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#i love a dystopia
magpie-trove · 25 days ago
Deke is not stupid he is in fact incredibly smart and quick-witted but he while he seems ridiculous sometimes it is always in display of a deep love and rejoicing in Life and the others may think he’s dumb for being so amazed at what they consider ordinary things but I need him to know how much Chesterton would approve and how much he is Right
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thatirishswiftie · 28 days ago
Can we please have a YA dystopian/apocalyptic novel or film that doesn't involve a love story!?!?!
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h-isforhome · a month ago
looking over my writing notes and?? apparently i have ideas for a crossover btwn my books??
#take in mind the murder gays wip is either the late 60s or 80s and the dystopia wip is set in year 2220....................#like a character in the latter Can time travel and Has many different lives but hm............ how serious was i when i wrote it............#i mean . the og idea was that the time travelling character met their soulmate eventually in every life time but.#i thought i would do a twist where like . there Is an 'overall' soulmate that they end up w 99% of the time#but every so often the mechanism behind their different lives or w/e fucks up and puts them in different places/time periods#so they Don't meet and in fact don't even rmbr the overall soulmate#and in Those eras they either have a 'temporary' soulmate for that life only romantic or platonic idc#or like . there Is no 'human'/'normal' soulmate and they just go abt doing w/e like their destiny in that life is becoming an astronaut#or.! they run into one of the other characters from the dystopia timeline/main series [bc i see the indepth time travelling as a spinoff]#from year 2220 yk....#and maybe that's a platonic soulmate of theirs! or just a friend idk#like . to put into smth we all see i kinda see these as like . filler eps in tv shows?? like smth so outside the norm yk#like it reminds me of an xf storyline w/ the whole . difference btwn a 'normal' ep and a filler ep#why am i doing this......! bc the og soulmate idea is super nice super 'god love is insane' but it's also a v basic idea methinks.......#w this one it's a bit different & its bringing the whole . new light to what a fate-given soulmate Is yk...........#bc u gotta rmbr ur choices in life and the 'result' all come from varying experiences and shit so like .#if my characters are living in diff time periods with different experiences they gotta be different ppl meaning their like#compatibility would change and shit yk.#hm. ive given myself quite a bit to think abt.#esp since i can't think of what significance these filler time periods have to the overall plot .#which. ofc is bc i don't Know what the overall plot even is lmao i just had a soulmate-type idea#and i rlly like the time travelling character and i wanted more of her story yk so i gave her a spinoff series <3#OH also the reason i brought this up w the crossover is bc the way the crossover would work is by#the murder gay life being a filler storyline in the dystopia wip#like i won't even mention it outright just ref the work so readers who read both works would know what im talking abt yk#and maybeeeeeeeeeee i could connect them through themes?? bc a common theme the both works have is like . marginalized communities#and like racism and stuff yk so that could Also be a big part of the overall plot for the spinnoff yk.#a/w a/w!!!!!!!!!!!! this is just me rambling and fully ignoring the actual scene i have to finish from . dec 31 2020 </3
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shoppaisenpai · a month ago
Oh hey, Staff has an alert banner up, lemme read it.
Tumblr media
Ok, I guess I should click on manage options to see what ads theyre partnering with to decide whether to stay or go
Tumblr media
Oh, wow, ok, thank's @staff for trying but I'm moving to mastadon now
If ads start becoming more "accurate" I'm not sticking around for the spyware google wannabe this site turns into. Keep doing shitty shitty ads that make me want to viserally laugh or cry, because if i start getting fucking dominos ads when i just said "I wanna get pizza tonight" with my partner, I'm bailing
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So I just binged watched this Netflix show called the Unlisted and it’s so good!!!!
“The Unlisted is an Australian sci-fi drama TV series aimed at children and young teenagers. The series follows the story of 15-year-old identical twins, Drupad and Kalpen Sharma, who work with a group of underground vigilante kids to stop powerful governments from imposing global control over the world's youth.”
I just watched all 15 episodes and it’s so good!! Think of slightly dystopian setting, powers, with government conspiracy, amazing tech, found family and amazing representation!!!
The 2 of the leads are 2 desi Hindu twins and they’re so fucking awesome and it’s the best Desi rep I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding!! Their family is awesome and their Dadi is iconic. It was such a relatable family. It’s an open and loving family, with no negative stereotypes. The mom and dad are loving, show affection and are awesome. The Dadi is again iconic and just reminds me of my Nani! The sister reminds me of myself and my sister, annoyed by the younger brothers but helps them when needed. She’s also a badass. The twins really show a normal sibling relationship. It’s realistic, and not overly loving or overly hate. It’s a perfect combo.
Takes place in Sydney, Australia!
The found family aspect is beautiful and I love it
The cast is so diverse and it’s awesome!!
