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#i did also throw up in the parking lot.
little-seed · 10 months ago
writing ritsu's Anxiety Scenes: hahahaha oh, to be Young™ aaaahahah those were the days, being anxious over things and getting stubborn about it HAH certainly not like that now that im Older and Well Adjusted 👴
me actually, me RIGHT NOW: ive decided im. no longer going to be anxious. just. gonna stop that little train wreck. that little dumpster fire. ok. HOOOO ee, yes, this is fine and totally working.
#:^l#<-the face of internal strife#i always always Always forget i have social anxiety right up until im about to do something social.#and the worst part is most of it doesn't even manifest mentally?? it's mostly physical ugh#supes excited to go kayaking today!!!#wouldn't know it!!#it's. weird enjoying yourself but also feeling the need to jump out of your skin and rake urself over hot coals at the same time.#body signals are weird.#it'll be a good day even if all i rly wanna do this morning is crash thru the wall like the koolaid guy.#like. i don't have to convince myself of this. i don't have to talk down any worried or doubtful thoughts.#i have complete confidence that the day will start well end well be well in the middle.#mild sunburn and mosquito bites. hot and muggy fun. tired arms. laughing. a yummy lunch. plenty of parking. friend times.#it will be a GREAT time. but also i will be reenacting the big bang in my chest every .2 seconds until i get home again#for LITERALLY NO GOOD REASON.#NONE.#im gonna be having a GREAT TIME and my hands will be shaking like a chiuaua on a tile floor ALL DAY#for NO GOOD REASON.#who did this to me and how do i sue. meet me in the deny's parking lot i just wanna talk#find an anxiety switch i can disconnect the cables from.#the ants come marching in my friends. and then they throw a party and you're not invited even tho youre THE HOST#AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH#ok lol time to start the day#YES I SPELLED CHIHUAHUA WRONG i am beyond caring even on a good day
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bakamoonshine · 5 hours ago
Gazing At My Star
Summary: Loops learns how to drive from Cap, then drives hours just to find the perfect spot to take him.
Word Count: 1455
Warnings: Mentions of food, fluff
“Baby, this is so scary, I feel like I’m going to cra-” Remus’ words were cut off as he steered the car he was currently driving into the curb, making the car come to an abrupt halt. Sirius chuckled, knowing that what he was worried about had just happened.
“Well, you’ve done it now, Loops, no need to be afraid of it anymore!” He slapped his hand onto Remus’ shoulder, continuing to laugh at the unamused look on his face. “It’s just learning to drive, Fruit Loop, it’s not scary. If a I can do it, then so can you. I don’t understand why you even want to learn to drive in the first place – I already drive us everywhere anyway.” Remus looked at him, sucking on his bottom lip while thinking about his response.
“Sometimes I want to take you places. What if I wanted to surprise you? I can’t just tell you where we’re going and make you drive.” Remus grabbed Sirius’ hand and pulled it up to his lips, kissing the tips of each finger as he smiled.
“Well then Re, you better keep trying. You’ve got a long way to go.” Sirius laughed again as he throws Remus’ hand back into his lap, eagerly grabbing the gear shift and revving the engine.
“Watch and learn baby.” Remus winks at Sirius, backing the car up and immediately hitting another curb.
“Baby, where are you? We’re going for a drive,” Remus yells up the stairs of the apartment. Sirius comes bounding down the stairs, two at a time, and Remus’ eyes widen, realizing he is about to be crushed by his big hockey player boyfriend. Sirius flattens Remus against the wall across from the stairs, trapping him between the wall and his body.
“And where are we going today, Fruit Loop?” he asks in a somewhat formal tone.
“Well, Cap, I am taking you on the adventure of a lifetime. But you’re going to have to wait and see what it is. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.” Remus grinned at Sirius, knowing how impatient he probably felt now. He guided Sirius towards the car, having finally learned how to properly drive, and opened the door for Sirius, winking while he did. Remus got into the driver’s seat and started the car, handing Sirius the aux cord. “You know the rules baby. Shotgun DJs.” Sirius smiled back at Remus, scrolling through his music, and picking out one of Remus’ favourite songs. He groaned in appreciation – he had always loved Sirius’ taste in music as it aligned so well with his, but also somehow managed to broaden his tastes.
Pulling out of the parking lot, Sirius mind started to wander impatiently back to the destination. In all honesty, he had no clue where Remus was taking him. “Re, could I just have a little hint as to where we’re going?” As soon as he said hint, Remus was immediately shaking his head.
“All you need to know is that I’ve got food in the back in case you get hungry. This very well may be our longest trip yet.” Remus widened his eyes in mock seriousness, knowing they had taken a longer trip last week to New York to play the Islanders. Sirius bit his lip to stifle a laugh and reached into the back of the car to grab a bag of crisps to snack on. Both bobbed their heads along to the music playing in the background. Sirius eyed the things that Remus had packed into the back of the car – food, a blanket, pillows…
“Mon loup, are you taking me on a romantic picnic?”
“Baby, you are literally eating all of the food I packed right now. Why would I let you do that if I were taking you on a picnic?
“What can I say…I’m a growing hockey player.” Sirius quipped defensively. He huffed a laugh out as he reached for another bag of crisps. “This isn’t on the diet plan, Loops,” Sirius said cheekily, looking at his lover out the side of his eyes. Remus reached over and rubbed a hand over Sirius’ thigh gently.
“Good thing I’m not in charge of that anymore.” He opened his mouth and made a noise, wanting Sirius to give him a crisp. He teased Remus for a few minutes, until he got tired of waiting for Sirius and slumped back in the driver’s seat. He stayed like that for a few minutes, then sat bolt upright when he realized they were almost at their destination.
“We’re almost there, baby. Can you put this over your eyes for me though? I want it to be a complete surprise.” Remus hands Sirius a bandana and he can’t help but agree to his request, knowing how excited he was. Sirius puts the bandana over his eyes, darkening the world around him, and sits quietly as he waits for the engine to cut off, signaling they had arrived at the destination. Eventually, everything went quiet, and Sirius heard Remus’ door open. He then heard the trunk of the car pop open and figured that Remus was getting everything set up to perfect the surprise. At last, Sirius heard his door open and felt Remus’ warm hands on his body, pulling him gently up into his arms and out of the car. Instead of having Sirius wobble towards the destination, Remus picked him up in a piggyback ride. Sirius felt butterflies flutter in his stomach as soon as he felt the warmth of his boyfriend along his entire front. Sirius could have sat like this for hours, enjoying the feeling of being carried by his strong boy. Remus stopped abruptly, pulling Sirius from his daydream.
“Okay Siri you can take off your blindfold.” Sirius slipped the fabric from his face and stifled a gasp, his face instantly flushing in delight. They were in the middle of nowhere, standing by a blanket surrounded by pillows, the only thing in sight the dark night sky above them. They were far away from any town, giving them a perfect view at the inky black expanse above, dotted with tiny, perfect stars. Remus smiled widely and looked over at Sirius, his smile instantly wiping off his face when he saw tears streaming down his face.
“Baby, baby, what’s wrong? Do you not like it? I can drive us home if you don’t like it!” Sirius felt Remus’ hands skate across his face multiple times, wiping away tears and giving away how flustered he suddenly felt. He cradled Sirius’ face in his hands and gently guided him down to sit on the blanket. He adjusted his body so that Sirius could lay down against him, head on his chest. Remus stroked a hand through his hair, wiping away his tears until he calmed down enough to speak.
When Sirius found his voice, he barely managed to croak out, “I love it.” He felt Remus’ body relax underneath him, his hands gently running through Sirius’ hair, pulling apart the tangles and tugging on it slightly, pulling a satisfied groan from his mouth. Laying with his head on Remus’ chest, his hands carding through his hair, Sirius felt at peace until he suddenly thought, “Re, what made you think of this?” He turned his head up to look up at Remus, watching as a band of pink stretched across his lover’s face like his own personal sunrise, the remnants of the night sky staying in the form of a constellation of freckles.
Remus exhaled loudly, dragging a hand through his own hair, and said, “It doesn’t really seem fair. I get to look at my star every day, so I figured I should take you to see some too.” Sirius’ heart skipped a beat in his chest, his cheeks heating up to mirror his love’s. He didn’t say anything in response, just wrapped his hands around the back of Remus’ neck and pulled him until their lips smashed together. Everything was perfect – the smell of the outdoor air, the soft pillows masking the hard ground, the moonlight shining down on them as they pulled each other ever closer, intertwining every part of their bodies until one couldn’t tell where Sirius ended, and Remus started.
“I’m so in love with you it’s not even funny” Sirius mumbled against Re’s lips.
“Baby, I don’t go around calling just anyone mon etoile,” Remus whispered back, making Sirius’ cheeks flush red. “If you couldn’t tell I’m yours, you’re absolutely blind” Remus paused for a moment to steal a kiss before he continued on in a hushed voice, laughing slightly but meaning every single word. “I am absolutely, unequivocally, desperately yours, Sirius Black. Now and always.”
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sodasback · 12 hours ago
Grow Up - Part 6
JJ Maybank x Cassie Routledge x Rafe Cameron
JJ Maybank Sublist
Warnings: FICTIONAL character age gap; Cassie’s 21, JJ’s 18
Over the next couple weeks, Cassie and Rafe saw a lot of each other unbeknownst to all of the pogues. 
JJ still flirted with Cassie as usual, but now Cassie felt extremely guilty about it. She loved JJ and thought maybe he might be the one for her. But she felt like she was taking advantage of him and that he was too young and vulnerable. She also was really falling for Rafe now too. JJ kept trying to get Cassie alone to talk to her about the kiss they shared and to tell her seriously how he felt about her, but she kept making excuses to avoid having a serious discussion with him.
One night, Rafe had taken Cassie out to dinner and they had a great time. Rafe even agreed to come back to the chateau with Cassie, so they could watch the sunset on the marsh from the dock. Cassie knew the pogues had plans to go on a night time adventure out on the water and she was relieved to see The HMS Pogue not in the water behind their house.
So Rafe and Cassie sat side by side on the dock, looking out at the sunset. Fireflies started to buzz around and the humidity was starting to fade away. Cassie leaned her head on Rafe’s shoulder and they held hands in her lap. 
“This is perfect.” Cassie said blissfully. 
