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#i love cats so much now i miss my cat
theimpossiblescheme · 3 months ago
Well...I'm deep in my Gus feelings again today (what else is new), and so I was wondering, since we spoke briefly about this before, if you have any hcs/thoughts concerning Gus and Old D's relationship?
Honestly, I’m really attached to the idea that Deuteronomy will turn to Gus if he really needs advice.  As the Jellicle Leader, he does feel quite confident in making the hard decisions for his Tribe, and sometimes he’ll bounce ideas off of Munk, Tugger, and the other Protectors so he can get their input as well.  But if it’s a personal matter, one that he doesn’t feel comfortable letting the rest of the Tribe know about, then it’s time to visit Gus.
And sometimes Gus will joke with him about it and point out the irony of “our fearless leader descending from on high to pay little old me a visit,” but other times he’ll take one look at Deuteronomy’s face and know it isn’t a laughing matter.  So he’ll push over a cushion so they both can sit and talk.  Sometimes these conversations will last well into the night, and Deuteronomy will offer to go so Gus can have the little backstage nook to himself, but nine times out of ten the answer is, “Absolutely not--the state you’re in now, and you want to walk through all those cars?”  Besides the orchard at the vicarage and the great tire in the Junkyard, Gus’s basket at the theater is one of the places he feels safest sleeping.
He’ll be gone early in the morning, and he always leaves his old friend a nice juicy rat as a thank you, but for the moment it’s nice to relax and feel like he has affairs in order for once.
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lambhearted · 10 months ago
i cant stop thinking about gizmo... i wish i knew what happened.... why did he pass away so suddenly?? it makes no sense, he had no health problems... he was a normal weight... wtf happened?? my mom said he fell and knocked some heavy things down... so maybe they hit him or something... i miss him so much, i keep going back and looking at all his pictures. i just cant believe he died... it doesnt seem real... i keep seeing the image of him dead on the floor with blood everywhere... it wont get out of my head, i cant even sleep bc i dream of him. i wish he was still here
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“  you’re so beautiful when you laugh. i wish i could see it more, but maybe it’s the rarity of it that makes it so captivating. ” love blossom
“You’re so beautiful when you laugh," Adam breathed the words with the air of a confessional confidence. His masks, both the physical one now sitting on the table, pushed out out of easy reach to rest against the centerpiece of purple-blue hyacinths ("forgive me" in non-verbal form) to indicate he won't be  donning his armor again soon, and the mask beneath, his usual carefully cultivated expression, cast aside in favor of something soft and vulnerable. Kaoru is silent, but Adam thinks he has to see the sincerity. "I wish I could see it more, but maybe it’s the rarity of it that makes it so captivating. "
Kaoru doesn't treat him to another laugh. Not even a smile or a flush. Tough crowd.
Adam puts a hand on the tabletop, inches it forward slowly, like he's trying to make friends with a stray on the street--not that, of course, Ainosuke Shindo or even Adam spent much time in alleys where half feral cats or dogs other than his loyal assistant could be found. His hand doesn't even make it a ruler length before retreating .
"Even though I knew you were laughing at my expense, I couldn't help but be charmed. It's involuntary. I lose control around you. I always did."
The silent treatment persists. Adam knows it's his own fault of course. He did too good of a job pushing Kaoru away. He'd been so sure of what he wanted until he had it. Wasn't that always the way.
He reaches across the table again, this time going for his goal.
The remote to the bank of screens in his private study where he'd had Tadashi set up this little dinner date. He unpauses the still shot of Kaoru's face repeated dozens of times on the wall, rewinds the recording he'd been playing before, and watches Cherry Blossom tip his head back and laugh again and again. Striking. Gorgeous. Wild. Lost, possibly forever.
Adam picks up his wine glass and toasts the images playing beyond the empty seat across the small table.  "To cruel fates and missed timing, my love."
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rotten-hera · 2 hours ago
You have a Daddy right? Whats your favorite things about him? And do you have any stories you want to tell?
Ooh! I’ll happily jump at any chance to ramble about him- My favorite things would probably be how genuine and caring he is, he always looks after me even if we’re far apart! He means the world to me, while most of (this) blog is nsfw/t, we’re quite wholesome! I think so far my favorite story is just when we video called for the first time, I suffer from selective mutism but when I first met him I was so comfortable and it meant so much to me, and he feels safe, and like home. And he still does! I remember when he sent me a package (I had no idea what-) and it was a stuffed grey cat! I used to have a grey cat (My cats son), and I was missing him after finding some photos, I don’t think he knew about it, so seeing the grey cat plush made me tear up and now I sleep with it on my bed at all times! Basically, I really love him, and I can’t wait to spend my life with him! Thankyou for letting me ramble ♡
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willwoodimagines · 3 hours ago
helo  frine ds! apoologies for my  absen se!! i loev you!!!
Tumblr media
firtly thakn ou all for your supootrt thorugh this! it has bmade some of the things much easier to deal with . this goes doubly for amandien ! who is my best friend and has helped me in here ofor 5 years. which is a lot of years ! i am sorry i couldnt do more to help you whwen you needed me  and i wish i was better at underwstaning you. i hope oncee we are out of here we can stil be friends. i say once but really i should say if because truly i do not know if we wil get out of here alive but i sincerely hope that we  do.  im not one to be scared of d eath, ive seen a lot o f it in my lifevtime but this scares me more tha anyything i dont care about myself dying but i do not want my friends to be hurt. we have all missed d so many things and opportunities while weve been in here i know ive mised a lot because i was only out of the woods for a little bit but enouhgh to know now what i am missing g. i bnever go to go ina ball pit i ony every saw ONE cat and he  ran awya from me  a  dn ive been eating sslop for  5 years now  i ahve never had  good food all ive eaten is raw meat and plants and bugs and hospital food and slop and none of that is very good ! i only got to eat from mcdonalds and i want to go back to mdcdonalds  but maybei never will and tbats oen if the things iw ill miss the most except fro my ffiendsif we don et out of here. spendning so much of my life completely free to be sudently put in a tiny cellar  was extremly jarring! funnily enough i am more scared of what it will be like to go back to freedom after suc h a long time away from it, if i ever can. i hope we will all be ok i want us to all be ok i dont want anyone to get urt anymore i hope amandine and steve can be a band and make lots of music and take me to mcdonalds and we can have a sleep over like a REAL slleepver and we orddrer pizza and have a pilow fiht i hope we do that i hope amandine knows i care about him i love him a lot hes my friend i feel bad i couldn t save him but i tireed my best and i hope he kwnows that i want himt o be ok i want us to get out of here realy bad i hope we are ok . i love my friends
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thevaporwaves · 8 hours ago
You Were My Poox. I Loved You So Much.
I miss the good aspects about you. I miss your jokes. I miss your guitar music. I miss your voice. I miss your touch. I miss how sweet you could be. I miss whatever real sides you had to you. I miss your pheromones. I miss your laugh. I miss your witty conversations with me. I miss your quirks. I miss cooking for you. I miss your snoring. I miss your kisses. I miss your video games. I miss going to coffee shops with you. I miss your nutty cat. I miss exploring the city with you. I miss going to antique stores with you. I miss not crying over you, I did even then. I miss the nurturing side of you. I miss how we joked around. What I don’t miss and don’t want anymore, is what’s happening now. I miss who I thought we my best friend and my person. I would think you’d want that back if it was real. I adored you and loved you. Still do love you, maybe not the same way I used to, but I do and that should say a lot.
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mynonaes · 17 hours ago
Had this one in drafts for a LONG TIME (updated)
01: Do you have a good relationship with your parents? My dad, yes
02: Who did you last say “I love you” to? My fiance
03: Do you regret anything? So much
04: Are you insecure? Yes
05: What is your relationship status? Engaged
06: How do you want to die? In my sleep??
07: What did you last eat? Bacon, egg and spinach wrap
08: Played any sports? I played soccer drunk last weekend haha
09: Do you bite your nails? On and off, yes
10: When was your last physical fight? Umm don't know, we play fight a lot.
11: Do you like someone? Yep
12: Have you ever stayed up 48 hours? No
13: Do you hate anyone at the moment? Yes
14: Do you miss someone? Yes
15: Have any pets? Yes, 1 cat
16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment? Eh, my back hurts.
17: Ever made out in the bathroom? Yes
18: Are you scared of spiders? Depends on what type (im in Australia).
19: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? Sure would.
20: Where was the last place you snogged someone? At home.
21: What are your plans for this weekend? Sleep, read, d&d.
