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#i need to rewatch this movie
cookieloverdeluxe · an hour ago
the thought of takumezuru tangled au but umezuru is flynn and takuto is rapunzel crossed my mind and now I can't stop thinking about it
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zemosbanner · a day ago
this whole mobius simp thing has reminded me of my crush on jedediah from night at the museum. so it turns out i've just had a crush on owen wilson this whole damn time
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hordakslegs · a day ago
About to cry because someone said having a Barbie movie marathon would be almost a form of self harm and traumatizing, but I'm being so brave about it!!!
#like gee thanks just what I needed :)) needless negativity dirwcred at something I love & care about and was a good aspect of my childhood#like hello??? did you have to be so brutally honest and negative about it??#no wonder I nearly ever share any of my interests or plans with friends to my parental figuers jfc#if you want to criticise what IS to be criticised in the movies sure go ahead it's valid but also watch one when your kid is grown and mayb#you'll have a different view on it that 'ew annoying children's movie'#just said happily that me and a friend wants to watch all the movies and what comes out of the receiver was basically 'wtf that'd be TORTUR#I'm just??? so appaled by the response#sure one thing is that you personally don't like it and that's okay I really get why thag might not appeal to someone's who's a parent#and had to be forced through countless of rewatches w their kid sure I get it#but here I am sitting sharing my interests on a very lighthearted note as an adult talking about something I really loved as a kid#you don't have to be so brutal about it it was super uncalled for#it's not like my mental health is super frail atm or anything it's not anything like that at all haha#don't want to create any irl discourse but this felt a fucking missile fire of someone wanting to start discourse irl#it's just very not fun#my must all my maternal figures come and criticise things I enjoy without a second thought or apologies no wonder I have mommy issues wth#it just sucks and hurts and I really don't think that was called for at all#better to just sit there and have that polite yet disagreeing silence and smile than firing 600 bullet wounds into my soul#fucking let me enjoy things ESPECIALLY when I now have a adult and mature lense to read it through#like wtf arr you talking about gender roles for most of the og films were bssed on fucking fairy tales ofc there would be ~gender imbalane~#but guess what my brain is in imbalance and so is my heart thank you very much#this js basically this post with someone sharing their interest/passion and then some other person is like this thing sux#that's exactly how it feels and I wish that was a unfamiliat feeling#it really really is a sucky feeling#and I wish people could think twice before lashing out on things people genuinley enjoy#nobody wants to be the one getting thrit passions dunked on#god this just Sucks I'm not stable enough to deal with (uncalled) critisism#personal#the world is already filled with so much negativity can't you just let people enjoy things#also on the topic if that also assume people are capable of critical thinking before accusing them for liking something ~problematic~ jfc#I'm just so very very tired
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doievoir · 5 days ago
oo 32, 34, 36, and 50 for the ff ask game
hi alice!! thanks for sending in an ask <3
32) Are any of your characters based on real people?
i think all my characters are somewhat based on real people in a way. but, most of the time, it's a mixture of different people in one. i don't think any of my characters have ever been based solely on one (1) person though.
34) What’s the harshest criticism you’ve gotten?
i haven't got really harsh criticism from anyone really, except for myself. the harshest thing i said to myself was fuelled by self-loathing, so i don't think that counts.
36) Can you give us a spoiler for one of your WIPs?
maknae on top!jeongin is in death valley.
50) If you could write only angst, fluff or smut for the rest of your writing life, which would it be and why?
angst, probably. i don't write smut so i'm left with fluff & angst. and, when i think of fluff, i think of meet cute aus, friends to lovers, childhood sweethearts, college aus, highschool aus, etc. etc. these are all great tropes/aus but they're not my favourite unless they're coupled with something else. also with fluff, i get tired of it quickly because it can become so saturated. but, with angst, i have some of my favourite tropes/cliches: enemies to lovers (or rivals to lovers), major character death, oh nooo they got in an accident before they could confess their love, villain tries to redeem themself but dies in the process, grieving hero lashes out at the world (basically wandavision), and more! i think i do better with angst & my mind also comes up with better ideas for angsty fics. so, 100% angst.
