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#i have no idea what i’m doing lmao
stardust-shenanigans · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dear Watcher, just how much is it that you see...
[Read more for Lurien headcanons!]
Hello there are going to be Dubious Bug Facts here
Lurien the Watcher
Since it's never stated what sort of bug he is, I like to imagine what he would be like if he were a sort of wasp! I was inspired by the Blue Mud Dauber Wasp! Because they are pretty, and very blue and metallic, which I think suits him quite well! Man of iridescence of sorts...
Tumblr media
- From the 2nd or 3rd clutch from his parent? Born in Deepnest/Hallownest.
- His parent had originally sought shelter within one of the abandoned Weaver nests up on the surface (after the Weavers had moved to Deepnest), and had lived there for some time, raising their first few clutches here.
- After... dire circumstances—Godly Surface Shenanigans*—rendering that area of the surface inhospitable, they had decided to take example of the Weavers and head to this 'Deepnest' for shelter, which then in turn resulted in them finding 'Hallownest' alongside that.
- So they had, while gestating, fled to Hallownest, and had lived at first in avoidance of the Kingdom, raising Grub Lurien with whatever spiderlings they could hunt. (I like to think that they loved him lots, whether it be due to the fact he's the only egg to have survived this time, perhaps just because he's him, or perhaps he's the last they will care for.)
- Due to scarcer access to flower nectar—as the adults almost exclusively eat nectar, while the larvae eat spiders!—from their spot in Deepnest, his parent eventually grew to be kind of sickly spending all their time and energy in hunting for Lurien and raising him. They were adamant in feeding Lurien the spiders instead of themself, as he was just a leetle grub.
- Not only that, but they were also already on the older side, having had clutches of kids kinda grow up and leave. It's easy to say that they hadn't lived too long in Deepnest, at least, just a little ways after Lurien emerged from his little mud nest as a fully grown wasp, only to see his parent very sickly, and eventually dying in his presence.
(I'm still thinking on how that may influence him, whether he still has a more distant instinct of, "Oh. Well, they helped me live, and I appreciate that" or if it's a genuinely "Oh no! [traumatized]"
*I do have some specifications of said Surface God Shenanigans, but that would involve me talking a bit about Cerys(hk oc)/the Land of Dew and Silver(their homeland) and its relation to everything else lmaoo
- Survived some time in Deepnest via hunting and chilling in his nest, but being a very young adult wanting something more, something better + his instinctual desire for nectar, which is Very Much Not Here, he eventually decided to head to Hallownest, and officially immigrating.
- I do think he did draw the interest of the Pale King initially, but being someone not yet settled into the ways of Hallownest, I imagine perhaps the Pale King took note of him, especially his mutation, before continuing on with more urgent matters of that time? Who knows! But imagine his reaction, when sending a missive to the Pale King asking for his presence or the ability to serve as the Watcher and him going "Ah, yes, Lurien. I very much remember you." or smth like that.
- But that's later. So he went through schooling gradually, while doing various other odd jobs, before eventually finishing and pursuing that of the role of the Watcher! I imagine he didn't completely understand his mutation growing up, so getting that education in the ways of SOUL, as well as better understanding his visions and of that sort was really encouraging and comforting for him!
- I imagined he lived his normal, mortal lifespan/stopped aging around middle-age, before becoming Vaguely Long-Lived due to his close relationship to the Pale King.
- I also like to headcanon that while he was in school, he would kill two uh, vengeflies with one stone by working in the closest gardens for free nectar and also geo... :)
- I. am really just making Lurien a jack of all trades, huh. Hunter at some point, gardener, scholar, and then the Watcher? Sir... (Granted, the first two are kind of inherent to his species, but it's still kind of funny!)
Tumblr media
- Lived in Hallownest at first with a sort of discomforted alienation, either due to mutation or just the physical difference between him and the other citizens of Hallownest, but it was soothed a little by the fact his particular species tends to be solitary.
- Quiet and calm in personality, but is actually quite the nervous sorts. Nervous in imposing on others, especially those whose opinions he values. A very passive person though, it takes a lot to aggravate him and/or cause him to lash out, if at all.
