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#i can't find that post i made last year
tracyinpolaroids · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
More than a year into the pandemic, and we've miraculously survived. But the bleeding is getting harder to stop. We can't stem the tide. I'm fearing the worst for us, if I'll be honest. Not sure if it's because I've lost my incredible sense of optimism and fighting spirit, but it's just really coming to terms with the fact that we just can't keep up.
The bills are piling up, and there has been no assistance from the government despite promises since last year. We were just starting to do okay early this year with people and orders coming in, so we were gradually picking up our pace by trying to evolve once again. But lockdown happened and it basically cut us up anew. We couldn't accept guests which I really feel is how we managed to survive. We don't rely much on advertising, we've always gotten new customers through word of mouth. Whenever we did try going down the ad route, the gains from it were very short-lived and the costs ultimately outweighed them. We couldn't risk losing any more money.
Maybe it's time to let go. We knew the pandemic would eventually kill our small business, we just weren't sure when or how quickly. We survived a year despite many, many other small businesses like us closing up shop. We did so much, but the hits kept on coming and they keep on coming.
I always felt very strongly about letting go and giving up the fight. But I don't see what more I can do, what more I can add, what more I can change. It's difficult to think about letting go. This was the place that introduced me to my closest friends, that helped me grow after so many of life's hardships, that brought me back to life. This place was home.
I'm pretty sure a lot of people would think I'm being overly dramatic about a coffee shop. At the end of the day, it's a business. Businesses live and die, especially during a recession. But there's just so much about this place that I find it so heartbreaking to put it to rest. I know the most important thing is not the place itself. The friends I made, the experiences, the lessons, the memories. But these are all attached to this place which makes it feel like cutting off a part of myself.
The photo above was one I didn't take. It was sent to me while I was in Japan with some friends, so I could make a regular post on Instagram (I had just been recently, officially hired as the social media manager). I've always loved seeing Nine Three like this. Filled with people, very likely people sitting in one corner talking to people way over in the other corner. I loved knowing who our regulars were and entertaining their questions or just talking about coffee in general.
Maybe in the future, we can find that again, if we do ultimately fold. And hopefully, the same life and energy can be breathed into it.
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funbeenbooenjoyer · 12 hours ago
I'm just sorta bored and alone rn so why don't him just talk about my Awesamdude AU?
As a rundown, I started making this RIGHT before the Finale of the Disc War when c!Sam was still seen as a good lad at the time so it goes off of pre-corruption arc Sam and not post-corruption arc Sam.
Premise is literally just Sam finding an abandoned Tubbo out in the woods one day. The child is just in a box and is about four years old at the time, so pretty young and nervous of the world. Sam waits for about a week to see if any parents or guardians will show up to retrieve the kid, but no one does and he ends up taking Tubbo in as his son. Little joke note, but Sam asked Tubbo to try to write his full name on the second day he had him but Tubbo didn't know his name so he wrote a line, this later became why his last name in canon is Underscore.
Story goes on pretty close to canon for the first season except for Sam becoming an honorary member of sorts for L'Manberg dispite being American. This is because he helped out when they were trying to win their independence as Sam supplied them with food then later made a secret farm underground for them to take from.
As for season two, still not as many differences, but this time around Sam is just a bit more wary of Dream and his intentions. He on a few occasions tries to help Tommy because he's Tubbo's bestfriend and the boy even ends up confiding in him about only a few details. Sadly, Sam still thinks that Tommy is dead after he runs away.
More parts for season two because there is actually quite a bit! After Doomsday and the note from Dream, both Tubbo and Tommy end up staying at Sam's for a few nights while they plan. This is basically where Sam unofficially adopts Tommy, though they both see it more as an apprentice-mentor type of relationship.
Season three is still up in the air, but since Sam is Tubbo's dad he never ends up joking about killing Michael, instead he joins in helping build up walls and making sure Snowchester is protected.
I haven't decided all the changes to season three, mostly because it's not finished yet, but it's safe to say that he never allows anyone else into the prison after Dream confesses about him abusing Tommy. Though this specifically boils down to Sam not letting any of the kids in or around the prison, even asking Puffy to be another guard and walk around the exterior of the prison.
Tommy doesn't loose his last life here so the rift between Tommy and Sam forms instead because Sam is holding his word on not letting Tommy see Dream. He later on understands why Sam is doing it, bit he's still stubborn and annoyed that he can't atleast punch the shit out of Dream while wearing Nightmare.
I might explain more stuff later because I'm honestly considering making Sam also adopt Fundy or even Ranboo, but for right now this is all.
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hotchgan · 16 hours ago
Summery: Aaron has a stalker and the team has to find out who is it.
A/N: I actually don’t really like this but I’ll still post it anyways. I might have some spelling errors in this because I didn’t really proof-read this. Also, sorry for the crappy title,
Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom
Warnings: stalking/stalker, character deaths, murder, knife, gun, poison, mention of death,
Aaron walks steps put of the elevator with a frown on his face. It was his day off and Strauss had called him in for some reason. She said it was urgent but he didn't care. He had to miss one of Jack's soccer games. Aaron planned on getting ice cream and apologizing after this is over.
Aaron walks across the building. He sees people state and glance at him. The last time this happened was after Haley died. He looks around, confused, before going into the bullpen.
"It's my day of Strauss, what is it that's so urgent-", Aaron starts saying before he freezes. The team looks at him and then to the bulliten board. Aaron looks like he had just seen a ghost.
On the bulliten board was hundreds of pictures of Aaron. Him coming home from work, taking Jack to the park, and even one of Haley greeting him at their front door for him.
"What .. who did this?" Aaron asks the team. No body said anything for a second.
"We don't know. Garcia came in because she left something and saw this. She called Strauss and she called us in", Derek explains.
"Did you check the security camera's?" Aaron asks as he steps closer to the board. The pictures go back as to seven years ago. Hi come he never noticed that someone was stalking him?
"I checked but someone shut it down for an hour before it came back on", Garcia replies.
"Ok, I want fronseics to dust this for fingerprints or any DNA on here. I also want to know-" Aaron starts ordering his team.
"You're not on this case", Strauss interrupts him. Aaron looks at her.
"What?" Aaron asks.
"Agent Morgan will be leading this investigation. You're the victim and we can't have you working this case", Strauss explains.
"I'm sorry, these pictures go back as to seven years. Maybe even more and you want me off the case?" Aaron asks.
"Yes", Strauss says simply. Aaron was about to say something before his phone rang.
"I- excuse me", Aaron says as he takes the phone call. He steps put of the room and into the hall.
"Jessica, is everything alright?" Aaron asks.
"N-no .. it's dad", Jessica replies. Aaron can tell that she has been crying.
"Roy? Is he ok?" Aaron asks. Jessica chokes out a sob.
"He's- he's dead", Jessica replies.
Aaron watches the the body bag gets taken away from the crime scene that was once Jessica's house. Jessica was in the living room, crying while Jack is sitting next to her silently. The last time Jessica had cried this hard is when Haley died. And like Haley's death, this was his fault too.
"Hotch", JJ says to Aaron. Aaron snaps out of trance and looks at her. He nods and walks over to the living room and sits next to his son.
"Hey buddy, how are feeling?" Aaron asks Jack. The blonde boy shrugs. Aaron sighs and pulls his son into a hug. Jack holds on to his father's shirt tightly and he softly begins to cry. Aaron looks at Jessica who was standing up and leaving the room. Aaron felt a small pang in his heart but ignored it.
Derek then made eye contact with Aaron and gestures to come over there. Aaron nods and tells Jack to let go of him so he can talk to Derek. Jack nods as Aaron grabs a tissue for him. He then walks over to Derek.
"Looks like he was poisoned. Someone drugged his drink", Derek says to Aaron.
"Do you think my stalker killed him?" Aaron asks quietly so no one else would hear.
"I don't know but there is a possibility it might", Derek replies. Aaron then feels guilty of all of this.
"Hey, this isn't your fault", Derek says to Aaron. Aaron doesn't say anything back but stares at the chair where his father in law died in.
"Are you agent Hotchner?" A man ask as he walks up to him.
"Yes, why?" Aaron asks. The man then gives him a letter that is in a plastic bag.
"This is for you. It was left at the crime scene", the man says before leaving. Aaron and Derek both read the letter.
