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#i really liked the new episode and it actually made me cry at the end
what're your favourite in9 episodes? c:
Oooh this is a good question! I'll give you my favourites from each series!
Series 1:
Sardines: This episode is so claustrophobic and awkward every time I watch it, but that's why I love it. It really makes you feel like you're trapped in the wardrobe with them. (I also just really love Reece's character, Stuart). However, I only recently understood what the father meant by "I was teaching him how to wash himself". For some reason, it only just clicked in my mind how inappropriate that activity would be 😐
The Understudy: Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely ADORE Macbeth and I also ADORE theatre. The references to the actual play and how everything was modernised was just excellent. This was the episode that got me hooked on the show.
Series 2:
La Couchette: This, again, has that very jarring sense of claustrophobia. It's also very real and natural. It's probably quite likely for a man to end up dead on a train. Then the twist at the end, I was incredibly shocked.
12 Days of Christine: Ironically, I actually didn't like this episode when I first watched it. However, the more I watch it, the more I like it. This is a 'life flashes before your eyes' episode, and I LOVED the concept of that. At first, you think it's just the story of a normal woman. However, then the rhythm starts to become fractured and you notice that even Christine herself starts to become confused. So do you. Then she comes to the realisation at the same time you do too. Love that one.
Cold Comfort: As someone who actually suffers with depression, this episode hit very close to home. The twist in this episode was VERY startling but incredible. I could not believe it when I saw that. I really liked that it not only showed the mental state of the callers, but also the receiver (Steve's character).
Series 3:
The Devil of Christmas: Now this is one my sister told me to brace myself for. This story was DISTURBING but brilliant. When I say my jaw DROPPED-. It was scraping along the floor. Because the whole time, you are lured into this false sense of security and then BAM
Empty Orchestra: While it is very different to the dark theme of this show, that's actually what I like about this. This one was lovely and comedic, and incredibly lighthearted. It kind of takes you away from the creepy norm and shows that they can create something that is also very funny and meaningful.
Private View: THIS was a TRIP and a half! Having the idea of a murderer luring everyone into one place and stealing their body parts is fascinating and GRUESOME
Series 4:
Zanzibar: UGHHH I loved this! The Shakespearean feel, and the rhythm. SO refreshing! However, it is so frustrating but FUN how they are all in the complete wrong rooms gaaaahhh
Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room: This episode made me cry, and I LOVE a show that can make me weep. This one shows the range of acting that both Reece and Steve can do. And that's what I love about this. It shows that they aren't just funny, or terrifying. They can be emotional. This was beautiful. And that musical number, GOSH
Once Removed: Now this was my very favourite up until recently, when I picked a new favourite. Being able to tell a story backwards and still make it make complete sense has to take some BRAIN POWER. This was the first episode where I really sat back and went "damn, these men are CLEVER" 😂
Tempting Fate: I love that each series ends on an unnatural and almost paranormal note. This one especially was brilliant. I say that because it mixed alot of things into it. It mixed trauma and comedy with supernaturality. Nick's tragic past and Keith's son mixed with Maz's jokes and sarcastic attitude. And the HARE. The fact that this whole episode was about the hare, it made me leap
Live: Deadline: This was the live episode. I was watching this on iPlayer and it STILL fooled me. That's how well this was staged. This one made me SHIT myself, no joke. And I LOVED IT
Series 5:
Misdirection: All episodes from Series 5 onwards, I actually remember watching when they came out. This episode was the first one me and my sister watched for the first time together. I LOVED the gothic overtone of it and the very macabre atmosphere. SO Poe-ish.
Thinking Out Loud: This is my overall favourite episode. The reason for this is that this episode was SO complicated but SO well done. The actor for the main lady was so brilliant in portraying this disorder. And that's exactly what this episode was. Disorderly, it was a shambles. It was just a group of people speaking into a camera, but it was still so powerful. You actually FEEL for Aidan and become so ATTACHED to Angel. Then you start to make connections between the characters. And THEN you realise that they were never even real. SO powerful.
Series 6:
Wuthering Heist: This is probably joined first with Thinking Out Loud. I ADORE Commedia Dell'Arte and Brechtian theatre. It's my favourite genre and I also LOVE clichés. And that's what Commedia Dell'Arte is about! Clichés! And I loved that the subplot was literally just the plot to Wuthering Heights too, that was a brilliant add in. THIS WAS AMAZING, but so many people hated it whyyyy
Simon Says: I liked this because they basically took US into account. The Ninth Circle is kind of like Inside No.9 in a way, with its *ahem* toxic fanbase *ahem*. And they explored shipping, not only with the fictional characters in the Ninth Circle, but also Pembersmith. I loved how manipulative Simon was and how evil Spencer turned out to be.
Lip Service: This was another one I disliked at first. I'm not sure why because its BRILLIANT. This was probably one of the more elaborate and intelligent ones from the series, in my opinion. There were so many twists in this episode, and I loved all of them. Brenda actually being Felix's ex, Iris stalking Felix, then the shooting. I also loved the little love scene between Felix and Iris, even if it was short lived. I loved their chemistry.
How Do You Plead?: NOW THIS WAS A MASTERPIECE! Full of twists and turns, Derek Jacobi was in it. What's not to love? The whole time, you think Bedford is some type of ANGEL and then it's like HAHA NOPE
Last Night of the Proms: Basically, the more I heard about this episode, the more I loved it! I really liked how the music reflected the rhythm of the episode and how it also reflected their mood. And just the family in general. ADORED the symbolism. (E.g. the young boy was wearing headphones to symbolise that the youth of today is shielded from the racism and patriotism of the older generation) and I fucking LOVED Brian's internalised homophobia. The idea that an old, bitter man is dealing with such complex emotions is beautiful. And just... YUSUF, YES
That was alot! Sorry it took me so long lol @lapis-lazuliie
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local-ragamuffin · 2 days ago
Loki series thoughts so far
We good?
We good. Last warning.
Ok here we go
They deadass used Infinity Stones as office decorations. The TVA here actually is competent and AWESOME!! But unfortunately this means there’s no multiverse at the moment because everything was merged into one universe :( 
2012 Loki watching everything post-2012... Fuckin’ heartbreaking... I was initially worried about losing all the character development Loki had throughout the movies post-2012, but it looks like we’re getting some new character development that really goes in-depth about Loki and how he thinks. We finally know (sort of) why Loki does what he does. Tom Hiddleston was right. It’s a defense mechanism first and foremost, and a source of enjoyment afterwards. There’s something incredibly relatable about this new information. 
Okay. Episode 2. I’m still watching it. 
DOOMSDAY AS CAMOFLAGE. I LOVE IT. And Asgard is what made him realize it!!
TOM HIDDLESTON SPEAKING PERFECT CONVERSATIONAL LATIN HAS MADE ME INSANELY HAPPY HOLY FUCK HE SPOKE PERFECT LATIN!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA This means that Tom had to learn conversational Latin exclusively for this series, so Latin is NOT a dead language like everyone always says. WOOHOO! 
...I’m a Latin enthusiast
Also just- Loki releasing the goats and making a ruckus right before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. This whole scene gives me so much joy. AND IT DOESN’T AFFECT THE TIMELINE AT ALL! Loki is a fuckin’ genius! 
This episode contains a thunderstorm by the way, so if you’re afraid of thunder like I am, this is good exposure therapy. 
...holy fuck Evil Variant Loki can transfer consciousness to other bodies at will
Seriously though this is fucking awesome holy shit- 
aw no there’s a baby crying in the background ;-; 
Loki talking to Loki. This should be a massive time paradox. I can see why the Timekeepers are upset about this. 
...Loki what are you doing- don’t say you’re going to overthrow the Timekeepers-
Ok Evil Variant Loki is now Randy. This is canon. I think. 
I don’t fully understand what is happening but I think 2012!Loki is bluffing about this to stall for time- AAAAAAND RANDY HAS POSSESSED ANOTHER GUY. SHIT. AND THEY FIGHTIN’. 
I’m going to stop putting literally everything in this post because I’m giving a play-by-play at this point
This completely debunks my theory that the Loki they were tracking down would be Old Man Loki from the Agent of Asgard comics, I thought Loki would be turning into Lady Loki at some point for shenanigans or something 
Aaaaaaaand the timeline is fucked. Please please PLEASE let this lead to a multiverse event
And that’s the end of the episode. Damn. Marvel is absolutely spoiling us fans this month, and I’m not complaining. 
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ars-meliora · 4 days ago
Truths [Adrien]
AO3 Prompt(s):
Okay, so, it's another adrien x reader bc i love him sm FBSKFNSKB
 It's during the heroes' day episode, the reader is Adrien's best friend and love interest, and she loves chat noir but doesn't know they're the same person, she's in Adrien's room watching TV in his sofa with him, and then that scene of volpina's illusion where chat noir is killed with his own cataclysm happens. The reader gets like really shocked and lets out a loud scream while having a panic attack, crying her eyes out and trembling because she thinks the love of her life is dead. Adrien tries to calm her down but doesn't know how since he can't just say "oh he's not dead" as that would be suspicious, and the reader tells him that she loved chat noir and she would never be able to tell him that. She gets akumatized along with the other civilians and when she gets unakumatized(?) she's really relieved to see that he was okay and cries while confessing her love to him.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Adrien started to believe he was really unlucky when it came to love.
Ladybug was someone he had a brief crush on, it was nothing compared to the love he harbored for Y/n. The girl that always put a smile on his face when he was down. Unlike Ladybug, Y/n was a constant pillar of support.
The only thing about love is that at some point someone has to confess. That's where the problem laid, Adrien was afraid that Y/n would blow his confession. Best case scenario, you say yes; worse case, she ends all ties with him.
"Stop pacing around, your stress is stressing me out!" Plagg protested from his spot on the bed. Adrien had spent most of the afternoon creating best and worst-case scenarios on his confession. "Why wouldn't Y/n not like you? She's always there for you and she even helps you sneak out..."
"Yeah, but is she doing that as a friend or..." Adrien heard the kwami groan. Offering a grumpy good night before letting his master recite his confession.
By 3 am, Adrien finally had his confession and plan ready. He will ask Y/n to stop by tomorrow and confess to you in his room!
Adrien made a bee-line the moment he spotted Y/n in the courtyard, he looked nervous that she had to quickly excuse herself from her friends.
"Something wrong? You look tense..." The girl reaches for him and cups his face. Adrien began to blush but held her hands as she looked at him with worry.
"Just a little tense with the upcoming test, would you like to study with me?" Adrien asked, he smiles when the girl said yes.
"Anything for you, plus... I have a feeling that you need to tell me something important. We can talk about it later, so don't worry your handsome head about the bad stuff. Okay?" Y/n gave him a quick hug before hurrying to her class.
Adrien looked to his shirt pocket, a loopy smile plastered on his face. Plagg only gives him a thumbs-up as he reassured the blond.
"She said I'm handsome..." A dreamy sigh escapes him.
Plagg hoped that Adrien and Y/n become a couple, it will help him sleep without the teen recite his different confessions.
Plagg was ready to burst from his hiding spot, two hours in the "study session" and Adrien has yet to tell Y/n his feelings for her. No matter the little gestures or notes Plagg held up, Adrien would chicken out and ask something about school instead of the actual confession.
Plagg thought all hope was lost, that is until Y/n put her pen down and directed all of her attention to the teen next to her.
"Okay, I know you know all of the things for the test. So what's really bugging you?" Y/n stared at her friend, searching for an answer to how he tried to hide from her scrutinizing gaze.
"N-nothing!" Adrien retorted, but Y/n was not giving up and her gaze was still set on Adrien.
Y/n got closer, her hand lingered on top of his as she traced patterns on his. It was quiet, but Adrien felt it was Y/n's way of telling him he could trust her.
"Y/n, I-" Adrien was cut off as the news flashed on the screen. What was once used for white noise during studying turned to be a mood breaker.
The reporter was holding a live session on how Chat Noir and Ladybug were fighting. Something wasn't right, why would the duo fight each other when they were a team.
"What is she doing to him?!" Adrien felt Y/n's hand grip his own, "Wh-" Y/n opened her mouth like a fish struggling to breathe. What came next was a loud shriek from the girl as tears fell from her eyes.
"Y/n?" Adrien's worried visage was evident, he has never seen Y/n cry. SO why now? Why when the presumed Chat Noir was pronounced dead on live TV? Adrien held her as she sobbed and babbled on his chest.
"He's dead Adrien! The love of my life is dead and I never dared to tell him how much I loved him!" Y/n kept sobbing, mourning the death of her true love.
"He's not dead, do you really think he would die that easily?" Adrien tried to comfort her; part of him was glad the love was mutual, but he found it hard to compete with his superhero persona.  "Y/n, Chat Noir-"
"Should have not died! I hate Ladybug, I wish she would've died instead of him!" Y/n's angry and teary face looked at him. Only to be engulfed by a dark-purple ether and transformed into an akumatized villain. "I'll be the one to destroy Ladybug and bring back Chat Noir!
Adrien was pushed from the akumatized Y/n as she jumped out of the window and hunt down Ladybug.
"Plag we have to some Y/n!" Adrien yells before transforming, he will confess his love to his beloved but he needs to save her first!
"Hand over the miraculous you oversized bug!" Y/n yelled as she used her weapon to hit Ladybug. "I'll bring him back no matter what..."
Ladybug was getting tired, the number of villains she has fought throughout the day was starting to weigh her down. No matter how many times she tried to tell Y/n that Chat Noir was alright, the girl would not back down.
"Y/n!" Chat's voice paused Y/n in her tracks, her eyes wide when she saw her object of affection, "I'm alive, so please, let me help you." Chat got closer to Y/n, even with the akumatization, there was part of Y/n's gentleness behind the rage.
"Is it really you?" Y/n threw her weapon and ran to him, "It is! Chat I need to tell you something!"
"Later, I want to hear it from the Y/n without Hawkmoth's interference..." Chat Noir kisses Y/n's tears as the girl nodded and gave her the item holding the akuma.
One cataclysm later, Y/n was no longer under the control of Hawkmoth. Instead, the girl was still held between the arms of Chat Noir.
"Let's go..." Chat Noir bid farewell to Ladybug before carrying Y/n to a safer location. He would give Ladybug an excuse, but now his priority lied with his heart and not his duty to protect Paris. Even though his miraculous kept beeping, Chat Noir knew that he could no longer hold his secret from the girl he loves.
Chat Noir put Y/n down, his miraculous beat once more before transforming him back to Adrien. He heard how Y/n gasp at his true identity, the cat was out of the bag and both teens had to face the truth.
"You meanie, why didn't you say something sooner!" Y/n hugged Adrien, her face smashed on his chest as she held him for dear life.
"Because I was scared you wouldn't like me..." Adrien confesses as he smoothes some of Y/n's hair, having her close like how he dreamed of bringing him security.
"Well, I like you! Sure I fell in love with Chat Noir, but he's a part of you. Everything about you is something I love, hero or not!" Y/s pouted, to think that the person she loved was self-conscious of himself. Still, that's what she loved of both Adrien and Chat Noir, their ability to care deeply for others.
