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#i barely have time to play and i'm going insane
linak · 9 days ago
can i request scenario #25 with ushijima please
Hello, love! First of all, thanks for your patience! I'm sorry it took forever, please enjoy!
Oh and I did that in fem!reader, I hope this was okay! If not, you can read it in gn!reader as well except of one sentence or so.
Here we go❤
Tumblr media
Ushijima Wakatoshi ~ Fake Hating/Secret Relationship (a bit suggestive but not 18+)
Everyone at Shiratorizawa knows Ushijima despises you. You are a member of the opposing school’s volleyball team and – unlike Ushijima – you barely attend the training to help your team win.
Nevertheless, every year you win again against the Shiratorizawa. And today, there’s another game. Although your team officially consists of mixed members, you are currently the only girl on the team. But that’s not the only reason you stand out – the fact that you’re the ace makes you a popular target for the opposing teams. And Shiratorizawa is no exception.
“Ohhh, if that isn’t the little ace of [your school]!” Tendou greets you on the pitch with a sharp look.
The red haired guy is one of the few people who can really be dangerous to you in the game. His ability to predict the tactics of his enemies doesn’t stop at you, either.
But as long as you can keep Wakatoshi at bay, you don’t need to be afraid of Tendou. Speaking of Wakatoshi. . . The tall guy with the brown hair and the stiff facial expression stands behind Tendou and doesn’t even take a glance at you. He never does that when. . .
“(Y/N)!”, the loud voice of your fellow player tears you out of your thoughts, “the match starts, you have to focus!”
He doesn’t have to tell you that twice. The game is exhausting, Tendou blocks your spikes more often than you actually expected. Ushijima also fights with all means and scores one point after another. In each of his serves you can feel his tenacity. He’s desperate to win, no matter what. It takes a lot of effort for you and your team not to give Ushijima an advantage. After a rough time, you manage to win the match with a strong spike.
“There, there… seems like the little ace had too much luck again”, Tendou presses out annoyed.
Ushijima joins him and looks down at you. His cold gaze gives you shivers.
The teams bow to each other, then everyone goes back to the locker rooms. You and Ushijima are the only ones who stay behind.
“You did well today, as always. . . Nevertheless, you still need some proper training.” Ushijima’s dark voice fills the entire hall.
Once again, goose bumps are running over your body. But this time for a different reason. . .
The top ace of the Shiratorizawa has crossed the distance between you and is now right in front of you. His olive-green eyes stare at you and you almost get lost in it.
“Funny that you, out of everyone, say so.” You answer cheekily, although you don’t feel confident anymore at all.
Ushijima raises an eyebrow. “Does that mean you have a problem with my way of playing?”
In any other moment, you would have rubbed his weaknesses right under his nose. But not in this one. Not now, where he’s putting his hands on your hips and pushes you against the wall behind you.
“N-no …”
Ushijima’s eyes, which were just freezing cold, are now catching fire. He raises his index finger and touches your lips. His rough skin leaves a tingling trail on your mouth.
“Oh? Are you sure about that, (Y/N)?”
The big guy leans down to you and whispers the last part of the question into your ear. Your head’s spinning. Ushijima’s hot breath grazes your neck. Before you can even think of an answer, Ushijima speaks again.
“By the way, you looked insanely sexy today. . . The last time you attacked, I would have liked to drag you into the locker room with me. It’s a shame that everyone can see you like this, even though you’re mine. . . ”
You can feel your cheeks burn. It’s hard to believe that thoughts like that lurk behind Ushijima’s stern facade.
“T-Toshi. . . ”
“ Shhh. . . ” Your boyfriend interrupts you with a passionate kiss.
In your own personal game, you lose against him.
Tumblr media
Interactive Request Game ~ Haikyuu!! and Free!
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cyberball · 14 days ago
leo x reader | no pronouns | requested
warnings: none? idk leo's nose bursts into fire, lots of mutual pining, lots of cheese and fluff. also anon I'm so so so so so SO sorry if this isn't what you wanted,, i love getting carried away but uhm, yeah! so insanely sorry
summary: reader and leo are best friends. they're playing Uno! one day when one thing leads to another and they end up kissing omg
genre: fluff i think, best friends to lovers
21:01 | 669 words (Aha lol)
Tumblr media
“What would you do if we were like.. an item?” Leo blurted out. I narrowed my eyes as he put down a Blue 4 card.
“We’re not objects, Leo.” I snickered and put down a Plus 4 card. Leo didn’t look too happy about that. He actually looked defeated, which I laughed about.
“You’re evil. Evil, Y/N!” he grumbled. I laughed some more, of course.
He scoffed and took his four cards from the deck. “I straight-up hate you,” he commented again when I pointed out that he took only three cards.
“Sure, you do,” I sang. That made him laugh, which in turn made my heart melt.
Too cheesy.
Soon, Leo had about 5 cards left. I put down my third-to-last card, which was a plus-four. Leo said exactly what I was thinking, “You love to torture me, don’t you?” I only nodded to that.
“Well, this means the game is over,” I said, smiling. “What? No! I have a-” He didn’t have anything. Of course. I would know, I peeked at his cards earlier.
I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. It was supposed to be intimidating, but I accidentally fell more in love with the boy.
I sighed, laying my head on his chest. He shut up after that.
I could hear his heartbeat: it was faint, almost miles away, but still so close to me; it wasn’t invading my thoughts but being so close to him put me at ease.
I looked up at him. His face was calm, maybe the type of calm before a storm.
I sat up and stared at him for a few more moments, and kissed him on the cheek.
A familiar rose-colored blanket spread across his face. My lips unconsciously twisted into a smile. “I always kiss you on the cheek, why are you blushing now?” I teased. The rose color turned into a deeper shade of red. I smiled harder.
“What? Me? Blushing? Y/N, you must be out of your mind. I don’t blush. I,” He ran a hand through his hair. It was adorable how he was stressing out about this.
“It’s the weather! My face is red because it’s so hot,” He finished. I laughed, “Leo, it’s the middle of October. Are you okay? Do we need to get to the infirmary?” I asked, tracing the outline of his hand. He always seemed to be happy when I did that. I think this time he was too happy; his nose burst into flames.
“Easy,” . He smiled, and my heart melted. It’s a continuous cycle, really.
After the flames calmed down, we sat in each other’s embrace. By now, I would’ve told him that I liked him. But I couldn’t bring myself to reveal that. He was my best friend, and although I never hid anything from him, I couldn’t risk all that we’ve been through, all the moments we shared, the trust we built, the comfort I know we both found in each other.
A few fleeting moments passed. I linked my right hand’s pinky to his left pinky. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him move forward, to just sit back again; he hesitated to speak too.
“Y/N?” he asked in the calmest voice I’ve ever heard from him. Cue fluttery-dreamy feeling which makes me feel like I'm in heaven.
I turned my head towards him. And I could go on forever about how happy he made me feel, but he made my brain and all parts of me malfunction by leaning in and kissing me.
I could barely feel his lips because he pulled away as soon as he came in contact with me, but the small taste I got was enough to turn the butterflies in my stomach to violent rats.
“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Leo squealed. My lips stuck out in a pout. “Why would you apologize?”
I didn’t give him enough time to answer. I pulled him by the collar and finally got to kiss back.
Tumblr media
i know i used a non-Uno cards gif but shhh
tagging: @drvrslcense @chasingpj @quteez @pad-foots
if you wanna be tagged, send an ask!
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written-in-gold · 14 days ago
FOR THE RICHIE AND JESSE ASK I meant random 11 and angst 5 btw!!! My bad 😅
Prompt "forget it, you're a fucking asshole" and "you're insane" "you love me" "not right now I don't"
(TW: Hints of an abusive/controlling relationship)
(Jesse's P.O.V.)
Home, as in me apartment, was always a nice place to be to me. Even though I like going out and having fun, it was, like, a sanctuary to come back to whenever I like, full of all me stuff and everything I like.
Because of this maybe I should have thought more into who I was allowing to become a permanent resident. But I'm a bit of an idiot sometimes and so I didn't.
"Bloody hell, Jess, what are you doing? It's past nine o'clock," Richie, my boyfriend for the past almost eleven months, tells me as he walks into the bedroom. I can see how it might be confusing to somebody who has a very dull life, otherwise known as somebody who works the nine-to-five. I think he works more than that, actually.
The thing about Richie is that it's hard for me to look upon his life as boring even though, when I really think about it, that is what I think. It's hard because he's extremely rich, and likes his job because it's going to make him richer, and he's also very handsome with one of those annoying posh accents. You look at people like that and you don't think that they're boring (unless they're played by Colin Firth. He just has that energy).
But I mean, Richie is always working, even at home, tapping away on his laptop. He still kind of manages to be fun. Or he used to. I don't know anymore.
"I'm getting ready to go out, obviously," I answer as I apply my mascara in the minute. As far as I'm concerned the night is still young. "There's nothing that I have to do tomorrow, y'know, there's just me and an endless expanse of time."
"I thought you had a show tomorrow, Jess?" Richie asks me, which yeah, I do. "I thought you didn't like to go out the evening before or something, you get tired."
"Well, I can sleep in tomorrow morning. The show in't until ten," I remind him. I don't usually go out the night before but I'm trying to avoid Richie. We haven't been getting along, and I don't like it. I hate to argue. I don't know what to do to fix the relationship and I'm not sure if I wanna end it. I'm not sure who else there is for me in London. Dozens of casual friends, some fans, maybe, but nobody like him. All the people who know me live at least an hour away. Or they're dead.
"Do you think being up until the early hours of the morning two days in a row is sensible?" Richie asks, resting his hands on my shoulders, king of good decisions, apparently. I look at my made-up face in the mirror.
"Everybody does it," I remind him, looking over my shoulder and up at him after a second. "I'm only 22, Rich, let me live a little."
He laughs lowly and I can guess why. He's always telling me to live a little and have more fun, because I don't really like to drink too much, I don't smoke. But can't I have my own fun that doesn't fit his weird definition?
"Forget it, you're a fucking asshole," I say, and push his hands off my shoulders to stand up. I'll get absolutely high on the most dangerous drug I can find just to spite him. I hate him so much sometimes.
"Jess," Richie says again, grabbing my wrist to stop me as I'm walking over to where my shoes are. I glance longingly at the metallic pink toeless heels I was planning to wear, then look back at him.
"What is it now, Rich? Don't panic, I'm not gonna flirt with people," I promise, even though I do love doing that when I'm out. I wouldn't while I'm dating Richie, it wouldn't be fair.
"You're too nice to do a thing like that, Jess. I'm not worried," he assures me, and I sigh and rest me hand on me hip while he's still holding me other wrist. "Look, Jess, I just... don't go out, come on, stay in. I can't go with you, I have work in the morning. I'll be lonely without your company."
"You're a mess, Rich," I snap at him. I know what'll happen if I stay and I can't bare it. I have to get out, and come home when I know he'll already be asleep. "I can't stop living my life just 'cause your schedule works differently. It's not like I won't be back in a few hours."
"I'd rather you just don't go, Starin," Richie answers, pulling me closer and holding my waist instead, which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but I'll be gone in a second. "Just don't go places without me. You can have fun just fine at home."
"You're insane," I say, for reasons beyond me. He's always struck me as a bit out of it, y'know, like he needs help. I can't give him any help. And I also can't give him my company tonight because there's something about him and the apartment that feels wrong today.
"You love me," he answers, which was true once. He wouldn't be in my home if I didn't, but I think I made a mistake.
"Not right now I don't," I answer, and pull away, picking up me shoes and hurrying out with them in my hands, feet bare, in case he tries to stop me again. I can't be bothered with it.
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latte-fairytaekwoon · 16 days ago
Ateez: Anal Play (Rated)
Warnings: NSFW content, read at your own discretion.
❥𝓚𝓲𝓶 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓳𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓰
Tumblr media
With fumbling hands, Hongjoong managed to get your clothes off you, but it was only until he began taking himself out that he remembered a crucial part in the process.
"Ahh fucking shit! I forgot I ran out of condoms." He groaned in frustration.
You stopped him before he could zip himself back up.
"Don't stop." You told him as you finished undressing his bottom half.
"Y/N, I'm not going to take the risk of getting you-"
"Fuck me in the ass then." You firmly stated, shocking him.
"What- are you serious?"
With lips curling into a smile, you reached for your hand bag and took out the bottle of lube you had prepared specifically for this occasion. Hongjoong snorted as he realized you had planned this all along.
Pouring some of the lube in his fingers, he gently swiped them around your tiny hole, taking his time in teasing you by rubbing against it before he began pushing a finger inside. He chuckled when you shuddered at the feeling.
"Such a dirty little slut, wanting me to fuck this tiny asshole."
❥𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓴 𝓢𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝔀𝓪
Tumblr media
You had been so worked up for the last hour, Seonghwa had been teasing you relentlessly, touching, kissing, sucking on every part of your body except where you needed him the most. Having traced your body like a map, he knew exactly what buttons to push.....
And right now he turned it up as he continued to swirl his tongue on your hole from behind, face pressed against your ass cheeks, shamelessly letting out loud sounds that would put even the most experienced porn stars to shame.
"Seonghwa please-" You begged him as you tried to press your ass up, failing in doing so and your attempt only earned you a slap on one of your cheeks.
"You can beg and cry all you want Y/N but I'm not going to touch that pussy of yours. You don't deserve to cum after that little stunt you pulled." Had you been facing him, you would have been able to see the annoyed and dissatisfied look on his face.
"No please Hwa! I'm sorry! I won't do it again! I'm just a stupid slut and I need you!" You cried out, sounding utterly pitiful.
Seonghwa hummed as he thought about it.
"You left out the part of you being dirty." Hearing and feeling him spit onto your hole made you go even more crazy. Sitting up, you gasped when Seonghwa pulled you back and placed his tip at the entrance of your ass.
"Maybe after fucking this ass of yours open.... I might think about playing with you a little longer."
❥𝓙𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓨𝓾𝓷𝓱𝓸
Tumblr media
There was nothing that drove Yunho more wild than your ass, and for you nothing drove you to the brink of insanity than his hands, or more specifically his fingers. Which is why it wasn't a surprise that one of your favorite activities in the bedroom was having him fit his huge dick inside your asshole while his fingers snaked themselves between your legs and toyed are with your clit.
"Fuck baby! Look at you, moaning and crying just from my fingers." You let out a surprised shriek when he slapped his palm against your throbbing folds, the sting only helping reach your high faster.
"You can barely take my cock inside that pussy of yours and yet here you are, offering me your tiny asshole for me to destroy."
Reaching back over, his fingers now tenderly stroked your reddened nub, thumb making sure you'd reach that delicious peak you so desperately craved.
"Such a good girl for me, you're so good. And you're going to cum for me like the good girl you are...right?"
You knew and your body also knew that wasn't a question, it was an order, an order you gladly fulfilled as you writhed underneath your boyfriend, your cum gushing out of you and down your thighs. Seeing you come undone, Yunho wasn't far off as he pulled out of your hole, grunting harshly as he painted your ass cheeks with his sticky cum, making sure to land all of it on your body. That was his favorite sight, seeing you absolutely wrecked under him, cum dripping down your ass and onto your legs. It was powerful enough to get him hard again.
"Baby, you up for another round?"
❥𝓚𝓪𝓷𝓰 𝓨𝓮𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓷𝓰
Tumblr media
"Yeosang are you ok?" Seonghwa asked him from across the table.
The poor boy's face burnt red with embarrassment and utter humiliation, and the sneaky smirk on your face was not making things better.
"I- I'm fine. No worries-" His voice went slightly high pitched near the end as he felt the vibrations under him intensify.
"You sure? You look like you're gonna pass out." Hongjoong pointed out.
Quickly excusing himself, Yeosang ran over to the nearest restroom, trying to hard to avoid the stares of the other people at the restaurant. Going into the first stall, he quickly pulled his pants down, hand immediately wrapping itself around his painfully hard cock. Before he could jerk off, your voice startled him from behind.
"I don't remember giving you permission to touch yourself Sangie."
Yeosang quickly retracted his hand away, his legs growing weaker when you held up the remote controlling the butt plug he currently had inside him, turning it up to the highest level. His poor whimpers fell upon deaf ears as you suddenly grabbed his base and surprised him when you placed a cock ring on him.
"Now here's what you're going to do. You're going to pull those pants back up and walk back over to the table with both cock ring and plug inside you." Your sadistic smile both thrilled and terrified him.
"I want them all to see how much of a pathetic slut you are for me, begging me to let you cum in front of all of them..."
❥𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓲 𝓢𝓪𝓷
Tumblr media
With mouth agape, you released shuddering whimpers when you felt San tug harshly at the tail part of the plug lodged inside your butt. His teeth tugged at his bottom lip as he moved the toy in and out of you.
"Such a good little kitten, yes you are." He cooed at you as his free hand reached up to stroke the back of your hair.
Hearing him praise you and use that pet name on you had your walls clenching around nothing and become even more wet. It wouldn't have surprised you if you had started leaking out the build up arousal you had been accumulating from all the foreplay San had done on you.
"I'm going to take this thing out now ok kitten?"
You moaned out when he said that, knowing that it meant the butt plug was soon to be replaced by his cock. And you wanted it, wanted him to stretch out your hole with his cock and feel that delicious burn you craved so much. Once the plug was out and you felt his tip hit against your ass, you pushed yourself further back, nearly rutting yourself against his hips. San smirked when he saw that.
"Eager now to get butt fucked, are we now darling?"
While you gasped and squirmed under him as he slowly pushed himself in, San was groaning and hissing even after he had fully sunk himself inside the deepest part of you. The feeling was so warm and tight, excruciatingly tight as your walls clung onto him, almost as if they were sucking him into you. With tongue poking out of his cheek, his hand gripped your hip while the other took hold of your hair.
"Remember to scream my name kitten. I want to make sure everyone hears who you belong to."
