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#i love the way she looks at the apples like what
2manyfandoms2count · a day ago
Rose's kind of increasing confusion as the pile of apple grows kind of makes me think that she's never heard of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also the Miracuclass really said a pile of apples that might topple on her at any moment might help her feel better XD
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Phic Phight 2021: Love, Vlad. :)
Prompt: Vlad decides he'd rather adopt Danny than marry Maddie... and he decides to get Danny on-board through packed lunches? Operation "Vlad tries to be a better be a better dad than Jack." Danny doesn't get the memo and thinks Vlad is plotting something.
Summary:Vlad decides to do the stereotypical father thing and pack Danny lunch, note and all!
Team Ghost: 1,629 Words, Complete.
   Vlad knew that marrying Madeline was a lost cause and he was, surprisingly, not that torn up about it. Maybe it was getting a cat and being forced to take care of someone else's needs for once. It was definitely the cat.
   Yes, Madeline would never be his and that would be alright. Daniel on the other hand was a different, more complicated story.
   Daniel was something that Vlad found was difficult to let go of. He was the only one like Vlad, a ghost-human hybrid. 
   Vlad could deal with any loneliness that came with being single but not with the loneliness that came with severing the thread to the only being like him, that could understand him.
   Vlad couldn't get Daniel to denounce his father outright (which in hindsight wasn't the best suggestion) and no longer felt quite that way anymore. Vlad could compromise with Jack existing because he was important to Daniel but he had to be slightly more important than Jack. He had to be better.
   Vlad spent many agonizing weeks trying to think what fathers did for their sons before it hit him: packed lunches!
   He knew that Jack couldn't be trusted to make one for Daniel so he could. Yes, it was all coming together…
   Danny knew something was weird. He had been called to the office right before lunch but had only been tardy once today and had felt pretty good about it. So this was definitely weird. 
   Danny entered and the assistant at the desk smiled at him.
   "Hello, Danny," Mrs. Billington said.
    Danny smiled and waved.
   "I was, huh, called, yeah?"
   Mrs. Billington nodded and pointed at the counter next to her. "Your lunch is over there."
   "My lunch," Danny repeated dumbly.
   She hummed in affirmation and Danny turned his head to see the fanciest paper bag he had ever laid eyes on.
   It was a pristine ivory color with an intricate, black floral border. The bag looked terribly out of place in a high school office.
   The whole thing reeked of Vlad.
   Danny gingerly grabbed the bag and brought it to the cafeteria for group inspection.
   As soon as Danny plopped the bag on the table Sam and Tucker asked in unison: "Vlad?"
   "Yeah," Danny said, sitting down and pulling the contents of the bag out.
   There was an apple juice box, a bag of potato chips, a plastic bag of home-made chocolate chips cookies, and a sandwich in plastic wrap with a bright pink sticky note on top.
   "Damn, Vlad really went all out, huh," Tucker said, eyeing his food in awe.
   "What do you think he's planning," Sam asked as she furrowed her eyebrows in thought.
   "I don't know but I don't think he'd poison me. That'd be a bit of a low blow even for Fruitloop," Danny said, picking up the note.
   After reading it, Danny gave a startled snort.
  "What?" Tucker stood trying to read the note.
   "Listen, listen," Danny said, gesturing for Tucker to sit down. "Dear Daniel, I hope your day is going well and that the other ghosts aren't being too much of a nuisance. I packed what your mother said you would enjoy. The cookies were made by my secretary, Claire. I hope you like them. Maddie-Cat says 'hi'. Love, Vlad."
   "What the fuck," Sam said with a shocked expression. 
   "Yeah, tell me about it. Look! Even included a smiley face at the end!!" Danny passed the note across the table and pointed at the end of the note.
   "Oh, he's definitely planning something," Tucker said.
   "Yeah, but planning what?" Danny took a bite of sandwich and hummed in apperaction. 
   The sandwich may be delicious but Danny would get to the bottom of Vlad's nefarious scheme.
   A week had passed since Vlad had started packing lunches for Danny. He thought that was going well. 
   Though he began to question himself after a lunch break with Claire. 
   "It's ridiculous how much Jamie shares her food with her friends. I might just have to start packing food for them as well," Claire said with a giggle over her greek yogurt.
   Vlad couldn't think of a time he had shared food with Jack and Madeline in college. Perhaps it was just 'in' with the kids these days. He wondered if Daniel shared his lunches with his friends.
   This brought along a new worry. If Daniel was sharing his lunches then he might not be eating enough to sustain his core! This simply wouldn't do.
   It's not like Jack would know that Daniel needed as much food as him to sustain himself because he knew nothing about ghost cores but Vlad did. Honestly, Vlad would quickly be Daniel's favorite in no time.
   First, he needed to know what Daniel's companions preferred.
   "Umm, guys," Danny said with confusion lacing his voice.
   The pair looked up from their trays nonchalantly. It was the same lunch bag Danny had recently been bringing because of Vlad and once it was ensured nothing was wrong with the food itself it had quickly lost its novelty.
   "Yeah, Danny," Sam asked.
   "I think... these are for you..." Danny said, sounding more lost than ever as he handed Sam an expensive salad and Tucker an equally expensive loaded burger.
   "Oh wow," Tucker said joyously as he unwrapped the burger. "Did we get juice too?"
   Danny sifted through the bag before spotting three juice boxes. He handed both of them a box.
   "What is Vlad doing all this for?" Sam stabbed at her salad with a fork.
   "Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, the more that I think about it, I haven't seen him in a while." Danny eyed his sandwich and gave a tentative bite. Normal as always. 
Maybe he could wait it out a bit more.
   Vlad watched the dad in the ziploc bag commercial cut the crust off his son's sandwich. Granted the son was seven or eight years old and Daniel was very much past that age but it wasn't like Jack had done it for him at that age. He couldn't be trusted in the kitchen let alone with a knife.
   Vlad on the other hand was well adept in the kitchen if he said so himself and felt confident in providing this slice of childhood to Daniel.
   Tucker buried his face into his arms on the table and laughed like an asthmatic hyena. Sam was covering her mouth with one hand while the other slapped against the lunch table obnoxiously as her body shuddered with barely suppressed giggles. Danny glared at both of them in betrayal.
   "It's. Not. Funny," Danny gritted out, his eyes narrowing even more.
   "He… he cut the freaking crust on your sandwich, oh my God I think I'm dying," Tucker wheezed.
   Tears welled and slipped from Sam's eyes.
   "Stop, please, I'm crying," Sam said as she gingerly dabbed at her eyes, being mindful of her eyeliner.
   "That's it! I'm taking your guys' food," Danny said, pulling their portions away from them.
   "No," Tucker shouted as he lunged forward to get the burger Vlad made him. Sam was too busy laughing to care.
   "I've put it off for long enough. I have to find out what the hell is Vlad's deal." Danny firmly crossed his arms.
   Tucker looked mournfully at the burger he stole back.
   "I'm gonna miss these things," he said.
   Sam hummed in agreement as she took a bite of her salad.
   Vlad found that packing lunches were very soothing with its repetitive motions and cooking wasn't something he found himself doing much before this and it was great.
   The peaceful moment was shattered when Daniel appeared in his kitchen with a scowl.
  "What are you playing at, Fruitloop?"
   "Don't be silly, Daniel. I'm not playing at anything."
   Daniel's eyes narrowed with mistrust.
   "Then what's with the lunches?"
   Vlad washed and dried his hands.
   "I simply wanted to start branching out to you. An olive branch if you will."
   "You're not trying to kill my dad or seduce my mom?" Daniel let his feet touch the ground cautiously.
   "I've decided to stop pursuing,  Madeline and as for your father… as tempting as it is I have also quit making attempts on his life. I simply want to bond with you," Vlad said, putting things away.
   Daniel nodded slowly.
   "Fine, whatever, I'll hold you to it. But can you stop with the lunch thing? Not only is it weird as hell but it's embarrassing." Daniel started floating again, ready to leave when Vlad agreed.
   Vlad felt a little miffed that his impeccable plan had backfired. Oh, well, he'd figure something else fathers did for their sons.
   "If you want," Vlad remarked.
   Daniel's faced soften a little with relieved triumph.
   "Alright, see you around, Fruitloop." With that Daniel was gone.
   Vlad stood were he was for a moment before partly finished lunch into the fridge and walking to his drawing room to pace. What would he do know…
   Danny grinned at his friend's disappointment at his first home-lunch-free day in awhile. 
   No more weird lunch notes from Vlad with their ridiculous smiley faces at the end.
   The rest of the day finished as better-than-normal.
   Danny walked home, humming cheerfully. 
   Danny jogged up to the Fenton's Work porch before coming to a dead stop. On the floor near the door was two baseball mitts, a baseball, and a pink sticky note.
  Danny picked up the note with trepidation.
   Dear Daniel,
   I hope you had a wonderful day at school and did well in your classes. I'm inside catching up with your parents. When you can come in we can play a game of catch since the lunches didn't work out. I hope this works better instead. Maddie-Cat says hi!
   Love, Vlad. :)
   Danny wanted to scream.
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malibix · 12 hours ago
Fizzy Cider || One-Shot | Hisirdoux Casperan x plantonic!Reader
Summary: It’s probably not the best idea to leave your fellow wizard roommate alone to their potions. You never know what they could be doing to your apartment - nevermind whatever they’re brewing.
Word Count: 1167
Warnings: None!
Taglist: @furblrwurblr​ @moppetwithamanbun​ @tales-of-hisirdoux​ @yagirlcheesely​ @alovesongshewrote​​
Tumblr media
Douxie could hear the clinking of glass all the way from the downstairs level of the bookstore. 
"What on earth are they doing up there-"
He peered slightly up at the balcony level and to where the bookstore led to his apartment, as if he'd be able to see what was going on up there from where he stood. A customer found their way into GDT Arcane Books, but just as Douxie turned to ask how he could be of service, there was a shattering of glass from upstairs followed by an "Oh. Well that's not good-" From his roommate. 
He glanced upwards worriedly, only to see a fog rolling out from under the apartment door. "Uhm, if you'll excuse me for.. just a minute." He told the customer, before racing up the stairs. The customer must have also taken note of the concern on the wizard's face and the cloud slowly spreading across the floor and over the balcony. She took one look at the whole thing as Douxie disappeared up the stairs and slowly backed out of the bookstore. 
Douxie knocked on the door to the apartment lightly, calling into the foggy mist, "Hey (Y/n)- you alright up here, love?"
Their voice responded to him from somewhere within the apartment, "Oh yeah! It's good! I'm good. It's good. Don't worry, it's not toxic. It's mostly dry ice. Mostly."
There was a shuffling, followed by a, "Come in, come in!"
The wizard was only mildly afraid of what he'd open the door to, but nonetheless, he wouldn't believe that they hadn't blown themself up without seeing for himself. He conjured up an orb of light to give him a better field of vision through the mist as he tried to find his roommate. 
"In the kitchen!" They called as they saw his blue magic light up the room from the door. 
"What did we say about potions during working hours-" Archie had made his way up from the bookstore as well to see what all the fuss was about. 
"You saiiiiid... not to do it?" He could hear them laughing softly from wherever they were. 
"I only say that because of how they, how do I say, turn out sometimes. Not that I don't love whatever you conjure up- what exactly is it that you're conjuring up?"
"Oh well you see," their voice was suddenly much closer than it had been moments ago, an arm emerged from the mist to grab a hold of Douxie's sweater to lead him to their workspace.
"I was going to try making some of those.. what are they? The never ending flavor things from Willy wonka? Yeah those. But, BUT, then I wanted to carbonate some apple cider and thought it would be cool to put some dry ice cubes in,"
"For some, ya'know, extra flare!"
They gestured some vague jazz hands at the last word, but it was hard to make out from all the fog, though it had begun to clear. 
"Ahuh... yes I see that. But darling, exactly how much dry ice did you use...?"
"Okay so fun story."
"Okay, listening, waiting for the fun part to kick in."
They elbowed him gently and the two of them let out a chuckle. 
"I know dry ice never does," they gestured around at the clouded apartment, vaguely hoping no cops outside saw this and thought you were running some illegal operation in here, "this. But, I'll get to that, hold on."
"I started with two little cubes and it made the cider bubble and ya'know, fog over like a little potion - it was really cool - but then I thought, HEY, if this is what dry ice does by itself, then what would magic do to it???"
"I'm guessing it does this."
Douxie tried to cover up his amused laugh with a sigh of disappointment, only to fail miserably.
"Isn't it  c o o l???"
"Yes (Y/n), it's very cool. I'm glad you're having a fun ti- why are you putting your potion ingredients in the fridge-"
The apartment had begun to clear up just enough for him to make out their figure carrying all their little glass bottles over to the fridge. 
"To be faiiiiir, these aren't my potion ingredients. It's just the fizzy cider in little bottles!"
"Now those, over there," They pointed to the area next to the toaster, "are my potion ingredients."
(Y/n) sounded so pleased with themself and Douxie couldn't help but smile, despite his apartment being filled with a cloud of dry ice. It was clearing up, for sure, but that wasn't the point.  
"Which also to be fair, are going in the fridge once I find space for these ones." They jingled the little bottles in their hand to emphasize them going into the fridge. 
"(Y/n) what did I say about needing to put your potion ingredients in the fridge?"
"That it's better to pickle the tadpole tails so they'll last longer outside of refrigeration in the event that our fridge breaks down?"
"I- no. The other thing."
"C'mon Doux! They're on my side of the fridge! And they're small too, not taking up too much space."
"No (Y/n)- your spices don't need to be refrigerated-"
"Ohhhh yes yes, that part. But listen, they're not your average mortal spices! They're magically enchanted spices!" They made ghost noises as if to somehow get the point across. "So, they need to be kept cooooold." They paused for a moment, blinking at him while he peered back in amusement. "Anyways, want some of the fizzy cider????"
Douxie sighed in defeat, rubbing his temples from the whole ordeal.
It wasn't dealing with them that was the problem, the problem was that it wasn't even noon yet.
And this was the second time this week.
It was tuesday.
He didn't actually even have that much of a problem with the potion ingredients in the fridge. It just bothered him to open it only to be greeted with dozens of little jars filled with spices and dried herbs that didn't need to be in there. 
They just didn't need to be refrigerated.
It bothered him that they weren't supposed to be in there, and yet, there they were, plain as day. He sighed again before taking you up on your offer of fizzy cider.
"Sure, might as well try the cause of all this."
Luckily enough by now the fog had cleared enough for him to be able to see again without thinking something was vaguely wrong with his eyes. 
(Y/n) chuckled while pouring him a glass and putting a very small little cube of dry ice in it before passing it over. Then they poured themself a glass, not having tried it yet since they couldn't find where the cups were in all that mess.
Douxie laughed softly as he clinked his glass with (Y/n)’s, glad to see that they were at least enjoying this whole ordeal.
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bridgyrose · 15 hours ago
could I request some more of the damaged soulmate au? Id love to see a one on one talk between cinder and ruby after all the jinn revelations have come out!
“You knew?!” It wasnt the first time this week that Ruby started to feel betrayed. But after everything that had happened, she thought that out of everything Cinder would’ve told them, Salem being immortal would’ve been a big deal to bring up. “You knew she was immortal and didnt tell us?!” 
“I was going to bring it up eventually.” Cinder remained calm, taking a bite out of an apple. “Besides, you all looked happy after your “win” at Haven, I figured I’d wait before dropping this bombshell on you guys.” 
“You should’ve told us! Yeah, its a lot to take in, but we could prepare for it-” 
“No, you cant.” 
Ruby went silent after hearing Cinder, doubts starting to roll into her mind. “W-we have to. We cant let Salem win…” 
“But what do you really think you can do against Salem? She’s immortal, has been around for longer than humanity, she has tricks up her sleeve that you’ve never dealt with before, and she normally kills people like you.” Cinder thrust a clawed finger at Ruby’s chest. “Even I dont know why she wants you alive, but whatever the reason, its not going to be great. And you still think you can defeat her? You’re insane.” 
Ruby sighed and leaned against the wall, slowly sliding down. “I just… I know we dont live in a world of fairytales, but it’s our job as huntresses to make things better. At first, my goal was to make my way to Haven to find out more about you, to find out why you helped destroy Beacon. Then you told us about Salem, which made that goal to avenge the friends I lost a bit farther away, but now that we know she’s immortal…” she used her prosthetic to wipe away a few tears from her right eye. “I have to believe we can stop her. I cant give up and let her win. Not while humanity is at stake.” 
“And how do you suppose you’re going to do that?” Cinder sat down and sighed as she looked at the younger girl. “I’m sure you’re aware that the world isnt fair. There are people out there who take power and horde it to keep people obedient and complacent. Salem is one of those people.” 
Ruby went quiet for a moment, thinking over everything Cinder had told her once before. “Then… why did you join her?” 
“I was young, stupid, and desperate for power. There… was a time where I thought that power was the only way to free me.” She took another bite of her apple, slowly rotating what was left in her hand before burning it. “And she promised me power. More power than I could imagine and a way for me to be free. All I had to do was train under her and do as she asked. Over time, I thought she trusted me when she told me things that she hid from others. And eventually, I used those same lies that she told Hazel and Watts to recruit others to help me.” 
Ruby ran a finger around her neck, tracing the scar that was left from when she was younger. “I… guess I can understand why you felt that way.” 
