of old MX vlives. 2018/2019 Kihyun's cooking videos in the previous kitchen (the one with those ultra-cute multi-colored tiles) were seriously on another level. Mentally, I'm still stuck on that image of Kiki cooking while Hyungwon was standing still ON a chair behind him and Minhyuk was probably destroying another tablet. That video made me a monbebe. ♡ { So I asked myself: how much would I hate Minhyuk if I had to live with him? The answer is: A LOT. So here we go. The scenarios are mostly non-romantic, expect for Hyungwon and Jooheon (they own my heart now, I don't need to explain myself). ♡
{ Also, as always, I do not own the gifs, credits to the creators. ♡
Tumblr media
That one room mate you would love to drink a beer with on a Friday night. Shy but sociable when it comes to a night out. He would probably be a bit messy, leaving his socks and caps on random chairs around the house, but would immediately apologize and promise to treat you, buying you dinner the next day. Chill, but on time on paying bills (he's a responsible adult). And he would also repair everything: tables, beds, boiler; that's a valuable bonus! Away almost every weekend to see his parents, he would come back on Mondays with a lot of food to share. Shout-out to his mom! WONHO
Tumblr media
The one you would open up to instantly. Would sleep too much in the morning, eating breakfast while you'd have lunch. But he's cute, and eventually he would convince you to go to the gym with him. Lots of hugs without a reason: he's just a giant baby. Would tell you about all of his flirts and ask for advices while messaging. Would probably always be half naked in the house: tank tops, short bathrobes, no shirt at all. But there's no tension between the two of you, so you'd probably just tell him to put some clothes on. Would cry with you watching The Notebook. MINHYUK
Tumblr media
Messy. Loud. Would invite people over telling you just few minutes in advance. But his friends are practically your friends too now - they're always around - so that's okay. Would boost his Japanese playlists in the kitchen while pretending to cook but ending up making a mess. Would actually be pretty reasonable and mature when talking about serious issues. He's surely the one your next door neighbor would love the most, because he's always polite and cheerful and would help that old lady living downstairs with her grocery bags. KIHYUN
Tumblr media
Scrupulous and meticulous. He's the one that collects the bills and sets the turns to do the laundry and the cleaning. But he's soft at heart and would never actually scold you if you'd miss out on something. Would cook for you even though you didn't ask him to and buy your favorite snacks without a particular reason. You would share with him your diy tips and the two of you would actually take a bricolage course together for the sake of it. Would probably become a plant mom, talking with his babies when no one's around (because he's cute and I cannot believe Kiki's hard stans actually exist). HYUNGWON
Tumblr media
The one you would probably have a crush on, deep inside. Always quiet and gentle, but resolute when there's something important to decide on. Would help you move the furniture and your stuff whenever you'd want to. Not a chef, but would surprise you from time to time, cooking dinner for both of you while the other room mates are away (yes, I would love that kind of tension, I live for it). Not sharing too much of his private life, but would make you listen to his mixtapes before dj sets, waiting for your opinion, looking at you with those big eyes. Would probably make his move on you in a charming way, telling you that you'd look good with only his sweatshirt on. JOOHEON
Tumblr media
The one you would probably have a crush on, deep inside, pt. 2. Would randomly put on some music, taking you to the center of the room to make you dance with him. Would be kinda jealous of your boy friends, feeling nervous when they'd get too touchy with you. Loud and messy, but helping you out with the cleaning even though it's not his turn. Would always offer you something from his take away food. Would leave notes on the fridge when going out too early in the morning, just to wish you a good day (cheesy stuff, I'd love it). Would confess to you in a clumsy way, calling you his "girlfriend" by mistake (but we know he meant it). CHANGKYUN
Tumblr media
The one you play videogames with and talk about sex and taboo stuff. Would shamelessly flirt with all of your girl friends. A bit messy, skipping his cleaning turn sometimes. But he would be a chill room mate after all, not picking fights with anyone and planning movie nights on the weekends. Would volunteer to take out the trash and pay the bills from time to time. Would probably disappear for days - no one is quite sure if he was just working at the studio or he was away with some girl he didn't tell anyone about. Even the old lady living downstairs would fall in love with his attitude. Definitely the gothic it-boy of the neighborhood.
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davaz · 13 hours ago
What I’d give for a day out in the sun ...
I opened my eyes, my hair tangled and knotted from tossing about restlessly through the night; and I lazily stretch out in bed, slowly waking from a deep dreamless sleep.
‘I wonder what non-event is planned for me today’’ I pondered; sitting up in bed as I rubbed away the sleep from my eyes.  
‘’Look at that blue sky and perfectly awesome weather outside … all wasted! Ugh!!’’ grumbling I kick off the blanket and stand up out of bed into another long stretch.
‘’What is today … Thursday! Perfect …’’ I mumble to myself ‘’I have some zoom meetings and calls to sort out … and I hope they don’t need to me to work on any crazy activities because I just do not have the energy or the interest today. Hopefully, I’ll be done by 12 and then its officially the weekend! Yes!!’’
‘’Hmmm … I need to get out of here or I’m going to go crazy! I’ll call Josephine and see what she’s upto; maybe we can catch up at the mall and grab a snack or even try out that new exercise place’’.
Eager to get a start on my day I get washed and dressed and log in for my zoom meetings, while I sip on a big hot cup of milk. But no matter how hard I try; I cannot stop thinking about what plans I could make for the weekend ahead …
·        A trip to the park for some much-needed fresh air …
·        A trip to the mall for a bit of shopping …
·        Maybe a movie at the theatre with some popcorn and snacks …
·        Catch up with some friends for dinner and a giggle ….
·        Go for a spin in Sera’s mustang …
·        Meet Lily’s new cat, Simba!
There are also so many places that I am just dying to check out but thanks to that annoying virus, my life is on hold! I am just so sick and tired of everyone telling me I cannot go out and how I ‘need to stay home’.
Seriously … one would think I was going out there and shaking hands with random strangers, rubbing shoulders in crowded spaces, licking the railing and door handles and elevator buttons … I’m not a baby you know!
I mean for heaven’s sake (fuming) I wear a mask (even though I absolutely hate it!) … I have sanitizer in my bag … I’m never out late and I don’t eat from ‘hole in the wall’ kinda places. I Behave! (sigh…)
*pa-ting!* goes the phone … ‘’Oh great … Josephine’s dad has tested positive and now the entire family  have to home-quarantine! Could this day get any worse!?’’
I’m finally done with all the zoom meetings and the day is mine to enjoy. Or can I …?
Standing at my window I watch the world go by and the many people scurrying everywhere with a deadline or plan in mind and I wonder ... ‘Why am I not out there, doing something… fun?!’
I know that I have had the occasional outing with the family, and they have tried to make the most of it. But somehow, I don’t feel it’s enough… I sit there and sigh to myself. Waiting for the day when I hear those magical words and life officially returns to normal … like it was a year and some months ago … and slowly a tear falls to my lap.
Gently an arm snakes itself around my waist from behind and a face buries in my hair and the voice  says ‘’Hey, my Hannah girl … what you thinking of baby? Why are you crying my love? Mama’s here …’’
Hmmm … you didn’t expect this was the day in the life of my 5-year-old Hannah Bree, did you? Did you find yourself judging me and my tirade about being ‘stuck at home’? Well … as her mom I was slowly and painfully made aware of the fact that she NEVER complained about being home all the time and being kept away from her friends, school, playgrounds ... a regular childhood.
She always wore her mask (begrudgingly at that) and almost always ensured that she sanitized whenever she could or needed to. And she always made sure the mask covered her nose and came off only when she had to drink or eat something while outside.
She openly told family (that told her to come visit cos they missed her so much) that they would have to wait till the ‘Coma-virus’ was gone and that only then it would be safe.
She accepted how certain foods and drinks were regulated, since they would cause her to get the sniffles or an allergic cough or sneeze … just so that she was well enough to beat the odds everyday.
Children astound me (especially mine) at how they so willingly and openly listen and accept whatever we explain to them about their environmental circumstances, and it made me wonder …
‘If kids can do it, why not us?’
How is it fair that the section of society (the kids) that obey the rules and guidelines set down for our own safety are also the victims of injustice caused by the other section of society (the adults) and their constant disregard for the rules.
How is it that there are persons in our community that fail to realise that until WE do our bit as able adults to help curb the spread and growth of this pandemic, our kids will NEVER have the semblance of a normal childhood again, the likes of which WE enjoyed in our yester years??
Sigh … as a mom I feel the pain for my little girl and yes, I am one of those moms that will search for those small treats, safe outings, restricted playdates, special moments and family time … all I ask is that you reach out to the ‘little ones’ in your lives and connect with them.
Give them a HUG
Tell them you LOVE them
CONNECT on a video call
Spend TIME with them
Tell them what an AWESOME job they are doing, keeping their family safe.
And who knows … maybe one day when the skies are blue again and the weather is perfect … we’ll all dance in sun again … but till then, stay safe.
Tumblr media
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lokiscollar · a day ago
Bodyguard!Bucky is tired of your self-destructive behavior - more like he's too fucking worried about you all the time, and you only keep making his job harder.
Tumblr media
Being your bodyguard was becoming increasingly harder since you started hanging around a different group of people. What used to be slow weekends with a few sporadic parties here and there turned into every night being a new place. You had thrown caution to the wind and decided not to give a fuck anymore. You had someone to make sure you got home and into bed, but Bucky was ready to throw in the towel some days.
His last straw was when you managed to get out of his sight and take the car, leaving you in a car wreck. Thankfully you weren’t seriously injured, but it was enough to scare him to death. He met you at the hospital, rushing through the halls to find your room. You were sitting on the bed, having just been looked over and deemed fit to go home. You were just waiting on the paperwork.
“Y/N! What the fuck is wrong with you?” Bucky nearly yelled, struggling to control himself so the nurses didn’t run in.
“‘M fine, Bucky,” you mumbled, a large slice across your forehead. You would also have a black eye in the coming days, but that was the worst of it.
“Look at you, you’re not fine. I’ve had it!” Bucky said as he started to pace around the room. “I was hired to make sure you don’t get hurt. I can’t do my job if you aren’t willing to work with me! It makes me look bad when my girl gets herself drunk and hurt. You could have killed someone or yourself! How could you even think that what you did was okay? I can’t stay and work here because it’s obvious you don’t need me.”
Bucky’s words were getting to you, especially when you had never seen him like this. He was usually calm, quiet, or talkative depending on the situation, but he never yelled at you. Your eyes welled up with tears as you realized you had well and truly fucked up. You looked away from him and down at the floor, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand. “I’m sorry. Please don’t go...” you whispered.
Bucky stopped pacing and looked over at you, sighing. Walking over, he sat beside you on the bed. “I’m sorry for yelling, but I cannot lose you. I know you, the real you, and this isn’t her. You are worth more than just some party friends. Don’t let them be the reason you end up dead,” he said quietly, his hand moving to rub your back.
You leaned into his side, wrapping your arms around him. “I’m done with them.”
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baitdonald12 · 8 days ago
7 Surefire Ways Underworld: Evolution Will Drive Your Business Into The Ground
E-mail is extremely quick and simple to write and send, that each and every give it the same attention once we would a printed letters. It's VERY in order to make sure any communication you send to clients, customers, and prospects represents you only in essentially the most effective light. You ain't ever gonna get rich selling $20 items. Seriously, include some higher priced goods and services inside your marketing. They'll give you less sales, but more profits. Would not know whenever they sell if you don't try! But don't fall in the trap of promoting any old thing a person get a better commission. Integrity is important, too. The letter "L" usually means Love. You'll Love safety measure do. You'll Love the Miracle that are targeted to creating. When your Miracle almost all about will fail! Your Miracle cannot be based on your cash. Your Miracle must depend on whatever you can do to impact the world, which will produce everlasting results. You'll have a produce true Miracles! Permit yourself to become anyone else tell you what you have do for money. Love what one and produce your own Miracles. When confronted by several options, most customers have difficulty making an understandable decision. Hardly ever react by procrastinating - and never making a conclusion. When this happens, you lose a sale you already had.