“You make everything perfect.” Rafe commented and Cassie turned to look up at him. He smiled softly at her. “I really like spending time with you Cassie. And I don’t want to stop.” 
“Who said we have to?” Cassie asked. 
“Well, I’ve been meaning to ask you... why’d you come back home Cass? ...Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy you did because I got a chance to shoot my shot with you but I heard you had accepted a spot in the Peace Corps?” Rafe asked. When Cassie gave him a questioning look about how he knew that. He smiled and let out a small breathy laugh. “I’m actually going too. I saw your name on the list, the villages we were going to are right next to each other.”
“You’re doing the Peace Corps? Wow, you really have changed Rafe Cameron.” Cassie asked, pleasantly surprised. 
“Yeah, I’m going in August. But weren’t you supposed to already be over there by now?”
“Yeah but my dad died.  ...John B. needed me.” You said softly, looking out at the marsh.
“He’s 18 Cass” Rafe said simply.
“Just because you turn 18 doesn’t mean you’re an adult.” Cassie said.
“You’re right. But it seems like John B. is doing okay. Hasn’t it been like a year since your dad? I mean he’s got a good job. You said he’s got classes at the community college lined up. He has the Heyward’s and my sister and Kie and Maybank. Like he has a support system. And I bet you a million bucks, if he knew your turned down the Peace Corps to come back, he’d tell you to go in a heartbeat.”
Rafe was making some good points. Cassie had definitely underestimated Rafe Cameron’s newly evolved emotional intelligence.
“I see those gears turning in the pretty head of yours. You know I’m right.” Rafe said in a teasing tone, bumping into her shoulder. Cassie broke into a smile.
“Come on, say I’m right.” He teased reaching an arm around her waist and lightly tickling her.
“No way!” Cassie exclaimed as he tickled her more, causing her to stand up and squirm in his grasp.”
“Say I’m right or I’m gonna throw you in the water!” Rafe threatened as he picked her up. 
“Never!” Cassie squealed.
Meanwhile, at the front of the chateau, JJ had pulled up on his motorcycle, he had lost track of time and wasn’t sure if the Pogues had left without him or not.  As he got off the bike, much to his confusion, he saw Rafe Cameron’s shiny lifted truck parked on the street.
“What the fuck?” JJ muttered to himself and then heard Cassie scream.
JJ quickly ran around to the back of the house where he saw Rafe with his arms around Cassie, lifting her off the ground. But he quickly realized Cassie wasn’t in distress and that she was actually ….laughing?
“What the fuck is he doing here?!” JJ yelled angrily as he approached them.
Rafe and Cassie both quickly stopped laughing turned to look at the hot tempered blonde teen storming up to them.
Cassie cleared her throat and instantly felt guilty before then feeling justified.
“Relax JJ, Rafe and I were just hanging out.” Cassie said with a slight eye roll, completely over the beef JJ and Rafe still had.
“You guys were just hanging out?” JJ asked incredulously.
“I took Cass on a date actually.” Rafe said.
Cassie bristled a little at this knowing Rafe partially said that to rile JJ up even more.
“Cass? He’s calling you Cass now? And you’re fucking dating?”
“We’ve been seeing each other, yes.” Cassie confirmed with an exasperated sigh, knowing this was only going to make JJ spiral.
“Are you fucking kidding me?! Did you forget about the party?! And I don’t know, maybe every horrible thing this prick has done to me and John B and Pope?”
Rafe instantly stood up straighter and Cassie recognized all too well the barbarian posturing 2 young guys do when they’re about to fight.
“The party? You mean when you guys kissed for like 2 frickin seconds and then she got up and left?” Rafe asked. He was more exasperated by the drama JJ was creating more than he was trying to goad him.
“You told him that? Wow Cassie.”
“No, JJ. Rafe saw from the balcony. You guys need to calm down.”
“Yeah, Maybank, relax.”
“Don’t fucking tell me what to do” JJ said as he shoved Rafe’s chest.
Rafe instantly shoved him back as his old temper got the better of him.
Cassie stepped between the 2 quickly.
“Hey! Stop!” And then she turned to Rafe, “Hey” she said softer and Rafe looked down at her, his expression softening. “I think you should go, okay?” Cassie told him gently. Rafe took a deep breath and then nodded.
“Call me later?” He asked quietly.
Cassie nodded and Rafe squeezed her hand before glancing at JJ and turning to leave. JJ scoffed. 
“This is a fucking joke right?!” JJ asked his brow tightly furrowed and his jaw clenched. 
“JJ-” Cassie sighed. 
“Did you hit your head or some shit?! Rafe Cameron? Really?!”  
“Why are you being like this JJ?”
JJ scoffed, “Don’t act like you don’t know Cassie. Playing dumb isn’t a cute look on you.”
Cassie just looked at him, waiting for him to explain even though she knew.
“You know I’ve been in love with you since I was a kid.” JJ admitted angrily. 
“You’re not in love with me JJ.” She sighed.
“Oh, I’m not?” JJ asked indignantly, folding his arms over his chest. “Please tell me how I feel Cassandra.”
Cassie paused, glaring at him for using her full name. She didn’t think JJ or even John B has ever actually called her that. But she moved past it. 
“You’re not in love with me JJ. You’ve just known me forever. And I’m like fucking ...forbidden fruit or some shit for you. I’m your best friends sister. I’m older than you. We’re not supposed to be together. So of course it’s what you think you want because it’s trouble and nothing screams JJ Maybank like running toward trouble.”
“I don’t give a fuck about any of that Cassie! I’m in love with you for a million reasons. Like the way you drop everything any time you see a dog. Or because you pull cookies out of the oven 5 minutes before you’re supposed to and eat frickin warm cookie dough. Because you care about the entire world and have a huge heart but you also flip people off on the freeway for not using a turn signal. ...Cassie I love you for a million little things. And I don’t care about all the other shit.”
Cassie dide everything she could to not launch herself at the blonde boy she loved in front of her. Her eyes getting wet at the heartfelt admission.
“We can’t JJ. You’re 18 and I’m 21”
“Who fucking cares Cass?! What? You think you’re like taking advantage of me?!”
“Yes JJ! You’re vulnerable and a kid and desperate for a family and someone to take care of you. Because someone should and you deserve that! But I can’t-“
“You’re a kid! You need a family and someone to take care of you too! I can take care of you. We can take care of each other. That’s what a fucking relationship is!”
Cassie was quiet. She had one other reason to say no to JJ. The one reason she couldn’t bare to tell him and break his heart.
The truth was she did love JJ and she could be with him eventually maybe. But she was also falling in love with Rafe Cameron. Rafe Cameron who was her age. Rafe Cameron who had already had fun in college and dealt with his childhood trauma and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Rafe Cameron who was going to the same village to live out the same dream she had of doing the Peace Corps. 
“I’m sorry, JJ.” Was all Cassie said with tears threatening to spill out of her eyes as she walked away and went inside. 
Taglist: @moniamaybank @abbyj1822 @october-cameron @moonrisebeach @hernameisnoell @railmerafe @jeyramarie @gabiatthedisco @littlementalpolaroids​
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kedreeva · 15 hours ago
Today I took my 10yo nephew, 4.0, to the Jurassic Quest drive-through dino experience. We had an hour drive each way and he talked my ear off the entire time about minecraft and animal crossing and a few other things and every time he asked “do you want to hear about _____” I got to respond with “Heck YEAH I do!” even though I have no idea what most of what he said even meant (and I DID ask questions so he could explain them). We ate burger king (his pick) in the burger king parking lot and I explained to him that a Road Trip is where you go driving and you don’t really go driving TO a place so much as that you visit places to go driving. He asked if we were on a road trip, and I said we were kind of on a mini road trip, since this was basically a roadside attraction. I also explained the renaissance festival to him and I have a feeling he’s going to want to go to that when it’s safe to do so again. Kid REALLY wants to throw a spear.
His mom was busy cooking and prepping for the family get together this evening, and I could have returned him to her but he still seemed pretty fired up so I asked him if he wanted to do something else that wasn’t Out With People (he hasn’t gotten vaccinated because he can’t, so it’s been rough for him). He asked if he could come play Nintendo Switch at my house, so I called his mom for permission, and then we drove to the nearest random, deserted Gamestop and I let him pick out a game to try (please understand that he was not picking out a game for him to take home, he was picking out one for us to play together at my house, but that he could choose a solo-player game and I would be happy to watch him play it). He explained a bunch of the games to me, and then finally decided that I should have a copy of Let’s Go Eevee so that we could play together but also so he could be my friend online.
He asked to see the mice, and picked up a few of them to see how friendly and cute they were, and played with the baby chickens in there, and I asked if he wanted to give them some cockroaches and I got A Look... I told him “don’t give me that look, you’re standing about a foot away from like a thousand of them, what do you think is in that huge bin right there?” He asked to see what one looked like, and politely declined touching them but enjoyed watching me give treats to the chickens. I then packed him up one of the baby Marisa snails and two male guppies for his fish tank, both descended from his original two red-tailed guppies he gave to me over a year ago. I got several “we should do this more often”s on the drive back to his house, and overall just had a really good, chill day.
