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hymarns · 20 minutes ago
out on the patio for lunch w my mom and there's a family talkin about hockey,, i think they're talking about the olympics :o
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esteweird · an hour ago
thinkin about the fae and what would happen if i gave them a random name before actually picking a name for myself, and them actually using it and i would get used to it and it would become the name i use day to day and i get used to it to the point where it becomes my actual name??/?? opinions
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madgodsmistress · 2 hours ago
I thought I might finally update my selfie status, what with having fixed up my arm waaaay better quite some time ago...
Tumblr media
((Lots of love to @videcoeur​ for drawing the Rose, BG shittily thrown together at the last minute by me! :D ))
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attollogame · 2 hours ago
how good would the ros be at babysitting 😳
I swear on god I answered something like this before, but I can't find it, so I'm assuming it was lost in the aether somewhere
Pariah: Decent, at best. They'd make sure the kid ate and went to bed on time, but don't expect them to be overly hands on—the kid would probably be left to their own devices unless needed
Vasilisia: Probably one of the better RO's, only because she actually cares for kids. Kid'll be fed, kept entertained, and alive by the end of the night
Operator: I'd peg him as the best out of them because of his more carefree approach to child-rearing if that makes sense. He'd probably be a favorite for kids only because he'd let them get away with a lot unless it was illegal or very specifically told no
DW: Surprisingly good with kids, but incredibly strict. Babysitting will be a heavily scheduled affair and the schedule will be followed
Sysba: Why would you even consider this
Suha: Also strict, but not as much as DW. The kid could probably get away with staying up for an extra half hour and maybe a dessert, but otherwise, it'll be pretty controlled.
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goose-books · 2 hours ago
i’ve spent the last few days going through all of my very old TMR documents (the ones from middle school. from 2015. john mulaney voice that’s not a real year) and man i wish i could show my middle school self what TMR looks like now. my middle school self struggled a lot with trying to Make This Book Work; i’ve kept all the core character elements and one specific plot twist but completely redone the world and plotlines to make a story i’m much happier with. once he got past the initial bombshell, of course (“why is everyone gay and trans now?” “i’ve got some news about us”), i think he’d be very happy to see what i’ve done with the place.
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You Will Always Be a Part of Me
If we were to have babies, and one day you woke up and decided you don't want me anymore, I will not force you to stay. And you don't have to worry about custody or whatever. Unless you want me to, I will not keep you out of our kids' lives nor am I going to poison their minds just so they grow up loathing you. I'm not like that. My parents are not like that. You are the father of our children, and I want you and them to have a good relationship.
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theenderwalker · 9 hours ago
so like, tubbo has definitely told ranboo things offscreen while ranboo was enderwalking, right?
he says “i’m telling you this because you won’t remember it later” wayyy too much for this to not be the case
like, the first time was with the nukes iirc, and ranboo definitely appeared to remember the nukes, he wrote it down
and more recently, tubbo told him about his own execution and quackity wanting to execute him, with that same caveat, and he remembered that too
that’s a 0/2 on that statement, but tubbo still thinks that’s the case, right?
so like, it’s gotta have happened more than just those times.
(this is fully hc territory don’t mind me just making up enderwalk scenarios while i very impatiently wait for more lore)
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tedthetalk · 9 hours ago
Like. I understand tagging hannigram stuff as goals is like. weird. but also? I don’t give a fuck someone kill for me and let me kill for them and make me breakfast in the morning and side-eye me like we’re sharing a joke when someone mentions the bodies on the news
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gammija · 10 hours ago
👏 Let! 👏 Martin! 👏 Be! 👏 Chubby! 👏
👏 Let 👏 Martin 👏 be 👏 chubby! 👏 Fat, even!
