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#i love he so much
jack-sparrows-eggy9 minutes ago
Okay, so here's a bit more of an update besides me screaming about how i saw Jack 馃槀:
Jack is doing good! he's a little behind on learning how to bird because he was raised by a soft hearted human, but the other birds don't seem to mind teaching him and caring for him.
The main sparrow i see with Jack is a male sparrow that was super anxious to meet him when i set him free a couple days ago. He was feeding Jack and teaching Jack how to eat on his own! I think these two adopted eachother as parent and child 馃き
overall, Jack is happy and well taken care of out there! he's got his new found family and they welcomed him with open wings. It is unbelievably wholesome to see all these birds taking Jack in as their own and giving him the same amount of love and attention i gave him (if not more!). He was doing his happy wiggles that he does when he eats 馃槶馃挄馃挄馃挄
I couldn't be more proud of captain Jack Sparrow 馃ズ馃挄馃挄馃挄
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kaebedom-me44 minutes ago
Hello, it's my birthday today and i wanted to do a little self indulgent thing for me 馃憠馃徎馃憟馃徎
Sorry if it's not very reader friendly and stuff but please enjoy this Kaeya x reader hc thing that's semi related to the Golden Apple Archipelago event
tags: kaeya x reader, fluff, n/sfw at the end? a little bit, ~2.7k words, establishing relationship - platonic kaeya x reader at the start, kinda canon divergence, bday hcs, VERY self indulgent, it's a little long, not proof read
it's not often you have to visit the knights of favonius headquarters, but you happened to have to bring something for Jean
so when you turned up at hq you fully expected to see Jean in her office and not a very sad, very pouty and tired looking Kaeya slumped on the table
"quartermaster, I wasn't expecting to see you here, is the acting grandmaster ill?" you asked
he perked up at your voice, the sulking dissipated, Kaeya was acting as if you didn't just see him glaring at the pile of paperwork next to him
"actually, I'm currently the acting grandmaster," he said with a playful smirk that you adored. "do you have something for me?"
it was for Jean personally, so you'd hang onto it, you told him. you asked him what was he doing here and he pouted at you, dropping the acting grandmaster act
you've been friends with Kaeya pouty quite like this before, so you relish it as he explains to you the mysterious letter Klee got and how Jean and the others are accompanying her somewhere in some mysterious archipelago
you weren't too sure how to react, you hoped they were safe, and you hoped Kaeya would feel better soon
"I feel a lot better now that you've visited me, though," he teased, smiling at you a little cockily
you tried not to show how affected you were, you coughed. "I wasn't planning to visit you, you just happened to be here"
you couldn't stay long, though. you had prior plans, and a new plan popped up while you were talking to Kaeya. you left him to his own devices an hour later
he didn't walk you out like he usually does but you didn't mind
after clearing up what you could for the day and contacting the necessary people, you got yourself a room in Mond
the next day, at around the same time you visited the acting grandmaster again
"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm afraid the acting grandmaster Jean wouldn't be back so soon"
Kaeya was only a little bit shocked to see you opening the door to his temporary office again, you just smiled
"I know, I was looking for acting grandmaster Kaeya"
you didn't like how miserable he looked when you first saw him in the office, nor did you like the strained smile as he bid you goodbye. no matter how hard he tried to hide it while entertaining you, you saw through it and wanted to do everything in your power to cheer him up
he teased you, of course, the entire time you were there but you didn't mind. you saw the lively glint in his eye when you moved to come in
"did you need anything, acting grandmaster? documents delivered to your subordinates? lunch? simple requests from the people?" you offered
"my, playing errand are we? nothing else on your agenda?"
