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#i laughed so hard at this
ratdennis · 7 minutes ago
i usually don’t speak out on these things, but since people have been brushing it away, i will. what dennis is doing here is called disassociation. i do it often due to bpd. it can happen in times of stress.
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a-love-poet-at-heart · an hour ago
i know jimmy didnt write the plot of more than you deserve musical alone but at the same like holy shit what the fuck jimmy. fucking "parody of south pacific". like the plot is bonkers and includes a rape as a central plot point
And the lyrics for Song of The Golden Egg! They are a crime against humanity when you find you find out the rape thing and then relisten to it
Awesome it was how meat and him met and the more than you deserve song by itself is nice but mega Yikes to the Plot
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57plusthree · 2 hours ago
The Z Broly movie stabbed me in the chest 4 times and then snapped my neck thanks toei
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coldsmores · 2 hours ago
rin i wont tell anyone but I'm losing my mind over ur written anwsers you win
Thank u…. ♥️
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bastardbvby · 4 hours ago
letting you all know that this is hands down one of the best george clips in existence. the pure feralness in his screech, the way he genuinely inspired the fear of god in dream, his soft, happy giggles afterwards. no match
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tohruuhondaa · 5 hours ago
Tohru: I have never kissed anyone have you?
Mammon: I have kissed a hundred people Tohru..
Tohru: you have?!
Mammon: kidding… I havent kissed anyone. Ever.
Tohru is just so gullible smh
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shifty-eyed · 5 hours ago
"I killed him with my gayness."
-Greys Anatomy Season 16, Episode 12
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therealtrippytippy · 6 hours ago
OKAY SO A few years ago there was a Jojo Shitpostbot and one of the funniest ones I saw was one with the template that said, “When you come home at 3am this is what you want to see in your kitchen” and it was a picture of part one Dio looking like this
Tumblr media
Somebody commented, “Dio and a slightly closer Dio” and I have wanted to use that image for a few memes but was never able to find it hrrrghhhhhh
It’s literally that, the first image is part 1 Dio just standing there... MENACINGLY
Then the second image is Dio but slightly closer and his eyes are wide 
I need this image, please help an enby out
I n ede thjis imageg-
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sawanada · 7 hours ago
i just think it would be funky and fresh if merc had someone completely out of left field come in and replace vb. i think it would really spice things up.
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axisofdragons · 7 hours ago
The way Bojack burps in the French version of the show is SENDING ME
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astroninaaa · 8 hours ago
my hot take. geore lore was so good man I need more cmon !!!! may be because I can relate to sleeping/daydreaming my life away but. c!george,,, much to think about. also deream xd?? funny guy he should do more funnies on stream yess funy
SO TRUE!!!!!!!! SO TRUE!!!!!!!! ngl havent watched the entire george lore stream but from what i heard it was amazing and i agree i think more of it should happen <3 lore is always welcomed get them anon
send me a hot take!!!
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thebovineblimp · 8 hours ago
all of ur tags on the endgame sucked post!! >>> i think the complete refusal to accept anything that happened in aos/ac is, yes, as you said, hating-women-o'clock. all of the character development went backwards and they tried to cover that up with action and guns. that one shot with all the mcu women in it was pANDERING and whoooooo boy this movie makes me mad !! glad to see there are other ppl in the 'engame completely ruined the mcu for me' club tho lmaooo
(this response ended up being very very long im so sorry but i get heated thinking about this stupid franchise lmao)
RETWEET to everything you said i remember walking out of the theatre feeling so crappy about the entire movie but not being able to verbalize it and everyone around me loved it and it wasnt until like after spiderman came out and the entire movie was basically about tony and i was like actually…maybe i hate this. and yes the woman group shot bothered me so much russo brothers you owe me financial compensation
and yeah agent carter wrapped up a lot of loose ends from the first cap and it meant so much to me while it was airing and having this movie just completely erase Literally everything that happened in those 2 seasons was a punch in the gut. esp because they just treated peggy as a “”reward”” for steve at the end… it was weird and bad! after peggy had literally moved on!!! and then endgame was like sousa?? never heard of him. by the way steve kissed his literal actual niece in civil war :) we made it even weirder than it already was :)
other mcu hating women moments was captain marvel in endgame supposedly being one of the most powerful superheroes but she only had like seven lines ohhhhhh my god. and killing off black widow… that sure was a choice!!! and i know these are all white women so like the few crumbs in this movie about women were. entirely white. girlboss!1!!1!1!1!2!!32
but even if i overlooked the abysmal treatment of women in this movie it just. wasnt good anyway. everything they did with thor especially was just… yikes! they completely ignored everything that happened in ragnorak they killed off loki in like the first five minutes they gave thor back his eye and his hammer and then they turned his depression into a running gag and it was like haha hes fat now isnt that funny!! *fornite joke* and i was like im in hell im literally in hell
not to mention the way they handled time travel was like the worst take ive ever seen. the plot was just flimsy and thanos isnt even a good villain like there is not really a memorable scene in this entire film and they hyped it up so much. russo brothers how does it feel to be literally so inconsequential (and the fact that russo brothers also wrote winter soldier which is about steve trying to move on from the past…what happened. WHAT HAPPENED?? im convinced they have a ghost writer or something because its the worst 180 ive ever seen.)