22: Do you want to have kids? How many? I want a girl and a boy.
23: Do you have piercings? How many? Just the belly and ears atm.
24: What is/are/were your best subject(s)? History.
25: Do you miss anyone from your past? Yes.
26: What are you craving right now? Something salty and/or sweet.
27: Have you ever broken someone’s heart? I dont know.
28: Have you ever been cheated on? I hope not.
29: Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry? Yes.
30: What’s irritating you right now? My back pain and boredom. 
31: Does somebody love you? Yes.
32: What is your favourite color? Green.
33: Do you have trust issues? Yes.
34: Who/what was your last dream about? I can’t remember.
35: Who was the last person you cried in front of? My fiance.
36: Do you give out second chances too easily? Depends.
37: Is it easier to forgive or forget? Neither.
38: Is this year the best year of your life? NO HA.
39: How old were you when you had your first kiss? Can’t remember. 
40: Have you ever walked outside completely naked? Yes.
51: Favourite food? Japanese or Italian. 
52: Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Yes.
53: What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night? Music on.
54: Is cheating ever okay? NO.
55: Are you mean? No.
56: How many people have you fist fought? 1.
57: Do you believe in true love? Yes.
58: Favourite weather? Sunny and warm.
59: Do you like the snow? Never seen or touched it.
60: Do you wanna get married? Yes.
61: Is it cute when someone calls you baby? Just my fiance, yes. 
62: What makes you happy? Being with friends and family.
63: Would you change your name? Yes. 
64: Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed? No. 
65: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do? PANIK.
66: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around? Sure do. 
67: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to? My fiance. 
68: Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with? My fiance or besti.
69: Do you believe in soulmates? Yes.
70: Is there anyone you would die for? Yes. 
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ofrestlessheartsx · 22 hours ago
Hogwarts Point Scene || Fablean
TAGGING: Annabeth McLean & Emerson Fabray ( @emersonfabray )
WHAT: Overstimulation
Scening with Emerson had become something that was incredibly relaxing, comforting, and fun for Anna. She felt safe with the Dominant, and after the conversation that they had had, she was looking forward to everything continuing to feel just as good as it did. Laying on the hotel bed, Anna watched as Emerson moved towards her with a smirk on her face. "You...look so sexy right now, Miss." She informed the Domme, her chest arching as fingers worked over her breasts. This was all about making her feel really good, too good. It would be soft, it would be slow, and eventually Anna would be a mess of whimpers and moans, aching and needing, but also needing Emerson to stop. Anna was well aware, now, at how good Emerson was with her hands, her mouth, and with toys. And so as Emerson went through each one, patiently and strategically, Anna felt herself coming to the edge and falling over it once, twice...four times. It was after the fifth orgasm that Anna found herself wiggling away, pleading for the Domme to stop.
Emerson had learned she loved watching her girls come apart. She was fine either way when it came to others, hearing them was enough but for Annabeth and Lisette.. She loved to watch how her touch made them unravel completely and this time was no different. She was naked and leaning over Anna as she gently teased and toyed with her grinning like the cat who got the canary as the girl said she was sexy there was always some power in that she got during scenes that made her feel... Beautiful she kissed her once before letting her hands from her breasts down her soft wet folds and wasted no time in fingering her until she was brought over the edge twice, then again as she played with her clit. She used her mouth for the fourth and for the fifth she brought the wand and left it on medium speed as she was brought over the edge a fifth time. Anna was done, at least that's what she was saying but Emerson simply licked her lips giving the girl a sweet kiss. "You're not done until I say so my darling, and I think you have least one or two more orgasms left for me, don't you good girl?" She asked plainly, before pulling back clearly waiting for a color before she flicked up the power on the wand from medium to high.
The kiss was a sweet sort of torture because she knew that it meant that Emerson didn't think that they were done. Anna didn't think she would be able to hold on for much longer, but she was going to hold out until she absolutely couldn't anymore. Her body was quivering, the high speed of the wand causing gasps and moans to fall from her lips. She was fell over the edge again, her body pulling away from the toy but unable to get far. As she looked at Emerson she could see the glint in her eyes and she wished that she could keep going, but she really couldn't. Things were starting to hurt and her body wasn't happy. As she tumbled over the edge a 7th time her safeword fell from her lips as her body quivered. "Fuck..fuck. I'm sorry."
Emerson wasted no time and shutting the toy off immediately and setting the wand to the side. She pulled the quick release on the ropes and just shushed Anna softly. "No sorries my good girl you did amazingly me for me, you are beautiful you know that? And you took everything I gave you so well. Thank you for telling me what your limit was, I promise we won't go that far again." She said pressing a kiss to her sweaty forehead and rubbing at Anna's arms. "Tell me how you feel sweetheart?" She said after holding her close for a few quiet moments.
This had been the first time that Annabeth had safe worded in a long time. Early in her last relationship she had learned that a safeword would either be ignored or that it was a punishable offense. And while that wasn't something that she took into acting as a Dominant it was something that was difficult to train out of someone. She curled into Emerson as she held her, breathing out slowly. "I'm okay. Thank you..for not being mad."
Emerson's eyebrows furrowed but only for a moment before she took a deep breath and kissed her forehead again. "I will never be mad at you for telling me when things are too much, you should feel safe, and comfortable with me and I strive that you do... Never be afraid to tell me something is too much in a scenes and in general. I... You're my darling Anna."
"I'll do my best to remember that. I promise." Anna said pressing her lips gently against Emerson's neck as she curled even tighter against her. Emerson was so, so different than her ex. And she was so so grateful for that. Appreciative of her patience, understanding, and willingness to there with her.
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straycatj · 22 hours ago
Hello Mr. J, I've been a fan of yours for quite some time. I had to put down my cat in the beginning of 2020 and I still miss him a lot sometimes. His was Max and he was a red tabby with white spots all over and a special little mustache! I'm not sure why but you remind me so much of him. Today I've been missing him more than normal, and I've been scrolling through your blog. It really helps. Tell your landlady that she helps people like me every day.
Max san must be happy because you remember him well even now. Have a good days and do well, with my love. Thanks.
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http-chan · a day ago
may 15th, day 4
TW: depression, anxiety
today was. bleh. and idek why it feels so bleh. im blaming pms tbh. stupid fucking hormones going out of wack i hate it here.
anyways i had stayed up late last night (1 am) and woke up around 7:30 to 8 am. my girlfriend had to leave around 8:30 which sucked. i took my meds, put away laundry that has been done for two days, and watched like 4 episodes of TXT To Do. i ate some thin mints, an apple, and peanut butter crackers and was feeling pretty full and was planning on working out after an hour or so so i didn’t risk feeling nauseas when my dad came home with taco bell around noon. i’d feel bad if i didn’t eat it because i didn’t want my dad to have literally wasted money so i ate both the tacos he gave me. i have felt full since then and it’s been almost nine hours. all ive had since then are some more cookies and a coffee. i have not worked out today, which im upset about, but imma do it first thing in the morning.
my sister texted me on tik tok to stop sending her tik toks. she said they blow up her phone and its annoying since she doesnt want them anyway. ik it was just a little comment but it really hurt that she said that. i send them to her because i think she’ll find them funny but she doesn’t even care enough to look at them. they’re just an annoyance to her, and it makes me feel like i’m an annoyance to her. but oh, if she has a tik tok she wants me to watch, i have to watch it or else she gets all pissy about it. love the double standard there. i unfollowed her account and deleted our convo so i don’t accidentally send in more tik toks. i dont know how she doesn’t hear how rude she sounds.
i wrote around 2k words today of the 2ho fic which i am actually really proud of myself for!! i want to finish it tomorrow but i highly doubt i will since the Depression is starting to get bad again. i just have one more sex scene and it’ll be done!! i wonder what the final word count will be...? my guess is 15k :]
i helped my dad pack some of the furniture in my room and now it feels super fucking bare. i have this small couch in my room and when we moved it we saw that my fucking cat had STASHED SHIT I HAD BEEN MISSING FOR YEARS UNDERNEATH IT!!!! the little hoe. she’s staring at me right now. grr >:(
my mom came home a while ago from work. i feel like she’s ignoring me or flat out completely forgets i exist at times. she’ll always go find my siblings and ask how their day was and say hi, especially the youngest, but she hasn’t done that with me for the past two or so weeks. she barely even talks to me at all, and if it’s out of my room. she doesn’t make an effort to talk to me and it hurts because she’s never home and you’d think she’d want to get as much time as she could with me right now especially, since i’m graduating soon and won’t be living with them for much longer (i’ll be living with them after i graduate, my point is that i’ll be an adult and will leave within the next 5 or so years yknow? yea.) i don’t think she’s doing it on purpose but it really hurts man. and i dont want to bring it up because i feel like its just my anxiety blowing it all wayyy out of proportion but i dont know. i dont know. i just feel unloved and that i just take up too much space, even in my own goddamn room.
thank god my cat stays in my room with me. if it weren’t for her i think i’d be a thousand times worse mentally which says A LOT.
anyways idk what i’ll do tomorrow. definitely work out, i cant slack off three days in a row. most likely write. probably read. i might watch more TXT To Do but i’m not sure. miiiight start a new anime (my girlfriend has really been wanting me to watch SK8 the infinity). i dont really know. i just want to watch youtube right now and ignore the ache in my chest that won’t leave me alone.
until tomorrow
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hi hi hi💜
4, 12, 18, and 46!
