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#i need to make a bedding guard -_-
mainlypastrnaksbae · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: David Pastrnak x reader
Type: Smut
Warnings: Smut, swearing, oral (m receiving), slight exhibitionism?, face-fucking, unprotected sex, 18+
Word Count: 1.5k
Summary: Despite a loss, there was a reason to celebrate. With David’s 200th career goal came the opportunity to help him look past a game that didn’t have the desired outcome. He was in a bad mood when he got home, but the second he saw you it all slipped away. 
A/N: I could literally stare at that gif all day long
David’s mind was overthinking every little thing he could have done better during that game. He could have put a couple shots just an inch lower or higher. He could have made more of an effort in the defensive zone. He wasn’t even thinking about the milestone goal he scored. It was the last thing he was thinking about as he opened the door to the apartment. 
It was only six by the time he was getting home, but since he was so used to you being asleep when he walked through the door your voice caught him off guard. 
“Hey baby,” you said in the best sultry voice you could muster. David looked up, ripped from his thoughts. His jaw hung slack as he saw you standing there in his favorite pair of jeans, low cut tank top, and heels that made you nearly as tall as him. 
“Y/N,” he said in confusion as he dropped his bag to the floor. “What’s all this for?” 
“You scored a very important goal today,” you said, crossing the floor. With each clack your heels made, David’s pants grew tighter. Your arms circled around his neck and your lips hovered just inches above his. “I think congratulations are in order.” 
“But we lost, babygirl,” he whispered huskily, his hands resting on your hips despite his weak protest. 
“You’re allowed to have some mind blowing celebratory sex even after a loss, hot stuff,” you murmured in his ear as you nipped at his neck. He let out a guttural groan. “Come on baby, get out of your head for a little bit. Let me make you feel good.” 
“You know I can’t say no to you,” he gave in, kissing you passionately. You planted your hands on his chest and guided you back to your room. The sun set between the buildings, casting a warm glow through the windows over the bed. 
“Let me close the curtains,” you murmured, giving him a kiss before moving towards the windows. 
“No,” David caught your wrist, spinning you back into his chest. “Leave them open.” 
“Hmm,” you hummed, a smirk pulling at your lips. “Someone’s feeling it.” 
“You told me to let go,” David said as he let himself fall back onto the mattress. “That’s what I’m doing.” 
“Good,” your smirk turned into a grin as you pulled off your tank top and shimmied out of your jeans. You were about to take off your heels when David stopped you. 
“Leave those on,” he said, grabbing your hand and pushing himself up to the pillows. 
“You need to let go more often,” you said, straddling his hips. 
His rough hands slipped up your back to your bra clip. He expertly popped it and pulled your bra off, tossing it to the side. He cupped your breasts, feeling the weight of them in his palms before leaning up to attach his lips to a nipple. You stopped him, pushing him back down to the mattress. 
“I’m supposed to be taking care of you tonight,” you scolded gently as you lifted his shirt over his head. “Not the other way around.” 
David groaned as you kissed down the middle of his chest. The light hairs scattered over his skin tickled your lips. You reached the waistline of his jeans. 
“Y/N, come on,” David pleaded as you slowly popped the button and pulled down the zipper. “Fuck, you’re killing me, babygirl.” 
“Well we don’t want that,” you hummed, pulling his boxers down his legs along with his pants. He hissed as the cold hair hit the tip of his painfully hard cock. Your mouth watered at the familiar sight. 
David shuddered as you licked along the vein on the underside of his dick. His hand already came to tangle in your hair. You slowly took him into your mouth, inch by inch until your chine nudged against his balls. He let out a long moan and you had barely done anything yet. That didn’t stop him from being thankful for your lack of a sensitive gag reflex. 
Slowly, you started to bob your head up and down. Every movement pulled moan after moan from David’s mouth. He was wishing he’d scored his two hundredth earlier if this was the reception he was getting. 
You slowly let him out of your mouth, coming up an inch every time you bobbed your head until just the tip was left between your lips. You pulled off him with a quiet pop. 
“Stand up,” you ordered, holding out your hands. He was thoroughly turned on by the raspy sound of your voice. 
“What are you-” 
“Use me, David,” you looked up at him through your eyelashes as you settled on your knees in front of him. “Use my mouth for your pleasure.” 
“You want me to-” his voice trailed off as he realized what you were telling him to do. 
“Fuck my face, David,” your voice was barely above a whisper but it made something inside him snap. 
He grabbed a fist full of your hair and slammed himself into your mouth. You gagged and sputtered around him but he kept going. Your nails dug into his thighs, leavening little marks in the skin. He hit the very back of your throat with every thrust. Saliva was running down your chin and tears were smudging the makeup you'd put on, but you couldn’t have cared less. You were making David feel good and that’s all that mattered. 
“Fuck,” David whimpered over and over again as he grew closer and closer to his edge. 
His thrusts grew erratic, something deep down you were thankful for since you knew you were already going to have a killer sore throat in the morning. He moaned loudly as he came, ropes of hot seed hitting the back of your mouth. You swallowed as he pulled away. 
“Are you okay?” he asked, breathing heavy as he pulled you to your feet. 
“Never been better,” you responded, your voice already hoarse. 
He kissed you gently as you spun him around. You pushed against his chest, making him fall against the mattress once more. You shed your underwear and straddled his hips. You grinned against him as you connected your lips again. 
He kissed you hungrily, tasting himself on your lips. He moaned loudly, his hands grabbing onto your hips. He knew he was sure to leave bruises, a reminder of the night for days to come. 
You felt him grow hard again as you nipped at his neck, paying special attention to the spot just under his ear that you knew drove him wild. 
“Can you take more of me tonight baby?” you whispered in his ear. You felt his moan vibrate in his chest. 
“Yes,” he panted. 
You raised your hips and reached for his cock. Lining him up with your entrance, you sunk down. You moaned together, your hands curling against his chest as you bottomed out. 
You captured David’s lips in a kiss as you started to move your hips. His pelvic bone rubbed perfectly against your swollen clit, sending small bursts of pleasure through you. 
David’s hands rested on your hips, guiding them as you grinned against him. He watched, mouth watering as your tits bounced in his face. He had to fight the urge to wrap his lips around one of your pert nipples. His blue eyes rolled back in his head as you grinned down harder. 
You felt the familiar coil of pleasure start to build in your stomach. You picked up your pace, chasing your orgasm. David was also chasing his pure ecstasy. He always found it when he was with you, and tonight was no different. 
“Jesus- fuck,” David swore as you grinded down on him even harder. The pressure on your clit from his pelvis sent you into the most intense orgasm you’d had in a long time. 
“Fuck!” you yelled as the coil in your lower stomach snapped. Your orgasm sent David over the edge. You collapsed against his chest as you came down from your high. Your sweat soaked skin stuck together as you tried to regulate your breathing. 
“Thank you,” David murmured as you rolled off of him and onto the mattress. 
“You deserved it, baby,” you smiled, lazily kissing his shoulder. 
“Now let me take care of you?” he asked, his blue eyes pleading. 
“Okay,” you nodded, struggling to keep your eyes open. He kissed the tip of your nose before disappearing into the bathroom. You smiled as you heard the bath start running. 
“Come on, babygirl,” he said as he picked you up with ease. You looped your arms around his neck and rested your head on his shoulder. He stepped into the giant poker tub and settled you on his lap. 
He talked to you in Czech as the hot water slowly rose around your bodies. You had no idea what he was saying but it made you swoon nonetheless. 
“That’s hot,” you murmured sleepily. 
“What’s hot?” he asked, a smile in his voice. 
“You,” you responded, smiling into his shoulder. “But more specifically whatever you’re saying.” 
“I see,” David hummed, kissing the top of your head. 
“What were you saying?” 
“Nothing, babygirl,” he answered. “Just rambling.” 
“Well whatever you were saying it was hot.” 
“I’m glad you think so.” 
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patchworkpuzzle · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
word count: 3k
warnings: cheating? (it’s a consensual roleplay so idk), oral (f!recieving), overstimulation, breeding, creampie
author’s note: Wow first time writing/posting smut….. y’all can thank @doinmybesthere  for this. Like she wrote that rp headanon thing and I just couldn’t get this out of my head (even if I was the one that suggested it to being with) Anyway…. hope you enjoy!
That was the first thing out of your mouth when you opened the door to the repairman. You knew he was coming, the invoice on your answering machine said ‘11am sharp’, but you couldn’t help being caught off guard. You just weren’t expecting him to be so young…. Or handsome.
“Sorry! Come in!” you shake your head as you open the door further, taking a step to the side to get out of his path.
He gave you a chuckle, smiling kindly as he walked through the threshold of your home “Did I catch you at a bad time?”
“No, no, no!” You quickly reassure, closing the door behind him while waving a hand in reassurance “I knew you were coming, just… just guess it slipped my mind for a moment!”
“Hey, it happens. Things slip my mind all the time!” He laughed for a moment, amused by your almost frantic nature in reassuring him before squaring his shoulders “So, where’s the problem?”
You shyly met his gaze before, pointing the direction of your kitchen, taking small steps in that direction “Um, the problem is this way.”
You led him to your kitchen, trying your best to ignore his large frame behind yours. You couldn’t understand why you were so nervous around him. You never felt like this when it was your gardener, or the grocery delivery person, or any of the other repairmen that showed up to help you out.  Maybe it was because he wasn’t a middle-aged man. Maybe it was because he had the nicest smile you have ever seen, and wonderfully dark eyes that matched dark hair that was pulled back into a small ponytail, or that the t-shirt he wore showcased his strong arms really, really, well.
You shook your head to shake you out of your thoughts, now was not the time to gawk at the help. Now was the time to tell him what needed to be fixed before escaping to the other room to start folding the neglected laundry.
“Uh, it’s the sink, I guess” You spoke once again when you got into the kitchen, pointing at the sink “It started with the dishwasher. It was working funny and then the sink followed suit. My husband tried to fix it, but I think he made it worse…”
“Not much of a handy man around the house, huh?” He chuckled as he bent down to open the cabinet that held all the pipes to the sink.
“Uh, no.” You gave a breathless giggle as you moved out of the way “He’s helpful in other areas, just not this one.”
“Ah, I get it, not worries! That’s what I’m here for.”
“Yeah, exactly…” You fiddle with your hands as you stare at his profile for another moment “I’ll leave you to it. I’ll just be in the other room if you need anything….?”
“Sero, you can call me Sero” The man, now known as Sero, smiles up at you “And sounds good to me!”
You simply nodded, dumbly, as you quickly turned yourself away from him and exiting the room to make sure he couldn’t see the blush that was now painted on your cheeks. Though mentally you were kicking yourself over how dumb you were acting. Why was he making you so nervous? Why were you acting like such a fool? He was just here to fix your sink, to clean out your pipes, nothing else!
You groaned at the way your brain phrased that sentence in your head, placing your head in your hands. This was going to be a long day.
“You don’t have a lot of people to talk to, huh?” Sero asked from where he was positioned under the sink.
You knew he was bound to say it. After you finished folding your laundry, you asked if everything was okay. When he told you it was, you went to tidy your bedroom. Once your bed was made, and everything was put away, you came down to check up on his once again. After another affirmative you just went to check the mail to then immediately come back into the kitchen to bug him once more. You were surprised he wasn’t annoyed with you.
“Guess not…” You chuckle, playing with your fingers as you lean forward on your kitchen island “Normally I do! Just…. Everyone is busy lately. Sorry for bothering you so much…”
“Don’t apologize! I don’t mind!” He quickly reassured as he stood from the ground, turning to test to see if the sink was finally working “I like the interaction too. Makes me feel like a person and not a tool, ya know?”
“Oh! That’s awful! People really treat you like that?”
“Yeah, but hey!” He turned back to you, wiping his hand on a dish towel he had around his toolbelt “Just means I appreciate people like you even more.”
The wink he sent you way caused an almost girlish giggle to escape your mouth as you turned your head away from him. After a moment, the silence that hung in the air somewhat heavy, you pushed off the counter “Are…. Are you hungry? I can make you something?”
You rushed towards your fridge, opening it to inspect the things within it to see what you could possibly prepare for him. Head racing with those thoughts you didn’t notice him moving closer to you, or that he was behind you, until you felt one hand on your hip and the fridge door closing in front of you.
“I could think of something I want to eat.” He breathed hot on your neck as he pulled you closer, making sure that you could feel the prominent bulge on your backside “If you catch my drift.”
You gulp trying to move away but only succeeding in wiggling your hips further into him, he hissed and gripped your hips more tightly to stop you from moving. Both of your breathing starting to grow hot and heavy, mingling together as you turn your head shyly towards him.
“W-we shouldn’t be doing this” You shake your head, trying once again to move away from him “My husband wil be home any moment…”
“Will he?” Sero chuckled, turning you around to face him, pushing your body back until the small of it hits your countertop “I don’t think he will. If he was, then you would have already had lunch ready.”
He tilts your chin up, leaning down until his lips hover over yours. His hot breath caused your tongue to poke up to run across your lips as a flush began to bloom on your cheeks “And you seem like a dutiful housewife, you wouldn’t keep him waiting.”
“S-Sero…” You breathe out, closing your eyes as you felt his forehead connect with yours.
“Tell me to stop, that you don’t want it.” His breath was tickling your cheeks as he spoke “Tell me and I’ll leave right now, and we’ll never speak of it again.”
“I… I don’t want you to stop..”
Your lips were captured in a hungry kiss as soon as you spoke those words. The kiss so engulfing that it captures all your thoughts, how soft they were and how they work against your own that when you granted his tongue access you didn’t realize that he had picked you up and placed you on the countertop.
He forced your legs to wrap around his waist as he grinded your hips together, the action causing a small moan to leave your mouth as you parted from the kiss. More mewls kept tumbling, out of your control, as he trailed kisses down your throat. Sero delighted in the way your hips would involuntarily buck into his when he would nip at the delicate skin, causing him to leave harsher nips the further he went down.
“So sensitive,” He murmured once he got to your collarbone, taking the time to lick a stripe up your neck and chuckling in your ear as you whimpered “Does your husband not take care of you, baby?”
“Y-yes…!” You give a tiny yelp when he bites onto your ear lobe.
“Clearly he’s not doing a good enough job,” Sero brings a hand down to rub you through your pants, cocking a brow at how you ground yourself onto his palm “Is he?”
You whine, shaking your head ‘no’ at his statement. He wasn’t wrong. Your husband has been less than affectionate with you lately, and when he has it was always lackluster. And after months of a non-excitant, or if it was non-pleasurable, sex life you were quite needy. Even your vibrator hasn’t been able to be enough for you anymore. But now? The way he was touching you was burning a fire deep within you, and you wanted nothing more than for him to continue to let you burn brighter.
“Do you need me to help with that, little Lady?”
“Yes!” You cry out, tugging at his shirt to try and pull him closer as you continue to buck wildly into his palm, like a horny teenager, once again. “Please Sero!”
He groaned when you called out his name, resting his forehead against your shoulder to regain some semblance of control. After a breath he pulled away from you slightly to remove his shirt, giving a cocky smirk as you took a moment to admire him, as he reached down to pull your shirt over your head.
“Like what you see?” He teased, smiling only widening when you gave a small shy nod as a response, reaching behind you to unclasp your bra before tossing it aside “Aww, why don’t you say it, baby?”
You shyly brought your arms up to try and cover your chest, turning your head away embarrassed. It had been a long time since someone had looked at you the way Sero was; so hungry, like you were about to be eaten alive. It was causing you to become nervous.
“I know I like what I see.” Sero brought his hands to gently cup your chest, causing your arms to fall away as he leaned down to press gentle kisses along the swell of your breast “I like what I see a lot.”
You mewl when he starts his assault on your chest. The way he was nipping, sucking, and biting all over your breasts, never staying on one for too long, was causing you to pant. He was aggressive, but not enough to break the skin or leave a mark; which you were grateful for. His hands continued to grope as his lips grasped onto one of your nipples, assaulting it with continuous flicks of his tongue.
You let out a quiet moan as you arch your back into his touch, a hand coming up to tug at his hair gently while the other started to wander the expanse of his now exposed chest. Relishing and marvelling at all the lean muscle under your fingertips, slowly dipping lower and lower…
“Ah, ah, ah” Sero chides, removing your hand from tugging at his toolbelt to undo it “it’s all about you right now, baby.”
“But I wanna make you – ah!” you cry out, taken by surprise as his own hand slipped between your pants and panties to run through you folds.
“You’re already so wet,” Sero slides one of his long fingers into you, groaning at how tight you are “You really are pent up, aren’t you? I barely touched you”
You don’t have the care to answer him, or to be embarrassed by the slight squelching sound that could now be heard as he slowly pumps his finger in and out of you. You keen when a second finger joins the first and his pace starts to pick up, his thumb coming up to rub at your bundle of nerves. Shamelessly spreading your legs wider as you buck your hips into his hand, desperately trying to chase your release that is so close to washing over you, the ache in your core almost unbearable.
Your release finds you with a choked out gasp as you clamp your thighs tightly around Sero’s hand as your body spasms with the intense aftershocks, which are only amplified as he continues to finger you through your orgasm; only stopping when you have officially calmed down. Well, calmed down enough.
“Oh, please, please, please fuck me Sero” You beg, letting out a whine when his fingers leave your drooling hole.
“You want more, hm?” He asks, bringing his hand up to your mouth, to which you open for him to let his fingers into your wet craven. His moan spurring you on to suck his digits with more fervor “Then get down.”
His command sends a pleasurable shiver down your spine as you carefully slide off the counter. Once you were on steady feet he turned you around and forcefully, but still with a gentle touch, bent you forward, allowing you to adjust on shaky arms before quickly pulling the rest of your clothes off. The swift smack that echoed throughout the kitchen, and the slight burning ache on your ass, caused your legs to shake.
“Step out.” His voice was deep with desire, and you couldn’t help but immediately follow his instruction.
A surprised, and strangled, gasp left your lips as you felt his tongue take a swift lick up your folds. Only for it to be followed by another, one more fervent, as he gripped your hips tightly to pull you back onto his face as he continued to swipe at your folds greedily.
“More, Sero, please” You whimper, your voice needy as you try to move closer to him. “I want more!”
“Want me to fuck this pretty pussy bad, huh?” He hummed, spreading your folds to get a better look “I will, don’t you worry. Just wanted a taste.”
He’s big, you don’t really know for certain as you haven’t had the chance to see it. But from how he felt grinding on you, and the way the tip of his cock runs through your slippery folds, you can tell that it will be quite the stretch.
You whine as he slowly starts to enter you, the stretch is an intense but a pleasant burn as he slowly sinks into you inch by inch. You both groan in unison when he finally bottoms out. You close your eyes as you try to adjust, you’ve never felt so full, and you know Sero knows this as well.
“Good, you’re so fucking tight!” He groans, slowly pumping in and out of you, bringing a hand around to rub your clit “Relax for me, baby. I’ll take real good care of you, trust and believe.”
Once you started to relax was when his pace quickened, your moans getting louder in tandem to the speed his hips were going. It didn’t take long before his thrusts were hard and fast, hips snapping into you with such force that you were unable to stay upright on your arms. The chaffing of his jeans and toolbelt were just adding to the rough pleasure you were losing your mind to.