you were so genuine with your "no" it took Kaeya slightly aback. he could guess what you've done to be here again today, and it touched him just a little
"could you help me retrieve some of these files from my office then?" he asked, you happily agreed before walking out of the office. Kaeya smiled at your retrieving figure, his free hand came up to cover it
and so you stayed, playing assistant until Kaeya packed up for the night. you even took him out for dinner just to make sure he was eating and taking care of himself outside of the office
he was very grateful for you and your help, wanted to spend more time with you even but you always ushered him home so he could get the rest he needed. as Kaeya's falling asleep, he'd think about how to properly thank you
you weren't always free though, some days you brought in your own letters and paperwork to his office. there the two of you would work in silence. every now and then you'd offer to help Kaeya out, he appreciated it but kept it to a minimum, since he wanted you to get your things done too
afternoons where the two of you worked together, were the most productive ones. And whenever you made longer trips for him, he'd made sure to get more work done than his usual pace just so you'd praise him and smile at him fondly
one afternoon, you came in a little bit later than usual. Kaeya was a bit disappointed, he caught himself waiting for you like some puppy. he tried not to sulk for too long though, he still had work to do and work he'd like to catch up on so Jean wouldn't have as much work piled up
when you came in you were trying to be stealthy about it, Kaeya noticed it immediately though. his excitement was easy to hide with a judging look
you smiled at him sheepishly, you offered a small apology. "I brought cake,"
his eye lit up, an easy teasing response flowed from his lips. you're so easy to tease and so adorable when you try to hide how flustered you were
the cake wasn't too big, something the two of you can share and finish without feeling sick. Kaeya knows when something is or isn't expensive and he happened to have heard from Lisa that these cakes were exquisite and very popular in Fontaine
"what's the special occasion?" he asked when you cut him a second slice
"nothing, I just wanted to have cake," your reply came a little too fast as if you prepared the answer before he even asked
he hummed. he couldn't look at your whole face since he opted to sit next to you when you set the cake box down on the meeting table. you busied yourself with cutting another slice for yourself, scooping up the crumble that adorned the cake that fell off
"I thought it'd be nice to treat you to something nice, for all the work you've done and how hard you've been working the past few days," you tried again, feeling how much he was staring at you
"is that so?" Kaeya racking his brain for a possible ulterior motive, he absent-mindedly scooped up the crumble from his cake and plopped them onto your plate. "this is a very special treat then, cake all the way from Fontaine..." he trailed off
you could feel your cheeks heating up. your gaze snapped up to meet his. Kaeya was smiling at you fondly, not how he would when he was trying to get information out of people, you think maybe this smile works better than the other one
ah, there's really no hiding from this man
"I- uh, um... well, it's- um," you couldn't stop stuttering, suddenly nervous now that he saw through you, you had to avert your gaze
Kaeya tried again. "I heard from Lisa these were popular in Fontaine, it must've been a hassle to bring them here, in a short time too, I imagine"
"It wasn't a hassle," you reassured, eyes suddenly serious when you met his. Kaeya blinked, surprised at your reaction, he wasn't expecting that but he had enough control over himself to not show it. instead, he smiled some more, encouraging you to continue
"it's, um, my uh..." you averted his gaze. Kaeya didn't have to hear the rest of the sentence to know what you were talking about. "'s my birthday today," you said quietly
this time, he couldn't stop himself from looking shocked. "ah, but uh- I didn't want it to be that special! I just thought we'd have cake before resuming work," you stumbled after a beat of silence. you didn't dare look at him, you really wanted to avoid telling him, since you didn't want to distract him too much
the sound of the chair gently scraping on the floor, you shyly turned to look at Kaeya who looked like a kicked puppy. before you could reassure him, he apologised. "I am so sorry I forgot"
"n-no! it's fine! it's not a big deal," you reassured, waving your hand as if you were trying to wave away his worry
"I'll make it up to you"
"no! I'm having a wonderful time!"
"Kaeya, please, I just wanted to spend the afternoon with you, I'm really happy like this"
Kaeya didn't doubt you. you did look very happy while you were digging into the cake. but it didn't stop his brain from working in overdrive to figure out ways he could make your day better. you averted your gaze again, probably still embarrassed that you were hiding this from him
"can I do anything to make it more wonderful then?" he asked once he regained composure
he smiled when you scooted in your chair so you were facing away more from him, a habit you had when you were trying to be subtle with hiding your face from him
"I just wanted to spend some time with you," you muttered. "the fact that I got the few days from before and right now- this is easily one of my best birthdays,"
Kaeya was mindful to push the cake and the plates aside so he could lean on the table to try to peak at your face. he so badly wanted to see how you looked like when he said "would you like me to hold your hand?"
"what? no!!"
the more you tried to lean away, the more Kaeya came into your personal space. he has been suspicious of your behaviour around him for a while now; he likes to think he knows a good deal about reading people, and that he also has a good grasp of one of his closest friends
and for so long he's been hinting at how he feels about you but you never seemed to pick it up despite how smart you are
maybe there isn't a better time than now to tell you straight up
"why not?" he was so close if you moved you'd bump right into him. "you enjoy holding hands, no?"
