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zeravmeta · 31 minutes ago
naegi’s bad luck works at the meta-narrative level it’ll always keep him alive specifically to keep making him suffer -> his victory over junko being from the fact he was a normal ass dude wasnt his bad luck, but rather everything that followed was, with him becoming the most wanted person on the planet by the future foundation and ultimate despair -> his continued survival is the literal wrench in the works because of how unpredictable he is -> kamukura agreed to help naegi for two reasons: to see which is stronger between hope and despair following DRAE -> kamukura managed to find a future beyond that-> also agreed to honor nanami and save her classmates specifically because he knew her once and she made him feel -> nanami was also unpredictable as an individual because she brought out kamukuras humanity after hinata gave it away even though that should have been impossible -> kamukura never properly coped because hopes peak dehumanized him and thus when naegi offers him the chance to take back his humanity he accepts-> all of this is bad luck in the sense that naegi saved the people who caused the tragedy and suffered dr3 for it -> kamukura saves him back in hope side but at the cost of revillainizing his classmates (more bad luck)
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ronimina · 32 minutes ago
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minniethemoocher · 48 minutes ago
vampire au time also i will be splitting these bullet points into two parts bc the first part is based around general information while the second part is more story-based and more about my dumb ship
edit: this gets extremely fanfiction-y bc i’m dumb and it became way longer than i expected LMAOOOOO
okay so this is based on the hesowars set where they’re all vampires and this also all takes place in an old-timey setting that’s not quite the victorian era but isn’t modern either fvhfggkdkksjfk
all of the brothers live in an “abandoned” castle (which is located on the outskirts of a small town)
everyone in the town thinks the castle is pretty much abandoned and they leave it alone for the most part, but there’s also ghost stories and rumors going around about what exactly lives inside that castle
people are constantly warned to not go near it (whether to explore it or to try to renovate it) because the few people who have gone inside ended up “disappearing” without a trace; no one knows where they go bc ppl are too afraid of meeting the same fate to try to look for them
ok back to the brothers
the brothers are all vampires who have lived in this abandoned castle for a long time; they all resemble classic vampires in terms of abilities and weaknesses, but each of them also has a unique power (oso can transform into a bat-like demon thing with enhanced strength and extremely sharp claws, kara can shapeshift into all kinds of animals but his preferred form is a wolf, choro has the power of mind control which can be accomplished when he gives his victims a non-lethal bite, ichi can summon and control an army of bats, jyushi can transform into some kind of dark, shadow-like matter than can pass through solid objects and occasionally possess ppl, and totty can basically bloodbend)
in my version, chibita is their human familiar (which basically means that he’s their servant) and therefore one of the only humans who can know of their existence and live; he’s basically responsible for tasks such as cleaning the castle, getting rid of corpses, and occasionally luring clueless visitors into the castle for... dinnertime
chibita is frequently irritated by them and their messy eating habits, but he works as their familiar bc he hopes that if he does enough years of service, he’ll eventually be turned into a vampire himself as a reward
none of the brothers have any intention of turning him into a vampire any time soon
ok that’s enough for background info now imma go into story stuff
so if anyone remembers i did a few drawings based on this au (that i’ll probably forget to link once i’m done writing this post LMAO) featuring mayu that was very inspired by the grim in love short from grim adventures
the setup is almost the same, except this time their whole meeting scene takes place at night bc nobody in town goes to the beach at night and also bc the brothers don’t want to spend too much time in the sun (they don’t burn to a crisp right away if exposed to the sun, but they do gradually become weaker and more sickly before eventually withering away)
ok so now that’s out of the way this whole thing starts with oso, kara, and totty going to the beach for a beach day (or beach night, whatever you want to call it) and at one point oso is making fun of totty for being crueler and more heartless than the rest of them (they’re all pretty cruel and heartless, but todomatsu is far more open and far less apologetic about it; he openly expresses his distaste for humans and thinks that they’re only useful for bloodsucking and the occasional fuck)
and at first totty is all like “whatever lol i’m a vampire what do u expect” but then ~suddenly~ he gets distracted bc now he sees a girl dressed all in black just strolling on the beach under the moonlight with a black parasol in hand
it’s an unusual sight (especially since hardly anyone comes to the beach at night) but todomatsu just feels drawn to this eerie yet enchanting girl. without a second thought, he strides after her
oso and kara just stay put and watch him bc they already can tell by her scent that the girl is human and even tho totty doesn’t rlly care for humans he’s going after her anyway and well this should be interesting lmaooooo
todomatsu introduces himself to the mystery girl, who appears to be just as interested in him as he is in her i mean he is wearing gothic clothing after all and she’s hardly seen anyone else who dresses similarly to her during the day. he learns her name (mayu) and who she is (she happens to be a heiress to a massive fortune). after introducing themselves, they take a stroll on the beach together and well... after that night they begin to see each other more often.