Your walls started to clench and flutter around him much sooner than you were expecting, his relentless fingers that were rubbing your clit making it impossible to hold out any longer. Another orgasm runs through you, your wail of ecstasy lost as your ears deafen to any noise as blood flushes through your body.
His pace and how his cock kept hitting that special spot inside you meant that you weren’t sure if you were about to start cumming again or if you hadn’t finished cumming in the first place. Not that you cared or could really think. The delirium he kept you in was so wonderful that you couldn’t find in yourself to try and fight it. The slick that was constantly spilling out of you and onto your thighs proof that this was the best fuck you had in a long, long time
You don’t know how long it’s been, or how many times he made a mess of you, you’re now too dumb to really think due to how overstimulated you are, all you can do is moan and mewl for him and ‘just take it’. To enjoy the drag of his cock going in and out of you, the way the vein on the underside of his cock catches so wonderfully against your walls.
“You’re doing such a good job, baby. So, so good” Sero mumbles, placing kisses along you back and cracking a head over you ass once again “You’re gonna keep taking it baby, keep taking it so good for me till I cum, okay?”
You whimper, turning your head to face him, the cool countertop a wonderful contrast to your flushed cheeks “Cum for me, please! I want it so bad!”
“Fuck! Yeah, you want it. Want me to cum all over you, don’t you? Want me to cum all over this pretty pussy, making you forget about your worthless husband, yeah?”
You merely nod your head, your voice all but gone as his pace somehow gets even faster making it impossible for you to let out any noise but screams of pleasure, your mouth in a permanent ‘O’ position as you try to hold on until he cums.
He does with a loud groan, hips pressing snuggly against your ass, as he paints your insides white with ropes and ropes of his cum. Slowly pulling out with a hiss, spreading your swollen and sore lips apart to watch it drip out of you and down your thighs.
“Are you okay, love?” Sero asks after a beat, slowly regaining his breath.
You tiredly laugh and nod your head “Yeah, I’m okay.” you slowly start to pull yourself upright, trying to properly stand on your wobbly legs “You know you broke character. You’re not suppose to cum inside some random housewife.”
“Yeah, well.” He shrugs his shoulder, collecting you in his arms “Got too lost in the moment… Now come on, let’s get you cleaned up!”
Before you had the chance to tease your boyfriend even further he threw you over his shoulder and started bounding his way to your shared bathroom to draw you a bath, just like he said he would.
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chaoticgaysstuff · 7 hours ago
Assumptions and Outcomes | Yandere Alex Summers x Male! Reader
Summary: Alex makes an assumption and you have to deal with the outcome.
A/N: Some fingering, anal sex, smut... trying to get a handle on writing stuff like this. I'm certainly no expert.
Tumblr media
It all started with a picture. 
One simple picture that managed to bring out a dark, possessive beast inside Alex Summers. 
It was a picture of you and Hank kissing at the mall with both of you smiling into the kiss, which was sent into the group chat that was created by Raven. Alex felt like blasting something as the feeling of anger and jealousy rose inside his chest along with desire and want. 
Desire and want for you. To have you in his arms. He wanted you in ways that one friend should never want another. 
He's been wanting you for so long and tried to get you to see him the way he saw you, but it seems that you wouldn't because you were apparently with Bozo now. 
The blonde-haired male had a temper, and his temper flared every second passed that you weren't back here at the mansion. 
Before he realized it, he blasted the TV in his room with a powerful blast as a scream erupted from his throat. 
It didn't matter if you were dating Hank now, he needed to make you see him the way you saw him. He needed to stake his claim and make you his forever. 
You and Hank smiled at each other before walking in opposite directions. Instead of heading towards your room, you walked to Alex's room to drop off the gift you got for him at the mall. 
You knocked lightly on the door, "Alex!" You whispered quietly, turning the knob and opening the door. It was really dark in here, causing you to turn on the light. 
What definitely caught you off guard was seeing Alex sitting on his bed, staring hard at the wall with the TV broken on the floor, a huge hole in it. 
"Hey, Alex. Are you alright? And what happened to your TV? Did you break it?" 
Finally, Alex looked up at you with his blue eyes narrowed at you in anger, "So, how was your date with, Bozo?" 
You frowned at the tone in his voice and tilted your head to the side in confusion, "Date? What are you talking about?" 
"Oh, so now you're going to play stupid!" The blonde snapped, standing up from the bed and closing the distance between you two. 
"Seriously, Alex. I don't know-" 
Alex pushed you up against the wall, cutting you off completely as the bag you were holding dropped to the floor. 
He used one of his hands to pull out his phone and clicked on the image he wanted you to see, "Look at my phone and tell me what you see." He ordered, putting the phone in your face as you looked at the image displayed on it. 
"I see a picture of me and Hank kissing." You answered nonchalantly. 
"Exactly, you and Hank kissing! Were you even going to tell me? Or were you just gonna keep dating him without me knowing about it? You two fuck and move out of the mansion, huh?" 
"Whoa! Why are you flipping out?" 
"I'm flipping out because you should be with me!" He screamed in anger, "You should be with me. I should be the one to kiss you and to hold your hand. No one should ever lay their lips upon yours and I don't like others touching you." 
"And what are you gonna do about it?" You asked, cocking an eyebrow as you inwardly smirked. 
"I'm going to spank that ass of yours and show you who you belong to." 
He threw his phone in the bean bag chair across the room and grabbed the back of your head, bringing you closer to his face, and crashed his lips into yours. 
You hungrily kissed him back as you, loving the way his lips felt on yours and gripped his waist, and he bit your lip, nipping at your bottom lip. 
He broke the kiss and licked his lips like your lips were the tastiest thing in the world and grabbed you by the nape of your neck and pulled you down over his thighs, lowering your pants to your knees. 
"A bad boy like you deserves at least fifteen smacks, don't you think?" He asked, rubbing your ass in a circular motion with his large hand. 
"I don't know about that much, Alex- OW!" You cried out when you felt a hard smack come in contact with your ass. 
"You're in no position to tell me what to do," He spoke in an authoritative tone, "And this beautiful ass of yours will get blistered fifteen times and you'll take it like the good slut you are for me." 
Not even bothering to wait for a reply, he smacked your ass and you hissed. It felt so good to get spanked and Alex enjoyed watching you become a whimpering mess. 
The sounds that came out of your mouth went straight to Alex's cock.  This continued until he reached fifteen. 
The blue-eyed male took off your clothes and sneakers and threw you over his shoulder, tossing you onto the bed. 
A small noise formed in your throat when Alex jumped on top of you, running his hand down your back,     nails dragging along your skin gently. 
A smirk formed on Alex's lips, "You're so hard and needy for me. You want my cock shoved in your ass, don't you?" 
Suddenly, an idea formed inside that head of yours and you smirked back, "Oh, I don't know. Maybe I want Hank to come shove his-" 
Alex wrapped his arms firmly around your throat and leaned down to whisper hotly in your ear, "Don't say things that will get you into more trouble, and looks like you need a little lesson for that potty mouth of yours." He gently nipped your ear. 
He kept one hand wrapped around your throat while the other hand leaned across the small dresser near his bed. He opened the first drawer and grabbed the bottle of lube. 
And then Alex pressed you into the mattress and nudged your legs apart with his knees. He squeezed some onto his fingers and rubbed them together before reaching down and ran his fingers over the entrance of your hole before pushing a finger in. 
"Ah... oh fuck..." You moaned out, gripping onto the thick sheets. 
He pushed his finger deeper inside your hole as various sounds of moaning came from your mouth which was like music to Alex's ears. He stretched you properly before adding a second one as he stroked your cock. 
"You love getting fingered fucked, don't you? Love my fingers in your ass hole?" 
All you could do was nod your head aggressively, "Y-Yes. I love your fingers inside my hole. Please insert a third finger inside my hole, Alex." 
Alex smacked one of your ass cheeks, "Address me as sir or master." 
"Please insert a third finger, sir." You begged and that was the confirmation that Alex needed and inserted a third finger in your hole, stretching you out further. 
"F-Fuck!" You groaned out and Alex's patience was running out. He pulled his fingers out and flipped you over as he pulled a condom out from the drawer. 
"You want my dick inside you, don't you? Want my juicy cock inside that tight hole of yours, you little slut? Want to get fucked by me, and only me, right? Not Hank or any other guy. Just me, right?" 
You nodded jerkily, "Yes, only you. Please stick your cock inside my ass, sir." 
Alex put on the condom and threw the wrapper on the floor. He gripped your thighs tightly, spreading you open a little more as he thrust into you quickly and you let out a small cry of pleasure. 
"Oh God, Y/N." Alex groaned from behind, slamming his hips into yours as precum started leaking out of your cock, "Come for me, baby boy. Come now." 
Hearing his demand caused you to release, cum streaming onto the wall as he cummed in your hole. 
You both fell limp onto the bed and you felt him wrap his arms around you as he pulled you closer, both breathing heavy. 
"You're going to have to break it off with, Hank," Alex spoke up as he nuzzled against your neck, "You're mine, okay? You're not allowed to even think of him in a relationship-type way. And I want to hear you say that you're mine." 
A breathlessly chuckle erupted from your throat as you sighed, "I'm yours, but me and Hank-" 
"I don't want to hear any but's. You agreed to be mine, so you are now," He planted a kiss on your lips and ran a hand through his blonde hair, "No Hank."
"Okay, no more, Hank." 
Though Alex's assumption was false, you leaned into him as he pulled you closer and didn't even bother to correct him. 
Because you weren't dating Hank. He kissed you because some guy wouldn't stop hitting on you, even though you told him that he wasn't interested. He was still hung on Raven and as his gay best friend, you made a duty to make sure they get together. 
But, Alex's assumption made for a great outcome for you and him. You were happy with this outcome because you got the man you've been chasing for a while and nothing was better than this. 
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shemarmooresfedora · 10 hours ago
Rebuilding Family
Summary: Y/N and Spencer were college sweethearts at Cal-Tech but once Spencer got accepted to the FBI Academy, he ended things deciding it was not fair to make Y/N wait for him. When they meet again years later, he discovers something unexpected.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Warnings: allusions to sex, showering together (like literally just showering)
A/N: the pregnancy is probably not going to be a ton of chapters long just so everyone knows
Chapter 27
“I’m still not happy about this just so you know,” Spencer grumbled, slathering peanut butter onto a piece of bread.
“Oh hush up and finish making our sandwiches. Your daughter and pregnant wife want to go to the beach so we are going to the beach,” you stated.
“90% of seagull feces contains enterococcus which causes antibiotic resistance. Excuse me from trying to save you,” Spencer said.
“Fine, I promise to not even dunk all the way under water so there’s no way any seagull poop can get in my mouth and to the baby. Happy?” you asked.
“Very,” he smiled, pulling you in for a kiss with a jelly-covered slice of bread in his hand.
“Thank you for coming with us today. I know the beach really isn’t your scene,” you said after pulling away.
“Anywhere with my family is my scene,” Spencer replied.
“Jo! Sunscreen before anything else, please!” you called out to the little girl who was already making a break for the water as soon as you set your stuff down in the sand.
Spencer kicked his shoes off and took off after her, scooping her up in his arms which made Jo giggle in delight.
“Mommy, do I have to put it on? It’s sticky,” she whined.
“Ask Daddy why you need to put it on,” you said, setting up your beach chairs.
“Don’t make me put it on, please, Daddy,” Jo pouted.
You could see Spencer starting to cave at his daughter’s infamous puppy dog eyes.
“Spencer, do you want our child to get skin cancer?” you whispered-shouted which snapped him out of his trance.
“Sorry, Princess. We all have to put it on so we don’t get sunburnt. Trust me a little stickiness is better than a week of pain,” he kissed her head and took the bottle from your bag, squirting it into his hands and rubbing it on Jo.
“Now can we go in the water?” Jo pleaded.
“Yes, baby, let’s go,” you grabbed her hand, “Spence, you coming?”
Spencer cringed looking at the salty murky water in the distance but then looked at you and Jo eagerly awaiting his answer, “Fine,” he sighed, taking off his shirt.
“Everyone is coming swimming! Even brother or sister!” Jo cheered.
“Yes, even brother or sister is coming,” you smiled.
You and Jo both waded into the tide but Spencer was taking more hesitant steps.
“Y/N! Something just brushed up against my leg!” he squeaked.
“It was probably just seaweed, love. No fish come this close to the coast. Jo, go defend Daddy from the scary seaweed,” you grinned.
Jo, who had already dunked under the brisk water, walked back to where Spencer was only about knee deep and took his hand, guiding him out to about waist deep.
“Okay, I think I’m good here,” he insisted.
“Nice of you to join us,” you smiled, giving him a quick kiss to calm him down.
“Mommy, Daddy, look! I can do a handstand in the water!” Jo exclaimed.
“Woah!” you cheered as she came back up.
“Flawless,” Spencer clapped.
After Jo tired herself out swimming, you all got out of the water.
Spencer put his engineering PhD to good use by making a huge sandcastle with Jo.
“So, the guard tower is there. The drawbridge is going to be there and the castle will be in the middle,” Spencer started to plan it out in his head.
“Yes, that’s where the King, Queen, and Princess live,” Jo nodded.
“Okay architects, how about a lunch break?” you smiled.
When you finally returned home, Jo was out cold in the back seat wrapped in her beach towel.
“Should we just put her to bed and give her a bath in the morning? I don’t want to wake her up,” you whispered to Spencer.
He nodded, “I’ll just change her out of her bathing suit.”
“I need to take 20 deep-clean showers,” Spencer stated as he came into the bedroom after tucking Jo in.
“Care if I join?” you grinned.
“Can we actually get clean first before you try anything?” he pouted.
“Of course,” you kissed him, “I just want to reward my husband for braving the ocean today,” you kissed his neck, “...just wanna make you feel good, love.”
Spencer turned the water on and you both stripped off your bathing suits as you waited for the water to heat up.
As you stepped in, you grabbed Spencer’s shampoo before he could reach for it and squirted some into your hands.
“Lean down please,” you whispered.
Spencer sighed happily as you washed his curly hair and the sand washed away down the drain.
“Rinse,” you said, cupping your hand over the front of his face to avoid any suds getting in his eyes.
Spencer was just as quick to return the favor, lathering your hair with suds and massaging your scalp.
“Lean back,” Spencer gently brushed your hair with his fingers to get all the shampoo out.
While you let your conditioner sit, Spencer pulled you close, hugging you tightly.
“I love you,” he spoke.
“I love you too,” you hummed, feeling utter bliss in the steamy room, enclosed in Spencer’s loving embrace.
Spencer had a whole satchel full of parenting and pregnancy books with him at the doorway while you were finishing your bagel.
“You know they don’t test you there, right?” you asked.
“I just want to be prepared. I even brought a journal to write stuff down in case I get overwhelmed and can’t remember,” he stated.
“You’re too sweet,” you popped the last bite of bagel into your mouth and grabbed his hand, “Let’s go.”
You noticed now that you were pregnant, Spencer had to constantly have some form of contact with you in public. Either an arm wrapped around your waist or holding hands or a hand on the belly. He didn’t want to be separated from you at all.
So that’s why when you were 20 minutes early to your first ultrasound appointment (due to Spencer’s insistence) and the only two available chairs in the waiting room were across the room from each other, Spencer looked at you panickedly.
“You sit,” he said, guiding you to one of the chairs.
Since there were people on both sides of you, he couldn’t really stand next to you so he took a seat on the thinly carpeted floor right in front of you.
“I love you,” you bent down to kiss him, “We can switch if it gets too uncomfortable down there.”
“You must be out of your mind if you think I’m going to let my wife let alone pregnant wife sit on the floor for my comfort’s sake,” he smiled back.
“You are indeed pregnant,” Dr. Collins, your obstetrician, informed you.
Spencer smiled so brightly as he pulled you in for another kiss.
“You checked off this is not your first pregnancy so I don’t need to go over the basics that I tell first-timer parents?” she asked.
You looked at Spencer guiltily and then back to Dr. Collins, “Um, could you just go over it again? I probably need a refresher.”
“Of course,” she smiled.
Spencer squeezed your hand as a way to thank you silently.
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In the Golden Dark, pt. 4
pt 1, pt 2, pt 3
a/n: Everyone better have their toothbrush ready bc this is about to rot your teeth right out your head. This concludes my brief flirtation with happiness, I hope it’s everything you wanted. Back to regular programming after this. ~2.4k
Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. - Sarah Williams
Dysania, Hotch thought to himself, dysania is what Spencer said it’s called. Before he’d started spending so much time talking with Spencer he’d never known there were official terms for so many of the things he took for granted, things he thought were just a part of life. This one for example, “dysania”: the state of finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Surely everyone found this hard to do he had countered. Not really, I guess, Spencer had shrugged. Not everyone. They had both grown quiet, considering the spaces between the words, the information unintentionally shared. These types of moments happened often and Hotch wasn’t all too sure how he felt about them. It was uncomfortable to share about himself, but it seemed to happen so easily with Spencer. Like some piece of him was reaching out, pushing past his normal guard to grasp at the other man, to try to pull him close with details he’d never intended to share with anyone.
Spencer responded kindly, often matching with his own stories, his own fears. It felt so natural, the exchange of ideas and the flow back and forth between mind and heart. Spencer, who so often found it tricky to connect the cues some people were born understanding, had no trouble understanding Aaron’s small hesitations, his silences following the realization that he’d just said something out loud that would normally remain internal. Spencer was guarded too, in different ways and for different reasons, but the walls were there nevertheless. He’d had trouble all his life understanding what people expected from him so he’d learned to minimize, to live inside his own head. He’d grown in his time at the BAU, found friendship and family where he hadn’t realized he was lacking. But there were always some things he held back.
People loved to be dazzled by his intellect, by the way he could remember the most inconsequential detail in a text or connect an obscure reference to its source. He didn’t mind, he enjoyed that part of himself as well. But sometimes it felt hollow, just a party trick he was brought out to perform and then put away until wanted again. The other things, the personal things, he had never learned how to share those and had always figured no one was that interested anyway. Somewhere along the way it became a compulsion to hide certain details, convinced that if everyone knew they would reject him. His mother and her illness, his own doubts about his stability, his need for help at times; he pulled those secrets in close, wrapping his fingers around them and squeezing until they stopped squirming so much. It wasn’t until he listened to Aaron haltingly give context to an offhanded comment that he dared to pull out some of his own worries. So they clumsily exchanged confidences, slowly building a new structure with each brick they pulled out of their walls.
Knowing the term didn’t help with the issue though. Didn’t change the fact that without the pressing responsibility of a weekday, where people expected him to be certain places at certain times, Hotch was finding himself unable to get out of bed. He stared at the clock, narrowing his eyes, disbelieving what the numbers were telling him. How could it be that someone who slept so little could spend so much time laying down?
He rolled away from the cursed illumination and glared at the wall instead. He could see Rossi’s confrontation played out on the blank white surface. As if he had been outside his own body, he watched his reactions, studying the degree of sincerity. Was he really making logical decisions or was he only wishful? He needed to talk to Spencer, needed to come up with a plan before this got out on its own. He had considered that option too—not doing anything and letting everyone else deal with their own feelings. He was tempted but he knew in the long run that would not work out well. He was still the leader of his team, despite whatever feelings he was finding himself caught up in. If he acted soon, he could still control this.
