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#i don't know. I just never expected to turn out the way they did and I'm really happy with them!
minzart · a month ago
Jafar helping Jamil is kinda cool...did Jamil meet lago too
Did I just watched some of Iago's best clips to do this? Yes,Yes I did. And I forgot how good he's at imitating voices wich wouldn't surprise me if I remembere that he was aparrot
And for what I saw twst don't count the sequels so let's say iago was stuck with jafar until now for the sake of my sanity
Literally was stuck with jafar for one thousand years or so, a bird needs to fly men
Now I imagine the metting was something like this:
Jafar: and this is Iago, he will help you on your duties
Jafar: don't mind the tongue just shove a Cracker on his mouth and everything's ok
Iago: don't you dare punky
Jamil: I... (explosions sounds from the kitchen) I got more important matters now, just, just don't destroy my room
Jamil just straight up asks him what he wants to eat and now he's on Iago's golden boy list FINALLY SOMETHING OTHER THAN CRACKERS
Shares stories about Jafar and had war flashbacks when meeting kalim who tried to feed him
Iago: I swear to you kid he went NUTS when he discovered the little rascals Identity, didn't stop laughing for hourrrsss
Becomes Jamil's unofficial pet, and accompanied him on classes sometimes, Grim is suspicions of him... Lucius tried to eat him at least once, mostly just exploring the area, saw Crowley once and:"why does the chicken brain has a human body and I don't???"
When he discovers Jamil's crush? Oh boy...
Yuu: hey Jamil! Is that a parrot?
Jamil: my... sister... send him for a vacation, he was so lonely without me
Yuu: ow isn't he handsome~ can I pet you?
Iago just... stares and let them why not, it's not like he has a choic- ohhhh the scratches~
Yuu: handsome like the owner hm?
Jamil is realy considering living in his hoodie after that.
One night Jamil was just going to bed and
Yuu's voice: I love you jamil~
He jumps and turns to Iago who's cracking his butt off his blush
Jamil throws pillows at him
Iago likes the kid, specially if he's gonna give him food
Jamil's ok with him, finds Iago funny and isn't gonna pass the opportunity to vent his frustrations to a bird that can and will talk back but knows when to shut up about those things
Iago: and then you just push him off a cliff and BAM everything's resolved!
Jamil: it's not that simple
Iago: It's better than waching them being swoon away kid!
Jamil: you realy think I don't have a plan? And you are going to help me through it
Iago: oh boy I see the resemblance now
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apolloloki97 · 3 hours ago
"The Universal Truth" Eddie Diaz x Evan Buckley
Tumblr media
Summary: After the shift from hell in 4x06, Eddie has an epiphany and he needs to get some things off his chest. What happens when Buck finds him after the shift when the others leave for breakfast?
Word Count: 2085
Warning: None
Song I Wrote To: “Till Forever Falls Apart" by Ashe and FINNEAS
Note: My first time writing for 911! I am going to be writing more for this one and Lonestar! I hope you like this little Buddie story! This is cross posted on my AO3!
Eddie Diaz had learned a lot from working with the 118 over the few years he had been a part of the team, but he had never expected them to be this superstitious.
After the B-shift probie had said the “Q-Word”, all hell broke loose on station 118. Hen, Chimney, and Buck were sure that they were cursed or rather, jinxed.
Eddie, however, wasn’t believing it for a second. Still, while he didn’t think their day of calls and the never-ending bell was due to the EMS gods being angry with them, his team did, so he humored them and enjoyed their candor.
However, then the day turned for the worse and they were stuck in their rig while Chimney and Buck went down a Google hole. Eddie sat in his seat, looking at Buck as he scrolled through his phone helping Chimney figure out if they each needed to ring the bells or just one of them. Bobby had even joined in on the conversation and it was only making the day that more ridiculous.
As Eddie watched Buck and the way his marked brow furrowed as he scrolled through some Wikipedia page, he couldn’t help but smile a bit. He always loved when Buck went into these modes, his ADHD sending him on a spiral that made him happy. Eddie often found himself looking at Buck when the latter didn’t know. It was hard not to when the man looked the way he did. Evan Buckley was as infectious as one could get and it made Eddie’s head hurt whenever he found his thoughts overwhelmed by everything Buck.
His thoughts flickered back to the morning when he had run into Ana Flores and her bright and flirtatious smile. She was pretty, smart, kind, but Eddie knew one thing: she wasn’t Buck.
It wasn’t until Eddie made another comment about the jinx that Chimney and Buck turned their attention on him.
“What more proof do you need, Eddie?” Chimney asked. “We are trapped in a death box! Thousands of volts of electricity coursing through every nook and cranny. Any one of us could literally get fried like that,” Chimney said with a quick click of his fingers. Bobby sighed from the Captain’s seat.
“Or we just don't touch any doors or windows until help arrives and nobody gets fried,” Bobby said easily, trying to calm his team down. Buck wasn’t really listening as he kept scrolling. He then looked up at Hen with worried eyes.
“All I can find is some kind of human or animal sacrifice,” Buck said. “I'm not really down with that.” Eddie shook his head at his best friend.
“Do you guys not hear yourselves right now?” Eddie asked, raising his brows at Buck.
“Do you?” Buck countered. “It's like the universe is screaming at you and you refuse to listen.”
“The universe does not scream,” Eddie countered, but he wasn’t too sure about that. If he thought about it, ever since his first shift at the 118, the universe had been quite loud as it hollered in his ear about Evan Buckley.
Eddie wasn’t oblivious. He knew what he felt about the man and he knew what he wanted, but there were always things holding him back. Not to mention, he could never imagine Buck ever feeling the same way. It wasn’t because Eddie was a man, he figured Buck wasn’t straight after around the third conversation with him. No, it was because Maddie, Chimney, Hen, and the rest of the fire family had told Eddie about Buck’s past relationships and Eddie didn’t think he was a good fit for Buck.
Buck seemed to gravitate towards uncertainty and adventurous people. While Eddie was a veteran and a firefighter, he was also a single dad and a homebody when he wanted to be. Eddie knew Buck loved Chris and was always willing to spend time with the Diaz family on days off, but Eddie still worried that one day it wasn’t going to be enough. Maybe he wasn’t enough and those thoughts were enough to keep his secrets to himself.
That is until their engine got stolen and Eddie had to face more of his own demons to help Brian with his.
It wasn’t long after Eddie got off the radio and convinced Brian to show up at the five-alarm to help the 118 get their gear back and Eddie couldn’t get his thoughts to calm down. He shoved them down as much as he could to his job, but even then it was difficult.
Bobby had spoken to him earlier that evening about him needing to move on from Shannon and while he knew Bobby was referring to moving on with Ana after Buck had spilled the knowledge that he had run into the vice principal that morning, Eddie didn’t want that. Still, whether Bobby knew that Eddie was thinking about Buck instead of Ana, the advice was still solid and it followed him into the flames and back out.
By the time the shift from hell was finally over, the 118 was in desperate need of downtime. Eddie knew he had to go pick up Christopher from Carla’s but he also really needed to speak to Buck before he lost his nerve.
He was finishing up in the locker room when he heard Bobby inviting the team out for breakfast. Hen and Chimney were on board immediately and while Eddie waited for Buck’s acceptance, he was surprised to hear that Buck was going to take a raincheck.
Eddie tried to keep his focus on the laces of his boots as he pulled them on. It was then that he heard Buck’s unmistakable footsteps enter the locker room and then the door latching behind him. “It was a good thing you did for Brian,” Buck said, dropping his bag and leaning against the lockers in front of Eddie who was on the bench. “He needed to hear that.”
“Poor guy was just lost,” Eddie said with a shrug, not looking up at him.
“And yet you got him where he needed to go,” Buck said and Eddie could hear the smile in his voice. “You’re a good man, Eddie.” This time, Eddie did look up and met Buck’s eyes.
“Thanks, Buck,” he said, offering a smile of his own. He went back to finishing up his laces, trying to keep his breathing under control as Buck stared down at him. It was after a moment of silence, that Buck spoke again.
“Are you okay?” Buck asked and Eddie had to bite his tongue before he gave one of his usual vague answers. Instead, he went for the truth.
“Not really,” Eddie admitted, looking up at Buck who then looked sheepish.
“If this is what I said about Ana,” he began, “I was just messing around, man. I didn’t mean to say anything…”
“It’s okay, Buck,” Eddie said as he got to his feet and stood across from Buck, his shoulder leaning into the metal lockers as well. “Oddly enough, it actually helped.”
“Helped how?” Buck asked, his brow furrowing into his famous confused puppy look. Eddie took a breath then before continuing.
“You got me to think about what I really wanted or rather what I thought I wanted and didn’t,” Eddie said.
“Which is what?” Buck asked, his voice a bit softer now as he read the slowly growing tension in the room.
“Well,” Eddie went on, “I know that I don’t want Ana Flores and today helped with that.”
“A cursed shift made you realize Ana wasn’t for you?” Buck asked, surprised.
“And who was,” Eddie answered immediately, locking his eyes onto Buck’s. Buck wasn’t always the quickest when it came to these things, but he eventually got there. As soon as he realized what Eddie was saying, his eyes widened a fraction but Eddie didn’t look away and he didn’t back down.
“Uh,” Buck said, awkwardly, trying to organize his thoughts. “I don’t know what to say to that,” Buck admitted and Eddie’s mouth turned up at the corners in a slight smile.
“What was it that you said in the death box?” Eddie asked. “The universe is screaming at me?”
“I thought the universe didn’t scream,” Buck said as he swallowed thickly. Eddie’s eyes flashed to his throat quickly before looking back at Buck’s face.
“I guess I just wasn’t listening,” Eddie spoke softly and then feeling bold, reached up and wrapped his hand around the back of Buck’s neck. When Buck didn’t move away from him, Eddie’s hand relaxed, letting his fingers trail through the curls at the nape of Buck’s neck.
“What do you hear now?” Buck whispered.
“It’s not so much what I hear,” Eddie said, “but what I see, what I feel.”
“And what’s that?” Buck asked.
“That I’ve been denying the feelings I have for you for way too long and I am so done avoiding them or masking them with humor or...or anger,” Eddie said and he saw Buck’s eyes flick away for just a second.
“Anger…” Buck repeated. “Like the lawsuit.”
“Not just the lawsuit. It’s about everything. Evan,” Eddie said and Buck jolted at the use of his first name. Eddie applied more pressure to the back of his neck and Buck relaxed further under his touch. “All those times I got angry at you, it was because I was hurt or worried that you were going to leave me.”
“I’m not going anywhere,” Buck said, his eyes nearly pleading as he tried to get Eddie to see that he was being sincere.
“I know,” Eddie said, moving his hand so it slid across Buck’s neck and up to his face. Buck’s eyes fluttered shut at the contact before they opened again.
“You’re my family,” Buck said. “You and Chris and I could never leave you because...because I feel the same way, Eddie.” Eddie could have collapsed right there at those words and as if Buck knew that, he placed his hand on Eddie’s waist, keeping him steady. “I have felt this way for a long time. More so since I saw that well collapse on you last year. I thought I had lost you and I couldn’t breathe.”
Eddie reached up with his other hand and took Buck’s face in his hands, making the other man look at him. “I’m right here, Evan,” Eddie said. “I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere either.”
Buck looked at him for a moment before he smiled and then his own hand was covering one of Eddie’s that was on his face. Buck let out another breath, feeling the tension leave his body and Eddie thought he had never looked so beautiful than in that moment. Completely at ease in Eddie’s arms.
“Who knew,” Buck said, “that all it would take for you to admit your feelings was a probie saying—”
“Ah, ah,” Eddie cut him off, “don’t you dare.” Buck grinned wider.
“I thought you didn’t believe in it?” Buck teased. Eddie rolled his eyes.
“Better safe than sorry,” Eddie said, but Buck wasn’t buying it.
“Admit it,” he said, “we were jinxed.”
“Dios mio,” Eddie swore as he pulled Buck into him and pressed his lips against Buck’s. Buck responded immediately as his hands gripped onto Eddie’s shoulders. Eddie had always imagined their first kiss would be somewhere more romantic than the station locker room, but it didn’t seem like Buck was complaining as he kissed him back harder.
Pressing him up against the lockers, Eddie took the time to kiss Buck slowly. He tasted even better than he could have imagined as soon as Buck ran his nails across Eddie’s scalp, Diaz was done. A moan flew from his throat as Buck’s tongue ran along Eddie’s palate and the former seemed amused that he was able to elicit such a sound from the other firefighter.
Eventually, when both men needed to breathe, they separated but didn’t go far. Eddie leaned his forehead against Buck’s and listened to his breathing, content and carefree. “You are something else, Eddie Diaz,” Buck whispered. Eddie smiled, nudging Buck’s nose with his own.
“Come with me to get Chris?” Eddie whispered back, not willing to spend any time apart from him. Buck grinned.
“Spending the day with my Diaz boys?” Buck asked. “Absolutely,” he said before kissing Eddie again and surrendering to everything they both now knew: whenever you think the universe is screaming at definitely is.
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ahsokatanolovebot · 23 hours ago
Song lyrics that remind me of Obitine 🤪
Wish You Were Here by Florence + The Machine
"And now I'm reaching out with every note I sing and I hope it gets to you on some pacific wind, wraps itself around you and whispers in your ear, tells you that I miss you and I wish that you were here"
-After Satine dies, I like to think that she watches over Obi-wan, kind of like wrapping him in a warm hug, tries to comfort him in anyway possible. From the moment he left Mandalore, to every battle he fought, the fall of the Jedi, Mustafar, Tatooine, and finally his death. She was always there with him, she only hopes he knows.
Ring Pop by Jax
"'Cause if we're gonna die, let us die sugar-coated Oh, we don't got a dime to our names, but we're loaded"
"Already won the lottery, don't need no diamonds, you're my rock and I'm okay with a Ring Pop"
Obitine on the run. They're literally running for their lives, most nights they don't even have a bed to sleep on, they'd be lucky to be able to eat 3 times a day, but somehow they're both content just being in eachothers presence. They both realize material things don't matter when you've got the person you love beside you. They're fighting for their lives, bounty hunters on their back, more often than not they end up starving. But they've also never been this happy, because even though they sleep on soil, even if they only eat once a day, or when a bounty hunter comes close to ending their life, as long as they sleep beside each other on that dirty soil, share that one meal a day, and tak their last breaths in each others arms, they know, everything will be ok.
One Last Time - LP
"You know it only feels like darkness, 'til somebody turns on the light. I'd live it all once again with an alternate end and I'd pay the highest price to hold you one last time"
-After Satine dies Obi-wan feels as though he failed, he's suppose to be her protector her "shining jedi knight" as she would put it. It felt like the force was playing a cruel joke on him, he couldn't believe that she was actually gone, along with the work she dedicated her whole life to. They ruined her image to her people, making it seem as if she was unfit to rule. Mandalore was her lifes work, she saved them from extinction snd fought for them until her dying day. If only they knew how much she had to sacrifice for her people, and how many times she was willing to give up her life for them. She was a force to be reckoned with, really, she was fierce, she was full of fire, she was compassionate, kind hearted, she was everything good in this universe, she's the strongest person he knows. She's gone. He still remembers the first time they met, the time they spent running from those who threatened her life, the time he first realized he loved her. They were under the stars, Qui gon was asleep, and they were laying on the grass just looking at the sky, he said something that made her laugh, and thats when it happened. He could still remember the way her eyes sparkled when she was happy, how her smile was brighter than any sun or star, how she'd look at him as if he was her whole world. He could still hear the melodious sound of her laugh and how she'd snort when she was giggling, it was his absolute favorite sound. Nobody in the galaxy ever seemed to understand him like she did, being brought together again gave him a chance to reconcile with her, his love, but above all, his best friend. That's what he misses the most, his best friend. He could really use her comfort right now, but she's gone, and she brought a piece of him with her. If he had to go through every challenge he overcame in his life to be with her again, he would, he'd do anything to have her again in his arms, to hear her laugh, to see her smile, to kiss her, to tell her just how much he loves her. But it's too late, she's gone and there's nothing he can do about it.
ok well this is longer than i expected but if u wanna listen to my Obitine playlist i'll link it here
AAAAANNNDD if y'all have any songs that remind you of obitine feel free to leave it down there :>>>>>
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falloutjuli · 4 days ago
Could you do Josh Myers with a childish s/o? Your writings are amazing!
Heya anon!
I'm so sorry for taking so long, I was searching for a new apartment the last few weeks and it honestly made me crazy but today I finally got a call! Yay, and since that really boosted my motivation, I finally managed to finish your request.
