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#hyodosaka boys
tomicito · 20 days ago
believe me when i say im never turning off repeat for double solitare. like???
muku rapping??? immaculate. juza's baritone rapping??? godly.
there is literally no bad song whenever any one or more member of the hyodosaka family are singing in it. all we need now is muku, juza, and kumon in one song and we'll all be done for. not even the depths of hell can stop us from rioting over this family and i stand by that fact.
just look the sheer power they hold and imagine how that would multiply tenfold if we get a song with all three of them. good lord don't even get me started with their character songs.
itsuka oujisama ni?? adorable. loner?? emotional masterpiece. seiten no sinker?? God's greatest gift no cap.
then there's their mixed troupe/play songs. q to juu?? iconic. the prince in full bloom?? angelic. double solitare?? intoxicating as fuck.
now project all that power into a hyodosaka fam song iN THIS ESSAY I WILL
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kitkatpapple · 9 days ago
Autumn Troupe/Akigumi Pokémon Team Headcanons + Sakoda!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made a post showing off the leader teams! I'll edit this post the link to it. :D
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skateboarding-poet · 3 months ago
Hello,I want to ask this (you don't have to anwser if you dont want to) what are your LBGTQ+ headcanons for Juza,Kumon,and Muku?
Hello! Thanks for asking about the best trio in the game. I love me some good HyodoSaka content. Anyway,
The way I see it, Juza is ace/aro. He simply doesn't understand the appeal of sex and romance. Like, yeah, sex is cool, but have you even tried Omi's scones with homemade marmelade? I find it difficult to put Juza in a romantic context, let alone a sexual one.
Kumon is questioning. While thinking about the lgbtq+ headcanons for the mankai boys, I really couldn't come to a conclusion with Kumon. But, after some thinking, I realised that him still being in the questioning phase makes the most sense.
Muku is pan and ace! It's a headcanon very close to my heart. Like, it gives me a lot of serotonin. Anyway, while he is okay with the idea of being in a relationship with anyone of any gender, the sexual part makes him uncomfortable.
What is the best about all of them not being straight is how they rely on each other for support and validation. Muku is the first one to come out to the Hyodos, which made Kumon start questioning himself. Juza kind of came out to Muku while the other was coming out to him, before he figured out labels and such. Muku is the one who gave him the resources to look into it, based on what Juza shared with him. Juza came out to Kumon after he figured it out, which made Kumon kind of admit he isn't sure yet. All of them support each other constantly and remind each other how valid they are.
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miru-n · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
expression meme practice with the hyodosaka
i’m in the mood to draw A3 boys in different expressions, if anyone have a request who and what expression i should draw, feel free to drop it on the ask box? is this how tumblr works--
Tumblr media
expression meme by nyazuline
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derireo · 4 months ago
For Tsumu's birthday, the Mankai boys he tutors band together to buy him a present? ⭐
𝐭𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐬
Tumblr media
"I've got, like, two dollars." Taichi said as he emptied out his pockets in front of Juza, Kumon, Tenma, and Muku.
It was Tsumugi's birthday, and the boys he tutored were trying to figure out what to get him on such an important day.
"What the hell are you so poor for?" Tenma scrunched his face. It wasn't even that Taichi had a coin or two either, but actually two handfuls of change.
The coins were still spinning and flopping on top of each other from when Taichi dropped them on the table, and the Hyodosaka family stared at the collection with parted lips.
"Dude. My hair dye is expensive." Taichi put his face in his hands and sobbed, already feeling ashamed for the pitiful display.
"Uhh...we can offer our allowances." Juza muttered slowly, scratching the back of his head while Muku and Kumon nodded enthusiastically. "Since Taichi can't seem to chip in as much as we'd thought."
"Oh, forget it." Tenma rubbed his face with both hands. Since he's the one who has got a stable job, he might as well pay for their gift while the others chose what they wanted to get for Tsumugi.
"I'll pay for it. Let's think of a gift on the way out." The professional actor sighed and waved a dismissive hand at Taichi. The puppy boy immediately began to shove the change back into his pocket while the cousins put on their jackets and made their way downstairs.
Tumblr media
"Okay, so a watering can and fertilizer. Should we get him those overalls people wear when they garden too?" Tenma thought aloud as he followed Muku who was heading towards the clothing aisle of the depot, Juza and Kumon trailing behind them with said bags of fertilizer while Taichi jingled the change that was in his pockets.