“But Salem is unstoppable. Even if I were to take all the maiden powers, I still wouldnt have a fraction of the power that Salem has. And you cant beat her. At least, not right now.” 
Ruby hesitated for a moment and looked over at Cinder. “What do you mean by “not right now”? Is there something I can do that can work?” 
Cinder stared at Ruby, her voice going deadpan. “You cant be serious.” 
Ruby started to look a bit confused. “You were the one who told me I cant beat her right now. That’s implying there’s something I can do later, right?” 
Cinder pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. “You seriously havent figured… Your eyes! Well, eye.” 
“Y-you mean what I did to the wyvern? And what happened at Haven?” 
Cinder groaned and grabbed Ruby’s shoulder, dragging her out of the room and out of the house. For once, she was actually irritated by her situation. Ruby, of all people, defeated her once without even knowing how her eyes worked. Of course it’d be that way.” 
Ruby tried to pull away from Cinder, having difficulty getting herself out of Cinder’s grip. “H-hey! What gives? Where are we going?” 
“Outside the city so you can practice with your eyes. For gods sake, I cant believe you havent figured it out yet! And you were the one who defeated me!” 
“Figured… what out?” 
“Your eyes can defeat Salem, you idiot! Hasnt anyone told you anything yet?!” 
Ruby hesitated for a moment, remembering the brief discussion with Maria about silver eyes, still trying to wrap her mind around everything that happened a few days ago. “Well… a little bit, but I still dont really know how to make them work.” 
Cinder groaned a bit as she started dragging Ruby outside the city limits, looking for the first grimm she could find. “Then we’ll figure it out.” 
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besteestores · 23 hours ago
Back Off I’ve Got Enough to Deal with Today Without Having to Make Your Death Look Like An Accident T-shirt
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kevinsmith9673 · a day ago
Cancers Les Plus Frequents
Amy awoke, startled by the shrill chiming of her alarm. She settled back into her pillow and looked sideways at her clock. Reading the digital display she sat bolt-upright.
"8:30? Shit, I'm going to be so late!"
Amy jumped out of bed and dressed as quickly as she could in her jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. As soon as she was decent she rushed downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a banana and an apple for breakfast. She'd have to skip the normal coffee and cereal if she was going to get to college on time.
She rushed over the road to her bus stop just as the bus arrived. She sat at the back of the bus once she'd paid her fare and started wolfing down her fruit as if she'd not eaten in weeks.
The reason Amy was so worried about being late today, of all days, was because her class was going on a trip to a science lab. She'd always had a love for science, especially forensics, so in college, she'd taken the course that gave her the widest scientific education possible.
The journey was half an hour on the bus and a 2 minute run to stop at the college gate where her class was getting onto a coach for the 2 hour journey to the lab they were visiting.
"Amy!" her tutor said. "Just in time. We were going to leave without you."
"Sorry Andrew," she said. "I'm still not used to living on my own."
"Never mind that. Get your backside on the coach or we'll all be late there."
Amy smiled and got on the coach, taking a seat next to her best friend, Lucy.
Amy had left home 3 months ago, to live in a flat by herself. She'd had to take a part-time job to pay the rent, but the landlord was, thankfully, very understanding. She was also grateful that college was much more relaxed than secondary school. The tutors understood why she was always late and always spoke to her like she was an adult and not a naughty child.
A few minutes later, the coach set off through the city centre to the other side of the city where the lab was set up like a little farm. Apparently the lab dealt in cloning experiments; how it could be done successfully. While scientists had cloned a sheep back in the 1990s, Dolly the sheep, being a clone, didn't have a very long lifespan. The purpose of this lab was to find a way to make cloning possible while retaining the average lifespan of cloned animals.
Amy found it all extremely fascinating, which is why she'd worked her ass off to be able to pay for this trip. She'd taken any extra shifts or overtime she could at work.
"Alarm again?" Lucy asked.
"Yeah," Amy replied. "No matter what time I go to bed, the damned thing doesn't ever wake me up the first time it goes off."
Amy watched the city roll past quietly, talking to Lucy when she was required to, but mainly she listened to Lucy pine on about how good in bed her boyfriend was. She didn't seem to have any shame, not even appearing to try and keep her voice down. It was as if she wanted to let the world know she was fucking who she described as "the best lay in the city".
After what seemed an eternity, the city ended and the country side began to sidle by. The beauty of the English country side always took her breath away. The rolling hills, shimmering streams like ribbons of tinsel on the tree at Christmas, the herds of animals behind their fences and natural barricades, it always made her feel as if she was floating.
Before Amy knew it, the coach had stopped, pulled up to an ordinary-looking farm-house. A small group of men and women wearing various kinds of outfit awaited them. Some of them looked like the scientists they were, others looked like they belonged in an office or supermarket.
The class left the coach and gathered in front of the scientists. The man at the front of their welcoming committee stepped forward and cleared his throat.
"I'm doctor Michaels," he said. "I'm the Chief Researcher at this facility and will be giving you a tour today. We'll be showing you many of the labs here and explaining what it is we're trying to accomplish with our work."
He lead them inside and down a flight of stairs. The labs were impressive in size. The entire "farm" must have been built after the labs were, so as not to have a modernised building in a place where a farm would look more at home. Doctor Michaels confirmed this suspicion quickly.
"Of course," he explained, "the fields on the surface do hold animals that we occasionally take samples from. We keep them well-fed and exercised, everything the need each and every day."
They spent the morning touring the main labs and taking notes on what was done in each lab. When noon came, they stopped for lunch in the cafeteria, which was in the large farm-house, though it looked like it belonged in a school or a hospital, though it was rather small.
Amy thought the morning had gone well. She'd learned things from the tour of the labs, some of it had taken a large amount of concentration to understand because it was very complex, but she'd grasped it fairly quickly.
Lucy, however, was bored out of her mind. Though she was taking the course, she wasn't very interested in cloning or experimental science. She preferred hard facts.
"I wish I'd stayed in bed," she told Amy while they ate. "That Doctor Michaels guy sure likes to drone on."
"Yeah, well it's his job when students come here," Amy said. "You can't hold it against him. Besides, it's all interesting stuff. Imagine what cloning could be used for."
"Don't care," Lucy said.
"Even if cloning saved your life one day?" Amy asked her, grinning slyly.
"How could it do that?" Lucy asked, ignorantly.
"Well, say you needed an organ transplant, and there were none available" Amy began. "They could possibly clone the organ they needed from your own DNA, giving you an organ guaranteed to be a match."
"That's Science-Fiction talking, Amy."
"It may be Science-Fact, one day soon," Andrew cut in. "Sorry to eavesdrop, debating such things is interesting; hearing everyone's views on things and such."
They spent the rest of their lunch debating the pros and cons of cloning which seemed to make Lucy happy. She really got into it and soon they were having an intellectual argument without a hint of boredom from her.
When lunch was over, Doctor Michaels told them they were going to tour the labs where they were doing more experimental cloning techniques, which meant going even further down.
The facility had 3 levels: the farmhouse, which held the cafeteria and a few offices, the basement, which had the primary testing labs, and the sub-basement, which held labs for more difficult testing.
It was the first lab in the sub-basement where Amy made the mistake of picking up a beaker full of liquid. It wasn't exactly against the rules of the trip, they just had to wear gloves, eye protection and a lab coat, all of which she was wearing.
"Be careful with that," Doctor Michaels said. "It's hard to replace."
"What is it?" Amy asked.
"A mixture of horse-DNA, testosterone and something I can't tell you about," he replied, winking slightly. "Wouldn't want a secret formula we made to get leaked onto the internet or anything and wind up being used without our oversight, now, would we?"
"Is it dangerous?" Amy asked, intrigued.
"Not that we know. Of course, because of it's expense, we're extremely careful with it."
Amy held the beaker up to the light and looked through it. It was a light, clear green colour and had the consistency of water. She lowered it when her arm started to ache slightly, so she wouldn't drop it. She didn't notice a few drops drip down the outside of the beaker and onto her hand. She gave the beaker a small sniff and smelled something similar to bleach. She but the beaker down and followed the rest of the class. As she did so, she opened a stick of chewing gum and slipped it quickly into her mouth and chewed it, careful not to let anybody see her do so, knowing the rules of a lab.
By the end of the day, Amy was tired. She'd had fun and learned a lot, but it had taken a lot out of her, too. She made her dinner and sat in front of the television to watch a few of her favourite shows, which were mainly CSI and NCIS. They were what had gotten her into science in the first place. As she watched, she got even more tired steadily.
The next thing Amy knew, she was on her hands and knees, though she couldn't feel anything below the knee on either leg. She looked up to see not her living room, but a field with a few horses in it. The horses were grazing on the grass, their tails whipping through the air at flies.
She looked down and saw that what she had thought were her arms, were actually a horse's front legs.
"What the hell is going on?" she thought.
She looked around again and sniffed at the air. She could smell the warm, sweet scent of horses. She's always liked how horses smelled. She'd first smelled it when she'd learned to ride as a child and it had made the experience more engaging for her. Just the smell of these horses brought back her memories of the horses she used to ride.
Suddenly, Amy was awake, the TV was on and she was highly confused. Firstly, was the dream. It was confusing the hell out of her, why the hell did she have it? The most obvious assumption was because of the class trip. She'd examine the dream later.
There seemed to be a more pressing matter. Her panties seemed much too tight, as if they'd been pulled when she'd fallen on the floor, but it didn't feel right for that situation.
She looked down and noticed that her skirt had bunched up and she could see the problem. Her panties were bulging out and to one side, dangling by her leg was a huge testicle. She was instantly scared.
Amy ripped her panties down and in the scant dawn light, she saw the sheath of a horse's cock and slightly lower down, 2 large balls that were now resting on the floor.
"This is a dream!" she said, loudly. "This isn't real!"
But she knew that in a dream, you never proclaimed that it wasn't a dream. Just to satisfy her urge to know for sure, she pinched herself hard. It hurt a lot.
"How did this happen?" she asked, as if the simple notion of asking would give her the answer.
Amy jumped up and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror for a better view of this unnatural thing. When she got there, she ripped her knickers of and stared into the mirror, willing it to be a hallucination.
She reached down and tentatively touched the sheath. It felt real and she could feel the veins and the soft, regular pulse of blood flowing through it. She gave it a slight squeeze and could feel something inside it.
She felt a stirring feeling in her stomach. It was like butterflies going haywire. She was still looking in the mirror when she saw the soft tube of her newly-grown cock edging slowly from it's sheath. As she watched, Amy saw it spring quickly from soft and flexible to unimaginably hard. It hurt, it was so hard.
Amy had no idea why she was getting horny, since she was still terrified as to what had happened to her body, but she couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to pleasure herself as she now was. She decided to go for it without even considering the ramifications.
She wrapped her hand around the hard, thick shaft of her new cock and squeezed it lightly. The pressure she exerted was deliciously exciting. Even through the fear and shock, it felt great to do. She was craving to do more, but forced herself to take her time.
Slowly, gently, Amy started to rub her hard shaft, moaning instantly at the feeling of her hand gliding along it. It was so sensitive that she was soon panting with lust and increasing her speed and pressure.
She fell to her knees, weak with the longing to cum, pumping her shaft as hard and fast as she could, moaning loudly. Feeling a tingling in her newly-grown testicles she screamed her pleasure before shooting a gigantic load of semen straight at the mirror.
The thick, sticky substance splashed onto the mirror in a stream, covering her reflection in cum, blocking her view of herself. She kept stroking herself, feeling better and better as she came more and more, her cum flying from the end of her cock like a rocket, hitting the mirror then dripping down it slowly.
She came for a good minute before the cum started just dripping from the tip of her large member and pooling on the floor between her legs. She was panting, breathless as she stopped jacking herself off, almost unable to see, she felt so good.
As Amy lay back, panting, it slowly dawned on her what she'd just done. She'd been overcome by feelings she didn't recognise and masturbated with this scary new appendage. The fear she'd felt earlier came back stronger than before, as the ramifications dawned on her like a slap to the face.
'What if I can't suppress the urges?' she thought. 'I might be controlled by this thing for the rest of my life.'
Sobered from her desires, she got to work cleaning up. She washed the mirror and wiped off her new, huge member with a wet cloth. Then she had to rinse the cloth off before climbing into the shower and having an extremely cold wash.
There was still an hour or so before she had to leave for college, so she rang Lucy. Mercifully, she picked up her phone quickly.
"Hello?" was what Amy heard. Lucy sounded groggy.
"Lucy, it's Amy. I need you to come to mine as soon as you can," she said, urgently. "Forget college, I have a problem."
"Can't it wait?"
"No. It can't," Amy replied. "Please?"
"Fine," Lucy said after a moment's silence. "I'll be there in an hour or so."
An hour and a half later, there was a knock at the door. Amy answered it and thankfully, Lucy was there. Amy ushered her in and offered her a drink, which Lucy declined.
"Let's just get this over with," she said.
"I wish I could," Amy said under her breath.
Lucy didn't seem to hear her, so Amy made them both a cup of coffee and sat down. She sipped her drink as she tried to figure out how to tell her best friend what had happened to her. She could try and find a way to talk into it or she could come straight out with the shocking truth.
"Well?" Lucy asked, taking a gulp of coffee. "What's up?"
Amy tried to think of words to express what she was feeling, how frightened and confused she was, but she couldn't grasp any. Instead, she stood up and faced Lucy.
"I have something to show you," she said. "I'm confused as to how it happened, but I need to tell someone about it."
Amy had only put on a dressing gown for this, so she undid the belt, still holding it closed.
"What the-" Lucy started, before saying, "Hey, no offense, but I'm not into lesbian stuff."
"Please!" Amy exclaimed.
Lucy just nodded, seeing the worry on her friends features. Amy pulled open her dressing gown. The cock that had been held hidden by the dressing gown flopped down and hung limply between her legs.
Lucy looked as if she were in shock. Her eyes were wide, her mouth hanging open. In any normal situation, she'd have looked hilarious, but not in this one.
The cock was about a foot and a half long and about 3 inches thick at it's hardest, Amy remembered. At the moment it was about half that and hanging limply.
"That has to be fake," she said, disbelievingly.
"I wish it were," Amy said sadly.
Lucy was staring and Amy blushed, and averted her gaze. She did notice, however, Lucy licking her lips unconsciously.
"Look at the size of it!" Lucy almost yelled, her face breaking into a slight smile.
She was obviously trying to hide her love of such a large cock, and Amy decided to let her think she hadn't noticed. She had other worries, after all.
Lucy stood up and made Amy sit down. She then squatted in front of her and rested her hands on Amy's knees to support herself as much as give comfort.
"Amy, this is going to be fine," she said calmly. "We'll figure it out and find someone or some way to make you how you were."
When Amy didn't respond Lucy gave her a little slap on the knee and asked what was wrong.
"It'll take forever to sort out, if it's even possible," Amy said. "And I can't control it."
This made Lucy cock her eyebrow and Amy told her what had happened a while earlier. As she spoke, understanding dawned on Lucy's face and Amy could all but hear the cogs turning and forming a solution.
"I can help with that," Lucy said, unembarrassed.
"What happened to not being interested in lesbian stuff?" Amy asked.
"Well," Lucy said, a smile coming to her face, "with a cock like that, I can make an exception. The bigger the better for me, after all."
Amy sighed in fake exasperation, though her heart was pounding a bruise on the inside of her ribcage. She had to admit, the idea of fucking Lucy with this massive cock was strangely exciting. She barely thought before nodding in agreement.
Even as she was nodding, her new appendage was growing hard and long at the thought of fucking her best friend. Before even thirty seconds were up, Amy's cock was so hard, it felt like it was going to burst open from the pressure.
A glint came to Lucy's already bright eyes as she admired the sheer length of her friend's unnatural, large horse-cock. She dropped off the couch and looked at it close up, marvelling at how it looked: the slight curve of the 18 inch shaft, the large veins puling with blood to keep it hard. Underneath the cock was a set of huge balls, dangling down and swinging slightly as Amy moved.
Lucy licked her lips again before leaning in and slowly, gently licking the head of Amy's cock, causing Amy to moan softly.
Lucy smiled when she tasted it. It tasted completely different to how she was used to a cock to taste. It was still fleshy tasting, but it was sweet, and the rhythmic pulse of blood under the skin was deliciously powerful. It mad her even wetter than she already was.
Amy moaned loudly when Lucy engulfed the head of her new cock deeply, pressing it to the back of her throat and licking the underside. She felt as if her cock was about to explode with cum, right down her friend's throat.
Lucy sucked hard, bobbing her head hard and fast, her hands, wrapped around the shaft, were stroking with an equal amount of enthusiasm. Amy moaned long and loud and, without warning, came hard. A huge torrent of cum filling Lucy's mouth. Lucy tried to swallow it all, but she couldn't swallow it as fast as Amy's cock could pump it into her mouth, which meant that a lot escaped her lips and dripped down her shin and onto her shirt.
She pulled Amy's cock from her mouth, swallowed the last of the cum in her mouth and wiped it on the back of her arm. She then looked down at her top and saw the mess there.
"Sorry Lucy," Amy said, looking embarrassed. "I didn't mean to cover your shirt I cum."
"It's fine," Lucy said, smiling as she wiped some of it onto her fingers then sucked it off of them and swallowed.