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the-unconquered-queen · 14 hours ago
Do you think Jordan could become like Slater/Bianca? Where they start off like an antagonist but by the end you can choose to be with them? I see people saying that not being able to choose the gender means they're not official lis but technically neither were Bianca & slater
(Full text is the entire answer, bold is the concise answer)
I'd previously thought about this exact same thing and thought it'd be interesting that since TNA wants to be messy, it could let MC run off with Jordan in the end. The thing is that while it is a possibility, I don't think it's actually likely to happen. I wish that if they were an option, they'd be a real option, not like how in AME, the Slater/Bianca relationship was a weird hush-hush kinda thing that didn't develop a lot, but Jordan is not meant to be a full LI, which yeah, is something that we can deduce by the lack of gender customization, among other things.
I think that if PB weren't going the antagonist route with Jordan (which would do away with the potential of them being romanceable at some point), MC could get with them, but I feel like that would probably have to be in a book 3 instead of at the end of this book (I think TNA has a good chance of having another book, because it seems successful). And even then, it'd be a last-minute thing like it was in AME. I'd take any kind of actual relationship with Jordan over whatever MC has going on with Sam, but I'm definitely not getting my hopes up and just gonna try to make the most of what we do get, which might be some "romance" crumbs (from what we can deduce from the opening scene) but not an actual route, because there has been nothing to suggest that TNA would suddenly stop being a single LI series.
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impulselantern · 15 hours ago
(✉️ ➡️ what’s up doc): hey, you’re a doctor, right? (✉️ ➡️ what’s up doc): hypothetically (✉️ ➡️ what’s up doc): in your professional opinion  (✉️ ➡️ what’s up doc): if someone got drunk and drank a bottle of shampoo on a dare (✉️ ➡️ what’s up doc): would they live? or would they slowly die of shampoo poisoning?  (✉️ ➡️ what’s up doc): hypothetically! 
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flamestar1031 · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
been debating bout sharing these dudes for a bit cause like, the Elite Beat Agents tag is very inactive rn and I don’t want to clutter it with my fan project ocs, but I do really wanna share them so I’m saying screw it and making a big ol post about them. most of which will be under the cut! before that though, here’s the pitch for this sequel idea, Elite Beat Agents: Music Lives!
It’s been ten years since the events of the first Elite Beat Agents game, however not all is well. over the years the EBA has disbanded, and with that, it’s agents have slowly been going missing, until only J was left. However, it’s not all bad news! there’s a new group in town, lead by a 20 year old named Jack, ready to fill the void the EBA left in their absence. Because even if the Elite Beat Agents are gone, Music Lives!
alrighty,  also before we get onto the characters, here’s a logo mockup I made
Tumblr media
anyways, lets get into characters! here’s the top row we have our main playable group! they take up the group of who you’d play as throughout single player mode. 
Tumblr media
K (She/her) and Ray (he/him) are the backup dancers, with jack (he/they) being the player character for Normal mode, Lewis (they/them) being easy and quincy (They/She) being hard. The player characters were all inspired to become elite beat agents via the actions of various agents during the rhombulan attack. I don’t have all of them fleshed out yet, but this is when Jack get’s chieftain’s hat. K was inspired by her dad to go after this life, cause her dad is agent J! she was also partially raised by the other agents before they went missing cause like, Found family is a really good trope. Ray’s was more inspired by his father’s tales of the Ouendan over in japan, but cause he lived in america, the EBA life seemed like the closest he could get to helping people the way the ouendan did. 
Next up is this game’s version of the divas! 
Tumblr media
Wolf (she/her) is the leader of this group, and she’s Foxx’s kid. Like K she was inspired to do this stuff by her mom! but now that she’s missing, Wolf is getting help from her friends to find her. her friends, by the way are Jace (they/them) and Callie (She/her)! Jace is Ray’s twin sibling and callie is Wolf’s childhood friend (soon to be girlfriend, they get together during a song in the game) and they do show up in singleplayer asides from that song, even if you’re not playing their difficulty mode. they help whoever you’re playing as get a lead on where the agents have vanished!
and lastly, a fun case, the Traveling Cheer Squad! 
