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#i feel like all i do on this app is complain and rant and i am so sorry
samwlscns · a month ago
did i just spend an hour on picrew designing an oc that i got inspired to write for? maybe. she’s a lesbian and she’s in love with wanda maximoff. thank you and goodnight.
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mammons-baby · 4 days ago
The (possible) Downfall of Obey Me
5-16-21 (when writing this the event toys out)
(Tbh this post is just be trying to be naïve towards Solomare and at ever aspectthat I mention you have every single right to be upset and mad)
Okay so it’s no secret that Obey me is making bank and is very very obviously trying to make us money on the game with even trying to make us spend money with original stuff that was free to now secretly changing some mechanics behind our back
Here’s a post by @thalfox that dose a really good job at explaining everything that has changed
(also this isn’t a hate thing fox has actually done a great work explaining everything to good detail of what has changed)
With all the changes I don’t think that it’s shocking to say that players are leavening the fandom because of many reasons to the games getting stupidly harder to even the game development
This is just a heads up this in no way is a post saying “hey this is why you shouldn’t feel this way” I kinda just wanted to see from a business standpoint and be naïve of what’s happening you have every reason to be mad at Solomare because even me I’ve been playing sense week 2 of game released and I’m only on lesson 42 every counter argument that I’m going to make I have complained about at some point
(P.s grammar is really bad it’s sort of turned into more of a rant I wrote this at 5 am without any sleep so sorry)
1. Obey me is marketed as a free to play game
First there are many reasons people are mad this main thing that I hear about is from a lot of people is that is a “free game” which lets be honest is ridiculously hard
But still it is still essentially a “free to play game” I personally feel like the main prolog is lessons 1-20 to introduce all the characters to understand and getting the just on how to play the game
Okay and now here’s where I sort of stand with obey me, the gatcha rates are kinda ridiculously lucky when you play for the first week you luck is so amazing and is in my experience with gatchas the best luck I have ever seen for games so it’s not really hard collecting the cards
Now are they the best absolutely no, this I feel like is where you might have to spend money unless they up the skills on the Nightmare A
But what Obey me is technically trying to do is obviously making you pay by releasing your favorite demon card every 2 week which…aren’t essential they are really just hoping that you love your main demon enough to pay
With the high increase on the gatcha rate there really isn’t a pity unless you count the card pieces (but I’m not going to count that because you are more likely to roll your UR before completing the pieces)
Now after lesson 20 once the huge break I feel like Obey me almost expecting the players to keep logging in any doing jobs and some players did do that and boy did it pay off
But those players have not needed to spend a single dollar and are all caught up
Now for everyone else who didn’t the game was so difficult it’s unimaginable and because for that a whole lot of players left the game and personally I don’t blame them because of how much impact the next lessons were
Now sort of like Mystic Messenger you really just have to grind you ass off log in everyday and do JOBS :D and grind but as hard and long as it is you are still able to be a f2p but where obey me fails is that when grinding Mystic Messenger grinding was a lot more fun for me it took about a whole year to just get 550 hourglasses even when I purchased and same with Genshin Inpact it takes a while but with obey me there isn’t really anything else to do once you get to a certain point which I think obey me really lacks and could be part of a reason why people left. Grinding just is not fun (now I do think that on a phone there is so much you can do with a app game but I feel like there could be a bit more they could do)
Personally I’m just going to come out and say it don’t spend your money for one UR card for your favorite demon it’s really not worth it now im one of those Mammon stans but if I ever wanted a specific card for instance the Mammon bunny card when it first came out I wanted it so badly and didn’t get it but I also knew there would eventually be a revival so I saved and did not spend any DV(demon vouchers) until the revival
The events
Some people complain about getting the cards in the events onestly for me this one kinda makes a bit of sense I noticed the first change when the Vampire even came out and how it wasn’t as easy to get the second card but if you think of it it makes sence why
When the first event came out (Santa event) you only had to collect about 30,000 gingerbread compared to the 100,000 in event today but when the first event came out no one was at high enough levels for the AP required and you would every day when times rest to gain gingerbread as well as there was only one part to the story so when people kept leveling up their AP Obey Me had to higher the bar so it wouldn’t be so easy to get all these cards and have a actual reward system but eventually they also added another story lesson starting at the Ruri Chan event
Second thing about the events is that one there started just getting plain out boring.
When lesson 20 finished and we were all waiting for season 2 I was still loving in everyday and logging in at 12 and 8 for the free 30 AP because I didn’t know what else to and would participate in the event but eventually what I think that all otome games that have constant events like Ikemen Vampire and Ikemen Revolution they just start getting repetitive and getting real boring so I stoped playing until there was something more interesting
The last thing that some people complain about the events is that you can’t keep up with the story and the events now I can’t find it but I believe that @0beyme said something about the events a long time ago about how you have to pick between the event and moving through the main story which I kinda think isn’t really the games fault and more just a discussion on maybe missing a event
Add ons
Okay so they did this from day 1 you spend a certain amount of Devil point that you guaranteed don’t have and get out a card
Now this is just spelling out a disaster
Yeah so for the first Charge Mission is when you log in which everyone had but essentially what they want you to do is spend $100 on a game that you just logged into and never experienced or played I don’t really understand what they were even thinking with that but it must’ve worked for them to keep doing them
The second time they did it was when the break was over and season 2 came out and they celebrated by doing another charge mission which was the Lucifer and Simon card which would cost again $100 again I really don’t understand what they were thinking
And now this is I believe the fourth time they have done this for the 1.5 anniversary where they know that Mammon is obviously a favorite for many Obey Me players and where smart to put it on the really stupid charge mission but the difference is, is that instead of it costing $100 it would cost almost $200(same with Levi’s) for one thing I don’t understand
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But one thing that you do have to remember is is that this isn’t apart of the main gameplay it really just is a mini game if you would even call it that of dress up and optimization so still I guess would be just a add on that has no effect on the actual story and game so you could I guess still call it a f2p game with really really stupidly high priced add ons
Umm so I am the first one to call myself out I have bought the VIP package first when season 2 happened and I knew how much I loved the game so personally it was worth it to me to support the developers and gain something out of it
Now I haven’t really seen much complaints on the VIP because people more use it as a “hey the game is impossible with out VIP” but the people who say this ive noticed never bought it
For $9.99 each month it is 100%
IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!! Out of everything you get which honestly isn’t much you get some extra free space in jobs and really that’s it and if you choose to use all your job slots for the highest paying you get around 30,500 about a 10,000 difference not really worth it in my opinion
With VIP you also get other things like higher chance of gifts from Jobs which you will not notice one bit, and +20 AP (which if you play the events is sort of useful) as well as extra packages exclusive to VIPs so after paying $9.99 per month you also get more things to buy and that’s about it for VIP now if you really want to get more grim just use your AP and spend it of normal lessons you will get more AP that way
The Story and Kids
This could be all me just complaining and a theory by I wanted to include it anyway
Obviously many people are not even caught up or even playing but as more lessons went on the less interesting the story became to me I don’t know if it’s a me thing but season one was absolutely amazing the once season two came out it was good but not anywhere as good and one
One reason why I think that it to me became almost bland is the amount of kids that is on the app and how sensitive people were if anything bad happens
It’s no secret that the Japanese versions a lot more non-kid friendly for hell’s sake the characters don’t even swear as well as all the colors I feel like to a American audience bright colors is usually marketed towards kids but in other countriesI think many understand that that is not always the case for instance a lot of people will thing in America that anime is all for kids but I mean look at Attack on Titan or Tokyo Ghoul you would not let kids watch that of literal people getting brutally murdered you just don’t see things like that in the West where something looking kid friendly could also be very adult like
Also wtf dose this in the App Store say +12 with Ikemen Vampire and a lot of other games if you have a game rated +17 then there will be a actual pop up that says something along the lines of how “thier could be violence acts and sexual act are you sure you want to instal”
Now the story I’ve seen people point this out but there isn’t really much character development for instance Beel he dose not have a actual personality his personality (fight me on this one) all you really know about him is that he likes food and his family now I could be wrong cuz I’m on lesson 42 but still not much and this is kinda with all the characters except the special ones where the devs really favor and love for story
Some one mentioned how the developers hold back a lot which I agree with 100% they said how when there is character development they all the sudden pull back and never will almost talk about it again like ???? So there’s this constant bland story
Honestly if you liked this I might do more cuz as much as this post made me especially at the end I kinda liked ranting so...yeah there is also many other things that I want to rant about but I’m tired soooo
feel free to comment your opinions btw
Bye ima go sleep now
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bots-and-cons · 2 months ago
Just some ramblings once again I guess, I need to get this out of my system. First of all I'm sorry I haven't been posting much in the past few weeks. I literally haven't had any motivation, like none, nada, zero. I really want to write and post content, but like I said, motivation has been very low. I'll try to get more stuff out this week, if I get the inspiration for it. The rest of this post is just some shit I was thinking in the middle of the night. 
I dislike that I have so much hate and anger in me. I hate my ex-step-mom, I hate her kids, I hate the dude who raped me, I'm angry at my dad, but above all I think I'm angry at myself for being so angry. It's not like my hatred isn't justified though. The shit my ex-step-mom put me through is not something I'd wish on anyone. I'm mad at my dad, because he never came between me and all that shit when I was a kid, and even though there is some resentment in me because of that, I've started working out those feelings by talking with my dad. 
I have a lot of self-hatred too. It’s like I blame myself for everything that goes wrong in my life, even if it wasn’t my fault. I feel like a failure all the damn time and my depression and anxiety haven't really let me go at all in the past month or so. 
My mental and physical health have been deteriorating, and I don't really feel like doing anything about either of those. I've just become a fat fuck that doesn't get anything done. 
I've also been thinking if I'm committed to getting better. Physically I would say hell no. All I do is lay in bed all day and play games, read or write. So even though I should definitely lose weight, I haven't done anything about it in ages, which sucks. But mentally I guess so? I've identified more of my triggers and know to avoid them. I've been keeping up with how long I've been clean from self harm and messing around with pills. I use an app called "I am sober" and it's been working well with tracking my moods too. But still I don't feel like I'm doing enough, because I don't feel like I'm actively trying to get better. It's more like little things, and even though I know those are very good as well, it doesn't feel like it's enough. I feel like I should be more positive and active in my own health, even though I know I don't really have the mental resources to do that right now. Damn, taking care of yourself is hard. 
I kinda live by the saying "here for a good time, not a long time". Because I like to do things that make me happy, no matter how unhealthy. And the thing that probably affects that mindset too, is that when I was like 13, I never thought I'd live this long, because I was always convinced I would off myself before hitting 18. Now, on bad days, I think I'll kill myself before I get to 30. It's like "the goal" has shifted, and maybe it'll keep doing that, maybe I'll hit 30 and "the goal" moves another ten or so years to the future. 
The exam results will be released next Monday at the earliest and I'm anxious as hell. If I don't pass the exam, I'll give up on getting my advanced diploma and just take the normal one. I have no clue what I'm gonna do after I finish high school, maybe I'll work for a year to get some money and continue to a university or a polytechnic school after that. 
There is still repair work going on in our building and they start really early in the morning and I hate it, luckily it shouldn't take more than like two weeks now and they've done all the noisy stuff already. 
My little brother applied to schools so he will probably be moving out of our shared apartment in the fall, and moving to some other town on his own. I might offer my other younger brother to live with me for some days of the week, because it will be easier for him to get to school from here. He would still mainly live with our dad but he could sleep here some nights if he has early mornings at school. Or maybe my friend will move in with me, who knows, it's not really something I need to worry about right now. 
Anyway if you read all this shit, thanks I guess. I mostly post this in hopes of acceptance and to get it out of my system, but I also like to complain/rant so there is that...
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mizunetzu · 2 months ago
Atsumu + Alcohol
If you make him drunk, I will hug you. Also, glad to see you’re back! :>
He’s drunk. Hug me. Now. But ehehe it makes me happy that you’re glad I’m back :,) NOW HERES DRUNK ATSUMU!
Also only @shiny-bun wanted to be tagged sobs reeeeeaaaal confidence booster I know :,)
Atsumu x reader - Sweet, Sweet Lies Called Drunk Miya Atsumu
⚠️warnings - mentions of alcohol through the fic. reader records videos of atsumu drunk whenever he sees him. It isn’t in a sexual way at all; and reader doesn’t touch atsumu unconsentually at all. Just likes to watch him drunk bc he loves him still :,)
Also: FUCKING ANGST. you know it’s fuckign angsty when I got emotional writing it. Also, grammarly proof read it don’t trust it.
Pronouns - male, he/him
Tumblr media
“I think we should break up.” 
(Y/n) blinked, before down casting his head. He said nothing for a while, before opening his mouth again bluntly.
Atsumu furrowed his brows. He gripped the coffee mug resting on the cafe table just a bit harder. He certainly wasn’t expecting that answer. “...Ya aren’t gonna ask why? Yer just ok with it?”
“Well,” (Y/n) emotionlessly bit into a small biscuit. His expression was unreadable, blank like a piece of paper. “It’s not like I can change your mind, ‘Tsumu.”
“But...can I at least know why?”
The two went silent. Atsumu pursed his lips, trying to find the words to say while (Y/n) sat there expectantly. Eventually, Atsumu looked back up from his coffee mug.
“S’a lot of reasons, I think. ‘M busy with volleyball, ‘specially since it’s my job now,” Atsumu chuckled awkwardly. It was true, with the Black Jackals, he was being paid to do something he loved. “And...I...”
“I think I found a girl I really like.”
(Y/n) looked down at his lap numbly. He already knew it was coming, he wasn’t blind to the faint lipstick marks Atsumu tried to wipe away when he came home, or the smell of expensive perfume that stained him when he would come back from ‘practice’. He knew, he knew yet...
Was all he could say.
Atsumu downed his third can of cheap beer, hissing loudly and slamming it down on the bar.
“I hate life! M’gonna fuckin’...! Run away and shit!”
Sakusa hummed. “Oh no. What happened now.”
Loud, irritating club music blared through the bar’s speakers. Atsumu slumped over the counter, making Sakusa and Bokuto lean back.
“Oi! ‘Tsum-Tsum! What’s wrong buddy?” Bokuto poked repeatedly at Atsumu’s head, making him groan and pathetically try and flick his hand away.
“M’...M’so sad...” Atsumu whimpered. Sakusa rolled his eyes while Bokuto frowned. Atsumu continued to mumble sadly into his arms until he slowly became more agitated, and whipped his drunken head up. 
“Shoyo’s got a nice boyfriend! That fuckin’...Kodzuken youtuber dude! Why can’t I! If I were Shoyo, I’d be laying on my boyfriend’s lap and bein’ all cute and shit —but here I am! Fuckin’ drinkin’ and bitchin’ and fuckin’...fuck! Fuckin’ Shoyo! Fuckin’ Kodzuken! Fuckin’—”
“But didn’t you just break up with that girl you were seeing for like, months now? Thought you were straight, man!” Bokuto said, playing with the little garnish on his drink. Atsumu deadpanned, swallowing thickly before letting his head thump down onto the table. 
“Thought I was. M’gayer than if unicorns shat me out.”
Sakusa sipped on his fancy, green drink. “Is this about (L/n)-san, again-“
“‘Course it’s about (Y/n)!”
Atsumu waved at the bartender to grab him another drink. The bartender looked him up and down, before shrugging and leaving off to grab another beer. Sakusa looked at Atsumu with a disappointed expression.
“You do realize that every time we drink, you get shit-faced drunk, complain about (L/n)-san, call (L/n)-san, then he picks you up and you wake up in his house because he’s too nice to refuse to pick you up. And you regret and bitch to me every single time.” Sakusa closed his eyes and took a long sip from his drink. “Honestly I don’t know why I still come with you guys if I know it’s gonna end up like this.”
“Hey! ‘Tsum-Tsum has his problems and he’s just letting them out!” Bokuto defensively waved his arms around, gesturing to Atsumu on the table, laying down his head in his arms. Both Sakusa and Bokuto were pretty sure he was ugly sobbing. Or at least babbling nonsense that sounded like sobs.
“He can’t even sit up straight. And Miya-san was the one who broke up with (L/n)-san for another girl. He has no right to be complaining.”
“S-Still! ‘Tsumu’s the homie! Let him rant!” Bokuto chugged down his drink. 
Sakusa fished his phone out of his pocket. He scrolled down his list of contacts, before clicking on one that read ‘(L/n)-san. (Atsumu’s pick-me-up)’. The phone’s screen turned black, displaying (Y/n’s) profile pic with a ‘contacting...’ right under it in fine print. 
“Sure, Bokuto-san. Whatever you want.”
“Fuckin’...let go of me, Omi!” Atsumu slurred. He, however, made no attempt to push Sakusa off as he dragged him outside the bar. Bokuto had long gone, and Atsumu was a few drinks overdue for his trip home. 
Sakusa sighed, standing out in the cold with his mask pulled up to his face. Atsumu lolled his head onto Sakusa’s shoulder, either in an attempt to push him off or just pure drunkenness. “Don’t drool on me, Miya-san.” Sakusa cringed.
Atsumu was about to retort back, until both his and Sakusa’s attention was drawn to a home-y, black car that pulled up right in front of them. The driver’s door clicked open, and someone in a baggy sweater and sweatpants emerged from the car. 
“Please take him, (L/n)-san. I’m sorry for always calling you to-”
“It’s fine!” (Y/n) chuckled, opening the passenger’s side door for Sakusa to throw Atsumu’s body in. “‘Tsumu’s been drinking a lot, huh? Isn’t this the third time this month I had to pick him up?” 
Atsumu groaned when Sakusa clipped in his seatbelt. He sighed when Atsumu began tugging at it like a child, not knowing how to unbuckle it himself. “Actually, it’s the fourth time. But he has a reason today, I think.”