She eyed Amy's still-hard cock and took her clothes off. Seeing Lucy naked made Amy's cock twitch and all she wanted to do was jump on her and ram her cock into Lucy's tight pussy and ass, but she fought hard to control her desires.
Lucy stood and pushed Amy's dressing gown, which she'd kept on but open, from her shoulders. As it fell to the floor, Lucy took Amy's hand and pulled her to the bedroom. When they got there, Lucy pushed Amy onto the bed and climbed onto it next to her, not even shutting the door behind them.
Lucy leaned over and kissed Amy on the lips passionately, her hand slowly rubbing the cock that was now pointing almost straight up at the ceiling. Amy kissed back, moaning slightly, as their tongues found each other and started dancing together. The kiss was long and when it was broken, a thin string of saliva hung between their tongues.
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gale-gentlepenguin · a day ago
Gale Reviews: ML Season 4 Episode 11: Guiltrip
Spoilers below (because its out of order and it just got subbed)
-So class is going on and Rose got a headache. (Alya and Nino passing NOTES. Alynino get your JUICE)
-Marinette daydreaming about Adrien. So nothing out of the ordinary
-So Rose calls her headache Miss Dora. Okay this whole exchange with Rose is so cute.
- Juleka eating lunch, (you know we never really see the students eat lunch often.) And then Juleka got the sorrow clouds! OH NO! WHAT IS HAPPENING!
-Marinette trying to cheer up Juleka, back fires spectacularly. Oh Kwami.
-Jeez what happened to ROSE?
-Shadowmoth on cue because he really gonna capitalize on that suffering.
-Marinette got the bubbles for adrien still. She is still into him.
-Yo She CORRECTED her stammer! Marinette is getting better.
-Well this adrinette is delicious
-Marinette is keeping focus, and correcting her stammers. This is growth. Im glad for her.
-Juleka "I want to be alone" (Marinette texts the class)
-OH S*** Rose is at the Hospital! What the s*** Shadowmoth! Way to bury the lead? Side note: Everyone is just There suddenly
-Okay so basically Rose got sick when she was younger and that sickness can come back at any time, Rose made Juleka promise not to tell anyone about it, which she failed. And the class promises not to treat her any differently.
-And that is how you stop an akuma. Man The class is so supportive and caring for one another. The writers really just said (F*** class salt in particular) must be a sucky season to be a class salter
-And Julrose cuteness. And now everyone is being extra nice to rose which basically NEGATES what they said earlier. But you really can't fault them.
-Juleka is like 'Everyone, calm the f*** down' and its starting to get a little... obvious.
-THEY ALL GOT HER APPLES. I wonder if they are being to subtle (Not)
-Rose figured out something is up.
-Okay so I had to pause this because I LOVE JULEKA AND ROSE'S CONVERSATION! It starts like it is going to go the way of Rose feeling hurt and betrayed, but she pivots and realizes she had Juleka always worrying and that wasn't fair to her. So Rose doesn't get mad at Juleka but decides to clear the air and fix things.
-Rose got MASSIVE strength for a sick girl.
- Again, The class is a supportive group of friends. The writers really said f*** the class salt AGAIN.
-And now they are studying viruses in class. (I can picture how this is going to go)
-And this went how I expected it to go. I cracked up.
- And Now Juleka runs off because guilt
-Chloé and Sabrina didn't move and were like "WTH"
-Thats a weird way to say Girlfriend, but hey, Shadowmoth Aint the smartest bug
-Oh an amok!
-So the sentimonster is called Guiltrip
-And Reflekta again
-Wow Reflekta just Sent herself first! OH DAMN! Shadowmoth was like 'Wait no but my jewelry!?"
-The entire class save Sabrina, Chloé and Lila just up and ditched to go help Juleka. This class sugar is making me diabetic and I LOVE IT
-Rose straight up went in after Juleka (Respect)
-Ah yes the tried and true ladybug strategy. JUMP INTO ITS MOUTH. (but in this case portal)
-Shadowmoth is just like 'YESS ALL ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU." but he really is like, thank goodness that worked.
-Ivan sweetie no. It isn't your fault.
-so the bubbles turn them into Reflekta when they overtake you? But also make you feel guilty.
-NINO! OMG! Nino just said he feels guilty that he couldn't help Adrien face his dad. Adrino stans we got some juice! Adrien knows man. That hurt.
-Did... Did Chat noir just try to.... That is DARK
-Wow... this sentimonster making Ladybug and chat noir give up
-Yum, that is some tasty ladynoir. Well fed this season.
-I do really like how Ladybug transforms after using Lucky charm. It looks better then her standard suit. Wish we knew HOW she got that upgrade. But hey, out of order episodes, what will ya do.
-I already love Daizzi and Rose together. The pig Kwami is precious.
-Okay, I like the costume. Pigella shirt adds some flair. Gives more variety to the female costumes, which we needed. Plus the clap is cute
-Reflekta got that MEGA GUILT
-So her power is gift. but basically shows them their hearts desire.
-Omg, I just realized, Pigella is the ultimate enemy of Shadowmoth. She makes things happy while he thrives on suffering.
-Okay, I like Rose's costume, but ... those eyes creep me OUT.
-The cute Julrose is cute
-Reflekta charm! Juleka won't be victimized by Hawkmoth. So it is a permanent ward then?
-Rose is SLICK! 100 stealth on that miraculous hand off.
-Oh now they teasing her. Thats what Rose wanted. Cute
-Chloé is mad that no one laughs when she says stuff like that.
-ADRIEN! YOU SAVAGE. Sassdrien is real!
Okay so I really enjoyed this episode.
I will say I wanted some more romantic Julrose, but you know, I gotta say. This was an excellent episode for both Juleka and Rose. The class also got to be supportive but in a believable way. Really got to show them more as characters.
The ladynoir and Adrienette was on point. And I think this might be one of the better hero intros.
overall 8/10
I felt that the conflict was handled a bit too quick and kind of anti-climactic. I would have loved to see more build up to Ladybug and Chat noir almost succumbing to despair. But it was good stuff
It is a solid episode and while I personally enjoyed other episodes more, this one was pretty good.
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kd-holloman · a day ago
Oh, Hell D1 Ch 17 - Israfil
Tumblr media
Hello, everyone! I have to admit that this chapter is probably one of my favorites so far! I can't pick just one excerpt because I like it so much. So, have a few!
I stop at the entrance to the room. I turn around to look down the rocky tunnel we’d come through, but it’s gone. Behind me is a golden marble wall with no windows and heavy golden vault doors in the middle. Ahead of me is a massive casino floor. Marble pillars go up, up, up, and fade out of sight. Demons in suits deal cards at crowded tables, mortal souls play the slot machines, and take turns at massive roulette wheels.
“Are you coming, Mr. Jones?” The demon asks.
“Yeah, sorry.”
We wade through a crowd standing at a table. A woman in a bloodstained dress lets out a despairing wail as the dealer hits her with another card. “Please, give me another chance!” She pleads. “I promise if you give me another chance I’ll do better!”
“Sorry ma’am,” the dealer says. He doesn’t sound repentant. In fact, he seems like damning her is the best part of his day. “You knew the terms and conditions before we dealt the hand. You lost.” With a twitch of gloved fingers, he gestures to someone in the crowd.
A bigger demon shoulders his way through and grabs the lady by the arms.
“No!” She shrieks, trying to kick herself free as she’s dragged through the crowd, “Let me try again! Let me try again, please! I promise I’ll do better!”
I watch as she disappears through the sea of souls crowding the casino floor.
“Mr. Jones,” the demon says, turning around to look at me. Her forked tongue flicks impatiently. “The Boss is expecting you. He’ll be displeased if we keep him waiting.”
I don’t have to wait long because the chair spins around. There’s a child lounging in it, legs over one arm of the chair, elbow propping his head up on the other. He doesn’t look to be any older than ten in mortal years. “How nice to see you again, little brother.” He gestures to the massive glass window in the adjacent wall. “Do you like what I’ve done with the place?”
The words sound so strange coming from a child’s mouth. I have questions about the pit, but my entire walk across Hell’s casino floor and the grandiose nature of it all has me tongue-tied. “Isn’t it a bit much?” I ask.
“I don’t think so. Then again, I’ve always been quite eccentric.” He stands up and walks toward me, hands stuffed in the pocket of his red sweatshirt. The closer he gets the colder it gets. It’s not like he’s radiating cold, rather he’s sucking the warmth from the air. “I have to admit, when I heard you were looking to speak with me I was shocked.” He passes behind me. I feel an icy finger trace along the base of my wings, right along its scar. “Then again, maybe not. You and I aren’t so different, after all.”
I tense, teeth clenched. I’m ready for him to push down, to hurt me. “We’re not the same.”
“Aren’t we?”
“I think you and I are more alike than you want to admit.” He gestures for me to stand next to him and turns to the window. “You and I were both shunned from Heaven. You fell down, down, down. It’s a hard fall, isn’t it?”
I stare out over the casino floor. I grit my teeth but try to keep my face neutral. He’s a leech. If he knows he struck a vein he’ll keep burrowing until I bleed out. “We’re not alike.”
“Sure we are! Both of us got kicked off of the team. That’s something we have in common. I wanted to lead a rebellion. You fell in love with one of the . . . apes.”
There it is, the vein.
“Was she really that good in bed, Iz?” It sounds absolutely vulgar falling from his childish mouth. His finger presses harder on my wing scar. “Was she worth this?”
The pain almost makes me fall to my knees. I groan. “Fuck you.”
“Oh, that’s rude. I’m just a kid.” When he appears on my right side, he’s no longer a child. He’s a strikingly handsome man with a halo of golden hair and flawless skin. There’s not an ill crease or stray piece of lint to be found on his impeccable suit. He turns his hand over, revealing an apple. It’s so shiny I can almost see my reflection in the red skin. “Apple?”
Lucifer’s eyes flash. They’re colder than the air around him. “Don’t forget who you’re talking to, Israfil. I could smite you right here and now. Do you know why I won’t?” He doesn’t wait for me to respond. He leans in close and hisses, “Because I’m going to enjoy hearing about how you eviscerate yourself each time you cut down a Nephilim; it’s tripping over your own sword and landing on the blade. One of these days it’s going to be too much for you to handle. When you’re ready to stop running from Heaven, you’ll know where to find me.”
Tag List: @vivian-is-writing, @tiredlittleoldme, @pe-ersona, @hydrated-bag-of-bones, @gay-melon, @saint-l0nely, @wildler
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lauraashley93 · a day ago
It’s the same thing!
Tumblr media
A little Coco love. This happened with me and my husband, today, actually and so I thought it would make a fun little story! and I watch way too many TikToks sooo Hope you enjoy. Sorry for any mistakes. ❤️
Summary: y/n is a bit dramatic when Coco tells her she can always find another to love
Warnings: none, swearing? Fluff.
It was just another slow day at the club. The boys just enjoying what they would call a day off. Bishop and Taza drinking beers while Ez and Angel were shooting pool.
Gilly came in looking around getting the attention of the guys. “Aye you guys seen y/n and coco? They were supposed to be here. Y/n was bringing her delicious apple pie and I’m about tired of waiting.” Ez shook his head. “Calm down, she sent me a text like half an hour ago. They should be here soon.”
You and Coco had been dating for about a year now and you’d made it a habit to bake the boys any dessert you could. You loved all of them and enjoyed spoiling them with goodies. You quickly gained a special spot in all the Mayans heart but Gilly, especially.
As if on cue A bike could be heard pulling up followed by a car and a door slamming. “Speak of the devil” Angel said as Gilly went to go make his way to open the door for you. eagerly awaiting your baked goods but he stopped as he could hear what sounded like arguing. Coco was the first voice he heard.
“Com on ma. Don’t be like this.”
“Don’t be like what coco? You are the one making this hard!”
“Y/n you’ll move on and fine another to love. I just think you’re overreacting just a bit. This is crazy.”
“Oh? I guess that’s easy for you to say!! You’re absolutely heartless Johnny Cruz!”
Gilly stepped back as he heard your footsteps approaching. You swung the door open angrily and slammed it before coco could even enter in. Your face was set into a pout and it got the boys attention. Usually you’re so cheery and happy to see them but today you came right in and sat by Taza and laid your head on his shoulder letting out a defeated sigh. Coco came in shortly after you rolling his eyes at your antics. Bishop raised his brow and looked between the two of you as everyone else stared in confusion.
“What the shit is going on here? Why is y/n upset?” Bishop asked as he patted your back. He didn’t typically get into any of the guys business, especially romantically but he can’t say he wasn’t about to kick coco’s ass if he hurt you. You waisted no time as you sprung up glaring in Coco’s direction and your voice raised an octave.
“Why don’t you ask Mr. cold as ice over there!! Coco said he didn’t love me anymore and didn’t want to be with me!!!”
You said it with so much hurt and sadness Coco’s eyes went wide as everyone looked at him. Angel dropped his pool stick walking toward his fellow Mayan brother about to let the beat down commence.
“What the FUCK is your problem hermano??? Why would you tell her that? Do I need to beat the shit out of you??” Angel loved you and it was obvious you were his favorite. Taza squeezed you close as you bit your lip. Coco looked passed Angel and at you shaking his head.
“I NEVER said that!” He looked at you baffled that you were about to let him get his ass kicked and began his defense again. “I told her we couldn’t have another cat and she couldn’t adopt every animal she came across!!”
You crossed your arms and shook your head. “ITS LITERALLY THE SAME THING!!!!”
at this all the guys started laughing which in return made you scowl. Angel shook his head and came by you and patted your head. “Really querdia? All of that because he said you couldn’t have a cat?? You realize I about killed a brother for you, over a animal?” You looked up at Angel with the cutest puppy dog eyes y/e/c could give.
“But Angel, you don’t understand. It was so precious. And I just wanted to love it. I mean, I need something to snuggle while Coco is busy on runs with you guys. Is that so much to ask??” You made your bottom lip quiver and you knew by the look in Angel’s eye that if it were up to him, you would have had that kitten right in that moment and anything else you wanted. . What you didn’t realize that you had EVERYONE hooked because in unison they all looked at your boyfriend and said “GET HER THE CAT!!”
You laughed at the look on Coco’s face as Ez shook his head. “How dare you break her poor heart like that.” Coco sighed in defeat as he walked toward you and placed a soft kiss on your head.
“My bad. But you ain’t gotta be so dramatic.”
You laughed and smiled lovingly at your boyfriend. “I do when you are being stubborn. Because I know if my main man won’t give me what I want, my other amazing men will.” Coco shook his head looking around the room pointing to his fellow brothers “you guys are the reason for this. She is spoiled because of YOU. “
Taza chuckled and hugged you close. “And we wouldn’t have her any other way.
Coco walked toward the bar to get you and him a beer when out of no where you heard Gilly speak up, “so, look I’m glad we got that settled for you but where the hell is my pie? Coco I swear if this argument you caused means I didn’t get my pie I’ll take your ass to the cage right now.” You started laughing as coco stared at him. “Calm down Gilly. It’s in the car, I just forgot to grab it. See Coco, they spoil me cause I spoil them. It’s all fair really.”
Coco just shook his head as he watched you sway your hips out the door to get the pie and couldn’t help but smile. You may be over the top but God he loved you and everything about you. He knew that you were his forever even if that meant being surrounded by every creature on the planet.
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community wild west au
okay, it’s a bit different from what i posted in the rough draft of ideas thing, but here it is!! this is part one, bc i think the whole thing is gonna end up longer than i thought lol
     Annie knew she couldn’t stay here forever. It was a small town, and she always knew, somewhere deep down, that she would move on to bigger things someday. But that didn’t make it easier to be forced to leave. This was all she had ever known- playing kick the can with the younger children of her father’s patients while they got their medications, playing dress up with her mother, beating the dust out of their clothes during windy season with her brother. She knew she had to face the truth. She wasn’t welcome here anymore. If she had just known when to quit, she wouldn’t be in this situation... that’s what she beat herself up on while she silently bagged the cheese and apples her mother had paid good money for. If she wasn’t such a petty child, she could have stayed here forever... that’s what she thought while she stole the medication from her father’s office that could have helped so many people. But it was too late now, she thought as she reached the town’s limits, just before sunrise, wearing a form fitting vest given to her by her mother for her 18th birthday, taking on last look at the life she lost.
     Troy never cried. That’s what he told himself, anyway, tilting his hat so that Abed wouldn’t be able to see his face. But looking at that poor horse, wincing in pain as Abed cleaned his wounds made a tear run a path down his dusty cheek. Abed was gentle with the animal, of course. Troy’s boyfriend would never ever hurt anyone, regardless of what the townsfolk used to whisper behind Abed’s back. Troy felt a flame in his stomach just thinking about them. And how terribly they always treated Abed. They were gone now, just memories of the past. Troy was free; that’s all he ever wanted.
     Abed wondered where this horse had come from and how he gotten hurt as he gingerly wrapped his bright red bandanna around the horse’s front leg. It was almost the same color as the blood dripping rhythmically into the dirt. He glanced up at Troy standing a few feet away from where he was kneeling by the light brown horse. He could tell he was trying and failing to control his deep emotions, something Abed never had much trouble with. This horse represented Troy in a way, he thought. A little bit in pain, but nothing he couldn’t fix. Abed never expected to “fall” for his best friend. Especially since he didn’t fall in love- more like slowly slid into it. Drawing his attention away from Troy’s face, solemn yet “ruggedly handsome”, as the women in town would say, he realized that when the horse was healed, he would long to run again. To be free. But Abed was already rather attached to the poor thing. He wanted to see if he could bond with him so that the horse could have a way to survive and Troy and Abed wouldn’t have to continue their journey on foot. But would the horse ever outgrow their relationship? What would happen to Abed if this horse one day grew dissatisfied with his life, even though Abed had become reliant on him? He pushed the insecure questions out of his head and instead gave the horse some water to drink from his canteen, to try and gain his trust. 