- Not cold or unfriendly though, I imagine? Introverted for sure, but because socializing takes up so much energy. Small talk is okay, and he probably relished it for a very long time before actually forming Deeper relationships, and finding a preference in more indepth conversations.
- Being naturally solitary can only go so far though; he's never tested his limits consciously, so he doesn't realize he's far surpassed it by the time he forms bonds between the Pale King, his butler, the Dreamers, and more. Touchstarved...
- Very much enjoys being in the background/observing, hence his affinity for casting not only a neutral eye over things when need be, but also a very... hm,, warm one? Inspired, and loving in the way the world can be so wondrous?
- In particular with his art, I like to think he favours trying to capture certain melancholia that the world can bring—to be aware of all its tragedies and how cruel it can be, yet also being reminded of just how wonderful it is too, how beautiful.
- Just a cozy dude... man wants to be in a nook! He went from living in little tunnels in the earth to living in a tall, solitary spire, and honestly he's living his best life!
- Enjoyer of water and rain, but I imagine he actually has some sensory issues regarding mud? Despite it being in the name of the species, it just feels... like it makes sense.
- Whether it be due to hypersensitivity due to SOUL mutation, or simply due to inherent preferences. So even if he does ever get the impulse to craft a nest, it would most likely come from instinct of caring for a child of sorts.
- (In technicality, it never truly started raining until after the collapse of Hallownest—hence Lemm mentioning the unfortunate circumstance of spider silk melting—but I do like to think it would rain, even if on occasion rather than the constant downpour post-Hallownest.)
- It's generally unknown what sort of bug he is, much less a wasp, became more mysterious the longer lived he became haha!
- though he is taller in comparison to the usual height of the Capital's denizens, it doesn't clear things up still. Covers his entire body because comfy, cozy, and also he will Not be perceived without permission.
- And due to his prior experience with navigating Deepnest, he was also favoured by the Pale King in helping manage negotiations and communications with them. (Because he lived there for some time for survival, I do wonder if he ever tried to speak/communicate with any Weavers of sorts.)
- I imagine in the beginning of their friendship, there were less reservations of having Lurien even visit Deepnest, but as time went on and they become closer, PK became more anxious and would prefer he Not, unless he takes guards with him, despite knowing Lurien could very well handle himself.
(Deepnest has plenty of tunnels, deep and dark and narrow and somewhat damp, something very akin to a Wyrm, and I think perhaps that similarity would cause the Pale King to feel more uptight regarding visitations to certain areas. It won't be the Pale King's territories or tunnels, they belong to someone else, he is not there to ensure Lurien's safety.)
- Prefers spells for combat, though if pressed, or needs to, he's quite capable of defending himself. I don't think he would use his stinger (trans momence :)!! yes!), and would prefer projectiles over all else.
Because he was a passive hunter/eats mainly nectar in the first place as an adult, he very willingly and very much settles into a softer life as a citizen of Hallownest. Man has centuries to live softly, his earliest years of living in Deepnest, while not forgotten, are not his norm.
- I also think that passive hunter aspect would cause him to be Even More Okay with staying still or in one spot for ludicrous amounts of time, to the point of it being unhealthy for him and not realizing. He has to be wrangled sometimes, he gets so focused.