Tumblr media
The cast has leads of South Asian people, a South East Asian person, an Indigenous person who implied to be LGBTQ+, an African-Australian person and a white person who’s also implied to be LGBTQ+!!! It’s such a cool and diverse cast and they’re all written amazingly.
The episodes are 20 minutes long so it’s not that time consuming!
It only has one season though and it hasn’t been renewed or cancelled yet!
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swashbucklery · 2 months ago
"ao3 is a rare gem in this social media dystopian hellscape" lmao when it the last time you've been outside? go read a real book
Hi there anon! I assume you’re joining me because you’re trolling the notes of the pro-ao3 post I just reblogged, looking for people to harass. Thanks for coming out.
The AO3 is a fantastic, Hugo award winning space built by fans, with the specific goal of providing a nonprofit space to archive fanworks. It has a history within fandom that is important and meaningful and protects fanwork creators, specifically authors, in a unique way. Its parent organization, the OTW, also does fantastic work in preserving and archiving fanworks and preserving and archiving fanworks is something worth doing.
It is also a big deal as the AO3 is not monetized. Their platform runs on donations, instead of using clicks to sell ad revenue. This means that creators’ work is not being exploited for profit, and that creators’ work is their own while the archive hosts it. In the current internet climate, that’s very rarely the case - most social media sites that don’t cost money run on a platform of marketing content for ad revenue in order to generate product, which means that their business model is based off of profiting from the unpaid labour of their user base.
Look, anon. I don’t know how old you are, but I’ve been in fandom and writing fic for nearly 25 years and I’ve seen platforms rise and fall more than once. The AO3 is based on work done by fans who have a similar kind of institutional, historical knowledge about how fandom as an entity has grown and transformed. These fans have learned where the gaps in the system are and have built something beautiful to fix it. The archive is a testatement to thousands of volunteer hours and love and attention to detail and hard work and it‘s an example of what fans can do when they come together instead of getting bogged down in shitty trolling. It fits into a niche that nothing else does, it’s usable and organized and accessible and there is nothing else like it. It is a gem.
I see that you’re currently in a place where you really just want to attack other people, anon, so we’re probably not going to have a productive discussion about this. But I would encourage you to take a step back and stop focusing on being angry and using that anger to destroy things without thinking about what you’re doing.
If you and your buds trolling the archive are doing so because you don’t like the way that AO3 runs things, you’re welcome to migrate your content to another archive or start an archive of your own that markets to the content you prefer! But you don’t have to tear down a space that’s serving other fans well in order to do it. The internet is a big place.
In conclusion, anon, thanks for the feedback. Go fuck yourself.
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codenamesazanka · 4 months ago
btw if I haven’t somehow made myself clear: Tartarus is a terrible, terrible place, and no one deserves to be in there. IMO, if you think Heroes - who, tho fictional, are held to similar standards of morality we have in modern irl - are in the right, Heroes are/should be considered the good guys and they’re justified in how they handle Villains, then Tartarus is a blight that Heroes cannot support. If Hero society aims to be heroic, then they should/must do so in all aspects of the system they serve.  
Doesn’t matter if you have no sympathy for the prisoners, doesn’t matter if you think they should rot in hell - I also very much think some of the characters do. But on principle, in a just and humane society that the Heroes supposedly strive for, Tartarus should not exist. It’s called the darkest corner of quirk society for a reason, the text pointing out it’s not actually even a prison, just a place to dump people in indefinite detention.
Being locked up 24/7 - or worse, also strapped to a chair - in complete solitary and isolation is terrible for humans who are social creatures. (Well, that is if you consider the prisoners human...) It’s harmful and traumatic, mentally and physically, to be kept away from other people, confined to a small space, and not allowed interaction, not allowed any stimuli. That’s not rehabilitation or punishment - it’s just another form of torture. 
If you think Tartarus is great fun, that’s fine! If you think Tartarus isn’t enough, the inmates should suffer more, sure! I think Tartarus is an incredible piece of worldbuilding that I enjoy reading about, in a story exploring dark themes. However, I think that requires acknowledging the series has actually grey/black morality, that the Heroes are the protagonists we root for but aren’t ‘good guys’. 
They’re better guys! But the world of HeroAca is then a dystopia where the Heroes as a whole support a corrupted system because they can’t find a better alternative. Should the story ends with Tartarus and/or Tartarus-esque facilities still existing, nothing has changed and it’s still a maybe a little nicer dystopia. I think that would mean it’s less ‘i’m supporting the unquestionable good side’, and more ‘my favs made it out okay’, which is cool. it’s just I don’t think an argument can be made based on ‘deserving’ in like being just/right or wrong? just agree with the wardens and have fun. 
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wickymicky · 6 months ago
i want an ot7 halloween costume version of scream as a special stage on a big show like mcountdown, or possibly the zombie boca but ot7, but theyre definitely waiting to give us the updated choreos until the online concert huh :(
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