It's rather short, but I hope you don't mind. I tried my best to characterise Josh so hopefully, you like it! Love all of you guys and I hope you had a great weekend!
Josh Myers x childish!S/Ocharacterize
You ran around the playground, dark eyes following your every move. You climbed the different climbing contraptions, smiling wide.
The dark eyes that watched you belonged to Josh Myers. The former Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall inmate was sitting at one of the older benches with some of his prison friends.
It was a catch-up meeting, listening to what they were now doing outside of jail.
No one expected Josh to bring his partner, especially someone like you, who seemed so different from him.
“Okay, how?” One of the boys asked and followed Josh’s gaze. He finally stopped watching you like a hawk and turned to the friend that asked.
“They are lovely. You haven’t even properly met them yet.” He said, his sly smile never once leaving his face.
“Yeah, but like…You are such a calm and somewhat scary person, and they seem like they are the life of a party and are so active.”
Another friend commented and made Josh chuckle. “Ever heard about opposites attract?”
Josh took a sip of the water bottle he brought, and his eyes automatically wandered back to you, who now played hide and seek with some of the children on the playground.
“I did, but honestly… I expected you to be with someone like you. Gloomy, somewhat creepy, your I'm your and someone who fits with a bad boy like you.”
His last friend now also joined in. They could only make Josh chuckle and roll his eyes.
His mouth never once not mischievously smiling.
“Well, I am happy, that’s all that matters right? I'm sure you just don’t see how perfect they are like I do.”
His friends nodded or also watched you play. Their conversation shifted once more, and they were talking about what jobs they would like to do and how their parents reacted to them coming home.
When it was getting late and the sun started to set, you walked up to the unusual group of friends who were chatting vividly.
You carefully put your hand on Josh’s shoulder, making him immediately turn his head and looking at you.
A content smile appeared on his face as he got.
“Well, it was lovely to see all of you again my dear friends, but I am afraid we will have to part our way for now.”
You liked how different Josh expressed himself than all the other boys in South Park.
You just stood next to him, waiting for him to finish off the goodbye hugs and handshakes, while you just waved when his friends said goodbye to you too.
Soon enough, Josh’s hand sneaked its way to yours and carefully pulled you with him.
While you were walking back to your house, he asked: “Did you enjoy today? I hope you don’t feel neglected since I was catching up with the boys.” Smiling widely, you shook your head.
“Not at all. I know you looked over a lot and I had loads of fun playing with the younger kids, it was great.”
“Happy to hear, love.” Josh lifted your hand up to his face, pressing a sweet kiss onto the back of it.
“I don’t want to end the day just yet and I have an idea what we could do.” He said and now let go of your hand to reach into his backpack.
You smiled just as wide as him when he pulled some toilet paper out.
“Who do you have in mind?” You asked, knowing full well that Josh probably knew whose house he wanted to vandalize.
“Well, Mister Garrison has been a mean teacher to my favorite person, so I think he needs a lesson.” You both grinned evilly and now changed your path I'm to your teacher’s house.
“I love that you support my odd guilty pleasure.”
“You’re my partner in crime, I can’t let you down. I also feel it’s the only time you act just as childish as me.”
Josh laughed rather loudly, looking forward to arriving at Garrison’s house.
Josh loves having a partner with who he can share his sometimes-childish side with. And he is more than happy that it is you.
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luvdsc · 4 days ago
AHHHHH OMFGGGGG MISS CAT I JUST READ AUGUST AND IM LITERALLY SPEECHLESS YOU WROTE IT SO WELL IM CLOSE TO TEARS😭😭😭 OKAY FIRST OF ALL THE SYMBOLISM OF AUGUST I LITERALLY WASNT EXPECTING THAT AT ALL... LIKE... ITS SO WELL WRITTEN NFKSNDNWMD,,,!:&;& also the months!!! sorry I’m just in love with the way you weaved august into the story LIKE HOWW IM :(( and the last paragraph :(( WHO HURT MY FAV TUMBLR WRITER SQUARE TF UP🗣🗣 see I was wondering what the significance of the xxx does something in what month but the last sentence just tied it all together😭 okay I feel so dumb for not reading this earlier omfg,, I genuinely felt stuck in the middle after reading pussy blocked and I didn’t think I’d ever read a fic as good as that ever again but here I am I guess?? ngl I can’t imagine committing to someone for 3?? 4?? years so I do feel kinda bad for yangyang but ᵒⁿˡʸ ᵃ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ because he was such an ass in the Xmas scene so ,, also !!! yukhei’s character absolutely warmed my heart like his love language in the fic was so endearing :( oh have I said how well written the part where yangyang realises the mc isn’t in love with his anymore is because it really is :( uhh I haven’t slept ik more than a day so this was really just a lot of my unorganised rambling based on my first thoughts on august and it certainly didn’t do the fic any justice so I will be back with a more calm and collected mindset after I’ve had enough sleep !! but thank you so much for this masterpiece ughh it’s so well written I will definitely read it again. 🥰 anon~
ALKSHDFLKAJSD HONEY BEE, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING AUGUST OH MY GOSH 🥺🥺💗💗💗 AND I TRIED SO HARD FOR SYMBOLISM IN THAT FIC LIKE I THINK USING THAT MAKES IT ANGSTIER??? maybe that's just me thinking that but yeah, me adding a bunch of motifs and symbolism in my angst is equivalent to me adding comedy to my fluff fics lmaooo thank you for calling it well written, lovebug !!!! i was so unsure with how it's gonna turn out since i sped wrote it that day and lowkey was a mess, but i'm glad everything made sense in the end :') also yes, the months !!!!! that was the biggest theme through it all 💓 the repeated use of august represents the consistency of y/n's love for yangyang and was written from her perspective, whereas the random months in yangyang's pov stood for the sporadic feelings he had for her. he's selfish in that way and only loves her when it's convenient for him until the very last august where it ends in his perspective, symbolizing that he truly loves her and is now consistent in his love, but she doesn't love him anymore :') ASHDFLKAJSHFDL NO ONE HURT ME, DON'T WORRY, LOVEBUG 🤧💞 i've never had my heart broken!!! the little italicized sentences further emphasizes what happens in each month and shows whose perspective each month is in! but in the last august, it's slightly different because the italicized sentence signifies that y/n finally lets go of her feelings, but in the actual scene, it ends with yangyang's pov as he sees her move on. and you're not dumb, sweetpea, you take that back!!!!! 😡 alkhdsflkajshfdaks thank you for thinking that both of my fics are good though omg i'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed both of them 💛 yangyang was committed to her in the end, but by then, it was too late 🤧 it's unfortunate, but timing really does play such a big factor in relationships, doesn't it? he didn't know how to express his feelings either, but neither did y/n, so in the end, it all just boils over and jealousy is an ugly feeling, but it happens and that's how we end up with the xmas scene. yangyang was a huge, well, dick, for lack of a better word asdfklas and yes, i really like yukhei's character too 🥺🥺💕 i tried to show his character as the opposite of yangyang's, and i do wish i had spent more time developing his character, but welp, this is what happens when you wait until the last minute to do an assignment aklshflaksjd the last scene was my favorite to write though, so thank you thank you thank you for pointing it out, sweetpea 💗💗 and omg i hope you got to catch up on sleep by now, honey bee!!! you need to rest ): thank you so much for taking the time to write me such a wonderful review on august omg i'm literally grinning like an idiot as i reread your ask again aaaaa and you would read it again???? i'm just 😭💖💖💖💖 you're so sweet, i'm so grateful for you, and i will cherish your message forever 🥺🥺 also, i hope you've been doing well and your weekend is going good, sweetpea !!! 💓💓
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Okay that one ask about the country’s revealing their status to their s/o other after they find an old picture made me think
Same scenario with the Allies + Germany and Prussia but this time when the countries tell their s/o what they are their s/o goes “damn, I was really hoping you’d be a vampire. That would have been super hot”
This is the funniest- Can you imagine being a few thousand year old country, and admitting it to your lover and then just- straight to disappoint and losing to a vampyr fantasy!? THATS THE BEST KIND OF ROMANCE LOL
"Ha... Wait... Do you not think I'm hot?"
Most of what they just said went straight over his head.
His nerves had been immediately relieved and he was a bit awe struck, but at the same time... At least it's a better love story than twilight?
This made him fall for them even more, the urge to hug them as tight as possible had occurred and he couldn't help but laugh along with them at the silly remark.
He also immediately needed to know what about a military image said 'Vampire'?
He gives them a scoff, thinking they don't believe him at first.
Tries again, but with feeling.
Their S/O doesn't deny or reject the idea, but Vampire would have been cooler.
He frowns and eventually gives in with a chuckle.
Immediately says something dumb like "You would have been turned by me a long time ago if I were... If only I had that ability..."
He tries to hide his sadness over the difference of immortality and mortality, but loves his S/O all the same.
He was a little confused at first.
He just poured his heart out and they pull something like that
Heh- heart beats. Oh no he thinks it's funny.
Proceeds to mess with his S/O by playfully "sucking their blood".
Also talks about how less attractive he'd be if he was that pale.
Oh but his S/O thinks he'd be beautiful with the dead corpse purple skin.
Then they have to school him on logical vampire stuff...
He frowns big time, not really finding it funny. But he assumes they just didn't know how to respond.
This is also something he will never let them live down.
His S/O will now find tiny plastic bats all around their room as an inside joke, this also includes him restricting garlic flavored foods from time to time.
His S/O literally brought it upon themselves.
He is a little caught off guard, but eventually laughs at the comment.
He kind of appreciates it actually. This means they really don't care what he is, so long they are one, da?
In any case he's happy that news like this seems to not effect them. He now wonders how much he can say about himself and get the same calm response...
The only way I can explain it is comical silence.
He was expecting some kind of drama, or a flood of questions.
But the fact they seemed ever so chill about it, he's just like: ???
Has to shake it off before smirking at them and going:
"Would you prefer I was a blood sucker? Or did you think that Because of the blood sausage I ate earlier?"
"That was blood sausage!?"- Germany's S/O
He full on laughs, mostly because he's be literally the only one who could physically pass as a Vampire.
Immediately goes to nibble their neck, talking about how it would be too awesome to be dating a vampire~
This is the kind of humor that he really dogs from his S/O.
Though after the moment passed, he does make sure his S/O understands him, and isn't about to up and leave him.
Regardless of his lack of vapyrism.
The urge to write a vampire!Au *cries*
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fangirlsmood · 7 days ago
Fushiguro Megumi x reader : I want you in my life
Summary : After a long time without any news, you meet your crush and friend from college by chance. You want to spend time with him, to understand why did he leave but maybe you've taken paths to differents.
Warnings : a really cliché scenario but written with love so you will forgive me :)
Tumblr media
Nobara, Yuji and Megumi were on the bridge for a mission. They had been sent to investigate some strange phenomenon taking place near Megumi's old school. They had been advised to look for a bridge that was apparently "haunted" but there was not the shadow of a curse. Just as they were leaving, a voice interrupted them :
_"Megumi?! Wait !"
The dark haired boy immediately recognized your voice. He hadn't expected to see you again and yet he had hoped. The three stopped walking and turned around, they saw you scampering behind them, you stopped once you got to Megumi's level, his two comrades watched the situation carefully, trying to find out who you were.
_"It's been a long time ! I can't believe it's really you!"
_"Um... yeah, it's been a while. What are you doing here Y/n?"
_"I live here remember? It would be up to me to ask you the question, you disappeared without warning! What brings you back ?"
_"Erm... Listen Y/n, I'm really busy now, I don't have much time to chat ... sorry"
_"Oh, okay ! I didn't mean to bother you! I'll leave you alone but... can I get your number? It would be nice if we could see each other just to talk a bit like before. You do not mind ?"
You thought for a moment that he was going to refuse but he sighed, knowing his two friends wouldn't stop teasing him afterwards, and pulled out his phone. You gave him your number happily and he did the same. You wished him a good evening and greeted his friends before continuing on your way. Nobara and Yuji hastened to question Megumi :
_ "Who was she??", Nobara was so virulent that Megumi almost felt attacked.
_ "She's..."
_ "Where do you know her from?", Yuji wasn't better, trapped betwenn the two, Fushiguro couldn't place a single word.
_ "She asked for his number, she probably wants a date with our Megumi. Did she hit on you before?"
_ "What? One time she said..."
_ "You are right Kugisaki! Maybe she wants to become his girlfriend, that's why she wants to talk to him! We have to call Gojo sensei!"
_"Why don't you answer our questions? Talk!"
_ "I'm trying but you won't let me say a word!"
They fell silent and looked at Megumi intently, waiting for answers. Megumi scratched the back of his neck nervously.
_ "She's Y/n, a... friend from middle school"
On the way back Nobara and Yuji asked more questions and complained that Megumi never said anything to them.
The next day, the sorcerers still had no further leads on the disappearances, Megumi's lack of focus wasn't helping. Indeed, he regularly glanced at his phone and seemed lost in his thoughts, which was in contrast to his usual seriousness. Akari Nitta, head of the exorcism school assistants, tried to trace the thread of events with them but it was useless, each time they went back to square one. Megumi's phone suddenly began to vibrate, he hastily pulled out his cell phone and, over his shoulder his two friends could read: A new message from Y/n. Their reaction was immediate :
_ "It's Y/n! What is she saying?"
Megumi was tempted to answer "None of your business" but reading your text, he thought to himself that the advice of his friends was perhaps not too much because he had absolutely no idea what to answer you. Either way, Nobara would have been able to grab the phone out of his hands to read what your message.
_ "She asks me if I am available this afternoon or tomorrow so that we can meet at [insert the name of a fast food restaurant that you like]."
Nobara pokes his cheek with a smirk :
_ "Anw Megumi has a date ! ~"
Her little remark sure made the teenage boy blush.
_ "It's not a date ! She said I could invite you, that she would be happy to meet you."
_ "It is really nice ! Tell her we're coming!"
_ "Yuji is right! What are you waiting for?"
_ "We have a mission to accomplish dumbass !"
Akari intervened :
_ "You can go. We're turning go round and round in circle here. I will return to question the comrades of the missing, your presence will be useless. I call you if I have anything new"
Having no other choice, Megumi quickly replied that he would join you in half an hour with his two friends.
While walking, Yuji noticed that his mate looked a little anxious :
_ "Something wrong Megumi? You don't want to see her?"
_ "No! Yes! I mean... It's been a long time and..."
_ "And?"
_ "Nothing, forget it."
Fortunately for him they had arrived at their destination, so Yuji and Kugisaki could no longer bother him with all their questions. All four of you took places and the conversation flowed naturally. It was your turn to endure an interogatory :
_ "So Y/n, you're Megumi's friend? How you got to know each other?, started Nobara
_ "We were in the same class at college and ... I don't know. We always got along well I guess. Since we were two rather serious students we got together all the time to work."
Megumi was watching your face intently, your smile was so sweet when you mentioned him. You hadn't changed, you still radiated kindness, love and enthusiasm.
_ "Oh you were study-buddy ! , Yuji exclaimed, So Megumi was a super cool delinquant is a good student at the same time !"
_ "Huh? A delinquant? Not at all ! He fought sometimes it's true, but he always was a really nice boy... He is so tranquil and relaxing. Nothing to do with a thug."
Megumi felt herself blush slightly upon hearing your compliment. You recounted some of your good times, your voice was so tender that even these two friends did not interfere with you.
_ "It was funny to see this idiot put in his place by Megumi, even if I don't necessarily like violence. Oh! There is also the story of abandoned dogs! And evenings with Tsumiki! Ah, these were good moments... Don't you think 'Gumi?"
"Gumi", he had forgotten how much he loved his nickname, although he had spent all of his middle school pretending otherwise.
_ "Erm, yes, i guess we had good times"
He had never been too talkative. You would have liked to ask him why he left without telling anyone, without warning you, how was Tsumiki ... You would have liked to tell him that you really missed him, that you were worried ... You wanted to asks him about your friendship. But you weren't alone so you simply asked :
_ "How is life in Tokyo ? You're happy in your highschool ? You have other friends ?"
_ "It's fine. Friends? Mmh... There are Inumaki senpai, Maki and Okkutsu-senpai. They are quite nice."
At the end of the meal you had a good time but you still had to talk alone with Megumi, so you offered to walk with you a bit. He must also have things to tell you because he naturally accepted.
_ " 'Gumi?"
_ "Hm?"
_ "Why did you leave without warning?"
Your voice was weaker and you avoided eye contact. Megumi thought he must have really hurt you, left without warning when you had just tell him ...
You were at the park with Megumi, it was a Saturday afternoon and the two of you used to go out. Sometimes you were talking but most of the time you were working or enjoying the sun in silence. Megumi was reading a new book on a bench while you walked among the birds a bit. Suddenly you sat next to him :
_ " 'Gumi?"
