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#i found a way to make my digital art
lady-bee-holmes · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Something I’ve been fiddling with the past few weeks when I have time. I absolutely hated the last portrait of myself that I did for that quick artist meme I did, so I felt I had to regain my honor (last part definitely said in Zuko’s voice). And, yes, I’m aware I’ve already done a honeycomb background. I like them, ok. I’m Lady-BEE-Holmes for a reason, my dudes
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erinflipsidefmp · 11 hours ago
Final Evaluation
Final evaluation I chose natural vs unnatural because I enjoy learning about nature, especially in the ocean. I also really like creepy unnatural creatures from stories, horror games or urban myths. In addition to this, I have kenophobia – the fear of voids and open spaces, and this is relevant as the ocean is massive and empty though also full of unexplored and undiscovered things which I am fascinated by and has sparked people’s imaginations and fears for hundreds of years. The three main artists who inspired me in this project are Damien Hirst, Adam Riches and Ernst Haeckel. Damien Hirst inspired me with his series ‘Treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable’ and how he’s taken normal things but put them underwater allowing corals to grow, making them into living art. Adam, whose art style involves scribbled human drawings, has influenced my work by me imitating his style and coming up with creatures whilst doing so. Ernst, a marine biologist and artist, made me consider doing my versions of his scientific anatomical sea creature drawings.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One piece of wider world research that I did was about different fears relating to the ocean. The fears which I based my research on were Thalassophobia and Submechanophobia, and these link to my theme because Submechanophobia is the fear of man-made objects in the ocean, and Thalassophobia is the fear of the ocean as a whole. I wanted to explore this as fears are unnatural reactions to natural things, and I wanted to recreate this in my work as if they were real. I have experimented with and used several materials in my pieces. For my book I used both biro drawings and lino printing presented in a digital book format, In doing this I learnt how to lino print as I haven’t done that before. Influenced by Adam Riches I experimented and developed my skills in biro drawing in a way I would not have thought of. For my sculpture, I used both clay and metal to create it. I was inspired by Damien Hirst in how he weathered his art in the ocean to appear as if it had been there for many years, I replicated this by conducting my experiments with metal, deforming and marking them with various tools before subjecting them to saltwater to age it. I then used this to create a boat for my diorama. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finally, I used both air dry and oven-bake clay to create various parts of my sculpture. The air-dry clay was used in the rocks as these wouldn’t need too much detail and used the oven-bake clay to make my creatures and get some small details. The piece that has taught me the most were my lino prints. For these, I had to learn how to lino print as well as consider my creatures design but transform it in a way that would get a lot of the details across but not too much to overdo it. Therefore some of my creatures have some differences between the biro and lino designs. My initial idea was to create a pair of dioramas in fish tanks to represent a natural thing in an unnatural place and an unnatural thing in a natural place. During a workshop at college about mimicking Adam Riches style but still linking it to my theme, I found a way to draw creepy human fusions with sea creatures. This greatly inspired the rest of my project as I went on to create the linos and full-body images of my creatures. I still wanted to create some type of diorama as well, so I scaled it down to just the boat wreck but with my creatures visualised in 3d. If I were to display my work anywhere and anytime, I would like it to be somewhere surrounded by water like at an aquarium, I would like to make the audience feel like they are at the bottom of the ocean surrounded by darkness and these creatures. To sum up my final piece in ten words; Unknown, depths, unnatural, fear, distorted reality, twisted, silent, growing. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If I were to give my final outcomes a soundtrack I would chose the song Prayer by Hayley Westenra. I chose this song because its haunting and made for a game called endless ocean. I spent 16 hours a week working on my project outside of college. Most of my experimenting with materials has been done at home, and I also went into college on some of my days off to get more work done. At home I work in my room at my desk or occasionally in my conservatory. Some of my experimenting with metal was done in the garden. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At the start of this project, I didn’t know how to lino print and I wouldn’t have known about how metal rusts and even how I would use it in a project. My final piece differed from my initial ideas because I was influenced on the way by various artists and techniques which I discovered as I progressed through the course. Using both lino printing and biro drawing instead of strictly sticking with a diorama I have given my initial ideas more life than it would have had if It were just a fish tank. I also feel that creating my pieces in both 2d and 3d has enhanced my original ideas by being more interactive as my first designs looked too static and lifeless, which is the opposite to the sea. I also think that my final piece forces the viewer to explore the pieces for themselves just like the ocean, and this creates an experience. My final pieces also link into the fears people may have about the ocean and fearing the unknown and what unearthly creatures that may reside there.
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rosiefmp · 14 hours ago
Harold Offeh
I absolutely loved the talk that Harold Offeh gave to Foundation. It was wonderfully in-depth and really went into the significance of different source materials that his works draw on, their histories and the ways in which they have influenced his practice. 
His definitions of performance art:
- A series of gestures or actions that are presented to an audience
- This is what all art is whether you choose to use your body as a material or not. For instance, painting is still a set of gestures that you present to others!
- Performance as research - not just for the viewer’s sake but also a tool to process ideas and reach personal understandings - ‘I use my body as a tool to explore and investigate’. ‘A way of asking questions’.
