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#i like drawing mermaids
ivan-boi-iv · a day ago
salmon mermaid fundy! in this universe he used to be a normal fox hybrid until he was cursed to be a mermaid when he was really young. he has more salmon traits because wilbur adopted him. i gave him a shell too :)
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inkdemonapologist · 2 days ago
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me: what kind of mermaid would sammy be...... i feel like betta is too obvious but maybe it just needs to be betta.... Boo: Oh! oh what are they called.... These! Boo: [sends me a picture of a shark] me: ??????? Boo: Sammy is the fish that are stuck to the shark me: a;lksdjf;laskjf;lasekjfa;lskefja;se
anyway happy mermay everyone have shark joey and remora sammy
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Hey all, it's Mermay again and I've realized that most people don't know much about real fish anatomy! So I hope you don't mind me sharing a few things that will hopefully be helpful in your creative processes!
1) Most fish (except sharks) have a bony plate covering their gills. This plate is called the operculum and can have spikes! The actual gills are internal and very fragile
2) The bones in the tail (caudal fin) are fan shaped, not pointed like a human tailbone or a dolphin fluke! Soft cartilage rays extend out from these bones, forming the swishy part of the tail
3) Fish scales have cool textures! The most common are tree ring type designs (cycloid) and tree rings with crimped edges (ctenoid) but there are also cool interlocking diamond patterns (ganoid) and the teeth-like shark scales(placoid)!
4) Most fish have something called a lateral line that serves as a sensory organ! It looks like a slightly darker line of scales running along the side of the body and has specialized cells that detect things like motion, vibration, and pressure. This is pretty important in the ocean. If your mermaid is fish based, it would probably have a lateral line
6) The basic fish body plan is 1-2 dorsal fins, 2 pectoral fins (one one each side of the body), 2 pelvic fins (one on both sides), one anal fin, and the caudal (tail) fin. There are variations! But this is the basic template
6) Fish scales are covered in a thin layer of skin. If a fish has bioluminescent cells (photophores) those cells are in the thin outermost layer of skin. This means photophores are quick to rub off and have to be grown back again!
That's all for now! Happy May!
(Bonus fact that I think is fun: the actual name for the muscular part of the tail is the caudal peduncle, which I think is a great word)
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pumpkino · 3 days ago
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[image description: black and white toned drawing of a mermaid with green accents. the mermaid is topless with lots of piercings, flipping a v with their fingers and sticking their tongue out. they have chunks bitten out of their ear and tail]
hehehehehe.... tiddies
mermay day 2: punk
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neocute1 · 4 days ago
Ok so I forgot about Mermay being a thing so I don't have a mermaid drawing for today...
So today's Mermay treat is just a promise of a new mermaid doodle daily!
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100snakes · a month ago
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These drawings are barely hades related at this point buuuut I’m really enjoying myself so -shrug emoticon-
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help-im-a-gay-fish · 3 months ago
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Out of the sea, wish I could be, part of your world.
Yay it's finally done! I'm so glad. Here's the concepts for The Little Mermaid cream cross over.
So as a basic run down, this Dream is the Brother of Prince Nightmare from the Beauty and the beast cross over. Both these storys will fit into the same universe, which I've nicknamed FairyDreamtale. As dumb as that is.
Basically Nightmare was sent away while Dream was ill because of his selfish and cold behaviour and ended up getting cursed. Dream, at this current point in time has no memory or him, the curse wiped out all memories of the people under it to the outside world. So until its broken, Dream won't really remember having a brother.
A basic version of Cross' story is that he's a siren (which is different to a normal merfoke) who lost his parents at the young age. After finding his way to the mer-city he was taken in by the Royal family (which epic is a part of). Over the years, Cross grew up rejected by the other mermaids, who feared him for what he was, this is what led him to want to seek something else, and be part of a different world, because he wanted to find a family.
Cross has been going up to the surface over and over through the years and has collected bits and bobs, the locket being his first piece. He kind of has a crush on Dream from seeing him sometimes over the years. But it's also part just admiring the Prince for the kind way he acts.
And you know how it goes, one day there is a storm and Cross saves Dream from drowning. He realises that he truly wants to live on land. He wants to he a guard to the Prince so that he can protect him. So he ends up making a deal with the sea witch.
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The conditions of this deal is very different to the one in the original movie. He's not given a time limit and he doesn't have to get Dream to kiss him.
Basically his determination is what will make the spell work. So long as he is determined, he will keep his legs. But if he loses his determination, he'll turn back into a siren and will belong to the witch.
After thinking it through Cross trades his voice for the spell and is given legs. He's found by Dream on the beach and is taken back to the castle, because he looks ship wrecked.
Over time he becomes good friends with the Prince (and falls in love with him). He is also able to demonstrate a good skill for fighting and begins training to be a guard to the Prince (this takes place over months, like I said, no time limit)
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But things aren't all good.
Much like in the oldest, original version of the story, Cross has to deal with a horrible consequence to having legs. Every single step he takes will be painful. It will feel as though a knife was stabbing his foot every step. The only time he gets relief is when his feet are submerged in water, other then that there is no way to stop the pain.
Cross choses to soldier on though it all. He is determined after all. But how long can he keep determined for?
Original cross, xgaster and dream belong to jakei95 and jokublog.
Original epic by yugoeer012
I wanna say thanks to everyone on the discord chat for helping with is. Especially teeve who helped me with alot of the details.And thanks to @zu-is-here for your help to.
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bittybattybunny · 4 months ago
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A merclipse cuz I wanted to draw her with colors as a mermaid. Can you guess who’s offscreen?
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