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honted35 minutes ago
cat just tried to trick me into going into the dark basement alone . and now he's laying here staring at my lamp.
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it's been several minutes
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amethystpath-writes36 minutes ago
Prompt #191
"What are you doing here," Villain had demanded upon seeing Hero sat atop one of their cars in the driveway.
"The stars. You have a nice view of them from here, and I was in the mood to stargaze."
Villain squinted at the sky. "Right, well, you kicked the motion light on, so I don't know how you can see anything at all up there."
"Didn't say I was looking at the stars in the sky, Villain."
Oh. "You didn't- um- not say you were looking at- at the- uh- at the sky."
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lyrikmasterz3053 hours ago
Eighth of Wedding Crasher 馃暫馃拻馃懓 and a half gram pod of Birthday Cake 馃コ馃嵃
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merijaans4 hours ago
you seem like such a cool person and i think i鈥檇 love to talk to you but i don鈥檛 think we鈥檙e mutuals so instead i will appreciate your blog from afar bc it is very aesthetic
omg thank u so much... i am not cool i promise u i wish i was! even if we're not mutuals feel free to come chat with me in my inbox it would be fun <3
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dreamertrilogys4 hours ago
we aren't mutuals but you seem so chill.... just. immaculate vibes. trc brainrot buddies.
anonymously tell me how you feel about me and i can't reply except i will cheat in the tags actually <3
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feathery-dickmuffins5 hours ago
Forever remembering when the comic adaptation of Silver Eyes came out because it showed that Scott apparently had very different vibes in mind than literally every single person on this planet. Or more accurately, showed that his idea of "unnerving" is not what the general population has in mind. Like dude, that's a, that's an office worker, you created an office worker.
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plcklesontheseafloor7 hours ago
Downloading season seven onto my phone anon here, I did some finangaling and worked out how to download the map with some assistance from YouTube and I realize I can't open the world bc of what's probably an issue with bedrock not letting you access old versions of the game. So HCs just going to sit there on my worlds page till it all gets fixed I guess. Idk what the fix is but I've got the feeling I'll have to do everything again lol. Oh well, learned a lot either way. Warning to anyone in the same boat as me, I guess.
!! Good to spread the word. It'll probs get fixed (relatively) soon :)
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