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#i love poetry
shakeer · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
𝒜 𝐹𝑜𝓇𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓃𝑔
The sun needs the moon, like I do you.
The prey can always depend on the predator, like we stay true.
We keep this cycle goin and flowin like our beautiful 4 seasons do.
I pull strength from the roots, and you give it the balance;
like plants in the morning balance drops from the cold fresh dew.
Let’s stay afloat in this oh so flawed boat, I made mistakes before so I know fasho we could cope.
You the eye to my storm and muse to all of my art forms.
A beautiful mind to be in a world full of sneaks and sheep’s.
My safe place, My balance, my peace.
A fraction of me resides in you,
but the remains are still yours to keep.
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mrkeatinghasmedead · 3 days ago
End of semester mood.
**screaming because 4 weeks is too long a time to wait for the binge-reading classic lit vibes that are coming my way after commencement**
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depressed-linguist · 8 days ago
To me the meanest flower that blows can give
Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears
~ William Wordsworth
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mrkeatinghasmedead · 16 days ago
Where English dies.
I feel the wrench of pain in my gut...offense, offense, offense has been taken. I am the villain, or so I have been told. This story being written by others. The use of words neither foul nor mean offends they say, and it saddens me. Language must be allowed to flourish. It must. Or it will die. We must not take offense at small things. We must be longsuffering and unbothered. It will be painful and it will feel stupid. But we must let the little things go. We must give up being triggered over small, inane things, or our humanity and the seed of ourselves will be snuffed out like an orange, flickering light.
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mrkeatinghasmedead · 20 days ago
Be a little edgy. Have a little fun. Dye your hair lilac on a whim. Retain your sense of wonder. Take a deep breath as you gaze up at the stars. Talk to the moon. Read poetry in the early hours of the morning when you should be sleeping. Blast classical music in the background as you cry over your abysmal French grades. Sigh over what could be if men of culture still existed. Read classic novels aloud as your friends all give you annoyed glares. Dare to be alive. Dare to be human. Dare to be immature. And when you feel judged for appreciating this intoxicating thing called being alive, stand up on your chair and belt out the lyrics to your favorite Broadway song. Because, after all, you have only one life and there’s so much to see. Be joyful. There is a sun and an earth and people all around you to love and do life with. Be magical. Love the whimsical. Go on, wonder.
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moonlitseduction · 26 days ago
I have this book containing classic love poems called--you guessed it--Love Poems, and the urge to annotate every one of them and hand it to someone I find interesting in a library is immaculate.
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catelynnn · a month ago
I need someone to read classics to me before bed.
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sapphicalr · a month ago
If I published a book of poems would you read it?
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dindja · 2 months ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Nats a simp for Gracie
And Gracie is a simp for Nat too
thank you Nikki that was beautiful. I'll read it to gracie on the night of our marriage when we elope from the brothel and live happily ever after in a humble homestead on the prairie.
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lightacademiaenthusiast · 2 months ago
a short poem
a longing for your desire
i feel a drop against my skin
a brush upon the canvas of my soul
i bring thee my heart on a platter so thin
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