#stardust doodles#hollow knight#hk lurien#hk lurien the watcher#lurien the watcher#[ fucking YELLS i need to practice colouring metallic stuff!!!!! ]#[ lurien my beloved you are so mysterious and i care you very much! ]#[ ignore the fucked up anatomy please!!! i have no idea what i'm doing lovingly !!]#[ i wish it was more obvious that he's metallic in colour because i think that's very pretty and fits well with the capital's aesthetic ]#[ but colouring is still very new to me! I think this can be considered my... second coloured piece? ]#[ third...? i don't count my WP wip bc its a wip lmao ]#[ if. if u read all of the headcanoning.... i care u lots;;; ]#[ i would go ALL into his dynamic with the other dreamers but im sleeby and this is looking. very long slkfdlksjs ]#[ and yes if it isnt obvious i. really like the palewatcher pairing dkfjhdJFJDJDH!!! ]#[ i just think these two old bugs deserve the chance to be loved ]#[ its raining outside as i write this... how gorgeous. its so pretty and calming!! ]#[big sleepy hours...]#[ I am still really attached to butterfly lurien and Also had a design for that but i wanted to explore wasp lurien fkskhfkdkd.... ]#[ I imagine he didnt become watcher until the equivalent of 30-35 of a human? man dedicated the next of his adult years to education ]#[ which i think is something nice bc of the fact that PK would free the minds of All Bugs sort of thing- it must be expected for adults#and elders to see an education then if they so choose? so there isn't as pervasive of a 'young is the prime' culture#unlike how a lot of us feel kinda shitty and useless despite being 20. ]#[ I!!!! know i talked a lot about his backstory but thats bc it. was v fun for me fsjdjddjHFJDJDH!! his time in deepnest is very small#compared to his centuries in hallownest and as the Watcher!!!! he is. i like to think. a pleasant example of a 'softened' bug#in the sense he doesn't have to hunt for survival/didnt feel built or meant for a life like that. out of personal preference and desire ]
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not really even a Process Post, just a rare occasion i had a fairly substantial & visually comprehensible sketch layer or two
#instances like this where things happening below the shoulders is gonna be relevant it's like okay i'll need to figure out Placement anyways#and doing it as i go just re: Thee lineart layer is a bit much even for me (where i generally edit that lineart a lot as i go anyhow)#hence the need to have some sketch layer to work from here rather than say. well i'll figure out where rian's arms go when i get there lol..#oftentimes otherwise i'll just have the general idea of what something will look like / entail and then the sketch guidelines will be like#a circle to start drawing someone's head from; maybe also another line or two figuring out head/face structure / placement & going frm there#also that i'm just not great at truly casual / loose / not edited sketching even for like ''thumbnails''...i Will get tripped up on details#and this is fine b/c i am out here occasionally drawing niche gay fanart. my process can be a hot mess / not v efficient. and it is lmao#first sketch there was just trying to figure out some general things like rian's placement in relation to [winston Leaning In]#was like oh i can't really draw today lol but if this is just abt figuring out / trying some of that general stuff that doesnt rly matter#there i go in that sketch regardless paying too much attention to Line Details lmfao like doesn't matter!! cut that out....but i never do#i Will get into like needless shoulder details and ''correcting'' lines that are just kinda placeholders rn for the General Idea of them lol#but it was pretty clear like this isn't going to be The sketch i work from so. like winston's sketch doesn't rly change That Much but#if anything i was able to work from ''okay so i'm gonna draw rian's position Different from the first messy not working great sketch'' lol..#having her more Upright vs also leaning in for more contrast in their respective postures which involves moving her problem...#also that first sketch sure shows i was considering And Winston Has A Bra lol just sampling that and clearly deciding that's a okay too...#left in those Notes To Self which are always just about ''don't forget to do this b/c you might'' although u can see in these pictured#''final'' sketch versions i Had already sketched in glasses & altho it's not evident i'd Strap Lower'd anything; that was done too...#winston billions#corned beef#riawin#Some semblance of using actually helpful sort of [not just Pre Final Lineart] guidelines lol like feeling out The Center for reference and#here's roughly where winston's arm & thus also hand can go / the more general shape of rian's hair i.e. where the lower ''outline'' is...#only other thing that seems particularly identifiable as a ''process'' lol is like. there even in the first sketch was considering whether#i was gonna have winston's back be more of One Unbroken Slightly Curved Line like. the one slight concave curve from the top of his#shoulders to [transitioning into The Butt Curve] point lol...or more of like. a sharper point of inflection as it were#and that you know. it'd involve having to curve back in rather than just the stylized Concave Line before the angle dramatically changes#at either end....explaining this badly lol but well. went with the more noticeable dip in the lower back and letting his back curve Out#aka at the shoulders / upper back and also the ass rather than needing a sharper / squarer transition where a concave / one arc back would#meet the shoulders / legs...but as u can see no big changes from [sketch 2] to final lineart layer...more finetuning some stuff but#wow managed to get this up to the tag limit once again lol. not a surprise ig
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l-art-stuff-l · a day ago
Heya! Could I get a pronoun and name check? Names are Syl, Nyx, Arden, and Ren. Pronouns are he/him, they/them, and xe/xem. I like NASCAR (I went to a race today [5/16]), Hermitcraft, I’m learning French for school and Aurebesh (a language from Star Wars) for fun.