BLUE! 💙 (I rambled a lot. 😳 Sorry in advance. 🙃)
4. What do you wear when you have to dress nicely?
Ohhh. This question speaks to me on so many levels right now. I miss dressing up and going places!!! I’m going to give a few different outfits for various scenarios:
So before I quit teaching, I had a standard interviewing outfit: A black and white windowpane plaid pencil skirt that I paired with a sleeveless blue blouse in a brilliant shade of blue and my favorite blue heels. That outfit always makes me feel unstoppable and confident. I love it and I kind of miss that I won’t have a reason to wear it for a long time! (I don’t miss interviewing, though. Or teaching for that matter. Bless all of you who love it! You’re incredible people!)
Every year for our anniversary, my S.O. and I make sure we have enough money saved to go to an ultra fancy dinner. It takes us all year to save, but it’s so worth it. He always wears a really nice suit and I used to go for a pretty dress in black and white. One year, though, my best friend said, “What if you did something really different?” She and I went shopping and I ended up with this super chic black jumpsuit and a pair of pink heels that look like they came straight out of Barbie’s closet. I. LOVED. IT. I still do. That jumpsuit makes me feel like a badass celebrity at a red carpet event.
And then, sometimes, you get those events you have to go to where it’s acceptable to wear jeans but you still need to look nice. That’s when I am in my element. I love 70s fashion, so I have lots of high-waisted bell bottom jeans in my closet as well as flowery blouses and heeled boots and wedges. So if I can wear jeans to something, an outfit like that is 100% my go-to!
12. What’s something about your best friend that you love?
Oh, you’ve really ventured into dangerous territory here. I love my best friend to bits and pieces. She’s also an INFJ, so she just gets it. She’s fierce and she’s funny and she knows how to have a really good time INFJ-style. She’s also a cat mom, so we’re weird about our cats together.
But the thing I love most about her is her generous heart. She has endless love for the people she cherishes. Even though she’s been burned by friends and S.O.’s before, she continues to love with ferocity and courage, even on days when doing so scares her. Hands down, she is one of the bravest, kindest people I know and I admire her so much. She deserves only good things out of life.
18. What’s one historical event that you would have liked to have witnessed?
This is an interesting one! I grew up in a house where history was considered extremely important. All kinds of history: family, national, world... But if I’m being weird and niche? (Which I think I’m allowed to be as this is my personal preference...) I think I’d like to witness the moment Jane Austen deemed Persuasion good enough to be sent off to her publisher. I know that’s not a major historical event or anything, but as a history and literature nerd... Gosh. I’d just love to see the look on her face when she put her pen down for the final time and knew it was truly finished. (Persuasion is my favorite of her novels and horribly underrated.)
46. What’s the last thing a friend recommended to you that you looked into and actually liked?
Ahh! Yes. So I had a friend recommend the book The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown to me. It took me a while to get the book and that friend and I aren’t really friends anymore (I think? I don’t know. It’s so weird.), but I just started reading it and... WOW. This book speaks to my SOUL and I’ll be forever grateful for her recommendation!
50 questions just because!
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awesomegang · a day ago
Featured Author: Lisa Parrella
Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. I’m an attorney/personal trainer/writer/editor/ and now, children’s book author. So far, I have written two children’s books. I made my first book on StoryJumper. It’s called, “Miss Quacky Cracks the Case.” It’s a simple little mystery featuring the world’s one and only “ducktective,” Miss Quacky. Miss Quacky was a blind duck that I owned for a number of years until she passed. I was so excited about actually having published a children’s book that I decided to write another one. But this time I made it far more professional – complete with editing/proofreading and a professional illustrator. I am working on another adventure book for Colonel Whiskers and Q-Tip (who were indeed real mini lop bunnies) and I’m working on a book featuring my new (well, new to me) goose, Cous-goose. I’m writing it for Cous’ former owners. I think its fun to see your very own dog/goose/duck/bunny featured in a book, so I write about the animals in my life (some current, some former) and in the lives of friends and family. I’m not looking to change lives, amass a gazillion followers, or get on the Bestseller list. I just like animals and believe they are an important part of our lives. And by writing little books about the animals I love, I get to entertain myself, and, hopefully, my readers.
What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it? My latest book is called “Colonel Whiskers and the Great Farm Heist. Adventures of a Military Bunny.” I wrote the book as a gift for my son who is serving in the U.S. Airforce. Colonel Whiskers and Q-Tip were his mini lop bunnies, so I had the illustrator make the pictures look as much like them as possible. Then I threw in Miss Quacky, and my Doberman, Frankie, our neighbor’s dog, Fiona, plus our cat and one of my donkeys to round out the cast. Just to amuse myself, as a former mortgage lending lawyer, I made the plot involve a foreclosure scheme.
Do you have any unusual writing habits? Well, I’m not sure it’s a “habit,” but I write what I consider to be “adult children’s books.” I know these are picture books and they are simple stories, but I find myself throwing in inside jokes, puns and legal information aimed more at adults.
What authors, or books have influenced you? Jane Austen. Sophie Kinsella. The best writer in the world, P.G. Wodehouse, Rex Stout, Agatha Christie (except where she talks about adoption). Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I loved Black Beauty, Beautiful Joe (about an ugly dog), National Velvet.
What are you working on now? Right now I’m working on another military bunny adventure featuring Q-Tip and a book about Cous-Goose (Called, “Couscous a Most Extraordinary Goose”) for my friends who used to own Cous but gave her to us to save her from their goose-eating dog.
What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books? I am hoping it will be you.
Do you have any advice for new authors? Yes. Don’t fall for all the baloney about self-publishing being “easy.”
What are you reading now? I mostly listen to audiobooks now. I’m listening to a book by Stephanie Barron where Jane Austen is the detective. It’s fun and she throws in some historical information.
What’s next for you as a writer? Ahh, no doubt it’s stardom! But I hope to improve my writing enough to write a cosy mystery.
If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take 3 or 4 books with you what books would you bring? Pride and Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, a Jeeves and Wooster book, and a Nero Wolfe book.
Author Websites and Profiles Lisa Parrella Amazon Profile
from Awesome Gang
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dawndrms · a day ago
Are You Happy?
⚜ Reincarnated!Namjoon & Lesser Harvest Deity!Hoseok “Hyejin” ⚜ Series: Overlapping Crossroads ⚜ Genre: Slice of Life with a fantasy twist ⚜ Immortal and the Time Jumper AU, Deities AU, Curses AU ⚜ 1105 Words ⚜ Notes: Namjoon is a reincarnated soul and thus the different surname, Hoseok is a deity that changes appearance depending on how a person might think autumn might look like if they were a person. ⚜ No Warnings Applicable
​Lee Namjoon turns as the door to his carpentry shop opens. A beautiful lady stands there, curious eyes darting from one spot to another. She skips and hops excitedly towards the section with little wooden shot glasses. Her bright light brown hair bounces along​​ with her. She picks out two glasses. She looks at their details earnestly. 
Namjoon dusts his hand on his work apron before heading towards the customer. 
"How may I help you, miss?"
She looks up at him with such pretty eyes. Namjoon feels like he could fall into them. There is something familiar about them but also they are not quite right. She is beautiful but she doesn't feel like the right person he is waiting for. 
"Miss?" Her voice is delicate. "Oh, miss! Yes, no, I'm just lookin around. You have very pretty shot glasses here."
She places one of them back on the self. The customer laughs. A nervous hand reaches up to her neck. She touches her hair and pulls part of it over her shoulder. 
"Thank you. I make them myself so they are all quite unique."
"I can tell. They are very well done. Will you recommend one that you like? I think I’d like to buy something for myself."
