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#i need more backstory in general
a-stars-art-blog · 5 days ago
FREND! YES! Everyone gets a chance (sorta?) to shine and misumi’s growth is p cool~ I think u’ll get to see part of it in ep12??
the downside is that fan translation is only up to ch11. Currently there’s 196 chapters released in japan, so there’s... a long way to go xD
If u dont mind reading the og then u can try using mangaone (mangawan?) app in android! I heard that u can read up to a certain number of chapters a day. I found a site but, like, theres so much p0rn ads and it’s oldest chapter is 135 so u get spoiled with future matches if that matters to u.
FREND TOT Yeah I can tell we're probably gonna get something with Misumi in the next episode. After THOSE last 5 minutes, doing him so dirty like that, bruh I'm angry but I'm excited at the same time.
Yesterday I looked up the manga and found out how behind the translation is lol sad.
I ended up searching around Twitter for content and I saw some og panels featuring Misumi and they looked COOL AS HELL. I'm conflicted if I want to try looking at the og. I feel like I won't get the amount of dopamine I would If i was reading it and actually understanding what they're saying. Actually reading the context and Misumi's mindset will probably make it bigger impact for me....BUT AT THE SAME TIME, I really want to see him kick ass. I don't really care about being spoiled so I think I'll wait for the anime to end. If I'm satisfied and/or willing, I'll wait for a season 2. But if i'm just ITCHING, I might go dig for the og chapters
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medicinemane · 25 days ago
There's such an obsession, at least in the US, with memorizing things almost just for the sake of memorizing things and it's honestly such a waste of everyone's time, especially the person being forced to memorize needless junk
The thing is, the stuff you need to know you'll start remembering more because you use it, and the rest it's fine to look up
Examples, I used to be terrible at spelling in part because I'm dyslexic. For some reason in the US people really care about how well people are about to spell, not as in "hey... don't know what this word is supposed to be, it would help if you could spell better", just like this... almost offence at the concept of someone being bad at spelling. At least, that's how it felt to me growing up terrible at spelling
Want to know what fixed it? Talking online with people, even more so once I had a spellchecker and stuff. Having to write words more often got me used to the spelling of those words because I was using them a lot, and the spellchecker let me see how to spell the stuff I was getting wrong
Same for me and typing. Used to do a pretty fast chicken peck, but when I started talking with people a lot through text I just kind of found one day that I could type pretty fast without looking. Didn't train it or anything, don't know if I do it the proper way, though I know it's pretty close
When I was taking chemistry, I knew the atomic weights of the elements that came up a lot, looked up the rest. Pharmacy, you get a good grasp on the meds that come up a lot
I'm not saying studying or trying to memorize things is bad, I just think we focus on the wrong stuff a lot of the time. It's better for someone to know how to look up how to get the right answer than to just have one specific answer memorized. If someone can quickly identify which formula they need for a math problem and know how to apply it, there's no problem with just looking up a formula they rarely use whenever they need a refresher
Method is just so much more important than minutiae, and no matter what it is the stuff that you use all the time you don't forget
#if you're wishing death on people you might just take a peek and make sure your moral compass#is where you want it. You don't even have to change it just check on it real quick#so you like nazis and pedophiles?#oh so you don't think people should learn things? you think knowledge is bad?#I really wish I knew how to say things without making it a huge wall of text#I might just say that last sentence but... you know tumblr makes me need to over explain and qualify every idea so much worse#still remember the time I made a post saying#and I had a couple people hop on that post and be like#and it's just like... ok#that post was about something specific I saw actually but like... I'm not giving a whole backstory for it just to justify it#anyway though if people can twist your words on something like that#what's to stop them from looking at the short version of this and being like#or something equally insane#and in many ways it's not that I really care#it's just I try to stay away from online drama and I don't need it finding me over nothing#I don't know this is a long pointless rant probably because I'm tired#but like I said... that kind of stuff is why I over explain even more these days than I always have#I'm generally very choosy with my wording which isn't a bad thing usually#it means I take time to think about how someone could take my words and I think lets me rework it so as to be as supportive as possible#one on one I think it's mostly a good think though I hate how much more I talk than other people#it makes me feel so annoying#and like I'm talking over them#anyway... thankfully despite having more followers than makes sense no one really bothers me#I can't know all the people who follow me but generally everyone seems cool#anyway... really want to go to bed here so hopefully I can break free and do that
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matchasmall · a month ago
feeling pretty fucking weird bc found out that an elementary school ”bully” of mine is going to prison for like a gang thing, assault & robbery. Like idk why I have emotions over this like it’s been over 10years and wasn’t that bad (like just a year or two before he switched schools and the other guys stopped then also, and like I wasn’t alone, had a 3 girl group and the worse was only like the walk from school to an afterschool club (bc no adults around) which was like 15mins so rly wasn’t bad like at all) so why do I feel so weird ?