- ‘Performance is not a medium that’s defined by medium’
^I have personally found this expansiveness of performance quite freeing in my own work. Rather than the work just being about the medium or materiality, performance is defined by “pose” and the movements of “the body”, as Offeh talked about, taking on a new meaning when it is enacted. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I particularly loved these snippets of his new project that he showed us, ‘Hail The New Prophets’ for Bold Tendencies. 
It draws on Sun Ra, an American Jazz musician who is the ‘Godfather of Afrofuturism’
working in the 50s 
^took on a new persona - embodied it, completely assumed and lived this identity
myth narrative - said he was from Saturn
forming a fictional identity - became real - was a provocation
was at a time of deeply ingrained segregation - is thus political when someone names themselves and makes a new identity
^history of slavery - the erasure of identity
I love how he is turning the imagery of a spaceship from one of Sun Ra’s videos into a real life slide that people can interact with - an “intergenerational, intergalactic slide”. I really want to see this in person, particularly as he said that “sounds are going to be played from the ship”. I feel that this world-building and sense of a journey through movement - people going down the slides - and sound, cannot really be replicated in a digital sphere. 
This engagement with sci-fi is very relevant to my FMP. He is “inviting people to share with me their prophecies for the future” and I was particularly struck by how he said, “by speculating about the future you are thinking about the present”. This is what my FMP has allowed me to do, enabling me to “articulate [my] desires for now” namely a less speciesist world where humans are viewed as part of a larger whole and non-human life is given similar weight and value. Like Offeh’s ‘Hail The New Prophets’, I want my work to encourage viewers to consider their own hopes and “prophecies for the future” and through which consider their “desires” for the present. 
I showed him the WIP of my current film.
- a lot going on
- amazing, very well put together
- loved your use of VOICE whether that’s through the voice over or the singing at the end
- love how you used the voice in different ways - the effects, the singing. Also, you are very much using it not only informationally but through tone and mood. 
- quite definite sections 
- beginning section with text - like how it addressed the viewer. It’s quite arresting when people use the second person as you are speaking directly to the viewer as an acknowledgement. 
-  ^effective strategy - ‘you are formless’ is in a way a kind of provocation - reading that it makes you think, am I formless? In what way?
- direct question or provocation engages the viewer well
Work seems to be dealing with:
- Last sequence (performative section) - initially thought that it wasn’t a body, thought it was plasticine or a doll. Then the figure emerged with the humming voice.
- ^Was hypnotic
- film = quite concentrated - wanted more
- Could be more stretched out:
- BUT doesn’t necessarily need to be longer. You’ll find out in showing it and watching it yourself. Depends on what context you’re showing it in. 
1) online - short is probably better
2) in person - can make a conscious choice for it to be a looped film
^Over 3 mins = short enough for it to be watched more than once. Looped can be an effective strategy - get more and more when you rewatch it. 
- wanted more - let the elements breathe, let people think about the connections between different sections, sequences and transitions
He asked me where I would ideally show the film. I said:
- in person 
- quite typical gallery room - big screen therefore big text. Make ‘you are formless’ etc a bolder, bigger statement
- black out room 
- surround sound - somehow seperate the voice from the other audios.
^He said this sounds great. He talked of ‘the architecture of sound’: sense of space, for instance, voices from behind you, another sound next to you, is an effective way of drawing people into the work. 
This was a brilliant tutorial. Even though it was around 10 minutes long it was amazingly helpful. I’m SO happy that he picked up on all of the key themes of my work: ECOLOGY, BODY MATTER, TIME and HISTORY. I’m particularly pleased that he talked of ‘the human’ vs. animals, bacteria and plant life and  how this relates to OUR PLACE IN THE WORLD. Also, that the animation conveyed evolution effectively. 
Even though we have been doing blind crits with students and teachers, by now I have talked to most people about what my project is about and so the crits are not truly ‘blind’! The fact that my film made him think about humanity’s place in the world really has given my confidence in my project, this film and that it is achieving and conveying my key aims for people who have no prior knowledge of my work. 
After Harold’s feedback, I think that the film may be too dense. By lengthening the clips I have taken from different films or using more blank spaces without imagery I think I could “let the elements breathe”. For people who have no prior understanding of my project, I think this would make it more impactful by allowing them to “think about and make connections”. 
However, although after this tutorial I have decided that this film would be in-person ideally, given COVID I want to ensure that it functions well on a digital space. Therefore, the current shorter pace and the way this encourage re-watching could be better for a digital space as Harold said. I may want to make it a looped film.
I will definitely keep the first bit of text where I address the viewer directly. I had not fully considered the significance of this but I agree that “provocations” like this engage the viewer well. Also, I’m happy that he liked my use of voice and singing - I’m not a singer so I’m relieved that he thought it was good! I will continue using voice effects as before I was not sure if this made it sound too artificial. 
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yourstruly11 · a day ago
Reflections on Z-list Internet Fame
Here’s a little thing I wrote in an effort to organize my thoughts about two of my favorite internet content creators. It’s a little cringey, I think, and quite personal, so bear that in mind if you decide to read. In a way, its sort of a sequel to my post about digital mementos.