_ " Hm?"
_ " You really are an amazing person."
_ "Huh? Don't say things like that, you're..."
You seemed so sincere and you were so cute when you spoke to him like this that Megumi was getting terribly embarrassed. It was like he couldn't say anything other than "shut up" or "stop saying things like that".
_ "No, I really think it. I really like you Megumi."
You regularly told him that you like him but this time he felt it was different. Maybe it was because you put on a new dress or because you kept playing with your fingers nervously. Anyway he felt that you were opening your purest feelings to him.
_ "When I am with you I am really myself. I feel really good by your side..."
His breath caught in his throat, were you confessing your love to him? One day Tsumiki had told him that it was obvious you had a big crush on him but he had never taken it seriously.
_ "Y/n, are you ..."
_ "I just want you to know that ... You are the best person I have ever known 'Gumi. Even if we take different paths, I wish you were always a part of my life, as long as it lasts "
Silence. What could he have answered you? That he also want you in his life no matter what ? That right now, like most of the time since a while, he really wanted to kiss you? Over his dead body!
He must have been silent a little too long because you quickly apologized for making him uncomfortable and left without another word.
Whatever. His hands became sweaty, he couldn't explain everything to you. Not now. How could you have understood a sorcerer's world to which you did not belong?
_ "Did you not tell me because of what I said ? I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, it wasn't a declaration of love. Well, it was one but ... I mean ... I wasn't expecting any response I just wanted to... Forget it ... It was stupid"
He stopped walking :
_ "It wasn't stupid... It was one of the most beautiful things that anyone said to me..."
You were happy to hear it but you still did not understand : Why did he leave and never have contacted you again, you who was his friend
? The best he's ever had to be honest. He ran his hand through his hair, frustrated :
_ " Argh Y/n ! You know I suck with this ! It's complicated... Let's say I left town to go to a very special school that you can't find elsewhere and... We've taken different paths. "
That's when Ikari decided to call. Megumi picked up and mumbled a "okay" before looking at you, embarassed. He wanted to stay with you but he needed to do his work.
_ "Erm, I need to go but..."
_ "Oh! It's okay... Are you staying in town for a long time ?"
_ "In fact, if everything goes well I am leaving soon but..."
Oh? He had come, he had turned your feelings upside down and soon he would be leaving and for good this time. What a fool to have thought that you could get as close as before ...
_ "You can call me if you want. We... Maybe we could see eah-other during holidays... So I could explain everything to you."
A huge smile appeared on your face. You nodded vigorously. Fushiguro sighed and wanted to tell you "no need to be so happy" but he restrained himself. He left but stopped on the way :
_ "Y/n?"
_ "Hm?"
It took a deep breath and courage to tell you :
_ "I want you in my life as long as it lasts too"
And just like that he was gone but this time he left butterflies in you stomach. You knew you would see him soon, would become the same friends as before or ... a little more.
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smilepal · 8 days ago
Got tagged by @onlymeandlife Thanks for asking!! 🥰🥰
1.Why did you choose your URL?
It's a name I use for a lot of my accounts--pretty short and easy for me to remember. It came from one of my parents old dogs to who you could say--"Smile, Pal" and they'd sort of grin at you? I think it was the only trick they knew. 😅 But yeah it just sorta stuck around (and it's kinda cute so I'm here for it)
2. Any side blogs?
Nooo. I really shouldn't have one. It's so tempting but just managing one already takes so much time. I don't trust myself/my productivity with more than one 😂
3. How long have you been on tumblr?
Not very long? I've only been active for a couple months, even though my account is several years old. I made it a while back and just never used it.
4. Do you have a que tag?
I don't think so? I'll admit, it's the first I heard of it.
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place?
I wanted somewhere to share all my Cyberpunk stuff instead of it just sitting around on my computer/not doing anything. (And I wanted to look at everyone else's pretty art). Honestly, I wasn't expecting much in the way of interacting with other users--I'm kinda shy in person and wasn't expecting to talk to anyone but it's turned out to be one of my favorite parts of tumblr 💖
6. Why did you choose your icon or pfp?
It's my Cyberpunk OC Hiro, drawn by @smeriic and this is (mostly) a Cyberpunk blog so I figured it fits. It was the first time I'd commissioned anything so I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out great though so I'm really happy (and definitely wish I had the money to commission more stuff).
7. Why did you choose your header?
I ended up using a screenshot that I thought looked nice, and had the right format/balance (and the colors were nice too!)
8. What’s your post with the most notes?
I think it's this one of Kerry--
so 85-ish notes? Not surprised he has the most 😛
9. How many mutuals do you have?
I have a couple that I hear from often (and it's absolutely lovely). Definitely one of my favorite parts of tumblr 💖
10. How many followers do you have?
Close to 50. I'm not too concerned about the number though, just here because it's fun and I love seeing people's art/posts.
11. How many people do you follow?
I'm following about 120 people. All sorts of stuff--memes, cyberpunk (of course), anime stuff and just cute animals/favorite artists.
12. Have you ever made a shitpost?
Not really? I like seeing other people's though 😂
13. How often do you use tumblr everyday?
Uhhhh. A little too much. Between this and discord/having my phone on me all the time, definitely too much. I work from home too--so it's really easy for me to always have it open. I try to keep it off when I'm out of the house but it doesn't always work 😅
14. Have you ever had a fight with another blog once?
No, thankfully. I try to stay out of a lot of the tumblr fights (occassionally it is a liiiiittle enjoyable to watch the drama from a distance though.)
15. How do you feel about “you need to reblog” posts?
I try to reblog stuff anyway (as long as it's at least mildly related to my blog/me) so not super crazy about them.
16. Do you like tag games?
Definitely!! Tag away <3
17. Do you like ask games?
I love them, and they're really helpful for devloping my characters more. Same goes for anon asks :)
18. Which of your mututals do you think is tumblr famous?
Some of the art ones maybe? The idea of tumblr famous is a little odd though? Cyberpunk's is a liiiitle smaller, so I feel like it's easier to get to know some of the people in the fandom/they seem more "normal" in a way.
19. Do you have a crush on a tumblr mutual?
AaaAa I'm not answering that. It's a secret 🤫
Tagging @solo-net, @noirapocalypto, @faepunkprince, @rindemption, @shinycorvidae, @heywoodvirgin, and @billlybutcher (If y'all want too--don't feel obligated)
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fangirlsmood · 9 days ago
When you gives the jjk's men compliments
How the Itadori, Megumi, Inumaki, Yuta & Gojo would react when you compliments them ? What kind of compliments are the best to give them ?
Tumblr media
Itadori Yuji : Itadori have one objective in mind : becoming strong enough to help and protect others, specially his friends and you. Despite his incredible strength, he often feels like he is too weak to achieve his goal. Therefore, it would make him really happy if you pointed out to him all that he managed to accomplish. He would also love when you tell him that he is really strong, that you trust him to protect you and the others.
Even if he appreciates receiving them, he will just thank you before moving on :
"Thank you Y/n ! I'm going to train hard to be even stronger !"
However, if on the moment he will not give it much attention, later he will rethink about it. It would be a motivation to surpass himself :
"Y/n believes in me, she said I was strong, I can't disappoint her"
Tumblr media
Megumi Fushiguro : Megumi won't be particularly touched if you compliment his looks because he doesn't find that apparences deserve much attention. He might become a little a flustered because he wasn't expecting it but that's all.
Megumi is quite an insecure boy thus he need reassurance but not about how pretty he is. Because he often compares himself to others, although he will never tell you, he will need you to tell him that he is as strong as the others. If you compliment his efforts or his progress his little heart will melt.
He will also appreciate that you compliment his divine animals, when you do he feel like a proud father.
Nonetheless he is rather embarrassed when he receives compliments. Although he is touched he doesn’t really know what to say. He will surely turn his head and try to deny it :
"My technique isn't that impressive, you exaggerate ..."
"It was normal, anyone would have done it, no need to make a big deal out of it"
"Yeah, they are good dogs"
Sometimes when he is alone he will smile remembering it and wonders how true is what you said.
Tumblr media
Inumaki Toge : Since he cannot speak he is often afraid of being misunderstood. He is another one who really likes when you emphasise his efforts
"It's amazing that you created your own language to communicate with others!"
I think he would like discreet compliment about his cursed marks. As many people only notice his cursed technique he would like you to compliment him on other of his skills. He would also be really touched if you told him what a good friend he is.
"You're really responsive! Yuta was very lucky you were there to protect him!"
When you compliment him, he smile immediatly. Depending on the compliments, he can also make intense eyes contact with you (in a tender way) to let you know that it really touched him.
He won't actively think about what you said but it will fill his heart with joy at the time.
Tumblr media
Okkotsu Yuta : Another one who don't give a fuck if you point out his look, he doesn't really take care of himself so he won't believe you. He will really appreciates when you tell him that he did great things. He would be touched if you said that he is a good friends, a good boyfriend and why. Because he is really modest and total sweetheart he will always return back the compliments :
"You're so sweet and caring... I am so lucky to have you"
"You're the sweetest. I am the one who is lucky to have you, you're the best girlfriend we could dream of."
Tumblr media
Satoru Gojo : He knows he is strong and handsome but he will still appreciate when you tell him he looks good. He would tease you about it the whole day :
" Good? I am more than good, I am handsome !"
Seriously, you would be the one who end up flustered
" Oh Honey, I know that you can't resist my beauty but no need to be so flirty ~"
Gojo would be more touched if you compliment his quality as a teacher or is attitude (the fact that he isn't afraid to argue with the elder to defend his values). He likes knowing that you valid his way of seeing life and his opinion in general.
He will brag about your compliments to others or use it to justify his actions, he might deform a little what you said :
"Meguumiii ! Y/n said that I was the best teacher in the whole world ! Aren't you lucky to have me ?"
"Why should I question myself ? Y/n agrees with me"
Gojo is already confident, he has a huge ego but he still appreciates your compliments, mostly because he loves to tease you about it.
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the nostalgia update was brilliant and has me completely sold on the upcoming plot! sieghild was absolutely everything I was hoping she’d be, but having it be the Greeks that were helping stithulf was such a clever twist with such interesting implications for both of their arcs!!
for the priestess, it’s another stage of her life that parallels Persephone with no one seeming to care what either of their choices were AND it highlights how different she was at the beginning of the story! (&the narses flashbacks did a great job of emphasizing both of those points!)
for ivar, it’s like all of chickens have come home to roost in such a way that all of the things he values are in jeopardy—and it’s 100% his fault and he knows it!! and I am so full of fear bc these are the exact circumstances under which ivar has been so liable to do really unfortunate things so theres such a sense of tension to see what he’s gonna do next! gonna be chewing my nails until we find out. its fun in like eight different ways im devastated but I love it!! i really think that this endgame plot (assuming) is really gonna bang
the pillow talk scene at the end was also just fantastic, I’ve read it about nine times so far lol! the way both the priestess and ivar played the roles they felt like they needed to to have power over their circumstances but once they achieved some amount of control, it was cold comfort bc they couldn’t be seen like they wanted to be… turn it up, I love this song!!🔥 so excellent job on another banger!! p.s. “You nod, but your head feels strangely clouded, making you uncomfortably dizzy.” eyes emoji candle emoji prayer hands emoji
Omg, hi sweetheart! You're too kind, thank you so much!
I'm glad Sieghild lived up to your expectations, and I'm glad the revelation of the Greeks was something you liked! Tho that isn't all there is behing the mystery of Stithulf's newfound strength
Yes! Like she thinks about in Ch 39, there is no myth surrounding Persephone's choice maybe not because there wasn't one, but because no one cared what it was, and that was exactly what I was trying to show! I'm glad I could!
Yeah, Ivar is going through a lot. Like a lot a lot, now that he's got Greeks closer than ever. If you're interested in what his state of mind is kinda atm, I'll post Hrygð, the newest Ivar PoV, right after this ask response goes up. He does some crazy shit when he fears he is about to lose the things that matter to him, we have seen that. That's all I'll share. But you should read it, nonnie, I think you'll like it 😉
I'm happy to hear you liked that scene! I had a lot of fun writing it, and I promise that is not just because I love bashing on the God Ivar storyline lmao. They both lived in worlds where them rising to power was very difficult, and in a universe where they didn't have one another, that top would have been a horrible place to be at on their own (she would have ended up with Narses or smth, either way silenced and with a crown she never wanted, and he would have ended up with Freydis or a similar storyline, since the Ivar of Ch8 for example is not that far removed from the Ivar that would believe that God bullshit, bullshit that then blew up in his face), so they have a lot of things in common, while at the same time a lot of differences (she never lacked love from her people, she had too much of it, too much of their admiration, of their worship; while Ivar has always felt as the outsider, has dealt with their disdain or their mockery) that make their positions kinda the same while for different reasons. Does that make sense? Idk, I just got done editing a 5k angst fest, I don't have many braincells left lol
About that p.s... you notice everything, and I love you so much for it, you have no idea 🥺
Thank you so much lovely!! Your support means the world to me!! Sending you my love!! 😘🥰
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jeonpetite · 9 days ago
Enhypen's little angels: First Day of Preeschool
Lee Heeseung
“You sure you have everything, buddy?”
“Every single material?”
“You sure you aren't forgetting anything?” Heeseung heard a huff from his wife, and turn on his heels to look at her.
“Seojoonie will be fine, trust me, I'm pretty sure he's ready.”
“But he's too small to go to school, can't he just stay with us another year?”
“Love, he's old enough to go to school, he's ready to go out there and learn. He needs this, we can't neglect his education.” He sighed at Mina's words, looking down at the child with bread cheeks.
“Come on buddy, let's go to school.” Seojoon nodded and grabbed his father's hand, with the other he grabbed his mother's pinky.
Tumblr media
Park Jongseong
“Mommy, do I have to go in?” Mila saw the amount of kids running around in the classroom, while her petite form hide behind her mother's legs.
“Does she have to go in, Love? I don't think this is a good idea, she's way to scared.”
“Jay, I know she's scared, and I don't want to let her go too, but we can't skip this just because she's scared, that way she'll never go to school.” Bella scolded him a little, before looking at the scared child behind her.
“My love, I know you are scared, but look at the bright side, you'll make new friends, have lots of fun.”
“But I don't need friends, I have you and daddy and always have lots of fun.” She said with her eyes turning watery while looking at her Jay.
Jay and Bella looked at each other, while he rubbed the little one's shoulders trying to comfort her.
“You know what, baby? When I pick you up from school, we'll go for your favourite ice cream and when we get home we'll cuddle all you want.” Jay said brushing his nose on her cheeks making her giggle.
“Pinky promise?” She said extending her pinky.
“Pinky promise.”
Tumblr media
Shim Jaeyun
“Papa, Papa!” Jacob ran to his father's arms, making Jake let out a little yelp.
“There's my handsome boy! Did you have fun? Did you behave?” The kid nodded when his homeroom teacher walked over to them.
“You have a very well-behaved boy, Mr. Shim. He participated a lot at class and made a few friends, he's a really sweet child.” Jake smiled at the teacher's words, feeling so happy and overwhelmed.
“Do you want to show your dad the drawing you made for him?”
“Yes, Miss Choi!” the kid ran to his seat grabbing the paper before running back to his dad and giving his dad the drawing he made for him.
He draw three human sticks in the paper which represented, Jake, Teagan and little Jacob.
“You did a great job baby, you are so cute, Let's go home.”
Tumblr media
Park Sunghoon
The small family reached the school salon as Jin Ae saw the pretty decorated classroom, and a lot of students running around happily, others where being comforted by their teacher because of how much they missed their parents.
Jin Ae entered the class, she knew where she was going to seat, left her pink backpack on top of her seat and ran again to her parents side.
“Shoo! Shoo! Leave!” She said pushing her parents out of the classroom.
“Are you kicking us out, darling?!” Sunghoon asked as he smiled sadly.
“Yes, I am!” “You can go home now.”
“But what about our kiss, darling?” Hyeyoung said as she expected a kiss on the cheek.
Jin Ae kissed her parents cheeks, before going back inside her classroom.
Hyeyoung heard a snif before seeing that her husband was tearing up.
“Sunghoon are you ok?” He shook his head while more tears rolled down his cheeks.
“I guess I'm just emotional today.”
Tumblr media
Kim Sunoo
“My babies!”
The twins ran into Sunoo's embrace, and then he placed various kisses on his children's head.
“Tell me everything about your day, was it amazing? did you have loads of fun?” Young-Jae nodded.
“It was fun until JaeJae starting stealing all of my new friends?”
