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#i feel like i'm going to hell for this post
darkstarcore · 2 days ago
Why is my school so fucking incompetent???
“Hey, are you going to send out some sort of checklist of everything that graduating seniors need to know and do to properly graduate?”
“That’s a great idea, Dragon!”
Great idea? You mean?? You weren’t going to send this extremely important shit out to everyone in written form until I magically presented a “great idea???” Are you out of your fucking mind????
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glorfindels · 4 days ago
hi :] i'll make a proper announcement if/when i decide to go through with it, this is more of a heads up and me thinking out loud but i'm considering leaving my main account and with it my half a dozen sideblogs including this one that go with it and remaking them all as one merged multifandom colour blog. i'll definitely be keeping the url, tracking the same tag etc etc and i'll still be posting tons of tolkien and occasionally making original content, the only difference is that you're going to have to put up with other fandom content as well and my tagging system is probably going to be a little less thorough.
i'll probably make the switch sometime during this week or the next, until then i'll obviously still be around on here and try and catch up on tag games, messages etc, i don't want to leave anything 'unfinished' and after that... see you on the other side!! thanks for understanding 💚
#i didn't want to make the post too long so i'll just explain in more detains in the tags#in case anyone is interested#basically i just feel like my presence on all my accounts but especially on here and my main are incredibly performative and the#persona i've created is very very different from who i actually am and obviously that's always going to be true to a certain extent#on all social media but like with having a tolkien only blog and my main blog being b&w i don't end up rbing a lot of the stuff i like but#instead i focus on catering to other people and rbing stuff i think 'belongs' on my account so like since there isn't tons of b&w content#i'll probably rb things i'm not that into just for the sake of it but it's just not at all representative of who i am and i've grown tired#of that and i want a fresh start and to be able to do whatever the hell i want on my blog without any restrictions and to be able to#connect with people properly instead of either pretending i'm someone i'm not or being like haha yeah actually the things i post about#and the aesthetic i have going isn't even really me but just ignore that i promise i'm a cool person once you get to know me :)))#not that there's anything wrong with the b&w thing i'll probably keep my main as a sideblog because it's fun and really soothing#to scroll through lmao but i just can't express myself though it if that makes sense#and i feel like i put too much effort into appearances instead of my friendships and that's also something i want to change#i keep falling into this cycle of feeling uncomfortable/fake on here → not opening my notifications → not talking to anyone#and i end up feeling so frustrated and lonely AND FOR WHAT why do i feel like i have to please the general public before doing#stuff or talking to the people i actually care about i'm so stupid but hopefully i can get over this and do better next time#ANYWAYS i make it sound bad but i've actually loved being on here and i'll be sorry to lose my followers (not that i have that#many i'm still stuck at a little over 1k) and i'll be sure to follow everyone back straight away from my new blog i love you all 🥰🥰#angie.txt#ps. yes i'm fully aware i take this whole thing way too seriously shut up <3
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freckled-lili · 2 months ago
Traveler: June, eat a Snickers®.
June: WHY?!
Tumblr media
Traveler: Because you have a mental breakdown and smash evil labs when you're hungry.
June: Wow! I feel so much better now!
Tumblr media
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faebriel · 2 months ago
it does depend on where niki wants to take her character from here but i love the team rocket arc because it can be really funny (superficially, anyway) until it’s suddenly Not
like c!niki and c!jack trying to drop a nuke on c!tommy and failing miserably is funny! the two of them Obviously Scheming Evilly while no one notices beyond vague suspicion is funny! but as soon as c!tommy figures out what’s going on it has the potential to whiplash into absolute angst immediately
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keviintrans · 3 months ago
i’m tired and haven’t been getting much sleep lately so i should probably just go to bed but. i have. such a stupid destiel wedding comic i wanna draw
#contra.txt#implying i ever draw anything that isn't just dumb as hell lol#it's a toss up between my Health and my Useless Hobby... a most difficult choice#this is gonna turn into an all over the place tag talk bc i get talky when i'm tired#anyway i've been listening to the same five songs on repeat for the last week#and literally all of them make me think of spn. hate how this show has infested my brain but at least i'm having a good time ig#also i feel so weird tagging my posts sometimes lskdjfkd like. looking at some of my posts i'm like#yeah these character tags aren't warranted at all i just have Problems in my head that make me want to tag Everything#bc i Have to be Organized. you know. on my... tumblr.... blog.......#do Not get me started on the tags i put on my art that aren't even organizational lol i simply live with and carry my shame with me#also wondering abt the protocol for drawing art based off of existing posts...#do i just link the post? am i supposed to @ the op? do i ask for permission or beg forgiveness later#also thinking about primary reason i have not slept much lately is because i suck at science#the secondary reason is that i am in a secret competition with a neighbour to see who stays up later each night#as in we're the only two windows that aren't curtained closed at night so i can see when their lights are on or off#and i base asleepness off of that. this makes me sound creepy but i swear i can only see whether or not the lights are on#also my desk is covered in origami that i make while i don't pay attention to lectures so things are going well for me#my pride and joy is my very tiny origami crane that is like. so small.#it's wingspan is like 1/6th of a loonie#no. smaller even.#it's tiny dude just trust me
