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#i actually cant get over this
ajdrawshqa day ago
Listen I dont know what's going on w my gender or lack thereof at any time but I just know I could sum it up w the entire general vibe of twewy
#twewy#like. ok the main protag is a traumatized kid who practically wears the nb flag#and hes friends w a girl who im Very sure is in love w her friend. u cant tell me otherwise im sorry#and she has major self esteem issues that lead her to appear as said girl she likes which is so wild and im kinda obsessed w it??#shiki's arc is so good to me. i Get It. anyway#hes also got this dude who is the literal definition of pure of heart dumb of ass#who fights him like 3 times but doesnt actually kill him (in the story at least . cannot vouch for when u die in battle urself thats on u)#and who just wants to see his sister happy.. he does not give a single shit abt himself!! he does everything for her sake!!!!#he also has parental issues that are Incredibly relatable and it is so fucked up#his sister? cant describe in words i just know she is gender and i love her very much. rhyme if ur out her i hope ur having a wonderful day#and THEN. then. there is the bastard himself#gay little angel. bitchass. id run him over given the first chance. i also love and would kill to be him. very conflicted as u can see#i physically cant talk abt joshua without threatening him thats just how he is#which is hilarious bc thats exactly how he is to everyone in game#what was i talking abt. oh yeah gender#joshua? is gender. thats it#oh also mr h......... top ten characters i want to be my dad#mr h and joshua are literally angels tho so like they already got that premium kinda gender yknow#twewy spoilers#yeah so. yeah
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agirlinthegalaxy3 days ago
Not to be dramatic, but something in my heart hurts that, despite being the one to keep it going and basically doing everything myself for the past year, I鈥檓 still聽not the one they picked to run it, bc they wanted someone was joined under a month again and doesn鈥檛 have nearly the same amount of experience, skills, or qualifications as me, simply bc I鈥檓 not as liked.
#( dumbass decisions on the daily | personal )#i kinda. started to figure out this was gonna be how it worked out a few days ago but i still kind of want to cry bc like.#i wanted it. so bad. i've done basically everything for the past year and i didnt get it the first time and i could justify it then#but i cant now bc. objectively i was the better choice. like if it came down to who was more qualified it was me without a doubt and yet#bc i had plans and goals and things i wanted to do and now. whats the point? i cant do them or even if i did someone else would get the cred#i was just so excited and passionate and now it feels pointless. like i gave all of my time and energy and not a single person could give a#but then when it comes down to actually picking someone to run it people who never cared or did anything pick someone else#and it just sucks bc its just. really not fair#and i am so sick of trying and putting myself out there for things i'd be amazing at and instead#it comes down to a popularity contest every fricking time and its not.#its not as if im not likable. i hope. but just. not likable enough apparently and i REALLY was so close to getting over that#and this just. reinforced it in the worst way possible and just like. whats the point#why should i continue trying when no one cares#why should i continue trying when im never gonna get the good parts of it#why does no one ever believe that i have the ability and skill and dedication to be good at something when t's a choice
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gaybellethorn4 days ago
every bad eah writing decision is good actually because they are funny and make me smile :)
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illfoandillfie5 days ago
Can I get a general career reading? With the art nouveau deck and the archetype oracle please.
of course darl!聽
Tumblr media
tarot: ace of cups, page of cups, justice, queen of cups,3 of swords, the fool, the tower, the hanged man, the world
okay!! we have some interesting cards here! something that drew my attention immediately was the first and last cards. we open with an ace which is the start of the minor arcana and all of the aces are related to new starts or new opportunities. And then we end on the world which is the last card of the major arcana and symbolises completion and fulfilment. so this seems to be a self-contained cycle you鈥檙e entering.聽
I鈥檇 also like to just acknowledge how many cups cards there are here. The cups as a suit is related to emotions and the heart so this may be a highly emotional time or you may find yourself being driven by your emotions rather than logic or reason. There鈥檚 also a lot of major arcana cards which isn鈥檛 necessarily good or bad but it鈥檚 worth noting because the major arcana are generally related to Big life events or milestones whereas the minor arcana are more sort of every day things. so this seems like it鈥檒l be a significant period for you.聽but lets have a closer look at it all.聽