“Well you were being really boring, so I helped them.” Jae gave a flashing smile to his sister showing his milk teeth.
“That was so rude!” She slapped her brother's arm, making Jae hiss.
“No! What did I tell you about slapping, Young-hee?” Sunoo grabbed his daughter's tiny arms.
“But I'm the oldest!”
Sunoo's gaze turned serious for a moment and Young-Hee had no problem, but looked down at her feet.
“I shouldn't slap my brother, because it's bad and rude.” She lowered her voice.
“Now cheer up my babies, let's go eat pizza!”
Tumblr media
Yang Jungwon
As he reached the studio he couldn't help, but remember the cute kiss on his cheeks that Seung-hye left there.
“This your happiness kiss so you won't be sad.”
It felt like it was yesterday that he could finally pick her up in his arms after being several weeks in NICU, it felt like yesterday he could finally see her at least a little bit healthy, it felt like yesterday that she was so tiny.
“Have a good day at school, please take care. Appa loves you!” The feeling of finally seeing that she'll soon grow up was consuming his heart.
“Jungwon-ah, are you okay?” Heeseung and Sunoo approached him as the rest of the members put their eyes on him.
“Seung-hye is growing up and I didn't even notice.” He said with tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Aw! Jungwon, it's normal to feel this way, she's your daughter and want to spend how much time you can with her.”
“Yeah, Sunno-Hyung, but I didn't know I would miss her this much.”
His members heart softened seeing how his leader was so emotional.
Tumblr media
Nishimura Riki
“Hinata-San, please stop rambling and let me do your hair.”
“No!” Hinata ran upstairs to go to her room.
“Niki! Come help me with your daughter!” Niki ran to look for his daughter, finding the little girl seating at the edge of the bed with wet and blushed cheeks.
“Tiny... What's going on? I thought you were excited about school” He said patting his daughter's head.
“I was, but I know that you will leave me forever.” He frowned at his daughter's words, confused on what she was talking about.
“Who told you that, tiny?”
“Nobody, it's just that I noticed because you are taking me away.” Hinata pouted and with that Niki giggle a little bit before calming down.
“Hinata, you are just going there for a few hours and then will go back to pick you up.”
“Huh?” The girl was poorly confused, well absolutely confused at what was happening.
But then she pouted again and touched her lips, thinking.
“But who am I supposed play with if you are not there? Who am I gonna cuddle?” She said getting closer to Niki and hugging his waist making him smile.
“I'm pretty sure you are going to make loads of friends... As for the cuddles...”
“They're just for me and mommy exclusively.” He tickled her making her laugh, and then a cute smile formed throughout the rest of the day for the little one.
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takerfoxx · 11 days ago
Finished Castlevania Season 4! On the whole...I liked it a lot! But it was the season I had the most...nitpicks about, mainly in terms of pacing and story structure. Still, I felt it was overall a good time and ended strongly.
Quick recap: the first two seasons were definitely the strongest, since it had Dracula as a unifying figure, it was one single storyline that was very good. Season 3 was also good, but I felt it was a little more loosey-goosey, Alucard's arc didn't serve much purpose, and the two dark twists at the end seemed to be pretty mean-spirited and unnecessary and left a bad taste in my mouth.
So anyway, this seasons...
So like I said, it was very good, and ended stronger than the last season, but there were a few bits that
Okay, so firstly, Isaac is sort of chilling. He's having his night creatures rebuild that city, he has that AWESOME discussion with Flyeyes, and he's contemplating his place in the world and resolves to start trying to use his dark power for good. Okay, neat!
And then all of a sudden he's attacking Styria., why? Granted, I only saw the last two seasons once, but I don't seem to recall him ever even mentioning Styria, certainly not enough to just decide to launch a full-on invasion. I mean I guess it makes sense that he would have beef with Carmilla, but one would expect such a thing to be, you know, brought up beforehand?
Also, while the invasion and subsequent fight between Isaac and Carmilla was awesome, building her up as such a threat only to end her in such a sudden manner partway through the season felt a little final season of Game of Thrones-ish.
Also, I'm not sure how I feel about what they did with Saint-Germaine. I mean, his heel turn does sort of make sense, but since it was all explained through flashbacks over one episode, it still felt...weird.
And finally, while really cool in how it was directed and animated, the final fight felt sort of strange. Like, Varney is Death in disguise. Um, okay?
Look, I was looking forward to Death appearing in this show, and when he got confirmed I was really excited. But all the buildup he got was Trevor's monologue at that one shrine, just enough to confirm that he's going to show up. And then, all of a sudden, Dracula's lost ex-flunky was him the whole time. Which...sound cool on paper, but how it was executed felt more confusing than anything. Like, wouldn't it have been so much cooler if we got the reveal that Varney was Death a few episodes earlier, like it gets shown to the audience but not the characters, letting tension build as everyone sort of writes off this loser vampire that we know is really is terrifyingly powerful being? Maybe even do something to build some antagonistic chemistry with him and the heroes. I don't know, it just sort of took me out of the fight.
Also, during the fight with the remnants of Dracula's court, I kept thinking, "Wow! These all look like really interesting characters that fans of the game series probably recognize! Sure would have been nice to meet them ahead of time!"
Still, those critiques aside, it was a good time. And that last episode? Oh, that's a chef kiss right there. I mean, it's nice when a relentlessly dark series ends on a nice and sweet note, one that feels earned. Isaac and Hector are finally at peace, Lenore's exit was beautifully bittersweet, Alucard's refugees are building a town over Dracula's castle and the Belmont estate, Sypha's pregnant, and even Trevor's little return, while predictable, still felt nice. Like, the trio was back together and happy and at peace. It was nice. Even the bit about Dracula and Lisa having been resurrected and deciding to retire from basically everything and just start over was really sweet, in a very strange, kind of fucked up way! Also probably contradicts the games, but fuck it, I never played them.
So yeah. Some issues with the pacing and structure, I would have done a few things differently, but overall I really enjoyed this show and felt that it ended strongly.
In other news, new Camp Cretaceous just dropped!
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certified-sloth · 12 days ago
I may not be first (Beelzebub/MC)
You heard a knock from your door, you didn't bother to say 'come in', you had no energy left to entertain anyone.
You ended up heartbroken even more just earlier. Not only did a loved one pass, your now ex-lover had left you.
The brothers had begun to worry about you, but no matter how they try to cheer you up, none of it worked.
"MC? I'm coming in, I have snacks... I tried my best not to eat them, you haven't eaten anything today..." a voice spoke through the door.
You sigh and nuzzled closer to the warmth of your sheets.
Just as you heard the door creak open and close with a thud, you didn't bother to look over your shoulder to see who it was.
"MC..." a soft voice called out as you felt the mattress sink on the edge because of the weight.
You turned to look at the ginger-haired demon's soft eyes as he smiled a little at you.
"We're worried about you." He said as he stroked your cheek gently.
You leaned to his touch and closed your eyes.
"You barely came out of your room to at least eat... do you want to talk about it?" He asked.
You sigh and frown at the question. Beel noticed your discomfort to the question and just hummed.
"I won't force you to tell me, we can get to that when you feel better." He assured with a comforting smile. Now that made you smile as you opened your eyes to feel the warmth radiating from the supposed demon in front of you.
...well, that mood was ruined when you heard an abrupt rumbling. This made Beel frown in shame as he shook his head. "Sorry..." he apologized.
You giggled lightly at this, which made his eyes brighten.
You sat up and kissed his forehead. "Thank you Beel, I'm sorry for making you and the others worry." You said as he shook his head and went to hold your hand.
"Don't be, we want to be there for you all step of the way." He responded.
You felt a warmth enveloping your chest as the demon that was staring at you with bright and warm amethyst eyes, has come to be there for you.
He ruffled your hair and smiled. "Let's get you to eat first." He said as he took the plate of food from your night stand and handed it to you.
You stared at the plate before turning to look at him. "Beel?" You called out, he raised an eyebrow at you.
"Care to share this with me? I don't think I could eat much just yet." You spoke.
He furrows his eyebrows as he asks you cautiously. "Are... you sure?"
You nod gently. "Mhm."
He sighed in defeat and shook his head a little. "Ok, as long as you get to eat." He agreed, making you smile.
You lean towards him as you both eat the meal together. Surprisingly, he's trying his best to stop himself from eating all of it.
He cares about you more than his hunger, but even if he couldn't resist it, you wouldn't exactly mind either.
Moments later, you two had finished eating and you now sat there side-by-side.
The silence was peaceful, until...
"...I know you're going through these hard times, but you're not alone anymore... you have us, you have me." He said as he turned to look at you seriously.
Catching you off-guard. He smiled sheepishly and looked down. "I may not be your first demon like Mammon, or as smart like Lucifer or Satan... I know you're not ready yet, but this time... I'll wait for you, and I won't only protect you, but your heart as well... I'll always be here." He stated genuinely.
Now this left you speechless, you never really expected that from Beel (courtesy of Belphie-), but every single word he said came to mark itself in your heart.
You smiled and hugged him. Which was returned rather gently by the avatar of gluttony.
"Are you sure?" You asked.
He chuckled and rested his chin on your head.
"If it's you, yes."
The youngest hummed in content and stepped away from the door.
He stayed awake to check on his twin. As much as he wants to cheer you up with Beel, he was sure Beel would do a better job without him.
Rather than that, he's happy for you and Beel.
He walked away and went to his and Beel's room to have his earned nap.
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batty-writes · 13 days ago
Status: one shot!
Main pairings: Barry Allen/Clark Kent Summary: Barry and Clark have a lunch date. Things take a surprising turn.
Word Count: 896
Warnings: Eating non-food items, goofy intentionally
AO3 Link or read under the cut
The last thing Barry expected to get out of being a Superhero was a boyfriend. Not that he minded, of course. Clark was cute , Barry couldn't help but like him, and sure, dating your best friend’s close cousin could be awkward but he wasn't too worried.
“Hey,” Clark smiled warmly when he arrived in the crime lab.
Barry smiled back and admittedly, neither of them, really knew what to do. Do I hug him? Is that awkward on any earth? He wondered, his bottom lip between his cheek. They hadn't really kissed yet. On their first date Clark had kissed him on the cheek as they still hadn't discussed dating norms on their earths yet. Neither of them wanted to do anything off putting.
They had planned to when tragedy struck in Central City and cut the date short. While it was a bit of a let down it was refreshing to not worry about it. Neither of them were offended or too upset by the situation. Barry didn't need to feel guilty because Clark understood it.
They were hoping to talk about that today . If time permitted, because they enjoyed each other's company and wanted to explore that. It surprised Barry that this was something he never asked Kara about. Asking now would feel weird.
“Did you get here alright?” Barry asked as he cleared off a desk in his lab for them to use. Most of what was cleared aside was paperwork that Barry had been working on before Clark arrived.
“Oh yeah! That extrapolator Mr. Ramon made is like a subway but a little colder and faster.” Clark was charming, friendly and genuine. In a way Barry responded to. It was easy for them to fall into conversation and enjoy themselves.
“Right? It's so damn cold.”
“Oh, right, speedsters don't like cold.” He filed that away as a mental note.
“No, we do not,” Barry laughed softly. “I heard Kryptonians run warm though, so I think I'm in good hands.” He winked.
Clark coughed around a fry and nodded. “Absolutely,” he smiled in return before continuing. “So, we should probably talk.”
“Oh, right yeah … I always meant to just ask Kara. I never got around to it then it felt awkward because now she’d know I was talking about you--”
“Yeah, I know,” he laughed softly. “It’s fine. From what I've heard I think dating is pretty much the same, but don't worry if anythings different. We’ll work through it pretty easily.” Clark shrugged and leaned back in his chair. “Just gotta communicate.”
“That's true, I guess I was worried about nothing.”
“And I guess I should say now … I'm totally fine with just seeing where this goes, we don't need to dive into anything dramatic.”
“Of course,” Barry gave a firm nod. “I just like hanging out with you,” he took a sip of his milkshake.
“Me too,” he smiled a little.
They easily feel into a conversation about inter-multiverse travel. Which evolved into a chat about their villains. Barry talked about his villains that had become allies, like Hartley and Leonard Snart. Clark listened intently as Barry moved onto talking about the particle accelerator explosion that gave him his powers.
Clark contributed too, of course. Barry was more than happy to hear about his time on earth, it was a much different experience than Kara’s. When they finished eating Clark held out a hand for Barry's shake cup. “Can I have that?”
“Oh, sure.” He passed the cup to Clark. He'd seen Kara compact trash in her hands before so he was used to handing over his garbage to Kryptonians without much question.
However, Clark didn't crush the cup in his hands. He folded the lid unto a triangle and … Barry blinked slowly. Clark had popped the lid into his mouth, chewed and swallowed. He then took a large bite out of the cup itself. Plastic silently tearing. Kara … didn't do that.
Barry quickly looked away, not wanting to be rude. He was certainly taken off guard, but he'd met some interesting people over the years so Clark eating a cup wasn't that strange to him.
“Did you know plastic takes like, twenty years to biodegrade? It all just ends up in the water hurting animals. I might as well recycle it properly when I can.”
“Yeah, I try to use paper when I can but sometimes I gotta make do.” He shrugged his shoulders.
Clark paused, noting through look Barry shrugged off. “Oh I forgot Kara didn't go through her terrible twos with superpowers. When I finally got teeth I ate my crib.”
“The entire thing?” Barry's eyes were blown.
“Oh no, just the bars.” Clark began to laugh. “That was the wrong thing to say, wasn't it?”
“Not at all,” Barry shook his head. “We all have quirks. I'm just surprised at how fast you really took that down.” he laughed weakly. “Sorry, I shouldn't laugh.”
“No, you can laugh. It's sort of my party trick. When Kara was fourteen, I ate an entire broken table in front of her and no one believed her.”
Soon the got rid of the rest of their trash. Clark didn't eat it. (Or, at least not most of it.) It didn't take long and soon Clark was hopping through the breach again, but not of course without a proper kiss from Barry.
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venividivictorious · 14 days ago
Mevolent/Vile 😌
God, who are you anon, i need more people to talk about violent with me
1. Who said I love you first?
Mevolent, and he's the only one who will say it outright. Vile only says I love you on occasion, when one of them just almost died or Mevolent did something really special for him - and only when they're alone. On a day to day basis, Vile never says the big three. Vile says don't get killed. Vile says you look tired, come to bed. Vile says I brought you dinner and I missed you and let me kill them for you, because everyone he's ever said "I love you" to, he's lost.
2. Who laughs and kisses their partner on the cheek while their partner isn’t happy about something trivial to try and make them feel better?
Vile. Mevolent has a lot on his shoulders with the day to day running of an empire, so he's always got a dozen worries to think about. Vile considers these issues trivial and will often offer to kill whoever's weighing on his mind. He's pretty sure killing the right person would solve all Mev's problems and make him feel better. He's never met anything he couldn't kill.
(Mev in the background like....boy how tf are you gonna murder taxes????)
Occasionally it frustrates Mev that Vile doesn't take these issues seriously, but Vile is young and impulsive and has always used violence to solve his problems, and Mevolent likes him that way - that's why Vile won him the war. Counselling restraint and patience is what he had Serpine for.
3. Who cuddles up to the other after a long day at work, and this soon escalates to a playful pillow fight?
So neither of them are the pillow fight type, but the post-work cuddling is absolutely a thing. When Mevolent is in his office he is Working and doesn't like to be disturbed (not that that stops Vile wandering in and out when he's bored). But he's a workaholic so he'll often bring a stack of reports back to his rooms to read before he goes to bed, and Vile will come over and put his head in Mev's lap, his feet up on the other arm of the couch, and keep him company while he's reading, often with a book of his own. These two are masters of the comfortable silence.
4. What is something that they gave one another that has a lot of meaning?
They have matching tattoos. A small, unobtrusive sigil Mevolent got China to help him design, adapting from multiple sigils in old books to send a signal across long distances.
During the War, Mev and Vile would often end up on totally different continents leading forces against different sanctuaries. When they were just fucking, that was fine and Vile would keep him updated via regular written reports, but as they got more serious it started becoming a problem because, like, waiting weeks to find out whether or not your lover survived that last battle is stressful and distracting.
Most of the time, the sigils are barely visible, like a white ink tattoo. But when Vile touches his sigil, Mevolent's warms up and turns black, and vice versa. They used to use them to say, "We won and I'm alive," after a battle.
When peacetime began, it gradually evolved into just, "I'm thinking about you and I want you to know it," (or, just as frequently, "I'm horny and I want you to know it.")
5. How would one another describe their partner?
"My little spitfire."