His thoughts returned to scolding him about how he should get up, take care of some errands he had been putting off. At least do some laundry after being gone all week. He closed his eyes imagining the laundry, the clean warm fabric pressed against his face. One of the few reliable pleasures in life. He rolled onto his back and stretched his long limbs away from himself. He could do that at least.
There was a brief moment of anxiety as he willed his muscles to contract, to pull him upright, unsure if they would cooperate this time. Thankfully they did and he shuffled around the room, collecting errant socks and emptying his go-bag that he had left on a chair the night before. He had managed to get the laundry started and was fumbling with the coffee maker when he heard a knock at his door. He spilled the grounds as his head snapped up to glare at the sound. He swore and did his best to sweep what he could salvage into the filter, placing it correctly and flipping the switch before going to investigate the intrusion.
He found Spencer standing outside his door looking a little guilty. They eyed each other, Hotch in sweats and t-shirt, hair standing up at odd angles, Spencer dressed for a day out in cool late winter sun, his favorite purple scarf wrapped around his neck for luck. Spencer’s eyes darted around the room behind Hotch. It was dark, the only light coming in from one small window. The rest of the curtains were drawn and he hadn’t bothered to turn on any lights, not needing them to take care of basic tasks.
“Sorry, I tried to call,” Spencer wrung his hands as he made an effort to stop staring at the gloom in front of him.
Hotch thought about his phone, how he had purposely turned it off, something he rarely did. He had been so tired last night, he’d needed to ensure a few hours without someone requiring his attention. He’d felt a thrill of rebellion as he’d tossed it aside but he must be really out of it to not have checked it yet today. After a moment of awkwardness while they both contemplated how they ended up here, Hotch invited Spencer in for coffee.
“It should be ready in minute,” he said while waving him inside.
Spencer walked toward the kitchen where he remained standing, hesitant. There had been a wild impulse that drove him here, even when Hotch didn’t answer his phone. He’d been repeating conversations with himself, things he needed to say, imagining all the different responses he might get. His mind had been so full of these scenarios as he made his way from his apartment, but now that he was here he wondered if maybe this hadn’t been better left alone. Who was he to demand things?
“You can put your stuff down,” Aaron said with a slight smile.
“What?” He looked at his bag that he was clutching tightly, his knuckles turning white. Thoughts unmistakable as they ran across his face, he glanced around, trying to decide where to put it. Trying to get his bearings in this unfamiliar environment.
“Here,” Aaron held out his hand, offering to to take it. Spencer shrugged it off and handed it over to Aaron who set it on the dining table. Meanwhile Spencer sat on the edge of one of the bar stools and unwound his scarf, hands too nervous to stay still, and set it on the stool next to him. Aaron returned to the kitchen and pulled out a pair of mugs. He didn’t bother to ask how Spencer liked his coffee, everyone already knew that deviancy. Instead he just handed him the box of sugar, a spoon and a full mug. Spencer kicked his heels against the rungs of the stool.
“Thanks,” he said, smiling into the warm curls of steam. Hotch hummed, leaning back against the counter, his own mug wrapped tightly in his fingers. He was awake but he wasn’t fully registering what was happening. He hoped the coffee would alleviate that feeling.
“Sorry to just show up, I was going for a walk and…” Spencer trailed off, hearing the excuse he had prepared out loud, he found it sounded false. He rubbed his thumb against the warm mug. He inhaled deeply, then said, “I wanted to see you.”
He looked up to check Aaron’s reaction. Frustratingly he didn’t appear to react at all, looking back steadily, absorbing the information. Then he nodded, as if he was answering a question, maybe a response to something in his own mind.
“It’s ok, I wanted to see you as well. We need to talk.”
Spencer’s eyes went wide at that but Aaron waved his hand and tried not to laugh outright at the horrified expression. “It’s nothing bad, I promise.”
Spencer relaxed a little, enough to sip his coffee again. Hotch could tell he wasn’t completely convinced. He rubbed his head, worsening the disarray there and sighed. He needed to level the playing field somehow. Spencer made a risky move coming here unannounced. The power imbalance of the situation, already uneven for so many other reasons, was not going to help them get through this conversation. They needed neutral ground, somewhere they were both comfortable, or at least distracted enough, to talk about their feelings without becoming so anxious they never really said anything.
“Let me take a shower and then we can get out of here.”
“Oh, ok, we don’t have to, I just…”
“Spencer, I’m sure you didn’t want to spend the day in my apartment,” he said firmly. He let his eyes scan around the room, seeing it from another’s perspective. It was barely lived in; even when he was physically present he wasn’t living there. There were no personal touches, no paint on the wall, no photos. It was only the shell of a home. He had done all his living in the home he’d shared with Haley and Jack. There had been no reason to try to build any of that again on his own. “We could go to the Science Museum?”
“Oh, I love that place,” Spencer sounded both excited and relieved.
Hotch gulped the rest of his coffee, ignoring the burn on the roof of his mouth. “Give me fifteen minutes.”
Spencer stayed put for several minutes after he left the room. Frozen in his seat, afraid to touch anything else, certain someone as deliberate as Aaron would notice anything out of place. But he had been welcomed in, a voice in his mind argued. It was the same voice that had pushed him along all the way to this point. The same voice that insisted what was happening was real and wasn’t going to let him worry it away.
He forced himself to stand up, carrying his coffee cup through the room, drawn like a magnet to the bookshelves. It was a little dark but up close he could read the titles. They had talked about books plenty during their late night conversations, he knew Aaron was a big reader. But there was something different about seeing the tangible evidence of that, the wrinkled bindings, the books stacked horizontally where he had run out of space on the shelf so he’d had to fit them where he could. There was an organization to the shelves, though it wasn’t immediately apparent. Perhaps the only thing in the apartment that felt alive, it was obvious that someone was regularly pulling books off and replacing others. He ran his index finger along the spine of one, thinking about the discussion they'd had about it. He was about to pull it off the shelf when there was a voice just behind him.
“Find anything good?”
He twitched, pulling his hand back, thankful that he’d finished his coffee so the movement didn’t cause any spills. He turned to look at Aaron, dressed casually in jeans and a sweater, hair still a little damp. They smiled at each other.
“Do you want any more? I probably have some to-go cups.”
Spencer shook his head and passed the empty mug to Hotch’s outstretched hand.
“Ok, I’ll be ready in a minute.”
He left to take the mug to the kitchen and grab his keys. Spencer’s scarf was still on the stool so he grabbed it and headed to the front door. There Spencer was standing holding his bag, not looking quite as nervous as before.
“You forgot this.” Without warning, he stepped in close to loop it carefully behind Spencer’s neck. He could feel Spencer staring at him but he avoided his gaze, operating on instinct. He didn’t let go of the tail ends of the scarf, playing with the fringe between his fingers. Neither man moved, their bodies dangerously close. He risked a look into Spencer’s face and found him watching intently. Aaron started to inhale, to say something to break the tension, when Spencer leaned forward and pressed his mouth against his lips. It was surprisingly soft, traces of mint and coffee mingling pleasantly. Aaron couldn’t help the smile that pulled at the corners of his mouth.
Spencer rocked back, looking for approval in the other man’s face, tentative but also absolutely certain that he’d done the right thing. He barely had a second to confirm the happiness on Aaron’s face before he was pulled forward by the ends of his scarf, this time to be met with a deeper kiss. A kiss that left no room for questions about where they stood. Spencer wrapped his arms around the other man’s neck, breaking away from the kiss and burying his face in the hollow of his shoulder. He felt overwhelmed as his blood pulsed loudly through his veins. Eyes closed tightly against the warm skin, he did his best just to breathe.
Aaron rubbed his back lightly, understanding, waiting for Spencer’s senses to calm. After a minute, Spencer pulled away a little, just enough to see Aaron’s face. A large hand cupped his face, thumb running softly along the cheekbone. He closed his eyes, focusing everything on that touch. He’d thought about this moment a lot, anticipating the multitude of different outcomes. Now that it was real he needed to remember every detail exactly as it was. He covered Aaron’s hand with his own, looking into his dark eyes again.
“Let’s go.”
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my-muses-in-op · 14 hours ago
Light wounded
"You know better than cutting yourself like this. What happened, yoi?" Marco checked the wound on Thatch's hand, which was bleeding heavily. It wasn't that deep, he concluded, though it would need some small stitches. He gazed up at the cook, seeing a faint embarrassed blush on his cheeks, which was so rare. A lovely color on him and Marco wished he could make him blush more.
Not seeing how Marco gazed at him, Thatch answered. "Well, I was slicing the meat for the sandwhiches for our brothers on night shift, when I somehow lost my concentration." It was the truth, though he didn't say just what made him lost his focus. Normally Thatch paid a lot of attention when in the kitchen and it was really rare that he ended up in the infirmary from an accident in the kitchen.
Raising a brow, Marco found all he needed to clean the wound, stitch it together and bandage it. Thatch held a cloth over it, preventing the blood from spilling too much. "That doesn't sound like you. Where did your mind drift off too, yoi?" The first division commander started to work on the wound.
Still somewhat embarrassed, Thatch turned his gaze to the window. "I ... I'll tell you when you're done fixing my wound." He didn't want to say it now and it seemed that Marco didn't mind. When it came down to it, Marco probably didn't need an answer, he was just curious. Thatch couldn't blame him, as it'd been a long time since he last needed treatment after an accident in the kitchen.
Silence fell upon them, as Marco focused on the wound. As a finishing touch, he let his flames dance over the wound. It would help the healing progress, but Thatch would have to stay from using the hand a day or two. Which was perfect, as the cook did need some time off anyway.
"All set. Two days of rest. I mean it. Don't use your hand too much for the next two days, yoi." Marco was serious, his tone saying he would drag Thatch out of the kitchen, if he used his hand.
Thatch pouted, but didn't want to risk Marco's punishment. "Fine." He could still use his other hand and he could supervise in the kitchen. It wasn't like Marco forbid him to be in the kitchen at all. Not this time.
Smiling, Marco cleaned up. "So what was on your mind, yoi?" This time he did see the blush a little clearer and he smiled more. "Oh did I disturb your focus, yoi?" He teased, as he stepped closer to Thatch - the cook now standing. The blush deepened and made Marco chuckle, before placing a hand on Thatch's cheek.
"If you wanted to see me this badly, you should just have come by. I don't mind your company here, yoi." He teased, before placing a soft kiss on his lover's lips. "Next time, stop using sharp tools when your mind drift off to me, yoi."
Thatch grinned lightly, but then noticed that Marco was also blushing and he pulled the slight smaller man closer, using his good hand. "I'll do my best, though it's hard when you're on my mind so often. Maybe I should learn to not let it distract me. Or at least not go where it went earlier." His tone changed slightly, becoming a little deeper withthe last sentence.
The effect was immediately. Marco's face turned completely red, as the meaning of Thatch's words sunk into his mind. Chuckling, Thatch leaned down, capturing Marco off guard, when their lips met. It took not even a second before the doctor melted into the kiss.
"Let's go to bed. It's getting late, yoi." Marco whispered, was their lips parted. He got free, grabbed Thatch's hand and started to walk. He could always add this wound to Thatch's journal tomorrow. Right now he had somethign else he wanted and was more important. Spending time with the man he loved.
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the-fiction-witch · 15 hours ago
She's not yours p3
Tumblr media
I sat in a council meeting bored as usual but I had new things to focus on, every morning she has done that to me and I couldn't stop thinking about it, all except this morning we where running very late and we didn't have time. And I could feel it, it was throbbing, it was rock hard in my pants often having to cross my legs under the table to try and restrain it somehow. I'd do anything to get my cock back in her mouth again, I need her so badly, I couldn't keep my eyes off her as she walked around doing drinks and such. Watching that beautiful body move concealed by that little dress, 
"That's enough, for one day," I said and they all nodded "come on" I told her heading out the room she followed as always struggling a little as I marched back to my room shutting the door quickly behind me 
"Something the matter my king?' she asked turning to me I didn't answer I just grabbed her waist kissing her as intesely as I could, she kissed back confused but egar too I grabbed her ass folding her over that thin dress till she pulled back "I am sorry about this morning Thomas"
"It's fine. It's not your fault. But…. My darling please"
"What is it Thomas?"
"I need you, it hurts, please…"
"I see" she smiled holding my hand tugging us over to the sofa I was confused as to why but she kissed my hand and turned away before she bent over using the higher part of the sofa to rest her stomach 
"May I?"
"You may my king"
"Ummmmm thank you my darling' I told her kissing her cheek I was excited we'd never done it before but I wanted to badly. I pushed off my pants and she tugged up her dress exposing herself me "uuhh darling, your beautiful" I told her she clearly blushed but didn't answer I didn't waste time slowly pushing in, it was a thousand times better then her mouth, I grabbed her hips as soon as I was inside, my hips working on there own fast and hard moans falling from my mouth like a waterfall, lost in my own little world like nothing existed but me and her. Knew I was being rough but I couldn't stop it, I couldn't control myself hearing her lusty groans and gasps was driving me wild. "Uuuhhh uuhhh my darling! Y/n! Please…. I'm so close!" I begged she gently began to move her hips meeting them with my own and I was on another fucking planet! Lost in my own world my hips moving so fast and hard I didn't even care about anything but how good she felt! 
I heard a knock on my door but I couldn't bare to stop I honestly don't even think of I tried I could
"What!" I yelled 
"Your advisor wishes to see you about something my king" I guard said 
"Umm… um…. Tell him to come back later! I'm busy!" I yelled back trying hard not to moan but I felt her tighten around me and she screamed louder then ever before which made my hit my own moving my hips like crazy Inside her before collapsing in her "fuck I love you"
"I love you too Thomas" she giggled between her gasps "did I please my king" she asks getting up and wrapping her arms around my neck 
"Umm you always do my darling," I smiled picking her up making her wrap her legs around me carrying her to my bed "again!" 
"You question your king?' I smirked "I said again my darling, I wanna hear you scream for me again!' I growled dropping her on my bed and crawling on top of her kissing all over her wrapping my arms around her as much as I could 
But the door knocked again
"I said I'm busy! In fact…. I'm gonna be busy. All night long" I smirked "and if someone disturbs me again. I'll cut off whatever hand they knocked on the door with" I warn 
I stood on the balcony watching the sun begin to set across the city having a little wine 
"Thomas?" I heard y/n call, I had left her in my bed to sleep, we had visited the flower gardens across the city today and they made her walk all the way there and back so I was letting her sleep a while that Andi had I just had her on her back pushed into my matress the last hour and a half she wondered out only her chain around her neck she came over and wrapped herself up with me 
"Hello you, get back inside. You'll get cold" I told her kissing her head 
"It's to hot"
"Is it now?" I laughed giving her lips a kiss "go on, I don't want everyone to see you. You know the kinds trouble someone found you here"
"I am your maiden, I take care of you. I'm meant to be here" she giggled going back inside making sure I watched her 
"Ummm your not usually naked thought"
"I can be if you'd like my king"
"I bet you can." I smirked "put your dress on"
"No? You deny your king?'
"Because I know my king wants me naked"
"How do you know what I want?" I smirked going inside shutting the door behind me 
"I always know what my king wants" she smiled giving my lips a kiss and stroking my half hard cock thought my pants 
"Smart girl. Bed. Now" I ordered 
"Yes Thomas" she giggled 
I laid in bed unable to sleep, u couldn't turn my head off tonight
"Ummm" I heard her gently moan on my chest I smiled giving her a little kiss, we had to be very careful but I managed to let her stay up here with me some nights even if we had to be quiet. 
"Y/n?" I asked her 
"Sorry, I know your tried but… I have to ask you something"
"Of course ask away my king" she smiled cuddling closer to me 
"How long… have you worn this?" I asked tracing my fingers across her chain 
"I was give it, when I was born"
"Umm my mother was a slave so, I was give one as soon as I was born, they had new links are you get bigger so it still sort of fits" 
"Sort of?" I asked she sat up sitting on my stomach she moved her chain back slightly it pressing hard into the other side of her neck to get some gap on the other side and I saw where the chain rubbed her skin raw all day everyday a scar that would never fully heal from years without it being removed "doesn't it hurt?"
"It does. You learn to ignore it" 
"Y/n. What is it like? For a slave?"
"You don't want to know that Thomas"
"Y/n. I'm there king. I need to know, and I need to know the truth and your the only person who can tell me that" I begged "so please, tell me everything"
"Yes my king" she nods "my mother was a maid in the palace, no older then us. One of the council men or so she said tried to use her but she forced him away, so they sent her to the amours to serve there…. They would burn her, and whip her, torcher her, and rape her. When I was born from… one of the men she didn't know who, I was sent to the laundry I would wash clothes and bedding mostly I… I never saw my mother again. They would hit your knees and ankles if you didn't do right the laundry" she explained "when I was to big for the laundry they sent me to the library to assist the book makers" she said "but… the men there, liked little girls."
"What do you mean?"
"They… liked little girls best."
"Y/n, my darling. Why didn't any of them day anything?"
"Of course we did. You think anyone listens to slaves? We where just slapped and ordered to be silent. When I got to old there they sent me to the kitchens, it was hot work and hard they'd boil your skin for speaking, burn your toes for messing up, whip you if you where slow, cut our your tongue if you where caught stealing food even just bits of moldy bread" she explained showing her various scars from all the places she has worked and the things that he been done to her 
"Why would people steal moldy bread?"
"Because there starving,"
"Starving? I thought slaves where always homed and fed"
"Homed? You sleep on the floor of whatever you worked. Often chained to work stations having to sleep in puddles of your own and other piss and shit. Fed? Someone might be thrown some rotten meat or old bread once a week if you want to eat it, you have to fight for it like rats. I've seen children's hands cut off for stealing apples because there so hungry they are days from death, seen old men whipped to work faster on broken bones, women forced to work while in labour. And God forbid you speak back or try to escape then… death was a mercy" 
"Why have you never told me this before?'
"I didn't think you cared" she shrugged
"Y/n of course I care. I…. I didn't know they treated you all that way. I…. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. If I'd known I would have-"
"It's alright Thomas. You barely even leave the palace. I can't blame you for not knowing" she smiled "what about you?"
"I want to know what it's like. To be a king"
"Okay" I smiled "my mother was the only child of the last king, so they got her married off pretty quickly, my father was prince of the outlanders they hoped it would bring union but… it didn't really work. My uncle killed him"
"I'm sorry Thomas"
"It's fine. I never even met him. My mother was already pregnant then and… when I was born it just. It ripped her apart, she died a few days after. I never met either of them all I have is the statue of them in the hall. They kept me safe and made me king the council and the advisor did it all till I could walk and talk I think they mostly still do honestly, it's strange you have… very little freedom as a king. I keep getting told I can do anything I want and yet I'm not allowed to bathe myself or dress myself, but I don't know anything else. I was crowned king at three the first real choice I ever made was… you."
"Why didn't you kill me?"
"I couldn't. You where… scared of me. And that's not the sort of king I wanted to be and I… kinda liked you" I smiled "I wanted used you happy, not see you dead, there's alot of things I wish I could change"
"Like what?"