Namjoon is happy to oblige. Most of his customers prefer to peruse on their own. He definitely does not mind showing her his creations. 
They make their way around the shop. Namjoon pulls out pieces he is proud of and tells a story about them. His customer listens intently to his explanations. The smile on her lips is constant. 
Along the way, they exchange names and stories of their own life. Hyejin is easy going. She is comfortable. Namjoon thinks they could be very good friends. When he tells her that, she gets very excited at the prospect. 
They end up back at the shot glass section. Namjoon has picked out four of the wooden glasses. All of them are carved with different things on them. There is a cat, a rabbit, a deer and the last one is far more intricate than it should be, a lone tree looking over a lake. Hyejin reaches out for the last one.
"Would you like that one?"
"Oh no. It just looks like I've seen this place somewhere before, a long time ago. How did you come to make this one?"
"Actually, I have a drawing of it in my sketchbook. I spent a day drawing and thought it would look good carved on something. A shot glass is probably too small to fully appreciate it but it didn't feel right when I tried to carve it on other things. I don't think I've been anywhere like it. I just drew what I saw in my mind."
Hyejin nods along. She places it back gently.
"Funny how inspiration works, doesn't it? I think I'll take this one. Suits me better, no?"
She picks up the one with the deer. She shows it off to Namjoon next to her face with a cheeky smile. He cracks a smile at that. He does have to admit, there is a relief in him that she didn't pick the other glass. The deer suited her very well.
He guides her towards the cashier counter. The item is placed on the counter as Namjoon rings up the price. Hyejin slowly pulls out dollar notes from her pockets. She quietly counts them to make sure they are the right amount.
"Excuse me if this is far too straight forward for me to ask but are you happy?" She asks as she passes him the money. 
Namjoon thinks of his achievements. His life is comfortable. It is good. He has a job he loves. He has not had much problems to get where he is now. Would he call this happiness?
"If I had to pick a word to describe how I am in this stage of life, I would say comfortable. I don't know if I can call this happy. It feels like a shared comfort with someone would be happiness."
"Are you looking for that someone?"
Namjoon blushes. He stutters as he shifts behind the counter. 
"I, well. I'm not looking yet. For now, it seems to be just waiting as if they'll find me."
"I'm sure they will."
Hyejin reaches out and pats him on the arm. She picks up her purchased item. She is ready to be given the small paper bag to take it home with. 
"Are you happy?"
Namjoon can see that she didn't expect him to ask the question back. She takes a moment to wonder. Her gentle fingers caress over the ingrained image of a deer on the shot glass. She smiles. Namjoon likens it to a squished heart appearing on her face.
"I'd say so, for the moment at least."
Hoseok plays with his newly purchased shot glass back home. An intricate deer carved like they painted it many years ago. He is happy with it. It will do well to serve him his evening tonics.
"Hyejin." He says the name he had been given in that form. "Jin, huh? I'm glad you're still thinking about him."
He places the cup down and looks for his mirror. He looks at the reflection. A beautiful face of a lady greets him. Sweet light brown curls that reach down his back. Lovely dark eyes that radiate comfort.
"Ah, your picture of autumn is a wonderful lady, Namjoon."
He brushes the hair back and leans forward to the reflective surface. He studies the features carefully. He looks right at the eyes. They are Seokjin's eyes. They are not too different to the eyes Yoongi had given him but he knows it is supposed to be the time jumper's eyes. He smiles wide knowing that Namjoon's love for Seokjin is still strong.
Yoongi's favourite smile is still there on the face. He smiles even wider. The features of the lady disappear and the familiar guise that he had gotten far too used to appears. The proper personification of Hoseok that he has grown attached to. 
He thinks back to the question. Is he happy? His answer was truthful. He is happy at the moment.
He has friends. He has a recognisable face. He gets to visit earth. It is fun and he loves it. There is so much more than just his daily chores now. So much more than just being one of the lesser deities with their mundane duties. There is a charm in being partly human.
Though, he cannot say for sure that the happiness will last. 
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reireihoe · a day ago
TwstOCWeek Day 1
Prompt: Domestic
Synopsis: Yukina is weak to affection and with a very eccentric boyfriend comes the hardship of keeping up appearances.
Yukina thought she could handle it, she really did. She deserved an Oscar for how well she was able to keep up her facade in public but being with Rook tested that notion every single day.
Rook was well aware how flustered she grew when it came to small intimacies, no matter how small it may be.
Whether it had been just holding hands—
“We’re in public...” Yukina muttered as she grabbed her hand from Rook to cross her arms, a habit she did quite often, he noticed.
The man, seemingly not bothered by her sudden standoffish attitude, just beamed a bright smile at the girl. He knew if they were in private, she’d be much more reciprocative but in public was a different story.
“All the better, no? At least everyone can take pleasure in the view that is our love!” Rook jested, that ever bright smile never faltering even for a moment.
Yukina didn’t exactly get how the two holding hands was a great display but she didn’t comment on it.
“Ugh, would you two get a room!” Ace yelled and Deuce shoved him in the side with his elbow.
A kiss on the cheek—
“Ah, I wish I could stay longer Ma Cherie, but it seems time has caught up with us. Let us rendezvous after classes, yes?” Rook said before leaning down to place a chaste kiss on Yukina’s cheek. The girl stiffened but she tried to speak up in a way that wouldn’t reveal just how much the small kiss affected her
“Ye...s” she said and a snicker from Grim had her turning to him with slits and a very dangerous glint in her eyes.
“Yukinya’s face is straight but she’s as red as a tomato nyahaha!” Grim cackled but during his obnoxious laughter, he failed to notice the looming shadow hanging over him.
“Nya? What’s with that—!? YUKINYAAAaaaa......” the girl kicked the cat into the next dimension.
Or even just a simple hug.
“Oh mon amour how I’ve missed you so!” Rook cried upon greeting Yukina in the courtyard, gathering the smaller girl in hug.
“R-Rook…?” Not expecting the sudden hug, Yukina found herself freezing a bit, letting her arms stay at her sides like a robot‘s.
“Pray tell, have you missed me as much as I, you?” Rook asked.
“How could I miss you when your loud voice is ringing in my head even hours after you’ve already left?” Yukina said and Rook just chuckled at her words.
But while he found all of those instances very endearing, his favorite moments would have to be their private moments.
The two had been catching up and Yukina had left for a split second to use the bathroom, but when she came back she didn’t expect to be met with a sleeping Rook.
“Hm...he fell asleep?” Yukina muttered. It was unlike the hunter to leave himself in such a vulnerable position but she figured it didn’t matter since they were in his dorm room.
Not wanting to wake the blonde, she lightly draped a sheet over his shoulders and gently brushed the stray hairs from his face out of the way.
Yukina couldn’t help but stare at Rook’s flawless features. His make up was done perfectly, obviously as the procedure was likely instructed by Vil, and the way he seemed so peaceful brought a newfound warmth to her heart.
“We’re supposed to spend time together and you fell asleep...” she whispered and then let out a sigh. She knew Rook probably worked around the clock, having to handle his own assignments, then helping Vil with whatever dorm activities that needed tending to, on top of his own personal activities.
She didn’t want to complain but she couldn’t help but feel a little salty at how many other things consumed Rook’s time.
Deciding that it was best to let the hunter get some shut eye, Yukina quietly packed her bag before leaning over.
“Sweet dreams” she said, placing a feathery kiss on Rook’s exposed forehead before grabbing her things and leaving, completely unbeknownst to the fact that Rook was not asleep and was now practically bursting from the seams with love and happiness on the inside.
He was just curious to know how she would react if he were to fall asleep during their time together and the result was far greater than he could have ever hoped for.
‘Mon could you be so cruel as to only bare your soft words to me when I am asleep? Ahh, this is truly unfair’
Needless to say, Rook had every intention on finding out how to coax this side out of his lover more often.
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pbandjesse · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Im home!! I am so glad to be back. I loved my visit with my family but I missed my space and my stuff and my partner and my cat. I am feeling really happy. 
And today was a good day. For the most part. I slept okay. And woke up around 9. The dogs kept standing on me but it was fine. I got up and got dressed and felt really cute. I texted my brother and apparently he was confused about what our plans were but he was on his way. 
Dad was out and mom took Sophie to get her hair cut. So I was alone in the house for a few minutes before Steve was there. It was so nice to see him. We decided on brunch and before we left he helped me load the wicker trunk I got into the car. Thankfully it fit. The car was very full. 
Me and Steve werent really sure where to go that would have outdoor dining. But I thought we could drive towards the mall and find somewhere. And I was right. We went to a diner that had a patio. 