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raysofcrosby · 19 hours ago
Ethan getting home all 🥺 because even though he’s older he’s still a total momma’s boy and Care’s just shaking her head crossing her arms as she sits and he sits next to her and leans his head on her shoulder “mom, I’m sorry I just don’t want Scarlett getting hurt is all” and she can’t help but forgive him because after all he does mean well and he did it to make sure his sister was okay so she sends him to bed but to make way to his room quietly because the little ones are asleep (bc obvi Matt and Care have more than just one child after Ethan and Scarlett 😇)
Matt on the other hand is waiting and pacing back and forth as he looks out the door “we said 2 am LATEST” and Care’s like “it just turned 1 like 5 minutes ago babe, it’s a Saturday and she promised she’d be home on time okay ? Just relax babe” as she kissed his cheek and brought him back to the couch and she you know...tries to distract him with her methods and he’s all for it until he hears the door rattle and basically shoves off and stands up like “ was it ? Was it fun ? Anything you wanna tell me ?” But scarletts too smart and she hits him back like “nothing other than having my first kiss in a guys car 🥰” but it’s a total joke just because she knows Ethan was low key spying and Matt’s just pale sitting back on the couch
if matt and care were to have scarlett say, by the time that ethan was 10 or 11, when scarlett is 16 and all this goes down– he would be 26/27 [ ethan all grown up 🥺]
but he really would a) volunteer to spy on scarlett and her friends bc that's his little sister and no boy will break her heart 😡 b) also turn back into that little boy when he knows caroline is mad bc he doesn't want to get in trouble and c) when all else fails, throw matt under the bus for it so scarlett wouldn't get mad at him lol
so caroline's like "really? why would you spy on your sister?" and ethan's like "you and dad spied on me when i went on my first date with melody!" and caroline's all "that's called chaperoning!" BUT ethan' quips back "you guys literally followed us around and sat at a table right against the rink wall when you were supposed to be out of sight, remember?" and SURE ENOUGH– THEY DID DO THAT 😭😩
and ethan's like "yeah, yeah, that still didn't stop me from kissing her– which you guys totally know because dad made scarlett clap when we skated by. i just wanted to make sure i returned the favor and now i'm going home, bye<3"
so now they're stuck waiting on the couch for scarlett to come home and of course, matt's super antsy. every time he thinks he hears a car door he jumps up like "is that them?" and caroline's like "no, for the tenth time, that's not them." BUT FINALLY, when they see headlights shine towards the house matt goes to get up and go to the door, but miss caroline has a hold on his shirt like "no, you give her privacy." and he's like "she's 16, she doesn't need privacy in a car with a boy. i know what happens when you have privacy in a car alone with your girlfriend as a 16 year old boy– nothing good!"
and right when he goes to get up again, the door opens and he just plops back down to try and act normal and he's all "so? how was your night? did you have fun dancing? did you guys do anything fun afterwards? 🙂" and scarlett's all like "it was good, we had fun, we went to get some food and then tristan and i drove around in his car for a bit."
immediately matt's like 🙂 and caroline just pinches his thigh and she's like "well that's great, sweetie i'm glad you had fun." and matt's like "yeah, tons of fun...where'd you drive to?" and scarlett's just like "oh you know...around. his dad let him drive his mustang and the streets were pretty empty, so we were driving pretty fast and stuff, it was a lot of fun."
and matt's just like "🙂 what?" and he's ready to ya know, explode when scarlett just keeps going. "and then we stopped at this park and talked about school and sports and he kissed me, so that was really fun." and matts like 🙂"tons of fun, totally."
then scarlett just kinda kisses them goodnight and walks to the stairs and turns around like "oh and by the way, ethan isn't as slick as he thinks he is. i saw him ducking away into the bathrooms after his flash went off." AND MATT'S EMBARRASED AS SHIT BC UH OH, CAUGHT RED HANDED. "We just went to dinner and hung around but then tristan drove me right back home. i was kidding about everything else." and miss ma'am goes to turn around until she turns back with a smile like "except for the kissing. tristan did kiss me on the front porch. goodnight!" and just disappears upstairs.
and matt's sitting there like 😧 and caroline just pats him on the shoulder like "she's 16 matty, get used to it. it's just her first kiss."
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powermeal1 · a day ago
2020 Best Home Improvement Loans
The elderly are snug in dwelling with their neighbours who they have known for a long time. Three other issues that vastly contribute to my happiness on an ongoing foundation are scripture study, prayer, and temple attendance. But I feel that viewing those issues differently has been an enormous a part of my increased happiness this 12 months. The report was conducted as part of a wider European challenge, the Policy Evaluation Network (PEN) in collaboration with analysis groups from nations such because the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Poland and New Zealand. A part of being a terrific listener is remembering what the speaker has mentioned to you, then following up with them. We went home for lunch, and also you, Gavin and Lexi, ran positively wild. Then we went to the gym, the place you, Miss Kate, have been super sad. So final night time I went begging. orb lamp nz may have a good time their first marriage ceremony anniversary on the 22nd. They were seen in Las Vegas final month. You began off the month with a verify-up.
Tumblr media
So I just walked right up and started shoveling alongside him without saying something. To run an environment friendly PPC campaign one should have good PPC administration providers which include deciding on of right key phrases, placing appropriate bids, creating effective ad copies, and constructing converting landing pages. Right now, the variety of cameras offering true built-in GPS is somewhat restricted. So now, at the top of the yr, I look again and see plenty of growth and change. She is starting to talk just a little more ("no" and "mine" are now prominent phrases), and that is a number of fun. My bodily surroundings have not changed much, my household structure is the same, finances are the identical, pals are the same. On the same day, I'm involved sufficient about my new chest ache (and general deterioration) that I see my doctor once more. He waited simply lengthy enough for us to complete plenty of things that week, like home and visiting educating, remaining piano classes (I had eleven students at the time), work obligations, picture orders (Garry had a images enterprise again then), dental appointments, a sensible Cookies field trip, and even laundry and housework! Even in good situations, get twice what you suppose you may need - just to be protected.
Tadelakt is a plaster floor which is waterproof and is utilized in Moroccan structure to make the exterior and interior partitions, baths, sinks, roofs, ceilings, and even floors. I made an effort to gather vital paperwork, make a printed emergency plan, and put all of that in one place. When changing any tile its always best to use one left over from the unique installation. That, presumably, is whenever you pumped lotion everywhere in the carpet and the orange couch (but I didn't uncover it till late afternoon). Yesterday afternoon Kate began throwing up. I did the sidewalk all around the neighborhood after which started on the neighbors' driveways. Then I requested you to play in the basement while Kate slept. Then the out-of-management Target outing, where I acquired every little thing on my checklist however misplaced my sanity and cried in the parking lot. As the kids helped me assemble our meals kits, I acquired fairly harassed and snappish.
Interestingly, at church yesterday our bishop asked us to conduct a food storage experiment. Just a few years ago Garry and i used our tax return to buy some meals storage and supplies for 72-hour emergency kits. Garry had his own lunch date while in Mesa. I made a grocery record, Garry went shopping, and i inspected the baggage for deficiencies. I went out early to shovel the driveway because it snowed overnight. Otherwise it might not work out well for you as what may need worked properly for your buddy will not be suitable for you. I nonetheless reside far away from my family, I still have five loopy and busy youngsters, and my house remains to be perpetually messy. He asked us to not go to the shop for a week and rely on what we now have in the house to eat. Austin Meadows additionally hit a solo home run for the Rays, who dropped the opener of the three-sport sequence on Friday and have won seven of their previous eight games.
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horrorxweasley · a day ago
For a Loki x reader could I request 2 on the angst list where they reconnect after years apart and Loki is shocked to find out that he has a child he never knew about?
This is the cutest, i already had a plan for this before you sent it in💓
Warnings:Angst, Fluff, Mentions of pregnancy
Word Count: 2.6K
Prompt(s) used: 2 ”Were you ever going to tell me?”
Summary: Y/N and Loki have a drunken one night stand, where she ends up Pregnant. Loki doesn’t find out about his son until 5 years later when on a walk in a park
Tumblr media
Were you ever going to tell me?
Loki Laufeyson x Fem! Reader
Y/N woke up one morning, looking to her side to see the clock read 6:30 am, she looked down and noticed that she wasn’t wearing any clothes, her eyes widened, the smallest gasp leaving her lips as she grabbed the covers before covering up her chest.
“Oh my God, this did not just happen” she whispered in disbelief.
Y/N reached down blindly to the floor picking up some underwear, before carefully slipping out of the bed, so she doesn’t wake up Loki. She throws on a dressing gown and rushes out of the room, through the halls of Avengers HQ all the way to her own room.
When she got there however, she felt particularly queasy, rushing into the bathroom, before throwing up into the toilet, wiping her mouth, her eyes growing wide with realisation.
“This cannot be happening”
Y/N got up from the cold bathroom floor that she was sitting on, making her way into her bedroom to get dressed. She threw on some joggies and an oversized hoodie before grabbing her purse and walking out of HQ to a pharmacy.
The pharmacy was small, but intimidating to Y/N, especially when she was going in to buy a pregnancy test, to see if she was currently carrying the child of Loki Laufeyson, The God of Mischief, who she merely had a drunken one night stand with. How was she going to explain that to her family?
“Hey mum, dad, so i had a one night stand with the God of Mischief who also tore up most of New York a while back”
They would go batshit, she thought as she approached the checkout with the pregnancy test in hand. The line wasn’t long but it seemed like a lifetime wait for Y/N as her mind wandered into the different scenarios of what may or may not happen depending on the results of the test.
After she had paid, and stuffed the small box away, hiding it in her jacket, she made her way back to HQ. Walking quickly through the halls praying she wouldn’t bump into anyone, she managed to make it safely back to her room without having to make small talk with any of the Avengers and most importantly she never saw Loki.
Once in her room she headed straight to the bathroom, and took the test. Those next few minutes of waiting were the longest minutes of her life, if it turned out positive she thought to herself that she would keep the child, but if it’s negative it would be preferred.
The ringing of her phone timer echoed round the tile walls, indicating that it was time, time to find out if she was carrying Loki’s child. Y/N reached out her shaking hand to the counter which the test was laying on, she slowly grabbed the plastic stick dragging it towards her.
Y/N took three deep breaths before turning the test over, looking at what appeared to be...two lines appearing on the test. That could mean only one thing.
She was pregnant, and Loki was the father.
That positive pregnancy test changed Y/N’s life 5 years ago, and 5 years ago she left everything and everyone she had ever known at Avengers HQ including Loki, the father of her child. There were multiple times that Y/N tried to get a hold of Loki, to tell him about their child, their son, but whenever she tried Loki was always out on a mission or on Asgard. The more years that passed by, Y/N began to give up on reaching out to her baby daddy, as she thought that telling tales about his father to him, would be a lot better emotionally, than having to go through the time and time again disappointment of yet another day he was not able to meet his dad.
Alexander was the happiest and most joyful little boy Y/N could have ever wished for, he had amazing black hair and piercing blue eyes, the double of his father. It had been relatively hard, being a single parent to Alexander, but she managed, she also had her parents to help her out, who were surprisingly understanding when she seeked their help those 5 years ago.
A smile was stuck on Y/N’s face as though it were a tattoo, as she watched her son play around in the park, he was running up and down the ladder to the metal slide which was his favourite. The cute giggles that came from his mouth as he went down the play equipment made her heart whole.