Recently, I found the personal youtube page of a man who I thought had quit the internet years ago. He had a youtube channel in the early 2010s, but by the time I knew who he was, and how he influenced one of my favorite youtubers, he had set all of his old videos to private and deleted any social media he had. Since then, the only remaining videos that feature him are held on other channels, including a 6-episode podcast with my favorite youtuber, a few cameos in his videos, and a few old videos with another friend of his, each of which were circa 2013-15. Other than that, all I knew until I found this new channel is that he had quit the internet and gone to art school.
For context, even though I never met this guy or even watched his content, I still have a great deal of respect for him as a friend of-- and mentor to-- one of my idols. In their podcast together they have this really cool chemistry where the mentor is a bit more experienced and wiser than my idol, whereas the idol has better comedy chops and is more relatable to me. The podcast episodes have become some of my favorite comfort videos-- things I re-listen to every few months while I play games or do chores.
It’s really weird to think about how people change over time, how they could spend so much time and effort on a project, only to completely pivot and start anew in something completely different. His personal youtube page contains a couple gaming videos, a few comedic skits, and a number of painting timelapse videos, showcasing the skills he gained at art school.
He could be a completely different person from how he was on the podcast. It’s not uncommon for artists to feel scorn or shame when looking at their older work, so even mentioning that I liked him based on it could possibly be met with embarrassment, outrage, or indifference.
I’ll admit, I have a strange fascination with this guy as a character. He got married and divorced before the podcast ever aired, meaning before his late 20s or early 30s by my estimation, and took part in internet content creation during an era that I was too young to be involved with. I was born in ‘97, so while I’m technically a 90s kid, I have no memory of real 90s culture, which seems to be a lot of the basis and inspiration of his content. Despite finding his work only a few years after his heyday, I completely missed out on something that might have been as inspirational to me as it was to my idol.
The fact that he quit the internet and pivoted so dramatically into other work makes him all the more interesting to me. The idea that someone could change careers in their 30s isn’t a new concept, but seeing someone I look up to do it, and do it well, is really cool. The reason why I wanted to write this post was to examine why I find him so interesting, and that might be it. Somehow, despite the fact that I’ve never met him and have only seen a small portion of his art, most of which may not even reflect on who he is now, I still see him as a role model. I would love to find a life offline, delete my social media, and be able to look back on myself 7 years from now and barely relate to the person I am now.
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Life of Bryan | Phuong Ngo
Tumblr media
(Ngo, 2019)
During 2019 I worked in a small coffee shop. It was a welcoming store that cared for its customers and staff. Eventually I learn’t how to take customers coffee orders with their names. I found that people give their names in a variety of ways this includes simply their name, their name and then with the spelling or an obvious fake coffee name (a cheeky giggle from a nearby co-worker or body language usually gave it away). I even had one customer, an elderly man who liked to use a different name every-time he ordered to trick the new staff (I eventually found out his real name from other staff). My own Mum (Christianne) often uses my name or one of my siblings names to make it easier for staff as she often experiences all sorts of variations. 
When Phuong Ngo was presenting his lecture and his work Life of Bryan was discussed I could immediately relate from a baristas perspective. The way Ngo captured the incompetencies of coffee culture with a simple receipt docket spoke volume. Ngo’s word choice when describing this work was humorous. That Bryan was a person seperate from himself that he has now killed.
“Bryan was born in 1999, he was conceived to buy coffee and boost juice, to plecate those struggling with ethnic names. On 17 July 2019, I killed him.” (Ngo, 2020)
I believe getting someones someones name correct shows respect. I have a simple name so I have never had to deal with such issues but it saddens me that people may be uncomfortable using their real name for coffee order because they are outside of the norm. I would like people to have belief in me as a barista to know that you get exposed to all sorts of name choices.
Word Count: 300
Ngo, P. (2019). Life of Bryan. [digital image (screenshot of website)].  Phuong Ngo.
Ngo, P. (2020). Life of Bryan. Phuong Ngo.
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cathal-mathers98 · 2 days ago
Responsive Website Stages/Reflection
For my project IXD304, I decided to create a responsive website on Webflow. I already created a digital eBook, so I wanted to enhance my skills at creating websites. At the beginning, before I began researching websites, typography and Illustrations to draw, I already had an idea in my head as to what style I would like website to follow. And that was Art Deco. 
Tumblr media
I always liked this kind of style, how rich and wealthy it looked. It was more than a style, it was a type of ideology if you like. Highlighting the status of wealth and upper-class. My initial idea/plan was to create an art deco style website surrounding Sherlock Holmes. The reason for this was, that whenever I would see a Sherlock Holmes movie poster or banner etc. they all appear to be quite dark and gritty, which is expected from Sherlock Holmes stories, because its about crime and murder. I have watched quite a lot of Sherlock Holmes movies and TV shows to know this. But during my time viewing these, I have never seen a poster of Sherlock Holmes be associated with the art deco style. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect there to be, but I used this opportunity to do this exact action. 
I wanted to combine the art deco style with Sherlock Holmes, as I thought it would be unique and interesting to see once completed. Anyway, the first stage of this was to collect some interesting art deco frames from Pinterest and Google, so I could conduct some Master/Apprentice tasks. As the content itslef was already provided, this saved me a lot of time working on the layout and typography. I was mindful not to collect too many frames, as I didn’t want to bombard my webpage with all these different types of art deco designs. The reason for this is that art deco can be overwhelming and too much to look at when included too many times.