And the food was good. We were mostly just talking and I only ate like half my food. It was nice to spend time with my brother. 
We were out about an hour. And then went home and got to see Sohpie's new summer cut. She basically has a bob and looks very cute. Me, Steve, and Mom sat in the backyard at the table. I really enjoyed being in the sun. 
I accidently made both me and mom cry. Oops. But we worked it out I think. Steve would somehow trip on his own feet and fell hard on the ground but it was so ridiculous we were all laughing. Thankfully he was alright. Soon after that dad would come join us. And it was nice being all together and laughing and joking. 
Steve would soon leave. Big hugs all around. 
I sat outside with mom and dad for a while longer. EVentually the topic of me and James getting a new car came up and it was decided we would go look at it in person. So mom went to lay down and me and dad drove to the dealership. It was fun seeing the car and sitting in it. We werent bothered by the workers to much. Though they did give us branded notebooks. Neat. 
Once we got back to the house it was basically time for me to go home. I wanted to be home around 6. Big hugs for my parents and the dogs and then I was off. 
But it wasnt a very fun ride. I had a good podcast. And I stopped for Ritas waterice before I got on the highway. But it wasnt a fun ride! It was almost constant stop and go traffic. Google would try to avoid it in the dumbest way possible, getting me off and on exits right back into the same traffic. And I was basically driving into the sun. Basically a drive that should be about 2 hours ended up being closer to 3 and a half. It was terrible. 
I was also hungry. I tried to stop at a rest stop but all their food was closed except for wendys. So I just got fries. Which was fine but didnt exactly help as much as I hoped. And when I got to the rest stop the steering of the car started feeling very hard to do. It scared me really bad. Google says it could be a fluid issue? But the car just got checked so I dont know. I was just glad to get home. Even if it took forever. 
I texted James when I was down the street and they came out to meet me. I got a big and excellent hug. And then we got to work bringing everything upstairs. James laughed at me for all the stuff I brought back. But almost everything is put away now. 
We ordered dinner and hung out on the couch. I did more putting away. James biked to the grocery store. I played a little pokemon. I hugged on sweetp. And did more putting away. 
When James got back they watched me play pokemon for a bit. And then I went to take a shower. My psoriasis is really bad right now so I am hoping to work on that now that Im home. 
But now I am just enjoying being in my bed. Watching James sort some stuffed animals to post on the store tomorrow. And I just feel really happy and lucky. 
I hope tomorrow is just a lovely day.  I hope we all sleep well. Goodnight everyone. Take care of yourselves!
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blackpennyforrester · 2 days ago
Spidershouto:Into The Spiderverse part 2
Please do not read this part without reading part 1,which can be found in my 'itsv au tag' tag
Warnings:Murder,lowkey gore
Shouto is,as he predicted,late to school but the tingly happiness he feels makes the stern scolding from Mr.Aizawa worth it.He apologizes sincerely when he's finished and sits down in his usual seat-and notices they have a new student.
They're chubby and just barely shorter than him,with a strong nose,plump lips and curly black hair styled in a ponytail with baby hairs and pink tips and beautiful eyes of a matching color.Their skin is the darkest he's ever seen and it's absolutely gorgeous.They're gorgeous and their kind smile when he sits down next to them makes them look downright enchanting.
Mr.Aizawa starts the film and he takes the distraction to talk to them."Hey."He whispers and they subtly look back at him."Hey."They whisper back."Are you new?I'm Todoroki." "Yes,i am.I'm Yaoyorozu." "Do you want me to show you around?I don't really talk to anyone so i do a lot of wandering around and i know this place by heart by now." "I'd love it if you did that.You seem really nice."He feels himself blush and hopes the darkened room and his brown skin hides it."Thanks.I feel the same way about you."The two friends(they are,he's sure of it)then proceeded to actually pay attention to the video and once class is over,Yaoyorozu waits for him outside the classroom door with their Spiderman school bag.
"Hi Todoroki!"He can actually hear their voice properly now and holy shit,it's freaking angelic."Ready to show me around?" "Yeah!Let's go, Yaoyorozu!"While he started showing her around,he finally noticed the pins on their bag.A trans flag one and a 'she/her' pronouns one."Wait!"He pointed to them,"You're like me!"He's literally vibrating.He'd never met another trans person before!Yaoyorozu tucked a black curl behind her hair,surprised."Wait,what do you mean?" "I'm trans too!"He jabs a thumb into his chest and pulls down his school shirt enough to reveal the black binder he was wearing today.Yaoyorozu gasped,stars in her eyes,and grabs his hands,which makes him blush again."It's official,we're friends!"She said excitedly and he can't help but hug her.To his relief,she hugs him back immediately and they stay like that for a few seconds before continuing their tour but holding hands this time,ignoring the suspicious looks they get from their classmates.
For the rest of the school day,Shouto and Yaoyorozu(her first name is Momo,she'd told him,and it suited her so much)didn't leave eachother's side and talked in-between classes.She didn't say much about her home life and he didn't force her.Afterall,he didn't want to talk about his either.He told her about his art and she,in thanks,told him about how she played the drums.They found out they both loved neapolitan ice cream,calming video games and cats and they laughed about the differences in their countries spanish dialects(a cute girl AND she was trans AND latina.He hoped she didn't transfer to another school).When it ended,they hugged goodbye and he went to his dorm room to pick up his art supplies,nodding in greeting to Midoriya.
He took the bus to Touya's apartment(after calling Fuyumi and telling him he'd be there,obviously)and peeked through the window to look for Touya.He found him laying on the couch,flipping through channels.Anyone could tell they were brothers and for that matter,that Natsuo and Fuyumi were their siblings.They all took after Mami(same brown skin,same nose,same thick lips and same hair texture-although Touya and Natsuo opted to leave their hair like it naturally was and taking care it while him and Fuyumi put theirs into locs).He squished his face into the glasses and moved it around while calling out to him."Big Bro Touyaaaa!Big Bro Touya!"Touya snapped his head towards him and burst out laughing when he saw him.He missed making him do that.
Shouto curled up into Touya's arms as they layed on the couch together and he told him about his day.When it was Shouto's turn,Touya looked incredibly interested."You made a friend!Fuckin' finally!But you like Yaoyorozu,yeah?" "...Maybe."He refused to make eye contact and felt his body vibrate with his eldest brother's deep chuckles."C'mon,you can tell me.I won't tell anyone,not even Fuyumi." "...Yes,i like Yaoyorozu.But just like.I'm not in love with her." "Yet." "Shut up!"Touya laughed more loudly this time,"Alright!Anyway,let's go do what you came here for."Shouto stopped pouting and beamed as Touya ruffled his hair.
They went down to the train station and Shouto stood on Touya's shoulders as the latter held him by his ankles(Despite barely being taller than him and not having much muscle,Touya was INCREDIBLY strong).He spray-painted a sunflower onto the wall,mentally blasting the song that had inspired it,and Touya put him down to admire his work when he finished."You're better than ever!I'm so proud of you!"Shouto beamed at Touya's words but gasped in pain when he felt a sudden pain on his hand.Touya swatted away the spider that had bitten him there and crushed it under his foot."You okay?" "Yeah,i'm fi-"Touya jerked back all of a sudden,his expression alarmed."Shouto,go home.Now."
"What?Why?" "Shouto,please!Just listen to me!"He was desperate and Shouto nodded slowly and hopped onto the train that was headed in the direction of his home.Once Touya couldn't see him anymore,he got out and tried to look for him.Instead,he found Spiderman chasing the man he recognized as Kingpin,his blue hair,pale skin and red eyes making him easily recognizable.He felt an odd feeling all of a sudden-like he had to follow them.His legs moved on their own as he listened to this new feeling,even though he was so unsure wether it was a good idea.He couldn't hold back a gasp when they arrived to an abandoned building with some of giant machine-he wasn't sure what it was called but it looked dangerous.
He hid from Kingpin and watched with wide eyes as Spiderman fought against him without a hint of fear.He'd been protecting the city for 10 years now but he couldn't help but be impressed.He surpressed a yell when the machine exploded with Spiderman inside and Spiderman was blasted to his hiding spot.He was coated in blood and was missing an arm but surely,if he got him to the hospital in time-
"TOUYA?!"His face was cut up but he'd know his eldest brother's face anywhere.Touya was Spiderman.It would have been a beyond cool discocery in other circumstances but not now,when he was barely alive!"Touya!"He sobbed it out this time,teary eyed,as he placed his head in his lap."S-Shouto...!I'm sorry you had to find out like this but please,take this and don't let Kingpin or any of his cronies have it!"The raspiness of his voice made more tears come but he took the USB flash drive from his hand and flinched when he heard Kingpin approaching.He scurried to another hiding spot and covered his mouth to hide the loud sob that escaped his mouth when Kingpin crushed Touya's face with his brass knuckles.He knew what a kill looked like.Touya was dead.
