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#i hope this takes the Big Sad away 🙏 ghetsis my detested
thegreenzorua · 8 days ago
would you happen to have any like... soft/cute or silly headcanons of N? anything to cushion the inevitable emotional pain of the ghetstink event. a little something to take to edge off, if you will
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soft headcanons coming right up 🤌
small pokémon like to cling to N's hair
especially joltik, and those are awful to get out
he really likes chocolates
especially those sweet heart things? the ones that restore 20 hp? those
when he went to alola he would get a tapu cocoa from the pokécenter and sit on the beach every night :)!!
speaking of which, zorua loves pokébeans
the purple patterned ones especially
N loves talking to pokémon restored from fossils because they can tell him so much about prehistoric times
N's favourite pokéballs are friend balls, luxury balls, and regular pokéballs
he loves those because they don't have an increased catch rate, meaning all of his pokémon have willingly chosen to join him
N got really good at cooking during his travels
because cooking is just following a series of steps to get a predictable outcome, just like a formula 😳🤚
sometimes he'll lay in the grass when it's sunny out just to feel the warmth on his back
and he loves to look at the stars at night
studying the stars and planets is a great way for him to understand the big world suddenly introduced to him after BW :)
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