There wasn’t supposed to be any run ins on the way to Annie’s grandma’s house in Greendale County, a few towns over. She had heard stories of the people who would be on these kind of roads. Bandits, thugs- people who Annie didn’t have much experience with in her sheltered life back in town. But when she saw two figures and a horse laying on the ground, she knew she had to keep going, even if it killed her. This was the only way to get to Greendale where, hopefully she could stay- maybe even get a job and start her new life. With that hope in mind, she trudged on under the hot sun. She was tiring quick. She clearly didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she left, just hours ago. But she had no choice. Who knew, maybe these strangers could help her get to Greendale.
Troy and Abed exchanged a glance as the strange girl explained her situation.
“My father is a doctor, that’s why I have all these medications, I’m bringing them to Greendale,” Annie lied, fluttering her eyes, trying to look innocent. “But a few miles back, I crossed paths with some bandits! Th-they stole my dear horse, Ruthie and if you could spare just, just a few-“ Then she cut herself off, throwing in some tears for effect, really pouring in what her mother would call, “the sugar and honey”. Anybody you met would take pity on a sad sight like that, with her doe eyes and quivering lip.
“Look, ma’am, we don’t have any extra money, just barely enough for ourselves,” Troy told her. “Surely a girl like you could run those meds back to your daddy without any difficulty.” It was true that they had nothing to spare, but the girl didn’t have much to her and Troy felt a pang in his heart as he turned away from her and to the horse.
“No, you don’t understand! I need to get to Greendale!” Annie pleaded. She was only a day into her journey and her feet were throbbing in her boots, her throat dry.
“I’m sorry. I wish we could help you, but we have other things on our plate right now,” Abed said in his usual monotone voice (that didn’t make him sound very sorry, Annie thought), gesturing to the horse Troy was petting reassuringly.
“I-I can help your horse! How about a deal? You take me to Greendale, and I’ll help your horse,”she said. Troy perked up and glanced at Abed.
“An intriguing offer,” Troy murmured to himself.
“How would you help him?” Abed wondered aloud. The horse was looking worse by the minute.
“The medications! It works for people, it must work for horses, too, right?” she said, not even bothering to hide the desperation in her voice as her head pounded from dehydration.
“I thought that was for the people in Greendale,” said Troy.
“They... they don’t need it that bad,” Annie stammered, caught in a lie. The truth was she had hoped to sell the meds on the way to buy some food, but striking up a deal would work even better. Troy and Abed looked at each other, seemingly reading each other’s mind. The girl was obviously lying about why she needed to get to Greendale. Annie cleared her throat, bringing their attention back to her.
“Give us a minute to discuss it,” Abed told her. The men walked over to where they had dropped their supplies- sleeping bags, water, and food- leaving Annie with the horse.
“She’s desperate,” Troy said.
“She’s lying” Abed replies.
“We can’t push her; if she doesn’t want to tell us why she’s going to Greendale, we can’t make her.” Troy knew what it was like to want to shut down from the outside. Abed considered this for a moment.
“Okay. If you trust her, I’m with you. We were going that way, anyway. Plus, the horse needs help.” Troy grinned. He went on his tiptoes to kiss Abed’s cheek. He smiled at him.
“Thank you Abed,” Troy said, in that tender voice that Abed slid into love with.
“Let’s bring her some water, she looks like she’s going to pass out any second.”
Thanks for reading!! Reblogs are appreciated if you enjoyed it! Part two will be where they meet the rest of the group so stay tuned!!
(thanks for the inspiration @understandably-odd!!!)
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forgottenyogurtgods · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Robin Hood AU. (Sort of.) After her father is arrested for harboring and aiding the wanted criminal Chat Noir, Marinette must seek him out or lose her father to a crime he did not commit.
Noblesse Oblige
Chapitre neuf 
Lady Love
Chat Noir’s Adam's apple bobbed attractively as he gulped down his nerves. His green eyes widened as he stared at her, pupils dilating.
“That's,” he said, his voice a bit higher than normal. He gulped again, setting down his bowl of food and the spoon. “No man likes to hear those words. Ever.”
“It's nothing bad,” she said, holding up her hands in an attempt to quell any fear he might have.  At her next words, he walked, slowly, toward her. “It's about my father.”
“He's doing quite well, I told you that last night. They're giving him more than enough food – good food, too. His cell isn't too bad. They gave him blankets. It's better than most in his situation have ever received.”
“You checked on him? You did it today? How? When?”
“No, no. Sorry. They won't let me go, my friends. I’ve… I told you this, last night. A select few are willing to take a few risks to help out.”
“They won't let you go?” She walked further into the room, looking about. This was just a temporary residence. There were no personal belongings – other than his bow, a full quiver, and his quarterstaff. “How come?”
“Too big a risk. I would go myself, but they… they don't think I should risk myself for something one of them can do better. I'm more at home there in the forest than here in the village.”
“Your friends don't want to see you get hurt,” she said, feeling realization wash over her. They thought of him not as a leader but as a friend, a confidant, someone worth risking their lives for. And she understood what she had decided to do shortly after meeting him..
“No one wants to see someone they care about get hurt,” he said. She caught the way he looked at her. It almost made her flush, but the distant, hazy look in his eye? He was thinking of someone else, his lady love.
A part of her twinged at that thought. He had someone he loved – someone who loved him. Someone who, no doubt, missed him and wanted to see him again.
“Chat, what are your plans to rescue my father?” she said, trying to rid herself of her previous thoughts.
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bakubunnie · 2 days ago
no, i do ! he even sticks his tongue out a fraction in mock childishness. he does wonder, more often than not, just what it is about cléo that makes him act so different.. that makes his heart race like never before. he knew she’d been hurt in the past— in fact, it terrified him to think that it could happen again. not on his watch, he assured himself. his arms tighten around her body instinctively, protectively almost. i— i love you the most, baby. don’t forget it, ‘kay?
perhaps that was it.. his desire to care for her, to.. to love her? was he really in love— was that the thing behind the smiles and kisses and butterflies? it made sense, he supposed. the fact that, no matter how enamoured she became, no matter how dependent, he could never tire of her. he’d always want to look out for her.
he watches in awe as she pulls back a little, crimson eyes searching her face for an expression. he couldn’t quite decipher it at first, at least until he could. and by that point, he wanted it just as badly, if not more. cléo.. his voice is but a sigh as he tries his best not to hesitate, pulling her in by the waist and finally pressing a mindless kiss to her softly parted lips. and there they were again, those damn butterflies. if only she wasn’t so beautiful.. if only she wasn’t such a sweetheart. he’d fallen for her, head over damn heels, and no matter how long he’d tried to hide it, there was simply no denying the ache in his heart as their lips met in an unspoken promise. the ache of love, he presumed. and the promise that they’d never part, as long as it was possible.
— katsuki
she’d never felt so.. whole, until now. her breath hitching in her throat when her name leaves his lips — she would never tire of hearing it, ever. it filled her with such and indescribable warmth, of being wanted, finally — and she never seemed to ever get her fill. lips parting once more, she utters a single word: katsuki. his name is so gentle on hers, spiked full of raw adoration and a thousand other emotions she’s unable to decipher at the moment. physically drawn in a bit closer, her hands slide up to rest on his chest, staring into a gaze she’s learned to know as love in his own way. and she’d appreciate anything he decided to give no less that the last.
it’s a little embarrassing how much a simple kiss could put her at such a truckload amount of ease, melting into his touch almost instantly as a faint rouge color dusts upon the apples of her cheeks. eyes fluttered shut, she damn near caves from the sheer intensity of it all, arms sliding up to rest upon his shoulders and crossing behind his head in an attempt to get closer. her body curves into his touch, the fore swelling within her chest growing hotter the more they stayed interlocked. and she really couldn’t help herself for growing needy soon. would you blame her?
his name tumbles from her lips again in a breathless gasp once they part for air, the sound high pitched and whiny. katsuki.. she mumbles softly, lips red and a bit kiss swollen and her chest burns with the heat from their close proximity, letting out another breathless whine. it leaves her near dizzy, panting softly. katsuki..
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princesshylannasnizle · 2 days ago
Chapter 03: The Motivation
No one's been killing anyone, huh? Time to give them a little incentive!
I'm not entirely sure about how accurate the reactions are; like I said, I'm just basing this heavily off the first game.
Chapter Text
So the next day...and the day after that...we searched for an exit, for any sort of hint that could lead us closer to escape. But to our dismay, we couldn't find a single thing.
A) LAUNDRY ROOM – Skarr and Henry look over the various wash basins and in the nooks and crannies of the room.
B) GARBAGE ROOM – Henry, Kim, and Cogsworth observe the incinerator within the garbage room at work.
C) KITCHEN – Héctor picks up an apple and bites into it while Henry looks inside the cabinets.
D) HALLWAY – Ghastly tries turning the knob to the infirmary, but it won't budge. She looks up at Henry, and shakes his head.
Henry and Clara are walking down the hallway, on their way to the dining hall.
It's just all so strange, Clara. I can't believe that any of this is happening.
(looking away)
I can't believe it either. We've got no way out of here...not to mention the person behind this may come and attack us any time they want.
She grows silent again. Henry looks at her with concern.
The person behind this...? Clara, what do you mean?
(looking at Henry)
There has to be someone behind this, don't you think? I don't think all this could have been executed only by Mal. He's had to have help.
Henry is a lttle taken aback by the conviction behind Clara's words, but she can't help but nod.
Yeah, Clara keeps talking about “the founder”...he must mean Mike, right?
But then that means Mike planned this all out for this...?
I don't know. We'll see when the time comes.
Henry and Clara continue on their way. Soon, they enter the dining hall, which is already full of the Characters. Zoey is the first to notice them as they walk into the room.
Oh, Dr. Jekyll, Princess Clara. You took your time getting here.
We were just talking.
Right... (looks away) So that leaves Charlene as the only one absent from this gathering.
The other Characters have by now noticed the newcomers, and Scott comes forward.
Yeah. Charlene went off on some more investigating and didn't come back.
Well, it looks like we have our first murder.
Don't say that! For all we know, he could just be taking her time coming here as well!
And what if he isn't? What if someone already killed just to get themselves out of this place?
Calm down, we don't know what actually happened. We have to wait a little longer, and then go searching for him.
Henry looks down, and then clenches his hand into a fist.
Or maybe the mastermind took her...
Henry, you don't need to tell everyone about that!
But the other Characters heard it, and they now gather around Henry and Clara.
What did you say, Henry?
A mastermind? What makes you think that?
Well, Clara suggested it-
It-it's nothing important! Honestly, you should all just forget about it!
No, Clara, it's perfectly alright. In fact, I think it's a good theory. (to the other Characters) We think that there's someone pulling the strings from behind Mal – that there's someone who's thought this all out.
On hearing this, the Characters begin talking among themselves. Zoey looks particularly sickened.
Could it be true?
I don't see how there can't be. I mean, a plan this well-thought can't execute this all on their own.
You don't think that any of the well-known criminals are behind this?
It could be Moreau.
The man was banned from London a long time ago, Sunset.
I'd like to see you come up with something better!
What if the Forty Elephants are holding us hostage?
They're just a couple of thieves, they likely aren't thinking of murder or anything like that.
Clara looks at Henry anxiously while the others talk. Henry then notices footsteps coming up behind them, and he turns around to see Charlene coming through the doorway. Charlene takes one look at the gathering, and puts a hand on his hip.
Well, you all seem to be busy talking.
The other Characters stop talking, and turn to look straight at her.
Miss Charlene!
We were worried about you!
Yes, where were you? You've kept us waiting – not to mention there was the possibility that you could have been killed!
There's no need to worry about that now. I found something that may tell us something new about the situation we're in.
He steps forward towards the Characters, and takes a folded paper out from her belt, before unfolding it to reveal blueprints. Charlene then lays them out on the dining table for everyone to see.
These are...!
This is the floor plan of the Society. Well, the first floor anyway, but I have no reason to doubt that this is the original.
Where – where did you find this?
Where I found it is not important. But what I found...these are the plans for the Society when it was first constructed. I found, however, that there have been multiple renovations done to it.
Henry looks at the blueprints, before pulling out his booklet. He takes another folded piece of paper out of the booklet, and then unfolds it to show the map of the Society that Mal had put inside. He lays it alongside the blueprints, and stares down at them.
That's true...
What could this possibly mean?
I don't know. The steel plates, the bars, and the gates...they were all part of these renovations. I can only imagine that the mastermind you all speak of may have grand plans.
Henry looks at Charlene, but doesn't say anything. Then she looks back at the blueprints, and doesn't notice when Clara looks over her shoulder at them. Then she pales.
All this...the mastermind has done all this to keep us out from the outside world...
The Characters look at Clara as she begins to back away, holding her head.
And it's been days already...there's a low chance we can contact anyone from this place... (begins to cry) ...are we going to all die here?
She grits his teeth together, and then lets out a guttural cry.
I have to get out of here! I have to see my family again!
(springs up)
He grabs Clara by the shoulders.
Clara, no one is going to die in here! We'll all get out of here soon enough, alright?
Clara can only look at his through tear-filled eyes, sniffling.
Henry...I'm terrified.
We all are. But that doesn't mean we should give up.
(coming forward)
Yes, of course, Clara! Don't forget, we've been shut in here for three days already! Surely the police must know that this Society seems awfully quiet, and Mike must be very worried about us!
Henry remembers what she and Jasper talked about in the hallway, about Mike, but bites his tongue.
So it's only a matter of time before the police find us!
The police? (laughing) You're relying on the police?
The other Characters all turn to see Mal seated at the head of the table, with his feet up. He gives all of them a wicked grin.
The police wouldn't want to help mad scientists like you! And don't forget, Mike trusts me and approves of my every move! There's no way they'd try and rescue you! Plus, the coppers are worthless, so there's that. (crosses his arms) You know, if you want to get out so badly, why don't you all just start killing each other, hm?
The Characters all glare at Mal, with various shades of unease on their faces. Clara shrinks back, and Henry holds him close.
(uncrosses his legs)
Well, here comes a thought. Why won't any of you start slaying each other? I mean, you have a place, you have fellows – (points at blueprints on the table) – you even have a mystery! All things to get a murder game going.
Then without warning, he jumps onto the table, and then starts walking on it, before coming to a stop as he is stepping right on the blueprints.
Then I realized; there was something missing!
And what was that?
(looks straight at Ito)
A. Motive.
Then he jumps off the table, and unconsciously the Characters make way for him as he strolls out of the room.
In that vein, I've left you all something in the common room. How pleasant of me, am I right? I can't stop giving you things. I gotta admit, though, you mad scientists are pretty tough. Saying all that idiot about a mastermind? (scoffs, points at himself) No one controls this lunatic!
He cackles, and then leaves the dining hall. The Characters all stare after him, before they look at each other.
So it seems we shall go to the common room.
But what will we find there?
I don't think I'd like to find out...
Charlene looks at everyone else, before turning her eyes upon Clara and Henry.
Why don't we go to the common room and see for ourselves whether it is a trap or not?
Are-are you sure we can handle that?
I don't know. I just have a good feeling about you two.
Henry and Clara look at each other, and Henry swallows.
Soon, Henry, Clara, and Charlene find themselves in front of the doorway to the common room. Henry looks inside the common room, and takes a deep breath.
(points into the room)
There. Do you see it?
He points at a box in the middle of the room, sitting atop a table.
Yeah, I see it.
Stay here.
She goes forward, keeping Clara and Henry there with a hand. Charlene treads carefully upon the floor, before he stops in front of the box. Then she motions for them to come forward.
(to herself)
So Mal hasn't placed traps in this room, at least.
Henry and Clara do as they are told, and come towards the box. The three of them stare down curiously at it, before Charlene nods.
It's harmless after all. I'll go and tell the others. You two find out what's in the box.
With that, Charlene straightens up, and leaves the room. It it then that Henry and Clara look at each other, a little unsure.
What do you think could be in that box?
(looks down at the box)
Something that Mal would want us to see...but what could it be?
Henry stares at the box, before opening it to reveal the contents: a layer of envelopes covering the bottom of the box. She takes one out, and then flips it around to read the name “FOXXY LOVE”. He puts it down, examining the other envelopes as he speaks.
These are...letters for us?
Letters? Hasn't Mal given us enough?
That's what I thought, too.
Just as Henry finally locates her own letter, the other Characters start pouring into the common room. They notice Henry standing over the box, and come over to her.
Now, now! What's this all about?
These are letters addressed to each of us. (tucks his letter under his arm) Hold on, I think I found yours in here.
Henry hands Ghastly his letter, while Terra and Héctor reach in and rifle through the box for their own letters. We then cut to when the Characters all have their own letters, and they all look at each other as they hold them in their hands. We see Henry and Clara nod at each other, before they open their letters.
The envelope is open, and Henry pulls out a piece of paper that sits inside, before unfolding it and reading to herself, the words echoing in Mal's voice.
