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#i am fish
heretherebedork8 hours ago
My absolute biggest question about Mork that I cannot figure out is why he's waited this long to approach Pi. It just doesn't make any sense with the character we've seen of him so far. I just can't figure him out!
Like, I love me a pining boy. Always have, always will, always do.
But what. the. actual. fuck. is. going. on. with. him. I don't get it! I can't put it all together and get a full character.
... This is the same reason I didn't like Wat in 2gether. I can't reconcile his pining side with the side he keeps showing the rest of the time. This one is a bit closer than Wat was but still...
WTF is this show even? Urgh. I wanted to enjoy this so much more than I am.
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ananas-dragon-cookie9 hours ago
despite my name being starfish i have never once considered someone calling me聽鈥渇ish鈥 instead of聽鈥渟tar鈥 and the thought has brought me a strange type if eurphoria considering its the word fucking f i s h
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iamdarthbader12 hours ago
Me when I have to see another post calling Pi dumb for not seeing that Mork genuinely likes him when it鈥檚 clearly due to his trauma and neurodivergency:
Tumblr media
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chunnicalesimpa day ago
//yuukoku no moriarty// william's letter to sherlock
Oh, this is gonna be long,
Imma start with the part that got me
Sorry i just had to馃槶
PS: The first part mostly mentions william's plan so i skipped that and started off with his lov-
I mean letter to sherly
'I want to entrust this world to you'
Even as the larger framework begins, there will always be small voices calling for help
Please help them.
One more thing, when I visited you, you asked me this question:
"Why did you choose me?"
At that time, could i answer you? As it is, I probably wasn't able to do so face-to-face. It's difficult to explain my reasoning in words. Yes, meeting you was more fun than i could have ever anticipated. And just for a moment,I forgot all about the weight of the sins my plans carry.
I felt as though i just had found the only one who could ever understand me.
Even though we were of opposing viewpoints, i wanted to continue talking to you, I even wanted to throw everything aside just to continue solving puzzles with you.
(Liam plz- T^T)
It was strange to have such a feelings towards a detective. From the very first time we met, you've felt like an old friend of mine.
I want you to be the one by my side in those final moments.
(Ok i am crying again 馃槶)
If, if we could be reborn into another world, i have no doubt that this time, we would be able to take one another's hand. As true friends do.
鈥 william james moriarty
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justchillinwithpjoa day ago
Me watching Banana Fish
Episodes 1-23: wHeRe aRe tHe TisSuEs
Episode 24:
Tumblr media
*incoherent screeching/crying*
*attempting to rip my blanket apart with no success*
"What if-,"
x 64726754127
P.S. To the person who introduced me to Banana Fish: I know you warned me but I might conveniently forget that- yeah uh je woof aime
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xcaroldanversxa day ago
I got told I should delve in to Star Trek too as a Marvel and Star Wars fan, I think I might as both I mentioned feel rather fatigued to me these days?
Tbh I didn鈥檛 really get into the new one (Discovery) but I think it picks up after a few episodes so maybe I鈥檒l try again. The original series is fun but my favourite is the Next Generation. Like if you鈥檙e bored and there鈥檚 an episode on it鈥檚 just something fun to watch.
Also the 2009 reboot is good, 鈥榠nto darkness鈥 not all much, but 鈥榖eyond鈥 was AMAZING, best Star Trek content I鈥檝e watched and so underrated. If nothing else watch those 3 films and it鈥檚 a great way to dip into Star Trek and see if you like it.
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putmeouta day ago
if anyone want to see me pics of their dogs right now that'd be really nice
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limmya day ago
i just got a mental image of older percy teaching his daughter how to swim fuck FUCK
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boytouyaa day ago
I'm dumb as all fuck, but like
I wanna hear you rant abt pointless shit
completely unrelated to everything else i say after this but, cats are so cute. we don鈥檛 deserve cats. their lil toe beans and cute meows???? ugh i love cats.
and sometimes i randomly think about how we鈥檙e all under the same moon like isnt that so crazy??? everyone complains about being far away from each other but at least we鈥檙e on the same planet!! like wow we could all look at the sky at the same time if we really wanted to!!!! ...and we probably use the bathroom at the same time as celebrities which is weird to think about
anyway half asleep rn but all i can think about is the way people treat products of rough upbringings like they鈥檙e animals even in fictional works,,,, bucky barnes for example??? in tfatws they talk so much shit about him and it鈥檚 like...okay he鈥檚 right there...he鈥檚 literally a human too??? people loved the idea of incarcerating the winter soldier but now that they have bucky barnes they don鈥檛 know what to do with him 鈽癸笍 why did everyone leave him behind and expect him to become a fully functioning member of society knowing that he just lost his best friend and all he鈥檚 ever known (AND FAUGHT SO HARD TO REMEMBER ))):) (also his therapist was the worst....hate that bitch and her caucasian aging!)
and and AND why did the writers throw away steve鈥檚 entire character development in endgame.... like he spent at least three movies fighting for bucky ... just for him to leave??? i may be a below average writer but damn that writing was ass.
same with dabi??? those mfs wanted touya back so bad but now they鈥檙e surprised he鈥檚 dabi and literally wants them all dead.....lie what鈥檇 you expect??
in bl why are the darker skinned characters always loud, abrasive tops.....it鈥檚 getting weird.... ALSO VERY WEIRD FOR PEOPLE TO LOOK AT SOMEONE AND THINK ABOUT THEIR PREFERENCE IN BED WHEN
1) personality is not the same as preference
2) skin color has nothing to do with personality/whether you top/bottom
3) real people are not your next fanfic???
speaking of.... i thought everyone agreed not to ship real people??? i don鈥檛 like dream smp or wtv tf those white racist minecraft players are called... but whyre they being shipped
i guess if they don鈥檛 care it鈥檚 whatever but is that not?? idk weird?
OOO also did you know you apparently blink 10-20 times a minute!!!!
cats can get depression which is so freaking sad like i love my cat so much i want her to live a long happy life i can鈥檛 believe i鈥檓 crying over my cat at 5 am
so unrelated but i鈥檝e never found someone ugly. like clearly i鈥檓 not attracted to everyone but i don鈥檛 think anyone is ugly either??? (i mean unless you鈥檙e a bad person)
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wholesome-sharks2 days ago
If you write a聽鈥淐hicken Soup for the soul鈥澛燽ook for shark lovers, would you call it聽鈥淔ish Soup for the Shark-lovers鈥 soul?鈥 or would that be inappropriate in some sense?聽
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purplepillowfrog2 days ago
i get so embarrassed talking to people on here sometimes because the way i "talk" when making a post is SO radically different than how i reply to messages or asks or whatever. like ill literally post "ugh i wanna kill myself so bad and my fucking boyfriend made me cry again today" and then thirty seconds later one of my Darling Mutuals will reply to one of my posts or I'll get an anon ask and immediately switch to "omg you're so sweet 鉂も潳鉂 thank u!!!!"
i have two personalities, one is called Depression and the other is Gay And Effusive
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