“He finally broke up with Yumena-san.”
Breath hitched in (Y/n’s) throat. He covered his shock up with a smile, however, and closed the car door with Atsumu in it. “Aw. Well, I better uh, drive him home, now. Bye-bye, Sakusa-kun.”
Sakusa nodded. (Y/n) stepped into his car tentatively. Ignoring the way Atsumu was still tugging at his seatbelt, he started up the car, and drove. 
“I’m...sure you won’t mind sleeping over at my place again...right, ‘Tsumu?” (Y/n) mumbled, more to himself than to the drunktard sprawled out onto his car seat. He silently unlocked his phone, tapping on the camera app and propping his phone up on his dash. He hit record, and withdrew his hand back to the steering wheel. Atsumu eyed it suspiciously, before shrugging it off sleepily.
“Naaaah…” Atsumu slurred. He threw his head haphazardly onto the armrests separating his seat from (Y/n’s), trying to get as close to his ex as possible. “Yer apartment smells good...I miss it...I miss you…”
Shifting so he was still laying on the armrest, Atsumu tucked his arm under his head like a pillow. “Yer so...pretty…love you so much...”
(Y/n) pursed his lips. Atsumu smiled dumbly, pointing a finger gun at (Y/n). “We should-you and I should like, totally get back together n’ shit…” Atsumu stopped, letting out a hiccup, before continuing. “I miss you...n’ I love you…”
Stopping at a red light, (Y/n) looked down at Atsumu, who was staring back at him with half-lidded eyes. (Y/n) averted his gaze, chuckling awkwardly. “...You don’t mean that. You’re just drunk.”
Atsumu shot up. “But I do! M’so sad without you!” Atsumu loosened his seatbelt enough so he could rest his face on (Y/n’s) forearm. “You were the best thing in my life, n’ I need you back! I love you so muuuuuuch!”
(Y/n) stayed quiet for a second, glancing at his camera pointed directly at Atsumu nuzzling his face into his arm. He slowed the car to a stop, taking out his keys and pressing the ‘Stop’ button on his phone. He slipped both of them into his pockets.
“We’re here. C’mon, get up.” (Y/n’s) voice was barely above a whisper. After sitting in his car for a while, he finally got up, and walked over to the other side to haul Atsumu’s corpse-of-a-body out of his seat. “Fuck...sometimes I wish my apartment wasn’t on the third floor-’Tsumu! You can walk if I support you, right? I’m not carrying you.”
Atsumu pressed all his weight against (Y/n). “What if I want my boyfriend to carry me like a princess n’ shit…”
“I’m-” (Y/n) swallowed. His voice was quiet and shaky again. “I’m not your boyfriend. You say stupid things when you’re drunk...”
Atsumu was about to protest, when (Y/n) looped his arm under his own arm. 
“Let’s go. You need rest.”
The walk to (Y/n’s) apartment was silent.
Atsumu pouted, eyeing down the way Kenma was showing a video on his phone to Hinata and smiling. Hinata grinned widely, his eyes glued to Kenma’s phone screen until an obnoxious sigh drew his eyes away. 
“Why’d ya even invite me here...M’just third wheelin’ on yer guys's little date time.” Atsumu frowned, dramatically slumping in his seat. Kenma hunched his shoulders down, suddenly becoming very aware of the way Atsumu not-so-subtly stared him down. He brought his coffee cup to his lips, trying to hide behind the cup itself. 
Hinata defensively wrapped his arms around Kenma. “Oiiiii! We invited you over because you always get super-duper depressed after waking up hungover at (L/n’s)!”
“I’m more depressed now that yer all cuddly-wuddly with yer frickin’ boyfriend while m’sitting here with my single ass!”
“Miya wakes up hungover at (Y/n’s)?” Kenma quietly asked Hinata. He nodded. Atsumu started flailing his arms around, trying to get Hinata to stop talking, but he didn’t seem to take the hint.
“Every time he goes drinking, he ends up crying about how much he still loves (L/n)—and ends up either calling him or someone else calls him to go pick him up. Either way, he wakes up super embarrassed and awkward in (L/n’s) bed and sulks the rest of the time at practice.” 
Atsumu sat there, feeling like he’d been shoved to the front of a volleyball court completely naked. Kenma blinked, before looking down again.
“That’s all yer gonna say-!?”
“I guess it kind of makes sense, now.”
Atsumu stopped mid-sentence, looking at Kenma with a confused expression. Kenma tried to dodge Atsumu’s eyes again, this time tugging on Hinata’s sleeve.
“...What makes sense now?”
Kenma had the look of ‘I said too much.’, trying to change the topic or hoping Hinata would swoop in and change it for him. But alas, no such thing happened. “I don’t think (Y/n) would…”
Hinata suddenly tugged back at Kenma’s sweatshirt, gesturing to turn around with him for a private conversation. They both turned their heads, mumbling out little ‘video-!’, ‘(Y/n)-!’ and ‘Atsumu-!’s here and there. Atsumu glanced from Hinata, to Kenma, before pouting that he’d been left out of the conversation.
Eventually, both Kenma and Hinata turned around again, looking directly at Atsumu. He stared back at them with doe-like confused eyes, when Kenma fished out his phone. 
“If we show you, you promise to act like you never knew at all?” Hinata childishly extended his pinky finger out to Atsumu, to which he nodded vigorously and hooked his own pinky with his. Kenma piped up.
“The reason I said it made sense was because I found a folder in (Y/n’s) phone titled, and I quote: ‘Sweet, Sweet, Lies called Drunk Miya Atsumu (watch when sad)’. They’re filled with video’s of you, drunk, blabbing about how much you love him.”
Atsumu stared at Kenma.
“Yer fuckin’ lyin’.”
“I’m...really not.” Kenma turned his phone screen around, displaying a video filmed in what seemed to be (Y/n’s) car. Atsumu leaned down and peered at the video, seeing his head frozen in place in the corner of the screen. Kenma felt around for the play button, tapping until it started playing. 
Atsumu watched the video in horror, his face going milk white as he watched himself cry and sob about how much he wanted to get back with (Y/n). Right in front of him. The video ended, and Atsumu looked up with the hope of getting hit with a bus. 
“How...did you get-”
“I airdropped this one to myself when (Y/n) was in the bathroom one day because I found this one funny.” Kenma mumbled, turning his phone around and inspecting the screen. “There’s millions of them on his phone, this one isn’t even the worst. Some of them are in his apartment when he’s trying to get you into bed, and I think there’s one where you beg him to cuddle with yo-”
“Stop! Stop! No more!” Atsumu covered his face, embarrassed. Kenma let his mouth fall shut, while Hinata snickered into his drink. Atsumu let his head smack onto the table. “What did I do to deserve this…”
“Hey!” Hinata quipped, his positive voice making Atsumu’s brain hurt. “You know what that means, right?”
“That (Y/n) probably wants blackmail or revenge on me for breaking up with him?” Atsumu grumbled into his hands.
“Wh-no, what,” Kenma said. “He means-”
“(L/n) still loves you! I mean-he saves videos of you saying you love him to watch when he is sad or lonely or whatever, that means he loves you still! It was even in the title!”
Atsumu glared at Hinata like he was squinting at the sun. Kenma shrugged. 
“S’true. He told me himself he watches them when he goes to sleep n’stuff.”
“Yer lyin’.”
“Was he lying when he showed you the video?” Hinata raised his eyebrow. 
Atsumu opened his mouth, before letting it clamp shut and shaking his head ‘no’.
Clinging to his side like a kicked puppy, (Y/n) found himself nursing a drunk, sobbing Atsumu at his apartment once more. 
“Tsum-” (Y/n) struggled to stick his key in his door’s keyhole with the way Atsumu was quite literally hanging off him. It was like he was trying to pull (Y/n) to the ground with him. “Atsumu! I’m trying to-”
“Don’t leaaaaave meeee! I love you!” Atsumu sobbed. He wiped his messy face onto (Y/n’s) jacket. 
Finally sticking the key inside and turning it, (Y/n) pushed open the door and patted at Atsumu’s ruffled hair. “I’m not leaving, ‘Tsumu. Just taking you to bed, is all. We’re still...friends...I think.”
“Don’t wanna be your friend.” Atsumu sniffled, as he staggered into (Y/n’s) room with the support of his body. He was thrown on the bed with a loud groan, as (Y/n) went to grab his phone. “We were meant to be together...boyfriends...soulmates…!”
“I wish you meant that,” (Y/n) chuckled, setting up his phone, pointing it at his bed and pressing record. “Gave it up after the fifth time you came here sloppy drunk, though. It really is just you talking out of your ass.”
The hint of bitterness in (Y/n’s) voice increased unsteadily, wavering like a candlelight. “I-I mean, you say all these nice things-then the next morning you either deny everything you said, or leave before I can even say goodbye! Or you don’t even remember most of the time!”
(Y/n’s) disgruntled laugh made Atsumu blink. He eventually simmered down, looking down at the floor and busying himself with searching through his desk. 
“That’s okay though. I have these little videos of your lies to keep me company. I can live with that just fine.” (Y/n) turned to Atsumu, holding up painkillers and setting them atop the desk. “...Sorry for problem-dumping on you, ‘Tsumu. I know you want sleep.”
“Don’t take these yet. They’re for tomorrow.” (Y/n) rattled the painkillers in their box, before producing a water bottle and extending it to Atsumu. He looked at the bottle like it was some foreign object. The water sloshed around when (Y/n) swirled it around Atsumu’s face. “It’s for your hangover tomorrow. Drink up, ‘Tsum-Tsum.”
“Only if you cuddle with me.”
(Y/n) pursed his lips. “No.”
“Then m’not drinkin’ the fuggin’ water!”
“Atsum-!” (Y/n) sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He set down the bottle of water on his nightstand, and rested his hands on his hips. “...If I give you a tiny hug, will you drink all the water and go to sleep?”
Atsumu nodded vigorously.
(Y/n) expected him to stand up and give him a hug, but instead, he opened his arms and sat expectantly, waiting for something to crawl between them. He was so far back on the bed, (Y/n) would probably have to lay awkwardly in his chest until he was satisfied.
So that's what (Y/n) did, after what felt like hours of contemplating and clenched jaws. He bit his lip, climbing slowly towards Atsumu on the bed. Atsumu smiled dumbly, and scooped him up in his arms like a claw machine. 
What Atsumu didn’t expect, was (Y/n) to stiffen up, surprised, before melting into his arms pathetically. He clumsily wrapped his arms around Atsumu’s torso, his body curling into the shape of his own like dough. He let his head slump in the crook of Atsumu’s neck, taking in a shaky, deep breath and sighing heavier than he meant to. 
(Y/n) figured he must’ve forgotten how much he relished being wrapped up in Atsumu’s arms, because he found himself not wanting to let go of Atsumu’s shirt that reeked of alcohol.
Still, after what was probably only a few candid seconds, (Y/n) pushed himself away from Atsumu, who slumped back on the bed confused, and wobbled his way back onto his feet. 
“There…” (Y/n) breathed. He had the most unreadable expression, and his voice was quiet and raspy. “Now-now drink th-the promised.” 
Atsumu shrugged, swiping the water from the nightstand, and chugging it sloppily. (Y/n) went to work removing Atsumu’s socks, pants, and other things uncomfy to sleep in, until he was left in his boxers and t-shirt. Atsumu stared at (Y/n) sleepily, as he grabbed a spare pillow and blanket, and threw them on the swivel chair near his desk.
“...Y-Yer not gonna sleep here with me?”
(Y/n) furrowed his eyebrows, reaching over to stop his phone from recording, and curled up on the chair with his pillow. His voice was meek under the thin blanket he wrapped himself in. “You always ask, and i’ll always say no. Honestly I don’t know why you keep asking.”
“You look cold.”
“I’m...really not.”
“S’comfier on the bed.”
“...I like this chair.”
“I can scoot over-”
“Miya, if I give in and cuddle with you, everythings gonna be sunshine and rainbows ‘til the next morning—where you wake up next to me and regret everything! I’m-i’m trying to save your dignity here so stop asking!” (Y/n) croaked. He clutched his blanket tighter. “You’re drunk! You aren’t thinking! I already gave your-your stupid hug so stop it! How do you think I feel!?”
Atsumu rubbed at his head. (Y/n’s) hot face immediately flushed out, his voice quieting down back into his normal voice. 
“Ah...I’m...sorry. You’re...tired and I probably shocked you with my-by being loud n’stuff.” (Y/n) bowed his head slightly, before shifting away from Atsumu in his little swivel chair. “Sorry. Go to sleep now. Night, ‘Tsumu.”
When he heard shifting on the bed, (Y/n) grabbed his earphones and turned out the light. Plugging in his earphones hurriedly, he switched on his phone, clicking on the photos app and on today's video of Atsumu to cheer him up. He even caught the hug on camera, so he was looking forward to that. 
Dimming his phone's brightness to not disturb Atsumu, (Y/n) scrolled through the video, everything moving in fast-motion until (Y/n) saw himself climb into Atsumu’s arms. He paused the video there, smiling numbly, and taking a screenshot. 
Before he could add the video to the rest of his collection of drunk-sumu videos, he was suddenly hauled up and hanging upside down. He was tossed over Atsumu’s shoulder, not even having time to protest before he was thrown carefully onto his own bed. 
“Hey-Tsu-” Atsumu said nothing, climbing into the bed gracefully after (Y/n) and pulling the covers over the both of them. “Listen to me-! Let me go-!”
“If yer gonna keep sayin’ shit i’ll regret it in the mornin’...fuckin’... let me,” Atsumu slurred. (Y/n) opened his mouth to speak, but Atsumu beat him to it. “S’my fault…’n...m’gonna deal with it in the mornin’. S-so lemme hold you.”
(Y/n) knitted together his eyebrows, looking conflicted on what he should do. He’d been so, so good at restraining himself from stealing hugs and kisses from Atsumu when he was drunk, and his reward was the videos. If he messed it up now, would Atsumu be too embarrassed to let himself get picked up by (Y/n) when he was drunk? Was he really willing to potentially give up future lovey-dovey drunk videos, and seeing Atsumu tell him he loved him for one night in his arms again?
He was. 
(Y/n) relaxed, a numb expression on his face. He was just about done. One last time of drunk Atsumu holding him for a whole night, then it was time to move on. Hell, maybe after tonight, and after explaining to a very-embarassed hungover Atsumu in the morning that “No, we did not have sex,” maybe, just maybe, he would finally delete the videos. The video’s of his ex who didn’t love him anymore, feeding him drunk lies of ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’, and finally moving on with his life. 
(Y/n) ran his fingers through his hair, and let out a tuckered-out sigh. Maybe after he stopped clinging to the past, he could be normal friends with Atsumu Miya again. 
(Y/n) looked at Atsumu with dry eyes. He let himself succumb to Atsumu’s warm chest, breathing in his scent for what could possibly be the last time. Atsumu purred happily, adjusting so he could wrap both arms around (Y/n), using one as a pillow for him and another to wrap around his body. (Y/n) hummed dryly.
Atsumu giggled. “...Love much.”
(Y/n), for once out of all the time’s he’d always respond with ‘No, you don’t.’ or ‘You’re just drunk.’, said:
“I love you too.” 
“...hehe...he…” Atsumu kissed the crown of (Y/n’s) forehead, before nuzzling it with his nose. “I love you sososo much.”
(Y/n) was quick to respond, even though his throat began closing up and making it hard to speak. You could probably tell he was on the verge of tears. “Me too, ‘Tsumu. I love you most.”
“I love you so much…” Atsumu began, this time his voice way more clearer and sober than what he’d been speaking with this whole night. 
“...That i’d pretend m’drunk just to see you again.”
(Y/n) blinked, not quite processing his words. He shrunk inside Atsumu’s cage-like arms, before timidly meeting Atsumu’s eyes. They seemed much clearer, less hazy from ‘alcohol’, and they stared back at him with it’s usual ‘Atsumu’ look.
Atsumu patted (Y/n’s) head. “Yer so cute. I love you so much.”
“Wh-wait-” (Y/n) tried to wriggle his way out of Atsumu’s arms. “You-you’re not-”
“Nope. All I did at the bar tonight was watch Bokkun and Shoyo-kun drink so i’d smell like alcohol. Then I told—well, paid Omi-Omi to call you sayin’ I was drunk again, so I could see what stupid shit I did at your place when I was drunk.”
“Though,” Atsumu nodded at the discarded phone on the ground, next to (Y/n’s) makeshift swivel chair-bed. “I could've just asked to see that video of me. Or the rest of them, ‘coordin’ to Kozume-kun.”
(Y/n) sputtered, trying to find the words to speak, but finding himself too embarrassed to. He’d, finally, been caught red-handed. 
He sighed, casting his head down, before crawling out of his bed and taking the walk of shame to his phone. “...You caught me,’Tsu...Atsumu. Caught me real good, Atsumu.”
(Y/n) scrolled through his phone, searching for the album full of his drunk video’s of Atsumu. He clicked on it, then waved his phone around guiltily. He turned the phone around, peering down at it sheepishly. “Don’t worry, I’ll delete all of these...and I...I can drive you home if you want.”
“Nah. M’pretty comfy here.” Atsumu laid back down. “I’d be comfier if you were in my arms again, though.”
Atsumu made grabby arms towards (Y/n). (Y/n) blinked, searching Atsumu for any sort of satire. He found none, and nervously inched toward Atsumu until he was pulled back into his chest. The phone was, once again, forgotten on the floor. 
“Wheeeeeey, there we go~” Atsumu nestled down onto the bed, crooning (Y/n) in his arms and stroking his head. “Ain’t that comfy.”
