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#i dont wanna assume but
bee-tales · a day ago
But what if other people with chronic illnesses have issues with roses depiction :/
i literally have almost the exact same problems as rose. i have been in her exact situation. you cant speak for people like us.
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prettyboykatsuki · a day ago
Maki from jujutsu kaisen and white chocolate mocha
i’d be more surprised if you weren’t into period dramas than anything else. i can feel your yearning all the way from here. 
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kaithatguy · 2 days ago
I am extremely mentally unstable, ive actually been spiraling for quite a while an i broke down tonight and honestly who knows what tomorrow will bring for me
Why am i saying this? Bc i am going to continue to reblog copious amounts of dream smp related stuff bc its the only thing that i can like focus on rn so pls ik ive been doing it already but if u don't wanna see all this shit on ur dashboard feel fuckin free to unfollow lmao
Ive been thinking abt making this post for a while bc i genuinely feel so bad for all my mutuals who have to scroll thru all of this wjhfhehfj lmao anyways ya
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vanillabat99 · 3 days ago
5 for the fandom ask meme!!
5: What is your favourite overused trope?
- I don't know if this is overused, but I LOVE when mysteries have someone who is Very Clearly The Villain right from the start but the entire plot is "oh, they couldn't possibly be the villain!" only for them to Actually Be The Villain in the end!!!! Whether the characters know they're suspicious or if it's just the viewers/readers/audience that know, it's such a good trope!!!
I also really enjoy Unlikely Friends and/or Forbidden Lovers!!
Thank you for sending this in!!!! I haven't done an ask game in awhile!! Wishing you the best 💕💕💕
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windywhispers · 6 days ago
Only Chrom is the one is forced to get married before or during the timeskip, the others can do it whenever they want (but hey, at least they don't have children in the middle of a warzone and then dump them into an incubator realm, RIGHT!?)
Oh okay gotcha ! 
AND GOD YEAH,, No one in Fates has a brain....I’m sorry to say... But these kids shouldn’t be here... 
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orpheology · 7 days ago
i do not wanna jinx anything but.. hrt is looking a little more like a realistic short term goal than it did yesterday?
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grilledsquids · 7 days ago
i have a crisp new baseball cap i wanna wear. only problem is that it’s bright red, and therefore it reminds of a specific type of american i would not want to be mistaken for. but up close you can see it’s got a cute rainbow colored tulip on the front instead of words in white.
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i-miss-my-90gb · 10 days ago
So like my baby cousin came out as trans a few months ago and now my brother? Maybe is also so im sitting here like
Tumblr media
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kyuwoyo · 16 days ago
rockstar jennie is so good!!
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fordekyle · 19 days ago
fuck ok tmi. but thats ok my entire disease is tmi.
i drink and like. very shortly after my hands are veiny and red. its fucking bonkers. i can physically feel the blood flow better into my hands after ive consumed alcohol. like it hurts at first as its doing it. like 0-5 minutes a little painy bc its this weird sensation and then its like. BAM increased blood flow.
the usual is like DEADLY pale. and then after i use my (right esp bc right is worse. ) right? ashen blue and red. but im really fucking thin right. and ive been struggling so much with that too. ive been told time and time again im fine bc im skinny. but im not fine. i went to the dr complaining of things i went 18 years not experiencing. but everyone loved to tell me these things were normal to happen all a sudden even if i never saw them b4 bc i am thin. but ive always been thin. always.
fat does not equal unhealthy and skinny does not equal healthy. i hate that shit
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thewhitegiraffe · 21 days ago
I absolutely adore the trending tags section in explore.
Like at the moment you have BLM and stop Asian hate at 1 and 2 - both worthy and important things to be talking about.
And then under that you have Nintendo, oxenfree, the boyz, supergirl and homedstuck.
I have no idea what's blown up there but I wish everyone who's excited about them a very pleasant evening.
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