Tumblr media
Show, don't tell. Print copies of the stuff you find. Don't just tell a dealer that you bought a better price quote online. Show them. Don't just say which thought credit rating was good enough to arrange a rate plan. Show these businesses Underworld Evolution . When something interesting is situated your life, tell us about it in your profile sentiment. This is a superb way to let your online friends in on this really might end up like to actually spend time with that you. That's the main goal of internet dating isn't it, to find people you'd finally like to meet and spend time with face-to-face? Anyways, it is usually more fun to study a crazy experience you've just had than to learn the same old descriptions of individuals and your cat which been on this profile for months . Fairness and ethical behavior goes either way. Due to really that online info products and downloadable software are easy to copy and "keep" while also obtaining a refund, the buyer kind of has or perhaps a "burden of honor" because well. I have asked for refunds the product was totally misrepresented and poorly done. Inside a instance the playback quality and audio courses were sold becoming "convenient and viewable anytime and anyplace". Turns out it would be a convenience for that marketer a person had simultaneously them from his site, and you guessed it, the site was very, very S-L-O-W. If I recieve something costly and you sell me like that, I in order to be download and OWN in which. pays a lot of money for their ticket to see them perform and ends up being via a political opinion from someone who makes an dollars a year but doesn't require a real job, hasn't got to reside in reality as well as have a clue about the real world! Yeah, right, tell me about your political views while I'm sitting here waiting to get entertained by you. That's why I came here and that's what I procured isn't it, you ungrateful clueless fool. You want to spout off, offer it for for free. Yes, free. Why don't you perform for free then you could say that one thing to qualification. Then it's fair and good. Then the audience gets what it is better for.
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lululawrence · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
lululawrence’s April 2021 Fic List
Previous Fic Lists / Fic List Podcast Masterpost
April has been a bit of a roller coaster, hasn’t it? But here we are, already almost May! I was able to read so many incredible fics this month. Like... truly, so many STELLAR fics. I’m finally back to reading more of last year’s Big Bang fics, plus a couple that I betaed have already posted, and then I threw in some other shorter ones for fun as well, and I cannot wait to share them with you and tell you what I loved about each one.
In fact, if you’d really like to hear me rhapsodize about these fics, you can listen to my podcast here.
As always, be sure to show your love and appreciation for all of the hard work our fandom authors have put into their fics with kudos, nice comments, and (when applicable) reblogging their fic posts!
Falling in the Wrong Direction by @fallinglikethis / FallingLikeThis (25k, E, Harry/Louis, past Liam/Harry, Big Bang fic, based on Catch and Release, grieving Harry, Liam has recently died when the fic starts, Louis was Liam’s best friend, enemies to friends to lovers, roommates Niall and Zayn, secrets, for real the grief is real in this one, soooo many emotions and all of them perfectly navigated, i loved it all so very much)
sustenance by Anonymous (12k, E, Harry/Louis, Girl Direction, Induced Lactation, Breastfeeding, Lactation Kink, Footballer Louis, Public Breastfeeding, I mean it kinda is public cause they’re surrounded by others due to the nature of the experiment, It’s a whole science thing, it’s... listen it’s all for smut’s sake and it’s fucking hot so, if lactation kink is your thing you gotta do it lol)
Let Me Kiss You by Anonymous (4k, G, Harry/Louis, Zayn/Louis, Liam/Louis, Niall/Louis, Canon Compliant, Louis kisses everyone, I think he and Harry are actually dating and he isn’t dating the rest, anyway, Recreational Drug Use aka weed lol, It’s back when the band was together but kinda seems to float across some years?, Fuck, listen, this fic was just so incredibly pure and good, I loved it so much, I loved how each kiss had a different reason, and the way it is all framed???, IT’S WONDERFUL I LOVED IT PLEASE READ IT)
Hooked With Just One Taste by @dinosaursmate / dinosaursmate (49k, E, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, Cam Boy Louis, Rich Harry, Former-Celebrity Harry, he’s still kinda famous but not actively if that makes sense lmao, side Ziall, I LOVE THE ZIALL OKAY OMG, Also listen, this fic is sooooo smutty and hot and great, but it also is so pure and good?, Like the way Harry and Louis interact and grow to be so into each other for more than just sexy times?, SO GOOD, anyway read itttttt, the art is PERFECT for it too!, props to @wilywolf for that hehe)
your crimes are quiet, my love by @lightwoodsmagic / lightswoodmagic (sarah_writes) (98k, E, Zayn/Liam, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, Miss Congeniality AU, but make it darker and more realistic, lolllll It’s still sooooo much fun though omggggg, MI5 Agents Liam and Zayn, Ziam are partners for work, pining, SO much pining, friends to lovers, oblivious boys seriously, Louis is the pageant trainer/consultant, Harry is Liam’s roommate for the pageant and a contestant, I cannot express to you how incredible this fic was and how much it sucks you in, the storyline was such an original and incredible and creepy yet really lovely take on the original story, i fucking loved it, oh there’s side Shiall too and I loved them even if they weren’t in it nearly so much as the rest!)
Favourite Boy by @quelsentiment / wordsnnotes (9k, T, Zayn/Louis, pining, lack of communication, Friends with Benefits to Lovers, Except they’re more just... the benefits?, I guess it’s more like... Regular Booty Calls to Lovers, lmaoooo, for real though this fic omggggg, it sucked me right into Zayn’s head and the whole issue of it all, and they just won’t talk!!!, SO CRAZY GOOD OMG)
But I’m the Quarterback by @evilovesyou / 4ureyesonly28 (52k, E, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, But I’m the Cheerleader AU, quarterback Harry, Conversion Therapy Camp, Sexuality Crisis, Gay Awakening, Crisis of Faith, Self Harm, Listen, this fic is heavy at times, but for the most part it really is so lovely and gentle, The way Harry comes to learn about himself and accept himself, all with the wonderful people around him going through the same thing, AND LARRY AND LLOYD OMGGGG I LOVE THEM SO MUCHHHHH, anyway, i love this fic please give it a chance if you can handle the tags!, and MASSIVE shout out to the artist @whatagreatproblemtohave for the amazing art!)
Felt Nothing Like Home by @becomeawendybird / QuickedWeen (62k, E, Harry/Louis, Big Bang fic, Bon Appetit Test Kitchen AU, Specifically a Brad/Claire AU for those who are familiar hehe, Pastry Chef Harry, Professional Chef Louis, YouTube AU, Pining, All the fucking pining, Friends to Lovers, Secret Relationship, This fic is so warm and lovely and soft, And funny omg so funny, but also so sweet, it was absolutely stellar, I love)
The Journal by @wait4ever / RecycledStardust and @evilovesyou / 4ureyesonly28 (14k, G, Harry/Louis, Alternate Universe, Magic, Spells, Mystery, Twin Flames, Soulmates, Reincarnation in a way, Rituals, 1990s AU, but also a Historical fic in certain scenes, and NO the 90s aren’t historical yet FIGHT ME, anyway sorry lol, This fic is so special and I keep getting choked up just thinking about it, It is absolutely lovely and the found friends/family aspect is also so so lovely, and I just, Oh gosh it is a must read please read this fic I’m begging you)
Things Unsaid by @londonfoginacup / LadyLondonderry (4k, G, Harry/Louis, Soulmate Fest fic, which of course means Soulmates!, Soulmarks, Meet Cute, Or well kinda a meet ugly whoops, lol, Lilo Friendship, Humor, Listen this fic is borderline crack in the best way and I laughed so many times reading it, It was lighthearted and wonderful)
To the late night double feature show by @londonfoginacup / LadyLondonderry (2k, NR, Harry/Louis, Halloween fic, Cryptid Harry, kinda? I think he’s considered a cryptid?, lmao ANYWAY, meet cute, Clifford, Crack, This fic was once again adorable and silly and yet soft and warm and once again, I love it, Let’s all just sit and admire the way Emmu’s brain works shall we?)
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otonymous · 16 days ago
I have been meaning to congratulate you on the launch of your Patreon for the LONGEST TIME!!! But, I am a slowpoke and apparently time has no meaning for me, because I constantly lose track of it... so here we are a month (or has it been two?!) later!! Still, I just needed to scream my congratulations for you at the top of my lungs!! CONGRATS YOU LOVELY, AMAZING AUTHOR!! 😍
As someone who has followed your blog since the beginning, it is SO SO awesome and inspiring to see you reach this next level of your dream!! I seriously cannot wait to see where you will go from here and am so excited for you! 💕
Even though I haven't been keeping up with your work recently since our fandoms don't always overlap, I absolutely ADORE seeing your posts on my dash regardless and just interacting with you in general!! Your positivity and passion honestly just make my day!
Though... 👀 I see that you're rolling up your sleeves for the upcoming Tears of Themis, which I am also 1000% looking forward to as well! I hope that we'll both love it, and that it'll give me more excuse to read your wonderful stories!!
For now, sending you all my love and looking forward to seeing where your path will take you next as both an Otonymous fangirl and also... definitely as a patron!! 😉
@fieryanmitsu!!!!!! 💖💖💖
This was literally me when I read your Ask.  No joke, not even lying.
Tumblr media
Thank you soooo much for your lovely words.  I am left quite speechless by how incredibly kind you are.  And I have to say that if it hadn’t been for you and your encouragement at the very start of my writing journey, I likely wouldn’t even be here today.  I remember your comments on AO3 reacting to some of the first fics I ever wrote and they still warm my heart to this very day.  It is beyond my wildest dreams to have your support as a patron on Patreon too (I am seriously trying hard not to cry rn LOL).
I am so thrilled to hear that you’re also looking forward to Tears of Themis!  May our otome paths cross again with this game, my friend!! 💯🙌🏼😂
Once again, thank you for your constant support.  Your passion and positivity are always uplifting and awe-inspiring, and I will forever be thankful for SLBP’s Mitsuhide for bringing us together 🥰💖
Tumblr media
Sending you all the love in the world 💕💕💕
- XOXO, Otonymous
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rebelwrites · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Who Is He?
As this is an original fic it is hard to tag, so I’d really appreciate it is you reblogged and shared with your friends and followers 🖤 and if you reblog with comments I will love you forever
Join The Group Chat Here - If You Want Tagging Manually Let Me Know 🖤
The Life Of Shelby O’Brian Masterlist
This Months Writing
Tumblr media
It was currently 11pm, nothing could wipe the smile off my face, as I cruised through the streets. Tonight had been perfect, and just what I needed with the stress of college and work, spending the night with Dom, just the two of us, our cars, Mcdonald's takeout, chilling at the look out spot, that looked over the town.
Now came the hard part, sneaking back home, with a loud ass car. This wasn’t going to be easy, and would no doubt lead to Dad grilling me on my whereabouts.
Turning into the drive, I slowly let off the accelerator, letting the car just roll into the drive, but it was no use as I didn’t have enough momentum and had to give it a bit more gas, and with me being in a low gear, the Skyline roared, followed by a loud pop from the exhaust.
“Fuck!” I mumbled to myself as I saw the light on the porch turn on. I was fucked, I now needed to think of an excuse that Dad would believe, I couldn’t exactly tell him I was out with my boyfriend. That would just open a whole new can of worms.
As I killed the engine, I ran my hands over my face, taking a deep breath before climbing out of the car, the moment I slammed the door closed, Dad appeared on the porch, his arms crossed over his chest. He didn’t look happy.
“And where exactly have you been, young lady?” He asked, narrowing his eyes at me.
“Just went for a drive,” I shrugged.
“Well, I know that but you left for this little drive around six hours ago!” He said, “So stop lying to your old man and tell me where you were and who you were with.”
“Seriously Dad, I am seventeen now” I laughed, rolling my eyes “I was with a friend.”
“Don’t roll your eyes at me, Princess.” He sighed, “Who is this friend? Do they have a name? And hang on a second, you didn’t leave the house wearing that hoodie!”
“Jheeze, it’s a new hoodie Dad,” I laughed, trying to walk past him, but didn’t get very far.
“Who is he?”
“Don’t know what you are talking about, old man,” I shrugged, “You need to stop being overprotective, and anyway how did you know it was a boy?”
“Because, you smell like aftershave,” Dad glared, “Sneaking back home at 11pm, which by the way having a heavily modified car doesn’t make you sneaky, I heard you a couple of miles away.”
“Fuck,” I mumbled, pinching the bridge of my nose. “Fine, there is a boy okay, named Dom, and no you cannot meet him.”
“Nate, stop tormenting her,” Mum laughed as I walked into the house. “We did the exact same thing at her age.”
“Yeah, that's what I am worried about.” He sighed, following me inside, I was just waiting for the penny to drop, and for him to realise just exactly who I was on about. I couldn’t help but laugh as his expression changed when he realised. “Hang on a goddamn second Shelby Sky, Dom as in the lad with the Dodge Charger?”
“So what if it is,” I laughed, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. “Look I am tired, can I go to bed now?”
“Fine, but just know this conversion isn’t over.” Dad sighed.
“Didn’t think it would be,” I laughed, wrapping my arms around his waist, looking up at him, with a grin on my face. “Don’t worry old man, no one can replace my Daddy, not now, not ever.”
“I should bloody hope not.” Dad laughed, kissing my forehead, “Go get some sleep, Princess.”
“I love you,” I giggled, as I headed to the stairs.
“We love you, too.” They both shouted back, as I started walking up the stairs I heard them talking, so hung back a second.
“Well it looks like history is repeating itself,” Mum laughed, “She is so much like us, it's unreal.”
“Yeah that's what fucking scares me,” Dad laughed.