"I'd like it to stop. All of it. I don't want people to suffer for me. I don't want people to starve while I have more food then I'll ever eat, I don't want women to give up there bodies for food or just the safety they won't die tomorrow. And I… I wanna marry you, not just have you as some little slave girl who I have sex with. I want to marry you, make you my queen"
"That sounds very nice Thomas" she smiled nuzzling with my neck
"I will, someday. I promise" I smiled kissing her head.
I sat on my throne bored, nothing was going on so I just had to sit here. 
"A drink my king" y/n smiled bringing me some wine 
"Thank you darling" I smiled taking it from her "why am I doing this?"
"I don't know my king. The advisor says you must"
"He says I must do alot of things" I sighed "y/n, come sit with me"
"I can't my king it is the throne" she says 
"Do you deny your king?"
"Never" she blushed 
"The come and sit with me" I smiled she giggled and came sitting beside me but both of us barely fit "hang on." I said moving her hips to sit on my lap "there. That's better isn't it darling" I smiled kissing her cheek 
"Much better my king, much cosier" she giggled
"Umm bet your much more used to sitting here"
"Very much so" she giggled
"Now… as were alone. How about we, have a little fun" I whispered and she giggled and nodded "that's my girl" I smirked making her stand a moment as I tugged my pants down she giggled and pulled her dress up, she moved back and gently slipped down my cock every inch pushing Inside her heavenly pussy "ummmm you feel so good. Why would I ever need any other woman in the world" I smirked gently moving her hips to move her back and forth sending ripples of pleasure across us both, I bit on her shoulder a little to stop my moans "ummm quiet darling, we'd be in alot of trouble I'd we got caught" I smirked 
"The king fucking a slave girl on the throne of the kingdom" she giggled
"I'm sure knowone would blame me they saw your gorgeous pussy" I smirked starting to bounce her up and down "but there not going to. Only I get to see my beautiful darling" I smirked getting faster and faster trying hard not to moan, I moved a hand up her dress to fondle her breast as she bounced faster and faster I bit down hard giving her shoulder love bites to stop myself from screaming and from someone hearing us I felt her tighten she moved my hand to her mouth to muffle her screams as she came I smirked and kept bouncing her until I hit my own groaning into her ear as I finished as deep in her as I could making she she got every drop. And just as we walked down I heard footsteps, she quickly jumped off my lap and stood by the throne as usual fixing her dress I smirked blowing her a kiss and doing my pants back up and just as I did the door opened with my advisor and the council with some rather unimportant news, I was barely listening just smirking to myself glancing at her beside me seeing how tight her thighs and legs where as she desperately tried not to drip everything down her legs.
I sat in the meeting room undeniably nervous, I kept y/n close to me, I heard them marching down the corridor, I held my breath as the doors flew open showing five men, my uncle in the centre 
“Hello Nephew”
“Hello Uncle,”
“You think I can be summoned to your audience like some damn dog!”
“Well you clearly can” 
"What do you want"
"I want. This to stop. The attacks on my people the desecration on my lands the -"
"Enough. I understand" he says "you've grown up. Starting to really sound… like your father"
"It's been a while since I saw you last"
"Just because your older. Doesn't make you anymore of a king. I cannot simply call of my men, they have a habit of doing whatever the want" he smirked as the men he brought with him beg wrecking the room "that's something you don't understand is it, when people don't do whatever you ask of them"
"I am the king!'
"And they are not your people they are mine, I am there king. So why would they listen to you" 
"Because I'll execute them if they don't"
"Will you now? You know the rules kiddo you hurt one of mine or I hurt one of yours" he smirked "she's beautiful" he smirked looking at y/n
"She is no concern of yours"
"Isn't she? I think she is" he smirked "hello beautiful" he smirked going over to where she stood "you get more beautiful every time I visit" he smirked his hand on her arse 
"Do not touch her"
"Why? She's a slave, is what's she's for" he smirked "infact, for dragging us all this way. boys! For a present for you!" He smirked throwing her over to the other men who started grabbing at her
"Leave her alone!" I yelled "by all the gods in this world you will leave her be!" 
"Oooh you really do like her don't you, naughty naughty liking a little slave girl, let's see what you like about her then" he laughs "boys, have you turn with her" he ordered 
"No! You leave her alone!" 
"Ignore him, carry on!"
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Random Word Prompts: Sawamura Daichi
(ask meme link)
Tumblr media
Fire: What is the most important thing for them in a relationship?
↳ He values plenty of things, like loyalty or honesty or grit.
↳ But to be honest, the first thing he searches for in a potential s/o is comfort. Whether he just feels good with them.
↳ Daichi has four younger siblings and an entire volleyball team to look after. He needs his s/o to be someone that doesn't stress him out, even though this may not be something he consciously realizes he's looking for. In fact I lean towards him being the type to just drift towards someone, not fully realizing how, when, or why– but it starts with that feeling.
↳ It's just a feeling that it's safe to relax, that there are no expectations for him when he's around that person, that his presence alone is enough for them. It's something that Daichi really comes to treasure.
Wood: Do they have any bad habits?
↳ He's weirdly forgetful around the house. Nothing too major, but just enough that his little siblings probably make fun of him for being an old man lol.
↳ Like he'll put his food in the microwave and then leave it there for an hour after it beeps, or take off his socks in the living room and forget to pick them up when he goes back to bed. He has also probably never gotten to fully enjoy a cup of tea/coffee at home. He always forgets about it at the end, and then the last gulp is lukewarm :(
Copper: How easy are they to befriend? What is the best way to win them over?
↳ He's honestly very easy to befriend. Daichi is the type who could be friendly (or at least neutral) with almost anyone. Even people he has a negative first impression with, like Kuroo
↳ Outside of volleyball, he's generally just a chill guy with a friendly demeanor and a general air of a leader. He's too oblivious to realize it, but people are attracted to that: that strong (but not overbearing) presence. So he has no shortage of casual friends, especially since he's pretty generous with him time and attention, too– he doesn't think to write people off unless they're being actively terrible.
↳ Getting into his close circle of friends is more difficult, though. He seems so open, but he's actually quite guarded. He's one of those people where you've been friends with him for 3 years, and then all of a sudden you realize you don't even know the name of his hometown. All because you're not in his top 10, lmao
↳ You really have to engage with Daichi to get closer to him. It's not that he wants to keep people away, it's just an instinct he hasn't thought to question. In his mind, people just grow closer gradually with time and exposure, but some relationships definitely plateau at a certain point. Again, it's not something that he actively measures and ruminates over, it's just something that sort of happens with Daichi
↳ I think the exception to the plateau effect are people who share an interest/passion with him. His volleyball peers (read: Asahi and Suga), obviously, but later in life he'll probably become quick friends with a couple of his coworkers as well.
Circle: What would their pokemon team look like?
If he were to have a type-specialty, I could see Daichi choosing Rock or Normal! But for fun I'll do mixed-type team. ↳ Charizard ↳ Tyranitar ↳ Pidgeot ↳ Electivire ↳ Kingdra ↳ Scizor
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multiholland · 18 hours ago
I like it when you hold me | Roommate!Harry fic
Tumblr media
Summary: the three times you needed harry to hold you and the one time he needed you to hold him.
Word count - 3,251
Warnings - language? anxiety attack, brief mention of painkillers
Your day today didn't consist of much. You’d gotten up early this morning along with your roommate to help him prepare for a high profile photoshoot he’d had booked for weeks. You knew he was nervous, panicking so much for the past few days as the day grew closer.
You made sure he ate breakfast and checked he had all his equipment before he left, helping to take that burden off of him.
He’d kissed your head as a thank you for the help just as he left, and then you were left to yourself for the rest of the day.
“You’re an angel, I’ll see you later.” You forced another hug out of him, wishing him good luck again, not that he’d really need it.
“Can’t wait to hear all about it.”
After that, things started to go south for you around eleven, your stomach beginning to cramp painfully as you tidied up the mess you’d left in the kitchen with Harry the night before. To try and settle the boy's nerves you may have had one too many alcoholic drinks while having a film night, but now being the one to clean it all up you were definitely regretting your drunk selfs actions.
You didn’t normally track your periods as frequently as you should, so this definitely caught you off guard, but you knew now any plans you had for the rest of the day were ruined.
After you sorted things out and took some painkillers, you crawled into your bed with your heating pad, pressing it up against your lower stomach with hope of at least some relief.
You didn’t even get a wink of sleep, the painkillers not working strong enough or long enough to make sure you were deep into a nap before your cramps began again.
You ended up spending most of the day staring at the different views of your room, just waiting and counting down the seconds until your roommate got home.
When he arrived back a few hours later, Harry expected to find you somewhere about the apartment, possibly expecting to find you watching a film on the couch where he’d be able to tell you all about his day.
When he didn’t find you he called out for you, getting a quiet ‘here’ in response from your room. He trudged to your room with a grin on his face, ready to see his favourite person’s face after a long day of going without, but he was instead met with the sight of you curled up in bed with a look of pain plastered all over your face.
He pushed down any excitement he had for the job he’d done today that he wanted to tell you about, deciding it could wait and you should instead be his priority right now.
“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, kneeling beside where you were laid in bed, gently stroking your hair. You gave him a weak smile, lifting your blanket to show him the heating pad you had pressed against your abdomen.
He pouted sympathetically, knowing exactly the time of month when you’d get that out, placing his lips onto your head lovingly.
“Do you need anything?”
You adored how attentive Harry was to you at this time of the month when you really just needed some extra loving.
“Painkillers and cuddles, please.” He thought you looked so innocent wrapped up in the covers of your bed just asking him to give you love and it made his heart ache.
“Coming your way.” You smiled as you watched him walk out of your room, leaving you to your own devices for a few minutes. He came back no longer than five 5 minutes later. A mug of tea in his hand, some painkillers and a change of clothes for himself.
“Take two of these, ‘m just gonna change and I’ll be back.” You nodded your head, shifting from your comfortable position to do as he instructed. He came back in much comfier clothes than early in no time, climbing underneath the covers of your bed beside you.
“Now, someone said they needed a cuddle?”
You laughed, curling into the man’s body as his arms snaked around your form. You had to wait a while for the tablets to begin to do their job, so your stomach was still aching despite the little things Harry had done for you.
“Do you need anything else?” he asked, looking so softly into your eyes. You smiled, taking the hand that was resting on your cheek and guiding it to your lower back.
“Can you just rub my back please? Hurts there too,” you explained. He hummed, carefully slipping his hand just under the bottom of the hoodie that was swallowing your body. His thumb rubbed circles across your skin and just the heat coming from his hand was enough to soothe you.
Your eyes began to feel heavy again, your head nuzzling against him, his chin resting on top of your head.
You were in that headspace right between being awake and falling asleep, completely in a daze when you remembered that Harry had come straight from his work, reminding you to ask him how things went.
“How did your photoshoot go?” you asked, burying your head closer to his chest. He could hear how tired you were in your voice, especially since you hadn’t been able to get any sleep during the day due to the continuous ache in your lower abdomen.
“I’ll tell you when you’re feeling better, get some sleep.”
He didn’t allow you time to protest and with one last kiss to your forehead you were out like a light in the man’s warm arms.
You were a frequent guest at the Holland family events due to being so close to Harry, and it was a plus that his family loved you. This time around you’d been invited to a garden party, showing up with Harry and instantly being whisked away by his mother.
You didn’t get a chance to speak to him again until around an hour or so later, stumbling over to him feeling much more bubbly than when you’d arrived due to your constant intake of alcohol.
Your arms wrapped around the man with no hesitation, your body leaning against him for extra stability.
His arm wrapped around your shoulders, placing a greeting kiss on your head that didn’t go unnoticed by the men he was talking to.
“Hi,” he mumbled, confused as to why you’d suddenly become so clingy. You flashed him a happy smile, tightening your arm around his waist as the two of you broke from his previous conversation into your own little bubble. “Hi,” you giggled.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked, chuckling towards the end of his sentence when your smile just got wider.
“I love your family, d’you know that?” You rested your head on his shoulder, your eyes scanning the garden as the party progressed. You finally noticed that Harry had been talking to Sam and Harrison, the two watching you both now with smirks at how close you were being.
“You do?” You nodded your head, a silly grin on your lips as you looked up into those warm brown eyes. His attention was torn when he heard a snicker from his twin, his head turning to look at the pair in front of you.
“What are you two looking at?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows in slight annoyance. He barely went a week without hearing from them at least once how whipped he was for you, and they were never happy when he didn’t do anything about it.
“Nothing, nothing,” Harrison mumbled, hiding his smile behind his beer bottle. Harry rolled his eyes, swallowing the last swig of his own beer.
“Come on,” he mumbled, tugging you in the direction of the drinks. “‘m too sober to deal with them.”
By the end of the night you were more than a little tipsy, clinging to Harry’s arm with a certainty that you’d fall over if you didn’t. This wasn’t the first time he’d seen you in this state, having had many nights at the pub with a much worse result than this.
“I think we need to get you home,” he said. You pouted like a child, wrapping your arms around his waist again.
“Don’t wanna go home yet,” you whined. He placed his hands on your cheeks, gently lifting your face and looking into your slightly glazed over eyes.
“You’re drunk, bub.”
You seemed upset at his accusation, shaking your head against his chest. You couldn’t see the amused smile on his face as he watched you try and work your way around his words. You did give up after a few seconds, your intoxicated mind finding it too hard to form a well thought out lie right now, so you took the easy way.
“‘m not drunk.” He rolled his eyes, running his fingers over top of your messy hair.
“D’you wanna know how I know you’re drunk?” he asked, flashing you a smile that made your knees weak. “You get clingy when you’re drunk.”
You gasped, feigning offense as you realised he was right. Not wanting to further prove his point, you willed yourself to pull away from him, but right now all you wanted was to be in his arms.
You eventually sighed, accepting your defeat when his thumbs stroked your temples.
“Fine, but please just keep holding me.”
Harry’s heart swelled at your words, his arms snaking around your neck to hold you close to him. He had absolutely no issue with holding you close to him for the rest of the night, even if he was getting those looks from his family.
“I’ll always hold you,” he promised. “Whenever you need me.”
You startled, jolting awake in a cold sweat as you stared into the darkness of your room. Your heart was racing against your ribcage, making it difficult to catch your breath, especially through the few stray tears that rolled down your cheeks still.
Every tiny sound you heard had you jumping in your place, the fear surrounding your nightmare still very present in the front of your mind. It took a few minutes for you to gather the courage to actually up and move enough to turn on your light, but even that wasn’t enough.
You were still shaking even as the lamp illuminated most of your room, scared of being alone where anything could get you when you closed your eyes.
It took you short of a minute to decide you needed Harry right now, but psyching yourself up to move the distance to his room took a little bit longer.
“You can do this, there’s nothing there,” you whispered, reassuring no one but yourself. You took a few deep breaths as you opened your door, staring into the intimidatingly dark hallway that housed Harry’s room.
You could see the faint light under his door, hoping he was still awake and hadn’t just fallen asleep with the light left on. You raised your hand and knocked quietly, trying not to disturb him if he was sleeping.
“Harry, are you awake?”
Now if the boy hadn’t been on his phone, still sorting some things out for his older brother, then he probably would’ve missed your ever so gentle knock on his bedroom door.
“Yeah, come in.”
You pushed open the door to his room with shaky hands, spotting the man laid in his bed, the light from his nightstand and his phone illuminating his face. He noticed the distressed look on your face, pushing himself into more of a sitting position to help you feel more welcomed.
“What happened?” he asked, rubbing his tired eyes as he watched you nervously shift your weight from your right foot to your left in his doorway. You sniffled quietly, adding on to the man’s worry about your wellbeing.
“Nightmare,” you simply mumbled. He frowned, shifting slightly under his covers to make more room for you to climb in. He lifted them up and with a ‘come on,’ you were already crawling in with him. You laid with your back to him, not wanting all the sympathy you’d surely get if he saw the dried tears on your face. Harry put his phone down and turned off the light, making the decision himself that you’d probably just want to go straight to sleep.
“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, letting you get comfortable in his arms and against his chest. He was always glad you were able to feel calmed by his presence, and he would never turn down helping you after a nightmare because he knows you’d do the same for him.
“No,” you whispered, nuzzling your face in his arm. “But, thank you.”
You adored being Harry’s little spoon, for the sole purpose of feeling the way your bodies perfectly molded together. He was happy to tangle your legs together, one of his arms being thrown over your waist and the other being used as a pillow for your head. It often meant he was left with an ache in his arm but seeing how comfortable it made you was enough for him to deal with it.
You didn’t fall asleep straight away, neither did Harry, the two of you just laying in one anothers embrace. You felt him pull you even closer, your heart swelling as he did so.
“Harry?” you said, catching his attention. He could hear how shaky your voice still was from your nightmare. He heard you let out a whimper, tears now threatening to roll down your cheeks.
He cooed, letting you roll over and hide yourself in his arms. He ran his fingers through your messy hair, careful not to catch and accidentally hurt you.
“You’re okay.” He didn’t let up comforting you until he was sure you’d at least stopped crying. Your thoughts were now overwhelmed by Harry, your nightmare being pushed further and further to the back of your mind.
“Goodnight, Y/N,” he whispered, pressing a final kiss to your head. You smiled softly, allowing yourself to drift off in his arms and in his bed once again.
“Goodnight Harry.”
The slamming of the front door let you know that Harry was home. For the past week he’d been working extra late with Tom, always coming home tired and almost always going straight to bed with as little of a greeting and a goodnight to you.
This was his final straw though, he and Tom had gotten into an argument today that left him mentally drained for the rest of the day. He was at his breaking point and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold it together.
He was unusually quiet as he strode into where you were sitting in the kitchen working on some things for your own work.
You watched as he headed straight to pour himself a glass of water, the glass almost slipping from his hands at how sweaty they’d become.
“Hey, you okay?” you asked, you didn’t have to be a genius to notice that Harry clearly wasn’t feeling himself. He barely even spared you a glance, the man was much too caught up in trying to calm all the racing thoughts in his mind.
“‘m fine,” he choked out.
You could see the way his hands shook as he tried to take off his jacket, tears of frustration building in his eyes the more difficult it got. You watched as his chest began to rise and fall much quicker.
Harry felt like he was suffocating, his body temperature trebling in such a short span of time that he felt like he couldn’t breathe anymore.
You’d seen Harry have a few anxiety attacks in the few years you’d been roommates, so you knew the obvious signs of when things were happening in his mind, usually happening after he’d overworked himself.
You headed over to him and helped peel the jacket off of his body, helping lowering him to the floor when his knees buckled beneath him.
“Hey, hey,” you whispered, taking his shaky hands in yours, holding them close to your chest so he couldn’t hurt himself. Your eyes were focused on his face as he teared up, nervously biting his lip to try and contain the sob threatening to escape his mouth. “I’ve got you,” you promised.
He let out a whimper, squeezing his eyes shut as the tears began to fall. You placed a kiss on the back of one of Harry’s hands, keeping your distance so he didn’t feel as though you were overwhelming him too much.
“Like we practised bub, need you to tell me three things you can see.” You needed him to open his eyes, trying to coax him into doing so. It took a few moments of you rubbing your thumbs along the back of his hands for him to finally look at you, a look of uncertainty and fear in his eyes.