"Then, will you be my girlfriend?" Adrien nervously asked, the answer came in a form of a sweet kiss on his lips. He was going to lean in to deepen the kiss until Plagg separated the two.
"Can the kisses wait? I'm hungry!" Plagg interjects before looking to Y/n, "And a big thank you to you, now Adrien would stop worrying about whether you love him or not." The kwami teases as he hides behind Y/n to avoid his master.
"Let's go home, and get something to eat so you can explain everything to  me." Y/n giggles as she coos at the kwami. "Consider it a date!"
"A date?! Yes!" Adrien twirls you around as pulls you to the sidewalk.
Perhaps, akumas are not entirely evil if they helped people find love...
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weregreatatcrime · 6 days ago
Ooh me! I would like to ask about High Lord Karl and the Winter Seizure!
For starters,
- what was the catalyst for him finally getting his army up and running and going at Miranda? In game it was Ethan and the whole jigsaw baby debacle, so did this time he just decide 'aight, she's distracted with making weird plots, we'll get her while she's in her office daydreaming on nothing but coffee and 1 hour of sleep'
- how's the Winters' marriage? They good? Get their therapists sorted?
- and on that note is Chris on better terms with them?
- oh and who's the better bedtime story teller: Mia or Ethan?
- also, who does Karl almost knock himself out cold for as he was walking down the street and slammed head first into a tree when he saw them? Mia or Ethan?
- or is it the bug triplets who see them first?
- or Anja? Is she in this au? Does good girl accidentally wander into their yard and Mia and Ethan just look at each other like "Again? AGAIN!?" but then they're like "oh she's just a puppy, are you hungry puppy? need a blanket? want a leg of this turkey? it's fresh from the oven~
Also, might as well add that I'm in love with 'Go Tell Aunt Rhody'. Some of the scenes read like memes and they're hilarious.
*wheeze* holy shit this is a lot hell yeah let's go
- this sort of addresses the question about Anja! Anja is a good good girl and she got Really mad about the shit Miranda does to Karl, so she loses it and goes to attack Miranda. Good Girl got very very hurt and Karl found out. He exploded. It... didn't go well for either of them (or the village) but he won in the end
-Mia and Ethan are doing great! They've been seeing some therapists, they're working together to tackle their trauma, (Mia still hasn't told Ethan about moldy business) but they've decided for their own safety and peace of mind they're moving somewhere quiet and very far from home so that they can deal with,,, the vast amounts of PTSD they both have
- Chris kind went off the radar for some reason soon after he reunited them
- it's Ethan, actually, because his comedic timing is great. But baby Rose doesn't care about that yet hsdfgjk so his humor is wasted
- Karl didn't have an Immediate pan disaster but he definitely was checking Ethan out. Ethan got lost in the snow and Karl pretended he Wasn't a fancy Lord and took Ethan to Luiza's house where Luiza and her husband proceeded to have fucking heart attacks as The Crow Bane flirted with some outsider who didn't actually realize he was speaking to the village leader
No, KARL’S pan crisis happened when Ethan found HIM out in the rain having a PTSD episode and dragged him home, where Mia and Ethan proceeded to shower him in absolute warmth and affection and Karl got to Hold A Baby for the first time. He cried. Rose cried. He cried in panic because he made a baby cry. It was great times.
- Bug Girls do not leave the castle since it's Fucking Cold out there lmfao, but they hear about Uncle Karl’s stupid mancrush and IMMEDIATELY pester him about it nonstop
- the first time the Winters see Anja they panic bcz there's been no signs of freaky things in the village yet but Anja comes trotting up like a dorky puppy to say hello to new people
Thanks a ton!! I'm loving the reaction the fic is getting. I'm hoping i can keep this ball rolling without too much burnout, since I've been posting updates like every other day as soon as I write them and have friends beta
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puthyjuth · 6 days ago
i've been having real bad sleep I need to start journaling again cuz I have a lotta thots and I just feel bad cuz i can tell some of it is just projecting but there's no where to dump , i guess tumblr but idk i don't wanna dump that much on here
anyway yesterday i kept having this recurring thought "if you just let go of cringe/corniness you can actually be happy"
i made this spiritual joke to my anti spiritual (she kinda makes fun of ppl into astrology and honestly most ppl) "super logical" stem housemate (who was once one of my closest friends) the day before like "yknow i heard that mirrors are portals and mirrors that face each other are basically super portals sooo maybe that explains all the drama that happens in our neighborhood with the screaming lol" and she changed the convo kind of in a way that's like i don't believe in that stuff
now i know ppl are allowed to not be spiritual but also she believes in ghosts and a little bit of the 4th dimension so it would've been kinda funny to at least play with the idea cuz she IS a really good conversationalist. like idk even tho i half believe it i also don't take myself too seriously ? i'm thinking it's just my projection onto her cuz i don't want to sound/be stupid by being spiritual esp around her cuz ik she has strong opinions and she's always making fun of ppl for just being "cringe" and i believe if ppl just stopped judging others aka herself from enjoying cringe things maybe she would be a lot less h*teful of a person
idk i honestly took a long break from talking to her bc yea we just outgrew each other and i ended up talking to her halfway thru the lease because she had a LOT of huge bpd-like depressive/manic episodes with huge outbursts like screaming and crying often and was mean to her cat. And she affected everyone in the house myself included and basically i told her "i'm not asking you to heal and I don't think your trauma or trauma responses is your fault AND it's not ok to project it onto others and take it out on us because we're all being hurt in this house by you, the cats included." you don't have to control your emotions but the way she constantly externalized her stress onto us was really unhealthy for all of us. Like i literally STILL get stiff with anxiety and can't sleep even now when she starts yelling at night in her room even if it's just at a video game or smth.
However now we're all on talking terms, i guess, and idk i just don't have anything to talk to her about these days cuz all we did before was project onto other ppl and talk shit lol. yea i cant deny i Love talking shit and it's still funny to do/hear cuz Um i can't just get rid of my instinctual chisme but i can also recognize i'm basically just talking about all the things i hate in myself that i see in others. funny how the most outspoken about hating white ppl and hating men but also hating like every person, every trend, every hobby, every THING, could also be rampant misogynists because, shocker, talking shit about other women constantly can be a form of projecting & self hate
Like dam i'm really at that point again like at the end of hs where i felt i'd never find friends similar to me and now it's finding (queer) ppl who seek healing and actively try to unlearn and communicate their boundaries and don't take themselves too seriously but obviously they're out there and I'm excited to move out and meet new ppl who i don't have to step on eggshells around or feel like i have to be careful about everything i say not to be "cringe" just so they'll like me. i really do want her to be happy and to heal but some ppl are not ready to heal and also i'm not obligated to walk her thru every little step and be an emotional sponge and potentially traumatize myself in the process
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canaryatlaw · 10 days ago
god I'm so tired and today was a complete and total trainwreck. it started decently with court at least, but soon got turned on its head when we had to start a wild goose chase trying to get this motion submitted. basically, this client wants her order extended, and you have to file a motion for that while the order is still in effect. she only got to me about it today, and the orders are in place for 2 years. hers was granted on June 4, 2021, so typically we would've been SOL, but we had amended her petitioner halfway through, and for some reason that is most likely my fault, the expiration date on the amended order said it doesn't expire until June 6, and even though it was an error, it's what the court entered, so it was fact. the statute says that if an expiration date falls on a "court holiday" (any day they're not in session, including weekends) it gets pushed to the next court day, which would be today. so I spent half the morning trying to get this through and just so much back and forth and we got all the way down to the wire submitting it, like it was 2:50 when we managed to turn it in (when the time limit for cases heard that day is 3). But in the middle of all this, I had to handle an EOP case too. we get the call and it's getting sent up to a judge that's infamously short-tempered, but she does usually make fair decisions, but when they told me we were going up to her they said to get there quickly because she wasn't going to wait. ooookay. we managed to get in there, but then the judge flipped out and refused to hear the case because the address on the paperwork was one digit off....I swear I was going to lose my shit, I was so mad. if that's not bad enough, this poor client starts crying because she's just so overwhelmed with everything and I feel so horrible about it (it's not my fault since I didn't fill out the paperwork and had no idea what her correct address was while reviewing it, but I still felt so bad). so that got sent back down and I had to fix and resubmit everything, I didn't want to have the client go through e-signing again, so I got creative with some pdf splicing and merging to get the updated versions in with the parts that were already signed, which I was mildly impressed with that I made it work, lol. so we re-submitted it, but didn't get a call by the end of the day, so I have to follow up on that in the morning, which is really just one more thing I didn't need to be responsible for. but back to the motion, predictably the clerks through a fit (because what else would they do) and came up with a bunch of bullshit reasons they couldn't send it up to the judge, all of which were legally incorrect, and we had to debunk each one, only for rude judge from earlier to make some kind of stupid call about a supreme court case that definitely didn't actually happen, but there wasn't anything we could do because she was the acting chief judge for the day as the normal one was out. We were all having a conversation about this on Slack since our in office person for the day, who happened to be my work buddy, had been relaying all these arguments to them, so it was very involved. I spoke with my supervisor though and we're going to try again tomorrow, if the actual chief judge is in I think we have a fairly good shot of getting it heard, so I'm trying to remain hopeful on that. but yeah, the rest of the night was fine, I watched the new John Oliver episode and last week's episode of Cruel Summer, but mostly just chilled out. I'm supposed to be back in the office tomorrow for a full day for the first time since March 2020, so I'm not looking forward to the wake up time but I'll have to get used to it I guess. It's only 1-2 days a week so it's not a full deal yet, so I guess we'll see where this goes. and yeah, after a bit I took a shower and started getting ready for bed, trying to do so a little earlier than usual because of my early wake up time, and in that interest I'm going to attempt going to bed now to maximize how much I can get. Goodnight peeps. Hope your Monday didn't suck.
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annamiasworld · 11 days ago
The Owl House Series Liveblog S1 E3+E4
Okay I'll try to do this now, I've never done a liveblog before and idk if anyone is even interested in reading this but I started watching the owl house with a friend (once a week) and I thought I might share some thoughts. Here we go:
Episode 3:
-King is so frkn cute I literally can't. Atm he's my favourite character in the show
-I kind of think Luz is in the world of her book, there are so many coincidences that imply that. Everything is way too perfect and fits into her imagination so I feel like it can't be really happening
-I love Eda she's so excited about magic and Luz should give her more credit for her work. She's much smarter than Luz can imagine
-Oh no Luz wants to check out magic school that could go south quickly
-Also I LOVE the intro so much, ahhhh the music, the animation it's way too cute. Huge Gravity Falls vibes also
-Ohh a new character!!
-OMG WAIT THAT'S AMITY RIGHT? Yesss that's Amity. I just know her name and that she'll get along really well with Luz at some point. I don't know much about her but from what I know I think she has favourite character potential
-Ok her name is Willow. Such a pretty name btw, I really love it
-Amity is kind of bitchy rn but that implies character development throughout the series and I'll love to see that.. she's very bitchy actually. I love her look though!!
-Willow is literally me when I have a mental breakdown (mostly bc of school/homework like her lol... and yeah while we're at it I should do schoolwork rn)
-What's happening?! What kind of plant is that? Wait she has plant magic? Willow is such a fitting name then especially
-I love you King but you won't be a good teacher, trust me. Yeah ok just make a bet with Eda sure why not you're totally going to win (not)
-HAHAH I hope Eda will get to call him Mr Wiggles, I love that name. Such a scary demon xD
-Luz slime idea is really smart but I feel like it wont work. As if they won't notice that she's a human especially with someone like Amity in Willows class
-The school is so pretty and cool. The animators did an amazing job
-I can be spool too Augustus. Augustus is very sweet btw
-The bell is freaking me out what IS that?? XD
-Eda's #1 bad girl mug😂 I want one too
-Eda is so worried bout Luz awww! She cares for her but doesn't really want to show it 💕
-They really fell for monster!Luz?? As if? Even the prof! I expected them to be smarter
-Ohhh nooo Amity is aaangry about the badge. But I would be too. Why does Willow get the badge now anyways? She had one good homework? And? The whole badge thing is a bad lesson for students anyways. See what it did to Amity? And the others are under pressure because of it. Total nonesense
-Omg no Eda pooooor Eda is headed to school! Mood Eda: "why school" (Me everyday when I have to get up)
-Wtf Amity that was too much. How are you so invested? It's just a badge? Yeah it's just sad prof, ur right. Poor girl though, I kinda feel bad for her
-How is Kings snail so big now??👀😂
-Poor Eda something must have happened in her past that made her drop out of school, like she's literally traumatized
-Oh no it's an angry worm
-The principle give me bad vibes. Is that a demon on his head?? Omg NO they wanna slice her open WTHHH
-He's such a strong magician though wow
-King is such a Baby ahhhh! See, I told you that wouldn't end well. HAHAHAH IT WAS SO EASY TO DEFEAT
-Willow is frkn cool and her plants are so pretty!!!!!
-Awww King calls his snail baby Bo!🥺🥺 "I have no son" HAHAHAH!! Aww it's little again ♡ They could have at least kept it
-I'm so happy for Willow that she gets to learn more about plant magic now :)
-Hahahah Luz is banned from school and Eda is proud. They are such a cute mother-daughter duo
-The credits are so cool too, I love the animation so much (she said for the 10000 time)
Episode 4:
-Hahaha ducky sock vs King, pls tell me that this will become a thing
-Ok but is King really a demon? xD Just asking because...... HE CUTE
-"Even demons have inner demons" this is such a cool quote actually wow King, the depth!!
-Edas mugs are everything to me
-Nawww they are putting plasters on one another♡ Boo Boo buddies🥺 King is amazing
-Ok but Eda is capable to do such strong magic! Luz can you pls give her more love??
-Poor King is feeling left out because Luz is not interested into learning something about demons :( It's a cool topic though, I wish King would teach me
-Ok no it's wrong to make Eda teach Luz a spell cause she's exhausted and I bet it's going to cause trouble
-Eda is literally female Stan Pines.. and she's knocked out wow such a surprise
-King is frkn smart but it's so dangerous to drink some unknown elixier?! Who knows maybe it'll kill a human why can't they just trust Eda more
-Nooo Hooty!! What happened?! Noooo it's the monster it killed Hooty!!😳
-Did Luz really just lose her shoe like Anne from Amphibia?? PARALLELS!
-Naaaww the snaggleback is cute
-Holy moly what is that thing?! ITS EDA OMFG who cursed her and why is she like that wthhhh
-Uhh there's a fancy pattern in the circle but how did she see it now and not earlier what happened what changed? Will this ever be explained?
-Luz saved the day! Smart idea. Her magic is so beautiful naww
-Eda you don't know how you got cursed?? Are you kidding me?? As IF
-FLASHBACK!! That's a flashback right?? Oh wait she really doesn't know how she got cursed? I'm confused??