Tumblr media
@chibsytelford @everyhowlmarksthedead @talicat713 @little-diable @band--psycho @mrsmarvelous1995 @withmyteeth @yourwonkywriter @fyeah-angelreyes @pancakeisreading
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anakinsqueen · 20 days ago
Chapter Twenty Two: Kuiil
Previous Chapter
"Is that...Greef Karga?"
"My friend, if you are receiving this transmission that means you are alive. You might be surprised to hear this but I am alive too. I guess we can call it even. A lot has happened since we last saw each other. You found Kenna Skywalker! That is one big bounty you haven't turned in, however, the man who hired you is still here, and his ranks of ex-Imperial guards have grown. They have imposed despotic rule over my city, which has impeded the livelihood of the Guild. We consider him an enemy but we cannot get close enough to take him out. If you would consider one last commission I will very much make it worth your while. You have been successful so far in staving off their hunters. But they will not stop until they have their prizes, yes, Kenna is the other prize. So here is my proposition: Return to Nevarro, bring the Child and the princess as bait. I will arrange an exchange and provide loyal Guild members as protection. Once we get near the client, you kill him, and we both get what we want. If you succeed, you keep Kenna and the Child and I will have your name cleared with the Guild, for a man of honour should not be forced to live in exile. And neither should a princess. I await your arrival with optimism," Kenna blinks a couple of times before replaying the hologram.
"So...we're going to Nevarro?"
"Din?? What are we going to do?"
"We're going to get help, ready to meet an old friend?" Kenna smiles.
"Having an ex shock trooper with us will be beneficial,"
"A Mandalorian, Jedi and ex shock trooper, what could possibly go wrong?"
"You're letting me fight?"
"Of course, this man wants you, so why not help defeat him," An even bigger smile breaks across her face as she wraps Din in a hug.
"Oh, Din! Thank you! I love you so much!" She kisses his helmet before rushing down to get changed in more practical clothing.
"And I love you too..."
"Why do have a feeling that this whole thing is going to be a trap?"
"It will beneficial to all of us. For you, for the kid and for me,"
"So, walking into a trap will be--"
"Kenna, I understand your concerns, that's why I'm bringing Cara," There's silence before the doors slide open to reveal Kenna. " look--" Kenna walks out dressed in black attire. She wore black leather pants with a black corset like bodice with long sleeves.
"Like a Sith Lord? Seriously Din, where did you get this from?" Kenna asks as Din pushed off from the wall he was waiting at for her and grabs the child.
"A woman from Florrum gave me a bunch of clothes for you," He opens the ramp and she shrugs.
"Did she work for the Empire?"
"I don't know," They walked in silence through Sorgan; the planet that was so peaceful yet so...dangerous. They enter a common house where Cara is in a laser tethered boxing match against a male Zabrak, which she wins.
"Pay up, mudscuffers! Come on," She chants as patrons pay her. "That's mine, thank you. Thank you," Kenna and Din walk towards her. "Cora? Mando?" Cara walks over to the duo and then furrows her brows. "I have a feeling that this isn't a social call,"
"Looking for some work?" Din asks and she sighs in response.
Cara sits opposite Kenna and Din while she and the child are giving soup.
"It seems like a straightforward operation. They're providing the plan and firepower, I'm the snare,"
"With the kid? And...Kenna? The princess?"
"That's why we're coming to you," He glances at Kenna through his visor. "Kenna and I can hold our own...but we need back up if we're going to Nevarro,"
"A place where we're both wanted," Kenna adds while Cara stares at her.
"Kenna Skywalker...that's why I thought you looked familiar last time you were here..."
", what you say?" She sighs and leans back as Kenna wipes the child's mouth.
"I don't know. I've been advised to lay low. If anybody runs my chain code I'll rot in a cell for the rest of my life," She spits.
"I thought you were a veteran,"
"And I thought she was some random you picked up but turns out she's the princess," The Zabrak boxer comes by and drops some coins on the table. "Come back soon," Cara says sweetly before turning back to Kenna and Din. "I've been a lot of things since most of them carry a life sentence. If I so much as book passage on a ship registered to the New Republic I'm--"
"I have a ship,"
"It's a rust bucket," Kenna mumbles but both hear. Cara laughs and Din stares at her before turning back.
"I can bring you there and back with a handsome reward. You can live free of worry," Din attempts to negotiate.
"I'm already free of worry. And I'm not in the mood to play soldier anymore. Especially fighting some local warlord,"
"He's not a local warlord. He's Imperial," Kenna says with a smirk. Cara looks between the duo before sighing.
"I'm in," She says and Kenna squeals in delight.
Din is flying the Razor Crest while the girls stand behind him, Kenna holds the child while Cara examines her lightsaber before talking to Din.
"Does your contact need to vet me?" She asks, flipping the silver in her hand.
"Doesn't know you're coming," Din responds.
"Really? That can be a problem,"
"It won't. But if it is, that's his problem," Kenna says, putting the child down and taking her lightsaber from Cara who was about to turn it on. "Don't play with my toy,"
"Aw, c'mon Kenna, just a little swing," Cara pouts at Kenna as Din leaves the cockpit, the girls following.
"Get your own,"
"Mando! She won't let me play with her lightsaber," Cara whines, laughing with Kenna.
"What? She can kill someone if she doesn't know how to wield it,"
"Kenna, you didn't use it for how long before I taught you?"
"That's a tad bit personal," He sighs as she and Cara break down in laughter again. Cara then looks up at the ladder as Din opens the weapons vault.
"He all right up there alone?"
"Yeah," Din says while Kenna shakes her head 'No.' Cara laughs before she ogles at the weapons along with Kenna. "Pick one,"
"What about me?" Kenna asks as Cara inspects the weapons.
"You have your own blaster and lightsaber," She gives her best puppy eyes and Din gives in. "Fine,"
"Yay!" Kenna goes next to Cara as they study each weapon.
"You trust the contact?"
"I didn't even want to go," Kenna whispers to Cara.
"Not particularly. He and I had a run-in last time I was there on some Guild business," Din responds.
"So then why are we going?"
"I don't have a choice. You saw what happened on Sorgan. They'll keep sending hunters. The kid and Kenna will never be safe until the Imp is dead," Din says, looking at Kenna as she brings out a large blaster and aims it at the wall.
"And you're okay bringing them both there?"
"Not really. That's why I'm bringing you," Suddenly the ship shakes and banks. Din quickly climbs up into the cockpit to find the child playing with the ship's controls...again. He grabs the child, hands it to Kenna and stabilises the ship.
"We're gonna need someone to watch that thing...Us three will be busy with the fighting..." Cara says as she stands next to Kenna.
"You got anyone you can trust?" Din looks back at Kenna and Cara before smirking.
Din, Kenna and Cara enter Kuiil's residence with the child in a floating crib.
"It hasn't grown much," Kuiil comments before looking up at Kenna and Cara who stand awkwardly behind Din.
"I think it might be a strand-cast," He responds.
"I don't think it was engineered. I've worked in the gene farms. This one looks evolved. Too ugly. This one on the other hand," He points at Cara. "Looks like she was farmed in the Cytocaves of Nora," Kenna stifles a laugh.
"Farmed," She mumbles and Cara elbows her.
"This is Cara Dune. She was a shock-trooper," Din introduces.
"You were a dropper?"
"Did you serve?"
"On the other side, I'm afraid. But I'm proud to say that I paid out my clan's debt and now I serve no one but myself," He then looks towards Kenna. "And your other friend?"
"The name's Kenna Skywalker,"
"Kenna? Kenna Skywalker?" Kuiil narrows his eyes at her. "The rightful heir to Florrum, hmm?"
"Well, yes but I--"
"It's fine, three out of the four people here actually did work while the other one sat around and had everything done for them," Kuiil dismisses causing Kenna to walk over to him, activating her lightsaber and pointing it at his chest.
"Listen carefully, little man. I don't know what rumours you heard but I had to work for my own life. Once my mother was killed by the Mandalorian's, l was taken in by Gideon, you know him?" He nods quickly. "Good, I eventually escaped before he turned me dark and ever since then, whatever choice I made was for survival. Through Hoth, Endor and many other planets, I worked...worked harder than you because if I even blinked at the wrong time I would've been killed or worse...turned into Gideon and he would've used me to do his dirty work,"
"My apologies, I should not have used silly little rumours to portray you...I didn't live your life nor did you mine, therefore our work can account as equal," When seeing her not standing down, Din moves forward and lowers her arm that grasps the lightsaber.
"Kenna...stand down," He whispers but she continues to glare at Kuiil. "Kenna..." She blinks a couple of times and shakes her head before turning her saber off and smiling down at Kuiil.
"Apologies, Kuiil," Cara sends a look at Din who walks over to her as Kuiil and Kenna talk to each other.
"What happened?" She hisses at Din.
"...She lost control,"
"Of what!?"
"...Maybe Gideon or Kylo Ren is messing around with her mind...she's never done that but she completely blacked out...what we saw wasn't Kenna,"
"Kylo who?"
"It's best not to talk like that with Kenna being this...sensitive,"
"Mando, we got to get her sorted, what if she turns all 'blrrugah' at Nevarro?"
"Guys, come on!" Kenna says as she walks inside, sitting down. Din and Cara follow and take a seat either side of her. An IG unit enters the building with a tray. All three jump up and pull their blasters out at it.
"Would anyone care for some tea?" Kenna tilts her head in confusion.
"Please lower your blasters. He will not harm you," Kuiil pleads, taking a step forward but neither of them stands down.
"That thing is programmed to kill the baby," Din spits.
"Not anymore," The IG-11 places the tray on the table and Kuiil proceeds to tell the story of the aftermath of Din rescuing the child. "It was left behind in the wake of your destruction. I found it, laying where it fell, devoid of all life. I recovered the flotsam and staked it as my own in accordance with the Charter of the New Republic. Little remained of its neural harness. Reconstruction was quite difficult, but not impossible. It had to learn everything from scratch. This is something that cannot be taught with the twist of a spanner. It requires patience, repetition. I spent day after day reinforcing its development with patience and affirmation. It developed a personality as its experiences grew,"
"Is it still a hunter?" Din says after moments of silence.
"No. But it will protect,"
"Tea?" The IG-11 offers Kenna. Din watches closely, encase the droid harms her. She anxiously takes the cup and sips on it.
"No problem," His robotic voice says. Din nods as Kenna sits down, Cara with her. The droid offers her tea which she takes. Din and Kuiil leave and Cara turns to Kenna.
"So, what was that with Kuiil earlier?" Kenna sighs and drinks more.
"I...I don't know,"
"Was it something to do with the force?" She spits her drink out, choking slightly.
"Are you alright? Miss?" IG-11 asks and Kenna wipes her mouth.
"Yeah, thanks, I'm fine," She turns to Cara who nonchalantly sips her drink. "I don't have the force...I can read people's minds and trick them into doing my biddings but I don't move things with my mind or heal stuff,"
"Have you tried it?" Cara asks, putting down her empty cup.
"," Kenna also puts her cup down.
"Okay, well, there's a first time for everything," Cara unsheathes a knife and cuts her arm.
"Heal me," She pushes her arm at Kenna who looks at her in shock.
"I...What? I can't,"
"Try, think...think hard, dig deep into your mind..." Kenna sighs and hovers her gloved hand over Cara's wound. She closes her eyes and thinks, she barely remembers what Gideon told her.
"To use the force, your fuel is sadness, shock--" His voice rings out in her mind, but she can never remember the last part, it was all too long ago. So, she thinks of sad memories; her mothers' death, being betrayed by people she trusts, losing her memory of Florrum, and then her father abandoning her.
"KENNA! STOP!" Cara quickly pulls away and Kenna snaps her eyes open.
"I healed you!" Kenna examines Cara's arm and beams.
"But look at you," She yanks on Kenna's arm to reveal a deep cut exactly where Cara's was.
"You healed me...but my injury transferred...onto you?"
"Can I get a bandage?"
"Sure, let's get to the Razor-"
"Here," The IG-11 walks over to Kenna with a white bandage. It crouches down next to Kenna and then looks at her with its yellow eyes. "Your arm, please," She slowly gives her injured arm to the IG unit and it carefully wraps the bandage around the wound.
"WHAT'S THIS!?" Din storms inside and aims his blaster at IG-11.
"DIN! PUT THAT BLASTER DOWN BEFORE I SHOOT YOU!" Kenna seethes and Din tilts his head at her. "He healed me thank you very much," She snaps.
"It...not he," He slowly returns his blaster to its holster. "How did you get injured?" She glances at Cara and then looks up at Din.
"I was standing up and caught myself on the roof considering how low down it is," He nods and leaves again.
"You lied,"
"He's got enough on his plate, he doesn't need to know about this,"
"Fair enough," They watch from the doorway as he walks to Kuiil who is tending a blurrg.
"Kenna and I...we've run into some problems," Din starts.
"I figured as much. Why else would you return?"