Shouto managed to get back home without Kingpin spotting him,feeling numb the entire way there.As he snuck back into his bedroom through the window,realization hit him.Touya was dead,Mami was dead.He'd seen them be killed.He wasn't even in his second year of high school yet and he'd seen his mom AND one of his brother's be murdered.He would never not be grateful for when Fuyumi and Natsuo walked in.He ran into their arms,his legs barely carrying him,and cried his heart out.They're never coming back,they're never coming back.
They hugged him back and didn't ask what was wrong and he was once again grateful.He couldn't talk about it-he didn't WANT to talk about it.Later,as they watched the news,he closed his eyes as tightly as he could when Touya's smiling,dead face popped up as they explained his identity and he shrunk into himself when he heard his remaining siblings horrified gasps.They broke down along with him and he wished he had the ability to time travel,to do something.
And he was going to.He couldn't bring back Touya but like hell he was going to let his death be in vain.He was going to defeat Kingpin.Somehow.
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Read You Like a Book - Try (Part 16)
Tumblr media
Read You Like a Book - Try Pairing: Marcus Pike x Fem!Reader/OFC (Anne)
Word Count: 4.2K
Content: Some Angst, Lots of Feelings, Plot Things, Agents of Chaos?/Sam and Leah
Summary: Marcus Pike gets his chance to be a main character, and for that matter, so do you. Let’s solve some crime. A/N: I'd like to formally apologize for the cliffhanger at the end of the last chapter. And for the one at the end of this one. Please don't yell at me unless it's nicely. I write for Marcus Pike. I am soft.
Also, I'm not really sorry, this is what it is. If you've made it this far you should know the drill by now. Big thank you to @disgruntledspacedad, who is my constant sounding board and just...I love her to pieces. Also to @djarinsbeskar and @asta-lily, who are both emotional support crew and 24/7 yearning crew. I love you both to pieces, too.
Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16
Where we left off…
“Anne?” His fingers drifted through your hair, combing it away from your face, as you rested with your cheek just above his heart.
“Yeah, baby?
“I need to tell you something.”
Where we are…
“Hm?” You were lightly dozing as you lay with him, happily residing somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. When Marcus spoke, you tried to get your brain to process the words without much success.
You asked him to repeat himself, barely managed to mumble a string of words into his chest before the sentence turned into a yawn. You couldn’t help it. You were so warm and comfortable curled against him, feeling like a cat who had found a perfect spot in the sun.
Marcus laughed softly, leaned down to drop a kiss on the crown of your head before trying again. “I want to tell you something.”
“Oh?” Your interest piqued, you angled your head to look up at him and were surprised to see worry knit into his brow. A small swell of anxiety broke through the fog, and you were suddenly and substantially more alert. You sat up, immediately missing the contact of his skin against yours. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”
“Yeah, no, I am.” He bit his lip and tried for a small smile.
Well, that’s convincing.
Marcus shifted to sit up, too, rested his back against the headboard. He kept his eyes down as he took your hand in his, rubbed circles into the back with his thumb. You didn’t like how nervous he looked.
“I just want to tell you—” Marcus’s phone blared to life, making you both jump.
He groaned. “Hang on one second.” Marcus reached for his phone on the nightstand, checked the number. “Fuck, it’s Sam. Give me just one minute.” He held up a finger, his expression apologetic as he stood up from the bed. He tapped the button to connect with more force than was necessary.
“Sam, what’s—” He was cut off as an animated male voice began sounding off on the other end of the line. You couldn’t really make out many of the words, but you could tell by the way Marcus’s eyes moved and the set of his jaw that he was listening intently.
“And they’re sure?” Marcus asked after a few minutes. He’d started to pace the room, seemingly unconcerned that he didn’t have on a stitch of clothing. Curious for more than one reason now, you moved to sit on the edge of the bed, waited for him to finish.
He glanced over at you, didn’t bother to hide the way his eyes took in your naked form. You leaned back, giving him a better view, and his eyes went dark as they raked over you. The buzzing from the phone grew more persistent, and you were certain you heard Sam practically shout his name.
You raised your eyebrows at him, nudged your head towards the phone, and he shook his head in amusement before finally pulling his attention back to his conversation. “Okay, okay, I’ll be there shortly.”
Marcus came back to the bed, placed an arm on either side of you, and leaned in. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and gave him a long, deep kiss. He moaned as you moved to nibble along his jaw, his hands sliding from the bed to your hips. “I gotta—” he started.
“You have to go.” You murmured as you buried your face in the crook of his neck.
“Yeah,” he nuzzled into you for a few moments before he pulled back, the reluctance to do so evident. “Could we talk later?”
“Of course.” You did your best to give him a reassuring smile even as your stomach flipped. “Do you think you’ll be back before we go to dinner with Sam and Leah?”
“Yeah, I should be back in plenty of time. I just need to see what all is going on with these tapes.” He kissed your forehead, lingered, then moved away to tug on some clean clothes from his bag.
“Hey, Marcus?”
“Yeah?” He pulled a clean white tee-shirt over his head, causing his hair to stick straight up. He really was distractingly cute.
“It’s not something bad, is it? The thing you want to talk to me about?”
He seemed to consider for a brief moment before he shook his head, came back to the bed to pull you into his arms. “No, it’s not. At least, I don’t think you’ll think it is. Just something I want to get off my chest.”
“Okay,” you told him. It was going to be a long day.
Marcus walked quickly down the hall to the third-floor conference room, increasingly impatient to get things moving.
He hated how he’d left things with you this morning. If only he’d kept his mouth shut for just a few more minutes. But of course, right when he decides to bare his fucking soul about the whole thing…
It would be fine. He’d tell you about it tonight. You’d given him your story, and he would tell you the rest of his. Cards on the table. He owed you that. He just hoped it didn’t make you look at him differently. He didn’t think it would, but maybe you’d start to wonder what was so wrong with him that he’d had two women decide they were better off.
At least he’d managed to convince you back into bed before he left, hoped that you would get a bit more sleep. You’d still looked so tired from the night before, but what bothered him the most was the wary look you were trying to hide as you watched him. He’d made you nervous, and then he’d had to leave. Fuck.
“Morning,” Sam greeted him, barely looking up from his stack of files, as Marcus strode into the conference room.
“Morning,” Marcus snapped back.
Sam did give him a longer look then. “Well, aren’t you cheerful?”
Marcus glowered at him as he sank into a waiting chair.
“Bad morning?” Sam asked.
“I just—I was in the middle of something when you called.”
“That right?” Sam smirked. “Figured it would’ve been a bit early, but—”
Marcus rolled his eyes. “Not that. I was talking to Anne.”
“Oh?” Sam asked with mild interest.
“I was going to tell her about what happened in DC…with Teresa.”
Sam stopped what he was doing and fixed Marcus with an assessing gaze.
“What?” Marcus questioned, too exhausted to try to figure out what Sam was thinking.
“Honestly,” Sam shrugged, “I’m surprised you didn’t already tell her. Did you tell her about the divorce?”
Marcus shifted in his seat. “Yeah…”
“So why not Teresa?”
“It’s not exactly a story you tell when you’re trying to impress someone.”
“But you told her about your divorce…”
“Yes.” Marcus pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.
“So why not Teresa?”
Because once is an anomaly. Twice starts to look like a pattern.
“Can we talk about something else?” Marcus shoved out of his chair, crossed over to the case board, started trying to lose himself in the new information Sam had begun adding.
“You got it.” Sam started spreading out the folders from the stack in front of him. “What about the fact that you’re in love with her, you told her that?”
Marcus’s head whipped around to stare at Sam, who was staring right back at him from the other end of the room with a satisfied smile on his face.
“Yeah, thought so,” Sam continued. “That seems pretty important, too. Might be worth mentioning. Anyway…let’s get started.”
The bell dinged overhead as you walked into Leah’s bookstore. You had needed to get out, couldn’t just sit and stew wondering what Marcus wanted to talk to you about.
He said it was nothing bad. But he’d looked so nervous…
“Be up in a minute!” Leah’s voice rang out from the back of the store.
“It’s just me!” You called back, smiled when you heard her surprised “Oh!”