-Awwwww Hooty is in the Boo Boo buddy club ♡
Final words:
I enjoy these series so much, the animation is amazing, the characters are super cute and I'm interested into their backstory (especially Edas and Amitys)👀 The episodes feel so short, I can't believe that they are 20 minutes long..! Well, however idk if anyone would be interested into reading this. @silver-inked you might want to since you've asked about my thoughts but I'll decide during the week if I'll make this a regular thing or not. I should be doing my homework now, it's getting late :)
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Hidden Heart
BTOB Lee Minhyuk (Huta) x Idol!Reader Summary: You and Minhyuk were a couple for the show We Got Married. Your forwardness and comfort in haptics made for an interesting show. It was clear how you captured the hearts of your endless admirers. Minhyuk understood from the get go that you were a forced to be reckoned with. He finds his own heart pounding at the sight of you... and it's getting a little too real. Word Count: 5k+ Warnings: Fluff, headcanon, crack fic, angst, pining, mentions of hate, adoption, orphanage, toxic fans, etc.
A/N: this is going to have a part two. Dont ask me when I'll post it, but I will. I'm sure there'll be a part two because I wrote it first, but i just can't get this out of my head so I'm writing this before i finish the other. I'll tag u if you like, just ask. IM OBSESSED WITH MINHYUK PLS I HOPE HE GETS MARRIED FFS
Tumblr media
You were part of a girl group thats pretty famous yeah
U were known as the mood maker of the group
The outgoing one
The emotional cry baby
Basically, you were very comfortable with showing your emotions
Plus, youre v clingy and needy
You do most of the skinship in the group unapologetically and unabashedly
You've been a fan of the show we got married for a really long time and expressed your interest in featuring in it to your managers
But cos u were pretty young at the peak of the show, they were hesitant about it
But now is ur time
And to your surprise u got paired up with BTOB's Minhyuk (surprise!)
Now, you were about the age as his group, which was why you were close with Peniel
Minhyuk actually asked about u from him
And peniel was very Nonchalant
But said u were nice
And really talented
(you two went to the same Church Btw)
But you were only ever acquainted to Minhyuk,
which sort of made it fun
in ur head that you would have a new friend
On ur first episode u met at like a chinese restaurant and really just went at it
"ive been thinking a lot on how we should approach this and i think we can help each other out,,,, like treat me the way you would treat a woman u like so that if ur problematic, i can help fix it for u," you bluntly said
Minhyuk to be honest, enjoyed the fact u were taking the lead
He pulls into a smile and a nervous chuckle and says, "okay lets do that."
"ok cool. U do the same with me. N like hopefully at the end of this we can be bffssss!!"
Minhyuk cheerily smiles.
You proceed to insist on writing down a letter to your future selves to read at the end of it.
You also make sure the other doesn't read what was written.
U jokingly warm minhyuk that vy the end of it u would probably cry cos thats such a you thing
Ur surprised when minhyuk agrees
Pleasantly surprised tho
Honestly, it was a pretty strong start between the two of u
You right off the bat said yallz should have pet names
And that ur name should be husband and wife in ur phones
U also made sure to hold his hand--
Or bicep
You know
🌝😎 hes got dem muscles
Side track: you asked if you could see his abs like any rational person would
--everytime you walked together
Minhyuk was clearly culture shocked
Some viewers that did not know you were shocked too
But you never really stepped into a zone which truly made minhyuk uneasy and uncomfortable
So it was good
You would go on to your 'wedding day' in a very simple tube, a line dress, with minhyuk in a tuxedo.
You were very touchy with Minhyuk in the photos
Mostly cos u were touchy with everyone
Minhyuk would then tease you, saying his wife loved his body so much
It made for some pretty funny photos
Minhyuk would nod profusely, never forfeiting his smirk, and wave his hand in surrender
Tumblr media
On like ur 'first dates,' you go to an amusement park
It's all fun and games
Really exhilarating
Yall go on a bunch of rides that throw people side to side and upside-down
You scream your head off on a rollercoaster and grip on each others hands for dear life
Mostly it was you gripping on Minhyuk's bicep
Nahhhh but he got a little hurt with ur grip digging in his flesh
Especially when you bit his shoulder, though it was through his clothes
"yayayayayaya, lets go to the haunted house!" Minhyuk jumps after getting off the rollercoaster
Ur a little loopy and minhyuk helps you down
But you still shake your head quickly at his idea
He makes fun of ur messed up hair, which you flatten out
"well ur face is messed up, oppa"
Minhyuk chuckles in shock, "YA!! IM TRYING TO HELP"
You pretend to be offended
That's it
Minhyuk begins to push you from behind, "lets go to the haunted house!!!"
You try to fight back, and you manage to stop him, only cos he relents
"oppa pls im such a scaredy cat plsSsss i will pee myself."
Minhyuk is even more interested.
"yA, i went on all the rides you wanted!"
"because you wanted to get on them too!"
He narrows his eyes, "nope. We're going to the haunted house."
You whine.
He chuckles, "please, it's not like you will die"
You make a run for it
For real
you decide to run away from him and get into the car you drove here in or something
I mean u started off walking away
But since minhyuk kept blocking you
You bolted
Minhyuk wasn't necessarily expecting that
But from how you were moving, it made sense that was the next thing youd do
But bish if you don't know minhyuk is a friCKIN TRACKSTAR
Also, dafaq he's pretty strong so of course he's gonna catch you
Which he does
Pretty easily
Even with all the people around
Like bruh
You couldn't even make it to the other side of the rollercoaster
"yaaaa!" he chuckles, grabbing you by the arm before you could even really begin to run far
So that you wouldn't get crushed onto him when he pulls you back, you begin to run in circles, which made for a comedic footage
Minhyuk is fully amused
You stop and give him a look, "lee Minhyuk i hate horror pls have mercy"
"come on, it's just a bit of fun and i'll hold ur hand through it all"
You bicker back and forth for a while, up until you relent
Minhyuk is pleased when you two walk to the attraction
You do make it inside right
Just as you step into the haunted house
Scaring U
Minhyuk stomps his feet and screams ur way
Clearly making you jolt up and shout in horror
You beat him up
And make an exit
He chuckles and apologizes repeatedly
And catches you by ur waist, lifting you up and propping you beside him
Its pretty unfair he can do stuff like that
And the internet goes wild with that clip,
Editing it over and over again
Thinking it was so cute and romantic
And how hot minhyuk was for that 🥵
But at that moment, u were just really friggin jittery even though u were not even technically in the house yet
Not really
Minhyuk put your hand by the crook of his bicep and soothes you with apologies, "i promise that's the last. I'll protect you now."
You keep quiet, apart from your whines, and slam your forehead on his shoulder
You tread slowly, mostly because of you
Halfway into the room, you begin to panic
"oppa oppa, lets just run outside"
Minhyuk turns to you, chuckling, "i think it's too dark for that"
Honestly, Minhyuk still had nervousness in him while walking through the place, but he just found you really funny... and sorta cute, so he wasn't really that scared
Ur first jumpscare was by ur side,
So you clawed minhyuk and ran behind him, making him laugh
You began to push him from behind
The next thing you knew there were ghosts and ghouls screaming at you
And paper props brushing against ur skin
Bruh this aint it
You kept screaming, "RUN RUN RUN RUN"
But minhyuk refuses and only balances your pushed out
He eventually pulls you in front of him and you two begin to jog out
The exit is pretty close
But suddenly there's a zombie chasing after you
By the time you get out of the house, ur out of breath and just shakey from all the adrenaline
The looks of u honestly begin to make Minhyuk feel bad
Ooof sorry
Minhyuk comes up to you and rubs ur back
U can honestly feel a surge of electricity like adrenaline coursing through you
And you feel like ur on fire
So you turn to minhyuk
And ask
If u could get a hug
To calm urself
"this is the quickest way"
Minhyuk doesn't even flinch or hesitate to agree
Thus u stood there for around five minutes
Nose flushed with his scent
Chin rested on his shoulder
You honestly began to get sleepy in his embrace when u calmed down
You felt drowsy
When Minhyuk noticed, he gently tapped ur back and chuckled, "ya we should get back now"
You reluctantly pulled away and nodded
It was really warm and fuzzy
You walked off hand and hand
And u had a nice nap afterwards
Tumblr media
The next thing yall did was practice driving
You had ur licence but u didn't really drive that much which is why u felt really anxious when ur behind the wheel
So you asked Minhyuk to kind of help you out with that, no biggie
And he was very supportive with it
"just calm down and drive slow, it's okay"
"dont mind if people honk at you, we all start somewhere"
"its okay just keep ur eyes on the road"
"ur doing great"
It wasn't much, but you appreciated it so much and it was clear to you in this moment that this man was a gem
A shining star
A precious diamond
So like one day you had this episode of just doing domestic stuff
And yall decided to cook fried fish for lunch
Idk if we got married actually has the people live together lol SO FOR THE SAKE OF THIS THEY DO but in separate rooms of course
You both like woke up pretty late that day
And you told minhyuk before that u started ur day with exercising
And yeah, the reason why it yall ate lunch was u two skipped breakfast from working out so long
You explained that you only ever did exercises at home cause u feel conscious by how funny your exercises are and how much you sweat
You aren't surprised that Minhyuk keeps up with you
But u are surprised by how much fun it is to have someone to exercise with
And to have someone like hype you up when ur muscles are burning
What was once serious exercising turned into childish play time
Yallz began to shove each other
And mess up each other's counting
And like straight up sabotaged each other by sitting on them when they did push ups
So like you just began to play games
Like the pushing game
And the banana split game
And you bot complained about how sticky and sweaty and smelly and gross the other was
And honestly it was already gross with how much yall laughed and smiled
Who friggin does that when they exercise
And yall realized it was already like 1pm
So damn yall got food prepared
The fried fish as i mentioned
Tumblr media
Then like another time you two visited an orphanage you would donate and volunteer at
You kind of kept this quiet cause it meant a lot to you, and u didnt really want the general public to know about ur visits there,
but you always visited the place at a specific time, so you thought it would be good to let the place have exposure
You were estatic to see the kids again
Especially this little girl that was equally as fond as u as u were of her
You did the the usual, playing with the kids, helping with the preparations, and in general keeping them entertained
You also always brought some food with you when you visited
And you and minhyuk had made cakes for them
It was long and gruelling but so rewarding when you saw the look on the kids faces
Minhyuk was honestly so impressed you could corral the kids together
And keep them quiet
And keep them enagaged
And have so much energy
And smile so sweetly
And treat them so kindly
And just be so patient with them
and just be
like so beautiful
what he didnt say that
he felt his heart quicken when u made ur way to him
and yallz performed a song of yours
minhyuk and u danced to one of ur most popular songs
and the kids actually knew em, to minhyuk's surprise
you humbled yourself and said you had taught the dance before
then yall sang a balled from btob
and even though u guys practiced it
minhyuk was still so nervous
to everyone's surprise
the kids began to scream
you began to burn red
and minhyuk was unsure if he should be happy or sad about that
but you know
yall had to give the kids what they wanted
so minhyuk pouted exageratedly
and you gave him the permission to kiss u on the cheek
u know
for the kids
then on ur way home
during the drive
you began to slip into chatter about wanting to have your own kids in the future
both u and minhyuk were unabashedly vocal about it
and minhyuk got butterflies thinking about it
then you began talking about how much you wanted to adopt as well
you seemed kind of reluctant to talk about it
but minhyuk's gaze made you comfortable
so you expressed how many time you almost adopted the girl the orphanage
and how u wanted to give her family
i mean its not to say her did have a family in the people that she was with in the home
but you wanted to share the blessings you were fortunate enough to have
but you would remember how you barely really had time for your self
and honestly, you felt like a coward
because every time you'd get close to doing it
u'd have ten reasons not to go through with it
and ultimately, u agreed if you were so reluctant about it
u didnt deserve her
and u also didnt want to be a single mom
who left her kid a lot
you started feeling like a dummy
but minhyuk reassured you it made sense
"i really just felt so grateful suddenly for everything i have because of the perspective she gave. and i just felt like i wanted to protect her because her wishes were so pure and sincere"
Tumblr media
the next thing yall did was remake that cake
Because you weren't really able to eat much when you made some for the kids
so you went grocery shopping with minhyuk
And you bought the ingredients for the cake
plus u got this massive block of mozzarella cheese cause y not
and since you bought a lot of things for urself, you obviously were going to pay for it
but like ur an idiot and forgot ur wallet
and ur phone
so like
you had to turned to minhyuk with a guilty look
i forgot my stuff
can u pay for this
i'll pay u back later"
"lol it's okay i was gonna pay for it anyway lol"
bsshsjsjjbsbs "no oppa ill pay you back when we get home"
"it's literally groceries of food i will eat anyway lol i wanted to eat the cake"
"pls the cheese is like 1000$ pls"
"ur dramatic its fine"
and ur like
Plssssss dont do this to me
minhyuk shakes u off
and so you decide its a lost cause if u argue with him now anyway
so you keep quiet till you went home
then you rushed to your wallet to give him the money for the groceries
he really does his darndest to not take it for you
you two run around the flat
then yallz even do a lil bit of wrestling
minhyuk puts his hands in the air so you cant put the money in his hands
and even when u shove the money in his pocket
he throws it away
u curse the pocketless jacket he has
u think of like opening his phone and transferring funds there, so you try and trick him into opening his phone for u
i mean clearly he was suspicious
so youbolted when u got his phone
and headed for the bathroom
idk what u were thinking tho lmbao
his bank app is password protect
"oppa pls let me pay u back"
"it rlly dont matterrrrrr tho"
"the cheese iS SO EXPENSIVE THO!"
"ksksjjsjs its fine pls open the door"
you two go on for a bit
but it was pointless
minhyuk 1 you 0
Tumblr media
The next thing you guys do is have a workout session in an actual gym, as per requested by minhyuk
"since she really enjoyed working out with me, i thought of helping her get accustomed to working out in the gym, because she enjoys the company. At least if i cant workout with her, she'll be comfy enough in the gym"
Everyone awwwed
When u were on ur way there, u explained u went to the gym sometimes just to use the treadmill
Thats it
To like run for ages
Cos u watched dramas while u ran
Minhyuk found that so endearing
When u got there
Minhyuk was surprised that u knew the trainer that was going to be there for the both of u
u lock eyes with the guy
then u smile and point at the same time
"oppa? Ur gonna be our trainer"
he smiles back
"yeah bruh, long time no see, drama fanatic"
Minhyuk clenches his jaw
"did you know she can like jog for two hours straight. Like bro thats like sick"
You then explained that you two talked after u finished running, because by that time, he had ended his session too.
So u watched her the entire time??? Minhyuk thinks
To say minhyuk went ham was just an understatement
he made sure to flex the heck out of muscles
and his endurace
and stamina
U kinda just did ur thing with ur exercises
and minhyuk made it clear to hog the trainer and keep him away from u
I mean it was clear to the audience that he was furiouSLY JellY
But at the time it went over ur head
Like we get it mr trainer
Positive reinforcement helps
And dont smile at her
Or linger
Then came the time you were called by the trainer do some boxing moves
Cos apparently he's taught u before
If people could steam in anger, minhyuk would be whistling by now
You did what he asked
But u werent very comfortable with it
The trainer tried to get u out of ur shell
But u outright decline and said you would rather spar with minhyuk or hype minhyuk up himself
Literally didnt need any other cue to swoop in and take up the chance to get him out of the picture
Minhyuk decides to take on the trainer himself
He doesn't really want to beat him up
But more like, show off to you that we was really athletic and muscular too pls notice meeeeeee
U cheer and clap for him
Which does wonders for the ego and satisfies minhyuk
That is until ur like, "oppa can i try to arm wrestle u out if curiosity?"