"I wanna hire your services,"
"I'm retired from service,"
"I can pay you handsomely, Ugnaught,"
"I have a name. It is Kuiil...Kenna knew," He chuckles slightly.
"I need someone to protect the little one, Kuiil...and Kenna, she reads minds,"
"Read minds? Hmm, interesting...However, I'm not suited for such work. I can reprogram IG-11 for nursing and protocol,"
"No! I don't want that droid anywhere near him!" Din snaps, making Kuiil jump slightly.
"Why are you so distrustful of droids?"
"It tried to kill him," Kenna walks out at the sudden rise of voices.
"It was programmed to do so. Droids are not good or bad. They are neutral reflections of those who imprint them,"
"I've seen otherwise," Din huffs.
"Do you trust me?" There is a slight hesitation.
"From what I can tell, yes,"
"Then you will trust my work. IG-11 will join me. And we do it not for payment, but to protect the Child from Imperial slavery...and to protect Kenna from that evil slime ball, Gideon. None will be free until the old ways are gone. Forever,"
"Thank you, Kuiil," Kenna speaks when joining the group. He nods and turns to his blurrgs.
"And the blurrgs will join me as well,"
"The blurrgs?"
"I have spoken," And with that, he walks away. Kenna laughs and rests her head on Din's shoulder.
"I like him,"
"I got you, Mando," Cara seethes. Both Din and Cara are in an arm wrestle after she heard Kenna defeated him, she had to try it out.
"Get 'em, Cara!" Kenna cheers, eating out of a packet with a grin.
"Care to double the bet?" The child looks on, worried. Then it raises its hand, and suddenly Cara is gasping for air. Kenna furrows her brows as Cara struggles. Din looks at the child and does a double-take before quickly grabbing it. "No! No no, stop! We're friends, we're friends! Cara is my friend!"
"That is not okay!" Cara rubs her throat, glaring daggers at the small child.
"Very curious," Kuiil says, stepping from behind Kenna who continues to eat.
"Curious?! It almost killed me!"
"The story you told me of the mudhorn now makes more sense,"
"What is it?" Din asks.
"The force..." Kenna mumbles, looking down at her hands and instantly closing them. Cara and Kuiil argue and she quickly gets up and walks to her room. "So, the child has the can kill," She says, pacing. "And...if...if I have it too...I can...I can kill someone..." Her face goes pale and she sits on her bed, wide-eyed. "I...can kill him," The doors open and the IG-11 enters, Cara and Kuiil continue to argue. "Oh, hey,"
"You seem stressed and worried after what the child did,"
"Can I trust you to keep a secret?"
"I...could possibly have the force and what the child did...that was the force and what if I accidentally kill someone because of it? I'm a danger...I should be left on my own...I have no Jedi master...I'm a stupid Padawan without a master!"
"I assure you, Kenna, that no matter what happens, you'll be able to stop yourself, if your lightsaber glows blue, green or are light and you'll stop yourself...but if it glows red or are dark and must keep yourself away from everyone else before you cause death and pain," And with that, the droid leaves.
"Nice pep talk," She walks out and Din breaks the argument up, the child still in his arms.
"Tell you what. I can really use your craftwork right now. Can you pad this container so the child can sleep better?"
"I shall fabricate a better one. Then perhaps this dropper can see how one can win their freedom with the skill of one's hands," He growls at Cara and Kenna quickly walks up to Kuiil.
"If you are to make a new one...can you possibly add this in like a little dangling charm soothes him," She passes Kuiil her Jedi necklace.
"Of course,"
Cara, Kenna and Din are all in the cockpit. The child sleeps in Kenna's arms.
"So we're going to Nevarro," Cara states rather than question.
"Have you ever been?" Din asks.
"No. We lost all of our forces there. The city's dug in pretty deep. There's no cover when you drop in. Stayed in Empire control till the end of the war,"
"The warlord we're taking out was an Imperial officer,"
"What station?"
"Hard to tell. No insignia anymore. I took out the safehouse when I snatched the kid. More Imps have reinforced since,"
"There is something more going on," Kenna says as she looks up.
"Maybe. We'll find out more when we land," The IG-11 enters the cockpit.
"I have prepared second meal. Would you care to be served here or below?"
"I'm not hungry," Din hisses and the IG leaves. "Under no circumstances does that thing leave the ship," He growls, flipping switches.
"You got a real thing for droids, don't you?" Kenna asks and Cara agrees.
"I got a real thing for that droid,"
"Kuiil said he rewired it," Cara heads down to eat as Kenna continues to talk to Din.
"That droid was designed to kill things. I don't care how much wiring he replaced, it goes against its nature,"
"Well, shouldn't be a long job anyway. You take out the head Imp, the rest will run like rats," Din turns to Kenna as the planet Nevarro comes to view.
"Kenna, this mission will be dangerous."
"I know, I don't care because I know when I'm with you...I'm safe," She gets up and walks down the ladder but stops halfway. "Thanks for the new gun..."
"Hmm," He turns back to face the planet. "I swear, Greef if you lay a hand on Kenna, I'll kill you,"
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sebastianshaw · 24 days ago
In one of the X-Men Discord servers that I’m on, there is a section for the internal thoughts of the characters that you write. Naturally, I use this to be COMPLETELY HORRIBLE with Shaw. Here is a compiled list of things he has thought there. Read at your own risk, and trigger warning for. .  . honestly I don’t know how to begin, but if you follow this blog I figure you know I ENDORSE NONE OF THIS. under the cut for your sake
-  if you didn’t want to know about picking up a Filipino bar girl why would you ask how my day was it’s like screaming at a sushi chef for undercooking the fish -  they bring me back to life but can’t give me a new goddamn back?! -  Note to self, petition to Council to resurrect son Note to self two, remember his name and which one he is this time -  so there’s just an indeterminate number of telepathic teen girls here who look almost exactly like Emma before her nose job? I don’t even want to know at this point seriously though how many are there I can’t tell they’re goddamned identical--- -literally just going to hire this girl to scratch my back she's good at it JESUS THE RELIEF -  Aloba Dastoor is a sweet, well-mannered young man. I think I'd like to rearrange his intestines with my--- -  why does every gay man into pup play have a dead mother he didn't get to come out to what is the connection here IT'S EVERY TIME -  by damn why does no one discipline their children, you may think this is cute but everyone else is looking at you to sort your little crotch debris out or SOMEONE ELSE WILL -  that boob job is so bad she looks like a Hasbro knockoff -  you just can't be sure about a person until you know what they think of  the fall of Constantinople in 1453 by the Ottoman forces led by Mehmed II -  they're NOT bongos they are CONGAS they are the SAME SIZE -  This is less an ingrown hair at this point and more of an ingrown wig -  such a lack of decorum, I have bad days sometimes too but it hardly ever results in murder -  his arm looks like a big veiny cock never thought I'd get hard just seeing an arm -  wish you really could get oil from babies -  gold plated bare breasted - Wait so who was in the trunk - thinking about how this island doesn't have taxes is better than opioids -  It’s gonna be a closed casket funeral buddy -  it looks rather anal -  organizer my ass that fool couldn't organize a blow job if he was in a Nevada brothel with a pocket full of a hundred dollar bills -  I'd rather put up with a candiru than these people -  some people are impossible to underestimate -  cannot sit down without a beautiful woman trying for my wallet I'M FUCKING WORKING JESUS F---- -  -- wait which one is my kid fuck which one do I take maybe both maybe just say my kid wanted to bring a friend home fuck fuck fuck maybe I should just ask the daycare they have to get fathers asking that SOMETIMES should also ask if she’s free tonight --- -  fucking PLASTER in my mouth need to learn to close my fucking facehole when I barge through a wall--- - Cannot BELIEVE that woman asked me if I dropped Shinobi on the head as a child, that's making a very bold assumption that I EVER HELD HIM AT ALL -  another morning where I can’t seem to piss quite everything out, is this a resurrection issue or do I have another kidney stone - -  -not that I am complaining about the view but why don't hippies wear bras do they think it kills trees is it the rubber in the elastic since rubber comes from plants or maybe it's the metal underwire do they not like metal is that why they don't shave--- -  it's a paradox. I believe a man is responsible for his own mistakes. This means Shinobi alone is to blame for his failures. At the same time, he is -my-mistake. -  note to self, if a mother asks "but what if the baby remembers it?" the correct answer is not "then he'll know how to please a woman" -  how was I supposed to NOT laugh when it slipped out of the slave?? -  do me this, flog me that, sometimes I just want to sleep. it's been a long day. it's been a long life. - oh god I'm stuck in her like the Suez Canal -  Nope, don’t do it old boy. She’s crazy. Not typical clingy co-ed with daddy issues crazy, this is wake up with your cock in a jar crazy. I know we love that. But we love our penis more. -  I'm not handsome but jesus his teeth look like he was breastfed through a grease nipple - Even a shotgun wouldn’t shoot its load on THAT face - I’ve seen bigger breasts in the chicken meat aisle -  Looks like the kind of guy who would call his grandmother to change his flat tire -  Why does no one listen when I warn them "hold on tight, this will hit you like a tank" WHY DO YOU THINK I INSTALLED THE HAND RAILS YOU IDIOTS -  why do I even take the triple espresso shots overthinking keeps me awake enough - I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than spend ten seconds in these Council meetings -I don't see what the fuss is, there shouldn't be any fluid left on it -  It’s all fun and games until somebody loses a penis -  ok, plan is to suck a lemon first to mitigate the taste, then bypass my tongue with a boba straw -  note to self: tub of lard, rubber fist, strip of cloth. tub of lard, rubber fist, strip of cloth. tub of lard, rubber fist, strip of--Message #internal-thoughts -  how the fuck am I this drunk and STIll have a headache? besides Shinobi that is - that man’s penis is a deadly weapon -  It’s alive you can see it’s mouth open up right before it gets deep throated -  This is why I keep a dozen fresh eggs in my car at all times. -  You see anti-homeless spikes, I see free seating for hundreds -  Well, I suppose him calling me a "bootlicker" was TECHNICALLY not incorrect but--- -  in fairness to her, if I were covered in fingers, I would be doing that too -  I am not a squeamish man but "genitalia turns into a blood hyperbeam cannon" was not a power I was prepared to very LITERALLY face - The amount on the ceiling is mind-boggling -  her gag reflex is as absent as her father -  I'd tell @Roberto Da Costa  he's a disappointment, but I'm afraid he'd call me daddy - God damn, he still ate it?? Go buy new lettuce you weird fuck - Wait, are they gay racists? Gaycists? BROKEBACK BIGOTS?! - It burns, but that's how you know it's working. - How was HE the fastest sperm? Must have been like a goddamn Special Olympics swim
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Book Review: The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas
Tumblr media
If you've ever wondered what a fusion of The Hating Game and The Wedding Date would be like in novel form, then ¡diós mío! is this contemporary romance for you! It has everything. Talk about the epitome of an all-in-one special, my friends! Whether it's enemies-to-lovers, office romance, slow slooow burn tension; no matter if it's fake dating, forced proximity in a foreign country, or, one of my all-time favorites, "oh no! there's only one bed," this book is a fun and spicy amalgamation of tropes. It can be difficult to balance so many different ones. However, Armas blends them all together deliciously here, with one trope playing off another or diverging from expectation to create something new, something fresh. The little twists, the quirks that leapt away from convention, are the portions I enjoyed best. I also lapped up all of the hispanic aspects--the language, the food/culture, the adorable endearments. (What do I have to do for a handsome man to call me "bollito" endearingly, huh? Seriously. Just tell me already! Pretty, pretty please? *cries in Spanish*) Though the book starts off a little slow, taking time to establish its rising action, its pacing, it isn't long before readers are sucked into the simmering tension between Aaron Blackford and Catalina Martín. These two know what it means spar, let me tell you! Sparks fly - in fleeting looks, touches; in banter that wrestles with verbal fists almost as much as it tempts with quiet lips - from the moment readers meet them at work. Where they're colleagues. Where they're nemeses. Where they're barking and bantering and glaring at one another over every little thing. In short: it's bloody darling. Truly entertaining, with emotion and revelation and "aww's" to spare. When the story begins, Lina is desperate to find a date/boyfriend to accompany her to her sister's wedding in Spain. She needs to save face with her family and friends back home for a Reason™️ to be disclosed later in the plot. Aaron offers himself up for the role of fake boyfriend, calling himself her "best option." Which has her boiling, naturally, because, the audacity! Little does she know, though, since the story is written from her perspective alone, but he may have motives of his own. Hidden reasons. What are they, becomes the question of all questions. Lina's reluctant to agree to the idea at first, of course, not to mention skeptical as all hell about the proposition in general, but she soon accepts and that's when everything takes off--the plot, their attraction and chemistry, the cute not-date dates, the family wedding drama, the burgeoning tension that builds and builds with excruciating slowness until you're Captain Barbossa level of JUST KISS ALREADY keyed up. Like a stomach-fluttering, fluffy romcom, it all brews together nicely. Granted, I do think some portions could have been trimmed and the tone shift toward the end after things were consummated could have been refined better (it felt jarring, out of tune with their earlier dynamic), but overall this was delightful. A lovely little la-di-da break from everything 'blah' right now that left me wishing this romance were real not merely fictional. Also, prepare yourselves to fall in love with Aaron Blackford now, because you will. It cannot be helped. The man is a dreamboat. A book boyfriend to rival Joshua Templeman himself. (Yeah, that's right. I said what I said.) So okay, he may be a touch too perfect since I am unable to call up any of his flaws besides that of clipped broodiness, but I'll let it slide because it's refreshing to have a male lead who pays such close attention to detail when it comes to his heart's desire. He knows who his love interest is--what Lina likes, doesn't like; how she thinks. He gives her what she deserves not only what she needs. He actually listens when she talks, too, always taking the necessary steps to make her feel comfortable and content, even if that means going slow or waiting until she's ready to accept that what exists between them is real. Aaron is a patient man who isn't going
anywhere, you know what I mean? And there's nothing more swoon-inducing than a man who is willing to stick it out. Be a rock of support, a shoulder to lean on. The type of guy who wants to hold your hand in public and be honest, unapologetic to everyone he meets, about how much he adores you. Fake/fictional boyfriend or not, I'll be damned if that isn't what all women want. All in all, there is a lot to enjoy in this book. Sexy tension, lovable characters, a collection of entertaining tropes. Perfect if you're looking for a sweet and humorous beach read. A solid debut! 3.5/5 stars
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dakota-r-riley · 25 days ago
oh my god. Miraculous I take back every damn thing I said about no development. Cause that? What I just witnessed? There’s no way for them to renege on that little surprise! (I mean there always is a way but I don’t believe that they’re going to do that.) I need a moment so I’m just gonna go on a little quick fire thoughts under the cut. There are spoilers.