(V.O., from the letter)
“Dear Dr. Henry Jekyll, you were born an ordinary college. You were raised by a loving family who loved to travel across Britain. Your family, especially all your older brothers, were part of how you grew up, and I'm positively sure you can't imagine your life the same way without them.”
Henry raises his eyebrow, and reads the next paragraphs.
(V.O., from the letter)
“But all that will change soon enough. For, you see, your older brothers were released from prison. It was a textbook miracle! Until...
“They were sent to die, anyway, for the sake of Queen and empire.
“What could have happened that caused something like this to happen to them? Are they still alive?
“You'll find out when you make your escape!”
“Mal, from total drama all stars.”
Henry's eyes widen, and she gasps.
He quickly tucks the paper behind the envelope, and then takes out the other contents of the envelope – first a picture of her and his older brothers, as children. Then he takes out another picture: a picture of him brothers being released from prison. And then he sees the final picture: a picture of one of them – presumably the youngest – lying in what looks to be a hospital bed.
(lowering the things in her hands)
I...How could this be? (breathing audibly) I have to get out of here...
He looks up, and sees that the other Lodgers have similar looks on their faces. We cut to three certain Characters - even Charlene, Ghastly, and Hector Con Carne look unnerved.
What the heck?
Ghastly gapes, but Ito is silent, though a tinge of fear appears on her face. Cut to Zoey's hands shaking, as they drop the letter and the pictures.
ZOEY fiend!
She runs over to the phonograph hanging by the ceiling of the room.
You absolute monster! Let me out!
Henry watches him lose control, and then hears someone breathing heavily. He looks to his left to see Clara, pale and trembling, clutching the papers tightly before backing up and hitting the wall.
No! This has to be a dream! This has to be! Kill or be killed...I don't want this anymore! Why is this happening to us?!
A cackle pierces the air, and Henry sees Mal standing there, in the doorway to the common room, preventing escape.
Did you enjoy my little presents?
(turns to him)
Yes, me. Would you mind not screaming and potentially breaking the phonographs? They and my ears are sensitive.
Charlene straightens up, her face cold as stone.
Answer Clara's question. Why is this happening? Why are you doing all of this?
(puts hand to chin)
Why am I doing all of this? Well, all I can say is...
His face darkens, and a wide grin spreads across his face.
I want you all to fall into despair. That will be all!
She sinks down to the floor, and covers her ears, gnashing her teeth together. Henry rushes over to her, and takes her by the shoulders yet again.
Clara! Clara, it'll be alright!
(continuing to yell)
No, it won't be! No one's coming to save us, Henry! We're all going to die!
We won't die! I swear on my life – I'll make sure nothing happens to you! To any of us!
Clara stares at him, before tears well up in her eyes again, and they start falling freely. He leans forward and buries her face in his shoulder, clutching at his sleeves and sobbing hopelessly. Henry doesn't even hesitate to wrap her arms around him and hold him close.
In the background, Mal starts to laugh once more. Charlene and Zoey glare at Mal, while the other Lodgers' attention are focused on Henry and Clara. FADE OUT to black.
Henry is currently lying down on his bed, lost in thought.
I couldn't believe what I had just seen, back then.
FLASHBACK to the pictures that Henry had seen, and his reaction to them, before we see Clara's reaction to his own letter, and then her crying on Henry's shoulder.
END FLASHBACK, and we come back to Henry turning over in bed to face the door.
But I have to be strong. For everyone's sake, and for Henry's sake...
As he stares at the ceiling, a knocking sounds on the door. He sits up.
He opens the door to find Clara standing there, her arms wrapped around herself, looking apprehensive.
PRINCESS CLARA it alright if I come inside?
Huh? Of-of course.
He opens the door wider, and lets Clara inside.
Cut to Clara sitting on Henry's bed, with Henry standing before him.
What's going on, Clara?
I...I thought it would be alright to come to you about this, since you were so nice to me...
Of course! It's alright to come to me about anything. What's wrong?
(looking away)
Well...I heard someone trying to force my door open. At least, I heard my doorknob rattling.
Henry sits down beside Clara as he continues.
I thought there was someone there, but I was too scared to see who it was. I don't know what would have happened if I had opened the door at that moment. So I waited for it to stop, and then a few moments after that, before I went to check who it was...and I saw no one in the hall.
DR. HENRY JEKYLL could have just been Mal. I know he'd try to use a cheap tactic like that to scare you.
Still...I am afraid now...
She looks pleadingly at him.
Henry, I want to stay here for the night.
What? Is that alright?
Well...yes, I mean; I looked at the rules.
She takes out his own booklet from her pocket, and opens it to a certain page, before reading aloud.
“Sleeping anywhere other than the bedrooms will be seen as slacking off and punished accordingly.” We have to sleep in the bedrooms, of course, but it doesn't say where we have to sleep. This will be fine.
Oh...Alright. If it'll make you feel better – anything for you, Clara.
Clara nods, and then rubs her arms. Henry stares at her, and then blushes. Clara catches the look on his face, and jumps back.
Huh? What's wrong?
It-it's nothing, but...I just remembered, a man and a woman together in the same room-!
He covers his mouth. His face grows ever redder.
I mean, I wasn't thinking of anything indecent at the time, but...
Clara looks down at his feet.
I see...If it bothers you so much, then – why don't we switch rooms for the night?
Huh? Switch rooms?'ll be alone here.
(tries to smile)
If the person that tried to scare me comes back, I know you'll be able to handle them. Besides, I feel safer here – maybe it's because this room is yours.
Henry watches her as she scratches the back of her head, and then she looks at him.
Unless it isn't okay with you...
Oh, no, I don't question the things that make you feel safe, Jasper. If it'll help put your mind at ease, then it's fine by me.
So it's settled then...
The next thing they know, Henry is handing over her room key to Clara, as the alarm clock rings from behind them.
Don't open the door for anyone, even if it's me, alright, Clara? I just want you to be safe.
I want you to be safe too. (reaches into pocket) And I won't open the door, even if it's you – otherwise, what's the point of switching rooms?
Clara places something in Rachel's open hand, and removes his hand to reveal a key with the label “PRINCESS” attached to the ring.
(closes hand around the key)
Got it. And don't worry. I'll stay safe.
Thank you.
They exchange one last smile, before Henry turns towards the door.
Henry walks out of his room, and looks up at the door for a moment – it bears her name on a nameplate – and then goes out into the hallway, closing the door behind him. It locks with a click.
He doesn't have to go far to reach Clara's room – in fact, it is the room to the right of hers. He stares up at the nameplate bearing Clara's full name, before he looks down and slides the key into the lock.
Soon, Henry is inside Clara's room. It does not look much different from the room assigned to her, but the bedsheets are beige instead of purple, and the notice from Mal still hangs atop the bedside drawer. Henry moves to the middle drawer, and opens it to see a gun.
So this is Henry's room.
He closes the drawer, and then sits on the bed.
I can only trust him to be safe, for tonight. When the morning comes...I'll protect him. It's the best that I can do.
He inhales, and then exhales. Then he lays down on the bed, and closes his eyes.
It's all I can do.
Cut to Clara sitting in Henry's room, a blank notebook and a pencil on the bedside table. She stares down at them, her expression dark. Then she inhales sharply, and takes a hold of the notebook, before ripping a paper out.
The screen turns black.
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psychcdelica · 2 days ago
For the rest of the world and galaxy, it was just a normal day. For Spartan-197 and Rebecca, however, today was a day of celebration. It was Chisa’s birthday. The two soldiers had gotten leave for part of the day to go celebrate her birthday. They had to stop by a local bakery that Rebecca liked to frequent. It was said that their cakes were some of the finest in the UEG. It didn’t take long for the two to make it to the school that Chisa worked at. Hope’s Peak Academy. A prestigious school for only the best and brightest minds. They arrived during lunch time when Chisa wouldn’t have a class to teach. Entering the school they were stopped at a reception area before being allowed into the school and lead to meet Chisa in her classroom. Upon entering the room, Rebecca went to go hug her mother.
“Happy birthday mom!” Rebecca said with glee.
She soon stepped back and it was 197’s turn to give her a hug and a kiss after putting down the cake and gifts the two had brought.
“Happy birthday honey. We figured we would come and see how you were doing. I apologize for not being able to spend the whole day with you on your birthday. You know how work is. But we should be home for dinner a little bit after you finish your work.”
Rebecca was the first to give her gift to Chisa. It was chocolate in the shape of an apple. It was designed to be pulled apart and the pieces looked like actual apple slices. For 197’s gift to Chisa was some teaching supplies that she had made comment about running low on and a necklace that also functioned like a locket that she could put a picture into.
Tumblr media
    It’s a wonderful day for the Housekeeper, one like any other yet different in the reception she recieves from Teachers and Students alike.  Her students were warm with their well wishes, excited to see what sort of presents the Housekeeper received from her own family.  There’s laughter and dancing, twirling and excitement, she’s light on her feet as the genuine happiness seems to build her up.
    “Everyone’s been amazing today!”  She calls out, before preparing for the next lesson, her homemade bentou to the side - it’s the only time she can manage to eat, considering her busy schedule.
    She wasn’t expecting a loving husband or daughter to make their way into Hope’s Peak Academy, to congradulate her on another year older!  But, it was sweet and overwhelming to see the two.
    Chisa wraps her arms around her daughter easily enough, a warm embrace to thank the younger girl for having her mother in her thoughts.  “Thank you sweetie,” and it takes everything she has not to tear up at the notion.
Tumblr media
    “You guys didn’t have to!”  Wrapping the spartan up in a hug of her own, never wanting to let go.  “I’ll make something extra delicious for tonight, thank you for the surprise,”  She gifts them with pecks on their cheeks, Chisa’s own way of saying thanks.  “Alright, go back to work!  I love you both, and I’ll see you later.”
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kingshirtstore · 2 days ago
May Your Life Be As Awesome As You Pretend It Is On Social Media T-shirt
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alicemitch09writes · 3 days ago
(un)loving miya atsumu
of high hopes and little expectations
Laughter sounded off in front of you, four figures happily running around each other – your big sister, dressed in her prettiest dress with her (h/c) into low pig tails, holding on to your little brother’s hand, who was watching with pure laughter at the twins trying to grab the other.
It was just another day out in the sun for the (L/N) and Miya children. A usual scene of twos - two vibrant children walking ahead.
And then, there was you, walking behind, as always. The odd one out.
Even with your family, you were left out. In school, you were always the last person people would approach, the last person they'd choose for group activities or even games. You didn't even like playing games, but it hurts that nobody thought of asking you to join.
Even in this new place, you were alone.
Always by yourself.
Always by your lonesome.
Always the last person.
At most, you were like a shadow – no one really noticed unless they look down, visible only when one wasn’t looking.
Suddenly, something - or rather, someone, was right in your face. Honey brown, forever filled with wonder, hunger, and life, bright enough to rival the sinking sun behind him. “Man, what’s taking you so long?” Atsumu. Without a word, he grabs you by the hand and pulls you forward. “Come on slowpoke!”
Behind him, the sun continues its slow descent, painting him in an afterglow. He looked pretty, like a painting in textbooks, pretty as a picture - prettier, even.
Slowly, a smile creeps itself on your face, hands slowly closing onto his.
Tumblr media
A small curious thing. You tried to smile, especially at the child staring at you from your sister's phone. "Hello, Alexander."
He blinks – large blue eyes reminding you of sapphire, it could probably be the lighter because of the lighting. A mass of blonde falls on the sides of his hair, shaggy, since his bath.
"Maiaiai!" someone yells beside him, the video blurs, suddenly, a female version of the boy you were talking to earlier appears on screen – reddened on the apples of her cheeks, wearing a toothy grin, as her lighter blond hair were tied in high pigtails. "Haiaiaiah!"
Wincing, from the sheer volume of the little girl, you struggle to keep a smile on. "H-Hello, Pien."
Oh my god, you thought, pulling your head back. Please shut up. Why are you so loud?
Innocently she smiles toothily at you, chubby hand cupping her face.
Adorable, but loud. Gah.
"This is why I can't do what you do," you tell your sister, watching how she easily calms the two children. "You're like magic with them."
Mika laughs. "You make it sound like they're a different species!"
Mika's always been a patient person, she deals with people just fine and people love her for it because of how she was generally pleasant overall. It was also because she was empathetic, must be nice since she's studying psychology.
"You're mean! At least Reiki's nice to them!"
At the mention of her boyfriend, Pien, the little girl excitedly says his name, her brother looking at his hands with a smile. Reiki was pretty good with kids, too.
"RWACKY!!!!!!" Pien screeches, saying 'Rocky' instead of 'Reiki'. Poor little thing.
"Good for him then," feeling a yawn coming, you quickly cover your mouth, stretching your arms overhead. "Well, that's it for me. Gotta hit the sack now."
"Alright, hold on!" Tucking Alexander and Pien in her arms, she starts to wave. "Pien, Alexander, say bye to my sister!"
"Baiiii!" Pien screams, Alexander just waves shyly.
You snap a few screenshots from the call – new additions to the gallery, waving back tiredly.
“Congrats and good luck on your third year!” your sister says before ending the call.
Your reflection stares back at you.
Boring, plain, ugly - a downgrade version of your sister. Sighing, you fall back on your seat, looking away from your reflection. Thoughts flying.
Though technology has blessed you with easier ways to communicate with your older sister, it will never beat direct communication. Still, it was nice to hear from her every now and then, virtually meeting her Au Pair host parents and children, who clearly love and cherish Mika.
It's nearing almost a year since your sister left, the unfathomable phantom feeling in your chest still stings from missing her. Though you've managed to hold things down, the weight of it all was still a heavy one. Being the next oldest was no joke, after all.
Before your sister left for the Netherlands, after Atsumu cut off ties with you, you snuck his letter at the end of one of her novels.
You also left a note over it, telling her to talk to him when she had the chance.
Even after everything, you owed him that much.
It was a sworn duty to work for his happiness, give him closure, the assurance from his one true love, even though it might end badly with how Deura Reiki was involved in her life. But at least there was an assurance that she knew of his feelings, knew how much he loved, assured even that his love was a pleasant gift to receive.
Miya Atsumu's love has that much value.
However, Mika's yet to say anything about it though.
Tumblr media
“Look, look, it’s her!”
“There, right there!”
“Oh, it is her!”
“The infamous ‘Inarizaki’s Fox Keeper’! The elusive manager of the Inarizaki Volleyball Club!"
"It's said that she helped bring the school’s volleyball team to nationals for two years straight and kept the team in line!”
“I also heard she got into a verbal lashing against the current captain, Miya Atsumu.”
“No way! That Miya Atsumu?!”
“Bad ass.”
“Uwah, even the way she walks is scary, not to mention, that look in her eyes.”
“So cold,”
"She carries herself in a certain way, that just oozes...power and dominance."
Unaware of the looks and whispers from the watching lower year levels, you approach the bulletin board. Very carefully, you take out a rolled paper from your bag and pinned the edges, smoothing a hand down to the ends, allowing the sign to be read to all:
'URGENT RECRUIT: Inarizaki Volleyball Club is looking for a manager!
**Must be: a first-year or a second-year, with or without experience is acceptable.
Please approach the VBC Office or approach (L/N) (Y/N) from Class 3-7 for inquiries.'
You hummed, eyes narrowing at the rather basic-looking poster that your big sister quickly assured was simple and easy enough to attract anyone. At the bottom sat a stern-looking snow fox (that almost reminded you of Kita) with its tail wrapped around a volleyball. Kita, Aran, Oomimi, and Akagi had assured you that the poster was fine, praising you even for the initiative. Mika had seconded that 'It's a managerial job! Haven't you read all the shoujo mangas by now?'
Okay, that worried you. Maybe you should've been sterner. What were the chances of actually getting a decent candidate?
"Uwah, that's a scary look on your face, manager~" comes a familiar, smooth voice, chin digging on your head.
Feeling the weight on your head cuts you off your stupor. "Please get off me, Captain Miya."
Following your line of sight, Osamu's eyes widen slightly. "Ah, it's that time of the year, huh?"
"What're ya worried about, anyway?" Lifting his head off, he didn't as much as move from his spot next to you.
Seeing as he was captain, you exhaled and answered. "The team hasn't had a manager since I came in, I'm worried about leaving the juniors behind."
Kamisato Mitsuki had been a candidate, but before your second year even started she had to move to another prefecture because of her dad’s job. What luck.
"Oh yeah, we've had you for three years..." Suna casually said.
"We've been blessed having you as our manager, (L/N)." Ginjima smiles at you.
"The heck, that's what you've been worryin' about?"
He says it so easily. Then again, you remembered how he treated you throughout your days as the manager, how little he seemed to regard that being a club manager was just as hard.
"Anyway," you forcefully move away from the blonde-dyed boy, top of your hair a bit ruffled now. "I have to take my leave now. Later."
Tumblr media
Thankfully, two first years responded to your hiring. Both were promising enough, organized, and clearly level-headed enough to handle the team's sly nature and deal with Coach Kurosu's never-ending dog stories or Coach Oomi’s provocation games with other team coaches.
It's just that, they were supremely intimidated by you and the rest of the third years. And for good reason. You were rather stern and cold, you didn't earn the moniker 'Inarizaki's Fox Keeper' for nothing. Also, there was an apathetic middle blocker, an aloof hot-headed ace, the Miya twins, and the fact that the team was a powerhouse to behold! Just how did you manage to keep them all?