And u were talking to him not minhyuk
Duh the trainer doesn't miss a beat
You consistently explain that u know ur gonna lose but just wanted it see what it would be like
And lol it was like pushing a wall
You cheerily laughed at the idea
Minhyuk is salty about it so he asked to try it too
he wants to beat the trainer in arm wrestling
he wants to destroy him
I mean what else is he gonna do when the trainer has that annoying smirk of his face cos he touched ur hand and made u lol
Minhyuk is exhausted
But with sheer strength and will
They manage a tie
Which stuns u
Its not as ideal was winning
But hey at least Minhyuk didnt lose
This then brings us to the time where he did lose your attention to someone else
Only this time he couldn't really get mad cos he loved the dude
Tumblr media
You had expressed how much of a fan if btob u were
and how ur favorite was Eunkwang
like literally everytime you mentioned btob
eunkwangs name had to go out of ur mouth
i mean minhyuk that is was cute at first
he thought his hyung deserved it
Ang mostly
when these instances happened
it was only lightly brushed on so minhyuk didnt think too much of it
So when u were surprised with a nice dinner with minhyuk AND eunkwang, u were soooooo maddened with excitement
Like gurl
We get it
Ur whipped
But did u have to only look at eunkwang who was right next to u the entire time
Likkeee girrrll
"oppa for real like everytime i look at u o feel so happy" you say
Minhyuk chews on his food
Eunkwang lols
Minhyuk watched ur bright smile and feels his chest tighten
"i love ur voice"
"thank u"
"and ur stage presence"
"tenk u"
"and ur personality"
"and i honestly look up to u"
Eunkwang go 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
"i genuinely wish to have the same carefree and bright personality you have. I hope u know how happy u make people. Sometimes, when im sad, i watch a video of yours and i end up feeling better"
Eunkwang go 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🤯🤯🤯🤯
Minhyuk go "what is this feeling i have in my throat"
You clearly enjoyed every minute u had with eunkwang
Minhyuk begins to think he may as well have been ur husband in this series
Eunkwang catches on his sulky mood and diverts the attention to minhyuk
and how he
"litterally wont shut up about u, like everytime were together, he talks about u, and listens to ur songs and nsjsjsjsjs its high key annoying, please i need therapy now all ur songs have lived in my head rent free pay up ho"
Minhyuk freezes and thinks, "im about to beat this bish up"
You however find the sentiment adorable and reciprocate kind words about him
He feels like he's flying
His heart his beating
He does talk about u a lot
Because uve plagued his mind
Tumblr media
"Bro, i think i really like her" minhyuk tells changsub when its just them
"then ask her out, genius"
But bro
He cant
Dont tell anyone
But minhyuk watches ur episodes of ur show because he likes seeing u smile, especially when it's about a joke he made
Sequentially, he's seen some comments on the show
How fake u were
How cute u were
How much they hated u with him
How much they hated him with u
But he found most of the comments where bashers would say u would be too much, ur fans would say u literally treat him the way u treat everyone else
He wasn't special
U were as touchy and as smiley with him
As u were with junmyeon form exo
Or teacyon from 2pm
And it kind of made him realize the smiles he thought were special to him werent even special at all
as ur fans stressed
you treated everyone with the same demeanour
he would begin to obsess about it
and watch compilations of u interacting with idols
some of them would be about them gushing over you
some of them would be u gushing over them
and some of them would be filled with skinship
some of them would be filled with laughter
it made his chest constrict
it tasted bitter.
I mean it makes sense that u were so comfortable with him so easily because u were like that with everyone
Not because u shared a connection
And it sucked dude
the realization just
Especially you would say such sweet things to him
only for it to be just that
sweet things
with no other meaning
because you were sweet
when u talked about how u thought minhyuk would be a great dad and husband
And u envision his wife to be literally everything u were not
He couldnt tell if u were doing that on purpose of if u genuinely thought so
It sucked man
How you could have such moments like
Eating ice cream
Watching movies
how u two would laugh
and talk for hours but felt like it was too rushed
how u would snuggle close to him
and hold his hand
and make his stomach tumble
But it was all for show
So when he had this mission to get a kiss for you
Yours btw was to get him to buy something
He panicked
And was uneasy all day
U could tell
he had actually been so off for a while
minhyuk had ranted to his members how draining it was to be with you
not that he didn't enjoy it
not tha the didnt want to
but he just so empty
because at the end of the day u were with him because of a contract
and not because u wanted to be
U decided to do something fun to destress him that day, though u were unsure of why he was so stressed exactly
It was kind of natural that u ended up in the mall
U found a simple dress on the rack, and u decided that was how you would complete ur mission
You told minhyuk u wanted to try on the dress
And dang u looked great in it
heart eyes
So when u said u forgot ur wallet again
It was a lie, u purposefully left it
U didnt have to tell minhyuk twice to get it for u however
U still felt bad though
U didnt like having others do things like that for u
So while he was settling the bill, u didnt ask if u could pay him back, u asked how u could get even
Minhyuk didnt think much of it, nor did he think it was ur mission anyway since he was told u had none
Same goes to u
u were told only u had a mission
So he thought of joking and get it over with
minhyuk said softly, turning quickly from ur lips to ur eyes, "u could give me a kiss"
Did u hear that right?
Minhyuk quickly turns away
You look at him and ask, unsure, "did u say kiss?"
*sweats* "it was a joke"
You clearly can see how nervous he was
there is no way that was joke
even when he chuckled and brushed it off
As u walk off in this thick, awkward silence, u begin to piece in ur head why he was being so weird
It was probably his mission too
i mean you were pretty smart so it wasnt that hard
You call for him
But he doesnt look
U decide to just go for it then
And give him a peck on the cheek
That is when he gets his friggin guts to turn to u
And u wind up kissing on the lips
Ok then
Clearly that went viral
Ah yes how sweet
how do u even talk after that
but you two manage
You both break out of the awkwardness, thankfully
And fall back into playful banter in no time
Tumblr media
So like by the end of the show
U both read what u had written
Ur balling out crying, saying that u expected at the very least to be friends by the end of this and someone u could turn to for advice, especially with men. You express how much he means to u and how u would like to still be friends after this
Minhyuk sheds a tear when he explains how much u have grown on him in this time. He reads out how he had hoped to learn about himself as a man and how to treat a lady well, and he concludes that u have set the standard and how special u have become to him
and just like that it was over
it felt so surreal
and minhyuk felt both relieved
and in mourning
To be freaking honest
Everything was so sus between u
Clearly so many people wanted u do end up with each other at the end of it
And so many took to the internet to talk about how whipped minhyuk was for u
some people pointed out how ur touches lingered
and how ur eyes sparkled when u interacted
but again
it wasnt really out of character for u
so most of ur fans didnt get their hopes up
and even crushed other viewers dreams about u being together
When it all ended, for some reason minhyuk expected u to do an 180 on him, or to never see him out again
he stared at his phone on nights ends
and got so sad thinking about u
minhyuk was nearly annihilated by his members for sulking so much
minhyuk would moan out a weak no
ok dang relax
so minhyuk called u
and his heart raced at ur sweet voice saying hello when u picked up
he was relieved and overjoyed to find that u really where just so temperate and lovely with him
u didnt change when u talked to him
and he was so happy that u agreed to hang out with him
for a moment he was satisfied
that u were willing to eat lunch with him
and that u thought to call him up because u wanted to go shopping with him
u got shy and reluctant about it because u weren't going to buy anything of great importance
but he profusely stated that he would like to go out and buy slippers with you
and you were thankful for it
As some time went on, it ate him up to think about how u could be with someone else
He hated how comfortable u were with him to talk about these men u liked and men that liked u
how there was a sweet guy that asked u out recently
and how u were thinking of agreeing with him
he didnt have the heart to say it was a bad idea
because i mean it wasnt...
not really
he just didnt like it
you seemed not to be so sure about it though
and minhyuk reassured u that literally whatever guy would be so lucky to be with u
"are you sure about that?" you asked
Minhyuk wanted to scream
he brushed it aside
and decided he couldn't take it anymore
He was done choking
so he just spat it out
He said it
He said it all
He tells you how he feels giddy at the sight of u and how much he enjoys ur company
he tells u how much of an impact u've become to him
how much he looks forward to being around u
He tells u that he's gotten his heart so attached to u in the time uve spent together that he just has to give it a shot
he tells u why he was so out of it in the last few episodes u filmed together
he just hated how close u were and yet so far out of reach u really are
He explains that he knows he's probably not special to u
but if u let him try, he thinks he can make u happy
and he'll do anything to have the warmth you've had for him become real
he nearly dies when u laugh
and tell him u felt the same way too
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(1) Hiii, love!❤️How's your week going? Hope that you're doing well and feeling good! I'm so glad that you finally finished Shake Me Down (and OMGGG THE COVERS YOU MADE!!😭❤️❤️), it's such an intense ride, wasn't it?😱💗 I also ended up being so *proud* of Harry, of his process and how brave and lovely he is, and him going to the pride parade is such a perfect ending!🌈🌺 Loved it to pieces!❤️ But yeah, I totally agree with you with what you were saying, I also found it odd that the bit about
Harry's sexuality wasn't fully explored (I actually talked about this with a friend who also read it, and she also agreed!), it feels a bit like a 'loose end', in the sense that, as you were saying, we get to see all his process in everything else, but this sort of sub-plot is left unended😅. Everything pointed to Harry eventually maybe wanting to take that step in their rs (because of that scene in which they sleep together), but it would've been nice to see if that was the case, yes! (2) Omg, YES, I'm also a big re-reader, and those fics that you were mentioning are ones that I'd love to re-read soon (Collision at some point this summer, probably sooner than later; also Mine Would Be You, Own the Scars, Nameless Night and You Are The Blood hahaha the gang of my favourites is all here tbh😂). And I lovee your 'To Read' list, let me know what you think of TSALOWTS and And down the long and Silent Street! I hadn't heard about Blue Lips, Blue Veins but it also sounds lovely🥰💗 (3) If you like it I may have to add it to my list as well❤️ (even if my list is *endless* at this point hahaha). I imagine that when you start work you'll have a bit less time to read, but, as you were saying, I'm sure you'll find moments to read as well!💗 I read a lot during the weekends, and then at night+in public transport in the days that I'm working, even if of course it's a bit slower😅 I hope that you're having a nice day, darling! Sending you a lot of love!🥰🌺🌈❤️💕 (4)
Hiiii looveee!💌 I'm sooorry it took me ages to reply, but here I am! I hope you're week's going well!💚
Ok, I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one who thought that was a bit odd the (no)end of Harry's story in Shake Me Down. It was a beautiful story, anyway, and I'm happy I've read it!
Sooooo let's talk about TSALOWTS! I finally continued to read it and AAAAAH! It's so well written! Even if I haven't seen Doctor Who in a while...reading it makes me remember everything! (And now I want to re-watch every season of the new serie😅) It's very detailed but no too much so that if you have already seen it you remember the scene but it isn't boring and if you have never seen the show you're still able to appreciate it as a full and beautiful story! I knew the author was trustworthy! I'm really loving it! So I'm finally out from the Dalek's asylum and I cried a bit when Harry died in the Victorian London (I mean, I know it happens every time I rewatch Doctor Who and every time Clara dies I cry, I'm such a crier! 🤧) so, of course, I cried reading it. And do we want to talk about that kiss that Victorian Harry gives the Doctor???? I mean: WOW! That was hot!💥 I keep forgetting that we're not really in Doctor Who so everytime something like this happens I am a bit caught off guard😂 But I obviously love this! So for now it's all that happened between them...they fought the Great Intelligence again, this time in modern England, and Harry asked Louis to be taken home, and to return the next day, as probably he will say yes to travel with him, so now I'm looking forward to read moreeeee! I'm so curious to know how their relationship will develop! Meantime, for every chapter I've read I made the covers, as I decided to make a cover that represented all the important episodes of the story, just to make something different: I didn't want to make six different versions of the Tardis 🙄 It's a bit of work but I'm having fun so I hope you'll like them!
Last time I forgot to add to my to re-read list also "you are in love" that really remained in my heart since I've read it! It's a simple story, a college au, but really well written and I remember I suffered a lot reading it (because they take a while to find each other, and when they do something happens so that they lose each other again since the end) but it's full of feelings and really beautiful so I definitely would like to re-read it again and, maybe, to make a part II of the covers, we'll see 👀
Ok, this is it for now, I hope you're having a lovely day honey, sending you lot of love and a big big hug🧡💚💜💙💋💌💝
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spikeface · 18 days ago
hey, anon about stiles and liam here! no, please, give me your thoughts. i've rewritten this four times now trying to make it coherent, cause i don't write metas, i'm just here to vibe. season four feels like they tried to pack a hundred different overlapping storylines into twelve episodes. it feels rushed. when scott is a berserker and liam is trying to snap him out of it, it doesn't feel like anything. it doesn't feel like there's any special bond between them. it's just a beta trying to get to his alpha. liam explicitly says that he doesn't wanna be a part of this, but betas follow their alphas. as we hear from derek to the twins previously in the show, that's what betas do. in season five though (and i'm only four episodes in, so i could be wrong!) it's like every time that stiles turns around, you can pretty much expect liam to be there. scott seems to give liam werewolf-y advise, but stiles is the one he seems to have an actual friendship with. pun intended, but stiles is the one that liam is following around like a lost puppy. liam follows stiles into the woods to look for theo against scott's wishes, liam hops right in to help stiles with the jeep in a way that makes it seem like it's not the first time he's done it. "the adults are trying to have a conversation." - "okay, you're like two years older than me." even in season four, stiles was the one that could get through to liam and help him gain control on the way to mexico. they honestly seem like siblings to me. if i had stopped watching after season three, and someone sent me these scenes and told me that liam was introduced as stiles' long lost, secret brother, i would easily believe it.
Thank you for expanding, anon, and my apologies for taking so long to reply. You've brought up a lot of points here, so I'm going to try to respond to each of them briefly--there's a lot more to say about all of it!
I definitely agree that Season 4 was rushed, and suspect that part of the problem with that season overall was that it was written as 24 episodes, as season 3 was, and was then cut to 12.
I also really agree that Stiles and Liam have a sibling vibe, and liked this as a way that Stiles grows in season 4. At the beginning, he blurts out harsh truths about the possibility of Liam dying from the bite, and then appears flustered that he has made Liam cry. This is the first time Stiles has ever seen someone visibly, vulnerably upset by what he's said onscreen, even if Liam turns out to be faking, and I think that, though he remains the sarcastic little shit we all know and love, Stiles grows from the experience. By the end of the season, he thoughtfully tells (harmless) lies to Liam in an effort to help him control his shift.
The Alpha-Beta bond between Scott and Liam was also hard for me to get into at the beginning of season 4--in part because I simply wasn't ready for new characters, especially after the loss of Allison, one of my favorite characters, and Isaac, my favorite of Scott's Betas. I loved the way they did the Alpha-Beta bond between Scott and Isaac, and how, though we see moments where they have some sort of supernatural werewolf ~*connection*~, the two are also friends and teammates--even brothers, since they live together.
