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#i feel like im good friends with a lot of youtυbers but they dont know i exist!
sasukes-spouse · 9 days ago
Dmvmfskgkfk oh rip- I know that feeling cause a lot of my f/os are from youtube media so if it's like the youtuber doing a live action thing of the characters I'll end up liking the youtuber cause of it skgmgkbk
sfjskdl I am a serial youtυber crusher-onner lol I never had an ego f/o or a character f/o from a youtυber, but when I was 18 I had a HUGE crush on Mаrkιplier, and rn I have a crush on a couple of my favorite youtυbers 👀
This new crush doesn't shock me too much tho cuz when I watch certain youtυbers, I act like I'm hanging with a buddy fjdskl and specifically with this youtυber I call him by name a lot and watch all his videos so it was bound to happen man;;;
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