❥𝓢𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓲
Tumblr media
"You look absolutely pretty like this my little princess." Your voice came out almost like a silky purr, making Mingi's heart flutter more intensely. And he indeed felt pretty, white lace blindfold covering his eyes, hands tied with pink satin ribbon being raised above his head, and most importantly, his legs spread wide open to accommodate the dildo you were currently driving up his ass.
He was spilling out the cutest whimpers and most adorable whines to have ever blessed your ears. You absolutely adored having him like this, completely pliant underneath you as he happily accepted and took whatever you wished to give him, as long as it meant he got to cum and he got to bask in your affection.
"M-mommy..." He called for you, head moving from side to side as he felt his build up about to burst.
"Yes my pretty boy? What is it?" You reached a hand over to cup one of his cheeks, your thumb coming up to slightly rub against his bottom lip.
"G-gonna cum mommy. Please can I...?" His voice trailed off as he nuzzled his face closer to your touch.
"You've been a good boy Mingi, yes you can cum."
To help intensify his orgasm, you took hold of his cock and lightly pumped him, that action alone plus the fact you were rubbing his prostate all along had Mingi crumbling into an earth shattering climax that had him crying out your name endlessly. He looked completely fucked out by the end of it and it only made you love him more.
Pulling out of him, you leaned in and lifted the blindfold off his face, smiling as you pressed a soft kiss to his lips.
"Let's get you cleaned up now my precious princess."
❥𝓙𝓾𝓷𝓰 𝓦𝓸𝓸𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓰
Tumblr media
Wooyoung's wailing was resonating through the walls, tears brimming down his eyes, one cheek pressed against the mattress, being forced down by the hand that was harshly gripping his hair. His arms had been bound behind his back by you, tightly knotted with rope. Your taunting laugh pierced through his ears, sending a shiver down his spine.
"Look at you, crying like a little bitch when it was your own fault. You're the one who got yourself into this mess."
Stopping momentarily, you gave his ass a few spanks before resuming to stretch his hole open, the dildo reaching so far inside of him. Wooyoung couldn't argue with you on that, he had indeed been on your nerves all day, messing and overall annoying you past your patience limit. But it was all worth it if he managed to get you to torture him in this way. He loved riling you up so that you would get angry and punish him, tie him up and fuck him past exhaustion or leave him hanging there with an aching hard on. And he absolutely loved getting pegged by you, going insane for it. Hence why he was now crying hysterically and writhing under you when you suddenly pulled out, depriving him of the orgasm he was building up. Turning him over, you shut him up with a slap to his face.
"This is your punishment for misbehaving and you're going to take it you little brat." You sternly told him.
"Y-yes Mistress." His voice breathed out.
Smirking at him, you turned him back over on his stomach before lining yourself up to his ass.
"Now...let's try this again...maybe this time will be the time I let you cum..."
❥𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓲 𝓙𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝓸
Tumblr media
"You're absolutely sure about this?" Jongho asked you, wanting to make sure you were one hundred percent comfortable with what you were about to do.
"Jongho, you already fingered my ass. If I back out now all that preparation would have been for nothing, and plus..." You bit your lip shyly as you looked back at him.
"I've always wanted your thick cock inside my ass."
Although he tried not to show it, your words really affected him, both making him shy while simultaneously making him impatient at trying out anal for the first time. His hands rested themselves on your hips, gently massaging them as he very slowly began to push the head of his cock inside.
"Oh God-" He stopped himself when he heard you whimper, afraid that he had hurt you.
"No it's ok, keep going." You assured him.
He keep pushing in until his entire cock disappeared inside your ass, the sight alone making him moan lewdly.
"I'm going to start gently ok?"
He pulled out, finding it slightly difficult since you were extremely tight, but after a few more tries, his cock was going in and out of you more smoothly.
"How does it feel baby?" You could only respond with pornographic sounds coming out of your mouth.
"It feels so good- Jongho please just fuck my ass." He was pretty shocked when he heard you say that, but nonetheless wanted to satisfy you. Gripping your hips tightly, he smirked as he pulled out before slamming back in.
"Oh it'll be my pleasure."
Gifs not mine, credit goes to their respective owners
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bestiesenpai · 20 days ago
Tiger hybrid Itadori, please come to the stage! It's time for a Timorous OVA lol
17. Who knew someone could be so cute when they snore?
Finals were horrible, and studying for them made it even worse. Hour after hour hunched over books and cramming information in your head was enough for anyone to go insane.
Luckily for Itadori, he had you to suffer with. The library was horribly crowded with students all hyped up off coffee and flush with nerves. So it was a godsend that you offered for him to come to your dorm to study with you.
"(Y/N), I'm here!" Itadori knocked on the door, watching it swing open slightly.
"Come in!" You called back. Stepping into your room, Itadori immediately noticed that Tsumiki was nowhere to be seen.
"We're alone." He said dumbly, closing the door behind him softly.
"Hm? Oh yeah, Tsumiki's at work!" You didn't seem bothered by it at all, you already had a chair pulled up to your desk for Itadori.
'So it's just us...' Itadori thought, trying to steady his shaking hand as he pulled out the chair and sat down, letting his bag hit the floor. The desk was large enough for the two of you to sit at comfortably, but Itadori couldn't focus on anything except the way your knee occasionally brushed against his.
If it wasn't for the lofi you were playing on your phone the room would be painfully quiet. Itadori could barely keep his thoughts straight let alone have a conversation with you.
"Hey, will you read over this paragraph I wrote? I'm not sure about the wording." Pushing your laptop over to him, you leaned in close, nearly the whole side of your body touching his.
"S-sure." Reading it over several times, Itadori could barely look at you. "Uh, I think-" Turning his head to the side was a mistake. He wanted to appear more fluid in his motions, not as robotic and awkward, but oh god it was a mistake.
The two of you were face to face, Itadori had never seen the speckles on your face and ears so clearly before. The two of you held eye contact for quite a long time, the seconds ticking by painfully slowly.
"S-sorry!" The both of you said at the same time, whipping away from each other with fierce blushes on your faces.
"It looks great!" Itadori said, hiding his face with his arm and leaning over his work.
"Thanks!" You squeaked back, taking your laptop away and typing furiously.
Thank god for the music playing or it would be so silent you could hear a pin drop.
"-dori-" Something was shaking Itadori. "-tadori?" It was your voice. "Itadori." When had he fallen asleep?
"Hm?" Lifting his surprisingly heavy head from the desk, Itadori took a deep breath and looked around, making eye contact with you almost immediately. Checking the clock, a few hours seemed to have passed. "How long was I out?"
"Not sure." You giggled, smoothing out the sleeve of his hoodie. "But you were snoring pretty loud just now."
"Shit, sorry." Rubbing a hand on the back of his head, Itadori sent you a pitying look.
"Who knew someone could be so cute when they snore?" Giggling again as you fiddled with a pencil, you let your ears block out your shy face from Itadori's view.
"S-snoring isn't cute." Taking a leap of faith, Itadori put his arm on the back of your chair, letting the tips of his fingers graze your shoulder. "Let's get back to work."
"Yeah, okay." And to his surprise and delight, you leaned closer to him, your shoulder brushing his.
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dumbikawa · 25 days ago
Taking Care of the HQ Boys
Tumblr media
GN!Reader | Fluff | Warnings: None
Characters: Suna, Kuroo, Iwaizumi
A/n: I’m such a simp for these boys it’s insane
Tumblr media
It took Suna a while to get used to the way you never held back when it came to taking care of him. One night, after a particularly rough practice, he’d sluggishly entered the apartment and practically collapsed on top of where you were laying on the couch. Wordlessly, you positioned yourself so that he was resting on your lap with both his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. It was comfortably silent as you ran your fingers through his hair that was still slightly damp from showering at the gym and in no time at all he was softly snoring.
He'd never admit it aloud, but he loved when you took care of him in little ways like that. From the start, he had always insisted on being the big spoon, obsessed with the way your body perfectly molded against his and the satisfaction of knowing you felt safe in his arms. Ever since that night, though, it became a regular thing for you to see him standing, looking at you like a pouty child, from the corner of your eye waiting for you to take the hint that he wanted you to cuddle him. You'd simply open your arms for him to crawl into without even having to look up from your phone.
Today was no exception.
Suna can feel the physical exhaustion down to his bones as he allows the cool water to wash away the sweat and grime he collected over the course of practice. Mentally he feels the same; completely drained in every sense of the word. He can’t even find the energy to thoroughly dry his hair, opting to quickly rub it with a towel before making his way to the bedroom and collapsing on the bed.
“Rin!” you gently scold, placing the book you’d been reading beside you on the bed. “You’re going to ruin your pillow.”
“I don’t care,” he mumbles, eyes remaining shut as he lets out a content sigh. He did care, actually, but his decision was already made and now that he was in bed there was no way he was getting up. He truly meant that, but when he feels you tugging at his hand for him to get up he begrudgingly obliges.
You’re holding your hair dryer and gesturing for him to sit on the floor. It doesn’t seem wise to disobey when you look so determined, so he slides off the bed, giving you full access to his sopping mess of hair.
His eyes flutter closed as the warmth from the hairdryer and the way your fingers are skillfully brushing through his hair begins to pull him towards sleep. Not to mention, in this position he has the perfect opportunity to use your thigh as a pillow and he makes a mental note to have you dry his hair more often. But, sadly, the flow of warm air shuts off and your voice pulls him back to the present.
“C’mon you big baby,” you laugh, watching him groan and throw himself back up on the bed. He shimmies under the covers, but refuses to place his head back on the damp pillow. Instead, he stares at you with sleepy eyes until you’ve positioned yourself so that you can sit comfortably and open your arms for him.
His arms automatically snake around your waist as he buries his head in your side.
“Do I do enough to take care of you?” he asks softly, turning to look up at you with a vulnerability that he doesn't often display so openly.
“Of course, Rin,” you hum, tracing your fingers down his exposed back. He still seems unsure as he pushes his face against your shirt, but his shoulders relax slightly. “I mean it. I like taking care of you, okay? There’s nothing to repay if that’s what you’re worried about.” 
Your reassurance falls on deaf ears, though, as you feel his breathing even out and his grip on you loosening.
“I love you, baby,” you whisper, grabbing your book from where you’d set it earlier and relishing in the quiet as you continued to absentmindedly draw designs against Suna's warm skin. 
Kuroo closes the apartment door quietly, finally letting his shoulders droop with exhaustion now that he's inside. He slips his bag noiselessly onto the ground and flicks his watch up to check the time. It was well past midnight by the time he actually clocked out of work and, although he wants nothing more than a dual welcome home/goodnight kiss from you, he hopes you’re sound asleep by now.
However, much to his surprise, you’re curled up on the couch with a book and a warm cup of tea, so enthralled in whatever you’re reading that you don't hear him approach. There’s a strong possibility you aren’t even aware of what time it is, completely lost in another world. He tests this theory by walking behind the couch and wrapping his arms around you, chuckling at the way you jump at the sudden contact.
“Welcome home!” you beam once you recover from the small scare. You press a quick kiss to his upturned lips before he walks around to the front so that he can relieve a proper hug.
“Thank you, babe,” he murmurs against your lips, not wanting to pull away from your warmth just yet. “Why aren’t you asleep?”
“I wanted to wait for you and then I got to this really good part in my book and just...lost track of what time it was.” The way your eyes light up sends a wave of admiration shooting straight through Kuroo’s heart. “How was work? Why did you have to stay so late?”
Kuroo begins walking you through his hectic day, quickly turning the discussion into an irritated rant about having to fix other people’s mistakes and figuring out schedules for upcoming projects. You listen thoughtfully as you migrate towards the kitchen, your boyfriend trailing closely behind.
Soon, there was a cup of hot tea in his hands and the two of you are positioned on the couch with your legs thrown over his lap as he gently massages your calves.
Your eyes never leave his as he talks, nodding along and asking questions every now and then. He didn’t need nor want any sort of advice or words of wisdom. Simply having you listen to him was enough to have him feeling ten times lighter by the time he reached the bottom of his cup.
“Do you want more?” you ask, beginning to stand up. Kuroo doesn’t answer, instead leaning forward and hooking his arm around your waist so that you fall back into his arms.
“More of you, yes,” he says, smiling into your hair. He can practically feel the way your eyes roll as you let out an exasperated groan at his cheesy comment, but the hint of a blush making its way to your cheeks betrays you.
You make the first move to get up, offering a hand out to him. His hand engulfs yours as you pull him towards the bedroom. The bed has new sheets and the laundry is sitting in a basket freshly washed and ready to be folded. A wave of guilt crashes into him, knowing that you also worked today and must’ve come home afterwards and cleaned up.
“Baby, you should’ve gotten some rest,” Kuroo sighs, gesturing to the laundry and neatly made  bed. "I'm certain it was my turn to do the laundry.”
“Yeah, but when you told me you had to work late I figured I’d knock out some chores since I had the time. It’s not like it’s a big deal, Tetsu.” 
“What did I ever do to deserve you?” The words have barely left his lips before he's throwing the covers over the two of you and shutting off the lights. His arms wrap around your middle as he pulls you close to him, relishing in your small giggles. It doesn't take long for you to drift to sleep while Kuroo places soft kisses against your exposed shoulders. He soon follows, matching his breathing with yours and immediately winding down, but until his brain finally shuts off from exhaustion he's thinking of all the ways he's going to show you just how much he appreciates everything you do.
Iwaizumi watches as you begin cooking dinner for the two of you as a quiet pop song plays off your phone. His work day was less than stellar, to put it simply, but watching you dance around the kitchen has already earned the frown from his face and has him smiling like a damn fool.
“Haji!” you exclaim, suddenly noticing the lurking figure from the corner of your eye. He steps out from his hiding place, an amused yet sheepish look on his face as he notices your flustered expression. “Why were you just standing there? Come here and give me a kiss, idiot.” He raises his hands in surrender as he does what you say, letting his lips linger on yours for a moment longer than usual and wrapping his arms around your waist to draw you closer to him.
“Hey, doll,” he murmurs against your skin, resting his face into the crook of your neck. You pull back slightly, ignoring his childlike protests as you do so.
“Are you okay?” you question, eyeing him up and down. Iwaizumi is sure he could get lost in your beautiful eyes that are currently filled with concern. You know him too well, he thinks, as you give him a knowing look. It was still difficult for him to open up about things, especially small things that had bothered him throughout the day. There wasn't a real reason to talk about all the irritating parts of the day because he knows he can handle them himself, or so he claims.
“Y/n, it’s nothing,” he reassures, kissing your nose in an attempt to further prove he’s not bothered. “It was just a very long day, but now I’m back here with you and I couldn’t be happier.” His smooth talking makes it impossible for you to stay mad, but you surely try.
“Alright, well, you know you can talk about it even if it’s ‘nothing.’ In the meantime, stay here and watch the food for a moment while I run you a bath.” Iwaizumi is quick to object, but you’ve already sauntered out of the room and he can hear the faint sound of running water.
It truly did feel nice to be taken care of, he thinks fleetingly as he sinks into the warm water, but it's difficult for him to fully relax when he can hear you bustling around the kitchen. He waits in the bath for a little longer so that you won't bite his head off for how quick he was before changing  into a pair of sweatpants and a comfortable shirt. The sounds of you beginning to set the table echoes down the hallway and he finds himself hoping you'll at least let him help with that.
“You lasted longer in there than I thought," you tease as your boyfriend appears back at your side. "Now go sit down." He opens his mouth to argue, but one look and he finds himself moving towards the table, wondering why you were so intent on doing everything.
“At least let me do the dishes,” he practically pleads, watching you with an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude as you bring the warm food over to the table.
“Or, hear me out, we leave the dishes to deal with tomorrow and spend the rest of the night watching movies cuddled up on the couch." He narrows his eyes as he searches through his brain, trying to remember if he'd forgotten an anniversary or birthday because he surely didn't feel as if he deserved this.
As if reading his mind once again you reach out and hold his hand, gently rubbing your thumb in circles against his skin.
"Can't you just let me take care of you? You're constantly going above and beyond for me, so I just thought I'd try and return the favor." Iwaizumi feels his face heat up as you place a kiss against his knuckles like he always does to you. It did feel nice, but he enjoys taking care of you. He never even thinks twice about it. 
"Alright, alright. In that case, you can do the dishes tonight and maybe also get some desert." He can feel your eyes boring into him as if to say, 'Don't push it.' A smile breaks out on his face as he begins digging into the meal you prepared, peppering you with compliments until his plate is clean.
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vampireoutofbusiness · 26 days ago
Catch Me, I'll Let You
Previous Chapter: Chapter Three
Pairing: Peter Parker x fem!reader
Warnings: Suggestive, more awkward teenagers not knowing how to express their feelings
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*Do not repost my work without giving credit*
Chapter Four
Tumblr media
Being late was not part of Peter's plan. After learning he might possibly have a chance with you after crushing on you since the first day of sophomore year, he could only lay in his bed, wide awake. Images played through his mind at the smile you gave him - Spider-Man- when he brought up himself.
His plan was to bring you a coffee for your tutoring session, so he got up extra early to pick it up and get to school in time. All was going well until he realized he didn't know what you liked and ended up ordering five different kinds.
Thank goodness he did because, on his way out, someone ran into him with the door, which ended with one hot cocoa for him and two coffees for you.
And also a large stain down the front of his flannel but that was the least of his worries, maybe you didn't even like coffee but he was really trying here.
Luckily, thanks to his superhuman abilities, his leg healed, or else you'd have some questions as to why he would be limping.
Peter missed the bus that would stop near your school, meaning he had to jog. He really hoped he smelled decent after all that.
Coffee and sweat didn't sound like the best combination for the person you want to be attracted to you to smell.
He didn't think really liked him anyway after how hesitant you were about whether you liked him or not. But you barely knew him and the top of his agenda was to change that.
He could care less that you needed his help when you were wasted and that your breath smelled like beer and queso after the party.