“It’s a lot, I know. But in time, you’ll realize that they’re just like us: people. You just have to get used to it,” was all you tell them, quirking an assuring smile. Hopefully, that did it in as they seem less apprehensive.
The two – Asano and Yoshimichi, tagged along your heels, like lost puppies – foxes, in this case. Or kits. You quickly instructed them on what to do before, during, and after breaks or drills. Both coaches were also quick to teach them a few things, lifting a few weight off your shoulders.
For the next few days, while they were all busy finding new recruits, you were busy teaching the two freshmen the ropes.
You barely gave a passing glance to the new captain, directing your eyes to the new recruits - the majority of which, were freshmen. There were a few second-years, who were adamant about trying again. The blonde-dyed captain was talking, his twin hot on his heels, while the rest of the regulars watched from behind.
Shortly after, a drill was done, you kept a careful eye on the plays from prospective players, nodding and jolting down your notes. Rounding the gym, you nodded and gave a tight smile to the rest of the regulars who were helping out with practice, keeping your distance and wanting a closer look at each player.
“Always be on your guard,” you tell the two managers-in-training with a smile, the two were warily walking alongside you. “especially during ball drills or practice matches, you’ll have to keep an eye out for wayward balls.”
As soon as you said that a ball comes flying your way, but with practiced ease, raising a hand at the incoming ball, killing its velocity, and falling with a thump - it was like you swatted a fly! The two managers-in-training had their eyes sparkling at you after that.
More drills and practice followed, the search for prospective players proved to be a much more damning task this year. By the time certain players and their talents were drilled in your brain, it was already Friday.
Before you knew it, you had written whole pages about prospective players who could fit the team. Thinning your lips, you unclipped your notes to flip to a fresh new page. The team captain, vice-captain, and coaches were in charge of those anyway. When the day was over-
“So, manager, whaddaya think?”
Pencil paused, you peered up, meeting your captain's waiting gaze. Has he been there the whole time?
Frowning slightly, you lowered your clipboard. “You’re asking my input now?”
“Yeah,” he says easily. “I mean, you have a good eye and all.”
You regarded the teen before you, a slight frown still in place. “I thought my opinion was trash and didn’t matter?”
That caused Atsumu's smile to drop, the light in his eyes dimming slowly replaced with what seemed to be...guilt?
“Come on, (Name), help us out here,” Osamu reasons, to which you relent with a sigh.
"Y-Yeah, what 'samu said!" Atsumu recovered, voice faltering a bit. "C'mon, let's have a looksie~"
Two against one, you fell into a sigh, unclipping your notes and flipping to the previous page. Both twins 'ooh' and 'ahh' at your written analysis, three days' worth of recruiting in five whole pages.
"There you have it," you sigh, again, folding your things away. Ducking your head consciously, voice quiet when you ask. "Well...what do you think?" Internally, you were berating yourself. See? Your opinions are stupid. Why did you even bother showing them? You could've just left instead of showing off-
"I actually agree with all of it," Atsumu said, much to your surprise. So much, actually, that you lifted your head to meet his. "There were some things you wrote that I didn't really notice until you pointed them out," he says, pointing to your notes.
Beside him, Osamu nods, expression betraying nothing. "We'll bring this up with coach later, you should probably join us, (Y/N)."
"Yeah, we should!" Atsumu said, almost excitedly. "Then we can surely have the final list done!"
"A-Ah," was all you could say, playing with the edges of your clipboard.
Frowning, something comes to mind, but you wave it off and walk on.
Tumblr media
Letting out a sigh, you wiped at your sweating forehead, eyes on the cooler, which you dragged all the way from the club room. Summer was fast approaching, it seems.
You had to make a quick detour to the cafeteria, to ask for ice and refill the water bottles. The whole process was a pain, your arms were aching. And now, you have to bring the cooler to the gym. The problem? Getting through the entrance. It was a struggle carrying- dragging it from the cafeteria, now there was lifting.
Tough it out, you tell yourself. You've done this for a while (except that time when Kita was your co-manager). Steeling yourself, you start to lift the ends of the cooler when it was taken away from you, meeting a grinning Atsumu. "Where d'you want this?" he asks, rather breezily.
"Um," you blink, pointing to the benches. "it's alright, captain, I can-"
"Nope!" with a smile, he walks over to the benches with the cooler in hand. "This thing's light as a feather!" His hands were shaking, as the cooler was filled with ice and a number of water bottles. But you didn't tell him that, at least not when he was already halfway in the gym.
"Um, sure...?"
Finally reaching the benches, he gently drops them to the ground, shaking off his hand. You eyed them worriedly.
"Whew! See?" he tucks his hand away, grinning ear to ear. "Light as a feather!"
"Uh-huh," you decide to humor him. "But you shouldn't strain your hands like that next time. Also, good job on lifting with your back, but that means you have to stretch them as early as now lest you want to suffer the consequences.”
Despite your words, he finds himself laughing and nodding. “Yes, yes, managers-san~” with a lilt of his voice, much to your confusion.
Shaking your head, you quickly turned to your duties.
Unbeknownst to you, Atsumu was actively trying to make up, after all this time.
During breaks, his eyes would directly turn to find you, first to help you distribute water and towels, assist you in carrying any heavy items. He’s been trying since last year. The acts did not go unnoticed by everyone – especially by the two managers-in-training.
“Um, (L/N)’re close with Miya-senpai right?” Asano asks, pausing over the ball she was wiping.
Finishing one ball, you tossed it over the cart without looking and picked up another. “You’d have to be specific, since there’s two of them after all.”
“A-Ah!” finished with one, she reached for another just as she said. “Atsumu-“
“I’m not close with him.” You reply almost immediately.
Asano exchanges a look with Yoshimichi. “O-Oh, is that so...”
“Why ask?”
"U-Uh..." Asano shrinks under your gaze, feeling like she was put on the spot. "...b-because..."
Yoshimichi, seeing Asano in a pinch, was about to open her mouth when the person in question appeared.
“Oi! (Y/N)! What’cha talking about?” For some reason, he was holding a ball in top of his head as he approached.
“Nothing of importance.”
“Heh~ Anyway, wanna get some okonomiyaki on the way home?”
“I refuse.”
“Eh? Why not?”
“You’re not supposed to spoil yourself before dinner.”
“Eh?” Atsumu whines, hand on his stomach. “But I wanna get okonomiyaki!”
Asano and Yoshimichi may only be freshmen, but they’ve heard of the fabled ‘Inarizaki’s Fox Keeper’, the stoic, uptight, and formidable manager. Up close, she was just as uptight as people have said, but she was so much more than that – she was just that steady of a figure.
They’ve also heard of the squabble between her and the now captain, Miya Atsumu, have heard of stories of their defunct relationship. Yet now, all they saw were different people from the same stories told to them.
“Alright, fine. Stingy (Y/N), hmph!” he whispered under his breath, cheeks puffed. “But d’ya wanna head home together?”
“(L/N)-senpai is not what I had expected.” Yoshimichi says, watching as how their senior easily dealt with their (childish) captain.
Asano nods, noting the look on their captain’s face before turning away, it was a look that she felt like she shouldn’t be able to see – that undeniably softened look.
Because he looks at you different, was what she wanted to say.
Tumblr media
"Oh? Hey guys!" The three of you look up, meeting Reiki. Over the two-week spring vacation, he's grown scruffier, hair longer, default smile in place. "Good job for today! Are y'all going home?"
"Yeah, we are."
"I have great timing, then! Need a lift?"
The twins, perpetually knowing of what happened between you two, were surprised when you willingly accepted. "Okay then."
“Eh?!” the twins say together, sharing the same brain cell at the moment it seems, something you and Reiki didn’t notice.
Just as you were about to hop in the passenger seat, though, Atsumu beat you to it. “SHOTGUN!” he yelled aloud.
With no choice, and because he called for it, you had no choice but to join Osamu in the backseat.
“Alright, seatbelts in, for safety, okay!” Reiki’s reply was the clicks from the passengers, him included. Shifting gears, he slowly backs the car, before shifting gears again and cruising easily to the road.
“Did you have another delivery today?” you asked, to which Reiki nodded.
“Yep! Rice season is really starting to kick off!” honking gently, he switched up a lever to signal that he was turning to overtake the car in front of him. “Everyone’s been working hard and it paid off well!”
“That’s good to hear.”
“Do you help with farming, too, Reiki?” Osamu couldn’t help but ask.
Humming, the car gently came to a stop at red. “Not really. I mean, I help with the family restaurant. But when they need some deliveries done, we do it for no charges!” he laughs, jovially.
“Didn’t Yumie-san gift you a sack of rice a year back?”
“Yumie-san?” Now why was that name familiar? Atsumu thought about it, remembering a wrinkly small woman by the stands. “Kita-san’s granny?”
Reiki laughs again, red slowly blinking in and out. “Yep! Good ‘ol Yumie-san. Well, we mostly cater to her farm, since we have relatives in her area. And she’s always kind enough to gift us rice for the free delivery we offer.” At green, the car moves again.
Atsumu can remember the few times he’s met Kita-san’s granny – she was the sweetest, cutest, and smallest thing. And that’s saying, because their grandma was tall (just not as tall as the twins)! She would often visit and give sweet potatoes, rice snacks, or fresh oranges from the farm.
In addition, Granny Kita took a liking towards (Y/N), saying she was almost like her grandchild.
“She was always the cutest thing, granny, I mean.”
“Hmm, rice.”
“Oh, by the way, (Y/N),” Reiki quickly peeks up at the dashboard mirror, meeting your gaze. “Mika says she delivered a package over.”
“Oh, yeah…she did say that. When will it arrive again?”
“Hmm, about a one to three days?”
Osamu whistles, shocked by the information. “That’s rather fast.”
“You’re underestimating the labor force in your own homeland, Osamu.” You tease the boy.
In the front seat, Atsumu was confused by it all, concealed only by him laughing at his brother. He was still surprised by how easily you and Reiki could talk to each other, like that punch from last time meant nothing. Something wasn’t adding up here.
Before he knew it, their neighborhood comes to view.
Tumblr media
Atsumu came home to the smell of lemons like his mom used two whole can’s worth of lemon-scented spray.
Walking further in, there were two figures at the kitchen – you and Osamu.
“Hey,” he called out, carefully since you both were holding knives. “What’s going on?”
“We’re making honeyed lemons,” Osamu explains, expression neutral (as always).
Beside him, was you - still in your uniform with a borrowed apron on. You were slicing the lemons rather robotically, almost with practiced ease. There were about two bowls of freshly sliced lemons, three more waiting bowls by the counter next to the sink.
“Can I help?”
“I dunno, ‘Tsumu, can you?” Osamu challenges, raising a brow.
Angered, he was just about ready to retort when you sighed.
“Stop. We’re in the kitchen, where accidents are prone to happen especially with you two around.” There was a knowing tone, especially at the emphasis on the twins. Turning to Atsumu, you gesture with a cock of your head. “You can help by mixing the honey, cinnamon, and ginger right there.”
Yep, summer was definitely coming up close – a sea of lemon filling his home was another confirmation he needed aside from the scorching weather as of late.
Thankfully, with you still around, you’ve at least managed keep the team running thanks to your strict health maintenance routine. Once summer starts to hit, you’ve already procured some lemons and filled the team’s water with lemon water – which helps keep the team hydrated and boost their vitamin c intake.
There were also honeyed lemons, which they (plus him!) were making now. It actually occurred to him that he’s always been curious to how these were made.
“Have you always made honeyed lemons?” Atsumu asked.
“Since middle school, you idiot.” Osamu scolds him, cutting the lemons into thin slices, seeds already plucked out.
“I wasn’t talking to you, idiot-“
“What did I say about accidents in the kitchen?” Your voice cut through, like the knife you were holding and the twins froze at that.
“S-Sorry…” they say.
“And what Osamu said, I’ve been making them since middle school. Originally, for my uncle and mom, and then for the team.”
It was a Monday, so there was no volleyball practice today. Atsumu had class duties that day, so Osamu went home first. Seeing you in the Miya household was a bit of a surprise.
"It's rare to have you here," Atsumu says, for formality's sake.
"I'm sorry to be here then," you readily reply, a clack following after from slicing. Osamu steals a glance at his brother, head shaking.
"I-I mean...!" Shit, how many grams of honey was needed again? He squints at the instructions in front of him. "Is no one home at yours?"
Without turning or looking, you grab the lemon off from the bowl, chopping off the sides first. "No. Both my mom and uncle are out, Kaoru has soccer practice. Considering it's a day off, I thought of making honeyed lemons."
"Where're the lemons from?"
"Uncle's friend."
"Did you use money from the club?"
"I did." You nod, finishing the lemon and reaching for another. "I was about to consult you about it but-"
"Ha, good luck with that," Osamu says with a huff. "Shithead knows zero to nothing about budget plans, let alone costings."
Before Atsumu could reply, there was a loud clack - from the knife in your hand, the chopping board shaking from the force, as though it were ready to break. Biting his reply, Atsumu busily mixes the few other ingredients in, but without sticking his tongue out at his brother.
Seeing as the conversation wasn't finished, you owed an explanation. "Osamu suggested that I make them here, since there was no one home and that he could lend me a hand."
Bitterness settles on his tongue, heavily, towards his brother. How come you always come to him? Is he an afterthought now?
When all the lemons were sliced up, you and the twins set up the lemons on the containers, layering the lemons and honey mixture in.
"I'll have them refrigerated here," says Osamu, when worry starts to form in your face.
Almost instantly, your face relaxes. "Thank you."
Yep, he was definitely an afterthought.
The kitchen was a mess, their mother would give them hell if it wasn't cleaned. However, if you were there and explained, she would probably let the twins off.
From the corner of his eye, he caught movement over at your house. It was Kaoru, nose high up in the air as he was chatting with someone-
Your eyes widened at that. Immediately, the three of you peer over at the living room window, curiously craning your heads out.
"...who is that with her?"
"It's a classmate, I think."
"Uwah, look at my brother boy being a gentleman!"
Sensing eyes his way, your brother turns, seeing three teenagers watching him from over the ledge that separated the two houses - much to his horror, especially the look on your face.
"Heyyyyy brother boy!" Atsumu greets with a wave, expression cheeky.
"Who's that with you?" Osamu seconds, brows wiggling.
And then there was you, a smirk on your face.
Kaoru's face reddens, almost like a tomato.
Unable to help yourselves, the three of you break out into snickers - much like before. Well, almost.
Tumblr media
With summer vacation close at hand, the club had already decided to dedicate their time to work themselves. However, to cross that hurdle, they had to go through exams.
And speaking of exams...
"The lot of you barely passed your exams from last year. Thankfully, you somehow managed to get by with a two to five-point difference. Had any of you gotten a score lower than that, and it would have robbed you of your chances in playing at nationals."
For some reason, the trouble children were (forced) sitting in a seiza, as you standing in front of them, arms crossed, mouthing them off – an ominous aura radiating off you. Not even the coaches dared to approach your side of the gym, nobody was brave enough to be within that space.
"M-Manager's scary."
"You're right. Now that she's a third year, it just makes her all the more intimidating."
"So you guys better study!" one of them teased with a laugh.
"Hey! I do study!"
"Can I help any of you?"
The second-years jump at the sound of your voice, quick to shake their heads before walking away.
"U-U-Um...(L/N)..." Ginjima braves, only to yelp and jump when you turned back to him.
"Aran-san and the others entrusted the team to me. But communication and trust is a two-way street – it should be a joint effort." There was a hard emphasis on 'joint', making the trouble children feel like a block dropping on their heads. "You're third years at this point, you should set an example to your lower year levels."
Seriously, the more you spoke, the more pathetic they felt about themselves.
"C-Come on now, (Y/N), you're taking this rather-" Osamu and Ginjima widened their eyes, trying to get Atsumu to stop. “seriously!”
But it was too late, your eyes narrowed, sharpened.
"So, you'd rather that the image the freshmen and sophomores have of you lot are idiots?" Atsumu winced, feeling a chill. "Meat lugs with nothing but volleyball in their brains?" Another chill. "I mean, it's okay, so long as you compensate for all your talents. But clearly, you're all brawns with no brains." Atsumu feels like he was a carton of ice cream at the very bottom of the freezer.
"...can you please help us study, then?" asks Osamu, chewing on his lower lip.
You raised a brow. "Haven't I been doing that for years? Clearly, it hasn't paid off." Osamu ducks, feeling his stare your way.
"That's not it!" Atsumu starts, a mistake since his legs were starting to numb and he nearly toppled over had he not grabbed on to Suna. "Y-You've helped plenty!"
"Then why are your grades so poor?"
“I-It’s on us?”
“You’re not sure?”
“It is on us!”
“Given the case, just proves my earlier statement – years of me helping you hasn’t paid off.”
That seemed like the final nail to the coffin.
And yet, Atsumu refused to yield.
He then widened his eyes at you, hands clasped before his chest.
Confusion settled first, before realization slowly dawned on you. "No." He widened them even more. "No, Miya Atsumu, NO." His eyes start to shine, jutting his lower lip out. "I swear to god, you're too old for this." Without breaking his expression, he nudges his brother. Once, Osamu stares and blinks. Twice, Osamu frowns slightly. Thrice, more forcefully, Osamu then mimics his brother, just less enthusiastic. "YOU GUYS ARE NOT SERIOUS!?" Then, Osamu’s eyes widen, almost doe-like while Atsumu's lower lip begins to wobble. That does you over.