agents of shield interlude because its my favorite marvel thing: it is so good. like there are better seasons but there are no wholly bad seasons. i get it if people dont want to watch seven seasons of 40+ minute episodes because that is a LOT of tv but mcu stans are watching all these new disney+ shows and acting like they Invented television and i feel like im losing my marbles a little bit because aos has been here the entire time with the character relationships/growth that these people always gripe about the avengers not having but barely anyone has seen it!! not to mention the five female characters we got who all got their own arcs and were essential to the plot (two of which were superheroes and two of which were black widow-esque spies and one of which was a scientist — and 3/5 were women of color)
were they mad that the only main cast men in this show were 1. a traditionally masculine white man that fanboys would typically idolize who turned out to be a bad guy who was never redeemed or justified and was killed off in a gruesome way because he sucked in every possible way 2. a socially awkward nerd who is not very masculine 3. an old man who is not very masculine either 4. a black man 5. a man that sacrifices himself for a woman (fuck you endgame) and 6. two other men who were most of the time played for laughs because they were less capable than the women of the team. did that hurt their feelings?? that there were no billionaire playboys for them to idolize :(((( that women were given actual depth :((( boo hoo
anyway aos season 4 robot plotline was better than age of ultron, which admittedly is a low bar, but still. i think i watched aos s4 back in 2016/2017 and it blew my mind and i expected the mcu to hold up against it and it never did
#my post#long post long freaking post im so SORRY once again#not to say that aos doesnt have its issues it definitely does#nothing is perfect i just wholeheartedly believe its the best thing marvel studios has produced#i have one friend who has seen all of it and i text her like twice a week with a new aos analysis fjshshfj when will she tire of me ❤️#talk to me about hating marvel any time i love hatred i love being contrary#didnt talk about radcliffe in the man thing i think he was technically main cast?? but he died lmao#also sousa was there for the last season and he was disabled and respected women#any sexist joke in this show was called out!! like the two men played for laughs would make these jokes and other characters#would always call them out on their bs#i mean this shows handling of disability and mental health was questionable#and all of their main poc were lightskinned#also its produced by joss whedon 😐#u think your life is hard? one of my favorite shows was produced by jos- 🤮🤮 by joss w- 🤮🤮 i cant even say it#like i said it is not perfect. it is simply everything mcu stans complain about the mcu not having#good villains good characters GOOD ROMANCE?? actual funny jokes#tv shows are inherently better for character driven stories because they are longer so maybe its not fair to compare aos to the main mcu#but maybe i hate the mcu that much. u suck.#idk i dont see a Lot of content for aos so maybe i just havent delved deeper enough i just feel like it has been completely sidelined#and i literally do not know what other people think about it i never see meta posts about it or anything#this show just. didnt hate their fans yknow. theres a line in s5 where may says ‘we have a small but active fanbase’ and it was so funny#and the ending was one of the better finales ive seen??#in the age of spn n shit. having a good ending that makes sense for ur characters is so rare and this show understood its characters#THE CHARACTERS ARE JUST THE BEST PART THEY WERE AMAZING but the plot was also very good. double whammy.#i just wrote like a 2000 word essay about this huh. it lives inside me.#mcu#aos#marvel
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cncothoughts · 8 hours ago
Paula my mom came into my room and told me to have a bag packed and be ready by 5. Am I finally getting sold to One Direction?
PLEASEEE💀💀 bestie your are living y/n life🥰🥰
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sheepwasfound · 9 hours ago
Well nearly everyone laughs the hardest around quackity because he is really funny. Plus I think we are forgetting the dream alt stream where they are both just giggling and laughing at the smallest things the other does haha
i've said it before: quackity makes george laugh the hardest, dream makes george laugh the most
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keyofjetwolf · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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clovertitan · 10 hours ago
Me: *finishing a zoom meeting with my coworkers*
My boyfriend: Who was that guy?
Me: My coworker
Him: 😐
Me: Don't worry, he's 40 and married :)
Him: If he calls you "Nati" one more time I'm gonna punch him
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