Once my research was conducted and I had collected all the necessary assets needed for the website, I began drawing my design idea. The layout of the design came to me pretty quickly, as when I was researching websites, I’ve seen webpages laid out this way, in a two column layout. I thought this would be suitable for my design as it adds to the simplicity of the site. The bottom sketch is my first ever draft of my website, so there may be some elements which I have changed or improved on from then. I wanted to keep this wireframe quite simple, by mainly focusing on the layout and the illustrations etc. You can check the drawings out to see more detail on the layout.
Tumblr media
Which then leads me to my second wireframe. For this one I decided to draw it as two columns to give me and the viewer an idea of what it would be like to scroll through the webpage. I made a few minor changes to this one, by adding extra border frames around images and icons. All the icons you see will be ( and is) created by myself so I can properly say the website is from my own creation. These sketches I thought were very helpful and vital to the organisation and presentation of my final design.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Once the sketches were complete, I then began using Webflow to make the foundations of my website. The first thing I did was add a frame, which will be the starting point of my banner. To cut it short, I had a few templates saved to my computer for me to trace in Illustrator. And one of these frames I used within my banner, which is shown above. It was nice design that didn’t take too long to create, as it only consists of shapes. I put it all together in Illustrator and added it as an image on Webflow. The links and the content I create in Webflow of course. This was an example of the frames I included in my websites. You will find more as you scroll through it. Each of these templates were created the exact same way in Illustrator, so there is no need to go into much detail about them all. The colours used in them were from examples I found online of posters and banners etc.
With regards to the typography, I used two types of font throughout the whole website. These were:
GatsbyFLF Bold.
I obtained these fonts on my research stage at the very beginning. I collected them on and Adobe fonts. I simply researched art deco fonts and these were the best I could find. I really liked these two fonts because in places they were similar, however one was thicker/bolder than the other, which was exactly what I was looking for, for headings.
An example of these two fonts (from my website) used together would be this image:
Tumblr media
These are like icons, maps and portraits I created in Illustrator to use on my site. There are quite a few Illustrations I made that is evident in my project. The first icon I created was Sherlock Holmes head, which is found on the Life and Times section. And also the map of baker street, which is seen below. This version was actually the first draft. The final design has some animation to it, which I did in Photoshop animation and also the buildings are gold, to correspond with the text colour.
Tumblr media
The process to add animation to this image, is probably the hardest challenge I had to face within the website. I was advised by my lecturer to add animation to the image, but this is something I haven’t properly done before. So I had to watch videos on YouTube to see how I can carry out this task. Eventually after quite a lot of attempts I was able to make it into an animation, successfully. The only downfall was that the quality reduced. This was because it changed from a PNG to a GIF. And as GIFs have less colours in them, it appears quite pixelated. This was the only downfall. If I was to create this project again, I would look more into animation and how I could create a better graphic without making it a GIF.
Another illustration I created, which took more time than the others and also is larger, is the 221B Baker Street icon. Again, just like every Illustration I do, is from Adobe Illustrator, created by tracing an image of a front door and simply adding a few lines to indicate bricks and lanterns. Even though it took longer than the others, I still really enjoyed creating it. And if I were to do it again, I would probably add a bit of animation to the lanterns to get a bit of a flashing/diming effect.
Tumblr media
With regards to all the other elements used in my website, there is nothing new to say about how they were created or its purpose. Every frame and icons is created the same way and the main purpose of the layout, frames, colour etc. is to add to the overall design of consistency, attraction, user-friendly and so forth.
In conclusion, I am pretty pleased with how the website has turned out. It took up a lot of time to create, but nevertheless its been rewarding. It is always fun to create art deco styled designs, this is a thing this project as taught me. It has taught me creating an appealing website can be very time-consuming and at times challenging if I am not sure about a particular areas which I am trying to accomplish. 
If I was to do this project again, the thing I would do differently would be to add some JavaScript to my bar chart, so it appears more interactive, using Chart.js. I was unfamiliar with this application until I received feedback. I was already to begin using chart.js, until I found out that you have to upgrade your package on Webflow to unlock the ability to add CSS, JavaScript or any other code to your website and considering I have the starter package, I was unable to require this code. This was frustrating, as I am already a paying subscriber to Webflow, but not eligible for this action. Nevertheless, this is what I would do differently second time around, if given the chance.
The one thing I wish I learnt before doing this module, was the ability to create animations from static images or graphics. For example, the process with creating my Baker Street map. If I had the knowledge to animate this before, I wouldn’t have to waste time watching videos on YouTube on how to animate, or even the effort of creating the animation several times, until I get it right.
To see the website - click here
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noemiconanblog · 2 days ago
Since I’m here and am worried about not having enough room in my digital submission pdf- here are some things I want to remember, are important but not enough to make the cut-
Important artists:
I have done a lot of social media based artist research, since I couldn’t do the usual thing of browsing the library. I found a few treasures and I want to share them here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The second, untagged image is also the amazing Hrvoje Majer. These are artists I have been obsessing over most recently and probably haven’t yet had the impact they could have on me. It’s more that I was looking for kindred spirits than inspiration, tbh. It seems to be that a lot of my artist research goes this way- I search for things I make a connection with and have set hashtags for figurative art on everything social media like imaginable.