MJ had heard all about Peter's little feelings for you although he made her swear to secrecy. She kept her promise but that didn't stop her from dropping small hints here and there that you were too oblivious to pick up on.
Now, your tutor was swiftly walking into the building, trying to balance three hot cups and a physics book he would "put in his backpack later".
He entered the school's library, lucky for him, only a few insane people were here this early so it was easy to get through the halls.
There you were, seated at a table, your notes and physics books open. He felt terrible for being so late but maybe the coffee would make up for it.
"Hi," he said nervously, setting down the cups on the table. You smiled at him and watched carefully as he set down his backpack and shifted in his seat.
"Sorry I'm late, look, it's been a morning. First off," he pushed your coffee towards you, "these are for you, it was five until then it wasn't..." he gestured to his stained shirt.
"Thank you," you told him while grabbing one of the coffees, ignoring his nervous rambling.
You looked back at him to see him staring intently as you tried the coffee. Cute.
"This one's good, don't worry."
He let out a big sig, grabbing his notebook from his backpack and setting it on the table.
"So we should probably start out with the basics-- unless you have any specific questions?" He asked, a sweet look on his face as if he wasn't bothered by his bad morning and having to teach you.
To say that you didn't get anything done would be an understatement. No matter what you tried to talk about that pertained to the subject, you and Peter got sidetracked.
You found out he loves Star Wars and you had to confess you had never seen the movies.
Peter’s Date Idea List
1.) Coffee date
2.) Star Wars marathon
He also told you about his internship with Tony Stark, leaving out some minor details.
From what you could tell, he was a pretty boy with an adorable personality and extremely fascinated by anything scientific. Also, easily flustered because the second he made eye contact with you, he would look down with a blush on his cheeks.
Before you knew it, it was eight o’clock and you could be finished with your tutoring. When you pointed it out, you saw his lips turn down for a second.
“I’ll have to pay you back for the coffee since you’re the one who had to deal with my dumb ass this early,” you held a coffee in each hand, one significantly emptier than the other.
“No, you don’t need to give me money,” he told you, shaking his head.
“I didn’t mean that kind of currency, Parker,” you winked until you saw him go wide-eyed and try to form words, “Woah woah, I did not mean that kind either! I’ll get you something next time- or…you know,”
He chuckled nervously and his face flooded with relief.
“Sorry I-,”
“Don’t apologize, you’re fine,” you told him, smiling.
Peter did have a habit of apologizing for things that didn’t warrant an apology, even things that had nothing to do with him.
“Okay, it’s just that I don’t mind helping you study.”
“We didn’t really do much of that this morning,” you sighed at your realization of little progress.
“I- I didn’t mind that much either,” he said quietly, looking at his shoes.
“Good because you’ll probably be here next Tuesday too…”
You and Peter exchanged small smiles as you walked out of the library together and went separate ways to your first class.
After a long day at school, you spent your evening on the fire escape once again, minding the watering can you fetched after Spider-man left.
A small- okay big -part of you wanted him to show up again. He was most likely around so you expected to at least spot him. Or maybe part of you wanted him to seek you out again. You barely slept last night at the thought of meeting him.
“Hey,” a voice said beside you.
You jumped back, the watering can once again clattering onto the pavement down below. Great.
“What the hell?”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” Spider-man said clinging to the wall.
“Maybe a warning next time, no one has ever climbed up the wall to my window before!” You whisper-yelled, careful not to wake up anyone in your complex.
“I mean…not until last night,” he said slyly, crawling over to your fire escape.
“What are you doing here?”
Your tone challenged your actions as you scooted over for him to sit with you.
“I like to pay the fans a visit,” he told you as he took a seat next to you.
“Ha. Ha,” you rolled your eyes and focused on the stars.
The air was filled with a comfortable silence while the two of you watched the sky. Although he took more of an interest in watching you.
You pretended not the notice the large white lenses staring at you.
“How’d the tutor thing go?”
Peter really hoped you had positive feedback.
“Good, we didn’t get much done,” you smiled thinking about how much fun it was, “but good.”
Yes. He didn’t want to pry too much, that wouldn’t be right for you to tell him all of your thoughts without knowing it was him.
“Do you know how you feel about him?”
Shit Peter, why are you so damn nosey?
“Wouldn’t you like to know bug boy,”
“I just thought- forget about it,” he looked at his lap and fiddles with the material covering his hands.
“I know what you’re doing,” you turned to face him.
The superhero looked over at you, the lenses on his mask wide with worry.
“You a- you do?”
“I’m not stupid, Parker,”
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bioticgoddess · 26 days ago
Untitled O-14 One Shot
Pairing: Osiris/Saint-14 (O14)
Summary: Grief. Angst. I have no shame when it comes to these two. Set sometime between Saint's death and the excursion to find him in the Infinite Forest.
Note: I apologize for any typos and grammar issues. Wrote this in one go because I'm a masochist. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
I. Mercury: The Gray Pigeon Osiris listened to Saint's message again. His eyes were red from tears and rubbing at them with the heel of his hands. His gauntlets as stained as his scarf and skin from them. His skin raw and throat tight. How many times had he failed to tell Saint just how much, how deeply, his affections ran? How long had he hoped to see him again? How long, trapped in the Infinite Forest and playing a deadly game of keep-away with the Vex, had he dreamed of the Exo? Or asked Sagira to show his holographic projection in the hopes it would help sleep come easier and be less painful. And now? Now, all he had of him were memories, a fragment of ribbon caught in the pilot's seat, and this letter. Pressing the piece of Saint’s accolades to his forehead, he mumbled, “This will not happen. I...I will save you.” “Osiris,” Sagira asked gently, floating to her chosen cautiously. “Are do you need?” The care in her voice was more than he could bear, no matter what the Warlock had resolved to do. Eyes closed, tight, he tried not to cry again - for all of them. When she pressed a flat portion of her shell to his cheek. It was cold comfort but she was trying and he knew that. He knew it better than anyone. He wept. II. Earth: The Tower, Osiris’s Private Study The report was laid out across the long table. Sagira floating over them, able to read from a distance so she wasn’t in Osiris’s space. He was determined, singularly focused now, and - though she had tried - could not be convinced from his path. The little golden ghost flexed the wings of her shell. It was all there. Everything the Guardians had seen in the Forest. Most importantly, he had been there. Saint-14 laid to rest in all his glory. A fragment of Geppetto brought back though they hadn’t been able to retrieve the Exo. She watched, frowning as much as was possible, at the piece of her lost friend. Geppetto had been one of the good ones. As determined to keep her guardian safe as long as she could. Only, someone - the Vex she thought - had killed her, snuffed out the poor Ghost’s light and she was afraid. If Geppetto had been slain then what hope did they have of saving Saint? No. She couldn’t think that. She wouldn’t. Osiris needed her to believe that this insane plan might work. That it had a ghost of a chance of working and that the Light would lead them to exactly when they needed to be. “This won’t be easy, even on Mercury,” she cautioned, projecting an image of the device they needed to build. It’s schematics on yet another data pad at the center of the table. The warlock’s gloved hands on either side of it. “We’re gonna need help.” “No. This...I owe him and so I will do this,” there was a fire in his voice bordering on anger. He was right, he had to be. Which meant that if anyone could do this, could walk the corridors of time and find Saint-14 - the right Saint-14 - it would be Osiris. Her chosen would not let this be the end of their story. Not now. Not ever. Not so long as he still grieved the man who’d shown him the simple joy of the night sky over Prague. And there, as he sat and began scrolling through the data pad on his chair, making a list of the needed supplies, Sagira could have sworn she saw him weeping again. One of his hands touched a spot on his breast, the place he’d carefully hidden away the scrap of purple silk ribbon that been left behind in the Pigeon. He whispered, “I’m coming Saint. I’ll find you. I promise.” III. The Infinite Forest: Time Unknown, Mercury Saint-14 had sent Geppetto on her way, hoping she could find a way out of the forest. If anyone could it was his little Ghost. She’d been a good companion all this time but he would not bind her to his fate, not if it was avoidable. No. Someone needed to tell Osiris what had happened. To apologize for the words in his last log entry on the Gray Pigeon. He trusted Geppetto to guide his precious phoenix back from the brink in his absence. It eased his mind that she’d have Sagira there to confer with and be the voice of reason. Yes. He would take as many Vex with him as he could. If he were truly lucky and the Light was with him, it would cleanse the forest. Maybe Mercury could be a garden world again? That would be nice. Chuckling to himself, he let his mind wander and for a moment, Saint-14 was in Prague with Osiris. They were sitting in the ruins of a building from long before the golden age. It’s stone walls provided a safe haven they hadn’t known they needed. He remembered a basket, barely held together except for prayers and an old - but clean - stretch of canvas. The meal within had been simple but their conversation, he’d made the Warlock smile broadly and laugh in a way no one else ever saw. He focused on the memory of the way his eyes wrinkled at the corners. The groaning of metal bodies held together with wiring and bolts echoed, shattering his moment. Too close. He’d run too close to taking memory and letting it become fantasy. Here, especially, that could never be. No, the Vex were closer than he expected. The Exo checked his ammunition with a huff, silently lamenting his ever diminishing reserves. Worst case, he could headbutt the bastards, but he didn’t relish the idea of getting up close and personal with the Vex. He wished he could have shared one more meal with Osiris, just the two of them. Perhaps something sweet? IV. The Infinite Forest: Time Unknown, Mercury Saint collapsed, heavy under his own weight. He couldn’t breathe. Joints were going stiff. Could feel everything starting to shut down. His Light was gone. His mind was hazy, vision unable to focus. Geppetto was gone. Safe at least. He hoped. “Do not blame yourself,” he whispered to the strange golden glowing hallucination. For a moment, he thought he felt the warmth of his touch against his cheek once more. V. Earth: Tower - Temporary Quarters assigned to Saint-14 “I’m sorry,” the Exo whispered, “I should not have left.” Osiris let out a sob of a laugh, “I left first and have regretted it ever since.” Not that he’d really had a choice. Exile or not, they could at least agree that he’d left the city first. His tone, the guilt that pulled at the edges of his joy made it sound to the Titan that he thought it absurd that the Exo apologized. They were silent for a moment. Not unsure but, unbelieving. They’d come to the little apartment that would be Saint’s, for now. They’d sought solace where others would not immediately seek either of them. They’d spoken as old friends with more secrets shared between them than half of the residents of the City. Stories of what really happened in half a dozen different and now mythic adventures that they had lived. Now, sitting in this space, with no one to watch them, it was different. Under the Exo’s luminous gaze, Osiris began weaving the violet ribbon he’d been fidgeting with on the Gray Pigeon’s steps into the net of those that stretched across the left of Saint’s breast plate. “It took longer than it should have but...I was resolved not to be parted from you,” the Titan explained, head tilted and eyes fixed where he could watch his partner’s fingers work. Their gloves and helms had been abandoned to the same sad little barren counter after they entered the dwelling. Those nimble fingers gently moved the ribbons that were taught so they held this new addition in place. His gloves long abandoned to one of the flat surfaces that Saint had chosen as a workbench. Voice steady despite the hesitancy in his words, “You’ve never told me what these were for.” “I thought you did not wish to know,” there was no judgement in his tone. “I do, I have been terrible at actually remembering to ask you” he swallowed, securing the ends of the ribbon, “There. Now I will be with you, no matter where you are.” He laughed, smile broadened, eyes warm, “Then I shall tell you, once you are ready to ask. You should know, there are few things in life I have always been certain of,” collecting the Warlock’s hands as he spoke, “That you are always with me is one of them.” “And you with me,” Osiris’s relief was palpable in that moment. This. He had dreamed of
this, of having time to sit and simply be with the other Lightbearer. That and deserts, but that would have to wait. The pantries, while stocked, lacked what he needed and tonight, nothing was more important than the time they were together and on finding the new laugh lines in the Warlock's face.
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herssian · 26 days ago
hey would you recommend World of Warcraft or FFXIV for a newcomer? I know you play both but I've barely ever touched online games and I'm conflicted
i love WoW and have upwards of a million characters in the world, i’ve actively roleplayed and gotten fully immersed in the universe... but FFXIV is fifty times friendlier to newcomers and you actually get to enjoy a linear story with properly introduced lore etc. i had to do my own research to understand warcraft's lore when i very first started playing the expansions. you don't get to enjoy the story fully unless you either a) have been playing for years or b) go out of your way to learn the overarching story. that’s not to say it’s TOO HARD to do that or even all that importany but it’s still an extra step outside playing the game
if you don’t have as much time or patience to be fully emerged into a universe, WoW allows you to pick up a class and play without having you go through quests giving a reason behind literally everything. it’s a double-edged sword and depends on what you like. it's my first mmorpg love, it just lacks in the rpg aspect as much as it pains me
if, however, you want to focus on the story, i highly suggest you go for ffxiv first. it plays like a high quality offline game except the portions that require dungeons/raids etc, and even then people are super accommodating and helpful to new players. not everyone is like that but compared to the warcraft playerbase, it’s NOTICEABLY less present. you also get a sprout icon by your name when you’re new until you’ve played sufficiently enough so people know to give you more leeway when you want to watch a thirty-hour cutscene before a dungeon so they have to camp it out in front of the boss (and it’ll happen. multiple times)
friendlier if you want to smash and dash without much thought
faster leveling (since 2020)
a lot more races, ability to choose faction sides if you want to have a mortal enemy
so many elf variations. big elves, small elves, purple elves. pick an elf to annoy your local elf hater today
tanks and healers aren’t locked in their roles, they can change between three specs to allow them to dps in any grouped content which doesn’t happen in ffxiv. damage classes can tank if they forego god
the content is overarchingly easier to do. both games are easy but WoW forgives mistakes readily and has become a lot less death prone
the transmogrification system (to make your armor look like you want despite what you actually have equipped) is in my opinion better implemented here and a lot easier. might not be notable to you but if i don’t look like the hottest bitch in a game then it’s simply not worth it !
you can name your companion pets whatever you want
amazing story
let me repeat that
the story WILL kick your ass. it’s personal to your character and has stakes. incredibly well thought-out, ever developing npcs
the music slaps so hard they should be charging you more for the subscription
one character can level any and all classes
housing! you, too, can now put a giant ass flying rat with a glowing tail in your garden and scare the shit out of everyone ❤
catgirls. catboys. cåtte
soft spoilers but at some point your mortal enemy becomes a calvin klein model who’s horny for fighting and thinks you’re best friends? try to surpass that
if you play a lalafell you get a direct connection to satan that allows you to freely kill other players, devour their essence and ascend into godhood
notable con: the base game and starting portion can be very tiring to some people due to the sheer amount of quests. i personally enjoyed it but it might not be your thing
you can give warcraft a try until lvl 20 for free, and ffxiv now lets you try out the entirety of A Realm Reborn (base game) PLUS the first entire expansion all for free (insane amount of content to do without paying anything). give both a try and make up your mind, just make sure you allow some time to get used to the world/controls/classes :-)
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roseblcssom · 27 days ago
kenma kozume; head to head
Tumblr media
warnings: swearing
summary: another insight into y/n and her roomies life, and hot man kenma's introduction :)
authors note: speech again but we move.
Tumblr media
"Do you think he has a sugar baby?"
Suga stares at you, eyes wide. "Pardon?"
You blink twice, "Do you think he has a sugar baby?" you reiterate, looking at Koshi.
He frowns at you, utterly confused. One minute the two of you were watching some shitty romcom that was on the television, and the next you're talking about a sugar baby? What? "Does who have a sugar baby?" he asks, hoping to gather more information.
"Kenma Kozume of course." you say like it's the most obvious thing in the world.
The gray haired boy is once again staring at you, not in confusion, but in disbelief. "Bitch?! What the fuck is wrong with you?"
"You didn't answer my question,"
He scoffs, "because it's a dumbass question."
You shake your head at him, "Fine, I'll ask Ryu."
You get up from the sofa you and Koshi were splayed across, beginning your trek to Tanaka's room. It was the furthest room in the apartment, yours being the closest. When the four of you moved in together, (the four being you, Suga, Tanaka and Noya) Tanaka and Noya shot gunned the two biggest rooms, leaving you and Koshi the smallest rooms. However, what the two blithering idiots didn't realise, as that your's and Suga's rooms were en suites. Whereas, there's were not. Sucks to suck, you told them when they quite literally whined like babies.
"Tanaka!" you yell whilst banging on the door repeatedly. "Open up or I'll tell Noya you stole one of his porn mags!"
The door swung open almost instantly, him standing in the doorway. "How did you know I stole one of his porn magazines?"
"I didn't?" you raise an eyebrow at the boy, "but good to know, I guess. Anywho, back to the subject at hand."
Tanka brushes past you, making you swivel to follow behind him. "So, you know Mr. Kenma Kozume; the big, scary mafia man?" You say to him, shuffling through your shared apartment.
"Don't answer her, Tanaka!" Koshi shouts from his place on the couch. "She's being insane."
You roll your eyes, "You're just jealous. Hater. You're a Kenma Kozume hater. And by default that means I hate you."
Sugawara huffs in his seat, really regretting ever becoming friends with you in the first place. Maybe if he didn't let you sit with him that day then he wouldn't be in this situation right now. Oh, who was he kidding? All you had to do was bat your eyelashes at him and he would crumble instantly, you knew it and so did he. Hell, even Noya and Tanaka knew and they were fucking oblivious at the best of times.
"What's your question, Y/N?" Ryu speaks up, ignoring yours and Suga's previous interaction. "Must be important for you to forcefully bring me out of my room."
You make your way into the kitchen, grabbing a glass from the cupboard and pouring yourself a cup of water. "Do you think he has a sugar baby?"
You bring the glass to your lips and take a swig, relishing in the taste of the cold water. You always forgot how nice water actually tasted, especially when you quite live off Monster Energy's.
He didn't even have to ask you to clarify who 'he' was, he just knew -- which always seemed to be something he was able to do for some reason. "Hell yeah." Tanaka smirks. "And if he doesn't, I'll volunteer as tribute."