So like i said, the aces are related to new opportunities and the suit of cups is tied to emotions and the heart. So the ace of cups is related to new things or new situations that are cause for strong emotions. A lot of the time it鈥檚 connected to romance but in this career reading it鈥檚 probably more likely some sort of new opportunity, particularly related to creativity. There鈥檚 a lot of potential here, all you have to do is reach out and take the cup. But it鈥檚 not all happiness. The ace is being clarified by the three of swords which is a card of heartbreak and suffering, It can be through delays or absences, unrest or confusion. Any sort of disruption or incompatibility. This could indicate something going wrong at work. A worst case scenario could be being fired/retrenched but it could also be related to people you work with or just a tough work environment that you struggle with. Something here isn鈥檛 looking good though. The ace of cups can relate to intuition or spirituality as well so it might be that you鈥檝e had a gut feeling something is coming or you might have noticed changes happening around the work place and if that鈥檚 the case I would definitely listen to your gut and prepare yourself for bad news. But there is definitely a silver lining here. The 3 of swords isnt the main card, the ace of cups is and that says to me that while something will go wrong it will open you up to finding something new which is a better fit for you. It might even be that the bad thing happens to someone else and consequently you take over their roll or something like that. But if you鈥檝e been thinking about starting up some sort of creative endeavour, like an etsy store or writing a novel, this is the time to push forward with it.聽
Then we have the page of cups and the fool. There are two court cards who appear in this reading so one may be someone you鈥檒l associate or work with but it鈥檚 entirely possible that both of them represent you. The page is imaginative and sensitive. He鈥檚 a bit of a dreamer and often has his head in the clouds. This definitely fits in if you鈥檝e been considering a new side hustle or if you鈥檝e been thinking about making a change in your career path. the fool as a similar sort of energy but he鈥檚 less dreamy and more of a free spirit. he isnt worried about where he鈥檚 putting his feet, far more concerned with what he鈥檚 experiencing in each moment. He鈥檚 innocent, sometimes naive, but also courageous and more concerned with having fun. In relation to career and finances he鈥檚 definitely a symbol to take the leap - whether it鈥檚 selling art or putting your hand up for a promotion or leaving a job and finding a new one. The fool says go for it, especially if it鈥檚 something you鈥檝e been dreaming about doing. There鈥檚 a very fresh and energized feeling in these cards and it seems you鈥檒l soon be presented with an opportunity to follow through with your dreams.聽
next is three major arcana. Justice is about doing things in the right way without cutting corners. The fool might be impulsive but justice is reminding you to do things right the first time so you don鈥檛 make a huge mistake that ruins all your plans. The tower is interesting in this position. I won鈥檛 sugar coat it, usually the tower is about a drastic, dramatic change. The kind of thing that shatters your world, sends everything crashing down around you. Together with Justice it could be a sign that some sort of truth is going to come out that turns things upside down for you. If you鈥檝e been stealing office supplies or embezzling money (hopefully not) it is going to come out. On the flip side it could be about someone else鈥檚 lies being found out. If you鈥檝e been involved with any workplace disputes recently the justice card is a sign that things will go in your favour as long as you鈥檝e been honest and fair.聽And this could relate to that big change that鈥檚 going to open the new opportunity of the ace of cups.聽
But I don鈥檛 feel like that鈥檚 exactly it. If the tower had shown up next to the 3 of swords i would say yeah that鈥檚 it. But with it being sandwich between justice and the hanged man聽 i feel like it鈥檚 something else. So let鈥檚 look at that hanged man. It鈥檚 a card related to sacrifice, release, and changing perspective. In relation to career it could symbolise feeling stuck or uncertain about where you鈥檙e headed. So together these three cards could be advice for you or a warning of sorts. They鈥檙e saying that the big change and taking that leap of faith the fool asks you to take, won鈥檛 be easy. There will be times when you feel like you made a mistake, like you鈥檙e in over your head and you鈥檝e gotten yourself into a tower situation that is so much worse than whatever the 3 of swords you left behind was. You will think about throwing in the towel. you will think about giving up. But don鈥檛 listen to those voices. Justice is on your side and the scales will rebalance for you. It might take some readjustments, it might take rebuilding parts of your plan, it might take a fresh perspective. But you will be vindicated in your choice to try something new and things will clear up.聽聽
Finally we have the queen of cups and the world. The queen of cups is a bit of an upgrade to the page from earlier. Of course, the queen may be someone you鈥檒l turn to for advice or help. But I think she could also be you, closer to reaching your goal and the end of the cycle. The queen of cups is compassionate. She is calm and comforting. She symbolises devotion, pleasure, success. Where the page dreams and imagines, the queen creates and acts. She鈥檚 also a reminder that whatever you do as a job should help you feel emotionally fulfilled and not just financially. Especially since she鈥檚 being clarified by the world which is related to fulfilment as well as harmony and completion. The world comes at the end of a journey. It represents assured success and is associated with getting that job you want as well as graduations and celebrations. It鈥檚 a sign that if you take this opportunity that will present itself soon you can turn it into something you love and which can offer finance stability. The World is also about the start of a new cycle though. As one thing draws to an end, or one goal is reached, you see there is still further to climb and more to accomplish.聽