Ladybug paranoid and slowly having her responsibilities crush her to the point that she believes that she should be a hero all the time
Marinette heartbroken over the fact that she doesn’t believe she can have friends, family, or love because of her role as Ladybug
I had NO IDEA that the girls didn’t know that Marinette and Luka had been dating
I figured that them saying her biggest secret was being in love with Adrien was just them acknowledging that Adrien doesn’t know how she feels/felt about him
But I mean, girls, come on, you saw how much those two were hanging out together! They did nothing to hide it!
Ladynoir movie date for the win (Yes it ended badly but we still got it)
Also apparently they just went swimming too. Seeing how they interact with Paris while heroes with no danger is just really fun and satisfying to see
Girls, I understand that you want to be there for Marinette but maybe go with Alix on this one and just take her out to relax and let her open up at her own pace instead of giving her a secret friendship bracelet
Doll house was cute!
Damn Marinette. You seriously need some support here. Please, someone, get my girl some emotional stability!
OK. So did Marinette have that contraption to store away the miraculous ready but hadn’t moved the box into it yet?
Also, child, I know you are super smart and handy and good at creating stuff but WHERE DID YOU LEARN HOW TO MAKE THAT STORAGE BOX THING! THAT IS SO COOL! But also how????
Trixx you sweet bean! Make that tower dance!
Adrien acknowledging that Marinette seems to get targeted for akumas a lot. lol. (One of these days we will get a full episode of Marichat shenanigans. One day!)
Alya being the first person to break an akumatization by herself! YES QUEEN!
Rena Rouge is back again!
That has got to be such a load off of Marinette’s shoulders. She may have to lie to everyone else but she doesn’t need to do it with Alya anymore.
Attention all Alya Salters! YOU ARE INVALID!
You can bet your ass that after this little revelation Alya went and just screamed into a pillow for ten minutes.
Also now Alya has proof that Lila has been a liar about everything!
I seriously cannot wait to see how they follow this up!
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locketsail7 · 27 days ago
Soy Candles Come Each Shapes And Sizes, Simply Too!
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melancholy-pal · 27 days ago
talking about feelings w my mom
so, context: i (24) live with my parents. i have diagnosed depression and anxiety, and am waiting to talk to a doctor about the possibility that i might have adhd or aspergers. my mom has no diagnoses along these lines but is confident she has undiagnosed adhd, and also can get depressed.
my feelings are very changeable and generally i cant pinpoint a cause or an explicit explanation. sometimes i feel very low or anxious, fidgety, unable to concentrate, tired, and i dont want to make eye contact or talk because it feels tiring. my mom cares about me and in general our relationship is pretty good, so she often notices when im feeling bad, and asks about it. thats sort of where the problem starts though. she will ask me whats wrong, and often, i am slow to respond, or quiet/mumbly, or i tell her im not sure/nothing is wrong, i just feel bad for reasons i cant explain. she gets very frustrated and will act like im being difficult/uncooperative, or hiding things from her, and her tone will quickly become annoyed. she asks me if something bad has happened, or if im annoyed with her, or seems hurt that im not giving her clear answers.
usually, i genuinely cannot pinpoint a specific event that made me feel bad, and her asking me to do this is frustrating because it suggests she has a very basic understanding of my feelings, and cant acknowledge that things arent always a very obvious conscious cause->effect when it comes to emotions. plus, sometimes the problems i have dont even manifest in my conscious mind at first, like sometimes i will feel sick from anxiety before i even realise im anxious. sometimes the issues are just things that dont even occur to me as notable to express, like social anxiety or frustration at day to day life.
which is another issue: sometimes, if i tried hard, i probably would be able to come up with a better explanation for how i feel and why. the problem is, the explanation would often involve things like 'i resent being born into a world with so much suffering' or 'everything in the world seems terrible and nothing is good, i have no hope for myself or my future', or sometimes just straight up insane sounding things like 'i had a weird dream about my friend from 6 years ago and saw a mean post on the internet, plus the air smells like something familiar but i cant pinpoint it, and all these things are making me want to scream for some reason'. i simply do not want to say these things to her, especially since she might ask while were say, cooking dinner, or on public transport, or some other place not good for dmcs. plus, she has her own issues with depression sometimes and has expressed that she feels guilt about 'bringing children into the world' who have 'her issues', and tends to blame herself for any problem me and my siblings have. so in these instances i might say 'nothing is wrong, technically, because nothing specifically bad has happened, i just feel bad in general' because i dont feel comfortable giving the specifics. i feel kind of bad because when she then reacts like she thinks im lying, i have to double down to say im not, because she sort of doesnt accept that i might not want to talk about it, which she seems to find hurtful and an indication that i dont trust her (and honestly, i have told her i dont trust her before when it comes to emotions, BECAUSE she is like how i describe - stubborn, insensitive, looking for objective answers. she was very upset)
the fact is when she asks me questions like this, she is trying to help, because she says if we figure out the problem we might be able to solve it, and shes worried about me and wants to help solve my problems. i have responded saying 'so you seriously want me to dive into my subconscious and find all the exact possible reasons i might feel this way, and then spill them out raw, right here in the kitchen?' and she, completely straight faced and sincere, was like 'yes?'. she has explicitly said she cant understand why anybody would find it hard to explain what theyre feeling, and she is kind of like trying to explain to a brick wall about it - although i feel like it shouldnt matter whether she understands- im telling her thats how things are for me, which i think should be enough. she has asked me 'if i was acting like you are, being all quiet and not speaking to anyone, wouldnt you be worried too?' i never know how to respond, because i dont know why she equates worrying about someone with interrogating them.
i have a hard time talking about my feelings, i almost never do it, and i know i should try to reach out more, but her pushiness makes it harder and makes it feel like i have no control, and like she wants to talk to me about my feelings only so she can 'solve the mystery' and stop being bothered by it. ive had a therapist for a year who i still struggle to open up to. i know my moms approach to things is not right - we have argued on this topic for about 10 years, her saying shes worried and wants to help, me not being able to give a satisfactory answer, her snapping at me for being 'weird' or worrying her, often ending in me trying desperately to explain, sometimes crying, or shouting (although not recently). and yet every single time she notices im in a low mood, she will start the same conversation again. how can someone claim to want to help, then repeatedly do a thing that gets no progress, and makes the person theyre trying to help cry, for so long?
its so exhausting and confusing too, because i often am confused and uncertain about how i feel, so being argued with by someone who wont budge really makes me doubt myself. like maybe i should just say every bad thought and feeling that enters my mind. would that be better? do other people do that? i have no idea whats normal (i have lots to talk about to the ADHD/ASD specialist, i know) and i get very overwhelmed. plus, now we have had the interaction so many times, her so much as asking whats wrong puts me on the defensive, and i get angry quickly because she clearly hasnt absorbed anything from what ive ever said about it. so she will ask me her usual question of 'are you upset because of me' and even though the reason i felt bad was something much bigger and existential or chemical or whatever, i will start to get upset with her, maybe even shout, which makes her believe me less when i say its not to do with her.
ive been struggling with how to handle these interactions for years now and im as confused as ever. i still wonder if im in the wrong. its so confusing. one of the reasons i want a diagnosis for adhd/asd so bad is the hope that maybe when im freaking out she will be more likely to accept 'i dunno im just like this sometimes' as an explanation, lol.
tl;dr: i have depression and (possible) undiagnosed disorder(s?), and find it hard to express whats wrong when my mom asks me. she thinks im being rude and uncooperative, and wont let it go. we have been arguing about it for years and i dont know how to handle it.
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shihalyfie · a month ago
Hey! I've been looking through your metas for a while now -- mainly because I've been wanting to know more about the version of the series I missed as an English Speaker, but haven't been able to look into without going the full illegal route. I really enjoy your takes on the original version of the series, and it's made me rethink about some of the themes that probably got lost in translation due to missing context. What would you think are the most obvious bits of info missing regarding the message of both Adventure and 02 that the English dub either couldn't bring in due to lip-sync issues, or misinterpreted entirely translating?
Hello! Thank you for your ask! I’m glad if I can get more people to think about and appreciate a series I love so much.
As far as the English dub goes, I think the one really difficult thing about describing what it changed from the Japanese version is that it’s not exactly a single thing, but rather a ton of supposedly “minor” changes that probably would have been minor if just left by themselves, but fed into each other and created a ripple effect that ultimately resulted in a series that came across as very different from the original Japanese version. Of course, substantially, the plot is the same, so I will hardly say that we all watched a completely different series, but a lot of the important points necessary for a proper analysis of its characters and themes, as well as the overall impression you get of a lot of it, will differ very greatly depending on which version you watched.
I will say very outright that I think this is partially the Japanese version’s fault (if you can call it fault?) as well. I really do love this series, but its Japanese version is one of the most frustratingly subtle pieces of media I have ever dealt with in my life, and that is especially in the case of 02. I’ve said a few times on this blog that I don’t really think much of what I write here is that huge of speculation (obviously I cannot claim to be completely unbiased, but I’m trying to be as close to the text as possible) as much as a lot of the dialogue I’m working with is something like “a single line that gets dropped really quickly and without much fanfare”. The character arcs are not spelled out for you in concrete words, and you have to pay attention to what people do and say at what times and figure “wait, they wouldn’t have done this three episodes ago,” and the funny thing is that it’s because the characters are so consistently written and the themes so airtight that you can figure this out confidently when you get there, but it’s so bad at communicating this explicitly that even adults watching it will easily miss it on a first watch (let alone the kids!), and I’m sitting here able to write this because I’ve seen the Japanese version of Adventure and 02 multiple times now and have the benefit of consulting with friends who can catch things I don’t. (If you see someone out there in a different place making similar comments about the series to mine: it’s probably because of this.) Even then I learn even more every time I open an episode to get a screenshot and notice something I didn’t. This is a really precise series. I love the fact it trusts its audience enough to try and deliver those messages without being heavy-handed about it, but this is seriously overkill.
Given that, plus the added factor of the fact that the dub staff was not warned in advance about where the plot was going to go and were basically having to make a ton of predictions or assumptions on the fly, I feel like this situation was probably a bit inevitable (albeit, maybe just me thinking “I do at least wish you’d have been a bit more careful”). But, well, whether it was inevitable or not, or whether you can blame the staff for what happened or what didn’t, what happened is what happened, and I honestly do believe that a lot of 02′s reputation on this side of the ocean for being “incomprehensible and full of plot holes” or having “nonsensical character arcs” was exacerbated by the dub making those seemingly minimal changes that ended up throwing off that very subtle balance and thus making it actually impossible to make a consistent thread out of things that were very consistent in Japanese.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen the dub myself, so getting examples off the top of my head is hard, but I’ll put what I can remember under the cut:
Most of the below points are in regards to 02, since Adventure was much more of a linear series and you don't get as much interference with following its story and narrative, but you do still get some things like the occasional mistranslation of a line creating accidental speculation for wild theories that wouldn't actually apply in Japanese (the infamous "half-brothers" line being one of these). The character that I feel was impacted the most is probably Mimi; like Daisuke (below) she lashes out at things she doesn't like, but she never is condescending towards anyone and is shown to be extremely likeable and compassionate towards anyone and everyone, never being rude or stepping on anyone's toes. That didn't show up at all in the dub, so it was harder to rationalize how she was such an empathetic person in the second half (but you could chalk that up to character development, so perhaps it's not as much of a big deal).