You widen your eyes at his answer before narrowing them, grabbing an oven mit and throwing it at his face. "Hey! What about me?"
Ryu scoffs, a smirk still etched onto his features. "What about you?" He asks condescendingly, "We both know he would choose me."
"He would choose me over you any day." You state, placing the glass of half filled water onto the kitchen table before crossing your arms one over another. "Right, Koshi?" You turn to Suga, trying to get him to agree with you.
"I'm not getting involved." The grey haired man raises his arms in surrender, his attention solely focused on the tv infront of him -- which was now playing some lame cooking show.
"Fine, whatever." You turn back to Tanaka, "But he would choose me. Not you."
Tumblr media
"Kenma, you need to calm down." Kuroo says, trying to ease the extremely pissed off faux blond. "You need to think rationally."
"Rationally?!" He barks out, "How the fuck can I think rationally when one of our members was just killed?"
Kuroo couldn't agree more with his friend because he was pissed as hell aswell. But he also knew that acting on rage, and rage alone,  wouldn't get them results. It wouldn't get them any closer to finding out who was responsible for taking the life of one of their own.
"Listen," Testu starts, "we need to go over what we know and try and figure out what happened. He must have been killed for a reason, and we just need to find out what that reason was." He explains, taking out a packet of cigarettes and pulls one out of the box. He gestures with the packet towards Kenma, silently asking him if he wants one. Kenma shakes his head. "What do we know about the guy anyway? I've barely seen him before."
Kenma walks over to his desk and sits on the leather chair that resides behind it, "Kei trained him, although he doesn't know much about him either. According to Tsukishima, he barely talked and kept to himself most of the time." Kicking his legs up on the mahogany table, he opens the draw and picks up the litre bottle of whiskey, taking a massive swig from the bottle. "He could make a kill shot from one hell of a distance, though."
"Is that all we know about him?"
Kenma nods in agreement, sighing. "It's all over the fucking news aswell. They're claiming that it was me who killed him."
"For real?" Tetsuro asks.
"Mhm. It's annoying as fuck." He rubs his temple, squeezing his eyes shut simultaneously.
"You're only saying that because the kill was sloppy," He sends a pointed look to Kozume. To which he responds with a look of his own that could only be described as a death stare. "Okay dude, chill. I get you're stressed--"
"--more than stressed, Kuroo. Do you even know what this means?" Kenma's voice rose in volume, the whiskey sloshing around in the bottle. "We've been compromised. Remember what happened last time something like this happened?"
A look of realisation dawned on the black haired man's face, memories flooding back inside his mind. "Oh fuck..."
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doopcafe · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
The Michael Burnham Show: Scavengers (3x06)
Summary: Burnham rescues Book from slavery and recovers the “black box” McGuffin that’ll undoubtedly drive the plot in the following episode.
Comments: The plot here is simple: Burnham recovers the flight recorder of a Starfleet vessel while rescuing Book from slavery.
This space!BlackBox flight recorder in question was from a ship destroyed in The Burn. We’re told—suddenly—that Burnham has actually been trying to collect these things over the past year because if she can find at least three whose time signatures don’t match the others, it would imply The Burn had a source of origin and she could use that data to triangulate the origin. Well, Book found one, but got himself into a bit of a mess in attempting to recover it and *yadda yadda* now he’s a slave.
Just, three predictions here real quick-like: The origin of “The Burn” is gonna be: (1) Burnham herself (hence the name), (2) Burnham’s mom, or (3) the planet Vulcan. I’m adding that third one because the writers have less than a cursory understanding of Star Trek and believe their audience may share that deficiency (which may have some truth) and so they “need” a “dramatic” twist but can only accomplish said twist—not through competent writing—but by name-dropping some words that can be expected to be recognizable by the audience. Hence “the planet Vulcan.”
Anyways, this was one confusing mess of an episode that nevertheless finally shows a few (welcome) character moments. But the tone is all over the place, as per usual in this show.
For example, Adira seeing—and openly communicating—with her (very much dead) ex-lover is weird, right? Like, she needs to go to Sick Bay, right? The girl is mentally deranged and/or going insane, right? It’s being portrayed as something out of a psychological thriller where the main character starts doubting their sanity in dark rooms. But then Stamis just has a pleasant chat with her about how it’s okay to be mentally ill and they can all be friends due to shared psychological distress?
Also, I'm convinced the director doesn't read the script. In a previous episode, Saru is definitely having a HAL-9000 “I’m gonna f— you up and your little crew too” moment with the Discovery’s computer and the tone is very dark and strongly suggestive of imminent danger. But, nope, it turns out Discovery’s computer is just trying to be pals. So... why were the previous scenes shot like something out of a horror film?
As a second example, Detmer seriously damages her skull and has a psychological breakdown during a pleasant dinner but it’s played off like “she’s part of the family, she’ll be okay, no biggie.” I don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling, because it’s clearly portrayed one way (she seriously needs medical attention), and I’m comfortable feeling as one could be expected based on the clear portrayal (she seriously needs medical attention), but then someone makes an off-hand remark about Detmer’s traumatic brain injury and how that “makes her part of the family.” That is only an appropriate response if I understood the previous scenes incorrectly; i.e., she isn’t actually seriously injured. But, if that’s true, then why did she get hurled over the console, crash into a bunch of shit, and barely manage to stumble back to her post with blood streaming down her face? Why show the scene where she has a clear mental breakdown and starts joking about Stamis (or whoever) being dead (or whatever)? Why were these scenes filmed/shot (directed) to communicate that something is seriously wrong with Detmer when, in fact, there is nothing wrong with Detmer?
Anyways, this is CBS “Trek” so we get scenes of slave labor, a violent prison break, and a bloody decapitation. But it’s not a regular, run-of-the-mill French Revolution type of decapitation. It’s more like a Battle Royale “this is clearly an R-rated movie” style decapitation where a Bajoran’s head explodes into bloody mist as everyone watches while doing their best Mark Wahlberg impression.
It’s not fair to compare TNG to this sloppy mess, but CBS invites that comparison by putting “Star Trek” in the title, so... Remember in TNG: Tapestry how Picard meets Q in the afterlife and we get treated to a story about how humans are the sum of their choices, even the bad ones? We’re shown how Picard’s life could have turned out much, much different had he made slightly different choices. It’s a message that can resonate with any human being: our failures make us who we are as much as our successes. My point is that the show elevated itself above pure entertainment to share a meaningful message—and that's what made it "Star Trek."
Here, the message is... what? It’s best if your head is not turned into blood mist? What value does this show provide?
Anyways, this is already way too long and I haven’t even talked about the episode. So let’s see... Burnham is “demoted” to Chief Science Officer, which makes absolutely no difference and doesn’t actually change anything in the show, but gives us an excuse to cry a bunch. Georgiou is all messed-up and having visions of her other, non-Terran self (I think)? There’s a scene where it’s implied Stamis and his b/f just had sex but... didn’t they separate? I thought they broke up? Uhm, Stamis talks to Adira... Burnham whispers a lot to make her dialogue appear dramatic... Tilly plays with a cat... Georgiou makes fat jokes... Wait, did she kick anything this episode? I feel like she must have during the prison break scene, but I don't remember it happening...
My enjoyment: 2/5
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dogelectorate · 27 days ago
Every time I think about my gender I go insane because I cannot process the level of intricacies involved with what I like lmao. Like I'm a cis man and I see no need to modify that label but also sometimes (like, for a few hours every few days) I want to be perceived as feminine. But also I really enjoy being masculine. But also I want to do both at the same time but not in a way that compromises like I want to be extremely both gender. And also to strangers I actually would like no gender. Sometimes I get called a man by a stranger and I cringe. But to someone I like I love being a man. My brain is overheating. Anyway I don't like anyone else getting too comfy with MY gender so I'll never put pronouns anywhere even though I prefer he/him bc I'm he/him but to you I am nothing until I like you and want to express myself to you. To you I am an entity outside of the concept of human gender I am simply whatever my pfp is at the time. Currently kitty cat. Meow. But not really I'm not doing a kin thing I just like relating to silly little creachers. So like yeah. I think I'd feel more comfortable presenting feminine if society didn't ruin my brain bc I get pretty euphoric at being feminine sometimes. Would love to explore that with someone loving who I can open up around. You KNOW I only play girl characters lol. In video games I am always a girl. I want whatever anime boys have going on. I want to be cool and masculine but with unmistakeable feminine traits. I WANT TO BE HOWL MOVINGCASTLE. But only MOST of the time. But sometimes I want to be very feminine. But also I'm a coward so I barely allow myself to present as feminine in any way. I never want to be traditionally and completely masculine. Nauseating. Is anyone still reading this. In conclusion. If I don't know you my gender is [ERROR] but you can use he/him and refer to me as cis. But if I know you my gender is...... something. But also I would like to be close with someone open to me trying new things and supportive of me so I can see how far I can take my feminine aspects bc that feminine euphoria hits different bro. Want to explore that. Don't reblog obviously. Meow. Ending all my posts with meow until I turn back into a raccoon blog. Lol jk. Meow.
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rayslittlekitten · 28 days ago
A/N: This is for this week’s FanFic Fridays for @rebelwrites​. I've been on a Will streak lately. He's burrowed himself inside my head and this image paired up with an idea I had for him. Or rather it inspired an idea. It's not a new concept. Best friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes. While writing this fic, it was having an identity crisis and didn't know which direction it wanted to go. It started fluffy, then went sexy, then said it was gonna be an emotional rollercoaster, then back to sexy. And then James Arthur's "Maybe" (YT link at the bottom) came on while my playlist was on shuffle and a lightbulb went off. I think my mind just needed some fluff to offset the angsty or kinkier stuff I'm writing, like a palate cleanser. Also, I didn't write out the whole sex scene because I really wanted to keep it gender neutral for the readers and I haven't figured out how to do that without having to be specific about body parts. I don't think not including it takes away from the story either.
Pairing: Will "Ironhead" Miller x GN!Reader
Plot: During one of you and your best friend's weekly hang out, the two of you unexpectedly cross a line.
Contains: mentions of drunk sex, drunk making out, fluff (Honestly I'm not sure what this fic is. It's a mess of things. I'm as confused as my characters.)
This was the photo prompt for this week:
Tumblr media
As you stir from your sleep, you hear birds chirping and the morning sun hitting your face. You have a headache. A hangover, actually. You groan and you roll over, then realizing you're not in your own bed. Instead, you're in your best friend's bed, naked. You look over at the empty space in front of you and can smell Will on the pillow your head is resting on. You close your eyes and inhale deeply, savoring his scent and reminding you of the events of last night. A montage of memories flash through your head:
Will's hand on your knee.
You and Will making out on the couch.
Will knocking over the still half full bottle of beer while drying humping you.
Will's face between your legs.
Your face between Will's legs.
You riding Will on the very bed you're lying in.
Will giving you an earthshattering orgasm while fucking you.
You telling Will you love him.
Your eyes shoot open.
Shit. You did tell him that, didn't you?
You can't remember what his reaction was or if he had even heard you. You both were a bit-- okay, a lot inebriated from sharing a 12-pack of beer and doing tequila-- no, it was mezcal. Mezcal shots. Now you know why you're supposed to sip it. The smell of mezcal suddenly offends your nostrils, but you don't know if you're actually smelling it or if it's all in your head. You bring your wrists to your face and sniff them. You just remembered Will's soft and thick wicked tongue licking salt off of it. And then your neck. And then your belly. And then at some point your inner thighs before he dove in between your legs. The thought makes you groan. You also remember doing mezcal shots off him too. Can't forget licking salt off one of his battle scars on his rib. Now you can't get the smell of mezcal and lime out of your nose.
The night started like any other Friday night, drinking and playing first-person shooters on his couch. You thought he'd be spooked by these types of games but he surprisingly enjoys them and does well.
"Damn it, you got me again!" Will yelled.
"Are you purposely letting me win?" you asked him, taking a swig your fifth or six beer. You stopped counting.
"Oh, please. I am more competitive than you. I would never purposely let you win!" Will finished off his beer. "Oh, Pope got me a bottle of mezcal from Mexico. Wanna try some?"
"Sure. Just one shot though. If I'm gonna drive home, I gotta slow down."
"Just stay over." Will shrugged. "You know you can always crash on my couch."
Will took his empty beer bottle and headed to the kitchen to grab the unopened bottle of mezcal and shot glasses. When he came back into the living room, he went to sit back down next to you on the couch and stumbled onto you, his denim-covered knees knocked into your bare ones.
"Whoa, you good, buddy?" you chuckled.
"Yeah, shut up. Here." He placed the bottle and shot glasses on the coffee table and poured two shots out.
"Yo, this smells like it can remove paint off a car," you scrunched your nose.
"I am pretty sure you've had worse," Will picked up his shot and you did too.
"Salud!" He said and you both clinked your glasses and tossed them into the back of your throats.
You felt the burn as it made it's way down your esophagus and it felt like a bomb went off in your gut.
"I love tequila but this is something else. Oh god!" You yelled.
"Come on, it wasn't that bad," Will said. "Oh, I got an idea. Whoever loses has to do a shot."
"You got lime or something?" you asked.
"Fine," he rolled his eyes. He ran back into the kitchen and came back with the salt shaker and slices of lime. "Alright, let's do this!"
It's a bit fuzzy but somehow the night went from doing shots to doing shots off each other, with each lick straddling a blurred line. It was like back in the college days, except you both aren't spring chickens anymore. It was the damn mezcal. You curse Santiago under your breath.
"Come on, let's go again!" Will said, rubbing his hands together before grabbing his controller.
You both went another round but Will won although at this point, you both didn’t care. It became a game of who is licking who.
"Hell yeah! That is why they call me Billy the GOAT!"
"No one has ever called you that!" You laughed out loud. When Will drinks enough, you see a lot of Ben's energy come out of him. The obnoxious, competitive side of him.
"Well they should start," Will slapped your thigh, but his hand lingered. He turned to you and found his face inches away from yours, not realizing how close he was to you. The both of you locked eyes. You've looked into your best friend's insanely bright blue eyes many times before, but for some reason this time it felt different. You're always mesmerized by them but the way your best friend looked back at you is new to you. You noticed him glancing at your lips as you did with his. Both sets of your eyes ping ponged back and forth between mouth and eyes, waiting for the other person to do or say something.
"I think it's your turn," Will finally said. "But why don't we do this?" Will placed the last lime wedge between his lips.
You scanned his face and body to figure out where you wanted to lick him next. His neck. He never lets anyone touch it for some reason. While you've had fantasies about it, the alcohol clearly gave you the liquid courage to not just go for his neck, but you also moved from your seat to carefully straddle his lap, holding the salt shaker in one hand and your shot up in the other to make sure it didn’t spill.
Will looked up at you with heavy-lidded eyes, just as yours probably were. You leaned over and ran the flat of your tongue on the side of his neck and he didn’t resist, but you felt a stir beneath you. You sprinkled salt on it and slowly ran your tongue on it again, then watched him watching you throw the shot back which at that point, you couldn’t even taste anymore and reached in to grab the lime slice from his mouth but he quickly dropped it onto his lap at the precise moment and you ended up with a mouthful of Will's lips instead. You didn’t fight it. You felt Will returning the kiss and the both of you started making out sloppily.
"Good morning." You hear that familiar voice say softly, interrupting your deep thoughts.
You follow the voice and look over at your best friend holding a tray with two mugs and a French press full of dark brown liquid. The sweet smell of coffee now replacing the phantom sour scent of mezcal. His blonde hair is messy and he's wearing a white tee, blue boxer briefs and a smile.
"Hey..." you reply, sitting up.
He walks over to you and places the tray in the middle of the bed and climbs in next to it, the tray acting as a barrier. You watch him pour two cups of coffee and splashing some cream into each of them, just like how you like it. Forget knowing how to make your eggs. A man who knows how to make a proper cup of coffee the way you like is the way to your heart. But then again, Will has had yours long before last night.
You shift on the bed, pulling the sheet with you to cover yourself. Will offers you the mug and you take it. You sip on it, moaning when the hot and delicious caffeinated coffee hits your tongue.
"How are you feeling?" Will breaks the awkward silence.
"I have a hangover, but I think I'll be fine," you respond then blowing into the mug to cool it down.
"If you're up for it, we can go grab some food at the diner," Will says.
"Will, about last night--"
"You're already ready to have that conversation, huh?" Will interrupts.
You think for a moment what you want to say before you say something you may regret later.
"Do you remember everything from last night?" you ask.
"I think I remember most of it," Will answers, then taking a sip of his coffee. "Some things are still coming back to me."
"I... think I said something that I hope doesn't change anything between us," you say,
"Wait, what we did last night doesn't?" Will asks with wide eyes.
"I mean, yes, but..." You try to figure out what the hell you're even trying to say. "I..."
"What is it? Just fucking spit it out." Will takes another sip of his coffee, looking like he's expecting the worst.
"I think I told you I love you," you finally say and let out the breath you've been holding.
Tumblr media
Will looks at you for a moment and lets out a small chuckle. Your stomach drops. You feel like you said too much and knew you shouldn't have brought it up.
"Is that how you remember it?" Will asks.
"Yeah, I... how do you remember it?" you ask with furrowed brows.
Will looks out the bright window for a moment, contemplating.
"You know, I wasn't going to say anything because I almost forgot it happened but since you brought it up," Will starts and then finally looks at you.  "I'm the one who said it and I didn't know if you heard me. Maybe you did say it too but I didn't hear you or don’t remember it."
Maybe you thought it but never actually said the words.
"And when I remembered, I was hoping that you didn't actually hear it or didn't remember it because if you did, I thought that you probably don't feel the same." Will looks at you with sad eyes.
Your heart breaks to know that probably all morning your best friend believed that you didn't love him back after confessing his love for you, after making love to you for the first time. Well, you know he knows you love him, but didn't in the romantic sense.
