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#i dont think i'd publish it under that name but it's currently the name on the cover
red-the-dragon-writes · 5 days ago
i think i'm so funny.
i'm currently laying WIB out novel-style, in spite of the fact that a) it's a first draft, b) it's not even done, c) i don't really know how i'd want to have it laid out, really, i'm just fucking around with A5 paper size in Google Drive, and d) i don't even want to print it. It's not that kind of story.
But it brings me the Dopamines to see it laid out all book-like, and I figure it's practice for when I finish Closerverse and go to print that shit, so like, it's whatever.
anyway have some great bits from the front pages i'm currently adding
"Dedicated to dinosaurs, space, the ocean, and the endless sky. Yes, I know those aren’t people. I don’t know. I don’t dedicate things for a living, and if I did, I wouldn’t be here today. The head of King Deiya will be visible later to prove the veracity of my claim— oh, whoops, wrong section."*
(on the content notes page) "I’ve done my best to treat these themes with the respect and importance they deserve, but this book is told largely from the point of view of a character with a deeply dysfunctional relationship to himself, his friends, bodily harm in general, and just, like, everything, ever. If there’s a bad thing that it’s possible to be completely weird about he is weird about it. And he is the one the story is told through. Sorry."
(on the characters list page) "Rex ket’Aothea - the “meanest bastard this side of the Northern Wastes” (self-titled)"
*Context for this line is that when Rex announces he's taking over the country publically, he pulls out Deiya's heart, a blue glowing orb, and holds it up and then says "For—for those of you who can’t see, and for the record, because I know someone is taking notes, the heart is a blue orb. It glows. Uh, kind of pulsatingly, like a heartbeat. It looks like a crystal, I don’t know. I don’t describe things for a living, and if I did, I wouldn’t be here today." I genuinely don't know who to dedicate this book to, given that I'm pretty sure it would come over like an insult no matter who i give it to because it is so unabashedly, delightfully stupid and I love ragging on it, so this works lmao.
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