Loki found himself back on Midgard, after a long mission, he was craving some normality again so he had left the Avengers HQ to go on a walk. In typical Loki fashion he was dressed in a fully black suit, his hair pushed behind his ears giving him his traditional Loki look in a more subtle fashion than what the usual Asgardian leather outfit he normally would be wearing.
Loki found the midgardian streets calming in a strange way, it was much different from Asgard, the busy traffic and rushing people, it was a nice change. Loki found himself walking through a park, the light breeze through the air was causing the leaves to rustle, the sound of children laughing and having fun flowed through the air, as he approached what he has now come to recognize as a play park, it was something for Midgardian children to play in and possibly make new friends. This new discovery of a play park made Loki wish that there was something similar on Asgard, as it would have made him feel a bit more normal growing up, he might have actually made friends of his own instead of having to live in Thor’s shadows and make the same friends as his brother through pity.
Loki’s thoughts were interrupted when he spotted someone familiar Y/N L/N he could recognise her from anywhere. He had always taken the biggest interest in her, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and she was smart, funny, as well as very able to take care of herself when on a mission.
He obviously remembered that amazing night they had both shared years ago, but it to Loki’s misfortune resulted in him waking up alone, to find out that Y/N had also left the Avengers completely. Of course they were both drunk, but it didn’t make it hurt any less than it did, but Loki got over it, though some part of him always had the same feelings for her as he did all those years ago.
His voice startled her, whipping her head to look at the man.
“Hello, Y/N, it’s been a while” he smiled
“Hi Loki, yeah it has, how have you been?”
“I have been good, how have you been?”
“I’ve been good, and i’m glad to see that you haven’t died on a mission”
“Yes, though there have been a few close calls” he chuckled
“So what brings you here? To the park i mean”
“Oh, well i enjoy Midgardian parks, i am still so fascinated by them, it’s so different to Asgard, i find it calming. What brings you to the park?”
“Well I -” Y/N began but her words were cut off by Alexander calling out for her.
“Mummy, Mummy, can I have some juice please?”
“Of course you can Alex”
She reached into her bag, and pulled out a juice carton and handed it to the small child, who aimlessly tried to put the plastic straw into his mouth.
Loki stared at the child, his eyebrows furrowed, it was as though he was looking at an illusion of his younger self, the child looked so much like him. Loki knew those piercing blue eyes anywhere, after all, he did look at them every morning in the mirror before leaving. But sooner than he would’ve liked, the boy was away, back playing on the slide with strange Midgardian children.
Y/N put the empty juice carton in her bag, sipping it up before facing Loki again, who’s eyes were still tracking the boy which looked eerily like him.
“That boy-” he started
“Alexander” she corrected
Loki turned to face her, his blue eyes meeting hers.
“Alexander- he, uhm, he looks an awful lot like me…”
Y/N swallowed her now built up nerves. He wasn't supposed to find out like this, or at all by this point.
“Yeah...about that do you remember that one night where we uhm, where we hooked up?”
Loki continued to stare at Y/N looking for answers, as if he were trying to read her mind.
“Yes of course I do, and right after you left without a word”
“Yeah that night, well-” she started to explain again but was cut off
“Is- is that my child?” he asked, pointing to Alexander at the top of the play equipment, having the time of his life.
Y/N who is now feeling more and more guilt by the second, spoke again.
“Y-yes he is”
“Were you ever going to tell me?”
“I was but-”
“But what Y/N? I have a child and you never told me” Loki’s voice was now rising, some people turned their heads to look at you.
“But you were always away and it got to the point that i didn’t know if you were ever going to come back-alive that is- so i didn’t want to put Alexander through that, not knowing his Father then having hope that he’s going to meet him to find out you had died”
Loki was taken aback by Y/N’s answer, it’s true that there had been times out on missions that he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it back alive or not, but for him to not be in his child’s life for 5 years has blinded his judgement. How dare she run away from him for 5 years and only make very few attempts to tell him about his son, because he wasn’t away for 5 years straight, and what about the 9 months leading up to the birth of his son? He was never away in those 9 months so what was her excuse then?
“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant when you found out? Why did you wait until you had to bring him with you to tell me?”
“I didn’t tell you because I was afraid”
“Afraid of what? Me?”
“No Loki don’t be stu-”
“Then what? Have I really given you the impression that I would have been mad if you would've told me all those years ago that you were pregnant with my child? Did you not know or see how much I adore children?”
“Given the attitude you’re giving me right now, yes, I feel like I had every right to think you would be mad if I told you, that you got me pregnant”
“Y/N I can assure you I would’ve supported you no matter what, even if it was just a one night stand, I loved you I would have been over the moon”
Y/N opened her mouth as if to say something, but couldn’t find anything to say. He loved her?
“I’m sorry I got angry with you, but you have to understand...I mean, I have a son that I never knew about”
“You loved me?” Y/N said completely ignoring what Loki had said.
“I still love you Y/N, but right now, this conversation can wait because I would really like to meet my son if that’s permitted”
“Of course yes, let me go get him” Y/N smiled before walking over to the play set, picking up the black haired boy and bringing him over to Loki, setting him on the ground.
Y/N kneeled down so she was eye level with her son...their son.
“Alex, this is your dad, see” she said pointing to Loki who was smiling down at the child.
“Hello Alexander” Loki said, as calm as he could so as not to shed any tears (of joy) in front of loads of midgardians, kneeling down like Y/N to get a good look at his son.
“Daddy?” Alexander looks up at Loki with teary eyes, happy to finally meet his father.
Loki nods his head smiling.
“Yes, it’s great to finally meet you, your mother has been telling me great things about you. I expect you are very well behaved?”
“Oh yes, he is very well behaved, but there is the odd occasion where he takes after his father isn’t that right Alex” Y/N chuckles, tickling the boy causing a laugh to come from his small body. Loki smiles at the sight and sound of his son laughing.
“Do you think your dad could have a hug-oof” Loki is cut off mid-sentence by Alexander, almost tackling him in the tightest hug Loki has ever received. Y/N sneakily pulls out her phone camera and snaps a photo of the scene. Loki’s eyes closed with the biggest smile on his face.
“Now Alexander” Loki started as he regretfully began to pull away from the embrace, “I see that you like the slide, would you like to show me how you work it, you see, I never had a slide when I was your age”
Alexander’s eyes grew with excitement, he quickly took Loki by the hand and began dragging him towards the play set.
“The slide is so good, when you go down it, it’s so fast you feel like you’re in the most fastest car ever” Alexander began to ramble on in his child-like manner, describing just how fun he found the slide, it was adorable to say the least.
Y/N watched on as the two played at the play set, happy that their son finally got to meet his father, and she had no doubt that Loki would be the best father possible to Alexander
taglist: @amourtentiaa @sunrisefairy @comfortwriting @famdomhideout @dracofknmalfoy @pandaxnienke @writing-wh0re @onlyfreds @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @fairielovegood @gaycatlord-stuff @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @i-love-scott-mccall @simpforremuslupin @midgardianweasley @rosietoesy (MESSAGE/ASK IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED)
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ilovesamwilsonn · 3 days ago
tfatws rerun thoughts: episode six
true enemy is the government obviously.. they made three different villains lol
us agent, power broker, and the flag smashers
omfg there’s an lsu banner in sam’s bedroom DID SAM GO TO LSU
is that already a known fact lol i had no idea
i loveeee how they called bucky sergeant barnes
not me in tears bc of sam’s entrance as captain america
karli called bucky mr. barnes which is very respectful honestly
sharon using devices to her advantage >>
but also she just killed a guy with no remorse instead of just knocking him out
i’m happy to see bucky on a motorcycle again
the hesitation the group has in karli has been building up since she blew up that building. she’s made choices without them.
it’s honestly just luck that the cars stopped in time before the helicopter crashed onto the bridge
wait wait ik bucky has heightened senses but i LOVE seeing it in action
like he was fighting the person that dropped the parking meter, karli picked that up and aimed at bucky behind his back but he sensed it and DODGED IT without even looking
underrated moment for sure unless i’m looking at the scene wrong
that was chilling holy fuck
i think sam’s roll and throw at the helicopter is underrated af as well
sam being able to praise ayla for her cooperation is so kind. it relieves the adrenaline off of her
it’s shown that with the serum and his already there muscle mass, walker has more brute strength than karli. but she’s able to outwit walker to get away
like are you kidding me pls omg
he’s just so happy to finally see sam
i can hear how hurt karli is when she said “you of all people bought into that bs”
karli is so mad
i didn’t understand how bucky had the phone for the app but then i realized it was the one given to him when he took the call 🤦🏻‍♀️
sharon didn’t shoot once… she shot karli three times.
karli didn’t deserve this ending but ig sharon had to tie her loose ends
i’m crying from sam’s speech again it’s so good i love him so much for it
walker repeats his words a lot
i wish we got to see more of the talk with yori and bucky but it makes sense for it to be short.
i really don’t want sam’s arc to end in death..
unlike steve, sam’s able to come through with his promises.
grilled shrimp, corn, pecan pie, oreo cake.. just taking notes on the food there don’t mind me..
i still can’t believe we were able to have such a happy ending it blows my mind that after years of pain.. they were able to have one.