You hated seeing him like this purely because of that scared look you could see in his eyes. It broke your heart how scared of everything and himself he became in these situations.
“There they are, there are those pretty eyes,” you said, flashing him a warm smile. Your smile seemingly being enough to encourage him to listen to you. His eyes darted around nervously at first before trying to find somewhere to settle for a second or two.
“I-I can see my phone, y-you and um-“ he paused, taking a few deep breaths.
“Take your time, it’s okay.”
This attack seemed to be resolving itself quicker than the ones you were used to helping him through, his breathing beginning to slow rather rapidly. “And m-my jacket. Can see my jacket too.” You grinned, making sure to tell him how proud of him you were.
You were more than happy to let him crawl into your arms, his head tucking itself under your chin. You stroked his curls for a while in a comfortable silence, the pair of you still not moving from your space on the floor.
Your other hand ran up and down his back while he clinged to you. At one point he shifted slightly, brushing your cheek with his hair, creating a ticklish sensation that had you holding back laughter.
You moved your hair out of the way so it’d stop, but he only seemed to do it again and you weren’t sure if he was doing it on purpose or not.
The next time it happened you couldn’t contain the snicker, prompting Harry to glance up in your direction.
“Why are you laughing?” he asked, burying his head in your chest insecurely, thinking you were laughing at him.
“Your hairs tickling me,” you admitted with a small giggle, pushing his hair out of your face for the third time. You saw the ghost of a smile threatening to form on his lips, warming your heart a little bit.
“Come on, we’re going to go watch a movie and take your mind off of everything.” You left no room for protest from him, and he didn’t seem to mind one bit.
“C-Can we still cuddle? I like it when you hold me,” he muttered innocently, blushing shyly under your gaze.
You grinned, nodding your head. “I like it when you hold me too.”
harry holland taglist → @euphorichxlland @theliterarymess @call-me-baby-gir1 @icyhollands @hollandbroz-n-haz @hopelessly-harry @siriuslyslyslytherin @musicalkeys-blog @itstaskeen @zspideyy @spideyssunshine @givebuckyhisplumsnow @hollandcrush @wizkiddx @hopeless-romantic-baby @thehumanistsdiary @dummiesshort @itsbieberxholland @lillucyandthejets @piscesparker @bvttercupbby @kujokura @jess-holland23 @captainamirica @tomsirishgirlx @annathesillyfriend @sunwardsss @messedupmyfuckinglife @bi-lmg @tomhollandismyhusband1996 @multixfandomwriter
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Love will tear us apart. part III
Shigaraki decides its time for the two love birds to reunite, for the good of the league, family should stick together. 
link to Part I:
Link to part Two:
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: hate sex, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, creampie, trauma experience, kidnapping, manipulation, tormenting. 
Shiggy watched as Dabi’s whore got her pussy pounded by that asshole Eraser head. He snickered to himself, he had to admit she was a fine thing. Watching as her tits bounced with every thrust, he felt himself get hard. He didn’t intend on staying long at all, surprised he was able to get in without any issues so far. He decided it would be such a waste of an opportunity to not fuck himself to Dabi’s play thing. Seemed she was just a huge slut anyway, first Overhaul, then Dabi and now there she was getting speared on Eraser heads cock. It seemed only fair she made him cum too. So with that he pumped himself aggressively, imagining the sweet moans she was making. Watching as he face contorted in pleasure, watching as her eyes rolled back. He came as soon as they did, his cum spilling in his hand and onto the roof. He watched as they got dressed and left. So incredibly excited to share his findings with Dabi. With the thought of getting to fuck her for real plaguing the back of his mind.
Akari opened her eyes to the sweet sight of Shouta, on his broad chest lay Keo. His tiny form looking so incredibly sweet on the mans chest as they slept. In between her and them was Eri, she was snuggled into her side. She sat for a moment watching them all as their soft snores filled the room, she couldn’t help but smile. Shouta and Eri had stayed the night, she had been having nightmares and after a bit of begging they allowed her to crawl into bed with them. They made her feel safe. In the early hours, Shouta had randomly gotten up and on his return, he had Keo cradled in his arms. He moved back into bed, placing the little bub on his chest, feeling the rise and fall of his chest. He looked over to Akari and felt his heart flutter, reaching over to caress the hair from her beautiful face. They all slept through the rest of the morning, feeling safe and warm. 
Akari rolled over gently, the thoughts of everything she needed to get done that day, forcing her to crawl out of bed. Not wanting to disturb them she quietly got changed in the bathroom and made her way out. It was the weekend so she knew Shouta would want to just relax and spend the day with the kids. She wanted to leave early to grab some groceries knowing they didn’t have much left. It was so nice to be able to walk around the city, free to go and do and she pleased. However she wasn’t really free, not yet. Shouta would be upset and worried if he knew she went without a guard and a disguise, but apart of her wanted to be seen. She couldn’t shake the eerie feeling of being watched everywhere she went. She thought she was paranoid, her past making her feel on edge and yet she felt it. His presence. She shifted her eyes around searching for him in the crowds. 
Dabi was watching her, he felt the immediate pain in his chest when he first laid eyes on her again. Her once pregnant form was now slimmer, she had obviously been working out and she was still beautiful and always glowing. He noticed how people gapped at her as she walked through the crowd, her beautiful wings glittering in the sun. She still took his breath away. Although his adoration was quickly replaced by bitter anger, she had forgotten about him so quickly. Already fucking another man. He wanted to grab her right then and there and remind her just who she belonged to. How much he needed her and how she needed him. He continued to follow her for a while, watching as she turned a corner. He slowly followed and was met by an empty street . He cursed under his breath how the fuck had he lost her? He searched around and yet couldn’t find her anywhere. He figured he must of got to distracted and lost her in the crowds. Making his was into an alley to call Shiggy to once again explain his fuck up. He groaned at the thought, Shiggy went through all the trouble to find her again and he bloody lost her already. Not to mention he was aching with every fibre of his being to hold her once again. 
Before he could lift the phone to his ear a figure appeared from above, swooping down knocking the phone from his hand and slamming him against a wall. He choked as a hand gripped his throat tightly, something hard pressed into his groin. His eyes finally registered her. Akira had spotted him and flown up to the building above to watch him, taking her chance now. Her hand tightly on his throat and her knee pressed roughly into his groin. He couldn’t help but grin widely “Hi dollface, you look great, I see those wings of yours are all healed up.”  Her grip tightened as his words irked her, making him chuckle. Her eyes bore into his own and they held their gazes for what felt like hours, before she finally replied “You fucking bastard, I should crush your balls right fucking now.” she growled out, shifting her knee dangerously into him. He groaned out in pain. “Come now, don’t make me hurt you, I'm sure we can be civil about this,” he breathed out. He stupidly tried to activate his quirk to scare her, not even realizing she had taken it away. She laughed at his expression, “nice try asshole, I've gotten a lot stronger, that quirk of yours is as useless as I make it. Not so nice being defenceless is it?” She snickered back at him. She was enjoying making him wince in pain just a little too much. He smiled softly at her, he really admired her right now, her strength was truly admirable. “You know I am really proud of you Ari, but it still seems it’s you who’s defenceless” he choked out, she raised her eyebrow “What are yo-” before she could finish she felt herself fade as a sudden impact on the back of her head made her fall forward. Dabi caught her in his arms, quickly scooping her up gently. He looked over to Twice who was now having a discussion with himself about whether or not that was the right thing to do, sneaking up on a woman and knocking her out. Dabi rolled his eyes “Took you guys long enough” this made Black mist scoff.
“Your lucky we found you, your location was hard to pin point.” Dabi ignored him and walked through the portal, holding onto Akari tightly. 
Akari woke abruptly in a panic. Her hands immediately reaching to the mattress beside her, hoping to feel their presence. But they weren’t there, instead she felt nothing but cold and rough material. Her eyes ached in the dull light, trying to make out her surroundings. Trying to move she quickly realized her feet were restrained. The panic began to set in as she remembered what occurred, her breathing hitching as she saw a faint blue glow. Dabi approached slowly, his hand dancing with one of his soft blue flames “looks like your still a bit out of it hey doll?” he chuckled. Kneeling down to the mattress she was on. He watched her intently as she looked at him with such fear and hatred, and yet there was still a glimmer of something else, sadness?. “Dabi, please I have to get back to my son, he needs me.” she was practically begging and she didn’t care how weak of pathetic she sounded she was desperate to get back them all. Dabi felt a tightness in his chest as he heard the words son. Who was this child? the child he had spent three months watching grow, feeling kick and imagining a life with. He slowly turned his head unable to meet her gaze “Wh-whats his name? is he healthy? is he safe?” he blurted out in a hurry afraid of the intensity of his own words. Akari, wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, that none of that was any of his business now. But she thought for a moment, if she was able to make him feel enough for this child, maybe he would let her go. “His names Takeo, he’s very healthy and yes, but he needs me. Dabi please let me go.” Her words spoken in a soft whisper. His heart fluttered at hearing her like this again. God how he missed her. He found himself balling his fists “Well if he’s safe he doesn’t need you as much as I do” and with that he stormed out the room.
Akari wasn’t sure how many days has gone by since she had seen Dabi. The only people that came in to see her were Toga and Twice, they were kind enough. She often found herself thinking this girl was a bit like her once. Too young to be involved in this life. As for twice she actually felt bad for him, that split personality must have been hard to deal with, it was certainly hard to listen to. She begged every time, to let her go or at least let her see Dabi. She needed to make him understand. One day the doors creaked open and heavy foot steps approached. Assuming it was Dabi she began to speak “I know you hate me but if I don’t get back to him... if I’m not there for him..” the words struggled to form as she choked on her tears “do you really want him to grow up without a mother” she cried. A snicker drifted through the room and she immediately realised it wasn’t Dabi. Turning to face the man who’s voice was like sandpaper and a face to match it. “Don’t worry pet, once we are done with you, I’ll send daddy Dabi to collect him and then you won’t have to worry about raising him anymore because his daddy will. We will.” The man reached down suddenly caressing her cheek with one finger. Watching as the tears fell. It sent a warm feeling flowing through his body. She was distraught at this, this man, who was evidently the boss known as Shigaraki. Believed Dabi was the father of her child. Who knows what he would do to get him.
Shiggy came back often, taunting her, trying to mentally break her into submission. He took copious amounts of her blood and fluids. It was like being back with Kai, although at least Kai’s clean matriculate nature made it so he hated to hurt her too bad. He didn’t want there to be blood to clean up. Where as Shiggy seemed to thrive on it, jabbing the needled more aggressively, “accidentally” slipping giving her tiny sharp cuts. He bruised her legs and arms pinning her down. Biting and slapping when she would fight him and every time he would do this he would be hard as a rock. She felt his length pressing into her and she would cry out in disgust. He never touched her sexually though, it was like he was savouring a meal before devouring completely. He drooled onto her trembling form, watching with intense eyes as she whimpered. Her soft pleas echoing through the room. He would leave her with harsh words “it’s been so long I bet your baby boy doesn’t even remember you” he would chuckle as she would thrash around at his words. Leaving her to think about her situation.
In truth it hadn’t even been that long, a couple weeks. But Akari didn’t know that, Shiggy was breaking her, her mind slipping further everyday. She clung onto the image of them all in bed that morning and it kept her going even if just for another day. Dabi had still not come to see her and she had given up on that ever happening. He obviously hated her more than she thought, he left her in the arms of a mad man. As she lay there, her tears falling. Feeling the ache all through her body, bruised and battered she bit her lip harshly. Splitting it, she tasted the blood as it collected in her mouth. It reminded her she was nothing but flesh and blood and yet... she had already been through this. She had gone through things people should never have to go through and made it out. She clenched her fists tightly, she would make it out again. This time on her own. She could do it, she was stronger now.
The next time Shiggy came in she immediately got up in her knees. She gave him a soft smile, he cocked his eyebrow intrigued by this new behaviour. “I missed you” she said sweetly moving so that she was on her hands and knees looking up at him battering her eyelashes. He scoffed “My little pet, losing it huh? You finally know who your master is?” He grinned down at her. He held out his hand and she proceeded to give him tiny kisses along his palm. He flinched at the contact, retracting his hand. She pouted at him “you know Tomura, you don’t have to worry about your quirk with me, you can touch me as much as you like.” Her words made his eyes grow wide, his cock immediately getting hard. The thought of running his hands all across her body made him weak. She watched his face and mouth drop into a small O and she knew she had him. She smirked “come down here, I need you to hold me, touch me.” She whined, pushing away all the disgusted thoughts from her mind.
Shiggy slowly lowered himself onto the mattress and she manoeuvred onto his lap. She brushed the strands of hair out of his face, and noticed he would be very handsome if he looked after himself. He was looking at her with a curious gaze, he held up his hands and cautiously started moving them. Taking control she grabbed onto them again making him flinch, she quickly moved them around her waist allowing him to wrap himself around her. He held her for a moment. His eyes watering, tears clearly about to fall. A part of her felt sorry for him. He had clearly never been able to be this close with another human before. It pained her, someone doesn’t end up like him for no reason. Hell she knew what trauma could do to a person. She pushed these thoughts from her mind reminding herself she was doing this for her son, she had a family to get back to. She would do what needed to be done. She slowly started grinding herself down into him. His arms tightening around her. Before she could continue warming him up he suddenly shoved her backwards so that his form could press her down. She winced at the impact as he held her down, looking down at her with menacing eyes. He chuckled “don’t think I don’t know what your trying to do princess. Although i do like where your going with this, I think I’ll take charge from here on” he said with a hint of mania. He lent down licking a strip from her cleavage to her neck. She whimpered at the sensation. At the muffled sound his eyes grew with hunger and his mouth watered. He suddenly ripped her top clean off exposing her breasts to him. He groaned as her nipples perked up at the cold. Both his hands immediately latched onto them, he practically cried at the feeling. Squeezing them harshly in his hands, watching her face contort with the mixture of pain and pleasure. He slowly began to slip one of his hands down her stomach, heading to her sweet spot. When the door burst open with a loud bang.
Dabi stood in the door way his form shaking with anger, his hands glowing with blue flame “get the fuck off her Shiggy” he roared. Shiggy looked up at him with a massive shit eating grin, his hand still latched onto her breast. “Ah back from your mission Dabi? Find what we needed?” Shiggy taunted. Dabi strode over to them his form trembling in anger “You sent me on a wild goose chase, I fucking knew I couldn’t trust you. You promised you wouldn’t go near her without me, you said you would wait till I got back. Now I come back to find out you’ve been tormenting her.” He spat out his words like pure venom. Shiggy simply sighed “don’t be silly, I haven’t been tormenting her, we’ve been having so much fun haven’t we pet?” He moved his hands off her breast and tapped her a couple of times on the face. Akari whimpered at the contact. Had Dabi truly not known what was going on here? By the look of complete agony etched across his face, he really didn’t. Shiggy got up facing Dabi “well glad your back, now the real work can begin” he stated looking down at her. He patted Dabi on the shoulder before going to exit the room “I’ll leave you guys to get more re-equated shall i, I’ve got a very important matter to attend to” he said with a smirk, finally leaving the room.
Dabi stared down at Akari, her chest rising and falling as her breathing struggled to calm. He felt numb sucking in a breath. Akari suddenly turned to him “you look like your about to cry?” She started laughing, “aw you can’t even cry Dabi you poor thing, this must be so hard for you” she continued while her voice became even more unhinged “must be so hard knowing everyone else gets to play with your toy” her laughs filled the room as she threw her head back completely lost in her mania. He watched her in horror, his body trembling. What has he done to her. He dropped to his knees crawling over to her. He tried to crawl on top of her but she kicked out at him aggressively. It didn’t take much for him to pin her down, she was so weak in this state. She screamed and yelled as he held her. He sobbed into her chest “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” he kept repeating like a mantra. She cried out her tears finally falling, her arms instinctively wrapping around him. They lay there for what felt like hours in each other’s arms.
Akari felt such a tightness in her chest it felt like she would burst. Her emotions running wild as her tears suddenly stopped. She latched her hand into Dabi’s hair and pulled so harshly he cried out. She forced him to look up to her, meeting each other’s gaze. In that moment she didn’t know if she wanted to kill him or kiss him. Seeing as she didn’t stand a chance at the first she went with the latter. Smashing her lips aggressively into his, she didn’t know why, it felt almost like an instinct. Something she had to do. She bit into his bottom lip, drawing blood. He groaned feeling the heat course through his body, he tasted the blood she drew from him and began sucking her lip, begging for entrance. Her mind fogging over, she allowed him to consume her. Their tongues gnashing angrily against one another. Dabi pulled away, out of breath and needing to look into her eyes. Her expression was fierce and hungry, he knew he should stop right now. He knew they both weren’t in the right mental state but his cock was aching just as much as his heart was. “I’m going to finally fuck you” he stated so matter-of-factly as he leant back on his knees. Unbuckling his belt and pulling off his pants and then shirt. He quickly pulled her skirt and underwear off exposing her glistening pussy to him. He licked his lips, god he missed the taste of it, the feel of it and he couldn’t wait to feel it sliding on his cock. He again looked into her eyes and she breathed heavily, looking for any sign to stop. But there was none. He lined himself up with her hole, she would need to be prepared enough, he was done waiting.
She suddenly got to her hands and knees, facing the other way, arching her back and presenting her perfect ass to him “I don’t want to look at your fucking face” she practically spat out. His eyes burned a hole in the back of her head but he reached forward and tugged her hair back snapping her head to meet his whisper “fine you want to be fucked like a dumb bitch in heat, I’m happy to oblige.” With that he shoved her face down into the mattress. His hands latched onto her ass, smashing down leaving bright red marks. He loved watching as it jiggled with every slap, knowing he was leaving his mark on her. Without warning he slammed himself into her, she cried out at the pain of being so incredibly stretched. The burn almost to unbearable, his thick cock was too much to handle, along with the metal dragging across her silky walls. She was panting as he began thrusting in and out. “Fucking whore couldn’t wait to get her little hole filled huh? Tell me how many dicks do you need before your satisfied? First Overhaul then Eraser Head, bet you let Shigaraki fill you up to.” His words brought tears to her eyes, he was making her feel like nothing but common garbage. She fucking hated him.
So naturally she slammed her hips back to meet his thrusts “not my fault you can’t fuck me good enough Dabi.” She turned her head to meet his fierce gaze and he slammed into her extra hard making her moan loudly. “Yeah? That why you were so desperate to get back to me? Hadn’t even fucked you yet and you craved me didn’t you princess” he said continuing to slam into her. He reached his arm around her upper body, pulling her against him. One hand weaved around her throat the other teased at her sensitive clit. Her whimpers encouraging him to go faster, the sounds of him growling into her ear and his body slamming against her echoing around the room. He leant down to suck deep bruises into her neck and shoulders, licking his way around mimicking the perfect circles he was giving her clit. She couldn’t help the way he made her body shake, completely coming undone for him as she came. He licked up her neck, biting down on her ear lobe. As she moaned out in ecstasy, he chuckled into her ear “did you just cum? Hmmm I thought I couldn’t fuck you good enough?” She could feel him smirking against her.