totty and mayu spend many nights together doing romantic date activities (even ones that would normally be done during the day, such as going on a picnic); they have fancy dinners together, go on walks on the beach and in the cemetery, mayu often secretly invites todomatsu into her family’s home so they can watch an old movie together in her room and they also fool around once in a while if u know what i mean ;))))))
through these dates, they get to know each other better... though todomatsu doesn’t tell her that he’s a vampire out of fear that she’ll run away from him bc what do you know he’s starting to catch feelings for this human
mayu pretty much suspects that todomatsu is a vampire or otherwise some sort of supernatural creature, but she doesn’t say anything to him bc she doesn’t want him to be weirded out by her accusations; she’s starting to catch feelings for him and it seems that he likes her back which... has hardly happened for her in the past so she doesn’t want to ruin it
she tells herself that he just happens to be an ordinary man who’s extremely busy during the daytime and just really likes wearing victorian clothing... but deep down she knows that he’s not exactly human but honestly it’s not like she’s against it
anyway all of totty’s brothers know of his relationship with mayu and they constantly make fun of him for it especially since he’s looked down on humans so much in the past and now... he actually loves a human
despite all the teasing they also try to warn him against taking the relationship too far especially since at the end of the day he’s a blood-sucking monster who could easily rip her to shreds if he somehow loses control of his thirst
totty tries to brush this all off... he’s been able to control his thirst quite easily so far (even though her scent is very enticing); he’s also accepted the fact that he is in love with her... and he eventually comes to the decision that he’ll both confess his true feelings and tell her that he’s a vampire it’s a risky decision, but he knows that he has to do it
one night, he goes to mayu’s house... only to find the door torn off its handles. as he gets closer to the house, he’s immediately hit with the scent of blood. there’s so many kinds... and so much of it...
before it can get too overwhelming, he shakes it off and calls for mayu’s name. a few moments pass before he suddenly hears a thud followed by a scream.
“todomatsu?! todomatsu! h—” her voice gets cut off, but todomatsu can tell she’s in trouble. her screams are an invitation enough to allow him inside the house.
he immediately rushes in, only to be met with a chilling sight even for him. the normally neat and quiet living room area is now a complete mess, with furniture being overturned and shards of glass being scattered everywhere on the floor.
the smell of blood has gotten even stronger now, and todomatsu is starting to feel a bit funny. surely his last meal hadn’t been that long ago? he couldn’t remember now, for the smell has gotten so overwhelming...
he snaps out of his trance at the sound of mayu screaming from her bedroom. he shakes off his previous feeling and runs up the stairs. on the way, he finds the unconscious body of a man lying not far from mayu’s bedroom. in his hand is a bloody knife and located near his now bleeding head is a high-heeled shoe... clearly the reason why he was unconscious.
by now it has dawned on him that her home was attacked by robbers. they were clearly after her family’s fortune, and from the looks of the damage done to the house ( well as the overwhelming smell of blood in the air...), they didn’t care what they had to do to get their hands on it.
“g-get out! get away from me! st—” mayu’s voice can be heard from her bedroom. todomatsu quickly runs to her bedroom and swings the partially broken door open.
once he’s inside, he sees red.
mayu is slumped in the corner of her bedroom, holding her side and breathing raggedly. blood is all over her hands and staining her torn dress. towering above her her is a second robber, a bloody knife raised above his head and ready to stab again.
before he can bring down the knife, however... he’s yanked by the neck and roughly thrown to the floor. the last thing he sees through blurred vision is todomatsu towering over him, fangs bared and face completely twisted in rage... and then totty proceeds to tear him to pieces lmao
after he’s done ripping the robber apart, he immediately makes his way to mayu, who’s quickly losing strength. however, there is a moment where he hesitates getting close to her... for he basically just revealed what kind of bloodthirsty monster he was.
before he can try to explain himself, mayu smiles weakly at him and says, “i knew it.”
for a moment, todomatsu is taken aback. he slowly reaches out to take her hand, and mayu lets him. she doesn’t care if he’s a vampire (even if he did go ballistic just now)... after all of that, he’s still todomatsu and she knows that he only did that to protect her. it was extremely unconventional (and bloody...), but she knows that he’s still todomatsu. the sweet, dry-humored, vain but ultimately good-hearted todomatsu she fell in love with.