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something-tofightfor · 2 months ago
going thru your posts, I see that you have tattoos. Would you ever write stories with tattooed readers for all of us that have them too?
Hi, Anon! I’ve actually written one set of stories featuring a reader with tattoos: It’s the Ink-verse for Logan Delos.  Neon Lights reader has one tattoo on her wrist.  But I think that’s all for currently tattooed Reader-insert characters on my masterlist.  I would love to write for more tattooed readers/OCs in the future - I just need to find the right storyline for them. (Ryan would love it, and I think that Din, Ezra and maybe even Whiskey would be more than a little curious and appreciative, too).  Did you have a specific character that you wanted to see written with a tattooed reader? 
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transvoxman · 5 months ago
Reading your laserblast post reminded me, my server once had got a chance to have an interview with dave alegre, one of the boarders. Someone asked about venomous, and dave's reply was like, whenever he wrote ven, trauma induced selfishness was always at his core, and being one of the only people who didnt have powers in a world full of superheroes really messed him up and clouded his ability to see the forest for the trees. He mentioned his headcanon that ven did use point as a means for an end without realizing how much they actually meant to him. He also told us that fink is pretty much an indellible part of ven's character, "...she is his salvation - like, she's the only part of venomous' life that isn't a selfish thing. Fink is proof that venomous isn't absolute evil."
Dave also mentioned that he pitched ven snubbing fink at the end of ko vs fink and the room "howled in anger" at him.
An interview with one of the boarders?? That’s so neat! Thank you so much for sharing this info!! I’m fascinated by the phrase “trauma induced selfishness”, I feel like there’s potentially a lot to unpack about what that means. And the idea that Fink is the only part of his life that isn’t selfish... :’( I can see that, especially before he became partners with boxman. This is such a cool insight into Venomous’s character, it makes me wanna start writing fics again!
And yEAH, I kinda get it because he was exhausted from being shadowy figure earlier, but it was still so sad to see him turn down fink’s cupcake request
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interruptions are a natural part of conversation, and sometimes i want to strangle people who just dismiss them as “rude”. interruptions are not automatically rude. they are a social signal & a form of communication. they can be rude depending on how they’re used. but they are also useful and necessary for many people (neurodivergent people especially). so we need to have a conversation about different forms of interruption, and what they mean.
#what's really interesting to me as a neurodivergent person who interacts w/ neurodivergent & neurotypical people alike#is how very DIFFERENTLY so many people treat interruptions.#i meet lots of neurodivergent folks who are like 'PLEASE interrupt me if i'm talking too much and you want a turn to speak'#and then there's my autistic father who will fucking yell at me if i interrupt him#which has nothing to do with autism and EVERYTHING to do with his attitudes towards power & patriarchy#and then there's plenty of neurotypical people who just fucking do not care about sharing the conversation#in small talk especially. i've met soooo many people who just seem to view me as an audience for their opinions or backstory#and then there are neurodivergent people i'm related to who i see make very real attempts to interact thoughtfully around OTHER people#and very minimal attempts to do so around me#and plenty of neurotypical people who just don't think you're worth listening to until you can PROVE it#and like. neurodivergent people interact in different ways and we need to address and talk about that#but also the sheer extent to which so many of us find we get dismissed and ignored in basic conversation--#like i wanna talk about neurodivergent needs but also i sorta wanna shout about how the way society treats conversation in GENERAL#is sorta fucking toxic#and really tends to encourage dominating attitudes and hands control & influence to the louder ruder more 'authorative' individuals#which of course tend to be people with more social capital#i'm just fucking sick of it like please start making an EFFORT to include people#it won't work all the time but making an effort and above all trying to convey RESPECT in your interactions with others#that will make a huge difference. even and especially when you struggle with conversing in general#but anyway i do feel like neurodivergent people in general tend to be more understanding of interruptions#and more likely to react with 'oh would you like to speak now?' as opposed to 'i'm just going to speak over you'#like we tend to ramble but we also tend to be aware of that and to believe that you have a right to make your conversational needs known#so PLEASE stop automatically dismissing interruptions as 'rude'#and start examining why they are happening and what motivates them#examine the motivations behind the actions before assigning blame
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bastart13 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh damn I actually got Hazel’s motivation pretty spot on
I like how they clarified it so succinctly. Having his sister die to the grimm and then seeing Salem made him a fatalist. Oscar/Ozpin knowing Salem can actually be stopped if they get the relics away from her might actually get him make one (1) good decision maybe?