She groaned as she quickly manoeuvred pushing him roughly down, mounting him and shoving his dick back inside. Not even giving it a moment before she started riding him wildly. His mouth hung open in as she slammed down on his cock, he looked up at her with lust filled eyes. “Thought you didn’t want to look at me doll face” he smirked as she rolled her eyes “shut the fuck up” she reached for his throat wrapping her hand around it tightly. He mirrored her actions as he latched onto hers. They choked each other as his hips jerked up, meeting her harsh slams. Their movements perfectly in sync, Akari found herself getting light headed as she removed her hand from his neck and reached her hands around his trying to pry them away. He laughed “what can’t handle it?” He pulled away suddenly, slapping her across the face once and then twice. The burn stinging her cheek as she moaned out in pain. She felt the heat rising in her core as his cock hit her perfectly with every stroke. He could feel her tightening, her pussy pulsing and clenching as her orgasm approached. Her eyes watered as he took a fist full of her hair and pulled her face down to his. He reached behind her wrapping his whole arm around her, the feeling of her soft feathers brushing against him made him groan. She tried to squirm away, being this close to him was making her feel things she didn’t want to. His grip on her only tightened as he pinned her to him.
They looked into each other’s eyes as their orgasms approached, his hip thrusting up to perfectly meet her slams. “I fucking hate you” she moaned out between heavy pants. “I know” he said tightening his grip on her hair and pulling her into a passionate kiss. Their bodies continuing their assault on one another. Dabi pulled away from the kiss “but I love you” his words and the intensity of the moment making them cum together. His grip on her tightened as he spilled inside of her, moaning as her pussy clenched milking him dry. Her eyes filled with tears as the rush of sensations drew out an intense orgasm. They rode out their highs, still moving slowly. Their bodies shaking as they over stimulated themselves, not wanting the moment to end. “Still feels good, fuck Cumming again” Dabi choked out as he moved his hand from her hair to join the other as he held her down, his hips shakily rutting into her. Dipping his head into her shoulder, his sweet moans vibrating against her collar bone.
He finally eased his grip as they caught their breath, His hands now gently caressing her wings. She found herself resting her head on his chest, hands gliding over the metal there. The softness of their movements and the after glow of their orgasms sending shivers over their skin. “Stay with me” Dabi whispered. Akari let a single tear fall before she pulled away from him. “I can’t my kid needs me, and I have a life there, a good one” she moved to get changed, unable to stay in her vulnerable state, thoughts of Shouta racing through her mind making the guilt almost unbearable. Dabi watched her as the pain in his chest grew “do you love him?” He asked looking down unable to meet her gaze. Akari responded without hesitation “yes.” At her words Dabi clenched his fists, Akari took a deep breath “I won’t deny a part of me loves you too.” Dabi looked up softly as she continued “but you betrayed me Dabi! What’s your plan now? To keep me here like a little pet, because I hate to break it to you but your boss already beat you to it!” Her anger seeped out her words making him shudder. He once again dipped his head in shame, he really didn’t have a plan. All he knew was that he loved her and wanted to be with her, but also remained loyal to the league and the task at hand.
Akari watched him intently, slowly crawling back over to him, gripping his face in her hands gently. Forcing him to look up at her she gave him a soft smile “Dabi I don’t pretend to know what’s going on in your head, but I truly believe you do love me, but if you love me you have to let me go.” He eventually looked her in the eyes a flicker of sadness and then anger. “I’m not losing you again” he said quickly grabbing his clothes and began getting changed. Akari was beyond frustrated now “you do this and you will lose me. If you let that monster near me again... near my son! Who by the way he believes is yours!” She yelled out. Dabi whipped his head back towards her, stopping his movements immediately. “What!?” He frantically questioned. Akari sighed
“He thinks he’s yours Dabi” she watched him as his face paled. Clear panic radiating through him as he frantically finished to get changed. Akari eyes grew wide “what is it? Dabi? What’s going on!” She yelled at him as he suddenly stood, stomping towards the door. Before he could get to it, it flew open. Shiggy stood in the door frame, his scratchy voice echoing through the room “get her ready, we have to go” he said as both Dabi and Akari took in his shaking form, bloody clothes and cut up body. “What did you do?!” Dabi said frantically, reaching to grab him. Shiggy simply laughed, looking over Dabi’s shoulder to Akari “you must have one powerful pussy, fucking Eraser Head would have died before giving up your little brat” he scoffed now turning his attention to Dabi “cute kid man” he said patting his shoulder like a good pal. Akari screamed out “what the fuck did you do! I swear to god if you harmed any of them I will fucking kill you!” She stood on shaky legs ready to attack him. 
Shiggy whistled “easy girl, as I said Eraser Head was determined, unfortunately I couldn’t get him. Sorry” he said cocking his head toward them both. “But the bastard will definitely find us now, he’s determined to get her back. We need to move” he stated calmly as he left Dabi to deal with Akari. Dabi turned to Akari, who’s wings were outstretched in a predatory state. They looked almost sharp and she glared at him “I’ll die before I leave with you again.” Dabi sighed preparing himself for what he would have to do.
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fujoshiundercover · 19 hours ago
BLCD Review: The Titan’s Bride (for reals this time)
Tumblr media
Title: Kyojinzoku no Hanayome (巨人族の花嫁)
Release Date: 2020/12/23
Author/Artist: ITKZ
Ono Yuuki x Itou Kento
Nakazawa Masatomo
Takatsuka Tomohito
Synopsis: “It’s like a small fruit…” The Titan’s large hands grasped my thing easily with one hand… With the difference in our size, if we go all the way, I’m definitely gonna die…!?
Review Proper
Tumblr media
I honestly might have downplayed my review for the mini drama CD back in August.
This, along with the anime, is a disaster.
See, as a manga, Titan’s Bride is okay and good at best, but there’s only so many ways you can voice giants with utter believability. Ono did well in the mini drama cd, but oh boy, I really don’t want to say this, but Caius here is just... trash bad. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t wholly Ono Yuuki’s fault. It’s just that this setting is just so impossible to work with without visual cues, and since Ono’s natural tone isn’t nearly as deep for a role as this one, it all just sounds so fake that I couldn’t help but snort at it most of the time (also, I slept through this TWICE). And no, it’s not just Ono; it’s literally everyone who’s been cast as a giant that sounds weird. 
I just came back from reading my notes, so I’ll be taking all of what I said back. THE VOICE ACTING WAS INDEED BAD. On top of struggling with an unbelievable Caius, Ono also didn’t have any chemistry with Itou Kento. HAHAHAHA why do I find this so funny? How’d we go from Love Hole 303 (aka OnoYuu’s best) to this (aka OnoYuu’s worst?) 💀 Itou Kento’s performance wasn’t flawless either. He caught me off guard when Kouichi cried and not in a good way. 🥴 Caius’ farmer friend takes the cake, though. His actor wasn’t credited either, but for the short amount of time he was on track, believability was 0. Nakamo did well as Bertholdt, though, and his Beartoto might be the only one that was a good casting choice from the get-go because he wasn’t really a giant. Bardlot might have been able to save the manga, but he alone wasn’t enough to save the BLCD. Tomo was idk not bad, but not really commendable either.
You know a casting that could probably save this? Kawahara Yoshihisa (Juda) or Shingaki Tarusuke (Byakuya) for Caius, Hirarin for Dr. Martu (Tomo sounds like new-age Hirarin ngl), and Ono Yuuki for Bartholomew. I actually didn’t like Itou Kento voicing Kouichi at first, but he grew on me. I don’t even know who else could suit Kouichi better. Itou Kento just has to step it up more.
The sound engineering for this one was shit—I’m not going to hold back punches on this one. Again, if Glanz was just able to give Ono that giant-esque edge he so needed, then we might have a bearable outcome at least. But with regard to the sound effects and the bgms, it’s still shit. Sometimes, the volume of the sfx for Caius’ or any of the other giants’ movements isn’t even right. You’d think that the bed and Kouichi’s bottom would sound like they’re breaking because they’re being railed by a goddamn train, but nooooo. AND OH MY GOD THE FUCKING MOMU—the fucking Momu (the giant ass cow) was voiced by a man and it freaks me out. I would have appreciated it if it was just voiced by a real cow and was amplified. Y’ALL KNOW IT’S BAD WHEN THEY GET A MAN VOICE A COW AND FAIL.
Just thinking about this BLCD makes me feel exhausted. Do you know when the last time this industry has seen a good isekai? It has been a long 11 years since Kyou Kara Maoh Sora ni Hibiku Ryuu no Utagoe, damn it. I didn’t want to say this because I’m pretty sure that this isn’t true, but just the outcome wants to prove otherwise; this BLCD feels like there’s 0 effort put into it. I mean, I guess that’s suitable for what Titan’s Bride really is, but come on. As I’ve said in the mini drama review, y’all just shouldn’t adapt something when a. it’s not worth it and b. if y’all aren’t going to be serious about it. I KNEW THAT ME HAVING THREE GOOD BLCDS IN A ROW WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
I just don’t understand how it’s already 2021 and there still hasn’t been an adaptation for MadK! All these talents and money wasted. 😩 I DEFINITELY DON’T RECOMMEND GETTING THIS. It’s not entirely faithful to the manga either because many events have been rearranged and y’all know what went down with the other bits. Just listen to Sora ni Ryuu which stars Kondo Takashi (young Fei Wan), Konishi Katsuyuki (adult Fei Wan), and Yusa Koji (Ryuusei). The world building on that was just amazing. *sigh* Where has that 2010 quality gone, I wonder.
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bluekat12345 · a day ago
The Sun and Moon Shall Be Our Guides: Chapter 25
First Chapter:
Previous Chapter:
Next Chapter: Coming Soon
“Cassandra, what have you done?” Eugene asked as he continued to stare at his sister, horrified of her current state.
“I did what I needed to do.” Cassandra defended as her glare glowed blue. “If I had listened to you, we’d still blindly trust Rapunzel.”
“What are you talking about?” Rapunzel asked, still shocked and trying process what had happened.
“Don’t play dumb!” Cassandra shouted, more black rocks forming around her. “You’ve known you were the Sundrop of the start!”
Rapunzel was stuck speechless. Her, being the Sundrop? What was she talking about? The flower she had brought from Corona was the Sundrop, not her.
“Cass, calm down!” Eugene shouts at his sister. “Listen to yourself, you know Rapunzel wouldn’t lie to us about this!”
That seemed to anger Cassandra more. “I know what I saw! I saw her trying to reach for the Moonstone! She has been keeping secrets from us! If I hadn’t stopped her, she would’ve betrayed us!”
Eugene shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t believe that, and you don’t either! The Moonstone is messing with your head, Cass! Let it go and we can fix this!” He tried to approach her, reaching his hand out to her.
“STAY AWAY!” More Rocks formed around them, and the castle began to shake again.
As more rocks formed around them, Eugene pulled Rapunzel closer to try and protect her from getting hurt. The Prince noticed his sister, through the rocks, she seemed to look just as scared as he and Rapunzel were. She clearly had no idea how to control the rocks. Then he watched as ran out of the Moonstone chamber.
“Cass, wait!” Eugene called out to her. He made his way through the black rocks as he tried to follow her, but the black rocks were emerging, disappearing, and then reemerging right behind the Dark Princess. Eugene continued to call for her, but she ignored him.
Eventually, the castle stopped shaking and rocks blocking his way disappeared. Eugene ran through the castle halls, calling out of Cass, but there was still no response.
The Dark Prince ran outside the castle, realizing that she would’ve most likely left the castle. Once outside, he noticed the lack of black rocks around. Under different circumstances, he would’ve been happy. But the lack of Black Rocks scared him even more.
“Cass?!” Eugene shouted out, his voice echoing. “Cass, where are you?! Please!”
“Eugene!” The prince heard Adira call. Turning back to the Castle doors, the Brotherhood stood together.
They looked ruffled from the castle shaking so much, Hector held his arm, indicating it was injured, and the side of Adira’s face was bruised.
“What happened?” Hector said in shock as he stared at the lack of black rocks around.
“Where’s Cassandra?” Adira asked.
Eugene stared at them, he opened his mouth, but found himself unable to speak. He had so much to say, but the shock had rendered him mute. Soon, that shock turned into exhaustion as he felt his legs get weak.
The only reason he didn’t collapse where he stood is Adira was able to catch him before he did.
“I’ll get him to the Infirmary.” The guard Captain told the other Brotherhood member. “Hector, go find Quirin and make he and everyone else are alright.”
“She’s gone.” Eugene whispered.
“What?” Adira asked him.
“She...She’s gone...” He replied, weakly.
The two warriors stared at Eugene in confusion and concern. Hector asks. “you mean Princess Cassandra? What do you mean she’s gone?”
Adira moved past him. “We’ll talk after he’s seen a doctor.” With Eugene carefully in her arms, Adira took the prince back inside the castle and led him to the Infirmary.
Adira and Eugene arrived in the Infirmary first. Adira was given a bandage patch on the side of her face and she had made Eugene lay in one of the beds in the Infirmary. He had told her he wasn’t hurt, but Adira told him to remain in the bed until he regained his strength.
Quirin had bandages wrapped around his torso to treat a large scratch he had gotten from when the Black Rocks had scratched him, Hector’s injured arm was in a sling, and Adira had had a bandage patched on the side of her face.
As for Varian and Lance, they seemed roughed up from everything that happened, but didn’t look injured, much like Eugene and Rapunzel. Quirin still insisted that they rest in the Infirmary. Rapunzel took the time to re-braid her long hair, as Pascal sat on her lap.
“Way ahead of you.” Lance had responded, more than willing to take a break.
“Dad, I’m alright.” The young alchemist insisted. “If anything, I need to make sure you’re alright. I can fetch you a salve or more bandages or-”
Quirin put a hand on his son’s shoulder and gave him a small smile. “I’m fine, son. Just focus on making sure you’re alright.”
“We checked on Edmund.” Hector said. Eugene held his breath, already fearing the worst. “He’s still weak, but it doesn’t look like he got hurt from earlier.” Eugene tried to take some comfort in that, but he couldn’t. How could he? Even if he’s father was unharmed from Cassandra taking the Moonstone, he was still not okay.
“The Moonstone is gone.” Hector announced. “It looks like the Black rocks are gone too.”
Quirin frowned. “Why doesn’t that make me feel better?”
“Because Cass has it now.” Eugene replied. Everyone but Eugene and Rapunzel were shocked. “When she took the Moonstone, she couldn’t control it, and she ran off when things were started to get really crazy.”
Hector scowled. “How could she betrayed us? I’d expect this from her mother, but her?”
Eugene frowned. “Don’t say that! Cass would never betray us! She did what she thought was the right thing!” He defended.
“Then why did she take the Moonstone and leave?” Hector asked. “If she wanted to help she could’ve just stayed with the stone.”
“She was scared!” Eugene countered. “She probably wanted to leave before anyone got hurt!”
Hector scoffed, but didn’t object any further.
Eugene then faced Rapunzel. “Rapunzel, what were doing in the Moonstone Chamber before I got there? And why did Cass accuse you of trying to betray us?”
“I swear, that wasn’t what I was doing?” Rapunzel swore. “Miss Gothel said I could help if I-”
“Wait a minute, Gothel?” Quirin interrupted. “She told you to go to the Moonstone Chamber?”
The Princess of Corona nodded. “She said if I wanted to help, being in there would be the way to do so.”
Eugene stared intensely at Rapunzel. “What exactly did Gothel tell you to do?”
“She told me to approach the stone.” Rapunzel explained. “I did, then my hair broke free, it glowed, and it started to float around. Miss Gothel then me to reach for the stone, but before I could, Cassandra grabbed it first.”
The room was quiet for a moment. Varian broke the silence. “Sounds like she knew quite a bit about the Moonstone and Sundrop. Wonder why she didn’t talk to us about it.”
The Brotherhood didn’t like that. “Has anyone seen her at all since all of this happened?” Quirin asked.
No one said they had. Adira spoke. “I’ll have some guards keep an eye out for her, and Cassandra.”
“Did Gothel tell you anything else?” Eugene asked. Rapunzel looked reluctant to speak up, but Eugene encouraged her. “Rapunzel, please. You’re not in trouble, I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt us, just please. We need to know.”
Rapunzel was still hesitant, but spoke. “She just spoke about how so many people have been hurt for all this, she told me what happened to your father.” She admitted quietly.
“She did?” Eugene gasped.
The blonde princess nodded. “Yeah. She said if I listened to what she said, I would be able to help so no one else got hurt. I hadn’t known it was so bad. I told you I would do what I could to help, Eugene.”
The Dark Prince frowned as he continued to listen. He didn’t want to hear anymore of this. So he quickly got out of the bed and walked out of the Infirmary, ignoring his friends calling him.
“Leave him be.” Quirin suggested as Eugene left. “Give him a moment to himself.”
“I’m sorry.” Rapunzel said. “I wasn’t trying to upset him. I just want to help.”
“Its not your fault, your highness.” Quirin insisted. “Its just that...Its a long story.”
“There was one thing Cass said.” Rapunzel said. “She said I was the Sundrop? What is she talking about?”
The room was quiet again, confusion in the atmosphere. But Varian once again broke the silence. “Its a theory.” He explained. “I theorized that when your mother was healed, the Sundrop’s magic left the flower and went to you. And it looks like Cass and Gothel thought the same.”
Rapunzel was flabbergasted. Pascal climbed to her shoulder to comfort her, but it did little to aid the blonde. Remembering what Cass had said to her, Rapunzel realized the truth in that accusation.
“I didn’t know.” She promised. “I swear I had no idea, if I had known, I would’ve done something sooner.”
“We believe you, Princess.” Adira said.
“More secrets.” Hector growled. “In Corona and within the Dark Kingdom. When will the secrets stop?”
“I don’t know.” Varian replied. “But I’m going through those scroll pieces, so once I do that, that might be able to reveal what we need to know.”
“Alright.” Quirin said. “But for now, let’s get some rest, we can continue our work when we’ve all recovered from the shock. Your highness, you should do the same. You can stay here if you want.”
“No, I’ll head to my room.” Rapunzel insisted. Then the group walked out of the Infirmary.
Prince Eugene walked quickly through the halls, ignoring the damage around him, most likely caused from when the Black Rocks struck during Cassandra taking the Moonstone.
‘He still couldn’t believe Hector was so quick to declare her a traitor. It was like everything she’s ever done for the Dark Kingdom didn’t matter anymore. Cassandra may be no-fun at times and very bossy, but she was one of the most, if not THE most, dedicated person to the Dark Kingdom. Everything she did, it was for the sake of this kingdom and their family. Whatever she did, he knew she was doing what she thought was the right thing.
Gothel, however, he could completely believe she would betray them. But he didn’t think she would know more about the Moonstone or the Sundrop. She had always been more interested in getting power through the throne, and being pampered like a goddess. What would she need the Sundrop or the Moonstone for? And how could she manipulate Rapunzel’s desire to help like that?! The thought made his blood boil. And then she had the nerve to use his father to do so!
“Father.” Eugene thought, stopping in tracks. Eugene realized his father could’ve been killed today. He was already so weak, he wouldn’t have been able to escape if the Black Rocks came after him. It was only a miracle that he was unscathed during all of this. The thought terrified him, more than he was willing to admit.