Shortly after she was striding into view from the shelves with a big smile on her face. Her hair was tied up in a bright green silk scarf, a fun pop of color that contrasted with her all-black sweater and jeans. How did she always make it look so effortless?
“What are you doing here? Did I get the time wrong?” She asked before pulling you in for a tight hug. You hadn’t seen her since the gallery party. Both of you had been busy with work and with your respective FBI agents, and while you’d talked almost every day, nothing beat the real thing.
“No,” you sighed, allowed yourself to be herded further inside as Leah grabbed your bag with clothes and makeup for tonight, stashing it behind the counter. “I just needed to get out of my apartment.”
“How come?”
“Marcus told me he needed to talk to me about something.”
Leah leaned against the counter as you stood across from her, fidgeting. “Okay…And then what?”
“Sam called.”
“Ah, yes, he was up bright and early. Sorry, that you also had to suffer.” Leah gave you a sympathetic smile. “But back up, what exactly happened?”
“He told me he needed to tell me something.”
“Before that. What were you doing before that?”
“We were just laying together.”
“We’d had sex.”
“Good sex?”
“Great sex. Amazing sex.”
“Why do you say that?”
“It’s always great with Marcus.”
“You said amazing. What made it amazing?”
You stilled. Her eyes narrowed, scenting that she wasn’t getting all the required information.
“Okay, let me start over.”
The whole story came out back in your favorite corner of the shop as you sat in your favorite chair. The last time you’d done so you had been with Marcus, and it was impossible to be in that space again without thinking of him, remembering how desperately you had collided when you’d both gotten a second chance. Leah was leaning with her back against the bookcase, almost the exact same spot where Marcus had lifted you, pressed up against you, and—
“Anne, earth to Anne.”
“I asked you a question.”
You huffed at her. “Sorry, ask it again?”
“What is your gut telling you he’s going to say?”
“Mmmm…I mean, he said it wasn’t anything bad. Said it was something he wanted to get off his chest.”
“Mm-hm, but what about what he didn’t say?”
“What do you mean?”
“Anne, I think that whatever he’s going to tell you later…I think he’s already been telling you.” She looked at you pointedly as if willing you to catch on and get with the program.
Your phone started vibrating in the pocket of your coat, and you smiled when you saw his name lighting up the display.
“Ah, well, speak of the devil,” Leah teased as you answered and brought the phone to your ear.
“Hey. What’s up?”
“Hey. I’m going to be stuck here for a few more hours. We’ve got a ton of paperwork to get through and I still need to get sign off on a few things. I’m so sorry. Could we meet you at the restaurant?”
“It’s okay, Marcus, really. We can meet you guys there.”
“Alright, sorry.” He paused before continuing. “Are you okay? What are you up to?”
“I’m with Leah. I went down to the bookstore.”
“Oh, you’re with Leah. That’s good.” He sounded genuinely relieved. “Good. Okay, I’ll call you if anything changes. Otherwise, I’ll see—Oh, wait, Sam wants to know if you can hand the phone to Leah.”
You laughed. “Sure.”
You passed the phone off to Leah, mouthed “Sam” when she looked confused. She brightened at once.
“Hi, Sam…Yeah, no, it’s fine.” There was a glint of mischief in her eyes at something he said, and she bit the end of her thumb as she listened. “That right?”
“Hey, not on my phone,” you whined, reaching back for it, and she rolled her eyes at you before covering the mouthpiece with her hand.
“Says the girl that got frisky in my bookstore.”
She had you there.
Leah gave her attention back to Sam, grinned at something else he said, “Okay, yeah, we will see you guys there. Bye.” She hung up and handed the phone back to you.
“Now, where were we?” Leah went back to her spot against the shelves. “Oh yes, Marcus, and this thing he wants to tell you. Don’t you think maybe he’s going to tell you he’s—”
You shook your head. “It’s too soon.”
“Is it?”
“Lee, it’s only been a couple weeks.”
She shrugged. “So?”
“So this isn’t a book, this is real life. And in real life, you aren’t supposed to be in love with someone you just met.”
“Maybe…” She crossed her arms as she looked at you. “But are you anyway?”
Marcus dragged his hand along the back of his neck as he paced near the back of the room. The day had been eaten up quickly by briefings, meetings, and paperwork, and it was already six by the time he and Sam had started wrapping things up.
“Okay, I’ve got each file updated with the latest findings from the DC team. I’ve got the signed paperwork for the surveillance request here. I’ve got Wyatt’s authorization for headcount for the stakeout here…I think that’s it.” Sam rattled through the list as he pointed to each folder of documents. “I think we’re done.”
“Thank fucking God.” Marcus checked the time again. If they left now, they would still have time to change back at the hotel and make it over to the restaurant in Andersonville. “Let’s go.”
The conference line rang to life from the middle of the table, and Marcus stared in disbelief.
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.
It rang again, and Sam looked at Marcus for direction before reaching to answer it. Marcus gritted his teeth and nodded. Sam punched the button for speaker.
“This is Special Agent Pike.”
“Marcus, glad I caught you.” The voice of his chief back in Washington boomed out of the speaker. “I understand there have been some developments.”
“Yes, sir. The tapes confirm that the appraiser Phillip Dunn was in possession of the originals at that point. There are several inconsistencies between the ones he’s examining and the ones that were turned over by the gallery in London.”
“What are your next steps?”
“We’re going to put him under surveillance, the first shift should be starting shortly. Wyatt agreed to lend us a few of his agents. I’d like to know for sure that the originals are on the premises before we attempt any sort of search or raid. I’m not convinced he’s our guy, although he certainly has the skill set. I don’t want to risk him or someone else getting tipped off, trying to destroy evidence or the paintings themselves.”
“Any other suspects besides Dunn?”
Marcus chewed at the inside of his cheek in annoyance. He’d already provided all of this information in the report he and Sam had sent over earlier.
“We’ll need to look again into the last owner of the paintings, the one who sold them to the London gallery. According to Dunn, the paintings would have been delivered directly after they were appraised and authenticated. He died earlier this year and his daughter has been managing the estate. She sold everything off pretty quickly. Our understanding is that he was more of an enthusiast than a professional in the industry and was in pretty far over his head.”
“Desperate enough to try something illegal?”
“Perhaps or an easy target to take advantage of.”
“What about this dealer? Brooke Phelps? The one that kept trying to give you the brush off.”
“It doesn’t sound like she is ever in possession of the paintings again after they’re turned over to Dunn, but they’re close. There’s a personal relationship there….”
“Alright, well, it sounds like things are progressing quickly. Perhaps you’ll be back in DC sooner than we thought?”
Marcus’s stomach dropped. “Yes, we’re moving along.”
“Good, good, well keep me informed. Goodnight.”
The line went dead but sprang to life again a few seconds later.
“For fuck’s sake! What now?” Marcus jammed the button to connect. “Pike.”
“This is Wyatt. Listen, I can’t release those agents to you for another few hours. I need them on another assignment.”
“No,” Marcus responded simply. He had arrived at his limit for the amount of bullshit he was willing to deal with today.
“No?” Wyatt emphasized on the other end of the line. “That wasn’t a question. They’re my agents.”
“And I have your signed authorization that they can be used on this case for surveillance.”
“Which they can be…at 10 pm. Appreciate your understanding.”
Wyatt disconnected.
You and Leah walked arm in arm down the street, huddled close for warmth and ease of conversation. Also for a bit of stability given the shoes she had talked you into wearing.
“Black dress, black heels, red lip. A classic combo for a reason,” Leah had praised as you’d stepped out of her bathroom in the borrowed shoes. You never normally wore heels this high but you had to admit they looked good paired with the curve-hugging dress. And you looked good in them.
Your phone vibrated in your coat pocket and you scrambled to answer it just as the two of you were ducking inside the restaurant. Leah had suggested you both get there a bit early and get a drink in your system before the guys arrived. You were still a basket of nerves.
“Hey, it’s me.” The noise of the Saturday night crowd inside the restaurant was making it hard to hear.
“Hang on let me step back outside.” You told Leah where you were going and ducked out. “Marcus, you there?”
“Hey, honey, yeah…I—”
“You can’t make it.” You said it as a statement of fact. You could tell by his voice.
“I’m so sorry, honey. This day has been…I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, Marcus, I know you are.” You did your best not to let the disappointment into your voice. He was already probably giving himself a hard time. “It’s fine. Will you come—” You bit your lip. Home. You’d almost said, “Will you come home when you’re done?”
“Will you come to my place when you’re done? Doesn’t matter how late.”