He pressed a small kiss to (Y/n’s) forehead. “Love you. Goodnight~”
“...Wait, n-no you-”
Atsumu pressed another kiss onto (Y/n’s) face, promptly shutting him up. He tried speaking again, just to have another kiss placed onto his face. This cycle went on, (Y/n) trying to voice out his protests just to be hushed with kisses all over his face, until he reduced into a pile of hot tears, melting his face off raw. 
Atsumu kissed (Y/n’s) tears away. When more kept coming, Atsumu pulled back, stroking (Y/n’s) hair as gently as he could. Gentle was not a word to describe Miya Atsumu, but he sure as hell would try. 
“Stop cryin’...” Atsumu whispered, kissing another falling tear away. “I came here to win ya back, not make you cry…”
“I-I’m sorry-” (Y/n) sobbed out between hics. “I just- I missed you so-”
“I did too.” 
They sat there, small hics coming from (Y/n) as Atsumu quietly stroked his hair, and in all honesty, they would have laid there forever. But (Y/n) finally wriggled his way out Atsumu’s grasp, timpering his way to his phone. 
He picked it up, fiddling with it, before turning his phone screen around. Atsumu leaned closer. 
‘Sweet, Sweet, Lies called Drunk Miya Atsumu (watch when sad) - 0 videos’
“Deleted them all.” (Y/n) murmured. “Figured I wouldn’t need them anymore now that I got you here…”
Atsumu blinked before erupting into a wide smile. He sprang off the bed and attacked (Y/n) with a big, bear hug. “You bet yer ass you won’t!” 
He peppered kisses around (Y/n’s) face, and instead of crying, (Y/n) began to smile.
“Stop it-that tickles! ‘Tsumu-!” The red tear stains on (Y/n’s) face were barely noticeable under the flurry of kisses he was under. Atsumu grinned stupidly into (Y/n’s) skin.
“Ya know full well you don’t want me to.”
And he didn’t.
Atsumu pressed one final kiss to (Y/n’s) face, this time, and for the first time in a long time: on his lips.
I’m really proud of this 👉👈 I’d like it if I could get a lil,,,reblog,,,with thoughts,,,or comments,,,aha ha ha,,,
Lil thing I found funny
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melancholy-pal · 3 months ago
not able to get diagnosed
disclaimer: sorry for my bad English, it isn't my first language
I'm CONVINCED i have depression or some other mental illness. I'm in no way trying to self diagnose because i know how complicated mental illnesses can be.
I'm 17 year old atm and I've been knowing somethings wrong with me since i was 13/14. idk why, I'm just a normal kid with a normal life.
my household is a bit toxic but it's not that bad, I'm still looking forward to moving out tho. i have very little privacy cause i have to share a room with my 10 year old sister. I'm not complaining, i have a roof over my head. i don't have ANY friends. growing up i was always low key popular but i got bullied for years by kids on my old sports team. back than i didn't realize they were bullying me. i live in a VERY small village and it drives me crazy since i can't drive yet. I'm basically stuck in here, the only opportunity to get to the small city 10kms away is taking the bus. the bus only stops here two-four times a day. I've been living here for 3 years now but it feels like an eternity.
as I've said, i have no friends. i had a friend last year, but we just took different paths in life, we don't really talk anymore. i don't have a boyfriend. i was talking to a guy maybe like a year ago but he ghosted me. I'm still not over him i guess, i loved him too much. even as i kid, i loved to be alone and was always a bit antisocial (i left the playground when other kids wanted to play with me). but now I'm sick of being alone.
I'm a very boring person. i don't drink or smoke. i don't sneak out, i don't do fun stuff. although I'd love tk have some fun, i have nobody to go out with.
my social media accounts were so dry, i couldn't look at them anymore so i deleted every app off my phone (instagram, facebook, twitter, messenger, snapchat, tiktok, literally everything.)
i don't have any trauma (i believe. idk what exactly considers as trauma.). but here are some pretty bad things I've experienced:
when i was 10 my mom got drunk for more days in a row, she fell of the bike (i was there) and when she went out, i called her every 5 minutes because i was panicking. i mean i was just 10 how am i supposed to know how drunk people act.
when i was 11 my dad had to stay in the hospital for weeks. he almost died i think. he wasn't able to get upp and do basic stuff because something happened to his back(?). anyways, we visited my dad at the hospital and when we got home, i saw my dog in the garden running around like crazy. when i got to him i saw that it bit its tail off. i got really scared and i had to climb in the house through the window because my dog was blocking the door. it somehow went crazy (we always treated him right!) and we had to put him down.
growing up, we were poor. i never really noticed it as a kid, because we had a big house. later i noticed my parents were ALWAYS talking about money, bills and stuff. i can still remember we weren't able to buy a lot of different foods so we ate a lot of chicken because it was cheap.
in 2016 (i was 12) my dad had to move to germany because we got so poor he had to get a new job. but we couldn't go with him because he didn't hqve the money to rant a whole house or apartment. My mother was not very kind to me back then. i don't blame her, it must be hard to live without your husband. it was still veryyyyyyy hard for me to get along with her. it went on for this for 2 years which doesn't sound very long but it was. this is the time when i started self harming (i don't do it anymore and i never really hurt myself badly. i just wanted scars, i wanted someone to notice, i wanted help.)
early 2018 we moved to my dads. this country broke my parents. they're always so sad and my heart aches for them because i know they're only doing this for me and my sister. sometimes (maybe like 2-3 times a year) my dad loses it, shouts, cries, slams doors and stuff. it's kinda scary because I've never seen this side of him before I'm always afraid he's going to kill myself or something when this happens. my mom cries a lot, she really misses our hometown and she can't speak this country's language, she can't drive, so she can't work.
for the last 3 years i haven't been doing very well. but the situation only got REALLY bad when covid started. I'm no crybaby, but i cry more often than i did before. I'm not self harming (anymore) tho :) i would still commit suicide if i had the chance. but i won't. i don't want to ruin the family even more. sometimes i really want to scream and stuff but i cant because as i said, i share a room with my little sister.
fuck, i can't even tell why I'm feeling sad and stuff. it actually has no specific reason. i just feel like im a waste of space. i also have extreme mood swings. in one minute i feel like garbage and then a minute later i feel like a goddess.
oh I'm lgbtq and I'm too much of a pussy to come out. i kind of have an internet friend (uh, i had. i deleted all of my social medias) and shes VERY religious so she doesn't accept me and says I'm going to hell. I'm not religious so I'm not afraid of that. I'm still sad she doesn't accept me.
I've never had my first kiss, never held hands with anyone and stuff. I'm only doing the bare minimum. but what even am i supposed to do in a miniature village there's maybe 10 people who are my age.
I'm actually a kind person, i think im low key funny. I'm loyal, decent and stuff. i don't really get it, why does NOBODY like me?
my parents aren't realllllly controlling, they want me to study tho. I'm not complaining although i could easily earn money instead of studying. they don't allow me some things, for example: going vegetarian/vegan. i think they would freak out if i drank alcohol although it's legal (i live in germany). my parents are here for me physically, but not really emotionally. "you can talk to us" - they say. no, i can't, because it always ends up in an argument.
ok, ok my story is getting to an end, y'all don't have to read much more.
the last thing i want to say is: I'm not able to get diagnosed. my parent don't really believe in mental illness, i believe they think everybody who gets therapy is low key crazy. i don't dare to ask them to take me to therapy. i can't go alone, because they would have to sign some papers (since I'm not 18 yet). i really want to get myself checked out. i want help.
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lifewasradical · 3 months ago
never felt so bright (with you by my side) (Lashton)
From the second that Luke opens his eyes, he knows this is going to be a bad day.
words: 2.2k
warnings: idk anger? bad day? that's really it.
read on ao3: here!
From the second that Luke opens his eyes, he knows this is going to be a bad day. It settles in his brain as soon as he begins to face the day. He tries to blink it away, urging the bad day thoughts to go back to the corner where they’re typically sitting in time out, far away from all of Luke’s Good Thoughts.
It doesn’t work, because when Luke tries to push the bad thoughts away, they come back stronger than ever. They elbow their way through the good thoughts and shove them against walls, breaking down their resolve until nothing exists other than the bad thoughts. It’s frustrating, but what more can Luke do?
It isn’t even like something huge happened to start the day off badly. He woke up with Petunia pressed against his side and cuddled up under his arm. It’s the best way to start a day and normally sets him off on a good foot for the rest of the day, but this time, Petunia was too warm and her nails scratched his legs and Luke had to resist the urge to scold her. It wasn’t her fault, it never was. But that just started the annoyance around the day.
Luke’s coffee was too hot and burned his mouth, the water in the shower wouldn’t warm up properly so he shivered through the whole shower, and if <i>one more fucking person asked him to do something for work, he was going to scream</i>.
As he stands in front of the mirror in the bathroom after brushing his teeth, Luke picks apart his appearance, criticising the way his eyes droop like they’re being weighed down, the way his hair is greasy and flopping to the side. He’s got some stress acne peppering his cheeks again and he resists the urge to pick at the skin, knowing the inflamed patches will just make him more frustrated. He finally steps away from the glass in favor of sitting down at his desk to get to work.
His whole work day is spent the same way, hands clenched tightly in fists through meetings and calls and mindless work. Each person who talks sounds like nails down a chalkboard, grating his every last nerve. Luke’s shoulders are tense and his jaw set through all of it, counting down the minutes until he gets to the point where he can log off and be done for the day.
And the biggest part is that Luke knows he has nothing to be upset about. All of these little inconveniences are so petty compared to the struggles that other people are going through, but he can’t stop his brain from screaming that this is the end of the world and everyone is out to get him. The circle continues over and over with something negative happening, wallowing in frustration, followed by the overwhelming anger that takes over his whole body.
The second that Luke is allowed to clock out, he all but slams his laptop closed and throws it across the couch, pressing the heels of his hands against his eyes. He holds them there until stars shine in his vision, glittering behind his eyelids. It’s a momentary point of relief, but it only lasts until Luke removes his hands and is reminded that he’s still at home, still alone, and still as annoyed as he was when he woke up that morning.
The headache is beginning to set in behind Luke’s eyes, thumping uselessly in his brain. It amplifies the angry screams, helping them to find footing in the neverending sea of thoughts. Luke knows that he’s one more drop in the ocean away from all the thoughts spilling over and flooding his whole house with anger and annoyance and frustration.
Luke debates getting into bed and cutting his losses on the day, but of course, <i>of fucking course,</i> Ashton chooses that one moment to facetime Luke. He stares at his own face in the reflection of his phone, debating if he should answer the call or not. Ashton doesn’t deserve Luke’s frustration, especially when he wasn’t the one who caused any of his struggles. It’s not fair to misdirect his anger towards Ashton, not when he shows Luke nothing but acceptance and love. But at the same time, would it be better to get some of the thoughts off of his chest? Maybe speaking them out into existence will lessen the burden on Luke’s shoulders.
Luke hesitates too long, seeing the screen turn black in front of him. He’s forced to see his lock screen, a photo of him and Ashton and Petunia all cuddled up on the couch, smiling softly at the camera. Luke doesn’t know the last time that he took a moment to just look at the memory, instead opting to fly past his screen and onto whatever apps he was intending on seeing. It fills him with a sense of longing for better times that have somehow escaped him, cynicism clouding over all of his being.
A second call comes in, reminding Luke how damn persistent that Ashton can be when he really wants something. Additionally, it sends a wave of fear through Luke, that maybe something is wrong with Ashton and that’s why he’s calling right now. It’s that very thought that has him swiping to accept the call, tensely staring down at the screen.
Ashton’s face pops into view with a jovial smile on his face, rocking back and forth like he’s dancing to music that Luke can’t hear. Something about seeing him so happy when Luke is so distressed has anger flaring in Luke again, fire burning bright in his mind. The thoughts there all go up in smoke, suffocating the last of the good thoughts that had been trying to make their way to the forefront.
“Hi babe,” Ashton sings, though his face quickly falls when he takes in Luke’s expression. “Hey, what’s wrong?”
Luke inhales sharply and blows it out through his mouth, trying to keep his undeserving anger in check. “Bad day.”
Ashton softens even more, as if that was possible. Luke hates that when he’s all sharp edges and fury and coils wound up so tight that he’s about to snap, Ashton is soft lines, warm love, and understanding. At least if he was angry too, Luke could justify the urge to lash out at him.
“I’m sorry, how can I help?”
Luke shakes his still clenched fist, noticing then that he’s digging little crescent moons into the palm of his hand with the force of his frustration that isn’t holding his phone. He releases his fingers. “You can’t help. It’s been like this all day and it’s not going to get any better.”
“I see,” Ashton offers unhelpfully, nodding at Luke through the screen.
When he says nothing else, Luke can feel the anger bubbling up again, smoke all but pouring out of his ears. “Don’t fucking do that,” he sneers, narrowing his eyes at Ashton.
“Do what?” Ashton counters calmly. Luke fumes, there isn’t a possible way that Ashton doesn’t know he’s poking an angry bees nest, antagonizing the swarm inside. Ashton <i>has</i> to know that he’s one jab away from getting stung a billion times.
“<i>That</i>. Act like you’re all knowing and wise and better than my anger.”
Ashton hums, “Is that really how you feel?” He doesn’t look smug or mocking or hurt in the way that Luke assumed that he would, just genuine curiosity in his kind eyes. It makes Luke unreasonably more mad.
“Stop being so understanding,” Luke bites back, nostrils flaring.
“I’m not going to do that, but why don’t you tell me what’s actually on your mind?”
“God, you’re so infuriating,” Luke huffs, rolling his eyes and avoiding Ashton’s question.
“Luke babe, I promise you I’m not trying to piss you off more. But it might help if you can let some of those thoughts out of your head.”
“It’s fucking stupid!” Luke erupts, and once he’s started, there’s no stopping. “I have literally no right to be as annoyed as I am right now. Everything is just stupid and I’m so overwhelmed and stressed out and one more thing is going to make me crumble. I’m not a fucking robot and I can’t just keep pretending that everything is okay all the time until I die. But that’s what everyone expects from me! Everyone thinks that I can handle the weight so they keep piling more and more things onto my plate and no one fucking <i>cares</i>. And then what? I’m gonna end up failing at work because I have too many things to do with not enough time, I suck as a son because I keep ignoring my mom’s texts and calls because even talking to her is too much, and now I’m unloading this onto you? That’s not fucking fair either, you don’t deserve to carry my weight just because I can’t carry it on my own. It’s not fucking fair and now I’m gonna feel guilty for even telling you about this because you just don’t deserve my anger.”
Luke heaves in a breath at the end of his rant, feeling just minimally lighter with some of the words out of his mind. There’s more room for the thoughts to bounce around now, no longer resembling a swarm of angry bees. The thoughts still fly, but at a much less concerning velocity.
“Good, go on,” Ashton prompts, nodding at Luke through the screen with an intentionally blank look on his face. Luke shuts his eyes to avoid thinking more about that look.
“The day started off dumb. Petunia scratched me and I felt bad yelling at her. Every time she came close to me, I was immediately on edge, which sucks because I know she was trying to comfort me. And so many other little things just kept piling up. Work was frustrating. I can’t get myself to do anything anymore because I feel so damn burnt out and exhausted. But I can’t just stop doing my job because that’s also not fair. I dread getting up and going to work, I dread getting up in general. I don’t deserve to feel that way because my life objectively isn’t hard. I have a job, I have the house, I have Petunia, I have you. I have so much to be happy about and things still just aren’t worth it. And now I’m complaining to you like you need to hear about this. The guilt is going to eat me alive because I can’t just be happy for one damn day without something weighing me down. I just want to feel okay for a moment.”
Ashton lets them sit in silence for a minute, both just breathing quietly into the receiver. Luke doesn’t feel the need to spill more out of his brain, realizing now that there’s a soft humming in the place that the bees have been. The smoke has cleared and the water has receded.
After that pause, Ashton speaks again, “How do you feel now?”
“Well that’s not good either,” Ashton laughs lightly, but it doesn’t feel taunting. It feels accepting, understanding, careful.
“No, but I think that’s what I need right now after thinking too much all day,” Luke confirms, smiling sadly through the phone.
“Fair. Now I’m not going to try to fix your issues, we both know that’s not what you want right now and that probably would make you more annoyed again.” Ashton waits for Luke to nod before continuing. “But you’re valid in your feelings. And don’t try to fight me on that, because you are. Not in the one that has you feeling guilty for talking to me, because you’re my boyfriend and this is really what I’m here for. Life is tough and you have bad days. But it’s not the end of the world, right? We’ll get through this together?”
Luke feels the last of the weight remove itself from his shoulders. As much as he doesn’t want to listen to Ashton’s words, they tattoo themselves onto Luke’s skin, permanently etching themselves onto him. This <i>isn’t</i> the end of the world. There <i>are</i> always going to be bad days but one bad day doesn’t ruin the week. They <i>can</i> get through this, together.
“You’re right,” Luke sighs, deflating against the couch cushions, “Why are you always right?”
Ashton laughs, full bodied and scratchy through the speakers. It makes a smile creep up on Luke’s face involuntarily. “I don’t think I’m always right, but I’m glad to hear it. Keep that tucked away for next time we get into an argument, yeah?”
Luke shakes his head softly, grinning fondly at Ashton through the phone, “Come over, please?”
“I’m on my way.”
Ashton won’t erase the bad day from existence, but he always seems to help Luke wade his way out of the murky water when things get a little too much. He’s the sunshine in Luke’s darkest nights, the reminder that there is a reason to get out of bed in the morning. He’s a better person with Ashton around to redirect his thoughts when he can’t seem to do so on his own. Luke knows there are more bad days on the horizon, always another storm set to come, but he’s lucky to have someone on his side who can help him navigate the struggles.