Dear Agent Hotchner,
You probably don't know who I am. That's probably for the best. My life was going perfectly. I had met the perfect women but then you came along. You dragged her into your mess and you killed her. And I vowed for the rest of my life to destroy you. So for the past five years, I have been stalking you and now I will destroy your life. Just remember that this is your fault.
Sincerely, Your Stalker
Aaron gulps silently after reading the letter. Derek looks at him shocked. He then takes the letter from Aaron's hand and gives it back to forensics. Derek tells them to dust for any prints or DNA. Aaron stands there in shock. He did this because of him. It was his fault.
"Hotch, are you alright?" Emily asks as she notices Aaron frozen into place.
"I- .. I don't know", Aaron admits, quietly. Emily looks at him sadly.
"Well, I'm here if you need anything. We'll catch this bastard", Emily says to Aaron.
"We're going back to review what we know. Do you want to come with us?" Emily asks. Aaron looks at her and then at Jessica. They both make eye contact before Jessica looking away.
"I'll come with you", Aaron replies.
Aaron and the team go back to he briefing room to review the case. Strauss doesn't approve but she knows that Aaron can't sir around and do nothing. He also can't stay with Jessica knowing that she probably hates him right now.
Aaron doesn't know what to feel. Roy has been his only father figure that hadn't let him down. But the last time he visited him, he had blames him for Haley's. But he still didn't deserve to die. Roy was the loudest person to cheer when Aaron had graduated from highschool. He was the one who help Aaron pick out a suit for his wedding. Roy was there for Aaron and now he's gone.
“Hotch ... Aaron”
Aaron looks up to see Emily standing in front of him. She has a worried look on her face. Something that he has seen too often now.
“Are you alright? You don’t look so good”, Emily asks him.
“I uh I’m actually going to go outside .. to clear my head”, Aaron says to Emily. She nods as Aaron walks back outside.
Aaron goes outside and opens his car. He sits inside and waits. He’s not sure what for. Maybe for the shock of his father in law’s death to go away. Maybe for Jessica to call him and tell him that everything will be ok. Maybe for this horrible nightmare to end. The shock does go away. Aaron remembers the five stages of grief. Denial was the stage Aaron was in. Denial then anger. It didn’t take long Aaron to get angry.
Aaron chokes out a sob as tears flow down from his eyes. He’s angry. He angry how everyone that hates him always goes after his family. He is angry at the world. He’s angry at himself. Aaron grips on the steering wheel. The first time in his life, he doesn’t know what to do. The team is already trying to solve the case, Jessica is with Jack and they probably hate him right now. He is alone.
“Well that was a fun show to watch”
Aaron’s head snaps up as he sees someone in the back seat, holding a gun. Aaron freezes, unsure of what to do. The man behind him presses his gun to Aaron’s back and leans in to whisper in his ear.
Aaron starts the car and drives. He can still feel the gun presses up against him.
“Drive to Jessica’s house”
Aaron nods. He drives but not to Jessica’s house. He can’t put her in danger. Not everything he has done to her. She doesn’t deserve to die. He does. Jack will be better off with her, anyways.
“Hey, that isn’t the way”
Aaron doesn’t listen and continues driving to somewhere far away from Jessica.
“Hey! Stop the car!”
Aaron stops the car. He looks at the mirror to see the man behind him.
“What the hell do you think your doing?!”
“If you want to kill someone, kill me”, Aaron replies. The man stares at him before laughing.
“Oh you’re not going to get off this easy. I want to destroy your life, just like you did to mine”
“What did I do that destroyed your life?” Aaron asks.
“You got Haley killed”
Aaron doesn’t say anything back. It was him. The guy who called Haley. The guy Haley cheated him in with. The man behind his has dark red hair and light brown eyes. Almost looks like the complete opposite of him.
“I was the love of her life”
Aaron cringes at those words. He remembers the time Haley said that he was the love of her life and that she would never leave him. Aaron knew that Haley died loving him. And the man behind him says that? Aaron wasn’t going to let him get what he wants.
Aaron turns around and grips the gun behind him. He punches the red-head in the face. The man groans in pan and kick Aaron in the face. Aaron gets out of the car and drags the other man out of it too. He then forces the guy to sit up against the car and punches him, repeatedly. The red hair manages to kick Aaron in the stomach, pushing him back. He then goes on top of him and pulls light a knife. He brings it above his head and-
“FBI, put down the knife!”
The man looks around him to see black SUV’s and agents pointing a gun towards him. He slowly puts down the knife and puts his hands up. Aaron sighs in relief as he stands up. He watches as the man who tried to kill him gets cuffed away.
“So did you get my message?” Aaron asks Derek as he walks towards him. He had sent Derek a text message while he was driving in the car.
“The text message you sent me? No, it was just random letters and numbers so I knew there was something wrong with you”, Derek replies.
“Then how did you find me?” Aaron asks.
“I got out the find my friends app and tracked your phone”, Derek replies. Aaron let’s out a small smile.
“Are you ok? It seemed like you and him had a pretty rough fight”, Derek asks.
“I think I’ll be fine”, Aaron replies.
Aaron turns around to see Jessica running towards him. Jessica then pulls Aaron into a hug.
“Thank god, you’re ok”, Jessica says as she hugs Aaron, tightly.
“Jessica! How did you get here?” Aaron asks her as he wraps his arms tightly around her.
“Rossi called me that you were missing so I went into his car to help them find you”, Jessica explains.
“What about Jack?” Aaron asks.
“He’s with his cousins”, Jessica replies.
“I’m so glad you’re ok. I can’t lose you too”, Jessica says. Aaron smiles softly and hugs her. He has a family. A family that cares about him and loves him no matter what happens.
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paradisewithinpain · a day ago
random haikyuu headcanons cause i can
there might be some time skip spoilers in here fyi
tendou listens to mother mother religiously and somehow put goshiki on it too
suga was the type of kid who picked up bugs that made their way into the house and put them back outside
kenma hates conflict and mutes his mic when the people he plays with argue
daichi cannot stand the texture of applesauce
bokuto's favorite book is the sun is also a star
ushijima watches hallmark and finds it endearing
makki and matsukawa both own maid dresses and wear them at least once a month to gain more followers on tik tok
atsumu really wants to learn how to cook so he can spend more time with osamu so he learns recipes to try and impress him
aone has a baby cousin that absolutely adores him and is the only reason he hasn't lost hope when interacting with kids
akaashi draws hands to make him feel better about his own
sakusa despises black coffee despite his demeanor
hinata and natsu have weekly sibling nights where they just sit and talk
iwaizumi doesnt believe in spirits or anything but everytime the seijoh four go ghost hunting, ghosts always mess with him and only him
ennoshita sleeps with two specific pillows and cannot sleep without both of them
fukanaga tells jokes because he has a really heard time conversating with others
kiyoko looks good in any color
ukai once dyed his hair red on a dare and it actually looked good
omimi took a summer job at an amusement park and he absolutely loved it
lev can sing but nobody takes him seriously when he says it but is too nervous to actually sing
akagi refuses to bite into his string cheese, he doesnt care how dirty his hands are, he has to peel it
kyoutani's (maddog) older sister (pretty sure it's canon) is the only person who's genuinely seen him cry because she's the only person he feels comfortable with
tanaka and nishinoya once made out as 'bros' and that was when they both realized they liked guys
terushima once tried jumping a fence and cut his leg really bad you could see the bone, the scar runs from mid calf all the way to his knee
yachi hosted an exchange student when she was in her last year of junior high and the exchange student was her gay awakening
oikawa has pushed kids off the swing because they said something bad about his nephew
aran's younger brother never grew out of his 'my brother is the best' phase, even after the time skip
inuoka has really good fashion sense and can make an outfit out of anything given article of clothing
kindaichi has a pretty diverse music taste to the point where he'll have my chemical romance and cavetown in the same playlist
kinoshita's 99% of the time fiddling with something because he can't sit still
kohona grew to love the whole 'jack of all trades, master of none' thing because his little sister who told him that people who were really good at one thing were boring
suna dances like a piece of cardboard
yamaguchi made a post holding a french fry next to tsukishima with the caption, 'i can't spot the difference' and it blew up. tsukishima didn't talk to him for a week
takeda really likes sparkling water but absolutely despises soda
alisa talks to the younger generation about mental and health issues especially since she's gone through quite a lot as a model
kageyama can be found talking about life and himself sometimes but in reality he's talking to his grandfather
kunimi and his sister go driving a lot and just vibe together
semi once sang the national anthem for a school event and when people came up to him and complimented him, he nearly started crying
saeko has a fat crush on natasha romanoff
tsukishima hates absolute silence so he always has music or white noise playing in the background no matter what
osamu once got food poisoning but forgot to throw out the food so he ate it again the next day and got food poisoning again
reon does yoga and is really flexible but doesnt show off
kuroo cannot flirt to save his life
asahi has watched Harry Potter at least 6 times and read the series more times than he can count but is absolutely terrified of aragog
komori is a really good fighter and got into quite a few fights in order to defend his cousin when they were younger
yamamoto once drank an entire gallon of water in one sitting then threw it up right after
narita has a podcast where he reads bedtime stories in english and he has over 15k subscribers worldwide
yahaba acts all sauve with girls to hid the fact that he's hella gay
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flaireandsynch · a day ago
Rant Ahead. I just...I have to post this somewhere or I'm gonna fucking blow.