"Pain in the arse." (Affectionate)
6. Who wraps their arms around their partner as they look them in the eyes and compliments them with a goofy smile?
Vile, usually when Mevolent is stressed out or worried about something. Mevolent has a lot more self-doubt than you'd expect, and he struggles a lot with the fear that maybe he's not worthy of the responsibility his gods have chosen him for, or that the "messages" he receives in his dreams were cryptic and maybe he's read the wrong meaning into them.
Vile doesn't give a fuck about Mevolent's gods. He's got a lot of faith in Mevolent - not religious faith, but faith in him as a leader and a stubborn bastard who gets shit done. Vile sees the world very differently to Mev, and that's reassuring when he's doubting himself.
I mean, he doesn't always phrase them very well - there's a lot of, "If you were incompetent, I'd have killed you already," type comments, but Mevolent knows what he's getting at. Vile trusts him, and believes he's capable, and Vile's approval isn't easily won.
7. Who loves saying ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’ or ‘my spouse’?
Mevolent. They keep their relationship a secret for a long. Ass. Time. Vile is a heathen and while the war is ongoing, mev can't afford the scandal and the potential loss of allies or validity in the eyes of his followers. Vile is his friend and advisor, the nights they spend together are war meetings, he'll set the sense-wardens on any poor servant who happens to stumble upon them together in the early morning.
So when his control is established and he can finally be open about it? He's over the moon. They're still a fairly PDA-averse couple, but they finally get to go to events together and he can refer to vile as his lover and call him over by a nickname or endearment and not have to worry about what everyone will think.
8. Who always talks about how amazing their partner is when their partner isn’t there and they just light up with genuine love and happiness?
They don't really talk about each other like that. For a long time their relationship is Secret and pretty taboo, so while Mevolent will heap praise on Vile at fancy dinners, it's always for his bravery or tactics or quick thinking, the same things for which he'd compliment Vengeous or Serpine or the Diablerie. But Mevolent absolutely does light up when Vile walks into the room - he smiles, automatically. Val even notices it when Mevolent hears Vile coming to join in her interrogation, and she's met him once.
On Vile's side, the closest thing he has to a friend is probably Vengeous - they're both prickly career soldiers with some shared interests - and while they're not Close, they'll sometimes swap old war stories or play chess or cards together. They never really explicitly talk about Vile's thing with Mevolent, and Vengeous doesn't exactly approve, but he's also fanatically loyal and doesn't see it as his place to question his messiah. He does however give Vile a "you two should be careful, you're raising some eyebrows lately" heads up a couple times. Vile relaxes around Mevolent, his shadows will subconsciously reach out for him if he's stressed or unhappy or is trying to get his attention, Mevolent can make him laugh. People notice, and Vengeous' job is to pick up on any and all potential threats. But...warning Vile is the safer option. Vile's his equal, they can talk about things he'd never dare bring up with Mevolent.
9. Who loves it when their partner kisses them good morning?
Mevolent. Vile, like Skug, is frequently skittish and wary about being touched, especially if it's unexpected. But Vile, unlike Skug, is absolutely not a morning person. He'll wake around sunrise - by which time the fire in the grate will have burned down to embers - and pull the drapes around their bed to block out the rising sunlight, burrow his way into the warmth of Mev's arms, and press drowsy kisses down the line of his jaw. Mev usually wakes pretty early and like, technically he could be getting work done, but Vile will stay in his arms and go back to sleep for a couple hours given half a chance, so he's usually content to let him. He's very soft for the occasions when Vile seeks out affection.
10. Who shows the other how to balance a spoon on their nose?
Neither of them, they wouldn't see the point.
11. Who loves to pull pranks on the other? What type of pranks do they pull and do they pull their pranks off?
Vile lies through his teeth about what Mevolent looks like under the veil. The lies get more ridiculous as time goes by. He's hideously deformed. He has an extra eye in his forehead. He has no face at all, he's a vessel for the gods already. He turns to stone in the sun. There's just a gaping mouth full of teeth where his facial features should be.
Mevolent's face is Vile's version of the Octopus People story Skug tells Val.
"He's part mermaid, you know," he tells Vengeous one night over a game of chess, straight-faced and completely serious. "He wears the veil to hide his gills, and to disguise the fact that he blinks sideways. Like a fish."
All those stories Mevolent complains about in KOTW? That he's 12ft tall and eats newborns and whatnot? All courtesy of Vile. Mev is very tired. He'll spend an entire party networking and exchanging favours while Vile hides out upstairs drinking wine and being antisocial, and discover at some point mid-party that during his obligatory fifteen minute courtesy appearance the little bastard apparently started yet another ridiculous rumour, and he's just. Sigh. Thanks, V. At least you did something productive with your evening.
12. What is something small that they would randomly pick up for one another?
They used to bring each other souvenirs when they were in different countries during the war. Mevolent gets books. He's a voracious reader and has quite the library going of dusty old leather bound journals written in what Vile is fairly sure is blood. As the Necromancers' Death Bringer, Vile has pretty much unfettered access to any Temple library, anywhere in the world, so he usually finds something suitably massive and dolorous with tiny spidery handwriting for Mev to pore over for weeks. The resurrection pool he uses in KOTW came from an idea he got from a book Vile brought back for him during the war (which was not the part of "100 Creative Applications Of Necromancy" that Vile was hoping Mev would get enthusiastic about, but, you win some, you lose some).
Vile usually gets music, in one form or another, either sheet music or an instrument he enjoys or one Mevolent can play for him. He can't play too well himself anymore - Serpine broke all his fingers, and although they've healed since then, they still get stiff and sore and reaching chords isn't as easy anymore and he misses notes where his fingers just didn't make a stretch or didn't respond in time. So either Mevolent will play for him, or he'll play the chords while Vile plinks out the melody. It's relaxing for him.
13. Who is the one who can’t stop laughing when trying to tell a joke?
Vile. He's got an incredibly macabre sense of humour and he gets lowkey high on death energy, so he's a fucking nightmare to have at executions. He always has a bad pun or a quip and half the time, they're murmured right in Mevolent's ear and he can feel the little shit laughing behind his shoulder. Which like? Is fine for Vile, because nobody's looking at him. He can snigger himself silly behind his stupid fucking helmet and only Mevolent will hear him. But now Mevolent wants to laugh too and this is a Sombre Occasion and everyone is looking at him and he has to keep a straight face.
14. Who would plan the other a surprise birthday party?
Mevolent's birthday is an empire-wide holiday and usually involves like a week of festivities and social functions and networking, so he'd be very difficult to plan a surprise party for - he knows he'll get a massive bash every year. Vile's birthday also has guaranteed celebrations - it's NYE, so there's usually a big party going on regardless that ends in a massive firework display - but he tends to avoid social functions as much as possible, so he'll put in a fifteen-minute courtesy appearance and then escape upstairs, and his birthday is never like, openly acknowledged or mentioned at dinner or anything.
Mev is well aware that vile is the opposite of a social butterfly, so the kind of surprise he'd would plan for him is slipping away from the party early himself, so they can spend the evening tangled up together in the company of some fine wine and stolen vol-au-vents, and then watch the fireworks from their balcony.
15. Who picks the other person up when hugging their partner?
Like technically they're both capable of picking up the other one, Vile can and has dragged Mevolent's wounded ass off a battlefield before powered by sheer spite, but like 99% of the time, Mevolent is the one doing the lifting. Mostly it's to carry Vile to bed - either because he's dozed off on the couch and Mev is trying to be sweet, or because they boutta fuck and Vile lowkey likes a bit of manhandling.
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dadzawa-adopt-dabi · 17 days ago
1-35 on fanfic asks
1. From one to five stars, how would you rate your writing? (No downplaying yourself!)
2 stars maybe? Im not great and i forget a lot of things. but no one can stop me from writing and i enjoy it. the more i do it the more i may like my own writing one day
2. Why do you write fanfiction? Fanfiction is everything to me. It was a matter of time until i started writing it seriously for myself.
3. What do you think makes your writing stand out from other works?
Literally nothing. I tend to go off with ships and specific things i want represented... but thats it. anyone can write.
4. Are there any writers that inspire you?
Always! so many! the best thing about fanfiction is how it builds upon itself and spreads!
5. What’s the fic you’re most proud of?
Im very proud of Secret Baby/ River run. Its large and a mess and i hate it. But im proud ive done it. A completed one im proud of is "Compress said its his turn on the murder screen" i think i did well with that one and kept the tone I wanted.
6. What element of writing do you find comes easily?
Arguments between characters and having them express themselves other ways.
7. What element of writing do you struggle with most?
It's the making up and posting works i struggle with. Along with editing which is another monster.
8. Which character(s) do you find easiest to write?
I do love the murder boys! Dabi, Itachi, Deidara, Naruto (should have killed everyone), Reno. If theyve got issues i love them!
9. Which character(s) do you find most difficult to write?
happy characters. I just don't know what to do with them. Like a domestic setting with no action? nope not for me!
10. What’s your favorite genre to write for?
Hurt/comfort has always been my jam!
11. Who or what do you find yourself writing about most?
im not entirely sure? I havent been really writing/posting that long.
12. Tell us about a WIP you’re excited about.
Expectations! its a collaboration i'm working on with a friend and a DabiHawks fanfiction again! It's a fic where they fall in bed together before they even like each other. A lot of assumptions are made and not a lot of talking gets done until quite a bit of Damage has been done. Hawks finds out that Dabi's been doing some things he wasnt comfy with just because he didnt know how to tell Hawks and because he was attached to him. It's messy and won't get less so.
interesting to write to say the least because im such a Zero tolerance person.
13. First fandom you ever wrote for?
Naruto lol
14. What’s your favorite fandom to write for?
part of my heart will always belong to naruto. can't leave it. But im enjoying writing for bnha immensely!
15. What’s the weirdest fandom you’ve ever written for?
Food Fantasy! a video game i did a short one shot on last october!
16. Any guilty pleasure trope(s)?
Soulmate au's! Omegaverse! I love tropes! Oh! Hanahaki!
17. A trope you’ll never, ever write for.
18. Wildest fic you’ve ever written?
I wouldn't say ive done anything too wild?
19. Do you prefer canon-compliant, AUs, or something in-between?
get canon away from me! i love au's! any and all!
20. Gen fic or shippy stuff?
21. Favorite pairing to write for? (platonic or romantic!)
currently its DabiHawks! i love my enemies to lovers! (everyone deserves compassion lave and basic decency)
22. Do you listen to anything while you write?
Sometimes! some fics have specific playlists!
23. Do you prefer prompts and challenges, or completely independent ideas?
All of the above! i dont know how to put wips back lol!
24. One-shots or multi-chaptered works?
I like one shots better but the amount of effort for multichapter fics is something else tbh!
25. Have you ever daydreamed about side adventures/spin-offs from your fic? Tell us about them!
Yes a few times brought on by comments! What if Hawks ran in to Dabi early on or if Dabi had stayed and talked to Hawks the last night they spent together. None of it ever really goes well? Dabi has no support besides his Significant Other in both of these and i dont like that.
26. Is there anything you’ve wanted to write, but you’ve been too scared to try?
Nope! Ive been getting the hang of NSFW and i feel like that's one of my biggest areas to improve on!
27. What’s the nicest comment you’ve ever received?
any! seriously i love comments! telling me to write more or that i forgot something was done 6 chapters ago or a string of emoji's!
28. How well do you handle criticism when it comes to your writing?
Much better than I used to!
29. Have you ever gone outside of your comfort zone for a fic? How did it turn out?
Every time i post lol. Im pretty comfortable with a variety of things! there's been times in this roleplay i participate in that i was very uncomfortable with how my character was acting but that was the entire point and it turned out well considering the outrage he kept causing!
30. Tooth-rotting fluff or merciless angst?
Best of both! ive also taken a shine to writing things that out of story context are fluff but in context are horrendous angst!
31. Do you have any OCs? Tell us about them!
Nope! I don't really do Oc's!
32. Summarize a random fic of yours in 10 words or less.
Secret Baby/ River Run- Dabi gets pregnant and runs away. Hawks is the father.
33. Is there anything you wish your audience knew about your writing or writing process?
I've had such a kind fantastic audience but i wish they would pay some more attention sometimes to why i have characters do things the way they do. Hawks leaves Dabi alone? theres a reason for that and the awnser is not to stalk him. even for Dabi's saftey.
34. Copy and paste an excerpt you’re particularly fond of.
Dabi dosen't meet Rumi like expected. He expected to just get taken out by her in a fight one day, if they met at all. Not him cleaning his torn staples in Hawks bathroom after he's been shoved in there, Rumi having interrupted a blowjob and Hawks had roughly shoved him in his bathroom. He couldn't hear much of the conversation going on outside. But what he could made his face burn with embarrassment as he tried to put himself together. The fact that she was also a Hero and Hawks best friend made him nervous. What a great first impression, sucking her best friends dick with a bloody face. -" NOT DATING-" Hawks voice broke through for a moment and then quieted. -"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF HE'S A VILLAIN KEIGO, HE WAS JUST GIVING YOU A BLOWJOB THERE IS NO ." There was a loud thump as Rumi was yelling and Dabi let himself flinch here in private. She quieted down soon after she had started yelling. Dabi sat down against the sinks cupboard and rested his head on his knees. Waiting for it to stop and Hawks to kick him out. He wouldn't actually get to meet Rumi as Keigo's, well as Keigo's anything. It was just sex between them on Hawks end anyways. There's stomping towards the door and Dabi scrambles up as he resists the urge to lock the door. To lock himself inside like a child thinking it will save him from Enjis rath. Hawks is.... he's not kind to Dabi, but he's not Enji either. The door opens and Rumi's gaze finds him as he's getting up. He ducks his head and gives a little half hearted wave, not sure what she's doing. Why she's looking at him with a gaze much softer than expected. "Hey. Sorry I walked in on you guys. I'm Rumi. Hawks best friend he's been hiding away from you." "I uh. Um. Dabi? I go by Dabi. I think it's more like I'm just his dirty little secret." He gives a small dry chuckle and a smirk, a tad on the mean side like he did with Keigo. It came out a little to real and he winced. He sounded like a whiny asshole, he thought as he kept his gaze on his bare toes digging into the tile. "Dabi, I doubt Keigo thinks of you like that." Rumi reaches her hand out and Dabi tenses in anticipation of her grabbing him. To harm him maybe? To throw him in cuffs? Out of Keigo's apartment but he has no doubt that he will be there soon enough after Rumi leaves. "Its fine. I'm just a villain he can sleep with ya know?" Rumi gets a determined look in her eye as she draws her hand back, having noticed him tense up. "I'm going to give you my number Dabi. Villains don't any resources and I don't like how Hawks treated you when I walked in. If anything happens, I want you to have a way out. I don't think you've told your friends who your sleeping with. Or you would have teleported out of here." Dabi hands his phone over still in shock to Rumi and she gently takes it. She's still super confident in person but, there's no violence or anger from her. Its... suprising.
35. Ramble about any fic-related thing you want!
Dabi and Hawks can both have issues and have to put in some serious effort to not only see those issues, but work together with them. this has been a PSA.
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manikrege · 20 days ago
I reached out to the kid I bullied in school. It hurt like a bitch.
Tumblr media
Moving places makes you realize how badly humans need closure. How hard we strive for the chapters of our lives to open & end neatly, one by one. And how much we hate cliffhangers, incomplete pages, or vague endings off the screen.
I tried to seek my closure yesterday. Because I'm moving away from the neighborhood I grew up in. Don't worry, it's nothing I'm going to miss. School sucked for me, as it did for most 'studious' kids.
Fat, nerdy, weird, and a bit on the 'girlish' side, it was like this boy entered the class wearing a cap that said, "Your new favorite target." Of course, the cool kids ganged up & left me broken. I felt all alone like a wet puppy abandoned in the rain.
So like a dog, I learned survival, the ugly way. I bit back, chewed on smaller prey. And before I knew it, became the very thing I hated the most. A bully.
Roy, let's call him that, had the same awkwardness that had made me a target. His only disadvantage was that he didn't want to fight back. This allowed me to slowly strangle him, one taunt at a time.
It started out as lame jokes that you'd expect from any teenager. Calling him "gay," laughing at his curves, making him feel unwanted. This graduated into mild jabs & punches. And then finally, one day, the five of us spent 2 straight hours 'roasting' him, stepping on every last piece of his self-confidence that we could find on the floor.
Turns out, he'd had enough & his father was at my door with an audio recording of what we thought was sublime standup comedy. I felt ashamed but cried victim, pushing the blame back onto him. Tit for tat.
We stopped playing with him after that day. He had become a traitor. I don't know if he found that liberating. And if he did, I can't imagine how fucked up that would be ... feeling happy to finally have no one you can make memories with.