Hazel/Neo/Emerald/Mercury redemption arcs when?
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informaticn · 8 months ago
this is just a general note stating that bl.ack wi.dow   ( 2004 )   strictly does not apply to this interpretation.   from it’s characterization to the events portrayed to it’s alteration of natalia’s history,   i take almost nothing from it into consideration   &   what little is applied i’ve altered so heavily as to not really be the same points anymore anyways.
specifically,   in regards to the following   :
the overall events.   since the events themselves are so deeply rooted in the changes to natalia’s history   &   the very specific characterization of her in this run that i’m not applying,   i exclude them entirely.   none of these things happened,   you can toss them completely into the trash where this whole thing belongs in the first place.   if you could set it aflame while doing that,   i would appreciate it greatly.
her widow’s bites.   natalia does not   &   has never viewed her gauntlets as shackles or a burden to her,   nor are they so poorly made as to break down all the time.   her gauntlets are an important part of her reclaiming her identity as the bl.ack wi.dow,   something that she has spent years making her own beyond soviet control over her abilities,   &   she is not so incompetent as to make   &   use something so unreliable   &   dangerous.
the letter.   i don’t know where this comes from,   but natalia never received a secret message code from the soviets to return from deep cover   ;   it doesn’t fit anywhere within her timeline.   outside of a brief attempt while she was undercover for shield,   the soviets made no contact with her after her defection to regain her loyalties.
red room origins.   i’ll go more into actual detail on this in another post,   but since this run is where this backstory originates,   i’m going make a note of this here   :   natalia was not raised in the red room.   she was raised by the soldier ivan petrovich bezukhov,   who took her into his care when she was a child,   &   later joined the red room in her adulthood.
alex sterelny / grigor ivanovich pchelintsov.   this ties in partially with her history within the red room,   but i’m splitting them bc they cover slightly different aspects   ;   natalia doesn’t know either of these men.   i could rewrite them into the red room properly,   but i’m not gonna give this run the respect of a callback.   they were not involved in her brainwashing within the red room,   nor does natalia remember either of them as a ballet teacher due to false memories.   she had a real ballet teacher,   she was an actual ballerina,   &   neither of them had anything to do with it.
biochemical enhancements.   something else i’ll go into greater detail on in a separate post,   but while i do use this as the bare bones for natalia’s longevity,   i discard more than i take from this,   so outside of using the most basic concept of it,   i don’t apply it,   especially not as it’s applied to her narrative in this run.
pheromonal cologne.   just a quick note on this one bc if i think about it too long i’ll get angry   &   y’all will never hear the end of it   :   no.
natalia’s defection.   mostly same as above,   but since i have slightly more of a capacity to think about it,   nick had absolutely nothing to do with natalia’s defection.   she defects to the aven.gers strictly through her own choosing to do so,   &   does not meet nick until later.   if pressed,   i would say he would not have been aware of her existence at all until her first appearance in america,   but i’ll leave that up to actual nick writers,   within reason.   he still had nothing to do with her defection regardless,   however.
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starcited · 9 months ago
i think for yukako’s past / background her mum and dad split up but because her mum worked away she stayed with her dad while she was growing up .   i think her dad was a bit of a lowlife who didn’t do much with his time and wasted away a lot of his potential .   he probably got drunk a lot ,  didn’t actively seek work and put a lot of the responsibility on yukako to look after him because he was pretty weak mentally .   he wouldn’t mean to be emotionally manipulative and guilt trippy but he definitely had a victim mentality and blamed the world was his situation rather then better himself .   though she was close with her mother ,  she had put a lot of expectations on her about beauty.   i can see her mother being a model or actor ,  and she left to further pursue that career since her father was holding her down .   they probably argued a lot when she was a child .   i think she’d have emotionally distanced from her family life ,  and it probably effected her growth with people and expressing herself.  yukako had no interest in men because she found they were either too ‘perfect’ (like her mother) or were pathetic excuses for people (like her father) which is why, when she met koichi / first saw him, he was so different from that of which she knew, that the new discovery and excitement had caused her to immediately fall in love with him.  her uncontrollable temper stems from her suppressing all her emotions,  and now that koichi had made her feel something for the first time in forever,  it also sparked an overflow of all her other emotions too.