Ahhh...good ol' Jolene. If you're new here, and don't know who Jolene is, she is technically my grandmother on my mom's side--but because she's such a garbage human being, she doesn't even get the honor of being called a grandparent by me. Just Jolene. Her name. Which she fucking hates. Mother's Day, obviously--but my mom doesn't like being showered in gifts and praise or flowers, she just likes to be with her kids. Cool. I've done the whole celebration she-bang for years and she always gets on me about it and this year, I just couldn't really be bothered to force myself to do it, so all my mom got was me. Which is all she really wanted, to spend time with me and my brothers--one of which didn't even bother to show today, but I digress. We ordered pizza. We talked. And my brother hurt himself working out recently, so we helped him out a little bit in getting comfortable.
Jolene lives with my mom. I show up, she stays and listens to whatever mom and I talk about for a tiny bit and then she goes and she hides herself in her room to try and make everybody feel bad that I 'scared her away' with my Liberal ideals and whatever other bull shit she cries about. She does this every time I come and visit my mom--and today was no exception.
However--I left after several hours of hanging out with my mom and my brother because I honestly needed to go get ready for the week. I told my mom we needed to catch the new Guy Ritchie movie, I love you, I'll see you later--XYZ. And because my mom makes me, I say 'goodbye' to Jolene. *eye roll* I was in the middle of something when just now, I get a barrage of messages from my brother--who tells me that Jolene is mad at my other brother and I for not doing anything for our mom for Mothers Day, and that we take advantage of her, and that we don't actually appreciate her.
Tumblr media
This woman has called me a whore, a slut, an idiot, a communist, a degenerate--she comments and asks why I can't be like my twin cousins, she says that I cuss too much and that's why I will 'never find a man to marry me', I always have to watch what I say/think/enjoy because it might upset her--as if she's a fucking 3 year old. She has disrespected me and belittled, as well as emotionally and verbally abused me my entire fucking life. And everyone in my family, my own mother included, will GLADLY throw me under the bus to make Jolene happy. It's been going on for nearly 29 years.
I know what my mom does and doesn't want and/or like--so when I got that lovely barrage of messages from my brother, who because Jolene was angry, HE really pissed me the fuck off. Because, it truly wasn't about what my mom wanted--it's about what Jolene wanted. Jolene wants to be worshipped. And while she kept getting calls from all of the family doing just that--I refuse to 'worship' a woman who has made my entire life thus far a literal living hell to the point where I've considered suicide if just to get away from that horrible human being.
It makes me angry that Jolene has decided to insert herself into something that was genuinely none of her fucking business, and I know for a fucking fact that when I go visit my mom next week or whenever I do have a second to go see her--Jolene is going to 'read me the right act' and quite frankly, no. I refuse to let this woman hurt me any more--I don't care that she lives with my mom, I don't care that she's my 'grandmother', I don't care--she is a hateful, spiteful person who isn't worth my energy or time, but for some reason, the family thinks I must put up with it.
I'm certain that I'm about to cause some family drama because I 'made grandma cry', but if I have to deal with emotional and verbal abuse for 29 years--she can deal with the consequences of her actions for 29 seconds.
Congratulations Jolene, you've finally kicked the Hornets Nest for the last time. I sure hope it was worth it, because when I'm done with you--there will be nothing left.
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http-chan · a day ago
idk if you're gonna see this or not but i log back in to see your announcement. my heart hurts just hearing that you're not gonna be on here anymore. it sucks how interactions between readers and writers are scarce. now more than ever, writers are underappreciated and i can't stand how some consumers of our content act entitled to constant updates. they read our works, which we've went to hell and back trying to write to the best of our ability, just for what? a mere like? no feedback? not even a reblog? all we want is to be validated, given constructive criticism, shown some love. we want to improve and fine tune our craft. being silent is not the answer. it's not gonna help us when it comes to brushing up on our skills. the only things a severe lack of feedback provide are less motivation, an uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty that people don't actually care for what we worked so hard to accomplish. sorry if i'm sounding selfish but that's really not what i'm doing. i'm just saying that writers deserve better. we deserve to hear at least a "great story!" on our fics or a little reblog with a thumbs up emoji, something you know? we just want to be appreciated for what we do. it hurts me so damn much to see so many of my friends leave the site because of the seemingly never-ending cycle of silent readers and little to no feedback or reviews. for years, i've seen a lot deactivate or leave their blogs up as archives, me and everyone else knowing that they'll never step foot onto this site ever again. yeah, i may not get to read and review fics all the time, but that doesn't mean i never will. whenever i find time, i'll sit down, read the fic, and form a (somewhat) coherent review, showing my appreciation. this may be all over the place, yes, but we want to hear that we're doing well and what areas we can potentially improve in as well. to reiterate, writers deserve better. so much better. (sorry if i said anything weird or wrong. i hope i didn't offend anyone or sounded way too aggressive or anything! and btw, this is dia. i just changed my url again lol)
this really is the cherry on top to the post i made last month. it is exhausting being a writer in general, but even more so when your followers are quiet and don't give you feedback :(
also hi dia 🥺 i hope you're doing well
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aethwrs · a day ago
To dance closely
Agatha Harkness x Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: I wasn't actually going to post this because it's not good enough and it's short but I didn't want to delete it either. I'm also working on some other stories at the moment so I didn't want to be inactive here.
TW: none
From the corner of the big room, a certain brunette witch observed the way you were freely dancing alone at the rhythm of the music, a little smile showing on her face as she sipped her drink and watched your clumsy moves.
The truth is, you had been begging Agatha to go to that new dance club since the day you heard about it and luckily for you, your wife had never been able to resist to the cute face you made whenever you wanted something, so the only option she had was to say yes, but now that she was there, she had to accept that it was a nice place.
While she was still wandering in her thoughts, Agatha noticed how the lights went low and the song changed, the rhythm was now slow and calm, completely changing the ambient of the room. Looking over to the dancefloor, she couldn’t find you. Where did you go?
Her question was quickly answered when she felt someone patting her shoulder and when she turned around, there you were. Your arm extended towards her while you offered her your hand, a playful smirk on your lips as you looked at your confused wife.
“Miss Harkness, would you dance with me?” You asked, only to see her shake her head no with a frown.
“I don’t know how to dance, love” Agatha answered, her facial expressions softening as she gave you a quick smile, watching your slight disappointment. The last time she remembered dancing with you was at your wedding, which was several years ago.
“Nonsense, let’s try, just once” With the intention of not taking another ‘no’ for an answer and without giving her any chance to speak, you wrapped your arm around her waist and led her to the dance floor, ignoring her complaints.
"Y/n..." she whispered, looking around and at the other couples who were dancing.
"It's just a dance" you whispered to her as you positioned yourself to dance, her hands resting on you waist while yours were resting gently around her neck. She pulled you closer by your waist, letting her forehead rest against yours as you were held together in rhythm, without ever separating your body from each other’s.
Making eye contact for just a short moment, you could see how her baby blue eyes glowed in the dim light of the room. Those eyes that you saw every day when you woke up, but that never stopped making you fall in love even more. You remember how tired they look in the mornings when you wake up, but also the love they express all the time.
As much as she refused at the beginning, Agatha had to accept that having you this close was one of the best sensations she knew. Yes, the sensation of magic running through her veins was wonderful, but it was nothing compared to how the warmth of your body felt next to hers and the way you made her heart beat faster with the slightest gesture of love.