I would have happily taken more of that with Scott and Liam, but also respect that the show tried to do something different with that relationship. Like Scott and Isaac, Scott and Liam are also teammates, but the show moves away from that aspect of their relationship after Liam is bitten. Scott initially calls them "brothers," but that's not meant to be correct. The season is interested in what it means to be a werewolf, not a monster or a human, and tries to investigate the Alpha-Beta bond on its own terms.
Which is hard! I'd argue that it is a special bond, but it was definitely one that was harder for me to understand at first, because it's outside of the human experience and the show stresses it as such. The Stiles-Liam or Scott-Isaac bonds were a lot easier for me to relate to; many people unofficially adopt a younger sibling, or make friends with someone who believes in them. "Special wolf bond from a bite" is harder to parse. When Scott hugs Liam at the end of "Orphaned," I was touched, of course, by the worry and tenderness Scott shows there, but also disoriented by it. Scott is a caring and tactile person generally, but it was intimate--and not a hug between two people who are just friends, or teammates, or brothers. It's a hug between Alpha and Beta, an expression of the same bond that can call Scott back from the abyss of being a berserker, or drive him to defeat the man trying to destroy him and his pack.
It's also the bond that helps Liam decide to go to Mexico, though I might push back a little against the idea that Liam goes to Mexico just because "Betas follow their Alphas." Liam has several significant moments where he faces his fears, about the supernatural (especially the berserkers) and his own personal issues that pre-date the bite, and going to Mexico is part of that. The bond is also meant to be about more than obedience or blind loyalty, which I think the show stresses by having Liam be so (understandably) freaked out by and disinterested in Scott and everything he represents at first. Scott earns Liam's faith and friendship by being a good Alpha--including explicitly telling Liam that he doesn't have to follow him if he doesn't want to, in "Monstrous"--which is why Liam ultimately decides to help him.
The question of what the bond between Alpha and Beta means continues to be a theme of season 5. I suspect that by this point, you've watched more of that season, but just in case, I won't go into it now. I also think the season investigates Stiles' relationship with Liam, though it has more to do with Stiles' paranoia and how he handles it. Stiles has some fun sibling-type quips with Liam at the beginning that reflect their fraternal dynamic, but I see his scenes with Liam in "Parasomnia" as him taking advantage, a little bit, of the fact that, like you said, Liam will follow him around like a puppy, in order to stalk Theo.
To sum up, I agree that Scott&Liam's friendship is different from Stiles&Liam's, and I respect that the show made them different, and what they tried to do with Scott's relationship with Liam. The last thing I want to add is tangential to what you asked, anon, so forgive me for tacking it on, but I just want to stress that none of these relationships need to be in competition. Everyone will have their preferences about favorite characters, relationships, and dynamics, and liking one doesn't have to mean the others are insignificant.
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clawsout83 · 18 days ago
About Optygami
Spoilers ahead:
I just saw the episode, and oh! boy! do I have mixed feelings about it, and it seems like other people do as well.
ladyofthenoodle: another thought: the lucky charm and adrien were parallels this episode. neither were needed to defeat the akuma, but they were both absolutely vital in foiling hawkmoth’s actual plan and defeating the sentimonsters: adrien noticing optigami in the elevator, the lucky charm showing her something was wrong after the battle ended, chat noir cataclysming the bracelet... he’s her lucky charm 💖 i just hope he realizes that soon
they stay positive as to Adrien’s/Chat’s role in the series. 
coccinelle-et-chaton:  Optygami made me realize it's one thing to bet on the fact Adrien will go through a breakdown by the end of the season... and another, very different thing is to have to watch it. i am NOT okay.
they predict that, after this episode, Adrien will just snap at some point, and I have to admit, I believe it too. 
heizerux Guys all she did was decide to add on to a trusted person by agreeing to further train Alya like Fu did for Marinette. Ladybug HASNT said she was gonna only trust Alya and replace Chat Noir. She’s simply adding another person to trust along Chat Noir in case something ever happens to either of them, and it’s for the best given Hawkmoth “leveled up”. Like think about it. It’s best to have an extra person, and Alya is a good choice.
they go more in my personal direction/general feeling about the series. They have no more adults to help them (for as much as Fu helped them in the first place), and they have to outsmart 2 adults they know next to nothing about and who have technology in their left pocket, and experience in their right one. A little more help wouldn’t hurt.
jesse-messy Final reaction: [...] Clearly, the, "I need you," phrase that has been keeping him going is... not quite true anymore. Because Rena Rouge is there (again, not complaining. Please don't take this the wrong way), and Ladybug also needs her. Except she knows all the secrets. And he's the one being left behind. It's like having to stay behind two of your friends because all three of you don't fit in the hallway. Also note that he's that one friend no one really knows about, but they become friends because they're friends with his friend (quoted from unknown, I forgot). This was proven in Felix where the class almost immediately believed Felix's video because, "we've only known him since we came back from summer break," Chloe is also pushing him away too. Notice that the Ladynoir entrance cinema scene in Gang of Secrets kind of parallels with the Chloe and Adrien entrance cinema scene in Queen Banana? The most important thing he can contribute is support. But if people won't let him do that, he's.. just nothing. Just a plastic bag flying mid-air. And with Nathalie being the only one really taking care of him before (quoted from Adrien's Double Life) now being sick, I wanna cry. He's that lonely now. Anyhow, if HE'S the secret villain this entire time, I will riot and cause chaos.
They aren’t wrong here. After all, what happened in Siren when Adrien felt being left outside of Fu’s and Ladybug’s secrets? He was ready to abandon his Miraculous. “No one would know”. What will happen the day he’ll have enough and decides he doesn’t go help Ladybug because “she has other heroes she can count on; she doesn’t need me”? However, I doubt he’ll be the secret villain because, in Timetagger, he’s still by Ladybug’s side
My general feeling for the season as for now is that:
It focusses on Marinette because of her new role as a Guardian.
We, as viewers, see how Chat is left behind/on the sideline, but Marinette is so focused on her role that she doesn’t see that.
Marinette is as focused on her new role as Adrien is blind to Marinette’s feelings for him
If season 4 is more focused on Marinette, maybe season 5 will be more focused on Adrien.
Don’t forget that we’re barely at the middle of the series. There’s so much more that could and will happen
Marinette needs help, and chose to confide to Alya. I also think that, at some point, if having Alya as an ally becomes too risky, Marinette will be more willing to sacrifice RenaRouge rather than Chat Noir. She can still be Ladybug without RenaRouge; she can’t without Chat Noir.
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nellie-elizabeth · 20 days ago
Grey's Anatomy: I'm Still Standing (17x16)
Going to rapid-fire this review!
I don't want more Amelia and Link drama! I hope the kid thing is resolved quickly and without too much angst. Maybe the compromise is Amelia and Link continuing to be involved with Meredith's kids, so Link can be a father-like presence in the lives of a whole gaggle of children. The thing is, I've so enjoyed this lighter, more fun story for Amelia, during her relationship with Link. They bring out this really lovely, happy side in one another and I don't want to abandon that for more angst.
I hesitate to say what I'm about to say because I think people are going to yell at me!!! I've been so wobbly on Nico and Levi because I think Levi is a really fun character, and we just haven't spent as much time with Nico, and he was honestly pretty horrible to Levi, and narratively, yes, he's made amends and I'm not like... mad at the thought of them being together or whatever, but I have to admit a potentially sacrilegious truth that is becoming harder and harder to deny! The actors just don't have that much chemistry with one another! Don't get me wrong, they're perfectly fine and their scenes do the job and aren't like... painful to watch or anything, but I don't have the warm fuzzies about them the way I should when a relationship reaches a milestone like this. So that whole scene with Nico and the candles and the "I think about you all day" should have been a really squee-worthy moment and instead I kind of vaguely thought... "oh, I guess that's nice."
I also thought Maggie and Winston's little relationship drama was annoying, although I'm glad it was resolved quickly. I guess mostly I just thought Winston was being really childish, because it makes sense that Maggie would be bummed out at the thought of having her wedding during the pandemic. And then Winston was very petulant at the very idea of waiting a bit longer to get married, so they could have the wedding they wanted. Why was it such a rush, for him? It bothered me a bit that in this story, Maggie was represented as the one in the wrong, the one who needed to do a grand gesture to make amends, when all she did was express her true feelings of reluctance to rush the wedding in such a stressful time where they couldn't have the day of their dreams. I was on Maggie's side for this! (But still, the end of the episode was super cute and I do still like them together.)
Meredith is nervous and already impatient about her long recovery post-COVID, and Bailey comes by to chat with her and try and cheer her up. She also comes with an offer, for Meredith to be the head of the residency program. I like this for Meredith! I like the idea of her taking on this fun leadership role. It will be a nice way for her career to shift and grow into something new that we haven't seen for her before. I also just like seeing Bailey and Meredith hang out and have such a good friendship. They are two of the only three remaining original cast members left on the show! Crazy.
I'm going to put Jo's story-line under "pros" even though it's really freakin' tragic... I hope somehow she gets custody of Luna anyway? I hope Cormac finds a way to put in a good word for her? Because otherwise what's the point? That moment when Jo is talking to Link and Link says it out loud for the first time, that Jo should adopt Luna, and then you have Jo watching as Luna is on the brink of death, crying in relief when she pulls through, and saying "I'm her mother..." Oh, Jo. I only want good things for her and she hasn't gotten to have many of those recently, has she?
I'm going to ignore the inherent insanity of Levi inviting Helm to move in without clearing it with Jo first, because I actually like the idea of Jo's place just being overrun by these other doctors. It just tickles my fancy. And maybe Levi will move in with Nico now, and it'll be Helm and Jo together? That would be a good chance to give Taryn more of a presence on the show. I really like her, but she's always been kind of on the periphery.
I liked Amelia's cool brain scan thing! I got emotional when the dad was able to communicate with his girl who's basically in a coma! This show will casually present medical breakthroughs in a hilariously simple way, but I'm not even mad about it.
The old woman whose husband had recently died, and whose dog was missing, seriously broke my heart. I teared up when she was caught in a lie about a headache and confessed that she has friends at the hospital and nobody to talk to at home... jeez, that really got to me! And then in the end she gets her dog back... yay for contrived moments of joy in a world otherwise full of desolation!
I also can't believe I'm saying this but... the one moment in the whole "Link wants more babies" plot thread that I liked was Owen and Amelia talking! The actors actually have good natural chemistry when they're not forced into story-lines that play up the passion and angst. They're exes who are friends and who share a long history, and Owen offering to go to a meeting with Amelia was really sweet! See, I can say nice things about Owen... I'm not that biased against him...
I'll stop there for now! As always with this show, I rambled on more than I meant to. A perfectly solid installment, lots of checking in on everyone. And next week is the finale!
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nochisan · 21 days ago
campaign 2 episode 140: I don’t even have a title for this, how do you title this
listen I'm lowkey theorizing that they get tpk'd and that's why this ending feels so abrupt; I think they only film one week ahead so I don't know how realistic that is
(note that I am not HOPING they get tpk'd, I'm merely noting the possibility)
critrole closet where do I obtain taliesin's shirt
ashley johnson ma'am stop I'm already gay
I take it back put the mini away
mala: remember when this guy had like egg on his dick
bf:I'm hearing matt doing that description and I'm just picturing him putting on costume pieces as he does
(mala: taking out the dm is a valid strategy)
summon WHAT NOW
oh he can cast meteor, that's fine
look at liam, he knows EXACTLY what he's about to get hit with
leave essek ALONE
lkfgslk travis
shared HP pool!!
I was joking aout the tpk, matt
oh god bless
I zoned out until caleb successfully made lucien throw a tantrum
(I know this is Big Important Combat but it is still combat and therefore I have no attention span)
I really appreciate how fair they are about reminding each other about shit that affects them negatively. tbf the internet would scream it at them after but I still appreciate it
these eyeballs is fuckin
matt: fury is mounting in lucien me, distracted: a furry is mounting lucien, got it
we get it you played kingdom hearts 2
"he threw another moon at me" is THAT what the fjord moon theory was
"EVERYBODY everybody?" homestar runner never leaves you
make those eyes work for you
fruit salad new ship name
wait did he say "they need you" or "I need you" bc either way I went momentarily slightly feral. I don't even ship it that hard (OR SO I THOUGHT)
"I press my forehead to his" nope there I go
who made the post earlier about there not being a true rez ritual this campaign, I blame them
the entirety of top table is killing me. travis and liam with the most intense faces and laura sitting in the middle just crying.
also liam and sam texting, what are you plotting
someone get ashley some tissues. brian I know you're offscreen, get ashley some tissues
hey artagan you wanna fuckin shOW UP NOW
THAT broke through, we love when the dice cooperate with the narrative
man jester and arty are gonna have a come to jesus meeting after this
OKAY but that was a really cool thought
and he didn't say it WOULDN'T have worked
how the FUCK
"was saving it for something" was it Wish
oh I hate how that sounds
oh thank god
my head hurts
okay I have to go boop the child nobody FUCKING DIE
I stood up and got actively dizzy, this episode is gonna kill me
they didn't give a "this episode is five fucking hours long" warning so I assume it'll end soonish but how or why I do not know
Please Save My Boy
Please Save My Boy(s)
I am ashley
I figured that was the explaination, was the somnovum blocking artagan, but also
"insight check" fuck you don't make me laugh right now
don't think about how this is the second time they've seen molly's body dead on the ground
someone smack a healing into caleb please
yeah is it like a big flesh cocoon or a naga situation
ughhh if they rez him they risk it being lucien again and not molly
if they res molly tonight I'm gonna puke
like just out of stress. that is the only recourse left to me.
if liam cries I cry
the city knows what jester is capable of and gave up the bag bc It Knows Better
I actually don't know if I want this to work, I'm torn
it is a crime that they cannot irl hold hands right now
if he asks taliesin if molly wants to come back I will actually puke
what's the dc for this? isn't it like a 10 for the first death? does this count as his first death?????
hello 911 laura bailey is murdering me with acting
jester lavorre vs death
matt trying to finagle it in their favor
"you are frustrating and we miss you"
essek :(
fjord :(
although nobody knows it and no one knows our names, that doesn't make it cheaper it was worth it just the same
you know what, this I can accept. caduceus who saw fjord go down on the ship and just said "no". caduceus who stared down his friend's abuser and told him to go fuck himself (respectfully). caduceus who saw something extremely unfair and said "I'm fixing it". if this is what does it, I can accept this.
he's a BABY
he had fucking archetypes in his head for each of them and that's all he remembers
make taliesin talk to himself
I've been drinking ice water and that was A Mistake, I'm shivering terribly AND I have to pee
taliesin, res thyself
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isthismyblogname · 21 days ago
spoilers for adventure time distant lands, hoping this is the last one
Wyatt and Maja is in the bottom pits of hell (death world) and that honestly makes sense but Choose Goose? Rhyming is a crime, he said. I hope puns aren't a sin.
