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exchangersilverr · 4 minutes ago
🔆 to you too dear anon!
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wingodex · 4 minutes ago
a lot of people write about joe's anger being bright and intense but short lived, and there are lots of reasons for that. joe's very expressive, and you get to see his emotions and the change in his emotions fairly frequently throughout the movie. it's easy to imagine him getting angry and then moving on to something else once that anger has run its course. this kind of anger is easier to write too, because anger is a complicated emotion and it often feels like characters cant move forward until theyre done being angry. it might also be a way to avoid portraying joe as being angrier than everyone else so one doesnt feed into negative stereotypes and that's legit!! all of these are valid reasons! i think this interpretation of joe is fine, i just don't love it and i especially don't love it when it has to do with booker's betrayal. even if joe's anger is typically gone quickly, i don't think it would be in this particular case because the fear that sparked that anger in the first place isn't going to go away.
i really like this post which talks about how joe's anger is always in response to fear, and a lot of my thoughts about this have to do with the way that those two emotions are clearly linked. fear is another difficult emotion, because fear lingers. just because the immediate danger is gone, that doesn't necessarily get rid of the fear. it can be really hard to stop being afraid, even when you know it's an illogical response. it's especially hard to stop being afraid when the situation warrants that fear. so when all of his hopes for escape are dashed, and andy's mortal and also andy just got shot and is maybe dying, of course joe's terrified. that fear isn't suddenly going to go away. joe's not suddenly going to stop being afraid of andy dying now that she's mortal just because they're not in immediate danger. he's not going to stop being afraid of being captured and imprisoned for an eternity. he's not going to stop being afraid about being separated from nicky or worrying about nicky dying. of course joe's pissed off and he has the right to be. and i think he'll be angry at booker for a really long time. he loves booker, and i think he'll miss him, but i don't think he'll stop being angry or stop being afraid to be around him. obviously i think that at some point joe will forgive booker, because joe is kind and forgiving, and he loves booker, and they will be able to move past this, but i also think that will be a long process for him and i think it will be really hard for both of them. because how do you stop being afraid to be around someone who has shown to you that they do not care about the safety and comfort of the people you love most? how do you stop being afraid when you know someone's capacity for harm because you have directly suffered as a result of it? booker can apologize, he can feel remorse, he can even feel horrified by his own actions (as shown with andy), and he can try to repent, but how does that stop joe from being afraid when booker knows where he is, where andy is, and where nicky is because he's set them up before, he can do it again, right? even if he knows, knows for certain that booker won't do that again, it'll be hard to shake the fear completely. building back trust is hard, and it's a process. you can see the two of them taking those first few steps when booker accepts his punishment at the end. they're going to be okay, eventually. joe knows this and believes this. that doesn't mean he has to stop being angry. that's okay too
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skair-rose · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Maria Makiling by Sabine Belofsky
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hermanncodednewtboy · 8 minutes ago
okay so because of u know the whole ~pandemic~ thing, exams are being done differently this year and the way my specific mathematics teacher is doing it is by having us sit two full assessments and then taking the higher grade of the two and calling that our grade. so we've just got the estimated marks back for the first one, could go up or down by about 3~, a bit more than 3%, and the next one is in about a week and uhhhh. well. to out this plainly my overall score was 91% on the first assessment so. well. I'm wondering if I should ask my teacher to use the second assessment periods as study periods for my other classes where I'm getting way less or if I should be trying extra hard to reach 97% or something.
#mostly just happy that i don't have to take this class again i can do the harder one next year. i think i would actually drop out from#boredom if i had to take this one again. might be nice to figure out why the fuck indicies work Like That but otherwise#my teacher was really worried that I'd have to take this class again bcus i wouldnt pass or wouldn't pass well cos u know#my dad died and i took like 3 months to become nocturnal and contemplate existential anxieties in the woods and didnt do any classwork#for that time so i missed a lot but less than i wouldve missed any other year since a lot of that was catchup for lockdown stuff#overall? I've been SUPER lucky. cant wait to do harder shit next year tho. I JUST REALLY LOVE CIRCLES AND INFINITY OKAY.#watching vihart at age 7 really did rewire my brain permenantly. thank you my liege for my most useful special interest.#second most useful being atomic chemistry#gd..... cries thinking about atoms.....#hello my name is griffin my special interests are science and abstract mathematics. i was diagnosed at 15. wuushshdjwishdbdnuahdhs#i say atomic chemistry cause that makes me INSANE with joy but its really all chemistry. more absteact stuff than practical but#I love knowing facts too. i love rules most but actual specific facts and examples are cool too. so it's really All Chemistry just atomic#stuff is my favourite. sorry for uhhh All This I just <3 feel bad talking about liking academia. it works for my brain!! rote learning and#tests and abstracts and lectures w/notetaking work for my brain!! im just lucky and autistic but still most of my friends are nd in ways#that make academia Not Work At All. which makes it like#mean and rude to go to my friends being failed by the system and say FUCK YES GOT 91% SCIENCE IS SO GOOD#i spent like 4 hours infodumping to someone about science and quadratics and trig n shit and honestly didnt realise how much#i had in my head about this until i got to explain it to an outsider. i feel like i know Nothing but then i can talk for hours abt it#u wanna hear me go wacky insane ask me about uprising as an abuse allegory or about anything chemistry#I mean i really dont!! know anything!! im in highschool i know less than the basics!!! but i lovee the basics so much it makes my heart hurt#thank u for reading. All This ahdgsgjdhegsjjdbshsjhd#microdosing on socialising by making a very long rambly tumblr post#mine#school tw#tw school#ask to tag im SO sorry for bragging i just needed to Talk abt it