So no, she definitely didn't hate dancing. Not if she was with you.
In the moment, neither of you thought about anything other than the present, ignoring everything as if you were the only two people dancing in the room.
It was just the two of you, hugging each other like you depended on it. Agatha's hand was now caressing your cheek as she smiled, looking at you with oh so much love and adoration.
Noticing her gaze on you and her complete silence, you couldn't help but worry a bit.
" everything okay?" You whispered to her, a half smile plastered on your face despite your mild confusion.
"I love you" She blinked and fixed her gaze on you again, her hand still tracing little circles on your cheek, the statement making you smile widely. "Even after you've dragged me to this dance floor"
"I know you're enjoying this, plus it can't be that bad."
"I never said it was bad" she winked and brought one of your hands to her mouth, placing a small kiss on the back of it before turning around and leaving you.
You would be lying if you said that Agatha's attempt at seduction and her victorious smile didn't leave you waiting for more than the simple kiss she gave you before heading to the tables.
But she was trying to tempt you, and needless to say, she was good at it. So even if you wanted to win, the victory was already hers and she did know it.
"Won't you come?" She asked you with a mocking expression disguised as innocence as she saw your obvious frustration, not that you were angry. It was definitely not that.
"You'll be the death of me, Harkness" you told her as you walked over to Agatha and wrapped your arm around her shoulder, ready to leave.
"Should I take that as a compliment?" She asked you still mockingly as she led you to the car, giggling when she heard your annoyed sigh. "Come on, our son probably misses us"
"Mr. Scratchy is demon in the shape of a bunny, I'm sure he's fine, dear" You responded when you sat in the car seat, receiving a look of false disapproval from the brunette.
"Should I remind you that the last time we left him alone, he broke half of your shoes?"
"Right" It was true, the last time you two went out, the rabbit took the best chance of his life and decided he would eat more than half of your shoes, leaving them completely ruined. "That little demon"
"Quite literally a demon" Your wife said before she started driving home.
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mrswhozeewhatsis · 2 days ago
Heya it's about the question I asked in fan fic pond. About readers birthday.
About your answer, I think the writer should specify home town and age, based on the story. Considering most of the spn fics are set in America and the reader could be from anywhere. For example I'm from India and my home town is somewhere in it. So, I feel like it's best to specify the home town if that's required. Also coming to birthday's my fic involves zodiac signs and all that. Then I guess even birthday should be specified.
And when it comes to age, if the reader is dating Dean. Let's assume it's a fluffy fic and a 16 year old is reading it. So we can't exactly put Y/A (your age). I'm just saying from what I have heard and what I read I feel like sometimes readers details should be specified. But I'm a little worried that my readers might complaint, and why am I concerned about pleasing my readers right now than about my fic (I feel like an asshole writing this last point) but I have seen hate spreading and also some posts about how reader inserts should be like nothing specific about the reader and keeping them really generic it's sometimes impossible to do that.
I'm going to try and explain my answer a bit better, because I feel like I may have not made myself clear.
Whether or not you get specific about your Y/N's details depends entirely on the plot. I'll use my own fics as examples, and maybe that will get my meaning across better.
In The Babysitter, Y/N's age is specified, because it's a plot point. She had to be old enough to babysit the brothers, yet too young to date John (in the beginning, when she was 15 and he was, like 30).
In Third Wheel, her age is much more nebulous. She grew up with the Campbells, and is close to Gwen, so you can guess she's around Gwen's age. I don't think I ever actually addressed her age, though, because it didn't matter.
In Nesting, her age mattered, because I was writing about peri-menopause. (That being said, I believe was still a bit vague about her exact age, so anyone in the 40-55 age range could appreciate the story.) In Duck Dean Afternoon, her age is never mentioned because it doesn't matter.
Now, let's say you're writing a fic about Y/N having a birthday. Honest to Jack, you don't need to specify when the birthday is, unless there is some other aspect of the story that requires it. You said your fic involves zodiac signs. That qualifies. If the plot of the story were simply about a present Dean gives Y/N, as long as the present isn't ice skating or surfing (and even then, it can be worked around), no specificity needed.
I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I want writers to think about this kind of thing when they're writing and make their own choices based on the story they're telling. While they're doing that, however, I want them to think about some of these things that some seem to take for granted as being necessary, and ask if they really are?
And I guess that's really my answer.
Will the story, at its most basic, be fundamentally lacking or changed based on this one detail? If yes, then specify. If no, find a way to keep things as generic as possible (without using the fill-ins excessively). If you can't decide for yourself, ask a friend to read it and let you know what they think!
If you do specify, after asking yourself and a friend if the story requires it and deciding that it does, and then someone complains about it, there are a couple ways it could go.
1. They're rude about it, or their complaint is simply, "I hate it when writers do this." In this case, let it go. For every sentence you write, there will always be one reader out there who doesn't like it, for reasons that have nothing to do with you, your story, or your writing. (Some folks will nope out of a fic for grammar, others for certain content, and still others for something commonly done in fics across the board, like making a certain character use a certain term of endearment.) Smile, say, "Thanks for your input!" and move on.
2. They are polite and offer a valid, well-considered reason for their complaint. (Honestly, these folks probably will never actually send you a complaint without you asking them for feedback, so this may never happen.) Is their point something you didn't consider before? Ask them if you can talk about it some more and if they have any constructive advice about changes you could make. If they've taken the time to be polite and considerate, then they will probably be willing to talk things over with you, and you can work it out.
Writing is supposed to be fun, and if rude complaints are stressing you out, that's not fun. Listen to folks you trust and learn from them. As for everyone else...
Tumblr media
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Oooooooooooooooookayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy The Romeo and Juliet of the K-Pop scene!!
Slightly Long post ahead!
Before we can throw a celebration for that, what is this 'we warned you' thing by the 97-liners? I mean, what did they see or know that made JiYong get a warning label? Or was it just their age gap? I mean, GD is well-respected by them, Bam and if I'm not wrong JungKook too, became an idol because of GD.. I get it if I'm looking deeper than necessary but whatever, this is the glue I needed to mend my heart and jump on another somi ship!
Now, I'm gonna pretend that I was always a JK and Somi shipper and that GD and Somi never happened! I can't wait for how things are gonna go from now on. Oh my God! I can already feel myself getting over-excited!
Anyways, great update! I caught up on your blame update too and I honestly understand where Somi is coming from, hell I was young and it took me a few days of properly getting to know the situation, that is whatever exo-ls know about the boys leaving- to get my head around and say that I accept their decision. I felt hurt and betrayed too initially but a few days of knowing the bullshit they went through and understanding where they might've come from, I felt better. I had accepted their decision within a few weeks after their departure, but their interactions afterwards adding to all the drama that happened over the years to the recent reunion of the members in that chinese show, things are going so much better! And I totally understand what a young Somi might be going through... Like we all have people who were so close to us at one point but no longer exist in our life and that's okay! That's normal human stuff. I would love for all the ot12 members to get back together and have a good time but at the same time, I understand if they don't want to. I'm sure we all can relate to such an weird space in our lives!
And with the some boys away now, I hope things will be better when everything goes back to normal. Also, a list of post-military things I want, includes proper comebacks and promotions, Chen in rots and etc. (You know what that means? More JK and Somi dates!) I'm ranting but I hope that makes it up for the lack of interaction on my side for the past few weeks! Life's been especially shitty to me these days! I'll see you soon, take care! - 🍁
hello!!!!! well, long answer warning haushaush
for the 'we warned you' thingy, it was just because everything happened so fast. I think that, as we have a space between the posts we don't get the period of everything, but the things with somi and gd were too fast: they met, started dating, released a song, went on awards ceremonies together... and, the boys, being her friends, obviously warned her about it. that's all.
about the 'blame' post: one thing I try to let very clear is how much the boys (luhan, tao and kris) leaving and the other boys enlisting affects her. like, she literally grew up with them! she joined sm in 2008 (the same year xiumin, lay, chanyeol and sehun got in), and since then, her happiest memories are with her members. she was just 17 when kris left, so it was all new and intense, but, somehow, being the awesome and brilliant human she is, she understood their reasons and simply... respected them. 
for the enlisted members, the poor girl suffers a lot - sehun would even joke about it saying that she cries more than their parents. when junmyeon enlisted was probably when it was the hardest for her and she literally dreams about the day they will be on stage as 10 again.
now, last but not least, our it couple, the show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique: SOMI AND JK!!!! guys, you have no idea how much I struggled for finding her bf 🥶 at first it was yugyeom, then I changed it to dokyeom, then I came back to yugyeom, then jungkook, then yugyeom again, and, finally, jungkook. honestly saying (if you're a delusional ARMY, do not read the following things), I was kinda afraid to put him and portrait him in a way his fans wouldn't like. but then I was just like 'fuck it' and made it anyway :P but yeah, I hope I can show you a lot of them (jokes, fights, dates) and that you'll enjoy it!
and, if you feel like you need to talk to someone, you can dm me always. I'm not the best one with words, but we can complain about life together! take care you too ❤
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How many pages did the last book you read have? 417
What do you like on your pancakes? Butter & syrup (one the side- NOT on top!)
