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#i am not a white girl
firelord-frowny · 11 months ago
throwback to this performance I did a few years ago... ngl I’m still impressed with myself for this. It was so affirming... it was the first time I’d ever performed anything that I learned 100% on my own without the technical or artistic guidance of a professor (besides the week of coaching prior to the performance). Pulling this off showed me that I’m... an actual musician. I mean, duh, of course I am, but I’m like... a Professional. My artistic interpretations are every bit as valid and respectable as any professor I’ve ever had and that makes me so??? happy??? 
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max-swell · 5 years ago
guys now that I have a recoblr
I’m gonna slowly transform into a standard-issue lovely white girl recovering from an ED with a healthy fitblr who posts pictures of oatmeal and a massive quantity of sliced strawberries and whole blueberries every morning. we’re talking so many strawberries it makes you question how much money they have to be ingesting that much fruity goodness every day
this is NOT a bad place to be in but
gotta stay lowkey aggressively chinese ya know
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notnimradical · 7 years ago
This one time someone told me that I dressed like I had a Pinterest account and my self esteem dropped hella
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weavinglight · 2 days ago
ngl i’m living for this jay kri.sto.ff backlash. dude always skeezed me out and he has the vibes of someone who wanks off to his own writing but uh. yeah gross white boy.
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motorcycles make me so angry because like. it could have been such a good concept in theory. a vehicle just for one person (two if you squish) that burns way less gas than a car (and needs less parking space)? makes total sense for commuting to work or running errands or just living single! but then straight white men took over and now it’s just a competition for Who Has The Loudest Vrooms (and smallest penis) and me and my sensory issues do Not like it
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vivifry · 8 days ago
deadass sitting here on a Friday night reading about sick twisted shit like stalkers and serial killers and I’m all warm and bubbly???
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busyandtired · 9 days ago
If you're a curly haired non black woman of color who bashes black women to feel better about your own hair, f*ck you.
I'm not black, but if I weren't educated by black women on how to take care of my hair, I'd be walking around with 1) a mess of frizz or 2) heat fried hair on my head. Plus, type 4 hair is gorgeous. You guys are just too busy buying into white beauty standards to see it.
Ofc this also goes for Caucasian curly haired women. But I wanted to call out WOC specifically because colorism and internalized racism ain't it my darlings.
Honestly, you use THEIR products, then turn around and say "at LEAST my hair is more manageable than theirs" 🙄🙄 please reevaluate your entire mindset.
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chaoticandfriendly · 9 days ago
Mom your url-
I'm crying T_T
😊 just your cishet white mom trying to show her pride 💖
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anakinswhore · 9 days ago
Maybe this isnt relevant to what you're going through but I feel the same way. Like I'm a POC and the guys always fall for the thin pretty white girl and it just hits me that..I'm not that. Like irl anakin wouldnt even look twice at me and that shit hurts. I wish I could comfort you but I'd be a hypocrite. So all I can offer is a virtual hug and offer you someone who's in the same boat. Kinda
Don't invalidate yourself babe. You're not a hypocrite. It's okay.
It's okay, I totally understand (except for the fact that im not a POC). I know that shit hurts baby :( im so sorry. I know it's awful to come to the realization that your fictional crush might not even possibly like you. I know. But... Thankfully they're just fictional so it's okay 🥰 we can make em do whatever we wanna 🥰
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