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C.E.O. Yunho X Reader smut
Warnings: Driving!Yunho Angry!Yunho, car sex, rough sex, Hard dom!Yunho, sub reader, Praise slightly, slight god complex? Basically Yunho thinks hes better than his boss. Nickname Yuyu is used. Size kink because it's yunho
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Bartending isn't as easy as it seems, more so it's just exhausting some days. But not as exhausting as an app designer with ignorant people working alongside you. Yunho's tightened jaw shows it almost as well as his white knuckles that grasp the steering wheel.
"Did you have a bad day at work?" I didn't need to ask the question it's evident in his body language but I thought I would confirm with the man in question.
Yunho scoffs as if I had asked the most obvious question in existence, which I probably did but his response makes me feel even more embarrassed than I already am by his energy.
"What isn't fucking wrong, Y/n?" He says while running his tongue along his inner cheek And I flinch at his words. "I mean, it's not like some stupid immature intern fucked up a program in the new update. No it isn't like that at all, No I wish it was like that. Because Not only did he fuck up the programming, I have to fix it tomorrow all because it's the CEO's kid. I mean why let an eighteen year old work on a project like this in the first place? That's so fucking unprofessional." He huffs from not taking a breath through his little rant and he starts to speed sub-consciously. I try to calm him down by placing my hand on his upper arm and rubbing ever so slightly.
"C'mon, it cant be that bad. You'll go and get it done tomorrow and come home and be my big gentle giant again. I miss my Yuyu" He lets out a heavy sigh, releasing some of the tension in his jaw and I see a bit of my lovable Yuyu come back out.
The drive is spent in silence for the majority of it until the car hit's a pothole and I'm thrown around from the wheel on my side hitting it. Thankfully I grab onto Yunho's thigh so I don't go face first into the dash.
"Oh my god did I hurt you?!" He made a grunt when I grabbed him so I'm afraid I grabbed to hard. But he shakes his head no so I let out a breath of relief and keep my hand where it is, rubbing to help calm him down.
Then he begins to speed but he keeps looking at the speedometer so I think he knows what he's doing. We head off on a familiar side road we take everyday and in five minutes we're parked in the driveway of our home. When I open the door to head inside, Yunho grabs my wrist and i think something's wrong. But when I look at him, he has a familiar look in his eyes
"Get in the backseat." Is all he says and I'm scrambling to get out. In the back he already has the seat reclined down into a bed of sorts and he's climbing through the opposite door towards me. Yunho grabs my wrist and before I know it I'm underneath him in the back.
"You're such a cute bartender." Yunho growls into my neck as he grinds his pelvis into me, leaving small nip marks on my neck. I moan as he starts to suck and bite on my neck. His hands move to my breasts where he gropes them and I whine even more. I try to wrap my arms around his neck but he quickly pins my arms above my head with one of his large hands, engulfing both of my wrists.
"Nu ah. Good girls lay down and takes it. They don't get to touch sir remember?" I nod, being at a loss for words from his roughness, it turning me on even more. With his free hand, Yunho begins to lift up my shirt, feeling my stomach and the curve of my breasts, covered by my bra. He continues to lift my shirt until he slips it over my arms and off completely. He dips his head down to my cleavage and begins to lick at the curve of them. He moves back o ne of the cup's to expose my nipple.
"Too much work to take them off." Yunho mumbles, then he licks a thick stripe across one of them. Moaning as if he just tasted heaven.
His head moves back down to my stomach, he lets spit dribble down off his tongue and onto me. Then he makes out with my stomach, smearing the spit around.
"All mine. My little bitch to play with. Mine until you're so tired that you just cant take it anymore. Even then I'll still use you to get off. Because you belong to sir." Yunho growls, shanking off my pants with one hand, and moving my panties to the side.
I mewl when he shoves two fingers inside me, curling them upwards, making my back arch off the seat.
"Look how wet my toy is." Yunho states as he pulls down his pants just enough to pull out his erection
"It will just be so easy...." He says and hits my now exposed clit with his penis. "To slip right..In" We both moan as he sheathes himself all teh way inside. Then he begins a hard rhythm that is hard for my hips to keep up with, they begin to ache a little even, but the feeling of him inside is all too good to complain about anything else.
"I shouldn't have to stay at work tomorrow because of some intern!" He grunts out between thrusts.
"I should be the Goddamn boss so things would get done right the first time!" The car begins to shake and i begin to worry about the neighbors seeing us, but I'm quickly brought back by his ranting. "Mistakes like this wouldn't happen!"
"You would be such a good Boss Sir." That seems to boost his ego more along with his penis because he twitches inside.
"Get ready baby girl, I'm gonna fuck you so hard that you go dumb." Yunho pushes down hard on my abdomen, i feel so full like i might burst if he keeps doing that.
"Yuyu, i's close." I pant out, beginning to squirm in place, trying to get my arms free so i can toy with my clit. But Yunho keeps me in place, beginning to become sporadic in his own thrusts, nearly meeting his end too. I thrash and scream in pleasure as i cum, grinding my hips against his as he keeps going, even after i begin to tremble in oversensitivity
"I'm almost there baby. Just hol-ld on-" Yunho stutters as he blows his load into my cunt, finally stopping his thrusts, calming down while running his hand through his hair. He reaches down with the same hand and pets over my hair, moving some of it out of my face.
"You did so good for me baby. I'm sorry i was a little rough with you tonight." His voice is like a calm melody, luring me into a relaxation i crave after sex, nearly putting me to sleep. I hold his hand and nuzzle my cheek into it.
"It's okay Yuyu, I liked it. I'm just glad you're feeling better about today. I'm just a bit tired is all." I leave a kiss to his hand that he pulls away shortly after, making me whine.
"Hang on darling, i have to run inside for a moment." Yunho tucks himself back into his pants and scurries inside for a minute or two, it's hard for me to keep track with the way i lull in and out of sleep.
What startles me awake is something soft being wrapped around me. I realize it's Yunho wrapping a blanket around me when he picks me up. Shushing me when i try and refuse his help. Yunho carries me inside and sits me on the bed, quickly cleaning me up before putting me in pajama's and tucking us both in for the night.
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Another OFFICE AU aka CEO AU
Tumblr media
A/n : Alas its not draft clearing but a brand new work for 2021 (but i still have some drafts as well)XD Hello, did any of you remember an idea dump I dropped for last year Christmas? you could easily guess which was it by tallying the mood board with the idea lists (*winks)
Setting :
1. OFFICE AU 2 , it is a brand new one where ONF member is a young CEO while you are his secretary. So I will name this one as CEO AU
Of course it does not hurt should you wanna imagine it as the already exist office au, using the idea dump posted for 2020 Christmas.
2. ONF MEMBER that I will integrate would be Hyojin and Seungjun as mentioned during the Christmas post, but I wont stop you for imagining other members, thats why in headcanons I will use ONF MEMBER instead their names. (For member X reader scenario)
3. In this headcanon, reader is slightly older than ONF member, maybe 2 or 3 years older. Same age is plausible, then it would be ONF member continued their studies further so they started working late.
ok lets go, beware its long and sorry if it is messy I tried my best to control 2 way storyline, I had fun writing but I know I am lacking much much more than I could notice. total 6k word count (dies)
• You work as assistant/secretary for the head of department/CEO in company before the young successor joins and his predecessor retires. • Because you tend to separate work life and private life, you established personality to look like ice queen on the outside (reality) but actually passionate carer on the inside (virtually). None of your colleagues knew, only your close friends • You have been using a chat app (not tinder type) for since you started intern, • 1. That app's specialty was anonymous. • 2. Its like a hideout spot where you can share and post whatever you love. (Because there are some co-workers added your FB or Insta and you felt it is a hassle to create another fake account exclusively to add people) • 3. Even though you tried and failed at 1 or 2 virtual relationships with other users, you never despise the thought of online dating. But you do know it’s not realistic so you never take it too seriously (it is also self-protection) • You would post some photos but mostly are just lunch pics, occasionally an outdoor view from your office floor, also some cute stationaries or accessories found on the way back home. (Just adding this trivia for fun linking the universe, maybe you pass by Minkyun’s flower shop as well?) • (It will be funny if your contents was more on sharing random idol pics that you follow, passionately promoting it hence creating a more impact contrast later when revealing) • One day you came across a post asking about what kind of cologne to buy for a predecessor who will be retiring. Being a good Samaritan, you leave a few suggestions under the post and did not really take it to heart, you forgot about it once you see the original author replied "Thanks" • Not knowing that 1 interaction would change your life forever.
1-2 • The next day, your superior announced his retirement and mentioned a young successor will join the company next month. And ONF member being the young successor does make rumors flying around the company, making people questioning his ability as he is related to company board of directors. The department you are in is under top 5 sales/profit bringing, so with a young successor would be inexperienced which might lead to drop of department reputation of course people are going to worry and gossip. • First impression with ONF member is actually ok. Well dressed, good looking and nice manners. The moment he followed his predecessor walks into the office floor, girls starts to make all sorts of gasping noises (lol) • Your superior mentioned that he bought a retirement gift for your superior deep down you approved at the selection of the cologne brand. • You might goes, this guy got sense, not bad. • One night after several days ONF member joined the department/company, you received a PM from a user, thanking you for the cologne recommendation. It took you a while to remember who it was. You politely replied him “You are welcome.” • The user also nonchalantly asked about how you can make such suggestion that pinpoints because by the glance at your profile, first impression could be very much misleading. • You just replied that you happened to know someone at that age who likes that type of scent hence the list of suggestions, what you did was just you taking the liberty to do a lucky guess. • Out of curiosity, you tap at the stranger’s avatar to get a glimpse of his profile, but out of your disappointment, there were no picture of his to know what he looks like. But there are pictures of scenery from places he travelled. • You also noticed that their “joined the app” days are way lesser than you are, quite a new user. • You found a few pictures of places you went before/ places that you want to go. Delighted, you started the conversation asking if he likes travelling and his next travel plans. • The other party replied briefly his plans and his experience during travels, from his words you know that he won’t be travelling overseas for the next 2 years as he had a new job and responsibility to learn. Instead he will be focusing on doing domestic travels. • His words made you reminisce your rookie days and you responded him that you understand him with empathy. You did not pry further but you do give him some encouragement, telling him that things will get better and once he got the hang of it, he will have more time on his own. (Yup at the moment you are thinking he is a freshman or newbie joining new company) • You timidly ask your new chat friend why they decided to join and use the app. He replied, “I don’t really play social media apps and I don’t want anyone to find me online, the anonymous system this app provides mental security for me.” • The reply was so different from those who are playing the app just for flirting and finding a quick date, you replied him, “Same as you.” • The conversation ends by the other party mentions he will need to be early for work and politely wishes you good night. The next morning you found the stranger has added you as friend, without any thoughts you tap on your screen and now you have a new mutual.
1-3 • Back to office, as ONF member is still new towards his scope of work, you would sometimes giving him advise and guides by sharing “What would his predecessor does.” or “What he can do by not violating company policy”. He takes advises well and would always inquire for your suggestion before making any critical decision. • Once he started to get the hang of it, you passed the torch of freedom to him because you are only a secretary/assistant. But he will still come to you, which you felt he was being dependent. (I feel if it is Minkyun, he will be more dependent should the scope of work is totally unfamiliar to him. Tendency of dependent to independent would be Seungjun, Hyojin, Yuto same par as Jaeyoung, Changyoon then Minkyun.) • (Of course sometimes there are some doubt raised regarding to policies and because he sees things in another perspective, you know he meant no harm but sometimes you wish he would just shut up and just follow the policy just for convenience sake+lessen damage. That’s because should any dissatisfaction of decision happens, colleagues will firstly come to interrogate you, hoping you to twist his decision or questioning your ability to lessen the damage done towards merit they/the department holds. AND YOU HATE PLAYING THOSE POWER MIND GAMES, even though the image you impose looked like you are skilled player.) • So there is some sense that being strict is you are trying hard to protect him and protecting yourself. • BTW ONF member, your new superior has a bright personality unlike his predecessor (huge reason is due to the age factor), even though inexperienced in work, he has good be friending skills. So people in the department felt it was less stressful working under him because he would do small talk with his underlings. (This hc is not suitable for Changyoon and Yuto during the beginning, due to their personality they would try but not suddenly initiating small talks on the first week joining.) • IT WILL BE FUNNY IF SOME FEMALE COLLEAGUE TOOK PITY ON HIM BY MENTIONING/GOSSIPING THAT YOU ARE TOO STRICT AGAINST HIM • Its not that you hate him or he does not have the ability to do his work, it’s just when he is standing on the opposing side against company policy it troubles you. • Every time when things like this happens, you would low-key complains by posting status on the chat app, mentioning you don’t hope for an understanding but you would hope those who are not in your shoes would shut up. Your mutuals mostly are office workers as well so resonates with your words. • Your new friend leaves a comment underneath the post you asking if you are doing alright, and hope you do not stress yourself too much. You thanked him for the mental support. • He will even PM you asking if you are doing alright, most of the time you don’t want to lose your cool plus you don’t think it is wise to abruptly rant towards a stranger as if they are emotional sandbag, so you will politely thank him and say that you are alright now. • Since you and your new friend work on the day, you two chat during the night and weekend, getting to know each other in a very casual pace. A bit of child hood and you both also shared your majors in studies. He told you that he used to study at overseas and he picked up hobby of travelling around a bit during those days. • You never turn on the app during lunch (to avoid people finding out) but your new friend does send you some messages during lunchtime. • As you and the new friend get to know each other, there has a few things in common, you two like talking about travels and you two read works by the same author • By the way the new friend is a he. You two are using ID names the whole time during chatting, because you have told him that you are not comfortable giving and knowing each other’s real name. He understands and respects that. • And you confirmed that he is slightly younger than you. Which you replied to him, “Oh my superior is same age as you.” • This new friend gives you a calm and mature vibe even though he is same age as your new superior. You could not help yourself but comparing. • The other party goes: “Wow, he must be a very successfully accomplished youngster.” • You go: “Nah, other than his outgoing personality that brings freshness to the department, he still got lots to learn.” • Your new friend then continues, “Your new superior is a lucky one, I can confidently say that because I have an excellent senior who would always look out for me.” • You respond, “Then you better treat them well.” • And he goes “Of course.”
• Work is as usual, possible you unintentionally eavesdropping and caught ONF member saying towards you (even better backing you up when some junior colleagues are reverse gossiping about you) : You know, Y/N might look cold and stern sometimes but actually a kind and gentle person. Y/N would always give out advice for the sake of the department/ company. • Cues you would fluster a bit by those words. • A few days later you are done briefing your superior their schedule. And ONF member suddenly ask if you are free for dinner. It’s already his 4th month in the company and wanted to properly thank you for guiding him with patience and prudence. • At first you wanted to decline him because you don’t want to deal with work related stuff after office hours, ALSO you don’t want anyone to start weird gossips. • Another reason is you don’t want to talk about yourself too much in front of your superior. Heck you even avoid your colleague’s invitations for dinner because you value your “me time” very much. • But looking at his anticipating face, you got soft and agreed that a coffee would suffice.  ONF member smiles at you suggest both of you to have coffee right now at Starbucks next to your company building. You are free to choose whatever drink you like. • Before both of you leave the room. And then you heard a familiar notification sound, you thought your heart is going to stop, that is the notification sound from the chat app you are using. You did not have your phone with you so it was obvious the sound comes from ONF member’s phone. • And that was a notification alert of the system has found someone nearby and presented to the user.  It got you curious and worried at the same time. • At Starbucks, ONF member had to answer a call, so you ordered his drink as well. • Later you see him start replying messages while waiting for orders to be done.  You wanted to have a peek at his user name but you are a few steps away and your instinct told you better don’t do that. What if it is already someone you already know? • “Curiosity killed the cat, remember?” You tell yourself. • Once you are at your desk, you took some deep breath to calm yourself and try to remember if you recalled wrongly but truth is you are accurate. You hurriedly checked you phone, there were no new messages and you are sure you have turned off location visibility.  Lucky for you it was never turned on to begin with. • You also kind of worried if your superior actually has a “fun” lifestyle after office hours. But, it’s hard to relate him to a playboy image when he looked like a friendly good boy. You shake your head and deny yourself. • “If (ONF member name) uses that app then I will need to be more careful.” you thought while sipping the frappe. So back at home, you started to alter all posts’ visibility to “Visible for mutuals only”. Took you nearly a whole night but better safe than sorry.