"we can't!" you still weren't looking at Kaeya, but you knew he had that stupid cocky face on his face. you didn't know he was looking at you with so much affection it's almost disgusting "because!"
Kaeya moved his chair closer to you, humming to encourage you to continue your sentence "because?"
"because, if we did, i'd want to hold it more often."
you thought now is a good time as ever. if Kaeya didn't reciprocate your feelings then you could just never come back. and you'd be left with the memories from the past few days, that'd be enough for you
you held your breath while you waited for Kaeya to respond. he leaned back a little and you tried not to look hurt when you had to turn back to look at him. before you could though Kaeya chuckled
"I'm sure we can arrange that."
you were wondering what he meant by that. shyly you glanced at him from your peripheral. he was smiling in a way that you hadn't quite seen before, a soft one, full of affection and admiration for what you hope was for you
"um," was all you could muster, finding yourself dumbstruck by the sheer beauty of the man that never quite leaves your head
Kaeya glances at his hand and moves it closer to yours. his smile was more inviting now, things were starting to click in your head. so you reached for his
Kaeya doesn't comment on how flustered you must look, nor does he say anything about the way your hand slightly trembles from nervousness when reaching for his
when you placed your hands in his, he immediately curled his finger around your hand, squeezing it tightly
he tugs you closer to him. "do you want me to kiss you?"
you felt like you were about to combust from looking at him, you were so dazzled by this side of you him you wanted to cry
your voice didn't want to cooperate, you could only nod a yes to his question. Kaeya didn't say anything about it, didn't tease you like expected. he just leaned into your space again to press a kiss into your lips
it was a very tender kiss, you could feel the curves of Kaeya's smile on yours. prompting a smile to tug on the corner of your lips too
when he pulled away, you immediately dragged him back for more. your free hand going up to his neck, while his settled cupping your warm cheek. you couldn't help but giggle
Kaeya's hand that was holding yours squeezed yours again before he mischievously bit at your bottom lip
Kaeya could be so sweet. you squeezed his hand back and slowly opened your mouth as he leaned back a little to tilt your head
his tongue tasted like cream, so you thought maybe yours did too. Kaeya pecked the corner of your lips before moving back in to swipe at your own tongue. you leaned onto his hand and let him lead you. his hand that held yours never once tried to leave yours
this time, when Kaeya pulled away you chased after him unconsciously. he chuckled at how dazed you looked from a simple kiss. his thumb gently caressed your hand while he waited for you to get your senses back
and you were positively adorable when you started to become embarrassed again. before you could pull yourself away from him though, he brought up your hand to kiss your knuckle
"K-Kaeya, I um-"
"mm? not enough? did you want to touch my chest, too?"
you scoffed when his stupid cocky smirk start to form on his face, but you couldn't help but smile back though, squeezing his hand as tightly as you can. "you're ridiculous"
there's a billion ways Kaeya could've responded, he decided to lean in for another kiss instead
kisses quickly turned to a make out session
you remember pulling away once to tease him about the work he was supposed to do
he scoffed. "you'd rather have your fancy cake and watch me suffer than have me making you moan at the slightest flick of my tongue?"
you'd slap him if it weren't for the way that your limbs felt like jelly and that damn hand that held yours tightly. you cursed at the way you shivered
you did end up sleeping with Kaeya that afternoon, right on the table you put your cake on
(Kaeya was careful not to knock it onto the floor)
your intertwined fingers only untagling every once in a while when Kaeya had to use both his hand to manoeuvre or take off your guy's clothes
you had wanted to taste more of him but he insisted that this moment was about you
(when you pouted at him, cheeks flushed and body shimmering from the sweat from your first orgasm, Kaeya promised you'll get your turn if you'd follow him home)
you had to take a nap if you wanted to follow him home, Kaeya was kind enough to drape your jacket over you when the two of you were done
"stay," you mumbled tiredly
"I'm not going anywhere, darling, I still have so much work to do because somebody kept insisting on distracting me"
he said that but once he was done cleaning up, he came to pick you up and brought you over to his desk. you got comfy on his lap and breathed him in
occasionally, Kaeya would rub circles on your back and lean down to kiss the crown of your head. soon enough, you drifted off to sleep in his embrace while he continued his paperwork
the next morning you woke up in Kaeya's room, you made your way back to your room before heading off to hq
the person who greeted you in the office wasn't Kaeya but Lisa
"oh dear, you must be looking for Captain Kaeya," she offered kindly. "he left on urgent business"
you nodded and smiled. "no worries"
Lisa offered you some tea, you politely declined. instead, you passed her the parcel that was originally intended for Jean. looks like it was back to business as usual
Lisa looked delighted when you handed it to her before you left she handed you a letter. "Kaeya told me to hand it to you when you drop in"
you thank her and retreated back to your room. you had other things you pushed off until now so you decided it was best that you returned to your life too
not before writing a letter back and slipping it into Kaeya's apartment though
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jknip3an hour ago
Saw mutuals talking about how Messy鈩笍 their past bi crisis were.