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maybankslefttoenail · 3 days ago
I’ve Had Enough P2 - Rafe Cameron
caution: rafe x reader, crying, talking about drug abuse, drug addiction, kinda toxic relationship, children, swearing
a/n: HELLO ONCE AGAIN :) I saw one person say to make a part 2, so ta-da! we are here. im telling you, i didn’t want to make a part 2 (because i am lazy) but i have nothing better to do. my grammar and spelling can be poop at sometimes, so please bare with me :) 
a/n 2: IT HAS BEEN ALMOST A FUCKING YEAR SINCE I DID THIS STORY DJSLFAJLFLJDL WHAT. anyways im completing this so it gets off my “perfectionist list”.. *thumbs up*
Part 1
words: 803
outline: rafe and you moved in together after your second child was born. but of course, rafe’s addiction didn’t ease up. in fact, it go worse. you finally broke out after having to deal with it for more than 2 years.
he’ll be fine, he’ll be fine.
you wanted to just leave, but your curious self had to see what rafe was doing. you turned around while still walking forward, but was only shown with the door slamming shut. you flinched, the sound echoing through the night sky. the sound led you to your own daughter’s cries, who was not dying down anytime soon. you shushed her tenderly, bouncing her slightly with your arm. you finally got to the car and grabbed your keys, unlocking the doors with the fob. you strapped your daughter into her car seat first, then went around to the other side to put spencer in. “it’s okay sissy, we’re going to see gigi!” He said, putting his hand out to touch marie. You shut the door and got in the car, turning it on. you backed out the driveway and drove out of your neighborhood. 
leaving him there all by himself made your heart ache, but it was for the total best. you loved him, even through his addiction. you cared for him as he cried into your shoulder, saying he needs to change and he wants to be better. you cared for him when he was too drugged out to even walk. after all, he was your children’s father. even though y’all were two different types of people, fire and water, you guys felt the love connection between you two. rafe knew inside him to run out there, apologize for everything, tell you he will get better, but he knew he couldn’t, the coke had got him. Even if he promised it, he knew that you wouldn’t believe him, just like the other millions of times he promised that he would get better. it took him in whole, giving him the high he needed. but it soon crashed him down, balling him up and throwing him into the garbage. 
You wiped the tears from your face, your mind running rampant. You were mad at yourself for acting that way infront of your children, your young young children who see you and rafe as role models. you didn’t want them to see who they shouldn’t be, screaming and fighting with their loved ones. the pain of just seeing their parents fight and act not-in-love, how they would see y’all in the future or even after today. but you were also mad at rafe, for speaking broken promises, for letting his children see him do drugs, drugs that could ruin your mind and ruin yourself overall. 
you turn into the ihop parking lot, identifying the car your mother drove. the roadtrip was long enough to quiet down both of your children, spencer glancing outside to window. you hopped out the car, grabbing both children. you walked in the restaurant, feeling your eyes burn. as you walked up to the person at the front, your mom immediately recognized you and ran up to you. “mom.” you breathlessly said as she wrapped you in her arms. “oh baby.” you dug your head into her neck, the tears pooling in your eyes. you stayed there for a moment before your mom took marie from your hands and y’all started walking toward the table your mother got y’all. you sat spencer down beside you and breathed out, a sort of relief being lefted off your shoulders. your mom was playing with marie, her soft giggles leaving her mouth. spencer leaned into you and your arm wrapped around him, happy to be away from rafe. “mom, i dont know if i can do this anymore.” you spoke up, her face turning towards you.
“his addiction isn’t getting better, he’s be doing it infront of our- our fucking children,” you started to break down at the end. sobs left your mouth as you continued to talk. “he uses our rent money- the money i make for us, makes a-a promise that he’ll quit, he’s said that everytime i caught him. i don’t want spencer and marie to see their father like this.” you cried out. your voice was shallow and tired, the effect of the screaming fit you just had 5 minutes ago. she let you speak, listening and thinking on what to say next. “you need to talk to him, y/n-” she began to say. “i have! i’ve tried! he just goes back to it the next day!” you exclaimed. “when he is sober, talk with him. if he gets loud, keep your cool.” you put your head into your hands, listening to her words. “he has to go to rehab, baby. there is no way around that.” you nodded your head, already planning out the words you will say to him. “you can stay at my house, dad’s gone on a work trip.” she smiled, playing with marie’s soft hair. “alright, i’ll do that.”
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kajuda1 · 3 days ago
The New War Au part 3
Three months after part 2
Jaune and Ren where in Vale shopping for snacks and party stuff for the big party Yang and Coco wanted to throw. Team RWBY and team CFVY had worked together on a HVAG hunt. Jaune wasn't too keen on being a errand boy but atleast him and Ren can talk to each other for once. They haven't really spoken to one another due to Ren being well Ren. It also has to do with a game of drunken spin the bottle thanks to Yang of course.
This is where Nora and Jaune got paired together and instead of taking a shot Jaune just laid one on the ginger bomber. This also lead to drunk and friendship sex something only Jaune, Ren, and Nora know about. Jaune just couldn't handle the silence between the two of them. Since there was a shit ton of traffic they where stuck waiting.
Jaune: So... I know you probably don't want to be here with me rn but were a team. I feel I haven't been a good team leader to-
Ren: Jaune your not about to apologize are you. If it's about you and Nora that night I'm not bothered by that. I know Nora's not good with alcohol, also me and her aren't together- together
Ren: You've been nothing but a good team leader fto us.
Ren: Jaune that was so long ago it doesn't bother me.
Jaune: So then how come you never talk to me. Or come to me for anything?
Ren: Well... Uh how do I put it. I'm still kinda of intimidated by you. That explosion you let off in class and the one after that.
The two finally where able to cross the street.
Ren: You also keep to yourself throughout the weeks only really talking and chilling out with everyone on the weekends.
Ren: I just thought it would be best to steer clear of you.
Jaune: I'm just happy you don't see me as an asshole or something. But I'm sorry you feel that way. Tell you what before we go back and meet up with everyone at the party me and you hang out, my treat okay.
Ren: lol okay sure but no junk food I'm trying to stay in shape.
Jaune: NANI!? You can't do that I live off of my burgers and soda.
Ren: That's why your getting a little heavier I heard you talking with Pyrrha last week you went up like 10pounds.
Jaune: Lol
That's when Jaune noticed that there are a lot of trucks driving past them on the road all black Vans one of them parking in the middle of traffic. Vale is boisterous kingdom there is always someone trying to go some where. So for a van to just stop and hold up traffic is unheard of
Jaune: I don't like this.
Ren: I think it's to early to decide that maybe-
Then without warning a group of six men got out of the van all wearing these bullet proof type vest and Black mask and sporting heaven weapons. Two have Light machine guns while two more have Rifles while the last two didn't have anything they just ran forward while the four men with guns ran the opposite direction.
At this very point Jaune's situational awareness kicked in especially when he realized the men run towards they're direction, not at them but towards the cars and civilians near them. Jaune then instinctively grabbed Ren and with aura in his body and his goal in mind he was gonna get the two of them out of there.
Ren: W-What... J-Jaune
Was the only thing he could say before he realized he was being held and moved away from the ensuing explosion. Those two guys without guns where suicide bombers. They where wearing best with obvious c4 labels bad wrapping. Jaune had got atleast 6 meters or so away from where they were standing that was enough to keep out of the initial explosion, but something else had happened that Jaune didn't see but Ren did. The truck the men got out of exploded as well releasing a thick black miasma that covered the area. Jaune was able to get them away before the miasma got them.
Jaune: Ha ha *out of breath*
Jaune: What the fuck was that, those guys, the explosion, all those people are gone.
Ren: JAUNE, we have to move, we have to call someo-
Just like that the sound of another explosion went off. Then another, and another till there was just sounds of chaos and discord. The two looked at what they could only assume was another cloud of miasma like the one where they are and then they saw it the people caught inside of it where they were would die from the fumes.
Ren: Jaune call somebody,
Jaune: Who the hell do I call right now
Jaune: AND TELL THEM WHAT?!. A terrorist attack is happening what should we do?
Then Jaune's scroll started dinging it was Yang.
Yang: JAU- J- R- Y- O-
His Scroll wasn't getting good reception
Jaune: Damnit I lost the signal.
Ren: Jaune call your weapons to you I'll do the same
Jaune: No need I've already called both of our ETA 2mins. Since we can't get hold of anyone we'll do what we can to help the civilians.
Jaune: We may be Huntsman but I'm not gonna sit by while innocent people die.
The duo's lockers landed and now they both stand in front of them.
Ren: I completely agree and sorry about earlier.
Jaune: It's fine suit up and let's move out I'm going to activate my distress beacon in my scroll and share my location. Someone will see it, btw I'm not the only one who saw the Atlas logo on all of those guys shoulders am I ?
Ren: I saw it too, but I'm not to sure what to make of it? Let's just move. Your orders team leader😌
Jaune: On me stay sharp, these aren't Grimm where fighting. These are living breathing people are your ready for that if it comes to it.
Ren: I can't say I will be but I will do what I can to see Nora again.
Back At Beacon
(Over the PA system)
Ozpin: Due to the ensuing chaos and destruction in the city of Vale all students are to remain in your dorms and be ready for any orders I may give.
Ozpin: I can not say things will be the same after today but what I can say is we will prevail in these dark times.
Team RWBY, Team CFVY, Nora, and Pyrrha are all in teams Rwby dorm trying to figure what to do. They all saw the news mass terrorist attack throughout the kingdom of Vale. They had just tried to reach Jaune and Ren but the signal cut out and they didn't look like they where in good shape.
Coco: Holy shit those people are...
Yatsuhashi: Gone. The people responsible for this... Who could do such a thing?
Velvet: ...
Fox put his hand on Velvet's back and rubbed to comfort her.
Weiss: Those men they patches they look like Atlas military.
Pyrrha: Can't be they're not organized like they're military, They're just waiting the gear.
Blake: ... I don't know Pyrrha they look the part.
Nora: I should have gone with them.
Pyrrha: Nora it's fine they'll be fine.
Yang was pacing back n forth but spoke up once she heard that.
Yang: Oh yeah and how do you know that?
Ruby: Yang... Calm down
Yang: I'm fine Rubes, just curious were supposed to sit here while two people we care about are out there in that mess.
Yang: You say they'll be fine but we've been sitting here for and hour with the same message going off every ten minutes.
Ruby: Yang
Ruby: YANG!
The room was absolutely quiet
Ruby: Jaune will be fine, I'm worried just as much as you are. Besides he is with Ren and they can both hold they're own.
Yang: Against Grimm definitely but people you and me both know Jaune doesn't take death well.
Yang: You may not know the full story but Ricky's passing weights heavily on Jaune.
As the two where about to continue the news anchor on air spoke of two male huntsman adding the Police in the attack. The group can see Jaune and Ren are fighting back and helping the Police but they're position is pinned down from all sides the terrorist are closing in on the law enforcement and huntsman outside of the Dusk till Dawn dust shop. Will the two Huntsman in training survive the endless amounts of men pushing in on they're location.
End Of Part 3
Character Analysis
Lie Ren: Age 18, Classification Mid-Grade, Huntsman classification: Oppressor, with fast unrelenting attacks Ren can send attacks in all the while keeping the targets guessing on the next attack. This opens up Rena targets for successful strikes.