1-5 • More weeks pass by peacefully but one day a conflict happened between you and ONF member and some colleagues/minor members of the board.  He went ahead to announce that he decides (had a thought) to run a campaign/new rule (maybe a budget cut). The moment he finished his sentences, you know the seniors will not be happy with it. • Later after meeting, you politely confront with ONF member that he should discuss with you before announcing it on meeting. Plus, announcing without any advance preparation will put him and you in an awkward position as verbal announcement are not persuasive enough. Of course you are also worried that people might use this issue to tackle and exploit the cons of both of you being inexperience and young. • “With all due my respect, Mr.(ONF member name), it will be nice if you could discuss with me before dropping that bomb at the meeting.” you try not to sound fierce but your tone clearly does not sound you are cool with his actions at all. • “And later having you lecture me and stop me? You do know it was for the good of the company too right?” He retorts like usual • “Yes but no.” you try to fight back. “ It’s not that easy, there are people need to be dealt with and I don’t think you--” • Before you could finish, ONF member says with an eyebrow raised, “You don’t think I can handle it, because I am still unexperienced.” • You unconsciously frown and thinking, why is he suddenly trying to pick a fight deliberately today? Why is he suddenly trying to piss off seniors in the department/company? • ONF member then with firm tone, gives you suggestion, “Should you have anyone come to you and complain, tell them that you knew nothing at all and request them to talk to me directly instead.” • “I am the CEO, not you.” He adds. • You could not help but sigh, knowing there is not point arguing because he is not going to back down. And deep down you do know the new rule/budget cut will do more merit than harm. (Your focus is more on how deal with seniors employees not him for now because seniors are more pain in the ass compared to him) • But still there are people come to you and bug you while you are working and you can’t tell them to leave you alone hence it stresses you out. • You escape to the bathroom taking your phone with you and vents out at the app by posting a status mentioning you are just trying to do your job and wants a peaceful work days. • You also come across seeing your new friend posting a status prior your meeting time, it’s a photo of frappe you recommended him to try it out. He is thanking you for recommending it. • You could not help but feeling a bit jealous, should your title and work scopes are different/ should you are just normal employee rather than a CEO’s secretary, you might not need to face these kind of stress. • “Guess you have to bear what you signed up for huh?” you thought to yourself after 15 minutes cooling yourself down. • You switched your mind set and step out from bathroom. Returning to your place with your usual ice cold face. You are trying hard not to show that you are weak against stress. You are too immersed at people coming at you asking you questions, without knowing ONF member actually observing you with concerned gaze from his room. • That night, you receive a PM from your new friend asking if you are doing ok, as you never sound that upset before. He said he can lent an ear so you can tell him what happened. You spare him all the intricate details and tell him briefly that your superior made a mess and you need to clean it up also back his plan no matter you like it or not. • The whole progress he did not interrupt you nor tried to tell you what you should do, he let you type all the way until you finished. Once you are done, you asked, “I don’t know what might be up in his sleeves that it’s inconvenient for me to know beforehand but... Isn’t he a jerk, putting me into an awkward situation?” • Your friend backs you up and agrees with you that matters should be discussed, and critiques your superior actually could trust you more. • You thanked your friend for letting you to rant and mentioned you have accepted the fate because of the title and responsibility you hold in the company. That’s being professional and mature in office. • The other party replied that even if that is the case, he hope you don’t stresses yourself too much as it seems your new superior still needs your guidance and support. • You playfully replies, “Well I am not his babysitter XD, he will need to face a lot of issues by his own someday.” • “Why is that?” • “Well I can’t always be by his side though? I might get married and resign.” you reveal your future plans to your new friend, “Moreover, even I don’t resign, I might take pregnancy leave though?” • The other party comments, “I never thought you had that planned out.” • And he continues, “Your profile gives out the ‘I love my job so much.’ vibe” • You then back up your point by saying you do want that plan to work but too bad you are single now, so of course you are going to focus on your job more. Plus, you do not plan to find a partner in work place anyways. • The new friend leaves more supportive words and hoping it will cheer you up. By the end of the conversation, he also offers that you can come to him and rant should you need an ear. • You grin at his words and felt warm towards his actions. Rarely any of your mutual actually PM to check up on you. “Maybe he was just being nice.” you thought before you wish him good night.
1-6 • The next day, you are being summoned by your superior the first thing in the morning. He passes you a pile of documents and requests you to go through it. It a proposal regarding to the budget cut/new rule and he hope you can be his ally. His gaze is not as firm as yesterday, but it’s more of seeking approval and acknowledgement from you. • You let out a sigh and mutters, “You know, should you have hand this to me beforehand the situation won’t be that ugly.” And then you start to flip the pages. • “Sorry.” He apologizes. “But I really want to make it work. It’s also a handover work by my predecessor.” • “You look up upon him too much, ONF member, he is a sly fox just like the other seniors.” You do not mean to back stab but you are telling the truth. “Has it never come to your mind why he did not initiate the plan when he is here and requested you to initiate it when he is gone?” • “I know. But this move is going to benefit the company; I am willing to bear responsibility.” ONF member adds • You stop reading and look at your superior in the eye, “You better hope this work though, I don’t want my 5 months effort of guiding you goes to waste. And I hate the idea that I need to re- adjust my pace with a new superior.” • ONF member gets your intentions behind your words; he swiftly stands up from his chair and thanked you. “I owe you big one, Y/N. Another cup of coffee to thank you for reals?” • “No thanks, I will be busy. Next time.” You feel uncomfortable because the social distance between you two seems shortened, so you politely decline. • Luckily the whole budget cut/new rule policy worked out fine and by year end, benefits shows. You and ONF member can finally relax a bit knowing that you both have won the fight.
1-7 • Meanwhile, you did not stop interacting with your recent favourite friend. As you two got to know each other even more, both of you chat almost every day during the night. He never bores you and he can understand most of the topic you bring up. You are amazed that how can someone has so many things in common? • It spikes your curiosity and you ask him if a wonderful person like him has a partner in real life. He answers you that he is single, just like you are. • (You thought he is lying because he is such a nice guy, but of course you do tell yourself not to 100 percent trust everyone online) • Then he asks your opinion about online virtual dating. You honestly told him about your experience. But you added that even though you failed twice/thrice, you are not against it. • And that moment, you don’t know what has gotten into you, you playfully type, “You are asking my opinion on that as if you are preparing yourself” • “Prepare for what?” he asks • “To get yourself an online girlfriend.” You reply. • His respond reads, “Yes I am.” • “That’s wonderful. That girl you will be confessing is a lucky one.” • “Yea, indeed you are.” • You pause for a moment when you saw the message. • “Wait, you serious? ME??” you quickly send him the message because you thought should you hesitate longer, the mood will turn awkward. • He replies you by sending you a heart emoji. • You give a quick thought, well it is interesting chatting with him and he does seem nice. Plus, it’s online anyway, you could call it off should he becomes toxic and annoying like your previous experiences. • “I wasn’t sure if you are ok with someone like me. “He continues. “I am fine if you want to call it off should you found someone in real life later on.” • “Don’t be silly, that should be my line.” You retort him. • And then you have it, another secret. You have an online boyfriend now. You both even declared each other as a pair of soulmate publicly on the app. But you two did not exchange selfies, keeping the relationship virtual and anonymous. • However you two always share interesting stuffs happen on daily. New book, new cd, a random shot of a puppy or cat you met on the street. • Also before year end, you overheard girl colleagues gossiping about your superior has a girlfriend now; you are not interested at his private life so you just let it slide. • But you did briefly mention it to your boyfriend. Not in a gossip tone, more of a life update share. • Of course there are some girl colleagues that are ok with you comes to you, hoping you leak some information about ONF member’s rumoured girlfriend. But of course you know nothing at all, leaving them with disappointed answer. • Fast forward to the week before Valentine’s Day. It is also 10th month since ONF member joins the company. • Out of the sudden, your online boyfriend suggests you two to meet up. You are not against it, and it’s not like you never met anyone you know from the app. Thinking why not knowing a new friend in real life, you agreed his offer. (Also because you are curious what he looks like so that you can understand why he was single before dating you) • You even inquired his preference in chocolate and promise bringing him some on official first date. • Your boyfriend thanks you and suggests a place for dinner. You knew that place, it’s expensive and you could not help but wondering if he is trying hard to match you. (You still thinks he is just a normal employee in a company) • But, your boyfriend only replies: “Don’t worry, it is the perfect spot, I could not think of others that are suitable to our taste.” • You can only acknowledge it because you don’t want to have an argument to blow up but deep down you could not help yourself to start doubting again. • “It’s going to be Ok, right?” you question your decision, but it’s too late.
1-8 • On Valentine’s Day, younger female colleagues in your office give out chocolate treats to younger male colleagues as friendship presents, some of course using the occasion to confess. • You don’t have the habit of presenting chocolate treats as a token of friendship appreciation at the office. But you are giving your date chocolate treat later; you hid yours in your bag carefully scared of being teased should anyone saw it. • ONF member gets some too. One female colleague even teases him if he is going to get chocolate from his girlfriend. And ONF member replies that he might get it later that night. • Of course ONF member will asks you for chocolate treat with an innocent face, you just bluntly tell him that you don’t have the habit to give out chocolate treats, he only pouts after listening to your respond. • By the way today you unintentionally changed your makeup (lipstick or eyeshadow). No one dared to make any comments but not your superior, ONF member. • He goes: “Y/N ah? Did something good happen on you? Are you going to a date tonight?” • You are typing quick report and his words caught you off guard. You flinched at his words. Hoping ONF member did not notice, you quickly lied by telling him simply ran out of your usual makeup colour. • But your superior teases you a bit, “Aww, I was hoping I could attend your wedding in near future. “ • You have gotten used to his socializing pattern, so you counter him by asking if he is going to bring his girlfriend to have a nice dinner at a grand restaurant. • And to your surprise, he revealed the place he will be having dinner with his partner. It’s the same place where you are heading to later. He had a special room booked exclusively for tonight’s date. • “Oh, Oh… Have fun and enjoy your dinner.” You force yourself to break a smile. • ONF member only smirks at you and gives you a few pats on your shoulders and says he will have an unforgettable night before returning to his room. Leaving you questioning the meaning of his actions that are unpredictable but also definitely intentional. • Of course you had a quick thought asking your boyfriend if it is possible to change location, you could not bring yourself to ask as you are worried you might sound rude/arrogant trying to change plans on the last minute. You deduced that since ONF member will be having dinner in a room, you might not going to bump into him. You and your boyfriend can just finish dinner quickly. • You could not have that bother you too much time because you need to finish your report so that you can leave on time. Once it reaches the end of office hours, the others started to leave. You made up a plan to leave after ONF member leaves the office. You keep raising your gaze to have a slight peek towards your superior’s room. • Seeing him finally standing up from his chair and adjusting his suit. You can tell he is finally leaving. He passes through your desk and asks, “Y/N ah, please don’t tell me you are planning to work overtime during this special day?” • You only smiles and tell him you are going to finish soon, “Don’t you have a dinner to attend?” you remind him without looking at him, acting as if you are typing the remaining contents of your report. • “Yea I do. See ya.” ONF member waves you goodbye. • You leave the office after 10 minutes. (As for method of transport to the restaurant, I will leave it to your choice.)
1-9 • You reach the building of the restaurant. You let out a sigh, hesitating to step in nonchalantly knowing ONF member is inside there as well. The least thing you definitely do not want to happen is ONF member finding you having a dinner date tonight. It’s embarrassing and it will break the balance of your work and private life. • While you are pacing in front of the building with hesitation, you receive a chat notification from the app. You open it and it was your boyfriend, notifying you that he has arrived, and he reminds you the restaurant located at 38th floor. • You nervously bite your lower lip knowing it’s too late and it is rude of you to cancel the date on last minute. He was a decent person to chat with and you don’t want to lose a good friend. You are blaming yourself for agreeing to attend this date too casually. And you also find yourself way too wary of your virtual boyfriend’s thoughts towards you should you now called him to cancel the date. • Then you heard a familiar voice called out your name and you turn your head towards the voice unconsciously. It’s ONF member, walking out from the building. You flustered and panicked by just imagining scenarios of him asking why you are here and other many more questions. • “OMG…. Shit shit shit….!” You cursed in your head, regretting your life decisions. Recalling the entire chat context between you two, this might be the worst thing ever to happen in your life. • He is grinning while reaching out to grasp your hand. You unintentionally try to back away from him but he was faster. You tried to pull your hand away but he pulls you toward him instead. You nearly bumped towards his chest. • “Y/N ah, I told you its 38th floor; you did not get my message?” ONF member asks as his smirks widens. • As he finished his words, you only look at the young guy in front of you with disbelief, processing his words. Seeing you froze due to the big plot twist, ONF member taps you on your forehead hoping to unfreeze you. • “It can’t be…You are (ONF member’s ID in the app)?! “You exclaim. • “Yeap.” He responds. • “Impossible…How?” you ask. “How did you know it was me?” • “At first I had my doubt when I first saw an old post of yours. You shot a sunset pic from our office floor by the window near the lift right?” he returns with another question. And man he is good at remembering details. • “Then I confirmed that it was you by the time I announced budget cut/new rules for the company/department. ” he explains   • “I…” You could not bring yourself to say anything, but you are not an idiot, “(ONF member name), did you risked your reputation in the company just to find out a stranger’s real identity?” • “No, I did not, I swear. I initiated the plan to suddenly announce the budget cut because I want to find out which board seniors will make a move to cover up themselves, as requested from my predecessor.” He knows you well to sense that you are angry, and he quickly denied. “I only know it was you when I checked up on you. Since then I have been dropping so many hints for you to realize, but it seems like you are the dense one here.” • You can tell he is telling the truth. • “This is absurd…” you mutter while placing your hand on your forehead. • ONF member let out a sigh and he shifts behind you, places his hands on your shoulders then pushes you forward. “Come on, I am starving we can talk about it later, you did not had a decent meal during lunch as well right?”   • He is right, you only had a mini croissant during lunchtime.
• You follow him without a word to the entrance of the building and enter the lift to 38th floor. ONF member has booked a nice room that both of you can enjoy the city’s night view.
1-10 • It was a luxurious dinner but you are not in the mood enjoying it. In fact you are so stressed that you could not even taste your food. You did not touch your dessert at all. • You only quietly trace the shape of wine glass in front of you while looking at the night view, hoping the night to pass quickly. • “You are not happy with me being your date, Y/N?” he suddenly asks. • You jolted and you finally look at him in the eye for the first time tonight. • “You startled me, I am still trying to grasp the situation here.” You reply him with a low voice, trying to act calm by casually bring your drink closer to you and hydrates your throat. • “Hey Y/N-ah, I know you mentioned before that you don’t like the idea of dating someone from the office, but…” his eyes are fixed on you. “I like you. Not just the virtual you, but also the real you.” • “I called you a jerk.” You know you should not bring it up, but you still did. • “Which I did act like one so, no hard feelings.” He accepted. “I am truly sorry about that, I was trying to prove myself way too hard.” • Now it got awkward since he apologized without any complaints. You don’t know what to say and avert your gaze again. • “You know, Y/N ah, when you are stressed, you tend to avoid other people’s eye contact. “he breaks the silence.  “And you are doing that ever since you reached here.” • Upon hearing his words, you flinched and exchange eye contact with the young man sitting in front of you. • “And oh, and you flinch as well.” He adds, “Which is very adorable in my opinion.” • “(ONF member’s name), I …” you try to explain yourself but he cuts you off. • “It alright, you don’t have to push yourself, I have made you stressed out way too much today.” ONF member smiles at you while saying based on what he observed. • He finally stands up and offers to send you home. You could not decline him because you felt terribly sorry for ruining such as nice date. • “I am sorry, should it is another girl, it will be a terrific night for you.” You apologized before leaving his car. • “Don’t worry; it is an unforgettable night for me.” He responds with his usual smile. • Back at your place, you are frustrated that the night ended up in an awkward and weird way. You only noticed that you did not get to hand him the chocolate treats as promised. • You cannot sleep that night, gazing at the chocolate treats as you holding the package in your hands. You cannot tell if you messed up or you are lucky that he happened to like you. • You wanted to consult a random mutual of yours but you hesitated. Because at this point you are not sure if you actually have the full grasp on the situation. And you don’t want a biased reply. • “It’s just this boyfriend of yours happened to be him, I guess?” you murmur to yourself. But that did not clear up your mind enough for you to make any decision towards the situation. • Several days passed, ONF member did not send any message to you in the chat app. He acted like usual back in office, but it does not look like he has any intention to talk about what happen between you two either. • (The problem is you cannot look at him in the eye) • You are troubled if you should initiate the first move. It’s not like you hate him, you never did in the first place, it’s just he annoys you sometimes. • Then you overheard ONF member having small talk with colleagues, and they ask about his Valentine’s Day. He only replies it was an unforgettable night and he is glad that he is able to meet his girlfriend, it was better than never meeting her at all.
1-11 • From his words, you gain a bit of courage and decided to make your first move. • The next day you arrived at the office earlier than usual, you take out something from you bag and places small gift box on ONF member’s desk. The small box has a memo attached to it. • You hurried back to your desk, acted as if nothing happened while the office starts have more and more colleagues coming in. ONF member arrives later on and he greets you before heading in his room. • You take some quick glances, making sure ONF member notices your belated Valentine’s day gift. • He did noticed and read the memo you attached, then he made a confused look but he adjusts his facial expression immediately as he sees you stood up from your place. • You head to his office room to brief his morning schedule. Like usual, you step into his room, closes the door and starts the briefing. ONF member stares at you with a puzzled expression while sitting on his chair. • Once you done your part and you ask him if he has any schedules to add into the list, he places the gift box into your view and pushes it towards you. • “What do you mean by this?” he inquires. • “I promised you chocolate for Valentine’s day, sorry I was late.” You purposely answer him the wrong information. “ Don’t worry I made a brand new ones.” • “You know I meant this.” He pulls out the memo has his eyes fixed on you. • The memo wrote, “(ONF member’s ID), Let’s call it off --- (Your ID)” • “That’s how it is.” You tried not to break into a smile, you are getting your revenge and this is fun. “You are the one who said you are fine to call it off if either one of us found someone in real life right?” • ONF member pauses for a moment, his eyes wandering then he admits he did say that. • “Well you found someone in real life, so there is not point for us to continue virtual dating on the app anymore right?” you slightly let out a victorious smirk as you ask him. • ONF member finally gets what you mean and he let out a smile. He puts down the memo and pushes himself up from his chair and walks towards you. • Thankfully the design of his room is made up of walls, once the wooden door is closed; no one knows what happens inside. • “So, you are fine with us dating in real life then?” You can feel his breath as he is only one step away from you. This time you are not going to back away and you look at him straight in the eyes. • “I will need to adjust a bit. You have a problem with me being your girlfriend?” you reply with him with another question. • ONF member unconsciously let out another smile, he quickly hides it with his hand,  “No, not at all…” and those were the words you can hear coming out from him • “That settles it then.” You widen your grin towards him before turning around ready to leave his office. • But you are being pulled back by a pair of arms. Your back come contact to his chest area. He is hugging you from behind you. • “Seriously, I don’t get you.” He low key complains. “I thought you are going to hate me for real this time.” • “I was going to, you did not texted me and you acting like nothing happened after that night.” You pout as you explain to him. “I thought I have ended my career the moment you told me who you are. And who would have thought a decent CEO would date someone randomly they met in a online chatting app?” • “I am sorry; I thought leaving you unbothered for some time so that you don’t get stressed out.” You could tell from his tone he does feel apologetic. He never sounds like that before during work.