02′s plot is a bit “crowded” and convoluted in its second half no matter what language you watch it in, but the Japanese version would usually give you just enough information to consider it resolved before moving on (whether you’re satisfied with that information is probably subjective, but nevertheless, it understood that the audience deserved at least some explanation and gave it). That’s not the case in the dub, and it leads to “loose hanging plot threads” or “plot holes” that weren’t actually the case in Japanese. For instance, the plotline about the Dark Ocean sea creatures was not a cliffhanger in Japanese -- like, of course, a lot of us may be curious about what they’d be up to next, but, technically speaking, they did actually tell Hikari “you don’t want to come with us? Oh. Okay then. Your loss” and left her to do whatever she wanted instead of “we’re coming back for you.” Overall, it’s kind of an odd situation where, while even Japanese viewers (especially ones who have only seen it once, i.e. most people) have historically also gotten thrown off by the plot, people who have dedicated time to studying the Japanese version do eventually come to think “oh, wait, this made sense after all” and can write essays or thoughtful pieces on it, whereas for the dub it’s not as easy because the plot (as presented) is contradictory and unresolved in many ways.
Daisuke’s characterization. I mention this a lot because of how important of a character he is to 02′s themes, but also because (look, I swear, I promise I don’t mean this as a dig against those who do like Davis and were able to see the better parts of him from the get-go) a lot of his dub-exclusive traits are the most common reasons cited by people who hate him. For a bit of personal testimony, Davis used to confuse the hell out of me as a kid, because it did not make sense to me why someone who was so arrogant and self-absorbed would suddenly switch to bowing his head at the Emperor or being so kind to Ken so quickly; it felt almost a bit like shilling or at least inconsistent character writing, before I first watched the Japanese version and got a completely different impression of the character from the get-go. For all it’s worth, even Japanese spinoff media is guilty of misinterpreting his character, and it’s lately given me a huge sense of irony that he’s so constantly accused of being a character who’s flat or lacking in character development when he might actually be one of the most unusual or difficult to pin down characters in this cast. How many characters will you ever see that float this balance of being so genuinely all-loving and pure-hearted while also being so rough around the edges?
Voice direction. No, seriously. This is something I would probably not bring up for any other series (especially since I did also start off with the English dub and have my own deep attachment to the voices there), but because we’re talking about one of the most frustratingly subtle series I’ve seen in my life, and one that’s so dependent on “how this character is acting at this time,” this actually becomes a big deal, and especially because the series (and Japanese anime in general) will sometimes have the character writing be adjusted to match voice actor performance. You are supposed to get a very strong vibe of just how bubbly and cheerful Miyako is all of the time, or get an ever so slightly unnerving vibe from Takeru’s supposedly cheerful attitude, and, in addition, it’s important to pay attention to the contrast some of these characters can have -- Daisuke is an overly emotional person, which means that not only does he get instinctively angry at things he doesn’t like, he can also get dramatically sad and heartbroken and melancholic, so you understand that he really feels for everyone, including in a compassionate way. I think the “depth of range” of the characters’ voice performances was especially important for Daisuke and Miyako in particular.
Tying into the above point about contrast, one thing 02 was pretty well known for was that it would float the balance between silly humor and cracking down on being very serious and toeing into psychological horror, and unfortunately I think the dub kind of got the impression it needed to be silly all of the time, which undercut a lot of the moments when 02 was really trying to say something important. (Criticize the dub’s penchant for making jokes and you’ll be accused of being “no fun”; I promise you that I also find a lot of the jokes hilarious myself, it’s just I have misgivings over when they really needed to sometimes cut it out and let the more serious and emotional moments stand on their own.) This is especially in the case of Daisuke, who, in moments like the Chimeramon incident, was portrayed as being practically on the verge of tears, and that has an overall impact on the depth of his character when you understand that he can be very emotionally compromised by his heart crying out for those around him, versus a very lighthearted atmosphere where he doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously...
I feel like the dub staff was a bit confused about how everyone was supposed to approach Ken (and, to be fair, this is a massive plot swerve that I’m sure caught even the dub writers off guard!), because the order in which everyone accepted him was very carefully timed, but the dub has things like T.K. having confidence in him having changed a lot earlier than Takeru did, or Yolei suddenly going back on her decision to accept him one episode prior and Davis suddenly being the only one open-minded about him again.
Making T.K. and Kari more “vocal” characters who speak their minds more easily probably seemed like a harmless decision at first, especially since Japanese culture overall enforces a higher standard of politeness and sticking to that too closely can make Westerners perceive them as overly stiff, but the reason this poses an issue is that Takeru and Hikari’s inability to honestly vocalize their feelings is part of the plot, and greatly shapes how they interact with others in the group and their eventual Jogress arcs. It’s why Daisuke's behavior towards Takeru and Hikari in the beginning is the way it is, because neither of them are being honest or telling him to cut it out and he (being the painfully straightforward person he is) doesn’t know what to do about this situation. You are supposed to get a slightly unnerving atmosphere from them because you can’t tell what they’re thinking, and you know they’re not being honest. That very important episode 13 is about the fact they can’t communicate, and Takeru’s sudden snapping at Hikari and pushing her away further is a precursor to the rest of his arc about him being emotionally isolated from the rest of the group due to his tendency to do this, which is not as apparent when the key line is changed to something about him caring about her a lot. (This is what I mean about single-line changes that seem minor at first eventually having a mass ripple effect when applied consistently enough.)
In general, I think it becomes much harder to discern the character arcs when these changes get applied; again, 02 was a series where its characters were written with such a strong sense of airtightness that you could make some pretty conclusive inferences out of single dialogue lines and paying attention, but when all of those details are thrown off, it’s easy to say that there’s inconsistent/sloppy writing with the characters, and write the whole thing off as having no development or character arc.
By the end of the series, you are definitely supposed to get the impression that everyone adores each other and that this is an extremely tight group that’s borderline inseparable (not only the Jogress pairs). Series about relationships, and such. I honestly think that, as far as the Digimon franchise goes, only the Appmon group has remotely been able to compete with them for this position; you can take two 02 characters and easily write an essay about how they see each other. This is not as strong in the dub, because you get a lot of rather insulting remarks (especially to and from Davis) between people; you’re not supposed to leave 02 with the impression that any two from the team would have anything but adoring love for each other, but coming from the dub could give you the impression that they don’t like each other much at all. Because some of the lines were substantially changed or added while others were carried over by plot mandate, it’s of course possible to also come to the same conclusion as one would with the Japanese version, but the thing with the dub is that you almost have to play a game of which lines to take seriously and which to not in order to do an analysis of relationships, whereas in Japanese you don’t even really have a reason to question anything.
Again, while I’m of the opinion that the changes in the dub did have an overall adverse impact on how the series holds itself together (I’m not going to pretend that I’m not), I do want to reiterate that my stance is that this all happened because of a combination of factors, with the Japanese version being frustratingly subtle and the dub writers having to work with what they had, with no advance warning given about a series that went in a ton of different directions at once and didn’t always play to conventional expectations. It’s like the world’s worst game of telephone. I want to be vocal about the fact that this is what happened, but it’s not something I want to do out of spite or condescension towards the dub staff (who worked very hard!) nor the people who enjoy or prefer it.
And, ultimately, despite everything being so subtle, it is there, and the substance is there even if it got a bit further obscured by the dub, and that’s why you have a ton of fans of 02 internationally who at least were able to catch onto some of what it wanted to say. I’m running an analysis blog that is extremely dependent on working with the nuances in the Japanese version, so of course I’m going to point out all of the places where the dub probably interfered with that, but at the same time that shouldn’t be taken as me writing the whole thing off as an inferior product, especially when it was such a vital piece in bringing 02 (and Digimon in general) to people overseas. The message may have gotten a bit more obscured, but most of its critical substance still made it. I want to continue pushing for broader awareness that there is a difference so that we can bridge this gap between those who have seen it in Japanese (or a similar dub) and those who haven’t, and so we can prevent a few more pointless arguments that actually stem from this mismatch, but that’s all I’d really like to push for.
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writingbeary · a month ago
Quiet. It was not a word Kyuhyun would really associate with you, whenever you're around there's always singing, laughter, and chatter. But currently, it's the only way to describe your apartment. It's too silent that he initially thought you might have gone outside to buy something, so imagine his surprise to find you in the middle of the living room sprawled out on the carpet hugging a cushion.
Worried. That's how he will describe his feelings at the moment. You haven't acknowledged his presence nor have you made any sound from your position and yes he did a quick check if you were breathing. He had to check. You cannot blame him though, he isn't used to you suddenly being this silent. He also instant replayed your conversation last night if there was something that made you upset but as far as he could remember, you were happy that he finally managed to get some time off and visit you.
"Y/N, how are you feeling?" he asked carefully. He did not want to ask what happened in fear you'll remember whatever it is that made you this quiet. He was worried that something bad happened to you and he has no idea how to help.
"Do you think Dory is happy?"
"Huh? Who? Who's Dory?" your sudden and random question took him by surprise but oh, was he glad you were now talking.
"Dory, the fish. Finding Nemo? Finding Dory? The blue marlin."
He released a breath he didn't know he was holding and chuckled before sitting down next to you. "Yah! I thought something serious happened."
"But this is serious!" you lightly shoved the cushion to his chest and sat up. "Imagine, she only had her memory for 3 seconds! Do you think those 3 seconds were happy memories or an endless repeat of sad ones?"
Kyuhyun pulled you in and placed you in between his legs, letting you lean on him hugging you from the back. "I don't think that's how it works, baby." he laughs continuing "but don't you think that Dory is satisfied with her life regardless?"
"Yeah, I mean I just think she either knows how to look at things in a positive light or she just wants to be strong in front of everyone."
"Can't we just think of it that she's happy? She made friends and went on an adventure. But why are you even thinking about this? and so seriously too." he asked playing with your hands
"Nothing much. I watched the movie again while waiting but I'm not sure if it's because I'm older now but it feels different from when I first saw it." you grinned turning your head a bit to look at him.
"Seriously and here I thought something terribly wrong has happened. Baby, I'm already old. Please don't scare me like that." Sure, you had him panicking and worried. Sure, it was completely random. But you have to admit that moments like this gives him happiness. Happy that you've completely opened yourself to him to share your thoughts no matter how weird or out of the blue it is.
You laughed placing a kiss on his cheek "No promises! I quite like making surprises. You should have seen your expression. Oh! That's right. Remember that time when I asked you about..."
He smiled listening to you talk animatedly. This is what he is used to whenever you're around, stories of your day with laughter shared between the two of you, and actions that brighten the place. But most importantly, there's you. Your presence alone lifts his spirits up and that alone is more than enough reason for him to think of a future with you.
Tumblr media
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abbylouamanda · a month ago
Clear day (Keith Kogane X reader)
I had a lot of fun writing this! So I hope you guys enjoy this!(BTW I did not proofread.)
"I pulled some strings and got each of you 10 tokens. Use them on games, foods, rides." The older male handed you ten coins.
Keith begins to speak."Let's remember why we came here in the first place, to provide security for the event." You can't help but smile at his seriousness.
"Yeah,I'm going to go find the Arcadia and patrol there!" Pidge and the others quickly run off.
You grab Keith's hand, and smirk at him teasingly.
"Keith relax, go have fun." Shiro encourages.
"If we're not here for protection, what are we even doing here?" Your boyfriend raises an eyebrow at the other male.
"Keith," You catch his attention, then you continue. "Morale is low on the Atlas at the moment. This might help the crew members relax and get back on track." This doesn't seem to satisfy him, but shakes his head in agreement. "Now go and have fun with your girlfriend!" Shiro practically pushes the both of you towards a ramdom ride.
Though instead of getting on a ride Keith begins to ask pedestrians if they've seen anything suspicions. "Yeah there's weirdo that's going around, bothering people, asking if they've seen anything suspicious." You stiffel a laugh when Keith realizes that the pedestrian is talking about him. Both the girls run away giggling. You smirk and begin to tease your boyfriend. "I'm glad to see you're making friends." Keith begins to grow annoyed "I wasn't making friends. I'm trying to-"
"Come on you're holding up the line!" An older alien cuts off Keith. People behind you groan in agreement. "Wait what do you mean?" You question with both eyebrows raised.
