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#i keep thinking about this line
li-ttlescorpion · 8 days ago
"There was a menace in the woods and Rose could feel it, and another child would have called it God."
Rumaan Alam, Leave the World Behind
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toomuchdickfort · 2 days ago
*over-analyzes the stories of my OCs at bedtime until it makes me want to cry while I wait for the Benadryl to knock me out*
#it doesn’t happen too often but. it’s happened often enough that it’s like. Hm.#and like. it’s just Bc I make myself feel bad at bedtime anyways if the brain is left to it’s thoughts and also sometimes I need to know Ill#get sleep so I take smth to knock me the fuck out. and in this case it’s also Bc allergies are kicking my ass#but anyway. looks pointedly at the characters who’ve come close to self inserts and how their lives only get better after some tragedy if#they get any better at all.#looks pointedly at arson sitting curled up on the floor of their room having their third cry of the week and Derrek laying on the floor#trying to kick the ‘experiencing another universe instead’ thing into gear because existing is so much energy and he doesn’t have the energy#to do anything and he also doesnt have the energy to sleep#points at Eri who killed his brother in an act of self-vengeance and immediately regretted it when he had time to think and when he left a#note he chose to paint himself as villainously as he could without lying because he figured it would be easier on his mother#and synaelia who is slowly like. actually being hit with the fact that she’s dead and is most likely going to stay that way for a very very#very long time and part of her wants to ask a father figure how he handled that but he’s ditched town and she blames herself and instead of#dealing with any of that it’s time for a revenge road trip with a sword that needs therapy#and also points at lawrence who I’ve talked about before but. the line ‘he was more of a tool than the sword ever was and now he had no clue#what he was’ with a side of ‘this man came to two different conclusions about who he fundamentally is and then got all his memories back and#those ideas do not remotely align and he feels lost’#and I could keep going on but the meds are kickin in and I think that this is probably more sharing than I’ll be comfortable with in the#morning anyways. if I remember about it#don't mind me#i’m just complaining
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toalwaysbeme · 3 days ago
So obviously the combination is the real killer, but I gotta say, I think the order of hierarchy for my problems is this:
1) being in love with a serial monogamist
2) being in love with That Girl, the one that everyone falls for
3) being in love with a mostly straight girl
I keep coming in too late. And I can't understand it. I could have tried to act faster after her last boy, before she found this one. But her break-ups drag on so long and are so messy because she cares so much. Then she's got three new boys chasing her, while I'm trying to let her shake the last one and give her space to breathe. And before I know it she's in someone else's arms. And I just can't. I can't do a damn thing about any of it.
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kirkwallgremlin · 6 days ago
Walks on the Wounded Coast
1043 words, featuring Esther Hawke, Carver Hawke and me (and the siblings) getting emotional over the Hawke family and all the things they’ve lost once again <3
It was a shock, seeing the ocean at the Wounded Coast for the first time since Esther and her family had settled in Kirkwall. It wasn’t as though there was a shortage of water in Kirkwall, especially around the Docks, but the walls of the city, the towering statues and the imposing chains dominated the landscape, the ocean and the world beyond insignificant in comparison.
The Hawke siblings’ work with the Red Iron had largely kept Esther and Carver within the walls of the city itself, as had the fear that if they left, they would not be allowed back, not without another argument with overzealous guards tired of refugees. It was only now that they found themselves on the Wounded Coast, looking out at the open water, the imposing rocky crags as they followed the path to Sundermont.
It was beautiful and intimidating and Esther found herself feeling both simultaneously awed and very small. The wind whipped around her, goosebumps rising on her arms as she stood at the cliff’s edge, watching the water move.
“You can almost see home from here,” Carver said softly and she jumped, not realising her brother had moved behind her.
“Really?” Esther asked and he nodded, his eyes fixed on the horizon.
“This is the Waking Sea. You sail that way, away from the Free Marches, and you end up in Ferelden. On the Storm Coast, I think. I’m not sure exactly where it lines up though.”
