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#i just woke up
agendershippingdisaster · 11 minutes ago
Me: //doesn't talk or think about DmC series very often to the point I forget about it half the time
//sees anything regarding Vergil
Me: that's my dad :)
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itsatru · 3 hours ago
when I get 4 hours of fitful sleep: ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭
when I get a 8 hours of restful sleep: (╬ಠ益ಠ)
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imhyped4drunkdazed · 4 hours ago
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daddy-daichis · 5 hours ago
If villian bad why sexy?
jjk and bnha manga spoilers below the cut
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lazuliijpg · 5 hours ago
as someone who watched smpl!ve while it was going on im super excited that michaelmcchill is on the dsmp now dsihgiuodshgishdg
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scarlet-mangata · 5 hours ago
foolish on his villain arc
he was an underpaid worker /lh so now he's going to do the same with us
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I could be wrong
but last night I saw you
as I walked around in a dream
and you smiled when you saw me
and we talked like old times
but when I woke up
you were gone
and oh how my heart hurt
when I knew I was alone
when I sat in the cold empty shade
because how I miss you
And the times that we had
but you are gone now,
I’m afraid
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its-elvie-innit · 6 hours ago
He was doing a 24 stream I believe (I am awful at keeping up with streams) and he got whitelisted!!! While I was asleep!!! As the og Rough House stan on Tumblr (I don't doubt more are going to pop up after this) I am ECSTATIC. I'm currently trying to go through all my past reblogs of Micheal Mcchill stuff but I either tagged it different or it's too old for Tumblr to care please Tumblr let me be a stan account-
The only thing that victoy needs to re-become a dsmp stan is for roughhouse to be brought into it, in which case they will quickly consume every piece of tumblr rhetoric imaginable and hold the dsmp close to their chest
edit: i have found three, tumblr is so cruel
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ronbrokemyheart · 7 hours ago
kiss for u
mwah goodmorning kiss
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catboy-syrup · 7 hours ago
which is worse, having two fictives from the mfm mod (where the creator is a fanpol) or a fictive from a mod marked controversial on funkipedia /nm
Hmmmm, idk both seem bad, I mean, I legit have both types of fictive (though I only got fictive from the MFM mod) but i’s say probably controversial? Cause like, it’s one thing for the creator to be a fanpol, it’s another is the mod is legit a controversial one in the community, especially when the creators done bad things. / gen
But that’s Just my opinion, people might have different thoughts on the topic. Though remember, in the end, it’s not like you can really control who becomes a fictive in your system, and all system members deserve the same amount of respect as everyone else, no matter how ‘problematic’ or bad their source or creator is. /gen /pos
Anyway, I hope you have a great day.
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