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georgegordonbyrons · 5 days ago
thinking about.....ginger snaps (the movie)......
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shitabukenjirou · 5 days ago
top 5 movies!
hmmmmmmmm gosh this is hard
treasure planet
kimi no na wa
spiderman: into the spiderverse
wreck-it ralph
this is Definitely subject to change, and also less about overal quality of the movie itself and more about comfort. like these are the movies i keep coming back to when i need a moment to relax and not think too much. i bet there's more my shitty memory can't recall right now but these came to mind first so :')
thank you for asking!! ❤
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abigailblood · 7 days ago
Thinking about rewatching Carrie again
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nikkoliferous · 7 days ago
Tom Hiddleston, who I guess Marvel must have memory-wiped and reprogrammed or something because what the fuck (x):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thor: Heroes & Villains:
Tumblr media
It would be one thing if they wanted to retcon it that Loki has always wanted to rule. That wouldn't be accurate either, but it would at least be more defensible than the notion that he's always believed he was preordained to rule. Hell, they even could have gone with, "Once Loki learned the truth of his heritage, he snapped and became consumed with the desire for a throne". That framing isn't necessarily right, IMO, but it's reconcilable with canon. But nope, the story they're going with is that he's grown up believing he was predestined for greatness. Please excuse me while I laugh myself to death.
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cataroo · 10 days ago
Sambucky Ladyhawke AU
Ok so I can’t stop thinking about this AU idea and oh man,,,
Bucky — Navarre, The White Wolf, cursed to be a wolf by night
Sam — Isabeau, The Falcon, cursed to be a hawk by day
Torres — Phillipe/The Mouse, thief/friend who helps the couple break the curse
Zemo — Bishop (still Baron?) of Aquilla Sokovia who cast the curse on Sam and Bucky (I love the idea of him being jealous of their love mwahahaha)
Sharon Carter — Imperious the monk, but maybe in this case rival former bishop (OR BARON?!) who hates Zemo and helps Sam, Bucky, and Torres.
John Walker and Lemar Hoskins — Captain of the Guard and his second in command, who report to the Bishop/Baron
Karli Morganthau - Cezar the trapper, in this case a lone super soldier who helps hunt down Sam and Bucky
I need to get Sarah in there somehow because she’s awesome— maybe she can work for Sharon or something. Or potentially be trapped by Zemo and they have to rescue her (while she’s already rescuing herself, thank you very much).
The set-up: Captain Steve Rogers, formerly head of the guard of Sokovia, has vanished (to find his long lost love or something). In his stead he leaves his right hand man, Sam, and Sam’s partner, Bucky.
Bishop Zemo (or he could still just be a Baron, actually, no religion needed)— Baron Zemo’s jealousy/hatred of super soldiers and his secret love for Sam (or Bucky—OR BOTH) enflames him and when he is rejected by them, Zemo casts a curse that turns them into their warrior monikers: Bucky the White Wolf by night and Sam the Falcon by day, forever separating them except in the liminal spaces of dawn and twilight.
Torres is a friend of Sam’s (could be another member of the guard or in keeping with the movie and Torres’s comics background, not) and gets arrested for stealing food to help Sarah when she’s left alone after Sam and Bucky vanish. He breaks out of prison and sets out to find Sam and Bucky and help them break the curse and defeat Zemo.
And so it plays out mostly like the movie: Zemo sends Walker and Hoskins to hunt Sam and Bucky, they’re injured, Sharon saves the day, they have a run in with Karli, an independent super soldier who is helping hunt them. Sharon helps them learn of a way to defeat Zemo and they make it back to Sokovia during an eclipse, breaking the curse. There’s pining and angst and hurt/comfort and basically would be amazing. I feel like the Wakandans could be worked in somehow as well, because hell yes Dora Milaje.
Why yes I have spent waaaay too much time thinking about this, why do you ask?
I’m not the originator of this AU idea; I saw this post: and it’s all I want now.
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bearkare · 11 days ago
Finding Nemo
Hi there! Thank you for the ask 😊
never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece
One of my favorite movies ever! Have seen a million times. Can quote most of it.
Ask me about a film
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