• "But I am dead serious on trying to start a proper relationship with you that’s why I suggested for us to meet up.” he continues. “Glad you felt the same.”
• You freed yourself from his hug and turn to him. • “Now listen, (ONF member’s name), as we are professionals, I do hope you understand that there is a clear line between work and private life.” You remind him. “Just because we are dating now, does not mean that I am going to let you off easily if you messed up during work, ok?.” • “Man, I don’t think I will ever win you huh?” ONF member only look at you affectionately and continues, “As you wish, my beloved assistant/secretary.”
A/N : the concludes for this oneshot headcanon fic should there are more ideas I might write a continuation about this pair for a part 2. Also thinking of linking the universe with MInkyun Florist AU, just a maybe. 
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carnivorous-tomatoes · 4 months ago
:| was talking with friend and she bring me not having tiktok up again and was like "you have to get it so you wont be a loser" i was perfectly happy up until then like??? Leave me ??? Alone??? i dont want the app, nothing wrong with having it i just dont need more social media and its too much for me why does it matter so.much
now Frick i guess I'm going to be very apathetic again
rant over kind of but just ramble;;
Also she kept complaining about not having a valentine which is fine and all but it just of how little i value romance and how sick it makes me feel to think of it- wait maybe i am aro ?? but then again I also have times where i am super lovey dovey and full yandere bpd blog mode (i would say this is a joke but i do have bpd and i keep getting yandere on every what dere type are you quiz so maybe i should just commit to it) life is so confusing
anyways,, how are you? i talk wayyyy too much $&$&$&
Ahh jeez swag anon I’m sorry you’re going through that about tiktok again;; Your friend is being really ridiculous about it.
So! Being aromantic isn’t exactly about not valuing romantic relationships or even being repulsed by them, it’s just about not feeling romantic attraction! Figuring that kind of stuff out is very difficult so I wish you luck and if you ever want help figuring it out then I’m here for you!
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ashko235 · 5 months ago
It’s been a LONG time since i’ve been on tumblr despite promising to be active here with rants and so on but i guess my hiatus has ended! In hopes of practicing writing more to help with schoolwork, i’ve opened my new phone, pressed on the app store and downloaded pinterest once again (also in hopes to find others who may share the same interests! - gaming, music, so on ;) hmu)
I think that from now on, i’ll try to make blogging become a hobby, it’s quite interesting to read other blogs and i hope that i can find something interesting to write about for you guys (or perhaps the random travelling soul who somehow managed to tumble into my blog, in which case, hello! nice to meet you :))
It’s currently school holidays with approximately 3 weeks until school starts and i can wholeheartedly say - I AM SO NOT PREPARED.
This year will mean HUGE changes for me, not only am i moving into senior year 11, one of the crucial years in high school, but I’ll also be pushed into SO many new environments that i might elaborate on later.
I’ve heard stories about this jump from year 10 to year 11 being so drastic, yet somehow my laziness has peaked higher than Mount Everest and i’m still sitting here on my bed writing this... rather than revising maths work...
(it’s okay i promise i will get to it within the next week ;))
Anyway, speaking of the future, I’ve set some short term, mildly achievable goals for my 2021;
1. get a job - yes, i currently have a part-time job where i teach younger kids the violin but i only have one student as of right now, and i only earn $20/30mins once a week. :( I reckon getting a “proper” job will also help with experience for the future so this is high on my list!
2. save up some money - now this checklist is much more of a wider category because i’m trying to save up for SO many things (why is everything so expensive nowadays TT)
Recently I’ve gotten EXTREMELY into gaming, and i mean EXTREMELY as if i was the Alice who was sucked down the rabbit hole. Yes, that is me. Now of course, anyone who falls down this endless tunnel will eventually wish to get a Gaming PC, if they are serious about it.
Linking this to the first checklist, these PCs cost HUGE amounts of money at least for a teenager like me and not only that, but it would mean saving up for the parts that are necessary to fit with this new setup.
So that’s ONE of my money goals (literaly why is everything so expensive TT)
3. begin learning study habits - I mean this one is quite obvious and i’m sure many students do this anyway but, although i do pretty decent in my schoolwork (i’m not an elite student don’t worry), i reckon it’d benefit me both in the future and present if i begun absorbing some study habits such as;
- becoming better at organising (i say as my desk is completely covered in books and papers)
- do more revision work because homework alone will not take you to further improvement
- create a schedule that decreases my leisure time spent on youtube and which increases my study time (yes i really don’t want to fail the HSC please let me pass)
-and so on. I could go on but I still haven’t mentally prepared myself for this year so i don’t think it’d be fair for me to create this long endless scroll of goals, unable to check off any because of the abundance.
OH! speaking of “abundance”, a side goal of mine is to learn a larger range of vocabulary for English, because 2020 really made me realise how many new words I’d have to learn (despite them being of no use in day-to-day conversations; i’m sorry if my English teachers are watching).
So finally here is the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 :) How is everyone feeling? excited? scared? worried about COVID-19?
-because yes, I am feeling the EXACT same way but don’t worry! Although i myself do complain and worry EXCESIVELY about everything, sometimes i think that we, as humans, need to just stop for a second and realise all the good things that happened and will happen, and simply accept all the throws that will come at you.
I wish everyone the best in 2021 and pray that we can all experience peace in this seemingly endless wait for the pandemic to end!
- ash k
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daynamartinez22 · 7 months ago
Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 313
Click on the video above to watch Episode 312 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.
Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.
The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at
We’re live. Hello, Adam. We’re live. See if I can make my speakers work. Can somebody say something? Hello? Hello, hello? Know You started Hump Day hangout with broken headphones apparently. All right, well, Hey everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. We’re gonna get into the questions after we have a couple of quick announcements. And I pull up the page I’m looking for Anyways, I’m gonna defer for a minute introduce everyone, and then we will have those announcements. So Chris, hopefully, your headphones are working today. How are you doing? Yeah. Working excellent. Here’s two good complaints. Nice to hear. So yeah, yeah. Sounds good. Marco. How about you, the man looks like, you know, pretty good weather, I guess, man.
It’s as if I lived in the tropics. And I don’t know why. Who knew? Right. But yeah.
Last Wednesday, we had six straight days of rain man. And it was like on NBC on Sunday.
I can’t, we just had so much rain. But then Sunday. It was a beautiful Monday, the last couple of days back to rainy season weather. Beautiful morning, kind of overcast and rainy afternoons. But I won’t complain. And I’m living the life I want to live because I’m a powerful. One thing.
I was told yesterday that my biggest fan is Jennifer. She’s been listening to me for like three and a half years. She’s 12 years old. So she’s been listening to me since she was eight. Oh, man. So I don’t know I feel about that. I’m thinking, do I want my son listening to me? anyway?
Anyway, it’s awesome, too. She’s the one I think I mentioned her. She’s the one who wants to charge 1500 an hour. She doesn’t know what she’s gonna charge it for. But she’s gonna charge 1500 bucks an hour. She’s awesome. You just keep doing the do you do? And you’re gonna get there. So that’s awesome. Shout out to Jennifer man.
Outstanding. Well, I was going to move on. But real quick before we do that, you know, I realized we introduce ourselves and say how things are going but for those of you who are watching today, how are things going for you? If you feel like it, you can join the weather talk and let us know how the weather is but just say hi, let us know you’re watching, and say hello I know we have some people who are watching you know absorb and that’s great. But also just drop a note and say hello. So Hernan How about you, man? How are you doing? Doing great man. I’ve been in back to back calls for the past couple of days for some reason. So when I’m back to back calls, nothing gets done. So what I’m trying to do is to block out Mondays and Thursdays with no calls, no meetings, nothing so you know, I can actually get some stuff done. And you know, there has been that’s been helping quite a lot. So because you know, otherwise. Tuesday I had something like 14 calls or something like that. And then today was kind of similar. So anyway, trying to do that. We’ll see how that goes. Yeah, man. Good on you. I know you’re more outgoing. In that sense than I am. I hit my limit around four or five. I think on Tuesdays I have five and like diam tapped out man at the end of that day. Like I fell asleep on the couch at like eight o'clock at night just exhausted from talking to people so good. Anya Bradley, how about you, man?
Good, super busy. Uh, give me a little teaser as to what I’ve been doing. Were you in the process, we’ve talked about this updating syndication Academy. We’re gonna relaunch that with all brand new updates and everything. And so you know, IFTTT has the like for free accounts to only be able to create three apps Well, we have a pro account, which allows us to create an unlimited amount of apps and you can actually publish them as a pro account to and but it’s been so long since I’ve had to go in and set up all those apps or the applets. Because, you know, we’ve had builders doing it for us now for years. And I have to go in and recreate all of the applets. And to be honest, there, it’s slight like the interface is a little bit different when you create applets to publish as a on a pro account. It’s like a different format and everything else. And so I’ve had to go through and I’ve spent the entire day like trial and error during applets. And now I remember why I trained virtual assistants to do it for me because I fucking hate is so tedious. But it’s really cool because now we have share URLs that we’ll be able to, you know, provide for syndication Academy as well as to our builders to where they can just go in and set up the applets very easily by just swapping out their RSS feed URLs for example. So they don’t have to do any coding at all. It’s it’s really, really cool and I’m glad that this is getting done. Hopefully, I’ll have it done by this evening. And syndication Academy will be updating and
And relaunching that shortly, can’t give me an exact date on that. But we’ve got some updates and surprises prior to the launch of that, that we’re going to be bringing to you guys in the coming weeks. So definitely, and to jump on the upcoming but can’t say too much train, we definitely got some good stuff cooked up for Black Friday weekend, which is coming up after Thanksgiving in the US if you’re familiar with that, if you’re not, that’s going to be on November 27, we’re going to have some great stuff going around the 26, maybe 27th for the few days. So if you’re not on the Semantic Mastery email list, and you’re watching this head over to semantic mastery sign up right there. If you’re on the watch page, right now you just scroll down and hop on over there. By the way, sorry, sorry to interrupt you, but as usual, which we try to over-deliver as much as possible. So Black Friday is not gonna be it’s not going to be different, both for Semantic Mastery and MGYB. We tried to you know, give you guys mind-blowing deals, and this is not going to be any different. So stay tuned, because it’s going to be pretty awesome. I mentioned to you guys yesterday during our corporate meeting, and during, I mentioned it to buy other people in the mini mastermind meeting how just using our stuff, just using it the way that it’s supposed to be used, I took a class 1200 percent gain in earnings in four months. 1200 percent. That’s not a mistake, that’s not a bluff. That’s not a beat that that’s a hockey stick. So over that period, it looks boom. So and like I was telling you, let’s say it dips, I don’t know 10 20% before, before bouncing back up. Well, we’re still at around 900%. So in a month, you know, cuz it’ll do the dance, it’ll still do it over a million links, plus Presley’s bras, all of these other things that we do, post post, the way that we do them, everything, everything, all of the training and everything that we make available in Semantic Mastery, everything that’s going to be available on Black Friday at a discount with you guys know, I hate giving shit away. I hate it. I hate it. But I mean it is what it is we’ve gotten our people used to it. I’m not going to oppose it, although I am. But dude, and I was telling my guys, I said What the fuck is keeping all of you from just going and just burying the competition’s bury them, just bury them. Just to do it, it’s systematic. If you need more, you just apply more, and you charge the client for it doesn’t come out of your pocket, you’re supposed to offer the services and mark it up so that you benefit. And then when you hit that hockey stick effect, you got to have a clause. Of course, I don’t have contracts, what I have is a recording that we talked about, we’ll look at it in we looked at it after 90 days, and then at the six month period, we’ll look at it again, just because of that, because when that hockey stick takes effect, I want to be able to charge for that I don’t want to charge what I’m charging, I want to be able to charge that 1200 percent markup that is gaining business that he’s getting, I want to benefit from that tool. So you got to get all of this working but the way to do it is follow the system the systems in place have been in place for years.
And why are you people not benefiting from the fucking system? That’s what upsets me most that’s what upset that we’ve been offering this for years and years and years your way to go and make that money to rank him back. And you don’t do it. Why?
I’m done. rant over. Alright, well before we get into the questions, I popped a couple of links on the page and just wanted to follow up on that. So if you’re new to Semantic Mastery and MGYB first of all thanks for watching. We’ve got some free information is where you should usually start out right so head over to the SEO shield calm right the SEO shield comm you can find out about you know shielding your site you hear us talk about SEO shields this other stuff, it can be a lot we get it so go to the SEO shield com find out about how you’ll never have to worry about algorithm updates ever again. All right now if you’re an agency owner or a consultant and you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue you want to scale your team so that should be three yeses for most people. If you want to find out more about that head over And last but certainly not least for those of you who do already have agencies you’ve got a digital marketing business maybe you’ve got a physical business that you’re wanting to grow online, then you want to join us in the mastermind at semantic mastermind dot semantic mastery comm not going to bore you to death with reading neither about what that’s all about. You can find out but it’s about having an experienced community. I think all of us here are part of other communities as well as our
Our own mastermind, and we know and recognize the role that plays in growing our businesses and expanding our horizons. And last, but certainly not least of all, I guess it’s a second class today is head over to mg y That’s the done for you services. You hear us talking about the SEO shield, syndication networks, link building press releases, all that sort of good stuff. You can get it all done for you at mg y Alright, so with that said, you guys, unless there’s anything else we need to cover, let’s get into it.
Wayne says Chris, move your camera down. Unless you’re naked. What are you hiding? Dude?
Rolling naked.
Internet Marketing lifestyle, man. It’s right. Oh, man.
Instant Indexing By RankMath
All right, we got your screen. Bradley. Did you get it? Yeah. All right. Cool. So it looks like Alana has the first question. I know. She says she sorted it out already as the follow-up, but I’ll just briefly read it and answer it. Hi, guys. You mentioned using rankmath for indexing last week, just wondering if you know if you can use that feature. Meaning like, can you only use that? Yeah. Because and this is what I was mentioning. It’s called the instant indexing for Google. Right? That’s the name of the plugin by rankmath. It’s an add on. So no, you don’t need to use install the rankmath plugin, which has like a ton of different modules and all that stuff. You don’t have to do that just install this separately on its own. That’s it. And again, it’s just this one feature that will connect your WordPress site. I mean, you have to go through the developer’s console and Google and set up the billing. And in the end, you have to turn on the instance or the Indexing API, download a JSON code, and then you upload that to the WordPress plugin settings. And that’s it. Once you’re done, then every time you update a post or page will automatically send it to the in through the Indexing API directly to Google. And there’s also in the Settings tab, there’s a little window where you can go in and insert links there and ask for Google to index them. So again, it’s a great little plugin. I’ve got this installed on multiple sites now. And I’ve been using it for about two weeks. And it’s a really, really cool plugin. Again, it doesn’t cost anything. You do have to pay for the credits, or API usage, but you get $300 in credits for free for the first year to use when you sign up or enable billing on your developer’s account. So your Google account Alright, so it’s unlikely that you’ll hit those limits. Go ahead please get rid of that. bloatware. Please? Yeah, no, I mean, that was the follow up she says she wants to stick with a lot of says wants to stick with iOS for everything else. And I was waiting for Margaret to say why SEO ultimate Jeffrey’s a friend Jeff. He’s a baby. We’re like this Semantic Mastery. And Jeffrey so let’s be crystal clear about this and transparent. We love Jeffrey, do we do we have an affiliate for SEO ultimate? If we don’t we should. We love Jeffrey. He’s active in his group. I meet with him. Every Wednesday, I’d be done on Is he a great guy, but he just does great stuff. And his teaching is beyond awesome. If you happen to catch the webinar that we did, with heavy-hitter where he came on to talk about entities. I mean, that was just that was worth the price of admission for the price of the first two months is what Jeffrey shared. I mean, and that one happened to be for fifth, I think it’s in the training area. But I can’t say enough about Jeffrey Smith and his training, SEO ultimate boot camp, the plugin just everything that he’s doing, man.
Yeah, totally agree. I finally got around to starting to implement the semantic tags. Yeah, through the SEO ultimate pro plugin. And that’s crazy powerful, too. And I waited all this time to really start implementing that. But I just started digging into that this week, actually. And it’s sick. It reminds me to share some wickedness about tags with you. Sure, in private.
Should The Google Site And The Custom Domain Both Remain Indexed In Google When Mapping?
Alright, so next is NYK says, When mapping your Google new site to a custom domain name, does both the Google new site and the new custom domain name site both remain indexed? And Google is the new Google Site eventually get indexed? Just wondering if there was a hack to get them both ranking highly. Now when you do custom domain mapping, I haven’t done it with the new sites. But I’m sure I’m not sure. But I assume it’s the same as when mapping a custom domain to the classic Google sites and that both sites can remain indexed however, the Google site on the sites domain is canonicalized to the custom domain. So in other words, there’s a canonical and HTML header of the new Google site that links or that sets the canonical URL to the custom domain. So by Google’s own, you know, practices, that means the new Google Sites should eventually fall out of the index because it’s canonicalized to the custom domain. However, that gives you an opportunity to have a kind of like a ghost site out there that you can use for link building, still waking up to the Google Sites domain and it still pushes through to your custom domain. So there’s some pretty ninja stuff that you can do with that. But I typically don’t go through that trouble anymore. I did originally when we first started doing that, several years ago. But now I don’t even bother. I just, I just use the Google site on the sites domain.