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raeathnos · 3 months ago
#I feel like I’m just stuck in limbo- waiting waiting waiting#nothing is going to change until we move but that’s still at least a year away#I have a list of things to do but I’m struggling#it’s stressful constantly being treated like a five year old and yelled at and manipulated and blamed for everything#I’m so so tired and I’m stuck#progress is slow and I feel like I can’t change anything for the better#so I wait and I hope and I dream#things will be better soon I tell myself over and over and over#I feel like I’m going to just shatter into a million pieces from the stress of it all#the pandemic is hard too- before I would just leave the house to get away but now I can’t because there’s nowhere to go#we’re terrible and still do it on saturdays#say we’re just going for coffee- but then neither of us wants to go back to this hell#so we’re bad and go shopping or for a drive#anything to not be back here#anything to stop the yelling and feeling like I’m never going to be enough#I feel like I’m drowning here- I wasn’t what they wanted I’m just a burden Im not good enough#that post about lady bird going around hits such a chord#because that’s how we are too- they like the idea of me but not who I am#and it goes deeper because I’ve been told they regretted having me#I think it hurts more because I always fucking suspected it but I loved them so much still because that’s what a kid is supposed to do#and it still wasn’t enough#they had me and instantly regretted it#I suspected it my whole childhood and pushed it aside because I loved them and I thought if I love them then they must love me too#and then a few years ago just in passing conversion so casually so nonchalantly#oh hey yeah we regretted having you#my world had already shattered from earlier abuse as a teenager#but that broke me anew#and I feel like I never fully recovered from that one#maybe it just kidding myself and never really fully recovered from any of it#whatever this is it hurts and it’s lonely
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persefoneshalott · 3 months ago
real mourning Ginny Weasley’s potential hours.
#sortinghatchats#related?#that last post made me think about how like#the chamber of secrets was probably one of the things that made Percy start to distrust Dumbledore#and it'd be interesting to explore that Ginny x Percy dynamic like Percy acts like the parent to heir siblings we know this#and he probably blamed himself for Ginny and he wanted to protect her and I just imagine like#if we believe this idea of the weasley family just avoiding conflict. just not mentioning it. and Percy feeling so ??? what the hell why#aren't his parents doing anything you know#why is ginny going back to hogwarts the next year without any sort of security measure#so I can imagine that starting the rift and I can imagine Ginny ending up angry at Percy because she doesn't want to feel like the 'victim'#she doesn't want to feel like people have to protect her#(which tbh I do think that is part of her character and could be attributed to this I remember the whole why she broke up with... Dean was#it? they argued because she thought he was helping her to go through the portrait which I think that's not why she broke up with him prob#an excuse more like but she still was really mad about it because it made her feel weak I assume)#and it'd bring a whole new. thing into their dynamic when Percy is fully not speaking to his family and she seems to be so angry with him#eave but she does because she doesn't want to keep thinking about it she wants to move on and Percy feeling so powerless and angry at his#parents angry at Dumbledorelike I'm not saying it was solely because of this but I think it could be part of it the reason why he's like fuc#fuck this why should I trust these people? Aren't they supposed to keep us safe?#nd then after he's stranged he hears about his dad risking his life for Dumbledore again#I mean even if the parents did talk with Ginny and try to help... I don't know that they'd know what to do and the vibe you get from her#very badly written character development is that she learned to toughen up and protect herself and not trust anyone#so I think Percy was probably doing the most but he'd still very overwhelmed understandably#Ginny being the warmest towards Bill when he and Charlie were also the only ones who weren't in Hogwarts when that all happened is also#something to think about because if she felt any sort of resentment she wouldn't towars him and we don't know how much he knows about it#she probably feels the most 'normal' around him and like she doesn't have to.. filter herself yknow#anyway idhkjshkjfdhshdhkjjmade up this whole story in my head huh#now I want to read about them : '#I don't think this is actually sortinghatchats related sorry but hey they're both snakes#uhhhh alsooo#Percy and Ginny having vastly different views on Arthur? Percy probably having been his mom's confidant and so having this very negative vie
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Destiel - Hallelujah
[Verse 1]
I heard there were two Winchesters
Who hunted monsters, fought a war
When one of them got killed and went to hell (yeah)
It went like this: The angel Cas
Who gripped Dean tight and saved his ass
From perdition started questioning his god
[Verse 2]
He meant truly well but went too far
Became a god and started war
Dick dragged Cas and Dean to purgatory
There their love became so clear
But only Beandenny got back here
Cas was kidnapped and brainwashed by heaven
[Verse 3]
Brainwashed to kill his best friend Dean
But snapped out of it to save him
When his blue eyes met Dean’s green eyes he had to
He fell from heaven and lost his grace,
Kept fighting for some better days
He cared about all humans ’cause he loved one
[Verse 4]
Even demon Dean could never hurt his Cas
They’d die to save each other’s ass
But still think this is just a normal friendship
Hugs so tight and face-cradling-hands
It’s actually a great romance
Of a faithless man and his angel in a trenchcoat
[Verse 5]
No personal space but an adopted son
Dumbasses can’t see what’s going on
Think they can’t have the one thing that they want
Cas‘ love confession leaves Dean a mess
He gets him back and reciprocates:
You dumbass always had me... I love you Cas!