Aw no, treetrunks meet her needy ex again. Gross. But its funny though how all of her ex bend backwards to save her first (with wyatt ruining everything~)
Life's realm is beautiful. the whole sea aesthetic reminds me a lot of Ponyo
"ooh i hope i got to be a cool creature in the next life!" *turns to a bug* "thats what you get from hoping i guess 😔
so New Death IS an angsty teen, does that mean he's the son of life and death, or is life made him before dating death? Where's old death anyway, they should call him for this problem.
They got the stick. Jeez i was waiting for the dramatic stabbing scene but its like these two guys conveniently forgot and repeatedly. bonk the guy
NO don't dunk tiffany to the bottomless hole! They're ripping off his wings. They're ripping off the angel's wings. shit this is giving flashbacks of Castiel-
YAY! Jake's family to the rescue. The way tiffany rapidly turns to a baby is super adorable. Guy needs his found family and its been overduee
don't kiss it stab it! urrrrgggghh these guys are too funny
Yikes new death killed his dad
okay now i want to cry seeing finn and jake fighting over who gets to sacrifice himself.
But it was a damn good visual seeing them change forms in a fight.
Seeing mr fox actually uses the stick in the right way and its apparently not stabbing but pointing the blunt end so the snake on it lunged to new death was... WOW
The lich reveal ... It's so damn spooky and beautiful, i love every single second of it, so much detail, so much callbacks, all the beautiful colors nnnnggg!
We've come full circle kids
Wait if the lich have been posessing new death than does that mean he was already hijacked since he was young? It would explain his agressive manner but thats really cruel. Almost felt kinda bad for killing him. But then he could be a general jerk and the lich approached him while he's unsatisfied with his new role is plausible as well.
I trust mr. Fox to run the death world. He could do it. He doesn't have big ambitions and just want his world to go smoothly. Turning the scythe into a pillow is PERFECT.
Finally the family all meet each other, with tiffany as the new baby brat lol
so its time... the adventure ends?
Oh wait nope, they're going to live again! hopefully as betty and shermy
Phew, what a ride. This feels so much like a finale I'm surprised its not the final episode. Thinking of rewatching this again, so I get to see the details better. Honestly i might watch the series all over again.
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revenge-of-the-blog · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
My Thoughts on Total Drama Stoked
this post is just gonna be me writing out everything ive been thinking about the newest total drama addition (rest in pieces, td lake <3), Total Drama Stoked (2019), since its been over a year that the season released and all the excitement from the release has cooled down, and that makes it a perfect time to talk about issues ive had with the series, and the goods as well. its gonna be really fucking long though so its all under read more. enjoy or dont <3 (spoilers for TDIL, TDED, TDBG and ofc TDS (might talk about Lake too though I don’t really consider it canon)
okay, i guess i should get it out of the way first, since ive also mentioned it in an ask before: Finleap in Total Drama Stoked was terrible and honestly, I wouldnt even be half as upset as i am about her portrayal in this season if her previous appearances in TD Biogeographics, and especially TD Executive Dysfunction, hadn’t been some of the best moments in the shows, if not, the entire franchise. what was so great about Finleap once was that she deceived you: looking at her youd think shes just your regular old stoner surfer with an obscene amount of knowledge about marine life, especially cods. it was the perfect setup for the eventual reveal of Coditus, and the religious conspiracy she was neck-deep sunken into. Not to retell the entire plot of TDBG though, I assume you all watched it, but the ending gave us SO MANY fucking opportunities for Finleap to go. WIth no god left to worship, she may have had to deal with building up an identity beyond what she played up. What would she even think, how would she view herself without the thing she gave her entire life to serve? Would she distance herself from the ocean altogether? So many questions, so many possibilities!
its like the writers forgot they had all the opportunities in the world at hand and resorted to notes they scribbled on the table where it just says “cod girl” in really shitty handwriting with a cruedly drawn dick next to it. and she talks about NOTHING except cods. AND FUCK!! NOT SAYING THAT CANT BE INTERESTING AS HELL EITHER! Finleap growing attached to the only thing left of what she worshipped her entire life? Sure! But then why is nobody doing anything against it?! Toodle spent the entirety of the TDBG Epilogues teaching Finleap about the horros that not only all the followers of Coditus, but especially her were subjected to. what happened to her was not okay!! So then why doesnt Toodles talk to her about her cod-session? why doesn’t Mart try to support her friend? In that case the fault would be at them and not Finleap. but seriously, you can just tell! you can tell from the way Finleaps dialogue and actions were written that it wasn’t an intentional arc but just a cheap copout to still have Finleap in the new season because shes fairly popular, but without putting any effort into portraying her! It’s honestly just sadder and more disappointing the more i think about it. but you know. At least the supposed romantic tension between Finleap and Toodle got retconned as a result of this, which I can appreciate. lets talk about Toodle next.
Ive seen people complain that Toodles feelings for Finleap disappear way too sudden and that it makes no sense. That assertion is fair, but to me it makes perfect sense, heres why: Toodles robs the McLean remnants and finds the ancient McLean Immortality Token. Like with it’s previous owner, the very first Chris McLean, the Token slowly but surely removes all ounces of empathy and morality from it’s owner until they become another perfect host to completely the inevitable cycle of McLean. Toodle struggling with the Token tearing away at his humanity while also knowing he needs it’s power for his goals to destroy Trombone Island? That was some good shit ngl. And id assume if you take away his empathy for Finleap, a lot of what caused his affection for her disappears as well, since i was people say empathy doesnt equal love. Theyre right but  in Toodles case empathy is what started his love for her. And its canon that even with the Token gone, he needs time to regain and relearn everything he lost. Will he love Finleap again? Who knows!! I like that they left this ending open. Though tbh I wouldnt blame him if he didnt, if I was Toodle i wouldnt wanna date someone whod rather date a goddamn fish than me lmao.
Anyways, I dont really mourn this ship, as I never thought theyd be a good couple even in the older shows. Finleap has always been a lot more assertive and would be bored with a guy like Toodle fairly quickly. But you know who I think has more potential with Toodle in a follow up to the season (lake revival when)? Whirlo.
You know, in comparision to Finleap everyone looks great this season, its like the writers just wanted us to hate Finleap all of a sudden. But I think even without that bonus, Whirlo would be in my top 5 of total drama characters! Funny enough, he actually starts out in a similar way to Finleap, in that you don’t really take note of him. But unlike Finleap, he isnt introduced into the lore suddenly. In fact, he isnt that involved in it at all! Whirlo stands purely on what little he reveals about himself, and his supportive and calming personality, which is such a nice contrast to the eldricht horror personalities of the rest of Trombone Island. ANd speaking of which!! Theres a really great theory video by finleappps (too shy to tag them here <3) about how Whirlo is actually the spirit of Trombone Island, or represents the island itself. Go watch it its epic and I cannot give back to you all the details finleappps did, let me just say it made me super invested in Whirlo and currently im rewatching TDS for more hints in the background that allude to his backstory or his involvement with the island, so maybe ill post a theory soon, heheh...
Mart was pretty much herself this season and I have not a lot left to say. It just makes me sad that the same couldnt be said about Finleap, because i feel like the setting this season would have given us some good Firt content. I really miss their friendship, it hurts my Firt shipper heart to see like this ;-;
BUT FINALLY - time to talk about my favourite arc of the season: Mokota and the Importance of Self Acceptance
Im sure you all caught onto this plotline, as it was pretty clear and not packed with complicated lore: Mokota feels insecure about her dog ears, adapts a glam cat aesthetic, learns to love her dog ears and puts off the glam cat aesthettic. Personally, I loved this arc play out and the conclusion I find is great. “but reveeeenge“ I hear you cry “its bad because mokota learns she shouldnt change her looks if she wants to“ Please watch the show again. Especially Episode 4 and 7. Mokota absolutely loathes dressing like a glam cat “but then why should she-“ okay. maybe you havent watched the TDBG epilogues where she made small appearances. maybe youre upset you cnat have your glamcat rep. its fine. but dont ignore that she was told over and over again that shes the inferior clone of Dora from TDIL, not just by some of you, but by people on the island as well. she must have internalized it at some point, and began hating herself for something she cant change. key point: she had no problem with her dog ears before people started telling her they make her a freak and inferior to glam cat dora. the arc ends beautifully, Mokota learns that she shouldnt let shit like that about things she cant change get to her and not force herself into doing things she doesnt want to. its such a base moral of the story, but i feel like a lot of people, especially in this fandom bc theres lots of young people here, need to hear it. You arent inherently wrong for something about you you cant control, and you shouldnt let others force you to do unimportnat things if they make you uncomfortable! Mokotas portrayal this season was actually so much better than in the BG epilogues, for the simple fact she has an arc here. Loved it! More of this please!
And finally, I honestly didnt expect wed meet Judgeneys boyfriend Shalaw this season but here we are! Ill end my post with a bit of a controversial take: He should have been in the finals instead of Mart. Not that I hate Mart, she just hasnt done anything outstanding this season like Shalaw did, and mostly stands on her previous seasons development which makes her look bland compared to what Shalaw goes through. Being new to Trombone Island sure must be an experience to the newbie, but Shalaw promised Judgeney hed take on this season for her. So even before we see him we already know hes likely very confident, or really, really loyal to Judgeney, which given what we know about judgeney, is interesting. She always seemed to struggle showing affection, I believe out of fear of being hurt eventually (as revealed in her past relationships with Dora and Gwen), so im kinda bummed we didnt learn more about that. However! Shalaws entire story of struggling with his own morality while stuck on Trombone Island is super interesting, slowly succumbing to horros he must parttake in to survive is so fascinating, and upon watching it the first time i even forgot i wanted to know more about his relationship with judgeney! And beside that, he knew what hed get into but was still shocked which was refreshing to see a human reaction liek that in this show. He’s headstrong, calculated, but not malicious. Not a reckless asshole like TDS Finleap. He only hurts if he has to, and the showdown between him and Toodle in Shalaws final episode? I was so close to crying ngl. And not just bc I knew he was gonna be out after that. Basically, stan Shalaw.
And that concludes its. TL;DR: Writers get better at understanding popular characters and WHY theyre popular before writing them, k thx
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thoughts-on-bangtan · 22 days ago
What do you think of JM’s updated Spotify? I don’t normally read into things, but his song choices makes me sad. “At my worst” “I can’t be myself (excuse me while I cry) & “When was it over?” With the lyrics “was it that fight we didn’t have when I came in? Was it the first time you saw me drunk? Second time I said I’m sorry?” It sounds like a replay of Vmins dumpling incident and it worries me. JM looked off in the recent live, almost sad and pouty lately. Do you think I’m over analyzing it?
Admin 1: The short answer to this would be: yes, you are over analyzing things.
The longer one would be that, for example, Pink Sweat$'s At My Worst isn't a sad song, it's actually the exact opposite. It's a very cute and romantic song. Just look at the first verse:
Can I call you baby? Can you be my friend? Can you be my lover up until the very end? Let me show you love, oh, no pretend Stick by my side even when the world is caving in, yeah
I'd actually argue this kinda sounds like a mixture between Sweet Night and Friends when it comes to the sentiment of those words. I’ve seen some people even claim that this will replace Ed Sheeran’s romantic songs that have so far been used at every wedding ever because of how sweet it is.
Then we have Justin Bieber’s I can’t be myself which I believe you probably only looked at the title and jumped to conclusions because, again, this isn’t a sad song either. The lyrics are more about how Justin (or whoever) cannot be himself when you (I’d guess he likely means his wife) isn’t by his side, thus wanting to say that he is happiest and most himself when they are together. It’s sweet and lovely, not sad.
I could travel any place But without you, it's just runnin' around (Girl, I'm just runnin' around) They could open Heaven's gates But without you, I'm just stuck in the clouds (Yeah, yeah)
Lastly, from the songs you specifically highlighted, is Sasha Sloan’s when was it over? which yes, I’ll admit this one is a sad song about not being able to let go even though you know there is nothing left. The song though has a very calm sound, something you’d listen to in the evening, and something I could see both him and Tae like listening to, not because Jimin relates to the lyrics but because it’s simply a pretty song.
On my current playlist I have Stromae’s Formidable, a song about a heartbroken man getting wasted after a breakup. I’ve neither gotten my heart broken nor am I sad and yet I still love this song because it’s just a really good song. Sometimes that’s the only reason we need to listen to a song. Nothing more to it.
All that to say that I don’t believe there is any correlation whatsoever to be made here, especially since Tae and Jimin look more than happy in recent months (did you notice Jimin happily smiling at Tae during their most recent performance of Butter for Colbert at the beginning of their subunit dance?) and there is nothing that could indicate to us that something went wrong between them, or that Jimin could be sad or something bad going on with him. I mean, look at JKs playlist and the fact that he has Billie Eilish’s Your Power on it, applying your thought process, does that mean that JK is trying to tell us he went through something similar to Billie? That he is sad? Or do you think he simply recommended that song because he likes Billie’s music? The last one seems the most likely, doesn’t it?
So, to sum it all up, there is absolutely no need to worry, seriously.
Admin 2: In the evenings, when it's very quiet and my big city has fallen asleep, I really enjoy listening to Sweet Night. I also like to go back to 4 O'Clock from time to time (although I know I will cry). Does that mean I missed my chance in life to be with my beloved? No and no again! I've never been in a situation like this, I wasn't unhappy or "fragily" in love, no one abandoned me or cheated on me. I listen to these songs because I love them. They match the mood of the evening and calm me down despite the sad lyrics and let me fall asleep peacefully.
I am a person who listens to a lot of songs from the past; Songs that remind me of situations, remind me of years of studying, enable me to relive certain situations.
Dear Anon, thank you very much for your question (confession), but I admit that I see it as "looking for some kind of backdoor" so to speak, a way to create a loophole and deny everything after all.
I don't know who you are, I don't know if you really are a Vminnie, but I think you are clinging to any possibility of a situation to undermine the reality or existence of Vmin. That's how I see it, if I offend you, I apologize. The more we get new materials about Tae and Jimin every day, like them being cute in the McDonald's behind the scenes, the more such "sad thoughts" we get sent to us through asks every day.
Firstly, I'm not sure if Jimin (and Taehyung) is fluent enough in English to capture the accuracy of the lyrics and understand its message. Of course, you can translate it, but for that to happen first the song has to catch your attention, and usually it's the melody and the overall feeling of a song that does it, and not the lyrics. And that is the point!
I think Jimin picked these tracks because he simply likes them. Perhaps he first paid attention to the melodies and the mood and only then understood the lyrics sometime later.
A lot of people (including me) hear some kind of song instead of another because they are intrigued by the melody or the association with a particular situation. The mood that fits the moment, the weather, the time of day or many other things which lead us to choose this song and not another.
Maybe Jimin and Taehyung were driving at night and listening to the song on the radio, maybe they were in a romantic mood back then, just having dinner together or taking a half bath together. Ha ha, I know I am deceiving and romanticizing what I am saying to reflect the vast possibilities and reasons why you listen to music like this and no other. Jimin putting together this list of songs for his spotify playlist doesn't mean he listens to it all the time, every day, but that he has the songs he likes on his list and chose the ones he wants to hear right now, or that he thought ARMY could like.