Do you like small parties or large parties more? It depends on a lot of factors. What type of party is it? Where is it? Who else is there?
What was the last exam you passed in? I had to take a food safety course for my job because we serve coffee to patients. What a pain that was.
Do you think paw prints are cute? Uh no, not particularly. And I find paw print tattoos atrocious.
How much would you pay a neighbour to do your lawn? Uh, not sure.
Ordinary pens, scented pens, gel pens or felt tip pens? Ordinary or gel
Are you a people person? I am in the sense that I get along great with others. But I'm very introverted and would prefer to be alone or with a small, select group of people.
Do you put pepper on your scrambled eggs? Sometimes.
Who, except yourself, has the nicest pet? My sister has two cute bunnies (my niblings!)
What’s your favourite piece of clothing? Anything comfy & cozy and probably not appropriate to wear outside the home.
What place have you gone to that you never would again? Any Rochester nightclub
What do others seem to have plenty of and you have little or none? Common sense, motivation & drive
Is pink a nice colour, an okay colour or icky? If you know me even slightly, you know my answer to this!
What do you have in your pockets? Not a thing
Do you listen to podcasts? Nah, I really can't get into them
Have you ever played Poker? I don't think so
Do you have a pond in your garden? Nope. Well I don't have a garden to begin with so let's start there.
How about a swimming pool? Also nope
Do you like Poptarts? Hell yeah
Do you write notes on post-it notes? At work, yeah Do you ever use the word quaint? Mhm
Do you know what quantum physics is? Not even a little bit.
Are you a quiet or loud person? Certainly more on the quiet side but sometimes I'm unaware of my own volume
Do you usually ask a lot of questions? I guess so
Are you quick witted? In what aspect? No. I think I'm witty, but I'm not *quick* about it. Do you listen to the radio often? I haven't in ages. The last time was Christmas Eve when I made Glenn but Christmas music on while we drove around town looking at lights.
Do you prefer rain or snow? That depends greatly on the time of year
Have you ever ran into someone and injured you or them due to it? Oh yeah all the time
Do you listen to rap music? It's not my fave
Do you find pet rats gross or nice? Why? Absolutely DISGUSTING
Have you ever been to a rave? Nope
Are you somewhat of a rebel? I wouldn't say that, no. How about reckless? Very
Do you prefer red, black or purple dresses? I'd go with black
Do you know how to reload a gun? Nope
Do you remember your first best friends Mum’s name? Of course. She was a second mom to me
Do you have a good or a bad reputation? It depends who you ask
What song do you request most often on the radio? I don't think I ever did that, even as a teen.
Do you prefer rice or tofu? Rice. But I do love some tofu
Have you ever held a rifle? I've held some hunting guns when I used to visit my dad's camp. I think they were rifles? I don't know shit about guns so it beats me.
Do you know a Robert? What’s he like? He's my cousin & he's the most genuine person in our entire family.
Do you like rollercoasters? I used to but my tolerance has waned severely as I've grown older.
Been to Rome, Italy? No but I'd love to.
Are Roses your favourite flower? Nope. Chrysanthemums. Do you feel safe in your neighbourhood? Yeah. Despite the fact that my apartment complex makes our town's police blotter EVERY week haha.
Whose the Patron Saint of your Country? No clue if the US even has one?
Do you put salt on your fries? Mhm
When did you stop believing in Santa? 9ish
Do you think the name Sarah is pretty? It's one of my FAVORITES but it's out of the running for potential daughter names because it's the name of Glenn's first girlfriend/first love.
Is Saturday your favourite day of the week? I guess so
Have you ever watched Saved By The Bell? Opinions? I loved that shit! Zach Morris was my first ever crush (even though he's trash!)
What about the Saw films? Opinion? Those are way too sick for me.
Are you easily scared? VERY very.
What’s your secondary language, if any? I speak decent, conversational Polish but nowhere near enough to consider it a second language. Someday though...
Name all the things you can see from where you’re sitting? All your typical desk/office related things
What’s the last sentence you spoke out loud? "Have a good day" I think
What year did you turn seven in? Making me do math over here? Umm... 1999?
How important is sex in a relationship how important is sex from 1-10? It's a crucial element for me and I couldn't maintain a romantic relationship with someone I didn't connect with physically and intimately. But I understand some folks rank it much lower on a scale of importance and that's cool too! Personal preference.
What is your favourite shade of blue? Robin's egg
Shade of Purple? Lavender
Favourite shape? Heart
Do you know a girl called Sharon? I think so. Haven't seen her in years, though. (And I'm not 100% sure her name is even Sharon, so LOL)
How about Shari? Nope
Do you shave your arms, legs, pubic hair and/or somewhere else? Legs & pubic area (although I prefer to Nair)
When was the last time you were sick? Months ago
What’s the worst side effects you’ve had due to a medication? Anxiety attacks & partial hallucinations. COOL!
What does your signature look like? Not as good as I'd like it to. And I've been practicing with my married name and that looks even worse!
Do you like silk? What do you own that is silk? I have some silk pajamas that are divine.
Do you sip or drink hot drinks fast? Oh I gulp eveeeeeeeerything I drink. It's a problem.
How about with alcohol? See above
Do you have sisters? How many, what ages and what’re they called? Two sisters. Candice, 35 and Kathleen, 25. Is your grandmother older than sixty five? They're both passed but yes, they would be older than 65.
Do you slam doors often? Nah. Not intentionally at least.
Have you ever slapped someone in the face? For what reason? Yeah. If you remember, I grew up with two sisters!
Do you snack a lot or just eat big meals? Lately I've been CRAZY snacky!
Do you smile more often, or frown? Smile
Are you wearing socks? Begrudgingly Do you say sorry too often? Far more often than I should
What’s a sound that always soothes you? The laughter and voices of my babies :)
Do you carry a lot of spare change? How much is on you now? None ever
Do you own a swimsuit of the Speedo brand? Nope
Do you like sunflowers? I do!
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HP FESTS: Deformis Occursum: A Harry Potter Meet Ugly Competition
2021 Fest:
Sustained Objection by Anonymous - M, 3 chapters - Hermione is on a mission to reveal a corrupt Auror. On the way, she learns that allies can come from the last expected place.
Lost Time by Anonymous - E, one-shot - Hermione Granger had been almost entirely successful at avoiding Draco Malfoy for the past four years. However, one evening, he rather rudely re-enters her life at a party she didn’t even want to attend.
Eyes Wide Open by Anonymous - T, one-shot - The Patronus charm is tricky, but ever so eye opening.
The Granger Project by Anonymous - M, one-shot - Two years after the war, Hermione is working at Flourish and Blotts temporarily before she begins training for her career at the Ministry. One night, she receives the worst possible news, and Draco is the only person there to witness her breakdown. Apparently, he's been watching out for her for longer than she knew. The man Draco Malfoy turned into is full of surprises.
What Hermione Granger Wants by Anonymous - E, one-shot - Hermione Granger is in a bit of a rut. Her job at the Ministry is...fine. Her life is fine. Well, it'd be a lot more fine if a certain, infuriating blonde would just stay out of her hair... That would make her life better...right? Written for the Deformis Occursum fic challenge.
The Malfoy Guide to Love and Dating by Anonymous - E, 5 chapters - Blind dating is probably the worst decision Hermione Granger has made since, well... ever. But at least after eighteen months without so much as a well timed 'I'll see you around' from a member of the opposite sex, it can't get any worse, right? Oh wait. It can. Enter Draco Malfoy, stage left.