Hope you like this version!
(Feel free to add the hallelujah parts in between the verses)
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rachelspriv · 4 months ago
denormalise liveblogging your breakdown. in case you go “isn’t that what this blog is for?” let me explain. don’t liveblog on a blog where people actually KNOW you. this blog, no one knows me. no one even follows me. if i do get a following of people who actually consistently interact with my posts, and i can identify who are those followers who are consistently interacting with me, and it begins to feel like there’s some sort of connection, i’m deleting. it’s unhealthy to liveblog your breakdown to people who’ll actually see it. it’s unhealthy for you because you don’t get to deal with this in private, and it’s unfair to other people if they feel like they have to help you so you don’t think nobody cares about you. it’s unfair to other people to force your followers to witness your breakdown. if you’re having a breakdown, do not liveblog it to your followers. if you need to talk about it, keep a diary (what this blog essentially is). ask a friend if they are willing to listen to it, and make it clear that they’re allowed to say no (going “hey can i vent” and waiting for a response is a good way to do this). and if they do give you advice, consider it! even if you don’t like it! sometimes you need to do things you don’t like! and if they go “i can’t help you out any further”, let them stop! your mental health is your responsibility, not theirs.
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fieldofsunflowers8 · 4 months ago
hi hi my loves!!! 
for some of you, today is going to be a pretty shitty day-- for some of you, today is going to be really exciting!-- for some of you, you literally do not give less of a shit it is simply another day. 
no matter what your situation is, remember that you are loved!!! take care of yourself-- drink water, eat some food (though i know that’s hard in holiday settings, sometimes), and get some sleep! 
for people who are struggling with a difficult family situation, remember that you are deserving of being cared for and wanted, no matter what. even if, due to how some things unfold, that care isn’t coming from your family. someone will love you-- and not just one person, many. you’re so important.
and for those spending the holiday closeted, or having to hide their identity around their family-- i’m sorry, and i feel for you. your worth isn’t defined by what you identity as. you’re lovely no matter what.
and for those who don’t celebrate christmas-- or any upcoming holiday, as a matter of fact: i know the holidays always feels suffocating. but, just like every day in this year, today is just another. make sure to do something you enjoy today.
for those who are struggling with the Fucking Quarantine that is stealing your festivity time: yeah. shitty how things have unfolded. stay safe, and spend time with those who love in any way that you can. 
and for those that aren’t actually actively struggling atm: hell yeah!!! merry fucking christmas gamers, and happy holidays!!!
i know those don’t cover Every possible situation here, but. i wanted to say something. i love you all a lot, and if you’re having difficulties getting through today, i’ll be here. i literally have nothing planned for today so, my dms and asks are open. i love you! stay safe. ♡
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gingus-doon · 5 months ago
headcannon: keiji keeps the charm mr. policeman gave him tucked away in a box, in some corner of his apartment that he doesn't frequent. he doesn't like to be reminded of it, or to look at it, and some part of him just wants to get rid of it already. but paradoxically, he'd be devastated if he ever lost it– as if losing it would be a confirmation of the life he lost to that day.
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aboutthatmelancholystorm · 8 months ago
There’s one server I’ve spent basically no time in on Discord, and tbh I think I might just leave it after tonight
Something was discussed that just finally irked me too much and god it’s dumb to vent post abt it here like this but my brain is on FIRE over it 
and I don’t know anyone on there aside from general things abt them but I do know enough to know they don’t get to be deciding things re: queer men (aka they aren’t a part of that demographic), and as a queer man, seeing that going on? 
just fucking makes me seethe. I’ve already been ignored as trans and called a lesbian in it (I’m a proud gay trans man-aka I’m only into other trans dudes or cis dudes-and I don’t hide that, but apparently it doesn’t matter) 
the only blessed thing is that as far as I know, no one that I talk to on the other servers like DL or K Company or on tumblr is on it, so at least I won’t lose contact w/anyone I actually like talking to by leaving it
that’s what I get for searching out additional servers w/out having them be recommended by ppl I trust lmao
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tohrus · 8 months ago
ok so. to go more in depth in comments LOL
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