Next thing you know you're on the ride. "Wait sir we didn't mean to get on this ride!" You try to explain, not wanting to waste your coins on this ride. "Yeah,why were you in line then?" The rider operator shoots back rudely. "We've already told you we didn't mean to get in line." Keith says as the bar lowers on your lap. "Yeah likely story. Keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times. You use them you lose them. I hope you have a blissfully boring time." The ride operator pulls the lever, and the ride begins to start.
You guys start going through a tunnel, when a teeth like door opens into a disgustingly colorful room.( I don't even know how to explain this.) And these animatronics are singing a song about clear day. Your boyfriend is sitting there with his arms crossed looking bored. You cring at the song and all the colors. " I love musicals as much as the next person-but my god."
As if the fates heard you the ride comes to a complete stop.
A monotone voice then comes over a crackly speaker. "Sorry for the inconvenience we'll get the ride up and running in a jiffy. Stay in your seats." You look to Keith whose eyes are just says wide as yours. As you stared at each other the song only seemed to get louder and more obvious.
After about half an hour the ride begins to move." Thank you for your patience everything should be in working order now. Again have a blissfully boring day." The crackly voice comes over the speaker. You and Keith of both sigh in relief. Then the ride comes to a jerking stop again. You begin to absolutely lose your cool. THAT FREAKING IT!KEITH!" You look your boyfriend.
"Already ahead of you!" He pulls out his Bayard and slices the safety bar in half. "Thank you." He holds out his hand to you."Come on I wanna get out of here." He helps you out of car mouth thing.
Once you slice your way out of ride you find yourself in an unfamiliar spot. "Where are we?" You look around trying to spot something familiar, before you feel a tugging on your sleeve pulling your attention to Keith. "Is that Coran?" You look in the direction Keith is pointing. "Oh is." You see the male Aletan on a stage, looking like he's seriously constipated. After his opponent lets out a strange screech. "This day cannot get any weirder." You mumble as Keith's thumb goes back and forth across your knuckles subconsciously. Korean then lets out a sound that a seal would make then he proceeds to act like a monkey on crack. " I think it just did." Keith mumbles looking slightly traumatized.
After that slightly traumatizing event you all grouped up to watch Shiro arm wrestle. "Wait- is that who I think it is?!" You point to Shiro's opponent "It totally is!" Lance yells in excitement. The match then begins to get really intense. Everyone is screaming and getting really into it. Including Keith and yourself. When shiro slams down his opponent's hand you all run up to him and congratulate him on his victory.
"You know I had a lot of fun today." Keith Smiles at you as you walk back to the Lions. "You did?" You laugh.
"Well other than getting stuck on that ride." He rolls his eyes." But any time I spend with you is enjoyable." You smile trying to hide your blush by pushing him away teasingly. "Come on love birds hurry up!" You Pidge and Lance yell. You look down at your unspent coins with a smile.
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ren-deru-16 · a month ago
Episode 11
Arima called out to the two boys in Dope Sketch and was greeted by their screams of pain while covering their eyes. She sweat dropped. “Um… what happened here? Ah, Sketchy-chan, hello.”
The little fox happily jumped to her and nuzzled its head on her chin.
“No fair. That little guy really loves you.” Reki complains. “He had the nerve to throw the mini skateboards on both Langa and I after teaching him that trick. And we’re the ones working in Dope Sketch.”
“That must’ve hurt…” she sweat dropped even more when she saw their red eyes. “Sketchy-chan, that was very wrong. You should apologize.”
The fox made some sort of hmph sound and looked away.
“Ah, Sketchy can be pretty prideful.” Manager Oka said as soon as he arrived. “Hey, Ari. Need to check some new wheels?”
“I’m all good. Besides, isn’t that Reki-kun’s usual thing?”
“That’s right. Ari’s a simple-brained skater who only skates, regardless of whatever board is thrown to her.” Reki nods. “She’ll literally try any type of board I make.”
She sighed before grimacing from the memory. “Please don’t remind of that one time we tried the spiked wheels.”
“Spiked wheels?” Langa asked but it was unanswered when someone entered the shop.
“You’re that guy from the love hotel!” Reki cried out after seeing Tadashi.
“Love hotel?!” Arima, Langa and Okay looked at him in disbelief.
Reki seem to realize what he said and quickly corrected his self. “A-Ah, that’s not what I-”
“What kind of place is that?” the blue haired teen asked.
“Are you that innocent?!”
Arima was pale and she hugged her self while trembling “L-Love hotel… a minor and an adult… a-and I thought that only happens in TV drama… R-Reki-kun, are you all right?”
“Just how wild is your imagination?!”
The man paid no heed to their chaotic assumptions and gave Reki a black heart shaped card. “Take this.”
“What is this?”
The words were imprinted was The Third Wheel.
Arima’s look turned serious. “I don’t like how it was addressed to Reki-kun.”
“Third wheel… something like someone getting in the way or an obstacle… and it was given to Reki-kun too.”
“ADAM has nominated you to be SHADOW’s substitute.” Tadashi said. “But you should decline. The previous beef with you was just him playing around.”
“Even with Arima’s beef with him?” Oka asked.
“I’d normally say yes but during his beef against DEVIL, ADAM was playing a little seriously.”
“Please wait just a moment.” Arima spoke up at the mention of ADAM’s name. “I’m happy that Reki-kun is nominated to skate but, why did ADAM of all people want him? He’s not part of the finalists and he hasn’t joined in the tournament. Is he planning something? Something that could very much hurt him?”
She may not look like it but she’s very protective of her friends.
Reki’s eyes widened. “O-Oi, Ari-”
“If you’re looking for Shadow’s substitute, there’s also DEVIL to fill in the spot. The numbers were odd to begin with.”
Tadashi looked at her. “ADAM didn’t want DEVIL to skate in the finals.”
Her red and gold eyes widened.
“Hah?! Oi, why are you guys rejecting Ari?! She was in fair and square and a listed participant! Why-”
“But,” Tadashi cuts him off “That doesn’t necessarily mean she cannot skate.”
“Eh?” the three teens tilted their heads in confusion.
“ADAM only says that he didn’t want DEVIL to skate. But, in the eyes of other skaters, she’s still a valid participant.”
“So you are saying that… I can still skate but, I’ll be pit against to whoever’s the last one standing?” she said.
“That basically sums it up.” He says and turns to Reki. “If you decline this invitation, ADAM will have no choice but to be pit against DEVIL and he’s avoiding that. You should decline it.”
“Is he avoiding a beef with Arima that badly?” Langa asked rather curiously.
“Why do you prefer me to skate against ADAM instead of Reki-kun?” Arima asked.
Tadashi didn’t answer.
Reki sighs and answered with a grin. “I couldn’t ask for more! I’ll accept the invitation.”
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sparklytvdaddicit · a month ago
𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐄: Pietro Maximoff
Tumblr media
𝑰𝒎𝒂𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒆 𝑷𝒊𝒆𝒕𝒓𝒐 𝑴𝒂𝒙𝒊𝒎𝒐𝒇𝒇 𝒔𝒑𝒐𝒕𝒔 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒕 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆 𝑹𝒐𝒈𝒆𝒓𝒔 𝒘𝒆𝒅𝒅𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒕𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔 𝒕𝒐 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒆 𝒂𝒃𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒎𝒔 𝒔𝒆𝒆𝒎 𝒏𝒐𝒕 𝒕𝒐 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒌 𝒐𝒏 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒔 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒑𝒆𝒆𝒅𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒇𝒖𝒔𝒆𝒅 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒕𝒐𝒕𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒐 𝒔𝒆𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒈𝒂𝒊𝒏.
Pietro was a person who got bored pretty quick. There was nothing that could keep him interested for very long. He wanted something new every minute nd still here he was standing in the same hall for more than three hours seeing people dance and chatter.
There was no doubt he was happy for his friend. Steve had finally found a girl, the Captain would finally lose his virginity giving the speedster a golden opportunity to make many jokes teasing the star-spangled man and his Mrs but this reception was something he was done with. Seeing the same faces doing the same thing for this long was making him feel slightly nauseous...or was nausea because of alcohol, he wasn't sure and frankly didn't even care enough to figure out. With metabolism as fast as him it was difficult getting drunk and even harder staying drunk for long so he planned to enjoy it till it lasted.
He scanned the room trying to spot his sister so that he could bother her for a while but she was on the dance floor with Vision.
"Toaster" he scoffed before gulping down the bourbon he had left in his glass. He didn't hate Vision in any way he just felt Wanda could do better. Honestly, for him, no one was good enough for her sister. She was beautiful, powerful and everything good in the world how could any man be good enough for her he thought maybe her sister read his mind and decided to date an Android instead
Shaking his head as his eyes were greeted by the sight of Wanda and Vision stealing a peck thinking no one saw he shook his head in disdain and already started planning Vision's murder when his eyes landed on a silhouette.
Among the crowd of many unremarkable faces there she stood in a beautiful red dress hugging every curves of her body perfectly, her hair falling just inches above her hips looking luscious with soft curls of perfection.
He recognised her dress. He has seen her at the ceremony earlier hugging the bride but unfortunately he missed her face.
So not missing the chance this time his eyes travelled from her body on to her face, his heart skipped a beat, saying that she looked angelic would be considered an understatement. From her shining eyes to her perfect nose to her full red lips everything about her was bewitching and Pietro couldn't take his eyes off her.
She was magnificent. The more he looked the more he felt himself getting drawn to her. Thankfully her eyes were fixated on the mobile in her hand either wise she would have noticed him a glare and who knows labelled him as a creep.
Looking around he made sure she didn't have a date with her, embarrassing himself was the last thing he wanted to do but fortunately enough there was no one around, maybe she was alone after all.
Finishing the drink in his hand he decided to go over and talk to her. Pushing his hands through his hair once or twice and pulling down his coat he moved to her picking two wine glasses from the waiter who passed him on the way.
"Red wine for the lady in Red." He said in his thick Sokovian accent making your head look up from your phone which lost all your attention as your eyes landed on the person standing in front of you. And boy was it a sight worth staring.
"Why thank you, sir." You smiled politely taking the glass from him, he returned the gesture and with the small clink to the glass in your hand from the one in his he took a sip of his wine.
"So the Bride or the groom?" He questioned and being your usual not giving a straight forward answer you sipped your wine and replied.
"None?" He repeated his head turning to you waiting for the explanation.
"I am gate crashing." You shrugged messing with him but making it look as natural as possible but instead of showing any sign of believing he chuckled.
"You cannot be serious." He shook his head.
"No seriously, when you are broke gate crashing is the best way to get free alcohol." You took another sip of wine enjoying it every passing minute.
"Don't tell me you are brides or grooms brother and are gonna kick me out or something." You let out a fake gasp making him chuckle again. His laughter was turning out to be contagious as you couldn't help but crack a smile yourself.
"I am not and even if I was I wouldn't kick you out," he answered leaving you a bit uncertain how to react.
"Who are you? Some kind of guardian angel for gate crashers?" And once again your ears were gifted by his melodious chuckles. This is going way better than you expected.
"You were here since the very beginning of the wedding. If you were here just for the wine you would have come during the reception and I might have seen you talk to the bride and even hugging her," he explained leaving you silent for a minute but you were not giving up this soon.
"Stalker much?" You raised a brow but he simply shrugged taking yet another sip of his wine.
"I prefer the word observant." He said making your eyes roll back playfully.
"Well, Mr Observant you guessed it right. I am not a gate crasher. It would have been cool if I was one though." You admitted.
"Mhm so cool."
"I am the ex!" You blurted out trying to see if he would fall for this one.
"Huh...Which ones?" He questioned. You were a good friend of the bride's and the idea of seeing her romantically was making an image in drunk mind that you would surely regret later so you stopped thinking and answered.
"The grooms. Though now I feel like I should have dated the bride." You sighed trying to sound sympathetic.
"The gate crasher story was more believable." Dammit, you cursed under your breathe. He was good.
"And why is that?" You asked wanting to know what made him catch you.
"Cause I know the groom! His wife is like the only person he has ever dated and is now getting married to!"
"Wow" You chuckled a little shocked. You weren't a real believer of one true love, not with only a single person at least.
"I know lucky right?" Pietro on other hand seemed to be on another page. Even though he would never admit he was a hopeless romantic.
"He found the love of his life in the first go." He pointed out.
"I mean..Yeah." You muttered keeping your views to yourself as the wedding wasn't the most suitable place to say you found the one true love concept overrated.
"You don't believe in love now?" He questioned with hope clinging to his eyes that you would say yes you do. You saw it so instead of crushing it all at once you changed the topic.
"I believe in making love."
"Oh Really?" A small smirk had begun forming onto his lips as you nodded.
"Mhm...why come back to the same person every day of your life when you can come back with a new person every day instead."
"Couldn't really disagree with that!"
"Well then cheers to lovemaking then." You clinked your almost empty glass to his.
"Cheers!" He repeated after you before gulping all that was left in the glass.