"I love you, Will," you say without missing a beat. "I've always have."
Will studies your face for a moment. He then reaches over for your mug and places both back on to the tray. He pushes the tray aside and scoots closer to you and cups your face.
"I love you, too, Y/N," Will smiles at you and kisses you.
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watermelonlovershigh · 28 days ago
Intimate & Slow Hot Tub Sex (SMUT)
Tumblr media
Context to help you read this easier:
(Married/Don't Worry Darling Harry era)
Harry had been filming all day for his up coming movie Don't Worry Darling. As soon as he arrived home, I could tell he was super stressed and warn out. Probably for the fact that playing a sociopath is taking a toll on his well being. Especially when he's nothing of the sorts in real like. He looked exhausted and his muscles looked tense. So I suggested that after we ate dinner, for us to relax in our hot tub. The hot tub that has a perfect view of the Los Angeles skyline in our backyard. Harry immediately agreed.
I was heading up our stairs to put on my bikini when Harry stopped me. "Where are you going?" he askes, pulling my back against his chest and wrapping his tattooed arms around my waist.
"Going to put on my swim suit." I reply.
"Oh no you're not. We don't need clothes. I'd actually prefer to see you naked." Harry cheekily whispers in my left ear. His deep British accent sending shivers down my spine.
I turn around and see the look of desire on his face. A look that Harry has when he wants me. Wants my body. I don't mind one bit. I love when he devours my body and makes me feel good. "Okay." I say quietly, making eye contact. Harry takes both of his hands and cups my cheeks, bringing his face to mine. Then he connects our lips together in a searing kiss. One that makes my head feel dizzy. I loved that even though he's the one that's tired and stressed from being on set all day, he still wants to take care of me. Make me feel good.
Harry taps on the back of my right thigh, letting me know he wants me to jump up. I do just that. I wrap my legs around his torso and my arms around his neck. He blindly carries me towards our patio in our backyard while deepening the kiss. When we make it to our patio, Harry sets me to my feet and begins to slowly remove my clothes. (we don't have neighbors and the city is too far away, so we have no worry of prying eyes on our naked bodies) Once I'm totally bare in front of him, he allows me to help take off his clothes. I keep my movements soft and slow, just like he was doing to me.
I can always tell what kind of mood Harry is in 'sexually' by the way he starts out. If he's frantic and rushed in his movements, then I know he wants fast, rough sex. If he's slow and gentle with his movements, then I know he wants to take it slow. I personally love the slow sex we have. Yeah, sometimes a good fuck is great, but when Harry makes love to me, it's like my sole leaves my body and I float up to the heavens. It feels so much more intimate and intense.
When we're both standing there naked, we make our way over to the already steaming hot tub. I'd came out earlier to heat it up and turn on the jets. The cool LA air hits our bodies, but as soon as we step inside, we instantly feel warmer. Harry sits down on the mini seat submerged under the water. I sit directly on his lap with my back pressed to his naked chest. He must really want to take it slow tonight because we just went from intense making out to sensual foreplay. I don't mind though. Harry leaves light kisses on my shoulder blades while running one hands up and down my thigh and the other gropes my boobs. I know my pussy is already wet. Probably dripping into the water. I'm so tuned on right now its insane. He's turned on as well. His thick, long cock is pressing into my lower back waiting to be touched. The hand that was tracing patterns on my inner thigh has moved further up now. So close to where I need him the most. Suddenly, I feel Harry's calloused fingers graze up my slit. Probably to check if I'm wet yet. Of course I am. Who wouldn't be wet if they were sitting on their husbands naked lap while he caresses their body with slow and meaningful movements.
"You're wet for me love." Harry seductively whispers while removing his fingers out of the water and towards my mouth.
"Only for you." I speak and open my mouth to take in his fingers covered in my arousal. Harry slips them in my mouth and I graciously suck on them. Similarly to how I would his cock. Just on a smaller scale. Seconds later, he pulls his fingers out of my mouth and dives them back under the water. This time not wasting a second to touch me where I want him the most. My clitoris. In gentle stoking motions, Harry stimulates my clit. The clit that was throbbing in pain seconds before, craving his touch. I let my head fall back onto his meaty shoulder and turn my face to his neck. While Harry pleasures me down below, I decide to give him some attention as well. I lay kiss after kiss in the crook of his neck. Then I leave one or two hickeys there as well. Mark him up so to speak. For him to wear proudly to set tomorrow and show off just what his wife did to him the night before.
"E-hem...., feels nice." Harry moans out. I keep attacking his neck while he continues to work on my clit. My legs are spread open and both my feet are hooked around his calves. His hand that was groping my breast drops down into the hot water and makes its way to my pussy. He separates my lips and and nudges at my hole with his index finger. Slowly but surly, Harry inserts his finger into my vagina. I gasp out from pleasure. The more my husband stimulates my clit and fingers me, the more I feel my climax approaching. I even have to stop attacking his neck because I'm so consumed in pleasure.
My legs start to shake. I grab onto Harry's forearms for support. "Mmmm.....ugh.. I'm so close." I moan out. My head tilts back and my eyes screw shut. I can faintly feel Harry grinding his dick on my lower back, trying desperately feel some type of friction.
"Shhh, come for me y/n. Come on my fingers love." he says lowly in my ear, and watches me fall apart in his arms. After a few more soft strokes to my little clit, I'm coming hard. My legs try to shut but he withdraws the hand that was fingering me and holds my legs apart. Harry prolongs my orgasm with a few more circular strokes until I whine out from overstimulation. Then he removes his fingers all together. My body is still trembling in his lap. I'm breathing heavy. My brain is all hazy from the intense orgasm I just received. We sit still for a few more minutes. Harry letting me calm down. My back still pressed to his chest.
Then he breaks the silence. "I know you're tired and all, but my little friend down there is in a bit of pain." referring to his throbbing cock. Now I know it's my turn to make him feel good. That's what the whole getting in the hot tub idea was originally for. For me to make him feel good. Harrys just too nice to not make me come at least once before we have sex. It's something he's always done. But now it's my turn to return the favor. I lift from my position and turn to straddle his body. Before sinking all the way down on his dick, I just glide my slick pussy over the length on his cock, jerking slightly when it comes into contact with my sensitive clit.
"Love, I need you. Need to feel you around me. Your tight pussy I love so much." Hearing how desperate he is, I waste not another second before I reach down lazily and grab a hold of his cock, bringing it to my entrance. I put his cherry red tip to my vagina and slowly sink down. Inch my inch, I sink down until I fully take all 9 inches of his massive dick. Before I can move, Harry lets me just sit and adjust to his size, even though we had sex three days ago. I don't think I'll ever get used to his size.
After a minute of just sitting on his hard cock, I realize I should put him out of his pain and start moving. Very slowly, I raise my hips up and drop them back down, while my arms are around Harrys neck. The feeling of his veiny length rubbing against my slick walls is amazing. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this feeling. Also, Harry is the only man to have a long enough dick to reach my g spot. Before my relationship with him, I barley came at all during intercourse, but with Harry I come every time. Multiple times if I'm lucky.
Once I find a good rhythm with my hips, I press forward so my naked chest is pressed to his. Harry has his arms wrapped around my back, and I still have my arms around his neck with my face burred in his neck. We are close as humanly possible and I love it. I love feeling our bodies pressed together during sex. Whether in the bed, the shower, or the hot tub. It makes the whole experience more intimate.
Harry has his head thrown back with his eyes screwed shut. My hips have stitched to more of a rolling forward motion so my clit can rub against his pubic bone. God it feels so good. Harry suddenly lifts his head and opens his eyes, turning to his right shoulder to view my face. The face that's scrunched up from pleasure. He leans his face a bit down and puckers his lips. Even with my eyes closed I know what he wants. I feel what he wants. I just barely open my eyes to see enough to meet his lips with mine. Our lips collide and we start back making out like we had done right before we entered the hot tub. As my hips grind on Harrys cock, we passionately kiss each other above. My whole body feels like it's on fire. The amount of pleasure Harry is giving me with his mouth, cock, and pubic bone is almost too much to withstand. The knot in my belly is getting tighter and tighter. My movements are getting more sloppy, so Harry slides his hands from their position on my back and cups each of my ass cheeks to help coordinate my movements. At this point, every time I sink down on his dick, the tip nudges my g spot making me seconds away from coming all over it.
"Wrap your legs around my waist love." Harry grunts out through gritted teeth. I move my legs that once just dangling on each side of his muscular legs, and hook them around his lower back, crossing my ankles together. This new position presses our bodies even closer, while giving me more pressure on my clitoris from his pubic bone I'm grinding on.
I have to break away from the steamy make out session to inhale a breath. "Mmm I'm gonna come baby. Oh GOD..... yes.. I'm gonna come." I moan out into the night air.
"Yeah, are you gonna come on my cock love?! Come for me darlin. Wanna feel you you squeeze my cock. Ughhh... I'm gonna come too." Harry speaks while gasping for air.
Harrys dirty talk was my last straw. Instantly, I feel my walls flutter and clench around his erect penis. My body spasms in his embrace, so I'm unable to ride his cock. That's when Harry takes full control and bucks his hips upwards to meet mine. Three, deep, hard thrust into my clenching pussy and I feel him let go. His breath gets stuck in his throat and his thighs begin to shake under me. I feel hot cum shoot up into my vagina making my orgasm prolonged. Harry fucks up into me until every drop of his semen is out. I gasp a few times from over stimulation. Then I feel his cock soften inside me, letting me know he's fully came.
We stay still, flushed bodies, skin to skin, trying to catch our breaths. His arms go back to wrapping around my back, while one of his hands cradles the back of my scalp. I keep my clung position around the front of his body, snuggling into his chest. All that can be heard is the faint sounds of the city in the distance, the jets in the hot tub, and our heartbeats within our chest. I wish this moment could last forever. Just me sitting on my husbands lap, with his now limp cock inside me, and our warm bodies pressed together.
After enjoying a few minutes of stillness and quietness, I break the silence with, "I love you."
"I love you too love. Forever and always."
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cornyatiny · a month ago
Warning! Sexual content ahead!
Pairing: fem reader & Park Seonghwa
Genre: ex-crush, reconnected
Mentions of: oral sex, chocking, teeth, clit play, nipple play, unprotected sex.
Hope y'all like my first try!😁
You had no intentions of going out of the house today. Really no intentions. You have been feeling bad for a couple of days now and you knew that a social outing would only drain your energy more. But there you were, at some fucking party your friend chose to drag you to. There were some people you did recognize and many you didn't. The music was very loud so any conversation was just lost between the lyrics. You chose to stick by a chair next to a table filled with drinks and honestly the reason why you camped by this table was because you knew you needed to get hammered to get through the night. As you started drinking, the music seemed more to your liking and the liquor felt sweeter in your mouth. Everyone was dancing but in the moment you wanted to join them you were tapped by a hand on the shoulder.
"Long time no see." said the male in front of you with a warm smile on his face. You had to blink twice to realize who he is.
"Seonghwa! Oh my God!" you said while throwing yourself into his embrace. A friendly embrace which lasted shorter than you would've liked. "I thought you were away for college" you said as you took a step back to see his face. He was even more handsome than when he left. His black hair was slicked back and his eyes were sparkling even in this dark room. He stood tall with his broad shoulders right in front of you and you really weren't questioning why you used to have a crush on him in high school.
"Yeah, I just got back last night. I started to miss this boring town a bit." He was talking but you barely heard any words coming from his mouth. Might've been the alcohol or maybe it was just the fact that you were busy drowning in his amazing looks to pay much attention to what was coming from his mouth.
"Oooh" was all you managed to say so that you wouldn't be too weird in that situation.
"How about you? What are you doing here?"the man in front of you asked.
"Oh I uhm..I came with a..friend" those damned drinks were starting to work you up. You started blinking fast and as you looked down you covered your mouth. Fuck. You were going to throw up. You quickly ran outside and had enough time to go behind a house wall so no one could see you. You started vomiting and coughing and as your body was shuddering from the reflux, you managed to be aware of a gentle hand grabbing all your hair into one place and another sustaining your forehead.
"Are you ok,Y/N?" Seonghwa asked when you stopped regurgitating. He let go of your hair and started rubbing your back gently.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm ok. Thanks." when the fuck did you drink this much?
"I'm gonna get you a bottle of water, all right?" Although he asked, he didn't wait for an answer. He just ran inside and came back a few moments later with a bottle of water and some napkins. As he handed them to you, you felt ashamed. You did nothing wrong but still...this situation right with your ex-crush was not the best someone could find themselves in.
"Thank you." you managed to blurt out as you looked into his eyes before you took a sip of water. He was holding in a laugh as you could figure but in his eyes there was a shadow of concern.
"How much have you had to drink tonight, pretty lady?" He started mocking you and painted a smile on his face that made you smile too, when hearing the choice of his words. You giggled as you wiped your mouth and tried to think of an answer. You looked at the time and got shocked when you saw it was already 12 am. You had drank for three hours straight? Jesus Christ.
"Woah...uhm, well it's been three hours since I got here and all I did was drink so you can figure." You said and took another sip of the water.
"Oh...I see. You really had your plan sorted out." You laughed and then you started walking to the driveway next to him. You were both accompanied by silence. As you reached the end of the driveway, you stopped.
"I should get going," you said while looking back to the house from where the music was still loud. "I already stood way past my bed time." You added jokingly.
He laughed."Well I'm not going to let you walk home alone after seeing you throw up." he said and you heard every word but your mind was still fixated on his beautiful smile." So, let's go." He lifted his right arm, which signaled you to link your left one with his, like the old days in high school when you both shared the same road home so you would walk slowly like this until you reached your home. You did just as he wanted and started walking in the direction of your new apartment. The road was empty and you both were quiet but there was much comfort in this slow walk. You often asked yourself,as the years passed by, why you never confessed your feelings for him. But in time you accepted the cowardice of your young age and didn't blame yourself too much. Yet here he stood right now, shoulder glued to yours, and you knew that those times when you were a coward have long passed.
As you arrived at your apartment building you couldn't not offer him to come up with you and see your new home. There wasn't much convincing needed for him to come, which was a surprise for you. So as you got into your apartment and closed the door you felt the reality hitting you. You really were there with him, the most beautiful man in the world, really. For you at least, and that was enough. You showed him around a bit and than sat him on the couch while you went to get him his requested glass of water. As you came back to the living room and saw him stay there on your couch, legs spread apart, you couldn't help but stare at his muscle filled thighs and how tempting they were.
He seemed to notice your pleading thoughts and as he raised his eyebrow you heard him say "If you would still like to fuck me, we could do that too."
You felt blood rushing in your whole body as you heard those words.
"I mean, I know I'd still like to."he added and you felt a bit confused. Did he have a crush on you all that time too? Thoughts weren't staying in your head for too much time. But as you saw him get up from the couch, you placed the glass of water on the table and started closing the distance between you two.
Although you were right in front of him, your faces so close that your breathes mixed in the little space between your lips, you weren't touching each other. So you just said: "I would like fucking you too." and you smashed your lips into his, starting a very hungry kiss for both sides. His tongue made it's way into your mouth and started to brush against yours, inviting you in. His hands started roaming every inch they were able to get a hold of. He started by grabbing your waist to then sliding them down to your ass and after helping you take your jacket off, he made sure to slip one under your shirt so he can play with your breasts.
You felt how wet you were getting when he started toying with one of your nipples while he was kissing your neck. It was like you were going insane, you couldn't take it anymore. You started pushing him back so that he could fall into the sofa. As he sat down, legs spread apart once again, you could notice the boner through his pants and it made you smirk as you were taking your shirt and pants off. You were left in your undergarments in front of him and the sight of Park Seonghwa drinking you with only his thirsty gaze made you a thousand times more hornier. He already took his jacket off and as you sat in his lap, you helped him get rid of his useless shirt too. As you were kissing him again you started touching his pecs and go down his rock hard abs until you reached his belt,undoing it. You started kissing his neck slowly as you slid one of you hands into his pants and started rubbing his hard dick. You heard a grunt he tried to muffle as you brushed your thumb over his tip and it made you laugh into the crook of his neck. He cupped your face with both of his hands and kissed you but as he parted his mouth from yours you heard him say: "I would like to see that mouth do something else instead of laughing." And he didn't have to tell you twice. In a matter of seconds you were on your knees in between his legs, already pulling his pants off of him. You were shocked at the sight of him, even his dick was pretty, he was perfect from head to toe. You wasted no time and started rubbing him up and down as you licked his balls. Your mouth was advancing little by little and your tongue started licking big strokes from base to tip. You teased his tip a bit before finally taking him into his mouth which made him let out a relieved moan. You started sucking him slowly, moving your head up and down, every time it was going down you were taking a little bit more of him in your mouth. But this didn't seem to please Seonghwa enough, he grabbed your hair and started setting his own pace, it was sloppy and tiring and he gave you no breaks but as soon as you felt all control being taken from you, you decided to add a little bit of teeth in the game. Right as he felt it he grunted, pulling your head away from him so he could see your face. He used his other hand to grab your neck, squeezing it just to your liking "Did I gave you permission to do that, doll?" he said with a confused look on his face that was mixed with a bit of anger. It aroused you so much. He squeezed your neck tighter "Did I?" he asked again.
"No." you managed to blurt out through all the pleasure he was giving you. He wasn't even touching you and yet he was making your insides twirl.
"That's right. I didn't." he said as got up on his feet and halted you from the floor and into his arms. He carried you into the only other room, that was the bedroom. He threw you on the bed and positioned you just as he liked. Ass up with your head into the mattress. He started rubbing your ass checks and spanking them one by one but he took you by surprise when he ventured two fingers into you.