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tricia-park · 2 days ago
The Hierarchy of the Arts
For my latest project, I was able to explore new forms of art, of how social media contributes to the image of an artist, and how people measure creativity within an individual. Without going further into detail about my work, one aspect of the project was to create a twitter account in which I create a fake artist identity. The account was meant to portray the opposite what I create or like, so I decided to create illustrations of cute cartoon characters. 
To me, this was a bizarre experience being that I never delved into digital illustration since I was 12. I found that the space was so different in both the content and the audience compared to “traditional” fine art. It was more or less largely based on the aesthetics, colors, or style of the imagery. The community, more so, was appreciative of all kinds of illustrations, and I never really stumbled upon criticism of any kind. 
Maybe it’s just me, but the conversation surrounding high and low art was never really included within art curriculums or just brushed over quickly. When going back to creating cute illustrations of cartoonish girls, I realized how freeing it is to just create something that is meant to appear pretty, but I still associated it to being childish in some way. I enjoyed making the art, but I felt it had no substance, that it wasn’t enough or acceptable. I never realized how conditioned I was to view digital illustrations in this manner. Even those that speak upon deeper issues or topics, my mind goes to how this can be visually interpreted differently. However, despite the supposed “lack of substance”, some of these accounts are more popular and well known than many fine artists, which I couldn’t help but wonder if social media plays a role in this.
This post may be just me rambling, but I just found it interesting how I realize this judgement within me and don’t really know how to address it because the placement of digital illustration/animation/cartoon is still iffy within the fine arts world (even in schools like RISD where they still encourage digital illustration). 
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flipsideprojectcdanna · 3 days ago
Originally for the flip side project i chose the them order/disorder but i struggled to link my artist research and outcomes to the project. That’s when i chose to switch to construct/destruct i preferred this theme much more as i found it easier to link my artwork to the project and create work that incorporated architectural imagery and abstract structures as i did not want to include portraits into my experimental work. This was because i wanted my outcomes to be abstract with no form of portraiture included. A lot of my outcomes where based around the idea of destructed buildings and pristine building.
My research on the town shore-ditch was a key piece of research to my project. This is because i was looking into street art and the question of it being a form of expression or vandalism this linked to the flip side of construct/destruct. After many years of being labelled as a run down area with crime and antisocial behaviour shore-ditch is now a well known tourist destination because of all the unique and diverse styles of street art and different artists tags.
The main concept of my final major project was the flip side of vandalism and expression and run down places compared to pristine new built cityscapes. My idea was to generate abstract outcomes using mediums such as, spray painting, screen printing, chemically developed photo images, and some stickers I had created with spare experimental artworks. It was really important to my outcomes that there was building/skyscraper imagery all though i wanted an abstract look.i also wanted my outcomes to look like street art and something you could see on the streets of shoreditch.
Mediums techniques and processes:
Going into the project i wanted to created mixed media collages with mediums such as a fine liner, collating and drawing. These were processes i was already pretty confident in with so I decided to experiment further. I wanted to try image transfer, there were many different ways to do this so i experimented with a couple such as, the solvent image method, Pva to canvas method and pva to wood. I chose these methods because i had all the materials to do so.
When attempting the pva to canvas method this did not work because of the texture and gloss on the canvas. This made it tricky for the image to stick as its not absorbent and i used a variety of scraps instead of one solid image. At this point i had not done much research into the different methods so I wasn’t surprised that this went wrong however i did like the accidental outcome.
For my problem solving i looked into different methods and what the right materials were for the best outcome. I tried the solvent image method, this was much easier, less messy and very quick. When doing this it smelt quite bad and you had to thoroughly scratch the image otherwise it would not transfer fully.
I then i tried the pva method but with the correct materials such as a wood sheet, magazine image and pva glue. This came out well but was not vibrant and very transparent.
Screen printing was another method I was interested in trying, I wasn’t used to it as I had only done it once before.
To make the screen I created some collages in photoshop which had to be very dark/bold otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the design on the screen. When screen printing there were many things i had to take into account such as my work space (was there enough room) mixing inks, the materials i was printing onto and the tools. I really enjoyed this process because i created many experimental and possible outcomes. The downside to this was that it was quite messy and there was a lot of preparation so it wasn’t something i could take home and continue. You also had to wash the boards very regularly otherwise the paint could stick to the screen making your future prints grainy.
Manipulating text- I tend to stay away from digital processes but I thought it would be a good idea to spend a day in the mac studio trying different styles of manipulated text. I used adobe illustrator to create 4 different text pieces. I used these to make stickers with a printed it over some of my spray painted backgrounds.
Spray painting, Ive never spray painted before so this was something I really wanted to try, it was also a really important medium to my project because of the relevance it holds to my research. I really enjoyed this because you could be free with it and it was almost impossible to make mistakes, especially if your going for an abstract vibe.
I also mad some stencils, this was for my spray painting. This is because it difficult to create details with spray paints so I wanted an outline of buildings and this was the best way to do so. It was very easy if the shape was simple as I used a craft knife to cut out the stencil.
On one of Rachel’s sessions we created block point designs, ready to be carved out. I didn’t particularly enjoy this one as I found it very difficult to create detail in the block. I also found it really difficult to carve the block because it was so tough. I much preferred intaglio printing which i did in my last project.