I went abroad and forgot about Roy. Until yesterday when we were packing up and I saw him pass by. Something snapped. Like an ice cube being run down my neck.
As someone who has been through so many changes in the last few years, I felt an urgent need to prove to myself that I'm no longer the person I was years in 2014. I wanted to leave this shithole behind for good.
Tumblr media
So I messaged him on Facebook.
Dear Roy,
I won't ask if you remember me because I know you do. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for how I treated you.
There's no explanation. No my side of the story. No excuse. And they weren't just harmless jokes.
I bullied you badly and caused you a lot of pain. Practically ruined your childhood. And I don't know if you're doing better. I hope you are.
You didn't deserve any of the shit I gave you. I did it because I felt powerless myself and needed something to fill that hollow space in my days.
We moved out yesterday & I wanted you to know that I'm aware of my mistakes and although I can't change the past, I am working to heal, both myself and others. I'm part of some NGOs that help poor kids in Majiwada. I do regular activities to put a smile on their faces.
Again, I know this isn't enough or even related but I hope someday you can forgive me. Even if you can't, I understand. And I really wish that you find love, happiness, and peace wherever you go - yes you do deserve those things. I was wrong.
Please let me know if I can do anything for you.
He responded with that "blue thumbs up" icon. That's all. I didn't push it, either. We didn't have a heart-to-heart conversation to go over everything. I'll probably never see him again or know how he turned out to be. It just is.
So did I get my closure? As I unpack in my new room, I'm not sure if it matters anymore. Because I think human relationships are much messier than we let on. You cannot just file them into chapters.
Sometimes they'll end abruptly.
Sometimes they'll reappear again and again, unexpectedly.
And sometimes you'll find new meanings every time you go back to old pages.
More importantly, you cannot just erase the damage you do to people. You cannot say sorry hoping everything will be forgotten and forgiven. The harsh truth about scars is that they never really heal.
But someday someone will look at those scars you caused on people, and madly fall in love with them. Someone will find that pain beautiful. Someone will turn it into a source of strength and love. And you can take the first step towards making that happen - by just saying one word.
GET TO THE POINT- If you think you hurt someone, you're right 9/10 times because we're hardwired for empathy & kindness so the moment we give in to hate, our mind sends us a small hunch. So just say you're sorry. Not "sorry if I hurt you." Not "sorry but it wasn't my intention." Just. Fucking. Sorry. Own what you did. It means everything.
DON'T FORGET IT- Yes, it's best if you repent asap but even if it's 10 years later, admitting to your fuckups is the right thing to do.
DON'T EXPECT AN OK- Your sorry is about you choosing to become better. For the person in front of you, it represents lots of trauma, heavy baggage, and painful memories that they've probably suppressed or internalized. So they may not forgive you or even respond. Please respect their privacy & feelings this time. And move on.
Tumblr media
Trust me, this was one of the hardest things I've done as an adult. That said, I think we all did stupid things when we were kids. I think we were all MADE TO DO stupid things by a select few who understood intuitively how war works. I think most of us were a form of entertainment. Puppets. Dogs in a fighting ring. Dogs trying to fit in, or be liked, or just be left alone.
Just realizing how insanely toxic this entire game was ... is probably the most obvious sign that you're growing up. I know I am. I'm actively working to be truer to the kid I was before they took him away from me. And I know it's not going to be some beautiful transformative journey away from my past like they show in the movies.
It'll be ugly, too painful to bear sometimes. Because I'll meet parts of me that I hate. Parts you'd hate if you knew them. Parts that I'd rather not be remembered for. But you know what?
Sometimes, the first step in conquering your demons is accepting that they exist.
That they make you but don't define you. That you have a choice to be kinder, sweeter, warmer. And the only thing that matters is whether you have the courage to make that choice even when the whole world is giving you a billion reasons not to.
Be that one reason everyone needs to heal.
Tumblr media
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miriobaby · 20 days ago
i just have to thank @kiridarling for letting me join her ‘Camp Happy Trail’ event! i love you so much hon and i had a blast writing this fic!! please check out the masterlist for this event when you get the chance! everyone participating in this event is extremely talented💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nothing beats a camp reunion after being away for 5 years. a lot of things changed within that time span, including your summer crush...
TW: unprotected sex, soft dom! kirishima, pretty vanilla and rough sex. just fluff and smut!
Tumblr media
You were already dreading this decision. This was your first summer without doing summer classes and, you were stuck spending it at your old summer camp.
"It will be fun, Y/N! The majority of the people we went to camp with are counselors!" "Yeah! We're practically getting paid to hang out with each other!"
It didn't take that much convincing for you to apply for the counselor position. You were hired right on the spot since the owner remembered you. Great pay, free room, and food while you got to see old friends. It was the perfect summer job!
"God damnit!" You smacked your arm again, trying not to get eaten alive by mosquitos. "I told you to spray yourself down with bug spray!" Ochaco laughed as she hops out of the car. You forgot how much you hated the great outdoors, bugs, and summer heat; a girl's worst enemy.  "I forgot how bad the bugs are here." you mumbled, accepting the spray canister from the brunette. It has been 5 years since you've stepped foot on this soil. You could only imagine how much everyone has changed from their 16-year-old self.
"Uraraka? Y/N?" You heard a familiar chipper voice. "Deku!" Uraraka tossed her suitcase on the ground to run to the man. You stared in awe. There was no way this was little Izuku Midoriya!? 5 years done wonder for him. He finally had that growth spur he was praying for, almost hitting 6'3. He was no longer the shy boy that everyone picked on. "Hey ladies! I'm glad to see you again, Uraraka!" he spun the girl around before greeting you.
You were engulfed by his large frame and pine scent, "It's been forever, Y/N! Everyone is going to be excited to see you!" You tilted your head, "Who else is here?" Uraraka chimed in as she grabbed her stuff, "All the girls are here! Deku told me Kaminari, Sero, Todoroki and Bakugou came this year!" You were surprised to hear so many people joined the team. "Well, Bakugou was dragged here by Kirishima even though I was the one who invited him." Izuku rolled his eyes, grabbing the bags for you guys. You felt your heart drop as your face began to heat up.
Eijiro Kirishima.
Your camp crush and first kiss.
You would have thought your silly little crush was gone but after seeing Midoriya's transformation, you could only imagine how the dark-haired man looked.
"Kirishima, here?" you tried to play it cool but Uraraka could see the glimmer of hope in your eyes. "Oh yeah! Your camp boyfriend is here!" She teased. You rolled your eyes, slamming the trunk closed.  "Enough standing around, I wanna see the girls." You brushed off her comment. Izuku and Ochaco nodded before heading to the counselor's station.
You were pulled into hugs and squeals once you saw your old gal pals. You were ambushed with memories flooding through your mind. You immediately start gossiping about each other's love life, wanting to know who was single or not.
"Ochaco, are you and Deku going to recreate what you had last summer?!" Mina teased, making her cheeks rosy red. "We also recreated it a few months ago…" She shyly admitted causing the girls to gasp, "He was visiting a friend that goes to the same university and one thing lead to another… he had me screaming under him." You completely forgot that you weren't silly sixteen-year-olds anymore, you were all around twenty-one with active sex lives.
This was a new world to explore.
"Have you guys seen Bakugou!? He looks amazing!" Mina gushed about the fiery blond. "I heard he was dumped by that girl who worked here last year." Tsu added, "Maybe post- breakup bod?" Everyone agreed. You still haven't seen the men but you were excited to see everyone!
"Y/N probably ready to mount Kirishima." Jirou smiled, all the girls looked at you, waiting for a response. "Well, I haven't seen him yet! He probably looks the same." You avoided the burning stares. "Oh y/n…" Momo shook her head. Before you were able to question her, Mina dragged you out of the cabin, straight to the nearby lake where the guys were hanging out.
You saw Izuku and Todoroki talking to each other, Denki and Hanta smoking a blunt, and Bakugou and some redhead in the lake. No Kirishima to be found.
"Mina, he isn't here." You tried to walk away until she called out his name, waving him to come over. The redhead turned around, immediately making eye contact with you.  Your jaw mentally dropped as you saw the man walk out of the water.
The Kirishima you knew was a cute young boy. Short black hair with a lean/ muscular body. A smile and personality that could melt any girl's heart. A classic summer crush.
The man coming out of the lake wasn't the Kirishima you knew, that boy was long gone. Coming towards you was a 6'5 man, body sculpted by the Greek Gods themselves. The water causes his abs to glisten by the sunlight, as you watch it drip to his v-line. His black locks were now flaming red, in a thick ponytail. He was an autumn tree, red and stocky.
Once he recognized the girl next to Mina, his smile grew. "Is that Y/N!?" He ran over before lifting you up. You didn't care if you were getting soaking wet, just being in his huge arms was worth it. "You're getting her wet, dumbass!" You heard this counterpart yell. Kirishima put you down as his face began to match his hair. "Sorry! I just wasn't expecting to see you! Man, it's been forever!" Kirishima expressed his excitement.
Can you blame him? You were cute before but now? The man was having a hard time keeping his imagination tamed, begging for his swim trunk not to embarrass him. "It's okay! You've changed!" You were still in awe. He shyly rubbed his neck, blushing deeply, "Yeah, puberty and college was something else."  At least his boyish charm was still there. Mina slowly walked away, joining everyone else as the two of you started to catch up.
He was still the same charming Kirishima that you liked before. He still had his love for manly things, playing every sport known to man. He currently lives with Sero, Denki, and Katsuki in Mustafa while getting his degree in Kinesiology. You didn't know if your goosebumps were being caused by your damp clothes or Kirishima's massive presence towards you but you couldn't help but shiver.
You snapped out of your lustful daze as you were hit in the face with a towel. "What the hell, Bakugou?!" Kirishima slightly growled at him. Bakugou rolled his eyes as he walked towards you, "Short stack was getting cold, shitty hair. You didn't see her shivering or were you too busy checking her out?"  You scoffed at the stupid nickname. Even though you grew, Bakugou still towered over you with his height and build.
"Hello to you, Bakugou." You tried to be cordial, only to receive a 'tsk.' "Come on, Kirishima. Let's go unpack before I have to fucking cook for you dumbasses." The redhead nodded before focusing back on you, "I'm really glad you're here. It feels good to have you- I mean the gang back together!" He wanted to play it cool but his nerves were getting the best of him. You giggled, agreeing with him, "I'm happy to see you too, Kiri. You should probably go before Bakugou chomp your head off." You could feel the burning red gaze behind you. He nodded, giving your arm a squeeze before running off. Your knees felt weak as your crush for the man resurfaced. You heard a wolf whistle coming from Sero, wanting you to join the rest of the group.
'This is going to be an interesting summer…' you thought, thinking about the brawny man.
Tumblr media
Once the pre-teens finally came, everyone was scattered with their groups. The only time you got to see each other was crossing paths, dinner, or heading to your rooms. You were lucky enough to have your section next to Kirishima. Even better, he was in charge of water activities and you got to watch him shirtless throughout the day. You and some of your campers had a hard time focusing on the art and crafts in front of them.
"He's so dreamy." One girl swooned, ignoring her jewelry craft. You snapped your fingers in her face before laughing, "You can daydream about Mr. Kiri while you're with him!" She blushed, "I might drown if I do that!" All the girls agreed. "Ms. Y/L/N, don't act like you don't check him out!" You rolled your eyes, "I'm not checking him out! He's an old camp friend!" Everyone gathered towards you as you were bombarded with questions.
"Did he always look like that?"
"What was he like!"
"Was he a good kisser!?"
You tried to calm everyone down, not wanting his attention over here. "I can only answer one of those answers… He was a good kisser." Your ears almost burst from the squeals. Adolescence and their love for romance. "OMG, WHY AREN'T YOU DATING HIM, MS. L/N!" you nodded, "We grew up in different cities and never got his contact information."
"This reminds me of this one fanfic I read-" You interrupted one girl, "This is not a fanfic, hon! Mr. Kirishima and I are only friends." The girl nodded before screaming at the man to come over. You never wanted to kill a kid so bad in your life.
Kirishima quickly ran over, "You guys are a rowdy bunch today. What's going on?!" He smiles brightly at you. "Ms. L/N wanted to give you the bracelet she made." You couldn't believe what your campers were doing. Kirishima smiled before heading over to you, "Is that so? I would love to see this bracelet, Ms. L/N…" Offering his wrist.
It was just your luck you made a red yarn bracelet that could fit his wide wrist. "I'll cherish it with my life! Thank you, y/n!" Kirishima kissed the bracelet causing all the tweens to 'awe!' He laughed, "You guys better be as energetic when I see you guys in a bit! Or else I'll bring in Chief Bakugou to deal with you!" The kids eagerly nodded, knowing how aggressive the man was. Eijiro finally departed but before he went back to his group, he flashed a wink towards you.
“Just like the fanfic...”
Tumblr media
Eijiro felt like a lovesick puppy around you. If he had a tail, he would be whacking everyone around him whenever he saw you. He could hear his heart pounding when you came out with those tight khaki shorts, greeting the campers sweetly. How was it possible that someone could be so kind, beautiful and an expert bracelet maker?! He would spend the night debating if he should ask you out after the end of camp.
"Man, Y/N looked cute today!" "Dude, if you talk about Short Stack one more time…" Bakugou growled as the rest of the boys agreed. "Just ask her out already, dude!" Denki smacked Eijiro in the back of the head. Eijiro rolled his eyes, "It's not that easy! She lives pretty far from us and I don't know how she feels about long distance."
"Bro, I didn't expect you to be such a pussy." Sero laughed. Eijiro tried to defend himself but he was failing horribly.  "Look here, Shitty Hair. If you don't ask her out right now, I'll gladly show her what a real man is!" Bakugou bluffed, gaining a punch in the chest from his bro. "Cool it, Bakugou. I didn't make fun of you when Camie dumped your ass."
"I'm not making fun of you, I'm challenging you, idiot." Eijiro was starting irritated as Hanta and Denki added 'Fuck Bakugou!' 'Right there, Bakugou!' mimicking your voice terribly. "Why did I even bunk with you assholes? Midoriya and Todoroki are less of a hassle." He walked out of the living area.
"Because we have weed!" "Not so loud, dumbass!"
As much as he would like to admit, his roommates were correct. It wouldn't be manly of him to just sit around and not do anything about it. 'The worst she could say is no… Just fucking do it, Eijiro!' He hyped himself up before heading to the women's cabin.
He didn't have to wait too long before Ashido opened the door, "Kirishima! What are you doing here!?" He wanted to say something but his words were caught in his throat. His face was slowly redding as his nerves got to him. Mina recognized his demeanor, forming a cheeky smile, "You're here for Y/N, aren't you?" She whispered, not wanting to alert the other girls. He nodded, wishing he could talk. "She's currently talking to her roommate right now. It sounds like a serious conversation so right now isn't a good time." She looks around before stepping outside with the flustered man. "I knew coming over here was stupid." He mumbled, taking this sign as a rejection. "Don't say that, Kiri! Look me and the girls were talking and we know that you have a thing for Y/N."
'Jeez, was it that obvious?' He thought. "We wanna help you out! We made a plan and everything." Kirishima's ears perked up. Who knew you better than the girls themselves!?
"All you have to do is wait until the counselors' bonfire party. Are you in or out?" Mina bluntly asked.  A week and a half, that gives him plenty of time to prepare himself and he's in good hands with the girls.
"I'm in."
Operation Bonfire was a go.
The last few days were stressful for Kirishima. Between keeping his composer around you and not wanting to kill his childhood friends, his mind couldn't take another day of it. As they watch the campers leave the site, the owner granted you guys to have one night alone to celebrate. It was a camp tradition for the counselors to have their final oorah without worrying about the pre-teens around them.
The plan was simple:
Wait until the bonfire.
Mina is going to pitch the idea for seven minutes in heaven.
As one couple distracts the group (Knowing everyone is going to try to listen through the door), Momo is going to rig the bottle with a magnet before you take your turn.
Kirishima holds a magnet and magic will happen on its own :)
The plans had a few holes but Kirishima trusted the plan. Putting on a simple button-up over his tank top and spritzing himself with his nicest cologne, he was ready for the night to begin.
You were actually sad that camp was ending. You had a blast living with the girls and had a great time with everyone around you. Plus, you didn't expect to create a tight bond with Eijiro by the end of it. Your silly summer crush worsens, causing you to be nervous about what happens outside of camp.
"Come on, girly! Time for us to party!" Mina shakes your shoulder, almost ruining your lashes. You quickly set your makeup, making sure everything was perfect. A simple natural look while wearing a red sundress was sure to catch his eyes. 'Let's do this!' you smiled before following the ladies.