"How are you so fucking wet from me barely even touching you?" He spat the words accompanied with a giggle. "Are you that desperate for my cock, doll?" He added as he started rubbing your clit with his other hand. You started moaning loudly because he was suddenly doing too much with you. He was touching all the right spots with his fingers and he was rubbing your clit in a  circular motion that you never experienced from another man. It was like he was in your head and knew exactly what you wanted. He flipped you with your face up, took your panties and bra off, and started playing with your nipples, sucking, pinching and gently biting them. He started to make his way down to your heated core once again and pressed the way with kisses on your stomach and thighs. When he started sucking your clit you felt like cumming already. You placed a hand on his head and started playing with his hair. When he added two fingers inside you again, you threw your head back and arched your back trying to get away from him but he wouldn't let you go. It felt so good for you that you could swear you were in heaven. When your moans started getting higher and you felt that knot deep in your stomach you knew that you couldn't resist much longer. And when you were so close to cumming on his fingers that were buried so deep inside you, everything stopped.
You made a frustrated sound as you opened your eyes and met his defying gaze.
"As much as I would like to have you cumming in my mouth," he said as he got closer to you, "I gotta punish you for what you did earlier". He positioned himself right on top of you, in between your legs and leaned towards you. His mouth was right next to your ear. "And I think cumming inside you is the best punishment for that." And as he said those words you felt him going all in at once inside you. He was so big for what you have been used to. He started going in and out slowly at first, but after a few minutes, the pace he set for himself was crazy. You were moaning so loud that you almost didn't hear him when he talked.
"Oh, I fucking love hearing you." And more seconds went by before he started rubbing your clit again making you feel out of breath. "So fucking tight." He said as you took his other hand and guided it to your throat. "So you like being choked," he said with a proud smile "what else do you like, hm?".
"Whatever....ahh,whatever you're doing to me." you managed to say with a completely different tone than his. Even if you were both moaning, it was pretty obvious that he was completely in control of the situation while you were a mess underneath him. He laughed at your response and started squeezing your throat while he was still thrusting balls deep inside you. The hand on your clit was still rubbing it fast as hell and as he squeezed your throat a bit harder you felt the knot in your tummy forming again and you came so hard on his cock that it made your whole bofy tremble. You were holding his forearm for dear life as he was still going in and out of you. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head from all the pleasure and as you felt him weaken his hold on your neck you realized he was close to cumming. You were hearing his deep moans and the sound of skin slapping on skin, your cum only made his twitching cock slip better and faster in and out of you. In a matter of moments he came inside you, warming you up with hot cum, the feeling of it making you dizzy yet again. He lean towards to kiss you and fell next to you as he kept his arm around your waist, pulling you closer. He was sounding tired from keeping his promise to punish you but that made you feel proud. You looked up to him and met his kind eyes. He kissed you yet again but this time it wasn't a hungry kiss were your tongues battled in each other's mouth. It was a sweet kiss...even romantic.
"Thank you," he said while looking you in the eyes and continued as he saw your confused face, "I've been dreaming of this for a long time". You laughed.
"If one of us would have said it back then it would've rid us of many thoughts of each other." You said and he giggled.
"Still, I'm glad it happened."he responded.
"Me too, Seonghwa, me too."
You slept in his arms that night, one of many to come. But you didn't know that just yet.
Tumblr media
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canislupus-exe · a month ago
Big News | daniel howell
Tumblr media
fandom | Dan and Phil
character | Daniel Howell
reader | he/him (she ver.)(they ver.)
requested | No, @wolfhard-tozier, @wukindly
warnings | None
word count | 1,507
keys | (Y/n) = Your name, (f/c) = favorite color, (M/n) = Middle name, (L/n) = Last name, (E/n) = Ex's name, (Y/s/n) = Your ship name (Yours and Dan's), (h/s/t) = he, she, or they (pertaining to your ex's gender), (e/g) = ex's gender (Boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or anything else you might call them)
summary | Dan is ecstatic to find out that you’ve not only earned your degree but also that you’re moving to London and are recently single. Phil, however, finds out some more unsettling news
This is a multiple-part story called Lethal Games Bring Lethal Fans that I will be simultaneously updating on my Wattpad. I couldn’t find Phil’s dad’s name anywhere so I’m just gonna call him Michael. And, for the sake of the story, Interactive Introverts isn’t happening. Your YouTube username is Gaminghusky16 and I'm sorry you can't choose your name but like it plays a part in the story okay
>> Lethal Games Bring Lethal Fans masterlist | linktree <<
Keep reading
>> third person p.o.v. <<
>> london, england <<
Dan sighed as his eyes fell on the laptop screen in front of him. The bleary lights were sure to ruin his eyesight one day, but today, he simply didn’t care. Well, he simply didn’t care any day. He groaned before picking up his phone, yet another thing to screw with his vision. He opened Instagram with a stoic expression, the latest pictures of celebrities filling his feed. He scrolled and after double-tapping a few, he yawned. He glanced at the time. Two in the afternoon and I’m already tired. What’s new?
A quiet ding interrupted his thoughts. He looked at the top without interest. Gaminghusky16 uploaded: MY DEGREE(+other news)!!!!!! His eyes immediately opened as he clicked on the notification, adjusting his seating so he could comfortably watch the video. The loading bar ran in circles for a few seconds before the familiar white screen met his eyes. The color (f/c) dripped from the top of the screen and into a circle. A husky holding a gaming controller then rose from the bottom of the circle before winking.
“OW OW OWWWWW! Hello pups and welcome to the dog house. My name is Gaminghusky16 and guess what?” You yelled from the screen, your signature wolf howl intro meeting his ears. He couldn’t help but let a smile cross his face.
“I got my degree! Yes! Look at that! That’s a Ph.D.!” You shouted, holding up a framed certificate. Your finger underlined the large fancy letters.
“You see that? That’s my name right there. (Y/n) (M/n) fucking (L/n). God, ya know… It’s just… Super surreal. I’ve literally only dreamed of having this and the fact that it’s right here, in my hands… It’s just so incredible.” You said, gazing at the frame with a sort of fondness he didn’t get to see very often. It was a great thing, seeing you so happy.
“Anyways… This degree is only a fourth of the news I have for you. There’s quite the bucket load. Next on the list of big news is… I’ve bought a building and in this building, I will be putting my Ph.D. to use. Yes, It’s going to be a veterinary clinic/shelter. Now, I’m not going to disclose the name or location because of my youtube career. I don’t want you guys coming just to meet me. Not that I don’t love you guys or anything… It’s just not what this is for. If, by chance, you are a fan and happen to stumble on my shop, please don’t leak the information. I know some might anyways but it’d be a real greasy thing to do.
"Third thing on the list, I’m moving! I couldn’t find a good building anywhere near LA so… I’m going to London!” You said happily. Dan’s eyes widened before he stumbled and stood. He hit the pause button aggressively and wrenched open his bedroom door.
“Phil!” He shouted, causing his roommate to become startled. Dan ran down the hall before looking at him with still wide eyes.
“Jeez, what’s wrong with you?” Phil asked, pausing the video he had been watching and pulling out his earbuds. Dan ushered his phone under Phil’s nose before rewinding the video slightly. He hit play and your familiar words met his ears, making Phil’s eyes widen just as Dan’s had.
“Oh my gosh! That’s wonderful! Maybe now you can finally reach out to him and tell him how you feel!” Phil said, wiggling his eyebrows in a playful manner. Dan scoffed.
“Are you kidding? I’d have to actually be mental to do that. And besides, he’s still with that douchebag (E/n).” Dan replied, flopping on the couch with a sigh. Phil shrugged before looking back at his laptop screen.
“There’s always hope,” Phil said before placing his earbud in his ear and resuming his video. Dan rolled his eyes and did the same.
“Yes, London! Home of… Well, I don’t really know but I do know that some of my favorite YouTubers live there, so perhaps I can finally collab with them! Maybe give you guys the begged-for (Y/s/n) content? Just spitballing ideas.” You said with a laugh. Dan’s cheeks turned red as he heard you say this. He knew you just meant it in a platonic way, but still. The thought made his heart thump against his chest.
“And, the last thing on the list… (E/n) and I have broken up.” Dan’s eyes widened once again as he heard you say this. He paused the video before yanking out Phil’s earbud.
“God, what now?” He asked, pressing the spacebar key to pause his video for the second time.
“They’ve broken up,” Dan said, barely believing it himself.
“Really?” Phil asked, surprise filling his words. Dan nodded. Phil moved his laptop to the couch before staring at dan’s phone. He pressed play, watching it with him.
“Yes, yes I know. Sad news but I’m fine. (H/s/t) cheated on me so (h/s/t) could go walk off a bridge for all I care. That pretty much sums everything up. This was quite a short video but I wanted to inform you all before I had to leave. My flight to London is tomorrow and I can’t wait. I might do another video when I get comfy in my new house on the entire story behind (E/n). Anyways, the question for today is have you ever cheated? Ever been cheated on? Know anyone who’s done either? What happened? Was the end result good or bad? Let me know in the comments and I’ll pin my favorite and feature it in the next video.
"If you’re new to the doghouse, click subscribe to become a pup and hit the bell to be notified every time I upload. Check out my last video where I played three really weird games and, I’ll see you next time in the Doghouse. Until then, stay cool pups. OW OW OWWWWW!” You yelled, saluting the camera before the video ended. Dan looked ahead of him, his brain trying to comprehend what had just happened.
Not only were you, his YouTube crush of almost 10 years, moving to London, but you had also broken up with your (e/g). It was insane to think about. He could actually have a chance. Of course, that would only be true if he were to talk to you. That was unlikely though. Phil stared at the screen and knowing his best friend was probably on the brink of a breakdown from all the wonderful news, he said the first thing that came to mind.
“My dad cheated on my mom once.” He said. Dan looked at Phil with raised eyebrows.
“Really?” He asked. Phil nodded.
“Yep. I was four. Don’t even really know what happened.”
“Wow, that’s crazy. You should ask your dad for the whole story.” Dan replied and stood up.
“You know what, I think I might. I have always wondered.” Phil said, mostly to himself. He picked his phone up and went to his contacts, clicking on his dad’s. The line rang for a few seconds before he heard it pick up.
“Hey, dad,” Phil said.
“Phillip. What a surprise.” His dad replied. Phil cringed at the use of his full name.
“I was just calling because I realized I didn’t know the entire story of you cheating on Mom and I was just kinda curious.” He asked, hoping that he wasn’t intruding too much. His dad laughed quietly from the other end.
“Well, let’s see. You were four and your brother was six. Your mother and I had gotten into a really big fight which was weird. We never fought. I forgot what it was about honestly. Anyways, she told me to leave and I went to a bar. Long story short, I got really drunk and I ended up having sex with a woman. I woke up the next day in a hotel with a really bad hangover and when I went home, your mother and I talked and she said she forgave me. To this day I still don’t remember much from that night.” His dad said.
“Wow. Did you stay in contact with her?” Phil asked, propping his legs on the coffee table.
“I believe I have her on Facebook. She has a son. A YouTuber just like you and Dan. Same age as Dan, too.” He answered.
“Wait, he’s the same age as Dan? That means… He’s four years younger than me. Dad, you did use a condom, right?” Phil asked, sitting up straight and starting to slightly panic.
“What? Well of course I did! At least… I think I did.”
“What do you mean you think you did? Dad, you can’t just… Oh my god… You need to message her and make sure that I don’t have a brother. I can’t believe… Oh my god…”
“Don’t panic… I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. No need to worry. I’ll… I’ll call you back later with more information. Bye.” He said before hanging up the phone. Phil stared forward in disbelief. Today was just a huge spiral of wow.
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acertainsomeone · a month ago
The first sunshine - EdSer OS
Years pass, seasons change, life takes drastic turns but we never stop living, until and unless we decide to end our lives. But that's not the only solution, isn't it? If people started ended their lives due to pain then this world would have ended long ago. The human race would have vanished by now. Life never stops. People might leave, but the breathing doesn't halt until and unless the universe decides one day. Even death is a weird thing, there are people who want to live a few more years or even days only to spend more time with their loved ones but destiny is unkind to them. On the other hand, some wish and pray diligently for death to embrace them so they can avoid the harshness of life but it never happens. We don't always get what we want and that's something two people, once in love, had accepted, and moved on in their lives. Or did they?
Is moving on that easy?
Especially when you carry each other's soul in your own.
The last thing she wished for was to come back. Five years ago, Eda Yildiz had promised herself to never look back. She vowed to never step foot in Istanbul. The thought of even breathing the same air was stifling for her. But when did we ever fulfill all promises? It is all about broken promises at the end of the day. It was ironic that she could not stick to a single promise in her life, and it was, therefore, she had to be in Istanbul after five whole years.
Eda looked outside her plane's window staring into nothingness, wondering absolutely nothing. Her heart was filled with tantalizing fervors playing with nerves. 
If only.
If only she could skip this. If only she had the choice to avoid coming back here. But life never gives us choice. If it was the case, she would not have taken the terrible decision. If a choice was given she would not have been living the past five years in fear, and despair. 
 She was unsure how long would it take to resolve the matter back in Istanbul,  otherwise she would have left her child back in Italy but staying away from her even for a week was totally out of question. 
Her child. Yes! Her only daughter.
The apple of her eye. The reason her heart continued to beat after all this time. The reason she had managed to come up this far in life without stumbling. The reason she managed to never look back and live with a smile on her face.
Her child, her and Serkan's daughter.
Five years ago, when their relationship ended leaving no chance of reconciliation, Eda never thought that she won't be leaving Serkan for real because she was meant to carry a part of his, with her all her life. But she was grateful. She was more than ever grateful for it and the fact that it was Serkan's blood made her even happier.
Eda turned to her sleeping princess and tucked her securely in the warm blanket. Just like father. Throwing away the blanket in sleep was perhaps a Bolat thing among many others that Eda Yildiz had to tolerate!
It wasn't a bright sunny day, to begin with, maybe that's why there were fewer people in the park than before. In reality, Serkan thought that unlike him, they preferred to laze around in the bed with their loved ones. Sundays are meant to be a family affair instead of going for a boring walk because your doctor asked to.
He was so lost, staring into oblivion that he did not notice a 5-year-old running towards him until he was taken aback by her tiny arms circling his neck as she settled in his lap, and cried breathlessly, 'Baba.'
Serkan was mystified, to say the least. The little girl had secured her arms around him and buried her face in his neck. Her dark brown eyes stared in his green orbs, begging for help. Except for Engin's son, Serkan barely interacted with kids but this girl was the most adorable one he had ever come across.
'Ne Yapiyorsun!' He exclaimed in frenzy, unable to comprehend the reason for this sudden flight in his lap.
The girl narrowed her eyes and let out a feeble cry that for sure was real enough to fool anybody but him. 'Baba, these kids are hitting me.' She said and hugged him again as a bunch of two boys and three girls, approximately around 10-12 of age, stood on their heads glaring at the little girl.
'She threw away our ball on the other side of the road.' They gritted in anger
'Yeah! that's because you were hitting that poor dog and not listening to me.' She gritted her teeth and looked at them as if ready to kill them. Serkan's frown hadn't faded and neither was the grip of those delicate arms around his neck. He couldn't tell whether she was actually scared or not. 
Hell! She was a good actor if she wasn't!
He plastered a grave look on his face and clenched his jaw. There was no way he wasn't helping out this one. 'Leave her alone. I don't want to see you around anymore.'
The girl pinched him on arm and mumbled in a tone that mighty Serkan Bolat wasn't used to hear anymore. 'Ask them not to hit the dogs or any animals for that matter.' She was threatening him! Yes! A five-year-old with her puny voice, and big round eyes were threatening Serkan Bolat! God knows why he gave up because he did stand up and warned the children to not do that anymore. His raised finger, while the other arm held the little girl, was scary enough for them to not mess with this father-daughter duo anymore.
As they ran from there without listening another word or two, Serkan squirmed his eyebrows and smirked at the little rabbit in his arms. 'So, where were you at fault?'
'I am never at fault.' She raised her chin with pride and pecked Serkan on the cheek. 'You are not a bad actor, I thought they won't buy it.'  She seemed to have a habit of pouting her lips off and on. Serkan couldn't help but notice the mirth in her eyes with an ample amount of slyness that shone like a star. 
As the rabbit complimented him well with a sweet gesture, he did not know that all this time hearing a compliment from a five-year-old was the only thing he needed in life.
'I'm honored to pass your test.' he couldn't help but smile, the little rabbit was way too mature for her age.
'Where are your parents?' He asked gently
'Anne is off to work, and nanny is right there with her friends. She asked not to disturb.' Serkan sensed a trail of sadness as she mentioned the word friend.
'And what about your friends?'
'They all are in Italy. Anne said we can't go back before she winds up her work.' Her eyes weren't glistening anymore and it irked Serkan for weird reasons. He felt an unexplainable impulse to make her smile like before even if he had to turn the world upside down for it.
'I can be your friend if you want.' He offered with a kind smile on his face.
The girl twitched her face and began to think impishly, 'I'm five but not a fool. Anne said strangers aren't friends.'
'But your Anne told you to run in arms of strangers and call them Baba?'  
'Tamam Tamam, If you insist. I'll be your friend  but only because you helped me.' So she made it about herself!!!!! Serkan couldn't believe his ears. He has had few interactions with Engin's son and his friends and they all have been mischievous but this one was surely something else.
Before Serkan could ask her name, her nanny shouted from afar, waving her hand to tell its time to go back home. The little bunny as Serkan felt like calling her left hurriedly, placing one final kiss on his cheek. 'Gule Gule Arkadas' She giggled and for the first time in years, Serkan felt something in his heart. Something that wasn't unfamiliar but obliterated.
'Serkan Bey, you have a visitor. She refused to tell her name, says you know  her.'  The young assistant informed Serkan while he was absorbed in his laptop screen, working on an important tender that had to be tackled by tonight. She would have dismissed her if it was someone else but Serkan knew very well, who this unnamed visitor was. He immediately raised from his seat to get her in by himself. 
'I didn't know I was having visitors today!' He called as his bunny ran into his arms as if they hadn't met for ages. He placed a kiss on her cheek and delicately brushed away the loose curls falling on her beautiful face.