Arden seems pretty interesting! xe is learning a made up language for fun wait aren’t all languages made up- pretty weirdchamp but good for xem, pog on. Syl is also learning french, which I’ve heard is pretty difficult, so I wish them the best of luck. Nyx is interested in hermitcraft, which I know next to nothing about, so I will not get references. Ren also likes nascar, good for him! haha vroom vroom thing speedy
I hope they take care of xemself to the best of his abilities, and have a good day/night
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safaerax · 2 days ago
@queensconquest​  𝐋𝐄𝐅𝐓 𝐀 𝐕𝐎𝐈𝐂𝐄𝐌𝐀𝐈𝐋: For me you're the person that broadcasts her passion! Whether its a character or a series or music or food or something else entirely, you're not afraid to chat about it and share it and the world needs more of that. I may not know it but it makes me happy to know you're happy about things. I enjoy seeing you dive into things like research for characters or new things that have your interest like skateboarding, and getting to hear about your daily life! Also the Found again mutual bc we met in the K fandom and then we lost each other for a bit but then we found each other again which I'm very happy for! Also semi-relevant I feel like you should know the 'Good Dog' Yukari wrote for Kuroh when we first met for your description on the notes section in discord is still there. But it always makes my day brighter when I see you on the dash! ↳ 𝐇𝐎𝐖 𝐃𝐎𝐄𝐒 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐃𝐀𝐒𝐇 𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐂𝐄𝐈𝐕𝐄 𝐌𝐄? //
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
        jgkfdhlkds I won’t lie I really feel like I am annoying sometimes lmao. But idk, I really love to love things. I have so much in me, I think I would pop like a balloon if I didn’t let it out somewhere. Even if no one else knows what it is lol. I also just feel very deeply about things, dfnslnsl. or I’m just weird lol. both statements can be true lmao. 
       But honestly same? Like I don’t remember why or where I went during that time but ;_; I was so happy to come back and still be welcomed by you and still be able to write and talk to you now. Pls best moment of my life <3 also that comment is purely why we have this icon because Kuroh still cant believe it lmao oh my god dfnsklfs. Its still 100% true tho. but thank you, honestly you are absolutely ray of sunshine to my dash too, which you’ve probably guessed whEEZE sdnklfs. But I mean that. 
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misfitmccoward · 4 days ago
1. It’s a common “fix-it” in Naruto fics to just have...... Orochimaru use consenting test subjects. Like, that’s it. The MC goes “yooo what if you asked permission first?” and then dusts their hands off as a job well done. Like it’s an improvement but it’s not even close to all the things you’d need to have in place for ethical biomedical research and i always get a kick out of all the in-universe characters (and sometimes commenters??) acting like it is. why won’t you deliver me a ninja village institutional review board, fandom. smh
2. It’s pretty common in Star Wars time travel fics for there to just be spontaneous genetic testing on time travelers, frequently without their permission or knowledge. You know it’s very weird and kind of fucked up to do that sort of genetic analysis on non-consenting patients, right? Like why are we assuming it’s standard procedure in-universe to just run a paternity test as part of a medical exam. Like does the Galactic Republic just keep a database of all Jedi DNA and then just run everyone against it like YOOOOO GUESS WHAT YOU CAME IN FOR A STANDARD LIPID PANEL AND YOU’RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT YOU’RE YODA’S THIRD COUSIN. i realize we live in the 23andme era but also please let us take a moment to reflect on what you’re implying here lmao
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snarkspawn · 14 days ago
absolutely admire your art!! do you somehow have a video or image that shows your art process? there is something that is so interesting in how you draw your characters, so if you dont mind showing how you put down the concepts, if its all right with u 😁 thank you have a nice day ☺
Hey, thank you so much!! I’m glad you like it 💕 
I don’t have any videos of my process but I do have some progression screenshots on my instagram here and here. I also have this process gif + step by step description in my tutorials tag. All of these are a little older but my process really hasn’t changed all that much over the years :’D
If you’re interested I can try to remember to do more of these though!