Tumblr media
The reason these guys exist was I wanted to put an ouendan-inspired group into the game! June (he/they) and July (They/them) are half siblings who moved over to the states from japan, where they experienced the ouendan first hand. and they wanted to start something like that over here! They wrap their friend Elena (She/They) into it as well, and they’re a fun case cause like... you meet them in the game because they’ve disbanded, cause they weren’t the best at cheering people on. however Elena still wants to help people so she gets the new eba peeps to help show her how, which also gets june and july back into the swing of things! they are also playable for a song in the end game of singleplayer mode, as for Plot Reasons the eba gang are out of commission. other than that they’re mainly playable for multiplayer mode.
anyways that’s pretty much it for now. I have a lot of Thoughts on these buds but the EBA tag is not very active currently so I don’t want to clutter it with ocs when people look for art of the actual characters. Other than that, I hope y’all enjoy them! 
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00monkeyboy · 17 hours ago
I want to watch the new Luca movie so bad but I can’t bring myself to pirate a new Pixar movie. Disney sucks and they own Pixar, but I still can’t do it. If I did a free trial for Disney+ without paying are the creators of the movie actually supported?
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sunrisenfool · 18 hours ago
not to be the fandom’s lawyer™ again, but i mean this: if you’re new to activism and the issues with this fucking game has taken you closer to it (which is great that it’s helped you like that i mean it), given how online a lot of things are given the pandemic, and you don’t know if something you wanna sign is safe enough for your data, if we’re mutuals do not hesitate to drop into my dms and give me a quick explanation of what it is, show me where it is, and i will be happy to help you protect your data. part of activism is keeping each other safe
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yellowfingcr · 19 hours ago
// heysel vc no way you love watching violence unfold? I love applying unbelievable amounts of violence to a situation! I have devoted so much time of my life into honing this into an art!
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the-closet-witch · 19 hours ago
If my friend was to say that they think Persephone is prettier than Aphrodite, would I need to make a protection spell
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jeffywittek2020 · 21 hours ago
I don't mind Jeff without a beard, but he has such a babyface still. That second picture was like from what,, 2 years ago? And he looks barely older that the first lol
Yes that pic was about 2 years ago and Haha I kind of like low key love it
Idk like get you a man who can be both a pretty boy and like a man’s man
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slushie-writes · 21 hours ago
How would Caine deal with a pregnant s/o? Because of some Tremere bullshit that they got in the middle of, the s/o now has the ability to give birth to vampires.
I don't think the Tremere would EVER get that powerful without god pimp slapping them with lightning or somethin, but assuming god went "sike here's a kid" to caine.........
TW: Pregnancy, death, blood. yknow the drill
If you're Kine, he's both absolutely confused and incredibly worried for your safety for a couple of reasons. One, there's no way carrying the baby of a Vampire in a Human, filled with perfectly good blood to snack on from the inside, is anything close to a good idea. Two, there's just no telling what carrying a baby like this will do to you, and you can't seek Human doctors for help because that'll absolutely be considered some sort of Masquerade violation.
It's one thing for thin bloods to have the odd child here and there with Kine, because their blood is so watered down it's hardly even Vampiric by Kindred standards, but Caine is the first vampire; there's no doubt in his mind that this kid will only have the power of a third generation at best, taking in the fact that your mortal blood would dilute the baby's Kindred blood at least a tad, and at worst would posses only slightly fewer abilities than those of the second generation. Even considering his own theories, though, the ultimate fear is that he doesn't know. Nobody does, this situation should be impossible from the word go. He can't shake his nerves regarding this whole thing, honestly, and he keeps a very special eye on you during the entire pregnancy for any signs that you're not gonna survive it.
If you're Kindred, he’s still super confused, but he's slightly more at ease. It's not as though Kindred are indestructible, and he fears over your safety just as he would a Kine lover, but the difference is that he's aware that Kine are infinitely more fragile than Kindred are. Even so, your pregnancy has him on edge all the damn time. Literally anything could go wrong, even if you are theoretically immortal....
for both Kine and Kindred lover, if things were to go too south, he'd offer you his blood to save your life. Accidental, dubiously consensual blood bond? yes, but you're gonna be alive to chew him up for it later....after the bond has worn off, anyway.
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