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singingmountains · 10 minutes ago
this is just me putting my thoughts about CLOY somewhere so skip if you don’t wanna read it and yes I know I’m a year late
#this show was GRIPPING#my heart from the very first episode#I watched it soooo slowly lol#like taking month long breaks and stopping and starting and stopping and starting#I really do not believe that ten minutes could go by in any episode without le water works#also disclaimer I’m not really a cinema buff or obsessed with plot holes and details!!!#idc I just like to be blissfully ignorant while I’m emotionally invested in a show#anyways wow the characters the chemistry the story line it all was so beautiful#the suspense!!!!! oh my gosh I stopped so many times#I can’t even watch the shrek sequels alone so pls understand how stressful this show was to watch alone lol#anywho it was so beautiful and sad and tragic and heartbreaking and also funny and IMO kinda unpredictable#and THEN the last few episodes happen!!!!!#are you kidding me finally Dancfinds someone she LOVES and they kill him off?!!!! someone who chooses her and loves her without relent?!#and they KILL HIM?!#I mean. I saw it coming sorta but the end of their relationship is perhaps one of the saddest moments#when he does the monologue of ‘I didn’t think anyone would cry for me but I’m so glad it’s you’ 😭😭😭😭 a mess#anyways the last episode really appeared to be the quickest wrap up they could do for them#like??? I was SO DISAPPOINTED at the ending?!!! they deserved so much more!!!! so I went to Reddit bc was I the only one who felt that way?#NO. I wasn’t. but I read a comment that it reminded someone of how N/SK families and loved ones genuinely love#only seeing one another in neutral spaces every few years and living in longing in between 😭😭😭 which then made my heart a little sadder but#helped me understand a possible reason why it may have ended that way#also knowing the couple is actually together irl??? if that’s not the cutest news I have ever heard?!#anyways trying to be vague for folks who haven’t watched in case someone is reading my last brain cell at 2am#I drank espresso so that’s why I’m awake writing this#I’m just so sad? they cultivated such intimacy with such little physical contact though which was so special also#the show was so beautiful but if you haven’t watched it yikes my dude be prepared for tears and an ending that you may not find favourable#but also I may just be very emotional because it’s my time of the month and feelings are heightened#I would give the show an 8/10 and the ending …. 4/10 sorry I don’t make the rules I need more context and not just a bandaid ending#it was so thrown together and this story really deserved more… sure the cinematography was great til the end but the STORY LINE is vital#k I’m done just needed a place to put my feelings - check out romance is a bonus book I really thought CLOY would replace it as my fav.. no
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sunwuism · 12 minutes ago
hi there!! super excited for back to basics aaaa i loved the preview so much 🤍 cant wait for the full fic to be out !!
omgg thank u babe that means the world!! <33 i had to put it on the back burner for my collab fic but i hope i can get back to it soon bc i have it all outlined and i’m super excited to write it :))
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yet-another-saberface · 15 minutes ago
I am thinking about the Night of Wallachia. I have so much brain rot you do not even understand.
The hilarity of Eva summoning Wall as a Servant is beyond comparison.
The funniness of this girl descended from an Atlas Source family that was later kicked out for not having any fucking circuits summoning the former Director of Atlas and him going “wait THAT family oh nooo they did not laugh at my jokes and their workshop was a mess I hate them. also their superweapon of choice was stupid but THEY SHAMED ME FOR MY MAKEUP ONE TIME THEY CANNOT BE FORGIVEN”
The funniness of Eva Cleon being the girl to acquire the 6th Magic so now you have the double funny of Wall hating this girl’s family due to their interactions in another timeline PLUS this girl having that thing he kept failing to get. And then finding out that Eva has it on accident and she just stumbled into it at one point.
The fact that the Night of Wallachia was someone that could only be defeated as a person and had to be acknowledged as a person and forced back into being a person to be killed instead of being a bundle of information and Eva’s character arc is literally about her learning to accept that fact that she is. in fact. one (1) whole person and not a bundle of information or a tool and how all of her big character moments are about reinforcing the fact that she is her own person.
How even Eva Cleon’s insane, trying to save humanity, Lostbelt King Foreigner self believes in the power of an individual, refuses to merge humanity into one record or conglomerate as others have tried because she believes that while evil and conflict are a curse she can still have people existing as individuals while avoiding those curses.
How the superweapon of the Cleon family is literally a testament to the power of a singular human soul, of how one person with such confidence in who they are and their own being a person can force even the will of the planet itself to align with their will
How at the end of the day Eva Cleon is someone that wouldn’t care if this is Wallachia or Zepia because either way it’s still a person, still an individual, even if they are broken pieces from others that is still someone, anyone can be a person, if she could learn to be one, and even in all this man’s madness she could find beauty
And also she’s an idiot idol lover who would yes-and all of his theatrical bullshit like a proper improv partner lmao
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myelocin · 15 minutes ago
Things that were so simple yet complicated. They may not be able to express how much you care. They may not hold the emotions you want them to show. They can be taken in different ways. They could heal someone, while it break others. But here it was completely absent.
It was quiet.
It was quiet as Matsun held you. Rubbing your back soothingly.
Matsun was here and he wasn't going to leave you. It was alright to cry. It was alright to show emotion with him, that wasn't positive. he wouldn't judge you. He wouldn't hurt you.
Maybe- just maybe- everything will be alright.
Why do I do this?
thank u for sharing this 🥲🥲🥲🥲 it’s beautiful 🥲
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flowers-for-fischl · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
One day I’ll be able to correctly spell Verurteilung from memory, instead of having it on my clipboard.
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ijzermanora · 23 minutes ago
also its the way that I've done more academic reading/research about the history of musical theatre and how that affected the development and concept of Bare in the past week than I did for my high school dissertation ✌
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