Esther peered into the distant sea, trying to make out anything beyond the constant shifting of the water and the dull grey of the overcast sky.
“Highever is that way, to the west of Amaranthine,” Carver continued, pointing. He moved his arm to point more directly in front of them. “And I think if you went that way and kept going once you got to Ferelden, you’d head across the Bannorn and end up back home.” He faltered. “Back in Lothering I mean.”
“If there’s anything still there to find,” Esther said, turning to look at Carver. His eyes were still focused out to sea but his lips pressed into a thin line, tension evident in his jaw.
“It’s still Lothering,” he said. “Even if the buildings are gone and the people have… left.”
Esther didn’t bother answering. Ever since the attack on Lothering, ever since they had fled, leaving the town behind them as it fell to the same Darkspawn that had overwhelmed the King’s army… Carver had always found that harder to accept than she had. And they both knew that while many had fled, many had not made it past the attack the way they had.
“I don't know if it’s beautiful or terrifying,” she said instead as a particularly large wave broke against the rock formation, mist spraying out across the ever changing water. Esther was thankful that the rocky path kept them high above it, safer. “Maybe it’s both.”
“I think Bethany would have liked it here,” Carver said, still not looking away from the ocean. His voice was soft, barely audible above the crashing waves, the wind catching their hair, carrying their voices away. “She always loved the sea.”
“She had that book of poems,” Esther said, the hint of a smile on her lips as she recalled the memory. “The one Father bought her from that market. She always used to make me read the one about the sea.”
Something felt like it was clenching her heart, making her chest feel tight, the way it always did these days when she thought about her younger sister. It hurt less than it used to, or maybe she was just used to the pain, but that didn’t mean it didn’t still hurt.
She wished the wind could carry the pain away too.
“I used to hate reading it but I could never say no to her,” Esther continued. If she tried, she could probably remember most of the words, though she hadn’t thought of it in years. The thought put a lump in her throat.
“I always used to listen as well,” Carver said and Esther let out a soft gust of air, almost a laugh but not quite.
“I seem to remember you telling me to shut up a lot when I did,” she said and watched her brother’s ears turn red. She could have teased him further but she wasn’t in the mood, not now.
“I miss her, Carv,” she said instead, trying to tell herself that the tears pricking at her eyes were just from the wind that blew around them, from the salt in the air and nothing else.
“I know,” he said, one strong arm wrapping around her shoulders. She didn’t hug her brother much anymore, not these days, but it was a comfort to lean into him. “Me too.”
They stood in silence for a moment, both taking the time to remember the sister they had lost as they watched the restless water.
The faint clatter of shifting rocks sounded behind them and Esther jumped, turning to see Varric shifting his crossbow as he clearly tried to make himself seem less visible.
“Sorry Hawke,” he said. “Didn’t mean to interrupt. Just checking if you’re ready to head on up to Sundermont.”
“It’s fine, Varric,” Esther said, stepping away from her brother. She sniffed, wiping her eyes quickly with the back of her hands. “It’s ok. I’m ready to go. Carver?”
Carver nodded, adjusting his pose to stand straighter, taller.
As Esther followed Varric back onto the main path, she glanced back at her younger brother. His longer legs meant he normally overtook her with relative ease but he still stood, looking out at the water in the direction where you’d apparently find Lothering. He took a deep, visible breath, his shoulders rising and falling before he turned to follow.
They hadn’t had much chance to get out of the city of Kirkwall but perhaps it was time the family began to visit more often, and Esther made a note to travel to the coast with her brother again some time, a trip where they weren’t focused on some new job and had time to spare.
Maybe it’d do both of them good to have that time together.
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bulrushes · 7 days ago
what is it with these people and always picking frisk in their "KFC" lineups to give. lets say a. youtube anatomy tutorial type look. and kris has scoliosis every time.