todomatsu holds her hand tightly, afraid of letting go. the scent of blood has become extremely overwhelming for him (the fact that mayu’s blood is out in the open is not helping things at all)... and he can sense that mayu doesn’t have that much time left. for a moment, panic seizes him... but then an idea pops up in his mind. it’s a risky idea, but he can’t shake it off... and he can’t lose her...
mayu’s eyes are starting to flutter, but she still smiles at him. the smile is weak and strained, but she still smiles at him as if to tell him everything will be okay.
everything’s not okay, todomatsu thinks to himself. he doesn’t even know if he can bring himself to go through with his idea... but her breathing is becoming more ragged...
he finds himself leaning forward, putting his lips near her neck. mayu tilts her head back and exposes her neck further, almost as if she knows what he intends to do.
please forgive me, he thinks before sinking his teeth into her neck. mayu cries out weakly, but her cry fades into a soft sigh as todomatsu begins to drink. he doesn’t drink enough blood to completely drain her, but the darker side of him is oh so tempted to. her blood tastes heavenly, far much better than he had previously imagined it to be. he practically moans as he continues to drink, almost blinded by pleasure.
he does gain control of himself and pulls his fangs out of her neck before licking the puncture wounds shut, feeling almost giddy with the pleasure he just experienced. still, he composes himself and moves on to the next part of his plan. he pulls out a vial of his own blood and uncorks it before holding it out to mayu.
“drink this... it’ll help.” todomatsu almost wants to kick himself for saying that; first she gets stabbed and now she gets bitten by him... does he really think that she’ll happily drink a vial of his fucking blood because “it’ll help”?!
much to his surprise, however, mayu shakily takes the vial and drinks the contents. after drinking, she lowers the vial slowly... only to start coughing and hacking violently. todomatsu’s eyes move towards her stab wound, which is slowly but surely beginning to close.
it’s working, he realizes with an exhausted sense of relief. he removes his cape from his neck and pulls mayu close before wrapping it around her like a blanket. she whines softly and shivers in his arms.
“shhhh... i’ve got you, princess.” he whispers to her, far more gentle than he has ever been. “i’m going to take you back to my home... and i’ll take good care of you there, alright?”
“t-todomatsu...” she practically croaks. “i... i feel sick...”
“i know...” he sighs quietly, stroking her hair. he knows she’s going to be sick for a long time (this kind of thing has never been a painless experience), but at least he knows that she’s going to survive. that she’ll still be with him. “...and i’m sorry for...” he vaguely gestures around him. “...all of this. but i’m right here, and i promise that i’ll take care of you... now and forever.”
he then scoops her up in his arms, ready to leave and go back to the castle. mayu buries her face in her chest. despite the chills she’s feeling all over her body, she manages to smile weakly as she shuts her eyes.
and imma wrap it up right here bc this got long and tbh idk if the first part of this post was even necessary but anyway here’s my vampire au 🥴
also if you’ve read this all the way through... you get a gold star and my apologies
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saintknives · 50 minutes ago
not me trying to figure out how carrd works
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realbacchus · an hour ago
Listening to what Adolin says about riding Dalinar's horse and not his own... The mane feeling slightly different, expecting different movements... I've had my fair share of horses throughout my life and between the 5 I've been comfortable with and felt familiar with... That feeling of a different horse was just put into words correctly. For the first time in my life I've felt seen by a fictional characters reaction to a horse.
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The whole Ben/Glory thing definitely caused so much bi panic in my tiny little ten-year-old brain. I mean, come one, pretty boy turns into pretty girl and vice versa. AND because of this, our pretty boy ends up wears dresses, and our pretty girl dawns traditionally masculine clothing. My peewee concept of gender roles was thrown so out of wack and subsequently I didn’t know whether to be attracted to Glory or Ben, so I just sort of... got really into them both.
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la-muerta · 2 hours ago
ENG SUB – 18Mar2021 Gong Jun’s interview with 《猫眼中人》
Gong Jun talks about his audition process for Word of Honour, a particular moment in ep14, his university days, and career journey so far.
He’s so self-depreciating 😅
(Turn on CC for the English subtitles)
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bedlamsbard · 2 hours ago
I struggle a lot with getting easily overwhelmed with negativity (specifically Star Wars in this context, but other things as well; with Star Wars particularly I tend to go down rabbit holes) on the internet and not wanting to add to that, but at the same time not wanting to feel like I’m holding back my own thoughts on something if I’m really bothered by it or even not one hundred percent happy with it.  I do go back, sometimes years later, to look at what I said at points, and it’s particularly frustrating when I do that and there’s either nothing there or what is there is so vague as to be essentially useless.  And while I don’t really want to be the kind of people who drastically changes how someone else feels about something (I don’t really care if you liked it or not as long as you don’t come in to tell me how great something I hated was, or to tell me something I love is horrible), I also know that it can be really valuable to see that someone else didn’t like the same parts that you also didn’t, especially if the dominant narrative in fandom is about something else.