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frecklelemonade · a month ago
“Watch the claws, Guts...”
Tumblr media
“Chonker. Big boi. An absolute unit.” —Punchline, probably. 😂😂
From an earlier ask: “There’s one specific tooka that has adopted [Punchline]. It’s a big, gnarly-looking stray that he nicknamed “Guts” cuz it boldly sneaks onto his ship and he often finds it curled up in the pilot seat if he leaves the cockpit unattended for a split second. He doesn’t mind, though; it keeps pests out of the wiring and the tooka is fairly friendly, despite its appearance.”
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katsupremacy · a month ago
teddy rants: boku no hero’s quirks, hero society’s blatant quirkism, its parallels to racism and ableism, and how horikoshi gives her hypertension just thinking about how many times izuku has broken his bones.
one day i’m going to over analyze something so hard, my brain will cease to work and smoke will start to pour out of my ears. like i have so many questions and barely any answers. the coffee is ready, the glasses are on, the hair is tied up. let’s get into it.
does iida go to an autoshop or a hospital when he’s in pain from the waist down? (we’re assuming he can’t get to recovery girl here, because if we’re being real, recovery girl isn’t always going to be there for any of them, really.) i’m pretty sure his engines will short circuit at some point, so how does he repair them? and if he does... does that fuck up the rest of his body?? he’s still human, and the engines are very much still connected to skin, so are his nerves just like. ??? how does he repair them. and i fear for this boy’s life in the harsher seasons like summer and winter because — and i’m thinking of car engines as i type this — because what if they overheat? he’s so reliant on his engines the same way a car would be, so does he get physically sick if his engines don’t work? ANSWER ME.
when present mic went through puberty, was his voice like. auto.. tuned? snort.
and speaking of quirks and shit — katsuki’s and jirou’s make me want to cry. does kyoka have asthma? because if i’m remembering this right, her quirk just doesn’t reside in her jacks — she has those speaker embedded boots that enhance her (abnormally loud, omg) heartbeat ,, so does this mean her heart is working overtime? does she experience severe chest pain?? and katsuki’s— having a nitroglycerin based quirk is so?? is deadly??? but like.. it’s also used to treat heart problems. in SMALL. MANAGEABLE. DOSES. so when the possibility of him overusing his quirk rises — because, fuck, it WILL happen — will that fuck with his heart? will he have long term heart problems and will that fuck with his blood pressure and—
horikoshi, you make my heart hurt. and don’t get me started on shoto—
the human body can’t even handle itself without a quirk, talk less of even having one quirk. there are so many ways for things to go south with how the body works — diseases, bodily mishaps, allergies, etc — and to have a quirk on top of that?? humans are fragile beings, and it needs to be accepted. but because of this selfish fuckass who doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in this rant because i hate him so much i see red sometimes, this poor child has to deal with TWO. two fucking quirks!
shoto.. shoto’s body is in a constant fight for regulation. and sure, i love the lil fanarts where he’s hot when everyone is cold and vice versa.. but i’m thinking.. what if one of his quirks just goes haywire??? what if he gets to a point where he can’t control either of them and his body suffers greatly because of it? do y’all know how detrimental that would be for him? and i know his body has some kind of resistance to it, otherwise he would have long since not make it this far, but shoto is not indestructible. i know you all saw how he was suffering during the sports festival - that boy was killing himself and wearing himself down because he was only using his mother’s quirk. and that was by CHOICE. do you all see what i’m getting at? now imagine if he didn’t have a choice, and instead of one, it was both quirks. frostbite, hypothermia, heat strokes, severe fevers, dizzy spells — the list goes on. i’m so so scared for this boy, you have no idea.
and now on to someone i’ve wanted to talk about for ages, but needed the manga to update enough for me to do so. possible manga spoilers ahead. i repeat: POSSIBLE MANGA SPOILERS AHEAD. don’t get mad if you read this and hop into my inbox whining about getting shit spoiled for you. harsh, but reality.