Tumblr media
I drew you 4 of the archetype cards as well as a few numerology and elemental cards.聽
So the archetypes first. Thanks for requesting this deck by the way! I don鈥檛 often use it so it was nice to bring it out again! The thought behind these cards is that everyone鈥檚 personalities and psyche is made up of a number of different archetypes, some more evident than others. And these archetypes may change as you grow and also depending on the situation you鈥檙e in - you might act one way at work and another with your friends. I think traditionally these cards would be used to describe people but I鈥檓 hoping they can give us some insight on traits you can use in relation to your career as well as general sort of knowledge about the situation presented in the tarot cards. Each archetype as a light side and a shadow side which reflect both positive and negative aspects.聽
The first archetype is the Alchemist. Light -聽transformation of base motives and goals into golden wisdom. Shadow: Misuse of power and knowledge that come through spiritual practice. - to me this really fits with the tarot cards. The main message of the tarot was to seriously consider whatever dreams or fantasies you鈥檝e been thinking about in relation to your career to to go after them and i think thats what the light attribute is really getting at here. You have the power within yourself to turn you little goal into something big and beautiful.聽
Prince. light - romantic charm and potential for power. shadow -聽using power for self-aggrandizement. This is interesting considering the number of cups cards we had and how often they鈥檙e linked to romances. The prince may be someone you come across, maybe someone involved in whatever the 3 of swords situation is. However, the prince is also seen as a ruler in training and if you鈥檙e appearing as the page of cups to start and gradually becoming the queen, then it鈥檚 also quite possibly related to your journey.聽
Trickster. light - transcending convention, stuffiness, and predictable behaviour. shadow - manipulating others through duplicity. This card could be linked with the fool perhaps, unpredictable and kind of wild. It also reminds me a bit of that justice card, especially if you鈥檙e taking it from an angle of聽鈥渟omeone did something wrong and they鈥檙e being caught out鈥.聽聽
Child: Magical. So, according to the guidebook there are 4 archetypes that everyone will have one of but each of them have multiple versions. The child is one of those and here we鈥檝e drawn the magical version. light - seeing the potential for sacred beauty in all things. The belief that everything is possible. shadow - pessimism, depression, and disbelief in miracles. believing that energy and action are not required for growth. this definitely feels like its related to the ace of cups and the 3 of swords, believing that something wonderful can come from something painful. It may also relate to the page who spends his time dreaming rather than acting, like the shadow attriubte.聽
From the numerology deck we got personal growth, effort, and pride. personal growth indicates a time of significant growth and improvement and that is absolutely reflected in the tarot cards above. theres a lot of potential here and a lof of cards that suggest this will be a turning point for you. Effort is a sign that things coming will require some hard work from you, extra effort to overcome obsticles and challenges. but when the going gets tough the tough get going and you are definitely tough enough to handle it. And Pride to me represents that you will be proud of what you can accomplish through this hard work.聽
Finally, the element cards: magnetism (attraction) and rock (endurance). there are magnetic forces that are pulling you towards this change and this opportunity. this could tie in with the intuitive message of the ace of cups, if you鈥檝e been able to sense things shifting. rock is another card that points to things being difficult at times and it鈥檚 saying you have what it takes to get through them and to find success and happiness.聽
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agriefstrickengame6 days ago
It's funny, but apparently when im made aware of a character with bad eyesight and no glasses to assist, i want descriptions and signs of that
Describe the blurriness! The depth perception difficulties! Getting headaches from bad prescriptions, or for straining the eyes more easily than most! When the hell did i start wanting that lol
Ok but plain and simple, I'd love to just have the indication of being unable to identify things from a distance, being told "come look at this" and being completely unable to even pinpoint what they should be looking at, looking at something and being unable to focus the eyes on it correctly, getting double vision and dizzy when tired, having to get extremely close in order to clearly see things. Hell, these are all somewhat specific to me, but also 鈥 sometimes i just like to closely examine things without my glasses because those times im able to see very very well and look at all the details with just my own eyes. Or!! Colours blurring together, the way leaves look with sunlight speckling through them withouy definition, the discomfort of not knowing what someone's expression is because their face is just several blobs of colour mashed together
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cosmic-connor7 days ago
ive never played battle for bikini bottom actually but ive heard great things about it and ive got my laptop back... so....