And in that, that’s it. But you can still canonicalize it as far as I know, more, or you don’t canonicalize it Google does that automatically. Yeah, Google it, Google Google, set up a custom domain. Yeah. But now, the great thing about it is that the G site has to stay live, until Google comes up with a true content management system, right? Because the CMS is the G site. Right? So until they come up with that that new g site is going to stay live. And there’s a lot of good stuff you can do to that. So it says since it’s a Google canonical to your website, I just think that through, and you’re going to see how awesome it is that Google keeps that Google site indexed, or it remains part of the index, although it. I don’t think it’s going to rank for Oh, testing. Yeah, this is nothing but a test. And see, because I stopped doing it. Also, I stopped creating the custom domains, and I’m just going with T sites because they carry so much power. Yeah. So little work. Yeah, same thing. And I was, I was doing custom domain mapping for IDX pages to subdomain ID mapping up and I got away from doing that too because it’s just like an extra step that’s really unnecessary. You know, you can get them just use the s3 bucket URL, and you’re good to go. So
How To Target Multiple Cities Within A County Within GMB Posts?
Alright, moving on. Next one is Josh. Josh says how do we target multiple cities within a county is that through GMB posts, Facebook ads, Google ads and PRs that have the city name included? Well, I mean, what is your when you say target multiple cities? Like in which way? Are you attempting to target them? Because you just listed SEO and paid traffic and content marketing and everything else? So if you’re talking about you know, when it comes to Google ads, or I can’t talk about Facebook ads, Hernan could, when it comes to Google ads, you just pay for whatever keywords you want to target. So whatever search queries, right, if you’re talking about search, PPC, obviously, there’s YouTube and display, and you can set geo-targeting for that. But I think your question is more really relevant to SEO. Right? And that’s if that’s what you’re asking, like, how do you target multiple cities within a county? Yeah, what I do is what, what I do for my clients, and for lead, gen assets are both GMB posts as well as posts optimized on the blog. If we even if there’s a money site associated with the project, which most of mine do, most of my projects do have that, then I have my blog or go out and create an optimized post targeting one specific keyword plus one location, a city within a county. So let’s say a county has 10 cities within it or, you know, municipalities, towns, unincorporated communities, whatever you want to call them. Let’s say there are 10 towns within the county. And what we do is we optimize post blog posts for a keyword plus town. Right. And so we might end up having 10 blog posts within that, within that one county because we’re targeting, you know, a keyword plus the location or town within that county. And we published a post for each one of those. And so and again, Josh, I’ve talked about this a lot in the mastermind I know you were in the mastermind briefly, but I don’t think you are anymore. But the way that I do silo for locations is I use tags talked about that many many times. In fact, if you go to semantic mastery comm slash process, again, semantic mastery comm slash process, I give a very high-level overview of how I create location-based silos using WordPress tags. And so again, that’s the way that I do it. It works really, really well. There are some real ninja things that you can do with tag pages, especially with the G sites and our SEO shield methodology. So that’s the way that I recommend doing it. But like I said, For paid traffic, it’s really about just bidding on your keywords or setting geo-targeting. As far as Google Ads goes, Hernan Can you comment on Facebook? Yeah, for sure. For sure. I first off, you know, totally agree with what you’re saying. I think that this is an SEO related question. If you wanted to do with multiple cities within a county, there’s a couple of options. The first one is to just collect zip codes, you can put a list of zipcodes and the location. So if you’re targeting, that will be number one, the other one will be just, you know, put the name of the city, you know, and then you can do and then sometimes what I do is to just drop a pin, right? So you can drop a pin and then and then, you know, you would do up to, you know, this city plus 10 miles or the city alone and all that. So those are the two-three ways that you can actually go ahead and do that via zip codes via the name of the city itself with the county and the drop in itself. Now, with that being said, once you’re when you’re doing this is a recommendation when you’re doing counties or zip codes, or, you know, you drop a pin and then you target a specific area, what I would suggest is that you don’t add like any interests on top of that or any like demographic targeting on top of that, the reason why is because usually, the Facebook algorithm works a little bit different than that than Google and, and when it comes to Facebook itself, the more you constrict your reach, the more you will, you will pay on a CPM basis, meaning you will pay more per click, you will pay more per per per thousand impressions. So what I would suggest is you drop in you select the zip code, or the or the city name, and even the county name. And you just leave Facebook to optimize and find out you know, leads, or whatever it is that you’re trying to do. If you’re running a lead gen campaign or a conversion campaign to a landing page, you should let Facebook do its thing. And that’s basically how I recommend you do it. So I’m not going to comment on this as far as ads because I always get people. I get asked people they’re the experts. I’m not, but I can’t tell you that if you’re what you’re targeting is map specific. In other words, when you go to the locations, it triggers a mapping and at times it triggers a knowledge panel or both. Then it’s GMB posts and press releases done. The local GMB pro Wait, does that mean that you have to trigger the map pack if it’s local specific, meaning that it triggers a map? It triggers a knowledge panel that triggers a map pack. And so I’m not going to go into details on how to do that. But yes, I mean, Bradley. Bradley is presently stacking, link building embeds all of that so that you can get that that GMB, GMB listing to pop in the three pack and if the city is far away from your centroid, meaning that your business is in one city and the next city maybe is 2025 miles away and you’re looking to trigger that, then you’re going to go with a GMB in that next city, and start doing polls and PR stacks and and and on and on. Now you can get past the proximity filter, you can force your way through. We teach that also in local GMB pro so we have the training.
Okay, so something else I want to mention very quickly if you’re going to be using Google Ads because since Hernan mentioned zip codes, it brought this to my brought this top of mind. But something that I’ve been doing a lot lately with, especially when you’re doing like display ads or YouTube, YouTube ads in Google ads, right. One of the things that I do for location targeting it works, excuse me for just for any type of ads when you’re doing geo-targeting, setting your geo-targeting locations to target within the ad campaign.
What I do know is I kind of just went through the process while the other guys were talking. But you know, you only have to do this once I just wanted to show you kind of what I did. But I go to zip dash on the left-hand sidebar, you can see where it says other free lookups I always put the county name and so I just use Fairfax County, Virginia is an example. So I just typed in Fairfax, then for the state, put VA, and then hit go, it’ll bring up the last page that you saw a minute ago, this one, then I just click through to the county and it shows all the different zip codes and the cities within that county and then their population too. But then again, there might be another tool, this just a tool I’ve been using for years, guys. So if there’s another tool, that’s great, you know, but I’m just showing you how I typically do it. So then I go through and I clean the data I sort by, you know population because a lot of these are like PO boxes or unique zip codes that have zero population. So they’re not something that you can physically target because they’re not really geographic in that like they don’t have like an area they’re just more like, you know, like a peel box, for example. So I just sort by population, and then I delete everything that has zero population. And what I’m left with now is I know that and again, I know this is probably small, but I’ll zoom in. So what I’m left with now are the city names or the town names within the county and all of the zip codes. Does that make sense? So then what I do is for targeting and I’ve opened up a notepad file is in Google Ads when you go to set your geo locations or your targeted locations, then what you do is you just add in that so for example, the first one would be Fairfax County, then it would be comma Virginia comma the United States, okay. So this is how you would add if you add locations in bulk. So when you go into your geo-targeting or add targeted locations, you can click on a little radio button that says Add locations in bulk. So I format all of this upfront. And then all I do is just copy and paste from my notepad file into there and click search, and then click target all but scroll through and eliminate anything that doesn’t quite line up the way that it’s supposed to. But typically, the way that I’ll do it is like Fairfax County would be the broadest of service areas, right? But then I want to go through and I want to literally target all of these city names within. And I’m going to show you guys how to get super granular on this just because it’s a, it works really, really well for Google ad targeting. And let me explain why. And then I’ll get back to this. When people are doing searches from mobile devices, especially in fact, if I were to go over to let’s go here for a minute and just click into Google and search. In fact, let me close that for a minute and open up a fresh version of this, I think it’s a really good question. That’s why I’m going through this guy. So just stand by for a minute.
See? Firefox is freaking out on me for some reason. All right. So if I go to Google, and I just do a quick search for let’s just say, Tree Service Fairfax VA, okay, we scroll down to the bottom down here, you’ll see that it’s showing my location-based upon my IP, now I’m on my desktop, and it’s showing Cole pepper, Virginia. But what I’ve noticed is oftentimes, like from a mobile device, or sometimes, if my IP changes, or whatever, or if I’m on my laptop, and I’m click connected through a Wi-Fi, sometimes it won’t be a city name, it’ll be an actual zip code that shows up down here. Does that make sense? And so by tart by adding, or specifically adding targeted locations from at the broadest level, based upon this example, county, right, so if you if I type in Fairfax County, Virginia as my targeted location in Google ads, that’s going to target any areas supposedly within that county. Right? Does that make sense? But then if I go in, and I add all the individual town names, as well as separate targeting locations, it adds a second layer of targeting on top and in Google Maps, or excuse me, Google ads, you’ll see that when you add the county makes that targeted county on the map, which is like a little map there, it’ll make it like a very light blue color showing that that’s targeted. But then if you add the town names, on top of that, for all the towns within that county as another additional targeting option, you’ll see that it adds a second layer on top of that initial county blue coloring, so it becomes a darker blue. And then if you go in and add all of the zip codes as well, it adds a third layer, so becomes even darker blue. And so what happens is, especially with people searching for mobile devices, depending on how Google determines their location, sometimes it will be by town, sometimes it will be by zip code, it gives it a much greater chance of your ads showing to them, because it’s relevant, and you’ve covered all of those bases, right? I don’t know if that makes sense to you guys or not. But that’s what I do is I just go through and I extract all the town names and all of the zip codes, just using zip dash codes, calm, I clean it, then I bring it into a notepad file like this, and I format it. So I would go actually copy all of these zip codes, all of these names, I would append comma Virginia, comma United States to each one of these items, then I would do anything, right. So if there are any duplicates, I would do that. And then I would copy this text file and paste it in as my targeted locations, and select target all. And what that does is again, it adds multiple layers of targeting, it’s very specific targeting, but it adds multiple layers. So that it, it almost ensures that your ad gets shown to people no matter how Google sees their location if that makes sense. All right. So that’s a very powerful pro tip there that works really well, especially when targeting people with mobile devices. And lastly, there’s one other thing that I found you can be even more granular. And that’s why I brought up Wikipedia, is if I go here to Wikipedia, go to Fairfax County, Virginia. And I click through if I come over here where it says communities, right and most all, on Wikipedia, if you search for your county, that you’re targeting, you’ll the Wikipedia page for that county will typically always have a community, you know, jump link, which is right here. And so you’ll see that it says that these are the communities as well as the census, census-designated places, and other communities. A lot of I don’t know about the other communities so much but I know that the census-designated places there’s more of those here than what was listed.
In the zip codes data, does that make sense the zip caste das codes data, if I were to D dupe this, it’s only going to have about 23 location names? But you can see that there’s more than 23 in this list right here where it says census-designated places. So you can actually go through and extract those names and do the same thing as where I said, append, comma, dash, Virginia, comma, or excuse me, comma, Virginia, comma United States, to each one of the additional locations that are listed here that weren’t in this zip dash codes, data. And then target those also. And again, that what you end up with is your targeted locations, and Google Ads becomes really, really, really dark blue, because it’s got three layers of targeting options on it. And it almost guarantees that your ads are going to be shown to people no matter where they are within the county. So that’s kind of a power tip there, guys. Hopefully, you understand what I said.
I’m going through a rather quick
How Does Google Treat A Site That Contains 20 Press Releases Linking To Different Anchor Texts But Same Links?
next question, maybe he’s got multiple questions. I wouldn’t expect anything less from me. What’s up? BB? I know that is not the proper way to do press releases, like PR stacking. But how do you think Google treats a site that has 20 press releases linking to it with different texts, but each PR has two links, with different anchor text, but with the same. I guess, URL maybe? Meaning 20 PRs with two links with the same hrefs. But all the text and anchors, texts are different.
I just always wonder what the hell you’re doing. Maybe mark is scratching his head look, knock because I have no idea what he’s talking about. He has 30 press releases, two links in each press release. What is eight? What does href have to do with anything? I think he’s talking about URLs, the same two URLs in every press release, but different anchor texts. So you’re hammering the same URL directly with the 20 press releases? Yeah, I think that’s what he’s saying the same two links in every single PR, but they each have different anchor texts each and each instance. So you had 20 or 20 press releases, and supposing that those 20 only have what distribution of 150 sites, each now you’re talking about 3000 websites potentially linking back to those two pages from those press releases? Or to that page? Is that what you’re saying? I have no idea what you’re saying.
Yeah. Even though the acting anchor text is different, are you still hammering the same page?
Yeah, that’s unnatural as hell. I agree. I totally agree. I mean, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t do that. And I and again, I’m always curious as to why because you’ve got some interesting questions, maybe. And I would be nice to have some context as to why these questions about using, you know, building links from the same handful of domains. You know, we went through weeks of questions about how many links can you get from one specific domain before they’re not, you know, beneficial? And now this is similar, right? It’s kind of in the same neighborhood as that type of a question. And again, I wouldn’t recommend it, you know, we, yeah, I like the specular. Right. They’re asking, or he’s asking us to speculate how Google would treat it. Don’t tell me, you might get hammered. You might not. That’s the best stacking to give you from that. Yeah. supposition. Question. And not only that but, you know. We just talked, the market just talked about the press release stacking. And that’s really the best way that we found to do it. And in fact, I just started implementing Marco and I have done the PR stacking slightly differently. But based upon Marco’s recommendation, he is absolutely the better SEO. So I’ve been doing it another way for quite some time. But within just the last couple of weeks, I started implementing his specific PR stack method, which is just using two links, as opposed to three in each PR, and I’m waiting to see the results come in from that. But yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s much better to just create a link wheel with your press releases with and link from one press release to the previous press release in that chain, right to create that daisy chain, that link wheel effect. And that way, like your initial press release, the top of the stack would be linking to your money site page. But all the subsequent press releases in that silo stack, they don’t link back to that money page at all. The link to the previous press release and maybe one of your other tier-one entity assets. But that’s it two links per press release. And, and not so you’re not constantly hitting the same, you know, your money site with the same you know, press releases over and over and over again, because what you’re doing is you’re using one press release with the link back to your money site page, and then you’re stacking press releases to link back to that original press release. And you can build so much power and relevancy that way. And I think that’s the better way to do it that that’s a hell of a lot more natural-looking for your money site than to keep hammering away at the same two URLs over and over and over again.
With the same PR distribution network over and over and over again, if that makes sense. So I’m gonna say it again, I don’t even recommend hitting the money site with a press release unless you really know what you’re doing. And you really want to do it all the time. Yeah, yeah. But you need to create a good pillow. And you need to know what you’re doing, what we actually tell you to extend your SEO shield, get that extension, get that inner page on that g site, and that inner drive stack. And that aim, the press release had that which is then focusing on the top-level category on the inner page and your website, everything is a mirror, you can even mirror that category, partially with your press releases. And now what you’re doing is you’re amplifying the effect. I mean, you can get really good results if you go to one of your website pages from a reprint from the president, but you better know what you’re doing. Because it’s going to get a lot of power. Once you start blasting those press releases with link building is going to get a lot of power to that page, from that silo from the or from that press release stack.
Does The SEO Shield Help Rank A New Domain With Zero Backlinks Faster?
Alright, just for clearance, I guess clarification, it means if somebody will buy a new domain tomorrow with zero backlinks and no history at all, and say he connects the shield to it, it will post long-form content, then it will rank faster than without the shield. And it won’t get hit and with the sandbox, even if it even exists also do tell it Yes, the sandbox does exist, as well as the Google dance essentially. No, I mean, will it rank faster than without the SEO showed? I mean, likely, but it’s not necessarily the speed that we’re looking for, you know, is whether it will rank at all or not. And just adding long-form content and an SEO showed may not be enough, it likely depends on the keyword sometimes you get lucky and it’s a very uncompetitive keyword. And just adding an SEO shield to the project where you’re targeting, you know, whatever keyword it is, will end up ranking. But that’s, that’s really the exception to the rule. Typically, it’s going to require some sort of off-page work. That’s where we talk about the press releases. That’s where we do link building and embed gigs. That’s where you can do like if you’ve got GMB associated with the project, you can do GMB posts and link back to your entity assets, your SEO shield, your money site itself, the page that you’re trying to rank. That’s right. So that’s all that I consider off-page. And that’s, you know, 99% of the time or 95% of the time, I should say, you’re going to need some sort of off-page in order to get the benefit that you’re looking for. comments. Yeah, because it’s the art of art. Because we recommend activity, relevance, trust, and authority. We’re not to say, okay, so build a shield, build some long-form content, and you’re going to rank that’s not what we’re saying. It Sees, these are these are all it depends on questions BB that you always have. This totally depends, what are you targeting, you are not going to rank for DUI Toronto with a lot of long-form content, and an SEO shield, not gonna happen. No, not gonna happen. Now, if you pick gobbly gook, it’s going to happen. because nobody’s trying to rank for that. All right now.
Oftentimes, you’re going, but not often. So you’re always going to need to make sure that that entity is solidified. And what we do in that first 90 days through the SEO shield, through Bradley’s brand, ads for branding course, through the press releases and through everything else, is to begin that effect of this entity getting activity. Otherwise, one of the three pillars of the art of art is missing, which is activated on all of these links that you’re driving over to this website. That should not be racking in the first place.