Semblance, Cloak, this semblance allows Ren to cloak humor anybody who touches him making them transparent to the naked eye. This does have draw backs like the main one him and anyone he's in contact with is still there and can be seen with infrared. It also exhausting to do it with more then 5 people for more then 10 minutes.
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wilsonllisa · 4 days ago
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Villa v blues today - Live: Aston Villa v Birmingham City | FA Women's Super League | BT Sport
For Blues, things got much worse before the current owners began the transformation which has the put the club where it is today. Yet there are many who question g Birmingham City are the true rivals of Aston Villa at all.
VillaTV to live stream Villa v Blues WSL clash
Albion and Villa have contested three FA Cup finals, though they were all in the 19th century —and As a footballing contest, this derby has indeed been the more frequent as well as the more significant, but off the pitch its intensity does not compare to Blues villa v blues today Villa. Blues v Villa is best known as a public order problem.
Meetings in the early s would see an average of around 50 arrests for violence and a couple of pubs routinely destroyed. Our policing policy will be firm but fair. One of the tastiest derbies took place at St Andrews in Decemberwhen Villa were reigning European champions. The noise was unbelievable — I was at the back of the Spion Kop and you could not hear the Villa fans singing.
You could see their arms move and point towards the Blues fans, so they were singing, but the noise in the Spion just drowned it out. The stunt went down well with Blues fans, but for Villans it merely confirmed a lot of prejudices held about Bluenoses.
For one Villa fan, Craig Simmons, the prejudices were extreme. Looking back, it was a form of madness. Many share the belief that City fans tend to be more working-class and are more likely to live in the city itself, while Villa attract a more well-heeled and more widely spread crowd. The two teams have engaged in several hotly contested matches. In the league game at Villa Parkwith the home side 3—0 ahead with eleven minutes to go, Blues scored three times in a dramatic final spell to draw the match.
Waring scored three times in the match. The most significant clash was the final of the League Cupwhich was staged not long after Aston Villa had beaten Birmingham City 4—0 in the league. Blues won 3—1 on aggregate over the two-legged final to claim their first major domestic honour. During the late s to early s both Villa and Blues met regularly in the First Division and both teams had some memorable successes in the fixture. In —81 Villa did the double over Blues and went on to villa v blues today the First Division title.
Blues scored a memorable 3—0 victory at St Andrew's in the first meeting following Villa's European Cup triumph in Both teams promptly went into decline. Blues racked up a 3—0 win in a relegation battle at Villa Park in March but were relegated at the end of that season. Villa would be demoted the following campaign. The reverse villa v blues today at St Andrew's was a 2—1 Villa victory with both goals coming from Garry Thompson.
The two sides would only meet again in the s in cup competitions. Villa won 7—0 on aggregate when they clashed twice in the visit website League Cup. The same season Villa also won a Full Members Cup clash 6—0. Villa won both matches 1—0. The game at St Andrew's was settled by a Kevin Richardson goal after his keeper Mark Bosnich had saved a penalty from John Frain to keep the game at 0—0.
Villa went on to win the trophy. Blues' promotion to the Premier League in saw fans eagerly anticipating the first league derbies in 15 years. Blues won both derbies 3—0 and 2—0, respectively. Both matches saw goalkeeping villa v blues today by Villa goalkeeper Peter Enckelmanincluding a goal scored directly from an Olof Mellberg throw-in. Violence between both sets of fans occurred before both matches as evening kick-off times had allowed fans to get drunk over the course of the day.
Trouble also took place following the game on Witton Lane outside Villa Park, where missiles were hurled at police who were attempting to keep both sets of fans apart. The —04 Premiership season saw games ending in 0—0 and 2—2 draws. The 2—2 draw saw Blues recover a two-goal deficit thanks to a 90th-minute equaliser from Stern John.
Both games were lunchtime kick-offs to avoid drunken behaviour, which was achieved although the games lost none of their passionate edge. Blues were relegated in but subsequently promoted in In NovemberVilla won their third consecutive derby match with a 2—1 victory at St Andrew's. Former Villa defender Liam Ridgewell scored an own goal to put Villa 1—0 up, Blues equalised through Mikael Forssell only for Gabriel Agbonlahor to clinch it with a late header for Villa, having cleared off his own line seconds before.
Violent clashes took place outside the ground after the game in which over 20 police officers were hurt. Villa continued their winning ways in the derby, when they won both of the meetings between the clubs in the —10 Premier League season. The first took place on 13 September at St Andrew's, and ended 1—0 to Aston Villa, with Agbonlahor scoring the winner in the 85th minute, once again there was trouble with 14 arrests [12] Villa then went on to beat Blues 1—0 at Villa Park thanks to a disputed penalty from James Milner in the 82nd minute.
This was the 3rd time in 4 derbies that Villa had scored the winning goal in the final 10 minutes of the game. Villa also possess villa v blues today record of six straight wins from toincluding five cup matches. This villa v blues today was then achieved in the Premier League after Villa beat Blues 1—0 on 25 Aprilsetting a record of six straight league wins from to The record was finally ended at the next derby match on 31 Octoberwhich resulted in a 0—0 draw at Villa Park.
The return match at St Andrew's also ended in a draw, villa v blues today it finishing 1—1. In those games in October and December where Aston Villa played Birmingham City, at Villa Park Visit web page League, 31 October and St Andrew's League Cup, 1 December, which was the first mid-week game between the two sides since violence between the two sets of supporters and hooligan firms occurred, with many fans being arrested.
In the first game, there were scenes of violence outside Villa v blues today Park and there were a small amount of arrests including a Birmingham City club chef. Blues supporters were angry at McLeish, who guided them to only their second ever major trophy win in Februaryfor betraying them to join bitter rivals Villa, and Villa fans were unhappy with the appointment of a manager that had got Blues relegated twice in four seasons, and was perceived to play a negative style villa v blues today football; that he came from Blues only served to rub salt into the wound of the villa v blues today making such an unambitious and negative appointment.
McLeish received death threats from followers of both teams following his appointment as Aston Villa manager. After being relegated inBirmingham are still yet to gain promotion back to the top flight of English football. Aston Villa ran out 1—0 winners thanks to a goal from Rudy Gestede.
In the —17 season the two teams faced off in the second tier of English football for the first time since The first game at St Andrew's ended in a 1—1 draw. Villa won the second match 1—0 with a 69th-minute goal scored by Agbonlahor. Andrews marred by Birmingham fans throwing clappers at the Villa players all throughout check game, [22] before Villa emphatically fortified their second city superiority with a 2—0 victory in front of 41, spectators at Villa Park.
Some fans believed this game to be a coming of age my website lifelong Villa fan and local Jack Grealish, who produced a match-winning man-of-the-match display.
The teams next met on 25 November in one of the most exciting derby games in recent times, Villa ran out winners after goals from Jonathan Kodjia, Jack Grealish, a Tammy Abraham penalty and Alan Hutton who ran half the length of the pitch to score, Pedersen and Lukas Jutkiewicz scored for Birmingham. On 10 Marcha Birmingham City fan invaded villa v blues today pitch during the reverse fixture at St.
Andrew's and assaulted Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish on the pitch by punching him from behind in the head, which was villa v blues today as their explanation and cowardly" by supporters of both teams.
The man was arrested and charged by West Midlands Police. St Andrew's' security was criticised as a result. The game ended in an ironic twist with a 1—0 win for Aston Villa with Grealish scoring the winning goal. Since then, this fiercely contested fixture hasn't been played between the two rivals. As of the end of the —11 seasonthere have been meetings in major competition between the two teams since the first FA Cup meeting inof which Villa v blues today Villa have won 52 and Birmingham City Villa won six encounters in a row, most recently on 25 April — The two teams drew for the first time in over six years in the next match the first of three in the —11 seasonwith the match finishing 0—0 the other Premier League match of the season also finished villa v blues today a draw.
The second match of the season resulted in the first Blues win sinceas they beat Villa 2—1 in the —11 League Cup Quarter Final on 1 December The following is a list of the top goal scorers for each team in the fixture. Only players who have scored 4 or more goals villa v blues today. Unlike, for example, the Old Firm derbythere is no shortage of players who have appeared for both clubs. The last established first-team player to make this move was Villa v blues today Bremner inthough there had been loan signings and movement of youth players during this period.
The most recent permanent transfer from Aston Villa to Birmingham City was that of Gary Gardner in Summerhis brother Craig was the previous player to move from Villa to Birmingham in The last player to move directly in the villa v blues today direction was Spanish Winger Jota in the same transfer window.
Former Aston Villa v blues today Manager Ron Saunderswho managed Villa to League Cup success villa v blues today and visit this website in before taking the club to its first Championship success for 70 years inalso moved across to Birmingham City following his resignation in Alex McLeish 's appointment as Aston Villa manager in June after resigning from Birmingham City five days before was the first villa v blues today in history a manager has moved from Birmingham City to Aston Villa.
The move shocked the football world and increased tension between the two clubs even more. Doug Ellis was a director of Birmingham City in the late s before becoming part of a consortium which took over at Aston Villa in
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rpmusingsforthesoul · 4 days ago
This is Us Season 2 Sentence Starters
( feel free to change pronouns )
“What the hell is going on?”
“Catch your breath? What does that mean?”
“I need to stop feeling so…disappointed and I need to start feeling something else first.”
“Are you fake smoking?”
“No, I’m not throwing down with you in an adoption parking lot.”
“I’ve been chasing it my entire life; perfection.”
“When it comes to you and me? Baby, there ain’t nothing muddled there.”
“We are perfectly imperfect. And I didn’t even know that was a thing.”
“I’m drunk right now. I’ve been drunk all day. I’ve been drunk for weeks.”
“I’m still really upset and I don’t think I’m ready to talk about any of that just yet, but…I shouldn’t have let you leave.”
“Get in the car. Get in the car, ___.”
“If you have a problem, we will fix it together. I just need you to get in the car so we can go home.”
“I’m gonna go pay the tab even though we didn’t order anything.”
“You are the strongest person I know.”
“No, I’m not a masochist. I did not invite her.”
“You’re really cute when you’re dumb.”