And then I remembered how when I was 21 I bought two plane tickets for my long distance girlfriend to come live with me for the summer only for her to cheat on me the entire summer with my 30 something year old male coworker and tell me only after she got back home saying "I never actually loved you, I thought I could trick myself into it btw I cheated on you with your boss."
At this point I was dating said coworker and he said he hadn't told me because he assumed that she had told me?
I then continued to date him for several months while half raising his three kids until I got fired because "everyone in town knew I was a slut" for dating an older man i met at work...
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todomitoukeian hour ago
I know you dislike Shouto but would you be disappointed if he was the one to save Touya instead of Endeavour? I don't think he will be saving Touya though I think the story is being set up for Endeavour to be the one to save Touya and tbh I think he's the only one who can.
ANYWAY - to answer your question, I don't think Endvr is set up to save Dabi, but Shouto is. Shouto literally said "I am the one that has to take care of Touya-Nii."
Also, keep in mind that the story mainly focuses on the students, and essentially, saving Dabi is Shouto's storyline. After the sports festival, Shouto declared that re-building his relationship with his mom and saving her was going to be his "starting line" - and overall that whole part of his storyline works as a foundation for what's in store for him and Dabi.
While Dabi needs and deserves to receive an apology from Endvr, that isn't what's going to save him. Rather, he needs someone that can validate his feelings and experiences, and Endvr could never possibly do that because Endvr isn't a victim of himself. Shouto, on the other hand, is the one person that can. Sure, they have very different experiences - but like Shouto already pointed out in the hospital, Dabi is just like Shouto was prior to the sports festival. Because of that - and because Shouto can recognize these similarities - Shouto will be able to get through to Dabi.
In other words, there have been multiple signs that Shouto is the one that can and will save Dabi. Endvr is not - despite what some may claim - the main character. But Shouto is one of the main characters, so it wouldn't make sense for Endvr to end up taking over Shouto's role and take his character development away from him and use it for himself (he can try, but he won't be able to do it).
Shouto saving Dabi is not going to disappoint me because that's one of the only things I even care about in this mess of a story and I would be disappointed if it didn't happen.
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rennikothecatdogan hour ago
Anyways I manifested a big brother for Marcy Wu and his name is Di脿n Wu
Tumblr media
Just the coolest older brother who made time for her whenever and listens to her interests.
He was all she had when she felt alone in her own home.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Though he has his own Volleyball team he constantly hangs out with, when she needs him Di脿n's always there for her.
They both have this thing they do together, a little catchphrase thing Di脿n amde up for Marcy when he found out about Creatures and Caverns and Vagabondia Chronicles from her!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Followed by an Epic Power Pose! I feel like she did this with Anne because she was projecting Di脿n back in Marcy at the Gates
Listen I am Projecting and Manifesting and I Love Them.
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glompcat2 hours ago
I'm supposed to be cleaning out my kitchen, but I keep being distracted by how much I love my boy.
It doesn't help that every single time I pet him today he immediately starts to purr.
I also discovered today that I managed to go through the entire box of hydrating gravy his vet gave me last week. He loves that stuff so much that whenever I put it on food he winds up eating far more than he normally would, which is really exciting. I'm def. going to ask the vet for another box of this stuff when I bring him in for chemo tomorrow.
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iansfreckles3 hours ago
i just think that 馃グlip gallagher馃グ and everyone that thinks otherwise can argue with a wall
馃憦馃徏馃憦馃徏 you鈥檙e correct and you should say it!