Other techniques I tried;
Carbon paper
Layering art with photocopier
Creating stickers using double sided sticker roll
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These were the two pieces that impacted my final outcome the most, it was an almost accidental experiment. I made this during one of my directed studies after making chemical developed photo images. I had photocopied my spray painted background and placed it back into the printer tray to print my developed photo images on top, this was just a fun experiment that I wanted to try but I ended up really liking the outcome. This was a technique I continued to use in my further outcome developments because I loved it so much. I felt that the colours where really contrasting and it bought a unique element to it. Although I really liked the outcome it didn’t look very professional or finished as it was on standard paper and had a gloss which created a glare when photographing. To develop this piece I spent a lesson creating more chemical photo images to print on top of spray painted backgrounds. I also went back into my spray painted backgrounds to make sure they look more finished.
My experiments and outcomes from the beginning are very different to my current ones now, I felt as if I have gained a lot of confidence with different mediums and techniques that I had never used before. From the beginning of this project I was looking into collages and different ways I could so this. I was also trying to reuse scraps and have as little waist as possible because I liked the idea of creating art through destruction/destructed things. From the beginning it wasn't very clear to me what kind of art I wanted to create however further into the project I had a clear solid plan of what I wanted to create. I know that I wanted to create abstract colourful outcomes with architectural imagery incorporated, I tried many different mediums and process to experiment with. Through so much experiments I achieved a unique abstract look for my outcome, with two series to chose from. In theory I've surprised myself with my outcomes, this is because I have never been into abstract art and was taught in school that realism was the only form of art that gained marks so I really enjoyed trying so many new processes and generating art without and limits. For the end of year show I had planned to do an installation piece with spray paints and mounting my art work onto a brick wall. I then decided that I was going to showcase my art in a gallery type studio because I had created a series of pieces to show. so an installation wouldn't of been appropriate. 
I would like to display my art in shoreditch 
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niamhandersonart2 · 4 days ago
For the brief “House of cards” which is to create a playing card for each suit, back cover and box.
I have really enjoying this project. I feel like after doing remediation work and picking a new concept really worked out better for me. I know that before I didn’t have a full body of work and my ideas weren’t developing the way I wanted to or the way I needed to. I think that this new concept for me, has expressed myself in a new way that I didn’t know before. I’ve found this concept really interesting with the use of colours and textures. During this project I found it very difficult to become motivated due to the lack of space in my house and no studio time due to COVID-19. Having a second chance has made me realise how much better my work has been with the use of different materials and experimenting different ideas. This has made me develop work with different materials that I wouldn’t usually grab first. I didn’t do many prints during this project which was a struggle for me as this is how I would usually produce my work nowadays, I think that learning new ways to produce work from workshops I have done and finding new ways myself was a learning curve for me. I know that my ideas were strong enough to create the requirements for this project and that I’ve really developed my work and ideas. I have found my motivation to create the art I enjoy again because of this concept. I think that doing this project has made me realise that I can incorporate different media and edit them further to establish another meaning for myself. I am really happy with how my new concept came out.
I know that this project has made me think about how I produce my work and how I can do more and not limit myself to basic sketches or digital work when just in the house.
Overall I enjoyed this project a lot and I’m so glad I got to redo this project even though it stressed me out completely. I think that making my own brief helped me when it came to understand what I had to do to succeed. I am happy with the way I interpreted this project and the work I produced for it.
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faranae · 6 days ago
Rant Incoming - NFTs, offsetting emissions, and to a lesser degree Stuart Semple
Disclaimers: This post is NOT pro-NFT. This post also isn’t exactly eloquent. Semi-related to my previous post which was once again complaining about the Anish kapoor bullshittery. This is an opinion. Please take it as such. 
It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Stuart Semple's activism efforts, but not blindly so. I was, admittedly, mad about his NFT thing until I saw all the measures he was taking to offset the footprint. 
Is it perfect? No! Crypto (Bitcoin et al), NFTs, and all of the fads that have stemmed from blockchain tech are wasteful and should never have gone mainstream. But they’re here now, they are NOT going anywhere, and we need to find a middle-ground.
“Wait,” I hear some of you saying, “What does Bitcoin have to do with it?” 
A new study from Cambridge University found that mining bitcoin, perhaps the best known blockchain-backed digital currency, now consumes more energy per year than the entire nation of Argentina. Another study estimates that bitcoin’s carbon emissions are on track to equal that of the entire city of London. Scholars also argue that bitcoin emissions alone could raise the Earth’s temperature by two degrees.
- Tiffany C. Li for MSNBC; March 15, 2021
So to expand on that a little bit: The art world is screaming over the harm NFTs cause, and yet I see many of these same artists who happily accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies as payment. 
Now, I don’t want to be misconstrued in pointing out this particular little hypocrisy. We need to eat, and in order to do that we need to get paid. For example: Paypal and Patreon have atrocious policies but I’m not going to begrudge anyone who uses them because for some of us it’s the only way to get paid. 
We can scream “THIS TECH SHOULDN’T EXIST” all we want, but it does exist, and to plug our ears and scream is to make the problem WORSE. 
We cannot eliminate the process, so we need to find ways to make it less harmful. Should we have to? Again, no we absolutely should not. We shouldn’t have to wean our transportation infrastructure off of fossil fuel dependence either yet there are teams of people working to do just that. 