“You’re tougher than that itch. You’re stronger than that itch.”
“Well who actually likes bowling?”
“When the snow is gone, I want you gone too.”
“She told you what I said?”
“Screw you, ___! And that is really hard for me to say because confrontation makes me cry!”
“No, don’t do that. Don’t make me the nagging girlfriend when you were a jerk.”
“At work if I’m wrong, it’s just money. But what if I’m wrong with a baby?”
“Damn. I almost had a baby named after me until I said that, huh?”
“You are not ‘instead’ of anything. You are exactly how it was meant to be.”
“Middles can be the hardest because that’s where you can really lost. But middles can also be a beginning too.”
“Just a year ago, my mother was alive and I had my girl and we were having a son. And now they’re all gone.”
“You tell me you’re disappointed? Well guess what. I am more disappointed. I am the most disappointed man you ever met in your whole damn life.”
“Oh wait. I thought I was gonna be the one who was gonna bring the heat and you were gonna calm me down. So we’re switching?”
“Next time I’ll reschedule getting jumped.”
“And even when he tries to tell people how pathetic he is, they don’t hear it. They just cheer.”
“Are you out of your mind coming back here, you bastard?!”
“That necklace, it’s the only thing I have left in my life from my dad. It’s the only thing I have.”
“I just need somebody to help me! I just need help please!”
“I’m in pain out here. Look, I’m in pain here!”
“We’ll I’m not gonna apologize for being excited.”
“It happened to me. It didn’t happen to you.”
“I’m trying to be strong here ‘cause that’s the gig. But it happened to me too. And it hurt.”
“At least the coffee’s cold.”
“Those were my onions. You just took them from me.”
“Life feels like pac-man sometimes I guess…it’s the same game over and over again. Same board, same ghosts.”
“I’m not holding in my passive-aggressive sighs.”
“You wanna talk about your tortured childhood? You wanna compare baggage?”
“The only thing you’re addicted to is attention.”
“You know, for a bad guy, you have one hell of a disguise.”
“Did we forget something at the mall?”
“Some people look at vacation rentals, some people look at porn, I look at dogs.”
“I’ll be back with a sledgehammer. This’ll be great!”
“Just let me remember you when it was good, okay? Will you do that?”
“I want you to know that you weren’t just a name on my list. ___, you were the name.”
“See? No porn, no puppies, no puppy porn.”
“I need you to wake up! The house is on fire! Get dressed! Put some shoes on!”
“Look at me, I’m gonna get us out of here, okay? Just look at me. Just be calm ‘cause we’re gonna get out.”
“Get down here now, ___! ___, don’t go back inside!”
“I’m going in the kitchen to get that and I’m never coming back.”
“How could you possibly joke right now?”
“When you lose someone…when you lose someone unexpectedly, it hurts…differently.”
“That’s what unexpected loss is like. It’s like a lightning bolt you can’t even see, reaching inside of you and tearing out your guts and-“
“No no, can you just back up? And can you leave me alone?”
“Can somebody get this person to give me some space, please?”
“I’m gonna be strong for them. God help me, I’m gonna be strong for them and if you can’t be strong either, then you need to take a walk around the block until you can.”
“I’m sorry I wasn’t there that night and I’m sorry the last thing I ever said to you was…awful.”
“I wanted to come here, I wanted stop avoiding you and I wanted to just talk to you. And just talk to you and tell you that I’m sorry and tell you that I’m gonna do better, okay?”
“If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll make you proud of me. I swear, I’ll make you proud of me.”
“The night ___ died, I thought ; we’re done. We won’t come back from this. And then I thought ‘okay, maybe they can. Maybe one day.’ Not because they needed him less, but they were built out of stronger stuff than I was.”
“Do you know that you changed my life? That you saved my life?”
“I’m always crying.”
“Uh-oh? What does ‘uh-oh’ mean?”
“Get out. You’re walking home.”
“Don’t you try and sell me on what you can’t do because I’m too old, I’m too smart, and I’m not buying it.”
“Can I just sit here with you for a little bit?”
“It was not your fault. Do you hear me? He was a grown man who made a choice. And if I have to spend the rest of my life making sure that you know that, I will.”
“It’s okay, because every battle scar is gonna tell our story.”
“I sit inside your anxiety every damn day and you can’t give me one night?”
“You don’t have to talk to me like I’m a child.”
“You can’t sleep either?”
“I like you, but you’re soft.”
“Choosing our people is the closest we come to choosing our own destiny.”
“I liked your toast. I’ve always been a sucker for a good toast.”
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mindmythorns · 4 days ago
Can you please answer 38, 39, and 48?
38. What’s your funniest and/or most embarrassing sex story? i was blowing this fuckboi once in the parking lot of my church (one of my 1st bjs) and he did not smell good and I ended up throwing up in my mouth and didnt want to EmBaRRaSs myself by spitting it out on the cement so I just swallowed it, took a drink of his mountain dew and kept going till he finished 😂
39. If your partner was going to send you a video of themselves, what could they do to make it turn you on the most? SAY MY NAME, tell me how good it feels thinking of me, how badly you want to touch me, and MOAN MOAN MOAN (heavy breathing is also acceptable)
48. What’s your favourite sex scene from a movie/TV show? hmmm honestly i cant think of any specific scene haha
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telfordlowmans · 5 days ago
Did you ever end up writting that juice /sassy (bratty) reader 👀
hi ok! this is honestly as far as I got and idk maybe I'll revise and end up finishing the whole thing if someone is interested in it.
also! I've not written for SoA before this so if it's a little awkward, I apologize.
warning: slightly nsfw, but not really
bratty! reader x juice (fem reader)
When you met Juice almost six months ago, you instantly knew he wasn't as hardened as his brothers. The kutte merely a facade to the tender-hearted man you had come to love and appreciate. But as much as you appreciated his gentleness, sometimes you wanted him to be, well, rough with you.
You craved that assertive tone from him. For him to put you in your place, in a respectful but not respectful way. But the problem was that you didn't know how to tell him without making him think that you weren't satisfied with your sex life.
So instead of just telling him what you wanted, you devised a plan—albeit a cruel one—to show him what you wanted.
After giving yourself a one last look in the rearview mirror, you finally gathered the courage to get out the car. Usually, it wasn't such struggle to walk the distance from the parking lot to the clubhouse, but your outfit changed things significantly. Between the denim-skirt ridding low on your hips and the slinky silk cami slipping off your shoulders, the amount of skin on display was more than you showed.
Though, that was the point. To gain Juice's attention for better or for worse. To nudge him a little closer to edge of grabbing you by neck.
Gods, those hands of his? You fantasized about them wrapped around your throat, twisted in your hair, and the taste of his fingers fucking your mouth.
Hurriedly, you cleared the thought of his hands from your brain and made your way to the clubhouse entrance. Juice had told you they were throwing a party to welcome the newly patched in prospect, and for you to come. Normally, he would've drove to the party himself, but to his annoyance you'd instead on driving yourself.
So that you could,“get ready,” without him hovering around the house. And if he'd seen what you planned on wearing tonight? Neither of you would've made to the party.
But now, as you strode into the clubhouse, you wished you had let him drive you just so you didn't have to go in alone. A surge of anxiety rattled your bones and for moment, you contemplated backing out of your plan.
No, you thought. I can do this. I want this.As soon as you fell in line with Juice's stare, you knew the outfit had done just what you hoped: get his attention. His eyes trailed over you with a lustiness that had your skin burning hot, but then a twinge of irritation settled on his face.
You smirked. Good.
Juice made his way to you, his hands shoved deep in his pockets. “Y/N,” he said.
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fuck-customers · 5 days ago
Haha looking for advice now because I'm getting paranoid as fuck -
One of our regulars we refer to as "Jesus freak" as he is one of those who literally lectures you and tries to shame you into converting to Christianity. He's also taking photos of things in the store (normally things from the computer screen or samples of print projects we've done). He also likes to come in and 7 til close and keep us over until 20 after.
He did this today (6/14) and when we got ready to finally leave he runs back into the store to ask if he can take a photo of my car (it's a fairly unique color, that's literally the only special thing about it). I politely tell him no, to please not take a photo of my car.
His response? "Well why not?" 🚩
I reiterated I didn't want anyone taking a photo of my car (I had parked where my license plate was showing too 🚩)
He goes "well I wasn't gonna share it, it's just for me."
I again emphasize I do not want him taking photos of my car.
"It just reminds me of a car I used to have thats all." 🚩(?)
I say "I don't want photos of my car taken and I ask you respect that."
He is still huffy, "Why do you sound upset, are you mad at me?" 🚩
I say "No, just please don't take a photo of my car."
He goes quiet and starts to slam brochures of Christianity and stuff on our counters (which we throw away, we have a no soliciting sign on our door and I think that qualifies?) And my manager and I have to shoo him out the door as we were clocked out and ready to go.
My manager and I walk across the parking lot to our cars and he is still parked in front of our store with both his car doors open. I was blocking my managers car in so I had to go first, and I feel like he probably hung back to try and take a photo anyway but I'm not sure, but basically now I feel super unsafe after this interaction and have no clue what to do.
Just to further add to the issue: when I first interacted with him he asked where I lived and which church I went to and if I was married (all of which I lied about as my manager had given me a heads up beforehand) so he doesn't know where I live or anything like that but still I feel paranoid since he started acting like that when I said he couldn't take a picture of my car.