I don’t know.  I don’t think there’s an easy answer -- I never do a reaction or a thoughts post or a liveblog with the expectation or desire to get into a debate about that (I save that for yelling at my friends, whom I’m pretty sure won’t suddenly turn on my throat), but like. *flips hand* Sometimes I just want to sort out my thoughts by typing them out, because I’m a writer and that’s how I think best; sometimes I want to just get it out and send it into the universe; sometimes I do want people to go “hmm, good thoughts” (but not yell at me about it or call me an idiot); sometimes it’s a combination of the above.  And I don’t want to be an asshole about it to other people.  Sigh.
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homuradoka · 2 hours ago
(I couldn’t tell if it was stepping over a line to send you this ask and you do not need to post it, but-) I saw your personal post about struggling with being undiagnosed but feeling like something is Seriously Wrong even though doctors will tell you that you’re doing fine in school, and I wanted to let you know that your struggle is valid, and I’m sorry you’re not getting help and validation from ‘official sources.’ I like seeing you enjoy the things you like, and I followed you because I thought you were neat and had interesting things to say. I really hope that you can get the help you’re looking for and that you can get the sense, at least from me, that you’re valid and you aren’t alone
thank u this was a very nice ask to recieve :)
#asks#anon#im glad u enjoy me n my content & my passion for my interests!#my whole thing is that i Try to do things out of need to bc if i mess up i feel u know. worthless burdensome etc.#and since ive grown so used to hiding Everything when i tell ppl im. for lack of more specific terms. fucked in the head#they go 'no way haha i never wouldve guessed. cant relate. anyway'#like im competent out of need to be thanks to self worth issues but in reality just. everything hurts everyday#bc my poor mental health manifests in my body so i always have headaches and tight shoulders and back pain and i cant focus on anything#like the one thing i Did get diagnosed for was clinical depression and my doctor commented on how tight my shoulders were from my own mind#taking its toll. but still was like 'haha u should be fine'#and my parents dont want me on meds or anything and think im just being dramatic abt things and that technology is whats to blame for#everything about me and then dont listen to a word i say and get mad when i tell them how i feel so. there is That.#plus ive got a whole paranoia thing that nobody genuinely likes me thanks to having ex friends make a literal group hate chat about me#a few years ago and whenever ppl tell me that they appreciate me i feel like theyre lying even if i Know that theyre not and its just#a really weird feeling to shake. also ive got this thing where i wake up and i just feel innately Wrong? like ive literally woken up having#an anxiety attack and realized it hours later bc i have such a poor read on my own feelings bc ive been so detached from them for so long#like all ive got is 'something everything is wrong' 'full of love' 'i think im good rn' 'pain. suffering even' & 'intense fixation'#and this is like. the half of it#sorry abt the vent but ty for the ask it was rlly nice :')#wshdlf im so fucked in the head i find solace thru madoka magica </3
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strawberiitea · 3 hours ago
Little White Lies and Hidden Black Truths
how many times have you let their expectations define you?
they call you a general,
and they call you a leader;
but do you have strength to admit the truth?
you fear your failure;
so instead you play dress up,
instead you play hide and seek.
you put on a mask you could never call your own;
you hide behind a smile,
you hide behind the words.
you are not who you wish to be,
and much less who you claim to be.
tell me Mr. President,
do you know who you are?
how many times have you written reassurances tinted rose gold?
would you call it the clever illusion that everything is in your control,
or is it a juvenile game of make-believe?
you do not wish to know.
you do not wish to know.
little white lies turn into hidden black truths;
the world that weigh heavy on your shoulders has come crashing down to your feet.
tell me Mr. Showman,
do you know who you are?
how many times have you played your little game of pretend?
they say that old habits die hard;
and it's familiar,
all too familiar.
you wish to know it all,
and you wish to have the answers;
you plan for the mundane,
and you plan for the unexciting.
does it bring you security to act like the enlightened?
the knowledgeable, the intelligent,
the person in control?
is it confidence if it's feigned?
cockiness, courage, arrogance –
even after all these years,
you still wear the mask.
Mr. Know-It-All,
You are a liar.
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iateyourdoggo-part2 · 3 hours ago
daily dumb thing i did as a kid no. 33
33. i tried buying smth at a store with monopoly money once 0.0
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