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#i love books
lake-my-beloved · 3 minutes ago
I really finished watching book 4 the first time thinking “that was alright but my least favorite book for sure :/“ and now it’s like tied for first
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crimeronan · 51 minutes ago
my plan on mi's release day is to log out of tumblr until i've finished it but. i anticipate having at least 50 asks when i log back in like... no matter how it goes. rip to future me
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pensamentossortidos · an hour ago
Sky l Céu
As árvores eram gigantes,não havia sol mas uma luz emanava aos quatro cantos. Eu me sentia livre e não me lembrava de nada desta vida,eu me sentia viva e leve.
The trees were giant,there was no sun but a light emanated from all corners.I felt free and didn't remember anything about this life, I felt alive and light.
Eu não sentia dor,não existe dor naquele lugar,sentia profunda paz e alegria como uma criança.
I did not feel pain,there is no pain in that place, I felt profound peace and joy as a child.
Por mais que eu tentasse me lembrar das pessoas que passou pela minha vida eu não conseguia.
As much as I tried to remember the people that went through my life,I couldn't.
Há muita luz naquele lugar,eu não queria voltar mas fui obrigada.
There is a lot of light in that place, I didn't want to go back, but I was forced to.
Eu nunca vi algo tão belo em toda minha existência,eu vi um grande coral de anjos cantando enquanto eu estava com meu vestido branco, entretanto,surgiu uma presença perante mim da qual eu não conseguia ficar de olhos abertos pois sua luz era muito forte,ela dizia que eu devia voltar.
I never saw anything so beautiful in my entire existence, I saw a great choir of angels singing while I was wearing my white dress, however, a presence appeared before me that I could not keep my eyes open because its light was very strong, she said that I should go back.
Minha alma está chorando,eu não queria voltar,pois sei agora onde é meu verdadeiro lar e sinto falta dele.
My soul is crying, I didn't want to go back, because I now know where my real home is and I miss it.
Eu vi coisas inefáveis,das quais não existem palavras o suficiente para descrevê-las.
I have seen ineffable things,of which there are not enough words to describe them.
Ele me disse que sou especial,mas deveria voltar ainda há algumas coisas para serem resolvidas,ele não me disse o que era,mas ele me disse que eu sou parte de algo,suas palavras são como um quebra cabeça.
He told me that I am special, but there should still be some things to be solved, he did not tell me what it was, but he told me that I am part of something, his words are like a puzzle.
Desde então,o véu se abriu estou mais sensível aos dois mundos.
Since then, the veil has been opened. I am more sensitive to both worlds.
Mas a única coisa que quero, é voltar para meu lar.
But the only thing I want is to go home.
Eu vi várias coisas,vários destinos que ainda não chegaram até mim,pois havia forças malignas tentando impedir.
I saw several things, several destinations that have not yet reached me, as there were evil forces trying to prevent it.
Ao mesmo tempo que estou viva também estou morta e caminho pelo dois lados, é estranho.
At the same time that I am alive, I am also dead and walking on both sides, it is strange.
Não sou mais compreendia pela maioria,por não pertencer mais a este mundo jamais me sentirei em casa.
I am no longer understood by the majority, as I no longer belong to this world, I will never feel at home.
Eu sei que algo está por vir,mas ele não me disse o que era. Há trevas e luz uma batalha sangrenta entre os reinos,ele me disse que sou preciosa.
I know something is coming, but he didn't tell me what it was.There is darkness and light a bloody battle between the kingdoms, he told me that I am precious.
Eu consigo sentir o ódio do inferno sobre mim e consigo ver quem as trevas usam.
I can feel the hatred of hell on me and I can see who the darkness uses.
Ele disse que não há nada de errado comigo,apenas sou diferente.
He said that there is nothing wrong with me, I'm just different.
Será que um dia encontrarei alguém que me ame assim? Ele me disse que já existe alguém que me ama profundamente,mas ele não me disse quem era,disse que eu deveria ter paciência. Eu ainda não conheci essa pessoa,ou talvez ela já tenha passado por mim e eu não percebi,mas pelo que entendi terei que esperar.
Will I ever find someone who loves me like this? He told me that there is already someone who loves me deeply, but he did not tell me who he was, he said that I should be patient.I haven't met this person yet, or maybe he has already passed me by and I didn't realize it, but from what I understand I will have to wait.
O outro lado é tão enigmático,nem sempre faz sentido menos ainda possui lógica.
The other side is so enigmatic, it doesn't always make sense, even less has logic.
Embora eu tenha visto tantas coisas,não estou com expectativas,eu só quero voltar para a casa. Por mais que ela tenha me feito promessas,eu não quero mais nada das pessoas eu estou farta delas.
Although I have seen so many things, I have no expectations, I just want to go home. As much as she made promises to me, I don't want anything from people anymore. I'm sick of them.