If an invention is harmful in the first iterations, work to improve it instead of plugging your ears and yelling about it. 
No it’s not our fucking job but someone’s gotta do it. Not a computer science major or engineer? No problem! You could spread awareness, or encourage the development of technologies which improve the efficiency or offset the environmental footprint of blockchain et al. Encourage people to educate themselves and do research rather than blindly pointing fingers.
Pointing out the harm done does absolutely nothing if you aren’t willing to help solve the problem. 
After all: What’s to say that artist selling an NFT to make rent can’t look into offsetting the energy use in some way? There are options out there, with more popping up every month as concerns over the environmental impact of NFTs grow. 
Some companies which work with artists to create NFTs are even putting policies in place to go completely carbon-negative - That is, they’re putting more back into the environment than they’re taking. When they could just take the money and run, I consider that to be progress. It’s not enough, but it’s a start.
(And no, offsetting the footprint isn’t pointless. Don’t be a fatalist.)
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danpreecedpm · 7 days ago
Trees fascinate me in nature, religion and folklore etc. The “tree of life” is a concept I’ve always found interesting and have been trying to create it in various forms in my art lately. This is a copper wire tree placed in clear resin worked into a vase made from cherry wood. 12 inches tall x 10 inches wide. 100% is donated to Operation Underground Railroad at: We need your help! Buy or Donate your art at to help us raise funds for O.U.R. You can choose how much of your proceeds are donated and what you keep. You can find oil and acrylic paintings, woodworking items, music, treats, jewelry, digital art, downloads etc. See our Facebook Group at: The easiest way to raise money to fight child sex trafficking is to do your Amazon shopping using this link (5% of purchases are donated to O.U.R.): Join this channel with a paid membership to get access to perks including 10-25% off any products you see made by Dan Preece (purchase at Please remember that if nothing more, you membership money is donated to OURRESCUE.ORG, I don't keep a cent: Buy an Operation Underground Railroad T-Shirt and help save a Kid: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. And every penny earned is donated to Operation Underground Railroad at OURRESCUE.ORG. Here are my commonly used tools/equipment if you'd like to try them out....even if you can't find what you need, any purchases in Amazon using these links helps us raise money for O.U.R. - Lathe: ( this Laguna lathe is freaking amazing, very well built, solid, strong, variable speed, 110 or 220 volt. I couldn't have designed it better. This Wen lathe was my first trusty starter lathe, great place to start this hobby: - Lathe tools: ( carbide tip, ( great beginner set - File Sander: (, this is the cheapest and highest quality I've found. Fantastic for those hard to get to sanding projects. - Carving tool: (, Rotozips are awesome, a little too powerful for small detail but great for roughing out the medium sized projects. - Angle Grinder: (, one of my most indispensable tools, ( the flat head helps get into tight spaces, carving and sanding disks are a life saver. - Grinder Carving Disk: (, this is a really great disk for roughing out medium sized projects - Grinder Sanding Disks: (, fantastic for sanding and minor-moderate shaping stages - Round Sanding System: ( sleeves go around an inflatable ball ( )or make your own foam ball, attaches to a drill, great for tight corners. - Palm Sander: (, the most important sanding tool, used on almost every job. I like the size of the sand paper for both this and on the lathe by hand. - Chain Saw: (, has worked well for years, I also bought this electric one ( for the quieter in the garage projects - Oscillating Tool: ( great for cutting and sanding sharp corners and tight spots. - Super Glue: ( thin and runny, perfect for stabilizing bark or other unstable wood. - Resin: has been gracious enough to donate resin for my future projects, given them some love! You can get 15% off using my code: preece15 - Pigments:, great quality for resin - Pressure Pot: ( 5 gallon for the big resin projects to get rid of bubbles, or ( for the smaller average jobs 2.5 gallon, both need minor modifications to work. - Protection: (, best face shield yet for carving and lathe work. Respirator: HIGHLY recommended for wood and resin work, speaking as a Dr, I'm telling you to protect those lungs: and those ears: Our fundraiser can be found at: Thank you for your amazing support! Dan Preece "Mild Mannered Foot/Ankle Surgeon by day, Wood Cutting Paint Flinging Photographer by Night" ****The majority of music found on our videos is from Ketsa,, and Scott Holmes, all very talented sources of great music! #woodturning #resin #DanPreece #woodbowl #woodworking #resinart #lathe by Dan Preece
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Major Project - Final Reflective Blog
What happened? - how did it all start?
The beginning of my project was a bit chaotic, to say the least. I started off really rocky but through the semester I was able to create something that I feel very proud of. It started off with not knowing a topic to decide on, I thought of the most random topics, from the Colombian coffee crisis, (which isn’t a crisis anymore) to body image disorders (which is an important issue but not something I wanted to focus on for my major project since it brought back some hard personal memories), all the way to films. I had always loved films since I remember, it was a type of art form which can grab all your attention and make you feel like you're in another world for two hours, it’s almost like magic. Since I got Covid at the beginning of the semester, I found myself laying in bed for several days, which allowed me to catch up on my watchlist of films I have been looking forward to seeing. I found myself captivated with Sofia Coppola films, I just loved the feminine touch of the films and the use of color to portray her characters' emotions. I kept researching her background and color schemes days after I saw her films, and that’s when I knew I wanted to create my whole major project on her films and her grand use of color to portray emotions and femininity.  