Of course, I'm sure he listens to very different songs during exercising than the one lying in bed before falling asleep. Maybe he's listening to this list, just like we hear the songs from BTS? We know individual words after repeating them several times, and we generally know (as we decide to read translations) what is going on in a particular song, but we don't understand all the words accurately. Not all of us are in the same situation as described in a particular song, but still we listen to it because we like it, because BTS sings it, because we are waiting for a solo from Suga etc. etc. etc.
For some time now we have been seeing (I see) Vmin happy, even very happy, as if "after the night the day came and after the storm came peace" (by the way, these are the words of one of my favorite songs), I have the impression that Vmin have finished fighting all their fights and they are just happy now, finally. Taehyung looks like a million dollars, he's literally glowing and far more lively than he was a year ago.
To him, Jimin is like smooch like butter and someone he likes the most. Taehyung is a handsome and hot chingu for Jimin who he also likes him the most as well. Tell me dear Anon, where is there room for fear and doubt in the love they share? Why and on what basis do you suspect that Vmin has broken up, or is having problems, or that either of them is unhappy? Besides, if one of them has an off day or is simply tired after a packet schedule and thus doesn't look as animated, why is that immediately read as "Jimin and Tae aren't together anymore" or "they are drifting apart" when chances are far more likely that it has nothing to do with their bond? Based on the playlist, or based on Vlive, or maybe based on both of these events, what is the correlation?
I've seen the Vlive. To tell the truth, I didn't see a sad and pouty Jimin there. Instead, I saw Taehyung smiling and content, and Jimin smiled and admired Tae's new hairstyle. I watched the latest BTS interviews. Vmin stared at each other, Jimin stared at Tae with a big smile that only grew in size and the two communicated with their eyes.
Tumblr media
Jimin caressed Taehyung's back/butt in the Butter MV making Episode and said there’s butter here (though it wasn’t translated in the subs).
Tumblr media
In the McD ad they were together and standing next to each other, even with Jimin resting his head on Tae's shoulder and then Jimin eating Tae's chicken nugget from his hand.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Honestly, I don't know what else Vmin would have to do to keep people from doubting their bond and happiness. They have shown us so much, I think they have reached the limit of what can be said without saying it bluntly.
Most importantly, this is a very interesting situation as we have never had as much "dubious news/content" (not meant negatively at all) as we have now after Taehyung's interview with his ‘confession’/clarification about Sweet Night. To me it smells a bit like someone wants to cause fear or plant the seed of doubt, or be like a trojan horse with the underlying idea of course being that "well...we must be wrong" even though there’s no reason for us to believe/think that.
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alexhoghdaily · 22 days ago
Alex’s Instagram Live interview with Tommy DiDario for #LetsStayTogether
Once again this got extremely long. Because as usual I cannot grasp the simple concept of ‘Highlights’. I basically wanted to write every single sentence down. Forgive me.
(note: this interview contains spoilers for the Vikings finale!)
The comments are turned off. This sets a relaxing mood for the interview.
Alex starts by asking if he’s getting through alright, Tommy is in New York and Alex is in Denmark. Which can make the time difference and connection difficult. He was confused about the actual time of the interview. His email said the show would be at 9pm, but the instagram countdown was set for 7pm. He’s not a technical person so he got a little nervous and was very happy to be live.
Tommy mentioned he started the show #LetsStayTogether during covid to give people a place where they can turn to for some joy, hope and inspiration. A place to just have fun. He said Alex brings all that and more so it was a pleasure to have him on the show.
He spoke about his character and the show Vikings, and asked him What made him want to play the part of Ivar on the Show. Alex answered the question with him being a ‘nobody’ when he came into the show, and he was very thankful to get the opportunity. He didn’t think about wether or not he liked the character, for him it was more like “I’m going to be an actor on Vikings? Are you kidding me? That’s a solid yes.” He didn’t even know what character he was going to play. It started with a regular self-tape of him doing weird accents and weird lines and then multiple auditions for all of the brothers. He said it was an intense audition. He remembered coming into the room and immediately noticing that the people present there were very important.
Tommy mentioned the darkness he brought to the show, the rise and fall of Ivar and how people were rooting for him in the end, and then asked Alex what he loved about playing such a great character like this. Alex answered with the ups and down’s, those are always fun for an actor to get into. Ivar is complicated and that’s always fun to take on as an actor. you always have to defend him [Ivar] even despite him making that very tough. “When he started burning people for a living I was like Michael Hirst are you kidding me. How am I supposed to make people still kind of love him?” It was challenging and fun.
Tommy asked Alex if he was protective of him [Ivar] because he felt like he had to figure out a way to make people like him. Alex answered with: Absolutely. He needs to be, because he always has to understand him and never judge him. And if he would struggle with that, the audience would absolutely 100% too. He has to be the last line of defense. He explained his thoughts and reasoning behind Ivar’s decisions. If he can reason with his thoughts and feelings behind it, it can completely change how he says his lines. It’s all in the little details and that’s what makes the job fun.
He didn’t get his script long ahead of time, only a week, so when he was still rehearsing his lines for one episode he already got his lines for the next and that was really though.
Tommy asked him why he [Alex] thinks is the reason fansresponded so well to his character even with his darknes. Alex answered this wit that he thinks it’s because he’s an antihero. You like rooting for someone who isn’t always perfect because we as human beings are also not always perfect. (He compared it to him liking batman over superman because batman is more flawed than superman.) He also said that he loves that he’s [Ivar] complicated. Every time you create a character that has a lot of depth to them, you challenge the audience and force the audience to always question him and ask themselves what they think about him and his actions. Why is he doing what he’s doing? That keeps people invested and engaged with the story/character. That’s his job.
Favorite scenes: Alex’s favorite scenes are 5x03 where Ivar is yelling, covered in blood in York. (He repeated his iconic Icelandic line as usual.) Another favorite scene was the one where Ivar said goodbye to Baldur in the woods. It is a scene that is really close to his heart. This is because Ivar was honest and vulnerable. Usually he’s doing crazy stuff and yelling and killing people. Alex likes the quiet moments more where he’s just in his own head and having a heart time. He loved the scene because it was so real.
Tommy asked Alex how he views Ivar’s relationship with love. (Absent father, overprotective and smothering mother, a tragic marriage, how does Ivar view love after this.) Alex said that he understands why Ivar does not understand love. After his absent father, smothering mother, tough love from his brothers, he was so blinded by Freydis’ love and his love for her that she could fully manipulate him. It was a complete disaster. When they started season 6 Alex thought that Ivar had completely given up on love. He had discussed this issue with Michael Hirst and the directors. Alex found him to be a sociopath and not an actual psychopath. Because he understands emotions, and he has a lot of them. He does have love and he does have empathy. He thought it was great to focus more on that in season 6. Showing more of Ivar’s human side was very important to him. He has many emotions and he was never just a crazy guy, Alex never thought he was crazy, nor that he was a god, he believed that Ivar knew better than to actually view himself a god. He thinks Ivar is an actor, and he is more broken on the inside than on the outside. The whole “I’m a god” act was all fake, and it was Ivar’s defense mechanism.
For his journey in season 6, Alex asked Michael Hirst to take it down a notch for Ivar. in season 5, especially 5B, he was challenging to like and Alex was struggling to defend him. He wanted to turn that around. He said that after losing his wife, his throne, and being on the run really makes him think. He says Ivar was smart enough to learn from his mistakes. He loved to come to a new place and start from the beginning. He did say that even with the new beginning Ivar was still plotting and manipulating and smart. He is still Ivar the Boneless. Alex was always amazed by his smarts when he read the scripts. He loves season 6 because Ivar was more human and humble.
They discuss Ivar’s death in the final episode. Alex said that he was on top of that. It was completely his idea. He wanted him to go out with a bang and not survive. He told Michael Hirst he wanted a death scene for Ivar. He also discussed with Michael that he loved the idea of Ivar being scared in the end. That he showed himself to be extemely human in his very last moments. Which Alex himself thinks all of us would be. Ivar is the guy who has been yelling that he’s a god, and he loved to contrast of him showing who he really was in the end, and just being afraid. He wanted him to be human in the end, the little boy that he really is. He needed him to show it in his last moment. He thought it was a beautiful brotherly and honest moment. Quote: “I like honesty.” He said that it was also one of his favorite scenes.
Tommy asked what it was like for him, and Alex said that he was bawling his eyes out. He cried the entire day. It was the end of 3,5 years of Vikings, the end of a very intense period of his life and it had been extremely challenging. He was happy to go but he also knew he was going to miss everyone. They were like family. It was the very last scene he shot, and it was magical to finish filming the show with his death scene. After it he was like I guess it is really over. He got a microphone and a signed shield with little messages. He was crying and everyone was gathering around him in a circle, which made him very nervous. It was a regular day with many extras and crew members and performing for them is no problem but when it get’s personal it’s more difficult. It felt like a very private moment. It wasn’t until he got home 14 days later that he fully understood what happened.
Tommy said that he understood that after such an intense role it would take a bit to come back from that and realize what he’s done. Alex agreed 100%. He said it can really feel like an empty dark hole, because you’re so used to working with so many people around him and he’s in a groove and all of a sudden it stops.
He mentioned that he was in his studio, and that he has a band. “That’s what’s happening in the background here.” It’s a fun hobby, nothing official. It’s just them doing decent cover songs. When Tommy asked if we would be able to hear any of them Alex answered with: “Absolutely not”. He joked about it being a secret passion and that it’s not supposed to be talked about. Tommy said no one would be opposed to them releasing a single.
After tommy asked about on set relationships Alex said they were all really close like a family. Filming was tough, not the best circumstances, 15 hour workdays, no breaks, eating the same cold food in between takes and the only way to get through it is because you’re with family. He said he worked with incredibly beautiful and talented people and that helped getting through it. He says he keeps in touch with a lot of people, not just cast members. He said that this is the beautiful thing about this job, you get families all around the world. He mentioned that there were a lot of food battles between the actors.
They moved on to the most popular fan questions.
Who would Alex play if he wasn’t Ivar? In return Alex asked if he could pick anyone and it wouldn’t matter. He jokingly said Lagertha, then said he would actually like it. Then he said Floki because he loves both Floki and Gustaf. (insert little floki laugh.) He also said Ragnar and King Ecbert.
What was the experience like filming Ivar’s genetic disorder? Alex said it was such a challenge. Especially physically because had to crawl around. He thought it was very important to him because he studied OI for his role and he said it’s an awful disease. It was important to him to make it as authentic as possible and show the struggles people who have that disease go through every day. Tommy said that people really appreciated the honesty that Alex brought to that portion of the character and he saw a lot of comments from people in the disabled community saying that they appreciated seeing someone go through that on a mainstream show because they can relate to it. It’s very powerful. Alex had also received some messages from people suffering from OI and it was very inspirational and humbling. It made the experience even better because he likes that he can give people the extra confidence to go out there and do things.
The third question was if Alex would ever be interested in doing a prequel about Ivar’s life. Alex said that he would want to. He jokingly said: “Why not? if the money is good enough.” Of course he would because he loves his character. He also said that even though he would love to, he also has to admit that his character has been a big part of his life and he would like to do portray other characters. (They joked about a lot of people wanting to see Alex in a romantic comedy and Alex mentioned it’s not his favorite thing to do).
Is there a behind the scenes secret that people would be surprised to know about? Alex said that on Vikings they were allowed to write their own lines once in a while and that’s not very common.
Alex’s screen froze and he suddenly left the livestream, but he finally was able to come back after a few minutes. (Insert embarrassed face and him apologizing for being a technical disaster).
He continued about writing their own lines. They really had a say in their own lines and character’s storylines and that was amazing. It helped getting a better sense of understanding characters.
Tommy asked him if he had a favorite line or scene that he’s written. Alex told about the scene where Hvitserk and Ivar meet each other again in season 6 after being separated for a long time. Marco and himself wrote the tiny scene together where they sit together next to the river where Ivar says to Hvitserk: “You look like shit” and Hvitserk replies with “I feel like it.” Followed by “What are you wearing?” Alex loves that little moment because after everything it brings them straight back to their original relationship.
The last fan question was actually not a question, it was a happy early birthday! Tommy asked Alex how he would celebrate and what he would like for his birthday. Alex answered the question with Less COVID and peace in the world. It’s really the time to stick together. He can talk about it and use his platform but that’s all he himself can do. He said he’s happy and priveleged, everything is good. Copenhagen is opening up. Because cafe’s are opening up again he can go out to have lunch and a beer. But there are so much places around the world where circumstances are horrible and it would make him happy if everyone could get a little closer together. Tommy agreed that it was an important message to put out there.
They joked about his band again, Alex not committing to putting anything out. Alex said it’s absolutely noted. He also jokingly said he would tell his bandmates that they should put out some originals.
They spoke about Alex’s photography. Alex said it’s a side thing and a hobby, a way for him (when on set) to relax and focus his mind on something else. He also thinks it’s so much fun to capture moments. He likes to capture moments in front and behind the camera, that’s what photography for him is about. Capturing moments and telling stories. It’s a pleasure to bring his camera on set because he can capture so many different things. He likes to keep doing it. He also said he’s working on a photography book but he wants to wait with releasing it until he has enough good material from a lot of different projects to include.
Finally Tommy asked him what he would like to say to everyone who tuned in and who stood by him for all these years. Alex answered with: “Thank you very much for all the support throughout the years, he literally couldn’t have done it without you [the fans] because that’s why they keep doing another season and another episode. Because you tune in every single week and do that for several years. It’s all for the fans. Sure they do it for themselves but in the end it’s all for you and they are proudly trying to make it as good as possible because of you, and because you are watching. Thank you for doing that.”
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rosetintmyworld84 · 23 days ago
Thoughts on Inuyasha
So with the broadcast of the sequel series, I got back into Inuyasha. I had watched it my last year of high school/first year of college, but I only got up to about episode 107 (because Adult Swim would replay previously aired episodes in a loop) and it feel off my radar as other fandoms creeped in. So! I finally finished the original series, as well as the Final Act and I Have Thoughts.
The Good
- Overall I do still like it. I like pretty much all the characters, the overall story, and in particular the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome
- Seriously, anything romantic aside, Kagome is for sure Inuyasha’s first friend, and best friend, and it is really touching to see Inuyasha go from someone who, by design, cared only about his own survival, because he had been fully on his own for so long, to someone who actually cares about others, even those that don’t benefit him directly.
- I mean, there’s a reason Inuyasha is the title character even though Kagome is the protagonist and audience insert. Love me some Kagome, but she’s pretty static (in that she’s the same at the end as the beginning). Inuyasha is not.
- I actually liked a lot of the lighter, one shot episodes, like most of the Shippo centric ones
- and I don’t think a lot of the fandom (at least back in the day) appreciate how Shippo is a traumatized orphan.  Seriously, the episode 3000 Leagues in Search of Father made me ugly cry (hits really hard if you’ve lost a parent)
- Still one of the funniest scenes is in The White and Red Priestesses when they make the giant Inuyasha and Kagome, and real Kagome thinks the beads on the giant Inuyasha will work, and she says Oswari, and real Inuyasha is forced to the ground and THEN fully uneffected giant Inuyasha just steps on him
- Love the side characters, in particular the ones that bring out the soft side to our main gang.