“Yeah, yeah, I will,” he sounded a little better. “I’m really sorry, Anne.”
“It’s okay. I’ll see you back at my place later.”
You exchanged goodbyes and hung up, stood on the sidewalk thinking for a bit before walking back inside. Leah was already at a table, and you slumped down into the chair across from her.
“Sam called right after you stepped out. Sounds like they’re having a day.”
“Yeah, it does.”
Leah reached over and gave your hand a gentle squeeze. “Listen, we’re here. We’re getting drinks. And some food is probably not a bad idea.”
It was nearly midnight by the time your ride was turning onto your street, not that it should’ve surprised you. Once you and Leah got going you always had fun, and you always appreciated an opportunity for a true deep dive with your best friend. After all, the two of you had plenty of topics to cover.
The gallery had caught some new attention since the party, and Leah had been running herself half crazy trying to keep up with dealers and artists wanting to make a connection. The bookstore, too, had done well with the added exposure, so she was thinking of hiring some additional hands.
When Leah had asked about your work, you’d been proud to share that you were booked out several months in advance now with steady gigs. At that, Leah had raised her martini glass in a toast.
“To us. Long may we reign.”
After a couple drinks, you finally got her to open up a bit about Sam. As much as she might have said otherwise, you suspected that her relationship with him was becoming more than just physical. She lit up when she talked about him, liked how smart and sharp he was, how much he made her laugh. You bit your lip to keep from teasing her. She’d realize eventually.
For those few hours, you tried not to let your mind drift too much to your impending conversation with Marcus. You’d spent the day trying to look at things from every angle and had come to a realization out on the sidewalk. It didn’t matter much what he was going to tell you. You already knew what you wanted to say.
The cab pulled up to the curb opposite your apartment and you hopped out just in time to see Marcus practically running up to the front door.
“Marcus!” You called to him from across the street. You had enough alcohol in your blood to give you a bit of courage, but not so much that you didn’t know to keep your voice down in the middle of the night. He turned quickly at the sound of your voice, met you as you stepped up onto your side of the street. He pulled you into a firm hug, and you happily wrapped your arms around his waist. “Hi.”
“Hi, honey, I’m so sorry. You look beautiful.”
You smiled into his shirt. “Thank you, and it’s okay.” You gave him a reassuring squeeze before grabbing his hand. “Let’s go inside.”
He followed you upstairs, his fingers intertwined with yours. You didn’t feel so nervous anymore.
After Din had been let out and shoes and jackets had been removed, you led Marcus to the couch and told him to sit. He did, his expression open but searching, as you sat close and faced him.
“Okay,” you said getting right to it. “I want to hear what you have to tell me.”
He nodded. “Yeah, I guess I’d better before I get interrupted again.” He rested his hand on your leg, gave you a gentle squeeze. “I’m so sorry about today.”
“Marcus, I’m not upset about it.” You grabbed his hands and looked him in the eyes so he could see you were sincere. “Things happen. What did you want to tell me?”
He took a deep breath. “You told me something very personal, and so I wanted to tell you…I guess I wanted to tell you about something that happened before I went to DC.”
You waited, sat with him as he had for you.
“I was engaged to someone. Teresa and I hadn’t been dating long when I was transferred to DC. I offered to stay, but she—ultimately we decided I should take the job, and she was going to come with me. But she changed her mind. I tried to make her happy but I couldn’t.”
You considered the way he’d phrased that. “You couldn’t? How come?”
“She was in love with someone else. Her partner.”
There it was. The root of all that hesitancy that you’d first picked up on back in the bookstore, that need for reassurance that you were interested in him.
You brought your hand to his face so he’d look at you. “That doesn’t sound like something that’s your fault.”
He laughed slightly. “No, I guess not…I just don’t want you to think that I didn’t try. With her or with my marriage. I don’t want you to think that I’m…”
“Marcus, I don’t think that. I don’t think anyone who’s ever met you would think that.”
All Marcus did was try. It was interwoven into all of his actions. Try to take care of you, try to make you happy, try to show you who he was. Whoever left him must not have seen him. Otherwise, how could they have done it?
The words he said to you the night before came back into your mind. You wondered if anyone had ever really given him back all that he offered.
“Marcus, you are perfect. You are everything.”
He smiled, bittersweet. “I know why you’re saying that.”
“Because that’s what I said to you, but you don’t have to…You don’t have to try to make me feel better. I wanted to tell you because I wanted you to know. That’s all.”
“That’s not…” He was so stubborn. “Marcus, would you let someone take care of you for a change?”
His eyebrows shot up as if startled but at least you knew he was listening.
“That’s not why I’m telling you that. Marcus, you are wonderful. You are kind and caring and smart and strong. You take care of me without ever being asked.”
Leah had been right…again. He’d been telling you what you wanted to know even if he hadn’t said it.
“You are thoughtful and good. You make me happy, and you make me laugh, and you hold me when I cry. You are everything. You are perfect just as you are. And I’m sorry that whoever was with you before me couldn’t see that.”
He was staring at you like he couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of your mouth, and it cracked your heart even more to realize how much he needed to hear what you were about to say.
“Marcus, I’m in love with you.”
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Since we're sharing pantries...
Our old house has been remodeled a few times by previous owners, some of it great, some of it not so great. There is a short hall to the back door that had a pantry of sorts with shelving, some coat pegs, and 6-panel bypass doors. It gave the illusion of separate compartments but in reality it was one big shared space. Storing mops, brooms, pet food, people food, pots and pans, etc. all in the same space was not ideal.
Making the most of the pandemic, I designed and built a remodel of this space and I'm really happy with the result. It is now a pantry on one side with a broom closet and pet food drawer in the middle, and a coat/shoe nook on the right. I'm an amateur but the build is solid and works well. My wife is thrilled. The new pantry uses a barn door, allowing full use of the space for storing things. The barn door only intrudes into the hallway a couple inches, and by building a nook we no longer hang coats on the opposite wall. The net effect is a more open walkway.
This is what it looked like to begin with. The doors and some shelves were already gone by the time I remembered to take a photo. The bypass doors took up 5" of the depth, so the shelves were all 12" deep. Everything but one vertical was particle board. (Side note - some of that old particle board was astonishingly heavy. They used to make it out of who knows what but it held up very well, although it was not pretty.) Here is another "before" view.
After gutting the space and cleaning up the walls, I built a couple new verticals and installed new 17" deep shelving and some dividers per specs from the client (my lovely wife). I used 3/4" plywood that came pre-finished (from HD) on one side. It didn't cost much more than the unfinished sheet and saved me a ton of finishing time. I used teak oil on the unfinished side where necessary. Next I built in a sliding shelf, put trim on all exposed plywood edges, and installed a cabinet face to the right as seen here. Teak oil was also used on the wood shelf-edge trim.
With the barn door installed I was able to confirm clearance with the back door. Both can open fully and not conflict at any point. Because of the existing height, I had to mount the barn door through the case molding. I considered other options but decided this was the best approach and it worked out perfectly. The door is a hollow-core Jeld-Wen unit. I was a little concerned that it would not work with the barn door hardware, but it actually works well. The lighter weight is a plus.
Finally I finished the broom cabinet and nook and painted everything. Missing in these photos is vertical trim between the barn door and cabinet, which just finishes it a bit more. The broom cabinet also has a slot for grocery bag storage and a lower shelf for canned pet food. I later lined the drawer by constructing and inserting a box made of corrugated plastic so it can store dry pet food with no contact with the wood. I included a divider so it can have both dog and cat food.
I reused the one piece of solid wood from the original closet to make a shelf above the nook. I went with a curved design because it echoes design cues seen in the rest of the house.
This project was completed in late March. Finished and loaded it has proven to be very functional and a much better use of the space. I also built a slide-out appliance drawer on the bottom that wasn't shown in the other photos. All of the drawers have soft-close mechanisms to pull them completely closed, ensuring they won't collide with the barn door. I also installed a soft-close mechanism on the barn door which keeps it at one side or the other and has a pleasant action.
Alas, I do not know how much this cost in total. Partly because I didn't keep track very well and partly because I don't want to know. Probably more than I think it did!
Through this project I learned that I should have bought a pocket hole jig kit a long time ago. That thing is incredibly handy for joining boards in all kinds of situations, not just cabinets. This project also gave me an excuse to get a nice small table saw which I used to make the cabinet door and drawer faces, cut shelves, etc.
I hope this post inspires others to move ahead with home improvement projects. The sense of satisfaction when it all comes together is incredible.
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