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maizumis · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
note: reblogs are appreciated ✨female reader ‼️happy birthday to him! an anon request this so thank you and I hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
he wants kids? yes. at least two
you two were actually trying for one
and he kept good track of your period
and when the app told him you were ovulating
then i guess bad luck for his students because mans had a mission to complete
okay so when you told him your period didn't come after seven good months of trying<3
he told you to relax and went out to buy pregnancy tests and your favorite snacks
of course he was inside the bathroom when you took the test but looking the other way so he wouldn't intrude
man??? you literally were deep inside why do you bother to look away?
he was looking at the positive tests with wide eyes like :0 and not gonna lie, you were the same for a good minute
until tears were rolling both your cheeks
finally, you were going to have a little sugawara running around the house
of course he is a little freaked out and stuff but he wants the best for you
from doctors appointments to pillow covers, you were gonna have the best
you woke up at four am to throw up?
he is there to rub your back and tell you that everything is okay, that you can go back to sleep and rest the entire day
he is gonna bring daichi and asahi to build the nursery? yes. is he gonna ask kiyoko for aesthetic help? also yes.
he needs to have a hand on the belly every single minute
maybe he is cooking and asks you to bring a chair so he can feel his baby
he wants a girl first, and I say first because he is not satisfied with one kid
so the surprise on his face when the doctor told him he was gonna have a baby girl
yeah he is sobbing on your neck, trying to start the car to go home, but the tears, happy tears, clouded his vision
ALSO one day you went to his work, and all the kiddos were rubbing your tummy and talking to it :> soft moment
two words: home. birth.
with professional help of course
the bathroom has your favorite candles around and the water is warm and all the stuff
he been behind you in the tub as, he should
he is rubbing your tummy all along the process while whispering praises
time to push. he tries not to look down because he knew he would get scared, either way he did look down
and he didn't knew what to do to make you feel better because– what can someone do to make you feel better when a human is literally ripping you apart?
he is gonna make sure to spoil you after the birth.
when he heard the cries of his daughter
he got too damn happy, the nine month wait was worthy, now he has his wife and daughter on his arms
he literally had the world on his hands
I don't think he would cry but he would laugh, a lot, not laugh as in funny but laugh as in happiness <3 perfect little family
messy! daughter!
she would look at both your faces and ask
“so i can't bring mud inside the house?” she is gonna do it either way to be honest
good thing both you and him are patient, patient is a virtue
she boss around everywhere
bet the boys in his class are afraid of her
except for that usual shy boy that looks up to her everyday
that same shy boy once made her a little drawing and she was super happy about it!
sugawara was a little :/ but at the same time he was :) and you just were laughing around
that draw is now hanging on the fridge door
sundays are for the family
so y'all go to the park and have picnics, thematic picnics
fairies, pirates, mermaids, princesses, robots but always thematic<3
hope you're ready for at least one more child because he is not finished babe!!! good luck with it<3
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andersonigad958 · 7 days ago
Is Checking For Mold A Fraud, Or Worth It?
I have actually inspected after Harvey as well as individuals freaked out tearing every item of sheetrock outdoors. Completion outcome was skies high mold and mildew spore matter that takes 2 weeks min to air scrub, plus every surface area need to be cleaned down. But AS YOU DISCUSSED, the water concerns must be fixed initially, prior to a remediation process can be reliable.
One more usual area for mold development consists of the HEATING AND COOLING system. If this is influenced, it has to be shut off till the mold has actually been removed. If you're managing severe temperature levels in the winter or summer season time, this will certainly be a major trouble for everybody. Your main worries are basement and also shower room, so make them confirm those locations also you. If there is a lot of recurring mold and mildew on a wall the it is most likely it affected the bordering areas. Nevertheless, mold and mildew strains influencing minimal locations, such as an extremely small growth in the bathroom bathtub or on a tiny area of drywall near a dripping tap, can be conveniently dealt with.
Have a post-remediation evaluation done to guarantee that the removal was performed appropriately. The firm that did your preliminary mold and mildew inspection and screening can deal with that. The mold and mildew remediation business parks the truck as near your home as possible, lays plastic sheeting down and runs pipes from the doorway to the mold and mildew area. No one suches as shocks when having any type of type of job performed in one's residence. It is a disruptive scenario regardless of what the task. In the case of mold and mildew removal, you are mosting likely to have complete strangers in your house in "other life" attire using major chemicals.
Mold And Mildew As Well As Wetness.
Tumblr media
You could want to click the web links at the end of the post, in particular our message on "Just how to stop and Eliminate Mold And Mildew in your house" for more details on the subject. I was purchasing a residence that had actually been remediated for mold and mildew and also intended to verify that the task had been done right.
The risks of direct exposure to a certain mold can vary from individual to individual, making it tough to set exposure limits for molds or mold-related impurities. Breathing in mold and mildew spores can create bronchial asthma strikes in some individuals. The start of allergies to mold and mildew can be either instant or postponed; they include hay fever-type signs and symptoms, such as inflammation of the eyes, skin, nose, and throat.
Tumblr media
Ice Dams On Your Roof Covering: How To Stop Them.
The objective of mold and mildew removal is to tidy up mold and mildew growing within the house, and to stay clear of exposing home owners to big quantities of mold. Before you start mold removal, document the mold scenario with writing, photos, as well as video clip.
If you are repairing your home or building after a flooding or cyclone, to prevent mold development you ought to be sure your structure is dry before you change the floor covering.
It will likewise aid to open up the window after bathing or taking a bath to air out this confined room.
Correct the moisture, deal with the mold problem and also your residence will be back to normal.
Its up to them to follow them, ask me inquiries or what not.
Set an old box follower or an economical read more brand-new one in a window to aerate the area while functioning. Throw it out when you're done cleaning, since the spores are nearly impossible to clean off. Tape plywood or cardboard around the home window openings so the spores can't blow back in. The ideas and techniques presented in this section will help you tidy up your mold issue. Professional pompano beach fire cleansers or remediators might use techniques not covered in this publication. Please note that mold might cause discoloration and cosmetic damages.
What You Ought To Recognize Before Employing Mold Elimination Help
Black mold, or stachybotrys chartarum, can be challenging to eliminate. Consequently, you can anticipate to pay higher elimination costs anywhere in between $2,000 and also $6,000 depending upon the extent of the mold and mildew. If these molds are located in your house, it is essential to address the concern right now to stop major wellness worries.
In some circumstances they might need to check for possible architectural damage. If you are reluctant to lean on a mold and mildew elimination specialist to look after your mold and mildew issue due to set you back, do not presume these services are out of your rate variety.
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eraoroera · 7 days ago
I can not sleep tonight. I am not on adderall today and I haven't been since Thursday. We are going into Sunday now. I am thinking about how to convince my dad to rent out the second floor apartment to me instead of my brother and see it as an up hill battle. My brother feels entitled to the space - partly because that's the way he is and partly because he has had to live in the attic apartment, put up with and involved himself with my father's disputes with the older tenant that had occupied that apartment and has spent many weekends in a row helping to renovate the apartment.
All of this and I am going to ask in a week if my father would consider renting it out to my boyfriend and I. This is the first time that I have asked for such a thing but feel my father will not see it as such. A big part of his narrative is that we are a financial burden to him and although we never asked for it he holds it against me whenever he can. I also know that he is resentful of the fact that I do not throw my life aside to help him with his own endeavors. But it is a catch 22 because he would not respect me if I did that anyway.
And so tomorrow I will tell them - hey, don't go out of your way after this Lake George trip (the one that I am not invited to, under the pretenses of it being a trip to make up for the one my brother missed 4 years ago and my father's excuse that he could not find a cabin for 6 people and so he picked the child and partner that spend more time with him) and I will tell them that I will go to there house so that they do not have to go out of their way.
Hopefully my brother will not be there and I can make the ask. I will tell my father that it would be a great advantage for me to live there while studying , applying out and hopefully going to law school. That there is enough space in that apartment for my partner and I to continue to work and study from home. That I am a good respectful tenant, do not need use of the parking lot, will assist in maintaining the property. We will not play loud music and would be less of a disturbance to the downstairs neighbors than my brother would be and so forth.
I do really want to live in the apartment. I am nervous to present the proposition to my father but I am confident in my ability to represent myself well.
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survivingnightbyday · 8 days ago
the amount of attention part one of my Context/marvel-danny phantom WIP received makes me feel very emotional, thank you.
In that same sentence, I have more motivation to not put it down! Yay! So.
I have headcanons. Or kinda notes about what was going on.
Edit I meant to put this in a queue, crap.
So! Most of the time, Danny phantom is placed in like early EARLY 2000s right? Marvel is ever so slightly ahead of that. So... I'm skewing the timeline! Anything that's Avengers takes place AFTER individual movies (so Iron Man the trilogy are before the first movie) because I despise the time gaps and I would rather not write about those (unless I fill it with drama about Danny trying to get Amity Park back under control and Ghost Politics)
I mean, my general sense for both (no matter how many times I watch marvel, I always space out smh) of the timelines are already murky. But this'll take place like a year after the accident I think, and a week before summer break. I just got out of highschool, I do Not Want To Write About It.
So Danny's still pretty young. Anyways. The chitauri invasion is a couple of days after Part 1. Not many, but like one or two. Yeah... uh... Danny's getting out of school early. His family are Freaking Out. As is the rest of Amity Park. Phantom is gone, and the ghosts are ALSO freaking out because their resident playmate and territory protector is GONE so new not so nice murdery ghosts are starting to be a bit... attracted to the resident town with a hole in reality in it.
So, Strange and Wong are the ones who summoned Danny. They don't know everything about the future, but they know enough that they need backup. Stuff is going to go Down, and that's kinnnda scary. So they want to get the Ghost King to make a deal with them. If it gets too bad, the Ghost King can put the people in the GZ or help out in general.
The thing is... Pariah Dark is a known cruel king. The order (i forgot what they were called ;-;) have dealt with him before, and they are Not keen to do it again. However, Strange being Strange decides that future events are more dangerous than a pissy ghost king.
...they aren't expecting a pint-sized baby-face ghost. Who talks about Pariah like he's a toddler throwing a tantrum.
And who can break out of ghost barriers and time-pauses, apparently.
Danny's had enough close encounters with timelines and time magic/energy stuff to build up a bit of a... resistance. Add to his halfa status and general overpoweredness, and he can do a LOT of reality breaking. If he leans into one side more though, he can mess himself up. Like if he's being Danny Fenton and is showing off ghost powers, he could end up puking ectoplasm as a sign of straining himself. If he's Danny Phantom (only Amity people know him as Danny Phantom though) and straining his more human qualities, his core starts hurting. Badly. (This leads into smth else that I have a plan in mind for but I'm not getting into.)
Back to Strange's and Wong's POV. So, they tried to catch him when he broke the barrier via utilizing timepausing (i cannot for the life of me remember the actual term), but as most know that doesn't work. Danny gets out of the house, and vanishes.
...Strange and Wong are having both an argument and a mental breakdown at the same time. Did they just accidently unleash some new overpowered ghost or-?
Who even WAS that and WHY did he show up when they summoned the Ghost King?
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