You didn't expect Izuku Midoryia, the golden boy of the group, to have multiple bottles of liquor hidden in this room. 'Wanted to make this night special.' he started before helping Katsuki with the barbecue. It made it special alright. Everyone was drinking heavily after being dry for a month and a half.
Laughter was filling around the campfire, talking about the past and future. "Are you guys planning on coming back one more year?" Uraraka asked. There were a few 'yes' while you weren't sure. "Probably not. Grad school doesn't wait for anyone!" Watching your friends frown made your heart stung. "Well-" "If this is the last time we're going to see you, might as well make it memorable!" Denki interrupted Mina, earring confused stares from everyone.
"What are you- PUT ME DOWN, KAMINARI!" You were thrown on his shoulder, heading toward the lake. You banged on his back, hoping he wasn't stupid enough to throw you in the lake.
He was.
Kirishima chased after you two but was too late when he saw your body submerged in the cold water. He shoved Denki to the side, offering his hand to help you up. "I'm going to kill you, Denki Kaminari!" Kirishima mentally agreed with you, seeing how the plan was derailing. Denki quickly rushed back to the bonfire, leaving you to shiver.
Eijiro felt his mouth getting dry, your dripping sundress gave him every detail of your curves. Your perky nipples were hard due to the cold air, your breasts, tummy, and hips drove the man into insanity. He took his button-up off, wrapping it around you, "Come on, let's go to my cabin to dry you off." You nodded, hiding your embarrassment. You probably looked horrible and exposed with your makeup running down your face and your dress showing your insecurities. 'There go my chances.' you mentally sighed as you followed him.
He offers you a shirt and towel, turning around to give you some privacy. "So Y/N, I've been thinking…" You hummed, trying not to get his area wet. "I know we all have lives outside of here and you're probably not coming back next year…" He stopped when he felt you tap on his shoulder. You were trying to kill him with how cute you looked. You were so small in his shirt as it fitted you like a dress, your bare face was just beautiful to him. "What did you want to ask me, Kirishima?"  you smiled.
"Can I kiss you?" He thought out loud, covering his mouth. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to blurt that out! I wanted to ask you out properly but you just look so pretty and-``
“Kirishima, shut up and kiss me." You pulled him with his belt buckle before wrapping your arms around his thick neck.
You've been waiting for this all summer, you were over talking. He followed your orders as he placed his lips against your soft ones. Your head was spinning, he was better than what you imagined. He wasn't the shy kisser that you remembered, thanks to university. Your senses were flooded with his burning touch, his addicting odor, and the taste of bitter whiskey as the kiss deepens. You moaned in his mouth, feeling him nibble your bottom lip to slip his tongue in your warm mouth. Both of your lungs were burning from the lack of oxygen, not wanting to pull apart just yet. You finally pulled apart as his lips ghosted yours. "What's so funny, princess?" he continued to peck your lips as you giggled.
"I was so nervous that Kaminari ruined my chance with you by his stupid joke. I guess he helped us out..."
"I'll still kick his ass for you. You did look hot coming out of the water." you felt yourself melting by his calming touch as his hand slid down your plush hips. You shush him by reconnecting your kiss. This kiss was more passionate now that his hands were roaming around your body. Eijiro didn't want to push his luck by manhandling you like he normally does but he couldn't help but give your ass a soft smack.
You heard his soft growl as you pulled away, meeting those lustful ruby eyes. "We don't have to continue this if you want…I want you to be comfortable with me." Something about consent made you squeeze your legs together. "I want to. I don't wanna wait anymore." You slid your hands under his tank, feeling his years of hard work.
A faint 'fuck' slipped from his mouth, ripping the shirt on you. He tossed you in his bed, mounting over your small body. You felt yourself dripping as you watched the man toss off his shirt and released his wild locks from his ponytail. He was absolutely beautiful and you couldn't believe that you were under him.
"You're gorgeous…"
Kirishima blushed at your comment, it wasn't offended that he would be the one to receive a compliment. Before he could let his insecurities get the best of him, you pulled him down,  "I mean it… You're breathtaking." He smashed his lips against yours as he slipped his hands between your thighs. Your core was barely covered due to your red thong, making it easier for the redhead to toy with your soaked slit. You let out a soft moan, feeling two of his fat fingers entering you. "I gotta stretch you out, baby. I won't hurt you." He gave you a quick kiss before heading down to your pussy.
You felt lightheaded once you felt his lips suction around your sensitive clit. You silently thank the women before you to help him gain experience. "God." you arched your back as another finger entered in you, curling into your g-spot. "You're absolutely delicious." you heard him, feeling the flat of his tongue slurp up your juices. He could live between your legs for the rest of his life if he had the option. Feeling your nails digging in his scalp as you rode his face to approach your high was making him drip from his hard cock. "Fuck Eijiro, I'm about- AHH!" your eyes rolled back as you felt your body burning from your orgasm. You were panting as Eijiro continued to lap you up. "Eiji!" You pulled him away, seeing the shine of your orgasm mixed with his spit all over his mouth and nose.
Messy but still hot.
"I need you, Eiji." Eijiro couldn't take it anymore. If his baby needs him, he's going to give you all he got. "You're on birth control?" You nodded, watching him take off his shorts and boxers. You knew that he was going to be pretty big due to his size but god he was a monster. His prep-work was much needed if you were going to deal with this.
His cock smacked against his abdomen with his angry red tip oozing out pre-cum, long and thick as veins scatter around it. He stroked his length before pulling your legs to have your ass almost hanging off the bed. He threw your legs over his shoulder, noticing a familiar bracelet on your ankle. "Is this supposed to match with my bracelet?" he smirked, giving your ankle a kiss. You let out a whimper as you felt his cock tease your sensitive pussy. "Probably touched yourself to the thought of your legs over my shoulder, fucking you all night long. Such a dirty whore." he grinned, slowly inserting himself in you.
The burn felt amazing, stretching you out completely. Kirishima felt like he was melting, with his cock kissing your cervix. You were strangling his cock, trying to adapt to his sheer size. You begged him to move, wanting some type of friction. He silenced you with your plea with a kiss as he began to thrust into you.
His hands tighten around your meaty thighs as his lips trailed down your neck. You were breaking his skin as your nails raked down his muscular back. His thrusts progressively sped up, obsessed with your delicious moans. He latched his lips around your nipple as he aggressively sucked. You let out a whine, feeling his sharp teeth nibble on the tender spot. "You feel fucking amazing, angel." he repeated his actions on the opposite titty. "So big…" you could barely speak as his pace picked up, hitting your spot hard and fast. Your second orgasm was approaching.
"I can feel you getting close. Don't cum until I tell you to." He ordered, slapping your thigh to get your attention. You felt tears forming as his pace didn't slow down. Your sweet begs almost made him cave in but he was so close himself. "My pretty girl. Taking me so well." He mumbled, giving your tender nipple a pinch.
"I'm about to cum, baby. I need you to cum with me." he told you. You nodded, pulling him in for a kiss before finally releasing. You felt him coating your walls with his thick cum, filling you until you were leaking. He collapses on you, crushing you with his pure muscles but you could care less. He continued to litter your face with kisses as the two of you relaxed from your high.
"You were absolutely amazing." You felt your heart swell up from his praise, bruising his hair out of his face. Before you could say anything, he placed a finger on your lip, "Let's get some rest, pretty girl. We can talk before leaving tomorrow…"
All you could do was nodded before slowly drifting off. Right before you were completely knocked out, you could feel the man cleaning you up before getting you properly in bed.
Tumblr media
"SHHH, THEY'RE COMING." You were already dreading this moment. Kiri wrapped his massive hand around yours before the two of you walked into the kitchen. "LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE GOT PIPED DOWN!" Denki laughed, earning a back of the head smack from Midoriya.
"Too loud." Still recovering from the wild night of his own.
You wanted to hide behind your giant partner but your stomach said otherwise. "The champion needs a meal! Move out the way, my guys." Sero fluffed your hair, receiving a glare from Kirishima. "I guess you can eat too, guard dog."
Spending breakfast one last time was nice, not wanting this moment to end. "Are you sure you can't come back next year?!" Mina asked you, hoping to change your mind. "Maybe. I have a lot of moving to do by the end of the summer and want to adjust to the new city I'm moving to." Everyone looked at you with confusion, including Kirishima. "You didn't tell me you were moving…" Kirishima nervously laughed. "Because I wanted to surprise some of you. I got accepted into my master's program and moving to Mustafa!" You felt his hand squeeze your thigh as Kirishima flashed you a smile.
"You can live with us, Y/N!" You shot down Denki's idea, "I'm not living with 4 men. No offense." You quickly apologized to the man next to you, "We don't blame you…"
"So, when are you moving? Midoriya and I could help you bring some stuff down." Todoroki offered while Midoriya gave you a thumbs-up as he rested his head on Uraraka's lap. You told him your timeline before wanting to focus on everyone else's summer plans.
Camp finally ended as everyone said goodbye. All the girls promise to all hang out once you move into your new apartment, trying not to cry. All the boys gave you heartfelt goodbyes (Well, Katsuki ruffled up your hair, mumbling 'See you at the apartment, short stack.'). You were finally ready to say your hardest goodbye. Kirishima closed Uraraka's car trunk, helping you with your luggage, before finally facing you. You placed your hand on his face, making him face you, "Just a couple of weeks…" he smiled, realizing this wasn't a true goodbye. "Promise?"
"Promise." he pulled you in for a sweet kiss. The kiss was shortened by a honk coming from Bakugou's jeep, "Fucking hurry up, shitty hair." Kirishima rolled his eyes, giving you one more kiss and a smack on the ass before heading to the car.
"See you later, beautiful!"
Tumblr media
see y’all later- nicole 💙
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kookie-doughs · 21 days ago
AU Fic
Aging! Soulmate AU
Atsumu Miya X Reader
At the age of 18, you stop aging unless you have found your soulmate.
Tumblr media
You two started dating in middle school. He actually did it to spite his brother who happened to be drawn to you, but you accepted anyway. Why? He was pretty popular and he was great at sports or so you heard.
It didn't take long before you two fell for one another, his joke on his brother stopped being a joke after 6 months of dating you. Yeah, you two were fairly young, so the fact that you felt the need to be with one another so badly only led both of you to one conclusion.
You were each other's soulmate.
Your relationship with his brother was great, you two were practically best friends. A year into your dating you both had introduced one another to each other's parents. And another year the two decided to meet formally.
Although both sides of your families were reluctant with your relationship as it was too early after years of dating they decided maybe you are indeed soulmates.
Of course your relationship had tough times, you got over it easily. The other Miya was the bridge to fixing the relationship.
Being in the same highschool was also hard. With students throwing themselves at your man, despite knowing about your long term relationship.
Of course he'd always reassured you, which you didn't need as you trust each other greatly.
When the twins got into the school's volleyball team you've never been more proud and when they got the started position a celebration was must.
You were together, all the time. Through thick and thin.
Then the most awaited day had finally come.
It was your 19th birthday.
Usually 19th birthdays are celebrated at 12 Am. So for a memorable occasion, your family and the Miyas decided everyone must be there for the special occasion.
Counting down the minutes, everyone was excited. You stayed in your boyfriend's arms 2 minutes away.
You weren't nervous, not a bit. You were sure he was the one.
"Y/N! The clock's about to strike! Get over here!!"
With a grin you gave your boyfriend a peck which earned a gag from his twin then rushed to the table.
A camera was set up in front, filming everything. To your side was your parents and the Miya couple,on the other was the twins.
You closed your eyes shut.
Then the loud dings of your clock meant it was 12.
You felt a rush in you body.
You've aged.
You immediately opened your eyes tears flowed. You covered your grinning lips.
You were right. He was your Soulmate.
"'samu," You cried placing a hand on his cheek. "I aged." You gave a laugh.
Osamu was joyed and didn't think twice in wrapping you in his arms. You shared a passionate kiss while the adults cheered beside you.
"Congratulations!" Atsumu smirked. "You now have no choice but stay with us forever."
"I'm so happy for you two!!" Both your moms pulled you into a hug.
Your fathers shared a nodded and watched at the happy event happening.
You never doubted it. You knew Osamu Miya was your Soulmate.
Delivering the news to everyone wasn't that hard. Everyone was expecting it after all, but the confirmation was a big deal.
Wrapped in the arms of the man you love and will grow old with you smiled, "I love you."
He gave your nose a peck, "I know. I can't wait for my birthday."
7 years of your relationship and today was the biggest day of all. The day your relationship was going to be set in stone.
October 5th.
It was the twin's birthday.
Just like your birthday, there was a 12 AM celebration, this time the Miyas were hosting.
"YN let's get married." Osamu smiled pulling you closer to him.
"Huh???" You were surprised. You were thinking of it and had plans of course but it still doesn't make it any less surprising.
"The moment that clock," He points. "Strikes 12. I will get down on my knees and I will ask you to marry me."
You smiled at the thought snuggling closer to him. He gave your temple a kiss.
"Hey you two, I know it's your big day but it's also my birthday." Atsumu interrupted. "Make room."
Pouting, the blond twin stuck his foot between you and your boyfriend and pushed you away, stealing your previous spot.
You scoffed, "That's my spot!"
He let out his tongue and snuggled closer to his brother which earned him a spot on the ground when Osamu swatted him.
"What made you think I want a hug from you?" He asked disgusted pulling you back into his arms.
Atsumu pouted and decided that the spot beside you was good enough and you were sandwiched between the twins.
"Hey YN, could you tell me about what you felt on your birthday?" Osamu paused looking down on you. "So that I'd know when I should do it."
You pursed your lips together trying to recall everything you felt that day.
Tracing your finger on his chest, "Well that day, I felt a rush. It was like I saw my life flash before my eyes, except instead of MY life it was ours. I saw the time you introduced me to Atsumu as your girlfriend, when you got in the volleyball team in middle school and highschool, our first kiss that was oh so rudely interrupted by 'tsumu, our sleep overs, and a lot more."
You heard Atsumu chuckle behind you, "All the ones you named had me interrupting. Am I that involved?"
Both you and Osamu turned to Atsumu and gave him a matter of fact look.
Signaling on his arms around you and Osamu you asked, "Ya think?"
He laughed and then was pulled away by his mother. "Leave those two alone will you? It's their big day!"
Having few more minutes to snuggle, it was finally time.
Seconds left to count.
Osamu had his hand in his pocket ready to bring out the ring any time.
Your squeaked beside him.
Atsumu couldn't wait to eat the cake.
Something was wrong. The clock had rang, Osamu wasn't on his knees like he had said... And your eyes were locked on the wrong twin.
You and Atsumu stared at each other in disbelief.
You didn't see anything, but you felt it.
Your Soulmate wasn't Osamu.
Tears fell from your eyes, to your surprise Atsumu also had tears.
Scared, you both turned to Osamu. He was looking at the ring on his hand, you could see the confusion and hurt on his eyes.
"'Samu..." You cried, you covered your mouth to prevent sobs.
"Huh...?" Osamu was looking at the clock and you.
"'Samu, I'm sorry..." Atsumu whimpered.
By then Osamu had processed what was happening. His tears were no longer held back.
He left the room.
"'Samu!!" You wailed falling on the ground.
The parents luckily caught you and gave a worried look.
"Osamu...!" Atsumu ran after him.
Getting out of the house, he saw Osamu pacing on the backyard clenching his hair.
"'Samu, I'm so sorry..." Atsumu chocked.
Osamu didn't reply, he just screamed, punched and kicked at the air.
"Please, I'm s-"
"Stop apologizing!!!" He cried. "Please. Stop."
"But 'Samu-"
"It's not your fault... You don't choose who your Soulmate is..." Swallowing the pent up saliva he turned to give Atsumu a sad smile, "You're her Soulmate not me."
Hearing that from his brother had made it official for Atsumu. He choked up on his tears and grabbed Osamu by his collar.
"Come on! Do something!" He started shaking his brother. "Think!!"
"'Tsumu, come on. What do you-"
"Think of something!" He screamed. "Think! I don't want this... please..."
"'Tsumu, we can't do anything-"
"Y-you know, I d-don't really care about her, yeah? M-Maybe you two-"
"'Tsumu don't say that."
"Well, I don't want this!!!"
"Do you think I want this too?!" Osamu broke. He had held back himself so his brother wouldn't blame himself. "Do you think I want to watch her grow old with someone else?"
"Then help me think of something... I don't want this. 'Samu... you love each other... I can't do this." Atsumu fell on the ground curling up. "I can't do this to you 'Samu."
"'Tsumu," Osamu knelt down to his brother. "You also love her right? It's going to be fine. You're meant to be together after all."