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faggotdeanwinchester3 hours ago
i know none of us can shut up about the regarding dean urban cowboy kiss rn but have we considered the rest of that scene ? because hm. whore ! and the whole bar wants him !
and good for him!!!!!!!! he deserves to be objectified a little bit. as a treat <3
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kiridabideku963 hours ago
Not me randomly laughing out loud to the point of wheezing in public because I got told on TikTok I should stop watching/reading BNHA because I said I don鈥檛 like Mineta! Not like there aren鈥檛 a thousand other characters that I enjoy in BNHA!
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obnoxiouslykit3 hours ago
i had the sudden, strong urge to start talking about how Zelda's diary that you can find at Hyrule Castle in BotW indicates that Link's quietness is the direct result of all the pressure that has been put on him and that he purposely doesn't talk because he doesn't want to take away the attention from anyone else who is suffering and instead feels like he needs to shoulder the weight of all of the Champion's and all of Hyrule's problems all on his own and feels like if he talks he's going to slip up and show his own emotions and, thus, create a heavier burden on the others which is the last thing he wants to do because he is expected to be a silent, emotionless warrior who protects everyone and even after losing all of his memories that impulse to still stay quiet never leaves him and how it would take a lot of support and a long time for him to finally be able to even start processing his own trauma from the events that have happened
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starlightjoong3 hours ago
NAURR 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍 the audacity he has to be blonde aND I FIND OUT AFTER EXAM TORTURE- HELLO CHAN??? EXPLAIN??? @#$+}:P@#$%^*& WHATEHFUCK 馃榾 he knowshow much power he has with blonde hair and I'm here for it 馃檮鉁嬸煆 (don't mind me in the little corner rewinding the parts he appears because I am tHaT weak and need those mafia dino crumbs 馃弮鈥嶁檪锔) 鈥 馃
IFKR THE AUDACITY OF LEE CHAN 馃槃馃槃馃槃馃槃 I AM SO?????? i don鈥檛 even know what to say at this point other than that he is rUINING MY LIFE 馃榾 i 120% agree the blonde was so shortlived and not a day goes by without me thinking about blonde chan 馃ぇ like his hair from the hollywood鈥檚 bleeding danceology/gose treasure island????? god tier!!!! truly one of his best looks!!!!!!!! he looks v v cute with the purple rn too but the bLONDE!!!!! 馃ぇ馃ぇ馃ぇ
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wickedpact3 hours ago
I liked script Nicky a lot but Luca really captured a serene 1000 year old cryptoid soul so perfectly that I appreciate the choices he made even more now. Script Nicky almost seems like a younger Nicky to me.
yeah tbh a lot of what the script is doing is fun & charming, but a lot of it is just 'this is funny, but i like the movie more'. (excluding the quynh stuff, a lot of that was just Good)
ive seen a few people say smth to the effect of 'the script feels like fanfiction! (complimentary)' and yeah... it does. which that isnt an insult, im not saying fanfic is bad (its not) but the script, in terms of tone & usage of humor, doesnt. . .. quite feel like the movie, therefore it feels a little fanfic-y.
i mean when you look at how tog does humor, its generally more subtle, banter-y stuff, rather than 'nicky and book brawl over salt' or 'booker makes c4 animals fuck'. which... suits the movie, bc it has such a melancholy tone and such serious themes to explore. theres levity, but its not overly silly, you know
(and as much as i find booker and nicky playfighting over salt EXTREMELY COMEDIC, i do have a bit of a grudge against the idea of that scene bc im not a fan of the trope where 'all the men in the group are manbabies and the women/woman in the group are the mature one(s)/their mom'. i mean
Tumblr media
'like schoolboys'... one of my 10 million things i love abt tog is that the maturity of the men matches the women. andy is just as Gold Of Heart, Dumb Of Ass as the rest of the boys, she's not their keeper.)
and like, yeah, theres a lot of little comedic things which are definitely funny and definitely fun to read in a script, but i definitely prefer what we got (and it varies too. 'booker making c4 animals fuck' isnt the same as 'nicky pretends to fight book over salt' which isnt the same as 'andy suffers as a random lady rambles to her about the size of her head' which isnt the same as 'joe and nicky banter about copley's shoe pile')
however in terms of the examples of these things ^ we do see in the movie (the selfie lady, joe's reaction to the shoes, etc) i like how theyre done in the movie more, theyre a little more mature/serious. which. gina's influence, probably.
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