'Who told you about my office?' Serkan exclaimed as he guided her to the meeting room not letting go of her from his arms even for a second.
'I wrote it down that day and asked our driver to drop me here.' She showed him the piece of parchment that had Art Life written over it. Serkan had told her about the name of his company and she must've scribbled it down.
'Your mom knows?' Serkan raised his eyebrow suspiciously knowing that this kid had a habit of hiding things from her mother. 
'Would it matter if she doesn't?' She bit her lip and looked at him pleadingly to not dismiss her already. 
'Bunny'  Serkan looked at her admonishingly. 
'She knows I'm out to meet my friend.' 
'And did you tell her where was this meeting taking place?' 
'Tamam, I will leave.'  Serkan couldn't help but control his chuckle the way she dramatically raised her hands in the air, ready to leave his office immediately. 
'Offff Drama Queen! I didn't mean that. Baby, you can't roam around Istanbul just like that.'
'I can do whatever I want to.' She replied, crossing her arms with a defiant look adorned on her face.
He had started wondering by now that how does her mother deal with this stubborn ball of sunshine. But then it hit him that just like his mother did. Needless to say, Serkan couldn't help but admit that this little ray of sunshine did remind him of his childhood version. Not all the time tho, at times she would say things that he had heard from someone he loved. For instance, his little friend had an insane obsession with flowers. She probably knew more about them than anyone else (minus the person he knew once)
That day in the park when he was about to pluck one she gave him one handful lecture on how flowers had feelings and he would've hurt this one. But apart from these little things, her stubbornness, the way she managed to make her point and argue successfully making him fall short on words was indeed a skill that only Serkan Bolat possessed. 
'Hadi gel, we're going shopping.'  She ordered plainly. 
'Shopping?' Serkan questioned stupidly with a frown. 
'It's an activity where....'  She had begun to explain but Serkan instantly clicked his tongue feigning annoyance.
'I know what it is but why, where, and did you tell your mother?' 
'I have to buy a present for parents' day and shushh we can't tell Anne about it.'
'And why do you think I'm going to accompany you.' He looked at her with a side glance squinting his eyes in suspicion. 
'Because I'm your friend and you have no choice.' 
'Hadi Hadi, we don't have much time. Mom would be returning soon. Your car or my car?'
She ranted as they made their way out and Serkan laughed at himself. He really didn't stand a chance in front of her. He nodded while following her behind, completely forgetting about the pile of work that awaited him. Serkan talked to the driver, and asked him to stay back, and checked in with her nanny, who had thankfully accompanied her. Serkan was amazed at the way this little girl has wrapped all employees around her finger. No wonder, her mother was unaware of her shenanigans outside the home. Selfishly, he wanted to spend this time with her alone so he asked both, the driver and nanny to stay at his office as he will be back pretty soon. 
'Strawberry shake or vanilla shake?' Serkan asked as he held her in his arms, standing in the food court.
'Vanilla! I'm allergic to strawberries' she replied
Serkan's smiled disappeared the moment he heard it. Every single day he found something about her that reminded him of himself. Though he shrugged it away, his heart was scared for the attachment that had gone far too much, and he knew this won't end well. 
'I've heard strawberries are good for health but Anne says I can die if I have one. I was 3 when nanny made me eat strawberry ice cream. Anne was devastated when she carried me to the hospital. She thought I won't survive.'   Serkan lovingly placed a hand on her head, knowing how crazy these allergies could get. 
The glorious day ended well as they rode back to art life in Serkan's car. He was amazed that for a five-year-old she had saved enough money to buy a small present for her parents. It wasn't much but he was in awe. 
'So, when is this parent's day?' He asked
'Two weeks later! I have to write a letter for baba too.' She exclaimed and Serkan could tell this parent's day meant a lot to her. 
'A letter? But why' Serkan asked unable to help to hide his amazement. In his opinion, a gift should be enough for a parent especially in times like today when letters and handwritten notes do not matter. 
'To tell him that I miss him. Anne says, he's working in another city. He loves me a lot but cannot come to meet us. I write him letters so when he comes back I can give it to him.'  It wasn't hard to sense the sorrow in her words. She was so sure of her father's love for her but simultaneously Serkan could tell she was scared that he would never come. 
'Have you ever seen him?' Serkan knew it was wrong to ask but he could not help it.
 'Hayır, Anne says he'll surprise me when he returns back!
It wasn't hard for Serkan to decipher that she didn't have a father and her mother was lying. But why lie if he's dead? Or maybe he isn't?  There was no place far enough to stop a father from seeing his child. He lovingly looked at his little princess and a wave of emotions swept through his heart. He felt his eyes getting moist but instantly he changed the subject. 
'Looks like someone loves surprises!' 
As they reached Art Life, Bunny's driver was already waiting for her. 
'Looks like your mum has called for you.' 
'Don't worry, we aren't late, she won't be mad.'  Serkan hugged her tightly. He could never understand that every single time he had to say goodbye to her, it was difficult for him. His insides would churn up and he felt like asking her to stay. Even the thought of asking her mother to let her spend a day with him was stupid but he wished that was possible. 
'You're squeezing me!' His little bunny complained in annoyance.
'Özürdelerim canım benim.'
'Are we going to meet tomorrow?; She asked one last time before leaving with her nanny who was patiently waiting for her. 
'Tabi canım , görüşürüz.' And she left waving him goodbye, and Serkan remained on his knees until the car wasn't out of sight. One day there won't be a tomorrow, and you won't be seeing her Serkan Bolat. What would you do then? 
He didn't have an answer to that and right now he did not want to answer it. Perhaps the shadows of grimness would find him eventually. 
'You're late.' She crossed her arms as turned away her beautiful face from Serkan.
'I swear work caught me in the last moment.' He held his ear with one hand while the other was still holding a teddy bear but she shooed it away indignantly. 
'Mom says the same.' Serkan pulled another stuffed toy from his back but his little bunny wasn't having any of it today. 'I hate stuff toys.' She grimaced and distanced herself from Serkan who was about to hug her this time.
'Tamam, tell me what do you love? I'll get it for you!'  He asked excitedly. All this time, she hadn't asked her for anything except for making him go shopping. 
'We are flying back to Italy. The day after tomorrow.' Serkan felt his world has stopped spinning the moment he heard her say that. It had been two weeks since they were constantly meeting each other in this park. For hours Serkan used to talk to his little bunny, listening to her stories, her favorite things, her secrets that she never shared with her mom, and so much more. And this all happened without knowing each other's names. Yes, it was crazy indeed. She still believed that he was a stranger and as per her mother's instructions, 'We don't tell our names to strangers.' It was hilarious because in the past few weeks she had told Serkan everything except for her name. Well, he didn't mind that. He was totally okay with calling her his bunny.
The fact that his bunny wasn't going to stay in Istanbul for long wasn't oblivious to him but wasn't it so soon!
'Already?' Serkan reckoned, unable to hide the worry on his face.
Bunny nodded sadly and placed both her hands on her chin. 'I asked mum to let me stay for few more weeks but she said it's not safe. We have to leave.'
'Will you forget me?' She asked him with brimmed eyes. 
'Hey hey hey, never. How can I ever forget you? You are the best thing ever happened to me!'  Serkan held her face in his big hands and wiped the tears with both thumbs. 
'I don't want to leave.' She sobbed relentlessly, and Serkan felt that something inside him had died. 
He had once again gotten used to innocence, warmth. He was foolish. He should have understood that love isn't for people like him. He should have understood that the universe hadn't written such things for him. They all were meant to knock at his door and leave forever with a void in his heart. Bunny had surely filled that void but now.....He could already feel the pain that her absence would inflict on his soul.
'We don't always get what we want bunny.' He placed a kiss on the back of her head while a tear escaped his eye.
'Mum says the same.'
'Tamam, no more tears. Let's meet your mum tomorrow. I've got to thank her for you and in the meantime, I'll ask her for your address in Italy. Not that I can't fly back there to meet my princess!'
She shrieked with happiness and began to jump in excitement. 'Forreal? Is that possible?'
'Anything is possible, my love' Serkan pinched her nose and placed another kiss on her forehead.
'You are forgiven but don't get late next time. I'll ask Anne to come with me to the park.!'
'What about these toys?'
'Told you, I hate stuffed toys, legos would be fine.' She shrugged carelessly, and waved him one last time, and left an amused Serkan behind, who couldn't help being amazed at himself for asking a woman about her address only to meet her daughter. This was insane. This was absolutely bizarre. And the last time he did something bizarre and insane was five years ago, for someone he loved immensely. Despite his promise to never fell in love, here he was, in love with his bunny, who had stolen his heart from the moment she called him baba.
He had put extra attention to his attire this morning as if he was meeting some international delegate for a meeting. Well, for sure he was going for a meeting but this one wasn't professional. In his head, Serkan had planned to convince Bunny's mother to allow him to meet her once they leave for Italy. Even the very idea of it sounded bizarre, he doesn't remember being this jubilant for a child's company before. He was waiting outside the park entrance, wanting to escort both mother and daughter to a nearby cafe. 
The main road was deserted except for a bicycle or two. Not much time had passed, and a white Mercedes halted on the opposite side of the road. Serkan recognized it. Plastering a huge smile on his face he waited for his guests to come out of the car. Little did he know that smile wasn't to last for long. 
Followed by Serkan's little princess, a familiar figure escorted out of the car, wearing a short mint green dress, her dead straight hair riding behind her petite back, and those dark black shades hiding her face along with the bangs. Serkan's heart stopped. 
Not even in a million years, he could not recognize that face. 
It was her.  Eda Yildiz. 
After five years, they were standing across each other just like that. He could tell from the way she was struck to see him that she hadn't expected to see him there. Her kid was hovering over her to cross the road to meet her friend but Eda Yildiz had lost her consciousness. She could not believe that destiny had decided to place her back exactly where they ended everything. 
Eda was so consumed in her thoughts that she didn't notice her daughter had removed her hand from her palm, and rushed towards Serkan, crossing the road in a frenzy. Instantly, they broke their eye contact and shrieked, 'NOOOOO', as a car raced into their daughter and she was rolled on the other side of the road. 
Their daughter, Yes that's was the first thought. 
Within a span of fewer than four minutes, Eda met Serkan, and her daughter was lying in a pool of blood.  
In that one moment, Serkan that lost his entire existence. For the first time in his life, he felt that he was defeated and ironically by the woman he loved with his whole heart. They ran towards their lifeless child, and Serkan was quick to hold her in his arms. He didn't give Eda a chance to argue but to be honest she was not in the state to have one. Serkan sat in his car with Eda on his side, holding her baby. 
I'll never forgive you for this Eda Yildiz. I'll never forgive you.
Eda's cries broke his trance and he was brought back to reality, the gruesome reality. He couldn't even wrap his head around the fact that he was the father of a beautiful five-year-old, the same five-year-old he had been meeting in the park over the few weeks, and now when he got to know, she was there, lying in her mother's lap drenched in blood. Serkan needed no proof or statement from Eda to know that his bunny was his child. He knew. He just knew. 
That particular moment marked the beginning of Serkan's fatherhood. Putting your child before you. Serkan instantly forgot about his own pain and the betrayal and rushed to the hospital. He only had one thing on his mind, I have to save my daughter. 
Eda continued to rub Maya's hands, yelping and begging her to open her eyes. Her beautiful dress was soaked in blood, she had especially worn that one because that was her friend's favorite color. Eda hadn't seen this much blood in her life, not even when she gave birth. They spent the gruesome journey to the hospital crying and praying to God to save their daughter.
Serkan halted the car at the hospital gate and turned around the car to take his daughter from Eda's arms and rushed inside, screaming for help. Gladly, the paramedics were alert and to Eda's relief, her daughter's treatment would start immediately.
They were shivering and crying silently. Serkan leaned against the window as he ran his hand in his hair. He always wanted to have a child with Eda, having a daughter who looked exactly like her mother was his dream but he never wished that it would happen like this. How was he going to survive knowing that the moment he got to know about his daughter was when she got hit by a car and was on the verge of losing her life? 
A nurse came with a form and asked Serkan the most painful question.. A question that made him wish for his own death. 'What is the patient's name? Are you family?'  Serkan stared at her cluelessly, his lips quivered unable to form a sentence. The nurse looked at his miserable state and felt the need to excuse herself thinking that maybe he was in intense shock to fulfill the formalities. 
On the other hand, Eda could not think about anything else. Serkan knowing about their daughter was the least of her worries at the moment, and all she cared about was her daughter's life. She wanted her to recover, she wanted to see her smile and laugh at her like she always did. She wanted her daughter to be stubborn and annoy her with her antics. She just wanted her back.
Eda and Serkan rushed to the lady doctor as she came out removing her mask. 'I'm sorry Serkan Bey, it doesn't look. She has lost a lot of blood....." She paused as Eda let out a silent cry, suppressing her sobs with a hand on her mouth. "Which one of your blood matches with her? We need a blood donor instantly."
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader
Genre: EstablishedRelationship!AU, slice of life, smut
Tags: dom/sub dynamics, dom!Baekhyun, sexting, public sex, outdoor, getting caught kink, masturbation (f), squirting, cum play (light), dirty talk, praising.
Raiting: +18 (of courseeee 🤪)
Word count: 2.2k
Summary: Your boyfriend Baekhyun has always liked to live on the edge, including in the bed room. Well... mostly outside... the bed room.
A/N: Part 4 guys we’re halfway through but don’t worry I have still much more in store for you. My favourite chapters are yet to be revealed (as a little spoiler it’s chapter 7 and 8 hehe). Please if you’re reading this and your hesitating to talk to me or are feeling shy... Don’t be!! I love to hear from you okay loves? 💖💖. - Cat 😽
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Tumblr media
Paraphilia #4: Exibitionism, exposing one's genitals to unsuspecting others.
H I D D E N   P A I R   O F   E Y E S
You tightened the belt of your long coat before locking the doors of your car and walking to the gate of the park. You came here tens maybe hundreds of times before, but never at night.
You gave a worried look around as you opened the creaking metal gate. There was no one to be seen. The warm summer air brushed past your legs. It was a nice, refreshing feeling.
You stood around for a bit not sure of knowing what to do when you felt the familiar buzzing of your phone in the large pocket of your coat.
"Go to the bench near the swings."
This simple message spread a wicked smile on your face but also made your heart race. Slowly you walked to the designated area, your high heels clicking on the concrete pathway. You sat yourself and waited for the next message.
You panicked reading this, you gave worried looks left and right. What went through your mind when you agreed to this? It was an insane thing to do. What if someone walks by? What if it's someone you know? You crossed your legs, suddenly self-conscious of your current state. Your phone buzzes again.
"Do it babygirl"
The pet name makes the hairs on your nape stand out as another gust of wind rushed under your coat.
You have no idea where Baekhyun is... He was always attracted to the more "dangerous" let's say, types of pleasures. The both of you would sometimes do it in front of the window or, he would randomly ask you to flash him in the store or to rub yourself underneath the table at a café.
You vividly remember that time he demanded your panties in the middle of the restaurant and pretended to have dropped something to go under the table. You remember how he swirled his tongue on your sensitive nub, how you could barely repress your moans when he made you cum and how he licked his lips, satisfied, when he sat back on his seat.
These kinds of situations got him off… and even if it's true that you were reluctant at the beginning. You eventually came to the conclusion that you, too, liked the thrill of getting caught.
But for Baekhyun all of this was never enough. He wanted to see you in a more vulnerable state. More out in the open. Like right here in this park.
You squinted and tried to spot a bush moving or a face in the dark, but nothing. He was completely concealed.
Baekhyun noticed that you were hesitant from his hiding spot just across the swings. He knew he couldn't be seen as the light shone directly on your face, there was no way you would be able to see him, or even anyone passing by before they would actually reach up to you. He bit his lip; the thought of you hurriedly covering yourself as you feel shame tint your cheeks red… It drove him crazy. Felt himself grow under his belt.
"Baby let me see how fucking perfect you are".
You sigh again reading the message. He never swears, so you know he's really eager to see you in this delicate position. Imagining him looking at you with the lustful dark brown orbs that you know give you the courage to untie the belt of your coat.
Slowly, very carefully you peel the soft beige fabric off your naked skin. The shoulders first, you feel the warm air brush against your collarbones. Then comes the breasts and your stomach, you feel incredibly vulnerable but knowing Baekhyun is looking at you makes you feel confident enough. Your nipples harden at the thought of him looking at you from a distance with his hand in his trousers. Soon your coat is completely off and hangs loosely on the back bench.
Baekhyun's hungry eyes are fixed on you and he can't help but to let his hand slip inside his pants as he sees your naked skin shine under the spotlight of the park. He bites his lip hard as he strokes himself, pressing harshly on his length with his thumb. With the other hand he sends you another text.
"Baby you are gorgeous. I'm so hard for you right now."
His praises make you smile lustfully as you try to look for him in the dark one more time. Without even thinking your hand goes to your chest and starts to caress your exposed breasts. The air brushing against your naked skin and the addition of your own fingers on your delicate nipples make you bite your lip as you lean your head back slightly, going harder on your exposed chest.
"Baby be a good girl for me and let me see all of you"
You look down at your crossed legs. Once again, your heart picks up and starts to nervously beat against your rib cage. You receive another text.
“I wanna see that pretty pussy of yours out in the open”
Baekhyun is particularly dirty this evening and you feel the familiar tingling sensation swimming in the pit of your stomach. You breathe deeply to gather your courage and slowly, very slowly you spread your legs. As soon as your thighs part you feel the light wind blow against your core. You continue to push your knees apart, spreading your legs as much as possible until.. You are completely exposed.
Baekhyun parts his lips in awe. His mind can't get around the fact that you look so fucking good, so fucking sexy in this position, exposing yourself to potentially anyone who would had the immense luck to walk by and witness how you spread yourself out like this. 