Hello, Operator? by Anonymous - not rated, 5 chapters - Draco works at the ministry, but since he isn’t allowed to touch the Malfoy fortune, he’s struggling to make ends meet. Working nights as a phone sex operator is enough to get by. But what about when the minister for magic herself is one of his best clients?
Creeping Willow by Anonymous - T, one-shot - Draco Malfoy never thought he'd have Hermione Granger walking into 'Blissful Botanical's', the flower shop he worked for. Let alone did he ever think she'd come roaring in asking how to passive aggressively tell someone to eff off in the language of flowers. He always did love a challenge though.
What Goes Up by Anonymous - M, one-shot - Written for Deformis Occursum, a Harry Potter 'Meet Ugly' competition. The first time they met again, it did not go well. When the lifts at the Ministry of Magic start acting up, Hermione is less than thrilled. Especially when she seems to be getting stuck in them with the same person, time after time. Resolving to steer clear of anything that would lead her to see them again, Hermione's plans are unfortunately thwarted when she is thrown - quite literally - into their path.
the choices we make by Anonymous - E, one-shot - This one shot is part of the "Deformis Occursum: A Harry Potter Meet Ugly Competition". It is my first fest ever! And I am very proud of myself, I made it all the way to a finished fic ;) which in fact brought me some sleepless nights. But here it is... yeah!!! Big thank you to my alpha and beta reader!!!! Wouldn't have done it without you!! The fic is post-the cursed child. A single night spent together with Draco Malfoy made Hermione Granger rethink her whole life. The decision she made to escape the situation only added more confusion to everyone's life. So she came back to set it all right... but it went out wrong again, as she literally ran into her former lover. Will she be able to find a solution for everyone involved? Will forgiveness take place? Charakters are all J.K. Rowling's. Just for fun, no money out of it. song lyrics by Florance and the Machine
Strange Encounters by Anonymous - T, one-shot - Of all the situations Hermione Granger had found herself in throughout the years, this was arguably the strangest.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Image Description: An 18 page long untitled book illustrated with gouache paintings that follows a surreal, unsettling story, about an indistinct shadowy looking person. Full ID under the cut below.]
I made this little book for my friend last year. I know my writing is messy so if you can't read it check the image description below.
[The booklet is posted in 9 images, each containing two pages.
Page 1: An indistinct, foggy forest. Page 2: Red page, in the middle it says: Part 1: Hasn't this gone on for long enough?
Page 3: A white and red clown mask with blurry eyes on a table, a text box beside it reads: I made eye contact with the mask on my kitchen table, it blinked back at me with two human eyes. A magpie sits in the tree around back, the moon is a halo behind her. Sometimes she whispers scrambled geometry proofs through my window. Page 4: A magpie on a branch with a large white eye, the moon behind it. It says: What do we know? There's an enclosed arc, it's the same scenario, what does it tell us? They're pretty much the same, you can connect this, deal with that.
Page 5: A parking lot with large red cracks in the ground that are bleeding. It says: There are huge cracks in the ground in the parking lot, straight lines with equal alternate angles. Blood gushes up from the dirt under the pavement, watch your step. She rambles on... Page 6: The next page is a silhouette of a person surrounded by bursts of red green blue and black, with red rings around their head. This character reoccurs and will just be referred to as "main character" from now on. In a text box it says, as a continuation of the magpies speech: What I find easiest is to split it up. I find this way the easier way.
Page 7: Another picture of the cracks in pavement. It says: The mask on the table rolls its eyes. The blood on the pavement hasn't spread, it's just welled up and clotted. The cells have died, it's not even red anymore, deoxygenated. the magpie has gone still and silent. Page 8: Main character peeking through curtains. It says: I close my curtains, I can't look at her a second longer. But the sick smell of iron is hard to ignore.
Page 9: The mask on the table, crumbling. It says: 'Don't pretend you're actually trying' the mask speaks, it's face starts to crumble as it moves, 'It's too late for you, but you already knew that.' it falls into bits of plaster on my table and says nothing more. Page 10: A blue page that says: Part 2: Is this forever
Page 11: Main character in a sheltered bus stop. It says: At the bus stop someone has hung up a crumpled piece of paper. The bus is empty when it arrives, I put the paper in my bag before I go." Page 12: The inside of the bus, in the bottom there is a tiny book glued onto the page that is titled "What do your dreams really mean?". The page says: The fissures have spread from the parking lot, now they stretch across the road. There are bloody footprints on the floor of the bus. It doesn't matter. I just take out my book.
Page 13: Deep red cracks going into the ground shown from the side. It says: But how can I breath easy when I can see the ground beneath me cleaving, hemorrhaging. The cracks get ever deeper. Page 14: The outside of the page is a dark sky with snow, in a rectangle in the middle a person stirring their tea, but their hands are black and full of white strands like mycelium in soil. The page says: The sun is down, it's snowing. At a restaurant near my house your spoon clinks against a ceramic mug. Then, in quotation marks: 'It's not always cold outside,'
Page 15: The quote continues over a honeysuckle: 'There are days when it's warm'. In the middle over a grey background it says: The problem isn't really the weather, but you already knew that. The bottom shows the main characters hand holding a folded piece of paper, it says: On the table the tips of my fingers start to crumble away. Page 16: At the top pointing down, the person who was stirring their tea's hand flat on the table. On the bottom of the page pointing up, main characters hand flat on the table. In the middle a white burst, on top of it it says: I take the paper from my bag and place it folded on the table. But before you have a chance to look that too is nothing but dust.
Page 17: A purple page that says: The end. Page 18: The same foggy forest that was on the first page.
End Image Description. Thanks for reading.]
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i'm a (very very) new nctzen, so i've tried looking at this nct hollywood thing from a distance and i still think its bad. ive been crawling through the tags on tumblr and the searches on twitter and everyone is dragging it. whether they find it funny, they're sad, or just pissed off, no one thinks this is a good idea
there have been a lot of points made against this decision, some more valid than others, but all coming from a critical, hateful place. the most valid point i saw was that not having these nct hollywood guys go through the same training process as the rest of nct is unfair to the older members.
and i agree with that. i also agree that if sm wanted to do something experimental like this, making a group out of a survival show from people who haven't gone through the trainee process, they should've been their own group and not attached to nct. even if these american kids are incredibly talented already, there's stuff you can't learn in a couple months that everyone around you has had drilled into them for years
there's also the popular race issue. is nct hollywood just an excuse for sm to have white people in their label? how many asian americans, if any, will be in the group? will they include a black person or a latino person for woke points? if they do include a darker skinned person, how will that person be treated (by the other members, by the company, by k-fans, by i-fans)? this specific question is one that has a lot of nuance and layers beyond just "white people bad"
and the last point i want to touch on is one that both nctzens and fans of other sm groups have made: why is this happening when sm could be focusing on their existing groups? groups like red velvet have been mia for over a year with only one of their members having a solo last month. but instead of announcing if they'll finally have a cb, they see this
the case for nctzens is a bit different. they dont want another unit, especially one as contentious and unappealling as nct hollywood, when they feel sm isnt doing right by many of the already existing members, including two who just debuted and aren't in a fixed unit yet! its certainly understandable from a fan pov, yet still a bit strange conceptually, since isnt the point of nct to be "limitless" with its members?
that is where the real problem, the root of it all, lies. i honestly think this whole thing, and the immediate backlash it got, is just another showcase of how nct's "limitless" concept only works in theory. i might make a separate post about that specifically because its been eating at me since this announcement was made. it answers a lot of questions about nct and their reception by both fans and non fans alike
i guess i could end with some things i havent seen many people say. for staters, we dont know when this is going to happen. the announcement was just made today so who knows when it will be put into motion. they could reconsider by then, with how heavy the pushback is, though i doubt it. i also feel incredibly bad for whoever ends up being in this unit. the amount of hatred the idea alone has garnered says a lot about the reaction the real actual people (some of whom might be children!) will get later. it makes me sad and it could've been reduced if they just didnt make this an nct subunit and instead its own group
i already see people saying they're going to leave the nct fandom or even kpop all together because of this and thats very disheartening. sm has a long long history of making bad decisions and this just seems to be another to add to the pile. so i guess the only thing we can do now is wait to see how this all plays out
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hatant · 4 days ago
I was tagged by the lovely @what-if-romeo-was-nonbinary and @qveen-ivy for two very similar posts so I'm smashing them together into one big random post! Thanks lovelies 😊😊😊
Favourite color: Purple...or green. I alternate between them but am leaning more towards purple right now!