What were you thinking and feeling?
To be honest, my last semester was the most difficult time I’ve had in this course, and I can definitely say it was all caused by external issues and not by the brief given. All throughout the course I couldn’t wait for my final year and be able to have full freedom to work on a project of my liking, but unfortunately due to Covid things really weren’t how I thought they would be. I can honestly say this was the semester I was least involved in but not because I didn’t want to be but due to the fact, I got Covid at the beginning of the semester and really couldn’t get back on track ever since. Getting sick really affected me more than I thought it was going to, psychically and psychologically. The truth is that it really took me a whole two months to feel back to normal after getting sick, which of course affected my project. It wasn’t till March I was finally about to really focus down on my project and figure it out. After the chaotic decision process of picking out the right topic for me, I found myself choosing a digital media I had previously told myself I wouldn’t work with again, VR on Spoke Mozilla Hubs. I must admit I decided to use it again since I had limited time to create worthy work and had recently used it last semester. I felt quite suborn to use it at the beginning, almost felt forced to use it, which is never good because like many people when I feel forced to do something it makes me not want to do even more. Thankfully, the more time I used Spoke and the more time I started researching skills to improve my techniques I found myself at the end even enjoying the designing aspect and how my final project was able to look like I had imagined it to be. I feel pretty proud of my final project, which coming from me isn’t something I have said too often throughout my course. It was a satisfying feeling which I was glad I ended to end my degree on.
What went well?
To be honest, if someone had asked me at the beginning of March ‘how do you think your project will turn out?’ I would’ve simply told them… ‘I don’t even want to think about it. But thankfully I can say that I am pretty pleased with my idea and how my curatorial design turned out. I was able to use all the skills I learned in curation, along with my experience of creating a small-scale exhibition last year to create my final VR exhibition experience. Now, of course, the fact that I wasn’t able to use the entire time given for this project might affect me and the turn out of my project, research, and skill-wise but it did lead me onto a path in which I was able to improve my skills in VR, curation, and project management. I can say that my creative progress went better than I had expected, I was able to improve my skills in VR design and advance my knowledge of Spoke, in addition to learning even more about adobe programs as well, which is always necessary. Now moving into the writing part of my project, I can say it was even enjoyable to work on and that’s pretty strange coming from me, someone who really doesn’t like writing. The fun part of my essay was the topic, the use of color in films has always been my favorite part of the film’s storytelling. The combination of writing the essay while designing my visual, helped me carry out my final project.
What didn’t go well?
I can’t help but bring up the start of my project, I think that’s the part where it didn’t go well. The fact that I wasn’t able to start my project on time due to being sick and then struggling to find my topic and question and just pressuring myself wasn’t something that went well for me. In addition to getting sick, Covid also impacted the development of my project since it made me focus more on creating something digital due to Covid making university shut their facilities and even leading me to travel back home. It was unfortunate ending my last year like this.
Thinking back on my project, I could’ve even added an AR element to my project if I had the time but since the start was a bit rocky, I decided to focus more on creating a well-made VR experience and essay instead of half-doing three things at once with the time I had. Another thing, I would’ve like to focus a bit more on my writing, even though I enjoyed writing the essay, I know that writing isn’t really one of my strongest skills and I just would’ve like to have a bit more time to perfect it and push on further topics.
What have you learned?
I have learned a lot on this project, I mean a lot… There were several moments during this project that made me doubt my creative skills, there was even a moment that I even doubted if art was ‘my thing’, if I was even creative? Of course, that saying was simply stupid to say because anyone can be creative but I was seriously doubting myself and find myself going into this hole of insecurity with it came to my creative skills. And to be honest, this ‘hole of insecurity was something I had struggled with before on several occasions throughout my degree, but it wasn’t until I stopped thinking about the importance of the projects I were working on, (when I mean importance I mainly mean grades or the opinions of others) I was able to just let myself free and believe me I know it sounds cheesy but trusts me that’s exactly how it felt. Once I let grow I was able to enjoy playing around and create the colorful experience I had envisioned in my mind. After completing the final major project I was even thankful for doing it, it gave me one last opportunity to work on my insecurities, design skills, and work ethic right before going into the real world. It was the emotional push I needed.
What would you do next time or if you had more time?
If I had more time I would’ve loved to learn how to create more definitive statement pieces for my VR experience on the Blender 3D program. I just feel if I had more time then I would’ve been able to push myself further creatively and not be stuck in the hole of insecurity in which I had dug myself before. Next time I would definitely take a step back at the very beginning of my project and just think ‘outside the box, not trap myself in this loop of the same old ideas in which I find myself comfortable. I would for sure take some more time on my research and straight away lookup skills on the program I decide to use, instead of just playing around and getting stuck wasting a bit of time. Going back to the thought of having more time, I wish I could’ve had more time to sample my VR experience on different types of computers to just have a full assurance that it would work at hundred percent capacity, but for the time given I was able to check it out on a couple of windows and mac computers, which is alright. Overall, I’m happy with how my project turned out, with the topic I had chosen, and the way I designed it. Going out with a big bang with my last project.
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