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be-in-a-qpr-with · an hour ago
be in a qpr with someone who will read their weird book that they bought just cause it had a funny title to you
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Tumblr media
'I'm In Love With the Villainess,' vol 2, has to try and thread the needle of its promised revolution and the resolution of its love story with a particularly adamant noble daughter; it does find its way to a happy ending, but because it can't quite seem to commit to the chaos of actual revolution, it instead layers on several convoluted plots and lets its heroines and the country escape relatively unscathed. It feels sort of like the author realizing that, as good as the two characters are together, their differences were going to pull them apart short of a deus ex machina; otherwise Claire wasn't going to remain both the villainess and someone that Rei could love. I'd love to see an adaptation done where the end-game plotting was instead woven through the entire story; light novels getting turned into manga and/or anime would be the perfect place for this sort of editorial touch-up. Other than that, it's a very cute story with lots of good moments, it's explicitly queer and trans friendly, and the whole bicker to banter to loving teasing arc is a great thing; that its romantic genre meant it wasn't going to actually blow up the whole social structure and deal with that fallout is hard to count too much against it.
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httttps · 2 hours ago
I took this picture of the sky today, you can see the moon during the day🤧
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gamersucklet · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
diagram of why quinter is the best ship (aka two of my favorite character dynamics making my favorite ship dynamic)
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365text · 4 hours ago
real talk who else cried to the “chicken soup for the ... soul” series when u were younger
#annie.txt#i was thinking about this bc i was internal monologuing in the prev post's tags about buying a digital keyboard for myself#and remembered how my dad wanted to buy one for me a few years back but i said it was fine bc 1) i wouldn't have time or space rly to use it#while in college u feel#and also 2) i didn't realize the tech (esp in recent years) has gotten so much better ?? for weighted keyboards !! it's like a real piano ??#but then i was thinking about how if i wanted to buy it now i'd probs buy it for myself since i'm working full time#and i thought about how it'd be nice if i could have my parents still buy it for me still bc it is kinda $$$#but then i thought about how that really wasn't necessary bc again i work full time now (albeit i just started but still i make enough that#i can do it for myself and not have to ask my parents to shell out that money for me u feel)#but then i thought about how my parents always want to buy me gifts / birthday presents bc that's how my hashtag asian parents show me love#through food and attempts at purchasing me useful things#like jackets#or a 'better mattress'#even if i don't need or necessarily want them LOL#and then i got sad bc i realized they don't have many opportunities in the future to really buy me stuff or show me love in that way#and now im all teary eyed bc the idea of aging parents and#them passing away just gets me every time....#familial themes makes me cry the most consistently in media too lol#but anyways all that's to say is that it reminded me of chicken soup for the soul books bc i used to sob to those#bc man those stories are sO SAD#also unrelated to how i got here but interestingly tangential: i read those books at my piano teacher's house HAHA
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mavigokphotogrpy · 4 hours ago
mevsim ne de güzel geldi geçti
haber etmeden
ses etmeden...
Tumblr media
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brightburner · 4 hours ago
I love Shadow and Bone but I gotta tell you all— if you are in it for the enemies to lovers trope? Read the Folk of the Air series by Holly Black. Stunningly good enemies to lovers romance and the main character Jude is honestly the love of my LIFE.
Like I like Alina, clearly, but Jude has a level of agency and character that just are UNPARALLELED in a new adult fantasy heroine.
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pensamentossortidos · 5 hours ago
It's you It's you.You're the one I want. You're the one I want to come home to after a bad day at work.You're the one I want to roll over to in the middle of the night and wake up next to everyday,for the rest of my life.You're the one I want to go on late night runs with for food just because we wanted to get out of the house.You're the one I want to take on cute little dates like to a movie, or to a nice, fancy dinner,or to an early morning breakfast before we both have to go our separate ways for the day.You're the one I want to take on cute all day dates to things like aquariums, and zoos, and amusement parks.You're the one I want to go on fun,exhilarating adventures with,such as a day at the lake, or a hike through the woods,or even just a late night walk when everything is quite.You're the one I want to stay in with for the night and build a cute little fort while we watch movies under it and eat our favorite foods. You're the one I want to make happy for the rest of my life.You're the one I want to love, and to hold when times get tough.You're the one I want to be there for when everything in your world comes crashing down.All my good days and all my bad days, you're the one I want to spend them with.Its you. You're it. You're the one. And I swear to you, I have never been so sure about someone or something in my entire life. Its you, and I say this without a single doubt in my mind.
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pensamentossortidos · 5 hours ago
I sit back and observe every person in my life. Whether we talk every day, at all, or not at all. I know who motivates me and who keeps it real. I know who talks about me and then smiles at my face. I know who I can trust and who I need to keep a distance with. Just because I let you be the way you are to me, don't think it's as if I'm unaware of what really goes on.
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pensamentossortidos · 5 hours ago
Make your room like an old library! keep it dimly lit,have books in every corner,have a few marble busts, invite the ghost of a victorian woman who died in a tragic accident to be your roommate!
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souldagger · 6 hours ago
btw the Murderbot short story Home (set in between exit strategy and network effect) is now available to read for free on tor's website!!!
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pensamentossortidos · 6 hours ago
I think as a society we should bring back fancy dinner parties where you listen to classical music and discuss the shakespearean sonnets and the romantics & philosophical debates held by literary societies full of dedicated students who are passionate about critical theory and aestheticism & poetry readings in jazz cafés that last well into the night and leave you with a sense of having shared an intimate experience with strangers because all of you have felt the same words echo in your so.
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