izuku is a complex character despite not having a quirk. and justifiably so, otherwise he wouldn’t be the wonderful shonen protag that we love and adore. but we need to talk about how his story reflects the real world a little too much.
it’s simple once you break it down, really. izuku is quirkless. (or, was quirkless.) quirkless individuals are seen as lesser than. individuals seen as ‘lesser than’ are treated far worse than those that aren’t. and sure you can label it as bullying, because that’s what happened between katsuki and izuku. but katsuki is a prouduct of a long standing society that has since normalized the blatant disrespect towards quirkless individuals. this is what i refer to as quirkism. i’m not sure who coined the term first, but the defenition is just as what you’d expect: the maltreatment of an individual.. based on the fact that they didn’t luck out on the ‘cool gene’. and is it their fault? no! it’s simply a play on genetics and who your parents are. you can gain a quirk the same way you can gain blue eyes instead of brown eyes, or the same way you can have fairer or darker skin. but do they still get the worse level of treatment? yes! hence, quirkism. (or, in parallel to our world, racism.)
izuku is also deemed unworthy of becoming a hero from the get go because of this, and zay honestly put it better than i could ever have. you can check out that little snippet here. (i’m waiting for the essay too, hon.) telling someone they aren’t fit to be hero because they lack something the general public has is the ableism aspect of quirkism.
although, and i was thinking about this the other day, quirkism has a lot of.. levels, to put it simply. take shinsou (and aizawa), for example. he still has a quirk, per say, but he’s still shunned because his quirk is seen as dangerous and a threat to society. how is it quirkism? you may ask. he still has a quirk. he doesn’t have it as bad as izuku and the rest of the 20% of the world who still doesn’t have a quirk. and while that’s right, this is where hero society and its worship/preference for ‘useful’ quirks comes through.
it’s so maddening to see how hero society only acknowledges and gears towards physical and flashy quirks. there is no room for quirks like brainwashing or erasure (or even copy cat, which i think it what monoma’s quirk is called) to thrive in this society, because the foundation of said society are heroes with those big and bodaciously flashy quirks. prime examples: all might, mirko, hawks (oh, boy, i need to make a separate rant for what this man has been through because, whew, there is SO much to unpack there), unfortunately endeavor — the list goes on. all these heroes have mutant or emitter type quirks, and it’s what the hero commission prefers. this is why people like aizawa choose the underground pathway if they want to heroes so badly. they know what the stigma against what i like to call ‘unnatural quirks’ — quirks that people are afraid of because it takes something away from them, whether it be bodily control or their quirk all together — is. the public will not acknowledge them as heroes bc they believe they are not fit for the role due to how unnatural their quirk is.
one thing i will always commend horikoshi for doing, however, is taking the stigma around izuku’s quirklessness and making it useful. there’s another rant that someone made, and i’ll link it here if i find it again, but they pointed out that izuku being quirkless saved his life. in the recent manga chapters, we get to see how much of a toll one for all has taken on izuku’s mind and body, from the physical in breaking his bones (god, his BONES — izuku midoriya, you give me gray hairs and we are literally the same age. have mercy on me and your sweet mother and please stop breaking your bones.) to the mental in meeting the precious successors of ofa. when nana asks him if he’s able to kill shigaraki if/when the time comes, we see how he struggles in accepting the fact this newfound power bestowed upon him can be used for harm if wanted. but we’re rest assured that he will do the right thing when the time comes.
power move, hori. kudos to you for that one. let’s talk dismantling the comssion and schools like ua next, yeah? is this a prelude to a couple more rants i’ve got in store? ..maybe. you’ll just have to see.
unti next time,
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remuscore · 2 months ago
ooh could you draw teenage Janus, Roman, and Virgil?
Tumblr media
Roman gets to be a little punk in this au. As a treat.
They’re kinda a little mix of human au and normal sides so Janus isn’t a real red head (maybe when she was a baby or smth) and Roman is more of a white latino bc I was having a hard time figuring out how to make him afro-latino like he and Remus are in the human au and such. Virgil more or less the same because he doesn’t share anything genetic with Patton.
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