Baekhyun can't take any more of this as his bulge is about to rip through his boxers and trousers. Carefully he removes his manhood from its restrains, his hard cock jumping out. With one hand he firmly grips it and starts to stroke it slowly. You look so good; he can't get enough of this beautiful view. Ho notices right away how your folds glisten under the blinding streetlamp, how the shame and fear of being nude in the middle of this park made you soaking wet. His strokes get faster as he sends you another text.
“What a naughty girl you are, baby. Getting this wet from exposing yourself like this while I didn’t even touch you yet”
You feel your cheeks burn in embarrassment but you keep your knees nice and spread out, excitement growing stronger by the second.
Baekhyun presses his lips into a thin line, trying not to make any noise as he spreads his precum over himself, drawing teasing circles on his red and swollen tip. But he needs more.
"Play with yourself baby girl"
Now you're in a sort of trance, drunk on the thought of Baekhyun secretly touching himself to you. You reach down your exposed folds, your fingers gliding so easily over it. You're surprised by how wet you are already. You fully understand what Baekhyun meant in his text... all of this actually made you a horny mess.
You can't wait anymore and let your fingers play freely with your folds. Your index and middle finger draw small slow circles on your clit, making you moan softly, which you muffle with your free hand.
Baekhyun is close enough to hear you even over your hand, hearing your needy muffled moans makes him grip harder and pump faster on his rock-hard cock. Right now, he wonders how good you taste as he licks his lips hungrily while eyeing down your dripping center.
"Let me hear you moan baby"
The text makes you even hornier, yearning for him. You want to give him the best show he's ever had. Without waiting any longer both of your fingers dig deep into you. You throw your head back and moan louder as you stimulate your g-spot. Your other hand leaves your mouth and comes in to help and takes care of your lonely clit. You thrash your head around as you feel the knot in your stomach tightening, threatening to give out at any time. Your moans are now loud, and you feel your pussy throb around your wet fingers.
Baekhyun sucks on his bottom lip as he can tell you are getting close to your release. He pumps on his pulsating cock hard and fast. You look so appetizing, with your head back and your naughty pussy out for all to see. He frowns as he feels himself also getting close.
You have no will to control the volume of your voice anymore, you moan and whimper as much as you want. Your hand is furiously punching your soft spot as the other one is aggressively harassing your, now, very swollen and sensitive clit. You feel so close, the edge is driving you insane. Suddenly the thought comes to your mind again. What if someone walks in on me? This mere thought is enough to send you over the edge, as you moan out to your heart’s content and your legs shake in an uncontrollable and divine orgasm and your pussy spasms hungrily around your fingers.
Baekhyun can't hold himself back and also lets himself go as he watches you shake uncontrollably. From his spot he had an amazing view on your pulsating pussy. He catches every second of the beautiful show you put on for him and anybody near enough and spreads his hot cum all over the bush he was hiding in, some even get on the swings.
Panting you took your fingers out of your wetness, long strings linked them to your still very sensitive pussy. As you were trying to catch your breath you heard steps coming in closer and closer. Instead of closing your legs in a panic you smiled lustfully because you knew who that was.
"Come on babygirl, go ahead taste your naughty little cunt for me" 
The familiar honey toned voice instantly makes your pussy respond in light twitches. You still couldn't see him as he was still standing outside the halo of the streetlamp, but his voice was enough for you.
Immediately you brought your slimy fingers to your mouth and licked them. The sweet tangy taste glided on your tongue as you closed your eyes and pushed your fingers inside your mouth, enjoying the sweet nectar.
Baekhyun looked at you carefully as you were tasting yourself. Your legs were still spread wide, your beet red swollen pussy and your hard nipples looked so appetizing. He took a step closer and stepped in the light.
"What a mess you made baby"
He leaned over to look at the long strings of sticky juices that were hanging from the bench, linking your tight little cunt with the bench and the floor. He looked down at you wearing that devilish smirk that you love so much, inferno burning behind his eyes as he licked his lips hungrily.
You couldn't take this teasing anymore and you needed to feel him inside you. Now. Still panting, you brought one knee back to you and let your other leg hang loose on the bench, you spread your lower lips, making sure Baekhyun has a nice view on your pink needy entrance.
"Please fuck me babe" you say in one short breath.
Seeing such indecency from you is enough for him. He harshly grabs you by the arm and bends you over the back bench. You rest your folded arms on the backbench while you wait there on your knees.
"Put your ass up" Baekhyun commands, patience wearing thin.
You do as he says arching your back even more. You then feel his hot tip rub against you. The warm sensation makes you close your eyes. With one powerful thrust he pushes himself inside you. You can't help but to let out a loud grunt. You know he won't be gentle with you today.
"Baby your tight little cunt feels so… fucking... good" he growls in a husky voice.
You bite your lips hard as he starts to move in and out of you. That is what I needed. You tell yourself, nothing can compare to his girth pumping in and out of you like this, and especially not your puny fingers. You moan for him.
"Harder" you plead.
Baekhyun picks up the pace and goes in and out at an incredible speed, each time touching the bottom of you. It feels so good, you moan louder.
He feels your tight cunt wrapping him so perfectly, your tight little pussy feels like heaven. He grabs you by the nape of your neck, pushing your head down harshly. You moan louder again, you can't careless if you wake up the whole fucking neighborhood.
"Fuck babygirl, you're so wet"
"I'm so wet for you babe" you whisper for him, driving him even madder with desire.
He lets go of your neck and grabs both your ass cheeks using them as handles to slam your hips hard on his big cock. You scream in absolute bliss, feeling the familiar knot tightening again. Baekhyun pants loudly as he struggles to keep himself from cumming. The sound of your skin clashing resonates in the empty night.
Empty night?
You hear a branch snapping. This noise brings you back to reality. You look around and hear steps.
With a panicked gaze you look back at Baekhyun, still fucking you furiously.
"Babe, there's someone out there" you say, looking around in the dark. Baekhyun then abruptly pulls himself out. He sits on the bench and grabs you by the waist forcing you to sit on his pulsing cock, your back turned to him and facing the darkness. You gasp as you feel him suddenly filling you up again. With a bruising grip on your thighs he spreads your legs wide. 
Your pussy is nice and open for whoever is roaming the night right now. Whoever this stranger in the dark is, they have a front row seat on your desperate little cunt being violently pried open by your insatiable boyfriend’s thick cock.
You squirm in protest, suddenly feeling the shame of actually being caught in the act. But suddenly you heard the noise of a zipper being pulled open. Your heart stops. Baekhyun leans in over your ear to whisper in your ear.
"It's okay babygirl, let them watch"
He says before violently thrusting up your sensitive pussy. Making you throw your head and moan for more pleasure. He fucks you deep and hard, you feel like you can cum at any time.
"Let them see how fucking good you look with my cock deep inside your little cunt" he says as he picks up the pace again. You thrash your head around, screaming in delight. He, too, feels his release coming closer and closer. Your tight pussy feels so good around him, he feels your walls tightening, gripping his cock hard.
"Let them see how you cum babygirl"
These last words send you over the edge and you feel hot juices gush out your exposed pussy, giving the jerking off stranger passing by a very good show of your twitching orgasming cunt. Seconds later you hear Baekhyun let out a satisfied low grunt in your ear and feel him releasing himself inside your spasming pussy. His thick and hot cum coating your walls generously while his girthy cock twitches against your clenching walls. And you can almost swear that you also hear a muffled pleasured grunt emanating from the darkness.
You are both left panting on top of each other.
After a while Baekhyun pulls out and your mixed juices lazily pour out of your still throbbing pussy onto the wood of the bench. You can't help but reach down to your core to taste him. You coat your fingers and bring them to your mouth.
"You taste so good babe" you tell Baekhyun.
He grins as a response, still trying to catch his breath.
You then turn your eyes back to the direction of the noise.
"I hope you enjoyed the show, come see us again" you say smirking to the darkness and just like hear hurried steps fading away.
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saekogun · a month ago
soft haikyuu hair hc's | multi. characters x reader
context: I've been a bit swamped recently and really just wanted to get something soft and different from my usuals. these aren't REALLY hair type specific so anyone can read these, but it is slightly leaning towards a reader with more textured hair of curls and coils (as well as braids and dreads in a couple) with straight and wavy hair mentions as well. however, I'm writing this as a person who has 3a-3c type hair, so if I get ANYTHING wrong, please let me know! also keep in mind that these are terribly messy for no reason, very different from my usual writing style, and a random assortment of characters. I tried to do as much research as possible for this but again, if anything I said was wrong or odd, please educate me (:
ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏” ♡♡♡
Tumblr media
♡ asahi definitely knows how to braid, you cannot tell me OTHERWISE. they're probably really simple three strand ones but god are they so cute. he always sits you down in his lap when he's not busy, parting your hair and just humming while he puts the strands together. he makes little braids in his own hair and puts in even smaller hair pins, he likes matching with you!!
♡ and i know this has even said a thousand times already, but asahi also always keeps hair ties with him constantly, he has this weird boyfriend super-instinct where he just knows when you might need it. also gets those super super stretchy ones if the small ones just break or snap constantly depending on the thickness of your hair
♡ tsukishimas amazing at styling your hair, he just doesn't want to admit it. maybe its pure talent, maybe its yamaguchis emo phase that made him so good, the world will never know. but sometimes when you two are relaxing together he instinctively has you situated infront of him, nimble fingers running through your locks gently like you're a piece of glass. it's always so soft and kind, expertly styling your strands into whatever he wanted. he always finishes it up with a soft kiss to your head, your eyes droopy with relaxation. you always feel so loved during these moments.
♡ tsukki also gets you these dinosaur hairpins from the museum gift-shop if you two are dating during that time. he doesn't say much, just wraps it up and gives it to you with a blush on his face. "here, dumbass. it'd look cute on you."
♡ kuroo also does this!! hes a genuine dumbass (but hes trying, so it's the thought that count) and is constantly asking kenma for hair care advice (even if kenma barely knows anything himself about more textured hair), but everytime he sees a hair care product at the store he picks it up for you in hope's that it might work well for you (even if you've told him a million times not to get products with sulfate or alchohol in em 😐)
♡ oikawa baby... he loves going to the salon with you, even pays for everything even if it's just a simple hair wash. there's this wholesome glow on his face, this soft look that plays on his lips as he watches you get whatever hairstyle done your getting, idly chit chatting if he can or if he can't be there physically he definitely facetimes you.
♡ ooo, he also loves when you surprise him with new hairstyles. sometimes while he's at practice you send him pics like, "just shaved my entire head haha!" or "just bleached my entire head lol" and he gets so giddy when he opens his phone. he shows it off to his teammates and EVERYTHING.
♡ kenma really likes it when you do his hair. one time you were styling it per his stream chats request and chat was going INSANE. wont do much with it, nor to yours, but on the occasion he likes matching hair clips or tiny, tiny braids.
♡ tendou is in LOVE with textured hair! loves it so much, likes running his hands through it- with your permission of course-, picking out little curls and coils that stick out to him and twirling them around his finger, just all of it. they're just so pretty to him. also likes styling them a bunch! if you have hair on the straighter and wavyer side, he loves that too. running his hand through it at night and tucking loose strands behind your ear, absentmindedly brushing locks out of your face. mostly just loves you, overall.
♡ he'd never allow anyone to know how smitten he is for you, but god does tsukishima do the same. also your most passive aggressive hype man. "your hair looks fine, dumbass"
♡ bokuto is even more obsessed. he just thinks it looks so pretty and gorgeous, wants to always watch you style it. hes like a cute, uneducated puppy though. I feel as though bo would get super excited if you had a hair texture that was leaning on the textured side that isn't usually seen in Japan. he always perks up when he sees someone with similar waves or curls and coils to you. "babe, babe!! they have hair just like you [: !" he always has puppy dog eyes and super excited. also gets excited watching hair videos
♡ YACHI TRIES SO HARD TO LEARN NEW HAIRSTYLES, IT'S SO CUTE. ugh but she just loves your hair, even if she can't do it well ): she spends a lot of dates at home sticking out her tongue in concentration, trying her best to get the perfect Dutch braid (or otherwise) but her hands are always too shaky to get the pieces together. please kiss her forehead and tell her you appreciate her efforts ): she gets you matching hairclips as compensation though
♡ kiyoko can do literally all hairstyles you can possibly want. boxbraids, extensions, dutchbraids, regulat braids, space buns/afropuffs, just everything. knows your hair type really well no matter how straight or curly it is. sometimes sends you links to hair products she thinks would work wonders on you with a little, "do you wanna/ did you ever try this?" I think she's also really good at pinning things in place and sectioning hair.
♡ koushi!! koushi man <3 loves loves loves giving you head messages. I can imagine you and him in a bath together, you infront of him as he runs his hands through your hair. he always applies all the right products (he always keeps track and restocks the ones he knows you like) with a soft smile on his face, just so in love with you. it's genuine heaven. after practices or his classes as a teacher always manages to stress him out and this is his preferred method to melt away the day. doesn't tell you, but he loves when you run your hands through his hair.
♡ honestly, if I were you I'd recommend not letting this man anywhere NEAR your hair but oh my GOD is this Hinata so cute about you and your hair. he gets excited after seeing you come home from getting your hair done or while watching you do your own hair, hes such a big baby and smiling so happily. he always shouts a little "i love it!!" after every hair session and then peppers your face in a million and one kisses.
♡ also, akaashi and oikawa. omg. say you ever need to get your hair (or anything done tbh) and they'll perk up instantly. akaashi is a lot more nonchalant with it, but they both instantly offer to pay for whatever you need to get done. they love when you go natural, but they also love seeing all the cute little hairstyles you get!!!
♡ atsumu and hinata. they've... tried, learning how to braid (honestly why are you letting these two anywhere near your hair?). it was a good attempt, really!! but it just doesn't come out right. they always have you in their lap, trying to make braids but just getting frustrated /: but gosh, I can just IMAGINE the grin they get when they finally make even the tiniest little braid successfully. let em have a happy moment, please!!!
♡ more asahi and koushi because I said so. no arguments. they like when you just get out of the shower, product fresh in your hair and you sitting down at your computer chair while working on assignments or work. they stand behind you, softly sectioning your hair and twisting it out for you so gently with a calm smile on their face. it's so cute, they're so gentle and genuinely know how to care for your hair. its honestly the best moments for them. they're so soft.
♡ aran! his ace fingers are just amazing. likes to sit you down in his lap (especially after long days of dealing with the twins) while you're watching a movie and just run his hands your hair. it's either super gentle and soft and cuddly or on the rough side, genuinely coursing his fingers through your scalp. also probably mumbles in your ear how you're his "bighead."
♡ if you were bonnets or something like that, I feel like Aran would make it a mission to match yours with his. that, or he just likes having at home dates with you and watching a movie while the conditioner and product sets in.
♡ kunimi has this thing where he likes trying to guess what scent your hair product/ shampoo and conditioner is. comes from behind you and wraps your arms around you waist softly while burying his head in your neck and pressing soft kisses. "mmm, apple? wait, no, apple and strawberry scented."
♡ kags saw your natural hair once and called you a poodle or something similar to that. he genuinely didn't mean it in any negative way, he thinks your natural hair is so fucking cute. but its the first thing that came to mind and hes such a dumbass. you have to explain to him that different people just have different hair textures, and he just stands there with an o: on his face.
♡ also, has no concept of hair products but buys them constantly for you. he just chucks whatever shit says, "for straight/ waves/ curls/ coils!" or "healthy and shiny hair!" on it in his cart and then moves on. definitely have to educate him in some facet, but he's trying and it's cute (:
♡ YAMAGUCHI SENDS YOU PINTEREST OR INSTA POSTS OF HAIRSTYLES HE THINKS WOULD LOOK CUTE ON YOU. THAT'S IT THAT'S THE POST. always captioned with a, "this would look good on u :}, we should do it <3"
♡ kenma... tries to understand. but in his head your hair is just like his hair I dunno. buys you haircare products n stuff but calls it there. still thinks your hair is gorgeous though. loves tying it up for you cause he knows you'd do it too. osamu is the same. hes trying, I guess ):
♡ ennoshita! another underrated king. hes so gentle and soft, likes having days where you're stressed and he can take care of your hair to relieve atleast one of your stresses. always starts detangling with lots of products to make it as smooth as possible, from bottom to top softly. also knows some more "basic" hairstyles, likes twisting out your hair or just simple little braids, maybe just a low ponytail or a cute simple bun. always kisses the top of your head when your done.
♡ TANAKA IS YOUR BIGGEST HYPE MAN. helps you pick out hairstyles, hair colors, etc!! "ooo, this one would look great on you babe!!" AND LITERALLY GASPS EVERYTIME HE SEES THE FINISHED PRODUCT. you're just so pretty to him. Iwa too, just a lot more... gently? like a cute curt smile and a, "you look great," before he attempts to ruffle your hair to annoy you.
♡ nishinoyas dumbass uses your hair products in the shower cause they smell nice. always have to restock constantly since you burn through product cause of him. I can imagine oikawa doing this too, but honestly? you don't really mind since it always makes their hair so abnormally silky soft.
♡ ONE MORE FOR MY FAV BABY BOY. have you ever left a hairstyle in for awhile? like hours/ days +? koushi does that thing where he scratches in between your braids or dreads or any hairstyle really when you've had them in for awhile. it's so soothing, dragging his fingers in between little hair parts and just making it feel nice. just overall doing any root maintenance and some soft hair care for you <3. i can also picture him rubbing hair oils in too, it's like a really soft massage but he gets in there.
♡ he doesn't know much about hair honestly, but sakusa loves helping you cut your hair when you're taking any extensions off. has gotten really good at it too, always knows exactly what to cut off mans how to remove it.
♡ sakusas also pretty good at hair straightening and curling, even if your hairs already naturally straight and just needs touch ups, or curly/ coily and wavy.
Tumblr media
was this... good? it's been in my drafts for awhile but I didn't want to leave without any content ): I wonder if I should do something in this format again
ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏”
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