Sighing in defeat, you sigh. "Fine."
"Yes!" Atsumu yells victorious, throwing his hands in the air, doing so, caused him to fall on his back. "ACK!"
"That's what you get, idiot."
Suna snickers in agreement, capturing every bit of it with his phone.
"U-Um, (L/N), can we get up now?"
"Why were you even sitting in the first place?"
That weekend, everyone meets up at the Miya household for the group study, much to the insistency of the troubled children. On an unforgiving, scorching hot summer day.
When they got to the door, they were welcomed with a smile much brighter than the unforgiving sun outside.
"Ara! (Y/N)-chan!" the Miya matriarch welcomed you, engulfing you in her arms, her sons invisible to her. "It's been a while since you've been here! Welcome, welcome!"
"Good morning, Auntie. Sorry for intruding-"
"Nonsense, you're always welcome here!" she gushes, a hand on her cheek, leaning against it cutely. Her eyes – dark brown, like Osamu’s opened to find two other guests. "Oh, there are guests! Welcome, welcome!"
"G-Good day, ma'am!" Ginjima straightens. Beside him, Suna nods. Ginjima subtly elbows him. "Hello."
"Friends! Hello! Please come in!"
"Ma, please, you’re embarrassing us!" Atsumu whines, watching his mother usher the guests into their home. "Ma!" Osamu just stares from the staircase, elbows propped to his knees.
"I've set the table for your little study time!" she tells you, completely ignoring her son. Giggling, she tucks her elbow in yours, leading you to the kitchen. "I've also prepared some snacks and prepared some meals you and Osamu can heat up later," Osamu, she mentions only, knowing how much of a disaster Atsumu was at the kitchen. "Atsumu can be such a disaster in the kitchen, like his father!" She giggles.
Suna snorts, Atsumu flushes. "M-MA!"
"Thank you so much, Auntie. You really didn't have to-"
"No, you're welcome!" she says happily, the corners of her eyes crinkling from the smile on her face. It still remains even as she frowns a little. "Such a shame that I have to leave."
"Oh? Where are you going, Auntie?"
"Shopping!" she says happily, already walking to the door, with you in tow. "Me, your mom, and a few friends are also going to have tea and 'hang out'!" she says in her best English. You smile at her for the effort.
"I see. Well, have fun, then, Auntie."
"Of course! Atsumu, Osamu, I'll be leaving! Don't burn the house down!"
"MA!" Atsumu yells, the same time Osamu says, "Take care~”
As the doors close, there was a moment of peace, finally. Slowly, you let out a slow sigh. "Whew, I forgot just how chipper your mom is."
"Now I know where Atsumu got his abnormal joy." Suna comments after, causing everyone - sans the lad in question, to laugh.
Eventually, everybody got on the table and slowly tackled the books.
Because you were in an college prep class, the only one in your year level, you were the only one qualified to tutor the boys. Thankfully, you kept your notes from last year, had even borrowed some notes from your previous seniors (who were all in college prep classes, too, by the way!). Instead of helping them one by one, you would teach the all the subjects – it was easier that way.
Procuring a whiteboard from home, you wrote off a schedule of the subjects to be discussed – Math, Physics, Social Studies, and English. All were scheduled according to difficulty – hardest to easiest.
It was all fun then you took a break. A quick break involving some snacks and small talk about school, then back to more studying. And then came lunch break.
You and Osamu were heating up the food, Suna was watching. Ginjima commented on how comfortable you two were as childhood friends, Atsumu comments here and there, emphasizing that he was a childhood friend, too.
During lunch, everyone was happily chatting about third year life so far, under the scorching summer heat when Ginjima accidentally spilled his drink over your shirt. On your white shirt, soaking you and letting the fabric stick to your skin, showing the outlines of your bra.
Immediately, all the boys reddened.
"I'M SO SORRY, (L/N)!"
"It's fine..." Nope, clearly not fine, this was your favorite shirt. Thankfully, only your torso got wet.
Osamu quickly got off his seat to help you up, leading you to the washroom to get you a shirt.
Atsumu rushes after then, unbuttoning his polo shirt, leaving him in his undershirt. He hears footsteps up the staircase, Osamu must've rushed up to their room, he approaches the toilet door and knocks gently.
“Er, no, it’s Atsumu, here take mine instead.” Realizing that it was sweltering hot today, he adds. “It’s not sweaty or anything, don’t worry!”
Tentatively, the door cracks open a little, your hand comes out, palm open up. He hands his shirt and waits out.
Minutes later, you come out, in Atsumu’s shirt, buttoned up save for the last few bottom buttons to show your shorts. The sight of you drowning in his shirt made him swallow, forgetting how tall he actually was versus how small you really were. In your hand was your folded wet shirt, your other hand fixing the shirt on your form.
"Miya-san," you say, cutting him off his thoughts. Miya-san, puncturing painfully. "thank you for this. I'll return your shirt soon."
"A-Ah, yeah, yeah, sure,"
Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, you present yourself to Osamu, who has a shirt on hand. "(Y/N)-"
"It's fine, your brother offered me his."
Osamu blinked at that, staring at the shirt you had on then to his brother, narrowing his eyes with some sort of glint Atsumu didn't like. "Okay then."
"Sorry for the hassle,"
"No biggie" he shrugs, leaning against the railing.  "It's not sweaty, is it?"
"No," pinching at the collar, you lift the shirt to take a whiff - it was surprisingly fresh.
"I am right here!" Atsumu exclaims, but the two of you talk as though he's not there.
Nodding, he turns to climb back up and return the shirt.
Study session recommences - Ginjima apologizing to you over and over, to which you had to reassure.
"You can pay me back by getting a score nowhere near the akaten benchmark," you tell him, a challenge in itself.
Ginjima flinches, sweat dropping. His exam scores last time were just a few points away from failing. "I-I'll try..."
"Don't try, do." A shiver runs down the boys' spine at your words. Cocking your head to the side, a smug look crossed your features with eyes cold and teasing, enough for the whole room to freeze over amidst the heat of summer.
Atsumu, found that couldn't keep his eyes off you, drowning in his shirt. And that look you gave was...kinda hot (no pun intended).
Tumblr media
Luckily, when exams came and went, the boys proudly presented their test papers - all were higher than the benchmark grade and points higher than before. Improvement!
"Not bad," you say as you took photos of their papers.
"Why'd you take photos of it?" Atsumu asked.
"To show Aran-san and the others."
Tumblr media
Atsumu hated summer. They were the worst, unforgiving, and just plain a pain to deal with, especially when you're an athlete.
Instead of spending his precious Golden Week lazing around, he was at school, with the rest of Inarizaki, working themselves to the bone. Sure, their gym had proper ventilation and used air conditioners, but it was still hell once they leave the gym! Open the door and they were greeted by Satan himself, boiling them like eggs.
Summer, for all its worth, was a pretty fun season. But the heat! God damn this heat!
"GOD DAMN THIS HEAT!" he yelled, laying on his back on the floor.
"'TSUMU, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Osamu yelled somewhere, probably on the ground like him, too.
"...can the both of you just shut up," Suna intones, leaning against the wall.
Atsumu groans as his response, sluggishly turning himself, to rest his chest on the cool floor. "Nobody touch me, I want to lie down."
"Captain, please get up from the floor." came your reprimanding tone. "It's dirty."
"Nevermind him, (Y/N), he's filthy anyway."
Too tired to bring himself to make a comeback at his brother, the blonde-dyed teen buries himself, forehead touching the ground.
"Captain," your voice was sterner, footsteps approaching and someone crouches next to him. "Come on, get up now."
Atsumu whines.
He whines again, a little louder.
"At least sit up, and finish your stretching." Atsumu whines, uncaring who saw. "I have lemon water with me, come on now."
That sold him, but feeling playful he says. "Call me 'Atsumu' first."
Sighing, you moved to stand, not giving in, much to his disappointment.
Picking himself off the ground, he was met with the sight of you, hunched over with a towel and bottle in hand.
Although disappointed, that he couldn't get you to call him by his name, he works on a smile. "Thank you," taking the water, he welcomes the fresh citrus-flavored water, rushing and cooling his mouth, then to the rest of his body. "Do we still have honeyed lemons?"
"Yoshimichi!" you call with a turn, the manager-in-training cranes her head in question. "Please bring in the honeyed lemons!"
Osamu quickly sits up at that, nodding his thanks at Asano who hands him a towel.
"Start stretching-"
"(Y/N)..." Atsumu whines, you turn to him. "My wrists hurt."
Alarmed, you sit on the ground with him. "Were you overworking yourself?"
"I don't think so..."
Taking his wrist in your hands, you begin to dig your thumbs in, frowning at him. "You shouldn't overwork yourself. How are you going to lead the team if you can't take care of yourself?" Unaware of the soft, fond look in his eyes.
"At least I have you, don't I?"
"Don't be cheeky with me,"
It was going to be a week's worth of this - practicing under the sun, honeyed lemons, and more time with you. Atsumu wouldn't have it any other way.
It was really nice to see you work alongside him, helping keep everyone in check, personally supervising the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with the special participation of your mom, uncle, and Reiki, who came to school to cook and support the team), a strict schedule with ample time to rest and work on skills. Reasonable and analytical when dealing with each of the team's areas of improvement, the team really relied on your words as much as they rely on the coaches. And just after dinner was a meeting with you, the coaches, the captain, and the vice-captain.
You were really a force to be reckoned with, the club was really lucky to have you.
On the third day, during a daily meeting, an unwanted call awaited you. Atsumu, sitting adjacent to you, noticed the frown on your face when you saw the caller ID. In fact, earlier that day, during lunch break, he caught sight of the same frown on, tucking your phone away. This time, you decidedly turned it off.
Just as the meeting ended, Atsumu, Osamu, and you were heading back to your respective rooms when Atsumu felt his phone ring.
Surprised at the caller ID, he looked up to stare at the back of your head.
Slides his finger across, unlocking his phone, and brings it to his ear. “Hello?”
“Oh, Atsumu!” she sounded almost relieved, breathless.
“H-Hi, Mika-nee.” At the sound of her name, noticeably you stiffen, Osamu looks over his shoulder at his twin - alarmed, for some reason. All three of you have stopped walking.
“I’m sorry, for calling so sudden and…well," she breaks into a sigh from the other side. "um. I-Is…is (Y/N) there with you?”
“(Y/N)?” your shoulder stiffens, Osamu’s eyes turn worried.
“Yes. Um, she hasn’t been answering my calls. Well," she breaks into a sigh - a long and heavy one. "it’s more like she’s ignoring my calls.”
Confusion washes over him. Since when have you ignored your big sister? You two were close, thick as thieves, not once has he seen the two of you fight, just playful disagreements.
Eventually, he hears you sigh and turn to him, opening your palm up. “Just give it here, Atsumu.”
His heart fell at the look on your face. Why was it so cold and sad?
"Um, here she is nee-san..."
Nodding, he awkwardly hands over his phone.
“Sorry about this,” you say, putting the phone to your ear, only to pause. “I might take a while, so I’ll just…give your phone when I’m done. Okay?”
He nods. Osamu nudges him, and the twins leave, giving you some privacy.
Atsumu can't help but look back, seeing you squeeze your eyes shut before you spoke with your sister. It was so rare to see you two fighting.
“’Samu,” he calls out to his brother when they were far enough. “…is…is something wrong with Mika-nee and (Y/N)?” he asks, almost desperate.
Atsumu’s noticed that there was a frown on your face earlier that day, your usually, carefully blank face. It even emanated off your eyes, words were harsher when they came out of your mouth enough to make the lower years, manager trainees, and the coaches shiver. The frown was there more than usual.
Osamu doesn’t say anything at first, which slightly pisses Atsumu off. Pisses and worries him.
"You know something, don't you?"
But then, he hears Osamu sigh, surrendering. “It’s about their dad,”
Atsumu stops at that, anger quick to rise at the mention of the man.
“(Y/N) found out that Mika-nee’s been in contact with their dad,” Osamu explains, head shaking, pocketing one hand before he broke into a sneer as he furthers. “Actually, Reiki’s the one who found him. Well, more like their dad found out from a friend of Reiki’s dad, who then asked Reiki about the family and eventually got Mika’s number and all.”
“Oh.” Deura Reiki was involved? “Oh.” That explains you punching him then! “Shit.”
“Yeah," Osamu nods, eyes dark. and you can imagine just how pissed off (Y/N) was when she found out.”
Pissed off would be an understatement, hell would freeze over at the anger you held towards your father. Not to mention, how much you threatened to call the cops on him should he step foot in Hyogo or contact any of your family members.
“Wait, Mika-nee’s been talking to him?”
Osamu nods again, eyes still dark - concealing the same anger Atsumu had.
“Apparently for almost a year now,”
Oh. Atsumu can imagine how betrayed you must feel, at Reiki and your sister – especially Mika, your own sister! For contacting the man who hurt your mother, who destroyed your family. His heart was hurting for you.
The fact that your sister, your dearest, perfect older sister contacted that man was like betrayal. Your sister can sometimes be too naïve, too nice, and you were the bullheaded, level-headed, logical sister.
And Mika! How could she? She was the last person Atsumu could have thought to betray your trust! She was supposed to be the eldest! could she? How could she do this to you?
He feels his chest tightening painfully, his heart hurting for you. 
Seeing how Osamu knew a great deal about this just made Atsumu feel shitty about himself, he wished you could trust him, too. He was also your friend, he knew your struggles, too! 
“I wish she trusted me…” he said, barely a whisper.
He could feel his brother's eyes on him - combating himself from comforting to anger. So instead, he just pats his brother's shoulder.
Atsumu wanted to be there for you, too.
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lxngbottom · 3 days ago
during potions class, professor slughorn asks neville to identify what amortentia smells like and he describes luna love good but he’s dating the reader and she connects the dots (angst/fluff)?
Amortentia | N.L.
Tumblr media
in which neville smells luna lovegood instead of his girlfriend in his amortenia potion.
warnings: angst, swearing, mentions of cheating, (lmk if i missed any!)
this one’s a sad one babes ):
he didn’t mean for it to happen. he couldn’t help but to smell her. her small scents of mint and cherries.
when professor slughorn had asked your boyfriend neville to step to the front of the class, and to take a whiff for lesson purposes, you expected nothing less for your loyal boyfriend to smell you.
“well, mr. longbottom? what does it smell like?”
a brush crept up to your cheeks, waiting for the boy’s reply. but, neville’s face seemed to be frozen. he couldn’t help but to let the heavenly smell convey itself into its senses, leaving a reminder of how much of a git he was.
“um—c-cherries...” he started, voice shaky and guilty. “and m-m-mint...”
your eyebrows furrowed, as cherries and mint was definitely not your signature scent. hermione gave you a look that could only be described as shock and worry. you took a whiff of your robes, only smelling the scent of your winter apple perfume.
and in that moment, your heart shattered.
the professor’s voice went blurry, and you could only hear the soft mumbles of the ones who stood around you. you clutched onto your potions book, your gaze fixed onto neville’s back with a look of hurt.
you realized then... it was luna lovegood he was smelling. it was truly the only thing that made sense. being her friend and all, you knew exactly what she smelt like. and besides, her and neville had been spending some time together recently.
it only made sense.
but that was the worst part. the fact that it did make sense to you. and in that moment, you wished you were oblivious. you wished you didn’t have to hear him utter those words.
when he turned around, the first person he looked at was you. his stomach dropped when he saw that flash of hurt and confusion in your once bright eyes, now dark and spiteful.
when it came time to do today’s assignment, you simply joined dean and seamus at their own table, attempting to make the assigned potion. you took your anger out on the ingredients, crushing and stabbing, watching them fall into the cauldron. neville kept glancing over at you, trying to find some sort of reassurance in your eyes, but the one time you did look over at him, you rolled your eyes and went back to what you were doing.
the class was finally over, and you were the first one to storm out of the classroom, just wanting the comfort of your bed right now. you needed a place to think, and attempt to process everything that was happening. you had been holding back tears ever since the realization hit you.
you knew the voice, but it sure didn’t stop you from stomping your way through the halls, unmannerly pushing people aside.
neville finally caught up to you, though. he grabbed your wrist, and turned you around. he looked... scared.
“y/n... i—i know what happened—but... i just really need to—“
“fuck you, neville.” you spat, not even letting him stutter out a proper explanation. he looked genuinely hurt at your words, but at this point? you didn’t care how he felt. because obviously, he sure had no regard for your feelings anymore, or even your relationship.
you walked away, him still desperately calling out your name. but, you couldn’t find the strength to face him. tears brimmed your eyes, and you wiped them away with your fingertips, not too keen on breaking down in front of the whole student body.
you were so... broken.
it had been a week since the whole scenario had played out, and you hadn’t muttered a single word to your boyfriend. he made every attempt possible to speak to you, even trying to “make it up” to you it seemed. every morning, you would make your way out of your dorm to find a flower or a small plant sitting outside of your door. sometimes, it would have a note pleading for you to talk to him. but, you just simply disregarded the gifts, and left them in your dorm to die out.
today, you were sitting by yourself, watching the sky through the high windows in the great hall. distracting yourself from this whole thing was becoming highly difficult, as it was the only thing that you could think about. you hadn’t slept almost any, and you stopped trying so hard to put yourself together.
what was the point?