"I think that would be nice." Muku smiled at Tenma who twirled the water can in his hand, already finding a faded denim outfit that would work nicely with Tsumugi's colour scheme.
"Alright. Make sure we get the right size though." Tenma warned as the cousins crowded around the different colours and sizes of overalls.
Taichi stood with Tenma, sulking that he couldn't contribute to the pay, and dramatically leaned against his schoolmate.
"Oh, how I wish I was rich." He sighed woefully much to the annoyance of the actor.
"Shut up." Tenma sighed and shook his head, shrugging Taichi off as the boy playfully wailed, the Hyodosakas handing Tenma the overalls they've chosen for Tsumugi. "Let's go pay."
Tumblr media
"Tsumugi!" Kumon howled as the group of kids entered the courtyard while their tutor was tending to the plants. "We come bearing gifts!"
Kumon, Taichi, and Muku happily bounced towards Tsumugi who was kneeling down on the grass, and they bombarded him with a messy doggy pile.
"Whoa! Hey, guys." The Winter Leader laughed softly, breath rushing out of him quick as the young boys cheered and squeezed at him with all their might.
"We got you a new watering can." Tenma smiled and placed the metal bucket by Tsumugi's head, Juza dropping the bags of fertilizer a few feet away.
"And fertilizer." The older Hyodo muttered, taking hold of Taichi and Kumon so that he could drag them off of Tsumugi before he suffocated.
"And new overalls!" Muku smiled brightly, holding the bag that held the clothes.
Tsumugi laughed at the excitable bunch and sat up from the dewy grass, ruffling his hair with smiling eyes.
"Oh, you shouldn't have." He chuckled bashfully, looking at Juza and Tenma with gratefulness behind his irises.
"We wanted to say thank you for helping us get through school." Tenma said awkwardly, not really knowing what to do when he met the soft gaze of Tsumugi's.
"Plus it's our birthday gift to you. Please, accept it." Juza said and released Taichi and Kumon, his golden eyes piercingly genuine and full of gratitude.
And with a bright smile and a ruffle to each kid's hair, Tsumugi nodded.
"Thank you for being a fun bunch to teach."
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omisfuckhouse · 6 months ago
Juza's biggest stan, Kumon
abso-fucking-lutely... kumon deserves the WORLD
Sexuality Headcanon: big panromantic asexual! he loves holding hands with people! his first crush was yamaguchi Gender Headcanon: trans dude! he idolizes juza so much and when he started going through puberty he realized that he was a boy and decided to dedicate himself to being as manly as juza A ship I have with said character: azakyu!!!! they’re so cute... tenkyu is also v good but not as good as azakyu imo A BROTP I have with said character: HYODOSAKA COUSINS ARE SO GOOD... and platonic tenkyu is also super duper cute A NOTP I have with said character: don’t ship the hyodo brothers together. this is common sense. same goes for the hyodos with muku. they are blood related. use your brain pls A random headcanon: kumon has OCD! he usually has a decent control over his impulses, but when he’s stressed out, it gets really noticeable General Opinion over said character: kumon hyodo is a good lad and he deserves the best
send me a character and i’ll do this for them <3
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omisfuckhouse · 6 months ago
My baby boy, Muku
a child-
Sexuality Headcanon: muku is very much pan! he doesn’t really care about gender, he just wants someone to love... baby boy. baby Gender Headcanon: i rly like the idea of muku as a trans boy! as a trans dude that hyperfixates on being the biggest most masculine man in the world all the time, i relate to the idolization of princes A ship I have with said character: yukimuku is super cute! azamuku is also adorable but i ship azakyu more A BROTP I have with said character: the hyodosaka cousins are so fucking cute i love them so much A NOTP I have with said character: hmmm i don’t know man who gets shipped with muku? upon looking at AO3 i saw a chikamuku non-con fic and i gotta ask: why do you guys do this shit. i see so many dark fics in the tag why you gotta make it icky A random headcanon: muku taught himself how to draw! kazunari sees him drawing sometimes and gets super excited because he’s so good!!! he wants to collab with muku sometime! (muku actually helps design some of the posters after kazunari asks him to!) General Opinion over said character: MUKU YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE LIKE LEGITIMATELY I WOULD DIE FOR YOU
send me a character and i’ll do this for them <3
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