Eugene continued to walk through the halls. But he decided now would be a good time to see his mother’s portrait. Maybe that would calm him down.
But when he arrived to the painting, he saw that it was destroyed. There were scratch marks all over it, it was beyond repair. If he hadn’t seen it as often as he did, he probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the painting was his mother in hall.
Eugene felt his heart shatter. It wasn’t enough that his sister was gone and his father would most likely die soon, but now this painting, the one thing he had to remember what his mother looked like, was destroyed. With no way to repair. The Princess fell to his knees and quietly sobbed.
He had never felt more alone than he had right then and there.
Cassandra wasn’t sure how long she had been running. It felt like she had been running forever. By the time she had finally decided to stop, the sun had already set.
The black rocks had stopped popping out around her, which seemed to calm her down. At least she wouldn’t bring destruction wherever she went. Looking around her, she realized that although she wasn’t entirely sure where she was, she knew for a fact that she was far from the Dark Kingdom.
A part of her wanted to go back. But she figured it would be no good at the moment. Maybe when Eugene had a moment to calm down and understand why she did what she did. Eugene had always been stubborn and impulsive, surely he understood she was only doing what would help their kingdom. She was merely fulfilling her destiny.
“Destiny.” She thought. The enchanted girl had told her she had a great destiny, that she would be the one to save the Dark Kingdom, to become its queen. She said that she trusted Cassandra to do the right thing. But at the moment, Cass wasn’t sure she was. She had been confident in what she was doing when she took the Moonstone, but now, she felt lost.
“What is my destiny?” She asked allowed as she sat on the ground.
“Your destiny is to become who you were always meant to be~.” A familiar voice sang.
Turning to the shadows, Cassandra stood and put her guard up. But when she realized who it was, her eyes grew wide.
“Mother?” She gasped.
Gothel stepped out of the shadows and smiled at her daughter. “Hello, Dear.”
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pumphood51 · a day ago
Homemade Spa Treatment: A Drug Free Health Spa Treatment Within Your House!
Tumblr media
Loosing confidence on bottled fluid could be justifiable a person have little idea know how clean can be inside these fancy wine beverages. You might too purify your drinking water at the location of be secure and sound. How can one does this? Job is less complicated than anticipate. All handful of basic to have is an origin and will cost less than water air cleaner. This is the safest thing are able to do guard yourself with your family from contaminated precious water. There are five choosing bottled water available in the market today. Product have been spring, purified, naturally sparkling, seltzer and mineral liquid. Spring is sourced from an underground formation which flows naturally for the surface of the planet. The purified the actual first is processed, was sourced anywhere and cleared from chlorine and other dissolved colours. Sparkling water is naturally carbonated from springs or bore holes. Seltzer is technically considered for a soft liquid intake. Mineral is also sourced from springs allowing it to contain dissolved solids. Iodine is a mineral necessary for the thyroid in order to hormones which regulate significant purchases metabolic attributes. In addition to thyroid hormone, iodine is also required for production of other hormones and supports a healthy immune method. It is not produced your body and must be based on dietary sources or nutritional supplements. Signs of iodine deficiency may include a goiter, weight gain, cold intolerance, fatigue, miscarriage or mental retardation. Well Water can be a wonderful source of great tasting H2O, however, it possess its pit falls as well. Since wells are fed by ground water you don't know if it has a reduced mineral content and a high nutrient rich mineral content. One other possibilities are bacterial contamination and environmental artificial pollutants from elope. I know it's difficult but skin tone will thanks a lot. If its not only an option and you have to wear makeup, try wearing mineral makeup. Find make-up that doesn't have harmful chemicals within and make an effort mineral water at home just wear less makeup all next to each other. Today, there is makeup with acne fighters in them which support you in the fighting of breakouts. However, if you're up to wear makeup, make sure you have it off completely before likely to bed. Leaving makeup on will are more harmful to your skin. being unfaithful. Watch your meal plan. Try not in order to foods for lots of sugars or foods which processed. A lot more calories natural an individual put with your body, a lot more radiant skin tone will hunt. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Olive oil and almond oil can be massaged at a traditional interval before going to sleep. The oil can be helpful and provides important ingredient to keeping the skin healthy. Water can be splashed 2-3 times which have been very useful for dry skin. Alternative therapy choices like smashed bananas and apple could be used on the skin and removed with warm water to get yourself a brighter look. Grapeseed oil can also be massaged around the. Castor oil is highly beneficial for treating dry skin. You cannot deny that water is the things people ought keep them alive. Since people drink water, it needs to be pure fresh without odor support people well-balanced. In today's world, it isn't as pure fresh as when. Some water is contaminated with bacteria any other viruses. Water which is contaminated with bacteria brings diseases to the body. strip off the mineral content of the water. These minerals like potassium, magnesium etc have an excessive molecular size which means that cannot pass the actual membrane. The mineral deficiencies this might in your body can lead to many health problems in the future.
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pufferssss · a day ago
No time to die.
Words:2056 characters:10788
I did not edit this seeing as I didn’t want to and wanted to post it as soon as possible so enjoy!!
The world was quiet, as it was every night at 12am..Everyone was asleep..The scouts asleep in bed..The only ones awake being guards and the people who did behind the hand business. However for a few certain soldiers that was very different. With a certain ginger soldier being left behind and a worried team waiting for her return.
where was she? He should be in bed with his ginger subordinate sitting at the end of his bed lecturing him on why he needs to sleep. Why wasn’t she there to do this for him? Then it all truly hit him. She had to be dead...not his entire squad but just her. She’d seen a purple flare from a while away and being the brave girl she was went to help, but she never came back. Now with his squad, not with Miche’s, not with Hange’s, not with Erwin, not with anyone... but the one who shot the flare came back with Miche. Levi had went to the girl gripping onto her shirt collar pulling her down to his level “where is Ral.” The poor confused girl could only stare before managing to get out a quiet “who?” Levi pulled her closer “The girl who helped you. The girl who went to save your life.” The girls hear sunk; that’s who ral was. “She told me to go. There were two eight meters and one fifteen meter” Levi let go of the girl and she scurried off. Levi only walking back to his horse, getting on and finishing his ride to the headquarters. She could’ve lived, Ral was strong: she would come back right?
where was she? Petra had went off to help a scout who seemed to need help . She’d with little effort been able to get down the two eight meters however the one fifteen meters was a struggle. Just her luck though it was an abnormal and oh what a lovely thing to top it all off there were no tree’s around, no buildings, no nothing. Just. Flat. land. But much to her disliking she couldn’t get the last fifteen meter; instead blinding and striking down the fifteen meter and making her escape on the white horse. Petra rode forward for 10 minutes before realizing everyone was far gone and it was far too dangerous to be out at the time it was. Petra tugged on the reins and turned her horse around to the forest of giant trees and rode for around a half hour. Once she finally was to the entrance of the trees she hopped off her horse and tied the horse to a post “I’ve only got a little gas left.” She mumbled and aimed her hooks up to a branch. It hooked with the *shink* then Petra pushed with her index and middle fingers down in the pieces which pushed the gas into boosting her up to a branch. She sat down on the branch and pulled her left leg to her chest. She rested her chin on her knee and stared at the wood. She would be able to look out at the empty fields and the Titans wondering around aimlessly . She’d leave at nightfall. But until then she would sleep; regain all her energy for the three hour trip she’d have to take. Petra shifted around before her eyelids got heavy they closed once Petra jolting awake, then again, and then again. Only this time they stayed closed. It was harder to sleep seeing as it was still mid-day but she did it. She **had** to do it; if she didn’t who knows how she would make it back to the walls. Every hour or two the ginger awoke to the slight shake of the trees from the Titans who clawed at the tree she was on. Why didn’t they just stop?
Where was she? Eld questioned sitting on his bed accompanied by Oruo and Gunther, oruo who was staring at the wall and Gunther who was reading. Eld growled standing up and placing his hands on his hips “We need to get wall duty now. We need to go tell Captain that he needs to allow us to have wall duty. More specifically.. wall duty in the direction of the giant forest. If Petra- when Petra is back we’ll need to be there to make sure she is okay. I’m not going to risk her getting killed by the Titans who stay at the bottom of the walls.” Eld fit spoke up, Gunther standing up and walking over to him; placing a hand on his shoulder “Eld. She’s a smart girl, a strong girl. She knows to wait till night fall to come back; she’s also our little fireball! Who knows how many titans where with that girl. From what I heard... the girl spoke to Levi, Levi spoke to himself and I overhead him but I believe it was only three Titans two eight meters and one fifteen meter. Petra’s been working incredibly hard; I know she’s okay. She is going to be back tonight and Levi will probably lecture her” the onion head assured eld, Oruo grumbling a quiet “then fuck her so the entire barracks can hear. Noisy fucks” eld only chuckled at this, looking at Gunther. Their Petra would come back fine.
where was she? Eren sat down outside eyes closed. Trying to think about the ginger who had left the formation. Even if the Titan boy had only known been apart of the special operations squad for a few months he trusted Petra. Trusted Petra the most and rightly so! The short ginger was like a mother to him. And a lot of the cadets from the 104th saw her as a mother or a crush. Though those who saw her as the latter knew not to get too close to her seeing as she seemed to be guarded by humanities strongest at most times. Eren shifted around uncomfortably on the ground; normally after an expedition they would all sit outside and relax. Oruo bragging about the kills we got, Gunther reading, Eld teasing Oruo, himself laughing at the men, Petra and Levi however would be talking about who knows what. Half the time it sounded like they had created their own way of speaking, a way of speaking through their eyes.
Soon the sun fell and the moon rose. Petra awoke from her sleep. The Titans who had once been at the bottoms of the trees were gone and Petra could finally start her trip back to the walls. She sunk her ODM gears hooks into the thick trunk and lowered herself down to the solid ground. She quickly untied her horse and ran her hand down the white fur of his neck “It’s okay.. when we get back I’ll make sure you get lots of treats alright?” She jumped up gripping onto the saddle; struggling a bit as she was quite literally the size of the horses legs. Once she was up she whipped the reins and road off into the night, she’d have quite the story to tel when she made it home. They road in silence for close to an hour before their first night encounter. It was a small five meter Titan that she took out; the night causing her leg to get trapped in the Titans grip. But she’d been able to slice the fingers then get the nape and continue her ride. She bit down on her bottom lip whining quietly at the great pain in her foot. If she had another Titan encounter she would be killed. No doubt about it. But luckily nothing came up and when she got to the wall she looked her horse then up “Wall Maria... she leaned her head down and kissed the horses neck “we are almost there buddy stay with me” 62 miles left. That would take her another hour and a half to finally make it home. She could do it! She had to do it.
Levi had permitted himself, Oruo, Eld, Gunther, and Eren to take wall duty in the south awaiting for the return of their Petra. Eld sat on the ground playing cards with Gunther, Oruo stood with alone keeping his eyes out for his ginger crush, Eren stood with Captain Levi who was like Oruo was looking for the ginger. Eren narrowed his eyes before speaking “Sir do you suppose Petra is okay and will come back?” She asked in a hushed tone; Levi swiftly turning his head and staring the boy down.. or well up. “Shut the hell up Yeager. She will be back soon.” He said turning his attention out her mind fluttering with questions ‘would she come back?’ ‘Would she be okay when she gets back?’ ‘Would she even get back?’ Then he saw it. The white horse and the ever so smallest person riding it. “Petra” he said turning to his squad. “Get the lift for her horse now!” He ordered the three men plus Eren ran off to get the lift as Levi kept his eyes on her to make sure nothing came up unfortunately moments later he heard a loud shout. His eyes widened at the site. A small Titan had just came up on the women and ripped her off the horse. Petra screamed and kicked trying to get out but she just couldn’t. She was going to die, Levi was going to witness it. He couldn’t get to her he could just watch. As the ginger was brought closer to the Titans mouth she felt as through her life flashed before her eyes before something sparked in her. She brought her free arms back and slammed it into the Titan eyes. It whining in pain dropping the girl. She stumbled to her feet groaning at the pain she felt. She got to her horse and was barely on before shouting “Go on girl get going!” And the horse was on a role. The Titan wailed but soon was after the girl; Petra road as fast as she could, once making it to the wall she glanced back at the Titan and the last two blades she had “Damnit” she whispered and carefully brought herself standing on the horse. As if it wasn’t already challenging; having a hurt leg and aching torso didn’t help. She jumped off launching herself to the Titan skillfully swinging around and getting the nape. Thank the walls. She got back to her horse and they continued ahead soon getting to the wall. The four males lowered the lift and Petra and her horse got on. The squeaking of the gears made Petra flinch, she hated it. When they got to the top, Petra collapsed; hitting the hard material hard. Levi moved swiftly next to her lifting her head up not caring to look at the other people on his squad “Ginn Schultz stay here to help me move Ral. Bozad and Yeager go get Hange. I don’t care if she’s asleep; I want you to wake her up and tell her Petra had made it back and needs someone to check on her. Now go” he said and glanced at the two males running off. Then back at eld and Gunther who slowly lifted her up. Eld holding her legs, Gunther holding her arms and head. Levi following closet behind the two making sure Petra was okay. At least she looked okay...
When the girl was in Hange’s care the scary scientists usual excited energy had seemed to be drained. They were more worried for their ginger subordinate. However the few questions still came about ‘how did you survive?’ ‘Are you aware that was never been done before?’ ‘Petra you’ll be famous! Maybe humanities strongest title will go to you’ they teased; earning a few hushed laughs from Petra. She was okay. Hange exited Petra room Levi close behind her “She’s alright correct?” Hange nodded “she’s okay Levi; it’ll take her a few days maybe weeks to recover but she’s alright and will live.” Hange chuckled “Don’t fuck her too hard. She needs to rest.” Levi narrowed his eyes “shut up shitty glasses” he said and walked back into Petra’s room sitting on the bed a hand resting on her hip “I’m.. I’m glad you’re back Ral”
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sauza · a day ago
djdhsmskskd your writing for sub gojo just hit the spot it was so good! playing off the idea of the other anon, having gojo become your amazing little play thing and maybe even boyfriend is seeming going really good until one day he acts out after having a bit of a bad day and you need to show him who’s in charge again but you really weren't having it so it was a side of your gojo had never seen but kinda loves as he can't help but enjoy you completely ruining him
Your sweet Gojou is always on his best behavior, he has been since you first told him you were willing to put labels on this bizarre relationship you both have. He was always so obedient, so polite, he never fooled around in public and he never did anything against the rules you've come to drill into that small head of his.
But today just wasn't a good day for Satoru, and unfortunately, that pent-up frustration all came out when he met you at your apartment. He isn't sure why it all came out then and there, all you had done was lifted his blindfold! You just wanted to see your puppy's pretty blue eyes, but it set him off and he broke the one rule that was the easiest to remember.
Never raise your voice at me.
That was the first and most important rule, and he knew under a clear conscience it would have never been broken. But you simply caught him off guard and at the worst time... it happened so fast, both of you were left in a state of shock and not a good one.
He saw your exterior change so quick, that sweet and welcoming smile dropping into one of distaste - you looked at him as if he were the lowest scum on this planet. And he fully expected to have the collar of his shirt grabbed, for you to drag him straight to the bed you have fucked him in time and time again. The bed he fell asleep in your arms on, hearing you hum at him and rub soothing circles into his aching waist after trying so hard to please you.
But now, as he looks at that same bed, all he can feel is fear.
Buzzing. That's the only sound that fills his ears. He can hardly hear his own moans, not when he feels the particles in his head grow fuzzy from a lack of oxygen. With that toy vibrating against his already leaking cock, and your supple thighs cupping his face as you make him clean your hole - it is hard for him to train his breathing.
Every buzz of that toy making him gasp, only for that gasp of oxygen to be blocked by that of your dripping hole. Do you even realize how out of breath he is? Are you getting off to seeing him grow red in the face, to see those pretty eyes of his bulge and twist into that of pain?
You must be enjoying it even after how deep his nails dig into your thighs, for his palms to weakly slap at your ass and try to push you off, only for you to laugh and press harder against his face. He feels completely helpless, scared even... for the first time ever, he is almost uncertain about what it is that you're doing. He trusts you, but that paranoia and the walls closing in on him, it haunts his consciousness.
Finally, you lift yourself from his face, gliding the buzzing vibrator over his tip and watching it collect his cum, "Silly puppy playing with fire..." You hum, fingers dragging through his white hair to get a better look at those pathetic, teary blue eyes, " Were you scared?" You mock him, only causing more tears to spill over his swollen cheeks, "Aw, poor baby~"
For a second, he leans forward to the hand that gradually outstretches towards him, that false hope for comfort after you nearly suffocated him. He expected anything, a loving touch, for you to dry his tears with your thumb - but instead, he gets an evil pinch to the cheek, "Too bad I can't play nice with you tonight, I really wanted to dress you up again! You looked so cute in that kitty outfit, I got one in cow print."
The fake pout you give him, it lights a fire in his abdomen, his cock even twitches against the toy! Oh, he hates that he loves how mean you are to him. It's so gross, so embarrassing, but he wants more. He wants you to bully him more!
"Maybe tomorrow we can play dress-up again... but right now, I need you to finish the job."
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sfb123 · a day ago
Whatcha Wearin’ Under There?
Tumblr media
I am participating in @wackydrabbles prompt # 93 “Was this what made her [him, them,you] happy?” which will appear in bold.  
Pairing: Liam x Riley
A/N: I was having a conversation with @kat-tia801 and @queenrileyrose this afternoon, and it got pretty lit, we ended up complaining about the horrible underwear choices for the male LIs in TRR, one thing lead to another, and this idea was born. Now one of you just needs to write the other underwear shopping idea that came up.
Thank you to my fandom soulmate @jessiembruno for helping me design the perfect sexy underwear. It definitely turned out way better than the real life examples I have lying around my house.
Word Count: 1,140
Rating/Warning: PG-13 bordering on R, I’m towing that 🍋 line, but it’s all implied.
All Characters belong to Pixelberry
Tags: Listed below. Let me know if you’d like to be added or removed.
Liam slipped out of the bed, his back to Riley as he put his underwear on. When he turned around, he saw that she had rolled to her side and was watching him dress. “Like what you see?” He said with a smirk.
Riley smiled nervously, this was as good a time as any to bring it up. “Um...not really?”
“I’m sorry?” Liam couldn’t hide the shocked, and slightly hurt expression on his face. 
She immediately sat up in the bed, pulling the sheet over her chest. “Oh no no no Liam, not like that! I love the product, it’s just the wrapper I’m not a huge fan of.” 
“Come again?”
“Listen, I know it’s called European cut, but just because you’re from Europe doesn’t mean you are bound by law to wear man panties.” 
Liam chuckled and sat on the bed, wrapping his arm around her. “Love, I had no idea you had such an aversion to my undergarments.”
“It’s not that.” Riley paused, her mind racing to find the best possible reasoning to get her way, she turned to him as soon as she determined the perfect route to take. “You want kids right? I mean, you need them, heirs to the throne and all.” He nodded curious as to where this was going. “Well, boxers are better for your sperm count. It makes conceiving way easier. It’s science. I’m only looking out for you, and for Cordonia.”
“Is that so?” He cocked an eyebrow. “Well the Rys line has been around for centuries, so perhaps this style isn’t quite as limiting as you have been led to believe.”
