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#i love that ur typed so fast you typoed polar bear
fictionkinfessions · a month ago
@The tommy asking about the worlds; Mine was VERY reminiscent of a video game but with more of a fantasy modernish type feel? Ah I didn’t see much land (exploring it that is) you know being on my ship and all all the time, but there was this one place i frequently stopped at. It had open fields and hills, trees and a little village with cottages and such in it, It actually where i met my Niki! Most the people were nice, it was a lovely town too. I remember running around in the fields and racing the neighborhood kids to see who could get to the top of this one particular tower , it was fun.
Though most of the islands and stuff were open land, a fam here and there, with the occasional burnt grass and more dusty kind of deadland feel. I always loved the colder placed though, they had these- Really specific looking ice mountains littered with snow and they were always so pretty to look at when i passed by. I even befriend a poler beat there, i used to vist him all the time.
Also we did have like technology and internet and stuff and some of us DID stream stuff, though we never used it alot? I dunno it was weird. I distinctly remembering out Jack hot banned for twitch from whatever reason???? Also out Tubbo did have nukes. He stashed them on my ship and i almost tripped over them once- And a number of other things other people put on my ship.
The only thing we didn’t have was like twitter i think so the word became like a joke and whenever someone was in trouble with someone else wed go “ooo ur in twitter drama”
Cpt. Puffy -🐑🏴‍☠️
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