#OHHHH i get it frisk and chara are narrative foils because one of them is nurturing and ones a p#and they like put frisk in skirts and colorful clothing and nail polish#ok i need to correct myself to keep this clear#they think its admirable in a way that their charas are#an#i feel like theres something to be said in like... inherent bias.#*internal bias#with how people dress frisk vs. chara#kris always just looks like whatever the persons idea of an emo is.#but anyway with these people who are like sharp and pricklyi dont need anyone else" type#its just alongside that fetishistic pity#mixed with comedy#anyway#and they dress this person in straight lines and beige and collared shirts#like a little victorian boy or something#anyway im gonna say it bluntly chin up queen your desire to misgender them is showing <3#you're also completely derivative and you need to move on <3 please have an idea <3#please read delusions of gender please think about it <33333 it'll be so good for you#i probably shouldnt let Fucking undertale designs get in my head to this extent#it is interesting tho.#and this idea that chara is cold and expressing that in how theyre drawn... its just annoying.#they didnt spend like the entire paci route joking with frisk and rooting for frisk and so on#to be treated#iunno#like someones stereotype of a cold weird little kid :)#like sure sure them covering up makes sense. them being persistently formal doesnt#and frisk !!!!!!!!!!#god !!!#they SHOULDNT BE YOUR IDEA OF LIKE#FUNNY QUIRKY
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septembersghost · 8 days ago
i'm going to be frank for a moment, because this is about to be the blatantly meanest, angriest thing i've ever posted on tumblr dot com, and anyone who knows me AT ALL, especially if you've known me for any significant length of time, knows how hard i try to be patient and kind and welcoming always, so you also know that i hate this, i hate the drama and everything having to do with this absolute foolishness and it's unbelievably stupid how triggering it is for me but
Tumblr media
i cannot physically block all 940 ghouls who liked/reblogged this, but if you agree with it, unfollow me. i'm not joking. since there's seemingly zero story comprehension here and zero respect for the characters and zero recognition of how abhorrently disgusting and damaging this is, i don't want it anywhere near me.
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spicywhumper · 15 days ago
Thanks for sending.
4. Share a sentence or paragraph from your writing that you’re really proud of (explain why, if you like)
That's a very hard thing to answer, both because I forget what I wrote fast and because I rarely like anything I write. But I've been re-reading this (because I re-read previous chapters from time to time to know what's going on) and I'll go with this from chapter 6 of you know I've been breaking all the rules:
Tumblr media
This is gonna get long, maybe boring, so here's a cut. There are spoilers in case anyone wants to read that story. (One line summary: omegaverse cheating porn with plot.)
The context: Cameron, who's the alpha with who the main character cheats her husband on with, uses a scent blocker. So, even if they had sex multiple times, Kelly, the cheating omega, never really smelled her scent. Cameron gets hurt - she's my second character in the rank of canonically whumped characters - and during the hospital stay, the level of blockers is low enough for Kelly to smell her.
Now, why I like it?
I admit openly that this is one of this pretentious lines, it's an attempt to have a cute prose, poetic description. I rely more in this attempted poetic descriptions than direct physical descriptions (I have aphantasia, which means my mind doesn't have visuals, in my case, just general shapes. So I'm insecure about physical descriptions).
It's suppose to say things about the character.
I mean, I don't know how much people use scent as character trait in omegaverse because I barely read omegaverse – this is hypocrisy, I know, I just like more writing than reading omegaverse – but I like to do it. So it's scent description and personality description.
Cameron is all warm and cuddly. Like, she'll cuddle with who she likes and trusts at every opportunity. I think that I'm enjoying more them cuddling than fucking at this point. It's also part of the personality, generally a quiet person who looks scary until she smiles. She's also all sweet and stuff. I noticed now you can call her a rapadura in human shape, hard and sweet. Uh, if you don't know what rapadura is, it's this candy (??) made of sugar cane. Basically a stone of sugar. Not too common where I live, but pretty common up North-east and I think North too. (If you don't know: the country is divided in five regions.)
And the sharp thing is basically about her trauma. Baby is full of trauma and pain. In this omegaverse, your scent is only full 'grown'? Fully developed when you're 21, which is the mating age, so things like underage mating will change the scent and sorta add a thing that makes it not the expected.
Ok, I think I should shut up now because this is getting long.
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