The Bad
- Way too long. There are so many episodes and entire arcs that could be fully removed, and it would be a better show for it
- Like post Miroku and Sango getting engaged, we don’t really need anymore episodes about Miroku being a lech. It’s unnecessary, and adds nothing to character growth or characterization
- Like most long running fighting anime it suffers from the “need to learn a new technique to defeat the big bad” over and over again, and when a new technique is learned everything else is thrown aside, or the new technique is basically a one episode macguffin. Also has the problem of spending at least a season (if not more) trying to make the red Tessaiga to break Naraku’s barrier, that get used like ONCE
- I love Sesshomaru, but what is HIS motivation for going after Naraku so hard? Inuyasha, Miruoku, Sango, Koga, all have really valid reasons for hunting him down, but Sesshomaru? Because he tricked him? Because he tried to absorb him? It’s pretty weak.
- speaking of weak motivations, Naraku. I mean, in general, I get it. Big evil, wants to do evil stuff, it doesn’t need to be that deep. But considering how he came to be, I think there needed to be a better opposing force to the Onigumo side. Like, one of the demons that consumed him could have been named Naraku, who had big ambitions but little power. It makes it a stronger narrative.
- Also why did he curse Miroku’s grandfather? it seems like such a weird whim. Maybe, if there was a known demon Naraku, before the death of Kikyo and sealing of Inuyasha that was developed, and known to be casually cruel and sadistic it would make more sense. It’s like the Sesshomaru hunting Naraku thing again, the in universe motivations are weak and the narrative suffers for it.
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deluweil · 23 days ago
Buddie 4x14 review - if you haven’t watched it yet don’t read.
The episode starts where we left it, once Buck was on the ground, it seems like he was thrust back into reality. I noticed two things here (connected with 4x13) Eddie didn’t close his eyes until Buck was safe behind the truck on the ground. And the second thing is that Buck was spurred into action the moment Eddie’s eyes closed.
And I mean this was some BAMF Buckley right there, that was SEALS trained Evan Buckley! 😱🤩 It’s like training and instinct kicked in and all that mattered was to get to Eddie and get him help as soon as possible, sniper’s bullets be damned. I gotta say it was executed to perfection❣
Big kudos to both Oliver and Ryan for delivering this whole sequence in a heart-wrenching, beautiful manner.
The shooting doesn’t stop and they get Eddie out of there under fire, I really like the 133 captain and crew, they worked so well with the members of the 118, it seemed effortless. (I’m not touching that subject, but let’s picture Buck lifting Eddie bodily up into his arms and in to the truck for just a second here. - I mean we wanted it but not under these circumstances)
Buck taking the role of medic when finally getting Eddie into the truck, is so amazing, he’s usually the one either in need for treatment or the one who stands back and let’s Hen, Chim and Eddie do the medic stuff, it is their jobs after all, but he doesn’t sit back and let the medics of the 133 to take over, he does it himself. 
He tore Eddie’s uniform’s buttons open (again, that’s not how any of us wished for this to happen), tore the pressure bandage wrap open and pressed it down on the wound, he did not step back from Eddie, until he absolutely has to, at the hospital. 😭
Eddie, my poor baby, was lying on the ground of the truck, bleeding and half conscious and the one thing he focused on was the blood on Buck’s shirt and he asked him if he’s hurt. I mean I could totally cry, because that’s Eddie. Best friend, combat medic, protective and caring, that never goes away even as he’s lying there bleeding. 🥺🥺
Eddie was legit ready to forget his injuries and try to get up and take care of Buck if he was hurt too. He loses consciousness only when Buck assures him that he’s not hurt.
Buck’s frantic litany of “Just hang on, we’re almost there.” and “I need you to hang on” (“I need you”, not we, not Christopher, “I need you”) was really hard to watch, because even though we all read and wrote it in fanfics thousands of times, watching it actually play out was heartbreaking, I totally teared up with Buck there.🥺🥺
For firefighters the job ends at the hospital doors, so Buck naturally, out of instinct stops from following. But that’s Eddie taken away from him and he looks frozen, at that moment he must have thousands of thoughts running around his head.
“You ok Buckley?”
Buck’s broken “No.” was maybe expected, but it was also earth shattering of sorts. This is Buck standing there, knowing (especially after the well incident) that when Eddie is not okay, he’s not either. 😭❤
I want to point out that I loved the fact that the 133 didn’t just drive away or waited outside for the cops, they went in after Eddie. And after trying to check in on Buck, the Captain of the 133 went in too.
I’m going to point out a parallel here between S3 Finale and S4 finale, in 3x18 Eddie asks Buck if he’s ok as his ex-girlfriend was taken in the ambulance with her new fiancé, Buck’s response was “What’s next?” and going back to work. He was okay, because Eddie was with him, and there was still work to be done.
Here in 4x14, Eddie is taken from him to the hospital, and Buck doesn’t know if he’ll live, so Buck’s obvious answer here is ‘No’.
Later we see Buck exiting the hospital, in his firefighter uniform. I’m a little disappointed we don’t see him cleaning up, I know that could have made for a hell of a scene, Oliver would have killed it, and us in my opinion.
Taylor is coming to the hospital, not as a reporter but as a friend. She was worried. I like that side of her, when she knows to put away the reporter and to make sure her friend is in one piece. Her character development is shown beautifully in this scene. 
Buck, in no condition to pretend and speak to the press, turns away from her, he doesn’t trust her at that moment and he doesn’t trust himself not to break down there. He’s teary, still in shock and his hands are shaking like crazy. (in complete contrast to the usual Buck, where he can be in danger or wrap up a crazy rescue and he is normally completely steady.)
Taylor, offered to take Buck to Eddie’s house to see Christopher, telling him he can’t go see Chris looking like he does now. “You can’t got see his son like that.” - At first hear and several others it sounded like “Your son.” - of course it’s not but either way it would have been true too, because in a way Buck has been co-parenting Christopher for a very long time now. And indeed later when Buck gets to Eddie’s house he is washed and dressed in civilian clothes.
The scene with Oli and Gavin killed me! I thought for sure the breaking down will be done in private, but Buck couldn’t hold it together in front of Christopher once he found out Eddie is going to be ok, and Christopher comforting Buck was so so sweet.
Christopher’s “like the ones who fixed you?” Kind of gives us a certain idea as to the conversation Eddie had to have with Christopher when Buck was hurt. His sweet “Then he’s going to be ok,” he says it with such conviction, only adding “right?” only as an afterthought.
And as if he manifested it himself Buck then gets a text from Bobby that tells him that Eddie pulled through surgery and it looks good.
Buck actually dropped the phone from the relief and he started to cry, and sweet, adorable, national treasure Christopher puts an arm around him and tells him that Eddie is going to be okay. I definitely cried with Buck here. It was such a powerful scene and it was portrayed so well by Oliver and Gavin. 
The “it’s going to be okay Buck” was kind of a call back to 3x01 - when Christopher reassures Buck and tells him “You’re going to be okay kid.” - I love these two together so much! ❤❤
When Bobby gives them the talk in the firehouse about how they proceed from there, Buck is standing with his arms crossed, looking completely dejected. And when Hen asks about the safety of their families, Bobby says there's no reason to believe they are in danger, Buck pipes in with “We didn’t have a reason to believe Eddie will get shot helping a kid either.” Buck is traumatized, and worried, he sleeps at Eddie’s house looking after Christopher.
I loved Christopher waking Buck up, and them having cereal breakfast together, a call back to Eddie and Christopher having breakfast together in 2x04. Buck doesn’t sit next to Chris, but across from him - to me it says that the seat between them is usually reserved to Eddie when they’re together at the house.
I love how Christopher’s teasing Buck about him snoring. And Buck is later confused because he’s unsure of whether or not Chris really understands what’s happening, but Carla assures him that he already lost his mother, unfortunately he understands better than he or she thinks. Which again should give people a new appreciation for Christopher’s sunshine child attitude.🥺❤
Carla showing up to take Christopher to school, is showing relief that Buck could finally sleep, which means that he didn’t for at least a couple of nights. She’s also asking him how it feels to go to work, Buck doesn’t even think about the sniper, for him all that matters is that Eddie is not out there with him and it feels off. (call back to 2x18 when Eddie seemed pensive about being back at work but Buck was not with them.)
Carla, bless her, retorts that that is not what she was asking - obviously she meant, she was worried about the sniper, but that is not Buck’s main worry, his head and his heart are somewhere else.
The crane scene was insane! I laughed when Chimney looked to Bobby and asked him “Can you blame him cap?” and Bobby flat out responded “Yeah!” 😂
The rescue was really impressive. However if Eddie ever found out about this he would probably hit Buck over the head with something heavy. It just goes to show that Eddie is Buck’s impulse control and vice-versa.
Bobby and Buck’s interaction wasn’t one of anger, Bobby was terrified and Buck was guilty but unapologetic, because he couldn’t protect Eddie but he could protect the rest of his family, so he did just that. Bobby didn’t have anything to say other than give him the same response Eddie did in Monsters - “Don’t do it again.” - Because for one, in my opinion, Bobby knows where Buck is coming from and also Bobby knows, he knows Eddie is Buck’s impulse control, knows he’s his anchor, he knows that Buck will only be his relatively normal self when Eddie comes back.
I’m not even going to touch the Taylor scene, yes she was worried, and yes she scolded him in a friendly way, but that kiss felt so out of left field for me, especially since Buck was just packing a bag to go stay with Christopher and Eddie was still unconscious at the hospital.
Also she freaking friendzoned him last episode, how fickle do male writers think women are? She gets a little scared and kisses the guy? Lucky they didn’t write in a sex scene! That was an insult to women everywhere in my opinion. It could have been set in so many better opportunities, why now? And if she’s scared now what’s to say that won’t make her leave like Ali did? I have a whole tirade about it but I will let it go for now.
Now I know ya’ll are like - Eddie woke up because his spidey senses told him someone was kissing his Buck (and I do not negate that point lol), but he just woke up and he asked for Buck. I find it so deliriously endearing that I need a moment even as I’m writing this.🤗🤗
I have to point out that there is no scene of Buck, Eddie and she who will not be name together other than the second when Buck walks in (read ran through the hospital corridors) and Eddie has only eyes for his partner. 👀❤
Afterwards it just the two of them, with a brief facetime to Christopher. I love that Eddie thanks Buck for staying with Chris, and Buck pretty much breaks down the logic behind the decision, like a true parent. - Christopher’s comfort came first in Buck’s eyes, and really that just demanded a hug right there.
“Is he doing ok?” 
Buck’s response here, was very honest, a lot more honest than I expected, “better than me.” He said. Buck openly admits to Eddie, “I kinda lost it when I told him you got shot. I’m sorry I should have held it together.” To be honest, I’m very curious as to the ins and outs of Buck and Eddie’s friendship, especially during quarantine, they seem so much closer, a lot more open. More honest than you'd expect two male, straight, lead characters to be with their friends.
Buck would have played it down and shared only the essentials when it’s anybody else. With Eddie he openly saying here, in his own way, ‘I was terrified, and heartbroken, and ‘couldn’t imagine my world without you.’ - ‘I couldn’t function with a clear head.’ - ‘all my masks were shattered.’ 
“You were there for him when I couldn’t be, that’s what matters.” Eddie knows, buck, he understands him better than anyone, he’s telling him here in his own way that it’s okay, and he loves him just the way he is - it was his way to reassure Buck that he was doing just fine.
But Buck’s “Still I think it might have been better for him if I was the one who got shot.” - Eddie looked like he was ready to get up and smack some sense into Buck. 
I want to point out that Buck’s response to Eddie being hurt or in danger is nowhere near the same as his response to anyone else in danger. Case in point in 4x14 is Bobby, he is inside, probably injured, in a fire with a gunman - if it was Eddie, Buck would have waited 0.1 seconds before he disappeared back into the flames to help Eddie. 
With Bobby, he was calm, cool, calculated, he knew what Athena would do because that’s exactly what he would have done if it had been Eddie and he is ready with helpful details and a plan. He wants to go with her, but doesn’t argue when she says no. 
Eddie is Buck’s Bobby, and it reflects all throughout this episode, and I think I had some parallels pointed out in 4x13 too. So I don’t know what scripts Tim reads or if we’re all watching the same show but buddie exists and thriving as far as I’m concerned.
Buck is also the one to pick Eddie up at the hospital - he tells him that the nurse is getting his meds and discharge papers ready, which means that Buck did all that process, he was busy getting Eddie discharged. (Take a moment to soak it in.)😌
Eddie sits Buck down to talk, to be honest this talk went pretty much the way I expected it. 
Eddie explains why he had his will updated, and that Buck is Christopher’s legal guardian if anything happens to Eddie. - I love that after all this time, sweet Buck is still surprised. 
He asks if Eddie didn’t need his consent for this and Eddie’s reply is: “My attorney said you could refuse.”  
I also love, that even shell-shocked, Buck knows that Eddie knows him “You know I wouldn’t.”
And Eddie assures him that he does in fact know Buck, and he knows that Buck loves Christopher as much as Eddie does “I know you wouldn’t.” 
(”I had to do it.” - “Yeah, I know you did.” this was a call back to 4x05 where Eddie understood why Buck did what he did. And knowing what we know now, I can assume that even though Eddie understood and forgave Buck, he didn’t have to like it.)
“No one will ever fight for my son as hard as you.” - call back to 3x03 anyone? 
“There’s no one I trust with my son more than you.” - and Eddie proves it time and again.
And here he is basically giving Buck permission to give hell to his parents or anyone who tries to take Christopher away from His Buck. - And I love it!! 🤗❤
Buck, smart, handsome guy that he is, asks the right question again - “Why are you just telling me now?”
“Because Evan.” That first name that even took Buck by surprise, because Eddie only ever called him Buck, to our knowledge anyway. - Eddie was talking to Evan Buckley, not Buck, and yes they are two separate entities living inside one hunky firefighter. - This is Eddie saying, I know you’re frayed around the edges, I know I’m asking for a lot right now but I need you to hear me.
“You came in here the other day and you said it would have been better if you who were the one who was shot,” and I think for Eddie, who was lying on that firetruck floor bleeding out, and his only concern was that Buck may have been hurt, that was the worst thing Buck could have said. 
“you act like you’re expandable but you’re wrong.” 
Eddie has been where Buck is at that moment, losing his wife, watching his best friend nearly die time and again. - Really at this point Eddie just wants him safe, and if telling him about Christopher is what will do the trick, then he is not above playing dirty.
Eddie is telling Buck, you are my partner, you are Christopher's second parent, I love you, Christopher loves you, I don’t know what I’d do without you. - Because Eddie has been without Buck before and he was completely lost. - And that’s before they became even more intertwined as they are now. 
I love the second before Buck and Eddie enter, Eddie’s house, before Buck opens the door, Eddie looks like he’s steeling himself to get in and Buck has a knowing grin on his face, somewhere between ‘ready?’ and ‘they’re happy you’re back be nice.’ 👀😂
I hated the jump forward, but everyone standing on the roof looking good and Eddie with those sunglasses? wow!! 🥵🤩
This was an all out buddie episode, and I was totally there for it!! I really hope for many more, because these two give me life!!
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