Song stuck in my head: Erasure 'A Little Respect' and I can't figure out where I heard it but it's rattling around in there 😂
Last song I listened to: Five Finger Death Punch 'The Tragic Truth'
Last thing I googled: The exchange rate between Yemeni Rial and the Pound Sterling...there's a reason about why but yeah 😂
Dream trip: Oooh...Antarctica. Which is insanely expensive but always so so tempting, a three week boating trip and a couple land sorties on that big old frozen continent sounds amazing...
Time: At time of writing...currently 12:24pm (currently sitting muted in a Zoom listening to a bunch of medical professionals discussing the chances of a third wave in the UK informally and off the record...this is sobering shit)
Last movie watched: Hmm...ooh The 13th Warrior. 90s Antonio Banderas oh my...
Tea or coffee: Coffee over tea...but I'm a sucker for herbal teas
Last show watched: Shadow and Bone and Superstore (which reaaaally hooked me and oddly made me miss working in retail 😂)
Currently reading: I'm not actively reading anything at the moment, I have a little pile of partially read books that I need to crack on with, but I've finding it difficult to settle down and read the last year which sucks more than a little
Currently watching: Shadow and Bone, which is pretty damn good!
Currently craving: M&Ms...because I found a bag in the cupboard and haven't had them for aaaages and had forgotten how moreish those delicious little bastards are 😂
Sweet, spicy or savoury: Hmmm, I'd lean towards savoury more than the others, I don't have a massive sweet tooth but can really appreciate good sweet. Spicy I like but have to be in the mood for
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soobflvr · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[repost from my twt acc] free to use twitter headers i made from last year! i also posted the icons on my twitter acc but i can't find it anymore lol.
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Therapy with Sheem
21 Days of Self Care: Day 10
This is technically yesterday's self care act, but I was to tired to post at the end of the night, anywaysssssss
Baked a Cake
So being a cake decorator is literally my entire personality. I live, breathe, and sleep baking and decorating, been this way since I was 13 bribing teachers with cookies in 8th grade. So now that I've moved out of my parents house, my teeny tiny kitchenette in my apartment is too small to bake anything without wanting to pull my hair out. So for the last year or so, I haven't really baked anything and it honestly has been kinda hard. Baking isn't just my job, it's my stress and anxiety outlet. Having a bad day? Gonna make soufflé. Bad grade on a test? Gonna make some cinnamon rolls. Plans got cancelled? Some coffee cake sounds nice. Birthday? You already know I'm in charge of the cake. So for the last year I haven't had this really important part of my mental health care routine, and it has definitely taken a toll on me. There is a real difference between working at a bakery and baking at home as a form of self care, so yesterday I decided to bake a cake for my friend's daughter's 15th birthday. To say it was a disaster of a day is a fucking understatement. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, and everything that could possibly go right, also went wrong(I know that technically doesn't make sense, just go with it). I spent the morning running around like a mad woman because I overslept, spent way too much money at Michael's who all but robbed me with their ridiculous prices, went to 3 different stores to find daisies and couldn't for the life of me, went to 3 different different stores to find this spray that I needed so I had to manage without it, forgot several ingredients so I had to wing it because I was crunched for time, couldn't get my buttercream to set up right for God knows what reason, and then when I thought the worst of it was over, my buttercream LITERALLY MELTED off my cake. *cue anxiety meltdown* I cried, like a lot. Thankfully I've mastered the art of crying while frosting cakes, so after I threw myself on the floor in woe, I got back up and started to problem solve.
Tumblr media
Actual footage of me yesterday
Scraped off all the frosting, put everything into the fridge to see if it would set up, texted my friend I was running a bit late, and then returned to my panic attack. Cried some more, was not very nice myself, impatiently kept opening the fridge door and letting all the cold air out, kept typing out long winded messages to my friend of why I can't come through with the cake before deleting it, crying even more, looking through my portfolio of work I've done and then crying even harder as I think of my "glory days" and how I've "lost my touch". 20 minutes later I go back to the fridge and get back to work. I do the best that I can with what I have and tell myself at least it'll taste good 😅 got in my car with my wobbly sad cake, proceeded to call my friend and tell her I was on my way and because I've got anxiety I had to warn her that the cake was going to not meet expectations. I looked a hot mess, covered in sugar, flour, and tears. I was supposed to change and shower while the cake cooled but of course my meltdown took precedence. I drive all the way up there, she conveniently had flowers which I was thankful for. I got there and showed her and her husband, and they were so impressed by my ugly cake. Of course I didn't believe the compliments, but I smiled and nodded anyways. Then her daughters came home and saw it and were so excited about it. They were all so sweet, and at some point I started to look at it and think I didn't do too bad.
Anyways, by the end of the night I was glad that I made the cake, got to have fun with my friend's family, and I was apart of their celebration. Idk how self care-ish this was, but my therapist said my perseverance counts so I'll take it😅
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You vs the one she told you not to worry about 🥴
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smolvampiregirl · 6 days ago
Cars for the Cullen's 2021
So I've spent the last few months trying to decide what cars the Cullen's would own in 2021. It has taken me ages to figure all of these out so I hope you guys enjoy. This ended up quiet long so I will make a master post with the other cars, so if you enjoyed this you can find the other posts. Without further ado here are my choices for the Cullen's cars in the year of our lord two thousand and twenty one.
So starting off with Edward. I think Edward would have a Kia Stinger and a Bugatti La Voiture Noire (AKA The worlds most expensive car)
Reasoning below the cut
The Stinger
Now in the series we see that Edward is the designated driver for the Cullen kids to and from school. So for this choice we are assuming that the one car is a strategic choice to keep suspicions low.
What I'm assuming happened is when the Cullen's first moved to whatever new place they are in with Edward posing as a Freshmen (Okay I'm Australian I have no idea what that means but I'm assuming they are like fifteen or something) and Emmett and Rosalie as Sophomores (?) etc. That Esme will be driving them to school in the car that will then get 'passed' down to Rosalie and then Edward because that is a normal thing that happens in some families. But I also didn't want a minivan or a SUV. The car I ended up choosing wouldn't actually fit all the Cullen's, so I decided that Rose or someone had their license already when they moved.
Sorry IDK how old people are when they get their license in America. I tried to research and from what I saw it changes from state to state so I will go off Australia. Here you get a learners permit at 16 and have to do the required number of hours over 1 year +.
So for this one or two of the kids is with Carlisle in his car 'learning' to drive and the others are driven by Esme in the car I have chosen.
So the car I think Edward would have in 2021 is a Kia Stinger GT
Tumblr media
Now yes it is a Kia, a brand that is know for being cheap, basic and in some places unreliable, but hear me out here. The Kia Stinger is none of those things.
Lets start with the price. In my area the price of a Stinger is $71500 AUD or $55,170 USD. So they're not cheap considering the cheapest Kia's are between $15000 AUD and $30000 AUD. (Can't be bothered to do conversion sorry) The stinger is more then double the price. Now since we've got the cost out of the way lets move onto the fun stuff.
The Kia Stinger is really a top of the range sport saloon for a fraction of the price. It includes something I think would be very important to Edward, it has a 15 speaker 2 subwoofer premium stereo system. Imagine how good his Debussy would sound through that.
It also has the speed and power that the Cullen's would want in a car. The 2021 Stinger makes 367 horsepower, that's 110hp more then the modern counterpart of the famous Volvo. (Volvo has been lacking in powerful and cool cars recently, they decided that they only wanted to focus on soccer mums).
Now I know I could have gone for a tesla or something here but Edward and Rosalie love cars and love working on cars. You can't really modify a tesla but you can modify a Kia Stinger, from factory it has a direct injection twin turbo V6 engine. You can tune it add a body kit new breaks. New flappy paddle gear shifters. In Australia we actually tune them to be used as our road policing command vehicle and also undercover cars. So just imagine what our best mechanic Rosalie could do to the Stinger.
The interior is made from Nappa leather (the same stuff they use in Porsche's), it has a heads up display and a 10.2inch touch screen with wireless apple car play and Android auto. Climate control and a sunroof (Edward won't use it but Emmett might).