"So..." He spoke again and you moved your head in his direction giving him your attention.
He moved a couple of steps further and leaned down toward your face, you were confused but you didn't back away you wanted to see where this was going.
"What do you think about us two going somewhere and discussing more about this huh?" He whispered in his accent making a shiver pass down your spine.
For a minute you thought you might fall down but you didn't. You managed to stay still and pull it back together
"I say..." You stepped even closer to him placing your hand on his cheeks.
"You say..." He raised a brow with his hands slowly moving to your waist.
"And..?" He questioned feeling more excited every passing minute waiting for your answer.
You smirked tiptoeing making you two stand even closer. Your lips almost brushing past one another. You moved your hand from his face and placed them on the top of his hands that wrapped around your waist.
"You have a very pretty face" Your nails traced the shape of his face.
Slowly pushing them apart letting you out of his arms you whispered next of his mouth "No." Leaving a confused and totally aroused Pietro seeing you move away.
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readbythestarlight · a month ago
How we feeling everyone? Are we ready for the possibility of everything going absolutely and horribly wrong? I know I’m not!
This man
"I have a mirror where is it?!" Sam
I hope he was planning on a haircut anyway
The things this man will do to horrify his friends
"That was despicable" he says of his friends (mostly) doing his best to keep him from destroying his hair
"Do we still do years!?" mood
Matt did you just call them Vox Machina
Yeeeeesssss Yasha time to prove yourself baby!!
Oh dang Matt that’s a cool way to make sure the rest of them get to be involved
I have a feeling that (if) she loses the lesson will be that her strength comes from her friends and that she doesn’t have to do things alone? Something along those lines
Damn Liam don’t hold back xD
They’re gonna kill her in the first round omg
I love how they’re still so proud whenever she remembers to rage
Thank Kord for that tho
Travis’s just literal YELLS of delight when she goes reckless lol
S: "what’s my backstory"
M: ":) here’s ur backstory u little shit"
Travis just SHOUTING is literally the best part of this
He’s having SO much fun and is so happy for Ashley it’s adorable
RIP storm Laura
I thought for sure she said 66 and I died
Sam is truly the most chaotic man I’ve ever seen
Sam’s antics are so funny
Go Yasha go Yasha go Yasha come on girl
YES it’s about time
I’m having some emotions
Oh thank gods Wentsforth is okay at least
I’m still worried as fuck about Yussah though
Something tells me he’s not on Darktow?
he asked you NOT to
I’m gonna be emo about Fjord and Vandrin now
"No spoilers please" oh I love him instantly
Hot springs before they gk to a nice frozen wasteland of doom, good call
Oh I hope he’s not upset
Okay good
I’m glad that went over well
Yeah y’all should definitely warn Essek? And you should definitely like? Call him? Now?
"Do you think you could work alongside your abuser?" THANK you Beau for straight up calling it like it is
I really really really don’t want them fighting alongside Trent
And also they should kinda consult Essek about this? He’s not gonna want to fight alongside them
Also yeah listen Beau’s right the concern isn’t about you killing him it’s about him preying on and distracting you through your trauma
"You may be under scrutiny. Ikythong could know about our involvement with you. He could be coming. Maybe we could help though. Where are you now?"
Oh boy poor Essek
"This is challenging tidings. Um. Then I cannot stay here long. I am at the outpost. If you still need my help we should leave soon. Soon."
Oh babe.
god he’s the best little brother
Okay okay they made it to Eiselcross at least
Now just get to my boy
Oh NO that’s too far
I was hoping we’d get into a fight this episode just to save my stress levels but at this point it’s looking like that will be next week
Literally my only consolation rn is that Matt won’t send them into another huge battle with no spells if he can help it
Aw Fjord! He seems upset :(
“Friends, please, enter.”
Y’all listen to Essek in this
Trent isn’t to be trusted here
Caleb apologizing for putting Essek in danger like Caleb babe </3
He was already in danger
Oh SHIT I’ve been waiting for Essek to find out about the eyes on Caleb (and Beau but obviously mostly Caleb)
I should write fic about that actually
Seriously though guys please listen to Essek on this one
E: “I am jealous... of the bravery and confidence you have in such things. I am still a coward.”
C: “Coward? You’ve dared much.” (Okayokayokayokayokay)
E: “I have done everything for myself, and when any of it came to bear I have done everything I can to hide and flee. I am more than happy to go and put my life on the line for this cause, but there is something about that man and what he could bring upon me and those he—he may very well be coming anyway, but if you want to work with him I may have to work independently, maybe follow. I feel I would make this messier than it needs to work. I’m not saying I’d leave you alone, but... you’d have to work separately.”
Thank god Fjord thanks for seeing reason
“Would you mind terribly taking off your shirt?”
Caduceus that’s Caleb’s line
For real tho guys plz listen to Essek and don’t ask Trent for help
“One person that we can trust—“ they trust Essek again and I’m CRYING about it
OmG I can’t breathe
Hot boiiiiio finally going on a trip with the gang! Sure hope nobody does horrifically!
“We are going to stick with you. We feel we can trust you more.”
Like a small hit to the heart and also making him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside y’all I’m crying
“I am thankful for the trust you put in me and I hope to... make this up to you. ...Anyway I’m bad at such discussions. Shall we?”
Dagen makes nine
Prayer circle for next week guys I can’t lose a second purple fave in this campaign
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lokibarnez · a month ago
Silver Siblings - Chapter 8
A/N: I put some Pietro's lines when he was talking to Erik in blue to identify him
Tumblr media
Pietro woke up at headquarters waiting for another broadcast
“Hey man, did you sleep around here?”, Jimmy said entering the room with Darcy. He handed a cup of coffee to Pietro accepted
“I fell asleep watching the rest of the '80s episode. I can't believe Wanda got pregnant from a walking microwave.”
"That's because you didn't see that the boys took less than 24 hours to turn ten", Darcy said, sitting down next to Pietro and turning on another television.
Pietro approached a wall with several identified faces, except one
“Didn't you find out who plays the nosy neighbor?”
“Not yet.” who spoke was Monica, who had just appeared “She was always around Wanda, do you know if they were friends before the Hex?”
“How would I know? I spent 8 years stuck in another dimension. But Wanda was never an easy person to have friends, it is even strange to see her so close to this neighbor on the show.”
"Has your father given you any news since the transmission ended?" Jimmy asked
“No. It is understandable, he cannot afford to speak ‘alone’ in front of Wanda and Vision”.
Suddenly, Pietro started listening to a song.
“Great, 90s opening.”
He approached the television and saw his nephews. His heart heated up with the idea of ​​having nephews. He would be a great uncle
Let's see how good Peter is going to be
“Seriously, I can't believe that Wanda had kids! Are they real?”
“Everything there is very real. I saw babies being born” Monica said
“I know, but how real are they? What happens to them if she ends the Hex?”
At that moment, Pietro realized that no one would know how to answer that so he let it go
“Pietro Maximoff as himself? Mr. Maximoff as himself? Was that on purpose?” Pietro asked looking at the introductions of Peter and Erik
"Well, some part of Wanda must know that they are not who they say they are," Jimmy said. He and Monica left while Pietro and Darcy continued to watch.
Pietro hoped things would work out. He tried to forget it but he knew that Wanda didn’t trust Erik
“Erik, you don't have to answer me. But please, rescue Peter as soon as possible. I feel like we don't have much time. Normally I would tell you to be subtle, but now I say, do what is necessary.” Pietro sent the message to Erik knowing he would hear
Inside the Hex, Erik saw Billy talking to the walls. He thought he was out of the picture when he received the first message from Pietro, but realized that he was not receiving the second.
“You look like a grandpa.”
Erik just rolled his eyes and faced the same wall that Billy did before. Then he decided to go back to the character and followed Billy to the kitchen, where Tommy was also breaking the fourth wall.
“Grandpa, what about your costume?” Billy asked
“What? Oh, sure! My costume ... I don't know, I think I forgot in Sokovia!”
“What did you do in Sokovia, grandpa? “Tommy asked
“Oh, I ... " He waited for an answer from Pietro. At the headquarters, the silver haired boy was almost panicking, Erik was a horrible actor
“Make up something! Talk about the mansion but don't mention the mutants, improvise!”
“Sokovia! Your grandpa had a lot of friends in Sokovia, I was a partner with a very rich guy who lived in a huge mansion, but he couldn't walk so I did almost all of his work.”
“Way better.” Pietro said, relieved
“What was he doing?” Billy asked.
Erik couldn't take it anymore. Those boys were very curious
“He was a school principal. No more questions, where's your useless uncle?”
They went into the living room and saw Peter sprawled on the couch asleep
“Man, he even snores cool.”
“Looks like a pig”, Erik whispered
"I'm gonna go wake him up," Tommy said, but Billy stopped him. They started a conversation about Billy thinking his uncle was a vampire
“Erik, the sleeping beauty is waking up”
At the same time, Peter got up and started running after the boys
“Should I be concerned with any theory of you thinking that I am Frankenstein?”
“Tommy thought that because you always have something on your head!” Billy shouted while Peter still surrounded the boys around the house.
At that moment Wanda came down the stairs in a fantasy that Erik thought was ridiculous, but decided not to say anything.
“Oh! Somebody better be bleeding, broken or on fire!”
“Whoa mom! Are you old red riding hood?” Billy asked
“I'm a Sokovian fortune teller”
“Wow! That is so...” Erik started and Tommy and Peter continued
“Worse than the costumes mom made us the year we got typhus”
Where did Peter get that from? Erik noticed Wanda's confused look and asked Pietro a question
“Pietro ... Is that really what happened?”
“No! It must be false memories!”
“Yea! Don't you remember Wanda?”
“Not really, that's not exactly how I remember it”
“You probably suppressed a lot of the trauma.” Peter said and Pietro rolled his eyes as he watched. He added one more note to his list "What happened to Peter Maximoff?"
1. He was sucked into a portal while we were playing video games
2. Somehow bizarre has lost consciousness and thinks he's me
3. He has false memories
When Billy said that Peter was a "man child", Pietro had to agree.
He almost spitted out the coffee when Vision came down with his fantasy
“Darcy! Look at Vision! That's ridiculous”
Darcy started to laugh and offered cookies to Pietro who immediately accepted
“I'll tell you, this brother of yours is great with kids, does he have children?”
Pietro started to laugh remembering something that had happened a few years ago
“We do not know actually. What happened was that Peter and I were dating the same girl at the same time, but we didn't know. Then one day she disappeared, we were both surprised and it was there that we discovered that it was the same girl and that she was with both of us at the same time. It was really weird. So, we found out she was pregnant.”
“No way!”
“I´m serious! She lived far away, you know? But then she said that she ran away from us because she found out she was pregnant and didn't know who was the father. The DNA test wouldn't do any good since mine was like Peter's after the mind stone, so we thought about staying with the child, but guess what happened?”
“Was she already with someone else?”
“Exactly. That one got over it fast. But the mansion was full of children, they adored us. We were the favorite uncles.”
They turned their attention back to the episode and Peter had just appeared in costume with Tommy. The first thing Pietro thought was that they were just like Quicksilver, the stuffed toy
Suddenly, Hayward came back with Monica and Jimmy. Darcy approached them, but Pietro paid no attention to the conversation until he heard Hayward talking about Wanda.
“We take her out and this whole nightmare ends.”
“What?”, Pietro ran towards the director “I don't know if I was clear enough, but you won't put a finger on my sister”
“What is he still doing here?”
“I'm helping, something apparently you haven't been doing. Ordering SWORD agents to interfere, throwing missiles at my sister and my nephews, tracking Vision? Director, I know you're hiding something from everyone here, and I know exactly what it is.”
Everyone there faced Pietro. Nobody had talked to Hayward like that
“You don't know what you're getting into, Maximoff”
“No, you don't know what you're getting into, Hayward. Answer in front of everyone, what do you intend to do with Vision's body?”
"Do you really feel entitled to come here after all these years and attack me like that?" You don't know what happened in the years when you weren't here. Your sister has become a threat that we no longer have to control.”
“Don't use the last years as an excuse to be a coward.” Monica said and Pietro smiled proudly
Hayward ordered Monica, Darcy, Jimmy and Pietro to be removed from SWORD, but Pietro was not going to give up, he had a plan
“OK! I will, but I think it's important for you all to know, that my sister never stole Vision’s body. Hayward keeps it tucked away, just waiting for a way to bring it back. So I don't know, but I guarantee you will pay for whatever you are doing.”
“You can't accuse me without evidence!”
“I don't need evidence. As soon as my dad leaves the Hex, he'll take the confession out of you. For better or for worse.”
When the agents took them outside, Pietro knocked them out and hid their bodies. Jimmy, Monica and Darcy were left without understanding what had happened
“Let's talk in a more reserved place, before I break his fucking neck. Well, I don’t blame Erik, I think I also hate humans.”
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