“y/n...” you heard from right beside you. you turned your head, and saw the kind white haired girl with a shy smile on her face, waiting patiently for you to respond.
“hi, luna...” you greeted her back sadly, looking back down at your untouched breakfast.
“do you think we could speak in private? i understand if not... but i only feel as if it’s the right thing to do.”
as much as you wanted to say no, and even slap the girl in the face, you knew this wasn’t her fault. she would never do anything to betray your trust, as not only was she your friend, but she knew how much you adored neville.
you nodded your head, and suddenly the two of you disappeared from the great hall, leaving neville to watch you both intently as your dragged your feet, following luna.
he hadn’t been okay without you. guilt and confusion had been tearing him from the inside out. he knew the truth, though. he may have had some unresolved feelings for luna, but, he loved you. he was in love with you. and, he really hoped he hadn’t messed things up. because if he did...
he wouldn’t know how to carry on without you.
the talk between you and luna was kind, as she told you that neville had explained everything to her. she told you that neville maybe did have some stupid crush on her, but it was nothing compared to the way he felt about you.
but unfortunately, as much convincing and fixing that luna tried to do, you had come to the conclusion.
you were leaving neville.
why would you want to be with someone who has feelings for someone else? why should you have to question yourself for the sake of neville? it wasn’t fair. none of this was fair.
you loved neville with everything you had, and you could’ve swore you were enough for the boy. but, this situation really changed your whole perspective on that, and on him as well.
now, you were in your dorm, sobbing with a pillow clutched in your arms, hearing the past week’s events replay in your head. you were absolutely heartbroken, and at this point, it felt like nothing could save you from the seemingly never ending despair.
a gentle knock came to your door, and you instinctively told the person to come in thinking it was just one of your dorm mates. but, when the door opened, your eyes widened a bit, and your chest tightened.
“get out!” you spat, not even letting him get a word out.
“but, y/n—please...”
“get out, neville! get the fuck out! can’t you see that i don’t want to speak to you?!”
“y/n—we need to talk about this... please just let me explain everything. i’m begging you...” he pleaded, closing the door behind him. you groaned, already feeling defeated.
you sat up on the bed, and threw the pillow that you were once crying into on the edge of your bed. you let your feet dangle off the side, and you looked up at your... “boyfriend”.
“talk.” you demanded, seeing how fidgety he was becoming.
he nodded his head, and took a step closer to you as he played with his fingers.
“first off... i want to start by saying that i’ve really missed you. and i don’t—“
“shut it, neville. just explain.”
he knew he deserved it, but he couldn’t help but to feel upset by the way you were speaking to him. you had never been so rude, sounded so spiteful. but, it was all neville’s fault.
“okay... i-i-i’m sorry... what happened was—bad. a-a-and i know you’re really angry with me, and you have every right in the world. but... i just want to apologize. i can’t—i can’t stand not being around you, y/n. you’re my whole world... and i hate seeing you like this...”
more pieces of the puzzle began to put themselves together, and you scoffed as he continued his speech.
“are you—are you that fucking stupid, neville?” you snapped, and he looked at you with a confused looked on his face.
“but—i-i-i’m apologizing... i’m trying to—“
“no, neville! this isn’t something you just get to apologize about and move on! you—you like another girl... do you know how that makes me feel?! do you know how serious this is?”
he glanced away from you for a moment, his eyes filled with tears, as well as yours. “y/n—i do know how serious—“
“no you don’t, neville! you don’t fucking get it! i’ve been a fucking wreck over you because you like luna! and—i don’t know if you forgot... but you’re my fucking boyfriend!
his lips quivered as he stared at you, “i-i-i know y/n... and, i’m trying to make this right—“
“you can’t make it right, neville! there is nothing in the world that you could possibly ever do to make any of this better!” you yelled, getting up from the bed fully now. “imagine—imagine if i fancied another boy while we were dating! how do you think you would feel? well... let me give you a clue! it would make you feel absolutely worthless... like—like our whole relationship didn’t even fucking matter!” you were now sobbing again, attempting to push through your words between shaky breaths and a tightened chest.
“our—our relationship doesn’t matter to you?” neville asked, his eyes blank.
you chuckled spitefully, “it does, neville! that’s the point! but... it obviously doesn’t matter to you! because—if you really loved me—you wouldn’t even think of another girl like that! i feel like—i’ve wasted my time being your girlfriend... just for you to fancy somebody else! and... out of all people for merlin’s sake! fucking luna?!”
maybe you were still in denial about the whole thing, but the only thing you could feel at this moment was pure rage.
“y/n—please stop yelling... i’m—i’m trying to fix this—“
“there is no fixing it, neville! no apology... o-o-or stupid plant will make this any better!”
from the way you looked, and the vile words that left your lips, neville knew what was coming.
“what—what do you mean? we—we can fix this, y/n... i—i won’t hang out with her anymore, a-a-and i’ll try and—“
“no! just stop!” you screamed, interrupting his fast talking.
there was silence for a few moment. silence that was ever so present, and filled your gut with sadness and anger. you let out a small cry, and neville tried to reach out to you to hug you, but you shoved him away.
“y/n—please... let me hug you... i—“ he tried once more, but you just shoved him away even harder. “petal... please—let me touch you...” he pleaded, walking up to you once more, but you denied him once more.
“i don’t want you to touch me, neville! i want you to go!”
and stupidly, he tried once more.
“STOP!” you screamed, shoving him back onto the ground. he was taken back by this, and only now, did he truly understand how deep your emotions were running.
you huffed, cheeks wet with tears, and you stared down at him, tears falling from his own eyes.
“i’m done, neville...” you sighed, “i—i can’t stay in wonder about if you’ll cheat on me or not. or... even have to compare myself to her everyday. i won’t do that to myself.”
neville sat up, “y/n—no... please—i can fix this—please just let me—“
“there is no fixing it, neville.”
and with that, he began to sob. he crawled over to you, and grabbed your thighs as he rested his head into your stomach, clutching onto you for dear life as he trembled.
“no... no... please, please, please... i’m sorry—i’m so sorry... please, y/n...”
your instincts were telling you to run a hand through his hair, and comfort him in his time of need. but, you couldn’t. this was his fault, and you were in no position to take care of him anymore.
“don’t do this—don’t leave me please...”
you let out a small sob as well, looking down at the inconsolable boy who was trying so desperately to change your mind. he knew this might be the last time he would ever get to touch you, let your scent spread throughout his senses. simply lather himself in the familiarity and love of you.
“i love you...” he cried once more.
you finally took his hands off of you, and made him stand up back on his two feet. when you two met eyes once more, you watched as his tears fell onto his sweater.
“no you don’t.”
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honeypawprintz · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i liked designing and writing for the second so soft set that i decided to do my absolute favorite: twice as fancy!
imho taf symbols are actually tattoos that expand on the symbols of the pony. it's by no means a common body mod as it can be expensive, but there's no doubt how eye catching the result can be!
Up Up and Away: Called "Uua" (oo-ah) because of the long complicated name. She's responsible for inventing the hot air balloon alongside business partner Lofty, and thus revolutionized how non-winged ponies travel. She is married to Gusty and has two daughters (Babies UUA and Gusty.)
Dancing Butterflies: Etymologist who keeps tabs of the populations of butterflies and moths from all over Ponyland. Sometimes stereotyped as a ditzy blonde, she's actually quite intelligent and is an accomplished scientist in her field. She's saved some species of moths/butterflies from extinction through captive breeding programs, and thus has won awards for this. She has one daughter (Baby DB).
Sweet Tooth: Runs a confection shop along with her wife Sugar Sweet, where each candy is made by hoof right in the shop. It's a popular attraction because you can actually see the candy being made by ST or SS right in front of your eyes, and they have held seminars on how to make simple kinds of candies at home. They have one daughter together (Baby ST).
Sugarberry: Grows various types of fruits such as strawberries, peaches, raspberries, and blackberries to make into jams or other types of preserves. She is the head of the farmer's market in Ponyland and sells her creations there, as well as many other ponies who have similar lives. She and her family have historically been good friends of the G4 Apple Family clan. She is married to Strawberry Surprise and they have one daughter. (B Sugarberry)
Milky Way: Miner of precious gemstones of which she makes into pointed crystals or polished stones, in which she imbues with different enchanted properties using her unicorn magic. Depending on what the customer requests, she can create stones that when placed in the home, can lift one's spirits, inspire confidence, bring good luck, or do many other things. Plus, they're always pretty to look at and make great home decorations. She is married to Twinkler and they have two daughters. (Baby MW is biological while B Mischief is adopted)
Love Melody: If one ever needs couples' counseling, Love Melody is whom they go to. She not only gives advice or tips for how to improve your relationships, but also how to find a partner. Sometimes she offers to set up blind dates for ponies who are looking for love and some couples swear by her uncanny ability to read ponies' personalities and characteristics. She has one daughter. (Baby LM)
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aion-rsa · 3 days ago
Line of Duty Series 6 Episode 7 Review: H Unmasked At Last
This Line of Duty review contains finale spoilers.
Ian Buckells, as I live and breathe. There we were, thinking you a workshy wally with one foot on the golf course and the other skidding on a banana skin, when all along… you were, well, that, but also tapping out OCG orders on your secret laptop in your secret millionaire’s pad and secret Gran Canaria timeshare. DSU Buckells. The Fourth Man. Line of Duty’s Keyser So-So.
The Buckells revelation played out for viewers just like it did for AC-12: What? Him? The sight of his curly mop in the interrogation room cut our kite strings and brought us thudding back to Earth. There’d been no mwahaha mastermind behind it all. No Moriarty-like spider of crime. The big bad was a greedy oaf who hid his criminality undercover of thickness. Since the death of Tommy Hunter, it’s been a machinery of small parts, one of which was called Ian. What better way to make the point that corruption is banal? 
As TV twists go, it was unglamorous but honest and well disguised. When Buckells’ name came up in that trio of bent Lawrence Christopher investigators, he was instantly discountable next to the sexier distractions of Thurwell and Osborne. Thicky Buckells? As if. That one couldn’t organise a jam sandwich, let alone multiple OCGs. Or so he’d have us believe. No, Buckells wasn’t top of many people’s suspect lists, and to quote Kate, what does that make us look like? I’ll tell you: snobs. This whole exercise was a lesson from Brummie Jed Mercurio in prejudicial attitudes towards the Birmingham accent. There are clearly more brains than anyone allowed for behind Buckells’ twang, though not an ounce of conscience. 
Conscience came into the finale in a big way thanks to Ted Hastings, who didn’t just talk the talk on accountability. Ted’s conscience marched him into Carmichael’s office, where he put his hands up for the leak that led to John Corbett’s murder. A vacuum of integrity, she only shrugged. Carry the fire? Carmichael doesn’t even carry her own coat. 
If this does turn out to be the last ever episode of Line of Duty, at least we know that Ted won’t go to his grave unshriven. His real confession was made earlier to Steve and Kate in one of several emotional speeches with which Adrian Dunbar tore the roof off this episode. Exasperation. Indignation. Desperation. Ted’s pain was a foghorn reverberating through his every scene. 
You could understand his position. All that work, all those deaths and bolt cutters and balaclavas and shock twists, for AC-12 to finally solve the Vella murder and unmask H. Then what? Nothing. No commendation or reversal from the CC, just another ‘rotten apples and lessons learned’ public statement. Business as usual. Worse than usual. The series was pointedly left on the sour note that AC-12 has never been weaker in its fight against corruption. 
Read more
Line of Duty: Will There Be a Series 7?
By Louisa Mellor
Line of Duty Series 6 Episode 7: H, The Fourth Man, the End of AC-12 & All Our Questions & Theories
By Louisa Mellor
Though the war wasn’t won, the finale did offer some victories in battle. It punished the HMP Brentiss goons, and shook up Fairbank, now the Compo of corrupt coppers. It also rewarded some ill-used victims. Farida went back to work. Terry moved into a loving home. And Jo’s present whereabouts may be classified, but any fool can see that witness protection has lodged her in lesbian heaven. (That sunny-Golden-Retriever-knitwear-wellies-and-redhead paradise couldn’t have been more different from whichever bleaksville coastline Gill Biggeloe washed up on last series. The system may be pocked by wrongdoing, but there is at least some justice in Line of Duty’s world.)
Steve and Kate’s ending was also reassuring. They’ve got each other, Steve may also have “copper’s wife, me” Steph, and they’re both getting professional help to cope with the fallout of almost a decade of playing the leads in the hottest crime thriller around. 
Some time off at a spa is due, surely, for that white van switcheroo stunt. Finally! After countless ambushes by the OCG over the years, at long last AC-12 turned the tables and got there first. The baddies were expecting to find Jo in the back of that prison vehicle, but instead got a faceful of Fleming. Triumphant.
That wasn’t AC-12’s only win. Forced to sit inside the unbearable fartcloud of Buckells’ smugness for most of his interview, they boxed clever with a three-punch attack that wiped the smile from his face. Did he and/or Osborne order the murder of Gail Vella, Ted asked. Fail to answer and Buckells would be seen as not cooperating, losing his right to witness protection. Admit to it, and he’d be charged with conspiracy to murder and thereby lose his right to immunity from prosecution. “Nobody makes mugs of AC-12,” crowed Ted, a man who’s clearly never been on Etsy.
It felt like an ending-ending. So has this whole series, with its concentration of returning faces and fan-pleasing Ted-isms, and the increasing volume of its protest. If this is the end, then viewers weren’t short-changed. Far from it. Series six indulged its audience to an insane degree, continually throwing the ball for us as we joyfully ran and fetched, ran and fetched, saliva and madcap theories flying. 
This finale’s ‘plus ça change’ cynicism was to be expected – the first run ended on a similarly wry note. Less expected was this series’ earnestness. Through the mouthpieces of Gail Vella and Ted “What has happened to us?” Hastings, the police thriller delivered a polemic against the degradation of moral standards in public office. By ending on a speech about the blind eyes that have to be turned for villains to hide in plain sight, it transcended the diverting search for H and bent coppers, and tapped into a regrettably urgent theme of now.
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Read more about Line of Duty on Den of Geek here.
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zu-is-here · 3 days ago
Happy Easter Zu! How's the celebrations been? How was the food and things?
You did that egg fighting right? I read your response, I'm sure you will win next time.
Oh well I didn't have bad aerophobia at the time. It was alittle scary, but the views as we few over the alps were amazing! I got some beautiful photos.
Other then the egg fight, what have you been doing today?
Thank you, Gayfish! <3 Oh, that's was wonderful, so many delicious dishes, and the whole family together being noisy and having fun, is the brightest holiday for me ♡
Ah yep! ☆ Actually losing is just an opportunity to start the meal sooner while others try to figure out who the winner is XD
Oh that's good *^* I like to sit by the window to enjoy the view too, though I'm not really lucky with the seats XD
Actually we spent most of the day at the feast, chatting, telling stories, making toasts, listening to music, trying different dishes and then desserts with tea, — the time flew by imperceptibly in a good company (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
How are you today? ♡
Tumblr media
Oh you're right! Such a big holiday for eight of us just like Christmas ☆ How many people do celebrate big holidays in your family? *^*
My grandmother and father made it to the finals (òwó) He always wins buuut she beat him this time! and was so proud (≧∀≦)☆
Ah— oops XD
We had some types of kulich as we made them as presents for each other, paskha and paska (sounds similar yet looks different xd) and chocolate eggs with bergamot tea ☆
Awww that's so cool! ✿ Did you choose the dress? How do you plan to celebrate your birthday? And how old will you be? (You don't have to answer if you don't want to)
Once ya pop you can't stop is soo true!! xd What flavour this time? Don't forget about truly healthy food! <3
Oh yay!! Got some new headcanons? (゚ω゚)☆
You're doing amazing! ᕦ(òwóˇ)ᕤ Can we see a bit of wip, or not this time? *^* Anyway, no need to rush, take your time <3 (Oh idek actually xd it's just like a merciless inspiration when you can't stop until finishinggg)
P. S. Can't stop looking at your Anomaly of Notre Dame doodles (〃ω〃)♪
Tumblr media
Awww that's so good when the whole family and even more relatives are together╰(*´︶`*)╯ Heheh thanks! <3
True, it does taste like cheese cake! It's made from grated cottage cheese, whipped sour cream and butter, and poured into a mold named pasochnitsa for a night. Worth it! *^*
You're really attentive (゚ω゚) The difference between them is that they're made from different dough! So they usually look the same but taste different ☆
Hope you can reach a compromise with your mother! (ówò) Guess you have final word since it's your birthday and your dress though ☆ Oh these mothers xd
Sounds like fun! *^* Hope the weather will be great and your plans will come true the best way ☆
Sour cream and onion!! The best one for me too <3
Hoo boi I'm intrigued~ Hope to see it one day, I'm sure they would def enjoy the boys together whatever the AU ;)
Dreammm! (*゚∀゚*) Omg I read the "*sn" as "sin", well him holding an apple truly is xdd Spoilers tho,,, sometimes they're so big they can't be shared without being covered by the biggest window XD
For real! Smoke Dream turned out great (*⁰▿⁰*) *dark vibes* Nightmare would love this vision for sure ;)
For the moment I don't remember my own drawing xd Thank you so much! <3
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