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ridiasfangirlings · 10 months ago
What's with the "the only thing I'm interested in is blood and flesh" line in episode 5 do you think it was just GoRA trying to make Fushimi edgy before really having his character more thought out?
Honestly....probably XD I do feel like there was a lot of stuff in the early parts of K that Gora did not entirely think through and Fushimi I suspect is one of them, his behavior is just so different from season one versus the rest of the series. Gora did lay the groundwork for why Fushimi acts that way, since he's actively copying Niki, but considering that Fushimi never puts on the act quite as strongly as he does in episode 5 makes me think they deliberately dialed him back and the Niki explanation was tacked on later in order to make the earlier characterization make some kind of sense. I feel like originally Gora intended Fushimi to be more edgy and twisted and then when he turned out to be one of the most popular characters in the series they realized the more twisted villainous characterization woukdn't work. I do think they at least intended to give him some deeper characterization regardless – I believe the hero show drama CD came out rather early on and Fushimi's got a lot of interesting character stuff going on in Side Red – but I think it's likely that the reason they decided to play up more of Fushimi's tragic sad mess vibe versus crazy yandere vibe is due to his popularity causing them to rethink the character a little. (Incidentally, Gora also mentioned after ROK had aired that they had at one point intended on killing Fushimi off and I suspect that time was still early on when Fushimi was stuck in his episode five characterization, possibly intending to make him more of a straight-out traitor who goes to jungle on his own and then ends up with some kind of redemption-via-death. But then when they started giving him more depth as a character that plot made no sense anymore and so they scrapped it and gave him a happier ending.)
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redflavur · a year ago
all     i’m     gonna     say     on     the     subject     is     if     you’re     calling     someone     a     cyberbully     because     they     said     rping     rape    and     sexual     assault     is     bad     and     that     you     shouldn’t     do     it     ...     yikes     .
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noshxme · a year ago
Me: trying to figure how Levi’s baby mama/ bry’s mom died
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snootysith · a year ago
We're entering the Pro Hero arc in the anime and all I'm hyped for is the AFO-OFA flashback at the end because
1) We get to see all the previous OFA wielders
2) We get to hear the first OFA wielder's voice for the first time
3) We might finally get confirmation on AFO'S hair color
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kareenvorbarra · a year ago
i’ve been going back and forth with myself a lot about whether or not to watch the mandalorian - it looks pretty good, the characters look cute, i think i would enjoy it on its own, but i can’t fully separate it from the other fictional mandalorians and based on the little i know about the show i’m worried that the mandalorians i care about might have been killed off in order to drive the plot of this new show starring a random man
i read a few episode summaries to see if that would help me decide, and tbh the stuff i read is making me even more nervous...this “great purge” thing really sounds like it could mean “all the interesting mandalorian women you love are dead” and i don’t want to get invested in the show if there’s a good chance that’s going to turn out to be true. can anyone who’s seen the episodes offer me any consolation or confirmation on this subject? is that how the great purge comes off in the show, or is it more ambiguous?
#don't reblog.....just comment or idk message me if you REALLY need to#also apparently the main character was rescued from droids by death watch as a child which. sighs#their prerogative if they want to make death watch a little less pure evil i suppose but i will never not despise them with all my heart#remember the episode where they enslaved local teenagers from a planet they were camped on and murdered one of them in front of her family?#i fucking hate pre vizsla#anyway the super strict warrior code mandalorians aren't my favorite iteration#and neither are the war-obsessed conquest driven 'we're more powerful than others which gives us the right to rule them' mandalorians#i know satine's political philosophy has nine million flaws but it so easy to see how she turned out the way she did given her backstory#and what she was up against#nobody who shows up on rebels falls neatly into these boxes which is why i loved them so much in rebels#and why i'm super bummed at the prospect of all that work being undone off-screen#it would really cheapen the clone-wars-to-rebels female-character-driven multi-generational trauma arc#i still think clone wars did satine dirty but the way bo-katan and sabine's arcs unfold in rebels s3 at least built on it#satine and sabine never met and sabine was raised to hate satine and yet the narrative parallels between them are so stark#and bo-katan is there bridging the gap#i might delete this later sorry i'm just out here having wild star wars-induced mood swings tonight#fandom musings
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