"Not in the way I'm supposed to. I don't love her like that 'Samu."
"You did. Remember? You loved her back then?"
"That was 7 years ago 'Samu."
"But you did. So, maybe you could do it again?"
"You could still be together... come on... don't you want to try?"
"Wouldn't that be unfair?" Osamu laughed sadly.
"I don't care about that. I don't wan-"
"Well let's say you don't, what about mine? Someday, somewhere, I'll meet mine."
"You haven't met them now. Why not stay with her? Please?"
"She's your soulmate 'Tsumu."
"I don't want her to be my soulmate!! God damnit please stop it! She's the last person I want to be soulmates with!!"
His outbreak caused his brother's anger to stir causing him to punch him.
"I wished I never met her!"
Another punch.
"I don't ever want to be with her! I wished I never became her soulmate!"
Osamu knew what Atsumu was doing. He wanted Osamu to hurt him. Just as he thought, he was blaming himself.
"'Tsumu." Osamu's voice was firm and sad. "Look at me."
Atsumu refused to look and let his tears flow while he bit his trembling lips.
"Atsumu Miya!" He cried. "Look at me!!"
Blood was starting to draw from the blond's lips, he looked everywhere but his brother.
"Atsumu, please look at me." Osamu finally begged holding his brother's chin lightly to make him notice of the blood.
The moment he heard his brother's plea, Atsumu released his lip and his cries echoed. His sobs and constant apology was all you could hear.
When the two met each other's eys, both of them broke. Osamu saw all the guilt and regret on his brothers brown eyes which was red due to his crying. Atsumu saw his brother with sad and tired blue eyes turning red due to crying as well.
"Listen to me okay?" Osamu started. "I want you to love each other, yeah? Can you do that?"
"I can't do that..."
"You can do that. I want you to love each other, grow old and happy together. I want you to be just like any other soulmates, because you are. You are meant for each other. So can you do that for me?"
Atsumu cried and rested his head on his brother's shoulder. Osamu rubbed circles on his brother's back
"You two are going to be great together."
Osamu pulled away taking his brother's hand.
"You two are going to be so happy and I expect at least one kid named after me." He smiled sadly. Placing the ring he had bought for you.
Atsumu stared at his palm. He didn't realized his brother had plans of proposing. Actually, only you two knew. This made Atsumu feel worse.
"Come on, stand up. She's waiting inside." With Osamu's help Atsumu got up and lumbered back to the house.
Upon entering the room, Atsumu's heart broke at the sight. You were sprawled on the ground in the arms of his and your mother still crying loudly. Your father was looking everywhere but you with watery eyes while his father was patting your father's back.
"Y/N," Osamu sniffled.
You looked up to see him, the twins saw how red your usual E/C eyes were, your clothes were soaked and your face was wet.
"'Samu..." You hurriedly stood up and ran to Osamu's chest. "'Samu, I'm sorry!" You sobbed.
Hearing your sob and feeling the ring in his hand, Atsumu wanted nothing else but to be gone. It was his fault this was happening. He fell on the ground in front of the door and surled up silently weeping at every sob you release. All four parents went to his side to comfort him while you and Osamu stayed in each other's arms for a while before Osamu talked.
"Y/N, calm down."
Osamu had always hated seeing you cry. And hearing your sobs made him want to stay. Your desperate hold on his shirt while you stain his chest with tear was making him think twice on leaving you.
"Y/N, please stop crying."
It was Osamu's fault all this problem after all. If he wasn't such a jerk to his brother and took you from him then maybe this entire thing would've been avoided. You would be with Atsumu instead. No one would have gotten hurt today.
"I know, Atsumu is really loud, smelly, annoying and narcisstic but I swear he isn't that bad." He joked lightly.
"'samu, I want to stay with you." You cried.
Osamu melted. He wanted to say he wanted that too. But he couldn't. He saw how Atsumu brought his knees closer to his head clenching his legs. How his mother pulled his other son to her arms whispering comforting words.
He couldn't do that to him.
"I know you do, but don't you think 'Tsumu deserves a chance? There's got to be a reason you're soulmates. do you not want to find out?"
"Osamu... I love you..."
He doesn't want to leave you. He hated whoever decided you weren't his soulmate.
Giving your head a kiss he smiled sadly and lifted your head to look him in the eyes.
"Why don't we give 'Tsumu a chance? Remember in middle school how he was obsessed with you? Maybe you two could go back to that hmm?"
"Do you not want to stay with me?"
You were being selfish. He wanted to be like that too.
"No, I don't. I don't want to see you grow old with out me. I don't want to be the reason for a true couple not to end up together."
He moved your head to face Atsumu. You felt guilty for everything you've been saying while was just there. He had gotten tired of crying and was just leaning on his mother staring at the ground with tired red eyes.
"He's your soulmate. That's him." Osamu said running his fingers through your hair. "He's the man you're going to grow old with. He's the man meant to be with you. Could you give him a chance?"
"Osamu I love you."
"I know. But this time, could you love Atsumu instead?"
He pulled away and wiped your tears. You've calmed down. Now Osamu knew, this was the last. The last time he could be your lover.
"I can..." You sniffed. "try..."
"You should talk to him don't you think?"
You gave him a reluctant look and turned to Atsumu. His fatehr and your parents were giving you a sad supportive smile.
When you stepped away, Osamu smiled sadly. He gave you thumbs up and motioned you get closer.
You knelt down in front of Atsumu. His mother gave you a sad empathetic look.
"'Tsumu," You called.
You both locked eyes and almost immediately felt like crying.
"N/N, I'm sorry..." He whimpered. "I'm sorry."
Placing a hand on his cheek Atsumu snapped out a bit. He stopped leaning on his mother.
His mother went to Osamu the moment she was free. you wanted to turn and face him but you knew, the moment you take a look on Osamu, you would change your mind.
"Hey Atsumu, I'm your soulmate." You laughed sadly.
He smiled, not in his usual cheeky way, it was a smile you've only seen from him when they first lost their game maybe worse.
"Am I that bad that you can't even?" You joked.
Atsumu was slowly lighting up. He laughed, "Yeah, you kinda are."
Gasping dramatically you hit his shoulder which caused you both to erupt on fits of laughter. Your sadness and depression faded little by little as you continued to talk.
It was that moment Osamu knew you two were soulmates. This wasn't the first time this happened. Every time either of the one were sad, being with the other had always calmed them down. Now thinking about it, Atsumu had always been the one who comforted you easily and vice versa.
After the lost, you had comforted Atsumu's sadness faded upon hearing your cheers and applause. When your dog had died, despite Osamu's constant comfort, it took Atsumu's one corny joke to make you smile.
Yeah, you were Atsumu's soulmate. You weren't his.
And you and his brother's smile was enough to make him feel better about his choice.
His dreams of growing old with you was replaced with, dreams of watching you and Atsumu growing old together and happily at that. He was fine with the out come.
As long as both of you were happy.
Tumblr media
Take Me To Oneshot Aisle
Tumblr media
Yoooooo I maybe maybe not cried while thinking of how to write this story. And I must say I’m satisfied with my work. I hope you are too since I really like this one lmao
Tumblr media
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animesexual78 · 21 days ago
Hunter x Hunter Boyfriend Scenarios
Includes: Dead bodies, Swearing, Angst
𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕞𝕖𝕖𝕥 𝕒𝕘𝕒𝕚𝕟
(¯'·.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.-> 🌸<-.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.·'¯)
Tumblr media
Gon: 12-14
Y/n: 12-14
Gon finally returned to Whale Island with his best friend, Killua and they where both on their way to see you.
"I'll see you later Aunt Mito! I'm gonna show Killua around the island and introduce him to Y/n" Gon waved goodbye and started running along with Killua trialing behind him.
"So who's Y/n anyways?" Killua ask "She my first human friend, even though we barely got to know each other." Gon replies and stopped running arriving at a huge tree
"Woah! She lives in there?" Killua awed at the tree house
Tumblr media
"Yep! Pretty cool huh?"
They both walked up to your door and Gon knocked twice
A sudden loud clattering noise came from inside the house. The boys heard a faint shouting inside.
The door open
"Hey Y/n!" Gon smiled as you gasped "GON!" You pulled him into a hug. "Your back!" You smiled and released the hug.
"I said I'd come back right?" Gon smiled brightly and stepped to his side revealing his friend with white hair. "Y/n this is my friend Killua!" You smiled at him "nice to meet you Killua!" You say "Yeah nice to meet you too!" Killua was flustered at the attention.
"Well wanna tell me about your Exam?" You ask Gon "sure!"
"By the way what's that smell?" Gon says as they come inside. "Oh I got bored and decided to make dessert." You say then Killua looked around to see..
"Gon, I might steal her from you"
Tumblr media
Killua: 12-14
Y/n: 12-14
You were walking down the street munching on a chocolate bar and saw a familiar white fluffy hair boy
You called out jogging to the boy
"Eh? Y/n!" Killua turned around and saw you running up to him with chocolate in your mouth
"Good to see you again." You spoke which Killua gave you a surprised look. "How are you talking like that?"
You broke the chocolate in half and gave the bottom part to him. "Here you have the other half." You gave him the chocolate while finishing off the chocolate in your mouth.
"Thanks Y/n. So what are you doing here?" Killua took the chocolate and started eating it. "I could ask you there same thing, I thought you where still at Padokea." You say
"I was home but I ran away." Killua spoke his voice was muffled as he ate the chocolate. "Really? How? wouldn't your mom try and stop you?" Y/n ask him as he finished off his chocolate.
You both hang out over time when you first meet, so you learn some things about each other. You even played a game of hide and seek with Illumi
Or more like Hide and Kill
"Well she tried to along with piggy, but I stabbed him and slashed my mom before leaving." Killua gave a cat impression while you sweatdrop "of course you did."
"Now I'm on my way to take the Hunter Exam." Killua explains "really? You wanna be a Hunter?" Y/n questions
"Well, no I don't." "But it's supposed to be hard so I might as well give it a shot." Killua shrugged his shoulders
"Well ima going to head off, let's keep in touch okay?" You says smiling "sure thing" Killua and you parted ways 
Tumblr media
Kurapika: 12-14
Y/n: 12-14
The sound of fire cackling
The sick scent of blood
The remaining cries in anguish lingering through the freezing yet warmth wind as it passed through the flames
Kurapika returned home only to see his entire clan massacre. Walking away from the Piko his footsteps moved slightly and closer and closer as his face made an unbelievable expression.
He was shaking, frighten, filled with grief it almost seemed impossible to him
He gasped for air, shuddering with every small step he took the flames and beyond them until he ran forward
Kurapika kept running passing the flames that lit the place brightly from top to bottom, he passed the trees, the dead bodies as blood seeped from their wounds
He eyed everything that came to his view constantly tears poured down his eyes to his cheeks he then laid eyes on his friend, Pairo and the Elder with a few more familiar faces dead next to him.
"NOOOOO!" The young blond boy rasped out in agony, crying till his own eyes felt sore.
Immediately the boy raised his head up in sorrow his mind instantly thought of someone.
I-is she..
Y/N! Is she still alive?
The boy quickly ran as fast as he could leaving again and sling himself onto his Piko. As commanded the Piko took off to your home minutes later he arrived and in a panicked state he rushed to the door slamming it open
He gasped at the empty sight
The red cherries were placed in the basket and a small yet quiet rainfall came down silently drizzling as it made contact with the ground
Along with the sound of footsteps approaching the open door...
The door is opened?
From the dark and poorly lit room you heard sobs coming from inside your house. The rain made it hard to hear as well did the rains mist making it hard to see
But you could see a familiar yellow hair boy siting on the ground crying his eyes out.
Approaching him you recalled his familiar appearance and scent as he turned around to your sudden noise
"K-kurapika?" Your breath hitched
Nothing but the sound of your basket hitting the ground was heard
"Ah, Y/N!" Kurapika shouted and stood up running to you now clinging to your shocked figure.
Startled to return his hug. Tears escaped your face as well as him.
"I THOUGHT YOU DIED!" You both yelled in sync hugging each other to the bone
"I thought you got caught up in that massacre with them!" Kurapika spoke clutching his hands on your shoulders backing away from the hug
"I thought you returned home and died with all of them!" You shouted grasping his hands which were still on your shoulders.
Embracing each other and sobbing till your eyes dried and the end of the rain. You both sat at the table as the room was now fairly lit.
The mood was anything but happy, one could say devastating, well stating the obvious.
After you both told what happen from the past experience. You told him that you would be leaving the forest and he told you that he sworn to avenge his clan.
You stared at his now scarlet eyes. You both looked tired. In the end of the pain you both bid a farewell hoping to see each other once more before parting ways
"I'll see you again.."
Tumblr media
Hisoka: 27-28
Y/n: 26-28
"One point Y/n!"
"One point Hisoka!"
This went on for a while, nearing the end of the match you both had 9 points even when exhausted and breathless you were having fun just like Hisoka
It was the first time you actually enjoyed fighting. Hisoka was the first opponent who didn't give up so easily, not
like he would anyways
You smiled to yourself enjoying the fight.
"Eleven to Nine!
And the winner is...HISOKA!" The Ref declared
Hisoka won the match with his Bungee Gum scoring a critical hit (2pts) towards you. Cheers echoed through the stadium
And broken tile pieces where left hanging everywhere. It almost made you feel bad that they had to replace every single one of them.
You were dyeing of exhaustion and your body was sore. You may good Nen ability but your psychical strength was pretty low especially against Hisoka.
Retreating to your room tired from your fight. You once again bumped into Hisoka.
"♧︎Little Ace~♧︎"
"♧︎Those were some powerful moves you had." "Just as expected, your title did not mislead." Hisoka smirked towards you
"Thanks, Hisoka" you replied
"That is your name right?" You turned facing him. "♧︎Indeed it is, I'd like for us to meet up again."
He had a note folded in half in his hands and grabbed your wrist turning your hand upwards and placed the note in your right hand.
"♧Till we meet again Little Ace~" Hisoka walked away
You unraveled the note as he walked out of sight
Here's my number xxx-xxx-xxxx. Call anytime, by the way your hands are delicate and incredibly soft. Perhaps you could use them for something else instead of fighting~
You grew a tick mark on your head
That little Ronald Mc Donald looking ass!
Tumblr media
Illumi: 24
Y/n: 22-24
Exiting your favorite Café. You started walking to your house assuming the police wasn't there anymore.
Taking another sip from your drink yet you were not expecting to walk pass the same long black hair male who went in the opposite direction of you, simultaneously.
Acting natural closing your eyes as if you never knew him before...which you really don't. You stopped drinking and the second you couldn't sense him anymore you sighed
"Guess I won't be able to finish this drink after all." You utter and disappeared from the crowds tossing your half drink in the trash
You always put your crave for curiosity before anything really. It was one of the things you had an interest in
The male was walking to another building as the night fell. You manage to keep your eye on him through the whole day
Damn I should've kept my drink. You groaned internally regretting your choice.
The male turned to you feeling watched. You quickly noticed and ducked your head at the roof top side preventing him to see your body
Shit gotta pay attention, this is an assassin I'm watching.
Once you felt him look elsewhere you perked up again and saw him enter the building with guards next to the entrance.
How is he going to get through there? There's like dozens of them
Tumblr media
A sudden flash of movement and the male walked in the building without the guards moving until they suddenly collapsed to the ground
That's how? Impressive..
Your eyes glimmered at his moves, wanting to see more you took off and landed near the guards heads.
You saw pins in the back of their heads. How many pins does this even guy have? You sweatdrop
Turning to the entrance you trailed him making sure you where out of sight.
I'm surprised he doesn't notice me.. oh who am I kidding? This guy an assassin the only reason I'm not dead yet is because I'm not his target!
As you complained in your head you saw him reach the final stairs inside the mansion he opened the door in front of him and walked in.
"Hey! Who are you!" One of the man spoke pointed at the assassin, a few of the men who where gathered around the table pulled out there guns and pointed at the long hair male.
Oooh a show down
You smirk crept behind the door listening in. The same familiar movement happened again and the men fell to the ground dead.
Cool I saw it up close! You think. Welp better go before I die!
"Don't move."
Your breath became slow. The voice was right behind you.
I..should've seen this coming. You sweat drop nervously
"So you were the one spying on me?"
"Why?" The male question. You could feel a certain amount on pins behind your head.
"Because I was bored?" You answer unsure.
"Yeah, I saw you from afar and got curious about you." You responded not even bothering to face him
"I see, your aura is sharp"
"Aura?" you question
"you don't know?..interesting" He removed the pins from behind you and walked near the stairs "I'd like for us to meet someday." "We'll probably see other again, stalker." The male left
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