Remember that right? You shouldn’t be racking because it’s brand new. Google isn’t supposed to pick it up. We forced Google into doing it because we’re going through Google. We’re going through that g site through that drive site. We’re going through GMB whenever we can and I’m even doing it for national campaigns by the way for national projects. There’s a specific way that you can use that to further solidify the entity and works like a gang but gangbusters but
alright, so we do the initial SEO, SEO and link building then I weighed out the 21 day what dedhia says, Here you go in the link building is finished, I weighed out 21 days. So now we’re out. I don’t know how long it takes to build the SEO show from some from the time the shield is built. And Dahlia tells me a hidden link building it’s done. I still wait 21 days because I want to know what effect
everything has on my rankings. what effect it has on the GMB if I have one what effect it has, on the drive stack on the G site on the buddy site that I’m trying to rank? If it’s brand new, is it getting movement is still getting the bounce effect? Did it drop from rankings? Do I need to wait longer for these? Okay, so at the heavy hitter club, what I’m teaching people is we have to be data scientists, we have to be able to analyze data, we have to be able to interpret the data. And then we have to be able to act upon the data. But the keyword here is data. We need data in order to know what the hell is going on. Without that thing, again, you’re flying a plane blind, blind, and you don’t know where you’re going. You don’t know whether you can land that plane. But that’s actually what you’re doing. Now. When you take that data, and you analyze it, and you can act upon that data. That’s when it starts to happen because that’s where you get the extensions. And that’s when you do the keyword targeting. And that’s when you do the isolations. That’s when you can run more stack, you run embed gigs, you run further link building. I mean, we’re doing a 10 million link test and coming up, which will probably share in the heavy hitter. I’m gonna do a billion. Did you hear that? Doesn’t work. I’m gonna do a billion linked. Yes, I am a billion link test. And more and more, because I’ve been told that we can do unlimited link-building you’ll never tell me that and have me not see what we can try to break with that. But yeah, so we got 10 million workings, the next step would be 100 million. And then we’re going to jump again, 10 x two to a billion and see what happens.
But these are all things that we’re testing, again, to gather the data, and to know what the next step is, in the process, because it’s all a process. It’s a repeatable process that helps us to get to where we want to be, whether it’s in the map pack, whether it’s organic, whether it’s both whether you’re looking for both. It all depends.
We got to her nones. Yeah. Oh, yeah.
He’s multiplying.
I don’t know we can handle another nine.
How To Tell Google To Rank A Page With Long-Form Content With Two Different Keywords That Are Not LSI?
All right, the next question is how to tell Google to rank a page with long-form content, because without it, it won’t be possible. That’s not true knocking rank with short-form content, I prefer long-form content, but you can absolutely brute force in with through off-page SEO rank for short-form content, I just prefer long page because it requires less off-page, if the content is structured correctly, well written, it’s relevant, right, that that’s what I’m taught. So I prefer long-form content because it requires less off-page to achieve results. But doesn’t mean you can’t, you know, Mark has done it millions of times, or, you know, dozens and dozens of times, I’ve done it sometimes where I can rank, you know, thin content, but it just requires a lot more off-page.
So just to be clear about that, he says, so let me get back to the question of how to tell Google to rank a page with long-form content with two different keywords that are not LSI related, meaning like, muscle, dog food, and digestion, dog food? Well, those are related keywords, right? Yeah, they’re both related keywords, because, the overall term I would target in that case would be dog food. And then, throughout the long-form content, you could target or mention or have, you know, heading header sections, and in summer, you know, descriptions of each different type of dog food that there is. And so those are absolutely related keywords. They’re there they’re topically relevant to the broader keyword of dog food. Does that make sense? So you could technically target you know, all the different types of dog food, which I don’t know all the different types of dog food, but you could type you could target in long-form content, let’s say you had a 3000-word article that had, you know, eight different types of dog food on them, you know, described or highlighted within the article itself, then you could have an again, we talked about using jump links, I’m not going to get into that, but you could have like a table of content. Anytime I use long-form content, now I put the Table of Contents at the top of the, with the jump links back down to that section. But then you could that would be like a dog food category on your site, right, that’s a silo, then you could have supporting articles that would target individual types of dog food that would link to that long-form page, that dog food page. And again, it’s just standard silo architecture. And the reason I like to use long-form content is that in the past when trying to separate out like dog food is your top level. And then having using a complex silo structure, we would end up having, you know, muscle dog food and I don’t know that those I’ve never heard of that. But you know, let’s say muscle dog food would be a subcategory and digestion dog food would be another subcategory.
Then you add a bunch of width or breadth to your topical category. And then you can add depth right supporting articles to each one of those subcategories. The problem with that is that’s a complex silo structure. And it is just what the name implies. It’s complex. And so what I’ve switched my method, you know, the way that I build sites now is I use simple silo architecture, which is just top level categories. And in supporting articles, and long-form content, where I used to create subcategories, I can compile all of that onto the long form, top of silo page, and use jump links. And then that way, all I have to do is a simple silo structure with posts that I would, you know, supporting articles as post publishes posts, that would link up to that top category page, because there are no subcategories, if that makes sense. And I do it that way because it’s a much easier site to manage. And so I try to stick with simple silo structure at every chance that I, you know, for every project now specifically for that, and that’s where I found formatting long form content with jump links and headers, and that kind of stuff is the way that you can accomplish the same thing that you could with this complex silo structure. But keep your off site architecture much easier to manage. So I don’t know if that was clear or not. Anybody want comment on that? Yeah. I mean, I don’t know where he’s getting the long-form content information. Because that’s absolutely false. It without it, it won’t be possible to rank in Google that that’s not true. You don’t even have to have your own content. You can there you can rank an iframe of somebody else’s content. You can it, No, we’ve, we’ve done it, we’ve done it time. And again, can you do you can do it? And you do it from multiple keywords, not just one. So I don’t know where you’re getting that information. I’d say either stop listening to whoever saying this, or it’s probably someone who doesn’t know how to rank without long-form content. It’s one or the other because I don’t see how many how anyone can test the different ways that there are two, right, you could rank an image in a regular video that’s not long for. So no, this is absolutely not so. And like Bradley said dog food is the category. So the totally semantically relate I mean, they’re directly semantically related digestion and muscle when they both have to do with POFU.
So, yeah, so And again, I you know, I just prefer long form content, because it gives me the ability to keep my site structure is a simple silo. And I like that because it’s so much easier to manage it really is I got just tired of banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to manage complex silo sites. They think they’re just a pain in the ass.
Thoughts On Facebook’s Tighter Security And Ownership Verification Processes
Anyway, Aaron’s up, he says, Are you noticing Facebook is becoming more grumpy? Facebook continuously wants to send a code to log in and send SMS text to verify account ownership. Does anyone else finding this to be excessive? I haven’t experienced that at all. No, yeah, that happens.
Specifically right now. Well, I mean, they went on like red alert during the election season. But now that they are, quote, unquote, over, it should go back to normal. But yes, like, that is something that’s happening. In fact, it’s happening randomly across the board. So if you get like, if you get like an SMS verification or something like that, you can even do Google Authenticator. So if you set up a two-step to the two-factor authenticator, you can do Google Authenticator, which is an app that you download to your phone. And, and then it will give you a QR code that you take a picture off, and that QR code will allow you to come up with a random six digit number. So that’s another option for two FA or two-factor authenticator, which is, I think, is going to be enforced across the board on Facebook. Now, with that being said, that could be the case that you can be, you know, asked for ID for verification through SMS. But also sometimes they will even ask you to upload your ID. And that has happened. It’s normal, it happens and sometimes it’s randomly happening to some accounts. So yeah, that’s the way I mean, that’s the way Facebook is going and Facebook in lieu of, or in regards to security. I think that they will start enforcing two-factor authentication. In fact, for everyone running ads on Facebook, it’s almost mandatory that you need to have two-factor authentication enabled on your Facebook account so
Have I ever told you guys that I hate Facebook?
I think you did. Yeah.
For necessary evil. No, it is. But I do I can’t stand it.
I had a page that from alpha land realty business I set up a page but I can’t remember what I did. I did something where anyways, I ended up removing myself as the man
The only admin of the page somehow. And I think I was trying to move it from one business account to another because I was planning on running ads or something. Anyways, I ended up removing myself as the manager of the admin. And it was and I was the only admin. So I contacted Facebook help to tell them like, Hey, I set up the I created this page. But I somehow accidentally removed myself as an admin. They made me jump through hoops. And I’m not kidding like I had to go, I had to draft the document and then go get it notarized. And then sent the notarized, notarized document to them, swearing that I was the one that created the account, and that I had authorization to become an admin of the account, even though I was the one that created or anyways, it was some bullshit. And I was furious, and it took like a week and a half to get it. Finally, to get access back to the very page that I created. There was never any other admins either. So it’s just, whatever, fuck Facebook.
Good Marga says on Facebook, and you got and you got to resolve like, it only took a week. So that’s not too bad. I’ve heard people that, you know, they’re still battling with Facebook to get back ownership up for an ad account. So yeah, you got the bright side of things. So I guess if you can if you can call it that. Yeah.
Does A NoFollow Link Never Get Any SEO Juice?
All right. Moving on. Next question. BB says when nofollow when a nofollow links link gets juice? Or is it never does it never get juice at the end of the day? If a strong site approved by your link?
Then it should tell Google this site is legit and does what it says and has no harm in content? I’m not sure what you mean, I doubt a nofollow link does not pass PageRank. If that’s what you’re asking. I’m not sure that that’s what you’re asking.
So I’m not really sure what the question is here. Just somebody else interpreting the question here.
Ah, nofollow link gets juice. When you link below to a nofollow link.
I still do it. Does it pass? Does? It doesn’t pass PageRank according to Google. Yeah. That’s Google that that’s the nofollow is a bad directive that tells the bot not to pass any PageRank what you get is the trust and authority from the website without accruing PageRank, which is almost as good. I mean, we’ve seen Wikipedia links that are just fantastic for SEO. Now, what is meaning about does it tell Google The site is legit and does what it says has non harming? Now, I mean, how can you transmit all that to Google? This is nofollow. Getting it gives you trust and authority, but everything else is going to come? According to the users and the user information that Google gets back. They don’t know if your heart if your content is harming or non harming, you’re gonna have to try to BB. I don’t mind answering your questions, but try to frame them better. I understand that might be a language problem. But like, I’m not really getting what you’re saying. Yeah, I’m not sure what doesn’t tell Google that nofollow, in fact, does not tell Google that the site is legit. It tells Google not to count the link for PageRank purposes. Yeah, not to pass allow websites like Wikipedia have such
high Hi. Just an authority according to Google, not according to any other metrics. Like I don’t care about any other metrics. It has so much authority and trust, that it does pass that along. So it’s kind of getting like a vote without passing PageRank. But it doesn’t tell Google that the sight of the did what eventually is going to tell Google whether the site is legit. And whether the content is harmful or not army is what the users transmit to Google and what the but find on your website engagement metrics. Exactly. Yeah, and here’s the thing now, this was five years ago, but um, you know, I remember nofollow links are supposed to not pace pass PageRank. And so older SEO methodology was, you know, that you should always try to build do follow links, and blah, blah, blah, but you have to have a good natural looking link profile. And so you’re you’re not a natural-looking link profile is going to contain a lot of nofollow links, right. I mean, depending on number of links that you have, but there should be a fairly high percentage of nofollow links. I had one client project where somebody was negative SEO in them. And for their primary keyword was a local project. So it was like plumbing plus city, whatever that was, I think it was monascus they’re no longer they hadn’t been a client for years. But I think it was like plumbing Manassas, VA or plumber, Manassas, VA or something like that. Anyways, long story short, somebody was negative SEO in them. And they built 10s of thousands of nofollow links with exact match keyword anchor of that specific keyword. And guess what? The fucking site ranked number one for that. And it was like and I and I wondered what it was and I went straight
Doing some backlink analysis on it trying to figure out what had happened. And all of a sudden I see 10s of thousands of links that I didn’t build. It was 100% exact match. And I’m not telling anybody to do this. But they were nofollow links and they were all exact match anchor text. And I ended up that site ranked number one for that keyword. And I always thought that was the funniest thing because they’re they backfired whatever, that negative SEO or whoever that was, it backfired on them because we ended up ranking the damn site. Now. I never tried to duplicate that I probably should up for testing purposes. But um, but yeah, I just thought it was interesting because I mean, I was just doing like syndication network link. So in other words, you know, publishing content, the same method that I’ve been using for years. And all of a sudden, like the backlink profile, shot up through the roof over the course of like, six weeks or so. And it was 10s of thousands of exact match anchors for one keyword. And it just so happened that ranking number one for that one keyword after that. So I thought that was funny because they say nofollow links don’t really count for anything. And I think that’s bullshit. At least that was years ago. It may have changed since then. Do you want to comment on that at all? Marco? Nanami. We know. Yeah.
Do You Use Google Tag Manager?
All right. Ah, okay. Next is BB. He’s got two more I guess we’re about out of time. So this is good. Good timing. He says do use Google Tag Manager for some reason. If so which tags do you recommend? Yeah, I use Google Tag Manager all the time. Because I’m always running Google ads. I’m setting up remarketing campaigns through Google ads. So I use Google Tag Manager to set up all my Google Ads tags, right. So there’s the conversion linker tag, the remarketing tag, then there’s the conversion, Google Ads conversion tracking tag, I also use Google Tag Manager to set up Google Analytics. So I install the Google Analytics Universal Analytics tracking tag, through Google Tag Manager. I also depending on which type of WordPress theme I’m using, sometimes I set my JSON LD, my structured data, my schema, through Tag Manager as well, that’s not the recommended way to do it. But in some cases, some of the sites that are the WordPress themes that I use, they don’t, they don’t like that the front page isn’t doesn’t have its own like page and WordPress pages. And there’s no way to insert code on it’s it’s odd, I’ve got a couple of themes that I use for local stuff that I just I have to use Tag Manager to add structured data to the homepage, there’s no other way to do it unless I inserted it directly into the theme files, which I don’t want to do. So yeah, I use Tag Manager for all of that stuff.
You know, I love Tag Manager, because it’s really easy to manage, you know, push everything through Tag Manager, and it automatically will deploy to the site. So again, I like Tag Manager, I use it for mostly for Google Ad stuff, but also for a few other things. You can use it to for Facebook, like with Facebook, you can do really advanced stuff with Google Tag Manager that you could not usually do with just the facebook pixel, you know, unless you hacked the code or whatever. So you know, you can throw anything in it, you can still like if you have a hot jar, craft, like if you have whatever, like split testing scripts, like you, you can throw anything at it. And the good news about Google Tag Manager is that it will not it will prevent your website from loading slower because you have all of these scripts directly loading in the page. So I think that you know, I love Google Tag Manager as well using for Facebook for some Facebook events stuff on pixels. But yeah, for sure, definitely.
By the way, this guy His name is Julian or some Julius or I don’t know, I think is Julian anyways, measure school Comm. He’s got fantastic training on Google Tag Manager and analytics. And he’s a total data nerd. Which is, I mean, it’s cool. He’s got a really and it’s, at least it used to be I don’t know if it still is, but he has some free had some free training on Tag Manager when I first started learning how to use Tag Manager, it was through measure school. He’s got a great YouTube channel as well with tons of free content that talks about how to set up analytics and Tag Manager set up Custom Event Tracking with Tag Manager and analytics. So like for example, you can set up like scroll, you know, scroll tracking, like scroll depth tags, so that they fire once a certain scroll-like 25% or 50%. You can set up timer tracking. There are all kinds of cool stuff that you can do with Tag Manager and analytics and measure school. Like he’s got a ton of free stuff on his YouTube channel and on his blog here that will teach you how to do all that stuff. So anytime I have to set something up that I’m not real familiar with, with Tag Manager analytics, I just go to measure school and I find it and it’s great. And again, he’s got a really good YouTube channel as well. So I recommend you check that out.
The last question is it does not matter if it’s prs are article directories. The focus is on the same two links. Okay. I think he’s talking about the question, the first question that he asked and he’s saying that he wants to keep targeting the same two links, whether it’s through press releases or article directories.
And again, I would very I would caution against that BB, because you know, at least our methodology has been set up the SEO shield. And you do all of your external link building to the SEO shield assets or tier one entity assets, right instead of direct to your money site, which is what you keep asking about here. And we don’t recommend that because it’s very easy to set unnatural link profiles. If you’re constantly hammering, especially the same two URLs over and over again, um, you know, I don’t recommend that. So I would, I would highly recommend that you work on, you know, using utilizing the SEO showed, and tier-one entity assets is your link building targets, right, you can pass all the relevancy through how you link from your entity assets back to your money site, but then do all of your external link building to your tier one entity assets so that you’re protecting your money so you don’t run the risk of that unnatural link profile. Does that make sense? Yep. Okay.
Should We List The Entire States Or Only The Cities When Optimizing GMB Profiles?
Uh, Josh says for our GMB profile, and I know we’re out of time guys, last question. For our GMB profile. Should we list the entire states we do business in or just our cities? Well, with GMB, I think you’re only allowed to list up to 20 locations as service area locations. I think it’s 20. Um, so what I do, again, is when I was what I was talking about Josh earlier with, you know, looking at the data here, I just target on a county level, or if perhaps the if it’s a service area business, typically they’ll cover the whole county, but not always the case, right. So I’ll just cover whatever their area is. So for example, I don’t usually Tip Top target. I talked about layering location targeting when you’re setting up Google ads, but and I try to layer inside of Google My Business to a degree like in other words, if a tree service company services, all of Fairfax County, and then there are 23 towns within Fairfax County, but Google limits me my ability in GMB to add only up to 20 service area locations, then I obviously can’t add Fairfax County, and then also add the 23 separate, I’d be over limit. And then also, there are all those zip codes too. So I don’t do that. So in that case, I would do the county and then I would do you know, the primary locations or just the county and that’s it. If that makes sense. What I was talking about for doing this is specifically for ad targeting, but for GMB profile, yeah. Like unless your whole of your service area is an entire state. I wouldn’t list the state as the service area. I would keep it specific to whatever the service area is an all in reality for that particular business. Okay.
All right. Thanks, everybody, for being here. We will see you guys next time, everyone. Thanks
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