Riley grimaced, partly because that reason didn’t work, but the other was the mental image of Constantine in his underwear that Liam had just planted in her head. She shook it off, she couldn’t have that rattling around in her brain if she was going to get plan b to work. She shifted so that she was straddling his lap, letting the sheet she was holding slip away. 
“You know how sometimes, when you undress me, I’m wearing those cute little surprises for you?” He audibly gulped and nodded in response as her fingers slowly trailed across his chest. “Well, don’t you want to wear something that will make me just as...excited as I make you?” She tilted her head down slightly and looked up at him through her lashes, biting her bottom lip. 
“Yes, my queen.” He pulled her mouth to his in a hungry kiss, thrusting his hips up, both groaning at the sudden jolt of pleasure. 
“ my king,” she said in a low sultry voice, as their lips parted, “imagine how much more comfortable that would be if you had more room for everything.” She gestured at his growing bulge.
“Love, I don’t care what I’m wearing, as long as you’re the one taking it off of me.” He flipped them so that he was now hovering over her, causing Riley to yelp. “Let’s go shopping tomorrow, I will get anything you want.” He kissed her again as her hands slid down to his waist to free him from his confines. 
The next day, Riley and Liam stepped through the doors of one of the local Cordonian shops. They had sent the guard ahead of time to close down and secure the store, to insure the utmost privacy for their intimate excursion. Riley rushed toward the racks while Liam lingered behind, smiling to himself at his wife’s excitement. 
“Come on Liam, these are for you, you should come pick some that you like!” She waived for him to join her. 
“That’s alright, all that matters is that you are happy with the selections. I’m sure I will love whatever you choose.”
Riley shook her head, laughing to herself, continuing to pull her selections from the rack. She continued to riffle through the options, running her fingers along the materials, and admiring the selection. Once her arms were full, she hurried over to Liam and handed everything over to him. “Ok, go see what you think!”
“You’re not coming in with me to help?”
“Oh, I have no problem going in there and helping you take things off. It’s the having to put things on that may prove difficult. You’d better fly solo on this one.” She said, placing a light pat on his behind. He laughed and gave her a kiss before moving into the changing room.
Once inside, Liam held up the first pair and examined them carefully, Was this what made her happy? He thought to himself, confused as to why one would need so much material if the intention was to just cover up his private areas. He shrugged before pulling off his clothes, changing into the Versace boxer briefs that Riley had chosen for him. The first thing he noticed was the color, green. He smiled to himself, knowing she settled on that color because it was her favorite. He ran his hands up and down his thighs, feeling the luxurious cotton fabric that covered him. They did feel nice, but it still felt like an odd amount of material for an undergarment. 
He peeked his head out from behind the curtain searching for Riley, who was seated on a chaise on the other end of the fitting room, scrolling through her phone. He cleared his throat to get her attention. She looked up and smiled. “Alright, bring on the sexy fashion show.” She rubbed her palms together in anticipation. 
Liam stepped out of the changing area and walked forward, stopping just in front of her and placing his hands on his hips. “Riley, love, aren’t these just a pair of shorts?”
She laughed at the comment and approached him to get a better look. “No Liam, they’re underwear, I promise. How do they feel?”
“Quite comfortable, actually. I’m just afraid they will be cumbersome when I am wearing pants over them.”
“You’ll get used to it. I promise.” She reached up and kissed him on the nose. “Are you going to get them?” She asked hopefully. 
“Do you like them?” At his question, her eyes roamed up and down his body, licking her lips as she did, and finally nodding her head. “Then I will get them in every color they have, and two of the green.” He winked.
“Great! You should go change so we can check out and head home. Like now.” 
Liam could tell by the heat in her voice exactly why she was in such a hurry to get back to the palace. “Why don’t you come with me? I would love to have your assistance.” He took her hand and lifted it to his lips. 
“Yup. Totally. Let’s do that.” She nodded her head frantically and pulled him into the dressing room.
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claudemblems · a day ago
Heya!! I was told your reqs are open and I just wanna say tysm for that! I would love to request Satorou (from jjk), Eeen and Levi hdcnns taking care of their female s/o who got sick by overworking herself! I've been overworking myself and I feel a little sick🤒 so I would like some comfort from them😳
“I don’t have anything I can post today WAIT THIS IS IN MY GOOGLE DOCS AND I COMPLETELY FORGOT” - story of my life
Anyways, I know this is coming to you a while after you sent your request, but I still hope that you can find some comfort in it :3 Thank you for requesting these three. They’re all so fun to write!
Notes: long headcanons as usual because I don’t know how to write anything other than ten page long essays on characters lol
Gojo Satoru
Gojo is able to tell something is up before you even say anything.
He’s extremely observant despite his nonchalant attitude. He might not approach you directly at first since he wants you to come to him on your own, but if your condition starts to worsen, he’ll intervene.
His whole demeanor changes when he sees how sick you’ve become. He refuses to let you go out on any missions, instructing the other staff members to not put any more work on your plate until you’ve fully recovered.
Whenever he has a spare moment, he spends it at your side, making sure you’re hydrated, warm, and comfortable. You probably end up quite concerned yourself to see Gojo so unlike himself. He’s not as goofy or audacious as usual. He’s just serious about you and wants to do everything in his power to keep you safe.
If you’ve managed to make Gojo Satoru settle down, you’re a special individual, and Gojo is going to make sure you remember that.
Personally takes care of all the work you’re unable to do and meets with the other teachers to tweak your schedule. He definitely doesn’t want you to land in this situation again because your coworkers are expecting you to do too much.
He will scold you, however, if the majority of the problem is caused by your own hands. You need to watch out for your health and keep your guard up. Who knows if the enemy could start plotting something when you’re unable to defend yourself.
He does try his best to keep you happy and laughing. He whips out his goofy persona when you need it most and smothers you in love. If you need to hold his hand, if you want him to cuddle close to you and simply hold you in his arms, he’ll be glad to do it. All you need to do is ask.
Eren Yeager
Eren is worried sick about you.
He’s not the most observant of people, so he likely doesn’t realize what’s going on with you until something bad happens.
Poor boy feels so guilty for not noticing sooner and constantly apologizes to you. He promises that he’s going to keep a careful eye on you so that nothing bad happens to you again.
Stays by your side the entire time you’re sick. Don’t even think of trying to convince him to let you work; he will absolutely not hear of it. You need all the rest you can get, and it already breaks his heart that he has to see you so ill.
At some point he opens himself up more to you and admits that he refuses to leave your side because he’s afraid he’s going to lose you. Even if your sickness isn’t deadly, he keeps flashing back to how he had to leave his mother behind and how he keeps losing the people he loves because he isn’t strong enough to protect them.
Is more than happy to cuddle you, and you notice that he holds you a little tighter than usual. He’s constantly reminding you of how much he loves you and swears that he’s going to do everything in his power to get rid of the titans. That way you won’t have to worry about work and training so much.
He asks the other cadets to help him learn how to cook something edible so that you don’t have to get off your feet to make anything. He spends a lot of time learning how when you’re getting some sleep. When you finally wake up, he surprises you by bringing a warm, delicious meal right to your bed. He can’t hold back his smile when he sees how shocked you are.
When you’re finally well and able to get back to training, he still keeps a watchful eye out for you and makes sure that you’re not working yourself too hard. He just wants for you to be happy and smiling—your happiness is the only thing he could ever ask for.
Levi Ackerman
He (lovingly) calls you out on your disregard for your health. He knows you better than anyone else, so it doesn’t take long for him to realize that you’re the root cause of your illness.
If you continue to brush away his words and you end up sick, you better believe that you’re going to be getting a very stern lecture from him. Though he’s quite agitated, it’s not directed at you; he just really hates that you felt like you had to shoulder all that work by yourself.
He makes sure that you have your peace and quiet by telling the others to stay away and keep it down (though his words probably came off a little sharper than that). If he finds anyone disturbing you, he’s got a whole list of punishments that he’ll be happy to dole out.
If you ask him to stay with you in your room, he’ll gladly oblige. He takes his work in with him and some books in case you want him to read you something. He can only imagine how boring it must be to just lie in bed all day, so he’ll do his best to keep your mind occupied.
You notice that his touches are much more gentle and careful, like when he brushes your hair behind your ear or when he presses his palm against your forehead to check your temperature. He also keeps his voice lower, only talking when you initiate a conversation. Though he may not express it through words, you can see through his nonverbal actions that he’s doing his best to make sure that you’re comfortable.
He also shows a lot more affection than usual. When he thinks you’ve gone to sleep, he’ll lean over and press a kiss to your forehead and smile to himself at your peaceful expression. He’ll also slip his hand into yours and run his thumb over your knuckles as an unspoken way of saying I’m here.
Gets less sleep than usual because he’s worrying about you. He keeps thinking about how he could have better convinced you to get some rest, wonders if you had too much work on your plate and makes a mental note to discuss it with Erwin and Hange. He’ll even take on the rest of your workload if necessary. Levi wants you to live as peaceful a life as possible. He simply loves you and wants to see you well.
When you’re better and back to your old self, everyone can see the visible change in Levi’s demeanor. He seems to be smiling a lot more often, sneaking in more fleeting touches to your arm or your thigh under the table. He’s so used to seeing his friends ill or fatally wounded, so to see that you made it through and are still by his side, he’s immensely grateful to have you there by his side.
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𝐀𝐁𝐔𝐒𝐄𝐃 ! [𝐉𝐚𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐇𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐱 𝐀𝐛𝐮𝐬𝐞𝐝!𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫]
Warning : swearing , abused reader , sexual shit !!!!!!!!!
listen to 'life letters by never get used to people' for perfect reading*
Y/N was now eating her popcorn in the mid way to her living room , to watch a movie , alone once again , her father was an asshole and never showed her what parenting felt like , but still had a little bit hope left , only 5% , the only family she have left is the cullen . Sitting down a sigh leaving her lips closing her eyes , the first think that appeared in her vision was Jasper smirking at her , snapping out of her thought the sound of the door being slammed open by her father the smell of alcohol filled the room , he wasn't alone this time his gang was with him , the bowl of popcorn was now on the ground , 2 men behind her father , drunk too , getting up from the couch she backed away as one of the man came closer to her , as she glared at him , her body hitting the white expensive table , her father had his suit all messed up , hair wet as she glared in disgust at him and his friends , before grabbing the closest thing beside her , the 300 dollar glass vase , smashing it to his head , as he was about to grab her wrist and pull her toward him , but thank god she knew how to fight , running to her room she closed the door and locked it with the kay , and pushing her night stand to prevent anyone from coming inside , taking out her bag she started stuffing all the outfits that she mostly needed and of course her phone , bat and her pocket knife in case , first aid kit if soemthing ever happened.... , opening the window door , she jumped down making a loud noise , of course what else would it be , the other man turned around and started chasing her , running around the dark forest she felt something pull her leg , looking down she was met with a smirking asshole who pulled her down , pinning her to the ground , before kissing her harshly , as she kept screaming , Y/N finally kicked him in the balls before once again running deeper into the darkness , hearing the 3 men screaming in anger , not letting her guards down she finally reached to the house in front of her , limping up the stairs , she started pounding on the door and screaming/begging for help "please help me please !!" looking back if something followed her , suddenly the sound of the door opening cut her off as she rushed inside falling to the ground lifeless , still staring at the door in front with tears running down her cheeks , as she kept backing away until her head hit the kitchen counter , everyone eyes widened at the sight if her shaking , breathing heavily , as if her nightmare was following her which indeed happened 5 seconds ago , looking around the room she finally let her eyes shut close , letting her hand fall to the cold ground , Japser and Rosalie were the first to rush by her side .
Tumblr media
The Next Day :
Y/N woke up to the sight of Jasper reading a book beside her bed , scoffing a little "damn i never saw you read a book emo" she said smiling softly at the blondie in front of her who literally ran to her , as he cupped her cheeks , he immedialty started apologizing , for what ? "i'm so sorry Y/N , i should've knew what happened to you , i-" "can you shut up and let me enjoy this moment , cause you're breaking it now shut up and relax..." "but-" with that she put her hand on his mouth , covering it preventing him from saying another word , as he finally relaxed , she took off her hand from his mouth , he has that little smirk on his face before putting his hand around her waist , pulling her to him , her body making contact with his cold icy one "what the fuck are you doin-" she was once again cut off by his lips on hers , her hand going up his cheek pulling him closer as she was now laying on the bed with him on top "now it's time for you to shut up love" "i love you emo boy"
"and i love you more my snowflake"
"are we just gonna ignore the fact about yesterday"
"oh shit-"
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thetigerandthedoe · a day ago
During a raid, Shang has sent the twins and I to my mom and step-dad in Earthrealm. He hates having us in a different realm but at least he knows that we’re safe and with other loved ones. We hate being separated from him as well. He has also sent one of his guards.
The twins and I settle down in the cabin near my mom and step-dad’s home. It’s just inside the tree line about 800 yards away from their house. My step-dad hands me one of his rifles. When I protest and say I’ve got my bow and arrows, he sighs.
“Just keep it nearby, ok? It’ll help me rest easy,” he says.
I agree for his sake.
That night, the twins have been fed, cleaned up, and I get them into bed. I read them a bedtime story and they’re soon asleep. The guard and I go to sleep a couple of hours later.
Two hours later, the guard, Li, and I are woken up by Wei screaming. It’s not coming from his and Li’s room. It’s outside. My heart races as I get up. I don’t think and grab the rifle. Thankfully, it’s loaded. I tell the guard to stay with Li. She protests for me to let her go to Wei. I already have my mind made up.
Outside, Wei is sobbing. There’s an all to familiar growling. In what little bit of moonlight there is, I see a wild boar. It’s roughly 3 feet in height, 6 feet in length, and looks like it might weigh in around the 210 to 220 mark. Wei is standing between it and me.
“Wei… back up slowly,” I hiss.
He shakes his head. He’s too scared.
“Wei, Momma needs you to come over here to her,” I hiss.
I’m doing everything to keep calm and to keep the panic from my voice. Wei finally starts to back up slowly as he tries to stop crying. He screams as the boar starts to charge. Wei turns and runs towards me. I aim at the boar’s head and fire two shots. I don’t quite hit the boar’s head right in the center but it’s enough to drop him.
I’m quick to carefully put the rifle down. I stoop down to catch Wei. By now we’re both sobbing as I hug him tightly before I attempt to check him for injuries. My mom and stepdad have heard the racket and are hurrying over.
“The hell was you shooting at? Is everyone ok,” my stepdad asks.
“A boar,” I manage to say. “And we’re fine… just a bit shaken up.”
When Wei, my parents, and I are inside, I ask Wei why he went outside.
“Li and I heard noises… you were asleep… I didn’t want to wake you up… I wanted to be brave like you and 爸爸 and 爸爸的 fighters.”
He’s all but clinging to me.
“Sweetheart, right now, all you need is to worry about being a kid and doing kid stuff,” I say softly as I gently stroke his hair.
He sniffles and buries his face into my shoulder.
“Are you mad, Momma.”
“No, sweetie, Momma was just worried.”
Li has been crying after hearing the commotion. I’m attempting to comfort her as well. My parents hang around for a bit to help. Once the kids are calmed down enough, we all climb into my bed. The twins are adamant about falling asleep in my bed, with me.
The following morning after breakfast, the dead boar is tended to. It’s sent to Outworld to be put to used for food or any other various items.
For a week, we hear nothing from Shang or his troops. I worry but keep it at bay for Wei and Li’s sake. I do my best to keep them occupied by going over various things… their alphabet, numbers, printing their names. I also keep a watchful eye on them as they play outside. The green, mountainous, wooded area is a far cry from Outworld and it’s dry, desert like landscape.
Finally, I get word from one of Shang’s fighters. Shang’s been injured and has asked to be brought here. It’s a quieter area and there’s less of a chance of an enemy attacking him in his weakened state. I take the twins over to stay with their grandparents while I get ready.
In the cabin, I make sure everything is clean and that a healer has been summoned. The healer arrives about five minutes before Shang and two of his men arrive.
I turn an almost deathly shade of pale when I see Shang. Black hair is dirty and unkempt. There’s the usual dirt and blood. There’s plenty of cuts, scrapes, and bruises. It looks like it might take a bit longer for him to physically heal. I get the two men to bring him in and lay him down on the guest bed as I work telling her what’s going on. She and I work on removing his clothes and armor. I start cleaning him up some as she starts getting her things ready.
Shang asks if the twins and I are ok and where the twins are. I tell him we’re ok and the twins are with my parents until he settled in. I don’t tell him about the boar incident. I don’t want him to stress out any more than he already is. Once I’ve done all I can do, I call a friend… a practitioner of Appalachian magic to come over with rage water.
The woman in question, Sara, comes over and has her two sisters, Beth and Rachel, with her. If I asked her to come alone, she would’ve come with 2. If I asked her to come with 2, she would have come with 4. Not only has she brought two extra people and rage water, she’s brought moon water, snow water, and storm water. She hands the snow water to the healer. The healer studies the container curiously.
“Use it if he has any burns,” Sara says.
Sara, Beth, and Rachel go about using the rage, moon, and snow water for protection on the cabin and on my parent’s house. Shang is a bit amused and curious about the Appalachian magic being used. I don’t know much about the mechanics of it but I try to explain it to the best of my ability. Shang assures me that he’s willing to try it as long as he can keep the guard.
“As long as everything is working together,” I say.
A couple of hours later, Shang’s injuries have been worked on efficiently and he’s able to take a proper bath. As he bathes, I work in the kitchen on a thick stew. My parents bring the twins back over. I tell the twins to be careful when they hug their dad. I try to go into details for my parents sake but not so many details that it’ll upset the twins.
When Shang comes out, he’s dressed in a somewhat more casual manner. For once, his hair is completely down. The twins are careful when they hug him. There’s a sense of relief now that he’s able to see that I’m ok and the twins are ok. He thanks my parents for keeping an eye on the three of us and on our guard. There’s 10 people in the small kitchen. I’ve invited Sara, Beth, and Rachel to stay for supper as a way to thank them. Shang quietly thanks them as well.
As we eat, Shang asks Sara, Beth, and Rachel about their talents. They’re able to explain it better than I can. Shang admits that the snow water has helped the burn on his forearm. It’s also during supper that Wei hesitantly tells Shang about the boar incident and what I had said. There’s a raised eyebrow and a slight frown from Shang.
“It’s admirable that you want to test your bravery but your mother’s correct. You should have your childhood and ease into being brave,” he tells Wei. “The same can be said for your sister. I know you both will do great things when you’re older but for now, focus on being children.”
“And dearest,” Shang looks to me. “Why didn’t you say anything?”
“I wanted you to get sorted out first and didn’t want you to stress out while your injuries were being cleaned and tended to,” I admit.
There’s a bit of a subtle unreadable emotion there that shows briefly.
“I understand but it’s important to keep me in the know on these things,” Shang says.
“I know,” I tell him.
Eventually, the meal is finished. My mom and I clean up while my step-dad, Shang, the twins, and the guard talk at the table. Sara, Beth, and Rachel have bid us a good night and have left.
That night, Shang’s sleep is restless. As the week goes on, his cuts and bruises heal. By the end of the week, we return to Outworld.
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