#connor talks#im gonna finally get a usb so i can actually use my fuckening controllers lol#gamecube mechanics with a keyboard is ass#i played that one playstation one game when i was a kid... and maybe actually that one too at a cousins house like ONCE?#i cant remember i know it was spongebob and 3D tho#the 2d playstation 1 game was hard as fuck i remember not getting ANYWHERE#GOD what was it that my cousins had... man i miss that. going into someones basement and finding a PS2#game consoles dont hit like they used to#i miss wired controllers and i SHOULDNT!!!! they suck and theyre a pain in the ass but theres something so lovely about them...#remember all the uncomfortable positions at the end of the couch trying to reach??? remember falling off the edge of your bed???#the pain of a sibling walking in front of you and detaching fucking ALL of it???#literally im going to kill my brother if he ever throws out the ps2 i dont think he will but like#my siblings do this thing where theyre like. no you dont have claim over this communal thing from our childhood#but also i dont want it so im gonna give it away without asking you if you want it#i almost strangled my dad when he said oh yeah we had an n64 but i got rid of it when you were like 4#W H Y????????????????#my sister almost tossed a dozen wii games moving into her new place like NO!#im gonna hide the gamecube... we dont have a memory card and like only have one game rn#because all the stuff we had was at my moms and well yknow#but if someone gets rid of it ill scream my head off
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red-lever11 days ago
anyone else with long hair only ever get people assuming you must want it shorter or?? people are always like wow your hair is so long isnt it annoying? doesnt it get in the way?? wouldnt it be better if it was shorter???
#i get it from my mum a lot but it might be because shes only ever had super short hair#and doesnt like the idea of long hair#and because i used to have shorter hair. but i grew it out so people would stop calling me a boy#so now people think thats the only reason i have it long now when really i actually just like it??#the length means i can get it completely out of my face. it stays behind my ears and doesnt pass over my shoulders#i do need it cut but i really dont want to lose much of the length but people assume i do??#part of me would love to try shorter hair again but ive had really bad experiences with it before and im scared itll go like that again#but i do just genuinely like having long hair now. the only thing i dont like is it can be a pain and can get in the way#and i cant tie it up because i reeaally hate the feeling of it (well i can if i absolutely need to but i dont enjoy it)#i dont even like eg plaits i dont like the pulling feeling of it#but other than that its fine. i like it#i dont know why everyone always assumes i dont#also about the being called a boy: both accidentally and deliberately as bullying oof#its a shame because honestly the thought of looking like a boy is appealing but i dont think id ever do it now#or well a boyish girl is appealing. but i dont think i could pull it off#(tbh would be fun if there were magic potions or something to instantly change sex but unfortunately there are not)#i have no idea where this is going now jfjshfhs gonna stop rambling and actually sleep perhaps#anyway yeah its just!! really weird how shorter haired people see someone with long hair and think wow that must be so annoying for them
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caseysbrett12 days ago
i literally cant stop thinking about the hug??馃拃
Tumblr media
THIS PART RIGHT HERE HAS ME WEAK. it literally looked like she didn鈥檛 want to let him go i鈥檓 crying
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hermanncodednewtboy12 days ago
MOST of the time I have better motives than spite. love, or joy, or curiousity, or doing well to show off. however SOMETIMES my English teacher will give such a bare-bones surface-level cream-cracker-boring analysis and now. now this essay is fueled by spite.
#i cant even remember what he said exactly but i remember the bubbling rage of hearing it and it has fueled mw#walking away is super interesting!! theres a lot going on on the surface level and a lot going on underneath that!!#his point is a huge far-reaching one about the very nature of parenting and selfhood and love and also (idk if this was even on purpose)#he describes his son as being moved withour agency over and over - he is 'wrenched like a satelite from its orbit' or he is 'eddying away'#in a crowd of other kids. and then at the end. his son is Walking Away. the two other times his movement is mentioned it is withour agency#without action from the boy himself. he is Being Moved he is the object he is not performing an action. he is an object. he is Day-Lewis'#Son. and then at the end. he is Walking Away. doing an action. moving himself with choice and purpose. he is Doing not Being Done To#i just find that endlessly fascinating and essays at my year are still so strictly formulaic to make them easy that it makes it really hard#to express my actual thoughts and feelings and analysis!! bcus if i dont stick to the strict formula - topic sentence period. quote#'this has connotations of... which implies...' and quote name technique 'the author is ... which makes the reader think...' repeat for all#quotes next paragraph. repeat. introduction paragraph is Introduce Poem with 2-3 positive adjectives. describe surface level meaning. link#to question. end introduction. like it's That Simple which is super easy and all. but I've never learned how to do like. A Real Essay.#like an independent one. i dont know what they need what this structure Fullfills what would actually make it Good rather than just#Will Get The Marks; Contains Necessary Information; Demonstrates Understanding Of Text and Techniques#like i wanna write ESSAYS. GOOD ONES!!! but i dont know how to jump the gap between fill-in-the-blanks style essays and actual real ones#mine#isbdjsjsbs sleepy. ignore this if you wish. also ok to rb i dont mind
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