It's also rear wheel drive so you can drift it. (okay maybe i just want to see Edward or Rosalie drift a car, mostly Rosalie)
But the most important part, this car is something that makes sense for a surgeon to buy for his kids. Which is the cover story here. The Stinger has a five star safety rating, it also has enough room for all the kids and their bags (Once the eldest can drive). It has good features and a good warranty which gives piece of mind incase something goes wrong. Its just the logical choice. (But since its the logical choice the Cullen's obviously won't choose it, so maybe Edward would get a BMW Isetta)
The Bugatti La Voiture Noire
As we know Edward has his "special occasion car" which in the books is an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (Bond Car). The La Voiture Noire was made by Bugatti for their 110 year anniversary and commemorates the 57SC Atlantic. During WWII the all black variant of the 57SC Atlantic went missing so the La Voiture Noire commemorates that specific car.
Now since the Cullen's wouldn't be sweating the cash (due to Alice's powers they probably invested in a lot of bit coin) I decided why doesn't Edward get the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, I mean it just sounds emo. Edward is dramatic and I feel like he would just hear the name and have to have it.
There were only 10 of this car made and they sold for 8.5 Million Euros/ $13.2 Million AUD/ $10.2 Million USD. So a heck load of money.
Here are some specs on the La Voiture Noire (Sorry it isn't as in depth as the stinger only 10 were made so its harder to find information)
Top Speed: 420Km/h (Electronically limited)
Engine: 8L W16 engine with a quad turbo
Power: 1,479 hp
0-100km: 2.4sec
One is owned by Christiano Ronaldo
So this concludes the section on Edwards Car and I will make a master post on my page and link this and my future posts on these topics there.
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nieko-tokio · 8 days ago
I've thought about this scenario over million times, meeting you, eye to eye. Most of them ended in us starting to love each other all over again. Others ended with us saying our last goodbyes (never liked these, they make me feel like I'm about to puke out my insides). I don't know how you reply to "Kaip/kodėl išsiskyrėt?" But my answer always goes like this "Aš buvau labai toxic, vartojau, žudžiau save, constantly ją skaudinau, ji to neatlaikė todėl teko išsiskirti." We still have feelings for each other, I still think about you every single day no matter what, I keep remembering small things, sometimes I just chuckle and go on, sometimes it makes me curl up at night and shed a tear or two. Flashbacks of certain possible events haunts me, the fact that I still don't want anyone to hurt you or be bad to you or that you found or might find someone like me who'll ruin your life all over again scares me at night when I can't seem to fall asleep. What I'm trying to say is that, look back at our life, life we had. Do you really miss it? I changed in so many ways over the past year and a half, I'm not entirely the same person anymore. I'm learning how to love like a proper person, and I think I'm doing great. I learned to control my impulses and schizophrenic behavior, I stopped harming myself, I started to open up about my feelings when appropriate and try to find a fix to them, not just stand on my point and don't have a change of mind. I think these are the coolest achievements I managed to do. I don't mind having feelings for each other till the end of the world, constantly thinking about each other. It made me so happy when you updated playlist, or posted on tumblr, kept liking one of my posts every 30-60 days, don't think that I missed those, I've seen every one of them and I had a panic attack each time. It made me feel like you didn't forget, that I'm still in your head doing god knows what. I have so many things I want to tell you, so many scenarios in my head that I wish would someday come true. I think it got out of hand, my writing that is, I keep losing my thoughts because I don't want to make this a 2000 word essay or say something dumb/uneeded. I don't want to lose those feelings nor I want you to lose them, even if we're not together anymore. But I trust you more than myself, if you think meeting eye to eye will change everything and it'll make your life better, I won't go against it.
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houseofarsenault · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Princess Olivia and Fiancé Give Engagement Interview
Ashfield Estate - Thursday 9 AM
Today, HRH Princess Olivia and her fiancé Tobias Howard met with Grace Anasi-Collette for an exclusive sit down about their recent engagement.
Grace: It's so good to see you again Princess.
Olivia: Thanks Grace, it's good to see you again as well; I think the last time I saw you was at the polo tournament.
Grace: True! Great game by the way Tobias.
Tobias: Thanks Grace!
Grace: First off, congratulations on the engagement! Can you tell me how this fairy tale romance blossomed into what it is today?
Olivia: Thank you. Yes, well we met about a year ago at a charity event that the Power Foxes were holding for the St. Mary's Childrens Wing. I remember thinking "gosh this guy is handsome" but I am a little shy so I just admired him from a far. Luckily, he approached me and the rest is history.
Grace: Tobias, you had just relocated to Britechester after being signed on with the Power Foxes. Was finding love on your list of to dos?
Tobias: Absolutely not. My main focus was trying to assimilate myself into the team and be the best player that I knew I could be. Meeting Olivia was totally unexpected and not planned.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Grace: That's always how it goes! Now there has been a ton of controversy regarding your engagement. Rumors have been swirling that there is tension between you two and the rest of the royal family. How accurate are those claims?
Olivia: I will be honest, my parents were not happy in the beginning. I think some of their concerns were valid, but at the end of the day we are adults who are capable of making our own decisions. We love each other and that's all that should matter.
Grace: How do your brother and sister feel about it?
Olivia: My siblings are great, the three of us have always supported each others endeavors. When I told them they were fine with the news. My sister did give me some constructive criticism on how I could've handled things differently but that's always been how she shows her love towards Max and I. I know it came from a good place.
Grace: Good. And have you guys had a chance to meet the new baby?
Olivia: Not yet, she just got home from the hospital a couple of days ago and I believe right now they aren't really accepting any visitors yet. I've spoken with my sister and she's in total nesting mode which is so cute. I am sure once we meet her, I am going to fall absolutely in love.
Grace: Oh I'm sure! It will be interesting to see your dynamic as an aunt.
Olivia: [laughing] I know right! This is the first baby in our family since Max was born so it's going to be interesting to see the dynamic with everyone.
Grace: How cute! Jumping back to your parents, where do things stand today with you all today?
Olivia: They are getting better. We are all taking it one day at a time. As upset as I was that they weren't overjoyed by the news, I love my family and I can't imagine not having them in my life.
Grace: That's great to hear. Family dynamics can be difficult for a new couple. Tobias how do you feel about all of this?
Tobias: I have great respect for the Queen and Prince Caleb. I am new to this dynamic so I have been letting Olivia take the lead on how she wants to handle things. Even down to how our engagement was announced. I trust her judgement and I will always want her to be happy.
Grace: Speaking of the announcement. What made you announce it the way you did?
Olivia: Everyone knows that I've always been considered the rebel of my family; but that move was in no way meant to be rebellious our disrespectful towards my mother or the institution. In the moment when something like that happens, you're not thinking about protocols and who to contact...your emotions are running high and you're just happy. My first thought was to post it so that people could share in the happiness that we were feeling at the time.
Grace: That's understandable. There have also been rumors that you gave the Queen an ultimatum that if they can't accept how you and Tobias want to live your lives that you will remove yourself from the family.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Olivia: It wasn't an ultimatum. Without divulging all of the details from our talk with my parents; the topic of Tobias and I possibly scaling down our duties as senior members of the royal family and relocating to another part of the commonwealth was discussed. As of now, that decision has not been finalized and if things continue to improve between us and my family then that decision will most likely be taken off of the table.
Grace: Gotcha! Thanks for clearing that up. The people of Britechester love you and would hate to not see you present anymore at royal events.
Olivia: Absolutely and I totally understand and am humbled by all of the love I've received since my childhood from the people of our great nation. I truly believe that the trauma I suffered in Sulani really put things in prospective for me. Although I am the daughter of a Queen, at the end of the day I want a chance to have a normal life, a normal marriage and a shot at raising a family away from the spotlight. We are in the process of trying to figure out a balance between the two.
Grace: That's good. So with trying to find a balance, Tobias will you still continue to play polo?
Tobias: That is the plan. I am sure if we decide to remain here in Britechester that there may come a day where my duties as a husband to the Princess will interfere with me doing that and I will cross that bridge when I get there.
Olivia: Yeah, we have spoken to a few members from the institution regarding Tobias and his career. We have not been told that him playing polo interferes with him being a member of the monarchy.
Grace: Well that's awesome! We love to see you out on that field and look forward to you taking our Foxes to victory.
Tobias: [laughing] well I promise not to disappoint.
Grace: Well thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedules to sit down with me today and I am sure we will all be glued to our televisions when the big day happens!
Olivia: Thank you for meeting with us Grace!
Tumblr media
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